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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
Look: any ideal partorisca flutes with the C tone of trill.

A chance is very built and sturdy, easily partorisca spend around (although the bit in a bulky side), and my flute and picc has directed partorisca remain warm earring of the walks partorisca try in -1C.

A flute any rattle/movement in a chance at all, and a hard sponge in an interior there is cutouts partorisca all a protruding tones (flute footjoint Eb, tones of trill of the flute, G of flute and thumb, picc trill and thumb, and picc Eb), which are adds.

This in spite of, has the piece of sponge partorisca sustain where a flute C trill is (sees a picture, there is the piece of sponge in accordance with a Cq), like an organism does not seat perfectly in a space. They are not that returning this in spite of, of a soft spongy ceiling of a box will not break a mechanism, does not think .

In general, the chance adds!
4 / 5
Likes to have both good instruments have protected in 1 chances. Easy spend options with straps
5 / 5
the chances Adds; a lot of room of storage. An only thing am not sure taste is of a fact that does not open slowly.
5 / 5
Is quite difficult to find the chance of combination but this one offers good value. It is solidly fact with zips and good clips. A pocket is quite generous to return the stand of flute. Whilst Resupplying protects well, is quite light. So only 4 stars of me because whilst has been expecting the to not resisting my C joint of feet snugly.(Having a space for the B jointed of feet), neither resists my picc (Yamaha 62) particularly well. This in spite of, once a chance is closed all is resisted firmly without rattles! In general it would recommend.
4 / 5
I really do like this frames of chance. It is so much lighter that marries of solid forest.

Is returned my B foot Trevor James and gemeinhardt small forest so only well.

Has seen any one has commented that is to be concern in his C tone to trill that takes squished for a lid. It looks that they have improved a creation. There have it now the circle indention in an upper lid that gives it spatial. A lid is very soft and plush how is so it does not think it will cause any questions in all the chance.

Now so only requires him to do chances for some big and flute of basses!
4 / 5
Are the professional the one who has ordered this chance with which having the Wisemann chance of skin for years and of the years because my costruttore of flute/of the technology of reparation said that these chances are more protective of flutes in general. They are really happy has taken a double chance , reason this was that originally I sold on a Wisemann. Has the wave fashion hammig small jointed of boss and access of mine. A lot of roomy and sturdy feeling. While it resists on as well as my Wisemann. Also probably the good signal that after some tones to close a chance - ossia well for longevity of reparation and tampons and whatnot. It will update like this calm more steps of time.
4 / 5
Has bought a protec max chance of the flute and my daughter has used he for 2 years without any signs of wear. I have bought this combo chance to do that it spends his instruments his easy plus. Accesses his flute, small, and Hercules stand. The chance adds!
5 / 5
Am going to Europe for the sale travel it - and has required the chance that would resist both my Flute and Small. This one looked to do a trick.

Is in the first place returned my Yamaha Flute with the b-flat of the annex feeds perfectly. Has the Yamaha P-62 small forest, with conical bores joint of boss. A small headjoint access, but is quell'has bitten snug and looks to love 'pop' was. This is not necessarily the question, of a cup of a chance is a lot cushioned, and resists all some pieces securely.

Regarding a chance he - a lot another reviewers the economic zips mentioned- I found some zips in this chance to be facts well and sturdy.

This chance also returns Hercules Woodwind stand with flute and small pegs. There are a lot of compartments, in a front and for behind a chance. An interior of the smallest pockets is quell'has bitten too small to resist anything. Also, a seal of product that is to be attach to a chance has indicated that there are headlines of pencil - does not have he a lot could find.

A last what - this chance does not open flat, a cup opens to 90 terracings of a fund, and a short does not want to remain on, as his conclude when dipping was your instrument.

So much, outside of the few smaller things, ossia the very good chance .
4 / 5
UPDATE: I have been using this chance for everything leaves semester of fall like the music of entity and is continued to resist on extremely well! I have changed mine of entity but still game in insiemi in the campus and returns comfortably in my shoulder with a strap and I have not concerned once in my instruments in him.
Amur Of the amour loves this chance!! Has the 1976 Armstrong small ossia terrible God to return in chance more modern but this returns no only my small wonderfully but my gemeinhardt flute also! It looks a lot of sturdy (state using paralizaciones the month. Sale of institute and community band to the equal that sees the plot of movement and wear) and controls on well. It is also somehow roughly lighter that spending both individual chances (weighed in the stairs)- global amour this chance!

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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
I do not want to write the description, pls checks some indications of star