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5 / 5
In a joint of the little youtube video, has decided to go with this product in place of redguard. It had listened that other products of this type are often a lot runny and of the smokes will take yours. Laticrete Hydro Barrier outperformed! It was able to dip this in the joint of cimienta of the bath with both the paintbrush and the roller, with minimum slime or hassles. Two discharges and this wall is totally waterproof. They are very happy with this material. My only complaint is that one measures of the cube is big and the arrival with the plots has left needs to do my ceiling of nave with him! Totally it recommends this product to any the one who wants to do the shower of bath surrounds so only once, and does not have to that he again the few years because of penetration to water behind yours tile or the tub surrounds. Google the On Youtube and calm will see that I bad.
5 / 5
Extremely very produced.
Has been using this in room to rain first to install tiles.