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Top Customer Reviews: SEALIGHT H11 H8 H9 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
Measure: 9006/HB4 has bought this partorisca mine 2001 ACURA MDX. I have used these headlights partorisca the month, which is not very long but think is enough to take the good to feel of the product and I have had any subject with these headlights. One 9006/HB4 is able to return beams like this down or lights of fog for my car. I have used these like my low beams and foglights (goes pics), First of all, the one who the enormous improvement of halogen bulbs! A nave was fast and some bulbs were a lot of packaged in the material of type of the foam (goes pics). First looked, could say these were qualities done and a container comprises an easy to read drives of installation as well as bonds of boss for the cleaned installs. Down it is the little signal which think is of entity to consider and the form have helped my opinion of these headlights:

- Easy and quickly install! These are game and discharges directly , any adjustment has required of returns to some discharges of factory. I took less than 5 mins to install in my car.
- Silent operation: The difference of my past FOCUSED is, which has done the 'humming' noise of a defender, these are silent when into use.
- A lot of subject with reflective house in my car: I am not never state flashed for oncoming traffic - ossia usually a subject he uses FOCUSED is for the automobile that there is not coming with house of projector and can blind another engine.
-A white colour of a FOCUSED is was the enormous upgrade of a yellow halogen bulbs, give my old car the modern look. - -- Shining! A brightness is perfect but a lot enough to blind another. I have done recently the travesa of long street (approx 800kms) where a majority to walk was at night and has had any question. A visibility is sum , can see better and further with this compared the halogens.
- No flickering or startup questions - does not require time to turn ON, operation of instant.
- Low heat, quickly cool down
- value of Good & quality- Different another economic CONCENTRATED is, there is not done of low quality plastic. I am not sure of a material but a house has the soyetal likes' feel. It was not surprised is metal . There is not a lot of writing to wire which could cause questions later and in general, has the compact to draw which does not obstruct anything more in a bay of engine.

Changing your halogen headlight bulbs for FOCUSED is is one of an economic and more easy plus upgrades one can do. It augments a functionality and aesthetic of your automobile and some bosses of tower of modern look. At present I installed him like my low beams but I am tired he for my foglights and these treat like this a lot (goes pics). Sure to say, are not never going back the halogens! As I have mentioned before, I have tried the little conversion FOCUSED different boxes inside a row of the same price and these lights are for far a better and to good sure recommend them. It does not squander more spent to time around, spent these and enjoy your automobile even more!
4 / 5
Measure: 9005/HB3 Wants to can see you everything ..Sper Easy to install
4 / 5
Measure: 9005/HB3 These lights has changed for real a way I walk at night, no longer dreads not seeing signs clearly or other objects.
For real give me more confidence.
4 / 5
Measure: 9005/HB3 Installed in 2017 chevy malibu hybrid. The cant commentary if these would do in the level the low plus malibu trim like the big level has directed DTR lights. Any subject at all with flicker. I have been sobrado room in a house after reinstalling of the discharges. The look adds. Sper crisp And aim. Much more attractive that a yellow halogens. There is remarked the people am complained the row focused roughly with big beams on. I have found the mine was significantly further that lights that halogens.
5 / 5
Measure: H11/H9/H8 has Bought these partorisca mine 2017 Deep sport in consonance. I have ordered these partorisca substitute my yellow halogen bulbs and match a DRLs and lights of fog. It installs it was easy. The light start is equivalent to oem bulbs. They are very happy with a compraventa.
4 / 5
Measure: 9005/HB3 Pros:
creation of leaves of Low profile for easy installation in the small car with spatial has limited. I possess the deep civic cup and easily can install he without taking anything another that a boss.

A lot of flicker when distributed with the lowest voltage. Deep civic use the big beam like the time of Day that light of careers, and is distributed with the low voltage when the lights are turned was. A light focused I experinced before it give the light flicker in this chance, but this a lot flicker at all.

I turns in the speed is faster originates it halogen bulb:
Stock halogen the bulb in my car takes roughly quarter to half the second to cover to achieve full brightness, these turns of bulb have directed on almost instantly without takes.

Any like this far, will maintain to update with which time.
5 / 5
Measure: 9006/HB4 has Tried these partorisca a first time as I have required the new bulb partorisca a burned was one. If it was not partorisca a working zone partorisca try to dip these in him would have been the snap. How it has been it has owed to bear take battery and try achieve in and undo 3 first rays of the burned bulb could be take. It DOES not LOSE I RAYS. The side of passenger was the little easier. Once in, a light is sum , and a white light has compared to an old halogens is the plus. Well value an investment.
5 / 5
Measure: 9005(2pcs)+H11(2pcs) Very good and that shines
Any subject in f150 2019 xlt a leds is small enought partorisca a oem dustcap
5 / 5
Measure: H11/H9/H8 Partorisca a H11, a connection can not be slotted because some tabs can not take spent a thickness of a fitment flat for a car part how is impossible to turn to ensure a bulb.

Has had to that modify some tabs and press a bulb in really really hard and the really hard turn a same time to ensure a bulb.

A light model is all screwed arrive and is lighting so only an earth in front of a bumper.

A plastic in a fitment is not well has built.

Perhaps this pair is defective like this perhaps will require to try another pair.

the service of Client has surprised. Has has not substituted so only the new pair for me but upgraded to the more quality of prime minister has produced. Better built, better fitment, the easiest installation and think is even more brilliant and better light distribution. It has not taken long to arrive also. Thank you!
4 / 5
Measure: H11/H9/H8 has taken the together of H11 bulbs as I have lucido of fog partorisca a woman 2015 Civic visiting. These bulbs are brilliant! It looks partorisca be a lot has done. Access snugly so only as it regulate halogen bulbs. Hopefully The life is also well, but ossia partorisca later. Shopping again!

Top Customer Reviews: Fahren H11/H9/H8 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
With as expensive some have DIRECTED the bulbs can take tempered my expectations but these really impressed me. These have to that way that there is far has surpassed my expectation in every respect and after using these I do not see a point in bulbs more expensive.

Some bulbs is a lot well has done. An arrival in some houses is excellent, some looks of defender partorisca be of good quality as well as a DIRECTED the this. I really like an external engine in these, means a stay of the freshest electronics like opposed to bulbs with engine of builds. An engine is also a lot of fact with the house of the metal and some connectors are of good quality. My only complaint is that a connector can be inserted any way but am not sure if ossia the quirk with all the bulbs or no. So many, if you cover the in and does not operate , toe a connector around.

I really like a low profile heatsink in these, installed the on he 2020 F150 how is known for any in that has no a lot of space for tanks of big heat in low beam. This record perfectly with room to spare to spare with some discharge of powder of the factory. Some engine is returned perfectly to a headlight house and has included the something a lot of dish in there the stock his to use a two sticky mountain the good cushions resupplied with a headlight like this deleting any rattle. These have done perfectly with our vehicle and has not produced any errors or flashing.

A model of beam that this product is a lot afterwards to some bulbs of factory. They shine the pair of the thumbs the big plus that a halogen the bulbs have done so that a headlight has had to that be regulated down slightly. This in spite of, ossia a chance with enough each bulb CONCENTRATED and calm always would owe that mark your height of beam of the factory and regulate your headlights when installing new bulbs. It is not this blinding person all the world in a street because your headlights is distinguished too big.

A temperature by heart is good and a brightness is perfect. They are much more brilliant that a halogens without being like this brilliant that is the hazard in the to street like them to them some has DIRECTED lights there.

In general, these are excellent, if has the better bulb in this point of prize I certainly did not see it.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. A Fahren has DIRECTED the bulbs are solidly built, compact and very easy the instal.
A record easily to mine 2018 CRV projector of low beam headlights, very brilliant, perhaps 2-3 times my old halogen bulbs.
A model of beam is a lot well, cutoff is excellent, any worry in blinding another, the colour is the good crisp white.
Was initially has concerned that a heatsink was perhaps bit it small, take warm, but am not concerned roughly overheating.
A defender is quite and he well.
The value adds for a prize.
4 / 5
A build is almost all the aluminium and of the metals, a tank of heat is cooled invernadero the plastic defender, a navigation FOCUSED Is almost identical to an original H11 halogen bulbs (of entity for model of correct beam), but slightly the fattest distance among some two sides... A cord is fat and sturdy, and league to the small metal external engine. A machining the quality is on meso but at all impressive. I have installed these in mine first gene Acura TSX to the equal that have lucido of fog and has been impressed with a result! A model of beam was almost identical to the mine halogens, but noticeably more brilliant and with the far plus achieves. A colour is announced in with the light blue clue. It looks to operate fresher that mine halogens and the defender is calm. I can not speak on longevity, but the product adds global!!!
The pictures aim low beam vs. Comparison of fogs + of Low beam, and driving with fogs in
4 / 5
I installed the in my CRV 2016 with lenses. This was surprisingly calm, and short very acute. Lighter is the envoy done to an upper level of a beam, that lights one issues far of a vehicle in place of traditionally light everything in front of a hood and dimming with a distance. Like this far, I am impressed with him. So only they are while to see what time will last.
5 / 5
I installed these bulbs in mine Toyota Yaris, and the one who the difference massively has compared to one has HID the bulbs have used to buy. Alive in the rural zone, with a lot of streets having any lights callejeras. These bulbs a lot so only have some advances of long view, but have the very better view in the each side, with a security added of striking the deer or another animal.

While driving, has turned in mine big-beams, so only so that it could compare a brightness and achieve down-beams. Hardly I can say a difference among my CONCENTRATED down-beams and my HID big-beams. These have DIRECTED is is that well.

Finally, am sure a lot of some readers will adapt one has HID the bulbs do not owe that that long.
Has has DIRECTED bulbs last much more.
5 / 5
My car Headlights are not to add and has found a lot has DIRECTED mark in the amazon and I have decided to give Fahren H11/H9/H8 FOCUSED Headlight the bulbs try it. A prize is reasonable and a brightness is 10,000 Lumens with 60W has beaten.
Has ordered like this a Low beam Headlights for mine 2006 Deep Pilot. The installation has not been bad roughly 30m.n To the equal that have had to that modify some collars of some bulbs (Does him thinner) to touch fatter that an original. And with which concealed, all has been a lot and easy. It could see a difference in brightness - good white light (6,500K), some defenders are virtually noiseless and am very happy with cost of mine and while these bulbs will last while some originals.
Will update later find any question!
5 / 5
Very impressed with this new has DIRECTED lights of FAHREN has bought 3 insiemi for my Tacoma the utmost laws I alive is gone in a country so that all the world knows in a deer and critters to to this likes him the walk some streets for prejudices he now with these new lights can something his way far advances fogs of the low beam and the big beam have taken substituted with these leds to good sure will buy for my others the vehicles have had the subject very small with the ray of fixation in an of some lights but the service of client was very punctual and courteous and has solved a @@subject immediately 5 star all a way 🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖
4 / 5
Like this far like this well, adds to look the build has produced , solid. So only while to a response in mine daytime running lights. Easy to install and very brilliant. Good value.

With which less then 2 month a light has turned green and less brilliant. It does not know reason. While the response of service of client. Untill Sees there the response will remain in 1 star.

Has bought the minor to mark known around some the same times and his in fact are doing better.
4 / 5
Like this the has not thought these would be good BUT grieve the opened a container.,.. Quality of good build.. Fact to fly or some form of metal.. Has the cooling fans like this ur leds a lot on hot and so more brilliant!!! Done my normal lights close to my big beams just need to king corner the and is good to go. It can take more like this it can them change out of my lights of fogs! It would recommend.. Please notes it has not taken long to dip up but some headlights can be harder that take in then another.
5 / 5
A product has one of a packaging has better seen closing and looks the product of big quality. Some bulbs am returned good and snug to a headlight of the mine Toyota 2016 Highlander. This in spite of, a brightness, although significantly more brilliant that an old halogen the bulb has substituted, is not like this brilliant like another 60W the bulbs have bought. @I give concealed is reason is not the 60W bulb! Deliberately They Leave a bulb spec imprecise reason write 60W doing thinks that is 60W each one that that. Cela 60W half 30W for side, and one 6 CONCENTRATED is for the side of a bulb me think it was the good compraventa in $ 20 more economic that another 60W bulbs. Ossia Deceptive description and $ for the pair of 40W or 30W has DIRECTED the bulbs is ridiculous. I will return these bulbs and buy the true pair of 60W (describes likes 120W total) for an extra $ 20.

Top Customer Reviews: Aucan 20pcs Super ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
5 / 5
Enough any start of heat of these bulbs. New CONCENTRATED is installed in a legislation. To aim comparison to bulb of old filament. I seat much more sure with these bulbs in mine RV.

UPDATE: ordered the second dipped another day and BOOM !! Arrived quickly. It looks to be a quality adds same.
5 / 5
Amazing light for a value! All the world-wide always wants to know: "that shine it is? " They are like this brilliant like originals of factory 921 bulb. I have bought another has has DIRECTED bulbs of Ebay for my rv and was horrible which me go back to some 921 bulbs until I have found something better. These bulbs are fantastic. My rv has 30 interior of bulbs. A lot I do not have him on all a same time. But some 921 bulbs damage of the tonne of hot and with an average of three or four fixtures has turned on, my defender for a inverter would kick in. Now it does not listen never a inverter and no hotter that some bulbs.
5 / 5
Compared these with some equivalents of name of the mark, and has been blown was. For a prize has paid for two bulbs, volume twenty and treat much better. These have been installed like this of the substitutions in mine 2014 Jeep Cherokee for all some lights of interior. You are the tight squeeze for some lights of map but with which some coaxing, turn in finals. A difference to light is night and day. Mina tinted the windows for the prejudices also can be clear with these on. A start is excellent, and certainly resist his own against a mark much more the type appoints. They do not have any noticable hotspots but have the low flow when it was in my vehicle, as they are not Canbus. There is remarked this one first night and now is not even there is remarked. They are running a lot of hours the day for the few months and I have any question any with them.
5 / 5
Any one calms like those shines that stock incondecent bulbs, but still a lot good and good works! In this prize or so only can not beat in!

-Good white light
-the heat is grieve detectable
-beats consumption a lot down
-súper value/of prize

-hard to press to socket
-no calm to the equal that to to those shines likes him to him the colour
4 / 5
of originals of these LEDs was a lot on, giving the warm aim very on 3500k compared to an usual fresh aim 6000k. I find a 6000k does my red of light houses/oranges in the intermittent or the rear car lights look 'was', giving it has washed it/on duty was look . These bulbs mimic a OEM colour of a incandescent bulbs amiably.
This in spite of, some bulbs am a lot big and has found does not return in some light houses has them has wanted the stops of use. As be careful to ensure have abundance of room if these go to light fixtures, etc.
4 / 5
the law adds, brilliant, very improved on some bulbs to pinch accionaría.
Has been with brilliant aim in mine 95 Jeep YJ, alive in a Pacific the noreste and is a lot dark and dreary in a winter.
2 / 5
These are in no way uper brilliant' as the ad has said, as unless they have distributed the mine wrong element these are acesos hardly, has left only brilliant. Light intensity of Two of these bulbs dipped together equals less than A sail lights like this a lot of light bulbs a lot down. I have expected 20 minutes like this sometimes these have DIRECTED the bulbs take time to brightenup but hardly could see light under a fixture. Mina fixgure has had 12V18W incondescent the bulbs and I has loved to substitute them with the low power that eats type. Unless I need a light of emphasis for decoration these bulbs can not do fault a purpose where brightness is of entity. The wise quality is well, a bit easy to install except pocolos so the bulbs of glass there is rounded the smooth flanges and these have square calm plastic flanges so that it was necessary to press it harder while wigling the, clock for polarity. They are fresh to touch like this absolutely any one subject of hot, looked surer. The desire was more brilliant but sadly are not the like this returned .
5 / 5
It wins these LEDs. A colour was almost the perfect party with a incandescent bulbs has had them in a trailer. It feels solid quality and all doing correctly. A voltometer shows phenomenally his batery be to be able to drained. Going dry camping in an end of a month, to leaves to see like some lights treat in of the conditions of true camping.
A delivery for amazon was really order, there is rid the prompt day. It has been surprised to see the photo of a container in my on-line door when I logged on. Unsure likes Chair in that but go to give amazon a profit of a doubt for now.
5 / 5
It was not one the fault of bulbs. I have received my mandate of these lights today. The plan was to change all RV lights of bookmark of the Trailer on to this CONCENTRATED, but unfortunately there to long to close a coverage/of crystal. When This CONCENTRATED is installed in a socket. In my lights of bookmark some stands of bulb directly on doing these bulbs roughly probably 3/8 thumb to long, if a socket of bulb was able to leave a bulb to seat more the plan then could be in business and able to upgrade. I owe that add these bulbs look very done and is a lot brilliant, so only to bad no in my application. bummer...
4 / 5
It has not had one camps out of a yard and already one is blown. I have looked physically skirt in 2 system of bulb, another continuous bulb to do in a together. Some plastic bulbs tangs is fatter that his glass counterparts and therefore take more endeavour to press to a socket of bulb. Like this when you substitute an original (the mine was a 921 incandescent bulbs) has to that be careful to not bending a tang or the risk that pauses some advantages of boss. Because of a creation of round, find a light tends to be objective more radiant directional. Still for a prize would buy again.

Top Customer Reviews: SIRIUSLED Extremely ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Measure: 1 Sale has not been that it has DIRECTED it light has purchased them. Way to a lot partorisca count unfortunately reason all look too economic, no at all, or work partorisca the little while then it burns was like this thought it to them has been perhaps now of invested in something concealed was partorisca last the moment (hopefully.) I had it it has sawed it-hard-working, the friends have sucedidos of this mark of bulbs like this has thought them the casualidades he and see has been partorisca do. The nave has taken longer that expected to the equal that take almost 2 weeks. I have purchased these in an intention for my lights of dish in mine 2007 Avalanche and has taken so only roughly 5 minutes for an installation of both bulbs. One sews there are them remarked is a polarity, the installed the and a has not lit like this flipped a bulb and the bulb have on lit but in the amazon declares these are 'any polarities' except the does not think so , so only beware in the chances are by train to install them. In an end, the think some bulbs are exiting utmost. Some bulbs am very brilliant and look to be decent quality. They are not one of these people that has cured roughly as I shine it is, a way thinks them is that yes calm go me to blind will blind you to them like this the think a plus that shines of the best. To good sure a upgrade that has had them before and hopefully is going to last but look to be that it exits well.

has been so only three days that has been installed and a sinister bulb has begun flickering already. Have take a bulb and has done well, to good sure the disappointment as it has thought them goes to last bit it long that it has thought them. It is the good thing come with 10 reason the now feel that it could be them require enough the little of them.
5 / 5
Measure: 1 Bandage loves it. Arrived first of time also. Ordered this for mine 2016 Chevy Malibu. A light at the head of inner map is directed, but a light of dome (rear) was 't likes one contrasts like this have ordered this to substitute some the rear lights and I have to that say looks wayyyy better! It has substituted also some lights of dish of the licence also and looks to surprise. I produce it adds!
5 / 5
Measure: 1 Band has Bought these does the month for mine 2013 Deep Civic EX and 2010 Toyota RAV4 Sport. I have substituted my map, dome, trunk, and lights of dish of the licence with these in mine Civic and a map and lights of dish of the licence in mine RAV4 (different measure for a dome and trunk, which have ordered). Stunningly Shining and beautiful. Any subject like this far. People that is coming to my car has loved a colour of a light and a brightness. To good sure a upgrade the value that does for any vehicle and I recommend to use these bulbs.
5 / 5
Measure: 1 Vendar has had doubt roughly taking t10 leds of the mine compraventa forward has not been like this add in fact years. The woman there is complained was too dim and has not been adds in a darkness. But after reading good descriptions in these t10s has think that will give it shot it. It looks it has done them a right election. The look by heart adds and is brilliant!!! The woman has surprised that well the look and any complain! Very happy with a compraventa and now the leaves sees what time will last! =)
4 / 5
Measure: 1 Installed Band in new 2018 Deep apt and average of one lighting maintains to blink randomly when gone back on. One of them will not turn on at all a lot @@subject that the side installs it. Also car informing error with has DIRECTED installed. With which some google the investigation found east FOCUSED not having properly CANBUS. Tried with another mark FOCUSED with just cost the little bucks more and no such question.
4 / 5
Measure: 1 Band produces Really well, really brilliant and easy to substitute. Generate any heat compares to regular bulbs so many is in prize.

Produced for real well, is Brilliant and simple truth to substitute. They do not generate Of the heat has compared to the regular light bulbs that is very positive.
5 / 5
Measure: 1 Band Modifies

A lot unfortunately has had to go back and update. These no longer have been a brilliant plus to the equal that have had has said previously. Now less than half the year later has two ossia flickering. Now usually that the would not be the enormous shot but has used these to substitute my lights of factory in my group of pinch. No an easier thing an attractive my pinch averts and pull my group to substitute these low quality LEDs. It does not squander your time with these, has abundance of better alternatives on here.

The product was described like this that. I used him to substitute a factory incandescent bulbs in mine gauge group. My gauges cleansing of way of the look and more brilliant and done a vehicle looks newer looking in my clean new lights well. They are not a brilliant plus 194 LEDs has purchased but has had quality of start and solid build by heart well to the equal that am happy with them.
4 / 5
Measure: 1 Bandage These am awesome and is excredibly the hot economic prize the partorisca my e46 m3 for my interior very a lot of target of brilliant of light build is very good and big quality

has dipped 1 in mine intermittent so only to see like law and of then these are directed they where always on while one transports was was with a low corrected take it never really turned 100 was but in a turn of interior of Intel turned in

will buy again if need be!
5 / 5
Measure: 1 Vendar are a bit décu car j has 4 light bulbs of the sud lucida plot that no longer does already . Has last roughly Joins week. It touches all his another does still and the luminosity is very good .L sends The summer rid the time quickly. But it Touches lucido prize j have apprecier qu have all the same show. j Would want a lot If c is Possible in ravoir 4 gratuitamente he c is possible.
thank you For your comprehension.
4 / 5
Measure: 1 Band Wow, like this brilliant the same help me see better in a car in brilliant sun! Some original bulbs ( has tried the when it has substituted so only a) look yellow and does not leave you to find anything. These are like this white and brilliant that feels like the new car, likes I pimped mine 13 old years Toyota Sienna. For a way, the Toyota Sienna 2004 or 2005 will use 8 of these lights for an interior that lights... Some lights for an engine is and the funds of the door of the passenger is of the different type (30mm with pointy contacts in both ends) and a light of trunk is also the different type (28mm with pointy contacts in both ends).

Top Customer Reviews: Interior Car Lights ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Súper Happy with this compraventa. I LOVE these lights! They look partorisca surprise, and was very easy to install, took so only roughly ten minutes in mine Dodge Load. An application is surprising too much and very easy to take and use. Also it has the far like this calm does not have to that disorder with your telephone if you do not want to. 100 percent recommend this product, will be partorisca buy more partorisca use in my truck! :)
4 / 5
Work really well like this far my boys really enjoy to touch with an application and changing some colours to to an only thing does not like is some bosses am not a lot of calm time quite has to that be creative when in his current to a rear chair also some bosses are drawn to run down a centre of your vehicle that is difficult to do in the pickup truck when a chair forward is the bank would owe that be well in the car with to console in a centre.
4 / 5
A product has arrived Like this fast and has installed a product. The lights are very brilliant and a mic is very sensitive the same pickup like a tongue and the party of lights concealed. So only that the surprises love it. An addition adds and run better a short of port USB that they are to add like this compared to other products that block a lighter of only cigarette in mine car
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Enough well car lights. A 3M tape is not like this sticky to the equal that would like to be. 2/4 it sells they were in fact sticky. Some bosses for each band are to good sure long enough to achieve some rear chairs (2017 Mazda 3). Some works of application of the Android well, was able to control each appearance of him. I tried it on an iPhone but a mic fences in of the roll of the sensibility has been cut has gone by one in keys of screen. It is to remark that a music sync partorisca east is based out of the microphone of your telephone. Like that sensibility has dipped he in, can choose on swipes in a street (holes of pot). In general the good cost for a prize.
4 / 5
Uses him of 4 weeks and work three well. The adhesif is is not famous, 2 gives 4 have staccare the cause of the heat of the sun (temperature exrerieure of 28°c) in some hours. Has use of the Tape of the gorilla of games of double face to dip them in place and ca join me more redécoller

would have amour that the interface of the application the sud cellular was looked the he apparance of the télécommande. It is a bit along looking for without lucido paper that develops
4 / 5
Shabby to expect the not being able to use adhesive band (any 3M) and will be good.
HAS like this tack like the sticky note.

Installed in a SUV in roughly 10min.
I boss has joined each band by means of has drilled holes in a paneling and another something available. Easy.

Does well and is a lot has done. The sensibility of music is well. Has a sensor quite prójimo to the speaker.
The options read are well.
Far is well, typical.

The application is good but I wont use. It has limited work. Any security in some lights means any in row could operate him with an application. It looks own of this type of devices this in spite of.
Wishes a boss for a boss of optical sensor was several diverse thumbs longer. This would give people much more options of installation. It has been he is to exit well for me but other 3 thumbs would have been gains for better placing in a vehicle.

In general, a way abordable to add the wee has bitten of fun to an interior!

Looking takes the pair more home likes down couch, down law, for behind television.

The box of product is comical with a lot of spelling and of the errors of impression.

Am giving these four stars in place of five for product inaccuracy regarding one '3M tape' any when being any 3M marks tape and a period of boss of optical sensor.
5 / 5
These lights are perfect. Quite brilliant to enjoy but any súper brilliant that does to drive at night horrible. It is in fact really well at night. Has mine under a knee bolsters and down some chairs. Some bosses are súper long and durable together with a band this in spite of an adhesion could be better but this depends the one who material is by train for the apply to. I have bought a 6 band and some cords are to spare yearn a taxi of crew with a console to centre when being a source to be able to. They are trace a receiver to a headline of cup and routed a main power to a console and has there is has not had questions with a cord that is too fat to close a console. The way of music is kinda jank but I use Turns all a time. I produce it adds to add your own personal touches to the your rig! It has dipped 2 down a pinch facing rear and 2 drop an engine and the chair of passenger that advance of faces and 2 behind some chairs facing rear to some the rear chairs and they light fantastically. It has not had a subject with them at all except some cords too many long but I quite have also that any enough. There was for the month now and any subject. If the source to be able to likes in of my chance is 12v hot at all times, remembers to turn lights! The far works are.
4 / 5
The product is well. I have installed on cup of origin and a brightness is satisfying. The desire was bit it more brilliant. Also wish a setting of audio would flash in a colour more than changing is by means of everything of them. Also in a gencoupe the didnt considers my noise of the terrible cabin like an audio is chosen constantly up. Also a 3M adhesive is the rubbishes has done well for my placing of rear chair but has had to them buy zipties and súper glur for cars for an advance of chair that plants. Also wish some bosses were bit it longer like could hide them boss down carpet but the able era to ziptie bosses against some holes in dashboard and around tape to seat so the is not never be in my way of passengers. A gencoupe 2010 is quite small also like this would take them this the consideration for big sedans and suvs
5 / 5
arrival to require glue of gorilla to adhere some band, and some works of far control likes him half a time (perhaps need the new battery) an application is class of painful having bought him and situated him in 3 separate vehicles, would be well could pair to the ours together own, and could be more brilliant, but once a glue of gorilla is exited, an installation was easy. The prize was well, but feel likes has taken that pays for 😒
5 / 5
the product was súper easy to install. It has taken one 6 light one and bonds of the zip used for all 6 of a glue backing was useless. How it is a far, but an application is sum .
The lights are súper brilliant to the equal that am happy has the dimmer. For some reason an application thinks cyan is yellow, and yellow are so only love some products have adapted so only. The desire could choose which paints the together work (the incumplimiento “3 dipping “ by heart is red, green, 'd prefers lived, ascended, cyan)
the bosses were totally long quite like this the installation was both easy and invisible.
The desire has had an option of any 12v or propiciado by USB.
Good product for a prize but I can maintain my eye was for something bit it more programmable with the option of USB.

So that a totally screwed on on rids - mine 2 delivery of the day suddenly turns to 5 MINIMUM of day without explanation to the equal that have ordered the second a (required he for a weekend) which has arrived punctually. Stuck with a prime minister a (which has arrived 4 days later) which do not think can return.

Top Customer Reviews: LUYED 2 X 900 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 18 ratings
5 / 5
A bulb constantly loses the connection and any light . With which have installed some bulbs, after the pocolos small some lefts DLR the light there is prendido partorisca do. I have taken a headlight was and has moved a bulb while an engine still has run. Light. Then, again, the closure was. Has has substituted sockets of bulb, has thinks that was faulty. But still it take a subject same. I then changed right bulbs and accidents and now my right side no permanently, has meant one of some bulbs has the poor contact. I am spent too much time that looks for to imagine out of that was a @@subject and now is too late partorisca return them. Any happy with the cost.

Modification: I have contacted a vendor and after confirming some details, sends the pair of substitution of bulbs of mine. I took him today, and I have substituted once a faulty bulb, so much DLR has lit. A service of client was partorisca add, any complaint here.
5 / 5
When you Go of expensas for him has DIRECTED partorisca light for your calm vehicle mostly expensive two extreme ends of a spectre. One when being economic lights that it is also complete crap and calm place in fear of in some llamas your vehicle to an earth. Another group is 'big final' overpriced lights that it order of sides of the magnitude more than his well. These lights are the sum of half earth . They look partorisca be of quality quite decent and in fact have the better creation that a Phillips bulbs of Vision according to which light dispersion, but in 60 of a prize.
Has dipped these in mine '99 Chevy Suburbial (GMT400 program) and is IDEAL for this application because these vehicles signal some bulbs directly out of a taillight assembly in place of lateralmente. This bulb dips out of light adds in all the directions. They are especially utmost for some lights of backup.
Has has ordered already another together and slowly to use in a place/of brake of the turn also.
5 / 5
The cost of quality adds. Has any light callejera where alive, and always behind on my truck 99 anywhere. Mina @mine @subject the big plus lit up to now, without heavier mods. I recommend these, simply reasons some FOCUSED is covering almost a whole external shell and lentil of tip of the projector. I have had so only previously some finals of tip in a place an old plus, is worthless compared to these some.

Pic 1 - has COMPARED a two with which phases forward, any a lot of difference

Pic 2 - the unit FOCUSED Older has broken in two the scrolling

Pic 3 - the side that profile of lights, a lot quite required then some right advances that light. Enormous noticeable difference.
4 / 5
Roughly 3 to 4 times like those shines that incandescent some have substituted. It has taken old vs new photos. A a pic with both has old in a legislation, new CONCENTRATED in an accident. All pics is entirely unedited, taken in the Samsung S9 more. This description is not sponsored. I have bought these with my own money, does not have any report with a company or Amazon. I have tried the together different before these, was junk. These are well. The only thing can not comment on is longevity.
4 / 5
I have bought these few gems to spill some light in the relatively dark situation and the spice on my life when revoking. Very hot damn, these bad boys do not disappoint . After the fast and painless installation, is resulted some lights in my cochera, dipped the clave of street to dip a way and has reopened immediately a cochera like smokes was the a lot of for a person in the space has limited. After the pocolos small to air out of a cochera has decided to try again, this time that use him cover he of my woman in sentsy day before in place of a clave of street. I then jumped to a chair of engine, dipped a brake of park for security and has turned a key to help so it can move my vehicle to revoke without again fill my little space of work with harmful exhausts smoke. My heart has run of a sheer emotion that has been it for takes place. As I have taken the pocolos respites, moved to reverse and BOOMS! OF THE NOW shone behind in me as if to say me has done the investment adds a day has situated an order for these few beauties. -And ossia exactly the one who these bulbs are. A good investment for any the one who is looking for something concealed is more brilliant that any stock bulb can take of Source of Part.
4 / 5
Has has wanted to really these to do except neither one has done. I have tried each possible way in chance that any seated or polarity if any to consider.
Neither one of two wine on. Substituted my original bulbs and any subject.
Will update if the vendor has the fast and easy solution. I do not want to maintain that it takes my light box averts like this for a prize I need these to do and also does well.
5 / 5
Installed in 2007 Suburbial Daytime running lights. Fantastic Easily two brilliant times . The picture has uploaded any brightness justice.

.UPDATE 14 month down 15K the miles and one has died , Can be the 'lemon' but the one who knows . It comes from a plus and see
Update 17 month and some second dead persons... No the Reverse
5 / 5
4 / 5
It classifies of mediocre.
Has bought 4 lights - 2 for turn signal/of brake and 2 for reverse lights. Never done a lot the difference for turn signal/of brake and has done bit it better difference for reverse. I guess an only on side really (assuming some controls of qualities on) is that I do not owe that me worry roughly changing them for the moment Be
5 / 5
in 2015-2017 F150 for almost 2 month
Extremely brilliant bulbs almost the brilliant, light a house of together 100' was
Highly recommend these bulbs vs some of an economic plus some

Top Customer Reviews: Philips 1156 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
5 / 5
Originally It Was the bit partorisca confuse to know the number of model has required as it looks these numbers of the model is concrete the Philips, but was happy to find the characteristic of finder of the bulb in Philips put web that has the data one the response has required.

As it has expected once installed partorisca do perfectly

has found this useful information pleases paste an useful key down. Thank you!
5 / 5
Has bought these partorisca substitute the burned has light pipe in mine 2014 Tacoma - some lights are usually the strong oranges-yellow of a factory; resembled a description partorisca these Philips bulbs. With which three months of use, a yellow/orange has maintained has the turn to the straw is exited yellow, grieves discernible of a real headlights beside them. Dunno If these are knockoffs or as, but expect more than Philips bulbs.
4 / 5
Has looked for OEM bulb of substitution partorisca my indicators of lights lateralmente of Mercedes. Has AMG Mercedes CLK 350 2009 and has had only substitution reverse light bulb but with another mark which has not been satisfactory. I have found in of the blogs partorisca Favours that Philips the bulbs are more afterwards to an original bulb of automobile. Packing Of a bulb has not been until mark. It was a lot of that the bulb was any harm in traffic. Installing rear lights of the favours is not easy. You owe that take out of a whole assembly of external bulb partorisca obtain access to any bulbs. I have substituted bulb and intensity of light is not pertinent. Work partorisca time partorisca be but does not match the original lights. I have had more expectation of the mark like Philips in bulbs. Recommend these bulbs so only partorisca the provisional fix for Mercedes.
4 / 5
A pocola researches and help of the tool of car of the amazon there have been feeling quite sure that this would do to substitute the light dead brake -- and has done!
Has read is wise to change both bulbs although so only a dead east how was happy that ossia he 2 -band.
Youtube There Has been the video of pair on like this to access a bulb for my car and in roughly 20 total of small, has had both bulb in, tried, operation, and all has retreated a lot of neighbour like new.
Good prize for some tonnes + of bulbs of $ $ saved to do a transmission I = very happy camp.
4 / 5
These are some right bulbs for my car. They are some filaments of stop/of row of combination .
Very brilliant and well has done.
Has arrived in 2 good days have packed, undamaged.
5 / 5
These bulbs would owe that last the long time. I have changed all my lights of signal and Im very happy with some results! They look to be spent able he in any way, but has done the note like an old bulb is start and dip a new some in a same way, master . Utilisation the clean cloth to resist a new bulb when installing.
5 / 5
One of some filaments has broken with which two months. My car has two bulbs for side like this substituted both in June. Taken the opinion in August that a same light was was. Opened the on again and one of the filaments of a bulb had broken directly up was. Another east well. I have bought another two and will see what hard time .

Likes another has said that it was bit it difficult to find a right part numbers like this do a pocola researches first extra to purchase.
5 / 5
To the equal that has described. I have installed these in a 2013 c300 benz. They are slightly more brilliant that some original some. His plus of the warm light. Desire philips has done some Xtreme white some to pair with my low and big beam bulbs. But in general, I am them happy with this compraventa and would buy again.
5 / 5
Has installed these light bulbs of row in prompt November 2019 and one has burned was after so only three month.
5 / 5
Installed these to mine utmost after installing. Remarked finally the turn was and taken whitesih yellow after the month or so much.. I will owe that go the Ford trafficante and take OEM substitutions.. I owe not having cheaped was.

Top Customer Reviews: Fahren 9005/HB3/H10 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
I have installed some lights in the Subaru Outback, and is extremely brilliant, good white light. 9005 (big Beams). In a Outback, a light beam was really well, has gone enough further compared with OEM lights. Unfortunately, because a Outback uses some big beams has DRL lights, ran brilliant was full with less than voltage. Begun to take few big people beaming me, has had any another election that takes and install more expensive and no like this brilliant halogen lights. I wish some company would come up with ready bulb to relieve DRL and turn for the half a LEDs or dim him. The amazon has said lights for a Outback, but really would owe that be saying they any (big beams).
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. It has loved experience of only action. I have had halogen bulb previously, which was quite dull so that it was them having hard time to be in a street during time at night. I installed him to mine 2k18 Chrysler Peaceful, which returns in there very perfect. You can see in video that the one who brilliant and clear is. They were very easy to install, so only maintain imports that are by train to install them on right corner otherwise would have the different aim that need.
5 / 5
For a prize, law without any subjects in mine 2019 Kia Niro. Any canbus errors to be seen and is extremely brilliant compared to a stock halogen some.

A subject only has with these bulbs is that to any subject like him rotate his, can not take the clean beam and uniform in a street. There is some annoying streaks of light bit it everywhere and some the something dark in some places in front of a car.
Now this is not one the fault of products because a subject is more probably a fact that my car has projectors and no reflecting. A bulb with more than chip or one with the front that expensive the chip focused is probably the better idea for the clean model with projectors.

Still very satisfied with a product, in spite of a lack of uniformity, is undeniably the most brilliant way that stock!
4 / 5
Has dipped these in mine 2015 Subaru Outback and is utmost, certainly better that a halogen this was in there. Ossia Mine 3rd near of a Fahren the bulbs have purchased and wants to him all and is still in service without questions in mine 2 cars. Certainly I will buy more when required and wholeheartedly recommend them to any concealed loves the neighbour adds big lights or low beams or both.
4 / 5
In the first place everything, some lights were the together complete , big beam, low beam, and lights of fog for the 2015 Deep Sport in consonance. The installation has been time eating more than anything. Unfortunately with has has directed the bulbs owe that be directed correctly, otherwise a model of the beam and the light transmission will not be pertinent, in habladores subject with your own lighting, and also coming engine. Felizmente These lights are adjustable, but is time eating and test and error, especially with the lentil of projector, as it can not visualise a bulb in a house of reflector. I find some bulbs give pertinent light, but has has had bulbs more brilliant in a past, mainly like this Hid is. The law has hid more like the halogen, more and game, but there is also drawbacks with Underlying is also. It would assume so that the technology improves like aftermarket has DIRECTED is. Automakers With the factory has DIRECTED is in his vehicles are obviously upper to a aftermarket some, but how is a cost . @In rodeo these have DIRECTED the look of bulbs to be of construction of big quality, the longevity can not answer to arrive to this point, brightness, is in 7/10. Again the installation is so only to the each vehicle. I buy again? Yes based on quality, action, cost, and correspondence with a vendor.
4 / 5
Dipped him in mine 2010 GMC Invernadero Denali, has had less and hids first in of the llamas out of ballasts and bulbs any stop, changed to these, insanely brilliant and never take flashed in a street when has my low beams on, the big beams are insanely brilliant, had him so only in still the weeks of pair now so that I am not sure that the time will last but if yours that spends for very different concentrated headlights in the amazon a lot included thinks two times to buy these some, delivery down more directed headlights has has not had never.
4 / 5
A bulb and creation of leaves of ballast for installation the Hyundai and Kia concluded headlights. Another has DIRECTED the bulbs have required the different discharge or trimming to return.

A Fahren access of bulb inside a headlight enclosure and has left one covers to close like this normal. I am spent more the time that read that spent was that in fact changing a bulb.

Normalised of the beam and the light start have surpassed all the expectations. It would not doubt to buy a 9006 version for big beams.
5 / 5
A brightness of these lights is likes on duty prejudice to the day. Sad has not discovered this albiazul CONCENTRATED lights more collected. Marcos this yellow type some like this inferior. LeGustado His so much, spent 2 insiemi different, a place to regulate and one dips big beam. Bought one regulates months of diverse place this in spite of doing perfectly. One breaks the instal. Very satisfied with this extracted. Highly recommended.
4 / 5
Have it sud of mine joins mazda 3 2016, these leaves excepts that has been able to his lights of question owe that his lights of edges of day with his decree of has done..More than light of 'this that he problè'a bit not saying...
4 / 5
These lights DO not RETURN mine 2010 Ram1500 Lariate. Some tabs that lock to a headlight the no returned house . They allege to be a estandard' returning but is not . Also some tabs of lock of cords to be able to does not match one covers of factory. Like this although you were to grind down some tabs in this new mark headlights to do them is returned yours housing you still has to that electrical tape some connectors to resist them neighbouring. Alot Of extra messing around for something concealed alleges tobe discharges and game.

Top Customer Reviews: SEALIGHT 168 194 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
legustado was a quality and a prize. Lame 10 partorisca a prize of 2 elsewhere.
5 / 5
A lot of lighter that stock bulbs and the good tight access in a socket, many some bulbs in mine RAV4 the thesis of use has substituted him like this all …
Now is a test of time, that time has had to,
4 months later update …
the bulbs are beginning the flicker and the stop that read,
is junk any no spent never again,
5 / 5
to the product adds 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
5 / 5
has Liked him a look of these bulbs - very brilliant and easy to install
4 / 5
has bought these like the band of 10 reason have been chosen well.
Did not expect Him partorisca be súper brilliant partorisca a prize.
Installed the on my RV lights of bookmark and look utmost and work well in this application.
4 / 5
Súper Brilliant, any @@subject at all !
The product adds !
5 / 5
These are good and brilliant, the pure white colour, the look adds in 2014 Sienna. Súper Easy to install and has had any subject with them of then. Shopping again.
4 / 5
Any so it describes in some pictures, has had to that return them reasons the wasnt happy with a turn
5 / 5
of quality properly, but no like this brilliant likes some of another some. Of confidence also.
4 / 5
Substituted OEM on Ford Explorer sidelights. These are more brilliant that OEM but have one odd pinpoint the different light effect that OEM. Doing by means of the lentil of amber of the factory of Ford looks yellower. . They Like him but no the appearances partorisca look exactly of a same. They are game and substitution to cover simple partorisca original bulbs and has been doing well partorisca some last are weeks of then installation.

Top Customer Reviews: AUXITO 194 LED ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
4 / 5
Colour: Amber Yellow Installed these in mine GLK350 in May, has taken the bulb was error in July. Sure enough, the bulb was was. No the big shot, has plots in a band, I only transmissions was, well? Ossia Where some questions have begun.

1. A glue that resists an upper trim coverage in planting any last, neither no quite applied or degrades with hot, as when it pull a bulb was, start, now have the little coverage of metal rattling around in my light house. The good regime that takes that it go without taking a whole assembly. Ossia The fatal defect . The normal use would not owe that do this fall of bulbs averts.

2. A trim the pieces in a bulb are painted, any anodized. A heat generated for these burns of bulbs on a product over time, leaving the lovely sooty coating inside your headlight house. Cela, also, is the fatal defect. These do not owe that they give to cause to other parts of your vehicle, but do.

3. Ways of failure - a bulb , in fact, resulted in the bulb was error when it die. It is partner in another side, this in spite of, to no. Likes the circuit that circumvents a CANBUS the bulb was the detection does not fail reliably when a bulb ceases light it. The big fatal defect big there, a bulb has warned is the looks of security concealed is kinda the good thing.

Even If these 3 fatal defects have not gone there, has had 2 data inside a past 6 month, which is still unacceptable. LEDs Is supposed to last more along that incandescent bulbs.

The summarize, these are terrible in of the multiple ways. No SHABBY.
4 / 5
Colour: Brilliant Aim the direct aim has has DIRECTED substitutions with the temperature to paint that is a next plus to the aim has not seen never of a FOCUSED. My VLEDS (pictured in a legislation) and another LEDs that has purchased on some years have neither the warm aim or fresco of white start. So only white master and ossia the one who this is.

These bulbs are quite brilliant. I have ordered 2 insiemi and has changed each bulb in a car and some dishes of licence. I have not had the big expectations of something priced like this down but after inserting a bulb of prime minister, has been impacted and a light start and colour.

Some of the mine VLEDs has failed 4 years in him like this looked for the substitution of economic quality. They are usually hesitant to purchase the Chinese products but these have treated better that some a lot of more expensive bulbs that has purchased with the temperature to paint that is in fact white.

In my photos, a Auxito the bulbs are in some lefts and VLED bulb of 2013 east in a legislation. I really wished Auxito would spend his along lineup in a place of EUA here. I require to change more bulbs!
4 / 5
Colour: bulbs of dish of White Licence for 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander XLS. They are very brilliant, well builds & simple to install. Any question is 6000K. Happy like this far, will update the description give to questions of knots.

In a 2nd picture will see an upper creation of these bulbs (sinister) has compared to a forward LEDs (right). Some the right bulbs were flickering and/or not lighting at all that assumes was poor connection. Some the new bulbs have the a lot of surface more orders for guaranteed connection in fixture.
5 / 5
Colour: Aim Very full light aim this was more brilliant that mine original incandescent RV bulbs. The a lot of done looks and with sturdy contacts. That have gathered to try to build more economic ($ for bulb of any one a more economic build that lemonbest with decent quality). I have tried also a Sirius has DIRECTED T10 and was a lot of builds but one 3030 SMD very exited quite a lot of light on my original RV bulbs. $ 2 For the bulb is the just prize . A brightness could be improved but think that precise to spend more in car signal light quality (3x cost or more)

A subject only after buying a neighbour is taking more sold was. Now while of more. Not To Squander you time with another master decently brilliant lights for an interior. It is not quite brilliant to substitute external car lights, but concealed is not my planned use.
4 / 5
Colour: White Better lights never! I have substituted all some light bulbs of dome in mine trailer of travesía and has done some lights of map in mine Chev Subruban. Shining and everything of them has done. 10/10 it will buy it to it again. Update: it has done some external lights in mine trailers with the second order. See my pictures of daylight, before and with which. Some people those who say does not act , They owe that be insertos a right way. The majority of time has had to try and turn them around. All Paint
4 / 5
done: Aim I so only recieved these today and is a lot, very brilliant and work perfectly! I dipped him in my lights of map and lights of dish of the licence (used this Phillips one for my light of dome, a colour matches exact). Has the aims/blueish colour, that can expect of a focused. Like this far look durable, feels solid in his resistant, but am not sure roughly the longevity like so only dipped the in today. They are slightly main that the normal 2825 bulb likes to be careful that will return. I expect that they can be of the -30° winters for a lisence flat. Highly it suggests these.
5 / 5
Colour: Aim These are equally like this well of to the the bulb likes him anything the esees has bought of to the the places Likes him to him Dynamic of Diode. Hard to believe you can take these a lot of bulbs of this quality for such the prize adds. I have substituted all some bulbs in mine 2018 Odyssey with these and look to surprise! Very brilliant. ALMOST white colour. There is anchors it the tiny bit of the blue boos to them but at all like this economic CONCENTRATED is concealed is available. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
Colour: Aim These are exactly that has looked for, and probably that it is also. They are some modern, crisp white colour that all the world is moving to and is a same measure esatta like small T10 bulbs so the utmost turn. A light start is stellar, to good sure the value bit it more money that an economic plus LEDs. I have required so only 2 but now I am happy to upgrade a car woman also. I reward it and that ships the speed was fantastic and a packaging is impressive, everything in this compraventa was a lot in satisfactory.
5 / 5
Colour: Aim in a process to update a otherwise dim the interior that luzca in mine classical 71 Cutlass. These are one writes 5 insiemi different have ordered to freshen on an interior. It has ordered it it has seated pm and arrival of next morning, stellar! All exited of a box. All but two record to the equal that are slightly main diameter that original when returning to a backside of a guages. I have found to the product bit it blue comparable to a $ 10 Philips has had to use in a Speedo in a legislation in a photo. But in $ 2 the bulb no longer can complain too much. You update once it sees it has had to that like other descriptions indicate the life has limited.

Update:: some boys in a Oldsmobile the club has seen my installation and asked to order some for them to update his dashes. Two of some cars that goes to feign Toronto next Weekend. Hopefully You all does. Ordered the boxes of half dozen. Everything is inner looked 24 hours the Sunday. Xlent!
5 / 5
Colour: Aim These bulbs are brilliant, each works of bulb only and is roughly a same measure that halogen the substitute of bulbs, as they return down everything of some coverages read. With which 2 months in 2 different cars, has not taken any subjects with fuses, codes of car error or anything more.

Remarce: If you go to install this bulb and does not light , calm probably needs to revoke a polarity. Attractive just he out of a socket, gone back he 180 terracings and discharges he behind in.