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Top Customer Reviews: Holga 120N Medium ...

Rating: 1 out of 5 with 1 ratings
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FEELS LIKES am PURCHASING iPhone 7 and is done by some tent of telephone of the reparation, no of an original company.


Top Customer Reviews: Armytek Bicycle ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
The ray of fixation is short partorisca my bicycle. I will owe that buy a Longer ray. That comes is of 11,5cm. Hay That the take.
The product in if Any one there is at all aventajado. Neither a lot neither bad.

Top Customer Reviews: Lomography Diana ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
4 / 5
My daughter has has wanted to this and partorisca the product of laws of estimativa well.
4 / 5
Is exactly like this described but an Aim Mini has some questions. I can not take a number to wind on with which take the picture but I think that a film is winding- but can not verify this without inaugural a backside and ruining a film. I googled the and looks partorisca be the common question.
4 / 5
Can spend this camera with me each one which where, the measure is perfect
5 / 5
Very happy with compraventa. A bit delicate imagining was when partorisca take winding a film, but otherwise, well little produced.
5 / 5
Really easy to use, like this sososo pleasant, access in the handbag easily or can be spent around without weighing you down at all. There it is still partorisca take my film accused but am very excited partorisca do like this a lot prompt. An excellent product.
5 / 5
Has arrived sooner that expected and has taken already some amazing shots with him.
5 / 5
Buying my new Lomography Diana Mini the camera was very easy with The-Warehouse. A service of client was very effective, a camera has arrived promptly and in the perfect condition.
5 / 5
All is so that it supposes partorisca be. A bit pricey but has fulfilled my expectations and has taken any complaint. =)
5 / 5
This small fotocamera analogica è A Soyust' for the one who è been mad about has given Lomografia or simply è it was investigation has given a car that him the consent has given small passage photographic experiments. It trace classical films 35mm (easily reperibili) and present some funzionalit&worsens; for real useful, among which the possibilit&worsens; it has given to choose he formateo square and all a series has given regulations (rigorously manual!) On the inquadratura And Base all'object of the photograph. He result of the images photographed shows of the peculiarit&Worsens; dye of the sud, on the mass the fire further that on the eventual square format typical of the old Loin, has given which Diana MINI è a valentissima and act them heir.
Is made In material plastico, in the box present dream the accessories base, among which a small tracolla and a cover-objective that in verit&worsens; there is the tendency a bit the staccarsi
In this preparation any è endowed has the data flashes, that has to that be eventualmente purchased separately.
4 / 5
Very First things in the first place
this camera is in the third of a measure of an Aim F Camera
does not have it removeable lentil and is the little more basic then then Diana F Camera, like this little camera easly access in the pocket or handbag.

The two measures of frame in this camera :
24x17 (half frame) this measure partorisca frame gives you 72 shots 36 has shot circle of film
24x24 (square frame)this measure partorisca frame gives you 36 shots 36 has shot circle of film.

The lentil is 24mm with 4 focal options :
0.6 m, 1-2 m, 2-4 m and 4 m the infinity.

The barrel of lentil has two appertures cloudy and sunny
the shutter travesía (emission leaver ) and also the boss relese mountain ( edge of ray )

the winder is the little diffrent of an aim F+ like this prenderá winding on after each like this shot that like this when it feels presiona the STOP or you break your winder or film possiably both.

Can change measure partorisca frame durring the circle of film but read a instutions on like this partorisca do this like this he requares taking you the space has shot with one covers of lentil on.
My joint this in spite of yes go partorisca take your 35mm film to the laboratory of local displaced and does not know roughly lomgraphy can not be able to comprise like a framing has done
( my step was all done for lomography ) this in spite of the there is stuck to joins some measures of frame for circle.
The Aim F+ flashes access perfectly in this like this he already the the aim F+ flash you of the that needs to buy one.
Has taken this version of an aim mini how was a colour still likes objective F+ delux box the taken and a flash was the perfect party.

whats In a box?
Yours coast box is tiny and like this with all lomography has produced a packaging is really fresh.

Takes Diana mini
a strap of with the Plastic ( in a camera )
the shoot partorisca always of book ( this is not the manual )
objective mini manual
and discharges of lentil ( this is to hide in a packaging )

in general the fab little sister of an objective F+
joins him to him objective F+ 35mm behind this will give you diffrent the options also there is concealed and this has not been the waste of money, ossia definitly the brill addtion yours lomography box.
His hips the brill point partorisca begin the lomography himself have the subjects of sides likes the way of half frame will give you value partorisca money in of the impressions.

A bit in this vendor a word FAB defo compraventa of a vendor again.
5 / 5
A macchinetta plasticosa, built put to enter he if in the photographs, under the form has given infiltrations has given luce or sgranature or alike. The lomografia Coming movement that goes down the pacts with the impossibility has given to control all and accepts that the one who takes the photo and he if they are collaborators.
I costs any sleep but gives macchinetta plasticosa.
Mine remains funny And oblige The choose (his a rullino a lot here are millions has given the photo come his a card has memory of date), thought it the the one who if it does. I The use that Comes level has given return dopes lustros without photographing in analogico, reasons he work pocket of sleep (intencionalmente):
- 4 mass the fire (0,6m; 1-2m; 2-4m; 4-inf)
- planned options for him time (normal and bulb)(99,9 of goes back them uses N)
- planned options for f (only and clouds)
a lot of
And when here it forgets has the data commanded advance he rullino here dream also he surprised of the double exposures no looked for.
5 / 5
All the force of a Loin in a mini Diana! It is pequeñita, returns in any corner, handy..., you Can do rectangular or square photo, and concealed if, comes the sin flashes. But it is that it is the grace of the mini Loin, that almost any one occupies spatial and the result is... Terrific!
4 / 5
Is very beautiful and has -me equivalent of Photograph approached, but any one is more than a toy with the excessive prize. In any mercadillo will be able to find analog cameras more professional. In Aleta, has been a good present for my niece. She delighted.
4 / 5
Optimum macchinetta My L have restituida Regarding weighing of had ordered he give form mini that traces films gives 35mm mine and'arrived the sister piu big the aim F for me he vendor and amazon that together have solved he question restituyendo the money!
4 / 5
Optimum packaging, Present that there is charged a lot of success. The rullini go purchased leaves it (have prey the Lomography the Negative colour 400 ISO 35mm preparation gives 3 )
4 / 5
Ich liebe ihre Photo. Aber nach ca. 3 they Film ist sie langsam kaputt gegangen. Erst sind manchmal Film of data beim Einlegen gerissen. Irgendwann The war gives Rädchen nicht mehr drehbar und somit nicht benutzbar. Nicht Gut verarbeitet.
4 / 5
Ich liebe sie!! Sie ist Like klein und kann dipped jedem 35mm Film gefüttert werden! Jediglich kann ich sie In einem has Dipped place Blitz nur empfehlen, gives Innenaufnahmen in giving Regel (bei mir) nichts werden. Ich gebe sie Denies mehr Lucido!
4 / 5
Has arrived partorisca receive the device, as any closing of with' operation of edges of the sud. The device is beautiful, light, small = practical to spend achieve! Livrė With One Drives small and a stock exchange of inspiration. Chouette.
Involving Lucido vendor, joins excellent and hot communication. I recommend.
4 / 5
Photo of data sind immer für eine Überraschung gut. Besonders Dies Half Frame Funktion has dipped 72 Bildern pro Film lädt zoom Experimentieren und zoom spontanen Abdrücken ein!
5 / 5
Is a device artilugio, has allocated to the lomographie, does not forget it . But it is at any rate solider that a Holga to mine gout. Besides, his measure is a baza the transports does not take of place. I adore formed of square edges, a lot of vintage.
5 / 5
Ossia rekindling My amour of photograph likes I digital almost had killed he with him is predictability and cold perfection.
Has the genuine emotion that goes to choose on photo of some chemists that is part of a fun and magic for me. There is of course a surprise added of some imperfections of some shots.
4 / 5
Has loved to send this backside but one first film has taken ten days to develop he so that it was too late. Some 72 exposures in the 36 circle is not true, has finalised with 29 pics and so only 5 of his decent. I have used black and white film how was quite to plot of money £10 to develop to be like this disappointed with a result. There is not any yard of point in a 72 exposure in a film, likes two pics so only take misty near. If any one loves this a second hand for £25 email of crux me.
4 / 5
Does not have to that think that a camera has looked the Aim as I renamed it Berenice of a song A Leavers Dance. This averts, a quality was that it has expected, a product was wrapped well, and is gone in time. Have has wanted the camera of film for the while now and am like this happy has bought finally this on its own name! It is very convenient to take 35mm film wherever is so that it is to good sure that the enormous plus is deciding among Diana Mini and Diana F+. I am spent the long quantity to time to try to decide among a two and am like this happy has agreed a Mini reason is so only like this pleasant and easy to spend around. I have it quell'has finalised so only my first circle of the film but I am still for the develop and expect that it results well. I want to Berenice!
5 / 5
Device phot a lot of rodeo, Súper maniable, of the true plastoc. It fails this in spite of knows The black and white Photo argentique and his old devices touches to be to the consolation with him maniement. But it is Nickel
4 / 5
has RECEIVED SO ONLY this product and although has did not use it in fact still (to the equal that has still to buy film) was very pleased with a packaging, an appearance of a camera and a speed of arrival. A camera comes packaged in the lovely box and is instrumented with has detailed instructions, to lentil-spent, it camera-strap and the lovely toe-book with some photos and extra info in an Aim mini. I am looking forward to shooting to begin :)
5 / 5
Dies ist eine kleine Kamera namens Diana Mini, sie ist given kleine Schwester gives Diana F+. Dennoch Hat sie viel mehr zu bieten als ihre große Schwester. Wenn ich kleine Kamera Salvia dann meine ich Is auch that! Ich dachte Well is wird For eine kleine Kamera aber ich konnte mir nicht Vorstellen WIE KLEIN. Unfassbar klein, deshalb heißt sie ja auch MINI.... Sie wird Has dipped einem 35mm Film gefüttert. Mittels eines kleinen Schalters lässt sich einfach zwischen dem quadratischen Retro-Formed und dem fantastischen Half-Mark-Formed wechseln. Like erhältst of the erstmals die Möglichkeit, ganze 72 (!) Aufnahmen auf einen einzigen 35mm-Film zu bringen. Man kann zwischen Wolkig und Sonnig wählen genauso zwischen Langzeitbelichtung (Bulb) und Normal. One gives Linse selbst kann man dann noch die Entfernung einstellen.

Ich hätte Denies erwartet Gives has given kleine Kamera Like gute Bilder hinbekommt, gives sie like klein ist ist sie mein ständiger Begleiter und sie passt wirklich in jede Hosentasche/Handtasche. Sie ist mir wirklich Total years Herz gewachsen :).

Geliefert wird sie In einer the box dipped einem kleinen Buch has dipped Bildern give Loin-Community, Tragriemen, Objektivdeckel, und Anleitung.

Ich kann Has given kleine Kamera wirklich empfehlen wenn Man auf analoge Kameras (Toy-kameras) steht.
4 / 5
Arrived before I rid estimated that it is always to prize,
uploads of youtube the video yes take stuck
nicley packaged
has taken some awsome shots another day that all is exited.
And take the quota little book with him.

Would recommend !! Good value
4 / 5
My partner of digital photograph had been that breaks roughly this partorisca years, and loved it instantly. Of course it is plasticky bt stop and think roughly the one who your shooting.
4 / 5
Wants to give retro photograph to film/lomography the gone ? Calm a lot could do very worse that this camera but he beguiles is to to pleasant toy likes him the look. If you want to crisp, perfect photos every time this will not be for you but love a loin manacles soft retro the fashion come on in.

A camera will spend a smile of instant to the yours expensive is for real the thing of retro, tiny beauty and I bad tiny an organism is in the to same measure likes them the band and 1/2 to touch papers with a lentil protruding in a thumb that has to that.

You Essentially have so only 3 shooting controls

(1) Shutter - 2 setting (the) N = 1/60 second stops more than the inc. of circumstances flashes or (ii) B = variable/of bulb. A long plus resists down a plus along one has shot. A later characteristic is sum for effects and with the tripod and the emission of boss adds for shots at night. One 1/60 can be more than @@subject like him casualidad of the sobresalto of camera is more probably that on very other basic cameras that the fastest use 1/125 or 1/250. Also it presents a subject with alone half and brilliant- fast film. Different the majority of cameras a shutter realse is not concluded calm so much can do multiple exposures for frame (in my experience for error more than intent)

(2) Inaugural - 2 still settings sunny (f11) and cloudy (f8). Fantastic in the camera for this money

(3) House -erm... Well A coverage of home a lot really a lot of - google in leader targets mini one sees a flickr piece. An exception is for shots really near
(4) has Shot measure. The products have measured of unusual frame the abonos retro 24x24mm negative ( volume 36 on 36 exp circle) or he 12x24 frame (72 in the 36.ºxp Circle). I dare this import when accusing

A camera has the plastic lentil and remained with a shutter tends the softphotos and has calm little can do roughly that. So you want that dreamy retro feel add but no like this wants to take crisp shots. Also
s will give to the light curvature likes them the width angled.

A level of use of the camera 35mm (135) film which is amply available and can be found cheaply (sure highstreet the tent of discount sells circles of branded films for £1 like all a rest of a stock sells still- is the one who bad). The step can be done cheaply too he trusts your circles to some supermarkets (a lot of folk excepts would have to that speak with tent in the first place because of measures of frame).

Any flash but can use an aim F flash unit. It remarks a flash returning is does not regulate (although a flashes comes with adapters to leave you to use the level flashes gun)

A lot of folk habladuría roughly when being sweet with a winder. heed His joint as I do not want to snap film or ruin your sprocket

the value Adds downwards 30 first crux of P&P but is this that is looking for ?

For a same money also can take other cameras of loin like a Holga (with flashing) or to camera like this hand-held (material of vintage and more turn of a century all singing/dance autofocus models like a cannon ixus aps serious)

I swipe of the coverage of point for of home limited and propitiatory flashes to return
5 / 5
camera Very small for polaroid-like this of the pictures: immages is quite low quality but the does not think you would expect more than the camera like this one.

Recommends want to have amused a bit ;)
4 / 5
Very good and responsible vendor. A camera looks like this pleasant also, will choose on the good time and the try after the days of pair. It likes so much, Of the value a prize!
4 / 5
For some reason has bought two camera is of a mark. An eye of fish and the Mini Diana. A winding the system in both cameras has has broken in some premiers pocolos use.

Had excited really to take this in Malaysia with me but after taking my together prime minister to film behind, unless it shoot in brilliant daylight , sunny, will struggle to take any decent shots at all.

The quality of build is poor.
Has shot the quality is poor.

Will not be squandering my money in this camera is or development to film again.
5 / 5
Has arrived a lot of promptly in my question. That The camera is pleasant and a packaging are adds. The interior of instructions is simple to follow. The quality of picture is a bit poor but this can improve with practice. In general quality a lot well for money. Although, at present a camera is not when be used reason a film (which is the averages used) does not want to wynd on.
5 / 5
Nun mag Is A meiner Unbedarftheit liegen, auspacken, Film einlegen und loslegen (to the equal that gives Anspruch a ein doch recht überschaubares Objekt).
Eigentlich Zoom Spass haben One gives Bildern. Film 1 eingelegt und nach 3 Bildern derselbige beim Transports zerissen, verwundert und Films 2 geopfert eingelegt und bei Bild 4 gives gleiche Dilemma, Film gerissen. Like this funktioniert Spass nicht. Nun geht Give gute Ding erst bad wieder zurück....
Eigentlich würde ich gerne weiter knipsen aber Like this gehts nicht und 2 Film kosten für kein Bild zuviel Euro evt. gibt Is ja eine Plausible Erklärung...................
5 / 5
Ich hatte Diana dates Mini schon bad, leider hab ich quotes linse durch unsachgemässe Reinigung zerstört.
Damage Preis Finds ich noch immer etwas übertrieben, ist ja auch nur Plastik und is werden keine Linsen gebraucht. Dennoch, Súper praktisch, vorallem weil 1x 36Bilder Film für 72 Bider genutzt werden kann.
5 / 5
Quotes Kamera selber kann ich wärmstens empfehlen. Für Lomography Einsteiger bestens geeignet, zudem ist sie sehr handlich und Kompakt und kann auf jedes Abenteuer mitgenommen werden :)
Give Service ist spitze, meine erste White Mini hatte leider einen Funktionsfehler, habe Signs of data darauf angeschrieben und gleich eine neue White Mini erhalten. Ich Cube absolut zufrieden!
5 / 5
aber meine kam leider kaputt A!
ich konnte meinen Film nicht aufspulen und habe mir somit 2 film kaputt gemacht. aber Like kann ich is trotzdem weiterempfehlen
5 / 5
初めての本格的に使用したトイカメラで、以前ホルガを使いましたが、大きかったため、すぐに持ち歩かなくなりました。でもDiana miniは、何より軽いし、かわいいし、小さいし、少しぐらいぬれても、軽くならぶつけても壊れないし。




5 / 5
has Bought this partorisca the 16th anniversary of my sister. It loves the because obviously it is a lot of trendy and 'hipster' but also useful and creative.
One the smallest failure this in spite of is that a box does not come with film, which there is no @to @give ; and the film for this camera is understandably quite expensive (but has a lot of different classes that is all quite fresh).
Would recommend this he so that it is the good quality and interesting camera and very easy to use.
5 / 5
These products In plastic 'toy of Gender of boy' no pellicule a lot of amorce .
Besides can find well less expensive games very better.
Lucido Photographer in that In the taken the pellicule the a lot of kidded when he the sound lucido the prize has paid the games is joined fraud ...
Lucida Turn of the product The summer done our fresco and in any one any informative of more than a month. Evasion!
4 / 5
A sich sieht die Kamera toll aus, ausprobieren konnte ich sie leider noch nicht, gives sie ohne Batterien kommt - generell sollte man vielleicht in giving Produktbeschreibung noch erwähnen, was für Batterien man für has given Kamera braucht etc.
5 / 5


私はNikon ケーブルレリーズ AIR-3を取り付けて使用しています。
5 / 5




Top Customer Reviews: Lomography LC-A ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
Good points:
Good hand-held accesses partorisca photograph callejera.
Surprisingly good results. Less vignetting that has expected.
Adequately acute.
Coverage of sliding lentil like a Olympus XA serious.
Less positive:
A shutter is strong and bizarrely, to to the sounds like a lot of closing of some old fashioned cash register.
A shutter questions of key so much pressure and has such the travesía along that the risks shaken of camera.
Uploading a film is harder that another camera I own. Lomography The own film has the like this slippery leader that it is almost impossible to use in this camera. I have used HP5 for his thin grippy leader.
Long exposures - has to that maintain a shutter the key there is depressed to complete long exposures. More to use a far shutter emission.
A light to be able to and the lights of the decreases of opinions read are too many brilliants. In the first place, it calms you conspicuous in a street to the equal that has lucido is like this brilliant so that sides of a viewfinder! As, it is doing in the low light can be dazzled for some red lights in a viewfinder.
Surrounds - I has had big hopes thus cameras. It is the concept adds . I have wanted to it loved/ It To it to be as the giant Olympus XA2 but failure.
Will be to return this camera .
5 / 5
j Has done 2 pellicules Coverage b and joins colour
coverage b superieur in giving to the photos numeriques
paints agreables
4 / 5
quality Very poor: film winder jammed in a second circle.
Slow and uncomfortable to use: I do not comprise reason some people say that ossia the good camera for photograph callejera.
Am returned mine.
4 / 5
This camera so only wants to shoot even more film. An ease of use is awesome. In just 2 uses is resulted one of my favourite cameras the own. The quality of build is the little questionable May. He up for him in sheer portability and hanged. Crazy that the thing is to 6 x6 camera. Cela Can toss in any stock exchange.
5 / 5
Ossia One the majority of awesome camera for photograph callejera. A clarity is stunning! I love my camera.