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Experiences of compraventas has checked good-looking to recommend the diverse container a lot of emball
4 / 5
These am very small and an uncomfortable form, included partorisca the small bird (but has included the small one with the long row could be unhappy)! This prójimo for a part and is delicate to close, like this partorisca the small wiggly animal that was faced suddenly with being place in the box, taking a has boxed closed without spooking an animal even more could be delicate. They fold Down very amiably like this he require something concealed is easy to spend with you, is the good option .
5 / 5
These are quite small but the perfect box to send the house/of bird of half small with his new owners. I use him for budgies/parrotlets,finches and lovebirds. They are too small for cockatiels like the reference. Economic, recyclable and sure.
4 / 5
The good-looking experiences recommend L diverse container a lot of emballé