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Top Customer Reviews: 50 Ans ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
We enjoy his music & has seen one of his shows, listening to his songs does mine día.yo reccomend the.
4 / 5
Thank you All etait You All was perfect to have the good day

Top Customer Reviews: En spectacle ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Delivery very fast 👍🏻
excellent Album ❤️
At all disappointed of cost of mine 🥰
4 / 5
Simply the show adds with the very good sound and music.

Top Customer Reviews: Robert ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
This album is the compilation suddenly Charlebois registers (1967-1971). As such, if you are the defender of Robert that an album will fill in so many of history. This in spite of, prefer versions later of songs to the equal that Lindberg to the equal that Charlebois' the mature voice.

Top Customer Reviews: Harmonium XLV: 45e ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 25 ratings
5 / 5
That like Of redécouvrir this lighthouse of Album in the discographie quebequesa. It has wished of him long That this was to do . And here it is !!! An only small hic : it would have wanted that the ancient Version (remasteurisée) of 'Play an instant' figure to the sud the album. It has loved Of goodness the Version to première where found the 'Ciao-has' characteristic in the leading last couplet. It is the games of reason as it does not give joins perfect note. To when The revisite of the 2.ºt Album ?
The heptade the summer redoes magnifiquenent.
4 / 5
This box is a lot a lot of fact. Remastered Well. And this box there is colored vinyl and the CD and the booklet in a format closely of the box. Any one gives it to 1 description of the star but I do not think has remarked a difference among an edition of vinyl (the only vinyl) and this one which has both formats, and the colour and is more collectible. A music is clearly 5 star and kudos to a focus to give east reissues some amour.
4 / 5
Excellent king-master, a classical. Flawless production and pochette of album vinil priest. Have parcontre has appreciated Of the Games of bond to download the album in numerical version, being data lucido the prize a bit taller give viniles this would be a plus and very appreciated transports alas my car no a step to subject tournante
5 / 5
the classical album of French rock gives 70. One of Album of the favourite month and my infancy. His musical Agreements are geniales and his harmonies transcende his ages. Has The Original of Vinyl of the sud and he remaster is well. Master always better The Original to Touch An Instant.
5 / 5
That treats it to find a 45th edition of anniversary of this end cd. Ossia Canadian music in his more final. A sound was like this well has taken goosebumps! Ossia The must so that they appreciate pure talent.
4 / 5
Which to say in the classical concealed has not been has said already. I have taken this with the paper of the present and can not be pleased more. Always in my radar and now finally possess it. A together of boxes is dates an absolute respect and curation that this merit of absolute perfect register for Canada of Universal Music. A delivery and the packaging was perfect also. Arrived any time. Thank you Everything. Yes, you have to possess this version. It goes to spoil you before and deserves to be in the each record or CD COLLECTION. Thank you Harmonium.
5 / 5
Lucida Box deluxe is a lot of beau. Parcontre He remezcla is not to the height of the Original. Of another side ca take everything of Harmonium. Disappointed A bit this remezcla. It goes a lot of paraitre in my Collection of vinil.
4 / 5
Retrospectively so only would purchase an album.
An extra in a book of boxes of photos, any flesh in a bone.
The music is magic, a record was prestine
5 / 5
A elepé Boxed comes with the disk and covers all the bases. A quality of his of this iconic album is excellent. It is album to start with of the Harmoniums and is an excellent collection of songs. A vinyl is a true experience like this was emission obviously originally on vinyl but a quality of his of this container is extraordinary.
5 / 5
This Album of Harmonium is a pure régal, the so much audible quality (mixage) that material (emballage) is to the date. A mythical work and incontournable of the music of Quebec, to good fantastic insurance.

Top Customer Reviews: De La Rosee Dans ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
All His texts are poignants. Has His 4 CD and I me émerveille to the every time.
4 / 5
Singer and thankful good song partorisca listen His texts are speakers .
Momment D évasion that has no An a lot of need in this moment.
5 / 5
In meadow a pure bijoux of this orfebre give words and of the knots hurts

Top Customer Reviews: The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 34 ratings
4 / 5
Appearance at all more than perfection when it comes Leonard Cohen. This CD does not have a Webb Sisters that thinks was some better backups that Ladies Cohen has not had never. Still it is the thoughtful and well has produced CD.
4 / 5
Has arrived with the 'hinge' broken in a chance (probably ship) BUT this 'CD USED' the looks & touches perfect. I have changed so only a chance with an old a & inserted 'coverage of album'.
4 / 5
Wants this like this appropriate CD for a current political context
5 / 5
Starts partorisca lose faith in Leonard Cohen the bit, until free this album. His recent emissions have had to alternate among songs of inspired and odd brilliance concoctions with centrical metaphors that so only has not done or the clash among lyric content and musical fashion. His work was the far cry of one all-round character of his premiers few albums. But "A Future" I gave the new hope for Cohen and his music. "While to a Miracle" it is in my opinion a point underlined of an album. Cohen spends one same lyrical skill to subjects of politics and that ages that previously ports the romantic meetings and desesperanza subsequent. One follows of the title is strong also, as Cohen presses subject of the same politics further. "Democracy" round out of some political songs with his sarcastic diatribe against the "democracy" it is coming to mean in a world-wide phase. A rest of an album, although any less masterful, house in of the sweetest subjects. "Hymn" simply it is soothing it, gorgeous song with strong spiritual overtones. Some romantic songs "Be For real" and "Light likes Brisa" it is not quite like this strong like the romantic endeavours earlier of Cohen, but is gorgeous and evocative this in spite of. "Closing Time" it has taken the moment to grow on me; I have it at the beginning expósito cloying and caseous. With which repeated listenings, this in spite of, a song ceases to touch overproduced and begins to touch tongue-in-cheek. One closing the instrumental piece is the new direction for Cohen; it is not particularly exceptional but door an at the end calm and calm album. It recommends this to any the one who is the defender of Cohen but does not possess it still. He a fine introduction to the work of Cohen ( is a prime minister of his albums that has possessed) but I precaution that his work has the plus "produced" his by means of some years, like expensas this and expect his material sooner to touch one same will be you impacted in a folksy feel of the his first album.
4 / 5
When An air turns cold and some hours of daylight diminish, thinks of when you result familiarised with Leonard Cohen is a Future . A December, my mother, whose amour of unconventional, eclectic the music has inherited, money navideño has used of my grandparents to develop his collection of CD, comprising a compraventa of a Future, an album that some two better songs of his soundtrack adored of Murderous Born Naturalidad has been taken. It has given an album the pocola test listens, as I have had has developed always my flavours for waltzing by means of the tape of the mamma and CD COLLECTION.
A Future, this in spite of, was a lot of different of Rosa Floyd and Concentrated Zeppelin has on-chosen sound. To the student of institute whose favourite bands were mostly FM radio staples, Cohen has touched darknesses, sober and far. The simplistic arrangements of a Future, Cohen and no slow gritty, tuneless the voice has done a Future the failure in some stairs that has has estimated Direct Zeppelin IV and to the Hot Rocks like classics. Still, a brooding articulateness of an album was something I dulcemente found to be wave-compulsory. Lines as 'the things are going to Slide/of slide in all the directions/will not be at all/ At all can measure anymore/A blizzard, a blizzard of a world/has crossed a tope/And he there is overturned/An order of a soul,' had so much an immediate impact and an abstraction and complexity roughly the this has done some mysterious papers and affecting with which a lot of listens, included with which memorisation. Songs of amour and of the anger had listened but some precise papers of Cohen, that speaks of this feeling disappointed of one the one who loosens-up in celebration and of the fights to find the hand to resist ('Time of Cierra'), of desperate patience ('while to a Miracle') and intellectualized hope ('Deocracy') was fresh, exotic and intriguing mine. Included a slow-paced the music has begun to involve me, with his sleekness, craftiness and exact appropriateness the song. In general, to the student of institute whose favourite bands were mostly FM radio staples, Cohen was any one odd and amazing.
Was the musical person more multifaceted and more vibrant that any another had known, the writer of consciously protest go mantras; the desperate romantic always embraced to love a point of entanglement, he witty old man (three times my age) seating lonesome in a flange of the bar while to any to touch his sensatez and wry observations to. This was a person has seen as the listened to a Future, relentlessly - with headphones in a bus, driving my part--of time, so only in my room - always surrounded for cold air, falling snow and a sense of wonderment so only the poet can resupply. A Future was my introduction to the cerebral plus, side more mature of popular music. Included today, after absorbing an Underground of Velvet and Nico, Blood and Astral Weeks in some Clues, have still to listen an album that stimulate in a way a Future fact. I am appreciated that has discovered the better album of Leonard Cohen during this lush, winter of the white Pennsylvania in an age in that each new discovery in music looked supernatural.
4 / 5
Leonard Cohen is the only Artist . It avenges to a game late (first his album was was when you are 34), and has produced his masterpiece (1988 I follows YOUR MAN) when it was in his late 50s. Ossia A following album , and some songs in him are like this as well as any Cohen albums - only not having enough of them.
Cohen opens his album with a clue of title, for far a better song in this collection, and one of one Cohen better follows never. This can be big afterwards to Suzanne, Bird in a Boss, Hallelujah and Turn of Song. Cohen is now a prophet, mocked and comprised bad (does not know me of a calm/ wind has not done never, calm / are not never a bit Jew the one who has written a bible). It faces the world deformed, which dreads, but another stoopidly ammulate and create (All some few poets traying to the his like Charlie Manson). Master behind security (included a cold War - reason ' has seen a future, is murder '), but know it never can be. In a heart, Cohen tries to defend of these attack, as it sees by means of his deceptions and of the illusions ( is one some those who want to 'Christ And Hiroshima', and for this 'When they say repent, ask me that it has meant it).
Being still in the clue like powerful like this would be impossible, but Cohen certainly approaches. While to a Miracle is the song of amour of Cohen strong , fill with a like this evident humour are ' Your Man ' (When you are Pressed for information, ossia when calm has for the transmission of touch/ while you are expecting, for a miracle to come).
Admits that failure to see reason Cohen ameno BE FOR REAL, a dark coverage, is nowhere together like powerful like the own songs of Cohen.
TIME of ENCLOSED is the song are uncomfortable with. It is probably so only me, but something in him a lot quite add up. Everytime Listens his, admires sone papers ( is once for a devil and is once for Christ), but does not take never some of a rest (Reason is Cohen proud concealed ' has loved calm for your beauty, concealed any the fool of me', and that exactly is 'Time of Cierra'). But a melody is good and is to powerful energetic tune .
The HYMN is the Cohen good song , probably the little better that LUZ LIKE The BREEZE.
Chair of DEMOCRACY that annoying roughly. In the first place, I hate some drums, which are like this obvious (Military Marsh? Coming'on, could do better the concealed), and as, reason has a Amercan-centricism that smacks took you arrogant (and yes, knows that cohen is the Canadian). The democracy is comming to some the EUA of Tianaman Put? Amsterdam is a house of a better and of a worse? It is there they has a machinary for transmission? They are I an only a the one who finds these papers troubling?
But a melody is powerful and a songwriting is flawless, like the democracy is the very listening.
ALWAYS does better the Be for real, although it is another coverage . A song is probably better, and Cohen and has sawed. Extracted with endearing lightheartedness and improvisation ('A lot of', Cohen has said in a signal, 'if you do not want to leave, to the left is a time of plus'). In fact, some only desires that Cohen would use some of this alcohol in his actions jointly that often it looks on assaid.
The last song in an album is an instrumental, which is class of needless in some works of the poet likes them Cohen.
In general, ossia another album of Cohen of Leonard adds . cohen Papers, his voice and songwriting is in the summit, and ossia have to that has album to any one any complex, intellectual and challanging music of Rock.
5 / 5
More gems of Leonard Cohen. This album has the strong opinion for a future, with the note of desesperanza for a Orwellian future, which look to face with. An album is the little angrier and more brooding, but never with a bitter, nihilistic cant, that some other artists (like Rodriguez) there is spoilt his work with.
Cohen, different some of some another, always expresses amour for humankind, more than bitterness and honradamente expresses a world-wide to see it to him, more than trying too hard to be anti-establishment so only for a sake of him. There is maturity in his work, that lacking of in some another, the one who tries alike subjects.
A Future: Cohen warns of the darkness, revolutionary, totalitarian, bad, Orwellian and Leninist future, where all the norms of decency and compassion have broken down.
' There'll be a breaking of an elderly
Western code.
Yours the life has deprived suddenly will explode.
There'll be phantoms
There'll be shoots in a street
And a white man that dance
will see a woman that hangs to the rovescio
His characteristic has covered of his falling gown
And all a lousy small poets
the round that Comes
trying the his like Charlie Manson'
This is to be write in 1992, so only after a fall of totalitarian diets in a Soviet Union and to Oriental Europe.
Esperanza for the free world, triumph it of liberal democracy was adds.
Ten years later looks a hope of then, has turned to the nightmare now.
Political correctness there is spoilt free has thought; we are forgetting a distinction among good and bad. We are respect to the wave of terror around a world for Islamic fundamentalists (Agrees September 11?); Backed For Leninist the revolutionaries and pocolos are taking some necessary steps to opone advances them.
Israele Democrat tiny is low attacks of bloodthirsty Arab terror, and the majority of some world-wide sides with some Arab killers. Some world-wide claims to concern in the human legislations but he then gives a tyranny more orders in some world-wide today, the Red Chinese, some 2008 Olympic games.
The families are breaking down, the values familiarised are down assault. The girls are no longer sure.
He A world of one 1970 east and punctual 80 is was in fact the sure plus, better a. A future Cohen has seen ten years ago is resulted to be murder after all.
While to a Miracle: This song explores a loneliness and frustration of while to a miracle, for true amour, to come to the long of.
Be For real; A poignant rendition of a 1975 song for Frederick Cavalier.
Time of closes: in this wonderful song with him catchy song and the folksy feels, Cohen pokes sweet entertainment in a culture of today of clubs, boxes and bars, and expresses frustration that a youth can not see this.
Hymn: A message to expect that in this world, for all his sordidness, hypocrisy, tyranny and cruelty, there is still like this beauty.
ome The birds have sung
in a pause of day
Start again.
Listened him say
does not get obsessed with the one who
is spent was.
Or that it is still today.'
Looks more afterwards in the work of Cohen calms in fact will see that there is to plot of hope and in a lot of of his songs.
And is ALWAYS enlightening.
Democracy: Cohen has outlined that it is bad in society today, a desglosa of a poverty familiarised etc, expresses the strong hope for democracy to benefit these marginilized in societies, with a recognition that the only democracy can achieve this hope. Any no acted never for some Marxist dictatorship to dip commanded these questions, reasons that first song in this album indicates, so only causes far suffering More adds them.
To the Light LIKES THEM Brisa: A erotic does of art, in vetoes it resembled esuzanne,
Always: Cohen his version of this 1925 Irving Berlino classical, with panache.
4 / 5
Prepare this description, attacked the one who looked a clue of title and while to A sound of miracle to the ten New Songs of Cohen albums. There is abundance of classics here, of a soulful the coverage of Frederick Cavalier is 'Be For real', to one flowing, country-tinged 'Time of Cierra' and a somber 'Hymn' with his rousing heart:
'Coverage some bells that still can coverage
Forget your perfect offering
has to that crack in all
Ossia like a light goes in.'
'Democracy' is another recognition by force with the lovely undulating the rhythm and the cinematic papers likes them: ' it is coming from a homicidal bitchin'/this low in the each cookery/to determine the one who do fault and the one who will eat', while 'to the Light LIKES THEM Brisa Prices of has to that like one of his the majority of songs of emotional amour with his transcending lines:
or I knelt there in a delta
In an alpha and a omega
I knelt there like a the one who believes
And like the heaven to bless coming from/come from
has been cured and my heart was in ease.'
Likes Cohen' only album of the new material in a 1990 east, this was the worthy clue to 1988 I are Your Man and remain it masterpiece of poetry in song.
4 / 5
Never satirical, Cohen asks a turn of Mur of Berlino, compares a come of Christ to Hiroshima, describes the coming communist revolution and demands complete control of the each living soul in this album and ossia so only one first clue. Although a voice has used is obviously any one Cohen is but that of the character with diverse and bloated view of the no-too-far-fetched future, some rows of song like one of one the majority of harm, brooding and the brilliant clues has has not listened never. Be it an ache and unhappiness of desire (while to a Miracle); this seeds-disappointed, carefree, erotic sense after the memorable celebration (closing Time) or pure attacked amour (Light like the Breeze) has no odd or state feeling to import too difficult for the poetic voice of Cohen partorisca show brilliantly. I have had a same reaction to listen a Future for a first time that has done when David has listened Bowie is A Man The one who has Sold a World-wide or Rosa Floyd Dark Side of a Moon. "To the equal that Can go like this long without east is my collection of CD!?!"
4 / 5
Un presente't sa che mina sarebbe d'accordo con addirittura questo, ma pensare Al futuro è innegabilmente Leonard Cohen album migliori. Le carte in questo labrados d'album poesia assoluta - ordine, sheer ordine. Delle satire scure hanno dato partorisca indizio di titolo al cinico ma tutto-troppo-certo nel frattempo al Miracolo, all'Inno ha intitolato in modo appropriato, alla poética e altamente erotic Il Leggero La Brisa, le carte hanno dato Cohen è quasi unrivaled in musica. Questo nonostante, il reale lyrical standout del l'album è Democrazia , alcune satire hanno dato per mordere che mantiene in piede favorably a qualsiasi cosa lì è non c'è mai scrivendo. Le coperture Essere Davvero (e specialmente) sempre apre anche molto buono-fatto, e a ultimo incluso sembra un Cohen molto vocale. Tacoma Trailer, Uno strumentale, è una maniera buona l'album di ronda fine. Tranquillo non troverà bombastic assetti Musicali o overbearing vocals qui, questo nonostante. Quello troverà le carte aggiungono ha dato Cohen Labrado cantato in un intensely maniera personale ed emotiva. E che, sicuramente, è abbastanza.

Top Customer Reviews: I'M Your Man ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 35 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia Album of Cohen of Leonard more final and more compatible. Any one follows is filler. Sadly, Never again it achieves some heights achieve here, when really you are our man .
5 / 5
This 1988 work as it has followed 1984 is Diverse Place , is a lot the album of pop in tune and sound. Lyrically HAS moments of profundity to the equal that in everything of the work of Cohen but has the touch the light plus. Although the keyboards are prominent, John Bilezikjian & Raffi Hakopian whose entrances have done Recent Songs like this special, respectively embellish All the world Knows and Take This Waltz.

The Police jazz & All the world Knows was has sawed-written by another while it Takes This Waltz is based in Lorca poem Little Viennese Waltz. In the voice of the each clue Leonard is supported by any Anjani Thomas or Jennifer Warnes, and for both on Is not Any Cure Partorisca Amur. Well it remarks that in the first place we Take Manhattan is missing of a dramatic German newscast intro of Jennifer Warnes interpretation in Famous Blue Raincoat .

One sings-to the long of melody of Is not Any Cure Partorisca contrast of Amur strikingly with the references and the biblical iconography of Cohen likes: ' it is written in a scriptures, is written there in blood ...' And his version of All the world Knows is still a more compared to all some coverages, mainly because of a 'oud' (oriental lute) of John Bilezikjian that adds the special dimension to a sound. A song was has sawed-written for Sharon Robinson the one who later collaborated with Cohen on Ten New Songs .

Has based on Federico Garcia Lorca Petit Waltz Vienés, an elegant Take This Waltz has a undulating mid-fijamente to time that door @@@1920s Vienna the life in striking iconography. It is an extraordinary tapestry of the symbols of character have joined the oblique expressions to yearn, ecstasy and sadness, p. p.ej. 'A garland of recently cut tears.' A tone is enhanced for Raffi Hakopian violin and a voice of Jennifer Warnes.

The tower of Song has been interpreted for artists that diverse likes Marianne Faithfull and Nick Grotto and has left his title to the disappointing 1995 album of tribute . One Civilises of Jazz of experimental clue with his jerky fijamente, seeds-spoken vocal and absurd papers is not one of LC lyrical or musical masterpieces but shows some impressive notarises them flourishes.

Judging for some a lot of versions of coverage, these songs are popular low musics ; two is covered in Famous Blue Raincoat, five on are Your Defender , three on Gone back of Song and five in an album of soundtrack Leonard Cohen: they are Your Man . Although this an is not among my upper work personal favourite for a singer of Canadian & poet, he to good sure merit five stars for a quality of some compositions.
4 / 5
That is in fact incredible is not that ossia the album adds of Leonard Cohen. No. That is trully unreal is that this album underlines like this far out of infront of all his rest.
Cohen is the poet and the poet adds in that, but is the poet before it is the composer and this could explain everything.
Are ' your man ' all fall neighbouring. Some papers have a capacity to grab any one any @@subject the one who his way or musical predisposition. A music is the perfect and no only party for some times are writing. I have listened this album so only this week in year 2002 ( was written in 1988) and the thought 'hmm, if this was exited this year still is the enormous swipe'.
Which is reason this album is resulted the big commercial success. But you see, any all commercial music is economic.
Which to mention in the first place considering some songs on offer here? A memorable 'In the first place take Manhattan'? You would owe that avert not knowing this song and yes somehow calm have has lost the true classical!
But the songs of utmost height are in the abundance are ' your man ': a eponymous the song of an album is the monument of the song of Cohen writting qualified, the very emotional song and the song of amour that directs adds without being caseous. A esong of Tower' is the bitter recollection that to the plot of people will relate to the all the cost of age and 'All the world knows' is the doomy one this will please a conspiracy freak in you (that it would HAVE TO have it)...
But in general does not have any song that fallen down pair, be any 'filler'. There is not any song in this album that would want to you skip.
All this remained with Cohen is in cold of time and in timing the emphatic delivery an integer the classical album. In fact, if it has been them asked that in my opinion would qualify for the perfect album I then ' are your man ' would be one of some first examples that would burst in my alcohol.
'All the world knows that some data is uploaded....'
5 / 5
To start with, to the left explain me that has given these 4 stars for the a lot of personal reason, egoistic: a period of a cd. Has has wanted to more. I want to it is so only too short!
Has found so only this cd while undermining by means of some old boxes. As it Finalise in some box forgotten, will not know never. But, there he with some old, very wanted, Sisters of Mercies, Distribution of Joy, Tom attended, Nick Grotto, Smith, Bauhaus and Goring cd east. I know, I know, it is atrocious that such incredible music was in some boxes. But, I ask your forgiveness.
Agree when this cd is exited. A video has used take still to air on 120 minutes, behind when MTV was halfway decent and Kevin Seals used to host 120 minutes. A black video and aim, beaches, was awesome. A video for 'In the first place Take Manhattan' that is. It was mesmerized. Where Had declare this whole time L.C. Record face? Well, it is not never too late it supposes.
Like this, behind when I have had to that slave endlessly to win in $ for now after the taxes, has on saved and has been and has bought a cd. It does not leave never my side for years afterwards.
Take this cd, takes this cd, takes this cd. It is surprising. It is beautiful, prolific and amorous. I can not say quite roughly that. For real I can the no. gives to listen it, calm also will comprise.
Has to that be one of mine favourite among favourites for L.C.
Also, control out of one again released 'Commander of Field Cohen' alive cd. It is absolutely one of a better cd is does has not released never.
5 / 5
During this musically the decade has confused, some eighties, an artist the one who has debuted twenty early years more renews his fashion, adapting the new technology and the new lyrical approximation after the long period during that his work has received little attention. It touches like the recipe partorisca absolute ruin. Surprisingly, heroine of cult, Leonard Cohen, experiences this process and starts like the success partorisca shine, creating an of some better albums of his career with 1988 I are Your Man. In spite of presenting significant transmissions his form, like the polished, synthesizer-infused his and he darkly ironic approximation the papers, looked the recent work for pioneers of alternative rock like a Pixies and REM, some songs of me are Your Man underlines a lot of defenders of things am wanted always roughly Cohen: a wryly confrontational attitude ('In the first place Take Manhattan,' the sinister song roughly Cohen' disdain to a placid, yuppie way and industries of music of one was, 'All the world Knows,' echoes it disappointment in a estaca-was right civil), a glum self-depreciation ('Civilises of Jazz,' a glorious 'Can not Forget') and a helpless romanticism ('Is not Any Cure for Amur,' a clue of title, in to that Cohen touch likes him to him Allen Ginsberg trying the woe of the woman or Dean Martin that tries arrastrarprpers out of his usual audience). Cohen does not exit like this desperate and does not sell -was. On they are Your Man , he simply reevaluated his musical person and has been ready for a second exceptional phase of his career.
5 / 5
The reputation of Leonard Cohen is as follows: you are feeling happy? Contented With life? But you want to feel depressed? Then dipped in the album of Cohen of Leonard! It feels some waves of desperation and wash of melancholy on you! With Leonard Cohen, a perspective is "bleak".
Like this, ossia that has been expecting . MAY! It was pleasantly surprised when I have listened this, a first time I really listened to the album of Cohen of Leonard. A sound is a lot 1980 is, with prompt synths during a place, and some girly backing singers here and there (in fact, when I listened it, has calculated was probably roughly 1981, of a sound of a synths, and any one 1988, but if ossia a way loves it.....). The voice of Cohen has a lot deep and gravelly, and looks to be that they sing softly with a mike legislation until his face, but, again, if ossia to the equal that has loved the, fair enough. That has listened, this in spite of, has been funny, catchy songs, with abonos flat musical - an opposite total that has expected!
But a really good thing in this album is some papers. Some papers are witty and apes, but no too ready. It sings roughly he and of the women quite the bit, but tongue in cheek and with to plot of irony. They are a class of the papers could quote the people, and some of them are thought quite causing. Some samples:
' sentence me to twenty years of boredom to try to change a system of interior am coming now, am coming to reward them in the first place take Manhattan, in the then take Berlino', or
'Ah but the man has not taken never the woman has retreated Any to beg in his knees Or I crawl yours the creature And I would fall in your feet And I howl in your beauty Like the dog in hot And I claw in your heart And I rasgarían in your discharge would say to please, please are your man '.
Sees that I bad? Much better that an usual syrupy drivel in "amour" it conceals calm usually listen! In general, ossia the very interesting album , but one that has that listens closely also a prime minister little time until you have taken for the know well. With which conceal, I suspect that would stick it to it to you on time in when while you have loved the bit to acclaim on, the believe or no!
5 / 5
A singalong melodies of "Manhattan", "Aint Any Priest" and "All the world Knows" you contrast well with the mark of Cohen preoccupation with desesperanza romantic and judeo-christian iconography as in: " it is written in a scriptures, is written there in blood ..." Or "all the world is taken this feeling broken /Like his father or his dog have died so only." John Bilezikjian oud adds the special dimension to "All the world Knows." An elegant "Take This Waltz" it is lilting song that spends Vienna of Federico G. Lorca The life in the series of vivid images underpinned fervent peel yearning a beloved. A brilliant arrangement is enhanced for Raffi Hakopian violin and a voice of Jennifer Warnes. A wistful "I Can not Forget" it has been covered by A Pixies, while "Tour of Song" it has been interpreted by artists that diverse likes Marianne Faithfull, Robert Forster and Nick Grotto and has left his title to a 1995 album of tribute. I am not crazy in any one experimental " it Civilises of Jazz" or a clue of title, but am obviously bad of " they are Your Man " it has been covered for Elton John and Bills Pritchard.
5 / 5
Wants to find artists that the majority of people is unfamiliar with. Leonard Cohen is one of these artists. Have in the first place listened in a 1990 film " it Pumps On A Volume" starring Slater Christian. I ask the one who are. Later, in 1993, it looks again in a soundtrack to Oliver Stone "Natural Born Killers." For these times have known those who are but was unfamiliar with a majority of his work. In 1997 I has bought all 9 of his studio cds. They are Your Man is his the majority of accessible and catchy. How it is 1992 it is A Future . So only I am revising are Your Man because it contains 8 clues that no-the defenders would appreciate. I think that that it is the classical register . This in spite of, his 1968 and 1969 and 1970 cds is all classical in his own legislations. They are Your Man looks the songs add like "All the world Knows", "Tour of Song", " they are Your Man " and "in the first place we will take Manhattan." I distinctive bass of Cohen vocals leave his lyrical poetry more validity. It is like the poet in some has darkened smokey the basement that reads his own poetry. A classical register and he have to that have for any collector of rock.
4 / 5
" There is the beetle in the each pudding": in east an east, like this already remarked, "azzJay olicePay". Creature of burn, burn!
This in spite of, and ossia the BIG "this in spite of", this album strangely is moving and poignant. "Take this Waltz", please - the landscape a lot a Finnegans Awake class: "Vienna" it is mythologized to recognition of a human psyche. Vienna,
"... There is the shoulder where the death comes to cry.. ... There is the tree, where a doves goes to die...".
The music is the very personal average , much more that literature, and so that a doubt to pontificate. But, - this CD is moving and pursuing, despairing and uplifting. It is Greek tragedy .
My commentary to the pocolos fellow that admitted is also state that IYM will not take calm out of your hole, but he more bearable. It is the shadow depressing; suspect LC has spent of the breakup in diverse of these tunes: CELERY LIKE THIS RIGHT.
4 / 5
Laughin Lenny Written of the simple melodies are and complex papers brilliants, but does not look to take the hand in bylines when it comes the order and producing his records. When Has sympathetic collaborators those who give folk arrangements, some albums are brilliant. When His collaborators try to spend "up to date", some results can be a lot of frustating.
A songwriting in " they are Your Man " it is peerless - dry and shady moralism, witty and self-deprecating. But a production, which can have been "level of industry" in 1988, it is now like this dated is the test to listen to this to start with to finalise. Tinny Cars of drum, synthesiser washes, caseous female vocalists. Any all suffers equally: "All the world Knows" has the beautiful Flemish counterpoint of electrical guitar, and "Take this Waltz" characteristic gorgeous violin and has sawed-advantage vocals of Jennifer Warnes. But it is hard to seat by means of a stuttering artificial drums and sweetly anonymous backing vocals of " it Civilises of Jazz".
Ossia One of some available doses stronger that Lenny worldview, and would love this album like crazy can block out of one 80 veneer.

Top Customer Reviews: Songs Of Love And ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 31 ratings
5 / 5
Album of pause of Cohen. It is this in spite of well, but the more touch collector the one who wants to appreciate.
4 / 5
Is doubt roughly of his costs of music to listen if you do not want to know like him 't listens. It does not have any cure or he like this look and so only sings it well was. It writes songs very good and like this different of any 't help but wants to take him partorisca be.
Milly, Mississauga, Canada
5 / 5
think that all the collectors and all the defenders of Cohen of Leonard has to that have the copy of Songs of Amur and Hate.
Would contest that Cohen is one of some the majority of poets that import of our time. These songs are hard and poignant and defy you to listen the Famous Blue Raincoat without spilling the tear.

In a summer of 2013 some Arts Wells Festivals of Music (British Columbia Canada) hosted the esongs of Amur and the Workshop of Hate likes the part of his program of Sad Songs. It has not had the dry eye in a house I so that it crimps up in a couch for the good sniffle.
5 / 5
I amour Leonard Cohen but this disk so only have not estimated like this highly like each one another I own. Still some papers are masterfully the writings like only Gentleman Cohen can do. The song is is of a late 60 east and punctual 70 is and comprise a Famous Blue Raincoat classical.
4 / 5
A bit those that different songs in this cd. No my preferred Leonard Cohen cd but enjoy
4 / 5
One of the mine favourite Leonard the album of Cohen.

Has registered during a Peace and of the years of Amur, has recognised that there is not any amour without hate, like this any day now without night etc..

Fabulous Joan of Arc and the blue raincoat are masterpieces !
4 / 5
My album of Cohen of the favourite, his start when being the second prójimo but a lyrical has contained in of the songs like the avalanche and the Famous Blue raincoat are personal mine. Amur This album, to good sure the good album to take the Cohen with also.
5 / 5
Does not think roughly he - just take this album. One of the better works of Cohen.

Also - a quality of his and note of a record far surpasses a be of the prize has touched.
4 / 5
An Avalanche of calls of the song and is looked in the current HBO show ' will be gone in one dark'
5 / 5
Wonderful to have this behind in my collection of music!! The service adds!

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
I can not estimate the product that has not received. Like this like this disappointed how was the present navideño .