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Top Customer Reviews: Mongolian Death ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
I am biased to some films like this and ossia the a lot of one. A character of advantage is enthusiastic,entertainment and
is easy to like.
A female doctor spends way too much time when being the saint but is a lot of también.un the bad type has some lines add and is also a lot of likeable.
Some effects of creature are well .

Top Customer Reviews: Close Encounters Of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Has a LaserDisc, DVD, Blue-ray, and now a 4K emission of this film. Down it is some observations after looking the yard of a Manager of a 4K edition.

No the alone format of these looks of good film. Some colours are washes was and the heavy grain is prevalent.

There is Blue-rays (and included Dvdes!) Of film in a @@@1960s that look so better that this. They use a wrong film behind in 1977? Any one any note? They do not look a dailies?

The yard of a Manager is severely be bogged down partorisca aim way too much of some questions familiarised with Teri Garr and some boys. Taking a lot tiresome that tries to seat by means of this long section of a film. Perhaps Spielberg has on grown in the dysfunctional situation familiarised, reason some families portray in his films are not never harmonious, and is frequently houses of alone father.

The future buyers can also clave with a DVD of this film, and partorisca avert the yard of a Manager.
5 / 5
Ossia One of a better spielberg film never, and wine after a success of jaws. His perhaps one the majority of believable the aliens fulfil the humans films there and was groundbreaking at the same time partorisca his analog special effects. It is in a level of 2001 the spatial odyssey but maintains conventional ad storytelling. In brief, Contact of mark of the aliens with humans and invite some psychically partorisca come to the plan of special landing. A modern workingman is finds the compulsion to in any one goes existentially touching, Insightful with some legislations of small touches of comedy also. This 4k uhd hdr the disk unfortunately tip the one who toneless a negative original east. I ask the one who a source is/ was. His thin and grainy, more can do. It is not partorisca like a criterion laserdisc of a prompt 90s when a negative was so only on 10 years. This in spite of a hdr the colours and contrast is blissful. This was partorisca know partorisca be the colour one differently has lit spaceships etc is in full glory. A hd the soundtrack is decent although I always found a music tobe mid fi on purpose. I give a visuals 4 out of 5 and audio 4 out of 5. Theres All 3 course of a film here but any very extra. An only valid and súper interesting aliens-fulfil the film of humans is 2016 Arrival...
4 / 5
Classical film the must has but has a Blue-ray I any upgrade to 4k version as it would not see a difference unless they were side -for-side like both have a clue of same audio. A lot disappointed reason would owe that it has had Dolby Atmos or at least DTS X of then is Spielberg film. The grain of film is the little smoother with HDR if your supports of television. I recommend his place to neural X if you are decoder sustains it so that it will actuate tall canals and he the quite good work with him finds done the big difference and the helps add that it fails in some tall canals.
4 / 5
Lucido Video of transfer 4k is for the moment of pair of quality meso lucido the film is granuleux(NOISE)and the content of the coffret 40ieme the anniversary is not the the height of the coffret b,ray 30ieme anniversary that the poster comprised joined of the film as well as a collector of book of 35 pages. It touches it joins edition 40ieme anniversary this coffret lack of the content and the image is disappointing,very disappointing.
4 / 5
Of course a film is the classical, but honradamente a 4K upgrade/remaster was horribly done both for visual and sound. In my opinion there is no better state that QUALITY of DVD, and certainly is not the value that buys for the 4K disk. And they are a audiophile and visual-file with crew of big quality. It has had to be sincere. It would not spend never extra money for a 4K remaster.
5 / 5
Has loved this film to substitute my dvd has had for years,any to mention is an excellent film to look . A clarity of the picture still can be slightly grainy, but this has to that do with an age of a film and a capacity limited of the take like this clear like current film 4k emissions.
4 / 5
Very disturbed that one produces has not been announced like the Region 2 dvd to the equal that can does not touch in my device. It would be me cost so much to send it behind for the repayment as I have paid for him in a first place. Taking a lot wary to order dvd was Amazon!
5 / 5
5 / 5
One of my favourite films of all the times - captures a 80 is in all his glorious splendour while saying an of some classical mysteries of humankind - is the intelligent life was, does not discover never, and that when we know. Spielberg Imagination together with sounds to comprise of human interactions, remained with some capacities of squads of whole production Next Meetings an all time classical form of entertainment of big screen.
4 / 5
Classical Spielberg film. A Blue emission of the ray of all these versions has looked to surprise and any needs to upgrade to 4k. This in spite of a HDR finds ads some depth to a picture, and also happy all some versions of a film are present here.

Top Customer Reviews: Librarian: Quest ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
Thank you It touches the rapidity, lucido the container is partorisca arrive in good condition. He no Like this difficult state of the open. They are happy Of cost of mine.
5 / 5
The condition of the piece is perfect!!!
Thank you!!!
4 / 5
Utmost adventure. Nizza The clean entertainment can look with a whole family. Not even any tongue of course.
4 / 5
Good film for a series of Librarian, there is Enjoyed all 3
4 / 5
An addition my library of DVD (any pun feigned) partorisca be looked while it wants to.
Bob Newhart are adds to look.
5 / 5
Admits that I have discovered in an Investigation of Librarian For One Launches by means of seeing A TV of Librarian the alike series like an ad in series of TV of the Castle that am spent to see in TV (like the result by means of the investigation has related to a TV the series has found this film and was intrigued). One Researches of Librarian For Some stars of Spear Noah Wyle likes Flynn Carsen. Carsen Take offered the labour interview in a Metropolitan Public Library and his life is dramatically has changed one decides to go for an interview. It is extremely close his mother Margie (Olympia Dukakis) the one who is rooting for him to find the romantic report and the stable work. Charlene (Jane Curtin) and manager of fellow library Judson (Bob Newhart) goes advance and hire Flynn Carsen for a place of librarian. A work that Flynn Carsen is assumed to finalise to be included better that attended. It discovers that the woman for a name of Sonya Walger (touched for Nicole Noone) is assumed to protect with which is sent the mission to recover behind Destiny of entity Launches flown of a library. It finds this was with which a tentativa in his life of a meeting has seen a Serpent of members grupal of the Fraternity of Lana (Kelly Hu), Wheels (David Dayan Fisher), and Edward Wilde (Kyle Maclachlan).
5 / 5
Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle) Asks one opening for the librarian. It does not have a fund for-say but nevertheless impresses an interviewer Charlene (Jane Curtin) and takes a work. Driven by means of a library for Judson (Bob Newhart) finds that there is the plot more to a library that one would guess.

Flynn Ingoia to take his cost wets when to vital spear (Spear of Destiny) the part has been pilfered for the mysterious harm has hurt. Now it have to that learn his work OJT with a help of a far stoic woman (like him not having never such the thing). A mission is to obtain a rest of one spear and not leaving a bad to hurt the gather.

In September of 1912 Adolph Hitler in a Hofburg Museum. Hitler later said '... It seats like this I had resisted the leading some century sooner of history. Cela I I has had has alleged the once like my talisman to be able to and has resisted a destiny of a world in my hands ...'

I entertainment has had with east a. It can not believe a taken like this people to do like this things. Bob Newhart an excellent ex-marine. Like A never taken Olympia Dukakis to say his lines with the straight face does not smoke never. Material this in fact is the project partorisca out of actors of work; but works for me. Sonya Walger The work adds for any without the record of long clue.

This is to be aim the little time in television. This in spite of a DVD Contains the a lot of scenes of emission.

Would say that ossia the fun way to spend time. I really doubts if it do not result never the series.

Top Customer Reviews: Horror Express ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
Yeah Ossia The film adds sum Christopher Law and Peter Cushing in the train with an ancient creature and the little bit of a thing launched in there yeah ossia Telly classical utmost Savalas like the Russian czar having a time of his life the one who loves you creature
4 / 5
Ossia an exceptional looking blue ray th the supplement is not bad also has the plot but the majority of a time his information repeated in the peter cushing the woman is spent was, packaging like this always are adds of arrow, recommended to the partidários so only of to this film like him to him some that could find caseous.
5 / 5
The element adds, quickly, the nave priced reasonably!
Thank you!
5 / 5
Has purchased this element that expects the scrolling of good quality. The boy was deceived! It would not recommend this version to any one. Some colours are all has washed was and an image is terrible. It looks transfered he of the very poor video. A film is to add but beware this subject like a plague!
5 / 5
This was a good film , but has had some jitters and skips in him and a quality of sound was bad. It had purchased this dvd because has in VHS (which is vastly better in quality then a format of DVD. It was disapointed in a quality of this product.
4 / 5
Finally, with which decades of terrible scrollings, finally have an excellent edition of Horror Expresses. It calls any with an old edition on video or dvd to launch them and take this blue-version of ray. Really it is far better in general. A quality of picture is terrific and some extras are done also very good. Peter Cushing and Christopher Law is really excellent in this film. It is the picture of estimativa low but has the atmosphere adds and history. Any one defenders of horror will love this version!
4 / 5
Christopher Law and Peter Cushing was 'the best of enemies of screen' (to quote Read). As it is entertaining to see in the different class of film, as 'the horror Expresses,' the little hokey film of horror that is done on partorisca for some excellent and dominant actions creepiness. Calm never look in the fossil quite a same way again.

Professor Saxton (Christopher Law) uncovers the ape frozen-man in Cina north, and have it crated and uploaded in a Trans-Siberian Expresses. But after his mate Dr. Wells (Peter Cushing) bribes a man of luggage to peek inner, a man of luggage is expósito dead, with bloody white eyes -- and a fossil has gone. More arrested person of fall of the people to a creature before it is fatally shot for the agent of Russian police.

But early results apparent that a creature can be died -- but anything was arrived confine to move on to his next host. Wells And Saxton tries puzzle out of that is treating, while the fray crazy (Alberto de Mendoza) search to help an agent has possessed, in that believes to be Satanás. To the upper things was, the force of Cossack the soldate have arrived to treat a threat...

'The horror Expresses' is one of these films that usually would be B-notes everywhere -- able, but at all really memorable. A plot in the bodysnatching, alien that sucks the memory is kinda hokey. But it is a presentation that he the really interesting fact, with Law and Cushing like the pair of scientists, and the sense of mystery around the one who a creature really is.

And he all takes place in a limit of the train, which gives a film he claustrophobic feeling, as well as doing looks the bit like the version of horror of soyurder in an Orients Expresses.' Some rows of dialogue of beasts (' there is the stink of hell in this train!') To slyly satirical ('Except which of is a monster?' Soyonster? We are BRITISH, knows!').

Law and Cushing is some something brilliant in here, like this tended, scientific-imported Saxton and some friendly Wells, the one who maintains to rub Saxton a wrong way. It is interesting to see them like this allied ('partner' would be to press he), and some both actors give abundance of small details to his strong actions. Dracula and Van Helsing, is not . And Telly Savalas looks in brief like the swaggering, likable Cossack captain.

So much that it has been it able to exit, this neighbour is the dual blue-scrape DVD which is salvation -def , and has the interview of manager, an interview roughly Telly Savalas, an interview of audio with Cushing, the new introduction, a trailer, a Easter egg and... An interview in a McCarthy was. HUH?

'The horror Expresses' is basically the B-film with a moment feeble and usual solid, but some note-A talent that the interesting fact. Enjoyably spooky.
4 / 5
Seeing this film for some first time in 20 years taken behind. When it Was the boy remained on every night of Friday to look some adventures of Peter Cushing and Christopher Law, the horror Expresses always when being an of my preferred with some two legendary actors.

A film takes place in the train to accelerate after the tentativas of the character of Christopher Law to transport an ancient fossil in the big crate. As it results, an animal has not died as well as it looks and continuous in the murder spree. A plot is simple, easy to follow and is in fact quite so only. There are some lines add of Cushing and Law, so much that dipped in his typical excellent actions. Some rows of mussel of support of decent the poor, in typical prompt '70s way. Everything duquel the looks more bobos of an audio is clearly be on baptised (English and Italian). But it is far from a worse there.

Looking in a film now, has has aged clearly. A film is the little grainy with some aim speckles that explosions on constantly. It is distant A lot the smooth scrolling. Has on 40 years now and the film concealed has not had the treatment adds by means of out this period of time. This in spite of, resists on enough well with this easily when being an available better impression.

A film in my opinion resists one same pleasurable the entertainment like the film likes A Exorcist. Had a film not having a lot of some deserts that the , calculates would be like this good.

(This description is for some Means comunicacionales of Cult of Italian edition 960109)

Top Customer Reviews: Khadak ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5
The wave that bows, and atmospheric, ossia last partorisca take, subtitles so only with clue of the his, this film aims a clash among a nomadic way of life, and shamanic faith , and a modern industrial movement by means of these earths of villages, a lot moving, agreed how is spent in Tíbet,
4 / 5
Ein guter Film für Lieberhaber gives Mongolischen Film. Modern und Tradition prallen aufeinander in einem von give Chinesen skrupellos ausgebeuteten Tierra. It gives Haupt-darsteller macht eine Entwicklung durch, Man of data sprichwörtlich dip 'zurück zu gives Wurzeln' beschreiben kann. Letztendlich siegt Gives Geist über Harm Körper. It is findet ein Opfer für Quotes Gemeinschaft statt und man fragt sich, ob has given Opfer wirklich eine Hoffnung für quotes Überlebenden schafft. Trotz Gives gelegentlichen Längen ein beeindruckender Film.
5 / 5
[ n.b. - Some elements of plot mention in this description develops little more in a film that calms could read in a box of DVD, or to see the trailer... ]

KHADAK Is the incredibly beautiful, film that alcohol of swipes that will take a spectator to another world-wide - offered of the scarce ideas to the culture on the one who the majority of people in a West (or the majority of a planet, for this @@subject), I wager, knows a lot . The critics have called estunning' and 'beautiful and mysterious', and comparisons the Fellini has been done. A history is dipped a present day , but is rife with customs and of the faiths that goes back partorisca thousands of years. Using magic-time and realistic iconography-emotional, any-linear storytelling technical (which, for me, spent to import a work of would go Tarkovsky, Theo Angelopoulos and Nuri Bilge Ceylon, as well as Federico aforesaid Fellini), some managers submerge an audience to a history is saying - and while it is planted firmly in his place, has lessons to transmit to everything of us, if but attention of paralización and sinister lava on .

A centre of a film is Bagi, the young man the one who bolt with his mother and grandfather in a frigid steppes of Mongolia - his sheep to pack to survive and have little contact with an external world, although they are not unaware of his existence. A day his and his far-flung the neighbours are contacted for representatives of a government the one who informs him, with small ceremony, compassion or subtlety, that all of his animals are infected with a unnamed 'plague' and has to that be destroyed. Bagi' Family, together with some another in a zone, is to be forcibly relocated to half more modern and assimilated to some personnel there. Needless To say, ossia the traumatic turn of chance for these people - Bagi grandfather, for one, has the very hard time that accepts some terms and form of this sudden transmission in lifestyle.

Bagi, Learns, is @@@subject the visions of variable intensities, some meanings desquels is ignored his - thus subject, sees him without only scepticism but a bordering attitude on disdain. It looks to some traditional spiritual faiths of his people like picturesque and useless. The shamanism touches the enormous part in his lives - represented in a chance of Bagi zone for an old woman. Llama to for his familiar to cure afterwards among investigation of the stray sheep and is later found almost frozen the death. Some ceremonies and the treatments spends advances to return to the health is fascinating to look. With which recovers his consciousness and his force, informs that his ancestor are 'calling' his - recognises the interior joins the capacity has inherited that leaves frequent and intense contact with some alcohols that has gone before, as well as some potentials to be the healer and leader for his people.

Refuses These ideas initially, until several turns of chances causes to come to a realisation that one 'animal plague' is the hoax perpetrated for a government to force a relocation and assimilation of a nomad herding families. In his new city, that bolt with his mother and grandfather, Bagi takes the work like the carrier of topmast - now uses to motorcycle in place of the his beloved pony, which has had to leave behind in a field. A day fulfils the strong-willed, independent young woman the one who is prendido to fly coal - finds drawn to touch in of the ways that does not comprise . It is also the artist of action - an of one the majority of visually (and audibly) striking scenes in some centres of films in the presentation for this young woman and his collaborators / of friends.

Bagi Finally finds to believe more in his presents and developing his control of them, as well as feeling more and more obliged to use them to spend a truth of a situation to the long of the another relocated families, to the rally takes him anger and opone some lies have been said, and to promote them to return to some lives and some earths have known before. Like the result, comes to clash More the add and more adds with some powers - sees no only like the troublemaker and lawbreaker, but like any the one who is quite possibly mentally ailing or ailed with epilepsy (the history gives to quash his faith in his own spiritual presents). It comes to comprise that that says a truth sometimes accompanies of the big prize - but also that a truth is something to be able to and incalculable importance.

A film has an almost fashionable sleep seats his - but concealed would not owe that be taken to bad low'. It resists an attention of prime minister to last - striking iconography, both prendiendo and stunningly beautiful, adds to an effect of a history to a spectator. Some managers - I comprises ossia his first characteristic - has achieved the cinematic miracle with KHADAK. A film gives an audience the glimpse to the culture that is to a large extent ignored external of Mongolia, and a time said inclusa the history that has vital relevance for any anywhere in a world, with a potential to engender both value and force in a face of adversity and insensitivity.

Control out of the website of a film - there, can read more in a film, the still images view, read in a crew, as well as on some managers' projects immediately ( looks it will be partorisca stun also). KHADAK Is a calm experience neither will forget neither remorse.
5 / 5
Note: Against a 'the product Details' information this DVD is presented in Mongolian with English subtitles.

If it never has had the film that has taken felizmente an essence of a shamanic alcohol ossia a film . Released in '06, a Belgian Belgian/production 'Khadak' (meaning: A Colour of Water) transports an audience a lot so only to a far world, barren of some Mongolian steppes but to an interior, the archaic landscape has accessed so only by means of an elderly, shamanic practical of some traditional pastoral people of this region.

Unfortunately this is not the film that will attract the big, appreciative audience. Unless has the working knowledge of some elements of core of a shamanic worldview will have the difficult time that follows a storyline.

Precise things be familiarised with is the fully enjoy this film:

- Alcohol to Plant
- Ancestral dreaming
- Shamanic drumming
- Was-of-travesía of organism
- Alma retrieval

Also required is one comprising of feasible 'Doorways to a Otherworld' that leave the sciamano to travel to other plans of existence like the hole in an earth, or the mass of water. Any to leave out of one the majority of of entity of everything, an Albero Mondiale or 'Axial Mundi' is the centrical figure in this film and to lose his meaning is to comprise bad a centrical message of a film.

In that said that all that also would defy these unfamiliar with an archaic spiritual dimension to give 'Khadak' the try in all the chance. There is much more accessible storylines could enjoy like some political ramifications of uprooting some old ways with the modernity forced as well as the bittersweet idyll among a sciamano young Bagi (Batzul Khayanhyarvaa) and a beautiful Zolzaya (Tsetsegee Byamba).

Besides a storyline 'Khadak' is the visual gem complimented for the wonderfully the melancholy and that pursues the soundtrack fill with pathos and urgency that will pull an audience further to some films mystical landscape.

Postscript: it could not finalise my description without mentioning Tserendarizav Dashnyam the one who has touched an old shamaness instructing young Bagi in some ancient ways. It was perfect for a function!