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Top Customer Reviews: Kon-Tiki ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5
Fascinating And for real intrepid adventure. Too bad has not documented a collecting of some registers of raft. Awesome! Need to find 'A Ra Expeditions' partorisca go with him. - C
5 / 5
An amazing account of a travesía incredible for possibly an adventurer more adds last years of hundred. Thor Heyerdahl - Scientific, adventurer, visionary
5 / 5
Another emission of Entertainment of the Image, another disappointment.
Of a fact that has any no a fact that this is not a complete original emission (ossia a television emission modified ), ossia still another loser of Entertainment of Image.
An original emission is 78 minutes long, and has different inaugural and closing credits.
Considering an east interesting partorisca one seeing, but a poor quality of some pictures (any until some levels of Thor films later 'RA Expeditions') the unlikely fact will want to see you he more than a swipe.
Mina with a book.
5 / 5
Even Although this black and white film has been done produced like this long, continuous resupply information and entertainment partorisca young people today. An only precaution has worries some scenes where a voyagers violently kill diverse fish and of the sharks. Besides, an attack in a shark of the particularly disturbed whale to my girls. Such waste is disturbing in this era of conservation. This in spite of, if a subject is approached with priest, this film is a lot of value your moment.
4 / 5
Kontiki Is awell the history feigned and produced of a incredibil adventure
is a lot the value that looks but has preferred a book
5 / 5
the delivery resisted - old black and white film. Has a new king-in - the version done - very partorisca see both - 5 of these men were boy scouts - abonos partorisca have this old film - think precise to be any with the deep interest in these rafts trips
5 / 5
A documentary of one of some adventures more are done never.

Top Customer Reviews: Fascination Coral ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
This film is good-looking images is surprising to to an only thing did not like was a way was filmed ,to of the to the left explain me
the camera moves the plot in a water that does home bit it hard the always takes on the second or two before the image is stable has looked so only he in 3d ,to the experience can say you that 3d the documentary is usually he does not have this effect

Top Customer Reviews: Higher Learning ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
This film extracted conflicts on campus. Especially among some races. It is full of stereotypes. Black is athletic, angry, and violent. It civilises of the campus is accused of favouritism of aims. The majority of white boys is ' doubts' and daughters of party intent on, well, partying. There is also some violent brutish skinheads. There is a Jew and an Asian, both studious and no-violent. Some looks of plot to shoot 3 students. Each student has murdered was an activist. Laurence Fishburne has the function like the black professor the one who is dipped-rear, any-committal and supercilious. A film has possibility, but is riven with too many stereotypical characters to be instructive.
5 / 5
Loves this film and I will enjoy for the long time. Exactly that has asked, any scratch, dents or dings. The graces for everything and enjoy compraventas on Amazon.
4 / 5
Unfortunately, a chance is has arrived broken. A disk does not look to suffer harm.
4 / 5
'Elder of learning' is one of these scarce university films that in fact has the plot to say and does not find like this pompous, schmaltzy or boring. It directs in diverse students of different funds the one who have Columbus coming university with different expectations that has joined the life will be to like. First of all there have it Epps, the scholar that has to that use his spare time in a clue to fund his taxes of the registration and the one who gradually find involved in the war to run on campus. There have it also Swanson like the quite white daughter that, after being to the date has raped, finds palling up with Connelly, a university feminist and the lesbian. This in spite of, perhaps one the majority of the powerful action of everything comes from/comes from Rapaport like the solitary kid the one who finds to fall in with some lunar-Nazi.
An emphasis here looks to be in a conflict among that wants to be your own but still person craving compliance and external acceptance. A embrague racial is managed with the sensibility and intelligence that unfortunately looks abnormal in a lot of film, any adolescents so only some. It is also the mercy that such stunning actors have been given some functions , with both Epps and Rappoport spending real compassion to his functions. Ossia Some feat considering Rappoport results the lunar-Nazi to an end. A fact that a manager aims such sensibility to such obnoxious the characters speaks volumes of a quality of a film.
Has a lot of quibbles is in a stereotyping of Connelly function, as it comes on that his lesbianity has to that create the verse of aversion of the men. Ossia Something that Connelly would not owe that be die, how is a actora incredible in his own legislation. It averts of that this in spite of, this really is the very good film in fact that really it will do cures for his characters, especially reasons included his the majority of heinous the actions are aimed to have the reason. Ossia A film of adolescent of the thought , and in fact quite unnerving too much.
5 / 5
The learning the big plus is preachy and has forced. It is to film it which surprisingly embraces some a lot of stereotypes and attitudes that in a surface alleges to refuse. Like this to the left it is it goes, an Aim of feminist character is a earnest lesbian, an Aim frat the type is the rapist , some guards of the security of White campora is posturing racists, and of course each Black is angry and see is racism everywhere. Oh yeah, A a ensitive Male White' is the longitude-haired bohemian type. Once a esieg heil' that youth of Hitler of the cries takes phase of centre, the results clear that Singleton has any interest in examining some complexities of a way the young people learn partorisca interact in the university instead for the melodramatic work, boba. In fact, a lot a film is the weighed-rid controversial, driven by Sinister of political convictions more than the genuine interest in his people, and tends to go in-the-upper in one the majority of unfortunate moments.
Is almost the data in Singleton film that Black will be roughed up for police Blanca, the one who then will treat included the raving, gun-toting White skinhead with more compassion! But an idea is sting home like this often in Learning big that the almost results to run gags. A film also loses an element of potency in his representation of some main antagonists. A skinheads is presented like this of the-dimensional caricatures. Like the result, the enmity of a spectator is equally like this superficial. A skinheads to Break Stomper engreído because of his realism: calm almost could comprise where catered/is come from. In Learning main, this in spite of, has little dimension to this Lunar-Nazi, do fault the function in a plot, at all more. In fact, in Learning main, looks of White people to be a root of all some questions. Hmm, Now those who is a racist?