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Top Customer Reviews: Microsoft Works ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 19 ratings
5 / 5
I have required really this partorisca do for me becuause after the accident of hard walk and then installing the Definite dress has had any processor of the word has comprised like works. Unfortunately this has not Done in my Door that Dressed of Windows of the Definite uses. I have maintained partorisca take to to the messages like esomeone more is logged on to of this computer' and would not install . There is so only An USER in my computer. It has maintained ALSO say me that Browser of the internet still has run and for this could not install. No. . . I.et. He no run . I have sent this retreated partorisca expect to take my money behind partorisca he. Happy has not paid the whole plot partorisca he. STILL need partorisca find the working version of some 'Do' processor of word because the majority of my documents have been written with east and use '.wps' Extensions of file and is not compatible with other processors of word without spending for the conversor partorisca LIMA. No! .wps The files are not even compatible with Microsoft is other processors of word and think that stinks. Marcos of Microsoft some fine software and other elements BUT gone in of the types, marks some files interchangable with yours other products. Thank you And better desires.
5 / 5
Has bought this just to take a Picture He! Program. It is the programs of the photo concealed is easy to use, any complicated like PhotoShop, etc. already possess it, but can not locate a disk this time to the equal that have decided that so only would buy another. With which some investigation has found that another has wanted until and in $ partorisca an individual program. Felizmente, I my investigation and found this Microsoft learns Continuazione of Laws (which has comprised Picture He!) Partorisca $ . That the treat!

The Arrived in perfect condition, work fabulously and are the very happy consumer . A vendor has sold his product to the equal that are happy. It has taken exactly that has loved in the prize adds so I am happy. If so only all more in the life was like this to Do them Continuazione 2005 [Old Version].
5 / 5
Like my Continuazione of old Works 2002. I have looked for to install a 2002 continuazione in my new computer. Maintained taking a message of error roughly a lot when being pas able to show EULA agrees for me to accept, and like this wont install a launcher of Task of the Works. I have tried all a 'fixed but he so only wouldnt install, then , has bought some Continuazione of Law 2005 of Amazon. Well, it has taken a message of error with which installed it. This time roughly a lot when being pas able of the course in Windows 95, 98 and 2000. Well, I am using XP Pro. The short long history, I correctly clicked on LAUNCHER of TASK, THEN COMPATIBILITY, THEN UNCHECKED The BOX of WAY of the COMPATIBILITY, and a program has on begun. Has has had to that also uninstall Office 2003, which uses Word 2003 reason you Continuazione 2005 Word of uses 2002. This was in a joint of support of Technology of the Microsoft.

Has been impacted to find vast transmissions. His so only of the that gives you personnel like this a lot of or to the programs like has done in WS 2002 in my opinion. It was a lot, a lot disappointed. The picture is renewed TOTALLY and looks like this more has complicated. The money remained in a same. Gone of Word ( launch street of task) is a Wizard that you pre-select ways, sources, colours, letterheads etc. The calendar is one the different colour as it desk use of motive. In all the chance, which I , was scrolling the flexible, my favourite WORKS 2002 programs/of personnel concealed done in Word 2002, of my old computer to a new a, and like this far is fact so only well.

I still like an old version of Works thinks is more the friendly user, and know calm gave you more personal and programs to choose of. A lot of Glitz, the picture is REALLY DIFFERENT, but thinks that has lost more than has obtained.
5 / 5
Some does the program has uploaded felizmente has done like this to potion of some another has comprised in a container. This in spite of, would not download everything of some disks been due to the lack to program of necessary file and has maintained to burst on the window that say like this. Has has not thought has required a program of mapping in all the chance, and some other files have not been of entity of mine neither so that it has not annoyed that tries to solve a subject. In general this in spite of, am pleased with a product, and reccommend the to another.
4 / 5
Has purchased the new windows 8 laptop, and has been surprised when there is not coming with the pre program of loaded Word. It has looked for the software that would have Word of Microsoft, but has not wanted to spend to plot of money this time. I have not required any extra characteristics, so only the simple program. A familiarity of one '05 was so only that has required. I have received a program quickly, and was very easy to download. If you are looking for the program that is the friendly user and familiarised ossia the good start .
5 / 5
Has purchased Continuazione of Law 2005 reason no longer could receive the support paid of Microsoft with the question has had with Word 97 (he no longer open or function). I uninstalled an old program and Continuazione of installed Works 2005 and a program of past of the word is excellent -- the same incorporate some 'codes to go' characteristic of WordPerfect! Everything of my documents have been converted to a new verson of Word perfectly. I have not installed everything of some other components of a continuazione reason really any one need the majority of them this time. (...)
4 / 5
Had surprised felizmente to take much more that it still has expected! Has no @to @give this version of the works of Microsoft has comprised to 2002 version of Word of Microsoft. This element has been shipped much faster that has anticipated and arrived in perfect condition. With a lot it likes me he would do business with this vendor again. Thank you.
4 / 5
He This plants of Continuazione of Works, work a lot well. Really it likes to of me yes it does. I really like a Word of Microsoft, at the beginning has known no if he operates same in mine Windows 7 laptop, but has done. And do really well , am very very happy with him yes are. I truelly buy of this person again, Yes I .
5 / 5
Has bought this mainly for a Picture he! Software. Everything of a law of software adds in mine Windows 7 laptop. They are very happy that has bought has to that the way that be very useful and productive for me.
4 / 5
An installation headed was adds for a first disk but hanged for a second. Decided to leave it so only for the bit and try imagine that has spent. I uninstalled that have had and has begun on, finally giving to try to install some disks out of mandate. This looked to do and everything is well. Any excellent, but for a program an old plus, work.

Top Customer Reviews: Microsoft Streets ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
A global quality is good May .

- There is still a lot of inaccuracies. Microsoft Any really takes suggestions a lot well.

- An interface of GPS is buggy to a point of utter worthlessness

- A substitution of Fast/of Slow/Bird partorisca some speeds in several types of street in the place of some leading numerical entrances is the BIG step has retreated according to which am concerned.
4 / 5
A no same program the routing done in the PC of Pocket. You can a lot of he for exporter of windows or using streets of pocket. That is a point of this program then? Calm points where is and will aim a fate but calms that has to that imagine was for your account like this partorisca take there. If you are by train partorisca use it on the laptop is a lot do a lot of routing but no slowly annoy on using it on the PDA. It is returned and bought iGuideance.
4 / 5
Excellent software. Utilisation this partorisca each little travesía my familiar and volume. It can not expect order a late plus verson.
5 / 5
Could not upload this program in of the windows 7 how is useless mine . I have purchased recently streets and trips 2006 of you. Hopefully Windows 7 will sustain concealed.
5 / 5
Has been while the upgrade for the moment(I at present have 2001 edition and VERY HAPPY with him). But some descriptions (some very positive and some a lot negative) have has confused.

To the equal that has been partorisca verify a place of Microsoft and guess that!!!

Can The To you come from was partorisca free partorisca 30 days.

Like me so only installed a version partorisca try to see on its own name that this good . It will maintain you posted.
5 / 5
Had expected that have more (was there any one?) Corrections to errors of map in a 2004 edition.

Top Customer Reviews: Microsoft Streets ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
Tuesday, September 14, 2004
receives my edition of Streets & Travesías 2005 this week. It have to that mention that I have bought all the leading versions of Streets & Travesías of his start.
Like the Paramedic the Montreal, Canada, of then 16 years, has to say that Streets & Travesías as I leave partorisca save at least 7 bolt like this far in my career, that? : I use it partorisca know to the each detail so only likes him to him a bit streets of way, closure of street, and new streets in a sector that am ascribed the witch leave partorisca remain on a development a late plus , is partorisca SAVE TIME of EUA partorisca TAKE WHERE HAS TO THAT GO PRECISELY and of the Streets & the trip rids.
ALL my mates that Streets of use & the travesías are saying a same thing, has tried another software and everything of has come to some same conclusions: at all it comes partorisca close even his.
Can take 7 emergencies calls that directed to locate first scene of a department of Fire and some Police, 7 of the emergency of thesis is where the life that threatens and reason where there faster reason have known a closure of the street and a way is, has done the difference in our patient condition, the POSITIVE a.
Edition 2005, so only like wine, so only is improving with some years!
Personally recommends this software to ALL I VILLAGES; I use he (of course) partorisca plan my travesías regular in some the EUA and throughout Canada during my holidays.
An only thing that have still partorisca comprise is some people that complains in this software??? . My only conclusion is a complainer probably so only does not know like this partorisca use a software properly.
Respectfully, Francois, of Canada of Montreal.

Top Customer Reviews: Microsoft MapPoint ...

Rating: 1 out of 5 with 2 ratings
2 / 5
I have purchased this product that thinks that after using and enjoying Streets of CUPS and Travesas (of then 2001), that this would be the very up. Also additional characteristic rings that has known was bit it toneless in some Streets and products of Travesas. Chico, has been has surprised. Any only is a product , any better that some Streets and products of Travesas, but some maps partorisca small Canadian cities (ossia,populations of 35,000 to 100,000) was like this out of the date was useless. Where had expected use one there is enhanced characteristic of MapPoint in my subject, a abyssmal the maps of street have done an useless product. It have expected to also follow a location of our deliveries to client inside a city and surrounding cities. Again, this has not been possible because of a fact that some maps were at least 3 to 4 years out of dates. It has had it it has paid so only $ to $ still a product, can have maintained he to use when I travel in some the EUA, but for $ 400, am returned to product inside a week (the very first product of Microsoft is not never state dissappointed with). MapPoint 2004 Is the a lot, produces very insignificant and more to good sure any one the value that pays $ 400 or same means that estimativa, quotes some qualities of poor map.
Are really dissappointed in Microsoft and his lack of attention to details and accuracy for city and of the Canadian cities. Unless you are using he for locations of EUA so only, does not purchase this product. Prpers Having said this, continuous purchase the plot of products of Microsoft,(I continuous use Streets of CUPS and Travesas), but this compraventa tries the Microsoft still can dip out of the uselessness.
1 / 5
You do not pay $ it leave so only $ !!!! Partorisca This terrible program. It is not the friendly user. A mapping of data is worthless. Atlas callejero of frames of program 2004 (program of mediocre mapping) looks a better thing of sliced bread.
Does not squander your money!