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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
5 / 5
In mine Marie seeds presiona with vaschetta frontal transparent and tubes the transparent view is for real hoards!
Cools The so only the no macchiarsi!
4 / 5
The mark koolance n The more at all try it his liquid to neither imposición neither the loss by heart recommends d ábrego clearer joins it long period of life
4 / 5
Compraventa of Koolance his, or can take the 700ml bounces partorisca $ 15 and included have some options partorisca order main 5kml or 10kml containers ....Sound the tear was here on Amazon tho, hope this has helped
5 / 5
Perfect quantity with pr22 reservoir. I have had probably 1/8 boat has left on with which 24hr career of loop and purge of air. The utmost looks. The time Is down. It will update after significant time in loop. The stay has dipped ready.
Update: 7 month later under evap. Perhaps 1 cm of reservoir. Whole drained king because of the fault of bomb and any staining in petg tubing, reservoir or blockade of water. The still time Adds. Ossia Very material .
5 / 5
Fantastic coolant. I have required it has lived coolant (the colour partorisca honour my late woman) this was compatible with radiator of blockades of water / of aluminium because a costruttore of my box does not remain. Entirely fill up on my system (so only a blockade of waters, radiator, and reservoir/of bomb) with 1/3.os transmissions. The looks cleaned, good-looking, and maintains a i7-8700K 6 core (12 HT) processor idled in 89F (31C) when used in this system of particular liquid cooling. Some frames of hose have comprised he súper easy to fill any bomb. When it Comes time to flush a coolant, will be partorisca come directly behind here partorisca another boat. 100 recommended to the purple is a colour is afterwards.
4 / 5
Excellent coolant! I have been using this coolant partorisca the few months now in a build in some pictures. Recently I drained my system partorisca exchange out of a GPUs and there was absolutely any residue or anything in some blockades. This material a lot included marks a tubing. All has cleaned was perfectly, was surprised in fact. If it would like me to you he adds some colour to the yours coolant, can be risked, but chair that will be you sure with this exceptional option!
4 / 5
To the equal that has announced. Slow nave! Perhaps covid related?

Pros- A lot of UV reactiveness. It finds it perfects partorisca new constructors reasons any leak with this type coolant probably causes zero harm. If QC fails ossia the very safeguard. Sealed, packed and manufactured to quickly loop of transmission. Lid of boat well in reverse frights like the flexible full fashion of nipple that comprises -6small inch full hose.

Gilipollas Like an avid water-cooling enthusiastic; it has not gone fully the expectations in a row of current prize... You can dip other descriptions? ✌️

Final thoughts:

Wish of experiences of monsoon or has maintained a medical note deionized water/biocide.

A viscosity is very fat, doing it difficult to bleed/burp.

Hopefully Ossia A cause of the still 😬 compatible increase small by means of all the cores of 2-5°c. Besides, it is the 24 oz boot. The majority of builds in 2020 need so only the little more liquid..
4 / 5
Is lived more than an orange is orange, so that it is the plus . There have it to good red insurance tints his that would attribute to a UV breakings of a fluid. It is not too noticeable so that it does not import . Beware He Spills any of this material likes UV the reactive agent will look glowing in any paste later in closing after dry. It likes-me a boat that is shipped in been due to a straw. I am maintaining he partorisca other builds. In general, any bad, but is so only 24oz and can take a Primochill View that so only released in a same prize after shipping and is the whole chamber and looks awesome.
Does not buy this partorisca a UV effect. When This material reacts it glows the colour that would say is the mix of salmon and heats has ascended. Any lived in a slightest. If ossia that loves, goes partorisca he, but are rests of doubt out of UV with east.
5 / 5
These produced is UV Orange. A last description of client resembles not comprising this is UV ORANGE. His aim LEDs do his look of terrible system when it is marked clearly UV. If any like him to him a colour of UV that come off worst partorisca use Any LEDs in your system with east. I disabled My reservoir, cpu blockade and motherboard of all LEDs partorisca take some good colours. The cant look partorisca take a reservoir partorisca take like this deep UV like this of the tubes but I as of the real UV the orange look with some tubes fully UV colored. Otherwise, the product adds and excellent company. Although of they bounced them it is more economic for his web of place, the nave of still cost join same of the buy here.
4 / 5
Coolant Looks perfectly well and functional, but has been disappointed enough in a colour/brightness. It looks a bit brilliant in a picture, but mostly is when being illuminated for my ram and is not almost like this florescent like Green XSPC the fluid has used previously. Has 2 cold cathode tubes in mine rig, and the difference of my leading fluid, is hardly visible in mine gpu blockade. This in spite of, is possible concealed 'yellow' is so only a lot like this neon like green. An especially done blockade a feeble fluent look because of a be flowed 'thinned was'. I have LOVED THIS In spite of a creation of the boat with a full hose. It has it really he easier that fill my loop. Also a quantity that is coming was perfect. I have used each drop and fill the 360 rad, 240 rad, small reservoir, gpu/cpu blocks everything perfectly. Exactly a quantity has required. In general it could buy koolance has flowed again, but certainly a lot of UV YELLOW. So only know that in spite of looking to be a more brilliant colour in his pictures, does not look almost like this brilliant in a loop.

Top Customer Reviews: Koolance ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
Ich nutze Quotes Schnellkupplung von Koolance, a meinen ME He-RA bei Bedarf vom restlichen Kühlkreislauf trennen zu können. In dieser Kategorie gibt is leider nicht sehr viele Alternativen und dies Kupplung hat natürlich auch ihren Preis, aber sobald the man gives Teil in giving Hand hält, überzeugt is place Gewicht, Verarbeitungsqualität und Optik.

Given of place ist Kinderleicht und die Kupplung zu 100 dicht, würde ich jederzeit wieder kaufen und bedenkenlos weiterempfehlen!
5 / 5
Was skeptical that this would restrict flow of coolant by means of my loop, but has not done the noticeable transmission.

With this installed does loop maintanence like this more bearable, of then fully draining the loop can be next impossible.

When being able to burst these averts and then pulling each component was piece for piece sew so only marks the breeze.
5 / 5
Easy to connect and disconnect.
Almost any one escapes.