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Top Customer Reviews: YESURPRISE ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 23 ratings
5 / 5 Jessika
Produced excellent. Good manufacture and material also stylish and long enough to cover your legs. Saved a day during my recognition to an East Cost. Do fault adds slope of the heavy rains and also to maintain me warm in of the windy days
5 / 5 Selma
Well it build it! I have used he partorisca the Half Marathon a lot rainy. Still it looks new! I have used another partorisca help maintain warm partorisca the another half marathon likes launch has been. Fact perfectly!
5 / 5 Kristen
Construction and decent material. Easy to pack behind in his pouch and adds partorisca spend around in your rucksack/of purse when travelling to rainy places.
4 / 5 Temeka
Raincoat Well, any real but good thickness partorisca the boat in chance takes partorisca take in a rain.
1 / 5 Mammie
I have taken A mdium and I is Immense truth and no practical same car plier is very fat
3 / 5 Bryon
It has to that return he so that it was too big. It was not offered in the smallest measure.
5 / 5 Particia
This raincoat are adds partorisca our unpredictable time. Light and compact - very effective.
3 / 5 Steven
It feels he taste am spending the stock exchange of the rubbishes but work
5 / 5 Casie
Like some seeds-transparent colour. The better looks that other alike elements.
5 / 5 Maryjo
Waterproof Economic. Material is strong. The utilisation the bicycle.
4 / 5 Monroe
I compact games take the two and very practical. At all too dense but protect me a lot well.
4 / 5 Candis
It likes-me a comfortable raincoat partorisca spend and he a work
4 / 5 Zenia
Orderly and big extra as it was baggy and could any key still he up. Also among the darkest way that a picture.
4 / 5 Chandra
A raincoat is exactly that has looked for, an only thing would change is having the main hood on that.
4 / 5 Herlinda
Looked better that thought it . The quality adds and decent prize
4 / 5 Rafaela
desolan is to mark x big and this in spite of his too small
5 / 5 Myrle
has Bought small and is like this big. Any something will recommend
5 / 5 Randy
It says unisex but is clearly the jacket of woman. The dud advertising no shabby.
4 / 5 Morris
Has Bad to value the magnitude and the width as they are pair of the small touches buries
4 / 5 Tina
Adds partorisca my daughters of 11 years at night camping travesía
4 / 5 Charis
Tore inside the day down a seam. Tried partorisca return it and couldnt.
4 / 5 Irene
The quality adds but has ordered XL and access like the half
4 / 5 Jaunita
It does not like a bit lapel logo, likes more be of logo free .
Took it on cyber Monday partorisca $ 13, am satisfied.
My measure of discharge is xl because of some descriptions have not been sure yes would owe that choose l or xl has been with L for one discount. It returns the little release. Not to try it on the discharge this in spite of, does not think it will close in the discharge.
Comes with the pouch very pertinent to maintain he in your car in chance of rain.

Top Customer Reviews: Portable Rain ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Freeman
It is the very good product partorisca a prize. It maintains a rain of my uniform like raincoats is supposition partorisca do.

Top Customer Reviews: Amazon Essentials ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5 Yang
Measure: SmallColour: ash charcoal heather there is wanted really the grandson-cut fleece sweater that could both down my jacket to fall lighter and also wear around an office while still looking professional among all some trousers and business shirts of dress. This sweater returns a bill and I to good sure would recommend it to any the one who is looking for an element that both maintain you to you warm and present/to act well in of the half multiple means; if this is hiking of trail , lounging around a house, or in an office. But here it is where my subject comes . I trust when I say that calm to good sure would have to that measure first to purchase this element! Some differences among some extra-small to the small or has included the big to some the big extras would owe that be heavy and has considered strongly. They are 5'9.5' and hanged roughly 135 pounds with to slender build. The majority of small sweaters returned to knots quite well and has assumed one same in this situation, and while an organism of an access of costs of sweater (has not been to perfect but bearable) has found some arms to be extremely baggy and long. In general, you look lacking on me partorisca say a less. I have finalised regifting this perfectly sweater end to my brother the one who is 6'0' and 160 books and he was returned so only well, albeit with some weapon the pocolos snug. In an end of a day, all can is that while it looks well, measures it in fact to imports like to please the measures adequately before it commits to this sweater! ;) :P
4 / 5 Criselda
Measure: SmallColour: the tan has bought this in the middle of measure partorisca my Dad. It is true to measure, very done, and very soft and warm. No too thin likes a lot fleece sweaters; has a right quantity of thickness and feels substantial. And a price is very good...
4 / 5 Pasty
Measure: LargeColour: ash charcoal heather has bought this partorisca spend in mine thickets in work. After reading some descriptions was bit it concerned in record. I have decided to order that a same measure likes step to Columbia Jackets. When I tried It on, I have done like this in an of my cups of thicket and expsitos that returns exactly to the equal that have expected. They are almost 6 big feet and the bit of an athletic build for the woman. A jacket is light and to the chair likes will have fallen enough in of the grace spends slope of the turns at night in a hospital. It looks the good value for a money like this far.
5 / 5 Pamelia
Measure: X-SmallColour: ash charcoal heather Adds. To the big careers likes them fall the measure. They are 5'8', quite slender, and usually spend small/med for sweaters but this one has had to go with x-small. Some other descriptions are right - the careers bit it big. It averts of that is comfortable and has arrived quickly. It is Amazon Essentials like the fashion still will be available next year, the difference other retailers with different fashions/returns every year.
4 / 5 Jung
Measure: MediumColour: ash charcoal heather loves it. Very comfortable, warm, easy to spend under the jacket of winter for extra heat. All the world would owe that have one of these in his cupboard!
5 / 5 Lauralee
Measure: XX-LargeColour: ash charcoal heather orders a XXL version of this based in a sizing map. It was way the big. It is returned and has taken the different colour in a XL and he return perfectly. After spending it 2 or 3 days the week by means of a whole winter still looks the new mark. Any pilling or decompression of a fleece. It is an excellent product but returns big that a sizing map. Taken that to the consideration and calm is gilded.
4 / 5 Dwight
Measure: X-LargeColour: ash charcoal heather A bit big. But the construction adds, and build. The looks animate enough for use of Autumn. I do not know in anti-pilling, of then am returning he for the repayment. Highly recommend this element, but be careful in sizing!
5 / 5 Alyson
Measure: X-LargeColour: the black has Bought 2 of these partorisca mine 94 yr the old course is chilly all a time. These are perfect partorisca indoors, better that the sweater knitted, reason is lighter in weight, but warmer and a zip is easier that manage for him that really like and spends he of all a time.
4 / 5 Shandi
Measure: LargeColour: the green forest has Bought this fleece jacket partorisca my father as it can maintain warm in a house. It is 92 and it feels a cold . A lot good fleece with 2 pockets that has to partorisca your hands and another pocket of interior partorisca dip things in that was unexpected. It was very partorisca fresh days in a cradle or fall. My father takes the big and return like this expected.
5 / 5 Clarence
Measure: MediumColour: navy late Light weight, this in spite of material of good quality, with pockets that zip as well as inner pockets, any bothersome elastic, works of zip, the sleeves are long enough. (Half of measure, quotes 6'1')
5 / 5 Murray
I expected to some cloths further of qualities, disappointed. But it does not win to pay too expensive, does not be missing never this proud the photo has joined. It touches the cost of clothes fails his touch and try them before buying them.
Is the good fact touch, goes partorisca give to the RESSOURCERIE of my coin.
Thank you
Pierre D.
5 / 5 Lettie
Has behind envoy 2 Columbia Fleece Jackets because this one is like this well if any better. It is has 2 Deep Pockets in an interior and 2 in an outside and is also a lot Warm and Soft. I will be partorisca buy to plot more produced of Amazon in a future.
4 / 5 Tomeka
Want to some few pockets in this discharge. A zipped the external pockets are utmost to resist to the things really do not want to lose , and his a lot of the puff was and look odd. Some the inner pockets are enormous and tonnes of control of material, adds partorisca spend documents or objects main. A discharge is a lot warm. I add partorisca work or in of the flights.
5 / 5 Marianela
Looks good and maintain me quite warm. I have it like this past remote in -1 C time and he maintained me to knots snug. To good sure requires to spend gloves to complete he in cold time reason dipping your hands in your pocket will not help any a lot of
4 / 5 Scott
has bought this fleece jacket for my father to the equal that can maintain warm in a house. It is 92 and it feels a cold . Very a lot of fleece with 2 pockets that has to for your hands and another pocket of interior to dip things in that was unexpected. It was well for fresh days in a cradle or fall. My father takes the big and turn as it has expected.
5 / 5 Moshe
Light weight, this in spite of material of good quality, with pockets that zip as well as inner pockets, any bothersome elastic, works of zip, the sleeves are long enough. (Half of measure, quotes 6'1')
4 / 5 Renetta
had purchased the alike fleece for Columbia; a cloth was thin and a stitching has fallen was inside the month or two. This fleece, in another hand, has the good heavy cloth and is a lot well has done.
5 / 5 Alfredia
Has bought this in Green for random use, the poor quality and any looks by heart has washed was. It does not want to spend any money that sends it behind otherwise would return it asap.
5 / 5 Grant
Accesses the little big that has expected. But it is of good quality and maintain me quite warm. 30 F time, and can begin external with is fleece, the t shirt down, and Columbia waistcoat up.
5 / 5 Franklin
Quite warm and comfy. The only question is is way too big on me. Unfortunately I used it already or would have transmission he for a smaller measure.
4 / 5 Lore
They are 5'7' 150 lbs and usually order the small-half, but read one of some descriptions partorisca go XS, which have done. Included then, a period of the organism still returns the little long. It has had to that return. A material is good and often this in spite of. The access could be more suitable for any elder.
5 / 5 Janine
Receiving, lava well and good in a for the half dryer. Nizza Deep pockets .My father the one who is sensitive to the cold loves it. Has three in of the different colours. Excellent prize.
5 / 5 Deena
Comfy Extra layer for cold days, and good in his own. It looks of good quality like this far. The car washed without shrinkage or other ailing effects.
5 / 5 Thelma
Really crazy extracted well. You will pay three times more in the tent of sport for some esatti was fleece sweater. It is good and warm and comfortable. It is done anxiety big types.
5 / 5 Dee
5'11'' And 185 lbs. The lg the accesses perfect. The quality is that it attended thus point of prize. YKK Zips And big pockets. Shopping another. 👍🏻
5 / 5 Hal
Follows 5'11' always the big measure in my cloths and returns well! Warm, Quite fat and no the heavy fleece and has the very very stitching, the value adds for the prize, highly recommended!
4 / 5 Sandi
A lot of Fact of cloth of good quality with the sturdy zip and very sewed seams, this fleece the jacket maintain a lot warm when spent under the gore-tex shell. A very compraventa.
5 / 5 Trinh
Any cotton in a cast of materials like this perfect for layering. Bought a smaller measure also and can use both near is necessary.
5 / 5 Nelle
Adds fleece. So only that has looked for. The measure was perfect and a lot warm. It can be past so only or like the liner for your Jacket.
4 / 5 Genia
Look Well, very returned, thickness fleece spent, warm under the propiciado by winter in of the days of Canadian winter. Comfortable. Very shabby .
Gives of the bit of fluff, but like this far like this good.
4 / 5 Cliff
A jacket is surprisingly well, and warm, but fatter and more weighed that has expected.
5 / 5 Madie
has bought the pair of a same fashion of past of clothes of focus the partorisca compete. I have bought three as they are much more abordables then competition. The good quality in the prize adds.
4 / 5 Cristie
Of several years have looked for partorisca substitute my existent and has found finally He sousi
5 / 5 Kaitlyn
An only thing there is remarked was a fact that the will stick to some of some materials have used partorisca line a gabán. Utilisation this produced partorisca spend under another discharge this time of year.
4 / 5 Eunice
Are usually the half but this one returns the little big. The shoulders return perfect but all more was the little release. For this have known that the small will be too tight in some shoulders. Finalised return the. Looked a lot cosy and comfortable this in spite of.
4 / 5 Tiana
These accesses of jacket like the charm and servants a purpose to maintain me warm in of the evenings and of the fresh days when I exit.
4 / 5 Alberta
An access was indicated like this & a quality was better that had expected for a prize. A lot warm, especially when used under the topcoat. Washes without question. Not liking, but well for newspaper.
5 / 5 Charlena
Has purchased the small measure. They are 5'5'. Usually spend small or average according to costruttore. The @@@cofre and the shoulders are well but a period is too long - more appropriate to any 4 to 5 big thumbs. Has has not had never the small measure this felt this longitude .
5 / 5 Adrienne
The quality adds, interior of pockets and external. Perfecto for a prize.
4 / 5 Saturnina
Way better Quality that another name to mark fleece jacket. Now on I will look for the essential amazon for elements of basic cloths.
4 / 5 Julius
The looks of qualities partorisca be the only time well will say but certainly good value partorisca of the money
5 / 5 Maryellen
has SURPASSED in my expectations. Has thinks that that it go partorisca be too thin, but result partorisca be perfect. More economic and better that another fleeces has bought negotiate retailers.
4 / 5 Leta
Awesome Produces the colour adds, a lot warm and sum of athletic access.
5 / 5 Muriel
Usually, are the Half , has bought the Petit because of commentaries and found a fleece to be too small. Perhaps there is sizing @subject before but at present, thinks the amazon fixed a subject apt has measured.
4 / 5 Classie
The quality adds and really warm. The husband loves it. It is 6' with an athletic build.
5 / 5 Staci
The look Adds. Comfortable.

Has had to that return average (also big) a reorder the small instead. Otherwise, the utmost cost for prize adds.
5 / 5 Addie
Exactly that there is wanted. Looks Well. Good access. Interior of deep and external pockets, and some external some are zippered which are adds. It can not beat a prize neither.
5 / 5 Chanell
Is warm. There is extremely big static and is a lot of clingy to another cloth the one who the very hard fact to locate.
4 / 5 Effie
Present navideño for my husband, returns well, is 6'2”. It is state that bolt in him I like this to the supposition likes!

Top Customer Reviews: TACVASEN® Men's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5 Asley
Measure: X-LargeColour: Navy has Ordered this like the present partorisca the 6'2, 205lb man. Big type with wide shoulders and some XL good access. Active has ordered usually the Big but has taken other descriptions the consideration and has taken a measure up. Some sleeves are in fact long enough, which is seldom a chance. Nizza, fat material also, with a lot of pockets. Looks More expensive that is.
4 / 5 Filiberto
Measure: LargeColour: Green of Army Ossia the fat plus fleece, with the brim in a hood. His well has done. They are 5'9, 165 with wide shoulders. Any like him To You my jackets that return tight , has been them with the big the one who the usually do with sweatshirts. An access is looked his low frames of armour. Some sleeves are the pocolos long but loves it to them. Highly you recommend and for a price, his add. Very happy.
4 / 5 Anneliese
Measure: LargeColour: Grey has given this a star. I have found after inaugural and trying the same day took it, that has had the plot of edges that has had to that be cut and some plastic where the zip is like this look untrimmed. I am spent more the time that would have to have cutting andantes edges. A shoulder has the edge that is tangled, almost the look is half fact - know that.... A longevity of this stitch is up in an air. For fifty bucks?... It go to buy a Green an although this one was well, now are king-that thinks that decision.
5 / 5 Desirae
Measure: LargeColour: Comfortable Sand, perfect magnitude. 5'11'', 210 lbs with A cofre of 42 and a big access a lot well, no too wide and a lot also has regulated. He Hood one beats too glorious.

In general a lot well. Valley lucido price.
4 / 5 Buffy
Measure: SmallColour: the sand has Bought this jacket partorisca the partner partorisca the Christmas and he have come earlier that has expected. It returns my partner very enough and a jacket is gone in a lot of fact without any open seams or frayed finals. My partner finds it to be comfortable a time of current winter that has like this far be -4C to 0C. Has a same jacket but in green and interest my fellow that there is there is like this bought like the present. It was the interesting cost when I bought it behind then and is still the compraventa interesting now.
5 / 5 Herta
Measure: MediumColour: the green of Army am impressed really with a quality and has thinks that has been to the this jacket. Some pockets have wide the room and a pocket of extra sleeve is handy entrance.

Spent it on the travesa of day to a Glorious Canyon and was perfect to spend a EDC the material has wanted to

is to the good warm insurance and a hood is main like calm easily can spend an extra hat or ballcap down that.

A lot of - maintain on a good work
4 / 5 Carmela
Measure: X-LargeColour: Green of Army According to a 'Asian Thumb' sizing map, would have to expect the X-BIG to return me correctly but when received, was a lot of too big. Some looks of jacket partorisca be the quality adds. It is partorisca think and looks partorisca have durable stitching and the zips BUT this jacket resists an incredible quantity of static electricity. My hair literally was on finalise when I have taken was .... They are bald!!
5 / 5 Demetra
Measure: MediumColour: Black I has 3 of these sweaters in of the different colours and his all return me to us well. They are warm, to the fresh look likes him the hell with coaching on, has tonnes of pockets and places partorisca patches... Well each penny.

Also comes without-for-instructions of any on like this partorisca use a mysterious zip and also has complicated. So that it was sper useful.
4 / 5 Aide
Measure: MediumColour: Navy PRO.
Warm access like some pockets have expected , well to beats has used he with discharge or and the Batlskin, Extracted well in -10 half half and enough space for movements of organism, twenty in +20 extracted adds, control of rain, but no estimativa waterproof , a lot alternative.
The interior of jacket in bylines to the with the has the unfinished to look in an end of fold of zip, east rubs against a with which nettles a skin , when close a zip in a cup, hurts under a chin and irritation of cause, need the tape he.
Any patch of elbow. The cloth takes rasgado quickly, the hope comprises in a next creation.
Another that that, good jacket for a estimativa of price.
Recommends for spiegamento fast.
the sure stay
5 / 5 Tomiko
I am impressed really with a quality and has thinks that has been to the this jacket. Some pockets have wide the room and a pocket of extra sleeve is handy entrance.

Spent it on the travesía of day to a Glorious Canyon and was perfect to spend a EDC the material has wanted to

is to the good warm insurance and a hood is main like calm easily can spend an extra hat or ballcap down that.

A lot of - maintain on a good work
5 / 5 Alyse
Im 5-9 180 books and has ordered them the big and was in an intention to spend the hoodie down. Measures of @@@cofre is good but of then has no elastic wrist cuffs some sleeve are the bit to long and loose. It have to that it has ordered it the half for the perfect access.

Follows on my leading description...
Poor stitching and my waistcoat there is now holes been due to any stitches where done too close up of a flange of a cloth or an edge was feeble. You ll be happy the little month and has deceived with which
5 / 5 Goldie
has had this jacket the week like this far and can do not taking was. It have bought this for the jacket for winter but how is like this warm and comfortable resulted it my daily go to still consolation. This jacket has so many pockets do not have full all still. Well built stitching are adds no loose edges or any trimmed sewing. In general this jacket has not beaten can be for a prize and partorisca to good sure will order more than these
4 / 5 Mora
has Ordered the thought of Half could spend my ballistics waistcoat under the this in spite of has some room. No.
This jacket is MASSIVE.
Some half returns my fiancé that usually spends the mention big extra.
I reordered in a small while for a better, a torso was a lot of but some bosses were abnormally long? Need to be hemmed to return properly but looks better the one who that is issued.
4 / 5 George
Has 3 of these sweaters in of the different colours and his all return me to us well. They are warm, to the fresh look likes him the hell with coaching on, has tonnes of pockets and places for patches... Well each penny.

Also comes without-for-instructions of any on like this to use a mysterious zip and also has complicated. So that it was súper useful.
5 / 5 Antonette
Very pleased with this element, if it could give them calm more launchings the . A lot professionally packed and has shipped has to them that say. It was the client to return sure! For a prize a quality is like this as well as the produced 5 times his prize!!

Thank you very much.
4 / 5 Karla
Loves this thing. Wear he almost each one another day. Apt as expected (half). Stitching Is good and lasted so only a lot on 6 month. It has spent he during camping, house renovatio and work. It is comfortable and quite warm in -5 to -10 times. Any raincoat but slightly resistant and drys quite quickly.
Also a seal says any to wash he in any way but I have dipped he in a washer for him self in a delicate cycle and hang dried. Fleece Is less bad and did not shrink.
5 / 5 Barrie
Are 5' 11” roughly 190 lbs, build of half. I have ordered the XL and he am returned so only the big touch, but no too big. It likes- one quality and look for be built well. It is more than the jacket/of fall of the cradle.
4 / 5 Otilia
Salvation For real the very good jacket but are them the 2xl in any one another tent in Canada or EUA. 2xl fitts Like him 1xl. At present they are that it spends the jacket of Colombia 2xl access hughe. Ossia First piece of clothes the each experience of an internet would not owe it never has done. It has given already this fleece was. For this his no in a money. Sad in a poor estimating you would have to that say people to for a main measure then the compraventa of the deception would not spend . With a lot it likes me he takes the khaki black and the dark blue can me an each one that like this in the XXXL. THANK YOU Not kidding would purchase them three GSS
5 / 5 Marlana
was his always risk it but when reading the few descriptions look of the records is well. It Is not . Say his 1-2 measures out of that say so it expects that when taking east. It looks a picture and the quality looks a lot of (Of here 2 vs 1 star) but he no returned at all.
5 / 5 Raye
Ossia The jacket adds and a prize was fantastic! It returns the bit in a tighter side. They are 6'3 and 200 lbs and bought and XL. A 2XL would have given me bit it more wiggle room. But it is it has pleased really.
4 / 5 Sebrina
Are the quite regular type .... Ordered the big one and returns what good , so only has has had to that do is there is shortened weapon for 1 thumb and narrow an end for 1/2 thumb... Any biggie, there is not costing to plot... Like a colour (any marky - ash ossia), the zips are qualities adds . The desire has the pockets lateralmente main, some on was main up.... otherwise Amur That jacket, a lot warm and respites a lot
5 / 5 Dalene
For a prize this fleece was the better way that expected and terrific! It is warm and a quality of zip looks decent like this far. Had the modern tactical look but a lot on planned the. It calms that could spend so only in anywhere.
5 / 5 Lesia
His hard to find fleeces these days with hoods, but this one has one and I like. It can not buy anything like this in Calgary for some reason.

Bought it to spend low mine DeWalt the jacket has heated. The desire there would be has been with the half.
5 / 5 Junie
Returns well, a lot warm, some odd edges that the estaca was here and there. But very practical and does a work against cold windy time. Alive in of the sud Ontario so only is beginning to cool down here and some twenty choose on enough bit it! Like this perfect thus kinda time. Fast delivery also!
4 / 5 Darius
Has bought the half sized an and some sleeves were too many long and too wide. Bought the small one and has had a same question. Squandered 120 bucks. One of some worse experiences on Amazon.
5 / 5 Beula
Are not the big person 5 ft 9 this in spite of sound 220lbs. I access my big shoulders well and is the wee has bitten long in some bosses this in spite of ossia also be expected . It see like this it stands up . Good colour and a lot of pockets for any one love material in them .
4 / 5 Meta
Has finalised to return an element, has bought a smaller measure available which is a small, but included this was so only too big. Usually spend the measure 38 short jacket, and a small very hanged of the to to my shoulders like to of him was the measure 42 jacket with him fully zipped up. Another that a sizing, looks quite good.
5 / 5 Carrol
Of of the one of the sud BC canada. Shipped well, the product is coming 3 early days . Bought the 2XL I follows 6'3 250 books and is quell'has bitten snug. Material of quality, a lot of pockets, and maintains animated during some months of fall. No very waterproof. Good jacket for a prize.
5 / 5 Evelia
Poor finishing of a pocket (has s hole)
Zip without discharges in an end.
Has tried to contact a vendor, not helping at all.
5 / 5 Yesenia
Ossia One some the compraventa better has done! This jacket is súper warm and soft. I have used it likes him a pillow partorisca camp of of the emergency. Highly recommended!
5 / 5 Robert
Has ordered the half one and he still bit it big but like a jacket especially considering a cost. Some the multiple pockets have located in torso and the arms are of sound. In general they are quite satisfy.
5 / 5 Cassidy
Ossia The present of anniversary as I have not given still the the hubbie and am not sure of a record so only still! It is fact very good and in fact heavier and warmer that had expected. Like this far like this good and will know Run 8 returns ! Arrived quickly and a lot of packaged.
5 / 5 Lulu
The product is all expected it would be. I have paid prize very main for the elements of qualities go down in of the local tents here Ottawa Canada

Access with quite soiled to spend the bulky sweater or the mid and spent of base under the,
4 / 5 Elbert
Good jacket, soul enough for fall in Canada! Has the good in sized hood and with the big when zipped up. There have it also quite a lot of pockets that no longer precise the cupboard.
4 / 5 Wynell
There is the 105cm (41') @@@cofre and has ordered a big - was way too big. Returned the and has taken a half which access perfectly. Probably there is given 4 stars for an inaccurate sizing, but a nave was quickly & an easy turn - there is rid a next day with an option of regular nave. A jacket is exactly like this pictured.
5 / 5 Kymberly
The jacket returns smaller that has expected. When I king-has ordered much more for the employees have ordered measures it the big and return a lot of
4 / 5 Chantell
has Arrived punctual. Material of good packaging a lot well is a lot warm. Present navideño for my father goes it to want to
5 / 5 Tawny
Spend always XL, good master that the cloths of month is wide. I measure 5' 9 and hanged 185 and is perfect.
Has chosen the green has armed and the colour is genial. A lot of pockets, master a lot that in backside that spends of a flange to the another. My woman would love some hips.
4 / 5 Dessie
Is the bit loses but yes shrinks then has to that be well. It looks so only a way is described. The smells bit It pleasant how is the new element and enough wash it first to try it. But in general, it is a way is aimed.
4 / 5 Terrance
They are 5'10' 205 lbs, returns well. Materials of good quality, well has gathered. Proportion of quality/of excellent prize. Fast nave, a lot of packaged.
5 / 5 Nicola
A jacket was very very built and stitched near was so only the little small partorisca me has not sold the 3xl has thinks that would try the 2xl there measures it the big but has not done, would recommend this jacket was very soft and is to bad he no returned liked really
4 / 5 Leatrice
of the sleeves are slightly longer that has expected, but easily can be gone in upper of the has bitten. A very good jacket.
5 / 5 Jeanie
Columbia Is or the north face returned perfect in 2X in this way of falls of the short element of this measure although they have declared 2X
4 / 5 Sheridan
no of military quality , a little lack of isolation , pocket too tall , closure éclair of correct quality without more . I have cut A bit Rapport of short pair to the stains .
5 / 5 Beata
The sweater adds. Warm And comfortable. Load of pockets. Well he he. Paired With the softshell and is good to go !!
4 / 5 Amina
This the really a lot fleece jacket with interior of pockets of multiple and external zip. A colour of sand is really good. My Dad takes the big and this returns perfectly. It maintains warm in a cradle and fall.
5 / 5 Sparkle
My boy is main that have ordered like this the big but a big turn perfectly and im the slender type. Good arm lenth also. You love it. The mandate measures it the elder.
4 / 5 Tabitha
The quality looks quite good.
Returns slightly big but a lot still. The half can'goes state too small for me.
Has arrived sooner that has expected.
In general, would recommend.
5 / 5 Wilda
Has bought for my edges and has not had any complaint, spends it almost every day same wen his realy fresh external

Top Customer Reviews: Men's Tiro19 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 31 ratings
5 / 5 Darline
Measure: M/MColor: Black/of Black/Aim Like an access, some sleeves and a backside. A poster at the head of a jacket is one odd square material which is not very soft or comfortable. I have considered partorisca return a jacket been due to he but a cost for the turn (any one the free turn) me decide the so only the maintain. Has jackets of better formation more comfortable that has paid less paralizaciones.
5 / 5 Tuyet
Measure: XLTGColor: the White/brother Black loves it but is quell'has bitten big in some also and has any strap partorisca pull tighter to take a wind to locate in a discharge so that it is an only down falls
4 / 5 Amal
Measure: XLTGColor: Power Rosso/the Red/White quality could be better, the am not sure in this jacket. His material to good sure different that an usual material the earth with adidas jackets.
Also the measure is was, if you are the big to buy a XL etc
his pleasant still tho w/and
5 / 5 Dario
Measure: M/MColor: the Black/aim/Black As I have expected, a lot comfortable, good jacket. A material is soft, a jacket is exactly partorisca this time of a year, partorisca cradle. I have taken this partorisca my husband and no him liking , want it
5 / 5 Courtney
Measure: XLTGColor: the Black/Flawless aim/Black quality , good of cup and material. I will command surely again other colours Touches my edges. Bought XL, fiston fact 5'8'' 190 books.
4 / 5 Darla
Measure: S/PColor: Black/Aim My edges of 21 years spends this all a time. We live in Toronto where taking really cold. It finds it really comfortable, any heavy and no too fat.
4 / 5 Minerva
Measure: L/GColor: Dark Blue/True Aim/Blue Intrepid.. The box and workout so much are add partorisca cover and or so only spending to/of a gymnasium or has included so only casually!!! Ordered a red full tracksuit the week later and slowly partorisca take a black also!!! AMAZING
4 / 5 Basilia
Measure: 2XtgColor: Black/Aim that Bolt in Canada in climate very cold highly recommends this discharge so only buys it cost the!!!
4 / 5 Hedwig
Measure: XLTGColor: Power the Red/Red/aim has received my mandate punctually and sure also the product adds partorisca a price
5 / 5 Omega
Measure: M/MColor: the White/accesses Black/Blacks as well as a feeling of a material
Wish a adidas was in another side .
4 / 5 Hilda
That the fantastic jacket. The prize is fantastic also. Taking yours now. Excellent access. They are in way now.
5 / 5 Deloras
My edges of 21 years spends this all a time. We live in Toronto where taking really cold. It finds it really comfortable, any one heavy and no too fat.
4 / 5 Linn
True.. The box and workout so much are add partorisca cover and or so only spending to/of a gymnasium or has included so only casually!!! Ordered a red full tracksuit the week later and slowly partorisca take a black also!!! AMAZING
5 / 5 Sharron
that Bolt in Canada in climate very cold highly recommends this discharge so only buys it cost the!!!
4 / 5 Breanna
Has bought this jacket partorisca my edges looks a lot well loves the
4 / 5 Salvatore
has received my mandate punctually and sure also the product adds partorisca a prize
4 / 5 Kayla
Súper Adidas jacket partorisca a prize. Look And utmost access.
5 / 5 Shaniqua
Surprising yes see in stock so only the buy. No the question with only that produced.
Follows among L & XL and has ordered XL which return perfectly.
The nave is amazing amazon ..
5 / 5 Veola
Has taken this for my edges, good access, and hanged light! Also gone back so that it is in prize !
4 / 5 Gregg
Good access like a feeling of a material
Wish a adidas was in another side .
4 / 5 Vannessa
Has ordered this discharge partorisca my husband in October and for December a zip there has been has broken. A lot disappointed in quality. Out of a window of turn of 30 days, of course.
4 / 5 Masako
Comfortable and warm. A zip to the left goes after the month partorisca spend
4 / 5 Enedina
My edges loves it. A jacket of winter he in fact wear.
5 / 5 Leoma
Although a product was well, has ordered the half of the men and go DAUGHTERS (youths) halves!
4 / 5 Malorie
Good access. Value of the money. Bought one on its own name then has taken a partorisca my brother in law and then one in of the women is partorisca a woman
5 / 5 Doyle
Nizza , jacket of light formation . Usual Adidas quality!
5 / 5 Shaunte
The quality adds, very attentive sizing, waterproof material.
4 / 5 Mindy
Has been using he partorisca 3 month during winter of boxes of the fall. His warm and comfortable. A lot very partorisca a prize.
5 / 5 Tonisha
Jacket a lot well, are add partorisca spend for those a lot of like this cold days. A zip is the little hard to do in time.
5 / 5 Daniele
The jacket returns like this suggested ,
Very comfortable to spend so that it is light and warm.
5 / 5 Lourie
Is gone in record time partorisca Navidad and ours so that it love that!

Top Customer Reviews: Black Marlin ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5 Marianna
Taken this poncho is partorisca all my bands partorisca hike in chance of the sudden downpour. Material a lot light and súper compact. The poncho Adds partorisca stuff to the pocket, will not take on a lot of room or weigh you down. I want to as has holes of arms in place of having open sides. It is add partorisca have full movement of your arms but still maintain your sides dry of a rain. Lustrous creation as it does not take taken up in of stir them or puncture easily. A poncho is quite big to return on you and your band to maintain drought so to the equal that was possible! Awesome What to maintain near for when that goes alfresco. The his handy maintenances in a car, my stock exchange and some girls for behind bands. The product adds global and will be to take surer!
4 / 5 Stevie
These disposable ponchos of the offer of rain waters full-coverage of test, still fold down quite small to return to your pocket. You the addition adds to a box of emergency, is well for the walk in a forest, or outsides of sportive chances. Further, I will look for to use mine so that long like this possible first to situate - a value are adds for 6 ponchos.

All this be has said, is quite the bit of plastic packaging (and material used to create some ponchos), with well consider is feigning decrease your plastic contamination.
4 / 5 Dorla
Loves these ponchos !! You utmost and good to have something manually of our time is like this unpredictable. Each poncho is packaged mark individually easy to maintain the pair in mine car and in my rucksack while they are out of adventuring during the hike or biking in a city. Nizza To have something compresses to protect of a rain. It comes with 6 ponchos, which is a lot do a lot to order easy knowing takings more than one every time!
5 / 5 Hollie
These ponchos of rain are perfect for your box to hike. They are light and foldable, which his easy fact to pack. They maintain out of a rain and although they say disposible, can take more than one uses out of them. I tried him among the rain of the cold winter and he have done a walked much more bearable. I love a hood, help to maintain me warm. They are 5'10' and some bosses to go my elbows and a whole poncho goes to in my knees.
4 / 5 Janette
These ponchos were awesome! We maintained warm and dry, and included our three old year has run around in a (with which knot he). My only complaint is that reason are one measures gone back all, has then found bit it big on its own name (5'5”, measure M). They are returned mine 6 '2” husband perfectly this in spite of. It uses him again, and included unfolded, was quite compress once spent to stuff behind to my pocket, and quite durable for more than a door.
4 / 5 Juanita
Am thrilled like this that has purchased a Black Marlin Disposable Ponchos of Rain. You virtually returned to anything been due to his small/orderly measure. There is rid flawless protect (when it decides to rain in the lovely hike). I have situated one of some ponchos in the small pocket of my rucksack like the in chance perhaps; and it is the in chance that bondadoso of day.
Totally recommend this product to any one; and a plus prevails, is reasonably priced. :)
5 / 5 Geraldine
Has spent these in Rich Cost during a wet season and felizmente required them so only a day. Fact really well, better for the shortest people but I have spent shorts/sandals anyways. The ape that looks in the plastic orange but these pack like this small and light I raisin a now in a city for emergencies.
4 / 5 Kiera
This light, packable the ponchos of rain have been the addition adds my life in a west cost has wetted. Like the photographer, often find me external shooting in of the rainy conditions. These ponchos can pack on quite small to records in mine rear and a lot so only maintain me dry, but my train also. And reason go in the band of six, am always able to have the backside on manually!
4 / 5 Jannie
Maintaining the base of a west cost has wetted rains 10/12 month. These are utmost! Petit And packable, lightvand durable! Easy to maintain in your automobile or band for emergencies. Has the big band on and has forgotten your coverage of rain? Any question cuz ossia quite big to cover you and a stock exchange! 100 it recommends
4 / 5 Lenard
These ponchos are the necessity he alive in the climate with transmissions of sudden time or big storms. They will live in my earthquake/tsunami box and in both automobile and boxes of emergency of the truck! I add for a whole family if such occurance is to take place. My only downfall is less plastic packaging pleases!
5 / 5 Brigid
These are the addition adds your band partorisca spend in the travesía where is waiting dry time but have a possibility of rain. Compact and very light but is not very robust, as involved partorisca be disposable. No the substitution partorisca train of pertinent rain, but the value adds partorisca a prize
5 / 5 Lesha
These creatures return like this well! I have been to the quite heavy rainfall with an on and control on really well! Going the reuse a prime minister a next time. It comes with it stirs it of his too like this the longevity will be sum !
4 / 5 Denna
These are utmost of for life in a west cost. To good sure the value that bands while camping/that it hikes any time of year in Vancouver Isolates!
4 / 5 Hilaria
Took it the tofino with me during the storm that looks the season and he was utmost! Maintained dry and packs quite small for boxes of emergency and such!
4 / 5 Glory
These ponchos are a measure of travesía perfect to camp and external adventures! Maintained all the good and dry world 👍🏻
4 / 5 Jovita
These are surprising!
I alive in a west cost and a time is like this unpredictable when it comes to rain. I want to that has one of these handy everywhere. Two in my car, one in my stock exchange of day of the hiking and one for a door forward. His easy for grab and go. Definitively I will be to order more. His súper conviniant and maintain you súper dry!
5 / 5 Angelyn
Has arrived quickly and Im honradamente quite impressed in like this effective these ponchos of the test of the rain is. I have maintained the little of them in my car took of then, in chance of the rainy day. So only recently it spends to start with snowing in my way to go for the hike, as I have thought also could comes from. It have hiked in a heavy snow for 2 hours and my cloths were entirely dry when I have gone back to a car. An attach of the hood is also good to maintain your hair and begin dry. They are utmost to maintain in your automobiles as I do not know never when it can begin rain and is a lot so only to be able the grab an and go.
5 / 5 Kellee
Very easy to spend and returns all the measures. They are hanged very light also.
5 / 5 Tobi
Has loved this product ! I want to as small is packaged so much can slip he the boxes of emergency or my band to hike! I have spent one with me on the adventure of the waterfall and he have maintained everything of mine under dry cloths and Instagram ready ;) Any leak or holes in seams ! Amur Having This with me.
4 / 5 Sibyl
Partorisca Any the one who maintains the base of a cost has wetted ossia perfect to store in mine purse, truck or any of my stock exchanges I so that I am prepared when the swipes of downpour out of a blue. My subject only is that it want to see less plastic used partorisca a sake of half half. Service of excellent client and a global amazing company partorisca do with

Top Customer Reviews: OUTON Winter Warm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
4 / 5 Glynis
Colour: BlueSize: the EUA Big This jacket is drawn amiably and animate without being too heavy/clumsy. In a behind has the section partorisca dip the boot, which is handy. Usually it spends CA BIG and is class of GOOD but would suggest partorisca take a measure up.
4 / 5 Daine
Colour: BlueSize: the EUA Big This jacket is exactly that looked for in the fraction of a side has seen elements looked in of the local tents. There are tonnes of characteristics in this jacket that really taste. In the first place it has been it is warm, is good and the thickness and I adds partorisca stand up to some elements. I love an extra period in a backside with taking a jacket partorisca locate up as you locate to the long of. There are pockets of storage to the long of a backside partorisca stick some water bounced also. In general ossia the jacket adds and am happy with my Colour
4 / 5 Louise
of compraventa: GreenSize: the average of EUA has taken this jacket partorisca my woman, looks acute and is a lot of fact of materials of big quality. Zips And band of the silicone in a fund is solid. 4 pockets are situated in of the comfortable places, 1 small pocket has ensured whit the zip is perfect to maintain documents, tones and mobile phone. The logo and the reflective sale are visible of the distance.

This jacket/of warm winter is perfect partorisca raiding in of the evenings and of the rainy mornings because of visibility and control of breathable water. It looks he is perfect for Vancouver riders of bicycle of the winter.
5 / 5 Starla
Colour: BlueSize: the EUA Big Cela is the wonderfull waistcoat of cycling! Rings something could unzipp once take covered during the walk, and ossia an available better option master a bit material of quality. I produce it adds!
4 / 5 Suellen
Colour: BlueSize: the Jacket of EUA Big A lot very extremely fast nave. There is has not spent locate still but an access is perfect and a quality of a jacket is better has expected then.
4 / 5 Grayce
Colour: GreenSize: USA XX-Big This jacket in a word is awesome. I access the utmost utmost looks protect adds.
4 / 5 Shoshana
Colour: GreenSize: EUA Big Good jacket, Colour quite warm
4 / 5 Arlen
: BlueSize: the EUA Big gave it 5 stars .Rid punctually the colour is exactly like this pointed .A measure has ordered was the perfect access will order they again lionel
5 / 5 Reda
This jacket is drawn amiably and animate without being too heavy/clumsy. In a behind has the section partorisca dip the boot, which is handy. Usually it spends CA BIG and is class of GOOD but would suggest partorisca take a measure up.
5 / 5 Machelle
Purchases this jacket partorisca the cycling during some months of winter has based in the description of a vendor. It likes him the majority of this cost has done was sakes, has ordered a measure on that I usually wear in of the hopes that returns.
A sizing is enough after but his sizing is odd in like this jump, and while a period of arm and the turn of waist well, a rest of him returns a bit 'baggy' but has had has ordered a next measure down, some arms would have been too many short.

My @@subject my big plus is a way one downloading of this jacket is done, as any one is too cold or too hot, he doing a lot last to maintain in the comfortable temperature, included in -4C. Has has wanted to really like this jacket as it looks done very good and some look of materials to be qualities very good.
Am not sure that would buy this again.
4 / 5 Fanny
Has taken this jacket for my woman, looks acute and is a lot of fact of materials of big quality. Zips And band of the silicone in a fund is solid. 4 pockets are situated in of the comfortable places, 1 small pocket has ensured whit the zip is perfect to maintain documents, tones and mobile phone. The logo and the reflective sale are visible of the distance.

This jacket/of warm winter is perfect for raiding in of the evenings and of the rainy mornings because of visibility and control of breathable water. It looks he is perfect for Vancouver riders of bicycle of the winter.
4 / 5 Mikel
This jacket is looked quickly, and returns well. I have done sure I have had a first attentive measure to order so that it follows the doubt of big plus (for this my need of cycling) and am defied often, some XXL good access.
Has been surprised in as robust a shell and the line is, has been expecting more than the shell of wind so only, but ossia quite the durable shell with more insulation that has been expecting. Has two zippered pockets, and three pockets in a backside to water bounced or bluetooth speakers. Also it has the rubberized launches to the long of a rear hem to prevent jacket to locate on, which does quite well.
Has compared to that would pay for the alike jacket in the local tent, ossia the very good value .
5 / 5 Rossana
The element adds. Calm spirits on, as I have abandoned the majority of mine another material and today I confidence he for biking inner 40 F, always with an inner long sleeve thermal that help him that it averts continuous washing.
Also, Careers to measure consistently. Utilisation M, has bought M and returns so only well!
5 / 5 Hsiu
I really like this jacket. It is quite warm. Step for cycling when it is 7 terracings less celsius with just the sweater with short bosses down that. Usually volume he 3 or 4X but some 2 X accesses so only well. Although the resistant rain takings the bit wets by means of one downloading. Has has not had still he in the heavy downpour but I have been in light drizzle to moderate rain. If there are zips down some arms would give it 5 stars because then it can spend he in of the warmest temperatures.
4 / 5 Haywood
The jacket is of the good quality that sees like this far - zips usually a point of week but will expect and see.

Will say a jacket is not like this warm like my Rockbros jacket that has purchased - some arms of this jacket been due to all a stitching is very cold when that traces. They are trace another day in of the windy conditions in 32 terracings and expósitos that really would require the shirt of the sweater or the long sleeve go to locate in any fresher temperatures. I more probably would not buy another of these jackets to the equal that was bought mainly for horse riding of winter in of the temperatures a lot down zero.
4 / 5 Geraldo
Is a lot warm. I maintain spent until launch and freezing temperatures in the thermal/sweater down layer under that and can maintain go until - 20. The quality is good and has games he of silicone in a subordinated to maintain he to locate up. My only flu is some zips could be better. Shopping again.
4 / 5 Caroll
This jacket in a word is awesome. I access the utmost utmost looks protect adds.
4 / 5 Jule
Good jacket and to the equal that has described.
Has ordered USA of the big measure and an access is exactly that has expected. A jacket is in fact the little fatter and warmer that has expected so that it was very some days some fresh plus.
The delivery was quickly too
4 / 5 Loralee
The quality adds. While to mine as like this in the first place was to small. The mine has in the first place had one $ 8 coupon but the provider would not recognise why an only option was repayment / buys again. Otherwise Has been to 5 star .
5 / 5 Marshall
Well or -5C. It can be a lot the max -10C with pocolos spent thin down - but the doubt will be useful is colder concealed it. I have ordered one taking the idea on well feigns to spend pocolos covers down............
5 / 5 Rachell
The jacket is quite warm: I can cycle in 4C and ski of cross of country in 0C that spends this jacket and so only the mesh down. It looks resistant the light rain. A map of measure is odd, says soyedium' access 44 @@@cofre of thumb, which has not felt. Has 38 @@@cofre and usually Half of wear, as I have ordered the half and return me well.
5 / 5 Aretha
A jacket is exactly like this declared in an overview of product. I take the half of the measure and he return me to us perfectly. It is comfortable and maintained warm when I am exited for the walk of bicycle in a 7 terracing Celsius time. All have had on was my sweater of bicycle down and a jacket protected of a cold wind. A jacket is breathable to the equal that has announced.
4 / 5 Anthony
Colour and utmost way. They are happy has ordered some the USA XL to the equal that returns smaller that has expected, but some measures have taken has indicated that measured to choose. They are 6'2” 230lbs and returns well, any snug but any baggy, which will be adds to run. A reflective markings the look adds. Have Still for the try was during the chilly pursues of here so only 4 stars.
4 / 5 Albertina
Jacket a lot very extremely fast nave. There is has not spent locate still but an access is perfect and a quality of a jacket is better has expected then.
4 / 5 Thao
This jacket has fulfilled my expectations. They are 6 ft 3 big thumbs and 250 lbs this in spite of has room for the sweater in of the freshest days. The sleeves are long enough for cycling and is a lot of test of wind. I have spent he in rain and is remained dry. A jacket of good light weight for a money.
5 / 5 Burton
Taken out of the jam when I need the jacket of cycling quickly. No a more utmost quality but animate enough for cycling of winter
5 / 5 Riva
To the equal that has expected orderd a big-good access and as expected
Awesome jacket of cycling!
Good quality
the bang Feeds for your dollar!
4 / 5 Kyra
A quality of this product is fantastic. A record is well in pair with a description and a sizing map in a content. I will buy this again. Hope to see more colours. To good sure will recommend this product to any of my cycling community members
5 / 5 Tommye
The colours are reflective and facts of textile good quality. I maintain warm. The rain has tried never still. Little in a bulky side.
4 / 5 Joi
Was perfect. Excellent quality. Ordered another kne.
5 / 5 Shantell
Produces very good. Good access and like this for a sizing the table has resupplied. Good fashion with a black in green. Very comfortable partorisca current 10 terracings Celsius.
4 / 5 Melva
Some looks of jacket partorisca be of beautiful good quality. If it use some the EUA sizing map an access is like this as well as it can be expected In general the good product partorisca of the money
5 / 5 Meryl
I very satisfied with this Jacket, a quality was upper that has been expecting. External works a lot well in 10C
4 / 5 Rachael
dressed Genial a lot of emballée and very comfortable . It was very appreciated Lucida cradle for the moment entrance .
5 / 5 Maurine
Usually spend the half. Bought the big. Shoulders/of the arms in a half would have been to small/short.
5 / 5 Katlyn
A colour is fantastic. It returns well, and it is warm and comfortable. My husband has said that it is a jacket of the cycle has possessed better.
4 / 5 Jesica
So only I love this jacket, use partorisca winter biking. To good sure recommend this product.
5 / 5 Ester
Has purchased this like the present partorisca Navidad, arrives punctually without subjects of packaging. Date viril 5'10 measure. The half was perfect. A blue colour attacked and the very good election, this in spite of in 1 terracing with spending and mesh, thermal, and another first shirt to dip a closing yours the jacket has left chilly. Yes an interior of a jacket has been lined but anything colder while calm to good sure will have to that find alternative options. Slightly it attack a purpose of a jacket has to that foreseen enormous layering down like this the jacket is supposes partorisca be light and animate feels, drawn partorisca horse riding of winter. It is not partorisca suppose to feel heavy or bulky like the jacket of winter. Not to try it was up to now partorisca see hold the one who waterproof is but on is the jacket of horse riding of good bicycle.
5 / 5 Willene
Gave it 5 stars .Rid punctually the colour is exactly like this pointed .A measure has ordered was the perfect access will order they again lionel

Top Customer Reviews: Coleman Adult EVA ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 17 ratings
5 / 5
Perfecto! They are the BIG lady - 4XL according to a costruttore and if his man or woman sized. I can return I mention it 2XL if need be.

So that the verdict is... Awesome Has produced, returns a lot well in oversized to the people the taste to them, and is not the thin plasic stock exchange.

Are in fact quite surprised in a quality, of some pictures in some commentaries look literally the stock exchange of rubbish.

Has received the product of quality adds.
4 / 5
Based in some photos, has been expecting the a lot of more brilliant green that that has received. It is more than the dark green/charcoal colour. Another that that thinks that he a trick!
5 / 5
Bought specifically partorisca volunteering in an external festival based in descriptions that would return it the z/the rucksack under a poncho.
Rains several times and I was a lot of and dry, as it was my rucksack (a lot another there has been leaky ponchos and finalise wet). They are 5'3 and it avenges to down my knees, like the little big on me. I have found one opening for a boss the little snug, but no uncomfortable. It comes with the little pouch to store he in and was able of the take behind in the every time. Quite happy in general
4 / 5
Need to come with the best pouch. Record so much my husband and I well and felt fat and more durable that a disposable class. Well among if any love the dress of rain and the stock exchange of the rubbish will not cut it !
4 / 5
Well partorisca the heavy rain. He very properly has spent 40L stock exchange. Part of the coverage of the boss is kinda small partorisca adults. ( It returns my boss but feels that annoying)
5 / 5
Easy to dip on and era. It can be used in rucksacks. It was dry same after walking spent under the waterfall.
5 / 5
It has taken this in the holidays to Orlando and used it to us long partorisca remain dry in a rain.
5 / 5
This thing is handy entrance so that time when I do not want to be annoyed partorisca resist on an umbrella. The accesses add. Love it
5 / 5
I remained dry during an external concert under a rain, the law adds!
5 / 5
I add partorisca camp or backpacking. Petit And light in your stock exchange.
5 / 5
Estoy quedado seco durante un concierto externo bajo partorisca lluvia, añade!
5 / 5
Añade partorisca Campamento o backpacking. Petit Y luce en vuestra bolsa de valores.
4 / 5
El tren ha dado la lluvia añade en una caminata! Pliegue Encima muy pequeño y presa en sala pequeña en una mochila!!!
5 / 5
Produjo añade partorisca cuándo llueve. Soy 5' 7' y vaya bajo mis rodillas y encima le mis tobillos. Carices plásticos bien bastante calidad para ser reused varios tiempo.
5 / 5
Experience partorisca the donation partorisca homeless Vets. The quality adds!!! reuasable And durable. Thank you!
5 / 5
Is sturdy quite and folds behind the pouch easily to travel
4 / 5
when bent is not like this small or thin has expected it like this would be to spend around. In a stock exchange were stored in when in the first place it arrives was 4 fat thumbs and widths. It is the plastic the fat plus . It is very big but Im 5.4. It imagines gone back any big also. His quite big to spend for behind bands under the poncho and he do not take wetted.

Top Customer Reviews: Pioneer Adjustable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 27 ratings
5 / 5 Carisa
Perfecto partorisca my work!

Nizza, cools partorisca look waistcoat that calm you visible and that no calm included knows is there while you are by train of the spend.

Some half controls securely with the small velcro band, each side has 4 snaps keys partorisca convert he of a XL to the measure L, tends partorisca burst opened yes is dressed bit it weighed or movement around alot work.

Are the professional truck driver and this light waistcoat returns a bill and the level of consolation was after, any sure roughly durability if you act the hard labour work how is quite thin, tho thinks that this waistcoat will last an eternity.
4 / 5 Marisol
Spends the majority of my time that chairs in and operative crew. This waistcoat is very thin (thinner that had expected) and incredibly light. A velcro is very strong, which is a lot unless it likes you leaves an open waistcoat. In this chance, a velcro latch to the your hoodie and rasgarlo the shreds. With which 4 month, a plastic GOES to the title has begun to break and tear the pieces. In general, still any one the bad waistcoat.
5 / 5 Valentine
Looked well at the beginning. A month later snaps is falling off and some flanges have sewed is separating and falls off it. Neither buy a súper economic one or spend more money and buy better quality
5 / 5 Shad
is not that it has thought. I thought it would have snap or often Velcro to resist it on... The sound opens all a time and he takes on everything.
5 / 5 Edda
Liked a way a waistcoat looked but a lot disappointed with some pockets, at all would return in some pockets, magic bookmark, 2 radius of way, stickers, etc.. Pockets very small! A front of a waistcoat is ensured for Velcro which easily comes free, has to be the zip or snaps, require the waistcoat with the deep pockets would not recommend ..
5 / 5 Aurelia
Are in HVAC controls my pens and thermometer. It is comfortable and leave me to do without accidents. Transmissions a fashion of pocket for your mobile phone. It is done for the toe telephones no ready telephones.
4 / 5 Ben
This was very economic but appropriately priced to a mark. Some of a stitching is coming waste after the pair of the weeks of wear would be my only complaint.
5 / 5 Tashina
Pockets for storage, keys in some sides to reduce to the smallest measure, velcro front, very brilliant. His comfortable and light, a waistcoat does not rub never or chafes in mine with the, likes some other light reflective waistcoats.
4 / 5 Kate
Has arrived fast and to to the looks so only like has expected.
Returns well and the looks quite has done well. The any on some generic orange waistcoats that all the world-wide more has!
Much more stylish. Going to go well with my hard hat new black.
4 / 5 Faviola
This was exactly that has required. A lot of pockets. Returned bit it big in some shoulders but, am very happy for him when being the men is for the woman.
4 / 5 Nicki
A material is very good and I like a fashion. Has the plot of pockets that is useful when works with so many tools. Easy to clean and comfortable. It recommends it.
5 / 5 Marcy
A lot of Fact of economic material. The looks displaced and has on used after the few weeks.
Velcro Mark forward seats economic.
4 / 5 Bernardina
This waistcoat is well has done nylon without Velcro in some shoulders or in some sides that is good accesses very partorisca the big measure
5 / 5 Valerie
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5 / 5 Jeraldine
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5 / 5 Cristy
The waistcoat adds, returns exactly like this described - highly recommend this element and vendor!
5 / 5 Marquis
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4 / 5 Genesis
My husbands waistcoat preferred - controls on well and perfect access
4 / 5 Terrie
My waistcoat preferred. The quality adds and loves some few pockets! The only thing would be to do to the zip or keys in place of Velcro for a front
5 / 5 Amie
is the quite decent product for a material is point .. It recommends it.
5 / 5 Sharmaine
It likes-it join me gone back of the way also looks better that a traditional yellow
5 / 5 Queen
the look and the access are well. Velcro In a front is economic. Stitching detached Of a Velcro also Velcro hardly sticks after so only the pair of weeks
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5 / 5 Magen
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