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Top Customer Reviews: Smallville ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
But packaging of mine is entrance there is ruined entirely! It has taken first packaging of edition with disk slates in the map foldable and some disks were all loose, a disk slates where the bits broken , plƔsticoes everywhere and a glue that resists these slates in a map foldable was like the drought of old decade like this basically have them in another packaging now..
5 / 5
Is not very gone the defender of Superman. No partorisca comics, no partorisca a Series of television forward "Laws & Clark". But the partner of the mine recommended me "Smallville"... Well, any only 1 but very had recommended mine.
To the equal that gives tries it. And look an integer 21 episodes and my surprise was very different. And I found that it takes his with some characters, some histories and a better part of everything, sound a human touch and work.
All was good writing . Some characters have interested, a history is not stupid or transmission but intelligent. And partorisca just 21 episodes, so only leave me behind partorisca Season 2 (and where is?).
Chair in a global base ossia the DVD Boxset will want to choose up. His just partorisca all the world-wide to enjoy and his the television calm Series familiar adhesive calm only on to a Screen of television. Although some extras is not a lot a lot of, some episodes will maintain you that they go and root.
Takes this season partorisca begin with... And you will feel Superman (before then) has the place in your collection. I create... The man can fly.
4 / 5
Has received a mark of new season, but a chance has been broken. A lot inconvenient when that has to that take or situate some disks behind in a chance.
5 / 5
Partorisca Always and always the classical. The history adds that it says blended with a campy way dramatics a CW (although it thinks that that they were a WB when this prime minister aired!) It is known stops . The tonnes of the faces familiarised burst on accidents of guest/cameo capacity also. In general the fun and interesting take on a narrative of Superman.
4 / 5
One of one the majority of underrated show never. Writing and utmost mould. Amur This show. You the very better work with superman that DC is doing in some films
4 / 5
has received only mine ,used, first season of smallville dvd and am them very satisfied. A map the external chance is in shape good(not perfecting) and a plastic chance and dvd maintains in of the perfect conditions. It is a first time the buy used dvd but will not be a last.
4 / 5
The memories add that they see it again after all these years. The commentaries for the creators of series were very interesting.
5 / 5
Like this with a rest of one there is boxed dips, my woman and I thoroughly enjoyed them everything. Especially we want to listen to a commentary of some actoras/of actors while looking an episode, as well as some extra volume. More is good to king-look your favourite episodes comercials free.
5 / 5
Smallville Is the wonderful series. It is the good transmission of everything of some shows of realities today. I think that all the group of age will find Smallville enjoyable. Any I in fact begins partorisca look until Estaciona 2 how was able to take up in that I had lost was on Season 1. My edges (5 and 3) also enjoys to look Smallville and his each one which to the equal that has his favourite episodes. A song of title is a lot of catchy and to to the my boys like to sing to the long of. Mina the young plus has has had to that included be Superman partorisca Halloween this year. We are looking for to be patient partorisca Season 2 partorisca be liberto but, in a moment, is looking Parcos 3 in television.

Top Customer Reviews: Lego La Liga de la ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
A film adds. Spending on was League Joins of Justice: Bizarro the world has to that the left was partorisca see a first union of a baddies in one Ties universe. Although a Bizarro the World-wide film was well, has not been fantastic. This time I this in spite of League paste a nail in a boss with abundance partorisca laugh out of strong moments, an entertaining and gripping storyline ossia easily graspable partorisca his audience of aim, the fantastic mould of actors of voices that comprises Mark legendary Hamill and partorisca the upper all of the really fresh mini figure of a Trickster (So only require a rest of one Prays partorisca be liberto now).
Theres The cariche of potentials is League DC Universes and abundance partorisca develop on and partorisca present new and thrilling ideas. Entertainment partorisca all a family, the adults and the girls equally will find the entertainment in some Joins of first show of Justice down with a Legion of Doom and remain hungry partorisca a next delivery.
Regarding a potential future im personally while finally we will be partorisca take the I Bequeaths film of @TitƔn of the Adolescent, like Cyborg develops more and more in the each film would be add partorisca see finally direct his own crew League forms.
5 / 5
Ossia Another has bitten of fun, familiar friendly passage that do fault like the softest antidote to a rampaging mass slaughter partorisca be found in another (certainly quite a lot) recent DC animate start.

Follows a same street and your of another DC Bequeaths film - blur he of sequences of inventive action, deliberately terrible puns and slapstick tomfoolery. It is almost all touched for laughs with some members of Joins of the pointed Justice as amusing caricatures of his normal selves - Batman is gruff and po-faced, the superman is ultra good Torch , the green is cocky and competitive etc etc.

Has some typical good types v bad types storyline to follow like this Lex Luther together place his Legion of Doom - Sinestro, Black Coverage, Grodd and another all spend for to join in a carnage (sadly any Hawk and Animal this in spite of). It is not of a same aforƔis like me something like A bequeath Film of course but is not really trying be and flies to the long of that shines it and breezy 70+ minutes. Recommended.

For the DC emission, a Blue the extra of Ray is disappointing - to 20 characteristic of minute in a creation of the his of a film and two trailers. Ossia Yours plot .
4 / 5
Another really good Justice to joins Ties film, with a lot of humour. It is the film of full period , and is feigned for both boys and of the adults - like this fun familiar viewing.

Here a superheroes has to that defend an Earth of a Legion of harm of Doom ... Headed by Lex Luthor, and assisted for Darkseid, a pause of Legion in the the secret ease where an alien is captive has resisted . His free this alien, while utilizarprpers to attack one Joins and conquer Earth. But an alien has released @to give that is going in, and - like this Martian Manhunter - join one Joins of Justice.

An animation is excellent, and a history is amused. Fully it recommends this Blue-ray (that comes with the bequeath figure - a Trickster).

There is enjoyed another bequeaths film in this current series, calm like this some hips.
5 / 5
Blue Works of ray well, and a figure is well, but a condition of a box was terrible, and was to good sure any in the 'a lot of very' been.
5 / 5
Another swipe of one Ties Heroine, my three old year and his relative of eleven years loved it so much.
Is slightly humorous, and full of pleasant action, included has had to have the clock.
4 / 5
The good prize and that surprises what entertainment to 1 thumb the plastic figure can spend

Top Customer Reviews: Smallville ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
Received quickly on blister! A product there has been a bilingual version english / french.

Are very happy! I expect that some next orders, will have more a bilingual version english / french. Thank you!

Better considerations
JC Liberatore

Top Customer Reviews: The Complete Matrix ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 37 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought the Definite Matrix box mass number it in fact years. Has some films in Blue-ray and has comprised a Animatrix as well as three archive Dvd [does not ask me why any on 1-2 Blue-rays].
Now that has the 4K Blue-player of ray and television has been now of upgrade. At the beginning it looks the mine likes them has taken some 3 of individual films [in some levels Blue-ray sized chance] and his packed in the box of map.
You also left out of a Animatrix and some archive Dvd.
Could of easily of the thinnest chance used and has added a missing content.
Not surprising , some films look of sound in 4K. [Another like commentaries, does not have any extra in a 4K disk of film.]
4 / 5
So only receive this box dipped of Amazon in some treaties of amazing Black Friday partorisca time limited partorisca CDN! A prime minister in a gold of strike of the trilogy and is always be my preferred during some years of adolescents! This in spite of a final two in a series has not been like this as well as original!
I finally upgraded his of mine insiemi of OLD DVD!

Behind to some films, one first matrix has presented moviegoers with a cinematic experience of ā€œtime of ballā€ and a slow me it where a camera would take the plenary 360 motion of captures of terracing of the profile and movement he of an actor around easily when Lunar has tried dodging balls.
Those are a type of shots that is not never state aimed on screen before!

Some films have combined John Woo gunfight actions, animate, cyberpunk with the deep philosophical meaning is like these special and only films. For real it was a test of time!
5 / 5
BD HD Video: the White look blown out of the little bit in a BD PQ, in general still better that a leading emission with the plot of pop.

4K Video: These films have not looked never better and I doubts will not look never very better that this.

BD And 4K Audio: A Atmos the clues are the definite improvement on all the leading emissions and has some very good LFE, although it seats that it can have used bit it more in a 15-20 Hz ULF row.
4 / 5
Fast delivery (first of a strike in Canada). Matrix in 4K the utmost looks, but the films have shot on film like this opposed to today the digital cameras always will have some grain of film. It does not ruin an experience of film, so only something partorisca be conscious of him ultra the clear quality is expected like this of the modern films.
5 / 5
SĆŗper Image a lot good-looking ...bravo His squads that Mark lucida film uhd paints a lot good-looking never view of the incursion to the sinema. Closing bravo
4 / 5
That can say it concealed has not been said in these films before. A jump to 4K is a lot of noticeable and value a double diving. It maintain my Blue Rays partorisca some extras and a Animatrix which does not comprise with this together.
5 / 5
At all partorisca say To the sud his Films like such,has done school in his special and his fights of effects of art martiaux to the Ć©ĆØs good entertainment but perhaps a bit disappointing in his coffret any at all of exceptional, contains his 3 films of the know those that do not possess his pelĆ­culas.es Of the good compraventa.
5 / 5
Has a heck of the blueray collection of the film and these disks so only have not done. It can look only parts of some films like other portions so only have not touched or skipped. It has launched some disks was, any sake.
4 / 5
Agrees that it filters the green has added to some sequelas? Well, have takes he of all 3 film, and think that the better look that never. All 3 film are classics in mine dress and ossia one of some better emissions have not seen never on 4K.
4 / 5
Has given 4 reasons some shots are not in 4k but another is and look sĆŗper acute! I guess it is so only like a film was has has shot! Still the hyper fresh film!

Top Customer Reviews: The X-Files: The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 23 ratings
4 / 5
A X-the files is one of these classical skis-fi shows that really can take hooked to a gender. Well value a clock. Although Mulder and Scully spend a season that finds his feet inside a series, is really enjoyable and one can very easily result invested in that spends afterwards with them and likes to find a truth inside the each chance.
5 / 5
These are stellar upper version to that I already had possessed on DVD. I for real felt as it looked them these of some extremes to the another again partorisca a first time. Such the good difference partorisca see in widescreen big-definition. VIXEN The bang up does with these and partorisca extracted adds more economic that has paid partorisca a overpriced DVD is at the same time. If your partidƔrio calms can not spend these up.
4 / 5
I A lot still see a totality of boxset. I renouvely me dvd is in bluray' sees them this bluray Or.S Tongue =of edition of format and French audio wedescreen.
A lot happy can see ,this serious in wedescreen.
5 / 5
Which more can the say another that : ossia the pionneer serious in a gender. Fringe, Supernatural And the alike modern series numerous all owe his inspiration to this first season of the series adds. An only question of this series is an end is not never be that it can have it be and the defenders still are while the film or the season that finally would be the satisfactory end to this faboulous serious.
4 / 5
Is wonderful to listen the season 1 in 1080 hd widscreen in place of the full screen 1:33 the image is sĆŗper
4 / 5
has Loved this show and season. It agrees that has spent to the character partly; but it can not agree that the like this in a first season. This would have been big if the neighbour has been done in 4:3 to the equal that was aired originally. This neighbour is done for 16X9 Widescreen.
5 / 5
Three Service well very recu first ,and three good condition thank you very much.
4 / 5
Enjoyed it. I wish a complete xollection wad more abordable.
5 / 5
SĆŗper Quality to small prize ($ Warehouse of the sud) and the series that arrived to discovers does not disappoint me ! Of the studio envoutantes, gives credible script and pognant. This series does not age ; that interests to discover even In 2015!
5 / 5
A DVD of prime minister was scratchy ( taking 30 seconds for my Blue-player of Ray to read he), but a rest has done adds.

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
I have not looked Never a series, no the think aired in the canal takes.
Has seen he in a $ cube in Wal-Mart and bought it. (DVD FORMED)
has the premise adds and his sad has finalised with which some seasons. Attribute had of unanswered questions.
The mould adds and some locations return a line of history a lot
A film has been done like the way to try and wrap on a series. Something has not been directed in a film, but tentativas wee done in any extra DVD.
Has-liked you a series, need this
4 / 5
the serenity is a name of a firefly classifies spaceship, of one 2002-3 Fox seriƔis TV 'Firefly' created for Joss Whedon. Serenity Is helmed for Captain Malcolm soyal' Reynolds has touched for Nathan Fillion also known of Castle' serious of TV. This film, dipped roughly 500 years in a future, is Joss Whedon feature film to mate that resupplies closure his television series, fill in of the holes of plot owe that the accidents gaping when a series has been annulled. If you have not seen 'Firefly', can wish look a serious TV dvd first, then this film. Like the stand alone film, eserenity' is to good sure viewable, but can very fully the appreciate, that sees an end without his start.
5 / 5
Lasted it so only 15 episodes, enough often aired out of order, and has been fulfilled with lacklustre indications and apathy of coverage, but directed to result the modern classical. And like this usual took almost the decade to discover it.

Am speaking in Firefly. For those of calm in a knowledge, has left a squealing begins. So that they do not have any idea, prepares to be polite.

Firefly Is the gem created for manager of writer/of the characters Joss Whedon of A Avengers and the dr. Horrible and Buffy afamada. Savour That resume, speaks volumes of his magnitude. Joss pitched This idea the Vixen to do the spatial western, complete with horses, gunplay and spaceships. They have said yes, and then trounced a show endlessly to ensure annulment. Wagging My toe of shame in them! Still wagging!

Starring Nathan Fillion Captain like this Bad Reynolds, Firefly is dipped in a future where a human race has developed was the spatial, colonising and worlds that the form buried throughout. It has Grown bad up in the planet of flange and when these worlds struggle the war of independence against a central government, he easily enlists to maintain out of some harps of an Earth. And his side loses. This shakes Bad, and choose up with him to to years later likes him to them carves out of the meager living doing legal and illegal activities. But his mindset is still a lot a war. Knots Versus Him.

Bad Continuous in his subject in an old Firefly the way uploads the ship has called Serenity, crewed with a resupplied of the temperaments of diverse sportive characters. His agent of prime minister is war buddy and Zoe of hard ass, the one who is married to entertainment of fond pilot Wash. The muscle has assumed Jayne is like this hard how is stupid while spunky engineer Kaylee maintains a patchwork the together ship. The finishing of a crew seasoned is Inara, an Ambassador of a totally different class. For an end of a pilot, souls more restless come on board. The book of shepherd is the preacher that looks for to help wherever and whomever can, any always an easy task. And a pair of sister of the fugitive brother of a Dr. has repressed Simon and a offworldy River.

With this crew in place, adventures resupplied and peril attended. Taking works, maintaining a ship that movements, completing works, that averts an Alliance, struggling duels, and the surviving pirates are so only some a gist of his travesĆ­as. Oh And maintaining it gazillion miles of spatial among them and a Reavers. With good reason.

Whedon And crew blend dramatic moments, snappy lines, and scenes to struggle add together with expert skill. A the episode I punctual gives Bad way to treat the rancher of new arch, which is funny in a blackest classifies of humour of way. Besides a pilot two partner, has called appropriately Breakings of Serenities 1 and 2, mine another preferred misadventures was Shindig, Out of Gas, Ariel, and Objects In Spatial, a final episode.

After Firefly finalised the premature death, the defenders are remained to locate campaigns for his turn. The a lot of pressure of one has consecrated result by all the world gathering for a Serenity of picture of motion of entity. The things spend, oh so that the things spend, with the secrets developed and the last now fill up with insane battles of all the types. Whedon Creates this show, pauses he to the million pieces, and the reconstruct before our a lot of eyes. An end would owe that have a sign to look to ā€œAbandon Attentive All Ye The one who Enter Hereā€ prominently showed, so only to give all pertinent bracing for him. Still in a flange of my chair that thinks roughly he right now. Perhaps after a success of a Avengers, Whedon will be given some tones again to resupply with to sequela. We can always hope.

Has little finalised after viewing everything of Firefly, Serenity, and each available extra so only in a dvd, I stumbled to Toronto Browncoats annual audience by all the world the charity that objective of Serenity. So that the June of Saturday 23rd 2012, my friends AinslieKeith, Taliana83 and has answered this exploitation with everything comes from to go the Equality Now, has on followed with an auction of friki elements. My first diving to Firefly fandom was exhilarating and wonderful.

With this bastion of the now complete prime minister, dulcemente am looking to some comics, books, and woolen spent that populates a wonderful developed Firefly universe. The one who is Book of Pastor really? That is the true potential of the river? It can Kaylee maintains Serenity on and that careers? Dr. Simon someday entirely unclench? And Bad finally dipped his ghosts behind him? All valid questions that can not expect for some responses to.

Likes the song of subject amazing has said, also written for an immortal Joss he, can take a lot of things of Harm, but any Serenity. Some heavens are his house now.
4 / 5
Yes, has done the Seinfeld has dipped in a title of this description. It has to that do with Seinfeld? At all. But now that has taken your attention, to the left say roughly this amazing film, and a show of television that has surprised that is to connect with.

To the serenity is the film of full period , and continuous on a show of television, Firefly, which was has annulled unfortunately. Serenity Is a name of a ship in Firefly, and is also obviously a name of this film. Works of serenities to the equal that is-only, but the better work inclusa in report to a show of television. It would recommend to look Firefly first reason to the serenity takes place after, but if not to impose you spoilers, I clock of the supposition in any order like. :P

This film is awesome, how is a show . Some characters are on duty, and bad subject. I have loved to take to see the bit more than a crew of of then to good sure has not taken enough of a show of television. I do not think never I will take enough. I will be king-looking this film more than the little time. You can bet in that. I have loved that by means of Serenity has taken to take to Hurt, Kaylee, Simon, Zoe, Wash, State, and Jayne the little while longer. You see the summer takes to some crazy situations, and of course some of Bad dealings that never look to go a way that he takings to see some crazy conflicts with an Alliance.

Now, probably is that you ask the one who this whole series is everything roughly. Well, Firefly and to the serenity takes place in a future, the earth is now Tierra-this-was and the humans have developed during the integer of new universe. Bad the crew in the serenity is quite thieves, and is not of the big defenders of an Alliance (the organism to govern the one who has unified an also quite control all the world-wide). His smuggle, flies, and do quite everything to go against an Alliance. If you are new to Firefly and Serenity, as I have said, recommends Firefly first, but to good sure recommends that calm also take you the copy of the serenity to clock has finalised a series because calm to good sure will be that it loves it! :D
5 / 5
has been reading Fiction of Science of then in an age of 10 my mamma taken to a library. Spending Ski-Fi to a screen
usually is that it disappoints , and correctly so much. Any studio can stage some scenes can esee' in your imagination when reading
unless has a unlimited has presupposed. Serenity Is the alcohol blowing history , which is propiciado a screen a lot well.
Some spatial battles are one the majority of impressive has not seen never, but some editors can any resit having a smoke of trail of the ships like
locomotive of steam (beast) and some ships swish and swoosh roughly, more silliness , does not have any noise in spatial.
Still is very a lot of fact , and Ski-Fi the people will be satisfied entirely. It sees also some serious 'Firefly' ; same setting,
included personel, also very done.
5 / 5
Like this in front of all this film is sum . Amado the one of then is initial emission . A sound was expected like this, but a picture left that it asks , 'reason annoy, has to of remained with an emission of DVD'. In general a detail, etc was all Blue-the ray has to that and could be, this in spite of the a lot of scenes throughout am muddy, out of home, or simply misty looking, that lacking of detail and closely that resembles a format of DVD.
Inferior line, if any already possess this fantastic film to good sure chooses it up in Blue-ray if a prize is well. If calm already the possess on DVD, thinks two times, like this calm probably will be disappointed likes era.
5 stars for a film, 4 for a quality of picture(when being generous to the equal that are the firefly partidƔrio).
4 stars is.
4 / 5
Lose Firefly. When Firefly Has BEEN annulled there is annulled my boss and said him, does not pay never for boss never again while alive. Which is true. I not having never. Spent my insiemi of boxes now. Coverages of boss of the ray and his avidity, and stupid decisions.
4 / 5
Love a series, and a film, mine the only beef in this film is that some looks of Captain much darker that has done in a show. In a series there has been an angry, darkness backdrop to his character, but has had some light moments and could break the jokes of pair and take it slightly in time - I has liked him that character. In a film, a lightness totally is losing, and lost it.
The history adds, the film adds, would not import another if his never decided to do one, but unless they can take some main players the behind no . Arrived in good time and add condtion.
4 / 5
The quality adds that it considers age of original that means the material has not been filmed originally in HD.

Finds a lot of Blue-versions of Ray of any-HD the films are very good - same editions of economy (Galaxina for example). Perhaps ossia something to do with an on-sampling of one Blue-player of Ray (Samsung) but a lot always to the equal that have seen some concealed is not scrollings add (DVD and Blue-Ray) for example Twister was a lot of annoying with questions of motion like the Blue-Ray.
5 / 5
Amur This film.. First time the invernadero this was in TV in 2007 , out of context scene where the river is kills to dance people.. The Although it has surprised.. Finally it saws years of full film later.. Possessed one is def dvd... Sold the... It has bought finally this in blue ray... Value he... Amazing! Now to find a series in blue ray...