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A better way can describe like one 'Tierra Brown' lenses look, is like Black Tea as seen in the cup of glass with RED-ish has maintained... Any which would call brown for any piece of an imagination... Some do any looks it would contrast the black frame amiably, but instead this clash horribly with like this of contrast small, only looks mismatched doing the $ 150 pair of Oakleys look something of the $ 5 storm... Like this far like this apt, snaps in..... And then giggle around some.... As some tolerances are quite so that it will not fall was, but no precise likes factory lenses is... The clarity is also at all has compared the factory lenses. They reduce glare to be dark and smokey... The brown factory lenses is surprising reason reduce glare and contrast of increase and the clarity that glielo marvel to them to see by means of... These only frames all dark... For a cost, supposes that they will do until they take lined on, but he at least expected would look good... (2) Stars for satisfactory access.
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