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Top Customer Reviews: HP Chromebook ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Arrived súper quickly. Any frills, is the ordered little computer, sign in with your google info and poof, is in. The screen is not too bad, the tones are good feeling and a tampon is responsive. The battery is different I actuate is not never that substitutes my Apple any like this brilliant but good. I have been concerned in that I could do with east but found has can access my iCloud material - topmast, all my photos etc, mine other emails, frames of book of the together in a Chrome browser, bills partorisca pay etc etc... I do not know in gaming in this so that it does not touch games of computers. Any complaint and partorisca the little hundred has compared to 1000 is partorisca the new Mac , loves that.
4 / 5
My husband is not 'computer' oriented, and so only uses a partorisca email, to read and impression PDFs, to read an informative and look an occasional video. Has a esal' computer partorisca bookkeeping, map and some another heavy lifting. His 'portable,' to the equal that was, was a model of economic Windows that could not be upgraded, except updates of security. It was economic and was happy. But it is retarded to the crawl. We have cleaned out of files and unused applications, defragged, all a material, but is achieved his time of final . As has the telephone of Pixel, this Chromebook looked the way adds to sync his world in the way can very easily do before (memory, is not computer savvy). And like this far like this good. Again, any computer savvy, as he no dipped on a Chromebook. But it CAN have, material. So only it take the pocolos small, once signed in with his email of Google, comprise all his needs and he has been ready to go. If there is given up. I LOVE this thing! It is quickly. It is calm reason has the solid of state walk. A quality of speaker is utmost. Some images of screen are crisp. A touchpad attention of loans. A standby life of hard battery for the week. It is light. And it is enough. Calm can not upload a lot of some applications would expect. They are not available in a Tent of Game. Facebook, Netflix, Hulu All have to that be accessed by means of a browser of web. Ossia Well, so only go to a place once, sign in, then bookmark the to a bar of favourites. Every time with which, open browser, click, is there. It was able to upload Word of Microsoft as my husband seldom uses, but he in chance that require it, reason the no. is the mobile version of Word, no a full program, but is quite darned full. For any in yours world-wide the one who any particularly like this to pill, but prefers something with the keyboard (without travelling with an extra keyboard to go with to pill), ossia the simple, economic and elegant election. Any I still require it and loves one on its own name. But (sigh) is now on duty he on to husband. I will inform behind we run to any questions, although I am not anticipating a lot. It is to recommend it sure.
4 / 5
1366 x 768 is not the good exposure and generally the 'paving of fold' 180 hinge of terracing would be more durable.
5 / 5
This thing is the piece of junk. There is no another way of the describe. A battery last roughly 2 hours. Taking partorisca BOIL hot, immediately after the turn on, any only after using he for the moment. And a tampon to the touch does not answer to my touch at all. He skips and the stops and I have to that press like this hard sometimes, hurts my toe. It is ridiculous. Utilisation my bf the laptop and I not having never any subjects, answered to everything. I have done clearly the horrible deception that buys this piece of junk Chromebook
5 / 5
very really know like this 'chromebook' functions because I Didnt have both of a chromebook has received on partorisca longer that 5 minutes. Both have come with subjects of exposure with yellow rose and of the blue lines during a screen. My needs of woman partorisca do of house been due to COVID-19 and that spends the week that tries to take the computer of confidence would not owe that be something the people owe that concern roughly. We comprise that a product of prime minister receives can have the defect but when a substitution comes with a subject same exact begins to @give thats no the coincidence. You do not buy never another HP produced again. If the amazon has left 0 incident revises these products would be in a room of afamada.
4 / 5
Absolutely love this chromebook! It is quickly, effective and suitable my needs like the estaca secondary student. A life of battery is sum, connects to the yours google the walk and you am very so much gold!
5 / 5
Are very satisfied Of my Transports of compraventas after having it received in two days and open and installed are to good satisfied insurance of the mine portable , good compraventa , good prize , and delivery in 2 days.
Thank you Amazon.
5 / 5
Has taken for Christmass for my edges of 10 years and he loves it. It is rough with his material and like this far is that it resists up. It has not had any question navigating by means of one YOU and uses the Chromebook in pupil. A prefect present. Love it and not to dip it down and like this I so only have well to say roughly that.
5 / 5
Adds for a prize. It is substituting the four besides old year Chromebook and done a trick. Has the desk for heavy lifting but use this laptop more a time to the equal that sees to device. The pair he with my pixel 3A telephone and assist each one which so another like the sleep.
4 / 5
Has purchased to substitute the pill that use when we travel and better work that a pill for 1/4 a prize, we so only use for accesses of internets and looking for in an internet

Top Customer Reviews: Asus L210MA-DB01, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
4 / 5
Like this far very happy! Buy an external mouse a tampon is not súper responsive but does not use it very a lot of anyways does when precise impression something was and has not spent my mouse with me. I have been partorisca a main action and I would not have does a lot another way after reading by means of all some on-line descriptions. I am spent extracted adds to time partorisca try to find a laptop abordable that has been in fact the laptop and no the Chromebook like those no run with windows10 and does not have some capacities of the laptop regulate according to your needs after the very long times have decided is and am extremely happy like this far that I especially with some windows have comprised 10 and office 360 I really does not know you can take the treat better that this so only remembers before buying a real measure of this laptop is very small to the equal that wants something big this is not yours extracted this in spite of his frames of measure perfects partorisca travesía and lugging around!
4 / 5
ENGLISH: Be conscious that an Office has comprised is Office 365 Personnel, meaning the byline-the version has based, and give you to you so only a free year. But still, it could be worth it, reason a byline comprises OneDrive storage and 60 min/month of Skype partorisca Telephone calling. For a way, some Windows have comprised 10 east in S Way. But this is not really the question, reason when it look for to install any software of 3.as parties, will see the screen that asks love transmission out of S Way. A transmission is free.

FRENCH : it Knows That the Office included is Office 365 Personnel, the version has joined ossia byline of the sud, and that he any one offers that a a free. But this can this in spite of side Lucido Swipe, car the byline inclut of the storage OneDrive and 60 months/of minutes of calls téléphoniques Skype. Pair elsewhere, lucidas Windows 10 included is in way S. But this is not true A question, transports when tests of installer a third of software, will see a screen that asks want to emigrate out of the way S. He basculement is free.
5 / 5
In general ossia that has has wanted to/has required. Mainly it has looked for something small and light that I can use to modify papers (grad editor/of student copy). It is not súper fast or elegant but work well, easy raisin, and looks well. A tampon of the clue is not súper responsive but concealed has not been too much of a @@subject because utilisation the mouse, but could be annoy for another.
4 / 5
English follow
Lucido the model has received is L203MA-DS04. Processeur 2 cœurs max with GPU integrated 8GB, 4GB RAM, storage 64GB eMMC, 2 put you USB3 + 1 port USB-C.
ENGLISH keyboard - the His French touches are not indicated, as partorisca consider if you do not know his combinations of heart of the pair of the touches touches his emphasis or yes is partorisca touch offered to a boy.
Attention, his specifications are very minimum to touch Windows 10 and the majority gives the critical negations maintain of this appearance. It is this in spite of an excellent device touches the bureautique, Internet of the navigation and the works escoles give girls.
Has has not tried Windows, has installed immediately Linux to the place. Like the sympathetic mine, Lucido the system of cause is Windows 10 S, not leaving installer that gives Microsoft of applications of pair has signed, with possibility partorisca spend the Windows have joined of licence 10 House gratuitamente.
Simple access to the BIOS with F2 game désactiver Sure Boot and begin sud of nail of the USB. I have begun To the sud an alive USB and the fact joins the image integrates them (dd) to the sud joins key USB3 in roughly 1 now. I have tried ElementaryOS and Xubuntu that has done perfectly well. Touches FN luminosities of game, volume, etc. fact very good.
Turn His Youtube of video 1080P without question thanks to the GPU integrated to the processeur. Diffusion To the sud Chromecast of him browser Chrome/Chromium. Quality of the correct Edges, volume quite strong as a lot. He trackpad is not the best but lucido the Games of work lucida prize and is substituted easily the pair joins wireless smile. Webcam SD (Any HD), quality a lot half but the correct games joins utilisation occasionnelle. Libreoffice And VLC turn also perfectly well.
Dipped In guard: Installation of Linux relatively simple of an Alive USB there is moindrement the experience. This in spite of six to think that if you do not have his knowledges have required Games to do joins the copy integrates them of the inner disk to the forward (ex: dd =/dev/mmcblk0 of=/cleusb/), the operation is irreversible. No longer you will be able to go back to the common of Windows the continuazione and this is not the pair has covered the guarantee of the manufacture.
Has done your investigations and is conscious gives limit of this first system to come from to the edges Compraventas, would have to be satisfied fully.
A model has received is L203MA-DS04. 2-core CPU 2.6 GHz max with 8GB integrated GPU, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC storage, 2 USB3 ports + 1 USB-C.
The keyboard is English so only to the equal that maintains that the import has required French characters and does not know some combinations appropriate keys by heart or is buying for the French user.
Take notes that a specs is really minimalistic to run Windows 10 and critique more negative in this laptop reflects that I expect.
Has has not tried to the Windows the taste to them Linux installed immediately instead. Of the mine sympathetic, a system of base is Windows 10 S, which so only leaves to run the software signed for Microsoft, although you remain to upgrade the Windows 10 House for free.
Easy access to a BIOS with F2 yours to deactivate boot and Sure Boot of walk of USB. Fallen In the alive USB and has done the image of disk (dd) in USB3 inner in an hour. I have tried ElementaryOS and Xubuntu, both have run exceptionally well. Tones of function for brightness, volume, etc. has maintained without any questions.
Has has touched video of Youtube/of Youtube on 1080P without any question thanks to a CPU integrated GPU. Using Chromecast of Chrome/the chromium has not been the question. Quality of his good and quite strong east in max setting. Trackpad Is not a better of the his bondadoso but does a work for a prize and is mitigated easily with the wireless mouse. To the webcam is regular definition (any-HD) the quality was half but less bad for an occasional use. Libreoffice And VLC has run also without any subject.
Please take note: installing Linux of the Alive USB is relatively easy calm experienced that before. This in spite of, if you do not have a knowledge to do the image of disk of a whole walk for advanced (clue: dd =/dev/mmcblk0 of=/cleusb/), take the windows will be irreversible. Calm will not be able of the take behind and concealed is not a class of situation that would be covered by the guarantee of a costruttore.
Has done your investigation properly and is conscious of his first limitations to buy, would have to be satisfied abundance.
5 / 5
Extremely light and portable, the turn adds in trays of aerial, quickly enough to run chrome with multiple extension (4gb model). A keyboard is good and any flex like another Asus 11.6 of some leading years. Amur That is using the micro SD and no the full measure SD that the clave was like each another portable this measure. A lot lous the speakers but any one register at all.

An only downside is a corner to see of the screen is quite bad and a battery is a lot so only for 5 hours. It would want to see a same laptop with IPS exposure and 12 battery of hours for $100 more. USB C touching wouls also be add.
4 / 5
Has bought this laptop mainly for pupil and to look shows of TV or youtube. The video can lag once in the moment because a processor is not too much adds.

And 4 actions of the ram is not enough for chrome.

Portable adds for the web that explores, writing papers and some way down below final games.
5 / 5
The works so only fine the little in some lateralmente delay a lot this in spite of. You can run enough any application while his no the heavy action. Any adolescents/of girls that looks for the economic way to touch games of windows this could not be for you although it can run roblox a lot of counterstrike well in a low 30 fps row the wouldent take your hopes on and in an a lot of liwest the setting in unreal tournament can run in 28 fps. Discharges of propagation pdfs anything has related another the cad rendering big or there is detailed particularly video and of the most intense tasks arent reccomended. In general touch the laptop quite well if yours in an economic and of the one who love it chromebook for pupil or so only looking youtube touch the laptop adds will say them that a screen isnt adds but his functional also a keyboard has no backlight to the equal that touches the little difficult to use in a darkness. Life of battery in practising his probably like 6 hours idk in this row. If taken this laptop goes reccomend that goes your licence of windows and turning of windows 10s leave install applications of outsides a tent of Microsoft in all the chance gives the graces for punctual my bad description structured. Ciao
4 / 5
This laptop is perfect. Has the hard walk and good monitor for use of house and is like this light and quickly are really enjoying it. I have chosen obviously a better of some options but I use my cars constantly and needs then to manage and maintain up and like this far Asus have me has impressed.
4 / 5
Update: has has had to that the the turn has developed like this random reboot subject @interior 15 days. Tried a lot workarounds comprising reset but sadly has not taken fijamente. It has had to return. I really like a device. I received it it can be the defective a.

Was in a phase for the estimativa, tiny and well looking portable for mine from time to time computing requirements. The majority of my needs of daily computing is cured of for a Acer desk which is the beast . So much, I have not required the powerful laptop. All have has wanted to was a ossia like this small like possible and does not cost any a lot of. Felizmente, has found this laptop.

Has chosen a 11.6 thumb one that pursues in Intel 4020. First impressions are extremely pleasant. It looks and it feels well, it does not feel 250 economic dollar. Easily it can do spend for the well more expensive a. A creation is a lot of minimalist and very practical, also quite sturdy. A screen is decent for a prize (I has realistic expectations. Some descriptions complain roughly the exposure but I do not see a point.)And a device is defender -less than is the big plus for me. Of then already I have the primary computer, am leaving this in S Way. Some times of boot are real quickly, almost close to the instant of the surface in of the speeds. In my use has limited, some looks of battery to resist a lot well. It can last all day with low to use of half is my supposition .

My only flu in a device is a memory . The desire had dipped it SSD in place of eMMC. But again, this is not the complaint but wishful has thought. I have known to having had so only eMMC memory when I bought it.

A number of model me think that a keyboard is backlit but is not . It is not the breaker to treat enormous for me. It did not expect it backlit keyboard in the CA$ 250 laptop. There is certainly some confusion with numbers of model. It can be another variant of this model of base has backlit keyboard. To the amazon could has to that take the look in a page of product to do sure an information in a laptop is right to avert critical unnecessary negations. An another detail requires to the control is to mention of touchscreen characteristic. While writing a description, asked to estimate a touchscreen. Ossia Odd reason this is not the touchscreen portable. Again, another reason for unnecessary negative critiques. In my sincere opinion, any one buying the 250 laptop of the dollar would not owe that be expecting the touchscreen, FHD screen or backlit keyboard. You take like stops of pays.

All says and fact, ossia the very good laptop for CA$ 250 (comprising imposed). I will not pay more than that for a device. In this prize, ossia one of a better bang for your buck device. A perfect election, is looking for the secondary device for light task, or for school use.
4 / 5
Has bought this that the backside on computer and for when it has travelled holidays. I have uploaded he with Office of Microsoft, which have purchased frankly, and he 256 GB micro SD paper for extra memory, more the sleeve of laptop cushioned.
Is perfect to trip be a lot compact and light (still one load is small and compact), but this in spite of a keyboard is the reasonable and comfortable measure to write. For a class of basic use I mark of him (assuming documents of Word, and PowerPoint slides, writing emails and exploring an internet) look fast and snappy and shoe on much more quickly that mine desk. A keyboard is pleasant to use, although it is not backlit to the equal that has announced. Some works of tampon of the clue well, but has not been able to imagine was like this to to use likes him the tampon of of calculator. Utilisation smile it small generic wire fence with a laptop that does not take on acts and a lot of space well. The life of battery is impressive.

A screen is the bit dulls and acuteness of lacks, and the colours do not jump went in neither, how is probably a lot something would want to use mainly like the device to look film and video. A chance and the hinge of screen looks robust and looks place very near, but am not sure which well would stand up to really rough managing. In general I am very happy with a compraventa since I am using he partorisca and certainly is good value for a prize.

Top Customer Reviews: Lenovo Legion 5 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
MODIFICATION: 3 month in, am remarking more questions. Any sure he is a laptop or windows or engine.
- WIFI disconnects Randomly. Volume disconnected roughly 2-3 times the day now. At all it has changed he in my neighbour up. I have tried resetting a coverage in of the windows but has not helped.
- Smiled lag, while some CPU or the work of integrated map is required like inaugural the video or rendering play it, one smile lags partorisca roughly 1 second. It is quite that annoying that a cursor so only to move and then changes to a fate. When I disable integrated Map (hybrid way), looks to be well.
- I has taken the blue screen the few days does. Any sure that is going in. Again, at all changed in my neighbour arrive and has not installed any new software.
- Inaugural VLC player for a first time of kicks a computer takes especially long (likes 5 second). The subsequent video apresamiento less than the second.

--------------------------------------------------- Original description -------------------------------------------------

has Bought this for $ 1310 CAD and is surprising. ASUS TUF A15 With one same spec is priced in $ 1399 CAD and has poor and thermal screen.

- 144 Hz Screen with good colour, time of good response. Max brightness is quite brilliant deep down white but no the dark fund
- Thin screen bezel done my smaller laptop that mine old plus 15 laptop of thumb.
- A screen can open 180 terracing, any that uses it at all but is a lot of the aim was
- Web cam has the coverage of physical slide to daunt good. Few things like this so only me amour my laptop more.
- The hardware Adds for a prize
- Astonishingly powerful CPU. It was able to take bookmark with cinebench r20 on way of action.
- GPU Is quite powerful for more than games. It is more powerful that mine GTX 1060-6GB in desk
- SSD is súper fast, has an additional SSD or HDD space the one who bad can add you a lot the SSD or the HDD.
- The quality of build is sum and solid. Looks Very cleaned and pleasing.
- The keyboard looks clean and keys of the lock of discharges has light. The rear light is very good. Some tones has the light curve and he is quite fresh.
- Fn The discharges of tone to some the majority of the functionalities of entities likes them level of the his and brightness
- Fn+Q are so only adds to change ways of action quickly
- the speaker is quite strong
- Thermal are add, when stressing a CPU, only trace to 85 C and never thermal throttle. It cools down a lot quickly once a stress is on. Similarly for a GPU
- In a lenovo vantage software, has the way of conservation which will not touch your battery until drop 50 or something. It would beat last more along if your laptop is plugged in the majority of a time.

- Screen brightness does not look linear. The majority of a time has to that use light level 8+. Some levels down 8 only looks too dim. So only a big plus 3 levels are usable
- tampon to the touch is not clickable anywhere. Accident and the upper upper legislation is not clickable. As you move on a tampon to touch, taking harder to click down.
- Was hard the pry opens an inferior poster to install the second hard walk. A quality of build is also although it is hard to open.
- Some 2 put you of USB are in some behind and is inconvenient. The majority of a time when it covers in mine USB, covers he in a side. But 1 in each side is quite good. Enough it would have 2 in each side that 2 in a backside.
- A numpad has small tones. Spacing among the tones is quell'has bitten big and I need to take used to.
- This model does not offer RGB keyboard backlight
- A tone of the function does not leave turning on/of WIFI or bluetooth. Neither it leaves to turn of a screen.
- When The volume is gaze, can feel a vibration of a speaker under your hand
- An organism has some coverage of the hule soft and this could take sticky in some futures
- I there is remarked the way has balanced on, some partidário still careers with the bit of same noise when a CPU was always down 10. It would be calms happier short until a CPU taking warmer and augment a defender accelerates more. Basically the control of partidário the manual would be perfect. A ultra calm way in a BIOS does not look to do for me.
- A SSD and WIFI the zone of paper can take quite warm and a partidário a lot really cools it.

Will maintain to update I like this remarce some pocolos sakes and bads during daily use.
4 / 5
In general the laptop adds. After looking has found around a compatible 80wh battery.

Number of element:
L19C4PC1: with boss of the connection of period regulates
L19M4PC1: with boss of connection of period along

These 2 is fully compatible with this model, while I can find one.
5 / 5
According to Update: really have it at all more in this row in this prize. Of a unit has operated well for some premiers few days in normal time and benchmarking, animal-orderly and will update this description has had once some experience with a new unit.

Update: overheating of the unit begun today, has included idling is on on 60 Celsius in spite of having tonnes of flows of air of a fund, maintains randomly closing down like this spikes of temperature. Tried updating firmware pointlessly. Returning I so that I am inner first 30 still days.

Like a unit but sadly can does not recommend.

Leading description: unit A lot well with 8 processor of core and 1660you. It manages all can launch in him, although you can paste 90 Celsius down full load. Better closing that all more besides a HP Omen for temperatures. Uses he Samsung SSD more than a slow and more common plus SK Hynix SSD besides portable.

Also the very very programming portable because of the tonne of cores, recopilando the code goes a lot quickly.

Some stars was to do to the amazon that unit of ships of EUA in Canada, which probably will create subject to guarantee if it collects on besides late on. The guarantee so only tip 11 month has left in Lenovo put own web.
4 / 5
Has taken it casualidad in Lenovo and am happy has done! This laptop are adds for a prize I paid ($ 1320 +imposed CAD). It is quite thin for a specs and light also.

A IPS 144Hz the screen is fantastic! Has the 144Hz TN Monitor and the screen of this laptop the swipe was with a colour vibrancy. It is not like this quickly like him TN poster but yes has dipped a screen on On Walk (of a Lenovo Vantage software), comes very together.

A keyboard is so only in aiming backlight, but to the chairs like to add the plus refined look opposed to a RGB of the keyboard has lit. Some tones have it abonos that satisfies to feel when you write on the as well as using he to touch games.

Regarding a sound of some defenders, has not gone too strong. Of course gaming the laptops will have audible defenders during the full load but he a lot really annoy me. A CPU would achieve 91C but then go back down to a low 70s and big 80s. He no thermal throttle at all. Considering a 1660 You, one the hot plus has taken for me was 70C on 2 hrs of gaming. Quite good.

And a lot are not a flu. I have bought this with my own money.
5 / 5
Likes the majority of you, has seen an amazing specs for an amazing prize. This in spite of, he these specs does not import if a battery can not resist the load for more than 3 hours ON SAVERS of BATTERY! This page so only has announced this laptop there is The-poly battery, which generally resists less load that has read he-battery of ion.
4 / 5
Portable adds For prize. A++
Cant improve for prize in this moment.
To good sure recommend.

-Looks Really well without going flashy to good sure can spend like the business laptop.
- Colours of screen and brightness the look adds.
- Leaves not forgetting 144hz.
- Ram And fast walk
- Gorgeous backlit keyboard
- Bobo Cpu

-No a defender a big plus to supply to be able to (the desire was smaller)
-does not control separated for volume.
-The strong careers when the be has pressed. ( If auricular while gaming any @@subject)

If your pc will be plugged the majority of a time this is not a subject. An only real downside is a battery thus portable. A rest is Solid Rock and will touch any launcher of games in him. While also looking professional.

The walk is expandable.
And the battery can be upgraded( believes them)
the guarantee Adds also.

Agrees this laptop and loves the newspaper.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. An action is incredible in this laptop. After updating all some engine and applications of windows. I gave it the test of stress with Train 5 in action 'Big' with 90fps min and 120fps max settings. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Like this damn soften for an hour directly. Surprisingly calm and 'fresh temperatures' included on way of Action (Red DIRECTED). All a specs has indicated was all there of a Razon processor to a GTX 1660you. Almost the perfect laptop excepts 1 what. A pixel has broken tiny in an inferior left (sees picture/of video). This could be averted with MORE the packaging in a box comes with. I have been impacted as 'will read was'ecured' inside a box. Compared to mine Predator Helios 300. I took 5 minutes to take ALL A PACKAGING but I appreciated it everything for security. This Lenovo is coming without any of that. So much buyer beware!!!
4 / 5
Has been that plans to buy the laptop that can touch and work also. Basically, it was the decision among HP Omen and Lenovo Legion but had been according to for the moment looks for never for him Ryzen 4800 - RTX 2060 model.

Has run out of patience, and has finalised to buy is one. I had it it has used it so only he for the pair of days and here is my first impressions:

Very fast and responsive. Amur Like all run like this smoothly and the defenders grieve has fallen in.
Understated Look And feel. It feels like the laptop to do that it can games. Exactly that has looked for.
Am surprised the one who mobile GPU likes 1660can rid You such big FPS.
Is heavy and quite bulky so that they are not used to gaming portable it
the keyboard are to add but could have gone without NumPad. It is it has bitten it cramped and arrivals to press a numlock key in place of a backspace.
To the webcam is rubbishes
the life of Battery is abysmal. They are the programmer and taking 2 hours in mesos.
Literally has surprised that careers like this fresh and calm was when touching for hours.
Janky Windows. It does not blame of a laptop.
The guarantee is 11 month , any 12.

In general, ossia the product adds and would recommend to any the one who is looking for this type of product.
4 / 5
- Looks so only the portable rule without stressed wasd tones (honey, has taken this in the @@subject reason is weighed!)
- Awesome refresh Has imposed. Also a screen is crazy arrival, any lustrous (personal preference, but I like crazy better)
- VR Ready
- A lot of ports

1. Brick to be able to heavy (on 1kg for 230w. I have tried it covers he in the 60w USB-C and at all spent)
2. Noise of partidário strong (the virtual auditory experience Utmost when that touches FS2020 in of the settings of big video)
3. Life of short battery (compared to any-gaming Portable)
4. Any screen to touch

the wise action, are really adds.
4 / 5
The value adds for money! The competitor he after the plus would be a HP omen which is at least $ 200 more for basically one same specs. Amur A simplicity in creation, a keybourd is awesome. I am going back to gaming.. Like this far it is treating adds! I go to add a SSD for more than spatial of storage.. The storage limited and life of small battery ( again, enough regulate with gaming portable in this row) is an only minuses.
The computer adds global, value and utmost action for money!
Also, highly promote you to look on some descriptions and comparisons on Youtube! He an election to buy this to the easiest plot!

Top Customer Reviews: Acer Chromebook ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
When you are considering or any partorisca buy the Chromebook, one the majority of the what of entity is partorisca do sure comprise the one who the Chromebook is and is not has drawn stops. A Chromebook is not the laptop, and is not the notebook. It is not able to run Windows at all, and calm can not install his program a way can with closing of economic notebooks. A Chromebook is drawn partorisca to the very basic functions like to explore a web, writing, looking video or using to some to basic applications likes them to of them could find in a pill of Android or telephone. Has functionality very limited, but the transmissions tend partorisca be a lot of abordables, light, and have life of long battery. This Acer Chromebook has all three of these things.


A Acer Chromebook has the very simple but light creation, with round corners and the plastic shell the one who unemployment feels a lot of sturdy. Hanged so only the few pounds and easily can be spent in a delivery or in the small stock exchange. A screen is not súper acute and some colours do not burst so as they in the most expensive laptop, but so only there is not remarked never that when looking film or shows of television, and calm can not expect an incredible exposure in this prize. There is two USB 3 and two USB-C put you, a place in the each side, as well as the space partorisca a SD paper and the microphone jack. A SD the paper is useful reason there is limited inner storage , as you can add the plot with the consecrated SD paper.

A keyboard is well, some tones no celery a lot of responsive but once use them partorisca the few hours have the habit of and law perfectly well. A trackpad, in another hand, always felt the little has bitten slow and prone the skipping. A feeling of clicking a mousepad has not felt never right mine, and strongly would recommend an external mouse finds a trackpad annoying. Has the general aversion of trackpads and a lack of keys is annoying mine.

Would beat

One of some better parts of this Chromebook has been times it a hard battery. You touch a battery partorisca use one of an USB-C put you, which is a characteristic amazing . It is súper easy to recharge your Chromebook while maintenances the USB the USB-C boss with you at all times. When being able to recharge your Chromebook has seen any port of USB is in enormous prize . A battery will last you all day yes calms so only is using he partorisca the web that explores and writing (students, for example, or any one doing in a setting of office). If calm uses it partorisca look video all day he still last 8-10 first hours of precise the recharge that. When being able to take your 3-book Chromebook was and use it all day without requiring the recharge is the big plus.


Ossia where all the estimativa Chromebooks, this one has comprised, tends partorisca struggle. Chromebooks Is meant partorisca be light and economic and last the long time, but is not some computers some fast plus want to multitask. Working on one or two tabs of the web the time is well, but calm as soon as has the tabs of open dozen and the video that touch in a background your Chromebook will begin still to retard down very bad. Anytime it has directed in a thing the times have not had any question, and an integer Chromebook was very fast. If I have taken absent-minded and has begun to open the plot of tabs would begin still to retard down. Ossia Especially bad try look the video and do other things a same time.

Some characteristic useful that am happy was included is built-in Bluetooth functionality, and the together decent of speakers. Bluetooth Is the must-have for me to arrive to this point, and some speakers can not be amazing but is a lot enough for random listening.

Chrome YOU

One of some changes some big plus for more Chromebook the owners is taking used to a fact that is not the PC or the Mac. Chromebooks Run in Chrome YOU, which is resembled an operating system for behind a pill of Android. Calm can not install programs, but can download applications of a tent of application of Game of Google. Calm once take used to an I finds is much easier to use your Chromebook efficiently and not taking bogged down for like this different is of the PC.

If already utilisations Chrome like your browser of web has consecrated, will not be the big adjustment.

A subject end with the Chromebook to the equal that could affect some people is that it is drawn to be on-line all a time. Your local storage is grieves 30gb, which mean you will require to store the majority of your work in a cloud. Some diverse applications are almost all has drawn to do more (or sometimes only work) when have a connection of internet. If calm finds you without internet, will have limited severely in that that can do you in yours Chromebook. If calm always access of them he Wi-fi this would not owe that be a subject for you, but is of entity to maintain first imports to buy a.


In general this Chromebook is the economic option, of confidence for any any one an extremely coffins-computers of bone. A hard battery the long time, is extremely light, and is very very adapted to the basic web that explores and writing. If you are looking for the multimedia car or something with the plot of flexibility this is not a computer for you.

+ Luz and portable.
+ The durable good/quality.
+ Name of mark of confidence.
+ Well For the students that/reads/in a gone.
+ HAS the keyboard, the difference of the pill.
+ Good value.
+ Speakers and Bluetooth.
+ Street of storage along SD Paper or External the hard walk is possible.

- Chromebooks HAS limitations.
- I aversion trackpads, this one has built-in of the keys.
- Relatively small screen.
4 / 5
Is a lot confusing when you plough a box and in place of a volume of order of the model the different a. In place of CB311-9H-C29L volume CB311-9H-N17Q2 which has lower specs, any exposure of transfer and no like this sure roughly screen to touch neither. The Mine has turned never on, the correspondent that so only behind. Interesting thou a number of the model and the number of serial is returned a focuses in a notebook. But that calms would not expect is that a focuses contains two numbers of model, one one calms does not want to you not even can find specs paralizaciones in a acer homepage.
Follows sure Acer to the amazon tricked in this chance.
5 / 5
Hands to the equal that has promised. That is to require to remark school student. It notes three.
4 / 5
Adds for school work, and the pocolos play random like Roblox and probably Minecraft, although I thought that it could take it on Game of Google because I bought it already but apparently the no. Really loves this chrome rids also, so only clashed once (still very sure reason) but so only has closed quell'has been and turned it behind on and was a lot. It is the small laptop this are adds for the spend the school (especially with the chance) and is compact for the small office.
5 / 5
A Value for your money are add,loves something basic to do work on. His nothing special,but a quality of screen is sum,the sound is well, has a port of USB,and calm easily can connect wireless heaphones his. A life of the battery is not bad any so that his value. A precise only thing agrees is that this runs so only in of the APPLICATIONS of a GOOGLE PLAYSTORE,is not to like each one another laptop,and calm can not use a desk to store files,concealed is not an option that is avaible like your desk the empty stays,which is an only thing the really does not like . Another that that is to go in to perfect condition ,the delivery was quickly,the see any question at present.
4 / 5
Has bought this chromebook to use so only for on-line exploring and a google applications of game (Netflix, Spotify, Word etc) and he a work. Very easy to setup and accelerate quite fast and travesías good. Calm can not beat a prize neither! This in spite of, have finalised returning he because of a measure of screen so only. Have @@give With which purchased it that prefers the screen slightly main measure. Ossia An only thing would take the consideration feigns on purchasing this chromebook. This in spite of, this chromebook the shot adds!
5 / 5
The indications reflect cost of value. 5 beginning that estimativas
Screen(4.5⭐) that shines, clear colours , well. Corners to see adds.
Keyboard (4⭐) travesía good in of the tones and responsive
Touchpad (4.5⭐) pleasantly has surprised. Good measure and good click
Processor (4.5⭐) a lot of snappy and any question. Any lack of response when having 5-6 plough of windows in chrome
Battery (5⭐) life of excellent battery. All day under normal conditions.
Webcam (3.5⭐) A lot well in natural sunlight but the little grainy down light
USB-C (5⭐) load in both and exposed is gone in both
hanged Slender and thin , light.
4 / 5
Ports of USB constantly having the subjects with the mouse owe frequently unplug and replug and beg for him to recognise (any one has impressed to consider a prize I paid) almost feels as if it is refurbished
4 / 5
Very some looks of woman to be well with him but I bought it based in some characteristic but mainly for a resolution, has been announced likes 1920 for 1080 but did not look it and sure enough a Acer the shows of web of place is so only 1368 for 720. Probably it would have bought something more and once again seat the little rasgado has gone by Amazon. It could have saved 200 bucks to buy the 5 year old used model more than paying 300 ro take technology of 5 years in this product. Again, a lot and a lot a pre the games installed no reasons is not the screen to touch. Any tone of the keyboard or one smile pacman of a intro the screen that swipe of aims to touch. Bought he for his to look HD Netflix and prime of Amazon but no master gives on now I so that supposition to win he for Amazon again.
4 / 5
Like another reviewers mentioned obviously has to that comprise concealed that is buying is not the economic substitution for the plenary-in of the windows/mac portable the. Ossia He Chromebook and has centred around use/of on-line cloud. Cela Out of a way this model is the way adds to take to Chromebooks without investing too much.

Has been using the mine bought it of then he roughly done two weeks and there is already more than has tried he to be the goodness adds. An addition of the support of Linux is icing in a cake of then are the enormous defender and user of Debian distros. Still without a Linux sustains this computer has been I adds. I have been able to improve my communications with people so next and far for jumps and bounds as well as it augments mine workflow for the personal projects that use his capacity to synchronise by means of my devices.

This model has there is showed also the good quantity of sturdiness in spite of being considerably lighter that regular laptops of a measure of same screen. It has a lot of fact the believer in Chrome YOU out of me.

Top Customer Reviews: Dell Chromebook ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
4 / 5
If it could give 0 I accident . I have it that has not had never the Chromebook but my uses of edges he in the pupil like thought that would be more partorisca he. It results this model no longer will receive the security or the characteristic updates like this of September 2021, and a lot included sustain a tent of Game of the Google.

Does not squander your money
4 / 5
has Bought partorisca my grandson partorisca do home the schooling when being the schools are closed down now was. So only used partorisca the few days like him the update has required . The net loves it. Chromebook Has arrived a lot quickly, looks to do a lot well, the appearance is a lot very paralización refurbished.
5 / 5
This was the refurbished unit that is coming looks the new mark . It has been doing adds. Life of long battery. Good speed. We are not sure state roughly taking the chrome the book but is utmost state for our needs. We take in the prize adds. Had the subject small with shipping but a vendor has treated he in the timely way. Very pleased.
4 / 5
Dell The book is a lot quickly, well partorisca surfing, perfect for any student, or simply for backup. I love a product, is like this value he. No very big but, very powerful. As I have said the very compraventa!
5 / 5
Both units are looked punctually without breaking anything. Both mark of new look ! Habladuría Roughly saving my butt. With both on-line boys that learns these chrome the books are perfect. Both does perfectly. Totally recommend these types.
4 / 5
Is gone in punctually so only when the on-line school begins. Turned the on conned the wifi without the subjects and the daughter has been using of then.
5 / 5
Global has been expecting them the years of the newest model then a a has taken them. When it opened it, a esc the key is fallen off. A sd space of the paper so only returns big version. Cela So only say me his go in the 2014 or 2015 model. It has had to that buy adapter, but another then concealed. I think that that extracted a lot well. Probably it would buy of a vendor again but the think the little more detail in a description of a unit would have been better.
4 / 5
Is not able to access tent of the game of the Google is dose not existing in this car goes to settings and that his applications a lot there would owe that it has done bridge on selling info another that that it is A lot
4 / 5
Work very good perfect games the pupil gives girls and give fast investigations
4 / 5
would not turn in any and any reset of factory neither, does not recommend .

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS VivoBook 14 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
5 / 5
Experience a R5-3500or/8GB/256GB version.

- The ram is in 4GB soldered + 4GB sodimm configuration. Careers in 2400MHz
- rests with 6GB usable ram, with 2GB poured in an integrated GPU. Calm probably wants to upgrade a ram.
- M.2 NVME The walk is installed, together with the something for the 2.5' sata walk. This in spite of, need to buy the separate boss to install the sata walk.
- A NVME the walk has taken was the Western Digital SN520
- minimum bloatware installed, the configuration of software is well. I have installed an engine a late plus directly of AMD.
- I defenders are calm, but look to be on constantly. The laptop does not take too hot.
- The keyboard is creation of EUA (the width has entered turn key , wide tone)
- does not have any keyboard backlight
- You can not touch a portable street is USB -C port; the must uses a barrel has comprised to upload
- LCD seeing corners and brightness is usable, but to good sure of the class gone in of level

In general value a lot well in regular prize, and excellent find it to him on sale. An integrated map is so only own for the oldest games. If you are buying for the boy for touch minecraft or roblox ossia well. Games more demanding could run in 720p with low settings. For work of office and general computing, a ryzen 5 cpu is excellent.
4 / 5
This laptop adapted all my needs. I have required the laptop for on-line classes as well as meetings of zoom. Also the quite big screen to be able to look Netflix and Youtube, has the HDMI to connect to my big screen while master. I have wanted to it loved/ It To it also to be quite fast to touch games like Minecraft, Fortnite and Roblox for my grandkids. It has been the familiar laptop adds and am happy has done this election. Highly recommend.
4 / 5
After A lot of looking for a perfect laptop pulled them a trigger is a when it has been on sale for -520 which is the value adds ! A R5 offered good action. M.2 HD Is very fast and a 8gb (6gb) of the ram is pertinent but will require eventual upgrade for heavy multitasking, an addition of the SSD in a bay has opened also will be the good upgrade in a future like the results of storage have limited.
im The relatively light user with an odd bit of the photo that modifies in lightroom and fusion 360 rendering and this will be so only well for my needs.
The Useful vote!
5 / 5
While it is the laptop to estimate very ossia quite light, am returning east.

- GPU Eats on 2GB by heart, like this of the windows sees there there is so only of the available memory.
- Dud ad. There is no backlight in a keyboard
- the defender is quell'has bitten noisy

will give some credit, this in spite of, that a quality of external build is quite well, especially considering his point of prize. Also, I liked him that of small a ac brick to be able to this.
5 / 5
This laptop has to that have at least 12G of RAM. The mine there is so only 8G, with 2G reserved for map; he so that there is so only has left. So only Win10 YOU already taken , my short boy play it, which take a rest . So much in an end looks no more RAM has left. Now it thinks to return a unit. This model would owe that be well with 12RAM of G. I do not comprise reason do not add extras 4G that cost so only 10-$20 .
4 / 5
Excellent car for a prize. The quality of build has better seen in row of the prize and the exposure is fantastic (1080p IPS). Any backlit keyboard but an action of a AMD the chip is on pair with 8th gene i5 intel chip. Ossia The really good product and am impressed with the Asus crammed in spec wise in this point of prize. The majority of cars in this point of prize is being missing of in a way or another, notably using poor TN poster. Calm also can customise the plot of a colour of exposure and function of battery in a Asus that directs of task to take an ideal treating and looking car. Expandable storage, the ram is all amazing to see.
4 / 5
Adds for a prize. It will run the plot of XBOX games to Spend of the Game -- how is well. It will be used by some boys in prep for pupils and ossia join better that the Chromebook. MicroSD The space of paper is the plus . An only minus is a connector of small barrel to be able to. Has USB-C... If so only it could accustom touch also.
4 / 5
When A first product has arrived was very happy with him this in spite of afterwards the pair of month for the use, a screen has the white line that that drop. Ossia Extremely inconvenient for me because they are the professor and am unable to recover any one planning that I have done previously to of the this spending.

Has looked for to go in touch with support of Amazon to see yes can exchange this laptop to the equal that need for my work this in spite of were pocolos had to help me was because of still be external so only of his window of turn. We advise me to us to contact ASUS that would take month for me to take the transmission/of substitution. Now I chair to likes does not have any election but to take to the tent of computer and pay out of pocket to have this fixed.

Recommends to go with the plus of confidence ThinkPad or equivalen is also the professor.
4 / 5
Would want to all in this laptop if it has not been for a fact that his 4GB of the memory is 90 has on used a moment registers you in.
Not even annoying buy this laptop unless it plan on upgrading a memory to AT LEAST 8GB a moment takes out of a box.
If it has not been for this a flu, are sure I otherwise loves this laptop.
5 / 5
Enough very in general for basic schoolwork and the internet that explores. Has decent audio playback and chiclet the tones feels quite good.

Also has a Ips exposed. Mark sure to go the radeon lite software and change a temperature by heart of incumplimiento (looks warm) to automatic for the by heart better accuracy.

Wishes a life of battery is lasted bit it more along, taking roughly 4 - 5 hours of use.

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS VivoBook Flip ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5
This light and portable laptop has the life of battery adds, which lasts a whole day without requiring to be recharged. This computer lags the little has bitten. For example when writing takes the little extra of the second partorisca one has written words partorisca look in a screen. A tampon of the clue is not a lot of responsive, as you will require partorisca maintain touching some clues cushions the little time partorisca he partorisca do an action. A sensor/of the thumb of the toe is unresponsive and unable to read impression/of toe of the thumb/fingerprint
4 / 5
has dressed more than all my needs. I have done all some updates yesterday and all has done well and today, Google offer partorisca fulfil a form partorisca a guarantee. This toe of notebook is a lot amazing and is almost zero noise. It locates to accelerate, connects to a 5G, battery last all day and took so only 3 hours for the full load. Also it resupplies the plot of tools and good applications of Microsoft and Google. So many, likes so only has expected the typewriter for my work to write, this one east the real present for a prize. Big screen, metal solid device (a bit weighed compares to a new some), smooth tones to write, touchscreen does well and pleasant toe to use too much. To do the short long history, loves that! But in my chance, unfortunately for my work, More the memory of need. As I have decided when returning and buy another.
4 / 5
Has taken this like the portable second, mainly to take notes. The When being 2 in 1, imagined it would sustain gone in of pen.
First things in the first place, take a computer and upload he in a box. A computer is all the metal , which is the good plus in this row of prize; this in spite of a quality of leaves of build to plot to be wished. There is screen and significant keyboard flex, and in general a keyboard is so only any sake. Also they would owe that move an indicator of lock to cover them in some real discharge in firm tone and no in a frame. A trackpad is decently sized. They are not the enormous defender of has consecrated sinister and right click keys, but know some people prefer this. It is the Precision of Windows Trackpad so that it sustains Gestures of Windows.
Has the fingerprint scanner, but would not recognise my toe any @@subject that the times have tried.
In of the terms of ports, are not adds. There is the microUSB port that can that quell'USB 2.0 port, the micro HDMI port, the headphone jack, an USB-C port, a SD reader of paper and a barrel that spent of touches. I comprise he the reason because it has added a microUSB and microHDMI, but go to use an USB-C port for all this anyways. As that could have has added it so only another USB-C.
Before we speak in an action, has left habladuría in a screen. It is 1366x768 and there is @@give has forgotten that I any Plenary HD the look of screens. You can count all some pixel, which is not to treat it enormous in way of laptop. But you are taking notes, results obvious and finalises a lot that wants to take the notes is. Speaking to take notes in way of pill, mine Dell the pen has done splendidly with this laptop, so to good sure sustains gone in of pen.
Another question in the way of pill is some corners to see. This has the TN poster, which means corners of horrible viewing. It is borderline impossible to see that it is writing unless you are looking in a laptop of right on.
With east movement , has left the action. Has the 2-core, 2-edge Intel Celeron and 4 gigabytes of RAM. It combines this with the 128GB no-like this-fast storage, and have this. It is in fact a lot of meso bad in of the daily tasks or has likes 2 plough of tabs in Chrome; but anything more and begins to retard down and freezing. 4 gigabytes Of RAM is so only a lot enough, and that it is worse is that it can a lot of upgrade the! It has included it goes for a storage, is everything soldered.
Any annoying career inclusa Cinebench or PCMark10, reason have known has not been to treat well.
Still would be good with maintaining this calm reason essentially is taking the computer for a prize of an iPad if it has not been for a life of HORRIBLE battery. So only it would last me an hour and the half, after all some updates have been done. It would not import that dipping to be able to era in.
I mine is returned finally to the equal that am sure has had the question of battery, but otherwise could do it passable computer of level of the entrance.
5 / 5
Like this immediately has the question......
He cant do is, this notification, on and on and on and on
Reason so only spends on 500 dollars is and his automatically useless mine .... It says the windows could not complete an installation. To install windows in this computer. Restart an installation.
To the equal that have tried...
Are quite so only thinking to ask all my money behind..
5 / 5
Like this far this computer has been doing like this described that. Any subject with a hardware, software this in spite of, is another history. At the beginning redden Windows 10 S Way ( boasts this means way of security) offers the a lot of measures of security enhanced blah, blah, blah. That for real is, is the program of useless work that Microsoft has touched in his clients have trusted still again. This craps the system does not leave an user to install programs or applications unless they are of a Tent of Microsoft. Habladuría In the monopoly. It can you do not install own antivirus. It can not install software of PDF of reputable companies. It could a lot of included installs mine ASUS WebStorage, which costs far less for storage that Microsoft OneDrive. It has had to change out of S Way (he ossia an option but so only a way) to the regular Way to dip this computer on like this in fact can fulfil work.

Takes a computer, dump S Way, unless all your programs comes from/Microsoft come from.
4 / 5
Has come with a keyboard disabled. I soent the averages the day among trying to do work to look for an on-line solution and then calling Amazons and then when being transfered to Asus. It was a lot of frustrating. As Pode the new computer that comes with the disabled keyboard this has had to be reset for laws in fact again. So only appearance the ones of the one who has anymore subject.
4 / 5
Laws perfectly well, so that it explains in a detail. This was an excellent election for colegiala. A lot stylish master . Value each one that $
4 / 5
has had this for 2 weeks and looks to have the life. He suddenly closed down in his own while they are a half of something. So only it could it be glitch receiving the defective one but utmost except this odd chance. It can not risk the returning or will be late with my on-line classes.
4 / 5
As so only has 4RAM of G, can be upgrade a SSD hard walk, but when it tries upgrade a RAM, can not find a space of RAM in a joint of mother, included can not find one that exists 4GM ram, where is....
5 / 5
Some drains of battery bit it faster and taking the slowest time in recharge that has expected. A bit more weighed that has expected also. Well to explore video, but he lags enough to the plot that touches game. But a lot still for common daily use.

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS VivoBook 15 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
Good product Ryzen 7 with paper of video in the life of battery of the reasonable prize well is comparing other frames, easy to use and quite fast. Any used for gaming, does not have touchscreen.
In general am satisfied
4 / 5
Bad informations concernants his specificities of the computer (less elevated to vary quell'announced ) a lot disappointed
4 / 5
So faster, fresher, and calmer that leading laptop.
5 / 5
Can very really basic course yaks without taking for ever to upload. Any backlit tones, any screen to touch, the life of battery is GOOD

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS VivoBook 15 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
5 / 5
A product is defective. An USB C port is not doing and ossia one the majority of port of entity in a laptop as it connects to a canal of cradle.
A support of the client has not been useful as immediately they ask to reset a laptop (very typical) without clear solution in sight. Certainly very expected of ASUS.
There is disappointed. It will ask turn.
4 / 5
Life of the battery is not that it adds but no critical so that utilisation stops. The clarity of screen is sum. Amur A keyboard has lit.
4 / 5
Has bought so only this laptop. Fact on he partorisca the day. Has at all at all partorisca complain roughly - the screen is sum , the speed is surprising, the comfortable keyboard, any dysfunction. They are very happy.
5 / 5
This Laptop has been announced like refurbished and has verified.
An element was the late delivery and not even kicked on when headed.
5 / 5
Arrival and fast delivery in excellent condition , could not improve for a prize , speed and chart to the equal that has expected !
4 / 5
Has not had Never of the like this @@subject of connectivity with the laptop. Essentially useless with which so only the little month.
4 / 5
Partorisca Begin, thinks that this can be one first description has has not left never. My experience has to that way that be negative that the chair has obliged partorisca share.
In a start, an alike laptop and the fact adds. Has the creature in a house, this in spite of, how was hardly able of the use. When I , has been impressed with his light weight, his global creation, and a speed of past. All was the improvement adds in mine older HP portable.
This in spite of, a day roughly 3 weeks after buying a laptop, a screen behaved oddly. He pixelated and has frozen. Once restarted, has operated properly, but obviously this was still an alarming development the weeks old computer. I have it that has has sent immediately the question partorisca return the Amazon, but because of the mine odd Covid-time partorisca do has related and our creature, so only has not reacted quickly enough. My BIG deception.
Some next times have had the occasion partorisca use a laptop again, a screen conked was. To the mine dismay (and anger in me), this was 2 days after a window of turn had closed. I have been now he has stuck. I have tried it restarts the, but every time a screen would begin of final, but then takes 'flashy' (I am not technically quite astute to describe his behaviour any better), then would go entirely pixelated. Finally, it has gone irrecoverably black.
Here is where takes ugly. A ASUS the on-line support is totally unavailable and misleading, referencing a coronavirus like the cause. There is any way to create an on-line RMA, like some claims of web of place. Neither it is his on-line technology and troubleshooting the available assistance by means of cat, which again, some claims of web of place. Some clicks the just circle retreated around the homepage. An only way to take the assistance is by means of the call of telephone. I have called two times, and was on control partorisca 12 first minutes of quitting, then 20 first minutes of quitting.
A curiosity- a voice in that is touching while you are on resist brags in how much prize has won in 2014. 2014 it Was 6 years ago! It concealed it is not the good signal. But I digress,
has begun partorisca the ask perhaps simply has not answered NEVER. 'Sinister' the just ship was some bad PCs without recourse partorisca some clients'-- sure, no the solution of term along, but could do well partorisca a neighbourhood.

Has involved partorisca expect them was, and in a third tries was able to achieve the service of client rep with which 50 minutes on control. It was quite useful, although it did not like that with energy it has tried it take me he troubleshoot a question I. A question was like this obviously the defect of the manufacturer and a lot something the user has related that chair like him standup the company has to that arrived of excusar and offered to afterwards-of day the substitution to any in my situation. East has been far from a chance. I have been given and RMA and focus partorisca ship it behind. This was -October 23rd. They estimate a computer will be inner fijamente 10 days of the receive, 10 days! Felizmente, are not in the desperate situation. Has access to my old computer and my computer of work. It imagines any the one who has required the computer partorisca his livelihood or school. 10 days is an eternity ! Especially when you add a time of traffic. Ossia 2 more weeks.
Excepts Is included worse. I have followed a shipment, and has arrived in a place of reparation in a 28th October. This in spite of, when you use a ASUS RMA state checker, does not recognise the receiving until November 3rd. So they are measuring his turnaround time in of the reparations, but doing so many with the dates of receipt have manipulated, an already terrible 10 days is without senses. In all the chance, has dipped a date of conclusion has estimated. This date has come, and a missing FIELD of a ASUS RMA been checker. A field has been gone, any so only a date. Now, it has reappeared, of course with a date has pressed was.
Partorisca A compraventa expensive, to to these looks like would have to that be of illegal. Has laws of lemon partorisca automobiles; the desire has had resemblance partorisca computer.
Again, are in any hardships. Has the access to computer has required . I seat partorisca any the one who buys a ASUS and the precise, and has something goes bad. That spends to take it to him behind and a subject @same recurs, or another bursts up? Another plus of now with service of client, and another month turnaround partorisca the take fixed?
Perhaps is the computer adds , and so only has taken a one in one stirs that it was botched. I can not say. I have had a ASUS computer, and that a ASUS the computer was rubbishes . As I am batting .000 Partorisca me.
Perhaps to the amazon can negotiate of pressure that sells elements of big entrance partorisca have some basic levels of service of client? ASUS HAS any one. His service of client is horrifying. My woman has bought a HP the week before I have bought mine ASUS. It was jealous of a ASUS, preferring his appearance and ergonomics. These jealousies are quite disappeared quickly, this in spite of. It has Had the smallest question with his laptop, and the rep has spoken his by means of him in of the minutes.
And here are, writing this description in my old computer.
4 / 5
I colours are sooooo bad! Black is besides ash, and really feels like the tease. You take solid specs, but this screen is literally worse that Mina 10yr old $ 500 walmart dell any lie! Spent this SO ONLY has 0 intention partorisca enjoy a screen. I can not stress the one who ugly a quality of image is. It likes in of absolute.
4 / 5
My last HP the leaves of laptop partorisca do and has not been impressive, as I have decided to go back to ASUS, and the boy are I happy has done. This PC has 8GB of RAM and he 512GB HD. A Core i5 the processor is very fast. Touchpad Is very comfortable to use and a keyboard are adds. Memory to plot of mine leading Macbook in of the terms to draw. A backlit the keyboard is the enormous plus and one 10-key is small as no among a way. A small bezels the help has reduced a measure while still that takes a measure of acceptable screen. Any light plus, but is not weighed.

A quality of the screen is not that it surprises partorisca astound, but is to good sure well. The life of battery is to 7 /10 and a measure of one uploads the adapter is the bit clunky.

This PC mainly will be used partorisca work of purpose of house (I work in him) and is awesome that does. I have been always the enormous defender of ASUS and recommend them regularly. Ossia The PC adds partorisca this use as well as step of document, the web that explores, Youtube/Netflix looking, etc. Highly recommended!
5 / 5
Unimpressive, Any value a prize. A screen is terrible. To Any subject likes the look in, there is always the glare. Also the little has bitten misty, any crisp and clear. Some speakers are terrible. In 100, calm hardly can listen anything. Life of the battery is not partorisca order, lasted roughly 5 hours with the continuous use that does to to the basic tasks like to them the web surfing and writing. The webcam is mediocre, swimming of individual roughly that. The computer is plastic and feels fragile. Any value $ 600.

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4 / 5
Bought this partorisca the student of institute together with a pen that the amazon recommended in a fund of a listing (frequently bought near) and quell'USB-c 7-way hub so much can hook on the monitor, mouse and keyboard when house. Very pleased with a device. The value adds so it comes with a keyboard, kickstand backing and headphone adapter. The pen is ideal to note take in class and sketching partorisca class of art.
4 / 5
Ossia The able pill with an enormous defect; a wifi the connection is absolutely terrible. It is the constant series of disconnecting with this pill. You will see that your wifi is fully disconnected or hangs it on connecting several times with in the hour. Incredibly it is frustrating and this pill will go down like the hard memory to me to never buy the Lenovo produced never again. His reputation in some still stands has spent to this day. One was partorisca know partorisca produced low quality , terrible in an early @@@2000s this in spite of are producing, partorisca lack of the better term, craps. The lesson has Learnt.
5 / 5
Preferring The half of management of bureautique of Google , this version of Chromebook answered to the compatibilities that researched with utilisations of precedents of the months cumulées. A factor More is lucido bond with my cell Huawei p30 pro
4 / 5
A lot very partorisca a prize. The stand is quell'has bitten uncomfortable but will do a work.

Goes partorisca use he partorisca explore and verifying emails, ossia a one wants to take.

I desire there is the pen also, has to buy it for separate.
5 / 5
Ossia A pill has possessed better and has has possessed plots. His add!
5 / 5
Loves this laptop, highly recommend! It has not taken the perfect description of me because when it attach a keyboard changes a corner of a screen, likes to fulfil that some the perfect corners are without a keyboard. Also with a keyboard has not attached any work adds in of the soft surfaces like the pillow. Otherwise Portable adds, especially for his versatility.
4 / 5
Excellent quality chromebook in an amazing prize. The screen of quality adds, highly recommended.
4 / 5
The pill adds,amour a together key that comes with him. And a hard battery all day.
5 / 5
the device suddenly working decree and would not turn on.
4 / 5
It looked partorisca substitute a laptop partorisca age and compressed of android with this device. More than the substitution of pill with a capacity to sustain the little simple productivity applications. Some applications of pill of the android that has the result accustoms to this neither very available or buggy. Career very small smoothly. For example, although has an application partorisca Google informative, will invoke a web page more than an icon rich page. Some applications are in the format of telephone and will not regulate to a horizontal place.
A screen is well, does not add . A UI is not responsive and will freeze frequently. When A unit finally has fallen on (apresamiento partorisca always), a screen brightness reset to the minimum illumination. There is any way to organise some applications alphabetically, unless manually. A do one this in spite of dossiers of application of the support.
A unit is weighed and uncomfortable to use. I have expected a keyboard partorisca be small, is usable, this in spite of. A @@@back cover magnetic will move when using a kickstand. No the big shot, but annoying.
Sadly, An action is lackluster, and a lot unfortunate the elections to draw left severely complaining spent of mine. They are unsure where the positive critiques partorisca east devises has come from/come from. Perhaps too enthusiastic fanboys (or daughters).
Simply place; if it love the pill, spent one. If it love the laptop, spent one. It does not buy this device. One of cost of mine of worse technology.