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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 14 ratings
4 / 5
There is no better introduction the music of classical black pop that this; so many ways are coverages , and a quality is always big. (BTW, Has eight CDs, any seven.) Ossia Essential. I trust and each one another reviewer and take east maintaining. You are of the money a calm ready plus will not spend never on music.
4 / 5
After listening and enjoying this together of boxes I regretwaiting .While a intial the prize is big,the music is a this in spite of a lot of some courses are 50 years old a big quality of a material and Atlantics frames of look of big technical capacity as if this collection has been calm issued likes r.&b. Have to that buy this together of boxes!!
5 / 5
Loves dance, can. If it love only chair and listen, can. You can sing and feel nostalgic. It is the wonderful compilation of amazing diverse artists. You can sing and the dance to a music wants . Some sounds of a mark of chair of wonderful music.
5 / 5
Ossia One of some insiemi of better box the esees has listened in the hours of the long time of music adds the must to have.
4 / 5
This collection contains follows concealed is among a cream of 60 soul that was in his summit this time.
5 / 5
This 8 cd the box dipped of historical R&B and circle and prompt rock classics is an incredible collection that document roughly of some more utmost registers for the handful of an utmost plus R&B/artists of Mecer the one who has created some of a plus that captive and astonishingly wonderful, R&B/levels/of Rock of the soul, of a pre-was of rock of the birth and much more there,in history of music. JOE TURNER, LAVERNE BAKERS, RAY CHARLES, RUTH BROWN, SPEAR WILLIS, The COASTERS And DRIFTERS to appoint the little! The rock and the circle was alive a lot before that Elvis has absorbed and reinterpreted the. Unfortunately, a remastering is roughly one 1980 east and these registers[in time]walk of fall and touch the bit dulls and feeble. I have bought three of some individual compact disks(was issued also individually)in a 80 is and there is remarked any difference in a quality of his, in comparison to the east "up to date" version of a Lp Box the Cd. While ossia the "cream of a harvest" box of classical R&B, unashamedly take loaned strongly of a STAX RECORDS SOLTEROS Volumes of INSIEMI of BOXES of COLLECTION 1, 2, & 3 to the 'd thinks that with ATLANTIC RECORDS' long history, would not require to duplicate a cream of a harvest of STAX, to all the cost of a fact that Atlantic was a "mother" undertaken of STAX distribution. They are the "Collector" and I held and cherish each clue of the mine STAX TOGETHER of BOXES(all three and 28 disks!)- Swipes of map or no-swipes - with his supreme and stellar big technology remastering. They are the enormous defender of "REMASTERING" technology and will buy and "rebuy" it reissues according to quell'artist is honored! To all the cost, some registers in this Box Dipped is essential to your ears, heart and soul, like this Atlantic made history of 1947 to 1974 and well continue to a 21st century! I have expected for ever to purchase this Box, while a remastering would be redefined - but bought it to avert losing was, this in spite of, am satisfied almost, like this calm also will be. Highly it recommends a Box of Turner of Joe, Aretha Franklin(" it Reigns Of Alma"), Spinners, Esther Phillips, and Ray Charles(all) there is Boxed Dips, which are detailed sincerely and supremely remastered to a definite sound. It can thank Record of Rhinoceros for a plus end " it reissues" on many of those!
4 / 5
Ossia Where rock'does not run' the roots are in. I have bought an original 7 (double) conjoint of elepé. His equivalents of ORIGINAL CD replicated his May for the few omissions of clue in several volumes. This box comprises EVERYTHING of a origial more than series of the elepé any 20+ extra follows has not comprised previously cover a fertile period among 1947-1974. It is an education in him. Ossia That there is boxed the insiemi are roughly. A raw material of one 40 & 50 is is the indicator to Elvis & Jerry Law. Ossia A roughly of an original music these artists cut his teeth on. Listening Joe Turner Big for a first time was the revelation on its own name particularly 'Corrina, Corrine' and 'Honey Hush'. The Ray has researched calm further Converged' the start has registered based in this together. Some swipes are here and things that be able to you vaguely rememnber also. Legends like a Professor Longhair, Joe Turner Big, Lavern Bakers, Ray Charles, A Drifters, A Coasters, Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Sam & Dave and a lot another is more than amply represented here. It have listened some of these songs for a first time like some versions of coverage for to the artists later like Foghat, Elvis and Paul of same McCartney of the that 'Career of Diablesa of the Career' CD was the tribute to a 50 east and the pair of the clues in these neighbours taken to nod there. Atlantic has done the wonderful work with this emission. Ossia The one who R & B really was so only the pair of the initials that represents that spends for today of music. I doubt the girl that listens to this material would know the one who these papers have been he takes in today of context. My own preferences are to the period of one 60 during quell'Atlantic,Stax & the volt has come really to the his own likes to the focus of Alma adds. Where Motown Was probably more howbizzy', which is not meant like the critique, the Atlantic developed real grit and toughness is music . Thoroughly It Recommends this box dipped yes so only like the plus of wide education of a rich legacy of American Rhythm & Blues music.
4 / 5
Which says in eight CD, 203 collection of clue of one the majority of rhythm of entity and blues focus? One first word is 'definite', a second is esuperb.'
A focuses Atlantic drop Ahmet Ertegun has gathered one of some archive some rich plus of clues of any company and this collection do fault on an amazing swathe by means of thirty years of the popular music that develops to the long of a way a development of a musical sound that maintain call R & B. Together with well of clues and of the artists known there is smaller that known clues for a greats ('Riada in my Own Tears' registered for Ray Charles an excellent example), the clue recognises but has not known never an artist ('Lucky Lips' for Ruth Brown) and gems ignored (hard to specify of then could have known roughly Ivory Joe Turner while personally his 'Empty Arms' was the surprise of mine.)
Has found personally a first well of CD for historical reasons; to listen Chicago has based the surfaces of Atlantic sound of a soul more than the sound of the sud. An eighth and FINAL CD is that wins to the that far I down the seals well can go when it is submerged enmedio corporate. Some words 'box' and 'dreck' cradle to import. Reason Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway the felt has required to cut such the woeful version of ' the Fellow', but still in a last has jewels like the few good clues of a espinners'
A six goes in is perfection. It thinks of a R & B the artist and he casualidad is does at least two or three clues of the his in a collection. Ray Charles, A Drifters (fronted for both Clyde McPhatter and Ben And. King), Joe Turner, LaVern Bakers, A Coasters, Solomon Burke, Joe Tex, Eddie Floyd, Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Sam & Dave - and concealed so only is paste some points have underlined.
This collection goes besides essential. Any the one who profesas the amour or comprising of the popular music needs this together.
5 / 5
I atlantic records has a rich plus, more-luminous has registered of the archive in a history of American music--with a possible exception of the Chess records of Chicago.
A lot in fact have this together of boxes--I has a seven volume dips on vinyl that was king-released in a mid-eighties. But a listing of clue remains one same, and a music is further compare.
Like any value closely of the box a prize of admission, has to lit. Any only regurgitate some swipes, but do lacking-on worthy, but to a large extent-ignored, nuggets. It have to that say the history.
And this does. Of Tommy Ridgley "Jam On" the Persuaders' "Fine Line Go in Amur And Hate" to swipes very known for Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Otis Redding, a Spinners and LaVern Bakers, ossia any-less than the course of recognition of the music in compact disk. A history of rhythm and blues' fascinating transformation animates it.
Some words 'classical' and 'absolutely essential' is laughably on-used, but sincerely apply to this box. Shame on for not appointing is an essential register. It averts to feed, water and oxygen, does not take more essential that this.
Or dip another way, would marry--underlying view--any woman with east in his collection. He (and she, to good sure) is that well.
4 / 5
Has bought a CD dips released in 1985, was has disappointed probably that several songs have been ignored of a version of elepé of this anthology. A current version contains all some songs of a leading emission, some songs disappeared of a leading emission, and another classics. I have taken the shot adds to like of both versions of this fine collection, but am pleased to see some adicións/additions like Tammy Grimes' "It Ol' Black Magic," Ray Charles' "Left a Circle of Good Time," Booker T. And a MGs' "Hip Hug-The," and "Whatcha that Goes to Do" for Clyde McPhatter and a Drifters. These together offers a collection of swipes more the officious order for Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, a Coasters, and another; it is the hands -down @@subject.
5 / 5
An African-the contributo American the music is one the majority of signifcant cultural tarpaulin of a 20th century. But that the ballast thinks that that this dips the big, boring lesson of history, to the left warn. I have touched this in mine car and has sung and stomped like him madman a whole way behind and advance to Cleaveland. The boys of any one the cars looked in me pleasant. But they are by train to say is Ray Charles . It is Aretha Franklin. It is Otis Redding. It is a Drifters. C soyencima!! It is each known emotion to humankind, packaged in the beaten of behaviour and beautiful medley. There is at all more final - not even in two times a prize.
4 / 5
Ossia A attemt to try to take some atlantic engineers to persuade them to do insiemi of the good-looking box of all a jazz adds artists that has registered legendary albums thus tribute to one likes of, carmen mcrae billie holidays,she fitsgerald,esther phillips,mabel mercer,marti brown,aretha franklin,doris troy,so only one looks & new fact blues afamada!!barbara lynn, will lose the good thing & untill then the'll suffers afamada!!More,the gospel adds marion williams,to appoint but the cast goes !!p.S. leslie uggams & betty johnson!!
5 / 5
Almost of a time of his inception, Atlantic was to R&B that the failures was in Chicago blues. Of a prompt 50s to a prompt 70s, twenty years! , the person could touch him.
To call this essential is to declare an obvious. Any calm so only take the lesson of vital history, calm also the classical volume after classical, particularly of '55 onward.
If you have not bought this still, that is your question ?
5 / 5
ps. So only it likes to comprise More it adds them r n b artists that would owe in this box adds dipped of atlantic records like levert & a system. Dipped other divine swipes was like this more the people are conscious of another talent adds,so only simple wholesome well like the good music,this music of sweet soul! It gives more swipes for roberta flack, wilson pickett,well and. Rey, arthur conley, otis redding, sam&dave aretha,rb greaves,drifters,spinners,esther phillips,his mccan,eddie harris, herbie mann, yusef lateef, a kingpins, percy sledge,of entity harris,spear willis, clyde mcphatter,coasters,jimmy beaver,spectre of the,peggy scott&jojo benson,shirley scott,clifford brown,billy cobham,cornell dupree,blue eyed soul of lulu,delaney&bonnie&friends,awb,chard midler,the manhattan displaces,billy flange,the late,adds spingfield,búfalo springfield,derek&he dominos,more much more! It maintains on a work adds! Continuous soulin'on!Thank you!jhh52757!

Top Customer Reviews: All-Time Greatest ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 19 ratings
4 / 5 Ethel
Formed: CD of Audio has on grown listening to this like the boy, my father is the WWII veteran the one who has turned so only 90 years. It fulfils Louis while doing the history partorisca a local newspaper in Halifax, New Scotia in 1951. My father has fallen enamoured with a music and a man with which conceal. Do a lot trips Louisiana and in fact was in the first basic of name with Louis. This CD is fantastic and agree me of one 5 car of trace of now that it spend-stops in that looked like this of the simple minutes while listening my collection of parents of Louis' fantastic collection.
4 / 5 Rosaura
Formed: CD of the audio Bought like the present, some of his better songs
5 / 5 Lonna
Formed: Audio CD My edges of 14 years has asked this partorisca his anniversary. It listens his every night.
5 / 5 Merle
Formed: Audio CD I thinks that is partorisca say one of some better compilations has done songs of Armstrong of Louis. It comprises all a classics and yes was partorisca buy Louis Armstrong only CD this would be necessary to be it.
5 / 5 Jeanene
Formed: CD of Remote Audio of his better work. It do not have to that be titled 'All-the time Attacks more Added
5 / 5 Ilse
Formed: CD of Audio is Louis Armstrong !
Which more need to be said?
4 / 5 Reyes
I have on grown listening to this like the boy, my father is the WWII veteran the one who has turned so only 90 years. It fulfils Louis while doing the history partorisca a local newspaper in Halifax, New Scotia in 1951. My father has fallen enamoured with a music and a man with which conceal. Do a lot trips Louisiana and in fact was in the first basic of name with Louis. This CD is fantastic and agree me of one 5 car of trace of now that it spend-stops in that looked like this of the simple minutes while listening my collection of parents of Louis' fantastic collection.
5 / 5 Luann
A quality of his on some of some clues is not utmost but the majority of some pieces of Armstrong of Louis classical is there.
4 / 5 Amelia
My edges of 14 years has asked this partorisca his anniversary. It listens his every night.
5 / 5 Domitila
Thinks that ossia one of some better compilations has done songs of Armstrong of Louis. It comprises all a classics and yes was partorisca buy Louis Armstrong only CD this would be necessary to be it.
4 / 5 Richie
Far of his better work. It do not have to that be titled 'All-the time Attacks more Added
4 / 5 Alix
It is Louis Armstrong !
Which more need to be said?
5 / 5 Lawanda
The product has arrived quickly, the wrapping was perfect. Highly recommended! I add partorisca listen his on is suitable or like this background music when having guests on.
5 / 5 Daron
An on caption comes from/comes from some seven pages of wonderful liner the notes written to Win Friedwald, an author of Flange of Jazz, and is attributed to a Duke adds Ellington. The one who, is sure partorisca say, has known that speaks roughly when it avenges the Jazz.
Interspersed With some notes are the little more photographs of Louis and several elepé/45/78 reproductions. A discography of some contents completes a container, although actions of the map is not registered.
Louis, of course, has sold thousands to thousands of record long before it has had maps, and after an arrival of one The majority of-Touched Juke maps of Records of Race of Boxes [maintaining R&B maps) in a mid-@@@1940s, has swipes with I Marvel (5 in 1945) and A Frim Fram Sauce ( 4 in 1946 in the duet with You Fitgerald). This year still he and You have broken some maps of pops with you will not have Satisfied Until you break My Heart ( 10) backed with Bob Haggart & His Orchestra. Any of these, unfortunately, is comprised here.
In 1949 the to both maps simultaneously with This Lucky Old Sun [clues 7] in that begin the yielding association with Gordon Jenkins & His Orchestra [ 14 in the resulted had known for then like this More-Touched Juke Rhythm of Boxes And Blues maps of Records] and 19 pops. Cela, incidentally, would be a last time he mapea on anything has related to R&B.
Of there that until 1966 he chalk on 18 more swipes of pops, mostly partorisca Decca, but also partorisca a Capitol, Columbia [Mack A Knife], Kapp, ABC, and focus of Mercurio. In this volume takes all but one 30 1950 duet with His, Can Any one explains? (Any, No, Any), now HAS Jazz, he 1956 88 duet with Bing in Capitol of a film Big Society, Like this Long Dearie ( 56 in 1964 Mercury of paralizaciones), and Suck ( 81 in 1966 Mercury of paralizaciones).
The one who A Wonderful World-wide prime minister charted in 12 in some Adults Contemporary Maps in 1966 paralizaciones ABC, and in 1968 the king-release "bubbled under" in some maps of pops of the Poster in 116. This in spite of, that follows an emission of a Hail to film Vietnam achieves 32 pop in 1988 for A&M, and in 1999 a same register, overdubbed for a sax of Kenny G, has achieved 53 for a focuses of Flange.
A quality of his on all the clues is glorious and ossia one of a plus CDs in a phase that has spent his to paste solteras.
5 / 5 Tarsha
5 / 5 Stuart
Trying revises the disk of Armstrong of Louis is enough likes to try resist behind some waters of riada proverbial with the cube. To Louis sure good is, in some words of Duque Ellington, "quell'epitome of jazz and always will be". This be has said of any I so only enjoys this cd like this a lot but also having any small admiration for " it bursts" also that felt the description would be my way to aim respect.
Now, first things always when being first, a consumer of jazz would owe that comprise that " Louis Armstrong is All -the time Attacks more Utmost" it is in fact to compilation of songs of his years with Decca, roughly 1951-1967, and represents more than the 'crossover' appeal that his earlier work a lot of when it touch no only jazz but also Rag-time, New Orleans and Big Band. It conceal when being a chance some songs here offer the wonderful variety of some different sides of Louis sing, touching and generally so only having he the wonderful time! Again a lot necessarily esal' jazz ( and the one who would have to worry ? ) But, in a chance of Ladies Armstrong, are more than happy with some results.
And that result! Revising the points have underlined of this disk simply looks unnecessary like reason annoying? Basically the one who a disk represents is not so only of the first-music of tax but also the man the one who has loved simply the people and the life and starts in the each song that is chosen for this selection. A sure "Joy of Alive" this finds irresistable! My preferred, "That A Wonderful World-wide" the song that the suspect is all the world is, "The Life In Rosa" like this splendid the I almost forgets me Edith Piaf and of course "A Kiss to Build A Sleep In" to dip ready that is like this sweet and romantic wishes it to me was in ! Now I comprise that a lot 'purists of jazz' can see to to this disk likes him something less than a better of the like Ladies Armstrong has to that offered. Which is to touch jazz of before well without this 'pop' sensibility that permeates this disk. But do a lot of deception.... If you are unable to enjoy this a lot cd reason is not the true jazz that calm really lacking an appearance of entity of the like frames Louis Armstrong such the musical character ( yes, is necessary HEY applies! ). That, chair, is simply to love music, play he with your soul, and think that for real is "a wonderful world-wide".
Arrival, which Louis Armstrong represents, mine, is the musician the one who creates music that simply challenge catagorization. But, and ossia like this of entity, with honesty, integrity, humour and hips in the wonderfully carefree way that finds like this lack in him today is 'oh as serious' players of jazz! Purchasing this disk is until each one of you of course but could consider these virtues that has declared previously, honradamente be enjoying a jazz that has a pleasure to listen the today if no for his incredible vision? Already I have mine this disk will help to find yours. It thanks-You " it bursts"!!
4 / 5 Clare
In my humble opinion, Louis Daniel Armstrong is one of a musical and cultural icon utmost of history. I admit to be biased in this I are of a birthplace of Jazz. This in spite of, is the a lot of task to estimate any compilation of the registers of Ladies Armstrong date his long and brilliant career as 'Amsterdam' Ambassador of Music'.
In fact gives this collection 4 1/2 stars. An only reason I deduct half the star is that have liked this to be the 2-CD collection like this some of the his another classics likes 'All Of me', 'Is not Misbehavin'', 'Hindú', ' Is That half to Lose New Orleans' and the little another could be be comprise.
But do a lot of deception: If you owe that choose a collection to buy , ossia the winner of sure fire . A song 'That the Wonderful World' is for real a perfect song for Satchmo to leave with. Many another dipped it much more eloquently that I am able to but seat all, especially these lovers of Jazz, has to a lot to this man, any only like the pioneer of trumpet of Jazz and vocals, but also like the very genuine human being. Anytime it look on film, has touched on phase, or has treated officially, Louis Armstrong has helped to do this 'A Wonderful World' for us everything.
5 / 5 Vern
Tin a lot really say anything in louis armstrong ossia justifiably inner complete 1000 words. His music is besides a discharge of the simple description. This collection done that aim scathingly clear. Each song here is sum, the classical, if calm . Sure, have bickering on some of some selections, although it can not contest with "that the wonderful world-wide", "mack a knife", "the life has trace", and he handful external. You will recognise to plot of these tunes, and undoubtedly will enjoy this disk a plus for him. So much, you are looking for the width, like this thorough-like this-calm-beat-expect-of a compilation of disk, then this looks for the be. But the'll warn you; once it buy this, goes to take some class of miracle to prevent calm to take so much louis in your collection to the equal that can. otherwise, Ossia the fine election master so only pop in the random look in one the majority of influential man in jazz while you relax and have the calm dinner with the glass of your red wine preferred.
4 / 5 Gil
This CD is wonderful! Each song is excellent, each entertainment of tune and good to listen to.
Everything of the songs his best of Armstrong is present of "Ciao Dolly" to "Mack a Knife." One of mine all time the favourite songs of Armstrong is in this CD also: "Sittin' in a Sun." Besides, "A Kiss to Build the Sleep In" the song that also looks in a "Sleepless to Seattle" soundtrack, and "That the Wonderful Life," probably one of Louis songs more famous is present also.
Like this always Louis has the a lot differential voice that touch utmost with all some tunes. A mix contains ragtime way, to pure Jazz, the fashion of big band. Each song in this CD is utmost! There is no bad apples in one stirs! If you are the defender of big Jazz , then calms will not want to be without this CD. This CD always dips the smile in mine expensive when I listen his reason Louis' the music is amused like this to listen. This one of the mine favourite CDs in my global collection!

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5 Katharyn
Left me state of one that begins that anything is lucky to find for Anouar Brahem goes partorisca be excellent. This man is one of one the majority of talented, consistently tasteful musicians around. It is you fine it-instrumentalist and composer, but his main instrument is a oud - a lute of a world of music of the Arab - and ossia that tone in this register, has accompanied simply and fantastically for Bechir Selmi on rape and Lassad Hosni on percussion. Everything of some compositions here - based in forms of music of traditional Arab - is for Brahem, except 'Barzakh' (composed for Brahem and Selmi); and esouga' and 'Bou Naouara' (composed for Hosni).
There is dulcemente, moderate, and fast-paced pieces here - the majority of this relatively short, with the pair of moderately long pieces and a longitude a. Some the musical ideas and the subjects are developed intelligently, with grace and incredible beauty - and any of a fast plus-paced the passages give one that feels that some players are using a time simply partorisca impress an auditor. They leave a music partorisca take them where he , without the travesías lateralmente unnecessary or decorations - but was with a scarce instrumentation (or perhaps because of him), each piece is full and complete.
ECM HAS the reputation that is long to release music that waste to be rammed to a corner of the alone gender - BARZAKH is an exceptional example of this liberty of has thought. Ossia That record that that can be appreciated for almost a lot - defenders of world-wide/ethnic music (for obvious reasons); jazz (taqsim is a term of Arab for improvisation around a @@subject established, an appearance of entity of these pieces); and classical (for an Arab the classical elements in this music are strong). A quality of register, as in the each one ECM the emission has not listened never, is point and averts and 'trick'-free, that presents a music to an auditor with like this of few barriers like possible.
Ossia The for real exceptional register - and one of mine favourite of any gender.
4 / 5 Bobette
Anouar Brahem And his Oud continuous do wonderfully emotional the music of depth adds. In time pensive and melancholy, in another upbeat, achieves something in music that is ineffable and all too scarce. Highly it recommends Anything for him, but prefer this album, with "Account of the incredible amour" second.
If you are the defender of ethnic music or of instruments of serious in general, would do well to verify this was. The lute And the players of the stand of electrical Guitar looked to learn the plot of Brahem.
5 / 5 Marleen
This register is comprehensible of the big row of ways, of virtuoso alone oud and percussion of only by means of still swing together, with the trios of way go in. Brahem HAS no equals in his instrument and does jazz to Of the north of the African traditional music with respect adds. Really I am enjoying this register, which I so only found recently, possessing and that loves almost all of the his another until Some Stunning Eyes of Rita (2009). Highly recommended.
5 / 5 Nathaniel

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Stefanie
No like this subdued like another Brahem register, no like this far was like another Dave projects of Olanda, no like this introspective likes John Surman adventures. An absolutely wonderful result!
5 / 5 Nadia
Thimar, For John Surman, Anouar Brahem and Dave Olanda is one of mine the majority of favorous CDs. It is music very good to relax and partorisca leave your thoughts roam and to the sleep was. It is definately music partorisca a soul!
Has listened Brahem in concert several times and he have to that be one of some worlds more Oud (Lutt) players. Have in the first place listened with Jan Garbarek, has then listened in the fantastic concert to Oslo and imidiately is exited and has bought his prime minister three CDs!
His music is based in a traditiones of Africa north and is perhaps more classified like world-wide music. But it has spent a music further partorisca spend in jazz of world-wide class musicans. In a CD "Khomsa" this has not done to good partorisca me, perhaps reason a heat of a oud was lost often in some other instruments.
Ossia One of the his better CDs and perhaps included better that his prime minister two some. A music is a lot of contemplative and agree me the bit of some of some better records of Delighted Shankar and classical indian music, but still easyer that it listens that ragas. Always door this music when I travel and is very thick the people take a lot of enthusiasts roughly that. Usually it marries of turn without my tape. Quite a lot of a lot of people love it and has to that be one of a main pushers of his music! It is partorisca add when it is like this easy to give like to another!
Tries to listen his in this page, can be a right music partorisca you to!
5 / 5 Miriam
Is the clear night in a kasbah, and chair around a fire like scorched earth radiates to the cold has launched spatial. Of the offers of old man with passages of 1001 nights until some means it the moon begins partorisca sink in a heaven at night.

So fully involving and entirely accessible register , of the this ties in the deeply deep level. It is among my cup 10 CDs out of on 1000 of a lot of genders. Highly Recommended.
4 / 5 Ismael
"Fruits"....He english Translation of a title of of the one of the east another masterpiece of Oriental Oriental is signalling any only to some of some oriental "Takht" the instruments have used here,but goes far further, to a melody and the inspired arrangements of some deep that Creates and Alive Heritage. Once again ECM prooves when being a nest of these eagles in a world of Art of true Melody. Every time I listen to this album, the shivers and the colds take on my organism, to a point can odorare a magic scent of these "Fruits"....Recently collected of some Albero of Heaven...
5 / 5 Johnetta
Has an earthquake and has to that grab something and run, is this CD . Any music has has not touched never my heart like this album, especially a second song. It does not buy this CD if your heart is not on the dot for the enormous arises emotions, and the people that listens to this album while driving can be @@@subject to cariche police partorisca "driven under heavy influences". Also it can be accused to cause insomnia, addiction and excessive memories (happy and sad), go in a lot of other things. Estimated "R" for emotional maturity.
4 / 5 Racheal
Thanks to John Surman in soprano clarinet + of basses of the sax and Dave Olanda in of the d-low, Gentleman Brahem has created another excellent album. Some pieces (the majority of his compounds for Brahem he) all share a good balance drawn among African and contemporary sounds North, and reflect excellent musicianship for a trio. A lot soothing, and contemplative, how is a chance in a lot of ECM album. We will be to look forward to adventures of his alike and alive actions for some artists...
5 / 5 Vaughn
Thimar Touches a soul and an alcohol also. No the redundant knot so only is touched, but those that are there all has bad. A whole music is airy (with to plot of reverb thanks to ECM :-) and lacks Rabih Abou-Khalil agressivity but no his energy. John Surman and Dave Olanda is both adds.
Thinks can not say anything on some beauties of this work... You owe that listen.
5 / 5 Laronda
Anouar Brahem Is the wonderful musician. Good-looking music.
4 / 5 Hannelore
A lot well touched and compound music, door all a stress was and calm leave you cosy and full of peace. Another full wonderful album with a unexplainable his of Brahem oud.
4 / 5 Della
Ossia One of my disks of favourites. Really it will like... Sure.

Top Customer Reviews: Dixieland Classics ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Elanor
Ossia The good cd of 15 Pete songs partorisca small of music. The desire there was better liner notes, everything is given is some names of song.

Top Customer Reviews: Pete Fountain ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5 Kasey
Partorisca The memorable late, goes the Pete Country of Source' for Ranwood Record
His never touched clarinet like this , heartfelt, flowering, danceable,
and his perfect!
4 / 5 Gregoria
If you are the defender of real Traditional Jazz, and the defender of the actions of Armstrong of classics likes estreet of Basin Blues', 'When it is Sleepy the time Down Of the sud', soyuskrat Ramble', and to the like, of a lot of Lives him and relaxed (has been never anything more?) - Calm then will undermine this compilation, together place for Pete the source of his favourite Explosion 'Dixieland' moments. Some dates vary of 1927 (in a studio with Johnny Dodds) by means of some All-Concerts of California of Band of Star in 1951, Alive, to the studio really adds and I free version of 'Free LIKES Bird/ Oh, a lot He Ramble' with Conde Hines, Cosy School, Jack Teagarden, Barney Bigard, and Arvell Shaw in 1950, where Louis is REALLY swingin', and included the duet with Billy Kyle of 'Old Beloved Southland' of 1957. One of a bit those that questions with the compilation in such pieces of time is a variance in volume and your sometimes to follow to follow, otherwise ossia the bona-fide presented for more than 4 stars. There is abundance of adds Satch moments to treasure in this compilation adds, and are by train of the find hard to choose any aformentioned duet definately underlines, as everything of an Alive material, integer damn CD. If you can eat your figs moldy, will want to this, I the guaranteeed. And still if you do not have any one has thought that that am speaking roughly and calm so only love the jazz adds, Armstrong-way, the choose on used for economic and has amused!
4 / 5 Cecily
A word "dixieland" it rubs a lot of jazz fans a wrong way. Forget a marcación. For any one any clarinet of jazz or, thus subject, these auditors of modern day the one who tends to be dismissive of a clave of old licorice, this album resupplies the scarce occasion to listen virtually all some masters of an instrument in the alone disk. It is unlikely to to the the collection likes does anywhere. One all-the line to star on comprises some masters of New Orleans (Dodds, Noone, Bechet), a school of Chicago (Pee Wee Russell), and the giants of day last (Wilbur, Davern, Source). The saying of majority is an expressive row and variety, of an intimate and heartfelt conversations of Russell, to a playful, flirtatious melodic statements of Irving Fazola, to a endlessly inventive responses of Omar Simeon, to an incisive, penetrating attack of Davern, to a breathtaking virtuosa work of only of Edmund Soiled. In fact, Source smooth Action , polished own dips more in a company of Benny Goodman that beside some highly the personal voices have represented in this collection. These auditors the one who are like this quickly to champion a sax of tenor likes crew more expressive in jazz, likes the most next thing to a human voice, would have to listen attentively and often to this first album to do any further pronouncements.
5 / 5 Veta
Some songs in this CD are classical Dixieland selections.
Each selection is 2-3 min., I much more cut that Pete and his game of band in concert.
Parade of the street of Wall of the sud is broken up with drum interludes.
Otherwise Ossia The CD adds .

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5 Maryln
Hey, Pete is not throw' any young plus -- but does not have very lost his touch -- perhaps, likes Jerry Laughed, the half spend it or perhaps so only does not want to be annoyed king-doing a lot of some clues -- the something here and there and probably person but another clarinetist would remark in all the chance.
Does not leave this calm stop to take this CD. Perhaps it can not run some models quite like this treble down some means of the to field like him to him the uses to, but Pete the STILL value that listens to. The happy music is his thing and this CD is so only concealed. Utmost arrangements, utmost Behind-arrive to sell -- the perfect setting for Pete and the good shop window. If you have followed his calm career at all will love this CD.
4 / 5 Lauri
Pete The source does not cease never to surprise me! He still games as well as 40 years ago. And without the doubt, is a reigning king of a clarinet. Any one can touch like, and shows his amazing talent in this new cd. So only listen the classics like "Georgia in my Alcohol", or his old standby, " you know That half to Lose New Orleans" with a treatment of good big band. One touching is glorious, and a arrangemnets is terrific! Pete Can still transmission, and is also has taken a smooth plus that touch the clarinet has has not listened never. This cd is the definite must has for any Pete defender of Source, or defender of jazz thus subject.