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Top Customer Reviews: FBSPORT Inflatable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia partorisca me partorisca Relax in in some hot days. It is it is perfect partorisca small backyards with limited spatial
5 / 5
This big, the group of 82 thumbs is the good measure . It is quite big for some boys to drench in without resultant too big when it comes time for storage. Dipping it up was quite easy but use an electrical bomb that blew it on downwards 5 minutes. They do not comprise the bomb with this product and I do not recommend that they look for to inflate he with the manual bomb to the equal that would take for ever.

The look adds once is blown and full of water. Some wall is decorated amiably with dolphins coloreados, fished of turtles and plants, so only like in some pictures. Some wall of vinyl feels reasonably fat and sturdy like this the unit would owe that last for the moment. This in spite of, loses some air while into use. We owe that air of bomb in him roughly once or two times the week, as it is not too bad. In general, it is the good, sturdy, attractive swipe-arrive group for a prize. Marcos full of me!
4 / 5
Has opened to grieve a box and place of air in him has begun deflating. I owe that maintain refilling he with the air and he so only continuous the deflate. It can not find a cause neither. It will return. Rubbish.

Top Customer Reviews: Solstice by ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
The idea adds but the plastic parts do not owe that . Tried partorisca take the substitution and swimline will not speak with me because they are a costruttore . You can attractive very only to skimmer out of a group.

Top Customer Reviews: Bestway 54006E ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
The product arrived in a term of time resupplied and is the solid group
4 / 5
This group are partorisca add so that they require the place partorisca cool down and is unable to leave the group on seasonally. It gives support & deflates very quickly doing it easy to dip up in the opinion of minutes. A measure is perfect partorisca the small boy and 2 adults partorisca cool down in. It is lasted a whole summer without any questions, very durable.
5 / 5
Is lasted exactly 2 months before inferior coverage have begun partorisca lose air. The stays have inflated takes the day. It can find any leak. Installed level and in blockades of foam. No spent unless you want a bit there is it disappointed really boys because have has wanted to he partorisca some 2 months.
5 / 5
The quality adds, utmost measure! So only that requires partorisca take by means of of the this for state of 2020.
4 / 5
Has bought partorisca a month (does not use it daily) is broken now. My kido really disturbed in this🤷‍♀️
4 / 5
That is good utmost measure and quality perfect election

Top Customer Reviews: Swimming Pool - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Finally able to dip on a group partorisca a season. Some girls are hopping in an occasion partorisca go in.

Did not use It so it can not speak to a durability of him (the boys that traces in and was, sustaining in some flanges, some plastics T is this connects each bar & of flange of the leg)) but the looks adds like this far (writes the update writes on with which use).

Partorisca A 10ft the group has taken almost 4 1/2 hrs to fill (can be more the careers yes have more powerful inflow of water of the yours mainline)

does sure is on like this flat the surface like possible, likes group sag in a side that is lower. Calm ensure you dipped on a group the day where the has not liked the or watered as it can do a soft extra earth. If in it joins it to him to herb likes-the ours, would promote the tarp under a group & ensures the thin pieces of forests are situated in a base of the each leg, otherwise some legs will sink to a herb.
5 / 5
Loves our new group! A group “of boys” of perfect adult! We have had to build the frame and level with sand because our yard is not to level, but are adds! Some legs are by train to sink the bit because we do not follow of the instructions and there is not dipping the solid blockade or tile under a foot of leg, has not loved a flange of him to drill a group. 😫

On a sand we also dipped the piece of carpet down, as we will cut few blockades of forests and place under a carpet (under a foot) to fix! It follows instructions! A water is clear, clean, and has treated. We buy a judge of start of chemical box of Walmart. Ossia A perfect measure for our familiar to “living room” in in some hot days. At present 114terracings with the temperature of water of 86terracings so only of a heat of a sun and the solar coverage. It does not think this group is meant for the plot of rough house, he kinda movements like the bowl of jello when movement around too 😊
4 / 5
has Bought this product during time of winter and finally taken to dip up and the fill on top of then is been when yours typically expected to dip on the group. Found the holes of pair around a group and has maintained to filter out of a water of something of pair. It is frustrating bc is not easy to locate all some holes and is filtering was all the majority of a water maintains to fill up. It is not economic to fill also. Sent this description to a direct vendor and a lot anything roughly that. His response has been he has surpassed one 30 turn of day the period” and concealed does not note , the data is the seasonal and calm element can not expect run to these questions unless a group is dipped on top of a time of state. His solution was to send me video on like this to repair and patch on some holes and tears. Ossia Ridiculous bc the majority of or his east of a fund assumes. They are like this disappointed in this product and a vendor. I am spent almost $ 500 and more in waters to bill so only for the fill each day only. They could it has offered at least to exchange a product or the partial repayment. I have discovered one same one in Walmart or Canadian Tore sells for $ 180. It does not squander your money!!
5 / 5
So only perfect for our backyard. Weve Been that spends the together time.
5 / 5
This particular group was unfortunately too small for our family. (My failure) will try again next year.
4 / 5
Too expensive to not buying even with combo sees elsewhere included does not want to Reembolsarte a bit
4 / 5
good Service. It was too big so that it has loved partorisca. Contacted the with which some 30 days and any question have asked. We leave me to us to return an element.
5 / 5
Im Like this impressed with this group. It is coming exactly like this pictured. Thank you So much to a vendor. The delivery was quickly also.
Would suggest to order a coverage a same time. To good sure value each cent has paid! Highly recommended
4 / 5
A group liner is defective, a vendor has not done any tentativas partorisca solve a question with which two tentativas blamed it on on 30 chance of days has closed. Service of poor client. I will be escalating a chance
4 / 5
has Purchased this group last year. Mostly reason have not wanted to commit to the big on group of earth. Better decision never! Perfecto to try was held grupal. Quite big for the number of boys to enjoy they. Quite small to be easy to clean. We will use this group for at least 3-4 first years to feel a need the upgrade.

Top Customer Reviews: Intex 18ft X 52in ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
I have purchased one he 12x24x52' group partorisca $ 900. cdn Five years ago. It has not been that that goes in with the prizes of the amazon but look grossly on priced compared to a same product in Canada, $ 5000-7,000! In all the chance these am a lot well has manufactured groups and is not fooled for some four bars partorisca corner the movement in and has been like the group is has used. This leaves some slack when a water is sloshing roughly. Strongly it recommends that taken a group down every year and tent he out of some elements. Some pipes would not owe that remain was side as they will rust internally. We take our down the folds on forming that it can be opened in a half forward, final partorisca finalise and the next side and covered with the tarp and stored enmedio dry pertinent like the nave or cochera. We are not of the defenders of saltwater groups like this ours is full of water- partorisca touch ionised strait of a bib of external hose. We are not of the defenders of some plásticoes ladder this comes with these groups, too shaky, buy a stair in-group ladder of Amazon and love the, does not move once absorbs his sufficient water is canals . Our group has the sand-ish the base but use 1' 4x8 styrofoam on one bases how is available in home building centres of trade. It is not in accordance with coverages of plywood as it is not alway possible to maintain some joint partorisca burst up during a full initial, perhaps taping his with the strong vinyl the adhesive tape would help.
4 / 5
The product is coming sooner that has expected. A bit I last increasing some bars to some spaces of cloth. In general it produces really good. It can not expect dipped the on again the after state.
5 / 5
To has begun wants to remain me that this group is enormous, ossia the more a preparation is more than the entity been due to an earth has to that be level . I have used 4 course of sand together with 18 thumb pavers and 260 lbs of rooms for my saltwater system. It waters it it is resisting the clear crystal. The bomb is besides effective to arrive to this point. Súper Has Pumped in a build.
4 / 5
The value adds my last an in last in me 8 years. This new XTR the looks of model still last longer. Near easy on calm once take a level of earth . All the parts were there and has been I joint easily.
5 / 5
One of some characteristic has thinks that has taken was the programmable bomb that can dip to run the time has predetermined. It concealed it is not a chance. A bomb has to that be manually has begun each alone and calm time then can dip a period will run. I will be to change some bombs were for one can in fact place and forget. A ladder is quite wobbly same with my lean 7 year on that. Another that that, looks the group adds. We bough a version of the filter of the sand has read of then so many descriptions roughly rust of some saltwater groups. Mark sure control some poles to sustain often and maintain them directly. A pair of our poles of support is the little raven because it leaves to take attention while it has fill. Once it is full you will not be never able to straighten them without draining a group. Happy swimming.
4 / 5
Has purchased this group, and while fill one of some bars of vertical support there is spoilt on touching 8000 chevrons of water and bending multiple of some other supports and an upper bar. I have assumed I have had the lemon and contacted Intex. They have opened my entrance and has identified some pieces have required. Has thinks that that all was well, and would take my group has retreated up and that careers the days of pair. A week goes by and my entrance takes refused reason now need the picture (understandable, but the desire has been said in a start). The week of anther goes by and now discovers is refused again. This time because I require to send for behind half some vertical supports. Still I can not find an allocution neither can any one give any information. Once again reason could a lot this be specify in a process of guarantee of the start, and reason are I that paid for a nave of turn in the new product. After the multiple conversations with sustaining discovers a lot they was has some vertical supports to send was. They are now in 25 days that tries to fix my group, and I panic that the will not spend never.

I Amazon of contact for the turn, and is sending a lot in my house to choose on a group in 1 day for the full repayment. I have sent for behind the group, intex filter, skimmer, and solar coverage. In $ 1500 it concealed it goes to be now the disappointing battery of junk any one can use, and all have required was 2 vertical supports.

A bit consultor for any that looks for to file the chance of support. A first level of support can a lot of anything , and take your name for the manager to call you behind in 2 days. Well they quote 1-2 days. They are on day 3 this in spite of has not listened anything. Intex Really need to take there together of law.

Intex Has has lost permanently my subject, and to the amazon has tried once again shabby reason so to the equal that can they.

Regarding a group he. A frame is the holding of empty tube (8400 chevrons lb for chevron of water) 70,056 lbs. A weight is drawn to pull on all the sides of a liner, but is ineffective. Some corners are inserted so only to some sides and at all to maintain a form. A group is the headache . A better thing is a packaging . Some that is to return he to 2 big boxes. When you Are ready for the turn, will be surprised in a fact that there is now the way is going back in.

If Intex the support would have been better this can' sees in fact be the positive critique.
5 / 5
In general am extremely happy with this group. I have known a statement of 60 minutes to be ready for waters would be pocolas realistic. I took roughly 3 hours for me to gather a group. An only assistance has had has been there is had a holding of any extra on some long sides to the equal that has attached some beams of support. Some instructions of assembly of the filter is not like this clear and took roughly 2 and 1/2 hours to gather. While it fill I have been concerned reason some wall lateralmente was sagging enough the bit, but once was full a sag missing and is good and has taught now

Update :
He been the month dipped it of then on and some boys love it and use it daily. An only thing I highly recommend is adding a Intex autocleaner to clean a fund. Have has has not had to do a lot glimpsed on once has taken my chemistry of water in row (pH was down). I have used 200 pounds of the salt and my metre of salinity says are in 2700 ppm. There is there is not had to that skim or vacuum he at all thanks to a skimmer comprised and cleaner of car. It is virtually free interview further that controls a chemistry of water.
4 / 5
Has been excited to take this on and when being announce my grandkids has looked like this the youtube video on levelling an earth useing to spinning 2x4 and level that was it a lot. The group has been dipped up and wonderful until we have had the heavy to rain which has washed my sandy earth was under a group causeing the to sag unacceptably. Drained the And releveled, place 6x16 cinder low blockades each estaca and layered cloth of gorilla,then 3/4' spent to foam insulation together, and another discharge of gorilla liner on foamboards then tacked all together with 5' staples of earth of the landscape all seams and the staples were duct taped on. The group is now perfectly flat level , very comfortable to walk on and would have to that last for years! Alot More work and $ extra but thinks that was a lot of value él.un trick to take all a wrinkles and creases was is in useing the plunger of hule new, yes the start of plunger that submerges in a centre after partorisca crease when has 2'-4'of water and attractive to some laws of flanges!
Update 4/18/20 group is remained up during a winter useing to pillow in a centre with the winter tarp ensured by the boss and a plastic wrap concealed was reinforced then with duct tape. I drained A water accumulattion of winter with the hose of siphon and cut a plastic wraps and the tape was. It waters it it was clear and has been ready to go interior 1 day after being brominated ( expensive alternative plus to chlorine but any skin or annoying eyes) still awesome group.

Top Customer Reviews: Solstice by ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 16 ratings
4 / 5
Some looks of good product. An only beef has is that a hole partorisca the resist in a pole is quell'has bitten further the one who that is required.
So that far it has been it using he partorisca the month and is resisted up. Has the little tip of altarpiece in a front partorisca take this hard to take pieces in a fund grupal. It have been a lot it was reinforced with some aluminium but the little flex is a lot I supposition. It is quite expensive, ossia my only beef .
4 / 5
Has bought he to an end of August 2017, near of an end of a season to group here in Canada. Spent went it today for a first time to clean out of a group. Any leaf or anything have weighed to the excluyente and he have broken finally. Any happy like forward a last in fact a lot of years..... That is a guarantee is?
5 / 5
Fast description:
Looks quite sturdy and well has built.
Like this far is quite happy with this skimmer of leaf.
There is enough the few trees and have A lot of leaves like the result.
A grille of skimmer is quite small to take some small particles too many which is the real plus .
A zone of a skimmer is quite big and maintains a work like minimum.
Also could be used for skimming the hot tub.
Would buy another.
5 / 5
Has purchased:
Solstice for Products of International Leisure Hydro Tools 8039 Has to that the Professional skimmer Weighed of Leaf


Solstice for Products of International Leisure Hydro the Blue Adjustable tools Anodized At all-On Polo grupal Telescopic

and am happy with cost of mine because he that said it would do, is roughly like this as well as the appearance to be, sturdy enough, and hopefully last the tent of long time out of a sun. You recommend this compraventa.
4 / 5
Are by train to use it to maintain @@subject of plant out of my pond unill volume my system to filter up and running
4 / 5
is big and width, which mean are able to clean my group quickly. An only creation also the fact the easiest plot to insects of leaves/of muck/of excluyente etc. Of a fund of a group.
4 / 5
He to the pauses like will send of the substitution finally.
4 / 5
Ours the old skimmer there was rasgado a point and so that it was now of the substitutes. This skimmer is like this stronger and durable that a one has had previously. Still it go like this far like this for the call has to that heavy
5 / 5
Is big and width, which mean are able to clean my group quickly. An only creation also the fact the easiest plot to insects of leaves/of muck/of excluyente etc. Of a fund of a group.
5 / 5
Ours the old skimmer there was rasgado a point and so that it was now of the substitutes. This skimmer is like this stronger and durable that a one has had previously. Still it go like this far like this for the call has that has weighed
5 / 5
require this coverage. It is good and sturdy. Well quite meshing to take a majority to group debris.
4 / 5
Bought like the substitution partorisca an original this is coming with a group and has broken too punctual. Unfortunately a plastic has broken too much easily in east some hips. The leaves are not that has weighed!
5 / 5
Solidly Has built, but the light would owe that be utmost partorisca take leaves of a group.
4 / 5
This does not come with sleeve. So only exactly that sees in a picture. And it is the bit has weighed compared to the leading mark has. The quality is well.
4 / 5
Produces very good big and light ,looks the skimmer of commercial note
4 / 5
The good looks and like a wry flange. Quite deep also.

Top Customer Reviews: Intex Small Family ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Toller Group! Eigentlich Planschbecken!

Wollte ich schon lange haben Like this einen Group für wenig Geld für quotes schnelle Erfrischung a heißen Tagen. Meine Frau Hat mich für komplett verrückt erklärt als ich ihn bestellte. Von Verschandelung Gives Digs Given of Net of war und manch anderes böse Wort ist gefallen. Ich schreibe Has given Rezension im Order 2018 und ich habe ihn jetzt 2 Wochen im Einsatz. Of the ist give the order gives Man jetzt noch als 'Jahrhundertsommer' bezeichnet. Ich habe jedoch Afflictions, dass diesem noch weitere Order in schnellerer Folge folgen werden. It gives ist is Gut knapp 4000 Litre Wasser zur Abkühlung im Haus zu haben.
Dipped gives Lieferung muss Man ein wenig aufpassen. Als mein Groups nicht zoom angegebenen Zeitpunkt bei mir war habe ich über Amazon eine Anfrage one gives Lieferanten gestartet wo meine Lieferung bleibt und the punctual war gives Teil are nächsten to the seal gives. Menschen machen können sie korrigieren! Danke dafür!

Gives Groups kommt in einem Paket like this schwer, dass the man is gerade noch like schleppen kann. Knapp 20 Kilo glaub ich. Innen sind Quotes ganzen Teile drin und Spend partorisca die und die Aufstellanleitung natürlich. Wenn Man nicht komplett überhitzt ist, sollte die of man paar Rohre lt. Aufbauanleitung zusammengesteckt bekommen. Poolplane ausrichten, Anschlüsse A data Pumpe anschließen, Wasser queen, Lacking are Boden raus machen und füllen! Vorausgesetzt natürlich, er passt auf Quotes geplante Fläche! Und Gives Cube ich davon ausgegangen, dass Grundfläche gleich 3 x 2 Metre sind und gives die auch gives Platzbedarf ist. As ist dem allerdings nicht! Wenn Man sich die Bilder genau anschaut, sieht man, dass die seitlichen Stützen mindestens 15 cm nach außen positioniert werden müssen. Wer Gives knapp dran ist has dipped seinem Platz ist schlecht dran. Man braucht also locker 20 cm nach jeder Seite zusätzlich. Und Was soll ich sagen? Meine Digs ist 3,05 bad Metre 7 Metre lang. It was war also mein ursprünglicher Paving?

Gives Hersteller und wir to the wünschen Some natürlich einen völlig ebenen Platz für Gives Group. Ehrlich Bad: Für gives schnelle Vergnügen habe ich meine Undermines Given zugegebener Weise ein wenig Gefälle zuviel hat nicht extra umbauen wollen. Leider führt Gives aber dazu, dass die Seitenstreben nach innen drücken. Anders kann ich mir Gives nicht erklären. Ein Schönheitsfehler! Data genial Konstruktion selbst taugt jedoch absolut dazu quotes 4000 Litre stabil zu halten. Die Haptik gives Walk gefällt mir außerordentlich gut. It gives Grip, Die Stärke und die Farbe sind súper. Mich stört Is überhaupt nicht (wie yesterday bereits geschrieben), dass die Verstärkungen one gives Ein- und Auslässen nicht im Muster verklebt sind. Die Höhe von 75 cm reicht a sich gut zu erfrischen. Ich habe mir eine billige Luftmatraze dazu gekauft und döse auf ihr immer Bad eine halbe Stunde auf gives Wasseroberfläche umher, genieße gives Duft vom Staudenbeet von dem ich bis heute nicht wusste wofür is eigentlich meine Frau angelegt hat.
Vorausgesetzt Hat of man ein fehlerfreies Produkt geliefert bekommen beschreibe ich yesterday einen the group gives meine Erwartungen zu 80 erfüllt. Die Steckverbindungen gefallen mir nicht und gives give Gestänge nach innen ragt. Außerdem habe ich zwei Stecker übrig von denen ich nicht weiß wo sie hin gehören und schlafe deswegen ein wenig unruhig. Ansonsten eine tolle Lösung und für € 99,00 durchaus angemessen bepreist. Achtung Tagespreise! Heute (14 Hack später) kostet Give Produkt nur € 75,00.

Ich habe Also give Group, eine Filterpumpe für knapp € 50,00 und gives Schwimmer the data dipped Chlortabletten 5 in 1 und gives Disorder- has Put gekauft. Noch € 20,00 für Die knapp Litre Trinkwasser inkl. Entsorgung: Alles zusammen Also etwa € 200,00!

Meine Frau Hat Recht!

Preis- Leistung durchaus In Ordnung! K An Or F And N !


Heute habe ich Gives Group abgebaut und verstaut. Dieser Group ist eines gives wenigen Produkte welches man wieder gives Originalkarton zurück gepackt bekommt. It gives häufig über Montagezeiten diskutiert wird: Die Demontage ist eigentlich viel intensiver als given of Place! Also Fragen wie: Bekomme ich gives Wasser vernünftig raus, kann ich gives Produkt gut zusammen legen und verstauen, nimmt is dabei Schaden usw. Waystation ich für weitaus wichtiger. Ich habe Also gestern give Wasser place einer Gartenpumpe zu 95 abpumpen können und gives Rest durch Anheben gives Paving ausleeren können. Dann habe ich innen alles Has dipped einem Tuch abgerieben und Gives Group heute (bei schönstem Wetter) give ganzen Seal trocknen lassen. Dann habe ich ihn abgebaut und gesehen, dass Gives Rohren und gives Ständern noch Wasser ist. Außerdem War er unter gives Paving noch feucht. Of the habe ich auch alles getrocknet. Ich habe Yesterday ideal Bedingungen Gives gives Group auf gives sauberen Holzterrasse steht (stand). Zoom Verstauen und abbauen habe ich heute ca. eine Stunde gebraucht. Aber Leute: Of the ist ja keine nennenswerte Arbeit! Of the ist doch Freizeit und Vergnügen! Wie kann Quotes of man Zeit zoom Auf und Abbauen negativ bewerten? Of the kann ich nur verstehen, wenn etwas wirklich schlecht beschrieben oder blöd konstruiert ist.

Von mir: Immer noch 4 Sterne und K An Or F And N !
4 / 5
Súper Touches partorisca drench in state. The leaves of measure assoir or of and place to knees. Debout You Arrives to little prójimos to the knees (man) and a bit to the on has included my thigh (woman). He Liner solid of looks.
Received quickly with 2 manuals resupplied Touch all his tongues. We locate To us easily and quickly. 30 min suffices (45 takes time of edges of the truth). Lucido The lake Corresponds to the dimensions + his feet - 10 cm.

A shabby besides :
- transports to bomb joined is not resupplied with. I have taken The Intex 28604. He And the give the holes touch the installer (or give spent if you do not want to ). It touches this measure turns 2h30-3h / the day is sufficient. + Of the filters
- Of the active oxygen. This désinfecte and these substitutes chlore. It touches the skin is better, and games lucidos the garden also when it will owe that to vaciar. Or of the chlore with A diffuseur floating prefers .
- Give bandelettes PH with a pot of pH + and pH -
- has joined épuisette
- Eventualmente a thermometer
- has bought gives losas in mousse partorisca dip down touches partorisca protect he of the sun. 9 losas 50x50 The €10 in the byline joined of bricolage. One the fault done 3 containers

Here is partorisca touch minimum thinks.

This opinion you L useful summer does not doubt to presionar gain « of the sud » down. Thank you 😊
4 / 5
Have mounted To swimming pool with extreme simplicity dope have read opinions has submerged give the problematic has given tubes that for the moment of the smontaggio he aldano' with the plastic of the swimming pool... He producer advises has given to dip borotalco, I have dared with the svitol. I will update That opinion When smonterò to swimming pool, create however was the best solution.
To swimming pool is optimum, has had the habit of, instead together, mounts his meadow, has given to dip something has given hard under the montanti of the contrary if it risks has given to do them infossare in the sotterrato with him hanged of the water.
Besides, strong has given past experiences, joint has given to put how much more material isolante below to swimming pool, in how much sassolini or edges of herb (mine is sucedido) can forarla, does not suffice a telo; this goes back under here have dipped 2 teli 'occhiellati' and a layer has given stock exchanges has given plastic and any one have had questions.

dipping Lubricante vitol' among Him tubes And the plastic of the sleep of swimming pool attained the smontarla without questions!

For the property 2020 have rimontato to swimming pool, contributing migliorie respect the past year, that has seen joint has given animadamente dip in practices:
-have created a natural carpet embroiders it swimming pool with has given ciottoli, that consent has given to go up and go down without littering has the data buried to swimming pool
-in the phase has given setting have created 10 tavolette has given wood gives to dip under the 'feet' of the swimming pool
-using has given picchetti gives campeggio and some moschettoni, he telo that covers to swimming pool results to be very tended, besides leaving all'gone in of the swimming pool 2 ciambelle gonfiabili has given my boys that float averts has given far affossare he telo to the centre.
Photo gathered esplicative expecting has given to surrender the my useful experience For all.
4 / 5
Brilliant group , easy to follow instructions, better that expected partorisca prizes 😎👍🏼
4 / 5
Ich habe gives Artikel the place avenges Sterne bewertet, gives er meine Erwartungen erfüllt hat. It gives Hat grupal eine gute Qualität und ist relativ einfach aufzubauen, allerdings sollte man zu zweit heart. Einen Stern Abzug gibt is, weil sich quotes Stangen etwas nach Innen biegen. Er ist trotzdem noch stabil, sieht aber nicht That schön aus. Vielleicht liegt Is partorisca give dran, gives wir ihn nicht like voll wie auf gives Bildern gemacht haben. Of the wäre aber auch nicht praktisch, gives sonst give ganze Wasser bei jeder Bewegung Überschwang. Trotzdem kann ich Gives Kauf weiterempfehlen.

Ich würde mich freuen wenn sie Has given Rezesion als hilfreich bewerten würden.

Viel Spaß Dipped dem Artikel 👍😊
5 / 5
One of the questions the usual plus like law in the commentaries is that the paste of the rests of the cloth fence in them to You with which several weeks of use, but in the instructions indicates that hay that espolvorear the bars with powder of first talc of the setting.
Incidentally, dipped a tape among the cloth and the tubes to reduce the contact (already will count when it disassembles he).
In general to swimming pool quite well, although the unions any one has any one limits or sure (excepts in the corners), reasons with the movement the hay to time that goes back for presionar reason the tubes could arrive separated entirely.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. It treats of a removable Rectangular swimming pool and metallic structure.

The model that the analyses is the reference 28272 of the that has measured edges: 300 x 200 x 75 and 3834 litres of total capacity.

Explodes to leave the link directs L to revise fact of the awning cobertor of frames he PERTINENT INDICATION for this swimming pool

One the hour to choose a swimming pool for the garden has had counts the possibility to be able of the disassemble as well as a short no very big. As we choose the average, with a measure of 3 metres of long and two metres of width. Has account that Hay that leaves at least half metre the each side to have the sufficient space for the legs, although these really so only occupy some 15 or 20 centimetres more the each side. Equally, the pressure of the water will do that it pumps inferiormente that occupies a bit more but measures it that full to swimming pool, will tend partorisca equalise.

My model Any door debugger to the equal that have bought one of sand, still any installed that but this swimming pool prepares partorisca east.

The Prime minister that has to that say positive is the fact that is a lot easy his setting. He a video so that all the world knows for the trace, wait that help the the hesitant so that they see the simple that is. In hardly some 30-45 minutes will be able to locate it, although sometime it is necessary the help of another person, something that that wins @to give when it locate to you.
The Manual of user (comprises Spanish) is a lot intuitive and detailed, when being indispensable for the setting.

- Dipping and material -

the start for the cloth can say that it is of a very hard and resistant Material. The metallic crossbars that do of the skeleton endows L to swimming pool of an apparent stability, although it is necessary that follows the instructions to the cake of the paper for the install correctly. It is indispensable to use all the components. It has cured to locate to swimming pool in a flat surface, sinned bones down reasons could rajarse the inferior part. You ensure partorisca pull well the cloth in his Interior so that when fill he to water this remains uniform, will help for the avert a bad nivelación and the the dessert an unexpected breaking.
Is necessary to dip something in the earth, in my chance has used a fine cloth but sell something more poised fat for this committed or the forms of tapestries of puzzle for example.
Invites to See it the video so that you join idea of everything.

- Cured -

to maintain a cleaner corrected of the water will be necessary that pills of use of chlorine, control the ph and do a cleaner of the filters the paper. The Usual Plus is to use a concrete float for the dissolution of the chemist and follow the instructions of the costruttore that depends litres of the swimming pool and the frequency of more cleaned.

- Filled of water -

comprises a connector to connect in the valve to launch that has to that swimming pool in the Inferior part. Here we will connect our hose and will fill to swimming pool (also detailed in the Video).
Has the possibility to fill to swimming pool to the flavour. The point the Big plus is so only to the height of the sewings of the holes where van the crossbars of the structure but will be able of the fill less if your edges of edges more pequeñitos. The holes for the debugger, of 32 mm, find the 30 and 40 centimetres of height but comprise two spent partorisca disable them if you do not dip debugger.

- Covered -

Recommends the cobertor of the same mark intex model 28038 for swimming pool of 300 x 200, is the one who installed and goes likes net to the toe. Once he the Description of the cobertor will modify this opinion to add here a link the equal.


Easy setting
Manuel a lot detailed (comprises Spanish)
solid Structure
Material of apparent good quality
Quality of the mark Intex and infinity of compatible accessories
Orifices partorisca debugger
Different available measures
Prize corrected
to the entertainment has ensured


For now any, if in some future commentaries would revise this opinion for the do sabre.


is thinking in a swimming pool for your terrace Any one doubts it to you more. Has models with different measures that will adapt Yours needs. In our chance the one of 3 metres of longitude for 2 of width and can say that we are satisfied totally. Ideal for small boys, although they recommend to leave he of 6 years and always with the supervision of adults, can fill less than way that also valid sea for the smallest boys.
To the swimming pool is of apparent quality and expect that he we hard a lot of summers. Recommended 100.

Finally go back Inform it that attaches a video in those I shows so much the materials like the setting of the swimming pool and like the once installed rests and filled of water in 70. I expect that you Sea of the utility and he help in your election, are your disposal for any doubt or evaluation.
5 / 5
This joins our families buy better . Ours is on state of then 2015 . All the round of year . Emptied In a winter and has covered . You will require a filter and heater . Tabs Of chlorine . Algeside . The clean coverages a bit touches to try . We insulated and has protected a base with these mats partorisca cushion that accesses like the jigsaw and give the soft fund . Perfect measure to eat submerge it group and any to expensive to run . Has the big garden but honradamente for me , and our two that maintains boys quite big a measure is still adds — any one the a lot of work to empty or fill or take something bad so of the seaweeds etc . I recommend this highly . I see descriptions that the few people have been miserable with broken/leaky material . Well a risk . Give your self quite time to verify it on and sure mark all is well . It takes the moment to fill . Goodluck !
4 / 5
Give Groups ist súper. Kleine Unebenheiten Give Bodens machten bei some nichts aus. Wir haben dazu noch eine Leiter bestellt für unsere 6 jährige Tochter. Eine Pumpe haben wir ebenfalls seperat dazu gekauft.
Give Aufbau War súper einfach. Ich als Frau habe Give alleine In ca. 15 Minuten geschafft. Auch Die Bedienungsanleitung war leicht zu verstehen und to the Rohre waren dipped Buchstaben beklebt.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Ossia The well quite group.
Is now 2020 & I slightly am changing my description of last year.
Have king-Dip a group on & regretfully am using pills of chlorine again.
Recommends people using a more more sãos, natural option, of bromine.
Now my description of 2019 -
My Daughter & are súper pleased with him.
Has purchased today pills of chlorine & the dispenser, so to good sure will require concealed to remain clean.
Has not taken a filter still, but more probably will invest in a - until then will be to clean he with the coverage!
Notes to revise reader - I still has not bought the system of leak, but if maintenances a clean group & has the grandson to take bit, then is well.
Also, has gone the little has bitten mouldy calm , but this is to be due to when the packed was last year, was still the bit has wetted.
Is so only aesthetic & still is an a lot of group.
This in spite of, spent bromine in place of chlorine.
My Daughter built it to him, is 14! It has taken around an hour & the half, so only reason there is not reading some first instructions!.
A group a big plus that in the concern it to us would be. An inflatable chair is quite big, like search to exit a measure of a group in comparison to this.
Our group is one 3 metre one in period, the height of 75 cm. It comes until in our thighs, which is perfect to swim & relax in.
Would like me the heater partorisca wintertime also, this would be well, but will have to that see.
A group has taken around 7 hours to fill would say.... It likes to be ready for the accident with your bill of water.... Already they are that it anticipates that... But it has thought, my daughter (& edges, although it dictate does not go to take the diving in him - he !), it Deserves something well, how has been advances & took it. It has pleased really I have done.
5 / 5
Easy to dip on, 14 poles and the little clip in of the plastic pieces. Packaged Well. Arrived timely in spite of him that comes from/comes from Barcellona (it wasnt the worry with Amazon)
Included has holes in a group (concealed easily can be blanked out of way that can add the system/of filter of the bomb in the date the late plus.
5 / 5
Ich habe für meine Nichte und Neffe gekauft, sie sind überglücklich. Wir haben problemlos aufgebaut. Of the ist mein zweiter Schwimmbad von Intex und ich kann is nur weiterempfehlen!
4 / 5
Wunderbares Planschvergnügen! Habe Gives Group jetzt in giving zweiten Season in Betrieb gehabt und gives Preis/Leistungsverhältnis ist bestens. Ich als Erwachsener kann wunderbar komplett darin eintauchen, auch für mehrere Present ist Platz. Robust, hat auch schon mehrfache Intensivnutzung durch Horden von Enkeln klaglos ausgehalten. Auf- und Abbau allein problemlos möglich. Freue mich schon auf Damage nächsten Order! 🌞 Ach ja! Nicht Are Filter sparen! Ein guter Sandfilter In Verbindung place einem Skimmer ist Voraussetzung für kristallklares Wasser. Yesterday nicht Are falschen Ende sparen und einen schrottigen Kartuschenfilter kaufen. Ärger ist dann vorprogrammiert, Gives given Dinger ständig verstopfen, die Kartuschen teuer sind und quotes Förderleistung einfach nicht ausreicht.
Nachtrag 2020: it Gives Hat partorisca Group auch the gut of games of the data of Season überstanden. Etwas Rost One gives Stangen habe ich dipped Ballistol behandelt, as dass dem nächsten Badejahr nichts im Weg steht. It gives it gives Groups auf unserer Terrace steht, habe ich für ein paar Eurocopa eine dicke Teichfolie als Unterlage gekauft. Like this verhindert man, dass sich Steinchen von has extended durch the madness given gives Groups drücken und has given beschädigen.
Ich Cube nach wie vor begeistert von dem Produkt, gives Preis-Leistungsverhältnis ist 1a. 😊👍
4 / 5
All Well, only pecca: in the phase has given smontaggio the structure, the cause has the habit of and heat create, if it is paste there are tubes has given backrest surrendering the a lot laborious operation. Having to it smontale each Fines season is a question does not give little that it was long will go ad affect also on the longevity of the product.
5 / 5
Look for the swimming pool has joined Games profiter give days of beaux, no of hésitation possible of the sud the mark fails of the INTEX !!! I have tried practically all His another mark , he any and the preference of games spent his tubulaires transports his autoportées resists bad to the harp of cat that submerges to the sud the boudin games partorisca drink ...
4 / 5
The swimming pool has fulfilled his engaged during the summer. One the hour partorisca the disassemble the plastic is remained paste the the irons of fixation and is impossible staccarli. That does now with the swimming pool???. Any one warns of this question in the instructions. How it is possible that a swimming pool that supposes partorisca be in the sunlight there is this question. Any one spends of only chance in all quell'have this system
5 / 5
-------- Motive of the purchase --------
Bought to struggle the calura estiva, here has given decisively a hand

------- Material and usabilità --------
is decisively light, the structure takes force so only to the end on top of the assembling, he telo has to that be protected in particular low way, joint has given istallarla touch a piano has given cement or has given sand beaten well (absolutely in piano )and has given to dip a materassino low, reason something had to be low quandola riempite sees pierces it, attention also was ricrescita of the plants have stir cutting them, could forarla.

--------- Sew the mine there is struck ---------
locates quickly and one goes back riempita adempie quietly to the opposition of sweat, is that imports hold the access of filters at least one'now to the day and dip the just quantity has given chlorine and anti-seaweeds, for averted has given to find it green Oo

------------- Durabilità -------------
Is he according to year and the he riponete well dope use it, goes was big, when the riponete clean it, asciugatela benissimo, does not allocate the error has given ripiegarla humid of the contrary here found an interior of ecosystem

------------ Conclusions -------------
Is a good buy, any one is a big swimming pool my surely much more has given a bagnarola, here can be comfortable interior in 3/4 presents the chat and godersi he fresh, the joint.
ps Stops has averted that each joint has given avvitare ad of filters a table, for has averted that he the weight has given tubes of the water do it rivoltare.
4 / 5
Gives wir im letzten Jahr nur einen kleinen Group hatten, welchen wir immer wieder dipped frischem Wasser befallen mussten, habe ich in diesem Jahr einmal in ein neues Crew grupal investiert, a für given nächsten Jahre gerüstet zu heart.

Give Group wurde zügig geliefert und war sicher verpackt. Ich habe Gives Boden im Vorhinein geebnet und einen Rasenteppich untergelegt. Wichtig Yesterday, dass Die Fläche nicht nur 3x2m groß heart muss, sondern + zusätzliche ca. 10cm A jeder Seite durch die Stützen.
Give Aufbau War auch alleine gut durchführbar und logisch nachzuvollziehen, die Auffüllung dipped Wasser dauerte ca. 3 1/2 Stunden.

Ich habe als Zubehör Quotes folgenden Dinge angeschafft:

- Sandfilteranlage place 6000l Umwälzvermögen / h, d.H. Die Pumpe „wälzt“ mehr als gives kompletten Poolinhalt innerhalb einer Stunde one. Überdimensioniert? In the klar, aber auch zukunftssicher. Wichtiges Zubehör für eine SFA: Verbindungsschläuche und 2 Adapter für die Gummilaschenanschlüsse are Group. It has given sind nur für Quotes kleinen Kartuschenfilterpumpen ausgelegt, daher benötigt Adapter of data of the man zur Befestigung give 32mm Schläuche give SFA are Group, die Rohrschellen können sonst nicht one gives Gummischläuchen halten!

- Dosierschwimmer (habe Die größte Version, welche 200g Tabletten aufnehmen kann)

- Skimmer, a welchen given SFA angeschlossen ist

- 5in1 Kombitabletten place Chlor, Algizid und Flockungsmittel. Wichtig: immer zuerst Gives PH-Wert auf einen idealen Wert von ca. 7,2 einstellen und DANN ERST Given Chemie hinzugeben. It gives Chlorgehalt reicht allerdings Like nicht aus, d.H. ich muss noch zusätzlich Dipped Chlor nachbessern.

- PH und Chlorgehalt Declare: ich habe ein Röhrchen dipped Farbskala gekauft, funktioniert bisher First

Nach jetzt 2 Wochen hat sich die Anschaffung give Groups ausbezahlt und er macht einen positiven Eindruck. Ich werde bei jeder Änderung oder auch nach Give Badesaison Yesterday ein Update geben.

+++ für ein „hilfreich“ wäre ich sehr dankbar :) +++
5 / 5
The week has joined that this swimming pool is installed, flat terrain, no of the boy down ages that it could jump a bit everywhere, at all of all this and of a swipe so only of a so only the catastrophe, joins bars that yields, joins swimming pool that does not have more than to expect a repayment and go back me the verse joins ....pataugeoire snif snif
4 / 5
Much bigger that has expected, has taken 30 mins to gather with two people. Good quality and sturdy. It groups a lot fully empty reason one covers is not in a subordinated but ossia probably like this calm does not step in one covers when moving around, how is well. It has taken rid to United Kingdom invernadero Amazon in roughly 4 days that prime of use.
5 / 5
Brilliant group and quite big. The boys have been in him almost every day of the arrived and with an use of the pills of chlorine is still lovely and cleaned.

Is has adolescent and of the youngest boys equally and cariche still of room for messing roughly in.
Takes roughly 30 mins to dip it near but obviously enough the moment to fill so that it is like this big. It is slightly more expensive that an inflatable some have had in some pasts but as there is so only is not lasted never a summer (a lot of cats roughly) hopefully this a still will be to go strong in the pair of years.
4 / 5
Premetto Has given to be quite satisfied especially considering he ratio quality/price that is excellent.

Some appunti:
1- left All'external for all the season is appeared however of the ruggine on the tubes of the chassis that have had to clean with a paglietta has given steel for plans and spend with of the ferox.
2- Come already written in another is possible that he tappo for download it of the water was the 20 cm of the fund!!!! This Means that For passage the put invernale have had to arm me has given cube and stracci for svuotarla all and pulirla.
4 / 5
Dream remained for real surprised, With small more has given €50 have purchased a suitable swimming pool have smaller my hips has grown.
4 / 5
... Eigentlich finde ich Dan Quotes of gut of the group Größe etc. Leider habe ich im September 2018 beim Abbau einige Mängel festgestellt leider bis heute in keinster Weise eine Antwort bekommen. Die Stangen fangen a zu rosten nach knapp 6 Wochen Nutzung und Walk to die widespread löst sich auf und ist undicht. Nun 6 Monate später immer noch keine Antwort erhalten schade. Nun wo Give Order kommt und give tall In Tonne to die muss muss ich mir einen neuen.. allerdings anderen besorgen sehr sehr schade . Auch wenn Give nicht Like this teuer war sollte er sich nicht nach Wochen auflösen
5 / 5
Very impressed with this group, was able of the place especially for me without question. A lot of entity to have the flat surface. Any bomb but I would expect that like the prize is like this down. Has has had so only he for 1 week as it can not comment the term along but the toes have crossed. It would recommend this product.
4 / 5
Has purchased this for my daughter of 10 years look it in fact weeks. It was really easy to gather with clear instructions. It has dipped some old carpet under the to cushion a base how is in the yard and would recommend to do this if no in the gram. It is really sturdy and the value adds for the money but he well consider a cost of extra in yours estimativa. Now I have the bomb of filter, foreigner of solar heating, chemical pills and solar coverage also. Well take some accessories to do one the majority of out he, like this calm does not have to that change a water. When I fill in the first place there it was the tiny leak of a seam but has been concerned in returns during lockdown has used so only the piece of blue tac in a seam and fixed that perfectly. Still I am giving to five star that estimativas this in spite of. To good sure suitable for roughly 4 boys to touch in but quite big for the pair of adults also.
4 / 5
That he fab swimming pool. We order a small plus and is a perfect measure for the 9 and 7 year. Easy to dip near... Only look some poles do not come to avert when fill with an expansion. Has has had to that totally empty a group to take some poles for behind neighbouring. Very happy and would buy again, although any have @@give has catered/is come from Barcellona to the equal that has taken almost wma week to arrive.
4 / 5
Ossia Year 2 of a group and his holding on well.

In the first place was, takes this for the prize really very last State. I have been he takes so only to a group likes him the pair of years before we take one of some circulars some with an inflatable cup and this are to come with the basic filter but this was quite poor. This time around, the plot of chlorine, manual skimming and occasional use of a pond vac to clean a paving and sides and do the bit to filter! We have had to empty and transmissions once like this far to the equal that has seated neglected for the pair of weeks, so that it was our failure .

The group is the good measure for boys. I can order to swim in him but attacks my knees in a fund! It looks quite sturdy and has gathered now, taken averts, and animal-gathered without subjects. We find the small hole in a lining but was quite crudely bundled on and shoved in the nave, as I am not surprised. This in spite of, is near an upper and a box of reparation has distributed has like this far done his work.

There is remarked the bit to rust in some poles of frame. These looks to be where his empty in the each one which as another I so that it thinks that that one paints protective has been scraped was when inserting them and ossia where the bit of rusts has dipped in. It does not look too bad but the only time will say. The calm supposition so only could treat one has has effected bit with Hammerite or something but I imagine a liner will go before a frame.

Draining Is the bit of the ache likes hole of the drain is not well in a base of a group to the equal that has the pair of thumbs to water left in a fund. Some of this can be enticed down a drain for lifting some arrivals grupal and generating some waves, but certainly not taking touched of of everything. So that it will require to the cube was, or, use the pond vac if the. It is surprising as weighed included a thumb of water is calm so much can very really take this averts properly until fully empty.

For a paid of prize, was happy for him to last a long Summer. To take another is in prize and to be so only, that to us now, there is any reason for the think a lot next year at least neither. An only thing would say is the drain, the cleaned and store it before some turns of time. We any and has finalised to the chair is gone in a garden for several weeks a time of terrible Autumn. This result in the quite filthy liner and has taken to plot to clean.

So only downside for me is that now I love the big plus a. With the filter of sand. And cleansing flight. And skimmer............
4 / 5
Has bought this group in 2018. It was easy to dip up and tiles to use to foam down reasons was in a yard. It has treated it likes my aquarium, of transmission of water of controls and splits to regulate of chlorine. I clean a filter weekly. It spends the aspirador he with the nifty group vac that access in a hosepipe. Some premiers and second winters left it to them full, dipped a coverage on and was a lot. It jumps it quell'has done the transmission of transmission and waters complete. Ossia An only time has had transmission of complete water. There is nailed in the pair of places and gorilla the underwater tape fixed the. Last winter I emptied the, the thought could move he in cradle. Bad idea! Verifying it was today and has the tear and another puncture. A water that collected in a fund has frozen and some boys have thinks that was amused to touch with a gel. If it had left the plenary could the to us have moved when we emptied he for a new season. Freezings of superficial water, a no. grupal filler Some boys have loved that and is spent an integer lockdown state in this group, rain and resplandor! It is today state gone down and another is ordered. It is so only the shame that could not buy a liner on is adapted. Some poles are still good and strong. An old group has been cut like the fund will be under a new one to protect addition. Some boys are excited really to be taking the new a, was really sad when we have had to ask an old a. Upper tip.... It leaves it quell'has fill on winter!
5 / 5
Has bought this group in a cradle and is spent the pair of the weeks that build an enclosure for him. It is not finalised enough like this while the delivery further of forest of support and period of decking to finalise rim around flanges. It is on enough to use for familiar today as his his day hot plus of a year like this far. We have done sure an earth was a lot the level has then taken all the bones and has registered was. In the Then dipped the discharge of fat strong weed suppressant and then two fat attainments under a group to do sure a lot of snags. In this way there is not a lot of casualidad for rasgar liner the small bones/have registered. The group was easy to gather enclosure of inner as we build it to us 360 cms for 260 cms to accommodate splayed legs. We have done the enclosure sure will accommodate any one another group when this one dies. We are happy with force but marked some stars were for durability to the equal that inside days a model in a turn subordinated without any in him but does not know if this was with some chemicals grupal.
5 / 5
Has has had so only this on 5 days but absolutely has wanted to - has has surpassed expectations like my lock of emergency down group. Material although it has to that automatically come with a bomb and filter which after the plot of deliberation has bought for separate. It is ambiguous to the equal that to the that vital a bomb and the filter are but certainly wants to do things properly and circulate a chlorine and maintain debris in the bay would buy it. Although a group is down cost agree all some material that clean extra, vacuum, coverages, bomb and filter, solar foreigner. I have bought everything of these but think am spent less than £300 entirely. They are at present waiting for the tether but am still able to do some form to coach without using my creative skills. Some heats to water well in a sun but I still require the wetsuit. East groups also would be excellent for boys to have entertainment in. I have not guessed Never that like the result of lockdown would have my own group but am loved!
5 / 5





5 / 5
the group Adds. The value adds for money. Easy to dip up and easy to go down. They are in joyed with him. Really big. Had the party grupal and 20 boys in him with spare room. Well and strong too
4 / 5
At all that sees with his transports of swimming pools have spent !! This swimming pool tubulaire is much more olide' and 'effective' the month 2 ancient swimming pool avert the transport has spent this in spite of of the same mark (finally the games joins he of go in).
That here maintains amply better and is More stable. The Structure does also that waters embezzles more cabin' before that to spend pair on in that this chahute a bit.
Pair Against to locate... Greeting. It foresees to be 2 minimum if it is not impossible. And it would fail also that he And is give 'Clips' touch his tubes that emboitent the enfiler in him 'liner'. Lucido System of T is no bad but in that loves game of a bit he 'liner' game very dipped in facing gives holes the jonction gives tube and like this of the T, this déboite. Wholesaler of better valley a lot of be Battery in the face of him desists if any afterwards is 'pause noisette' to all peel of the battery dipped to the face. Jaime when it is are battery of trace poile and there a bit there is doubted first to fill but at the end lucido resulted is that it convinces.
4 / 5
The group adds that it looks advances to use this all state, chairs in mine boarded and I have purchased the point kills of the palmera Jumps Outside 3x3m on Amazon to dip down that. I dipped it/ I dipped It up in the pair of hours to the equal that have dipped all some pieces was in the first place like the diagram has then pointed dipped the all near,has then taken 10 to 11 hours to fill , a pressure of the water is not to order where alive. Have enjoyed a help of mine 16 old year so only to resist some pipes like threaded by means of but am sure could has done for my account the woman of 49. I found it much easier with talcum powder in some poles like this his slid by means of a pvc a lot otherwise his like this harder and is concerned the rasgará. I have bought a filter also and this was a lot agree to look in a cross and in a bomb and in a side of a group for a the intake hose as I had him a round of wrong way like this delicate changing full of water but no a @@subject that was my failure . Another that that are absolutely in a moon the glorious group for such the prize adds upper frames of me.
4 / 5
Well Can faff roughly with pills, coverages and filters or not annoying taste. I left it up for the sunny pair of weeks with just the discharge of the tarpaulin that floating on he at night. Now that has a lot of collecting of the herb an inferior and more fresh time am draining it, he cleaning and the filling arrives fresh with a prójimo heatwave. This group has been an enormous swipe with some boys, caused more emotion that Navidad! Helps to have the pair of people to dip it up. We also took some inflatables and has has has had hours of game. Looking forward to using it all been.
5 / 5
A lot This has maintained certainly a grandkids happy all been. We purchase the bomb, pills of chlorine and dispenser and was able to maintain a clean water by means of some months of state. Of the leaves of only reason some water was the
the transmission was reason a temperature is past cold. We buy the solar coverage to situate under a coverage grupal but he
wasnt very achieved maintain the warm temperature. This group has been situated in the big section of herb and when
has been now of it apresamiento a group on, a smell was unbearable and is remained that way for three days. Calm apparently precise situates sand under a first group to situate down for a summer. We will agree this tip for next year. Fantastic group a lot of roomy and in some signals that resisted it four big grownups and three boys with
spare room. A compraventa good and well value of the money.
4 / 5
Has spent this in Navidad when it was in offers. It was the little nervous storing it up to now but im in a moon with him. It has taken around 7 hours to fill but to good sure values he. Today it is a first day to use so it will update if the needs to. I have bought this in spite of the bomb of filter for him (was easy to do) My neighbours help me to us dipped the on mark so only sure the straighten was fully and burst some parts in still the blockade. The toes have crossed ossia to be the add compraventa!! I will store this in the quite big tub in a cochera any to insurance of the take to return in an original box
5 / 5
to swimming pool is optimum, very done in all the individuals and is simple gives trace, have used it all held without questions, but here dream 2 but:
1me he but: but when I have had to that it svuotare find of the difficulties in what he tappo has given plea any one is announce height am used to mine a pò bigger, and like this as it needs to organise x far fuoriuscire the last centimetres of water;
2 but: but when the smonti find that the inner part has given tubes of the structure, also the immersed part if incastrano among parrot, is cover has given a patina rugginosa, what that if it could has averted treating them with the enamel or using other materials. No like this it is a defect has given all lucida to the swimming pool says this series.
4 / 5
Shabby this prime of Easter and dip the up for a Easter weekend to the equal that have had some glorious time. Some boys have been in him more days of then. It would say that it is already one of the our compraventa better like this far this year. Some boys absolutely love it and his confidence in a water is improving every day. His preferred current is swimming the underwater period. We take the bomb of filter of the group , spare filters, the chlorine floating dispenser and multifunction compressed and the coverage a same time. It is cost less than £150 all in and there is absolutely to good sure that will be it to take our money cost out of him!!
4 / 5
Aufbau (5 Sterne) im May 2020:
Zunächst haben wir eine Spend unter dem Group ausgebreitet, damit nicht eventuell unter gives Rasennarbe nicht sichtbare Steine gives Group nach Befüllung beschädigen können. Immerhin drücken Yesterday dann knapp Litre auf und gegen gives Boden. Wer ein wenig Zeit In data Anleitung investiert, gives bekommt gives Group in einer guten Dreiviertelstunde ausgepackt und aufgebaut (wir waren zu zweit), vollkommen akzeptabel zumal is sich ja nicht a einen aufblasbaren Group handelt, gives sich almost selber aufbaut.

Zusätzliche Artikel (bei Amazon erworben):
- GardenMate 2mx3m 260g/m Has to that Heavy Gewebeplane GRÜN Abdeckplane Schutzplane Bootsplane - €15

Befüllung und Standfestigkeit (5 Sterne):
Zwei Schläuche gives Group und Wasser marsch. Schlauch eins The war are Kaltwasserhahn angeschlossen. Schlauch zwei haben wir One gives Kellerdusche angeschlossen, as dass wir yesterday direkt warmes Wasser beimischen konnten und nicht warten mussten, bis gives Poolwasser eine akzeptable Temperatur durch Sounds of data / Außenwärme erreicht. Die Bodenplane give lies of Groups sich erfreulicherweise sehr gut und weitestgehend faltenfrei ausrichten. Of the erste Question tauchte auf, nachdem gives Group zu knapp 2/3 place Wasser befüllt war: Durch gives Gewicht give Wassers wurden die weißen Querstreben a einer Längsseite ein wenig auseinander gedrückt bzw. nach innen gebogen, Like this dass given Poolwand nicht mehr gerade war. Of the haben wir dann notdürftig has dipped einem schweren Vorschlaghammer korrigiert. They have given Vorgang mussten wir to the zwei Wochen wiederholen, gives durch give Planschen und gives damit verbundenen Wasserbewegung dieser Mangel immer bad wieder erneut auftrat. The hat gives to Order über aber gehalten. It gives ich nicht ausschließen kann und möchte, dass yesterday vielleicht bei Aufbau und gives Vorfreude auf gives Group „etwas“ schief gegangen ist (Stichwort „menschliches Versagen“), ziehe ich yesterday keinen Stern ab.

Betrieb (5 Sterne):
Gives Hat grupal gehalten und seinen Zweck zu 100 erfüllt, gives ist/the war gives Wichtigste. Steht und fällt allerdings vermutlich auch Has dipped dem darüber hinaus eingesetzten Notarises. Auf Given Intex-Pumpe haben wir bewusst verzichtet und some für eine Sandfilteranlage, betrieben place Filterballs entschieden, siehe hierzu auch quotes Bewertung von KvJ bei dem propagation genannten AquaLoon Filtermaterial.

Zusätzliche Artikel (bei Amazon erworben):
- Miganeo 40385 Sandfilteranlage Dynamic 6500 Pumpleistung 4,5m³ blau, degree, schwarz, für Group Schwimmbecken - €110
- AquaLoon Karton, Filtermaterial 700 gr. - €16
- Intex Coverage grupal Rectangular - Poolabdeckplane - 300 x 200 cm - Für Group of Rectangular Frame -€24
- BAYROL Desalgin - Flüssiges Algizid - Hochkonzentriert, ohne Chlor und has dipped Klareffekt - Verhindert Algenwachstum im Group - 1 L - €10
- BAYROL Superflock More - Flockungs-Kartuschen für kristallklares Wasser, entfernt feinste Schmutzteilchen im Group - €30
- KKmoon Chemikalienschwimmer Drogenspender im Schwimmbad Chemiespender Floating Group Chlorspender Chemikalienhalter für 1,5 Zoll Chlortabletten Einstellbare Durchflussöffnungen für mehr Kontrolle - €9
- Chlortabletten (has given stammen allerdings aus einem großen Baumarkt) - €10

Abbau (0 Sterne):
Gives Abbau – oder besser gives Versuch – ist dann jetzt gives, was has given eigentlich guten Group völlig entwertet. Wir haben Some bewusst gegen einen aufblasbaren Group entschieden, gives sleep immer gives Risiko besteht, dass beim Abbau quotes Luftkammer beschädigt wird und wir gives Group über mehrere Order zu nutzen gedachten. Allerdings sind sämtliche (!) Plastikschlaufen Gives inneren Poolfolie Dips Give weißen Verbindungsstreben verklebt (siehe Photo). Wir haben zunächst Has dipped Seifenlauge versucht, Die Verklebung zu lösen. Ohne Erfolg. As blieb nur noch, die Plastikschlaufen durchzuschneiden. Dadurch ist Gives Group allerdings zerstört, like this dass nur die Entsorgung bleibt. Darüber hinaus sind durch Quotes Wasserbewegung und die damit einhergehende Reibung gives miteinander verbundenen Steckverbindungen Roststellen entstanden (siehe Photo).

Eigentlich ein guter Group, gives aber scheinbar nur eine Season lang zu gebrauchen ist. Daher, trotz gives 5 Sterne bei Aufbau, Befüllung / Standfestigkeit und Betrieb, kann ich leider nur einen Stern vergeben. Und Gives ist noch zu viel wenn ich bedenke, Was ich für drei Monate Spaß jetzt yesterday einen Plastikmüll entsorgen muss. Über mehrere Jahre verteilt wäre Gives zu verschmerzen, aber nicht für drei Monate. Ich habe Gives Produkt bei Amazon reklamiert. The nach Ausgang give Reklamation (Stichwort „Ersatzlieferung“) würde ich im kommenden Jahr Quotes Schlaufen bzw. Die Verbindungsstangen vorher has dipped Silikon-Spray, Talkum-Tin oder ähnlichem „behandeln“. Ich werde dann berichten.
5 / 5
Is seconded which purchase, this goes back for the history has given a friend. The swimming pool is very done and Intex For me remains some good frames. He dimensions dream adapted To have a point in which rilassarsi all'inner of the own garden, any one allow the 'swum' mine the be in ammollo freshening ideal dream. A mine notice also the quantity has given water, to use it 3 months and afterwards have to it svuotare and riporre, is sacrificabile. Main swimming pool oblige Announces an elder dispendio has given water.
Cost maintenance (produced) is for real irrisorio, only joint filters in the aspired each 1-2 days extract it and lavatelo with common water, goes back to come new and the leaves has given to be riutilizzato.
Joints The purchase of the retino+horn, and want a thing figa also it luce has DIRECTED the induction Intex.

You has been useful this opinion, segnalamelo that below with him pulsantino. :)
4 / 5
This group is surprising and has given already endless hours of fun. It is quite big my s 20 year to swim around and loves it . It is studio , takes the just quantity of water but with the chlorine remains fresh. We buy the bomb last year that was compatible with this group has has had to that the dipped in closing as it waters is perfect has tried with games of test of the chlorine. Also we buy the coverage to maintain leaves and debris was. Ossia Perfect for all a family. Material of quality very strong and the sturdy frame. Highly recommend.
4 / 5
Am surprised in a quality of a product for a prize - seat really sturdy, is material fact of quality and is to locate really easily. Mina 3 master the (although the wetsuit the be has used at present), and waiting for the filter and chemicals to arrive for the maintain clean and clear (a lot of water like this more for maintains it there is topped on and treat think more than emptying and refilling to the equal that resists the plot of water). For a prize, thinks that taken the plot for your money. Mark sure is on earth of level, and dip the discharge of earth down and would have to that last the number of years if the band is gone in an end of summer and the maintain clean. Any sure roughly some rusting has seen on some descriptions of this group, like the time will say on that one.
4 / 5
With which some deliberation in substituting the paddling the group for mine 6 old year has decided to 'take one submerges' and go still east.

Is brilliant, although any easy to disguise. Add a bomb, a heater, coverage and a box of interview of the group and you are ready to go. His summer up for the month now and still looks clear.

Is quite deep to be careful with small some.

More buy of a summer and almost impossible to take and me out of him.
4 / 5
The group adds for a money, but is an old fashion , as so only has an old pipe fittings any of some new bombs/pipes apt he ( the new groups have the ray of big round in discharges of guards to take a debris that spends for a bomb)
To the equal that has has had to that do an annex for a bomb has bought. It is it does not come with the bomb neither (but has had my old a)
A skimmer has bought no apt any because of a situation on call
But still the group adds like this far like this well
Any question so much of closing !!!
4 / 5
Is sturdy easy to dip has remarked on other people said when dismantling a group was difficult to take some poles was and the glue of a group had stuck to joined him the instructions say dipped talcum powder in some first poles to take this he but there is not dismantled still to the equal that will update when I mine - and 8 year loves this be warn yes is roughly 30 mins for the dipped up but will take roughly 5 hours to fill of the pipe of hose rule if yours concerned in a cold purchases it heater a group will be a lot chilly any one annoy to buy a Intex olar coverage to heat' is the entertainment of rubbishes adds and for the different group of this yours measure to look in £100-£150++ to the equal that estimate very a lot
4 / 5
1. Be sure to space out of some poles lateralmente outwardly first to dip in of waters he. This was ours first group and it experiencing everything for some first time of our boys have grown to use such. As all and when a water was full on top of the commentary was a sided, as be sure to dip a group in the plan was surface. We situate it to knots on he sided zone, a water was strongly a sided of here adding pressure to a side of a group that directs to water that it spills out of a corner of a sided zone.
2. As be sure to dip a group in a same and the plan was zone , as it waters it can equally was extended. Reason try movement or regulate some poles, when a water is full on, sad the no barge. We have tried the little time but has given on, like the poles are stuck of a weight of a water.
3. Has the 9, 11 and the boys of 12 years his so that has very spatial to swim around in.
4. The instructions was clear and easy to follow
5. I have taken less than an hour to gather and I have taken 2 hours to fill on a group with water.
6. The poles/ of frame are a lot of sturdy, a very robust material, I supposition yes takes well of priest of him, could last the pair of years.

In general utmost and positive cost for our period of isolation. Added an extra impulse in ours childrens schooling to house the learning like this to swim. More buy in fact.
5 / 5
Can not recommend this element enough. Really think is the value adds for the money particularly has boys. Easy to dip up and maintain, calm once has your boss around a management of chlorine, and is so better that a constant current of paddling use of groups to spend for each summer.
Some looks of prize to fluctuate enough to plot (the supply and the question supposes) and has had the terrible time that takes the bomb last year, but again think that was so only reason was the hot summer and the stocks have run was. If it plan on having a group up during a summer would recommend to buy a group to match coverage ( search to go economic but was slightly a wrong measure and has tried that the import hassle like this finalised buying a intex a) and filter/of bomb.
Still with which one adds-ons this still feels like the subject.
4 / 5
Has possessed several groups and ossia for far some better for miles. Easy to dip on, feels solid creation , adds, and easy to follow instructions. Like this far an only slightly the negative point can see is a fact some poles lateralmente are so only slotted together and any resisted situates securely for anything, this in spite of in fact looks to be very sure and sturdy to all the cost of of the this, perhaps because of some poles of support in some sides. Really I am very impressed with this group. Last year has had a round Intex group closely fast as although it adds when I have dipped on, has found incredibly difficult to clean when emptied to the equal that blocks in in itelf. This group with him is frame can be emptied, mopped and has dried easily first to bend behind his box to be king-has used again year on year. Highly recommend.

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If the torch is situated to the sud give tuile of the yard goes partorisca light much more that colgante to the sud a frame of metal in a garden