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Top Customer Reviews: Silicone Pop Bubble ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. One flows is really enough smaller has then expected but a side is surprising but another side is quite and a lot last to burst so that it would recommend like to him the bubble rap has bitten rember is quite and hard to press in another side
5 / 5
didnt among still but the kno9w im that goes to want to look like this in satisfactory...!
4 / 5
I Seen this in tiktok and decided for the buy.. kinda Wins it kinda lose it a side is harder that burst then another, is very small and has ordered them november 2 and has come december 7th would have liked me to them yes has had to follow of a vendor has not answered to any of mine emails has taken them kinda scared😂 but am them quite sure has to come from/china come from.
5 / 5
The smallest way then expected, no a value more adds for your money also some pop has retreated on on there possess when it press another.
5 / 5
Has found this under my office today, how is remained interested for almost the week, any bad. To arrive to this point is are likely allocated for a tote of fidgets with an a lot of other alike elements. For this week, has has had approximations his side for the good period to time to burst was.
4 / 5
Goes everywhere with his - rests to use he in colegiala also. It says that it is 'a lot of that satisfies'
4 / 5
My edges has has wanted to this like the toy but when it is coming was the little disappointed reason was very small. I guess his well for travelling but has not been that wait. It has touched he for 2 days and left it so only.
4 / 5
Has thinks that was to be main and has not gone to value really a prize, this element would owe that be as $5
4 / 5
My daughter loves this!
Has been amused for the short time also lol.
My daughter loses clue to time while seating in an island of cookery,looking video and touching with this element.
4 / 5
Is wayyyyy main that has expected, but a quality is well. You are this reason my puppy has taken ahold of him and he usually shreds things immediately, but there has no the alone hole in him! Like this calm totally can give to the yours kid the one who is rough in of the things. My partner and I take turned to use the. It is a lot in satisfactory. It does not adapt Me of the bubble wraps at all this in spite of.

Top Customer Reviews: Silicone Pop Bubble ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
An element has arrived punctually and as expected
Thank you

Top Customer Reviews: Bop It! Electronic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
Mina 4 & 6 yr old amour this game. We touch together all a time. It is simple quite & entertainment for everything. So only there are 3 movements to the equal that takes old fast - but still entertainment any way how is the touch of game familiarised from time to time.
5 / 5
I have bought this like the present partorisca has sawed he-hard-working, want it,the entertainment adds for all the ages!!!

Top Customer Reviews: Simon Game; ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Bad inspection of warehouse of Amazon. Rouge of the key does not operate . Laws of red key. The quality Of the inspection touches a game that reads with 4 lights?!?!
4 / 5
Simon classical. It can not go to except badly attention to arrest to age row. 3 & 5 yr olds sucks In him and fail every time.

Top Customer Reviews: Push Pop Bubble ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
These produced is economic and unsafe. They are thin, flexible, smelly .
A hule has used is thin and tears easily. Returning a product partorisca repayment. It does not recommend !
5 / 5
This was adds! It is coming fast and good quality can not taking touching with him

Top Customer Reviews: Beijue 16 Bit ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 14 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought two of these partorisca my grandchildren. This has the good clear screen . Tonnes of fun partorisca some boys partorisca car walks, rainy days, anytime.
This was the investment adds . I love some few selections of game and has touched included the little I on here.
4 / 5
Awesome And a prize is well. A lot of hours of fun partorisca my grandson.
4 / 5
Was the present partorisca mine 6 old year, and he cant dipped the down. These retro the games will maintain the busy boys partorisca the long time! Any subject with a console and a lot easy to use
5 / 5
has purchased this in the treat to relieve in that a cost was still too partorisca this I believe partorisca some types of games, qualities and facilitated of use. It is not an easy plus partorisca comprise reason some keys are not labeled, excepts partorisca select, beginning and reset. It is hard to imagine out of that is One , B and X Is not labeled at all in some tones of round. Súper Hard to imagine was wants to leave the game for the boy. When Calm turns calms on have the election of 15 games with poor quality for picture that looks at all like a picture this is to announce. There are 6 additional games in a mini the games and those have some have has added games in the each one of those. Those in a mini the games comprise Action, Random, SHE, Sport, Adventure and Talent. The inaugural screen comprises one 15 which are X-Racer III, Adventure of Chica, Tennis of Table, Bowling, Darts, Basketball, Boxing, Has fallen Free, Grotto of Mystery, Curling, Spatial Attack, Last Can, Mini Football, Rider of Speed, Fight of Imperio, and a paper for some Mini Games. A picture is very very small and creates would be adapted more for the boy of the very young age. There is the control of volume in a side, headphone jack, key to be able to that you slide for on and was, and a port to touch for the a short boss ossia has comprised. Some looks of battery to last yearn a 3.7 V battery ossia has comprised. I have resupplied the picture that aims all some details. It is the very light plastic that probably would break yes fallen as it is not very solid. It is it comes with the tiny manual with some games has listed on that. They comprise the paper that am assuming is for you to revise with positive feedback of a game and then email the partorisca receive the present of them.
Would not suggest this for a boy an old plus to the equal that will lose interest immediately because of a quality of some games. A young boy will struggle to find that the tones are that and to leave a game. They are honradamente very happy with a product and returning because of a description and photo how is at all that it is, and a quality is not there at all. Ossia A sincere description that could not give like the present because of these questions. Hope This can help in any one is decision .
5 / 5
Love this pleasant little hand has resisted gaming devices. It was easy to use and a screen is one impressive 3 thumbs and a battery has been touched when we head to it we on. It can not expect for some grandchildren to open them on tomorrow navideños.
4 / 5
His spoilt already after the days have maintained to hang my sin is frustrated.
5 / 5
Meh. The games have not been very good and some of his arrival up in 10 mins
5 / 5
has taken this like the present for the 7 old year and is very happy to the equal that has a lot of games the one who loves
4 / 5
Any included take for the touch once.
There is prendido to the law has tried grieves partorisca touch the game
5 / 5
is the game adds my edges has has wanted to he partorisca his anniversary! Easy to use and durable!

Top Customer Reviews: LeapFrog Rockit ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 41 ratings
5 / 5
Introduction really good to the question that solves games, platforming play partorisca my little a. The enjoys so much. Life of good battery premium of precise touch and one in of the instructions of the audio of the game is clear partorisca boys.
5 / 5
I am thrilled with this toy. A lot of toys of traditional boys have been substituted partorisca seat them down in the telephone, pill or screen of portable TV. Any test (after all, like some boys were on Nintendo is constantly and the parents so only are trying paralizaciones partorisca survive), but no each father wants to that. A Leapfrog movement offer a awesome portable alternative. It is smaller that the pill, durable and has a lot of options of game of educational to fun and the mix of a two!

Go to go to some detail down, as you prefer to surround it quickly, roll to one inferior ‘rodeo' section.

GAMES - With the name like Rockit Transfer, has been concerned a toy would be the fast-paced turning, type of fast fire of what, but is not . It is in fact more looked to the traditional gaming system. Some the different games use some types of different key (dials, touchpad, changes etc) in the ready way.

For example, that low and creating an elevator with a turnable dials, that chooses the paper with some green points, rubbing a touchpad still brush teeth and much more. A game is ‘wry' except any all a time. A screen of game will turn and has turned a screen to maintain a game in your corner, but there is at all scary or fast-paced roughly that. It is slower, likes to solve the puzzle, or like the maintenances compare the to ‘touch the video game'.

Comes with 12 games, interior five different sections. Some games cover everything of mathematicians, music and reading/writing as well as just game. A particularly memorable the game involves a slug of alien that tries to repair his spaceship and while it is weighed in fun and light on learning, to good sure involves some question solving skills. It was not impacted to see to to the the game likes that on Steam or a Transmission. Yes, it is small and simple, but is the game of boys adds and agree me of a Atari the games have touched to grow up.

Has the fashionable game of the snake with the caterpillar and included the pixel-game of art where your boy can draw freely or colour in pre-has done drawings using a directional tampon. There is the plot of different games to explore!

Each game has three levels of difficulties. While the difficulty levels one can, for example, ask papers or of the simple things, difficulties three will ask whole words, or puzzle more complex.

PETS - These are the pocolos has bitten more repetitive that some games, but still extremely fun. You hatch the pet and ‘race' he by means of different phases. Each pet has his own personality and can be touched with, petted, brushed, as well as cleaning his teeth or washing them. They look different in of the different ‘ages'. This box of base comes with the pineapple, cat and cupcake fashionable pet, all that it is adorable. It is like this he modernised version of Tamgotchi is that, again, would not be that different of the application of game, but here is the portable version without ads or sneaky selling.

Reproductor Of Mp3 - BUT CONCEALED Is not EVERYTHING! I have been surprised there was even more to this toy. Has a reproductor of Mp3 of real operation also. Also they comprise some of his own songs, but can upload his songs (using a PC, has to download his software) and give your access of boys to the his reproductor of own Mp3. Has 4GBs memory.

EXTRA SALES - INCLUDED is yearning more games and pets, has, calm guessed it; it adds bands! Any all the world wants to add-in of the bands, but a reality is that this neighbour is so only well without him. There is abundance here to maintain your girl (4-8 years) busy. Some bands are totally optional and is the good decision if you are boy is interested still in a toy, but yearning new content.

Each band comes with new pet, physical pet figurine and around 4 more games and at present retails in around $ 10 each one that that; it bite it pricey but quite economic to be the present of anniversary or half stuffer. To actuate some new bands, precise use his software and download them to the yours Rockit Transfer, using a boss of USB has comprised.


has received a green colour, but go in lived also (I thinks that the colour is better!). It likes that they have averted of some masculine/feminine colours traditional and has been for something more stand-was. More, in the boys of sure age grow out of this colour binaries and master more grown ‘-arrive' looking toys.

A creation of a Twist of Rock is kiddie enough to be fun, but mature quite looking to please kid the one who are ashamed touching in public (in an upper end of some stairs to age suggested here). Some the soft bumpers protect it well and calm really would be necessary fall he on something jutting in the acute corner to cause any questions.

Comes with the strap of wrist and there are several options for where for the dipped, but because of one ‘transfers' character of some games, finds is the tad pointless. A measure of a unit is quite perfect for the girls hangs and access easily to the z/to the rucksack.

Speaking of portability, a battery is is the brilliant idea. When being chargeable means no more than raisin for endless battery. Ossia Perfect for the travesías car or other places where bore .

A unit has two profiles and the profile of available guest to use (the guest does not save content). It maintains to import it concealed to delete anything or settings of transmission, will require to use his software in your computer. I found it very simple to download and use, but know to to the some people do not like having to that program surpluses in his computer. You can use this same system to download some new ‘bands' and can share him by means of five devices for account of father.

Also can use a Rockit Transfer with headphones or without. A thing that could the girls have created in of the pills, is that it is not the screen to touch. Has a more traditional fashion ‘d-cushion' control for a majority of a material and some ‘fun' controls for a rest.


Leapfrog Has been the leader of mark in the industry of toy of a boy of then was young. It agrees desperately that loves roughly and touching with the toys of my partner. I have seen some mark really the bad turn over time, how is the real emotion to know that Leapfrog is still alive and kicking and producing contained of fun teaching that the girls really undermine. A Rockit movement is the fashion of fun video game portable system that is the alternative sum to the pill or telephone and to the left is maintains your battery of telephone so only for you!

+ Rechargeable Battery.
+ 12 games and 3 pets included.
+ Qualified to buy more bands.
+ Sturdy, Durable light , still.
+ Correa of wrist included.
+ I different controls are in plot of fun.
+ Two profiles and a profile of guest.
+ I colours are brilliant and pleasant. (Lived vs Green)
+ the games have different types, mathematician, reading/writing etc.
+ I games are amused as well as educational (the different terracings)
+ Is also a reproductor of Mp3 (4GB space)
+ Portable.
+ Alternative to modern devices like this of the telephones or of the pills.
+ Adorable pets to create. (Tamagotchi Way).
+ The creation is not too ‘kiddie'.
+ Control of volume and qualified to use auricular.

- Quantity of the profiles could not be enough for the main families.
- Add-ons could take expensive ($ 10 the band for a pet, the figure and four games).
- Has to that be connected to PC and download his software for settings or installing new bands.

For Age 4-8.

Comprises: Rockit device of Transfer, strap of wrist, boss of USB and manual.

Recommended: Yes! Fault of a variety of the pill, but still has abundance to do and is amused really and educational to kick!
5 / 5
A leapfrog Rockit move it is quite be an interesting addition to some toys in our house. We take a French version that attended would do it amused for some boys to learn French while involving in of the educational activities. Some Instructions for each game am explained in French likes any with the working knowledge or to the fluidity is required (my woman) to explain that it is required to be fact like the instructions and the questions sure the levels are everything verbal. We find this especially true for a level 3 games of mathematician but with some diving, hopefully can take on quickly. It likes him-me some a lot of categories of games that comes with comprising mathematician, tongue, games of arcade, the music and you can hatch your own pet. Some light of different controls for the different games and is easy for boys to see that requires to use to touch some the varied games and the helps maintain the things that interest the difference of console that help to apply dexterity and mental plasticity. It is also quite small to be easily directed for hands of girls and can be easily recharged invernadero USB. Built like the tank, this Rockit is quite sturdy and adds to travel like this calm does not have that worry on some girls that fallen the smartphone, using die, or touching random applications.

While it looks the additional games can be purchased for this device, of a leapfrog the web of place looks that so only an English version can download English expansions. I think it that it has been it I adds could have swapped among English and French without having to that be the separate devices stuck to. As there is setup some devices this in spite of is foolproof which can be to prize to some.

Highly would recommend this like an educational toy for his young boys has based in it receptive my boys have been his same although it is everything in French. Any to good sure will require to comprise some French to touch some of some games like to take that the consideration when choosing among some French or English versions. Otherwise, Ossia the value adds and a lot involving some time some, everything without breaking a bank.
5 / 5
Rechargeable. Compact. The friendly boys.
LeapFrog Rockit Move it Hand-held is an excellent entertaining and educational artilugio for young boys.
Of then am limiting boys with his time of screen, is not tired still of this toy. After the pair of weeks, still aim an interest, and has not added a byline still!
My girls are 8, 5 and boys of 4.5 years.
Some 4.5 old years is a primary user . A artilugio is a lot of user/of boy-friendly, as it learn regarding the use in his own.
Although a toy is in English, and my boys are francófonos, did not see him having subject with that.
A resolution of screen is quite well, but does not expect a 4K HD quality.
I amour a lot that a toy has eight fines-functional keys/joysticks. This does is advantageous in of the terms of developing of ey-coordinamento hand-held, for some games are requering fine it-game of key.
Also, a artilugio works like a reproductor of Mp3.
A music has added to use the cord of USB and touched by means of a built-arrive-parleur with control of volume or by means of auricular (any included) has connected to an audio jack.
A rechargeable the part is has very appreciated.
3 / 5
I really, really like an idea of this little hand-held system of Leapfrog. It comes with several installed games, everything of games of simple program to games of pleasant learning. And has stirs it of transmissions and different keys on leaving he for interesting ways to interact with some of some games. But, in an end of a day, so only does not have to that it weaves that it goes for him. A screen is small, is noisier that it has to be ( there is the control of volume but he so only habladurías and habladuría and habladurías; when the calm turn was said included 'goodbye-goodbye').

In a side besides, is rechargeable invernadero the cord of USB and calms that can use when it is recharging (likes mark of the insurances apresamientos the band of portable battery with you on travesías long). There is roughly 4-ish hours of life of battery and the time of load of 3 and the half hours (if any when be used).

A whole thing is a lot of sturdy and the looks has built well. We fell it to knots the little time to see like this resists on, and continuous do so only well. It comprises the strap of wrist to help little some spend it around more easily.

Likes that a system is expandable. Leapfrog Already has several available cartridges. But, some games is very short and really does not have the enormous quantity of replay value. I think that that it touches to lose to the that your boy has the habit of. Ossia The simple system that will maintain some kids occupied for the little while. But, if your boy has the habit of more involving play, probably will not find this little hand-held with his tiny screen all east entertaining.
4 / 5
In general, this game is a lot of fact and has executed well. If you do not want to rid your toddler the ready telephone (does not blame calm) then ossia the add interactive, sure and durable way to have some time of educational screen.
Some games are fun and involving. A device is intuitive to manoeuvre by means of. As I play it or activity your girl is touching a screen will orient and a boy so only of course turns a toy. Some dials and keys all light when use although a house, , And the green confirms the no light key and think one has to that reasons are small and hard to find in of the decreases of conditions read.
Fully touch it first to touch for a first time and sadly does not have any indicator to touch, the leave to knots plugged in still 4 hours and has guessed was touched.
I like a fact that has the covered touching port reason the boys can have really messy hands. Some controls of volume are utmost also, a volume a low plus is my preferred 😉.
A subject @of commentary so only is sometimes retreats out of the selection; when we have chosen that game to touch prpers would find behind in a screen of house. It is the tiny glitch, concealed has not caused any heartache but well mention.
Has found this to be rugged and has built well. Ingeniously Drawn and fun as well as easy to use.
4 / 5
A construction of a console is sturdy and can resist the pocolas falls smaller. It comes with the loop of serious that it can be the bond/scraped the delivery to avert falling.

Is the good alternative to ready devices if the boys are down 4 to 5 years of ages. This can maintain him occupied for hours this in spite of can pull him because of his measure of screen. I guess he any easy way out of the this :).
HAS dials and keys that has lit ups while into use and maintain boys' curious roughly that. It comes with 12 preloaded games with three levels of difficulties. Some the different games can useful to learn the question that solves skills also questions of mathematics. It does not have the battery that indicator of touches this in spite of blinking it the stops read come when they have touched fully. My small to one is in the pleasant and can touch for hours. The wise prize, finds it the bit in expensive side otherwise game of player only place very global for boys.
3 / 5
Has has wanted to really like this but this toy so only mimics the one who boys r the be has asked to the screen and response with that see.

This game no challenge to imagination of your girl so much had expected them the .

Instead the found the noisy car with lota by heart and swimming a lot of.
5 / 5
Ossia The really pleasant hand-held gaming system. Really it likes the one who coloreado and involving of of the east. It takes the bit to time to take used to some controls, has the combination to turn, pressing, turning, and sliding. His quite orderly and helps with coordinamento hand-held of eye. It is really easy to imagine out of that keys to use like this of the games lights your way and a voice is clear and concise to give instructions of game of the boys. It likes like this I do not owe that it has to that a device has connected to Wifi in order for him to do. One Transfers comes preloaded with the variety of the games and you can buy new some for the very good prize. When it Comes to upload some games, a Transfer is connected for usb to a computer and you can add some games that use his program. Flavour the one who economic one add the games are. Also it likes that I can upload of my own songs to a Transfer. Any a lot a lot of toy of the boys have this characteristic, is stuck usually with odd regular songs that the girls do not concern stops. A life of battery is sum and does not take also yearn the touch. Ossia The a lot of boy friendly unit. It manages drops and rough game like the sleep. It likes like this it has to that the strap of wrist on he also. This will be the toy adds for a car. It likes on to pill of his more involving. It take a French version , my girls speak better French that does so that it comprise it. The English games are compatible with a French version. In general, I am happy with this gaming system. His small measure and the brilliant colours are pleasing to an eye. My boys are enjoying touching with him also. Not taking long to take a hangs things and take his pets that grows. For my family, ossia the alternative sum to a hand-held expensive plus gaming systems that my boys are not stops quite old.
3 / 5
Accidentally orderly French... whoops. Supposition some girls are learning French, reasons are not that giving up without to struggle.

Ossia The game of system of small hand-held learning. Much smaller that has anticipated. It comes with 12 pre-the loaded games that comprises to virtual pet that can change you to buy $ 10m eggs of a tent of toy.

A purpose of some games is to take some boys to interact with some diverse toggles in a device, like the D-Tampon, toe slider, @@@knob of tower and twisty keys. It is main appeal is to some boys plus very young, and some games are quite simple, so that slope.

Is not the touchscreen, which has confused at the beginning for a toddler the one who has had the habit of his games of tampon of the jump in a ipad. Having to that use the tampon, it @@@knob and the key for each action has taken the small confusing for him, as you wan to be together for to help them marks the selection.

Very precise WiFi, as I can pack he with calm for travesías to a doctor. Has the by heart small storage to the equal that can register some games and his touch behind afterwards. There is the player of mp3 but has to that use the usb dongle, and is so only meh, as he no that your factor to decide.

Top Customer Reviews: Beijue 16 Bit ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 37 ratings
5 / 5
I have purchased this in the whim partorisca the 7th anniversary of my edges. Some of some games are quell'has bitten advanced partorisca he but really enjoys to touch with east and one there is anticipated more the games means that it also will grow with him. It touches well. It likes. It would recommend.
4 / 5
Has ordered two partorisca Navidad and so only to the long of the month more has had late of the questions with one of them. Contacted a vendor and they substituted it any question and the new one has arrived a next day ! My boys love touch with them and is handy to take to dates and long car walks.
5 / 5
Has bought this partorisca Navidad partorisca my daughter of 10 years and she absolutely loves it! It has wanted to try different games was although has a Xbox... There is wanted always the hand-held game has resisted! It is perfect games , entertainment , the quality adds, easy to use and alot of games to choose of, a screen is the measure adds and clear to see some yours the games that touch! I am impressed with him. To good sure that goes to buy one for his brother.
5 / 5
Looks cheaply fact, but has to that say that my edges fell it, has launched the, and he still works and has any crack in of the one who judges for some looks is obviously
5 / 5
the game of hand-held console Adds for my grandson of 10 years, has begun to touch with him I and is amused....
Very solid plastic husband , something for him partorisca enjoy ………...Amur Some old games and maps !
4 / 5
Thank you for a fast delivery. A number of games are adds. A measure of the screen is not bad compared to another console of alike games. Some keys require to classify, but do really well. In general I like a console, as you can take he with you and enjoy all some games with your boys while while in a line.
5 / 5
Could not believe what entertainment can exit of the system of game partorisca east. Prize. Behind when it was the boy , a have something like this would be cost the fortune. It is the compact, rechargeable unit that coming with 100 súper fun built in of the games. It can not complain!
4 / 5
Mina 7 old year loves this. I love it also. Some of some games was here give me the nostalgic that feels as simply it is in amazing.
5 / 5
Compact console with a lot of games and of the basic controls. Ossia Well when exiting and spending the time without that has to that use a connection of internet. It saves in the battery like this the unit is rechargeable.
5 / 5
Has taken three of these for three grandchildren, ages 7, 10 and 12 for Navidad. The girls have had the tonne of fun with them and has done like this his parents. It was difficult to take all the world-wide to dip some games down long enough to eat dinner navideña. I can it has to that buy the little more for a grownups!!!