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Top Customer Reviews: COSCO Shifter ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
3 / 5 Precious
- A lot of compact when bent
- Convenient partorisca emotional light object around a house or workshop
- Ready creation 2 in 1 , Cart or hand-held truck

- the wheels are small, so only possess for inner use ( without obstacles )
- No own partorisca heavy objects ( like the materials of the structure comprises A lot of plsticoes )
- No those easy to bend/unfold
- You can not change of hand-held truck the cart while has some loaded elements ( coz a boss of the place of the transmission is in a half of a structure)
2 / 5 Danika
Another reviewers warned and was a lot.
There is almost has lost the toe that the folds on a first time.
Some small wheels are horrible. As some brakes on is pressing uphill.
Will require to substitute them.
Like a vendor to send me substitutions.
Modification: I have substituted some small wheels.
/>These some are some better. I have tried three times.
5 / 5 Marg
It take this partorisca spend stock exchanges behind and advances car that I monthly like travesa the plot, has been also useful with taking my recycling down and moving out of the elements am giving confine a moment. They are sure he will do moves a lot, much easier also.

- Easy to unfold, I a lot included looked in some directions and has not had a subject with almost that loses the toe. I can not take if these complaints were paralizacin when it is to be form on dipping down the form but I have used mine horizontally without the subjects that curves and unfolding, is a lot compact to store when any into use.
- Easy to pull with a height of boss, are 5'6 and chairs more than comfortable tugging he to the long of fully uploaded
- Easy manoeuvrability for me, turn and advances more than any motion to turn of the side but I have not had a subject with that.

Any gilipollas for me, this was a mine buys better the long time that to good sure will save my shoulders further to hurt to press doors of open heavy edifice while weighted down with elements.
1 / 5 Rufina
After using a dolly partorisca less than three month and partorisca small time, one that resists is exited around a small rear wheel. Charges less than 250 pounds and is broken.
4 / 5 Rosanna
I have used this partorisca move houses with my mamma and he have done perfectly! You are a start of to winter like him some wheels is remained well in a snow also. If you stack the too big, sure mark partorisca have any in a backside because in swipes, the things will fall. They are 5'6 and a boss is the little low bit that my period of normal arm. I wish a boss was longer.

An assembly was simple, as well as a disassemble, while you are well with the little bit of the boss the short plus, then ossia partorisca you!
5 / 5 Lucia
It has had to that move and a level of stress has been big heaven. But, with a help of this little hand-held truck has saved my behind month of ache. It does not go to do a work for him but so only leaving you to do less trips to and form a truck to a door and still is the big improvement. It is not like this as well as the measure regulates especially when calm use he on 2 wheels, but used it mostly on 4, for stability, and likes has said, calm save the little well trips like the difference when you do in an order of hundreds of travesas. It exhausts with him, but would have does without him.
1 / 5 Nichelle
I have bought he partorisca the big movement and a big plus that dips as has a rule dolly appearance - that was it reason bought - had the ledge this was sper flimsy and no quite long. It has dipped some boxes in the and a device titled but a box remained in an earth.

One dipping a low plus was sturdy, but our movement has not attributed for him. Like the device has finalised to be useless for us - just another thing to pack to an Or-Haul.

Like this while a folding was simple and easy (any instruction but simple to imagine was), one dipping a lower no for your half movement, and a big plus there has been any one sustains for boxes.

Am returned mine, as no servant his purpose. But according to your moving needs, can find work for you.
4 / 5 Lashawn
A boss is the little short, volume that are 5'10', but manually the way of Truck find awkwardly trying estirarprpers. Some wheels already are taking quite rasgadas, and hot on quite bad if any oiled first.

Looks your toes when bending until the tent, some the big wheels are cradle -loaded and no fold up with a rest of some mechanisms, but cradle to plant bent for separate.
5 / 5 Adam
I have been using this partorisca the while now moving heavy boxes, an organism feels durable.
A tiny wheel in a backside feels fragile, but is probably so only me.
Is bending This has taken partorisca look your toes because they can take taken.
Unfolding Is very easy.
Ossia Very good to have, partorisca spend heavy groceries, the heavy boxes ( has stacked roughly 3 half sized boxes ) any question at all.
A boss is quite down also, but does not annoy me a lot a lot of
5 / 5 Betty
I have bought these months behind and use it almost 2 3 times the week, esp with cariche enormous and of the big quantities of groceries. It is strong and has an excellent aesthetic arrival. Very easy to bend and unfold unfold require bit it by force but very also). Much more economic that another trollies in Ontario.
5 / 5 Nicol
Movimento muchos elementi pesati e grandi con facilit√†! Imbarcando le coperture raccomandate che movimento i mobili Fini questo nonostante c'era qualsiasi ara√Īazo nei miei pezzi, il regime ha dato musulmani che dirige bene. La costruzione ha dato qualit√† e facile d'aprire e dopo. Il bene prezioso I dubbio alcuni delle meno alternative facce sarebbero i robusti.
4 / 5 Cesar
I'andato estada utilizzando questo partorisca un momento adesso muovendo casse pesate, a organismo sieda durevole.
La ruota minuscola nel dietro sieda fragile, ma è probabilmente mina così unica.
L'arato che piega est ha preso partorisca salvò le vostre dita perché possono prendere prigioniero.
Desdoblando √ą molto facile.
Ossia Molto bene d'attivo, partorisca víveres pesati passati, le casse pesate ( I attivi stacked approssimativamente 3 mezzi sized casse ) qualsiasi problema in assoluto.
Al capo √® l'abbastanza gi√Ļ bene, ma nessuna mina che molesta molto
5 / 5 Claire
non sieda troppo sturdy o qualsiasi cosa, ma deve che molto saldo tra compactness e forza ancora. Ritorna facilmente nel tronco ha dato il mio calma, il quale a mina piace ha dato molto. Una cosa non è un difensore di di l'est al vuoto ritrovato nelle parones hanno basato, il quale quello duro ha dato ha passato elementi sicuri.
4 / 5 Cassie
Ossia Un dolly e un letto piatto tutta In un quelli operano, questo resiste almeno 150 libbre (esperienza di ricompensa della mina) facilmente e securely, √® facile d'estirar evitare e chiudere gi√Ļ, e mangiare in cassa ferma in un pezzo- e non c'√® qualsiasi assemblea l√¨ √® richiesto!!! Un sonno per La donna che richiede l'haul e mive pesato everythings lei:)
5 / 5 Mike
Ossia pensa può essere negozio facilmente ed era realmente felice dell'attivo quando l'ho richiesto. Ossia Evidentemente nessun il dovere pesato ma ossia ha dado per essere pezzo d'immondizia. La sua meada ha movimento della mia pavimentazione con dell'est e banda molto in questa cosa minuscola. Non rompe per Sapere qualsiasi lamentela. Prodotto buono.
5 / 5 Janean
Fatto in pianoforte ma pelda√Īo. Uno cercato ha dato a movimenti un frigorifero ha dato secondo camminare il seminterrato, ma carices per andare per rompere a fondo d'angolo, sa I par√≥n e ha cambiato un altro dolly quali possono fornire 600 lbs per fare che. √ą prezioso e facile d'Utilizzare, √® inclusivamente pu√≤ nessun movimento il frigorifero, ancora che manterr√†.
5 / 5 Whitley
Avere dietro il dolore è ogni volta quello è stato arresta al compraventa la parte peggio ha passato tutte queste borse di valori hanno pesato inclusivamente alla mia macchina. Adesso è La parte divertita . Un A elementi migliori che ha acquistato. Tranquillo facilmente che può raddoppiare o lui due o quattro ruota. Nessun 100 sturdy ma offerta't dimenticare che è foldable sapere,il senso ha dato marchio.
5 / 5 Dusty
Esattamente quello ha richiesto. Degli spettacoli estacionales che richiede molto prodotto e lasciando lateralmente per essere movimento. Questo pezzo d'equipaggio √® Invaluable. Salvato il mio didietro ed √® √ą facile d'utilizzare e messo sopra di/curve. Il premio non potrebbe essere latidos I buoni
4 / 5 Timothy
ha comprato questo per essere uso a movimenti i miei cubi hanno dato stoccaggio delle automobili alle gare hanno dato accordi, quando sto facendo in qualsiasi Fumetto Gilipollas. √ą sturdy costruzione e realmente facile a Operato, la trasmissione ha dato dolly per estirar carro con facilit√†. Altamente raccomandato.
5 / 5 Shante
Il suo perfetto per emotivo in tornare a pesato DJ l'equipaggio ha dato veicolo il locale, alle ruote girano bene in qualsiasi superficie. E piega addirittura facilmente e comprimir a una Zona ha dato stoccaggio piccolo! Raccomandi a qualunque per leggero di dovere che ha a metà dato che movimenti.
5 / 5 Shawn
Questo √® partorisca arrivare giusto a meteo partorisca emotiva alcune casse pesate e l√¨ √® fatto il nostro lifes facile partorisca quando abbiamo ha dovuto che che i movimenti boxea addirittura e gi√Ļ scala. Quello sono molto felice con a prodotto e altamente raccomandarlo a qualunque in necessit√† hanno dato una maniera d'elementi pesati emotivos.
4 / 5 Latarsha
Quello che un prestito poco prodotto. CAMBIANDO Alla configurazione √® estremamente semplice e piega gi√Ļ realmente amabilmente. Uno era capace il stack tre casse hanno dato partorisca pulire forniture in quello e dirigerlo soltanto bene.
4 / 5 Julian
Lì è comprato questo le casse hanno dato Movimenti, ed era super versatile d'è entrato zona ristagna (verticale) e caricando le tonnellate hanno dato materiale (orizzontale). Amur L'impressione piccola partorisca stoccaggio.
5 / 5 Myrtle
√ą molto arrivato rapidamente, in affezione perfetta, e operare mangia un affascino. Altamente raccomandi. Questo puoi cambiato dopo Estendere uso, ma gli ha proprio adesso dato, esees qualsiasi qualms approssimativamente raccomandandolo, specialmente a quelli con incapacit√† che quello puoi richiesto all'incirca partorisca albergato ruba ha dato il carro all'incirca mangia v√≠veres o camada d'abiti.
5 / 5 Ivan
Lì è utilizzato lui partorisca un Movimento abbia dato paio. Adattato che necessità perfettamente. Negozi buoni e dirige il peso Ha moderato bene. In ho dato le maniere hanno dato carro le ruote hanno dato plastica d'arato del frente e minuscolo, è il suo terreno/ha dato registra áspero preciso a impulso il frente.
4 / 5 Fabiola
Piace e sofar √® stato d'aggiunge per cariche pesato piccolo. S√¨ le ruote potrebbero essere un po' sturdier e pi√Ļ tranquilli in ha dato i passeggii lateralmente concreti ma otherwise il costo aggiunge.
4 / 5 Twanda
Questo fa il mio condo la vita Sa molto pi√Ļ facile! Possa compri pesato Wayfair elementi e facilmente passargli upstairs senza colluttazione. Porta molto ed √® un pezzo ha dato torta per sviluppare e piega. Altamente raccomandare!
5 / 5 Rosita
Ama!! Petit Ma questo è valle c'è a loro voluti per aiutarmi con cubi e delle pentole hanno dato fiore pesato. Questo nonostante, con un po' di mina d'immaginazione ha aiutato e un partner prende un couch in una cassa del suo camion la mia casa!
4 / 5 Rufus
Aggiunge trolly Undici immagina i buchi mangia per aprire e chiuderlo. Gli utilizza il tutta partorisca cronometrar il carro i miei víveres finiscono la mia pavimentazione e c'è interesse molto ricevuto in lui.
5 / 5 Buddy
Ha richiesto un carro portatile buono/dolly per mantenere nel mio tronco a movimenti in tornare alla mia borsa di valori d'utensile (approssimativamente 55lbs) quotidianamente. Cosco Tipicamente fatto la materia buona e ossia Qualsiasi eccezione. Molto sturdy, piega piatta.
4 / 5 Johnathon
Che migliore I non c'è mai ha comprato. Utilizzato questo le casse hanno dato Movimenti, immondizie, ecc. Era molto beneficio durante i miei movimenti recenti alla mina nuova condo l'I lì essere ha voluto partorisca prendere molto delicato ed elementi personali con me. Quello trova molto facile ha dato partorisca dirigere e partorisca ha passato. Altamente recommed quello.
4 / 5 Houston
Questa cosa è somma ! Un vivo in un vecchio che complexiones che c'è muchos porti ha dato fuoco ed è molto sto molestando ha dato materiale passato in, fuori, e interiore a edificio, è partorisca est è partorisca che ha preso questo . Muova è smoothly e pieghe in buoni e piccoli partorisca stoccaggio facile.
5 / 5 Doreatha
Bene e sturdy, è alcune donne che fa ruba nel suo proprio e questo certamente ritorna partorisca enunciar. Produco aggiunge.
5 / 5 Amiee
Assolutamente vuole questo, caro sa bene per i nostri movimenti dietro in August ed è è buono d'essere capace del blocco e tuck lui in un armadio fuori la maniera.
4 / 5 Waldo
Lì è comprato questo per l'opera della donna, uso leggero. non c'è ascoltato qualsiasi lamentela.
5 / 5 Nora
Biught Questi per il mio Strumento. Saftey Preoccupazioni con sollevazione. Comprimo per viaggio.
5 / 5 Guy
Facile ha dato per raddoppiare e A girato la ruota √® ha dato fatta misura pi√Ļ piccola del fatto pi√Ļ facile la manovra in una rampa!
5 / 5 Eliz
Pi√Ļ dolly ha avuto in ha dato gli anni, la piega gi√Ļ piccola nella mia macchina, resiste alot ha dato appeso.
5 / 5 Clayton
Lì è avuto altri camion hanno dato mano prima che ma La versatilità ha dato questo uno il fatto un vincente. Soltanto salvi le vostre dita quando quello raddoppiando addirittura, alle ruote chasquean in.
4 / 5 Man
Il carro aggiunge - il nostro 3.¬ļ compraventa ha dato questo prodotto! Orologio giusto ferma chasquear addirittura a dita quando raddoppiando.
5 / 5 Chantay
We have moved recently and we save like this money that does the majority of one packing and a cart would dip material in his is wonderful!!
5 / 5 Randal
The quality of construction is the bit partorisca be missing of. Fact very enough for a first month or so much. Then one of some smaller wheels has lost his bearings. His functional closing like the hand-held truck but no longer laws in dolly way.
5 / 5 Lavonne
Has used this dolly countless time. Although I found it difficult to change place, is a lot easy to manoeuvre around. Highly recommend it.
4 / 5 Tommie
Use to take some rubbishes down as well as elements of the storage and he is perfect.! Easy to change among different place.
5 / 5 Britni
Very Built, no an easy plus to operate but done a good work.
4 / 5 Stacie
So only complain is that I wish a boss was the main tab when on 4 wheel.
5 / 5 Alta
Absolutely love this dolly, uses it all a time. Easy to use, bends on, and tent
4 / 5 Carry
Perfecto assessory to walk dwellers, the one who in occassion have the load to stuff to move. Sturdy, Flexible and walk of tents partorisca consolation.
5 / 5 Guadalupe
A solid product and very built. Easy to use, and easy to store. I Very happy with cost of mine.

Top Customer Reviews: Samsonite Compact ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought this partorisca help with my dirty clothes. Bought this and the rubbishes can partorisca my basket of dirty clothes. It take this partorisca down 30 bucks. Some wheels are good rolling , the little has bitten partorisca hold at the beginning but is beginning partorisca move the little more freely. An only downer is when a boss is widespread, there is enough the bit of flex. Perhaps it has had you chance in the, stiffens up. How it is the Samsonite is very well has built. A down side, is that it does not locate or down, can see he in a pic, has the little tab of feet, assumes to kick out of a luggage to go. I can try place in of the main wheels.
5 / 5
I touch several musical instruments and when touching with my groups in the venue is the plot partorisca spend , with dossiers of music, usually the stand of music and one the crew. With this cart, can upload everything in mine car and look to cruise composed with all my material stashed and has resisted firmly this in spite of has the hand partorisca a door.

I also uses partorisca a beach when there it is the boardwalk. With drinks and lunches, the book, the towel and the freezer packs my stock exchange of beach is weighed enough. Add the folding chair and the flexible hat and he can be quite cry he in a wind for the tug all down to a beach. So only it joins everything in a cart and any subject that time a walk is the breeze .
5 / 5
Bought this partorisca my jumper of puddle lug stock exchange that use like my spend on, has arthritis in the shoulders and I have required the cart of the luggage without that has to that buy another raisin on stock exchange,and this was a response ,loves it ,a lot done of estimativa and add. I have bought the strap of luggage also partorisca $ joins on amiably the lug stock exchange when I require it to go in elevated in slowly ?This element is a lot compact,adds recommends.
5 / 5
I have purchased two of these trolley is. Have Still partorisca use during our travesas. Our plan to stack our three toddler carseats on him. I tried it it was already and I adds, but has to that use my own bungy cords partorisca take all three carseats stacked. I plan to dip another in an of our stock exchanges in a chance require partorisca tow more material during our travesas. They are quite small and fold on amiably.
3 / 5
I have bought this partorisca spend my stock exchanges of the mine car to an edifice where my classes are resisted. It is the walk along , some stock exchanges are heavy and does not want to has to spend him manually. Also, any like him to them the rucksacks. This cart is quite easy to use, although I find some small keys that protrude of some bars of sleeve and lock in situating sometimes take stuck when I am trying to close a unit. Fold On a lot easily and is light. It resists my stock exchanges well, but frequently touches on when it spends in the empty among sections of footpath. It does not think it it will do alfresco in a snow neither. If you are taking this for use indoors in the flat surface, probably will find it effective. This in spite of, for my purposes, he no a work. The maintaining door of the things in the stock exchange the big plus with the strap that continuous in a shoulder and by means of an organism. Not perfecting, but better work for me that a cart.
5 / 5
I do in of the schools and has to that take multiple stock exchanges wherever go so that the little carrier like this is essential. I have had the carrier of frame of the steel partorisca roughly 10 years and some wheels finally have the data entirely was recently like this I really required partorisca find the new carrier partorisca work. This one is coming quickly how was adds. When it Avenges it was nervous in a plastic and construction of aluminium because my old one was all the steel . I have concerned it to me double with everything required it the haul. A first use is very gone well. Has the good long base like my stock exchanges returns amiably on that. A bungee the cord is good and tight and resists multiple stock exchanges in place and a frame resisted until hauling multiple stock exchanges without bending. Fold On much more compactly that my old one and is quite the lighter of has bitten. Like this far I am very happy especially of of the this is one of some carriers of the most economic luggage there. To good sure recommend it.
4 / 5
This thing is astonishingly compact and taken on room very small in a trunk of my car. Fold Was quickly and easily and is ready the haul in of the seconds! Some wheels of hule are trace to one all armour plate axial and a telescoping the tubes are done of aluminium of light weight. A rest of a unit is done of the very fat and rigid plastic. A bond down the cords are a lot fat this in spite of supple and really the controls down have produced. An only negative is a fact that some looks of integer of folding boss partorisca be a bit delicate. It is doing well now but it looks partorisca be slightly down-drawn partorisca use of long term. I expect that they are wrong but would have paid more partorisca the beefier system. In this price, is not failure on confine me a next pair to month!
5 / 5
Like this happy has bought this little hand-held truck! Step around heavy boxes partorisca my work from time to time like this this I maintaining save of the travesas multiple to and of the mine car and saves my backside and muscles of arms. The boxes are quite sure when calm joins him down with some straps. Like this light and maintain in my trunk. You recommend this for any one requiring the laptop of hand-held truck.
3 / 5
A solidly the cart has built, acts a lot of May... It is weighed. His heavy partorisca store when any into use and he no retract/fold without the little wiggling and manoeuvring. Then partorisca take some straps by means of/around anything is carting around... It takes the little time and calm resist on a line the bit when that come from utilizarprpers leaving the plan. More the lug all of a plan, does not avert, then uploads up.

The provider adds has shipped this in spite of well punctually so that it was adds! Thank you!
4 / 5
A bit fatter that has not thought, but très léger.
Very conceived, but I games of attention partorisca give luggages of chance of type of cabin, no très well with giving week of stock exchange of type of luggages-fine or duffle.
5 / 5
I have used this the little time that airlines of travesías. I have had the very big chance has dipped in the, as have has had to that the resist while I have joined he in or game on. Once the place near was adds in maneuvering that has to that or behind me. It takes quite quickly and taking it part for a flight. Face to walk around an airport like this easier.
4 / 5
Has bought this to use for the travesía quite big and heavy car chair (diono irradiates XT) in airport. It has to that well sure it transports the easiest plot! Some wheels are quite smooth and is very light (in the so only dipped the stock exchange when not using ). A wheelbase is relatively narrow like this when turning the corners or that go in the uneven surfaces sometimes touches on but think that for a prize this cart are really adds!
5 / 5
A solidly the cart has built, acts a lot of May... It is weighed. His weighed to store when any into use and he no retract/fold without the little wiggling and manoeuvring. Then to take some straps by means of/around anything is carting around... It takes the little time and calm resist on a line the bit when that come from utilizarprpers leaving the plan. More the lug everything of a plan, does not avert, then uploads up.

The provider adds has shipped this in spite of well punctually so that it was adds! Thank you!
5 / 5
Has bought this lil' beauty to lug my inflatable kayak around audience in traffic, and he a trick! Some folds of kayak down to the duffel stock exchange that the compact and easy looks to spend, but hanged roughly 35 pounds and is that annoying like heck to transport if you are not using a car.

This cart a lot so only does to spend a stock exchange the breeze, but a cart he like this light that I can toss the in a front of a boot when I am ready to go in a water! It is a lot of sturdy in spite of his small measure, and has not had any subjects that takes around in of the uneven surfaces. Well value a prize!
5 / 5
This is to be purchase to relieve scrolling of my husband firefighting box (measures of stock exchange of the hockey+) of a Firehall to another when you send the eslief Recognition'. It finds it useful but can require explore different options in a future. I suppose that it is more than it depends on the one who your concrete requirement is. Ossia The stop -measured of empty for him inner a moment. Fast delivery. JB.
5 / 5
Adds to take to a laundry room. It is easy to use and comfortable. I used it to do groceries but in the to to the time likes here with so the snow is hard to take around with of him although any impossible, but maintain a type of time in alcohol. Calm also require dipped some class of has beaten of rubbish or box to give his structure. I have looked for to use the enormous stock exchange but he maintain to fall for some sides.
4 / 5
This has done perfectly during my two months backpacking travesía by means of Europe! Yes, backpacking. My rucksack weighted roughly 16 Kg and I have used this small but sturdy cart to go he to the long of when I tired me. And with which, turns correctly inside my rucksack. A life-saver, for the no-like this-young backpacker! Highly recommended.
5 / 5
Highly recommends this cart. My daughter is in university and when it chooses up or take behind to pupil his duffle the stock exchange and the stock exchanges of book are a lot, very heavy and his the enormous fight for the take all until his paving. I have said it it has bought the cart and she was very ashamed and has said does not use it . Well!!!!!! It is s√ļper compact and his just like the cart of to charge of the flight. His duffle stock exchanges all stack on amiably and joins a bungie around he all and the way go. Like this easy!!! Now, it is a a that asking every time!!!! He it movement in and out of each weekend soooo easy and a prize was awesome!! Any emotional anything in and is gone in the bases regulate absolutely need this cart. It is sturdy and wheels easily and is the stable when loaded. Fold Down flat and compress when any into use. HIGHLY it recommends this cart and he like this done my daughter!!! Still it is the believer !!!!
4 / 5
Has bought this to join my recycling crate to so much could spend more material to a room of rubbish. Work a lot enough for his purpose but more often that no, touches on. Perhaps it does not touch on if a crate was toting was weighed more but are righting he more than sound by train of the go. Lame for the good prize as I can not complain too much. But I think that that the widest base would have done it the little more sturdy.
4 / 5
- Light
- when bent is easy to store (or transport) and is quite compact

- no very stable; some wheels are quite big for the rugged terrain but is not quite stable to still gone in the swipe. Hardly inside any uneven earth he tweeters of wheel the broken and sometimes included continuous in. This is not a first carrier has used but is some first time have had this @@subject
- when unfolding a boss there is any mechanism for the maintain perpendicular to a base. Has the 'click' light sound but if a boss accustoms still a bungee then tends to begin to bend on him.
- The boss is in a short side for any big - I follows 5'10 and would require the along one more
4 / 5
It liked that it was of light but is like this flimsy that the has not been usable. Using the materials the strong plus can help but his no the creation adds and can not sustain anywhere approaches his like this called weight that the bosses qualified.
4 / 5
Has been using paralizaciones east the year. A combination partorisca be light and blocking to the very small space the very convenient fact. I can stuff he to mine steps-on stock exchange when they ask voluntary to verify his luggage.
4 / 5
Has used this the broken the carseat around an airport. It do not dip the boy in him, but was perfect partorisca a carseat and my stock exchange. Bent On quite small to return in my personal element in a plan! I used it also to move boxes and he a work.
5 / 5
Loves a light weight and he is like this easy to tug to the long of. An only question with him is that the small stock exchange hardly remains fastened to the equal that maintains to move of a cart, forcing you to take a lot of times for the presionar. This in spite of buys it again, very convenient.
5 / 5
Uses this in an airport to tow our edges in his car chair. Law a lot well! We do not require any extra things to ensure a chair on, so that it was adds. Fold Very small, which perfects the stow under a chair.
4 / 5
Has bought this to transport my spend-on accordion when those flies to/of Italy - was sturdy and light - bend to my rucksack and a neighbour-on/down was quickly and easy. It is the lifesaver when hauling my instrument during my stop-in the Heathrow where a distance of a terminal to a flight to connect the terminal was long and involved escalators etc, which a cart has managed enough easily. Highly you recommend this cart !
5 / 5
The thick way is a good product , the pair against games the outsides his wheels are not fantastic, besides, sustains to the under the tendency the refermer when one takes of pupil of my daughter to the sud this. Like any valley .
4 / 5
Some sleeves look the pocolos toneless, but basically well. There it does not look to be any way to close one bases in situating once the unfold, as bungee the cords pull on on that. This could pose the question so that I need he partorisca, but otherwise has to that be good. Really it is quite light, which is the plus .
4 / 5
Has think that this thing was adds! I have used it likes the carseat trolley partorisca of an airport. I will say that a carseat has had some question that the rests centred but mean this has not been announced for such use anyways. I have finalised to use he in Florida also when I have walked to take groceries! Fold returns Like this small well in mine easy purse peasy!
4 / 5
Has found has had to balance my rucksack and purse in the particular way to do sure maintains . So much, it can you do not leave when being in his own without him potentially touching on. It is compact but need the personal element quite big (stock exchange of big beach) for him to return in when calm is not quell'pulling around. Easy to unfold and folds it and I love a bungee agreements.
4 / 5
It does not buy this element , could so only control 10 lbs before curves of boss on. Well partorisca the stock exchange of chips of potatoes
4 / 5
Functions well in of the flat surfaces but yes is wheeling the down a street or turning corners, has to exert precaution, touches easily reason some wheels are not partorisca dip very wide averts. Otherwise, Compact handy little trolly.
5 / 5
This product has done our lives (familiar w girls) so easier during our travelling. If no travesías light is the must there is
4 / 5
S√ļper very done. Exactly the one who j,the need has had. Of you go them to them fatter would be partorisca consider but this in spite of is a lot of
4 / 5
has bought this partorisca my daughter of 10 years partorisca take his saxophone the school 2x the week. There is trudged on and down footpaths and by means of the snow‚ÄĒ do fault his good purpose. It likes that it folds on small and access in his locker in of the school. Partorisca A prize this thing has taken the plot of abuse.
5 / 5
Has taken something around 50lbs and the law adds. I have finalised partorisca dip the bit of hule in the like this the box would not slip ...But really like it.
4 / 5
Has taken this partorisca spend my boy car chair. These things am weighed and this the fact so easier that spend my creature, stock exchange of diaper, and car chair.
5 / 5
Frankly have at all to redire Of negative, has looked for in the games of tent partorisca find a more expensive equivalent. Partorisca Try the games gives simple and fast scrollings
5 / 5
uses it partorisca transport mine inflatable kayaks of some automobiles to a beach. A saver of life! Amur A portability and compact measure.
5 / 5
The work adds partorisca my edges partorisca spend his trumpet the school. The wheels look durable and smooth. It tends partorisca block the bit this in spite of. Lock of rests /of the desire in place in an open and perfect L form
4 / 5
Simple to use. Siege well in lucida strong box of the car. It goes Well.
Very satisfied
4 / 5
Samsonite The Compact luggage Fold the cart does exactly that it is supposition partorisca do and the folds was good & tiny
4 / 5
Utmost little unit. It was exactly that has looked for. I have bought 2 partorisca purpose of travesía. Fold On easily to the ours spend on luggage how is easy to take of a plan.
4 / 5
More compress that believed and three gain .
The valley Is prize .
5 / 5
Adds! I have required something small that it can return in the z/in the rucksack. Ossia Also light, goes partorisca use he partorisca other uses like hauling material partorisca camp also.
4 / 5
Is quite strong, but has fallen always advances when I maintain my rucksack has weighed on that. It can not be firmly.
4 / 5
To the equal that has described. Easy to open and develop. Access in any spend on luggage. The straps are solid and work well. To good sure Recommended
5 / 5
My only complaint is that a cord has not been black as in a photo but black and yellow. No the enormous shot but changes an aesthetic of a designer duffle has used stops.
4 / 5
Loves a product that goes for the use in the luggage this has lost his wheels .
5 / 5
So only that has looked for. Very pleased with him like this looks to be quite sturdy.

Top Customer Reviews: Mover's Dolly ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 22 ratings
5 / 5 Eleni
These are excellent dollies partorisca a price. Easy to press and turn. Required two partorisca move to 1/4 tonne hardwood cupboard. Walked went it easily. Any feeling partorisca stick that it tries to turn at all. Any left behind mark in of the pavings. Any squeak or complained of them at all.
5 / 5 Maurita
Bought this partorisca emotional and partorisca help transport some big elements in and out of a house. It can resist a weight of the dishwasher any question (has not tried anything heavier still), and does not leave the scratch in a hardwood walk. One produces is very light which is very partorisca transport.
5 / 5 Ha
Amazing dolly. Controls the plot of weight. Kinda Petit Partorisca Be able to resist the plot of the weight but concealed his fact that very better. I have moved washer and dryer on one. I have moved a/c with one. Very versatile and a lot well has done.
3 / 5 Cami
I used it partorisca add wheels to my frame of gas generator. Probably it has been it better-adapted partorisca this purpose there has been a program been roughly 4 to 6 big thumbs everywhere.
5 / 5 Laquita
Ossia The a lot of sturdy dolly. Has has wanted to something small (marks sure control out of some dimensions)and light to move my accordion. This to good sure will do a work.
5 / 5 Mark
Ossia Really good but but small this in spite of recommend this
4 / 5 Neil
Light. Circles well without breaking to walk and resists the plot of weight
5 / 5 Julia
The strong & durable frames that the elements of movement have weighed the breeze
5 / 5 Theresa
Good works. You could do an easily but this are to add and saves the travesa the city.
2 / 5 Neoma
It has feigned the work this in spite of does not use in hardwood/laminate or will leave dents in your pavings. I have transported so only on 150 pounds and has has had to that take immediately to the equal that leaves the dent in my paving.

decently On carpet and ceramic.
5 / 5 Laura
It is very solid. It is much easier now partorisca move our compact washing machine.
5 / 5 My
Luz. Circles well without breaking to walk and resists the plot of weight
4 / 5 Julene
Ossia really good but but small this in spite of recommend this
5 / 5 Shemeka
well of Law. You could do an easily but this are partorisca add and saves the travesía the city.
4 / 5 Angella
Has feigned the work this in spite of does not use in hardwood/laminate or will leave dents in your pavings. I have transported so only on 150 pounds and has has had to that take immediately to the equal that leaves the dent in my paving.

decently On carpet and ceramic.
5 / 5 Gerald
Likes , has believed to be as the Normal measure 4 wheel dolly, was the averages a measure. As they are the little disappointed
5 / 5 Keeley
Perfecto! No, really!! It is so only a right measure partorisca move the stack of the boxes of the banker to and fro in an already full storage locker! Shining!
4 / 5 Shanika
This dolly is 1feet for 2 his feet the joke more partorisca the 3 old year partorisca touch with
5 / 5 Hugh
I amour this dolly. Has heavy electrical guitar amps which now circle by means of a room with ease. Thank you
4 / 5 Yoshie
Has Gone the 400lbs the piano around is. Fact perfectly.
4 / 5 Maureen
Petit, but can spend the big load, and easy to move around.
5 / 5 Elli
This dolly tips on way too easily. The needs go/better main. I found it it touch on included in pavement and the footpaths have had the light transmission in texture of surface.

If he so only used in the warehouse with smooth 100 cimienta the perfect pavings polished was adds. But partorisca anything more, like some moving boxes of a paving to another is iffy.

Top Customer Reviews: Multi-Functional ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 14 ratings
5 / 5 Ollie
It looks partorisca do well. Unfortunately, it has had no fasteners in a box. It has used the rays and the rays have had. The rays are metric for a way. Still the value adds even without some rays. It looks he likes is oriented to stackable sized washers. Any sure can develop to the plenary sized car
5 / 5 Cinda
These produced is awesome. It was easy to dip near , sturdy, some wheels are partorisca have that weighed with locks on everything of them and he goes with ease. I have done 2 load of dirty clothes with my laptop washer in the and does not shake or circle. Description of update with which period more with a longitude of use.
1 / 5 Adan
This has not gone quite strong to resist my refrigerator. It is too small for the refrigerator (can do for the refrigerator of small bar. Some wheels will not remain closed in his own. For a side was has disappointed extremely.
1 / 5 Del
These falls of base averts and is at all of confidence.
5 / 5 Vito
Perfecto partorisca our purpose. And now move washer dryer partorisca clean the purpose is resulted like this easy.
5 / 5 Claudine
Like this easy to dip near, mine 4.5 yr old was able to follow some instructions that is coming with him.
5 / 5 Janel
Some wheels there is rid the mine does not have pauses. They are not closing. Ossia The chance of misleading announcing.
5 / 5 Margy
Really strong, has bought he partorisca my mini washing machine. He the easy fact partorisca move around. Utmost cost
5 / 5 Beverlee
Thank you very much is exactly that has looked for are a lot satisfyer
1 / 5 Rosaura
Perfect for our purpose. And now move washer dryer partorisca clean the purpose is resulted like this easy.
4 / 5 Eneida
Good quality, a work ..
A thing that does not like me , is too hard to close of some wheels have maintained like this unlock!!
5 / 5 Pattie
Like this easy to dip joint, mine 4.5 yr old was able to follow some instructions that is coming with him.
4 / 5 Lori
Some parts are a lot east of the rubbishes cheaply value of the money
4 / 5 Maryjo
I posted the critical description of this product previously, but once a battery of negative critique on, take an element of a place and repost the new one with has has created descriptions.

Like this basically, a thing does not resist the full measure washer. If it wobbles like crazy because it is unstable. A pivoting the wheels so only go to 270 terracings likes them the way or another takings has stuck. Some tampons of hule purportedly partorisca slide-reduction, in fact the slide was. So only the product of atrocity. Perhaps well partorisca the pot of artificial plant or something.

Top Customer Reviews: Pentagon Tool ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 24 ratings
5 / 5 Jackqueline
While a construction is very solid and good, and a prize has compared to another like elements has found is lower, can not give this Kore that 3 stars for one reason.... Ossia That in the each wheel 2 of some rays that resists some wheels on estaca until a zone where some chairs of barrel. I think that a 55galon the barrels of steel have the solids and big quite putter to or lip that maintains a fund to touch these rays, but one 55 chevron the paving of chair of plastic drums in an earth and these rays would break a barrel.
Like the fixed mine was the fast grinding turns to go down them Down the bit and then that short apiece 3/4' plywood to return a round and 4 cuttouts for some rays. Now I have the paving is surfaced dolly.
Looks that the information would owe that be was the description so that the people do not have this has some tools and of the parts lying around thus 15 min fijamente, but a lot can no. To all the cost, now have the moveable dolly for my water of basement storrage for roughly $37 .
5 / 5 Nichole
A dolly are adds once the defect of small drawing has been corrected. Each one that like this of some 4 wheels has 4 rays that resists him on. Two of these rays are in some outsides of a dolly has protected of the metal 'tent.' This in spite of, some other two in the each wheel are in an interior of a dolly. If these are installed signalling on probably would be a lot if a drum is using is steel, but is plastic likes mine they a lot probably spend for the plastic drum (likes am using). In another hand, if they are installed signalling down some wheels poden any rotate. I installed him signalling down after grinding them down to a point where would be flush. A dolly now the laws add - I can go the plenary 55 chevron plastic drum around without question and does not have to that the worry in a be of the drum there is nailed.
5 / 5 Tyson
Honradamente, has read some descriptions and the people have said that some rays were too many long. Has thinks that that they would have fixed it after all these descriptions. His no! If you toe some rays- then have rays that goes to your barrel.
Produces done a lot- but expect go the Lowes and buy a x 12 rays. In this way some wheels can swivel around. It is a travesía additional to a tent, and roughly $9 .
5 / 5 Jacques
A lot sturdy drum dolly to manage mine 55-gals of water of emergency in PVC barrel. (The full barrel hanged approx. 460-lbs!)
He A mfg. Now it is shipping rays more cut that read well when installed in an on place!
Has ordered the second dolly for mine another barrel with supplies.
5 / 5 Krysten
Likes another has said, there is the defect to draw, as I can not give a product five stars. Some rays are still too long to the equal that has to that be fastened facing up and this creates the question is using this for plastic barrels. This in spite of, one fijamente was easy with the piece of 3/8 thumb plywood to seat in a subordinated and then I simply cut out of a section where some dice were that it controls some wheels on. I have known this was a subject when I have bought a product but felt likes that of a prójimo more after dolly that would do was two times a prize, has required two, that could do an adjustment and save me $ 79. I do not know reason a company does not read these descriptions and change a creation to leave for plastic barrels to do without that has to that plywood of use.
5 / 5 Larhonda
Maintains my pot of barrel of an earth a lot enough. Some wheels do not go well in cements. They refuse the rotate. No very built for a weight is has estimated stops. Some rays no presionan all a way because they are half threaded.
5 / 5 Torri
Some wheels can not sustain the full drum of 55 chevrons- an of his waste to turn or swivel, essentially doing a product worthless.
4 / 5 Mae
Are trace the 55 chevron the plastic drum fill with sanitized waters for this 'emergency' situations. I can move some drums have weighed easily with this dolly.
5 / 5 Katie
It would give it 5 stars have fixed some defects in some rays. They are too long, calm once his invernaderos down maintain a wheel of emotional. Need to come with thickness washers and would fix a @@subject
4 / 5 Regine
This dolly is extremely a lot-built with metal partorisca have to that heavy, smooth weld near and cleaned powdercoat. It was fast and easy to attach a casters. He my take bourbon barrel of barrel of easy aged beer partorisca move around like the backyard BBQ work and do lacking surface.
14Mar20 - Any request in a caster has measured partorisca stuff so has has added photo. They measure for 3inches.
4 / 5 Evie
Will echo that a lot a reviewers has said. Some rays are also yearn use with plastic barrels. I can not believe ossia a chance and of a manufacture and the amazon will not direct a subject will require partorisca do fijamente likes some of a crafty the people have done before me. Thank you Partorisca A folks the one who have posted his fijamente
5 / 5 Avery
have an old 55 drum of chevron in a cochera I use partorisca rubbishes that is so only too bulky partorisca one cookery. Be in Minnesota, a nieva salty funds of a vehicle and some chairs of drum in of the salt water. I have painted a drum and has used this partorisca maintain he on a paving. Easier That move out of a way to clean too much.
5 / 5 Dexter
Happy has found this product, the life done easy partorisca me. We owe that fill 55 gal drums pl√°sticoes with water of wash and haul was.
Was partorisca do this element, but found the on amazon. They are the contractor partorisca paint , and his add to have around partorisca works that waters of wash of the mandate be hauled of some premises. I will remark some wheels are not to notch upper, but law very partorisca we. It was so only happy of the find and has shipped it our without headache.
4 / 5 Salvador
I rays have sent of the costruttore is too long, mark partorisca install some wheels properly.
4 / 5 Evita
Adds partorisca a prize. It looks sturdy and manage the 55 gal the full barrel of corn without question. Easy to go around in concrete.
5 / 5 Demetria
Is easier that gather and then upload an EMPTY 55 drum of chevron that uploads the FULL drum. Some wheels he delicate to go his full drum.
4 / 5 Magali
Has had to that go the Imposición to House to purchase fulmine and rays that together records reasons one some resupply with a no returned product . They are too tight.
4 / 5 Willa
Absolute piece of rubbish

Some rays that come with east is too long like this when they are presionados, surrender some motionless wheels
5 / 5 Marlo
Any ray and ray partorisca attach some wheels. I owe that spend $ 10 partorisca buy in Imposición of House.
4 / 5 Raven
Decent value partorisca of the money, but has the defect to draw smaller with a way a casters attaches. Masters to you to ray a casters on with some bosses of ray in a fund, and some dice in a cup. Ossia Very partorisca a two out of rays, which are out of a perimeter of a drum, inner some pocolas triangular protrusions. But partorisca some two inner rays, this has some rays that well to stick up and doing contact with some drums. This is not like this of the question partorisca the drum of steel, but using the plastic drum, has dreaded that some rays would go through half to/nail a drum over time.

Has substituted these with rays of key of boss, installed of a cup, and that cut some rays of flush with some once have presionado dice, partorisca resupply clearance partorisca a casters to rotate 360 terracings. This give much more peace partorisca import that I will not turn my tent to the Superfund besiege a night.
4 / 5 Mitsuko
This work adds partorisca go around drums of fats of bacon. Has 87 of them.
5 / 5 Zetta
He his purpose, wish some wheels could be pocolas stronger
5 / 5 Russel
the wheels are terrible will not go the full drum. A frame is a lot this in spite of
5 / 5 Providencia
Act perfectly partorisca easily moving my drums of metal of piece during a tent.

Top Customer Reviews: Slipstick CB681 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 32 ratings
4 / 5 Enda
Measure: 2 Thumb has used these casters partorisca substitute those that have been resupplied with a IKEA stand of television. These are smaller but has done a stand of television much easier to move. They look partorisca be durable and a fact that is coming with hardware partorisca 2 different installation the methods was utmost. A lot happy with east !
5 / 5 Bruno
Measure: 2 Thumb buys 12 partorisca dip under our pieces of furniture of living room . We take of an old metal some to protect our pavings of new forests. These would be utmost for a chair of office or cupboard etc but these are like this well in moving around our pieces of furniture scoots behind as we seat. Has has had to that now buns of order of mobiles and will have to that dip senses down instead. A product is a lot does not take me wrong and one is noiseless when that moves how is good but so only the bit unsafe for the oldest people to the equal that move like this well.
4 / 5 Cinthia
Measure: 2 Thumb has Used these wheels the 'upgrade' chairs of office of old forests partorisca protect my hardwood walk. One of my chairs there has been a right root in a that exists casters of one chairs, in this one a new casters has been installed in of the seconds. Another chair there has been the main roots, takes entirely (comprising some bosses of old metal), glued the forest peg in some holes, cut his flush to some legs am drilled then a pegs with the legislations sized pierce it and I have inserted one has has resupplied bosses, axes then casters.

These casters slip without any endeavour, calm in fact will owe that control a moment give to a chair any partorisca press you around quickly too far/!

This upgrade has deleted also any noise that an old hard plastic casters , a new one is totally silent.
5 / 5 Penelope
Measure: 2 Thumb has bought this before but partorisca some chairs of office with 5 casters. This type of caster works very well especially in hardwood walk. Less noise and does not mark.
This neighbour is partorisca my chair of forest. Work like this good. Durable. Highly recommend
4 / 5 Devona
Measure: 2 Thumb This has looked partorisca be exactly that has looked for partorisca dip casters in my skin slipper chairs; this in spite of, am unable to ensure a casters to some roots. Pressing them in has not done. As I have looked for to attach a casters, then seating in a chair (any regime), paste a caster with the hule mallet ( has begun partorisca break a hule caster) neither has done.
5 / 5 Cole
Measure: 2 Thumb has given optimist 4 stars where would require more time partorisca give full stars. These have substituted lower-qualities castors easily and like this far is also has pleased no tip any mark in an old hardwood (arce) walk. The investment adds partorisca office of house.
5 / 5 Nu
Measure: 2 Installed Thumb in mine heavy recliner so that it can use likes the chair of computer. Fact like the charm. Drilled out of some legs partorisca some sleeves and installed some wheels.
4 / 5 Shea
Measure: 2 Thumb was a lot of disappointed in this element. It says that it comes with roots of trace and ray in the hardware but he have had so only a ray in some and I do not want to break my chair screwing these in...
4 / 5 Christiane
Measure: 2 Thumb has used these castors partorisca substitute the together in my table of caff. These were the abonos upgrade partorisca me. His swivel and go a lot well, much smoother that an old some. They are sure his will not hurt my hardwood walk. It can not comment on durability, had him so only the month. I add like this far!
4 / 5 Karisa
Measure: 2 reuse of Thumb Has our old highland hardware but the bit of the tape wrapped around a spindle has done. Circles very amiably
4 / 5 Treasa
Installed in mine heavy recliner so that it can use likes the chair of computer. Fact like the charm. Drilled out of some legs partorisca some sleeves and installed some wheels.
5 / 5 Karena
The reuse Has our old highland hardware but the bit of the tape wrapped around a spindle has done. Circles a lot amiably
4 / 5 Mia
Awesome wheels, the slips likes fat, a lot of highland options, the sleep has sawed wall the old wheels
5 / 5 Marlen
5 / 5 Stewart
A lot of casters but required some manual returning to ray some upper dishes to some stools.
5 / 5 Norman
Has done really well partorisca me when I have required partorisca substitute some missing caster wheels in the heavy dresser.
5 / 5 Fabian
This walks casters was easy to install-four insiemi; well of look and surrounds easily. Reasonable prize. Utilisations again.
5 / 5 Keva
The product adds and the service adds, turn perfectly and the law adds
4 / 5 Beulah
It has dipped these castors in some legs of some elderly dining table partorisca substitute an old broken some. Now some circles partorisca subject easily. Also we purchase coasters partorisca maintain he in place.
5 / 5 Dannielle
Easy to install, calm and no-marring casters. Perfecto partorisca hardwood stroll or any one another hard surface flooring material.
5 / 5 Adrian
This hule casters is a lot well in of the pavings of forests. I installed him on some chairs of the regular office concealed there is has not had wheels before and do really well.
4 / 5 Delcie
Has purchased this product because I have required an optional 5/16 thumb root and the broken that it was sure partorisca hardwood walk. These produced directs these needs and looks well. Partorisca Install some roots, found that more partorisca use the C-clamp partorisca generate a force. It was reticent partorisca use impact partorisca do a work.
4 / 5 Penny
This was exactly that has required. The grip Adds of a hule
4 / 5 Neely
This in spite of expensive but exactly that looked for
5 / 5 Douglas
the arrival and the access Add, any mark in a hardwood walk still.
5 / 5 Hong
Easy to install & looks well. Used in the big hassock.
5 / 5 Marlyn
Excellent, quality very good. Easy to use. Wine with all precise .
5 / 5 Loreta
This work adds! Amur An option of one groups highland flat
5 / 5 Tasha
This is not that it has expected I so that it follows partorisca return the but has wanted to write the description to help any to do a deception included has done. Some wheels in my chair stroll of streaky mine to the equal that has wanted to substitute them with something concealed would be recommended to use in pavings of forests. I have chosen out of the together, there was has shipped so only to find a pin was too big for one opening in a chair ( has thinks that would be something universal) how is returned and had substituted the with an only another smaller sized the pin could find. These some. First of all have it so only 4 any attention inclusa to arrest to this like this the majority of the chairs of office have 5 wheels, a lot they? With which some pins are way too long and too tightened to return some start in a chair. There are adapters but in some minimum instructions in a side of a box speaks roughly drilling sure where still drill them, does not say . One of some adapters has teeth he like this the look would owe that be hammered to a leg of the chair of forest, another adapter has the dish so a leg of your chair was quite wide could scrape a dish to a leg, but my chair is so only your chair of typical office with five horizontal legs branching out of some head office pivoting estaca vertical. This is resulting the not being an easy substitution, more am short a wheel as they are by train to send them behind. Perhaps so only I have a oddball chair. I recommend to take measures of your chair to exist and wheels and reading more attentively that I (if there is @@give had so only 4 wheels would not have ordered) to compare some measures in a description of element.
4 / 5 Joellen
I have used these castors partorisca substitute the together in my table of caffè. These were the abonos upgrade partorisca me. His swivel and go a lot well, much smoother that an old some. They are sure his will not hurt my hardwood walk. It can not comment on durability, had him so only the month. I add like this far!
5 / 5 Beverlee
I produce partorisca add and the service adds, turn perfectly and the law adds
4 / 5 Marsha
has dipped these castors in some legs of some elderly dining table partorisca substitute an old broken some. Now some circles partorisca subject easily. Also we purchase coasters partorisca maintain he in place.

Top Customer Reviews: Mac Sports ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Tamela
That sending to us is the version of economic fake of the MAC Wagon of Sport. His resemblance in appearance to a one has aimed on Amazon and in a Video but his junk.
1. Any extendable boss
2. Any interior that cushions
3. ANY interior of tab of attractive Black partorisca easy folding
4. ANY ONE spends convenient house
5. There is not coming gathered
6. When I have dipped in some wheels (because it was not gathered) you cant presionarles because his wont transfer. Uou Has maintains free and wobbly.
7. Headlines partorisca bounce water wont has included to resist bounce it the small water is sp small

A wagon has sent the mine is junk is not the MAC wagon still a box was so only simple brown without pictures, mark of name, or instructions. I have required he partorisca s travesía this long weekend and has included paid partorisca the fastest nave so only partorisca be extremely disappointed and like the chair has been robbed that it is the feeling partorisca be exploded and has raped. I have sent my worries to a vendor and there has been answered of ZERO.
4 / 5 Adrien
Partorisca A first time that buys in Amazon, am disappointed with cost of mine. I owe that say these products is not that it is aimed in a web of place. It is an imitation !
Among the regular box, does not have an indication of a mark (Mac Wagon). It is the economic version of a MAC the Folding sports that Folds the External utility has to that see regarding the turn, is weighed like this!
5 / 5 Philomena
This little wagon is the God -has sent! We maintain the base of one 2nd walk of the big paving and when buying the groceries owe that go in an elevator and then walks down 2 very long hallways that spends for 2 fire has weighed doors to take our continuazione. Usually we spend too immediately and hurt our arms and hands or more has to that it marks 2-3 travesías behind partorisca estacionar plot to take everything until a continuazione. With this wagon simply unfolds, dipped ALL the groceries in a time and easily walk until our continuazione without heavy lifting or spending out of arms and of the hands. Recently we help my mother moves his house and used a wagon for heavy like the charm! The desire would have taken this element yrs does sure saved to plot of harms to ours rear and of the arms of heavy lifting.
4 / 5 Kim
Says calm in of the very sure designates that this is not half to spend your boys... But I have bought he for my boy and is the wonderful product. A lot of sturdy and folds on (and unfolds) fast and easily.

So only downside is there is not any brake in some wheels as it does not leave your boy in here unattended in the hill... And he he hard to stand up and tent (once his bent) if his not sustaining against something. But it comes with the coverage, which is appreciated yes calms that wants to maintain tent and cleaned external.
5 / 5 Milagros
Ossia He soyedium sized wagon'. Has a big plus Cabela' wagon and a wagon a small plus of Canadian Wheel. This MAC the wagon is quality likes a Cabela unit, but some wheels are not quite like this beefy and some looks of unit much easier to direct and folds until the small plus, more storable container. You recommend this for automobile and applications of picnic of the day.
4 / 5 Damien
I alive in an edifice to walk and has purchased this wagon the help spends things in of a car (dirty clothes/of groceries/etc) has been a transmission of absolute game! Quite small to return in a trunk, light enough to dip on only, and is LIKE THIS SIMPLE. Wheels to have that has weighed that it is soft coated so that any noise when it traces and down a hallway (the rooms in our edifice are tile). Total game , absolute transmission. Value each penny. To good sure recommend to any and all the world!!!
5 / 5 Mao
Loves this cart, has resisted on has taken the cart to the equal that can be expensive but found this one for the good prize and is the transmission of game. Like this easy to open and near, like spacious, good and compact has closed once. Operation really smooth once in motion and easy to turn. Really it feels strong and sturdy and a lot well has done. It would have liked him if of some wheels have bent up or has had the chance on the they so that it take a lot dirty and the hate dips wheels of soiled cart in my car, is also bit it more weighed that has expected BUT concealed can be reason is done with heavy part for the do sturdy and the strong cart, yes can imagine out of the way of the lightest without taking was a quality of a cart that would be adds. In general REALLY LIKE IT A lot !
4 / 5 Kelle
Using he for my creature the one who at present is having behind subjects and can require surgery but is still feisty and loves paste a park with his brother.

A fantastic wagon! It is the real Mac Wagon (some revises alleged otherwise). It is S√öPER easy to block and stow in your vehicle, is sturdy, circles smoothly and could not be easier to use. Any subject.
5 / 5 Edyth
Am using east the material of cart the agreements and his utmost. Some wheels have the treads of hule fat concealed maintains it smooth and ENOUGH, any one annoying rattly wheels!!!!!!! Tour smoothly and folds on amiably, included can go while his bent up. Only things could say them negative is
the boss does not close to a cart partorisca pull,his so only when calm is not pulling the rests have closed in, small complaint really.
A lot of smelly (smell of factory) and the the spray has had to that he down with febreeze multiple time and his only now after being external for the week that a smell is going was. Doable But annoying lol

In general mania wonderfully. It does not concern roughly he no in that has to that lock in some rests of wheels situates a lot amiably and is not probably to go was on you.

Would buy again.
4 / 5 Lorean
AMAZING. Sturdy And folds up in 2 seconds. Really thin when bent up. Easy to manoeuvre. I love it!! It says it hanged 10kg?? I do not have the stairs but seat the lighter of plot that concealed. This goes so that be useful and can say it will last. A bit $ $ but I think that it cost the!
4 / 5 Cinderella
It is in 3.¬ļrd Year, and this thinks is magic. Cart of mine now 3 year in him everywhere. You love it, launching the stock exchange partorisca sleep down partorisca like this cushioning. It returns all some things, folds on easy, the easy manoeuvres. One some critiques would give: elongate a boss for 3 thumbs. Fully it pull it was, it is so only the pinch partorisca court partorisca be comfortable the pulling. Has the time has joined a boss in place, as his vertical, and ossia a trick . Otherwise You kinda has to that go down the small of the comfortable .
4 / 5 Candace
Want this cart. They are the contractor and this helped cut my setup/sale in timing for the half partorisca operates it I recently. Pay partorisca he one first work has used partorisca. It dips on quickly and folds on quickly to the reasonably compact measure. A coverage has comprised maintains it neatly bent until it require it again. It looks sturdy quite like this far. To good sure recommend.
4 / 5 Kiley
Each easy to block and open up. A wagon is heavy quite this in spite of like this displaced and any when going around, would break the small sweat. A so only another flu has with this that has the hard time that it is on is adapted unless you direct some wheels the concrete way. Another that that, is exactly that has been expecting when I have ordered this.
5 / 5 Mae
Has bought this to substitute the economic bending dolly that was too flimsy to be useful. Cost the little has bitten more, but is absolutely perfect for condo living - use it the groceries of cart on a car (especially after the travesía to Costco), and to spend down empties/recycling/the rubbishes/etc. Feels sturdy, has bitten hanged the lug around when bent on, but easy when it is open and rolling.
5 / 5 Vito
Has had this product for 6 month but because of his weight did not use it so as I thought (any like this easy to maintain in a car to the equal that have expected). How it is state has thinks that would use with my creature around a house. Quell'Pulled go for a first time in month and has discovered the tear in a front in a seam the few thumbs long. Ossia The defect clearly and the hope can do a transmission as I have invested in the product has thought would last at least the year of a lot of use. Otherwise Is very easy to bend and unfold and amours of creature to locate in him.
4 / 5 Eli
Has bought this for my daughter of movements his dorm room. You love it! Very easy to use and manoeuvres with eases. It takes as to develop or collapse. It uses it all a time to spend elements like groceries and dresses litter in his room or car. It is the good 10 min walk of a plot of estacionar in his room how is a lot of value he when has the plot of things to spend.
An only thing that could be it has considered negative is that it is the bit has weighed. This could be a @@subject if any with the subjects of health has required to choose he until siege he in his car. This is not a subject for my daughter of then is young and in good health.
4 / 5 Efrain
These wagons are a better thing of then going chances. They spend the plot of material, bends on enough well. I find him that bite big for a car, but is so only like this useful has to that spend something any distance, like this grocery is in the condo. I add the things of just movement around also. It was not without a now.
5 / 5 Maude
Love this wagon! Fold Like this easily and moves like this smooth, included in rough terrain. And a base is like this cushiony that my edges my young plus can easily sleep in him. I wish it quell'has had more storage lateralmente, although has the pair of pockets to store your drink, etc. But am sure has the main models that has more pockets of storage. I produce add global and to good sure have to that has for young families!
4 / 5 Hans
Know a description says any to use for boys, but ossia that all the world takes this wagon for anyways. So only maintain an eye in some boys of some sides am not very big. Good works. The wheels are quite big to do reasonably well in to the the roughest surfaces like in of a herb.
4 / 5 Toney
The wagon does not add any weight alot and unfolds and folds up with eases. Very Happy.

The picture for question has asked. Yes it resists the 80 lb dog without questions.
5 / 5 Jacques
Este vagón es mucho sturdy & Bajo fácil a movimientos alrededor. Al arado de ruedas para tener que aquello pesó & I amor que el frente algunos rotate, manouvering alrededor debajo mucho más fáciles! Yo'ir estatal utilizando él para mi calle haya dado papel. En meso, tiene 140lbs ha dado papeles para librar. Estos jefes han dado vagón le gusta un pro & realmente ha dado enmarca A la obra gestionable. A bueno seguro recomendaría este producto para todo del el vuestro hauling necesidad. He dado víveres a todo para un día en la playa, este vagón que dirige todo
5 / 5 Krysten
Muy funcional. Utiliza √©l para √©l pase v√≠veres arriba en el ascensor. Tiene un nieto ha dado dos a√Īos que el padr√≥n. Puedo estirar a todav√≠a estacionar con todo de sus juguetes. Aquello all√≠ es tuvo dos semanas y hay diario utilizado. El padr√≥n. Los pliegues abajo pueden mantener √©l en espalda quieta del coche.
4 / 5 Larhonda
Ha tenido esto para un par de a√Īos ahora y es el encierro sturdy el al d√≠a lo ha comprado!
Va' utilizado él para cargar & empaquetando el tren ha dado camping, víveres, la batería ha dado bote, jarras de agua, 12ft x 12ft la alfombra giró, etc.
Es a muy seguro establo & fuerte bastante las parones pasaron 150 lbs cualquier cuestión.
I vivo en una 55+ pavimentación y yo soy tuvo 6 personas quieren saber dónde lo tiene prisionero.
Altamente recomendado para todas las edades.
4 / 5 Euna
Nuestro f√ļtbol ha dado juego de los chicos y arado constantemente encima a la calle si hay se dirigi√≥ a torneos. Este carro merece la l√°stima est√° colgada en oro. Para percibir los campos labran NUNCA despu√©s al estacionar frescos. Este vag√≥n despliega, pliegues y venda f√°cilmente y ha sido una herramienta bienvenida. Pasa sillas, m√°s frescos, tripulaci√≥n e inclusivamente a dosel con facilidad.
4 / 5 Arie
All√≠ est√° comprado esto para √©l mis chicas para hacer su calle ha dado papel con y todo aquello quiere! El pliegue Abajo bueno y compacto ha dado salv√≥ espacial en el cochera y es estudio y f√°cil para loro para estirar inclusivamente cargado abajo con papeles. Para a√Īadir compraventa! Seremos para utilizar √©l para Vivir que diarios justos con desenfado!
4 / 5 Agatha
Peso ligero asombroso vag√≥n port√°til. Las ruedas Labran una medida a√Īade para todo el terreno. Mucho complacer con comer f√°cil es para Utilizar.
5 / 5 Karoline
I movimiento justo ha dado una casa a un Condo y este vag√≥n era la cosa mejor I'ido pas√≥ mi dinero encima! Mantengo en mi algo ha dado aparcando abajo puede pasado mis v√≠veres encima, y es tambi√©n a√Īade para transport√≥ mis gatos al vets etc. Padrones mi nuevos Mac Vag√≥n ‚̧ԳŹ
5 / 5 Fe
soy abajo feliz con este carro. Recientemente Movimiento de albergado a la pavimentaci√≥n y est√° haciendo mi carting elementos detr√°s y avance a los autom√≥viles s√ļper f√°ciles. Bien sturdy ruedas, ning√ļn olor ha dado tela que otras descripciones de otra reclamaci√≥n han dado produjo.
4 / 5 Ellie
Utiliza esto para tomar v√≠veres y otro ra√≠dos ha dado mi algo ha dado aparcamiento subterr√°neo a mina condo. Anteriormente, yo all√≠ ser tuvo que para hacer varios traves√≠as y tomar√≠a afectado alrededor luchando para abrir puertos, etc. Ossia a√Īadir. Toda la carga en un traves√≠a, puede tomar mediante puertos f√°cilmente, y regresos perfectamente encima a ascensor. Las ruedas tienen excelentes manoueverability tambi√©n. Muy complacido. Y entonces pliega abajo peque√Īo ha dado para regresar en espalda quieta de la mina SUV hasta que al fin ha dado semana siguiente.
5 / 5 Pauletta
Tomó esto para ayudar hual el material a brotes ha dado la foto pero él también Comen en manejable para muchos roba alrededor para albergados y para outings tal la la playa. Pliegue Arriba de compacto a plaga en el tronco del coche.
5 / 5 Christiana
Questa cosa è molto lì è costruito. Uno ha pensato è il costo aggiunge partorisca a soldi. Al che unico è che le ruote hanno dato arato di frente casters sapere il steering cant essere diretto con partorisca dirigere. In generale, sono felice con questo compraventa, aggiunge partorisca condo proprietario.
5 / 5 Marna
√ą un po' pi√Ļ pesato quello ha aspettato ma √® super sturdy e convinient! Molto facile d'immagazzinare e Controllo! Uno sto utilizzandolo partorisca ha passato v√≠veres nella mia pavimentazione parkade a mina continuazione e partorisca ha passato immondizia nella sala d'immondizia. Altamente raccomandato!!!
4 / 5 Edith
Ai colori non è quello gli ancora nella tabella, è molto accendino . Anche marchi molto facilmente quale è unfortunate. La la ruota è squeaking dopodiché soltanto un po' quelli che giorni d'uso. In generale partorisca gli arresti a prezzo è un vagón buono . Utilizziamo partorisca i nostri due ragazzi 1 e 3) e opera bene.
4 / 5 Shantelle
Acquistare questo carro partorisca il nostro 14 yr vecchio è partorisca librar carte due volte/settimana. Dopo utilizzarlo 6 meteo il gioco di frente weld lì è rotto fuori marco fermo. Lo dica che possa resistere bene addirittura 100 lbs e c'è'd è stato fortunato d'attivo ha avuto le mezze encubrieron. .
4 / 5 Antonietta
Utilizza questo partorisca spettacoli caballares e passando il mio equipaggio pesato. Un desiderio ha comprato quest'ago d'anni. √ą qualit√† buona e forte . Un ha dato la mina ruba preferita I'andato ha acquistato recentemente. Il desiderio l√¨ √® una serratura ha dato ruota, la mia critica unica.
5 / 5 Kory
Uno ha dato partorisca sostenere le barre chasquearon dopo a uso primo. Uno ha amato capace del ritorno, è Amazona refunded 20 com'era grato partorisca. Il servizio aggiunge, non un prodotto aggiunge.
5 / 5 Freida
I così vagón molto e utilizzarlo ofter. Questo non è un 5-stare stimando dovuto a 2 ragioni:
- quando lo pieghi, nessun quello può lasciare quando essere (piace in un armadio), ragione le ruote spino e tomba. (Ossia Terribile!!!)
- non c'è qualsiasi rottura o il sistema ha dato controllo, è quello deve che quello resiste o prendere un osso o qualcosa, è non va downhill.
4 / 5 Summer
L√¨ √® comprato questo per mina √ą quello che mantiene la base ha dato residenza e uso lui per il suo grocery compraventa. La virgola l√¨ √® pienamente ha riunito. La qualit√† aggiunge. Uno √® stato impressionato e c'√® il padrone. Al prodotto aggiunge.
4 / 5 Janetta
Questo vag√≥n era rapidamente per arrivare. A Uno piace che piega fino una borsa di valori ha dato stoccaggio, molto conveniente. √ą facile ha dato per mettere addirittura, prende fuori mariti e desdoblarlo. √ą che facile. Alle ruote labran tranquille ed √® alcune risate liscie .
4 / 5 Miguelina
Ha preso questo per il mio premier quello che lì è avuto Movimento così unico a una pavimentazione. Perfetto per prendere la vostra materia dell'automobile a parones ha albergato
4 / 5 Agueda
La mina ES y su mujer utiliza este partorisca transport√≥ su 1 a√Īo viejo y la hija han dado 3 a√Īos. Labran roba peque√Īo min√ļsculo debajo hay sala partorisca otro material tambi√©n. No es fingido partorisca los chicos pero el loro lo quieren.
5 / 5 Page
Realmente gusta A vagón pero labrado ha dado ruedas squeaky y mantenimientos spraying con WD40. Lo utilice partorisca tomar jk chico a y ha dado escuela. Nuestro paseo es también ansiarle. Incierto come extraído en nieve.
4 / 5 Donnell
Movimiento a pa√≠s nuevo y sin autom√≥vil partorisca a la mayor√≠a ha dado la parte requiere algo partorisca ayuda con un sonido haul. √Čramos capaces a Movimientos su fiats el tronco lleno ha dado material. Incluy√≥ estiramos algunos cansados 5 a√Īo en unas se√Īales. Totalmente costado A inversi√≥n tranquila especialmente si tiene no automovil√≠stico. Fue ha sido descrito en el gui√≥n ha dado produjo all√≠ est√° declarado; posiblemente pueda ser mejor
5 / 5 Marketta
que hay anunciado, es duradero y funcional. Pliegues abajo a un envase muy peque√Īo que f√°cilmente puede ser stowed. Ning√ļn anunciado partorisca chicos, esto a pesar de este es que lo ha sido utilizado exclusivamente partorisca. Aguantando arriba a√Īade! hay suficiente acolchando partorisca El poco algunos. Grab Un paraguas para articular y vuestro soy bueno de ir.
5 / 5 Noriko
Ossia Un awesome carro. Haya hecho wheeling debajo mucho roba m√°s f√°cil. Al material es sturdy y es ha dado calidad buena. Lo utilizamos asiduamente partorisca pas√≥ v√≠veres y otros elementos pesados. Al jefe es extendible y cerraduras en situados cu√°ndo ning√ļn en uso. Pliegue fant√°sticamente Y acceso en cualquier veh√≠culo compacto.
4 / 5 Marita
Querer nuestro carro!! Acampamos y all√≠ est√° utilizado √©l partorisca tomar todo le el nuestro preside, coolers y toallas etc partorisca ir a la playa. Siete awesome ning√ļn que tienen que pas√≥ todo y haciendo traves√≠as Extra.
5 / 5 Toshiko
Esto era una herramienta a√Īade el carro partorisca el material ha requerido partorisca un seminario ha dado el fin ha dado semana. Sea f√°cilmente desdoblado, cargado, wheeled, hay descarg√≥ & doblado encima otra vez. Lo utilizar√© a menudo.
5 / 5 Marylouise
All√≠ est√° comprado esto √©l casi hecho un a√Īo - haul nuestro perro que all√≠ est√° tenido un da√Īo ha dado gamba en √©l en todo el nuestro va de excursi√≥n y esta cosa encima ha resistido mediante el invierno entero. Bien construido y f√°cil ha dado para doblar encima - a√Īadir compraventa !
4 / 5 Marty
Vivo en una pavimentaci√≥n, I salva ha dado lugging los v√≠veres del s√≥tano al 18.¬ļ paseo. Est√° pasado da varios carros del coste esperan esto uno duro
4 / 5 Greta
Absolutamente QUIERE esto! La utilizaci√≥n en mina autoriz√≥ daycare facilidad y f√°cilmente que puede utilizar para contener un grupo ha dado 9 chicos! 3 interior, 2 en cada lado y 2 encima para recular. Perfecto para outings y Debajo f√°cilmente pliegue-capaz y all√≠ est√° pasado! Perfecto para encima A autob√ļs!

Top Customer Reviews: Folding Compact ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 18 ratings
5 / 5 Bo
This trolley is exactly that has looked for! It was able to try this partorisca the project of the weekend and I was very happy! Past mine 2 25lb toolboxes easily, neatly ensured by a built-in cords. Quality of this folding trolley is glorious. To the as it likes me to him the majority is a small and light creation , can be spent easily and has bent is gone in my stock exchange of utilities. Wheels and bearings is a lot smooth and sturdy. Highly recommended!
5 / 5 Brant
My father does like this part time person of delivery and sometime the boxes are the pocolos heavy. Also the boxes require scrolling of estacionado car the location of delivery (distance of decent walking). When there are multiple boxes, taking pocolos travel partorisca rid one full load. This dolly helps stack and sure boxes partorisca rid upto 4 meso-big boxes in 1 has shot. My dad also loves a fact a bed of cart is 4 wheels and does not require tilting for the movement around. The wheels are big and adjustable boss the easy fact to regulate a height. I have comprised bungee the help of cords maintains the boxes ensure while moving. Some folds of cart amiably and his quite light for his measure. Also it takes very little space when storing inside a vehicle.

In general the product of decent quality with good workman ship.
5 / 5 Danial
Extremely compact and easy to open and afterwards. Any I same precise read some instructions was that easy. At the beginning it say to me there it is not any way that tiny trolley will be able to resist my boxes. Well It Was bad. Tried the and the work resists all some boxes I need. Quite happy. If you are looking for the compact sturdy trolley. Ossia The compraventa well .
5 / 5 Shavonne
- Abordable
- Compact
- Supports on 100lbs
- Smooth wheels and moving parts
- Any assembly has required

- Petit

Verdict: This dolly among sleeve for emotional some boxes among my house and car. The note has mentioned his compact and small two times, a pleasure the pro and like the with. It is small! So much according to your application, this can or can not be the good thing.

In general utility and good value for something like this economic.
4 / 5 Damon
Ossia The really useful dolly. They are happy bought it. I have bought in fact he for my dad the one who use this maintaining to do some groceries. It is the very useful tool in a house. It is very light and portable that calm mean easily can spend he of your house to yours automobile for example. It is also very durable. You can say of a material that is to do of. A course of metal of the aluminium and a plastic is done of material of good quality. It is also very easy to dip up and fold. To good sure happy with this compraventa.
4 / 5 Lucas
Are happy to having bought this luggage of truck of/compact hand dolly! Step around the luggage or the boxes have weighed from time to time. This except time and of the travesías multiple to go back and advances to my car. It saves my energy also. The Boxes or to upload them to to him likes-him the luggage is sure when calm joins him down with a built-in of the straps. Also, it likes that it comes with 2 of extra straps for the cariche main. Like this light and compact, can maintain it on my car trunk or under my bed. It is like this easy the setup and to bend. It recommends this to any the one who needs the handy, compact and light dolly/hand-held truck.
5 / 5 Evie
Ossia A hand-held truck that has surprised !! It is really really sturdy, strong and very easy to use! I want that they come with 4 cords of extension to ensure one load. Some wheels are hule and is really strong and look to last the really long time. Some bars extend to the really good height that the easy fact to use. Really it adds and strong hand-held truck.
4 / 5 Katie
First of all, a trolley is s√ļper light and is extremely easy to open and afterwards. It opens on amiably, it is easy the tilt, and the figure of the wheels advances big like this calm included can use external. A trolley also comes with 4 different bungee cords (two with hard plastic hooks, and two with hooks of metal).

NOW, a question is, one of some wine of the hard plastic hooks broken ( was separated of an end of a bungee cord). This me question a quality of a product, and for this reason, will be to return the.
4 / 5 Dorthey
Ossia Astonishingly handy. It is s√ļper light and still can take the plot of heft. No more worries in mine behind. A tool adds to quickly move the heavy elements where require. It chooses this on and your organism has obliged.
5 / 5 Lasonya
S√ļper Hand-held truck handy folding laptop,! Bosses wieght until 50kg/110lbs! Like this compact, durable, sturdy, and well has done! Light wieght and the laptop has used he for my luggage without wheels when travelling!
5 / 5 Jeanna
Has chosen this product because of his light weight and the capacity have alleged to manage. A nave was quickly enough, but when I have opened a container, was the total disappointment --- the part broken has slipped was in the first place, and has known immediately is defective... Result 1 of some 2 plastic hooks has been broken, doing me concerned in a quality and material of a product. It returns it.
5 / 5 Roxanna
Very easy to use, fold quite small, easy to manoeuvre and he really helped with emotional some heavy boxes
defenitly very happy with this compraventa
5 / 5 Antionette
Could very included is returned the chance of water... A lot of flimsy .. Like the toy of the boy
5 / 5 Stephenie
the product is gone in 1 day that was adds! You are boxed in 2 boxes. The original box has suffered the harm and the product has not been in an original packaging.
4 / 5 Keila
Still there is not using he for heavy elements. But generally, it avenges handy during my travesía. Also, I can say that it is light and spending is not hard.
5 / 5 Elmo
Has used this to attach to the stock exchange he fresh plus. Much easier that spending a stock exchange.
5 / 5 Malika
Easy to move and the wheels are essential in measure and freely movable
5 / 5 Lannie
to That like him to him the majority has been is a lot of sturdy, easy to the fold was and big quality, very happy with a compraventa, Peter H.

Top Customer Reviews: Folding Hand Truck ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5 Micki
Utilisation this partorisca move objects and heavy boxes in work and his fantastic. A cart is smooth included down the load has moved the 200lbs object but has not tried 400lbs but his in general a lot rugged and sturdy. Also he adds in the vehicle partorisca do of then is like this compact when the fold up.
5 / 5 Kiesha
The product is exactly that is to describe, sturdy, durable, compact and moves A lot WELL. They are by train partorisca use it On my emotional late plus and marvels of laws!
5 / 5 Bettina
Ossia An excellent trolley. It is add partorisca spend in a compraventa of a car and the big/elements weighed that movement roughly for real the lives until it is purpose .
5 / 5 Latosha
Likes described, row under a piece of furniture or down one has lit easily.
4 / 5 Cathleen
finds that some cords were hard to ensure elements... A program is too small.
5 / 5 Nathan
The packaging Of product is a lot has presented. Durable and qualified to move your material until 400 lbs without any subjects. The portability is the MUST , his an easy to store handtruck that can use in him that to any occasion likes the compraventa, picnics, of the party that movements heavy objects. Extendable Program for the cariche/main longer. The wheels are done with the hule and is 360 rotation of terracings like podes manoeuvres more easily especially in of the tight spaces.

Excellent, Portable, Durable and easy to use produced. Sound the MUST has!