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1 2 Pack USB Controller for Super Nintendo, SNES Retro Famicom Game Gaming Joypad Gamepad for Windows PC MAC Linux Android Raspberry Pi (Multicolored) 2 Pack USB Controller for Super Nintendo, SNES Retro Famicom Game Gaming Joypad Gamepad for Windows PC MAC Linux Android Raspberry Pi (Multicolored) JTEEY
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2 MEALINK Gaming Mouse, RGB Wired Programmable Ergonomic Gaming Mice with 7 Colors LED Backlight, 6 DPI Settings Up to 12800 DPI Rainbow breathing Mouse for Laptop PC Games & Work Compatible for Chromeb MEALINK Gaming Mouse, RGB Wired Programmable Ergonomic Gaming Mice with 7 Colors LED Backlight, 6 DPI Settings Up to 12800 DPI Rainbow breathing Mouse for Laptop PC Games & Work Compatible for Chromeb MEALINK
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3 VersionTECH. Gaming Mouse, Souris Ergonomic Wired Gaming Mice with 7 Colors LED Backlight, 4 DPI Settings Up to 3600 DPI Computer Mouse for Laptop PC Games & Work Compatible for Chromebook Windows 7/8 VersionTECH. Gaming Mouse, Souris Ergonomic Wired Gaming Mice with 7 Colors LED Backlight, 4 DPI Settings Up to 3600 DPI Computer Mouse for Laptop PC Games & Work Compatible for Chromebook Windows 7/8 VersionTECH.
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4 Classic N64 Controller, SAFFUN N64 Wired USB PC Game pad Joystick, N64 Bit USB Wired Game stick Joy pad Controller for Windows PC MAC Linux Raspberry Pi 3 Sega Genesis Higan (Grey) Classic N64 Controller, SAFFUN N64 Wired USB PC Game pad Joystick, N64 Bit USB Wired Game stick Joy pad Controller for Windows PC MAC Linux Raspberry Pi 3 Sega Genesis Higan (Grey) SAFFUN
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5 Wireless USB SNES Controller for PC, kiwitatá 2.4GHz Rechargeable Classic USB NES Game Pad Retro Controller for Windows PC MAC & Raspberry PI Black Wireless USB SNES Controller for PC, kiwitatá 2.4GHz Rechargeable Classic USB NES Game Pad Retro Controller for Windows PC MAC & Raspberry PI Black KIWITATA
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6 AJ52 Watcher RGB Gaming Mouse, Programmable 7 Buttons, Ergonomic LED Backlit USB Gamer Mice Computer Laptop PC, for Windows Mac OS Linux, Blue AJ52 Watcher RGB Gaming Mouse, Programmable 7 Buttons, Ergonomic LED Backlit USB Gamer Mice Computer Laptop PC, for Windows Mac OS Linux, Blue FIRSTBLOOD ONLY GAME.
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7 GameSir G4 Pro Bluetooth Wireless Game Controller, PC Controller with Magnetic ABXY, Gamepad Joystick Compatible with Switch/Windows PC/Android/iOS Mobile Phone for Apple Arcade MFi Games GameSir G4 Pro Bluetooth Wireless Game Controller, PC Controller with Magnetic ABXY, Gamepad Joystick Compatible with Switch/Windows PC/Android/iOS Mobile Phone for Apple Arcade MFi Games GameSir
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8 2X SNES Classic USB Controller for Retro Gamings, kiwitatá USB Super NES Wired Game Controller Joystick for Windows PC Mac Raspberry Pi 2X SNES Classic USB Controller for Retro Gamings, kiwitatá USB Super NES Wired Game Controller Joystick for Windows PC Mac Raspberry Pi KIWITATA
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9 UGREEN Ethernet Adapter USB 2.0 to 10 100 Network RJ45 LAN Wired Adapter for Nintendo Switch, Wii, Wii U, MacBook, Chromebook, Windows 10, 8.1, Mac OS, Surface Pro, Linux ASIX AX88772 Chipset (Black) UGREEN Ethernet Adapter USB 2.0 to 10 100 Network RJ45 LAN Wired Adapter for Nintendo Switch, Wii, Wii U, MacBook, Chromebook, Windows 10, 8.1, Mac OS, Surface Pro, Linux ASIX AX88772 Chipset (Black) UGREEN
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10 Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming Keypad: Mecha-Membrane Key Switches - 32 Programmable Keys - Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting - Programmable Macros - Classic Black Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming Keypad: Mecha-Membrane Key Switches - 32 Programmable Keys - Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting - Programmable Macros - Classic Black Razer
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Top Customer Reviews: 2 Pack USB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
Any recommended
This in spite of economic, he no the value that shabby
When used in NES emulator in the PC, a clave of cross interferes with him
4 / 5
Those are economic ripoff. A L and R the keys are really bad. A feeling is not one same like original some. Still, they take a work done and law. I have known the one who the bought and am them happy with them.
5 / 5
Both controllers have broken immidiately inner 30 seconds of use and never done again. Complete craps even partorisca a prize. No SHABBY!!
4 / 5
Although there is a bit a tiny plus of delay among entrances of key a controller is incredibly light but feels correctly thus classical Snes feels. One does volume two for a prize of one east the addition adds.

Has had my hesitations but is cost a compraventa.
4 / 5
Did not act Any one my notebook, looked that there was has to that do a lot of configurations to do and this has not been in the product of description and indignant request has to that and so only has arrived a, like this neither acted, neither has done the claim.
4 / 5
Or the price is good and That the material quality is average. Or PC eventualmente does not recognise or control to cause lace usb. Besides, it gives to amuse.
5 / 5
Is not That or Original, but work well. Coaching a bit, is possible accionar Like diagonals.
A delivery the faith done with a week of antecedência.

Top Customer Reviews: MEALINK Gaming ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
It would be necessary to give you an option partorisca maintain he in a painted in place of rotating by means of all a colour. It is quell'has bitten sensitive and the movements more than sound use to but global good prize
5 / 5
highly recommends of the smiles so it has taken partorisca streaming
4 / 5
like me some paints of a mouse. It is a lot of fresco. It is a present partorisca my husband. It likes of a lot. It uses it partorisca touch some games in a computer. I said that it is a lot comfortable and easy to use.
5 / 5
A mouse has multiple colours partorisca choose of, my boy is surprised for a light coloreada. It is reasonably he priced. One smiles has good measure.
4 / 5
Stylish Draw. Comfortable operation. Touching the games will not be intermittent. It returns perfectly with my new keyboard. A lot recommended.
4 / 5
TL;Dr.: All these really economic gaming mice that has been looking lately is so much better that would owe that be. This one is any exception . Extracted excellently.

Has done aim it partorisca buy sub $ 20 has smiled on some last diverse years. Any deception me, also have some quite expensive mice, but like see the one who a state of things is. In a last pair of years, the majority of some mice 'economic' has been in fact quite darn well. Some the majority of part of the entity of the mouse is consolation and action. It can it uses this mouse for hours the time? It is a solid to follow? It is an adjustable sensibility ? In a last pair of years, the majority of them is in fact a lot so only comfortable, but also treat well.

This mouse is any exception to this. It is amiably contoured, and quite comfortable. Some keys celery solidly together places. A wheel gives the good quantity of feedback, while when being a lot of easy to turn or click. The sensibility is changed easily, and again quite good. If I have had the complaint in a sensibility, would be that it is the alone key , and need to cycle by means of him to take a setting loves, like opposed to be able to go back and advances easily. So much, good action, comfortable, and the sensibility is adjustable, and less than $ 20. The description has wrapped I supposition, of that really is all some boxes have verified.

No in still this in spite of, sinister reason habladuría in a bad now. The mine wobbles never like this slightly in mine foreign of mouse. It could be a bit rest of thumb in this creation, or could be that it is not quite slowly in a fund. It is not the question, but I look. It is built with this ultra plastic shiny, which shouts mine 'economic'. It feels quite solid, but looks economic. A RGB lighting and creations of maps.. If you are not to an integer 'Gamar' aesthetic, can wants to look elsewhere. But right, is less than $ 20, which mine the majority of these complaints quite moot.

- Shiny economic plastic.
- The mine wobbles slightly.
- 'Gamer graphix' & RGB
- A lot of small sliders in a fund.

- Comfortable
- Good action
- Gamer map

For one $ $ , while you like him to them any looks, is the solid gaming mouse with a lot of characteristic. Simply place, calm can any gone bad.
4 / 5
Is buying it gaming Smiled for him tween ossia the first good election .
First what there is remarked was that a cord is much shorter, 12' shorter then one smiles of Microsoft generic, and 15' more careers then Mamba mouse. There is the noticeable lag with an indicator of mouse at all a DPI speed. As compared to another gaming has smiled, is in a same measure. My husband found some rests of thumb to be annoying but liked. I have not imported a weight a heavy plus but found all some surfaces to be a lot smooth and slippery to the equal that has found constantly pulled to maintain the grip in a mouse. In general, in the so much estimate this mouse like soyeh'
5 / 5
has tried a lot of mouse with some when being good and some bad. This mouse is fantastic. Yes, I really like this one. I find it wonderfully comfortable to resist. It likes-me a rest of thumb because I have cut down in a rubbing. For him gaming smiled, this one is a lot economic.

A mouse is game and covers true . It likes a backside and keys of before, but often forget is there. A interchanging the colours are quite subtiles that is not in entertained. A global creation and the light model is pleasing to look in. A next time I need smiled it MEALINK will be my first election.

Top Customer Reviews: VersionTECH. Gaming ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
Colour: Black left cut to a persecution; this can be a better 5 wire fence has smiled has has used compared in any OEM smiled that it is available in your venue of retail tent. Partorisca 5 are taking the mini has DIRECTED light show in your office with a functionality of the fact of good mouse. Some keys are good and tactile, a mouse is a lot of ergonomically very drawn how is very comfortable in a hand and is very attentive with sound in following. This in spite of some the small things have added to a mouse is that he the fact the compraventa adds; with the soft plastic touches to the equal that feels partorisca add and the sturdy braided boss.

Creation/of ergonomics: This gaming the looks of mouse partorisca surprise, with the soft glow has DIRECTED dulcemente breathing calm so that it use it. A creation has broken completed with some fines-has painted DIRECTED adds to his add aesthetic in any office setup. A FOCUSED paints rotate of stirs it of the colours that comprises green, purple, ascended, aim, orange, blue, read and more. A FOCUSED is good and soft as it do not blind you at night, is the welcome addition .

Now a form of a mouse is sum; with the good height that people of leaves with big hands (comprising I) comfortably use this mouse. One smiles also spends the good balance in weight, any when being any too weighed neither partorisca light to use. It has extended in periods of time, there is not founding never my hand partorisca be tired that it use a mouse the difference of my experience with an Apple has smiled magic that clash my hands.

Quality of build: When it comes to a quality of build has done the work adds with some materials with the hule of grip exerts for some rests of thumb to the equal that feels adds in a hand together with the plastic of soft touch. A boss in a mouse is braided and is 1.6 Metres in period that offered quite soiled to wrap a boss for behind my office down to my PC.

Functions: One smiles has all some basic keys (sinister click, roll and wheel of right click) but took it the no further with the key of page of the forward, behind key of page and the DPI key that lean 800,1200,1600,2400 dpi. One that follows of a mouse is sper attentive and there was basically any entrance lag when that moves a mouse. For real alive to a gaming name with his accuracy.

Accessories: This can be the bit picky of me, but thinks that all the mice would owe that comprise extra tampons that goes in a fund of one smiles so only like this when they spend was, calm does not require to buy an extra pair. They do not cost any a lot of and was the convenient to have the pair of backup.

price [5]
Creation [5]
Consuelo [5]
Functionality/of Accuracy [5]

VERDICT: Ossia the wonderful mouse to have and highly recommends for people to choose on this mouse in any OEM the mouse could find in the retail tent. A consolation, the creation and the quality is unmatchable for his point of the price and I am still to have any subjects with him.
4 / 5
Colour: White laws but does not look very attentive why when I move one smiles a sinister distance inclusa or right, a cursor in some movements of the screen further has left that he well. Also, one has directed the lights are always on and an only way to turn them was is partorisca unplug a mouse. A mouse is in my room so that it means every night has to that unplug a mouse of the mine portable that is quite inconvenient. This in spite of, is the very comfortable creation and returns my good hand and for random use ossia the mouse adds . My old rule microsoft the mouse is better for gaming this in spite of.
4 / 5
Colour: Black A wheel of roll has in a course of the months of pair partorisca use result very light sluggish and has the gross to feel when used. As you are pulling he by means of something sticky, is difficult to describe but quite unpleasant.


A embrague in a wheel was of the piece of metal has meant to resupply 'click' create. After bending this metal out of a wheel to go
now goes smoothly again, although to take averts has had to take a rear sticker used as I smile it 'foot'. A company sent the substitution before it was able to fix an old a anyways this in spite of, the service Adds!
4 / 5
Colour: it smiles Objective Very bad!! Very economic has done. I vought the cause is partorisca a prime minister Pc of the mine litle daughter and the tought I didnt needs to spend the plot partorisca the mouse. This mouse is way to economic to be considered feasible. It is clear that less then 3 month, a mouse will fall appart. Badly fact, a key in a side of thumb feels ultra economic, and a smile does not feel attentive at all during movement of mouse. I do not have any one follows that I have thought when I have bought this partorisca a price was sold. Of course they are the bad mouse ...
5 / 5
Colour: Aim This mouse is very partorisca a price; I use it mainly partorisca gaming, and is able the withstand and record everything of my clicks. It feels the little odd this in spite of, in the way that is not like this smooth like other mice have had in a past; a click affects a whole mouse, and over time find my hand-held accidents the shortly after intense gameplay.

Is easy to resist, as it is not too big or too small partorisca my hands. I love a creation and colour, some lights that is resulted the favourite rule partorisca me with past gaming mouse.

In general, is smiles it quite decent that fulfils all some the basic needs want to; it buys it again.
4 / 5
Colour: Black would say that this mouse is very partorisca begin was if you are gaming. It is very good to resist, light and to good sure do for more than games. Has the cord partorisca have that heavy to the as it likes me. I have not been sure what would be gaming so that it has not wanted to spend the plot in an expensive mouse to start with. Have Now upgraded to the Corsair Harpoon, but has endowed this to the fellow the one who use he in a regular. A respite RGB is a lot enough, and looks the most expensive plot that it is.
4 / 5
Colour: Black has had a mouse partorisca roughly 6 month, and the month or he like this done some lights have begun flickering although it do not impact an action. In a pair spent of weeks, a wheel of mouse has felt 'rough/sticky' while scrolling, which annoyed but no too terrible. In a past two days, a wheel of roll is resulted almost unusable. Now it is neither not doing at all, or he 'jumps' randomly on (or down), to all the cost of the like the direction in fact is trying goes in. It is a lot of swipe and lose go to finalise in fact the scrolling in a direction wants to go and some distances are trying paralizaciones.
4 / 5
Colour: Aim This really is a mouse of funky!
Is light and access amiably your hand. It looks the key partorisca move for up, and 2 keys in a side partorisca navigating before and the leading pages in a monitor. Some effects to light is very orderly - the dulcemente transmissions by means of colours (any light setting) and he so that has a lot was/on option, some lights are always on. One smiles has the coating of type of the hule in the, with some lights that feigns travers a yard-out of parts. This coating could be elected was has tried the, as it can see this possibly spending of overtime yes is used frequently in the daily base.
Function, the creation and the appearance are all the utmost.
4 / 5
Colour: the aim is the very good mouse , looks awesome and avenges 4 sail was supposed to. A global good mouse, this in spite of has one of entity downside, and this would be that when you move one smiles a lot quickly partorisca and jiggles around the little has bitten. Partorisca My playstyle FPS the games are unplayable with this mouse, reason flicking is not an option anymore. So only it uses this mouse partorisca osu! And ossia roughly that. If you are planning touch FPS games or games where precise time of fast reaction, does not recommend this mouse. If you are very random and tones of the indie games or something, yes ossia the fantastic mouse . You recommend this mouse is not insanely expensive and are add partorisca gaming.
5 / 5
Colour: it smiles it Adds Black a better one has had in 12 years. More my spouse is very happy has taken a partorisca his also want it. A price are also adds. You recommend this to any to give comes from it. It recommends this mouse to any one. I have purchased also 3 more for |Presents navideos and \ is will like him many. I have said all my familiar and friends on Facebook calm roughly know you to them will take more commanded.
Navidad happy and the Happy new Year to everything of you.
Douglas J. McGovern

Top Customer Reviews: Classic N64 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
5 / 5
I produce it adds! It is been enough the while I have touched of then with a real N64 controller, as they are not 100 able to confirm yes is 100 exactly one same but would say quite near!

Is good weight and feels a lot structured

I didnt feels had any lag, etc when touching to to the games like to them Mario Kart or Goldeneye. Mina, felt exactly like an original.
5 / 5
Has had to restart a computer for him to do except looks and feels súper afterwards to an original! A bit small perhaps. Some keys and joystick all utmost and feel well.
Works in Project64. So better that a keyboard!
To good sure impressed thus controller, especially for a prize!
4 / 5
Better that another usb n64 controller that has purchased on-line but not perfecting. His quite light and a clave is the little too sensitive but one of a better economic n64 controllers... You would owe that be able to touch more games without question.
5 / 5
Looks And feels so only like a real n64 controller, and works perfectly! I want to touch my games of infancy like banjo kazooie and dk64 with east :) for a prize are more than has impressed.
4 / 5
The nave adds and really fast but if the steam is opens it wont work.

To use it, steam of tower of the open reason a controller is to recognise like the xbox controller if the steam is opened.
4 / 5
An analog clave has 'pressure' perfect or essistance' when that moving to an accident, but when moving to a legislation, has to grieve Any, which means so only the small touch and a joystick goes all a way to a legislation! This does to touch games quite unbearable unfortunately. There have it also enough the plot of rattle noises, likes quality of the build is not a lot tight. It was economic, sure, but will not use it never a way is, as that is a point ?
4 / 5
This description is for a nintendo 64 controller:
Name of Mark SAFFUN
number of model of the Element 8541667118

My system is Mint of Linux 17.3 xfce 64 has bitten.
An emulator am using is Mupen64Plus version .
To use a controller in mupen has to that add a configuration to a file.

In linux, enter a following mandate to find a location of a file:


has entered a following mandate to modify a file:

his gedit /usr/games/of action/mupen64plus/

in some settings partorisca , add a following entrance and save it:

[the TRANSMISSION has SAWED.,Ltd. Controller (Dinput)]
plugged = Some
plugin = 2
the mouse = Fails
AnalogDeadzone = 4096,4096
AnalogPeak = 32768,32768
DPad R = hat(0 Right)
DPad L = hat(0 Accident)
DPad D = hat(0 Down)
DPad Or = hat(0 Arrive)
key = of Start(12)
Z Trig = key(6)
B key = of Tecla(1)
A key = of Tecla(2)
C Key R = key(8)
C Key L = key(0)
C Key D = key(3)
C Key Or = key(9)
R Trig = key(5)
L Trig = key(4)
Mempak yours = of transmission(44)
Rumblepak yours = of transmission(46)
X Axial = iron(0-,0+)
And Axial = iron(1-,1+)

Hopefully concealed to save you all some time. Happy gaming!
5 / 5
They are still quite new the emulators. I so only downloaded Project64 (Version ) in mine Windows 10 PC.

Has ordered 4 of a iNNEXT N64 controllers with USBs so that I can touch a Roms with an old school feels in place of a keyboard. I have looked it stirs it of video of Youtube on configuring keys for the controller of USB, and looked very simple:

covers he in a controller of USB wired, open Project64, Options of clicks', clicks 'Configure Controllers Plugin...', And then a-for-a click each option of key to attribute the new entrance, and interior 10 seconds press a corresponding key in a controller. It has done for the majority of some keys, but for some reason when I try to configure a key to start with, does not operate. So only it maintains to come up as 'Unassigned'.

Because it is 'Unassigned', when the START of paste in a controller while running Project64, everything is to go back and advances among doing an emulator full screen and exiting a full screen. This a video of Youtube/of Youtube I looked has not had this subject. A type in a video has pressed so only a key to start with, and there is aforado as 'Gamepad: Tecla 9'. As I have confused so only as to that am doing wrong. Usually it boasts a controller is broken, but to the equal that have said, has ordered 4 of these controllers, and any out of a key to start with for any of them. Unless, of course, all 4 is broken.

Can any help?
5 / 5
To the equal that have had an original of Nintendo 64, a controller in that was weaves it better quality, but calm does not find that anymore reason this is to be do for Nintendo, and all the world knows is súper big-quality. Some keys were the little bit clicker, has not been bad does not go to say concealed.

When it Speaks roughly accuracy in a description, are not talkin roughly yes or any one some law of keys with accuracy or are not that it speaks roughly the accuracy has compared to an original of Nintendo 64 Controller.

A class of the analog clave of seat likes is has likes some control, his the does not like me that a lot of reason is not of the full clave of 360 terracings. His taken likes some octógono odd-To the stuffs to go in. But in general it is USB of good quality , cover to your pc he mapps automatically. How it was quite well in general I am a lot happy with him.
5 / 5
Hope This helps any one.

Modification this file in linux: I sweat nano /usr/games/of action/mupen64plus/

So only the add to a file around a start.

[The TRANSMISSION has SAWED.,Ltd. Controller (Dinput)]
plugged = Any
plugin = 2
the mouse = Fails
AnalogDeadzone = '4096,4096'
AnalogPeak = '32768,32768'
DPad R = 'hat(0 Right)'
DPad L = 'hat(0 Accident)'
DPad D = 'hat(0 Down)'
DPad Or = 'hat(0 Arrive)'
Initiate = 'key(12)'
Z Trig = 'key(6)'
B Tecla of Tecla(2)'
A Key = 'key(1)'
C Tecla R = 'key(8)'
C Key L = 'key(3)'
C Key D = 'key(0)'
C Key Or = 'key(9)'
R Trig = 'key(5)'
L Trig = 'key(4)'
Mempak changes = 'yours(44)'
Rumblepak changes = 'yours(46)'
X Iron = 'iron(0-,0+)'
And Axial Iron(1-,1+)'

DPad R = 'iron(4+)'
DPad L = 'iron(4-)'
DPad D = 'iron(5+)'
DPad Or = 'iron(5-)'

Top Customer Reviews: Wireless USB SNES ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
After the light technical hiccup, a support of the vendors surprised and a joystick has connected instantly and has done perfectly well out of a box! Connected to PC and Raspberry Pi 4 any question! Like this happy to have these bosses of USB along any dangling by means of a living room! It will take more like this required!
4 / 5
This flawless work in mine Mac and has been intoxicated my SNES games of infancy. To good sure would recommend!
4 / 5
A controller there is not coming with an USB that composes wireless.
4 / 5
Certainly has not had too much regime with quell'I would inform to like this “Controllers” of estimativa in a past, as they are generally sceptical of them on first looked. This one has taken my like this he so that it owes classical NES retro styling that personally really go stops.

When it Has arrived in that looked partorisca be that the typical simple factory that wraps my guard was already on, but felizmente, in inaugural that the wrapping sees that a gamepad in fact among the retailer of fashionable box with good map and info in a backside. So much, this there is sealed the simple plastic wraps is in fact the GOOD thing. Servants to fully protect some contents of any moisture subject during storage and nave.

Pairng This unit was a lot directly advances. So only to clear, some the only program has tried this unit on was PC and the Pi3B+, but my purpose feigned and reason to select this gamepad for paralización retro gaming and emuluation. I have been inner connected inside small and has had any subject with any PC or RetroPie.

Are happy to inform that this has quality of builds very good and felt surpringly familiar.. Then he quickly dawned on me that felt a lot like the controller wired that is to comprise with my Súper NES “Classical” Mini console. ( It sees Photo.. His basically a same impression ESATTA!) While it still would give one nods for the better global key feels to a OEM NES, this controller feels very good! In fact, I will say his excellent.

Thinks my only real flus with east is that a boss of the load of USB has comprised is the little in a short side in approx 4 feet and that an always has to that be careful any to LOSE a comprised tiny Bluetooth Auricular dongle. But, I guess one could say that this would be a subject typical of almost a lot aftermarket wireless controller there.

With which mine long testing with emulation of game on PC & Pi, can declare without any reservations that ossia to very good compraventa. The More certainly is the value adds for money. This in spite of, while not “perfecting”, has taken really.

Has recommended!
4 / 5
Ossia Add it retro wireless SNES controller that reads perfectly. It is a right measure and feels perfect in some hands. A control all does properly. It has been relieved and has begun to do immediately in the Windows 10 system. Ossia The perfect controller to pay retro SNES games that is exactly to the equal that has described.
5 / 5
His such the controller adds to have for any súper nintendo or gameboy emulators!
youre Tired to touch mario with your keyboard. It looks no further...
The quality adds, súper sturdy. His wireless! - The one who the didnt think go to like, but touches by means of usb, any battery.
Produced excellent 10/10
4 / 5
These works of wireless controllers with retropie and all the classes of emulators. A controller has a d-tampon, a, b, x, and, selects, start, keys and right shoulder of sinister shoulder, perfect for almost all the systems. It would recommend this product for both professional and beginners. A controller is really easy to use, game and just pair.

Top Customer Reviews: AJ52 Watcher RGB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
Bought this mouse partorisca my sister, has the good grip. A click is silent is to that. Double clicking is easy with this mouse, in spite of a silent click. Some the light looks focused good but is not customizable.

In general the mouse adds partorisca beginner gamers. I recommend it to any in the estimativa. He a work
4 / 5
will begin partorisca say want this mouse for a colour, basic rgb capacity, weights and measure, and one slips he in mine tampon of mouse. This in spite of, had read some revises this says has the mac that a software is not compatible and ossia correct in my chance. I have tried to download the anyways but would not open in mine mac. Also, any sure he is so only a box I receipt but my box and the instructions have not been in English as I am not sure state like this to change speed of click, rgb static colours, etc. Has has had to that so only press keys and the imagine was, but is not impossible. In general I am really happy with this compraventa.

Also, a blue colour is the little has bitten more pale that some photos accionarías, but thinks that well is looking.
5 / 5
This mouse is really good and feels comfortable. An only thing is that a colour is not attentive to a photo posted. A blue mouse is more than the blue powder that the blue heaven. It is the very a lot faint colour. So only love people to know the plan buys this! It does not import a by heart light difference.
4 / 5
Originally has bought this product because I possess a same mouse but in the different colour and am changing some colours for my neighbours up. It is the good mouse has the class of strong click but no too bad. A LEDs is brilliant and look well with an effect of respite. For the reference has purchased a light blue variant but a blue is not an exact same like the pictures but is near, is the little more pale that some pictures. But in general it recommends this mouse for any to the one who like him the random games or wants to add the colour concealed is not always black to the his gaming setup.
4 / 5
Has done takes less then a month then prendido included when be recognised by a computer, and ports of USB of the pauses I discharges he to until it restarts
4 / 5
was the good mouse for not even 3 month, so only recently a key of sinister click maintains to take stuck and when it has left them the click takes the full second or two to come all a way behind until being able to click again. Pressing down in the calm sinister click so only can say something wrong with a sinister click :/
5 / 5
Any one has aimed any pictures of a blue mouse to the equal that are posting a blue mouse has ordered. It is really a lot one has DIRECTED the colours look more vibrant in person. I recommend 100. I expect that this helps any one.
5 / 5
Fantastic smile! A capacity to change some colours with the keys in a mouse is the utmost characteristic. I love it!

Top Customer Reviews: GameSir G4 Pro ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia My second controller of Gamesir likes I game the plot in my telephone, console and PC. Now it has included I am touching Red Dead Redemption 2 (I knows, am late) and has the plot of travesías long. After doing all day in my PC, I cant dare the slouch and work in a keyboard anymore. As I have decided to take this controller of then can connect to my PC has seen the USB dongle. This thing is súper lustrous! A first sew the notes is some bosses with a skin vibe his. I guess it is partorisca better grip. It feels like this first and big final. It is also more I compress now. A usb dongle access in the empty so only under a half and calm no the would remark at the beginning. I am spent 5 minutes that looks for a dongle lol. There have it also the foldable title for your telephone I supposition yes will use for mobile games. A vibration also feels likes is a Xbox or Playstation or controller but the averages a prize! Or still 1/3 of them, more it is compatible with the plot more devices. Im Very impressed with this new model of Gamesir and can me to them see buying more than this mark!
4 / 5
A lot typically say the product is a better of the his bondadoso but man, I gotta says a quality of this controller is better that Sony, Xbox Nintendo up to now and concealed are when being the Playstation saying of partidário this.

I like this controller because I took it hardly, a container was a lot of very organised and has presented. A controller has grips of hule in some bosses that the very comfortable fact. Usb C to connect to a oc and a lot especially wireless.

Has run to some subjects while pairing a controller with a PC because a manual does not explain an extra step for pairing he with PC . With which have connected a dongle usb reciever to a PC has required to press both a start and keys of option in a controller for the take paired. And it looked, I have touched of then for more than 36 hours and the battery indicates is halfway.

Has surprised for real of this controller. I expect that hard for long time.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Tried the small telephone and the big plus 6.3' the telephone and a telephone is remained securely.
A bluetooth the pairing was quickly, and there is not had to that configure anything to touch games of Xbox spends of Game. All some mappings were done already correctly. Yay! I have not felt any latency neither.

Some telephones can be delicate to situate in a cradle, according to a location of your volume and key to be able to, reason can take squashed and give you of the unexpected results. Look In yours telephone to see if your keys/of volume of the can remain prójimo together, without the a lot of room goes in. I have not had any subject with Pixel 3a, and G4 Pro the title of cradle has the room (like pictured) to host for your key that claves out of your telephone.
5 / 5
Solid but his unit the 50/50 has shot if he wi work or your games. No of my games have done to comprise the call of witch to have that has said. And all some games my brother has had in his half of the work of the telephone likes so only done at stake any in paper. It has had to that download a witch of application is broken so only in controller of quality very better so only he 50/50 has shot if your game will do with him ...
4 / 5
I boys loves a controller. Easy to use and comfortable key around a controller. Rest of palmera soft to relax your hand. Controls of telephone perfectly on that.
5 / 5
Ossia A controller looked for and is a legislation a. A lot easy when pairing to the mine iPhone and connect with my PC. This controller has characteristic is and of the very good keys! Awesome maneuvering And much better that touching with keyboard for ' Called to Have that' . Highly recommend!
5 / 5
This control is a lot of fresco, uses it to touch the games that use my iPhone, race a car etc, feels a lot comfortable and enjoyable. It is easy to control during a game and the hard battery long enough.
5 / 5
- Quality of good build
- the engines of vibration Adds
- Fresh and brightness adjustable DIRECTED
- Customizable and swapable strong magnetic keys
- Mutli-sustain of device
4 / 5
Súper easy to use. Grip In bylines in a same telephone in the bulky iphone 12 max.
4 / 5
I will give the better description when it was like this partorisca turn in remapping. A web of place and the canal of Youtube is useless partorisca this particular controller.

Top Customer Reviews: 2X SNES Classic USB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Looks really good.
I prices adds.
Fast nave, has arrived this in spite of the day takes.
Spent and game with my Raspberry Pi 3 and Retropie 4.1.

A cord of USB is a lot, very short.
Some tampons of game celery very light and economic.
Has the light entrance lag that mark some classical platformer play fashionable almost impossible to enjoy.

Tampons of Good game if you do not import buying bosses of extension of extra USB and can treat the little entrance lag. Do a lot seating in your PC.
Can not estimate any big plus because of my experience with them, would not buy him again.

Update Jan 12, 2018: A vendor shipped two new controllers for free. After the few hours of time of game some look of new controllers to be much more responsive. I have touched by means of Batman for NES, the game with zero forgiveness for entrance lag. Good product, the support of client adds.
5 / 5
Like this disappointed in these controllers... It have bought 5 or 6 insiemi and they have done partorisca surprise... But it has punctual course to some questions of first order. A prjimo 4 insiemi had bought was all defective, a D-the look of free tampon inside a controller and is actuating a "right" key a same time to the equal that press "down." This the mark to cruised by means of the cast of game (like retropie) or touch any games like this of the keys in a D-the tampon is actuated when they would not owe that be. They are more fallido that anything like this this has to that be the bad batch of the controllers that is exited recently.. I love these controllers but please fix a D-Tampon!!!

UPDATE after active ordered on 10 of these insiemi there is remarked that controllers with the ashes that paint really dark around a "A B X And" the portion of a controller has a defective D-Tampon. One some with a lighter colour am perfect and the law adds.

More, with client and service comunicacional the sum for a company has changed my indication. These controllers really are some better in a phase right now.
5 / 5
Lucido Service to the clientele of Kiwitata is extraordinary and a lot of proactif. To the alone Conference of my commentary, have has contacted touches excusarse give the difficulties found and arrive me informative manettes; after the difficulties with him transport, has been able to finally receive joins new functional pair that does not present his precedents of difficulties! The analog cross answers a lot well, the manette is light, but robust, and gives joins good impression of quality to the touch! Therefore I his octroi now the note of 5 stars, at the same time touches his informative manettes that does very a lot that touches HIS SERVICE To the INCREDIBLE CLIENTELE!

The Two manettes does well, except the analog cross that sometimes answers drlement (arrives that when I clique right or has left to the sud, registers a movement partorisca go down or that in cliquant partorisca go down, registers a movement partorisca the legislation or the accident)... This is not A Constant question, but produced more than timing joined in the session joined of two hours of games ! It touches it embezzle, I have read of the commentaries regarding the quality of the product that is dud! Sure enough, The manette is lighter that the original, but his keys and him them plastics does not give at all joins impression of low of row! I have had perhaps The malchance to fall to the sud give produced with joined light dfectuosit to the level gives analog cross, but if this has not been of this question, would have given 5 stars and this would be the recommendation joined without any hsitation!

His service is incredible and proactive; after my initial description, contact to us for excusarse for some questions encoutered and offered another pair of working controllers! With which some questions with a transport, has received finally the new and totally working pair of controllers that the work adds! No more question with a D-tampon, some controls are responsive, a controller is light, but feels robust, and there is the good quality seat his! Ossia Reason I that maintains gives him 5 stars for some new working some And his service of client adds!

So much the controllers do well, except a D-Cushion the one who occasionnally react weirdly (sometimes, yes presses left or right, drop or press down, goes right or accident)... It is in no way the constant question, but raisin more than a swipe in the two game at night of hours! For a rest, has read comments in a poor quality of this product that is dud! It is true that a controller is lighter that an original a, but some keys and the plsticoes absolutely does not give the economic feeling or down side! It was probably miserable and has has received produced with the light defect regarding a D-Tampon, but if it was not partorisca east, would have given 5 stars and I absolutely would recommend this product!
1 / 5
I have bought these like the present partorisca the 'beat-in-arrive' tournament of game, and with which roughly 20 hours of use, one 'Is the key has begun partorisca stick (i.et. It remains jammed in a pressed/down place). This has meant every time have paste that key, would have to release it, dipped my thumb in the, movement my thumb in the circular motion, and a key unjam. Needless To say, yes has to that paste a key repeatedly, this does a controller a-usable. 3 days later, a second controller has begun to show this subject also. After reading a Retropie forums, looks a 'iBuffalo' gamepads is a better bang-for-buck and durable controllers in this factor of form, as I will buy the little of those and see like them the casserole was. Failing that, so only could buy some Logitech F310 controllers and forego a esome retro' experience. The keys would owe that last literally 1000+ hours, no the day.
5 / 5
Revised: Well to the left say the history of service of client. My estaca original behind in Oct 7th was 'Any bad, but after the few weeks a start of keys partorisca take scaly. You take that paid partorisca I supposition.', Kiwitata has ACHIEVED was mine immediately and has been surprised partorisca listen was has owed to bear ship me 2 new controllers of his new models partorisca free to solve a question with his serious older. It was (A) elated and (B) happy to see the company stands up partorisca his produced in this way.
Like the result, has recommended these new controllers, which are upper to some old some, to many of mine fellow that reads in a same type of projects has completed so only. They are VERY HAPPY with a service has received they, and recommend some controllers and a company to any the one who asks.
5 / 5
Have in the first place received the pair of controllers that a d-the tampon no properly. For like this, in a blink of an eye, Kiwitata contacted and has cured of a subject. I create, his service of client is flawless and is very professional. We send me to us the new pair of the controllers and are 100 satisfied roughly that. Also, I think that that a price is literally unbeatable.

Are relatively picky roughly controllers of video game. And these controllers are exactly that has looked for: original SNES look, period of pertinent boss (4'10'), the key adds responsiveness and feel like this real SNES controllers when touching.

I tried and has touched Against III, Megaman X, Mortal Kombat 2, Sper Mario Mondo, Sper Mario Kart and Sper Struggling callejero 2 roms with ZNES emulator in my PC. At all wrong to inform.

Thank you Kiwitata, calm rock of types!

5 / 5
It likes quota another there is complained and has mentioned before, also experiences a D-tampons partorisca stick. Calm sometimes can press Left or Right in a D-Tampon and a Down the key takes stuck and then go all a way down in the paper. Or it has included sometimes during the game touches a same thing will arrive.

A D-the tampon is not snug inside a controller and is able to move around. Ossia Probably that is causing this subject.

Some another look of keys partorisca be working and answering so many has to that. I have connected a controller to the Raspberry Pi and is responsive immediately.

Update: After my initial description, the service of client contacted reasons were sad to see my defective controllers. We send me to us two new controllers free to upload to have satisfaction of better client, and work.

Some new controllers (this time with some fines keys by heart) is of a same mark, work absolutely well. I so only plugged his to a Pi and immediately a system has recognised some entrances and I was able to touch. A D-the tampon is more snug partorisca a new plus remotes and some look of keys partorisca be more responsive because of the tightest access.

In general recommends these controllers, any one the far entrance has required, has the service of client adds. I have ordered included some other products of a same provider been due to of the this.
5 / 5
Kiwitata CS Contacted quickly that follows a estaca of an initial description. We offer me to us partorisca send me new controllers free of cariche in place of a together prime minister that does not fulfil my expectations.

Has shipped a together new quickly and try them the reception partorisca find that they are really better that a prime minister an I has received. A d-partorisca build of the tampon is more robust, but a time still a feeling is smoother, any clunky his anymore in a together new.

Using them with Raspberry Pi 3 emulation was good and precise, and like the Kodi far does not have to that complain.

These controllers are not partorisca perfect, but is almost in leaves with another gamepad has sold on Amazon for two times a price. Yes it has some better gamepad in a phase, but is way more expensive. In an end, this price for the pair of controllers that quality, can has not beaten the. Better price for a buck vs the quality levels very good.

Be advised that this the up to date description is for a Kiwitata gamepad with has has painted keys (red, yellow, green and blue), no for a lived some.

Kiwitata HAS add it CS, appreciates it.

Kiwitata One quickly has contacted that follows the mine informs negative initial. We offered me to transmit without the quota joins new Version of the gamepad, that would have has had to that usually receive.

Sending it the summer does quickly and has tried his new gamepad his reception. Justo that Compares his two touched is evident that the new (with his keys of rouge of colours, yellow, green and blue) is solider and that lucida d-the cushion is stable besides all giving joined to feel sweeter, and without doing of doubtful noise.

The utilisation gives new gamepads to the sud a mulateur Raspberry Pi is corrected and the utilisation in Kodi like tlcommande does not pose question.

Obviously these gamepads is not even like this pas perfect, but approximate a lot of gamepads of pair of tall quality has sold other games of providers bends of the price; there is another gamepads that is better, but is much more expensive. In the fin of games of account lucida level of quality that, is relatively a lot well, gives new gamepad, prices of the quality of the rapport is imbattable.

This Revises the up to date summer touches his new gamepads with his keys of colours, and does not apply to the gamepads with his lilac keys and violets.

Kiwitata The service to the clientele a lot of proactif, that is to appreciate.
4 / 5
When Looking for the economic USB Sper controller of Nintendo, absolutely would recommend him. Certainly they take a work done when using them partorisca touch games of Nintendo classical.

This has said, in of the terms of qualities of build, a directional tampon feels bit it more flimsy that an original SNES controller. In some chances, chairs as I have had to that be the little has bitten careful in my precision when pressing down sure directions, as it can finalise inputting more than the alone direction (p. p.ej., Pressing right and having presses both right and down a same time). I think that that this arrives like the result of a sweet looseness of a directional tampon, but in big do big well.

While it is not to perfect, is the a lot of enjoyable way to touch play classical!
5 / 5
Utmost controllers; they Are light, any sper solid, but no flimsy neither: they are not built partorisca take an abuse the boy could treat was, but perfectly very partorisca more than adults. Celery very true; perfect partorisca my Raspbery Pi NES emulator. They are built partorisca be used with NES and SNES emulators, as they do not go partorisca do for games more modern unless they are built specifically like this old scolare throwbacks. Some cords am not very long, like this calm will not be able to seat by means of a room of the television to touch games, but is still long enough to seat comfortably and sustain for behind your computer to indulge some nostalgia.

Top Customer Reviews: UGREEN Ethernet ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia The coverage of small black USB good adapter that split my black Wii Or. It is unfortunate some consolations does not come with a port of Ethernet but with one of these adapters can easily and inexpensively remedy that question

to to Many play likes him to him the pause simply does not touch very a lot on-line without the direct connection like the latency would cause lag spikes and variable quantities of delay. With east can have you the use of different stable connection WiFi where a Wii Or 2.4 ghz the chip simply does not manage things a lot well.

So only agree to dip the connection wired up in of the settings of system in yours Wii Or so that work.

Has found this useful description pleases votes yes down. :)
5 / 5
It acts perfectly with my computer (although I do not require it , my laptop has a ethernet port), and also with my Wii Or. Although they still are having subject, is with a coverage he, no this product.

To good sure would recommend to any one having questions with these connections fallen in the Wii Or or portable the, of a ethernet frames an a lot of faster connection and more stable.
4 / 5
Tried the in a Wii Or, and can confirm work.(Touched the on-line party)
I the little speed of internet tries, and while I can not say that it augments a speed for a lot of (if any), search the do more compatible, with fewer spikes. As This would be to reflect in gameplay, can not say, this in spite of are looking for the lan adapter then this work.
5 / 5
Fast and simple solution partorisca a spotty wifi in my chamber. The installation is insanely easy; it covers so only he to your system, discharges in a ethernet boss and your golden. Works perfectly in mine Wii Or and cradle of Transmission of the Nintendo. It feels like this good to finally of active Netflix in his pertinent quality again and gaming without interruptions of connection.
5 / 5
Another chance that this sturdy-looking the adaptadora regime-of-the-cashiers with a WiiU - and solves a subject of frequent disconnection in Splatoon that sometimes done a game unplayable. I warn of the consolations any autodetect such adapters, has to add the connection (and yeah, he a lot automatically fallback the WiFi). But it is the WiiU subject, no a subject with an adapter. Recommended.
5 / 5
It avenges neatly packaged with the instructions but was a lot of spent and game. 100 compatible with a Transmission of Nintendo and much more economic that the version of Nintendo of a same thing.
5 / 5
Bought an adapter partorisca use with/earring WHQL testing; onboard adapter of the coverage there has been subjects with some of tests and could not establish the connection of stable coverage among server and client. This adapter of USB while it is exited perfectly for knots.

Commentaries although an automatically relieved engine and installed by the windows has not been sufficient and has had to install a vendor engine resupplied (CD has comprised/DVD). For the general use while, boasts the engine of Windows can be quite.
5 / 5
Simple and effective. It take this for mine Xiomi My box to take hardwired connection. Works well out of a box, any @subject anything. The prize adds, fast delivery (prime minister). Any complaint. Recommended!
5 / 5
This was a solution to a question a Nintendo Wii Or has with connecting to WI-FI. Always it has question a lot so only connecting to WI-FI but that the rests has connected. Ossia Exactly a class of what needs the connection wired and take a speed of internet loves with a Wii Or and everything of his on-line services.
5 / 5
Works perfectly with my computer (although I do not require it , my laptop has a ethernet port), and also with my Wii Or. Although they still are having subject, is with a coverage he, no this product.

To good sure would recommend to any one having questions with these connections fallen in the Wii Or or portable the, of a ethernet frames an a lot of faster connection and more stable.

Top Customer Reviews: Razer Tartarus v2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Fashionable name: Fusible-the membrane has Bought this partorisca substitute my old Tartarus. With which have discovered that you can regulate a rest of palmera partorisca the attractive directly until it takes and insert he in different order, the much more usable result. A unit is orders in general. So only I have two questions with him that when added near take the star partorisca me. One a clave of thumb is convex and the little more slippery that a concave easy the toggle clave of thumb of the his predecessor. I have taken of then utilisations his mostly but any doing it concave or that adds his hule would improve a creation objectively in my opinion.
Another question is requires an use of a Razer Synapse V3 software that is in beta, like this yes have the any one has sustained produced thus betas, will have to run two separate Synapse software simultaneously. Like this if any like him to them the redundant background processes, ossia the ache . A V3 the looks of software well, but really does not think Razer would owe that be software partorisca try of the beta like the requirement partorisca purchase his crew. At least they would owe that take everything of his devices has sustained first to jump a new software in of the clients. Here it is that it looks forward to when I can uninstall my V2 software. Hopefully Sometime this year.
4 / 5
Fashionable name: Mechanic A lot ossia the good product but have the pair of small nitpicks, with which 2days of use

Very first, are the big type , 6'5' 220pounds and I guess my hands are big. My first question is that my palmera any really rest in a esst of palmera' been due to that, included when I regulate everything to one dipping a big plus.

According to question : I have read this question in another description and I have not thought a lot of he, but finnally thinks Razer really stray was is one. Some tampons of the hule under this thing is uther rubbish. It is like this sllippery almost can move a thing in my office as if it is the mouse . I consider it the nitpick reason can look for 'any tampon to slip on amazon and commanded that material for 2- and solve a question.

Also, takes some time to take use to. Some tones are not varied likes in the regular keyboard, some needs by heart of the muscle some work. At the beginning I am not sure state go it to me to like but a More uses it to them a more taste.

Has comprised the photo to aim like my palmera clears a rest of palmera. In a picture I use anti the material of slip has had to that dip around while I find the permanent plus (goes esthetic) solution to a slippery question
4 / 5
Fashionable name: Membrane Excellent keypad, very built with braided cord.

Touches the product of niche chalked full of characteristic. Utilisation this partorisca substitute the keyboard partorisca more than games.
Comes with software that is updated almost monthly. With a software can remap tones and insiemi presets (ie different presets for different games). I so only function with a preset and remap tones at stake but the handy characteristic has required.
I tones give the good response when pressed and is quite enough. The grip Of palmera returns my hand amiably.
My only neg is that a cord could be another foot another plus along, but for more a cord would owe that be more then long enough.
5 / 5
Fashionable name: Fusible-the membrane would give this product 5 stars if it was not partorisca his meagre documentation!

Has been the PC gamer partorisca roughly 30 years (although partorisca be truthful has begun is gone in an Apple Macintosh). He roughly done 15 years have begun partorisca use the Nostromo n52. I am spent for at least two of them and has had to that change to a Logitech G13 reason a n52was no longer available. This in spite of, have not gone never really comfortable with a G13: it was too big and has had too many tones. It can any never find a place of house. Like this recently I spotted a Tartarus V2 on-line and has has had to that the so only try. Turn like the glove. Any learning twist anything.

A documentation was really poor but has not had too much question imagining was like this to program tones. Astonishingly, A incumplimiento setup of the tones is quite near of that I usually use.

This in spite of sound almost is returned a Tartarus. Originally I have had the question with sticking tones... As I have thought. Felizmente I so only spent to reconstruct my computer the pair of weeks after receiving a Tartarus and a question is disappeared. Still that Windows run 7 in an old setup. Of then it runs so only well in of the Windows 10 I am assuming that it could it to it have been a question. In all the chance, highly recommends these products in any SERIOUS PC gamer.
4 / 5
Fashionable name: Fusible-the together membrane of keypad Adds but is expecting partorisca buy all his material (smiled, auricular, keyboard and keypad lateralmente) taste simply reason want to all a LEDs partorisca do of joint and partorisca avert having several programs that career in a fund partorisca each a, any one annoying . Some elements owe that use his V3 synapse how has been in beta partorisca 2 years and some have to that use his V2 synapse software.
Also, his profiles of promises of the place but a warehouse is empty. Such the shame, so potential and good hardware.
4 / 5
Fashionable name: the membrane has bought this element specifically because it result extremely difficult partorisca me to game with the regular keyboard (with my inability) and he all has wanted and then some. Any only is a hardware slick looking but all some characteristics are something on, comprising a Razer Synapse software that just works partorisca quite everything. There it is not founding the game or application that entirely refuses a key rebinds, is simple to use, and is easy to change among profiles. Still it feels well in a hand with a lot responsive keys.

Also, are not really a type that the jumps has DIRECTED to light, but looks really well in this device, like this subjective like this is. Paired This with a Razer DeathAdder Chroma, synced on one has DIRECTED lights, and could not be happier.

Some people can think that that ossia expensive but think that cost each dollar are spent on that. If you are in a phase for the fashion of keyboard has consecrated gaming controller, spent this immediately.
5 / 5
Fashionable name: Fusible-the membrane A lot adores this bebelle... But Razer fact Of the cochonnerie of a Sure time (all his product of mine lcher after a an or less, smiled, keyboard)..... I have bought A Prime minister that one lch after a month.... Me Objection Of the is disassembled that...His pieces have used in him joystick is partorisca give keys of mice of bad quality (kailh CMI873101D01-3) the piece of metal that does breeze of contacts (any rparable has to that change lucida key) ... As I have gone back it Produces and there I have done of the the investigations Touches partorisca find another keyboard the main, another that Razer.... He And The pocola alternative, car Logitech in discontinu him him, as has has tried to see can have his pieces of transmission... So only In container of 25 000 directs of dyes... After A Sure time, has found joins quivalence and has commanded 50 pieces (omron) and repurchased another Tartar V2 saying me, goes repriser of here a month or two, but will change his pieces.... Produced like this Excellent yours does not use joystick or if your practical the soudure me!!! (Has My Image joined of a piece of alike metal, he if and does not run over in Tartarus)
5 / 5
Fashionable name: the mechanic takes the bit partorisca take used to, but has spent an initial unfamiliarity, is comfortable and good works. I have received a unit with some green transmissions and, like a keyboard, profit of an addition of Or-coverages. Some adjustments have limited enough, especially for a rest of palmera, as I suggest that calm try it first to see yes calms that can regulate to the yours in pleasant. I have not had any subject, but have half sized hands. People with very big or delivery very small can not be like this lucky. As with another Razer produced, a software is both his force and his weakness. A software is very versatile and easy to use, but is frustratingly unstable. Sometimes, so only it decide it no charges and have to that reboot your computer to change his alcohol. Your settings are saved in a cloud, but occasionally takes garbled and downloads the second copy of your profiles that you then has to that delete manually. And without a software, can very a lot, which means that your hardware is basically worthless unless your computer can run a software of Knife; it forgets to use this in a PC an old plus. A software neither will do for behind the cortafuego, as it does not buy this (or one of his keyboards or smiled) while it does of use. And, of Razer has opted any to dip persistent memory in his products, can do not configuring, unplug it, and discharges he in the some place more. Your settings will not follow you and will be stuck with a ridiculous defaults (cycling by heart; seriously, quell'idiot has thinks that was the desirable incumplimiento?). But has the modern PC with the modern YOU and is not for behind the cortafuego, ossia the good small (a bit overpriced) groans.
5 / 5
Fashionable name: Fusible-the membrane has used the Nostromo partorisca years and has loved that, but a transmission of hat has taken warns was, as I have bought a Tartarus partorisca the substitute. I have used a Tartarus partorisca the day or two has begun then having questions. Basically, when you have pressed the key or has used a hat changes it so only would maintain that it repeats that calm a lot after it released him to him, like this useless to touch. It say of another way,, if you have used an attack that has required partorisca resist a key down partorisca the pocolos second, maintains partorisca do that it attack well with which have released a key and was impossible to do anything more refinada takes. Calm import, has used it so only touching 'Hymn' to the equal that can be the question of compatibility , although my Nostromo has done without any subjects. How it is returned, has taken the second a, same question how is returned again for my money has retreated this time. Not trying again.
5 / 5
Fashionable name: the membrane has bought this and he have surprised! A peice of the joint this in spite of is partorisca take this model (tartarus) him him of the small hands! If has the big hands go partorisca some mechanics of big more keycap version a Orbweaver. I am returned this very because it was bad! But because he wasnt well partorisca me. I really only game FPS and games of survival like this after using he partorisca the while still although it was amused like this partorisca use! Have give That still with all his tones that could be programmed to the to anything would like and was of convenient, the keyboard definetly very partorisca gaming is the gamer taste. BUT it touch to to the games likes him-joins him the one of Legends and endows 2 and have some the extra cash go partorisca he! With all some tones gaming more convenient and simple without that has to that extend your hand has spent of a keyboard to click another tone. As the one who characterise touch of games, this is worth it!