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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
I can so only really echo the one who another has said here (and elsewhere)/ I the hell of the plot partorisca research before going for this amp, as I have had a lot similarly spec'd amps this has, enough frankly, any state a response. This a more to good sure is a response - especially is looking for something of this wattage that can in fact marries of use without blowing your windows was or pssing other neighbours/of residents! In fact, it was a canal of 1 option of watts that there is sealed a shot for me, and better same work that has expected. Have profité Of the deal of Day of the Boxing in Laney 1x12 cupboard, which again is better that has been expecting. Quality of build of amp the boss and the cupboard is excellent, and a sound is to die stops. Warm tones , cleaned lovely, and the few turns here and there takes things breaking on fantastically. (And has a FX loop!. And glorious built-in reverb). A built-in the impulse is another prize , and all has combined has the enormous quantity of tonal options to select of a pallete in offers for fiddling and twiddling with some @@knob @diverse. For a money, can not think of anything better.
4 / 5
Has been looking for age for the very simple atrocity all amplifier of electrical guitar of the valve with a fx loop and built in reverb. Laney returns a bill to perfection. I connected it to the 1 x 12 cupboard with the Celestion Vintage 30 speaker and touches sublime. A plenary 15 watts is a lot enough for small actions and can be miked until a PA for the main rooms. One 1 setting of watt are adds for a studio. Having a built in the impulse gives an occasion to take the wide row of tones to balance an impulse, profit and master volume. A amp has very cleaned headroom and parties on well with fx pedals. I have possessed a lot of amps likes Marshall, the number of Fenders, Peavey, Bognor, Hughes & Kettner etc. And Laney is up there with a better. The value adds for the money and the sound add.
5 / 5
Ameno Of the rear memories of some late 60' s early 70 is was the breaking amp then more is a lot enough for the sabbath has said quite ah my old 4, 4x12 is, 2 reflex cubes of basses 2x15 is and 2 midrange horns happy days eh

Top Customer Reviews: Laney Amps ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5
It had been looking for the tube amp this can maintain up with the drummer, access in my car, and mecer a chamber without wake some neighbours. Ossia All possible because of a power drenches concealed takes this thing of hardly audible to rattling your @@@cofre. My election was go in east, Marshall DSL 40 and the Blackstar HT-5R. Marshall is Marshall but has not been like this to to the rich characteristic likes them Laney. A Blackstar was well in a chamber but has turned misty when that tries to press 5w to drummer levels. Laney there has been a variac. Tonal wider, saturation of the main profit and for far joined the majority of characteristics.

- Power drenches: Take a amp of 30w to &62;1w with one transfers of the dial.
- Macula partorisca have to that the free construction weighed with built in of the bosses
- Builds in footswitchable pre impulse
- Footswitchable sweet reverb that fallen after a loop of effects
- 3 footswitchable canals (Cleaned, Rhythm and Goodness)
- Builds in tilt bar to impulse your sound of an earth
- Front facing controls (seriously those who love constantly be extend a backside of a amp?)
- Sweeping EQ with appeal/to press the further a row leave the dial in an incredibly wide row of sounds
- Yours Global (row of Triple frequency) and Dynamic (row of frequency of the Grave)
- Comprises 4 key footswitch
- Capacity to use a power amp/speaker like the slave for plugging directly to a turn of loop of the effects (Awesome for effects that resupplies amp @@@modeling)

- A standby the jewel was flickering the initial inspection, reseating a bulb has rectified this.
- The boxes is income was has beaten on bad, but no the scratch in a amp

- Any coverage. Easy to do your own.
- Triple has weighed: While you can compensate still east with a EQ is so only really really brilliant without doing like this.
- The response of basses has limited: Obviously any one the speaker of full row but pauses on significantly in max the volume that produced less than the 'djent' and more than the 'fart'. No the question 99 of a same time with dish of heavy accident drummers. But you come from and max this thing expects the flatulent tone.

Final verdict:
there is absolutely at all in this row of prize to offer everything of this characteristic. You take the product of big final for the prize of working man.
4 / 5
Touches to plot of different fashions, of pops and AOR to jazz the a lot of classes of metal. It had been using racks train and amp modelers for years, of then had been doing marries it studio that record exclusively and has had any foreseeable perspectives for the situation of band. But there is @@give has lost to touch by means of a amp, and purchase headed for something in the 1X12' tube combo concealed has has not required pedals or big volume for gone heavy. I do not owe that it weaves of options to try different amps where alive, but has taken to listen the little: Marshall, Blackstar, Orange - some usual suspects. Then I stumbled on some descriptions of this Ironheart, and a consensus was ' any that a lot, and can be hard to find, but is terrific - find one, the buy.' The one who'd has thinks that, with this backstory, would have found it on First? I have taken it likes him the sign, and has bitten.

Draw and quality of build: it is a lot of solidly has built. I want a tilt-characteristic behind. A footswitch is rugged, and an owner footswitch to the looks of boss likes him would have to that take of some abuse. That @@The @Knob And the transmissions owe that satisfy, substantial feels. For me, the boss of the centre in a cup would be slightly more convenient, but is heavy quite that comprises reason has been with two bosses, in some upper flanges.

Sound: Ossia where loses the star. It had listened a canal of goodness was dark - well for work of 7 serious - and is. Mainly it touches 6-serious, but have the 7, and a Ironheart bosses a down B so only well, without taking flabby and uncontrolled. But any @subject to the equal that has dipped a tone, can no me resemble dial out of this darkness. For palmera-muted low agreements, is fantastic. Menacing And well-saturated, but still articulate enough to distinguish individual notes. But ossia so only the part that do. The metal has loved also tones more classical, and AOR Neil-Schon-ish soaring, liquid solos, and this so only is not taken the. It is also quite feeble to pinch harmonics / squealies. Has the Kramer SM-1 with EMGs, as it would owe that it has to that it weaves the time it easy plus that takes the good squeal out of the note. I know it is roughly technical, but can him the attractive was much more easily with another amps/preamps/sims. They are sure I can chain some pedals or rack train to develop a tonal row, but in spite of some a lot of variac. And of the combinations can dial in, if big master-profit but a lot of doomy, a native goodness-the tone of canal will struggle you. A onboard digital reverb is a lot enough for practice, but when I am registering, leave it dry and add a lot of reverb in a DAW. A direct was is the better way that has tried more, although really I love A/B he with ADA MicroCab, which love on rack preamps. I am taking the good results that record so much mic'd and has GIVEN, then mixing and matching in a DAW - a has the DATA is chunkier that am taking by means of an old Yamaha dynamic, and of course is darker that that the condenser of big diaphragm am using to take an air and spatial. With these three sources, generally can find the tone can use, and mitigate this darkness with EQ, but at least in a canal of goodness, a Ironheart really so only for real resplandores for brutal metal , modern. It is also quite noisy in big profit, but guess a lot of amp averts that entirely. A clean is good and clear - he a lot of @@@sparkle, but can take the good smoky sound of jazz with mine hollowbody, and sounds well with the bridge of poppy-and-centre-pickup tone in a Kramer, or in mine DNI. I any a lot of mid-profit, gritty blues or anything, as I can any one really commentary there. Neither it can it touches in of the big volumes, as some of some tonal subjects on can solve when a power tubes really beginning saturating. Of the 'watts' the @@@knob changes a volume, but no really look to change a character of a sound, how is class of useless. A 'dynamic' that @@the @knob does not look to do a lot for a dynamic stops ; he mainly just sounds like the basses-mid EQ. Help to struggle a darkness, but a name is a bit misleading.

Am interested to try different tubes - to looks does to plot of of a-potential touched in this amp, and has listened that king-tubing these can really was out of a tonal character. If and when I take around to this (or to try he with a MicroCab), will go back and update.

Characteristic and facilitated of use: Laney has done some odd elections with an interaction of some two canals, and a 'promoted. I need an impulse on quite big for metal, but then yes have fallen on to clean and love an impulse was, some drops of volume was and is useless. As you owe that maintain a clean canal on big, and sure mark you clique an impulse was when you changes to clean, or will be way too much strong. The desire would found the way to attribute an impulse to some canals for separate, but second that it can say, is neither on or is was, as you can any one the-change it pedal of goodness has augmented to a-augmented clean. Any big shot for me in the middle of register, but is frustrating the paralizaciones practical, and for the action would be that the import hindrance. Again, of the 'watts' the @@@knob looks quite useless to drive some tubes of power in of the volumes of chamber, and a 'dynamic' the @@@knob is of the utility has limited. A standby the transmission is well; if at all more, it averts a 'pop' strong on beats-was.

Like me the chairs has class of panned this amp, on, like this to the left clear me: really it likes to of me, and they are by train of the maintain. Partorisca To plot that I , touches fantastic, and where has shortcomings, is not like this glaring that I can any one 'fix in estaca.' Any amp is perfect in everything, and a combination of very cleaned, wide profits in any volume, and the good onboard reverb frames for the very competitive amp in this point of prize. But so only the know a lot all, and has an option to try before shabby, then to good sure do.
5 / 5
This has been the seriously awesome amp for me. It is in no way so only the metal amp. Any @@@sparkle of clean canal and a canal of goodness is sum.
5 / 5
Gives this Amp the 5 to the left initiates me was to say, his has has built sold, and has to that it has weighed. Some tubes give it that his warm, with your really good and the control of profit adds. Amur Laney amp, would buy Laney amp....

Top Customer Reviews: Lionheart Tube ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5
It testada Has arrived a day prevails of the planned Data, however with preavviso corrected that follows has Amazon of date. He vendor there is afterwards answered tempestivamente Announces a mine application has given help on the utilisation of the exited auricular that initially was not attained the far work.
Have He object So only gives some day and the ancore owe that deepen listen it especially in the room tries and touch a cupboard with cone Celestion that mine will arrive the days, for which for the opinion has given touch postpone there is numerous video that find in net.
5 / 5
This sum of laws of the Boss with Laney LT112 or another cupboard of speaker of the quality.
4 / 5
A amp are adds! A variety of the available tones is surprising. A vendor has answered quickly and was add partorisca treat. Highly recommended.
4 / 5
Has been touching electrical Guitar partorisca 35 years. I touch classical rock, blues and ambience jazz. Amur This little boss partorisca my studio of house . An add versatile amp !!!
5 / 5
Has had my eye in an of these for the moment. Thanks to the profit that control of actions, was able to finally take one. It surrounds this by means of the 2x12 cupboard in a .5 start of watt and has fallen butt of entity.

An only downside is some grave taking flubby in a canal of walk and has to that be turned down partorisca compensate. A clean canal touches rich and enormous with some bass up.

Takes pedals very too much!

Gorgeous Touching amp.

Is funny that thinks is the a lot of touching amp until tones by means of the REALLY a lot one.

Amp Has shipped quickly, and without any hitches.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
This is to be buy like the present partorisca my grandson, as I saw it so only in the call of Zoom. It looked paralización partorisca love the, and his mamma there is me advised partorisca buy it he like this had additional ' backing tunes ' or rhythms partorisca enhance and promote the beginner.
4 / 5
Like a practical amp is WELL, bought it this in spite of because he purportedly done with tonbridge amp but if telephone of the ones of the android is not really usable because of subjects of latency.
4 / 5
Well until the lasted(1 week) then a noise that exited of has mark still of the turn on. Returned.

No recommended
5 / 5
Amp are add, solid little unit packs the punch
But like this disappointed in Tonebridge application,he lagging is unplayable, utmost idea but crap, the second good delay in paste a series and the sound that is exited a amp,touches complete rubbishes
5 / 5
am learning electrical guitar a amp is used daily. Like this far any question.
5 / 5
Laws to surprise with a ipad for quiter practical. The unit has built well with his add
4 / 5
Laws well without buzzing - the effect of delay is the good touch
5 / 5
Value each penny! The sounds that surprised with built in of the effects