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Top Customer Reviews: Rolls RA102 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
- the works Add.
- The packaging was well, Arrived in the form adds half way by means of a world.
- The quality of Sound adds.

Any Sake:
- @@@Knob Economic Plastics partorisca control of volume.
- Any Transmission partorisca Be able to, Need to unplug it partorisca close it down.
- There is exactly 1 ray internally, was rattling around when the recieved a container, has has had to that the take avert and the take behind in place (Was easy to do).
4 / 5
Has substituted my Nady headphone amp in my recording studio. The unit adds, so only ensure have 3.5 adapters.

Top Customer Reviews: Tube MP Studio ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
Limitter The circuit is the bit of the joke. A preset the dial is bobo. A simple starved-boxes of the sprain of the dish is all this really is. Some touches partorisca effect side, but a gimmickry can be dispensed with. A simple entrance and profit of start, the phase and filter cut down is all this is to require here. Limitter Is simple bad. 40-$60 it Is well. $80 it is empinado, and anything further of this is downright ridiculous. Partorisca Two hundred bucks, would expect some transformers in there. Nope. I have taken rid of years of the mine done.

Top Customer Reviews: Saramonic SmartRig+ ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5
The cost has checked Works very well touches lucido price. Only bmol, lacking partorisca regulate Lucido volume partorisca register quite strong master well feel in his couteurs.
That ocasiona A light noise of Fond. But he And The half to regulate all games to diminish this effect.
4 / 5
The cost has checked Simple and easy to use. I wish some keys were better situated to the long of an organism. State in of the shoots of entities and accidentally flipped the wrong transmission.
4 / 5
The cost has verified This is not partorisca an iPhone 7/8/x or newer iPads, in spite of a pictured unit. Mark sure is taking a right unit.
5 / 5
The cost has verified Ossia the add preamp and does not add too bulk my camera setup. Utilisation with is Locate Videomic Pro in mine Sony A6500.
5 / 5
The cost verified has required partorisca use some studio mic outside and propiciadas the recorder laptop. This preamp is surprising.
4 / 5
The cost has checked One+
4 / 5
The cost has verified sweats partorisca add and very useful.

Top Customer Reviews: Focusrite ISA One ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
The fantastic works and looks really professional. I am not sure it is a main improvement in my quality of the register but I am remarked improvement with some of my favourite minors mics. I have found a the AT4033 the little hard and is much smoother by means of this PreAmp. I also remarked changes quite big in my ART ribbon mic when trying out of some settings of different impedance. In general they are to add and have patched it to the mine Presonus Firestudio Project at all times.
5 / 5
Amazing pre amps that it can say it. For a prize is the beast . And with the amazon has saved in $400 that was to buy with Longitude & Mcquade
5 / 5
Him him the studio of house, would have to possess this. If has the professional studio, would have to possess this. This preamp is surprising, especially for a prize. It is cleaned like this likes to take, especially in this row of prize. It could not listen any hum or noise of hardware, ossia a train loves. A preamp was like this strong and versatile that has chosen on the conversation of outside, sure mark your levels are well ;) he a vocals of the mine C-800G and U87 clears like this day. I love it!!!!
4 / 5
Ossia A prime minister mic preamp I never purchased and am blown entirely was. For too many years have been using interface of audio pre this (with well mics) and that asks reason the mine never has touched clues 'full'. This directed to create more clue to try and manufacture this 'fullness', which creates the muddy plus, less his professional. I am pissed that took like this long to buy this thing, but am like this happy has done. And yes, he a SM7B the sound that surprised and there is detailed. Transmission of complete game.
5 / 5
Ossia An exceptional preamp and has box of DATE, can resupply some colour to your sound and some characteristic are awesome, ossia a better pre have possessed like this far, and now know reasons so many engineers prefer Focusrite ISA pre is. One of some uses some the fresh plus has found for this one is registering electrical guitar of the basses by means of one has GIVEN.
5 / 5
Is not sure state in this preamp initially. I give it the 5/5 so that it is, any to involve that it is one of a better there.

Pros (For me)
- his A lot of
- A lot of headroom
- sprain Under
- noise Under
- has the DATA is well for drop of electrical and electrical guitar
- Balanced in/out
- Useful sends/turn
- Headphone control
- the profit Notched + Linear trim

Gilipollas (for me)
- Big and ugly
- A space is spent on all-in-a class of material. If calm so only love a preamp, takes one 2 canal 1Or racks.
- I desire has done this unit in the plenary 1Or racks unit with all some the same entrances/begin
- No TRS start. XLR Is exited so only

uses for vocals, acoustic electrical guitar, and grave trams. It manages everything a lot well. Any complaint in pre-amp action.

This creation can be useful to dip in the cabin of his if an interpreter loves him control and a cue mixes of an engineer. In the big studio is likely to have all this hardware in a room of control, but for house and of the studios of the smallest studios, this could be the useful tool . For a room of control is the big box that among a way. A lot enough I have the 1 or 2 full canal 1Or racks version of of the this, but the appreciate like this he standalone the box the practice has instrument of DATA or trying mics.

Ossia The no on mine another more economic preamps. If you are in a SM7 bandwagon, then yes, is powerful and clean enough thus mic. But it does not think that 'cleaned' means does any amp his at all. In 50db the profits measures an average (by means of a freq spectre) level of noise of -100dB RMS in DAW of mine. Ossia Quite good.

The use sure has has balanced entrances. You will require the female XLR to male TRS to dip a start of a preamp to an entrance of line of yours A/D conversor. You can go right XLR to the your mic gone in, but can take sprain and levels of different sounds. Entrance of line of the use podes and sure mark to regulate a profit in your device of entrance to profit of unit (different for each device and each pot).
5 / 5
A preamps has done perfectly, as I am happy. Also I have a ISA a, which is the alone box that is not usually rack trace. A ISA one has the separate has GIVEN entrance and separate has GIVEN start as you could register the vocal and direct in electrical guitar to 2 different clues. A ISA an also has a paper of optional digital start that is easy to install and setup. Another that that , a ISA an and ISA two sound one same and volume 2 preamps in a unit. A ISA Two adds paints a lot small to the action. It adds the bit of hot and punch but remains true to a mics has used.
5 / 5
Has the studio of house and this mic pre is a better the ees has not used never. Also, a support of Focusrite are adds.
4 / 5
Loves this product, my sound has a estupefaciente solid awesome his net. My bass touches perfect, mine mics sounds like abonos to the equal that owe is not never state. I want to this I wont gone back to register without him. A lot a lot of solid, and a filter of big raisin is soooooooooooooo usefull the cant bolt without him. Hahahha Enjoyed. And it possesses this in my studio
5 / 5
It was skeptical in of the this has had like this never has used the mic pre before. But now, after using this I are like, 'That an idiot has been partorisca try to register without one of these partorisca years!' This is the must-have for any one registering vocals. The utmost sounds with mine Sennheiser 416 shotgun mic which also highly recommends. This thing really will help down any paving of noise in your sound. Your vocals will touch wa-a-a-and more professional with east. That is while to? Click a 'Buy now with a-click' key!!!

Top Customer Reviews: MXL MIC MATEC XLR ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
Pro The audio can be quite pricey. Taking the quality mixer and the paper of sound can cost the little hundred $ . I have tried so only using the low cost phantom unit to be able to, together with the XLR to adapter, but has produced poor results. A phantom the power has caused some models of interference in a line, and a line has produced the plot of white noise.

Has decided to take this, likes work like the basic mixer and amp. Extracted well, and does not require any a lot of fooling with to take working. For any reason, creates 2 jacks, mic, and stereo was. For incumplimiento, the windows looks for to send his out to a usb stereo jack, which at all. I so only disabled that device. There is the simple transmission to choose a level of amplification - big, down, or average. Big utilisation reason has a less background noise. Then I can turn down an entrance the bit in a PC and add the filter of light digital noise to cut out of one background static. A result of final is quite acceptable. A mic am using is the very economic unit, but this leaves it to treat well.

A quality of build is WELL, but is not a better. If some few dice in an end take free or on presionados, the bondadosos of the falls averts. A PCB is resisted in place for some very tiny ray clamps, like the main joint is not resisted to situate too well. Also, a transmission for low/med/big is a lot of flimsy. I plan in just leaving it dipped to a way and any when touching , so that it is well.
4 / 5
This has the very solid and robust construction. Quality of his east well for vocals (has not tried he with other uses).
Three notes: 1) it is heavy, and like this calm does not love that hangs it in mid air. 2) there it is not closing latch for a XLR connector. 3) there is at all to use like the hanger to take a weight out of a boss. No the subject significant for me, as there is so only clamped the to a table, but could be the question in other uses.
4 / 5
The mine there is prendido only law today of the swimming. Everything classifies diagnostics and at all, now the go to take so only the real preamp. I mean literally done five minutes was on. LeGustado, has gone back, at all, there is prendido entirely law. My bosses are less bad so much has tried them he with another device, all still towers on, but a mic the mate no . Giving it 3 stars still reasons for a pair of month has done, was the cockroach of alternative sum to an expensive plus preamps.
4 / 5
Has bought the microphone any really that knows as it has done. I have bought the microphone to usb boss and plugged he directly to my computer. I thought it that it would do it so only well for video gaming but a mic grieves could choose on my voice. As it looked his and the results have required some class of amplifier or mixer I among my mic and my computer. I hooked this up goes in and a mic the works add now. This is resulted to be the simple and easy solution for any the one who is not learnt with this class of material.
4 / 5
A MXL xlr the USB preamp mic the interface is sum . In the first place it does not concern roughly using the dynamic mic (any voltage of line) law some same and does not win it has hurt. If you want to do the simple house that the records so only take the good mic with the xlr discharges, connect his boss and connect another end to a MXL preamp. Then use the boss of printer of the USB (any comprised) and connect to your computer. My computer recognised it immediately and was to arrive and that careers any time. You can require go to your Poster of Control and go to the sounds then select a tab of register and find a mic is hooked until. The one of fact registers something precise to to the software likes him the tampon of Of Mix or any one another software of register of the audio.

Has been surprised that a mic has found a lot quietly compared to connect he with an adapter to a mic gone in in a computer.

There is Included fine-followed with this mic. A lot of entertainment.

For me was a better way to use my computer to connect to the microphone of quality.

Good regime!
5 / 5
A Register has taken to use this with my Microphone was crisp, clear, Noise Free Loyalty & , Big. Had the register in my studio for my manager of informative program, and this sure has done a trick. It is so only he XLR-Interface of Adapter of the USB. You can use this of any Microphone of Condenser and discharges in a MXL Mic Mate to your Computer or Portable. Ossia Also relatively abordable.
This device are adds in in a field also, if it calms of any one spend it weighed that mixes crew, with you, he a work. My partner has taken some hips for Aforar his Car Stereo System with the microphone of calibration. A boss of USB can take in any tent.
MXL Frames a better Professional Audio. I have it quell'has used always a MXL line of Microphone in my Recording studio, a Mogami line of Boss, and his interfaces, adapters.
4 / 5
Simple and sincere. Works to the equal that has expected. I am taking good quality of mine MXL 990.
4 / 5
Has been using 4 of these Mic conversores of Mate for on 3 years with several different computers, a lot of frames of mikes, and several containers of software. His utmost while it selects some settings of his correct.

Also uses two of them simultaneously to ports of separate USB, in same computer, for two canal stereo.

So that there is at all better to do the complain, a container said 'the any one has comprised understood in a front, and ossia the fault of Amazons for not aiming picture of Mic the mate in him is to see by means of container, or it mentioning.

Uses the type A to B boss of USB of the printer. Calm can buy him for $ on Amazon.
Some instructions are on behind container.

BTW: I have bought the partorisca new printers, a the HP, concealed there is not coming with boss neither. It has not said anything in of the boxes roughly requiring the boss.
4 / 5
Plugged He in and has done immediately. Any messing roughly with tubes or of the settings. I reccomened to any one.

Top Customer Reviews: Suhr Reactive Load ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
Very sincere and simple to use, and sounds partorisca surprise!
4 / 5
Has had this partorisca 3 month or so much and is the tool adds real . Before reactive load/goes partorisca some cupboards all his add and each electrical guitar has touched sum by means of him. So only I have the DSL to the equal that has no sampled a lot of amps with him. I have touched by means of headphones stirs it but mainly run he to the focusrite partorisca calm register.