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4 / 5
The service of client adds. Careful stainless does not return with chrome
5 / 5
Extremely tries of BIG quality seive. Construction very heavy. Highly you recommend without hesitation. A+++++
4 / 5
Originally I have had big hopes partorisca these but is remained quickly down. I have bought two of these, but so only can leave one revises partorisca some reason, as this will be to break to a description partorisca each product.
120 sieve Of test:
This one has arrived very fully attached in a base (the point had been slightly pulled was). After contacting service of client, was a lot of friendly and has had to that help at the beginning. But then sent out of the substitution to a wrong allocution (sending to the place in the different city that does not have access to so that it has not confirmed an allocution with me before nave), and then so only refunded an order.

Has taken my money behind, but am disappointed in a product and a lot at present recommend. A service of the at least tried client, although they have ignored a majority of my worries and just class of has launched money in a question.

80 sieve Of test:
After an initial treating the service of client looked well, and has bitten disappoint in a second sieve, has tried to forget the and try use a second sieve. Everything is exited really well and fact to the equal that have expected. It was happy with him. Until a next morning. When it Take home to do a next day has been surprised for a level to rust to the long of some flanges, as well as to the long of sure portions of a point he.

Can any one, in any way, recommends these that knows a poor craftsmanship. Beginning to fall avert or turn to rust after the use only is absurd,
4 / 5
use him sift ceramic has done enough very like this far
5 / 5
the service of client Adds. Careful stainless does not return with chrome