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Top Customer Reviews: Belonging: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
5 / 5
An idea that does not have any coincidence in the life is far fetched of more. Toko-pa The book has tried mine, once again, that has no such thing like coincidences and that here I stand, pound manually, exactly where am meant partorisca be. Of some first pages, the truths have had burried deep down partorisca the decades were recognised suddenly and validated by means of his moving words. A sweet emission that has washed on me when I owe that give that my self-imposed exile of 'the motherland' has not been partorisca separate of my shadow, is not the egoistic defect of mine, no, was the necessary street partorisca save I. My visceral yearning psychic salvation. My house of travesa has deserved. I hugged a book against my cofre once had turned a last page. I have forgiven my heart partorisca always doubting and supressing the one who my soul has known paralizacin all these years, and partorisca always giving more divisado a power to define my own.

Can not thank Toko-pa enough. Books like these come never-like this-seldom in the lifetime. Thankful and Blessed.
5 / 5
Oh.. This wonderful book that Toko-pa has written... I have been sipping likes the nectar - is save he partorisca a soul. I a lot of desires that could have it read these 30 years done, and has comprised for real his meaning then. I have been journeying partorisca 54 years and so only now feel likes am beginning partorisca belong to me, in spite of a lot, a lot of years and ways to find my way. Such the present this book is. I plan the present the to my friends. I did not finalise it still but already my sleeps are resulting more vivid and agrees him better. But it is more than that... Material partorisca read that a book has done self-the discovery feels likes something sure more than something dreads-inducing. Like this appreciated partorisca this book. This a ought partorisca be reading required partorisca each human in a planet.
5 / 5
Toko-pa Turner has written the world-wide-the reservations of class concealed is both timeless and synchronistically pertinent to some precise moments in my life as I read it. It is a class partorisca reserve that I want to dip each one another sentence in a wall partorisca contemplate. Like this sentence, 'When your presence is hospitable, another can result his essential self in your company, although so only for the moment saint.'
2 / 5
I go partorisca begin to that it liked him to it on this book. I think that an author written poetically and has had the plot of small passages that really was few gems has not gone necessarily novel ideas, but was fantastically writings and underlined them partorisca look besides late. I have found a memoir components of a book a strong plus, particularly when an author has spoken in his ganadera and reconnecting his family; these parts felt vulnerable and sincere and has offered generously in of the hopes his resonate with and readers of help. Finally, I find a subject of idea and global of a book that obliges, included although I am not thrilled with an execution an idea to belong like the process, more than an end-state, is interesting and of entity. I respect the disposal partorisca share of an author his own personal ache and fights in a way that has, and partorisca offer some of some ways are accused that the ache concealed has helped.

Then... Had some questions. This book is uploaded with deeply problematic binary, essentialist thinking to the number of fronts, perhaps more notably in of the terms of woman/viril, C/West or West versus a Rest,' and Western versus the imprecise, unspecified Indigenous.' An author' tentativas partorisca try to explain his use of some concepts partorisca try to contest that a masculine/feminine binary a lot in fact relate to organism/of humans or gender/of sex, for example in fact he worse been due to touches having a time still has maintained problematic gendered associations (femininity like animal,' raw passion,' emotional vs. to the masculinity likes him the rationality + of reason like sounds the plot like sexist stereotypes in women and of the men). His use of tongue like indigeneity' in the imprecise ways feels colonial and in timing fetishizing, and has the few passages that the sound to plot likes poorbashing / that the poor faults also. In general, the subject dominant + very wide with a book is his deeply individualizing house; while an author a lot clearly wants to contest against individualism and disconnection and promote more connectivity and relationality, simultaneously done his argue in highly individualistic terms, presenting subjects like this of the questions of perspective or individual mentality with a lot of little acknowledgement besides wide, systemic, structural forces (oppression, marginalisation, poverty, etc). Part of of the this, thinks, is due to a centrality of the version of an author of vaguely Jungian psicoanlisis.

Finally, the few notes on way. A persistent use of us' in a book speaks to a propiciada the like an author boasts his experiences and the ideas are applicable to all the world-wide and, very very thick, is generalisations that to good sure does not apply to all the world; it is jarring to read, and a lot presumptuous. While there is some endnotes, a precise book to plot more referencing and in of the concepts to time clearly have drawn other sources (ej. Eros vs. Logos) is presented as if they are entirely originate to an author more than being derived another' work. In another, the references are misrepresented (for chances, referencing study it on deprivation to sleep like this when being roughly deprivation of sleep' ). A strong modifies also could do a book more cohesive, like law like the collection of originally gone in of unconnected blog or tries that is to be gather around the subject width (that it could be it a lot of but is not planted in this way).
5 / 5
This book is besides the book, and achieves far. Right to an inner world of this true blue misfit, and validating each lonesome crevice in the world-wide concealed say me if any turn means are bad, any one has achieved. It validates a voice in me concealed said does not want to returned to some ways of this world. This book is the wonderful mate in my solitary street. I recommended it to another the one who was the precise. Of my immense heart I thank you to write it and sending it was ours
5 / 5
They are so only halfway by means of but already I can say that ossia my favourite book NEVER!. Of page a, each paragraph there is potent nuggets of idea and sensatez and validation that pause well my soul. This book is by train to help me to see that my differences and my perceived downfalls is in fact my presents. I seat like such deep turns are taking place in my be whole when I have read this book. Thank you Toko-pa For having a value to share your work with a world-wide - is helping a lot.
5 / 5
This book is full of amour, sensatez and sweet hope. If you have been exiled in some way, has the belonging partorisca yearn and the deep desire to cure for a world, has something partorisca calm belonging: agreeing Home. It is timely and rich with beauty and truth.
5 / 5
Any one struggling with the feeling of alienation or distance can find fresh sympathetic and different ways that see life and connection in these thoughtfully the pages written.

Has begun partorisca read and the patience has lost at the beginning, but then chosen on a book the few weeks later and found has been ready partorisca leave go of the mine staunchly has has resisted ideas and opened to a poetic adventure in the Toko-Pa Turner takes his readers.

Has the plot partorisca discover and rediscover in this lovely book.
5 / 5
I have loved this book, and has not expected to. I bought it and there is give later was mostly roughly interpretation of sleep. At the beginning hesitant, toko-pa has explained some concepts in the fascinating way that found me changing my alcohol in a subject integer. They are now journaling my sleeps like this so it was possible and slowly on rereading this beautiful book.
5 / 5
It was moved absolutely when I have read partorisca Belong and has endowed the to fellow also. Such animates it partorisca oblige has has fill read partorisca begin to finalise! Thank you Partorisca Share your history and like this messages of entities in a human experience

Top Customer Reviews: Lucid Dreaming: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5
I have not bought this book partorisca learn like this to luzcan dream like this the book likes mentioned long for another is not of the meanings partorisca that. But partorisca learn on some possible experiences and of the travesías lucidas dreaming can present your life, of the like simple that looks for entertainment (likes sex, flight) to much more developer of the spiritual/alcohol deeper, the personal cure, ADDS!
I often read this book so only partorisca take inspired partorisca force me partorisca practise luzcan dreaming, cuz is so only too easy to result lazy to practise technicians in in my busy daily life.
5 / 5
A wonderful book. Ossia partorisca Lucidas dreamers The one who want to something concealed goes besides an usual 'to the equal that to luzcan sleep' material that the looks written partorisca an adolescent writes inspired by a film Inception. This has bad. I think that that it is so that they are experienced lucidas dreamers and the one who is looking for the paralización deeper that comprises of his experiences. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
A book has some good joint and of the good technicians this in spite of is not like this thorough likes some other books with excersises and such.
4 / 5
Rids a lot informative. Arrived in shape adds and in good time. Thank you

Top Customer Reviews: Dream ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
Partorisca Dream individually is not one same as dreaming in near.

Can lucido sleep? It can transmissions a course of your own History?

The consciousness of sleep is the walk . A walk by means of a known and ignored.
Beware, In an end, everything will be known by means of Reason.
A sleep is not on. A Game is On.

Thank you Jack Tanner partorisca this book adds :)
5 / 5
Jack Tanner has been taught in the humanity of university would be transformed. There I need partorisca be one stirs whole of science has consecrated partorisca dream work and analysis, the unlocking humanity unconscious potential. A highly recommended read partorisca all you Dreamers. Ad Astra.
5 / 5
'Consciousness of sleep: That spends the Consciousness that Hangs Sleep' is still another world-wide changing and the life that change the book written for Jack Tanner.  In this book, Tanner continuous do that he more, and he easily gone down and rids some questions that has confused entirely and there is baffled all of some upper alcohols of empiricism and scientific materialism.  In this particular book, Tanner at all less than solving a has called like this of the questions of consciousness, free , and sleeps.  As you will see partorisca have read like this this book, these 'questions' is' only questions partorisca materialists and empiricists, is not questions partorisca rationalists and idealistaes, duquel Jack Tanner is the master .

That Tanner like this easily solve some questions of realities that is quite simply impossible for empiricism and scientific materialism to even thinks roughly, much less of the fact solves?  Well, it uses the own tongue of the reality to solve some questions of realities-- is like this sincere as it concealed.  You see, the reality is 100 mental.  This in spite of-@@subject called, which comprises all has contained inside spaces-time dimensionality, and the one who looks like this solid and physicist, is some totally mental builds.  Spatial time dimensionality and physicality is the product of everything of our individual alcohols that the together law in perfect, unconscious unit.  It is the Collective Alcohol has done on the myriad of individual alcohols.  Calm is one of these Universal individual alcohols, and calm calm is at all times unconsciously assisting everything of some other individual alcohols with a generation of spatial, time, and subject for use for a Community of Alcohol discovers.

Be of reality 100 mental means that it is 100 tongue .  As Jack Tanner tries in his books, for realities to be realities, everything inside the reality has to that be able to perfectly communicate with all more.  If included one separates of the reality has not been able to communicate with another part, the reality would not be able to do anything.  It would block to pure chaos.  For reality to be reality, has to be the perfect, complete, and compatible tongue, able to perfectly communicate with him at all times and in all the ways.

The reality is everything roughly writing one the majority of amazing and perfect history possible.  Roughly it is that it writes a Universal history--A History of Existence.  An ontological history of existence is reality perfect history.  Ossia A history of as all some the individual alcohols in a Universe are resulted at all less than fully actualized divinity.  A perfect Universal History is a combination of all our own individual histories, and each one that like this of our individual histories mix around how was able to achieve our own personal divinity in a lot of lifetimes lived inside the sweats of Collective Alcohols time like this spatial. To write is the majority of excellent of all the histories, the reality of course has to that use one the majority of excellent of all the tongues.

This more excellent of all the tongues owe that be done on one the majority of perfect syntax if it is to generate one the majority of perfect semantics possible, and like this be able to write one the majority of possible perfect history, i.et. A history of a whole Cosmos.  The own tongue of the reality has to that have perfect grammar.  It has to that have perfect syntax, perfect semantics, perfect papers, perfect punctuation, and the perfect lexicon.  In fact, for reality to be able to perfectly communicate with him at all times, and of here write a history of a Universe, in fact has to that BE this perfect tongue.  You see, the reality a lot so only break a tongue of perfection, Is this a lot of tongue.  A tongue of perfection is an ontology of reality.  It is an epistemology of reality.  It is that the reality in fact is, and constitutes ALL UNIVERSAL KNOWLEDGE.

So much, that is a tongue of perfection?  And agree, that asks this question is equivalent to ask a question: That is reality ?  Well, a tongue of perfection is of course mathematical.  Coming on, any one calm in fact think is the majority of perfect of all the tongues could be something another the mathematical perfect calm?  To be precise, a perfect tongue of existence is mathematical ontological.  To be even more precise, is Fourier ontological mathematical wave, i.et. A mathematics of sinusoidal waves and likes to combine near and similarly breaks behind averts.

The sinusoidal waves are sine and cosine waves and his infinite combinations.  The sinusoidal waves have an absolutely amazing ontology: they are a True identity of thoughts.  The sinusoids are that thoughts ontologically exist inside a Universe.  Some sinusoids of base are some perfect sine and cosine functions, and instrumented to thoughts of base.  A total, complete, compatible, and the together perfect of all the sinusoids of Universal base constitutes a totality of a perfect tongue of existence.  A perfect grammar, syntax, and semantics of the existence is a together complete of all some Universal sinusoidal thoughts.

Each individual alcohol in a Universe contains a plenary, complete, compatible, and perfect tongue of interior of existence of him.  It has said of another way,, each individual alcohol in a Universe contains the plenary, complete, compatible, and near perfect to base sine and cosine inner of waves of him.  In closing other words, each individual alcohol in a Universe contains the plenary, complete, compatible, and near perfect of interior of thoughts of him.   In fact, ossia precisely that marks the alcohol the alcohol.  All the individual alcohols inside a Universe am comprised entirely of a perfect tongue of reality.  A Universe is comprised entirely all some individual alcohol of existence, for this is also entirely comprised of a perfect tongue of existence, so only like his alcohols of constituent are.  Like this on, like this down.

Ossia Exactly like everything in a Universe is able to communicate with all more in a Universe.  Ossia Exactly like everything in a Universe is able to communicate with a Universe he.  Ossia Exactly like a Universe is able to communicate with all inner content of him.  Ossia Exactly like a Universe written a perfect history of existence.  It combines his perfect sinusoidal papers the words, then sentences, then paragraphs, then pages, then chapters, then books, then serious of book, until finally complete one the majority of epic of all the histories: Our History. 

But once completed, a Universe does not rest .  It can never rest.  Has a overactive imagination.  It is thank you to write history with which history.  So much, once complete the history, a Universe immediately begins to write the new a.  Continuous write spectacular history after spectacular history for all the eternity.  Writing the amazing history after amazing history is an absolute only thing a Universe wants to do, and of then boss of person a Universe around, crafting the histories is all that the for ever .

A writing of this perfect history for a Mental Universe takes place 100 mathematically.  It takes place 100 street mathematically adding basic sinusoidal waves = the together ontological thoughts, and of here turning to an infinite variety of has complicated the waves = have has complicated = thoughts.  These have complicated the waves can turn be summed together his still has complicated more waves.  A Universe maintains to combine his together sinusoidal thoughts until it has completed his current history.  Once completed, a Universe (i.et. Everything of our alcohols that reads in perfect unit) begins to separate everything of one has has complicated thoughts until they are returned everything to his the majority of basic form, i.et. A form of a perfect base sine and cosine waves.  To arrive to this point, a Universe is ready to start with that writes marks it new history.  A Universe is an author More adds them never, and uses perfect wave mathematician to write his wondrous histories.

So many, a Universe is a tongue of ontological mathematics, and Jack Tanner is able to effectively speak, comprises, and give this tongue to another.  In fact, it was an a lot of organisation Jack Tanner is the member of this discovered a precise mathematics behind like a Universe operates, unfolds, and written his book infinitely along series.  Jack Tanner tip that a Universe, when being a perfect tongue of ontological mathematics, is totally rational, logical, and idealistic.  The reason and that the idealism is an exact opposite of empiricism and materialism.  It Materialism And that the scientific empiricism can not answer some questions of entities of a Universe because it thinks in a Universe in a totally wrong way.  It is like this simple as it concealed.

The materialism And that the scientific empiricism uses an incomplete mathematics of physics, for this does not have any occasion of not solving never some mysteries have presented of a complete mathematics of a Universe.  A complete mathematics that it is a Universe is mathematical ontological , and only scientist rationalists and the idealistaes is able to speak and comprise is the majority of necessary of all the tongues.  Jack Tanner is the scientist rationalist and idealistic of a level a big plus.  Ossia Reason easily can answer some questions that bewilder empiricism and scientific materialism.  And Tanner so only breaks a perfect tongue of ontological = mathematical reality fluently, is able to give his vast knowledge to another reason is also an excellent professor, writer, and communicator.  Ossia Reason have read his books, almost calms immediately result the readiest person.

In 'Consciousness of Sleep: That spends the Consciousness that Hangs Sleep', Jack Tanner shines a light of reason in unconsciousness, consciousness, free , and sleeps.  Tip a reason esatta and purpose for everything of these.  Tip that a Universe in the first place begins everything of his histories of existence in the totally unconscious been.  In this state, a Universe is not the very good author.  All of his histories are class of repetitive and boring.  Just look in the earliest histories of an Earth.  Any to plot that excites is going in in them; so only it stirs it whole of unconscious things unconsciously devouring another unconscious to the things Likes them to them Tierra unconsciously has developed.

Like this already declared, an aim of a Universe is to write an absolute better history.  To fulfil this monumental task, has to result an absolute better author.  And to result an absolute better author, a Universe has to that achieve a level an absolute big plus of consciousness.  Ossia Reason the consciousness grows and grows inside a Universe.  Ossia Reason is growing and that grows humanity of interior.  A Universe is doing on achieving a level an absolute big plus of Universal consciousness, and of here that writes a better Universal history possible.  An only way can fulfil this Divine aim is for everything of a myriad imports the one who comprise it to in the first place achieve his level his big plus of individual consciousness, and of here write his better individual histories.  It is so only once all the alcohols results perfectly conscious Cosmic authors, and complete his own Cosmic histories individual perfect, that a Universe can result a perfect Universal author, and complete his perfect Universal history.

Jack Tanner tip that a unconscious the alcohol in the first place has to that develop sentience first of the consciousness can arise.  The consciousness is not equivalent to sentience, is much bigger.  On Tierra, animal any one human is sentient but no conscious.  Has experiences but is unable to consciously reflect in these experiences, and of here him them better experiences.  Unconscious But sentient the animals live totally and at all times inner a moment.  They operate for instincts and is unable to conceptualise reason has no true tongue.  His tongues and the ways of informants is in such basses, instinctual levels, that is unable to develop any type of the worthy consciousness of a name.

Likes Jack Tanner explains in this book, the consciousness is everything in conceptualization, while  sentience is simply in a subjective experience of qualia.  The consciousness I leaves to reflect in our experiences of qualia, and change these experiences to some the possible main experiences.   The consciousness is everything in conceptualization and conceptualization is everything in an individual alcohol that is able to create his space of own alcohol, separated of a Space of Collective Alcohol of spatial time, so that it can think roughly, currency, currency, and judge his own internally generated qualia and experiences, as well as everything of some different options and elections that is at present available his, and then freely select some options and elections that is more conducive to a development of his consciousness and his optimisation.

To the equal that can see, is street conceptualization that have free .  Consciousness = conceptualization = free .  Consciousness, conceptualization, and free is that it causes our world-wide to be such an interesting and crazy place.  It is also that will leave to turn our world-wide to a Illuminated world of fully actualized, conscious, and divine human beings.

The consciousness is at all less than a purpose of existence.  It is an aim of a Universe, and is an aim of all some individual Cosmic alcohol that comprises a Universe.  A level a big plus of consciousness compares to a pinnacle of existence.  It is where the existence has written his better possible history.

Like Shows of Tanner of Jack, the consciousness arises via a development of tongue and tongue arises via a development of community and society.  Person and at all that the lives in the isolation has the tongue, for this person and at all that the lives in the isolation can any never develop consciousness.  While the alcohol is so only, will not result never conscious.  A precise alcohol the community to to other alcohols likes him to him foundation to build and develop his consciousness.

Of the consciousness arises via tongue, and the tongue arises via society, is in a better interest of the conscious species to develop his society to a level a possible big plus.  A society in his his level the big plus is the tongue in his his level big plus, for this is the consciousness in his his level big plus.  Society, a lot like the canal, is so only like this strong like his feebler link.  So only it can achieve a level of consciousness that is like this big like his citizens to level lower.  For like this, if to to the conscious species likes them the humanity wants to achieve his Cosmic aim and achieve his level his big plus of consciousness, has to develop society until his his level absolute big plus of consciousness.  To do that, in the first place has to that develop each one which so and each one which so only one of his members until his his level the individual big plus possesses of consciousness.

Is so only once each individual member of a conscious species achieve his his levels big plus typical of conscious actualization that a society can achieve his level his big plus of conscious actualization.  For an individual and society to achieve his level his big plus, has to do near in perfect harmony.  A work of must of the society for a profit of all some character has contained inside the, so that everything of some character inside the society has to that like this laws for a profit of a society that contains them.  A main society of perfect consciousness is the Three society of Musketeers where a mote is: 'All for one and one for all'.

A main society is one in that each citizen only is in his or his level his big plus of consciousness.  It is one in that each human being has been given all some tools that requires optimises, and of is here able state to felizmente complete his Cosmic aim of self-optimisation.  This big plus of all the societies is the one who Hyperborean Meritocracy, a political system that the surprises have described in meticulous detail for Jack Tanner in some of the his other amazing books, will rid to a human species.

Likes objective of Tanner of Jack in this amazing book, of the reality is 100 mental, is everything in sleeps.  Specifically, it is everything in individual dreaming versus Collective dreaming.  Alcohol, which are all this exists, neither can dream individually or can dream In near.  An example of an individual sleep is any of some sleeps have every night that goes to sleep.  An example of the Collective Sleep is a half dimensional of spatial, time, and import which are all at present running around interiors of, that tries to result conscious so that we can in last prpers optimises.

When we Dream individually, everything of our perceptions, feelings, and the experiences are subjective, and internally generated for our own personal unconscious.  When we Dream In together, everything of our perceptions, feelings, and the experiences are objective, and has generated externally for a Community Unconscious (this in spite of everything of these external and objective perceptions, feelings, and the experiences are still internally accused for our own individual qualia and subjective alcohols).

The ours the consciousness is drawn to actively treat a Collective Sleep, and comes the existence precisely been due to a Collective Sleep.  Our results of consciousness have confused, disoriented, and passive when it is in front of some sleeps of his own individual unconscious.  Ossia Reason in of the individual sleeps, is our personnel unconscious the one who is an active one that runs a show while ours usually active conscious there is now result lazy, indolent, and basically so only agrees anything locates a sleep at present is ridding.  When we Dream individually, our consciousness loses a vast majority of his capacity to conceptualise and like this to use his own free .  In the sense, is resulted the slave to a unconscious contained of a sleep.

Some conscious rests enslaved for a unconscious and his crazy sleeps until some conscious results quite powerful to luzcan sleep.  Once it knows like this to luzcan sleep, a conscious alcohol can break free of a control of a unconscious alcohol.  In this point, a conscious alcohol can take control of a unconscious alcohol and spend everything of some properties of a unconscious was the light of consciousness.

Lucidas Dreaming is when the consciousness takes on control of a sleep of a unconscious.  It is when a conscious entered a state of individual sleep in full power, and can think, conceptualises, and use his free in the far main level that pode in closing a Collective Sleep.  When The alcohol is able to dream lucidly, can control everything in his individual sleeps.  It can leave for behind a script to sleep that a unconscious has written and forced it to passively experience, and then can do a lot of master inside an individual sleep.  It can use an individual sleep like the class to coach earth in that can it to it learn like this to control a Collective Sleep.

Is compatible and powerful street lucido character that sleeps that the alcohol finally learns like this to enter a Collective Sleep in the totally luzcáis been.  In this big plus of all the mental states, an individual alcohol experiences perfect conscious lucidity inside a Collective Sleep so the experiences perfect conscious lucidity inside his own individual sleeps.  By means of perfect conscious lucidity inside a Collective Sleep, an individual alcohol learns like the totally control a contained @Community @Subject inside a Collective Sleep.  To arrive to this point, an individual alcohol has achieved his level his big plus of consciousness and of here optimised and has achieved gnosis.  It has said of another way,, to arrive to this point in timing an individual alcohol has fulfilled an aim of his existence and created until a level of the Divinity, and now can take his rightful put among another Cosmic Sleep the external divinities of spatial and time.

To the equal that can see, this book for Jack Tanner is packed absolutely with only knowledge that that can be found nowhere more. Ossia Which all of the amazing books of Tanner are. If you want to know a Truth of calm and a Universe, has to read this book and everything of some other books written for this extremely talented author. Calm once has finalised the little of his books, he beginning that you read to do other conscious people of this life that change and world-wide changing information. If we together, can change a Collective Nightmare is everything at present giving support to one the majority of amazing Collective Sleep imaginable. Like this to the left it is . He still time to save a world.

Top Customer Reviews: Dreaming through ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
4 / 5
A very interesting examination of Jungian laws of Shadow of a perspective of the Tibetan Buddhist byline with the strong emphasis Lucidas dreaming. Charlie is the professor adds and solid writer. I recommend his books and of the video to any with an interest in Shadow and work of Sleep.
5 / 5
A very wise book and brilliant for one of the brilliants of young stars of editor of House of the Hay. At length Researched, the book of Charlie ameno in a lot of fascinating Tibetan ideas of Buddhist/teachings roughly laws of shadow, transformation, dreaming and lucidas dreaming, as well as those of many other traditions and professors . A very contemporary, in cutting and inspiring flange takes on this subject. And Lucidas that Dream the expertise of core partorisca be Charlie, has some wonderful guidance on using luzcan sleeps to powerfully cure and and integrate a shadow. A lot it would recommend this book partorisca any one has interested partorisca integrate his shadow and finding his presents, his 'gold in a dark' as Jung called it.
5 / 5
Charlie Morley has the present to do practices of sensateces and easy deep heritage partorisca comprise and apply the ours daily lives. I have been submerged so professionally and personally partorisca 15-20 years in spiritual and therapeutic practices , and this book is one of some the majority of effective resources partorisca day the awareness ‘of shadow of the day and integration. An author written with hot, humility, and authorship. Any atrocity, any pretension - ossia a class partorisca reserve this contains the property buried. Highly recommended.
4 / 5
Has to that no partorisca the read all, still! But like this far it is like witness Charlie that develops his knowledge and that goes to the heights more are. Sure, his first book was technically more evolved that a second, as it could be me contradict bit it. But they are not that it speaks in that. It is some draws of the way of a knowledge has gathered. It looks deeper I supposition. Really it takes yours. This is not the idyll, as I love the when takings lost in some words. When you are reading 'inner a moment'. Anyways, Ossia that feels like this far.
5 / 5
Already have the copies of Charlie is other books how was curious to read his late plus. Partorisca A moment, has any a lot of to say I so that they are so only three chapters in, but has has learnt already diverse things roughly I! Not leaving in that is, will have to discover for you. There are exercises partorisca do to the long of a way, as they are by train of the take any to no without rushing advances partorisca read that it comes afterwards. The delivery was punctual, the prize was reasonable to the equal that am happy with that!
4 / 5
Dreaming by means of the darkness is the book that for real helps with an exploitation of our alcohol. Some descriptions of books our true potential follows the instructions of Charlie. Charlie drives a reader by means of work of shadow in the very organised way and explanatory. It explains that the shadow is not so only in our dark side, but also our golden and some potential this is expecting partorisca manifest. A title describes exactly the one who a book will spend yours: If you go deep where a shadow resides and shine a light of his awareness (door this book with you :) ), you will manifest your true potential. A book is also one drives excellent partorisca technical of meditation and lucidas dreaming. I have read the books of Charlie and has answered his retreats, an information and the experience have purchased with the teachings of Charlie are so only.
4 / 5
Charlie is the wonderful professor and this, his third book, is still another triumph. I can say that it is a class of the reservation will be the launch hand of still years partorisca come. Has the very sweet, amusing and your conversational - as that walking of fellow calm by means of some phases. It faces 'darkness' subject with such the light touch and with humour, that attacks a perfect note partorisca this class of work. It shares his ideas in the very open and sincere way and is very generous with his joint. I can not thank Charlie enough for all a consultor lovely is bestowed on some years, in his workshops and of the leading books - Charlie achieves so many people with his innate skill for deep concepts and spiritual informants in the very sincere way. In general, ossia has to that that involves highly-read for any interested in a subconscious, sleeps or self-growth.
4 / 5
After following Charlies operates it for several years have been excited to finally take it casualidad to read his reserve his late plus, and has not been disappointed. Dreaming By means of idea of offers of the Darkness to 'A Shadow', some parts of knots that has neglected and has pressed was, and to the equal that can go roughly recognising these appearances of knots and peaces of mark with them. Offering it blend of spirituality and psychology, Charlies the words are very easy to connect to and has seen to good sure to plot of mine self in these pages. I can not estimate this book highly enough.
5 / 5
If you are not familiarised with Charlie Morley laws, ossia like this well the place to start with like this any one: it is clear, full of compassion, and if all the world in an English that pause the world was to follow some instructions in this book, would live in a totally different world. As we begin with us. Read the. He. They spend on.
4 / 5
I have been doing work on I of mine prompt 20 is (I follows 38 maintaining) and finds this book explains in the very simple, still to direct and clear way like them some works of Shadow and regarding the integrate. A brilliant bed partorisca any the one who is looking inner and the wonderful tool partorisca result partner with everything of calm.

Top Customer Reviews: Lucid Dreaming, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
This rids does not spend Pair 4 routes, the tone wants to gives sleeps lucides, any to do the accounts give histories. I have done at least 7 sleeps lucide of my Conference he and as it can be two month , that is much more that never. Several Technicians to the date and simple to use. (I memory enormously More than sleeps of month, I in fact minimum 3 night of pair) Thank you.

Top Customer Reviews: Don Juan and the ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5
This book relates the 30+ years of an author of interaction with drive in a mystical world of a Toltec and Maya and speaks a power of some energies to priest that that can be the cure applied and transforming a world.
A meeting with a writer William Burroughs was a catalyst partorisca the travesía in Messico. It is here state taught of Gentleman Juan Matus, a sciamano although mentored Carlos Castaneda as documented in his better selling books. After an initial learning with Matus is spent 12 years like the linguist and professor before returning in a world of Toltec/Maya esotericism after a diagnostic of @@@sida.
His history the interesting reading done. An epilogue contains the novel view on four different categories of illness, some methods partorisca discern these and some pertinent treatments. Ossia The book adds on shamanism, power of sleep, sorcery and that cures that to good sure will appeal to defenders of an author Castaneda.
4 / 5
Salvation fellow Reader:
This book, which has loved 'with thrilling' partorisca read, has been the mine dates any like this long fact. I have read the few pages, has listened to one of his radio interviews. So only I can say.. The few things in this book. And sad first of handm but am a lot of picky with these things.
Feels the bit "touristic", that means that which she the plot of time but a lot totally in some first 60 pages or how is habladuría in places and of the Mexican lunches. It is a lot it calms the the little time, but more than the little, results the bit partorisca bore like this I skipped some stir of paragraphs.
Lack of mine of the bit more than "going deeper to a subject". Apparently it is the naturalidad dreamer. This appearance partorisca be the "natural" it is not a lot of constant really is the naturalidad. For example, in a chance of Florinda (one of some witches of Castaneda group), has had any only a, but a lot dreaming experience that is to be describe in his own book partorisca his capacity to dream despertador. This is to be present in the first place thoroughly and then much more late, has discovered was the "natural". That law was so only one dreaming experience, which so only resulted partorisca be the little odd, and for this takes call "natural dreamer" based in a sleep. One same is with other concepts. Sometimes it comes the import that knew it all before it has fulfilled "gentleman Juan" reason any a lot of what is explained or at least, some people has fulfilled, apparently does not look partorisca explain too thorough.
Down to Gentleman Juan. This Gentleman Juan 2 east for far... Like this different of a gentleman Juan 1 has read in Carlos' pounds that does not see any report among a two. If it has fulfilled gentleman Juan2, am coming to a conclusion certainly has not been a same gentleman Juan1 the one who has instructed Carlos. One of my reasons comes from/comes from some things 2 says, which look partorisca come more than the readings me on an internet and some sense of a "new age" movement, in place of a new material presented for Carlos.
I like some explanations. At least, like- it reserves it to me this elaborates everything, this explains terms of where has come from/come from.
Like this of 1 to 5.. I give 1. I will not say that he he or no partorisca the do on, but is so only a lot like this cohesive, explanatory, objective as it would have liked him partorisca be. Sometimes a narration sustains too much to a romantic side with the few periods of autoservicio.
Has chapters in that exposes his experiences partorisca dream with a Mayans.. These facts are in some books of history, like this at all new there.
A title informs to the medicine that Sleeps to the equal that could be bit it misleading. It is a supposed book partorisca explain and inform roughly dreaming like this one can cure oneself?. Or it is so only an account on like work?. Any way, there is not founding any of these responses. In a coverage, is informed to like this the nagual woman, this in spite of me never read anything to behind-arrive this, neither has gone never informed like such for any of some characters has involved.. So only an observation.
In another hand, I " it believes" (reason have not tried this closing) that that cures oneself is possible to dream, but does not see like this the book could help any partorisca achieve such feat.
5 / 5
That a book is promoted so that no-the fiction is the miracle like this clearly is the cross among the romance novel of a later lady and the nickel& I say comic of Jones of the Hindú.
- Some characters amenos depths of advances of lack. Two dimensional is some words that is more appropiate here.
- Some technicians partorisca dream that it is supossed partorisca present to justify a title, which indicates that a book is roughly Medicine dreaming, something that knows is possible for this my interest in a book, is totally absentee. Thats Right, there is absolutely at all in a whole book in a @@subject to cure via a half of sleeps!
I marvel if a reviewers the one who is like this wildly enthusiastic in this book is not confussing he with another.
A real left down. In general, has an impression that MT is the boring housewife the one who has written down his own daydreams and presented him like this fact.
5 / 5
Ossia The fabulous book of the transformation and I highly recommend it to any the one who is interested in ascensión. It has said of the Nagual the perspective of the woman, is magic and refreshing.
Is also cool to read the interaction of this woman with gentleman Juan, a sciamano wise of Carlos Castenedas' serious. An author gives the strong visual, regarding an election has, in emotional outward of this dimension.
5 / 5
Good product and just prize, would recommend it to my friends.

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5 / 5
I have learnt enough the bit of this book. Especially that it interest him it is an idea that has created a meaning of our sleeps. They mean that says that they do. This goes to stick with me.
5 / 5
My deception to order. It is not that it has expected. It would return it it could . I prefer the book that calm give you some few symbols and an interpretation.