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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
Although it have expected another film of the martial arts of one focuses of Dynasty of the Dragon, Dog of the bite of the Dog is instead the gritty, vicious street-struggling spellbinder of an extreme to the another. In spite of his realistic and graphic violence, a message of the core of this film is harrowing, and according to a manager, inspired by the leading documentary. An advantage (dog, as it was) Edison Chen, gives an exceptional action with dialogue very small. His portrait as with this film is pursuing and hard to forget. Also, there is abundance of extra of prizes. (4 - 4 1/2 stars)

Top Customer Reviews: Sentenced ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia An excellent documentary , specifically exploring some effects of some the EUA governemnt police partorisca deport Cambodians of Permanent Residents has had the criminal conviction- although this conviction can be estada is incurred years before and a offendor has to do fault his time, is still risks partorisca be deported permanently behind Cambogia, to all the cost of bonds familiarised or other considerations. A program explores some histories of three Cambodian Americans those who have comitted several crimes in his past, the usually has associated crimes with band warfare, the consequence of his adolescence and fragmentation of traditional Cambodian culture ( although affiliation of band among the young males in Cambogia contemporary is also big). Some the respective histories are fascinating, likes two of a three is deported and has to that do permanent bolt to Cambogia. The impact the strong plus of a program this in spite of is felt when some mothers of this look of boys in him. These women had survived a KHmer Rouge, warehouse in Thailandia that spends to die boys, struggled in refugee camps and was culturally isolated state in some the EUA that look his boys grow up in the world-wide of violence and crime. Now they owe that maintain the base of in some the EUA without a support of his edges and with a knowledge that his edges can any never return to a country that has struggled like this last to take them to. It is the fascinating, little the social question has explored that it is very documented here.
5 / 5
entenced Marries' said a history of three Cambodian refugees those who has been spent here in a 1980 is like this splits of the tentativa of our government the defuse that has spent the normal people to Cambogia when Pol Pot and a Khmer the rouge has created an I adds cleansing of a country. Propiciado The foreign culture, quotes any significant assistance a transition, touched in the world-wide totally incomprehensible, left partorisca rot in audience housing and inferior schools in Seattle, some three men those who are some subjects of a film aims a cruelty and indifference of a INS and later a DHS (the father the governmental agency now responsible for immigration and patrol of flange and customs of then 9/11). Admitted, in a course to grow boys in ages 8 to the young men in his 20 east, these three men all had run-ins with a law like the result of connections of band, in spite of, they his time, remained clean after, and tried to create decent bolt with his families. But among one ' tin a lot anything but follow a law' attitude of a Federal Prosecutors (as had any prosecutorial discretion) and a nonchalant attitude of a Federal Public Defender (sinister is to take the Starbucks and like my row of pony?), These three men are sentenced for scrolling (as used to call deportation). A film follows two of some men behind Cambogia, where one is building the house for him and for his woman and of the girls when they visit and another east I only bitter roughly when being tossed out of a country that purportedly was the shelter. Had these men declares the pertinent legal advice date early enough during his stay here, would have been the citizen for a time has been condemned and like this, would not have been estámovido.' After all, we do not deport American of citizen, has included that they are foreign born, when they have committed the crime. Some film-makers are more sympathetic to a a man that remain in Seattle the one who is waiting for his mandates to inform for scrolling. His chance is so only that ask reason an exception can not be done for him. A film I leaves without a response. While there is cinema verite quality to this documentary, esentenced Marie' is not Frederic Wiseman documentary. And ossia too bad---stops has required a sense of the moral outrage that considers likes to treat people those who never asked to come here and the one who is forbidden now of not returning never, included although has families that is American of citizen. A film is too soft on law of immigration, too soft in a estaca-9/11 amendments to INA, too soft in a , too soft in some Public Defenders. A film like these some needs to take to plant, the company, strong stand---and need that feels of moral outrage that some the documentaries add have. It imagines 'Night and Fog' (Alain Resnais' the film adds in camps of Nazi concentration) without a overt irony, without a overt felt of moral outrage, without a overt disgust. Any need of sobresalto on film-makers and take them partorisca bellow against some injustices here. Esentenced Marries' is the sad commentary in our nation and his police of immigration----but is the commentary he sad plus in a virtual moral cowardice of some film-makers that he.
5 / 5
Ossia The add documentary that follows some lives of 3 Cambodian immigrants that is coming to some States after Khmer Rouge. Shows a clash of culture, a barrier of tongue, and that type of bolt has had to live after coming to some States. Some projects, exposure the band, and little assistance for a government to educate them to take his citizenship. Really I displeased a lady that is interviewed and that represents a INS. It declares esome the immigrants would have to know is of the time taken on , if they have loved to live in our country, has to follow some simple principles. Otherwise Will kick you era.'.... Crown, like the law has loved to leave our country in a first place! It does not forget the secret USA bombings Cambogia during a war of Vietnam and there is ruined our country. So anything, is headlines to live in this country after a s has done in Cambogia. I like this annoying! But ossia the documentary adds , looks it. To good sure could relate his...