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Top Customer Reviews: Iron Maiden - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 22 ratings
5 / 5 Josette
That there is wanted and awesome service like this always Amazon :)))
4 / 5 Eduardo
when being the enormous Iron Maiden defender, has decided that of then have not had enough money to purchase a ROCK IN RIVER DVD, would go advance and buy a DVD of Maiden economic plus THAT was it the documentary of 50 minutes in a doing of the his all-time third classical album The NUMBER OF THE BEAST. It was part of the series of the music called 'Classical Albums' and thought it would be fresh to see like this diving of wine of heavy metal to situate behind in a prompt '80s. Ossia The a lot of insightful DVD, fill with the interviews are, never-before-the jointly seen images, some material of fresh prize, and the rich history, detailed to kick. Eye he Ready OF THE BEAST now in the new light that never first.
A program locates the Maiden starts in some take '70s until his breakout sucedido with BEAST in 1982. We see images jointly collects in some clubs with the singer of original advantage Paul has Given'year, decked is gone in skin-clad train; the Maiden resulted one of some 'leaders' of a New Wave of the Heavy metal British (and to the equal that has detested he); the start of Paul of a band and the arrival of Bruce after leaving his own band Samson; incredible commentary in a writing and registering process of an album; and a durable impact an album has had.
So to the equal that has loved an idea and detail, that impressed really roughly some interviews was a humour . For example, during a segment for 'A Prisoner,' short to a together of a 'populated where a show of television of the original prisoner has been filmed, and calm there see Bruce decked was in a same outfit Patrick McGoohan has spent in a show. Other pleasant bits arrive when a band and his Cane of manager Smallwood speak a backlash NUMBER OF THE BEAST RECEIVED in Amsterdam. Bruce says that a type has been like this far like this to spend the enormous cross of 25 feet (the same cross Jesus has spent, see) like the half of protest in front of a venue. Smallwood Then speaks roughly like the people have begun to burn copies of an album, and then decided to break them instead with hammers because esmoke he of a Devil' music' would poison an atmosphere. Hilarious Material.
Some materials of prize are also very good. We see extra, the interview detailed equally concealed has been cut out of a final program; two shots of Adrian Smith that touches a riffs for 'Boys of some Damned' and 'A Number of a Beast'; the poignant message of Clive Burr thanking some defenders for his support with his fight with LADY; and an action of 'Hallowed Be Thy Name' of a Rock in concert of River (this was a better).
In general, ossia the a lot of-fact, those interest, and humorous court little portrait in a world-wide to Spend Maiden. Ossia The devotion to one of heavy metal more final.
4 / 5 Katerine
Has been the maiden defender for the moment I and I for real digged this dvd. His add to see these boys have interviewed in an album that has attacked a mine of gold for them. Seeing Steve and Bruce add the bit of the humour in his discussion was very fresh, as well as listening Dave and Adrian habladuría in an album. Accent Murray Carino has goes in there, but his all a lot of then is the god of electrical guitar , and seeing Clive Burr his leading drummer has interviewed also, has thought has had to that character, wait that goes in his illness.
Included Nicko Mcbrain Has been interviewed, of then was dress likes one of a devil is in an of a vineyard of beast, pleasant material. Too bad Gers wasnt interviewd in his thoughts of an album of the his one of his favourite albums, but thinks that some interviews were really so only for everything of this resemblance in the game of an album, musically as well as everything in him in that then. Dave Mustaine Be it has interviewed was fresh also, of maiden was one of his main influences as well as a Deth boys, gives the little piece in that thinks in a band.
In an end of a disk, has the figure concealed calm to say you the bit in Cane of Maiden manager Smallwood, as well as some guitarists of twin in that then, and a short message for clive, as well as seeing the smith touches the bit of of a beast and girls of some damned. One concludes tip the glimpse of Maiden upcoming alive dvd Rock in River, looks a song Hallowed be thy name with one 3 attack of electrical guitar. Ape like any rubbishes spoken in Gers, still speaks roughly like that surprises a Rock in River the song has been touched as well as a upcomming dvd, while Gers Games in a vineyard as well as doing the original so only of the smith, which I of the one who alcohol, reason like this fast and like this crude like the song was touched, Gers is returned one that and exceptional, smith wouldnt has been able to touch that quickly of then is not any a lot of the dreader, is still a guitarist that surprised too of course. In all the chance this dvd well possess know roughly all a info or no in an album, ossia a history in an album as well as a singer that has done Of the ones of Maiden resulted Metal. ON I IRONS!!!
4 / 5 Lonny
This DVD is the backside a look of scenes in a doing of an album "Number of a Beast." This album was the breakthrough in several ways to the equal that establish the Maiden iron like the by all the world phenomenon, and Bruce has presented Dickinson like new singer. Bruce has spent in the transmission that imports in Spending Maiden his and presentation. Sadly, "Number of a Beast" it was a last album for drummer Clive Burr. Burr, The one who is not never state has interviewed his days in a band, looks in this DVD. Conceal so only the fact the value that possesses in my opinion. Martin Birch takes a spectator by means of one mixing and appearances of production of an album and ossia also a lot of enjoyable. Buy this DVD! I have seen a band in this recognition and can say you ossia probably a better lineup has not had never. Clive Burr And Steve Harris marks for a extemely section of solid rhythm and an addition of Bruce Dickinson means there is not links it feeble anywhere in this lineup. "On Some Pike" Clive and thank you! I am spent my youth that listens to to one likes and Cosy Powell.
5 / 5 Catherine
Is amused to look the habladuría of band roughly one of your favourite albums or sure parts of his career. It would have liked him to seen more on Paul has Given'year but at least there is on there singing for roughly 10 of seconds. A soyessage of clive burr' is finally the gimmick when or has read a cast of chapter cos all is is the 30 according to something that says 'clive burr want to you partorisca know has...' And tip the slow motion has shot of him drumming. It looks the little frail throughtout a dvd. Megadeth Dave Mustaine Is also in this dvd renting the little comical the time that explains that the fresco is. When being an American, takes some taking used to listen the roughly 10 people everything with english emphasis! (Especially Dave Murray! It does not speak to please, so only touch an electrical guitar- there is does). A good dvd, could have been better. A Metallica DVD of the classical album is waaaay better. This a compraventa so only if yours the partidário hard die or master relive some days of glory... I Like him!
4 / 5 Jodi
At all the Maiden iron has dipped was is better that this. Has everything of Adrian Smith that objective riffs, to live actions during a Beast in a recognition of street in 1982 in a Hammersmith Odeon.....
Dives In deep insde one doing of this Classical Album, with segments to mix he with M. Birch Also. Has some images of the few things that is in 12 Video Squandered of Years that is a lot of reason this video is like this last to find these days.....
In general, ossia one the majority of up the personnel and the next thing have not seen never to Spend Maiden. It is a lot enjoyable to start with to finalise. I do not want to ruin he for you, so only trust me when I he maintaining!!!
Calms never look in a 'Number Of A Beast' album a closing again!!!
4 / 5 Samira
All can say is that any one has decided to dip that this DVD was, my hat is was yours. I have been the defender to Spend Maiden of then around 1987. They are in my opinion a band of the better hard / rock of metal has weighed of all the times. This DVD has said some of a history for behind that a lot they would say is his the majority of popular album, "A Number Of A Beast". There is glimpsed of band, and images of Adrian Smith (the -in my opinion- player of better electrical guitar in a world-wide) jamming was some of some classical riffs of an album. Also looked is some images of a "Rock in River" DVD. In general, this DVD ROCKS!
4 / 5 Benton
Touch the pleasure to look some boys reflect in a point to break of there that of career. Alot Of the images add of 1982 hammersmith show. Some fresh images of Bruce with Samson bolt. You interview with Martin Birch and Cane Smallwood resupplies even more of some histories have listened long. But it likes me quell'has said his ordered to look a gleam in there of the eyes and some laughs that is exited of there that of mouths when rehashing a past.
4 / 5 Reginia
One a lot enjoyable dvd, but any recomended for a random or first defender of time. Of course, thats probably true of a lot of Maiden catelogue. It likes him Richard Wagner or Stanley Kubrik or Tom Attended, the Maiden iron is a flavour purchased--although certainly well value a time.
Ossia Basically the documentary coverage a doing of Maiden seminal Number of a Beast, if you have not imagined to be already. All some songs keys and the players of entities am gaze. For a prize of admission, takings Bruce that does the little skit of a show of television of the Prisoner, Martin Birch in some neighbour fiddling with a mix of Course to some Hills, and Adrian Smith--just the and his Fender--fudging by means of estupefaciente renditions of NotB and Boys of some Damned. Also looked is a excerpt of Hallowed Be Thy the lives of name in River ossia absolutely murderous. This delivery of a series of Classical Albums easily outclasses the alike entrances there is poured in Priest and Metallicker. His a lot of value your time and hard livestock dough. --b
5 / 5 Johnnie
Ossia The quite stunning DVD of a more add british sale of metal never (thats defenders of right Sabbath). Of one in-of the interviews of depths to one all a short professionally shot 'Boba in the Street '82' images, ossia have to that it sees. All some songs add of A Number Of A Beast is represented here in shape well, with the histories and the thoughts have comprised of all a band. Looking Adrian Smith touches some of some parts of complex electrical guitar, unaccompanied for some another, is also also the point has underlined well. Like Dave Mustaine states, 'When Maiden is going in TV, has on seated and has taken to look!'. So much, that is while to, seats up and take look!
5 / 5 Keren
Amazing collection of interviews with some members of band the one who has registered a "Beast" album. Comprising Clive Burr, the one who has been in some shadows partorisca a last pair of decades.
Pleasant moments, ideas very interesting on like some songs have come on, and the plot of fresh curiosities in a band and a recognition of Beast.
Adrian That touches "A Number of A Beast", "Boys of Damned", it is awesome!
5 / 5 Shawnna
Well, That recommends is concealed spent this dvd is the enormous Maiden defender or new wave of british collector of heavy metal. You will take behind some scenes of 'doing he of' of a number of a beast and 30 second ran of some concerts. Well, some interviews and a playings of a riffs of Boys of some Damned and the number of a Beast is fresh, Hallowed be thy the name cut of the rock in River is fresh, but ossia all roughly that.
Thinks my title summarizes everything. No attended of the alive shows, but expect interviews. My star grading depends to the subjective point-of-view, of then are the enormous Maiden defender .
Enough would see 'Alive After Dead' title in Dvd. I think that that to the people would like more than this title. I can not comprise Maiden reason no a DVD of this I add-concert-of-all-the time.
4 / 5 Liberty
Was really hesitant to buy this. Has thinks that that it go partorisca be the satisfy video I already seen, with the tiny quantity of interviews that would bore me. Result partorisca be really values of the money. Some interviews were a lot of some was (...) You have read in of the magazines. It has had images jointly I never seen before. A course Martin looked Birch fresher that mixes roughly old songs of a record. It is fascinating partorisca listen only individual clues'd was. Adrian Smith also games partorisca you the little. In general, this well the cost is an Iron Maiden defender. Desire VH1 would do the esar A Music' episode in this legendary band. They look like this of the utmost types, and thinks it would do partorisca good TV....
5 / 5 Gaye
Still if you have not been the enormous Maiden defender in a 80s this DVD is really the value that takes. This is not another course of a documentary of mill, but the well has informed doc that the points have underlined a Number of an album of Beast of an extreme to the another. Some histories behind some songs, some interviews, and some images seen never first will do this the staple in your player of DVD. A sneek peek in a new Rock in River DVD IM is dipping was a lot of of the money so only. It was also good to see old drummer Clive Burr, and has been saddened for his illness. Our prayers exit yours Clive "on some hammers"
5 / 5 Christa
This dvd underlines each song of a Number of an album of Beast of an extreme to the another. This touches some original songs with the interruption of commentaries likes a bit histories behind some songs, some interviews.
Liked me too a sneek peek in of a new Rock in River DVD, is really value partorisca buy it !.
Was also good to see old drummer Clive Burr, and has been saddened for his illness. It would like to see the recopilation of a life of some to other members likes him Paul has Given Year...
5 / 5 Kirby
Salvation Each one which,sound again live of israel
has bought them recently a dvd and didnt realy legustado the
im the defender of maiden partorisca roughly 11 years now and the already has taken everything of maidens material.
The dvd is really empty of part of content of the few moments of magnitude!!!The scenes of whole studio are the total fake
dave mustaine is aimed in the each corner of a dvd (which is the a lot of one)
the the maiden amour as or too much house in a rest of his material
sad all the world
iron maiden still rocks!!!
4 / 5 Tayna
clasic albumns Is a lot informative especially to the which have lost is gone in a Twelve has squandered the years was really fresh to see Adrian and bruce behind in the video that speaks in a good ole days,and any sign of this stinker jannick jers [yours taking phase of pose presance and go in].A dvd has had images like this extra,in this prize is is the sneak prevue of a punctual to be relised video of River,has registered to take to see hallowed be thy appoint which touches really good and calm take you very excited partorisca whats partorisca come. In general if you are maiden defender buys it.
5 / 5 Lakisha
This DVD is the documentary in a doing of an album. Highly it disappoint partorisca be teased with the pocolos second of some video of music have followed for without refinado boring commentary. There are images of mark very small of one 82 show, almost everything is of one the jointly recent majority. If you are the partid√°rio hard die of a prompt 80 east and is that it loves look awesome images jointly, this is not a DVD partorisca you!!!!!!! If it wants to see some video of this album, this is not a DVD loves!!!!!! If you enjoy endless commentary, the supposition will love this DVD!!!!!! We are a lot, a lot disappointed with a sneaky way a description reads, involves that expects to take but tongue of uses that can is attentive in the thin way. It scumbags!!!!
5 / 5 Altha
Has been in an Iron Maiden camp, as partorisca speak, partorisca years! This DVD is MURDEROUS !! A insider is view of a register of this enormous album is a lot of insightful, and incredible. An album istself was, and is, the tiumph!! This DVD okay a price of compraventa for any the one who is interested in I.M. Or so only it loves prenderles the one who are. Upper honours to this band and a music, yes, music that do!! 'On some iron'!!
5 / 5 Roxy
A really amazing Iron Maiden first Dvd (Creating Hell wasnt like this a lot dvd)...A real must partorisca the Maiden defender,all these calm rumours never heared in a Number Of An album of Beast is a lot there Clive Burr has taken interviwed that the found the to be like this fresh,well fact dvd im happy the taken the.
4 / 5 Ehtel
Material very roughly one of one the majority of incredible band has. Two decades later Spend Maiden still there is partid√°rios new, and these partid√°rios new has to that take the look in this amazing album "A Number of a Beast". This calm DVD helps partorisca comprise the bit or Maiden way partorisca top. Good interviews and some chapters of extra prize (like a yard of Hallowed for a Name maintains the base of Rock in River III) this an excellent Maiden material
5 / 5 Kayce
has think that this was the very thorough examination of one of some albums of metal more utmost has not done never. Some extras are frescos also. Aim of Smith of Adrian some advances in consonance of the little of a classics. Well Fact....

Top Customer Reviews: The Best of the ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 34 ratings
5 / 5 Janis
It maintains my toddler happy in of the car walks. It enjoys to listen his favourite songs touched and when we turn the automobiles and a music goes was, says 'wiggle wiggle' asking more!
Comprises everything of his favourite of a show of television. Approx. 45 minutes long. The songs are short, usually so only in the minute in meso.
3 / 5 Martina
It is all your favourite boys Wiggles songs in a CD. The defect the big plus is that it is to good sure toned down of a more upbeat' versions in his shows. This was to register clearly in the studio that dips like this manu the songs so only are that they are missing that habituis vibe a group ameno to his songs
5 / 5 Mercedes
My little one loves this CD. Originally it has ordered it of but 3 month later and 4 broken promises and my be of the order has pressed further and further has decided was to annul and ordered of 3rd party and am happy has done. This CD is hard to take reason is new. A CD has everything of some songs more are besides a Wiggles Halloween CD.
5 / 5 Doretta
Absolutely love this CD!! My daughter is such the defender of a show of television maintaining can take a music with us. There are 33 songs a lot of options. All some preferred.
4 / 5 Eugena
To to my Daughter likes, but the desires has has had to that a version of DVD (does not exist ). It is everything of wiggles the main swipes, as it was a lot of entertaining of an extreme to the another. But the boys today prefer the version of DVD.
5 / 5 Rex
This CD has been wonderful partorisca long walks. When My little one is fussy touch this and he calms his eight down. Perfecto partorisca any wiggle defender.
5 / 5 Cheree
My toddler the granddaughter is enamoured with A Wiggles. This cd is the way adds partorisca maintain busy when we are driving long distances. Thank you
5 / 5 Nelia
My edges wants to listen to this CD in a car! And now I know all some words to the each song..
5 / 5 Hiram
The boys love a Wiggles; bundle to some songs and enjoy in a car
1 / 5 Doug
The quality is terrible. To to I Sounds likes him-is singing them in the box without acoustics. Or instruments partorisca this subject. At all like a music listens in his shows.
5 / 5 Roma
Amur Ha dato ragazzi Il Wiggles; balla alle canzoni e gozar nell'automobile
4 / 5 Latoria
alla qualità è terribile. A a Suoni gli piace'l'angolo ha dato Re in una cassa senza acustiche. O strumenti partorisca questo soggetto. A In assoluto piace A I ha dato la musica ascolta nei suoi spettacoli.
4 / 5 Brandie
La varietà buona ha dato canzoni. Il desiderio c'è un po' quelli che popolari Extra alcuni compresi ma la mina è quello goza e nell'eccettuare in passeggii automovilísticos lunghi
4 / 5 Katelynn
√ą arrivato super rapidamente. Gli ho dato i carices hanno annunciato non ci sono ascoltati i suoi fermi. Ha pics ha dato tutti i caratteri addirittura a interiore ed esteriore del disco. Sellado amabilmente. Non possa aspettare condividere con lui le mie creature e ha cantato e il ballo √® stato. :)
5 / 5 Lory
Bene Partorisca passeggii automovilísticos lunghi. Mina 18 mesi padrone questa musica
4 / 5 January
Tutta di mina grandbabies amore questo CD. Uno è tatto necessario lui almeno undici un giorno.
5 / 5 Dwain
L'elemento l√¨ √® pi√Ļ prigioniero lungo quell'aspettato partorisca arrivare ma √® un aggiungere CD quali hanno 'wigglin' nella macchina :)
5 / 5 Roselia
Eccellente, la mina ha pulito volerlo!!! Alla musica è meravigliosa, ballo e ballo, applauso, twirls e ha cantato molto meteo! Soltanto quello ha ordinato!
4 / 5 Kala
Lui Tranquillo esy un padre nuovo, aggiunge questo al vostro registro. Passato un per i vostri amici. Il MOSTO lì è partorisca passeggii automovilísticos lunghi. Tranquillo'il re benvenuto.
4 / 5 Mack
CD that has surprised. A lot of catchy and loves that like this very as my daughter does.
5 / 5 Rosalia
CD adds to sing together with your creatures in the travesía of long street
5 / 5 Newton
has bought this CD for my say his summer that goes any stop for 3 years...
5 / 5 Lucienne
My little man wants to this in a car touches it to us all a time:) the variety adds songs also
5 / 5 Damon
It avenges the fastest way then said and my daughter so only loves it!
5 / 5 Lucas
My granddaughter loves a Wiggles show of television. I mistakenly has ordered to think was the DVD and instead is the CD .
4 / 5 Bee
Good music for the girls but he would have been very has had more dialogue among songs
5 / 5 Beau
S√ļper!! Perfecto for a car. So only some songs have loved. You love it.
5 / 5 Otha
The selection of song adds and quality of disk. The daughter does not have prendido listening his
4 / 5 Dennise
One of mine buys better. It maintains mine 20-the old month entertained and help them tantrums directed in a car when it tires .
5 / 5 Kami
If to the yours to boy likes A Wiggles, of precise take this CD!
4 / 5 Vivan
Fantastic! A CD adds with the enormous variety of songs and like this time of game! Well value a prize. We love it to us!
5 / 5 Terrence
Looks a better selection if songs in a CD. Fast delivery.
4 / 5 Saran
La mia figlia sta ossessionato, pronta la sua ogni mattina nella nostra maniera il daycare!
5 / 5 Jennifer
Aggiunge cd, è aggiungere la mia figlia I noi a punto il suo addirittura e addirittura e addirittura e addirittura un'altra volta lol

Top Customer Reviews: Ocean ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5 Mayola
Register partorisca pop adds of a estaca punk was wave new. A moody blues fulfils some birds fulfils some a lot of originals and the excellent melodic doors
5 / 5 Rhiannon
Like a placid waters and sober blue of the photograph of coverage of an album, a fourth register of Echo and A Bunnymen has transmitted to remove it to the spatial the calm plus. After a relentless assault in "Porcupine," a transmission in direction the midtempo, texture heavy songs in "Rain of Ocean" it was the surprise to that is coming to a table had listened once "A Cutter." Ido was a gross force , and in era aprisa sudden of romanticism. Fact partorisca a together intriguing of songs, and certainly partorisca the turn of entity in a perception of a band (and in leader Ian McCulloch).
Also directs to the batch of incredible songs. "A Moon of Murder," "Days of Cristal" and "Money" it is awash in of the serious and of the romantic allusions. In a liner notes, McCulloch take that he " it has fallen enamoured with Parigi" while a band has registered there, and an alcohol of "Rain of Ocean" it reflects it conceal. Some tones are often muted - DeFreitas paintbrushes of uses and another odd percussion to spectacular effect. In another hand, McCulloch was still any besides self-aggrandizing overstatement. His "Thorn of Crowns" test conceal.
"Rain of ocean" also sport roughly of a Bunnymen reissues seri√°is' selections of better prize. Some five songs of "Life In Brian " it is interesting in that a band touches free and relaxed, and a register of Beatles' "All precise is Amour" show the sense of humour. There have it also the pair of alive courses (comprising Mac commentary in "the album More adds them never does") that shows And&TB like the first concert of law of class.
While I am hard pressed partorisca decide quell'album of Echo like more, "Rain of Ocean" or "Porcupine," some days give one nods the "Rain of Ocean" it is when I listens the "A Moon of Murder," which consider partorisca be one of some finer songs partorisca surface of a whole 80 liverpool scene. These costs of albums having partorisca that a song so only.
5 / 5 Tera
Echo And A Bunnymen is the gravely underrated estaca-punk band of Big Bretagna, beside better-known contemporaries likes Handed of Joy, A Cure, Some Smith, and U2. His albums have had the shot adds of influence in an alternative gender, beginning behind in 1980 with some Crocodiles of excellent start and continuing during one '80s.
1984' the rain of Ocean was perhaps one of his better emissions. Resembled his predecessor Porcupine (which is now behind in impression like the remaster), the rain of Ocean looks the gorgeous section of serious that do fault to bolster the sound of a band of four pieces. Compared an insular plus and darkness, occasionally bleak leading albums, the rain of Ocean is more brilliant and more expansionary (the bear has said poppier) this in spite of like this cryptic and mysterious. He no "rock" so as some of his leading work, but Rain of the ocean still offers abundance of candy of ear.
Some papers are full of dark romanticism and ambigious iconography, sung to the effect adds for Ian McCulloch. His voice takes a deep, brooding bell of Jim Morrison (Some few Doors). Sargeant Is shimmering guitarwork situates in an echelon of estaca excellent-punk guitarists like U2 Flange and Distribution of Joy/Bernard of the New order Sumner, while a section of rhythm of his Pattinson (record) and Pete of Freitas (drums) is tight and fluent. Some serious and other instruments (piano and an occasional woodwinds) is beautiful still never overwhelm some other instruments in a mix.
Some of a Bunnymen the majority of remarkable songs can be found here. Money, Days of Glass, and Seven Sea are all the gems of glorious pop , while I-I Man and Nocturnal are ominous and memorable. One follows of title and A row of Moon of the Murder among a estaca better-punk the never cut clues (the hard have been looked recently in a Donnie Darko sells audible, which for a way is an excellent film). Any all is bliss, this in spite of--Thorn Of the crowns is junk, with goofy papers and some annoying vocal theatrics for McCulloch, and Mine Reign is the little better but suffers alike failures. Also some careers of albums in a short side--skipping in Thorn Of Crowns (taste ) leaves calm with only 33 minutes or like this of music.
Still, ossia the classical album that mark the fine introduction to a past band for big and sum. I reccommend the highly, together with Crocodiles, Heaven On Here, and Porcupine.
4 / 5 Yetta
While Crocodiles (1980) subtracts my favourite personnel Bunnymen album, is without the doubt that the rain of Ocean Remains his more fulfilled album and his big career. Some albums that has had has followed the crocodiles there was miserable state (Heaven On Here) & messy (Porcupine) although it have had the wealth of songs adds: Never Stop, For behind Amur, Zimbo, Demonstration by force, Clay, A Cutter...
Registered mostly so the studio Gives Ladies in Parigi (the location of A Cure Lovecats register also), finds a Bunnymen with Gil Norton, Adam Peter & Jean Yves crafting a orchestrally-accompanied classical. Probably Scott better III ALBUM has INFLUENCED the star of Man of the Dog of Suede of boxes! An experimentation & of series of a defective Porcupine pay was here, like this quite rid some proposed 'the album More adds them never done' (this statement has spent thin with overuse for McCulloch each one subsequent emission, any subject like mediocre).
McCulloch The papers are suitably nonsensical, a right balance go in Lear and The A lot of- the days of Cristal is gorgeous material, although of the inaugural alone Money has the breezy quality that suggests seasons another that an autumn or winter that has dominated one feels prompt register . Nocturnal M ('bury me internally') is a miserablism of Heaven On Here given the most original direction- ossia one prejudices more add -music of time! I break this edition does not take by means of a magnitude of a coverage of album- this & Porcupine need to be possessed in elepé so only for some brilliant discharges as perfectly surrender some contents of some in shape visual register.
Is some last four songs of Rain of Ocean that really underline, often quoted for journos likes side of the album more adds in history (enough so only suppose!), The one who remain of A Bunnymen still game all four of these songs in the alive row. I break some extra clues in an end does not have all four songs in the alive/row (so only My Rain & of Ocean of the Realm). A Moon of Murder is probably a More the add Bunnymen song, later covered for Pavement in join he Of the alike & entity in a classical cult Donnie Darko (as well as like this like this nostalgia flick Fat Space of Point). An alone third Seven Mari is the breezy acoustic pipes slab of beauty- this would be some personnel for a disappointing Bunnymen album that would be still in 1987. You are not bettered. Mine Reign explores the sound that takes and advance in timeless Amour For ever of Transmissions; but it is a clue to title that attacks an alcohol:'All in sea again/and now my hurricans bought down this ocean of down some acted/all the on has covered hands in dawning/cruising the most sad cost/your port in my ports of storms/have weighed a blackest has thought...' Quite simply this song, and this side, need to be that it listens listened to them the frames clear the one who the words do not look able of: ossia godlike material!
Some extra clues am pleasant- classical b-Devils of Angeles & of the side, the little alive apresamiento and alternate versions of songs of one 'Life in Brians' sessions that has preceded some 'Days of Cristal' seriáis actions where a Bunnymen has decided was Beatles (an idea rasgó has gone by Oasis later...) For this a version of coverage of All precise is Amur- although to be just an alive medley of Clean/Gone in to Locate etc found in a Cutter 12' is very better! Some alternating versions to Kill the money & of Moon is well, this in spite of does not touch some originals of albums; well to see some songs of old Crocodiles- Villiers Undermine & some the sublime stars are Stars are returned to- almost that suggests that a band quotes to the Crocodiles likes him to him the most next album to this in of the terms of qualities (which is).
The rain of ocean is the fantastic album , one of some more utmost albums never done- up there with any candidate could appoint (p. p.ej. Sulk, more After, Down, 154, A Queen has Died, Powder, For Your Pleasure etc); it is hard to start that has been it bad- surely to the global domination has to that have beckoned? As Some Smith, a Bunnymen has fallen of a wayside & U2 has finalised to take the all with Joshua Albero. With which this, a Bunnymen would release one says eponymous album of 1987 (that Of Freitas has been absentee to form some Of the ones of Sex- see Julian gives the support is Repossessed), then McCulloch would leave a band. Then Of Freitas has been murdered in the accident of motorcycle. Then McCulloch has released a quite good Candleland album of only (which would have been he there was it better been the Bunnymen album) like Sergeant & Pattinson ploughed on with the new line-on Irish band St Vitus Dance (a bad idea retrospectively) A Bunnymen could any never take prójimo to the east again- a reformed Bunnymen (which has looked a Electrafixion duet of McCulloch & Sergeant, beside Pattinson- the one who would leave with which 1998 Evergreen) some good material, but any material adds. & It is demeaning to see them has to that accept a patronage of mediocre bands likes Coldplay, Entertainment Lovin Oasis & of Criminals to take remarked. Hopefully This dipped of reissue will take him remarked for some right reasons- to be one of some bands more are of 80s and producing two of some more utmost albums have not done never...
5 / 5 Eve
... No an adjective that really can be applied in any one another Bunnymen album. While his predecessor, Porcupine, had been turned in his, an enormous sound and sweeping the series of the rain of Ocean is suggestive of of pair in of the spaces of pairs. The money is one of some openers of better album never, warm, exhuberant and inviting. In a signal Ian McCulloch, enamoured with his own tune (has not been he always?) Simply it sings 'the the the the the the the the the the the the he', and is adds. Similarly joyful-touching, Days of Glass, Mine Reign and Seven Mari remain a better upbeat songs this band has not done never, although sometimes some papers do not look the quite to the left some tunes. Enough it go it already written in a Moon of Murder. It suffices to say that although it is not , so McCulloch claims, a better song never writing, sweats authorial the pride is has justified totally. One follows of the title is of alike quality, looking perhaps McCulloch better never vocal action, swelling of the subdued the introduction to a climax has interested like this of course that no same note an introduction of individual instruments, which resembles has been done purely to underscore a vowel.
A real star in this album is a global sound, this in spite of, sweeping and glorious, with a better use of the series has not listened never in popular music. It is so only he adds. That is fantastic in a prime minister four Bunnymen the albums is that each one which to the equal that has the only atmosphere - no only so only in a Bunnymen cannon, but in a context a wide plus of music of pop he. I am not never able state to approach of then, but the rain of Ocean underlines like this one of some better albums have not done never.
5 / 5 Violette
This album was a Bunnymen 4th, that follows Porcupine. After possessing and listening to his prime minister three on and on, has found so only two songs on 'Rain of Ocean' until his leading big level- 'Days of Cristal' and esincluso Sea'. For some reason, a Bunnymen escaped of the his drum of incredible electrical/guitar his pipe to lush keyboards and serious that felt out of character for them. His fresh use of series in 'Never Partorisca' in a elepé leading totally mecer. They have lost something here in this record, is result overblown, too full of them, or something, which is reason I thinks has taken the 3 yr. First pause of his elepé next (Self-Titled), which has been seen at the same time like the bit of the turn, because material had some class of party with which 'Rain of Ocean'. Ossia The sale adds , with electrical guitar and of the incredible papers that touch, and his premiers 3 album richly calm left in is.
4 / 5 Felton
Out of mine 600 more album, ossia one of my cup 20 of all the times. Edging Out of his other albums like better, the rain of Ocean is the a lot of-crafted masterpiece for the only talent in his creative hieght. Some rivals of rich atmosphere a lot of utmost modern record (Computer of SIDE, A North Soul, Achtung Creature) while predating his for a lot of years. The echo there has been the sign moody that it has to that be listened to be appreciated, more described for frontman Ian McCulloch:" we are the mountains and band of oceans". Ian was Frank enormous Sinatra defender, and has spent one of one the majority of powerful and good-looking baritones never listened in rock. Some flows of albums to start with to finalise easily. His is not the bad song in this record. One follows of the title is pursuing with perfectly crafted papers-"now your hurricanes/have spent down this rain of ocean/partorisca bathe me again/my ship asail/can listens is the tender frame that /shouts of beneathe some acted". Seven Mari is the classical staple of alternative pop, how is A Moon of Murder. Thorn Of the crowns is one of some titles of the better song has not listened never, and shows of the which Echo does like this special: they were alternative when the alternative has meant to do something the person more had not done never. A evocative, mystical masterpiece.
5 / 5 Karri
First of all, has some dips ready this are individually adds (any only very), likes Thorn Of Crowns, A Moon of Murder, Seven Mari, Mine Reign and a clue of title. Like the subject of the fact there is no bad songs in him (the feeblest clue, in my opinion, is An I I Man, which is the a lot of one).
The outrage concealed, these songs are situated in an order that mark a whole thing flows a lot of course.
Considering so only his earlier work, recommends to buy this album, as well as his start,'Crocodiles', to these people that arrived to be presented partorisca Echo & a Bunnymen (or wants to be presented his music), reason the most accessible meeting that 'Heaven On Here' and 'Porcupine' (both are utmost, also).
4 / 5 Jamika
Echo and a Bunnymen is the sale adds and the rain of Ocean is the really well 80 Wave album New but does not touch like a typical 80 wave album new. Echo and a Bunnymen have an original sound and I recommend this CD highly to defenders of Echo and A Bunnymen and New Wave.

Top Customer Reviews: Memorial Beach ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 13 ratings
5 / 5 Un
Good-looking songs , timeless that captures divergent ways.
Has a lot of substance in this disk - electrical guitar and a lot of drums and solid production. There is the good edginess to a sound that is not found in his another work.
The angel in a Snow is one of some lovelier songs never writings.
Bravo a-has!
4 / 5 Cody
Has tried really partorisca enjoy this album because I want to One- there is but so only can' really is depressingly poor for his levels,a elepé full of bland songs - the majority of notably Move the Memphis - this fails to I has wanted to listen for mecer of the adult would try Insignificant Tone,would not be necessary sticks to that it is more in and any still ruin them with fodder as este.un album that has followed this,Tierra smaller the heaven Of entity is a lot,very better and the turn to this basically the cold-was album for evenings of Sunday but has his place in any record this and buy that instead.
4 / 5 Florene
Want to all of one- there are the albums and ossia any exception . In fact ossia one of mine favourite. This in spite of, this is not to like his material of prompt pop. Ossia More rock-has oriented.
4 / 5 Maryanna
A must-have for a miser A-has auditor/of collector. Some well, some bad; one could recognise the little of the his "collections" album. Decidedly His different of, said, his prime minister two.
5 / 5 Alfred
Ossia An album that One-has begun partorisca do better and better that his leading works like the whole. You can follow a upcoming album that is coming afterwards is one and see that they have taken more polished and listenable songs in general.
5 / 5 Genesis
Has been one a- there is defender of then has had eight years . On some years maintain rediscovering this band. I have listened now all his albums. This one east my preferred . Perhaps reason are the defender of rock in heart. Possibly touch a depth of chair of emotion of this album. The Really attractive in my soul and of the series of heart.
5 / 5 Marva
Although I have been the - there is defender partorisca on ten years, I havent able state to keep in touch with one in transe√ļnte in his world-wide to a large extent because of a sabbatical longitude a sale had taken, until it has released smaller my brother has quotes excellent descriptions for this album, listened it. It can not it think that has listened. They are then go back and the Memorial beach has listened. Again, so only it can not it think that has listened. Ossia One of a plus A- there are the albums has not released never. An album begins with a estupefaciente "Dark is a Night". His slow and is painfully melodious. A sweetness of a song is been still in "√Āngel" and "Cold likes Bone". Again, A-has paste a sad and glorious melody the notes so only can paste. "Locust" And "Memorial Beach" it is my personal favourite songs of an album. Locust Is not to to something could like him immediatly, grow yours. And one same with a tittle clue. Material "Agnello" it is another masterpeice, and a rest of all the songs is well. The other has ensured there isnt the alone bad song in a CD. Like your money is very a lot well is spent. His value he, in the calm chance does not have this CD, calm will not complain the buying, appealed to all A- there are defenders. A sale has not tried anything new or innovative here, his pure old ossia that mark A-has one of some talents some available final plus in music.
5 / 5 Homer
Looks A-has found the clue in his 'train of thought' and has stuck with him. Continuing work with a section of rhythm that looked in "C of a Sun, West of a Moon", A- there is resulted the together of dynamite. His almost the American earth recovered with " I had Mentido Down In Darkness" to the equal that was in moderate rotation. Some songs in this album there is almost the cloud of storm tastefully looking for on eat them the subject @@@subject sustains the more somber direction. It is not like this diabolical like "Days of Scoundrel", but it is dark and is the album adds to touch in rainy (really rainy) days. Mate Waaktaar, this time around, looks to be that they touch with the new electrical guitar touches that really spend he to the long of, and of a way some credits read, this also can be been HIS ALBUM, likes eight of some ten songs were penned exclusively for him. It have to that' it goes been in shape scarce like a song with which another is quite pleasing (with an exception of "Among Coraz√≥n & You" which is in fact bondadoso of stupid). High points: "Dark Is A Night", "Cold Likes Bone", "√Āngel in a Snow", "Locust".
4 / 5 Taryn
Was the young adolescent in 1993, the grunge was in full force, would listen to to the the bands likes them-him the cry the trees, Tad, Paw and ofcourse an a lot of Nirvana. They are then fallen enamoured with the daughter of Norvegia and was the this band A-has. This album is exited and that has thinks that would hate resulted an album concealed is remained in my collection of then 1993 and that he always ameno out of the melancholic side to the day. Still to the equal that seat here in this beautifull warm day in summer, the beach is exited like this Memorial of some speakers am taking behind to the time when all was like this simpler and innocent. The be "Memorial beach" pursuing piano and heart, or "√Āngel in a Snow", with his hearfelt papers and romantic electrical guitar, this album is everywhere solid. Any when being no an old school A-has defender or anything, I cant compares it to other albums or anything, but like the lover of good music I strongly recomend this album. So only it has all some elements that marks an album adds like this of the amazing papers, in that a music in fact achieves inner and calm touch. In all the chance, once the More recomend this album, you wont the remorse.
5 / 5 Katharine
This was a last of a a-has CD is that the decided to purchase and took several months to take around to listen to a disk. It was pleasantly surprised, this disk impressed really. The memorial beach has to that be one of his the majority of compatible and perhaps his the majority of sweet. If has-liked you a Velvet of songs or Marie Ellen Does A moment the accounts of the smallest earth will appreciate a fashion in this emission. Considerably darker, thoughful and solid that Stay in these Streets (compatible plus that This of a Sun) this lack of CD of a merit of respect. If you have appreciated a thoughtful fashion sweeter that a new plus A-has CD is likes the smallest earth or Lifeline take the look in Memorial Beach.
4 / 5 Jenise
"√Āngel in a Snow" the song originally writing and treaty by Mate for his woman in his pair is the heating of heart, emotional testimony. "Dark Is Night For All" it is also the beautiful number with Mortens vocals that paste a mark. "Cold Likes Bone" it is highly ambitious and reminiscent of " I have Been losing you" of his album "Days of Scoundrel". One- there is leading album "C Of One West/of Sun Of A Moon" it was one the majority of compatible, with them treating in his better but unfortunately was bad recieved for some defenders. "Memorial beach" it is a reflection of a disillusionment a-has experienced and seperated to pursue individual projects after this album.
4 / 5 Lucile
Has bought this album his emission in 1993, taken to know it inner-was, but there is no really LISTENED his in of the years.
I another night for a first time of then 'Lifeines' and soyinor will hold is start. And I have been blown went by.
This considers to be which always owe that be a last a-has album. Has his maturity that has achieved perhaps too punctual in '93. With his year 2000 esturno', is returned to the more way of pop, and an easily can imagine memorial beach as when being to somewhere will be 'in' in five or like this time of years of now, if or was not there be before.
One has has experienced arrangements, a depth and registered of Harket voice, a sheer confidence in a touching, a rhythm and a - a lot of -SURCA -of this album (the just control was 'as the sweet was')is something those pertinent only looks to achieve in an end of one-has career.
Out of 10 clues, so only 2 fails to paste a mark: 'among your heart and calm', which tries the little too hard to paste the groove, and magne downbeat 'agnello to a slaughter', which is roughly like this enjoyable like his title. A rest is fantastic.
'The darkness is a night for all' is not so only one of a cup 3 a-has the never has registered songs, but I also dipped this to a cup 20 songs of all the times, for any artist. 'Locust' Was welcomely treaty in his recent 2002 European recognition, comprising a accordian-touching player of keyboard and Anneli Drecker on backing vocals. His he proud; Morten was word-perfect in reciting a "slate the ash of cloud has fill an eye" lyric.
To conclude this album, homage to touch to Some Doors with a moody more after, soyemorial beach'. Behind in '93 this clue was the poignant, but returning, near of a-has short but brilliant life ( has chosen to ignore an Olympic-induced and say hapes this goes Near' - that would have been too hard to take).
Has then come ummer has moved on' and a new chapter has begun felizmente. And spear soyemorial beach' in the new and very different light whole.
5 / 5 Dorotha
If or has not required never words to express sadness of emotional no further that Memorial Beach. "Dark is a Night", "√Āngel in a Snow", "Locust", "Agnello to a Slaughter","Memorial Beach"...All duquel resembles a lot effectively aim a heartache has involved to lose any beautiful personnel fav be "Locust"...Ossia An excellent and mature of a better listening there....

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 37 ratings
4 / 5
This really spent CD for behind the number of songs of a illustriuous 80 east. You follow like HUNGRY LIKE The WOLF, and other really spent rear memories of this term of time of mine. While they have had to they have had to it was it really Any one the majority of favourite of my musical groups didnt the subject @of mine has wanted to agree a time that has had them during this period of time, goes in has had to that has had to, Some Police, and Say Straits has retreated then the really agreed some time adds. They are sure that all the world has music by heart like these songs, all are available of Amazon am them sure
4 / 5
At all says that to to the summer likes has had to that has had to. River Is the terrific album and door for behind such memories add. Some attacks River and Hungry Like the Wolf is here but a minor-the known songs are glorious also. Some beaten of the island resupplies the wondrous deep for Simon soaring voice. An own must and the prize adds also!

My Indication: 5+ stars
5 / 5
Ossia his best, any question. 8 Of some 9 songs here are of sound. 'A heat' the stands averts of a rest of an album likes the feeblest clue. It looks disjointed and confusing mine. It is certainly any until a rest of an album, which is far upper to his start and anything concealed is coming with which that.
5 / 5
The container has arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Ossia My third copy of this cd/the album has spent was and loved it so much. Any still tire never of him, such icinic classical!
5 / 5
My second album Had to that of favourite has had to that after the his the original had to that has had to. Clues to pop add in this album. It saves Some sounds of to Prayer also likes first times listened that.
4 / 5
CD is gone in perfect condition .

Regarding REAL CD, a lot consider an Album of River a better album of has had to that has had to early.
5 / 5
This 2nd album for has had to that Last is the classical, the river is in 10 short ten preferred of all the times. Each song is is surprising. Included a no-solteros underlines. Of a propulsive 'the control has retreated a Rain' to a shady and majestic 'New Religion' . A must has New Wave / New Romantics register in your record collection. :)
4 / 5
Here history the scarce on reason so much of is griping in a "king-modifying" of River in this new more remastered form. River Has been released internationally in 1982 EXACTLY as it looks here. You are the enormous swipe in Big Bretagna and Europe, but no in Amsterdam. David Kershenbaum has been spent in the remezcla some of some clues, three duquel ( Hungry Like a Wolf, the control has retreated a Rain, and My Own Way ) that the mini lp ( or EP, how were then called ) has called Carnival ( I still have my copy ). After a long version of Hungry Like a Wolf is resulted the club and radio swipe, River was king-released in some the EUA with one has has extended versions of these three songs, and the very slightly changed Kershenbaum mix of Solitary in your Nightmare, added to an album. ( Again, in fact I have both versions of this elepé ) Then , to do the short long history, ossia an original , definite version of an album of River, in his full glory. If it likes him one has extended of versions, suggests that investigations "Versions at night" ( now out of impression, sadly ), or buy of the single conjoint of boxes, which will contain a remixes. Also I can recommend a British cd the Odd behaviour has called, which contains an excellent along ( but no remixed ) version of Earth of Planet, as well as the remixed and long version to Resist For behind a Rain, both desquels is unavailable elsewhere, reason was. River, In and of him, to the delicious piece of dance of early eighties-pops, with the slightly arty flu. A lot highly recommended.
4 / 5
In the first place it was, they are the classical DD defender. Although they are 33, I do not have on elected on the until RIVER. This in spite of, have been there enough of a start. A question with this "remaster" it is a fact that a CD was also REMIXED. And in a process, some instruments have been done stronger while another has been mixed behind to a fund. Also, the PAPERS have BEEN TAKES! Ossia More evident in "My Own Way." There is the portion of a song where Simon sings, "7.¬ļn On, among 6th and Broadway!" In an original pressing (concealed have on vinyl) that lyric is run although an effect of echo, "in Broaday, on Broadway, On BROADWAY...." It is a constructor of energy that help a song achieves is apex (summit). It is these papers that is has takes entirely!
Also, originally, this song was the electrical guitar of the grave clue driven with the heavy 70 is-esque fat electrical guitar. Well, in this mix, an electrical guitar has been mixed to one background and some the drums are mixed stronger and in yours to roughly tentativa volume to modernize a clue to the contemporary dance floor. NOT COOLING!
Has said DRUNK! These works of art are to snap-shots, the images frozen of music that represent where some artists and musical engineers where in this period of time. The remezcla an album in a tentativa to modernize is an insult to some artists, the history and the fans them the one who have been of these artists of day a.
Remastering So only would owe that be the correction of resolution, the "cleaner on" of a signal of old equivalent and at all more. Buy an old copy concealed has not been remastered!
4 / 5
Knows is quell'has bitten predictable to say Laugh it is his better album . Enough it say that his start was his better album to the equal that prefer a whole Romantic thing Informative to some bands 1982 Addiction of aesthetic Miami has adopted with RIVER. But jackets of white sport and fedoras averts, the river is like this very built and has produced that swipes a lot another album for them out of a water.
Ossia One has had to has had to amused all has fallen enamoured with.
A musicianship in this album is playful, and often glorious (When it is these writes that goes to take a credit deserves?). Many of some songs have wonderfully wierd basslines of John Taylor.
The electrical guitar of Andy Taylor was sure enough full, and try that was like this of entity like vocals of Simon The Well in giving them his only sound.
"River" it Gives paste aplenty. Any calm so only take a clue of title , "Hungry like a wolf" and "Save the prayer" in this CD, calm also takes an exceptional "One Heats" that has to that be one of his more utmost moments officially. "The control has retreated a Rain" aimed that when his (classifies of) has loved mecer was, was very damned in him. "New religion" has the groove of basses of hell and an odd effect of Lebon, likes two transmissions egos, argueing for the heart.
A coverage of classical album has been drawn for Nagel and was later defaced and satired in some bands 1997 emission "Medazzeland" that was probably his better album prójimo with which River. Hmmmm.
4 / 5
In the first place was, no law a reviewer the one who subject the title is "Look". First of it will clear them something up in "River" and that is trying to say all the world.
1) In an original Vinyl and version of Cassette of "River", some following songs "My Own Way" and "the control has retreated A Rain" it was in his original form.
2) When "River" it Has been issued on CD for a first time behind in 1988, "My Own Way" and "the control has retreated A Rain" it was different mixes (versions). All has joined other songs in River has not been never messed with, so only these two songs have mentioned.
3) "My Own Way" (in a 1988 CD) has the snare the drum has beaten his, and less snyth his his. "The control has retreated A Rain" it was so only a version has modified.
4) "My Own Way" (in a 1983 vinyl and Cassette) has had the strong basses has beaten his with alot of synth his sounds. "The control has retreated A Rain" it was so only more along, clocking in in 7 minutes.
5) In a 2001 version of "River", some original versions of "My Own Way" and "the control has retreated A Rain" it is not on here, they contain some different versions (I thinks the Main records is Too Lacking). But a CD is digitally remastered. And it touches very better with the crisp sound. A sound really comes near, giving it this surrounds feels.
Gives the graces to Read. It does not leave Any Mine-Calm report to Buy "River". Thank you
5 / 5
CD jewelbox version. Excellent remastered sound. Present of papers. Photo of booklet of interior of the band. Beautiful picture of a River the lady has printed on disk. Any one follows of prize of the audio. Some CD clues would owe that touch well in any player of CD but to see a Video is of 'River', 'Hungry Like A Wolf' & esave A Prayer' in a disk will require to have: 100-MHz pentium proccessor or on, 4-accelerate multisession compatible walk of CD ROM, Mininum 16Mb RAM free, A paper of his & to control by heart, QuickTime 3 or on Or Macintosh system 7.5 or on, 4-accelerate multisession compatible walk of CD ROM, Mininum 12Mb RAM free, A paper of his & to control by heart, QuickTime 3 or on. Finally an invasion of has had to that has had to some the EUA has begun (And facts)... And the one who the walk! On 12/25/82 one 'Hungry Like A Wolf' so only has been released and finally paste 3 in some the EUA. They have had to that have had of finally take remarked here in some States. They have begun to take a recognition his music has deserved for real. They have on followed with one 14 swipe 'River' and not having prendido never dazzle knots synth-lovers to pop until after a Notorious album. Yes, A flashes in a casserole here ('does not love Your Amour' Swipe 4) and two flashes there ('Normal World' swipe 3, 'Waste Come' 7), But another concealed it no like this to the a lot of people has them to them legustado his music here in some Be with which one 2 alone accident 'Notorious'. I have not been one of them. I seat each one that CD Had to CONJOINT CD Had to, This has material indiginous his, Well choose up. It listens to some clips of audio, Here on Amazon[.With], And be you a judge. I do not want to influence calm to buy something will complain. Everything am trying to say is that his another material a lot of investigation. It acclaims.
5 / 5
Although it was released originally in May 1982, the second album of has had to that has had to, "River," it has not taken to shoot in this American cost until the year later, thanks to a breakthrough only and video "Hungry Like a Wolf." It was perfect timing for a British group: a year was 1983, while MTV the culture has taken form and has revolutionised a way listens the music. Cela, coupled with a group stylishly has has produced video and new romantic-inspired pop, has had to has had to stop to mark helped such one staple of entity in @@@1980s music. Here, virtually any of a 80s the cheese finds of trendier the looks of groups in this CD. There is a clue of dynamic title (replete with the alone of sax of Andy Hamilton), a seducer "One Heats," a uptempo rocker "the control has retreated a Rain," and a funkified "My Own Way" (it differs it of an original mix in a 1981 only). "River" it Is one of some premiers elepé I never purchased (I still have an original vinyl), and give me the adolescent memories add. In his own merits, a record he really merit 4 stars, but takes an extra one for his sentimental value. (For a way, this remastered the version is a prensada original of "River" this is to be release abroad, and any remixed version that was once available in Amsterdam.)
4 / 5
Ossia The CD well for defenders of has had to that has had to and is hailed likes one of the his better. Any agreement but is still a lot well, creates. Some songs are entertaining, included if they are not some better things never writings, the examples that has wins Like a Wolf, the control has retreated a Rain, and the little another. It was impressed enough with New Religion. Song very interesting that is purportedly the conversation among 'the ego and one changes ego'. A heart are adds. Some papers any to whole plot of the sense but I think can be comprised in the level of gut if any test to analyse them word for word. Solitary in your Nightmare, Save the Prayer and An Engine are a lot enough. I think that that I can have taken more meaning out of some songs that was feigned in fact, or perhaps any, but he no really @@subject as listening to the music is the personal experience in all the chance, and for me this album is the good musical experience .
Like this if you are not too proud to admit that it likes you has had to that has had to, this could be the CD well to take .
Yes, the CD a lot of but does not take he for a DVD-rom extra. I need the special computer for that. It was not that a shot is.
5 / 5
Is very easy to the waste have had to has had to, and up to now, has been a norm . As one the one who has not imported a Thatcherite political or some excesses of some early video ('the daughters on Film' was art, dammit!), I sentimentally loves this album. I touched it like this the times have lost account.
But, more importantly, is an album of has had to that has had to that @@subject. It is musically complex in of the ways that has been matched hardly during an integer @@@1980s - and is still refreshing to listen to in a present.
Now that have had to has had to is going back together with an original line-arrive (The Well, Wheels, and three Taylors), is the good time to king-explore a prompt has had to years and see so only like underrated this band was. This really is a better that his never touched, and his only corrected soyasterpiece' albums. They have had to that have had to quell'has been those soltera sale, some - and is not never better state like the band that with three Taylors. This album, together with has had to that Mk. It is swansong 'A View when Killing', is like this as well as they take, and touches fantastic remastered. And, for a uninitiated, promised that this will touch adds to in the first place listen!
5 / 5
The years have not diminished my recognition for River. In fact, an old plus I taking, a more @give the one who this brilliant. For those of knots those who has used to take fell it big out of the moans of a daughter in an end of (...) 'Hungry Like a Wolf,' has spent our big hair and of the big slopes, and there has been bobo runs over on John Taylor or Nick Go, is easier now to really listen to this album with the new recognition that goes besides tendency. Ossia The classical if to to the some people like to of him or no, and is always the welcome one in my player of CD.
'River' Is a band' hear sweet in Amsterdam with the alone of good sax.
Soyy Own way' is the good dancable rocker with the catchy Roxy-heart of type.
olitary In yours Incubó is the lovely, dreamy ballad full of amiably penned papers for Simon The Well, especially of then is not always easy to comprise that it is writing on. Nick Sees the keyboards are gorgeous here.
'Hungry Like a Wolf' is too hooky, the bass am lined the death for John Taylor and a lot of excessive entertainment.
'The control has retreated a Rain' is well, but to to sounds likes him to him the course 'Hungry' 2.
'New religion' is the song taken 20 years to like. A heart is a better part .
'Last Casualidad in a Stairway:' Excellent! My favourite clue in River and my preferred D2 song. It is tight, animate, and everything roughly is well, particularly Simon flirtatious and romantic papers.
Bird the Prayer:' Inarguable new wave classical looking Nick Sees wonderfully trendy, quirky keyboards. Calm sweep you on quickly in his odd romanticism and mysterium like the papers of Simon paint the picture of innocent sinning in the-stand at night.
'An Engine:' Another preferred. It likes- one verbal iconography of 'the front of your dress all shadowy streaky and a droning engine throbs in time with your heart to beat.' A bit dark with slow handclaps and the plucky synth, to these sounds of to the song almost likes belonging in of an old Hitchcock film.
The river Was to good sure the product of his time, but the attended does not spend me of the shot in saying stands up for this reason. Another classics is a same way, but will not compare them . River to Stand up in his own, and ossia so only well with me.
4 / 5
HAS Has a lot of discussion in adicións/additions/of omissions to this remastered version like opposed to an original. Like the defender that quotes behind to 1981, can say without qualification that any one loves a sale more than me (my place, room 7609, is very known among a Crowd of Internet likes one of a 'coverage' better: [...]) And any one is more intimately familiarised with everything of some permutations of an album in all his incarnations: cassette/of the English/vinyl/British/cd. But like the musician I, can say you to good sure, that a remaster, for any detractions that can be appointed roughly the, still is so only among his peers in his technical beauty. Everything in this remaster is more sonically appealing - each instrument underlines more clearly, each vowel is more significant and clearer. It is the beautiful homage to that that so only can be seen like the defective original to an ear has coached. An original is a undisputed classical, but any version of this album in any one the incarnation can resist until a awesome sonic complexity of this remezcla. Absolutely in amazing. If that can give the million stars, I .
4 / 5
When Have in the first place bought this album in 1983, there is an excellent 5:20 version of "Hungry Like a Wolf", a point underlined of a whole album (prójimo to a clue of title). When A CD of prime minister of "River" it is exited, "Hungry Like a Wolf" it was much shorter (likes has loved to give hastes on and take it on with). This shorter version killed an appeal of a whole CD for me. I have expected someday animate-release "River" like this "the version of original vinyl." Has thinks that that the day is coming this past July 3rd, 2001. I am remained down again. A same short version of "Hungry Like a Wolf", but now remastered. Sad! To to any one likes to take this CD takes hands AGAIN? Never alcohol, will go trade he for something more to somewhere. One the next plus goes to take to a version of original vinyl of "Hungry Like a Wolf" it is in a "Versions at night" collection. Any exactly one same, but afterwards. Of Capitol created this confusion has retreated then, reason any only look a has alternated clues like "the prize follows" to do all the happy world?
5 / 5
It looks mine that has some confusion on some clues have used in this CD, as well as they have had to has had to Laugh album in general.
An original album was released originally in some the EUA in 1982 in record of Harvest. This version (as well as all United Kingdom and Japanese versions) has shipped with the versions more the scarce of some songs. Like this in fact these clues are a "original versions" and it is not "cut the pieces" or a "wrong master tapes". Ossia A version of "River" it conceal each country but some the USA thinks of when they think of an album.
Now, if the memory server correctly, collected then king-has released the version of an album in of the very small quantities. This version is exactly one same as later Capitol version, and would result a "rule" emission of EUA. This version contains a mostly "along" versions of some songs.
Expects that this clears on some of a confusion. If it thinks that that ossia bad, any included spend on some the USA vs. United Kingdom vs. German CDs of this same album!
4 / 5
When I have listened that some the original songs of River there was state remastered, was ecstatic. I have on grown with some versions in a cassette have bought in 1982, and never really liked some versions in a CD. I have read some descriptions here, and there is remarked has had the difference of opinion on if these are some original songs . You beg it was, and it was more notably looking for some following differences: soyy Own Way' intro has keyboard arpeggios among some agreements of electrical guitar. 'Hungry Like the Wolf' has a to instrumental first of any starts of flange. 'The control has retreated A Rain' starts with first keyboard of drums and beginning of electrical guitar. Also it have it it extend it slightly intro where Simon whispers, 'the control has retreated a rain,' and the second instrumental pause to an end of a song, where Simon sings, 'Controls behind, controls behind, controls behind.'
Has been disappointed to find that any of these differences is in 2001 remastered CD. It was able to take my hands in some versions have loved to saw an internet, but can say is registered of the record. The to good sure like a sound of a new CD, is mixed a lot well. But you do not buy it while some differences have listed on.
5 / 5
Has had to that has had to is an epitome of synthpop/new wave 80 east. One of some the majority of influential bands of one this decade. Ossia 1 of his better albums for far. All know has has had the unexpectedly numerous songs 'Tierra of Planet' he be 1 of mine faves too many to mention but this calm CD any skip the clue. A production is by train to surprise it was at the head of this time with synths and drumbeats. Each song is catchy and can sing each clue in this album. A breakout dances solteros 'Hungry like a wolf' & 'River' is incredibly catchy but esave the prayer' is my preferred in cd some papers spend you right there as if yours that spends for one east of what still. Simon Lebon has the good voice a soft ballad olitary in mine incubó An album incorporates it all dance, ballads, & synthpop/punk. Essential cd the collection for any the one who has on grown in a new wave 80 decade.
4 / 5
Capitol recoreds relased The different version in 1982 paralizaciones elepé and Cassette with side 1 looking neither widespread intro is or the small musical differences in a music there is remarked the control has retreated a rain was longer hungry like a wolf there has been the plus along intro my own way was diffferent and the little longer in a half thinks. Almost all lateralmente 1 was remixed but side2 thinks remained one same. A 9 clue remastered cd the time is 42:41 where like this of the careers of tape to 47:16 ( it gives or take the little as) Thats almost 5 LONG MINUTES. Material capitol has to that king-release this one in his pertinent form. Still I am giving this cd 5 stars in spite of a short period of a disk when compared to a tape. Before I go I have seen these writes behind in July in a Joint in the Veagas was fabulous.
4 / 5
Ossia One has had to has had to of the album has registered better. It does not think never it has registered it anything very disappointing. I always enjoyed when they release something new to the equal that can listen some new sounds. This CD has been by means of a lot of Remasters but is still the neighbour add songs a lot @@subject the one who the FORMS are in. "Hungry Like A Wolf", "Save A Prayer", "My Own Way", "An Engine" and "New Religion" it is among my preferred. Memory to remain me on late a lot the night to see all his controversial video that would aim so only late at night. Especially some video partorisca "the daughters On Film", which looks in his album to start with and "An Engine". This video and more is now available in several Collections of Video.
4 / 5
The river Is in prójimo competiton with a start of has had to that has had to like better album a group has not released never in my opinion. That maintains to be his best for me is 100 the personal preference: River is the a lot of album 'happier' that a start. Where Some trips to start with of ascerbic to moody to approach vicious in of the places [sees Daughters On Films and Careless Memories], Laugh the darkest moments or more melancholic [An Engine, Save A Prayer] is quite sweet and is that quantity to love songs.
A fact that Saves A Prayer and An Engine are songs of the amour certainly does not maintain him to be my favourite clues of River together with New Religion. An Engine is resulted something of the classical cult go in Duranies and is the example adds of Nick Goes Creativity and points to the his plus artsy side that later would be on exhibition of entity with Arcadia is Like this Red A Rose. Save A Prayer is the real sentimental preferred this combines has had to that has had to arthouse panache with a epitomy of the like the ballad would owe that be.
The second album of has had to that has had to spends to a table the a lot of warmer collection of songs that a start, which was certainly intentional. Of a clue of inaugural title to Hungry Like A Wolf, an image of an album has been transformed partorisca Mtv perfectly, likes evidenced for some accompanying video in a remastered version. In general, the river is the pristine album. One follows a feebler is Solitary in your Nightmare, and ossia the only-the import of calm worthy song. I still juggle go in River and one '81 beginning like this to the as for real it prefers, reason are mostly equal. Mostly it depends in a way are in or desire to be in. River Is fun jetsetting; a start so only returns my personality the small has bitten better.
5 / 5
Is running Win2000 Or WinMe and calm no active QuickTime installed in your computer, does not follow some links resupplied in a portion enhanced of this CD. If calm , will be to download an older version of QuickTime ossia compatible so only by means of Win98. A result could be severe audio breakup. Instead, it goes to the place of Apple and download a current version of QuickTime [] which is compatible with Win2000 & WinMe and follow some instructions of installation. Then rig to be disappointed with a notecard-sized video. Regarding a CD very too brilliant. Considering one the fault to use a MASTER of ALBUM to cut one in EMI/Capitol. A lot amateurish. This disk is the disappointment adds . It is a ZERO in a system of indications???
4 / 5
Ossia Well. Almost each song in these costs of disk to listen it, included these overkilled in radio and MTV ("Hungry Like a Wolf," "River"). This original version of "Save the Prayer" it is the quite lovely ballad (I means it!) And it is much more worthy that his album of Sand (terrible) alive version. "Solitary in your Nightmare" it is the emotional seeds-ballad; "New Religion" transmissions his house of atmospheric to total butt-kicking jam; and "An Engine" it is wonderfully eclectic. If so only never it buy one has had to elepé, ossia a a to take.
5 / 5
Easily one of the mine FAVOURITE CD is of my favourite rock 'n decade of circle, the river resists on well, included with which a lot of CD of the swipe is of 80 is to grow tiresome and space. To the Songs the 'likes the control has retreated a Rain' and 'An Engine' try a versatility of Pair Of music and Simon LeBon voice. Of course, 'Hungry Like a Wolf,' esave A Prayer,' and a clue to title cimienta has helped the reputation of a band like preferred radio and MTV darlings, but master all some songs here. Also I owe that say that, before 'New Religion,' has had has not listened never the song that use two different hearts simultaneously.
5 / 5
Be in accordance with all the world-wide the one who says that the river is the fantastic album , but reason has done has had to that has had to has to that go and disorder with diverse of some clues when his remastered the? "The control has retreated a Rain," especially, there is a bit really keyboards of the cheese of stock exchange are imposed strongly in that used to be a clue of interesting electrical guitar. His obviously tried "box on" a remaster, but so only had sucedido in ruining the little awesome clues. I am disturbed particularly in a fact that this is not mentioned anywhere that could be able of the know first to buy a CD. Two thumbs down partorisca messing around with an album that was to perfect a way was when he was has released in the first place.
4 / 5
Partorisca Everything of you complainers of a fact is not a version has behind had in a 80 I knows of the website that straiten arrive you. It has had 5 versions of a ablum has done, and a lot of some songs have included 13 versions of some songs, so only 1 song of an album is a closing any @subject that the version has or had partorisca east an only song that has 1 version that the song is Last Casualidad In a Stairway. (...)
For a way partorisca your bitching in an album has some the USA 1st version I elepé, has Some the USA 3rd version in of the clues of prizes, a remasterd cd, more I so only one 81>85 conjoint box, Versions at night, and Odd Behaviour, Decade besides, and more Adds, Decade besides in VHS and more Add on have a lot of versions of some songs, not considering all versions partorisca be the aim partorisca me to on some different versions before you complain!
4 / 5
The second album of has had to that has had to is like this as well as I have expected. The happy touching River, the good Hungry Like A Wolf and the beautiful Save A Prayer was songs familiarised partorisca me before I have bought this album. There is also very other Solitary good songs in your Nightmare, Last Transmission In a Stairway and the control has retreated A Rain. My Own Way and An Engine are little has bitten booring but still good songs. In general, This sound of album adds and good works. Highly recommanded for new wave/syth auditors of pop.
4 / 5
Likes the a lot of people are trying to say here, this cd does not have some versions that was remixed for David Kershenbaum. A version of the vinyl released in north Amsterdam when ossia exit had remixed versions of River, Solitary in your Nightmare, Save the Prayer, the control has retreated a Rain, Hungry Like a Wolf, and My Own Way. If it listen to a version of vinyl and this cd, can say, some of some differences are quite obvious, another is thinner. My sympathetic is a sale has preferred a remixed versions to some originals that this CD has.
Unfortunately, Capitol any one has given a remixed versions, as those of us those who has on grown in a 80 east that loves some versions/of cassette of the vinyl of River will owe that solve for our copies of vinyl until Capitol the records leaves his butts and issues him that they would have to that it has done in a first place!
5 / 5
I a lot of record have the pair of good songs that underlines in the record and ossia which has paid partorisca. In this second has had to elepé, pays a lot of pocolos and take value of decades of entertainment. Each song in this click of New Romantic hymn. A remastered the version of an album is a lot different of an album I originally bought like the big schooler, but is good to listen each instrument individually now. More, has the little harder flange his especially in "My Own Way", "Solitary in your Nightmare" and "the control has retreated a Rain".
5 / 5
The second album of has had to that has had to is one the majority of the what good-looking has not listened never to. Like this I fill of substance and depth. As it Can any one chooses some Police in of the this? It is impossible! It listens to a estupefaciente 'Hungry Like a Wolf' and one pursuing 'A Heat,' and @give that ossia any normal band. Ossia A execptionally talented group that is so much better that some Police. 'River' has sold million million records and is one of some better vendors of all time. Taking reissued in 2001 like this obviously there is still the question for this same band after all this time. Please, ignores any 1 descriptions of star of this album. They are written by people without FLAVOUR in music.
5 / 5
Has had the commentary done in an of some descriptions that RIVER has been remastered 'Also brightly'. This aimed to do the pocolos comment. In the first place, alive in some the calm USA then will remark that a new CD does not have some to the same mixes likes him to him the emission of EUA of a record. A rest of a world is happy this in spite of. 2nd, RIVER Remastered touches different of an original emission CD. He in fact sounds like a record of Vinyl that has bought in 1982 !! Ossia Thanks to 24 bite mastering. As you know, CD is is 16 has bitten. I damage the response of full frequency, 20-20KHz, but Audiophiles often accuse CD is to touch inferior to Vinyl. Reason? Becuase 16 has bitten sampled 44 thousand times the second is not enough to resist information of audio. Vinyl Or studio of equivalents the tape is equivalent to 24 Bit is in a half digital. Now with 24 it Bite mastering can listen you more in a music! Ossia Reason Audiophiles anxiously is expecting to see that 24BIT the level will be accepted (SACD or DVD AUDIO). More than expecting until some cows come house, registering to the focus/of artists has been in the remastering binge. Then they convert his new 24Bit master to 16 Bit and issue the remaster on CD. A new CD touches upper reason a coversion to 16Bit is is done using transposiition. To try and explain to the transposition in detail is besides a discharge of this description. Simply you explain to say that to plot of some characteristics of his of a 24BIT master (ossia a detail ) is preserved when transposing down to 16 has bitten. His technician trickery. You finalise with the 16 has bitten CD, but CAN listen the majority of a depth of a master (calm So much can listen a depth in CD is compared to Mp3). Of course when a new 24 has bitten the half has been standardised and has accepted will not be buying CD is. Until then I will be to buy remasted CD is !! Listening to RIVER remastered can listen the sounds the clear plus and some touches that wern't audible in some originals cd emission. It is not brightness, is clarity . Calm surprised, Some shows of clarity some small imperfections in, the bear said it, Simon vocals (pardon Simon). Surprising for me was to @give that some of some sounds have thought has come from/come from the keyboard is in fact electrical guitar (with the Effect of Corazón). And I can listen American tracheae Of the sud in New Religion!A better album of a better 80 group on Tierra of Planet.
5 / 5
... This new edition will spend you at all value to pay stops. But of course a music in this CD is utmost. I do not see any one updating, as some folks likes to say.
Is like this easy to signal it punisher toe in the music or the pictures or anything concealed is coming the long way, so only to say " there is, there is, ossia material for the past generation, and for worse, the generation concealed is not mine, forget it". It has known no this ART has date of expiration. I ask the one who Bethoven, Mozart and another likes him would think in of that.
To write the description, thinks that has to that have at least the far idea that the band is roughly (can not imagine the journalist or the critic that speaks in a lack of better space for the keyboards in the Rollings Laps CD, or the a lot of electrical guitar in the Van Halen emission).
I bad, that is that in "to inappropriate prominence of the lines of basses of John Taylor"???... Ossia Have to that it Had to it for sake of God! He supossed to touch in this way, reason some bass has to that be in a backside of a mix, inaudible and shy? Reason this law a manual of instructions for rock and circle? Please... It takes he B.B.
Thank you.
4 / 5
Originally Released in 1982 on Collect/Capitol Record. This pressed him to a cup, as you know. It is everything to obvious. Has a elepé (yes, a record), and some video on tape, as they are quell'has bitten behind. Now so only they require to compilation of all a B-sides there.
4 / 5
...And the big enormous STFU to that thinks 80 the music is irrelevant. We will see if his favourite artists are still eslevant' (or alive) 20+ years of now.

Oh, And DD has the new album with contributi of Justin Timberlake and Timbaland... Like this clearly, current music superstars knows that DD is still pertinent.

Top Customer Reviews: Currents ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 13 ratings
4 / 5 Zenia
Formed: the elepé Record Some illustrations of albums is almost like this amazing likes music he. A must possesses for Tame Impala defenders.
5 / 5 Chandra
Formed: Record of elepé has Received this record 3-5 weeks, has not been dissapointed. I have touched he more than the dozen of time. Kevin Parker and his band always has this touches concealed spends joy to some ears. This album is good but does not add to like 2 forward some but still is the must has calm he like this sale. Favourite clues : Left raisin and An I Less knows a Better.
5 / 5 Herlinda
Formed: elepé the album Adds Record and the vinyl adds, touches well, good quality sturdy coverage.
4 / 5 Rafaela
Formed: Record of elepé has given this to my edges for the Christmas and has been thrilled!hes 32 And is taking the vinyl. Amours my old 60 is and 70 the elepé is like this now would like me the few current albums more final. I do not know this group but really knows the music and he says is excellent!
5 / 5 Myrle
Formed: Record of elepé never listened first, the sound adds, perfect for cold acclimates
4 / 5 Micah
Formed: the elepé Registers his a lot of fresco in this album. A record is really a lot of qulity. Usually double hate lps but this coverage of album the fact the little more value he
4 / 5 Veronica
Register and utmost press. The times of nave add also. Punctual and clean mark record new in shape adds
4 / 5 Cythia
A quality of his in a record is not very good. Asking, retarding down, out of tune, skipping. No an experience of vinyl has been expecting at all. Has doubts in an authenticity of this record likes the quality are much more goes down that those have bought in tent.
4 / 5 Emerald
Some illustrations of albums is almost like this amazing likes music he. A must possesses for Tame Impala defenders.
5 / 5 Iona
A vinyl is for the half like fat like the regular record and a coverage of album is done out of economic paper stock paper. Another that that, ship punctually and good sounds.
5 / 5 Loni
Has received this record 3-5 weeks, has not been dissapointed. I have touched he more than the dozen of time. Kevin Parker and his band always has this touches concealed spends joy to some ears. This album is good but does not add to like 2 forward some but still is the must has calm he like this sale. Favourite clues : Left raisin and An I Less knows a Better.
4 / 5 Jill
The album adds and the vinyl adds, touches well, good quality sturdy coverage.
5 / 5 Kaila
Has given this to my edges for the Christmas and has been thrilled!hes 32 And is taking the vinyl. Amours my old 60 is and 70 the elepé is like this now would like me the few current albums more final. I do not know this group but really knows the music and he says is excellent!

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5 / 5 Vena
This neighbour has each clue, b-side, demo and remezcla possibly could love. Calm also take some fantastic dinners Of a Big Chair' documentary which have seen countless time and any to tire never of.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 27 ratings
4 / 5 Truman
Amur This album! A nave was s√ļper fast, but has had the little question. A record is coming with powder in the and there are small scratches to the long of a record he that is resulted in a music skipping like key. I have not gone too happy roughly that, but outrage concealed, amour this album!
4 / 5 Ivy
The album adds Murderous. It see him alive after the city of Sam has been released and has has touched plots of this album. Shining alive. This band really adapts me of A Cure, especially on to the smile likes Calm badly - characters.
5 / 5 Mardell
has Lost these years of the album done and has has had to that the only substitute. It is awesome - the music of behaviour adds!! It can not beat a prize, neither!
4 / 5 Vernell
An album is spectacular. But one first copy has received has had the broken the chance, and a second I has received has had the scratch by means of a front. It has not asked the third.
4 / 5 Nova
That has said concealed is not already state has said?! One REGULATES Murderous!!!
5 / 5 Elyse
Im Sad there arent any papers but his a awesome album! Realy Fast nave with Amazon first btw!
4 / 5 Iesha
Has lost these years of the album done and has has had to that the only substitute. It is awesome - the music of behaviour adds!! It can not beat a prize, neither!
5 / 5 Eulalia
Have in the first place listened a song omebody Said' like number a song on 92.3 K-Mecer Raging 5 in 5. (Partorisca Those of calm out of the city touches the account behind in NYC canal of alternative rock.) I have listened once a name of ther artist I sampled more clues. It was floored and bought it a next day. It is surprising partorisca see the new group that easily could go a way of all a coprate bands of rock and instead go a way of 80 new wave. An use of synthesizer and way of vocals really ameno behind some appoint 'Tears Partorisca Fears', 'A Cure' and 'New Order'. Ossia Perhaps a begining of the revinvention of the sound this is to be lose partorisca on 20 years. It is the sound almost all the world loves and does not want to forget and yes in the same the want behind. Although Some Killers any never another album and disappear of a face of an Earth will say that he tentativa was intrepid and will be agreed for the fact of good work.
4 / 5 Salome
Reminiscent Of 80 rock/of keyboard of the electrical guitar,this cd is the real work of art, and an auditor can say easily that this music has not been launched together with transmissions in the boring consonance and overproduced slick sounds. A better thing in a whole thing is that in fact it have it some few really utmost hooks, which sadly are losing in today of corporate rock. A Ltd the edition is so only one same like another cd, excepts has three extra tunes as, yes, is a lot also, particulariy Under a Gun. I like this sale. We loves it to me grab my electrical guitar, look my delays and overdrive, and game some good melodic material in that is doing, reason inside his music is, well, to plot of good melodic material.
And for a way, are 37 yrs old, been the music fans all my life, and has touched also the twins of electrical guitar have twisted of then was to populate, as they are not an usual adolescent defender. It is the damn album of good rock, with emphasis a lot small in toneless material. I trust..
4 / 5 Vince
In his new album, Some the Murderous places out of the album adds filled with 80 influences. Of David Bowie to has had to that has had to and Depeche Way, Some Killers blend all of his influences with just a lighest sprinkle of indie-burst a mark one of a fresh plus that album of sounds of a year. Full of synth-laden hooks and pulsing beaten of dance, an album breathes likes any another CURRENT CD. There is feels to the good songs like them to them some current suns, esomebody Said,' as well as exposures of real songwriting in soyr. Brightside' And 'All These Things That has Done.' An album has some more lens-moving part, as 'Andy is the Star ' and 'Circle and Rock Indies,' but does not resemble bog down a flow of an album too much. A quality of production is sum, with open electrical guitars, closing unexpectedly drums, and echoey vocals. His something would expect of a scene of British subterranean music, any Vega empty. This in spite of, when Some Killers am exited to touch, will not leave any alive.
5 / 5 Annika
This album is a lot of reminiscent of 80 his wave new. One can say this city of sin rockers has been influenced for a lot of some bands of that era like New Order, the little Smith & has had to that has had to. It underlines the clues are some so only omebody has said Me, soyr Brightside, this mile likes calm means it, & 'All these things that has done'. But an integer cd is surprising with production to notch upper that & door & for behind an use of a synthesizer. Brandon Flores has add it still the powerful melodic voice. With all this emo/punk the music was today is good to see launcher the behind to a 80 synthpop his that has on grown with. One of a band of album & has better chosen up in 2004.
5 / 5 Damian
Ossia An album of a year. They are not a prime minister for the say and will not be a last. Yes, it is better that Franz Ferdinand, Mouse Modesto and included Some Shots (of last year). Some Killers spend something new to a table. They are like a left behind band during a new wave 80 was and is so only now looking. But they are looking with his own mix of keyboards And electrical guitars. Sounds like an odd combination until it listen to this album. It is as if Some Sounds and Some Shots are is gone in to date and take jumped by Some Killers. Ossia I last for me to say when being the dubious defender of Shots, but is when to dip my sprain' avert and fill the newest band, better.
Brandon Flores, a singer of advantage, has one of this calm voice clearly will recognise and find irresistable. A combination of instrumentation an use of Killers will take inside your blood, in your brain, in your soul and the next thing know is chanting " it takes soul but are not the soldato!" (Song 5-All These Things have Done) could seat here and say you the one who the songs to signal underlined of an album is but a truth is, a whole album is a point has underlined big. My personal favourite is Andy is the Star . An inaugural electrical guitar riff has followed for to the papers like "Hey has on Enclosed, hey has on Enclosed, Yeah" it is impossible any to like. It Likes him Ladies Flores boasts in a song "On", " it is so only he shimmy and the shake, can do not feigning, is up." Well you are fellas, well is. And that is doing still reading this? Ossia A precise to be on before some masses join in.
4 / 5 Shamika
Man a hook of this alone prime minister (Any one has Said), is adictivo, the song adds, a rest of an album? It say two other clues that underlines the mine is Gentleman Brightside and Show at night Half. Other clues only look to be half, an album is exited so only like this more the songs could grow on me... An only point of reference thinks of still this album is to think Sounds, but substitute Maja with the type has the little harder/darker edged sound. Oh And you are planning you go it lives him, I am spent to take them on Kimmel, and was quite good.
4 / 5 Dorthy
Has in the first place seen some killers when they have opened for stellastarr back in April. Still I can agree a concert like presents would turn to his friends and he so only said 'damn ossia well.' Some Killers dipped in a awesome show for this reason has counted them some days down until a cd is exited. This cd is AWESOME! With Jenny was the friend opening a cd paste an earth that careers, Gentleman Brightide, to the smile likes calm Means it (a song that has grown really on me).... There isnt the feeble song in there. If it likes-I joins look of Killers to Stellastarr and Elefant for the rock adds and so only like this some Killers have fulfilled with Hot Fuss.
5 / 5 Farah
Listened omebody has Me dictated in a radio once and has had to know that it was. The my duties and with thrilling expected for some Killers to release his first album, Hot Fuss. A bit those that exited of the days before has had a pleasure to see them alive, and was tried almost to order an import of Big Bretagna ( was the earliest emission). I have directed to expect it was, and felizmente has not been disapointed. Ossia The album adds . All some songs are full of energy, included to some the slowest clues the 'Like All These Things..' Really aim a quantity to do a band dips his music. There is a lot adds synth work together with some serious lyrical the talent in of to to the songs like soyr. Brightside.' Basically, if it likes-you the box punk or art punk or anything this gender is appointed, will like you some pocolos Murder.
5 / 5 Faith
Some Killers have the place advances like this solid one everywhere tries so it has listened this year. One of some things that spouses this record averts some of another indie and the-fi rock this there is peppered university and mass airwaves is that these coverages of genuine album. There it looks to be any of a 'also cool for pupil' pretention of Some Shots and leaves a record touching strong and more than all believable.
Although it can look irrational to estimate an album in his openning 30 seconds, this in spite of is saying. A coverage to echo of helicoptor brotas of course singal an arrival but is not until the behaviour 'Walkman-like' electrical guitar riff is dipped with the full enormous drum and he catchy hook of electrical guitar that one @gives exactly the one who bondadoso of arrival Some Killers are doing. Ossia The fantastic start to start with to finalise. Genuine, Inspired, and in timing totally épico. Ossia A class of record that the mark loves it find the automobile and the walk like this quickly likes podes until you run out of gas and then exited and it beginning that the careers until steps was.
This in spite of the time betrays too clearly his homage the bands like New Order and in a second the averages a record loses some of some builds of the steam in some first 4 clues is everywhere the fantastic endeavour. Some Killers have arrived to good insurances and with the sincere rock, rich album, look to be here for the moment.
4 / 5 Claudette
Has in the first place listened some Killers after the partner had me to us listen to one of his songs. At the beginning it was so only the little impressed with "Any one has Said". I have decided to give that a whole album tries it. The happy has taken a bet. That The hot fuss satisfies the mine is for new music. An album there is much faster paced rhythm to the majority of songs. A sound kinda has the pop has maintained his, this in spite of some very good papers are incrustadas. "The sun has gone before it shines." Some songs in an album is not quite like this "artsy" to the equal that says Franz Ferdinand, but still very fun nonethless. Material alot of the people can enjoy is one.
5 / 5 Winifred
Although a lot another believes, Some Killers do not touch partorisca like pops or "retro" music of one '80s. Some Killers are real musicians touching real instruments. The hot fuss is not a too-the album produced or pill, is a way has to that be. The flowers sings with soul, Stoermer books out of a groove, Keuning intensifies and elaborates, and Vannucci directs a way. Ossia The band of real rock here. Some synthesizers are used where they are required and is in place of where a piano would go in the band of traditional rock. Ossia The music can dance the people - REAL ROCK & CIRCLE.
I promise that yes listen for mecer will enjoy this album. If it likes-you the pop or retro, this will not satisfy - reason simply is not poppy or retro. Ossia The way has to that be.
5 / 5 Catherin
With all a crappy has touched was music that is around today are bands like this happy likes A bit album of emission of the Killers. The hot fuss is so only the wonderful album jammed full of catchy tunes with A lot of retro fashionable synthesizer, and when remained with Brandon Flowers masterful the voice done partorisca the wonderful listens. A whole album is solid and there is not a bad song, thats reason gives this album he 5. It goes partorisca buy this album is is thirsty partorisca the new sound that it is different anything was.
4 / 5 Nguyet
Once take spent his name, which so only will take you the pocolos second to a first clue, calm @of which this band is special. One first obvious comparison is Franz Ferdinand , which is the shame because it is like this easy to hole of pigeons the to this category of retro, umm, anything. I think that that it is some synthesizers that gives it a eightees feels. Or perhaps his papers partorisca be able to likes him " has soul, but are not the soldato." A retro the sound looks more coincident that intentional, this in spite of, becuase is obviously not trying to sound likes of more. Some eleven clues spend of long way to fast, and left wishing his was more. Franz different, some Killers do not leave any a lot of room partorisca "Weirdness," partorisca lack of the better word. Cela The Instantly accessible, but scare me an album do not actuate a lot that tin of rests. They are not the concerned roughly he this in spite of reason partorisca right now, the sounds adds.
4 / 5 Lois
After listening the soyr. Brightside' And esomebody has Me dictated has taken hooked, ossia with the little help of folks to to which liked him Ferdinand liked.
These types, Brandon Flores(Vox,Synthz), Mark Stoermer(records), Dave Keunin(electrical guitar), and Ronnie Vannucci(drums) there is absolutely brilliant melodies of a meloncholic music and thorough papers. Some take of the album was with 'Jenny Was A Friend of Mina' as Brandon Flowers voice blisters to your ears and ossia when a synthesizer/of keyboard is has in the first place listened. One first clue, quite different of one following soyr. Brightside', Achieves an auditor and wants to listen more. During an album a powerful strums of some bass and synthesizer, absolutely separates his external music that is bands his element his strong plus.
In my opinion, these types have taken the good thing that goes if any career of advance of fantastic music. If it likes you Franz Ferdinand, A Cure, A Clash, and included some Shots- like this I , will like you also.
But loves a lot of bands and some Killers are one of them.
To the equal that Believes a hype- Some Killers are here to impress and will continue to do like this.
5 / 5 Santiago
Has in the first place listened an only "Any one has Said" in FUSE, and has believed to be ultra-catchy. I have decided that would buy his album immediately to this emission . So much, I pre-ordered it here and has expected patiently. When in the first place I have listened his, was attacked immediately worlds that liked me to it each song. They are usually a type of person the one who the need listens to the new album the little time before it likes, but no of this time.
My cup three songs of an album are "Andy, is the Star ," "Jenny Was the Friend of Mina" and "to the smile likes Calm means it." They are not one to usually gush in bands, but that the Hot fuss is the compraventa that will not leave you down.
5 / 5 Kerrie
This has to that be one of some albums of better rock that there is there right now. "Some Killers" C.D. "Hot fuss" it is fill with excellent songs. It likes-me each one which as one of some songs. Very few bands do the C.D. Where All some songs are strong. Some Killers are the a lot of talented the band and an album is a lot of value his money.
4 / 5 Cindy
Like this the know that yours has thought. Im Going to buy this CD, and an only good song will be any one said, and im patient meso of that to be during MTV. Well... Some other songs are defender fricken tastic also. I honradamente a lot skip any of some songs. Has my preferred this in spite of. It follows 1 that has SURPRISED. 10/10. It follows 3,4,5,6 it gives them the 9.5/10 Clues 7 10/10 clues 8 10/10. It follows 9 9/10 it Follows 10 like this good. This CD will be in yours stereo for the week, at least. It goes to choose it on while his new and on sale everywhere. The cause will finalise to buy the anyways. His just to catchy to resist.
5 / 5 Clarice
Some Killers have produced an album of clues infused with New-rock and of the sensibility of Wave hooks. It is immediately accessible to defenders of rock of the electrical guitar of today while those of knots with the followers for brooding synth-the pop will recognise a hallmarks of to the such bands likes them to them the priest, New Order, some Smith, has had to has had to and included some old school U2. They are sure a Sale will not appreciate some constant references to retro-stylings but thinks that can be proud of an endeavour that homage to pay to some laws adds days without constituting the 'album of adoration'. First memory that looks a video for omebody said' and while in horror to see would employ some electrical guitar-like this that the synthesizer has joined on some soldate of some unfortunate sell-member. I have been relieved to see that his no. For me, like a unabashed New-Wave devotee, no. Of clue 7 'Arrive' rests a flagship song in an album. But like this of some clues are really stellar. 'Believe me Natalie' soars with delicious agreements and the curious papers that promotes it misplaced muse to '...Find the gone-gone, dance a Box now, forgets that says in Like this-Have leaves an oh any one is is yours last casualidad...'. There are a lot of gems has hid here. Look for a strangely melodic heart on to one thousand likes calm means it' to pursue calm by means of a airwaves and yes omebody said' has not been smacking you senseless still, awake to arrive and odorare a clue. These are heady days for defenders of 80 estaca and alternative music punk with the sounds to mark to tug to contemporary pop. Thanks to to the bands likes them to them a bit the killers is not the vulgar transition where Kraftwerk look-alikes characteristic in MTV. I think that some Killers wisely have chosen to create music of mecer that defenders in Amsterdam will not be quickly to refuse like this also 'the Atlantic cross' while having a value to incorporate electronic soundscapes his music. I have read to somewhere that Flores of Brandon of the singer of advantage has left the leading band reason lacking of a behaviour of the music of the electrical guitar loves front. His pragmatic if any touch unfortunate. Still it thinks the better sound in some clues where does not employ this electrical guitar of byline blare this has saturated pop-rock in Amsterdam. It is the sound clean plus with agreements of electrical guitar more deliberate and fell them beaten of the drum concealed gives more room to enjoy Flor likeable antics and vocal stylings. It would like to see it sophomore album that recognises concealed.
4 / 5 Youlanda
Oh My god...
These types go to be around for 20 years. Absolutely ridiculously in an upper character-
I agrees some first time have listened was magic. It was on late looking MTV2 and Any one has Said the video is coming on, and was immediatly attacked by an amazing new sound of a band, his incredible visual charisma and a wicked, hipness of a video.
I Gentleman listened with which Brightside, and this has been. I have RUN to take an album, and the man is defender -fricking-tastic!!
Simply dipped-Ossia one the majority of bitchin' the band has seen the long time. Unreal.
Hot fuss? It has deserved entirely!
5 / 5 Leta
Such the CD add, seriously. The majority of these songs are done on one the majority of simplist of catchy lines and astonishingly, a CD is still awesome. Personally, they are not the very big defender of "Andy, is A Star " or " I create, Natalie", but much less, it is still a awesome album. It is been the while I have listened of such the start adds and creative of the artist/grupal. Last times have, has been of tower in 2001 with the start of Michelle has dipped.
"Hot fuss" has such sum of instrumental work on that. They are usually any one the big defender of keyboards, but this CD is full of him and is utmost. They are crazy in a bassline in "Jenny Was A Friend Of Mina" and a drumming in "to the smile likes Calm means it". I mean, they was to have the heart in of the clues 5 and more than in his start without touching odd? NOOOO A!
Like the musician I, really appreciates an originality of a work that has gone to this album. Can have it it has begun it so only to blow up in some maps recently with "Any one has Said", but I see the brilliant future for these types (here is while!).
Like this to the final has thinks that that I have to say thank God "Any one has Said" it is so that it adds like this it is reason is which pressed to buy this album. They are going in Toronto on October 11th and go to struggle for mine . Seriously, I . >=)
Hurrah For Some Killers!