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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
5 / 5
Formed: Audio CD Brilliant jazz. It is it likes at all more in a jazz repertory, in my experience. Some the Spanish rhythms are mesmerizing, and is Miles Davis in his summit. Perhaps it is an experience of flavour - but is partorisca try it which have purchased.
5 / 5
Formed: to CD of Audio likes -you Miles Davis calms probably will want to this. If you are a lot so only that tries to develop your musical horizons there are plant easier to begin. It takes the little listens but finally is rewarding.
5 / 5
: elepé the Record album is awesome, arrived to the equal that has described.

The album arrived in good time.

Very Happy.

A awesome addition my vinyl record library.
4 / 5
Formed: Audio CD the classical enjoys it even more now that before
5 / 5
Formed: Audio CD Very good interpretation but the execution is like this so much.
4 / 5
Formed: Audio CD Tour this on and close your eyes. It is material amazing .
4 / 5
Formed: CD of Thousands of Audios how is known, ADDS!
5 / 5
Miles Davis - Sketch of Spagna
Go in instrumentalists, some collaborations of Miles Davis and Gil Evans am often controversial. Although the people universally recognise that Evans was the character likes one fixed, is not easy so that they love the plenaries out of hard-bop blowing session to regulate to some fresh colours and has dipped for behind aesthetic of these works. Partorisca Many; one the majority of difficult of some collaborations/of Evans of Davis is this third an in a series. While advances of Miles and Porgy and Bess both have obvious roots in writing of big band, Sketch of Spagna delves the material this was generally any in a mainstream at the same time. This does like this with the subtlety and the fashion is something concealed often can be spent for big for wish it that the thousands would blow more.
The sketch of Spagna has his origin in a slow movement of Rodrigo Marco has given Arguanez, one of some the majority of beloved pieces of classical music out of Spagna. Both Thousands and Gil Evans have been taken with a piece when they have been presented his and forms a centerpiece of an album, and a number that looks to register a number more adds complaints. The purists In a classical world-wide aversion is fast and free treatment of an original work, and in fact, Rodrigo was officially like this detesting a final product. And the musicians of jazz felt a work to be pretentious, without quite soiled partorisca Miles to so only, and no quite was and was transmission. Had also that feels that a work was so only blatantly copied of these origins and that any brilliance in a work has been due to Rodrigo, any one the Evans.
A listened careful, especially the side-for-comparison lateralmente with an original Concert, can dispel a lot some critiques of this work. Evans a lot simply imitates a piece; he imaginatively rethinks he for together wind. In place of a spare English Horn and the series with Rodrigo opens a work, Evans creates the bed partorisca shimmer of castanets and harp, on like him decreases of flutes of the discharges and French horns a muted brass, moving in the dense carpet of parallel fourths. While some salient points of an original form am followed, with the miles that takes mostly some parts of electrical guitar, has a lot of sections that illustrates a character of Evans, one fixed. Particularly impressive is Evans rethinking of an electrical guitar cadenzas. For a prime minister cadence Evans contrasts Miles in his dark low register, with fantastically has has balanced agreements in some flutes and low brass, characterised for unusual voicings this comprises dissonances tended in a cup of an agreement. Also stunning is an original section that Evans uses to substitute a second cadence. Some bass begins a understated vamp. Miles so only on he with his typical quota understatement and some builds of orchestra to a climax of a work.
Of the another roll in an album is even more understated, but also highly original. Two particularly underline. Saeta Is inspired by the procession of the traditional Saint week in that an effigy is paraded by means of the city, interrupted by the longitude mournful so only for Davis. An orchestration in this part is stunning. Evans layers martial percussion, the faint only of bassoon and the band of brass against of Miles' good-looking trumpet. An effect is the poem of the yours of the jazz , in a better tradition of a Ellington Orchestra.
Another standout in an album is Solea. This work is the long Thousands , beautiful so only in the constantly changing orchestral vamp. Evans aims considerable ingenuity in constantly varying a quite static vamp of two agreements, and the thousands is die so only some stairs to improvise on. Although this album is exited after Bondadoso of Blue, is registered several earlier months, and can see an influence that Evans there is on be One thousand' album of revolutionary grupal small.
A king-mastering of this album is terrific. A clarity because it can listen you some delicate sounds like a castanets and a harp is for real lovely. It compares favorably to a version of elepé old. Mina a flu with this reissue, which have with the majority of Columbia reissues serious, is that a material of filler is basically very worthy to be liberto. It is one , a filler comprises the piece of Brazilian character, which belongs in a filler to an album of Calm Nights instead, and two alternative versions of part of a Concert. Although last pieces have a bit documentary value, is both vastly inferior to a final product and finally is annoying to listen to. It prefer to have an album to the equal that was liberto finally and save this class of material partorisca compilations of together boxed, although this means so only take 40 value of minutes of music.
Finally, ossia the classical album , worthy to join other collaborations/of Davis of the Evans. Still it presses an art of the jazz that fixes further that some other records. And an influence of this work in a history of order of the jazz and the composition can not be overestimated. Gentleman Sebesky, Bill Holman and numerous another big group arrangers constantly aim his debt to a character of Evans. But, so that they want to listen One thousand swipe; clave with a quintet and of the albums of sextet of this period. The sketch of looks of Spagna Miles, but a real star of an album is one orders.
4 / 5
There is already more than 70 descriptions posted for this famous production, as I will be brief: it is a class of album one has to that listen the attentively and repeatedly to learn to love. This is not some Miles of " it Classifies of Blue." Some joys here are in fact calm, reasons melancholy and somber the beauty dominates so only in the each clue. A composer of fixed/aim/of manager Gil Evans, older that a black, gifted, moody Davis, already had collaborated with a trumpeter on more two early record, but this was to be one the majority of defiant of everything. Until 20 musicians have joined in, this in spite of Evans there is restrained almost everything of them the brilliant, fleeting moments in a limelight or to hushed but superbly rendered emphasis. So only a woman was in a project, a harpist, but an orchestra was the good mix of aims and black men. Evans and Davis have created the memorable the Spaniards feels to all some moments. Yes, I think that that it is jazz , but like the auditor, feels like this to long symphony, sad. I did not give it the fifth star simply reason have lost personally in that has it at least a uptempo tune to give an auditor the short pause of loneliness. I think that a merit of concept six or seven stars, and an execution musically at least five. Certainly this is not an ideal element to start with the collection of Davis of the Thousands, but can not remain out of any collection further of roughly 10 CD is of sound. One has to that be in a way for him, and submerge one is ears in him, to take a character of him. To good sure the thousands dominates everything with his trumpet, which in time is quell'has bitten shrill for me (I follows the man of sax, mainly) but tone with such depth of emotion that included a no-the defender will admit his talent. Any marvel is dips it , albeit the controversial a. Sure, it is the record of jazz that the defenders of classical music could appreciate more any more.
5 / 5
Some first time have listened Concert of Aranjuez for Joaquín Rodrigo for the Spanish electrical guitar and the symphonic orchestra was treated by virtuoso Narciso Yepes. It is one the majority of incredible music had listened, done of the decades. A world-wide adapted because of Yepes the concert of Rodrigo has registered in first do first four decades literally the hundreds of different artists have registered this ethereal music. It enters Miles Davis.
Davis has adapted an alone of electrical guitar the trumpet and created this in spite of another class of ethereal music. For his composition of original electrical guitar, Rodrigo has balanced some sweet tones of an instrument of with only that orchetral brass .... That often touches dissonant agreements, but with soft understatement. That Davis has produced is not simply transposing electrical guitar the trumpet and some symphonic orchestral part to the section of big brass. Enough, Davis has created the new sound to melt ways of American jazz with Spaniards undertones. More than softening a brass like this like this any to flood out of an acoustic electrical guitar, a volume has been domestic in Davis' rendition and now a trumpet of only powerful door in the dialogue with an occasionally competing, and another times counterpointal, section of brass.
Imagines that when Rodrigo has written Concert of Aranjuez, can not have imagined that far take to touch Spagna native this music would travel ... reinterpreted For a world of American jazz. But there it is. Narciso there was Yepes has not touched never a concert and Miles have listened Davis only world-wide' rendition then a world-wide still would have been quite happy. But he maintaining has both classes of music, and a lucky auditor can decide movement among some two worlds of Davis and Yepes. That triumph it for modern music!
4 / 5
Writing in "jazz" it suffers a breadth of definition of a word. Row of actions of the jazz of a smoke-partorisca sweep callejero behind fill to the jointly vast rooms. This occasion of offer of the venues for highly the innovative technicians have adapted to change audiences by means of there is structured closely presentations to black-has has joined audience. The thousands is almost so only in his capacity to achieve by means of such varied phases, ridding stunning actions of universal appeal. The sketch of Spagna is "listenable" in almost any circumstance. An action is stunning and almost unmatched for even a better of the his other albums. Miles Davis spends the level of the musical discipline seldom listened in of the musicians of jazz. Each note in these pieces is precise, clearly chosen for his value to a total action. It does not confuse precision with sterility, this in spite of. This music soars far too grandly to be listened to as the clinical exercise. Davis easily transmits an auditor in the tonal flights that reflects a vast discharge of his talents. His sweeps to vary on , that does an action looks extemporaneous, when in fact it results of intense endeavour to produce exactly a right sequence of sentences.
Davis' movement to a classical impacted that raw jazz like the special form of American. His election of Aranjuez, the deeply moving Spanish composition, is adapted particularly to his talents. Davis accionas can call "brass blues" of his capacity to "the transmission under" with his cornet. It achieves the phenomenal row with him, that directs a feat without giving some species overtones he trumpeter often transmits. It produces sounds with this instrument that so only can be compared with a better of human voices. For example, it listens to any of Montserrat Figueres' CDs for both some Spanish origins of this music and a purity of the tone matched for Davis.
This early collaboration with Gil Evans Davis has directed finally down issues it some of could not follow. Sketch of Spagna, this in spite of, is masterpiece of Davis' better and under one still softly driving hand of Evans. Ossia One of Davis monumental endeavours, any to require you to be an admirer of Davis or the ardent jazz, but simply any one has had to be enthralled for fine music.
4 / 5
Ossia The preferred of defenders of a lot of Thousands, and for good reason, is a impressionistic still accessible introduction to some cannon of Miles. It looks that some could call orchestrations 'classical', although ossia misleading: A term is too wide. It is probably more precise that locate an album to impressionist composers like Ravel and Debussy.
A longitude, ask 'classical', 'Concert of Aranjuez (16 minutes, 14 second),' is a a more has critiqued often. To call soyusic of elevator' is ridiculous, but a composition is weighed on orchestration and a lot too light on improvisation. Although there is the pause of the good time in a signal, does not demand any a lot of -this can appeal to some auditors, but found quell'a bit dry and ascetic. Still, sometimes it transmits the poignant delicacy. A 'long form' in the jazz is always problematic state; it does not think this piece is achieved entirely, but probably will be enjoyed for more. A last yard, esolea' (sees down) is the piece along better, with more than tension and of texture.
'Will Or' a Wisp' is the much shorter (3:48) it ask but it involves Miles the little more than 'Concert.' A half section is glorious, replete with dissonance and One thousand' yours beautiful. 'A Casserole Piper' (3:57) it is looked but more brooding, with Miles layering thoughtful lines against flutes and violins. Excellent dynamic figure and an economic expression of emotion adds that it is Davis mark . A course-has influenced aeta' (4:57) has the wonderful soyoorish' his his, and the roughly enormous thousands that blow against the simple fund of percussion, serious, and horns. Ossia The glorious example of the energy has contained.
A final composition olea' (12:08) it is the More tries them give fully in of the long forms. Miles' yours burnished and variac. Rhythmical, a lush orchestration, percussive effects, and a tension among horn and offered background more work, texture, and paint that 'concert.' Davis and Evans sustain our attention during a whole piece.
Is the value that shabby? Certainly (and I am revising an older version without one has has added clues). Although I find one of look of atmospheric way 'in the Silent Way' (and 'Class of Blue') more obliging, ossia a lot of value your time and money. (Note: Liner the notes comprise commentary in a material, but at all in personnel or registering date.) Subdued Still defying enough to take your imagination.
5 / 5
Very interested in of Miles but wary of the classical music does not have to that worry in this album. Of all the collaborations / of Evans of Davis, "Sketch Of Spagna" it is certainly a more @@give. A combination of Evans' orchestra, incessant Latin percussion, and Miles' mark of brilliant trumpet for an album of light, elegant Spanish fashions appropriated to the classical way. Some the strong melodies give way thrill them & ideas that is not never imprecise - sadness, fear, discovery, melancholy and happiness. Miles' the horn is much more brilliant and big in yours (in a lot of places) that usually found in his albums. The sound that the touches is constant, this in spite of the thousands does not look never to be that it takes on an orchestra behind him. An orchestra does not give never to full-soufflé theatrics, Evans mostly uses of acute horns while some serious dipped down the sweet fund. This record is classical equal part and Spanish; one locates some so only of the jazz is Miles ' he, the one who never strays far of fixed he of an orchestra. In a long career of Miles Davis, this album is another strong memory that Miles' was the musician the one who has given the reception change it and is not NEVER fearful state to experience.
A pleasant thing in this album is that it resembles bookmarks/marcadors of film of 60 musicals. A lot of some different courses & the vamps in this album resemble bit of "History lateralmente West", which can be has expected die so much have Latin roots to them. Partorisca Miles' the classical laws, this is not like this headstrong like this "Porgy & Bess" or like this introspective likes "Calm Nights". If you are ready the sample Miles' orchestral endeavours, ossia a simple plus & the majority that involves put to start with.
5 / 5
Miles Davis has been my artist of the favourite jazz never of then classifies purchased in the first place of Blue. Now it possesses two of his less famous albums (" it groove of the stock exchange and "the elements of the collector"), a "Complete Birth of a Quota", a "Miles Complete Davis/John Coltrane Columbia Register", "A Complete Alive In a Plugged Nickel 1965" and "A Complete in Some Sessions of Silent Way."
Looking for another box dipped to add my collection, has has had to that the listen to some of some clues for both the together of boxes of a Second Quintet and Miles/Gil Evans a. At the beginning an idea to listen to some roots of fusion and a ultra that the sounds release hard bop of a second quintet (I had liked me that has done in a Plugged Nickel), was dipped enough to purchase his box dipped in place of Gil Evans reads more orchestral. This in spite of, after listening to this AMAZING opening for Davis in "Concert of Aranjuez", it has had to have this album.
A lot really jazz in an usual sense of a word, these shows of albums One thousand the one who is resulted famous stops; soyerging' ideas of external jazz to create so only and wonderous works. Ossia A such album and well one listens. Roughly in pair with 'in a Silent Way', but still at all has compared the 'Class of Blue'. Then again, any album of the jazz is not never able state the best that masterpiece!
4 / 5
Is elepé never the sound has dated? I seriously the doubt of then of Miles Davis there is not dipping was to create some trendy, disposable piece of product. A history goes that the thousands has listened a classical version of "SAETA" in the house of the fellow and was enamoured so manager of approximations/of composer Gil Evans to write some alike pieces for the complete. Using the full orchestra, drummer/percussionist Elvin Jones and Chambers of Paul of the bassist and Davis he in both trumpet and muted fluglegorn, that is to exit of these sessions was absolutely flawless and, the bear said it, magic. Davis' the suns in this emission are some of his the majority of precise and intricate. While Evans' the orchestrations are consistently tasteful and evocative but a lot overwhelms it never. Evans looks particularly inspired by Flemish music and a slow build-up to the pieces like "To CASSEROLE PIPER" and "SOLEA" it is the marvel to behold. His influence can be listened in some works of modern masters likes them Howard Shore. Still it go like this far like this to call "Sketch...." Emotional. Simply listen and will be moved absolutely to your core for a beauty of this music. One thousand Davis was the character the one who has changed each perception of music and musical thought and his pairing with a Brilliant Gil Evans was the party done in heaven. A Classical.
4 / 5
It does not think very there is has not done never an album like this one, a blend of traditional Spanish music w/ classical & tones of jazz, all blended superbly to pure musical escapism. It was not enough for Miles to so only create an immortal Class Of Blue that year, has to something more equally excellent but entirely different also. An opener & point Mark has underlined of Aranjuez goes for 16 minutes but could not be considered too much long except these w/ the short attention comprises or a lack of brains & heart to 'take' he. There is the bit 8 & 1/2 his minutes that concealed another musical pioneer adds Van of Gentleman Vliet [Captain Beefheart] has liked him so much incorporates to Sugar & Spikes, 1 of some 28 clues of the his masterpiece Mask of Response of Trout. Conceal so only he this has listened lovely of the album but there is something for real glorious & otherworldly on Sketch. Incidentally another version of a clue [composed for legendary violinist Niccolo Paganini the one who all the world has believed has been possessed by a devil because of a touch of ferocity w/] looks in a Quartet of Modern Jazz is In Memoriam album. Saeta, Follows 4, is another point has underlined, a lot of emotion that play out of a trumpet, in the still quite restrained way. Ossia Accessible music but can be very appreciated peels to that likes to of him arty too much.
4 / 5
Can any never be said that Miles Davis has not been the risk taker. Following an amazing success of the his 1st quintet adds and a punctual to be classical " it Classifies of Blue," Miles Davis was on a world of jazz. Still, like this always, the thousands has followed his muse, which has taken to fellow old and collaborator of long time Gil Evans, and to that is resulted one of the his more comprised bad and fewer offerings of jazz, "Sketch of Spagna."
To call this lp the "jazz" lp is bad, partorisca east more than that. They are sonic textures , touching with Flemish fashionable music in the big orchestral format. While the thousands is an artist looked in flugelhorn, is a whole orchestra that mark this lp resplandor. Miles revisit this concept increasingly for a late 60 east and certainly during the works of the his 70.
Some critics refuse this lp like overblown elevator muzak type of music. This, also, is bad. A music has way too much soul to be pigeonholed to such the bad category.
Different anything he first or of then, "Sketch of Spagna" it is the small microcosm to a vast landscape of any only Thousands Davis, but of jazz he. It "Smooth" jazz today uss these same concepts?! Like this always, the thousands was years at the head of his time.
4 / 5
This album is the collaboration among Gil Evans and of Miles Davis and that have created for him always will change a Jazz and Classical world. A mix of bookmarks/marcadors classical Spaniards, and melody of jazz.
Likes Duque Ellington has said, "it is resulting increasingly difficult to decide where begin of jazz or where arrest, where Alley of the casserole of has beaten starts and finals of jazz, or same where a borderline there was mentido among jazz and classical music. I seat he any line of flange." If it was any line of the flange left when this album is exited, is definately obliviated with which this.
Ossia The perfect piece to listen to in a morning, or anytime when so only are relaxing. I am not never state Spagna, but went it to him probably would have the question that competes with an experience of this music. A remastered the version is a lot a lot of fact, and a sound is phenomenal for the 1959 register. A phase of his wide and open east. And the trumpet of Davis is clear and has directed. If it love bridge an empty neither of jazz to classical, or vice versa ossia an album to do he with. If you want to Miles Davis and loves something a lot relaxing and beautiful of him ossia the album adds to possess . Essential for defenders of Davis of Miles.
4 / 5
This album exemplifies the one who some Thousands of extraordinary gifted music Davis was and, thus subject, Gil Evans also.
I thousands is always be some premiers to try in of the new things in a scene of Jazz and successfully adds. Revolutions A Quota, a Bebop and in fact later in a electronical Jazz in his own way and underlines like better.
This, this in spite of, is not the album of Jazz. In fact, there is at all to do with Jazz. It is the collection of classical pieces, wonderfully orchestrated and a lot reluctant in an use of jazzy tunes or other modern influences.
Is the collection to shine brilliant, sometimes moody, dips ready payed for the brilliant Thousands. An album would not owe that be compared to other Thousands' work but taken on the basic stand only and be enjoyed when you are in a way for him.
So that they know Spagna of country, ameno of the rear memories of one a lot wonderful and special occassions one there is enjoyed there. An use of Castillian and Flemish the elements will transfer you directly to the at night late dinner in a good-looking cost or the some old properties of Madrid.
4 / 5
One that changes for ever and not resting never Miles Davis, presses some limits of jazz once again with this 1960 album has called ketches of Spagna', that directs to melt jazz with an orchestra. Sure, it have done the prime (with soyiles Advanced and 'Porgy & Bess'), but this one is his the majority of coherent and better orchestrated album of jazz. Has the pair of Spanish tunes, rearranged for Gil Evans especially for this edition and I have to that say touch really interesting. A rest of an album is written for Evans.
Visits of some lights, dips down and place in a CD. You will be transported to some far and good-looking landscapes of Spagna. Dreamy music that it is a lot relaxing and soothing. Ossia Reason some considers this to be a soyusic of elevator' type. At all. It is in complex for that. Miles Davis sure has known that . His trumpet touches like this very like this never, and has some utmost long suns for him. This album comes well with which one dips 'Class of Blue'. Esketches Of Spagna' is one of Album of Miles that sells better. Perhaps it is for this that is bought by people that has purchased previously 'Class of Blue'. Any less, the controls was.
4 / 5
Has has wanted to really like this CD, but was any slow plus , calmer, more pensive, or more drawn was, is "muzak." One touching is not terrible, in fact Concert of Aranjuez is often the very powerful and emotional song. But a lot a rest so only draaags on and on, begging to be any one has turned was or to induce naps. I know it does more than the little this will take @@subject with this description ("All hail Thousands of Rey, destroys a unbeliever!") But there is Like this "better" Miles Davis CDs to possess that this.
If simply I OWE THAT experience a material of Evans of Gil punctual, my joint is to go with advances of Miles. This CD is in a same class of has behind dipped, almost "Birth of a Quota" it vetoes, but some songs are shorter, the little more animate (but a lot a lot,) and so only in general have more than the traditional "jazz" it feels to them. The sketch of looks of Spagna to be really aiming in territory of niche. Perhaps it is for this that calm the want or the hate.
5 / 5
Like another reviewers there is remarked already, this register is interesting in that is the start of traditional "jazz". In this CD, the thousands touches Spanish touching music (listens to some fragment of Solea and Satea). This work is the collaboration with Gil Evans, like this near is quite big, but Miles' touching sounds quite spontaneous and some suns are quite long (notably in Solea, where touches my solo of Davis of Thousands of favourites)
in this register, the thousands to good sure underlines like main focal point of an album. Ossia Contrasts to a lot of his another succesful projects (workin'/cookin'/ ... , Class of blue) where a glory is shared. The thousands touches a lot energetic/ardent/fiery in this register.
Can not say yes calms like this or no -- is really the subject of flavour. Of some other descriptions, looks that other defenders of Miles there is enjoyed this only register. A final verdict ? It is your called -- control out of a sound-monsters and like -you a sound of those, then calms will not be disappointed with a CD.
4 / 5
Although unarguably one of some musicians of Jazz more final of his generation, now in that went back it and listened to esketches of Spagna' of the new perspective, is now any hard to see reason ossia the massive influential soyiles Davis''' the trumpet that touches, is a light to shine in a global complex & stunningly intricate album. If it is one memorable 16 small luxurious orchestral of 'Concert of Aranjuez', or an English plus marching/ regimental-esque stomp of aeta', or a place for behind reflective sign trumpeting blues of olea'...The thousands is without the shadow of the doubt he Trumpeter of the sinister unquestionable is not to take anything out of his band to back, and his arrangements subtiles that any one so only enhance, but leave Miles' compositions to explore all the available flanges and press a envelope of the trumpeters the structure described and harmonic, to elevate this to the for real album of diving.
4 / 5
Has learnt in this register while it looks a series of Burns of Knows in "Jazz" on DVD. I have it now and it has been listening his constantly. I agree a lot of things. It is spare and to to Minimum likes him the a lot of modern art (Miles Davis was also enough the modern painter a lot of). This in spite of some Latins of musical elements are to good sure there also with a modern art, there included doing this album the very only combination. One Burns' the film has said that the women are enormous buyers of this album and I can see reasons. It is the very emotional register , a lot romantic this in spite of a potential for melancholy and sadness is there too much. An image of the coverage of Miles is of him when being a matador to the bull to touch but is quite clear that it is a lover has idealised universal also. It is hard to believe this album has been registered on done 30 years because it touches like this fresh and new. OTOH, HAS I state that listens the like this done music recently? Of course no.
4 / 5
The sketch of Spagna is an impressive work reason he melds jazz and spanish classical composition but frankly thinks that is the bit to bore while other miles davis the records are to good sure more entertaining. I mean, that the jazz would owe that be based on improvisation, has to a lot of that? As because it mixes with classical music that has a lot little to do with improvisation? Some two genders are incompatible or at least TOUCH incompatible here. In general, ossia some only Thousands Davis ' records I desire had not bought: it has dipped he in a player, has listened his once, says "wow" (reason obviously Davis & Evans is specialised tremendously) and did not choose it never on again. Perhaps ossia so only reason are the defender adds of hard bop which has the plus "swinging" way but so that Duque Ellington has said, this in spite of inpressive is, does not mean the thing if it was not taken that change. Sadly I do not see any transmission here.
4 / 5
Edifice in of the earliest collaborations with orchestrator Gil Evans, Miles attractive of the masterpiece of introspection and calm beauty. Start with a "Concert of Aranjuez", originally partorisca classical electrical guitar, the thousands dips scarce lines that clue so only in an original. This in spite of ossia his present of interpretation, undressing all down to some essential notes. It evokes some landscapes and way of Spagna with castanets, rhythm and the lush orchestration.
Like the classical musician can not say reason this album has taken the few years partorisca grow on me. But I maintaining that wants to. This is not for all the world, and a uninitiated has to that know is not the album of traditional jazz like a more mainstream Class of Blue. These flanges of crosses of the album and to to the sounds like in of absolute more. Ossia A reason for a hoopla. It is for this that is the one of the bondadoso masterpiece.
4 / 5
But I kinda like a music! Sad, could not resist. This tentativa pale in the humour averts, there is wanted to so only add my two cents to a discussion of this amazing work. The my ears, does not import to consider this classical, jazz, or country-thrash- dead-polka, a music is surprising. Any song that can move you the tears to listen after listening like 'Concert Of Aranjuez' has to that be special. The flow of arrangements of Gil Evan without saying; if there is the band of house in heaven, is a one that fixed some tunes. It was not I have it to him it has not listened never he flugelhorn sing with such passion as in this register. This CD is much more economic that the entrance to plan Madrid, as if you are unsure to the equal that to him or any for the buy, a captain has turned of a sign of tape of the chair, and can now click your mouse for the buy!!
5 / 5
Has been listening to this masterpiece for thirty years and I have not grown never tired of him. It is so only. It is timeless. It is impossibly beautiful.
I thousands has said to dip so much to register this album that left it absolutely drained. It can do that to an auditor, also!
I amour "Kilimanjaro", "Bitches", "Fillmore", "Alive-Harm", "in a Corner", "Pangaea" and other albums of much later that this concealed is worlds out of him in way, but this always will be 'up there'. For a way, ossia one same remastered material, the clues of prize have comprised, these looks in "A Complete ...Miles / Evans"
Buys this and listen to esolea' again and again and behold a power of music!
4 / 5
This music is a better example of the classical music fulfils jazz. A music is touched with being able the thin adds. There have it a lot of funds to feel besides each clue. My main complaint this in spite of is some tomb is extremly down in a mix, mine 120 watt B&W subwoofer is an only thing that saves this terrible question. Reasons so many albums of old jazz suffer such questions. Some people think that that some tomb is one the majority of part of entity of a rhythmn section, reason do such one injustice? A music is like this well has to that take 5 stars but with a reording be sub-pair, does not see it . If have it subwoofer gone back some bass on and discover a real way to listen this materpiece.
4 / 5
This certainly will not be one of my games of favourite jazz. Probably, it roots of his start, one of favourites:Concert Of Aranjuez. They are fearful that this interpretation so only does not dip well with my ear.
A rest of some numbers looks no a better the record clarity, and lack luster, anything. A improv reads it are sure takes endeavour and utmost skill, but is not my class of sounds.
Certainly, another with more than exposure of jazz that seat strongly that ossia the essential classical, like evidenced for one a lot of reviewers in this place. I will continue to listen with an open alcohol, but for right now, this is not mine fav classifies of jazz.
4 / 5
Was in the first place present in this album while it looks a series of burns of the knowledge in "Jazz" last year. I have fallen enamoured with a prime minister 30 as of "Concert Of Aranjuez" if this was an only song in an album still was to consider the classical mine. I can not imagine any that touches that song & calm does not change your whole way or have you picturing the fighter of bull in action, he so only that beautiful. A song is on 12 min. But the mine still has not been enough so it writes am listening his interior a moment & it is really difficult to write when such the good-looking song in my ear. " Or' A Wisp" it is a second song while it does not contain a beauty (In mine opnion) of "Concert Of Aranjuez" he still the song adds to wake on too much and go to colegiala or work. "A Casserole Piper" has the mystery well seats his or so only could imagine when being in spain in the night of full moon with this song that touches. "Saeta" Start with the model of good drums but then comes to the only wonderful for the miles then returns & final with these wonderful drums patern. "Solea" It is mine 2nd favourite clue begins with the alone of the miles concealed but dulcemente some other instruments come "alive' and a start of time chooses up. Ossia truy The clue adds & also one of mine fav. Actions of miles.
"Song of our country" it is the add more next & the more "Jazzy" tune in an album I gentleman'think a song wouldhave work if it was not the next plus. Out of all the Miles & album of Evans of Gil thisis mine fav. If or looking for the album that can a lot of so only dipped the way in your house but is perfect to so only dipped for behind & Sketch of cold of spain is th the album would owe that have in alcohol.
4 / 5
After reading roughly other descriptions posted here has them felt thank you to contribute to a dialogue. I think that those of a jazz and 'camps' classical those who complain the sketch of spain is not esaliado' jazz or is not faithful to a traditional orchestral approximation the majority of like this-the classical register called has taken to a section of adage of rodrigo concert of aranguez (he centerpiece of this album) lacks a point. This register is one of some the majority of actions of entities of a 20th century and is clearly a better in a series of collaborations among miles and gil evans. Gil evans there is remarked that his arrangements have been drawn to resupply it backdrop still miles' lyrical and ardent touching. Ossia In fact a chance here-lush and exotic, this in spite of any overpowering the orchestrations cushion some of miles' more touching of any of his periods (quotas, bebop, modal, fusion, etc.). The thousands is the contemporary music that picasso was the contemporary art. This album represents uncompromising artistic expression in his main. Sketch Of spain is an absolutely essential register, in spite of some less than enlightened claims to some contrary posted here. Reardless Of your preference in musical expression, belonging of east register in your collection!
4 / 5
With CLASS and NIGHT of HALF ROUND OF BLUE,the SKETCH Of SPAGNA is among some better of only some clues of title rids but all some numbers achieve his aims to leave melt to a FLEMISH flavour in mysterious has listened probably an adage of first concert ,but perhaps has known no that the THOUSANDS registered it if you are not the jazz there be known here that some clues of the prize is not so only say that ossia type of elevator of music;atrocity, is so only that they could a lot high they quite big to go down and listen to have in your library of music sure.
5 / 5
Ossia truely Dive he of Jazz, blending classical Spanish Music with Jazz that equals look it excelance ossia a lot scarce in fact. Ossia That record that both Jazz and the Classical enthusiasts will enjoy to listen the on and on again. Concert of Aranjuez Is the perfect start to this travesía of emotion and colour of sound. The thousands does not try to flood out of a sound of an orchestra of Evans of Gil with his trumpet, quite he blends wonderous sounds with him. Any register/of Evans of Davis costs to purchase, this in spite of have had to that choose so only one, then ossia a a to take.
5 / 5
The sketch of Spagna is Miles Davis follows until a brilliant Class Of Blue. While Class Of Blue can be an album of jazz More adds them never fact, the sketch of Spagna is really near. It is at least the worthy follow until Bondadoso Of Blue. While Class Of Blue has had the very deprived sound with only the few musicians, the sketch Of Spagna is the enormous album, with a lot of musicians. An effect takes to listen the ossia one same as listening to the full orchestra.
Like the title suggests, some songs on here are spanish or spanish has has influenced songs. This in spite of, is not too Latin touching and a lot also the jazz that touch. It is a lot you goes in, which an even more brilliant and different album. I think that a point underlined of an album is a stunning 16 Frames of minute Of Aranjuez. It is as to symphony of jazz, but with Latin influences. Album like this proove that Miles Davis is like this of the entity to jazz like Charlie Parker and Duque Ellington.
4 / 5
Miles outdid he with his decision partorisca release " it Classifies Of Blue" and this album in succession. Some concepts of both of these was the innovations add of our century. With "Sketch Of Spagna", some sounds of Flemish and of Joaquin Rodrigo wonderful "Concert Of Aranjuez" among another, the thousands has aimed a potential of a finely the accompanying fixed orchestra one of a more adds improvisors of our time. Miles' phrasing at the side Gil Evans' the poignant arrangements east the must-have album partorisca all the lovers of music.
4 / 5
A reviewers that converged roughly touching Relaxin or Class of Blue hundreds of time
but this so only the dozen really adds on this album adds. Yes, I add six in this
category of the collector that cross on partorisca give support. Ossia Miles all for his
lonesome adjoined for the odd orchestra that has any cohesion with this artist.
A lot resembled this hokey create it of Taylor material has done with Wes Montgomery and that
Verve orchestra (which all his better offerings are in Remacha for a way). The
feel of this album is likes Columbia record exec. Saying 'hey Miles is
that goes partorisca dip calm in the room with an orchestra and goes partorisca be partorisca your own
very reason all some other musicians of jazz the one who are not the averages like this talented like six
that does this same thing.
But ossia simply an opinion of the person the one who really has a lot another that you
is not the collector will be much happier with a lot rounded classics like
Steamin, Talkin, Workin, and more than all Relaxin. Then in the Columbia Sextet
but can cut you on some of this insane wizardry.
5 / 5
Knows that a lot of people will disagree with my opinion but I find this CD a record of the better jazz has not done never. My friends say me some better Thousands Davis' the album is " it Classifies of Blue", but there is at all like this Concert of Aranjuez. Each note in this album is special. One of these albuns that marvel you if the god looked in a studio. And if you can not decide, I recommend that it buy this one And " it Classifies of Blue". Compraventa "A Supreme Amour" for Coltrane and the the I add mini collection of jazz CDs.
4 / 5
This disk combines classical and elements of jazz. It is the good album , sweet, and enjoyable. It is not one the majority of accessible album to my ears, although of the sensateces conventional says that it was the little ad . I have found this album is listened more to in the volume he big plus, reason is a lot dynamic, and some sections plus a lot calm is like this interesting like this stronger. I give it 4 in place of 5 reason a sentence of the trumpet included looks throughout partorisca the give it espanish flavour'... Taking partorisca touch the little cliched.
4 / 5
5 / 5
Are not the jazz seasoned, or Spanish music, veteran, but included can appreciate a Spanish way subtiles the thousands dips together with Gil Evans in this album. Miles' so only in a flugelhorn is fiery and precise, and some arrangements are simply wonderful. There it has any a lot of can say in this album that would not give me was like this incompetent in a field of jazz, but "Sketch of Spagna" it is another album I amour partorisca relax to. Material very intriguing.
4 / 5
Has an album that capture the way nowhere more partorisca be found, is this remarkable album , Sketch of Spagna. Rigid jazz traditionalists will beg partorisca differ, but this album takes jazz to an artistic level never has achieved before. Miles Davis embodies the one who an artist is. An arrangement of a complete orchestra Davis' statements a lot well. One the majority partorisca fix powerful is "Saeta," with his inaugural horns, almost presenting an auditor in the world he or she is not never be to, and can never gone back of. This album would owe that be listened to to start with to finalise. I in the first place listened to an album in eighth note, and has not ceased to surprise me. It is absolutely essential for any defender of Miles Davis, jazz, and/or art.
5 / 5
Miles Davis tries like an innovative, deep, and imaginative artist with Sketch of Spagna. A blend of melancholy and Flemish Spanish blues has like this appeal that touch this CD constantly. "Solea" It is my favourite clue . It is lovely and repeat it on and on. So that they appreciate jazz that no out of a music-the boxes have built of critics, considers Sketch of Spagna.
5 / 5
This Album has some Clearer Horns more Acute never calms Like this is one of Davis his east so that Rico Here that the leaves was the Risk that takes Artist the one who has very taken casualidad with his work and More Often that it does not attack the character and ossia any with Gil Evans&An Orchestra ossia he Masterpiece.unla The music feels like this free.
5 / 5
This legendary album is diving he in jazz, the disk where everthing resembles access to a right place: I add near touching, the glorious selection of music, and, the majority of everything, an absolutely stunning soloing of Miles Davis. One the majority of famous piece is a first, the version of an adage jointly of the classical electrical guitar famous of Joaquin Rodrigo are ark of aranjuez', developed for Davis' collaborator Gil Evans, one of some the majority of creative societies of entities in jazz. It is the classical, the treatment of glorious jazz of the classical work, in both one original action and an alternative version that it is the clue of prize in this subject, which mine, is included better- there is more depth of emotion (if such the thing is possible) that in an original, he rawness and passion. There is another classical work, 'Will or' a wisp' for Manual of Fracasado, it short plus and less intense experience that Rodrigo, with the different flavour-mysterious and with the accident undertone. It listens it go for a slinky, dark rhythms, and multicoloured orchestral pallette. Thirdly, Has the Spaniards folk melody, 'A Casserole Piper', that Evans has listened the pig castrator game in whistles he of penny! A unmistakable the trumpet of Miles near in the static, glittering, orchestra. With which conceal, a estupefaciente emotional; exposure: esaeta'. Ossia The traditional Spanish proccession, in that the woman in the balcony said of a history of the death of Christ and ressurrection. The fanfares of brass Miles present' so only, in those touches a part of a woman with exposure and stunning concentration of raw emotion. Then, esolea' (that comes from/comes from a word for loneliness) for Gil Evans. After the slow introduction, a rhythm chooses up and begin the part in that Davis, like this linter the notes dipped it 'fervently links some cries of Flemish and blues'. Another clue of prize, esong of our country', is further of the Of the sud American that vetoes it Spanish.
The one who this disk takes like this precisely, like this movingly, like this clearly, is a sadness that there was mentido in a heart that thinks of like this Spagna, the sense of melancholy, of ache. A tone of Miles' trumpet, like this brilliantly showed in 'Porgy and Bess', achieves another phase here- is given one spatial to do his own only sound. If it buys any one another album of jazz, then ossia a a to take.

Top Customer Reviews: Live at Bourbon ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia The album of DOUBLE CD , registered ‘alive' in the Club of Toronto on June 14th 1983. It comprises 2 originals for Breau and Young; some other 15 selections are levels of jazz . Total touching Time : 124 minutes.
Lenny Breau Is been born in EUA of Maine, in 1941. In 1957, a familiar moved to Winnipeg where has begun his career like the professional musician, touching with the country of his father-sale of music. It has moved in Toronto in 1968 and then to several cities of EUA. It is dead age 43 to the Angels in 1984 in the circumstances never have explained fully. It has been a lot of writing in his amazing technician, has listened here in abundance. It has touched the electrical guitar of 7 series that was able to touch a line of accompaniment and independent bass to his prolific and virtuosic melodic invention. There is at least 24 available albums in the sound that the touches can be listened, and this is to consider partorisca be one of the his better. Had obviously the synergy adds among these two musicians.
Dave Young is been born in Winnipeg in 1940 and was classically has coached. It has done with Lenny Breau of 1961 to 1966 (Lenny Breau Show, TV Winnipeg 1966). It has been active in a scene of jazz the Toronto of emotional there in 1966. There is at least 8 available albums that looks his flawless touching and leadership. In 2006 it has been honoured with an Order of Canada. For 35 years has touched with Oscar Peterson that says that it learnt it a lot! It has joined Oscar Peterson Trio in 2005 after a death of Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, and has registered also with Oliver Jones.
Record 1
is a lot of Amur More the add (Jones-Sykes) Melodically only inventive in comping level of insiemi for big level of soloistic invention for both men. So only of long bass.
Can see now (Dameron-Sigman) Good-looking melody with accompaniment in electrical guitar, the tomb gives powerful support.
Street of green Dolphin (Kaper-Washington) Tomb comping and so only.
(Gershwin-Gershwin-Washington) ploughing to to the sounds like so only of the alone instrument that touches, is like this near; transmissions like crazy by means of the series of hearts very complex.
And Blue (Breau) So only in harmonics in agreements !
Blues (Davis) Delicate traceries, sounds of electrical guitar like the piano !
7. I fall enamoured too Easily (Kahn - Styne) has Extended so only of basses of virtuosidad and utmost invention.
Some Things Are (Hammerstein-Kern) Slow introduction with has has extended suspensions, then swinging like this crazy, virtuosic the duet that touches and so only of basses.
Corazón bobo (Washington-Youngster) Introspective and reflective, undermining deeply the harmonies.
Record 2
(McCoy Tyner) the things done in both instruments that is ‘impossible'. It maintains attention riveted for 15', hypnotically good-looking actions.
In my Chance (Breau-Youngster) - spontaneous applause of audience.
Valentine Mona (Hart-Rogers) takes the way to affect sentimentality, endlessly inventive.
Is this thing? (Porters) Breau touches the melodic line fluently inventive and accompanies . I do not have to any idea likes them to them he.
Amur (Gillespie-King-Alstyne-Youngster) Walking in eggshells, so only of long bass, heart after inventive heart.
Solitary people (Evans) Beautiful understatement.
Will not be never Another Calm (Gordon-Warren) More than the respite taken and effortless virtuosidad, so only of long bass, some external sounds.
(Randall-Garland) The short heart, a lot of spontaneous applause (final of place).
Keith Davies Jones
5 / 5
has possessed previously the CD with of a material. In spite of well the value that invests in this double album there when being like this few emissions thus guitarist of only final jazz.
5 / 5
Glorious fingerstyle jazz. The register of quality adds. A better only thing is was there to listen alive. A must partorisca Lenny Breau defenders.
5 / 5
Lenny Is simply a better. A More listens them his, a plus intricacies discovers.
If you are the defender of Jazz or so only the defender of the players of electrical guitar adds, ossia yours casualidad to listen the alive master.
5 / 5
Lenny Was able to produce some extraordinarily good-looking sounds with his seven electrical guitar of series. These harmonics! Especially joy ' calm could see me now'. Simply majestic! Ted O'Reilly has loved to try the new recorder laptop gizmo and decided to go and record Lenny and Dave Young that extracted in the bar central Toronto a night. That has documented is at all less than spectacular. Any player of the electrical guitar today can do that Lenny could do in the nightly bases behind a day. Ossia Alive! Any tricks of studio! I create this fold cd is out of impression.
4 / 5
Is looking for incredibley Smooth jazz and innovative electrical guitar ossia a a . Lenny fingerstyle technic Has given a capacity to take jazz and levels of way to pop besides a 'the plan that chooses' way to touch, a lot likes to listen to the jazz pianist. Together with the long time associates Dave Young in grave acoustic this present music an interaction among bass and electrical guitar that it is rarley has listened. A soyust has' partorisca Lenny Breau defenders and defenders of jazz in general.
5 / 5
In any defender of jazz and any the one who tone of electrical guitar in general, this album is the must has. Breau Is touching in the utmost levels is so only unbelievable and has many to be learnt of his fashion. A highly the player has estimated down the one who deserves more credit. To all the cost, burns in this cd and would have to that be possessed by everything.
5 / 5
Ossia A first album of Lenny Breau that has purchased, and resembles has been the very good election. It was the guitarist the remarkable plus , with the enormous musical fashion and the scarce capacity to touch lines of harmonies and adventurous goodness to sustain a same time. In these touches of the album with his mate has fulfilled Dave Young down in the alive action, and some two instruments mesh together perfectly. A gender is jazz , with good-looking melodic lines and Bills to interest Evans-fashionable harmonies that comprises, in time, remarkable flourishes of harmonics. Like the player of the electrical guitar of the jazz are intrigued and impressed for of the this, but is far besides simple technical skill - is the work of deep, intricate, exciting and that satisfies musicality. A duet the format of this action leaves a full quality of an electrical guitar that touches and your to be has listened clearly. Any instrument any far plus search to be required the 'arrived' or inspire an occasion. Strongly it recommends this CD.
5 / 5
First time listens was 3 weeks ago.
Wonderful , wonderful relaxing music.
There is a lot STILL has taken everything of his registers.,
But this, IMO, is plus of mine like this far.
Mina of sound 5th & ALL some another, ossia available, is in my Cast of Desire of the Christmas.

There is at all can add to some leading descriptions.
5 / 5
One possesses absolutely.
A duet of exceptional quality.
Would fail More than east drenches there . . .
4 / 5
から流れて来た曲でLenny Breauを知り、このアルバムを手に取りました。
4 / 5
4 / 5


5 / 5
5 / 5
The majority of disk 2 is island of desert CD music; a rest is very good. Breau And Young so much has prodigious expressive technician, imagination and work fantastically, sometimes intuitively, together. Breau occasioanally Sacrifices the lines of goodnesses so that it can accompany , but for disk 2 is closed like this in still concealed does not spend . Young, like this usual, is an epitome of flavour, and listen his talent here also. There are too many brilliant touches subtiles partorisca annoy counting. Romance, Humour, hot- is all a register is stunning, alive or Jazz of no. of wonderful chamber.
4 / 5
Has bought this album, not knowing which partorisca expect and any while any one the whole plot. But attended, is Lenny Breau! And all know Lenny Breau is able to touch so only roughly anything in electrical guitar. The my ears, this album is the little different of One Touches of Velvet or 5 'oclock Bell. Ossia The jazz the album of conventional plus more to the to something likes him Jim of the room or Joe Spends. This is not partorisca say that he necessarily to to the games like to of them on this album but a sound is more conventional or something to this effect. Ossia The beautiful album , a lot very touched for both bassist and guitarist and a lot pleasing to an ear. An album of the electrical guitar of jazz has better listened in the while
4 / 5
The one who the together beautiful of immaculate improvisations! Goddess, a sound is like this good! Usually the whole bass is registered alive so that ameno was all a noise of toe. No like this here. Like this cleaned, like this sweet.

If you are not familiarised with Lenny Breau, that treats it this 2 CD is can be partorisca you. Here using adds it touching habit 7 electrical guitar of series with the big 'One' serious! Considered by a better of a jazz and worlds of countries partorisca be a better living guitarist in his lifetime, bolt until his reputation here. Has all can take that Lenny , and ossia my preferred at the side 'Of the Complete Livingroom Tapes.' It has had courage and incredible technician, for real ribs of killers. In this register has deepened and grown further anything purely physical or technician roughly music in the electrical guitar. He comunicates with heartfelt passion and soul, like this fully, like this clearly, like cleanly, and . It is hard to believe the one who beautiful this music is. Goddess, loves that! Please invite Lenny to maintain the base of in your life and of the ears, also.
5 / 5
Acording To a book 'a long tune' a lot of fev of lennys true albums Lenny in shape well. It has had often any nervs to touch in studio, or was on was a chance on Five On the dot Bell/Me he' Breau and Fever of Cabin, although these albums are greate. But in this album, Lenny is in his much more.
Lennys The aim was to touch an electrical guitar like a piano, and Bill Evans was his favorit player of piano. It has done on this for 20 years. Do sure.'
Dave Young has known and respethed Lenny and his music, and a result is marvelus.
In this album Lenny touches so only a way feels likes, totally free.
A thing with touching that touches that called he unbelivable, is his harmonich, some touches of way like the player of piano, and he he totally spontanius. If calm could See Me Now, Corazón Bobo, the Enamoured fall To Easily, Two Solitary People, is so only increddible.
Ossia A better electrical guitarwork has not listened never, and a more you lissen, a more listen.
A sound is greate and an interaction vith Dave Young is unncanny.
5 / 5
Breau Is an extraordinary guitarist. Wonderful to listen in the well advances partorisca dip of jazz with the fine bassist that accompanies. This in spite of touches likes any of another. It surprised constant. It listens and marvel. That the loss.
4 / 5
Lenny Was the master of electrical guitar of the jazz that touches the electrical guitar of 7 series. A music here is good-looking, soft and bondadoso. It is add partorisca have touching in a background while you are having the fine dinner. It is not mecer and music of type of the circle. It is better adapted like this background music while taken the nap and love the clear alcohol. Have enjoyed this together of CD and recommend it the peaceful people. There is not any place partorisca the drum dips here.

Top Customer Reviews: Oscar Peterson ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 19 ratings
5 / 5
C soyen people, is Oscar Peterson doing Navidad has beaten so only. We are like this lucky that registers this in the so many could listen his, can rests in peace.
5 / 5
First of a lot of CDs partorisca come! Amur A sound of soft jazz of Oscar Peterson!!!
All a classical Christmas the songs in one have to that have.
5 / 5
Masterfully Has touched. I asm always thrilled when it listens Oscar Peterson.
5 / 5
Place for behind sleepy the tunes Enjoy inner the day of cold winter
4 / 5
I have broken My CD of prime minister after the years of use and was like this happy could substitute it. A very smooth and tasteful tribute to this very special time of a year.
5 / 5
The no really included like music navideña, but when Oscar he the tone, results something more. Also I want like this ossia Oscar Peterson album, but Oscar (likes always) shares some suns with his mates of band. The album adds
4 / 5
In the first place of a lot of CDs partorisca come! Amur A sound of soft jazz of Oscar Peterson!!!
All a classical Christmas the songs in one have to that have.
5 / 5
Has dipped for behind sleepy the tunes Enjoy inner the day of cold winter
5 / 5
has broken my CD of prime minister after the years of use and was like this happy could substitute it. An a lot of smooth and tasteful tribute to this very special time of a year.
4 / 5
A lot relaxing the music has touched wonderfully. Audio qulaity is quite well
5 / 5
Lush, fabulous arrangements that is not that 'jazzy' can not find a melody. Love it!
4 / 5
Any one can tickle some ivories like this man. megb....
5 / 5
Almost each house has the moment during a season navideña when music navideña taking to be, well, too much. When These attacks for now--and he the tower of any one there is on and place in "Oscar Peterson Navidad" for the refreshingly astringent, swinging transmission of any that still subtly evokes a joy and splendour of a season.
An album opens with "Rest of God Ye Allegro, Gentlemen" and it goes entirely "Chico Is This ?", "Navidad Blanca," " I will be House for Navidad" and entirely other preferred vacacionales. A difference is that Peterson dips his masterful transfer in some songs so that they do not touch any saccharine and slime with dud feeling, but bracing and clear and quite snapping with energy. There it can be song more innocuous that "Jingle Bell?" Well, in this album, Peterson and flugelhorn player Jack Schantz marks to the smoothy-smooth, swingin' be-boppy like to listen to.
Unworthy all a classics, has an original here ossia a lot of value a prize of an album everything in his own: "Waltz navideño." Ossia The gorgeous meditation in a remorse and memories that pode the Christmas-- will want to dip the on while dancing in a darkness in front of the fire to roar with your sweetie. Has the glass of champagne while you are in him. It sees that it spends. Highly recommded!
5 / 5
Can calms does not use never a word 'perfect' quite when that speaks Oscar Peterson? If podes a lot then consider this, Oscar Peterson rids another flawless action in this collection of favourites navideños. Has the good mix of both a traditional carols and some of some secular songs of a season.
Ossia The perfect CD to add your collection of music navideña. It is perfect for these late nights that relaxes for a tree.
4 / 5
One of one all-the time greats of piano of jazz a fantastic work of this album navideño. It is so only jazzy enough to be refreshing this in spite of enough afterwards to some original arrangements to be tolerable the traditionalists. One of mine favourite navideños!
5 / 5
Oscar Peterson is the wonderment, and this emission is the good-looking rendition does up with all a trappings of Oscar Peterson and his solid trio. Herb Ellis in resplandores of electrical guitar. File navideño adds done with flavour and order in a plus end of traditions of Jazz. Thank you Oscar.
5 / 5
Labeled Likes one of a more adds pianist in a world of jazz, Oscar Peterson to good sure resplandores in this album. It maintains some melodies navideñas originals, but also adds his own personal touch to the each one like this and each song. Ossia The must for your collection vacacional. They are a lot of individual on some albums of jazz that shabby and this a has not left me will not be disappointed.
5 / 5
Likes -you the jazz and like music navideña, would have to love this CD, Fill with the tunes are, Oscar dips his own transfer on him. The lies of character of Oscar in his capacity to fantastically embroider a melody without losing view of him......... It enjoys
5 / 5
Is definitively my disk navideño has preferred... It joins time that his girls are put to bed, that lucido the fir is lit, my husband and came to drink that looks lucida fir and in soupirant of welfare. That thankful music. Of the smooth Jazz very also to do feels the pendant joins reception.

Top Customer Reviews: Ma ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
I have received already The cd, in very very be. He cd is a lot well, am satisfied.
5 / 5
Lynda Lemay, Master or in does not want to . It is also simple concealed it. Some reproaches Of puiser Inspiration of edges in the anecdótico, while others will spend it precisely to the edges of nude games habileté to take all the poetry of the newspaper. If have has wanted to Lynda Lemay in lucido past, new edges the album are a Byline ' will confirm probably that Lynda Lemay merit to look among his best cantautoras quebequesas. If you do not want to Lynda Lemay, he and the little of the casualidad play that this new album does to change of idea.

Me, master Lynda Lemay, so much Touches the expressiveness of his voice that play the sweet magic of his prose, after extending ('the tone call Marguerite', 'Joins mother') and after mordante ('Lucido has tried solitude'), after sad ( esables mouvants', 'Laura small') and after hilarante ('Last election'). This new Album to the distinction of porter gives the arrangements undressed, intimistes, quell'dressed of way elocuente takes them small bijoux concoctés pair Lynda Lemay to the sud this album. It results a very sweet Album, sometimes a bit linear, that does not achieve perhaps any one his summits of the ecret give birds' except that door Lynda Lemay to his deep character afterwards joins brief incartade in the work-rock. Included his severe Plus detractores has to that confess the Lynda Lemay is so only, a bird averts in the universe sometimes aseptisé of the music quebequesa say you 'adult'.

To try quietly Pair of cold nights of winter, with the end of profiter fully give subtleties of this a lot of album of bel.
4 / 5
He CD has given L. Lemay Satisfies He attended, knowing the author. Coming always relates histories that strike particularly for the sadness and the fault has given hope: lucido planned phases of the life has given 'the tone call Marguerite' and 'call me Marguerite', the history has given a childish friendship that surpasses physical landslide has given a dementia senil. Afterwards it returns it Sweats personal tragedy Of the divorce (Lucido tried of the Solitude) and the (perhaps) personal feelings of the sweat role has given mother (joins mother).
Beautiful and struggente, even more of the usual. Consigliatissimo So that amours Lynda Lemay.
5 / 5
My alone worry is Of not being able to copy this CD to the sud my games of computers can after dipped him the the one of the sud my telephone. Impossible concealed me énerve transports his songs are like this good-looking that would want to listen him travesías.
4 / 5
emballage Corrected, long but planned delivery, prize a lot interressant
5 / 5
Three a lot of cd. His musics and his words are well. The song joins Simple is glorious. Fidele The Libda Lemay
5 / 5
I find this Canadian singer very particular and sings a lot of cd The answered the attentive month especially the interesting prize ...In all the chance are not disappointed never pair this Place
4 / 5
that Knows a lot well the discographie of Lynda Lemay and that has it already sees in concert, recommends east the album touches those that take a contact of prime minister with this wonderful québecoise!
4 / 5
Has bought this cd Games lucidos title 'the mother' but has appreciated a lot all contained 20 words ? I have wanted, listened, has shared ... Of the emotion, of the humour, of the charm ... Like and happiness ...

Top Customer Reviews: Swing Ladies ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
They are like this happy has listened in a canal of music of the boss. It is new mine , but the one who the good singer. Amur Some albums have bought. If it likes-you You Fitzgerald and Peggy Law, would have to like you.
5 / 5
His voice and election of the songs in this CD is absolutely WONDERFUL. It does not doubt partorisca purchase this CD. Calm does not want to take listening his. It is terrific enjoys jazz especially!
5 / 5
One of some artists of utmost jazz of our time. Highly it would recommend this musical CD. Carol Welsman Is a better female vocalist of our time. It is very attractive and touches wonderful piano.

Top Customer Reviews: Lift Your Skinny ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
Well packed, the touch adds. Súper Album like this always !
5 / 5
One of mine all preferred partorisca time now in my collection!
5 / 5
My favourite album for far, and is gone in absolutely perfect condition!
5 / 5
“… You know that they go partorisca do another goes so that be good.”
These words, like this perfect to the equal that can be, can be overheard be it spoken by the member of British audience in the recent godspeed you black emperor! Action that is to be take the tape in the bootleg way. The sense of a gentleman of the anticipation is a ultra-realistic analogy of some sounds and music that Canada of prestigious Montreal godspeed you black emperor! It creates– the weaving of orchestral elements that usually begin in the state of placidity that dulcemente builds one is felt of expectation to the noise until the climax adds is achieved, clue for the transcendental anti-climax. For his emission of studio later (inner tilled some wall of an aptly has titled studio of Toronto His Chemist), looks that both some technical and emotional appearances of salvation-fi and the-fi the textures were fully has explored. Each one that like this of some members of together new (looking of drums, electrical guitars, rape, cello, horns, tones, glockenspiel and grave) is suitably has attributed the sonic row like this spatially (with width panning, far mic'ing and directed) and EQ-wise to ensure that an auditor fully succumbs his part partorisca mark to the massive stairs of dynamics. And almost always, the far reverberated dron laws like the centrical nervous system of the piece. It outrage some registers of studio, a sale has inserted several registers of field have directed whilst in his by all the world visit. Radio static of around some ball wraps around a music, and of course, an infamous and provocative monologues of divergence callejera-human to level the sound out of deep inside his souls do another appearance. These elements were later has gathered the Montreal to finalise this masterwork. In the rudimentary level, GYBE! It can be alluded like those accionas the section in a same glass like Gorecki Third Symphony and Rosa Floyd Mother of Corazón of the Atom. Realistically, Travesía remote further. Of sorrow to to expect the bliss, godspeed you black emperor! It is so only the powerful when they are calm to the equal that are in the sonic strong summit.
5 / 5
After building an underground that is still in his first two emissions, Godspeed You it the Black emperor there is pulled was all some stops partorisca his third emission of entity, estimulates Your Lean Fists Like Antennas To Heaven.' Épico In the each way, this record sees a sale takes all have learnt to this point and apply to a music. Tenfold.
The no familiar auditors with a band can take some idea to a music thus little fact: This record of two disks is on two hours long. And there is so only four songs on that.
But will not find 30 minutes of droning for song. You read transfer of songs and turn, morph and transmission, bending, swirling, exploding, and buzzing like a widespread wall of sound. They do not finalise in a same class partorisca situate where has begun, often that spends for the movements of half dozen or more first that achieves the end of a travesía.
One could compare Gybe registers the soundtracks partorisca films that has not been never fact. It is the description that works, reasons his music conjures images in your boss. It is rock of noise of the épico in the stairs of classical music.
Has built the discharges of instrumentation for the band that is in time more than members of strong dozen, Godspeed You Black Emperor, or Gybe partorisca short, mixes airy electrical guitar , noisy with serious, collages of his, piano, chimes, and much more. They take quite simple musical subjects and, that uses this vast variety of sounds, builds him up in the period along, morphing simple melodies until they metamorphosis to something entirely different the one who that has begun eats. This is not simply droning, lulling music. An effect is the travesía .
But any of those some sounds here justice. Trying describes a music of Godspeed You it the Black emperor is likes to try describe the sleep. You can offer an attentive description, but in fact that takes an essence is difficult. One has to experience it firsthand.
Like this, also, is a difficult music to describe. You can describe some instruments and likes to go in his subject, but until calm listen it, calm will not have the clear picture that this band is everything roughly.
Godspeed You it The black emperor is the glorious band so that they enjoy long songs, sprawling soundscapes and the tin of music -sink you to. It is heady the experience that listens to this material. And side that.
Is to Spiritualized, Bardo Pond, Dirty Three, Labradford, Mogwai, Valentine Bloody, that Flies Saucer Attack and another in this realm, be due to it to him calm to verify this was.
5 / 5
Has the confession partorisca do. I have written the smug, ignorant description of the explosions in a Heaven is thoroughly enjoyable disk, the earth Is not the Cold Dead Place, the thought could finesse my lack of the knowledge in a music has contained therein and his antecedents without consequence--kinda just wow all the world with nuanced disdain, he calling, for example, "aural candy of alcohol." This was unfair.
Consistently, has taken royally drubbed for a reading of Amazon and estimating community. And correctly so much.
Like this, has decided to find this estaca of the odd music call-mecer partorisca see yes could dip averts prejudice and condescension and involve it on his own terms. This description constitutes my first endeavour live it-has seen this project.
One first what that attack roughly GY!BE is his poignant melancholy. Ossia The sale this has learnt like partorisca evoke magnitude among a sadness of the ours (estaca)modern world. His main strategy is to build achingly beautiful soundscapes out of enough of melodic and rhythmical simple material for the strategy of layering, repetition, and the series of resolution/of tension, movements/of dissonant climax. This leaves a very attractive music mesmeric, almost Gnostic, sensibility. For me, it imports any one has any real substance; a aural the glories wraps in leaving it the class of iconographic the seldom found power in music of pop. Like this, it is bad of the call "candy of alcohol." Yes, it is elegant and legerdemainic stops . It conceal it does not mean it is trivial. It comes from of and work out of the a lot of concrete postmodern narrative imbued with glorious sorrow (livestock or "lifted," no the think really subject) that for me totally is obliging, included if it can not be absolutely intellectually has sustained. His ephemerality is part of his attractive. There is the naïve purity takes that leaves included more adds pill. Besides, of the strictly aural standpoint, has classifies it by force overwhelming--cyclonic, chthonic, Dionysian--that can not be gainsaid: Camille Straw transposed to the pop-yours of music.
A second what that attack roughly this band is his utter uncommerciality. There it can be such the thing like uncommerical ad? Yes, a plague of a whole underground or movement of alternative rock; Kurt Cobain the suicide when being so only one the majority of visible paradox of such goings-on. Ossia, which spends, that calm , when your results of subterranean movement on-earth, results a norm? As to prevent has sawed-option? A hard question. One that U2 solved with an emission of Everything That You Can not Leave Behind after a self-parody of Zooropa. A concealed, perhaps, GY!BE will have to that face take too much populate. In a moment, pursue his quirky vision, developed to comprise Of the Money Mt. Zion.
Finally, listens this band (or at least sure members) espouse ultra-political radical. Have Little doubt these would be reprehensible mine, the Lunar-With Christian Catholic. But you know that? No respecto . I have not taken never my religion or politician of culture of pop, the be Joan Baez, Barbra Streisand, Clint Eastwood, or Arnold Schwarzenegger. Material Dave the liberalism of the chair of Douglas is so only this side of loony. And Charlie Haden is the benighted fool. But it does not listen to them (and listen to his so much) reasons are political geniuses. I listen to his reasons are MUSICAL geniuses. And how it is GY !BE. If to the alienation is the one who his boat of floating, more has beaten to 'in. I can undermine his music without undermining his politics. Besides, it evokes the side of contemporary experience that it is totally legitimate--to alienation and disgust caused by globalisation, multinationalism, and a McDonaldization of a world.
Like this with excites rest expecting my travesía current to the, certainly, world of arcane of rock of estaca. Perhaps I will be to send more offices of a front. I do not know . In a moment, I simply bask in some glories of Impulse Your Lean Fists . . .
5 / 5
1. Some marcaciones of Godspeed hypocrisy of race of the music. The categorize this like "rock of estaca," with Mogwai, Explosions, and Sigur is the heinous crime. This is not partorisca be labeled for that is thank you partorisca associate this sound with anything more.
2. The human beings are wired so that they appease a desire to associate unfamiliar aesthetic (music/of art) with subjects familiarised. This music is unbridled, anarchist, and primal cha(eth)you. It is a lot clear that these musicians are fed up with to corporate Amsterdam and fine-national companies. The time where fines-lateralizational political and economic police is supported by both republicans and democrat like the advantageous financial police partorisca our Nation, GODSPEED stands like the beacon against a majority established of has thought.
3. It is GY !BE reactionary? No, they are true. Ossia The group of artists that believes in his cause, like this whole-heartedly that is has owed to bear write his papers on map and live in poverty.

4.. A lot ESPECIALLY: A music will move you. Some sounds and swells embedded in this CD conjure that sleeping the part of you concealed said on and on again, " they are I living likes all the world-wide more would have to me say are?" "Do my philosophies reflect that innately inherited to my demographic grouping?"

"Reason do [they] not sleeping no a beach anymore?" (CD 2.)
Be moved. It listens and attribute. Agreement or rebellion, oriental or western philosophy, is all one. Find an aesthetic, an emotional and artistic tool that favour to the yours, and finally all of the ours, soyaster Narrative.' There is the deep sadness here, included in a discovering of such.
5 / 5
That one describes music like this vast, emotional and enigmatic without touching bobo? It is almost impossible, which is why I would recommend readers to look elsewhere in this page for comprehensible, a lot-articulated, eloquent descriptions, like this probably will not find them in this particular description. I can not offer anything more than subjective exploitations, as I have possessed this thing for month, and still deceit that tries to form coherent statements roughly that.
In that said the one who, Godspeed You! Black emperor - to nine band of piece of Canada - has created some of one the majority of evocative, atmospheric, reflective and good-looking music. STIMULUS YOUR LEAN FISTS LIKE ANTENNAS To HEAVEN! (2000) it Is an instrumental album (excluding roughly of some samples of random voices have listened in the little of some clues) has comprised of four 20-the minute follows that the game is gone in the way approaches classical. A band integrates serious (violin, cello, etc.) To his 'rock' music, which also adds to an orchestral element of him everything. A lot of some arrangements also look to the touch is gone in increasing way: some games of increasing model, while another will locate down, and for behind the, likes in circular motion. If it was to try and label this music, would call it the mix of environmental, hymn, orchestral, and psychedelic rock. It likes a lot they have declared, of a model of soft, dulcemente, build, explodes, the calm looks to touch in this way by means of the each one of some clues, although, does not think is repelling enough to outweigh an impact one will receive after listening, or quite experiencing, this music.
torm' Is my favourite clue in an album. All the world will have his own responses to the equal that to those some clues represent. Considering me, this particular clue memory of the song of an earth, or a hymn/of song of life. Memory of the forest in the mid-day of autumn with has maintained he of alone beaming by means of a shadow: earthy, melancholic, reflective, balanced, ambivalent - a class of humans of the humour there would be after experiencing one the majority of elated of joys, and a deep plus of sadness - in concrete, a class of balanced, bittersweet, slightly melancholic humour a there would be after being a lot of-seasoned in some experiences of life. If some leaves, trees, and everything of the components of the earth (that comprises a herb - the carpet of character of mother) could sing, ossia probably that would listen -- the song that represents life he - a happiness and a sadness. In a centre of some two ways, has class of the melancholic, bittersweet humour, which is exactly the one who looks to be a way of this clue (for me.) Another that all of that, one follows exudes a anthemic quality, as well as elegance, and also has the retro-feel his, a class of what has sworn has listened in a late 60s or punctual 70s.
tatic' Loses a balanced, melancholic, wisened/mature humour, and movements of more darker, incidents, imbalanced zones. I anger, jealousies, the anger and another look of turbulent emotions to come to import when I listen this. Also it thinks of a red by heart, particularly one classifies a darker, like the blood-red. Any one said that this clue would owe that it has been appointed torm,' to the equal that is racked much more that one first clue. He the point adds, like this fiery, red-the strong hot clue that takes, noisy, and dangerously aggressive, especially approximation a when finalising climactic the point with him is feedback/of sprain, screeching commentaries-curves and another dynamics of electrical guitar that almost frames for masochistic listening.
This music is good-looking, transcendent, evocative and almost indescribable. No attended to be able to articulate yours his responses a lot easily: the just look in some commentaries bobos has listed on in this description. In spite of, you are looking for simple pop , sincere (or metal) music, would be a lot of-advised to ignore this album. If has very deep, atmospheric, droning, meditative the music is looking for, gives this shot it.
5 / 5
The one who has known the progressive rock would do the turn. If it agree a heavy music, pretentious of Yes, Rey and Crimson Sweet Giant with fondness, likes I , then ossia welcome informative in fact. In a late 90s the number of the groups of odd countries have been reviving a gender and adding his own new transfers. Godspeed You black Emperor, the variable group of 9 to 18 musicians of Montreal, is one of one the majority of interesting of this new-prog groups.
Stimulate Your Lean Wrists is the double CD , those hard roughly 90 minutes in of the totals. In a disk will find GYBE droning the tunes notarises them that build until shattering climax and then morph again wilful this repeats a process. New-Prog in general uses the mix of traditional instruments, the technicians notarises them informative and influences of noise-mecer partorisca create is texture . A variety in GYBE the music any among some forms or melodies, but in this fascinating build on complex textures and in some powerful rhythmical drumming, which help to develop a powerful crescendos.
Each clue in a disk is around 20 minutes long, that forms the class of any-continuazione of stop. The clues are distinguished also for an use to found the sounds of a voice have automated that warns shoppers in the connivance mart any to leave homeless the people pump his man his old plus recollections of a heyday of Coney preacher of new age that speaks in a transformation of Man the backwoods folk singer. One takes one that feels that there is the history for behind a program of classes, perhaps related to GYBE rests-the political wing slant. But an album can be enjoyed without any knowledge of that. Ossia Beautiful with conviction and intensity. If it likes Sigur Ros or Mogwai, Godspeed You of the Black emperor also would owe that be yours cup of tea.
5 / 5
Still although a name of a band contains a word peed' and 'Black Emperor', Godspeed you Black Emperor! It is not the band of metal of the death. This was an impression that has taken when it is coming on mysteriously a day in my recommendations of Amazon. Although it was perplexed and curious as to as it would have taken such the suggestion, has learnt partorisca experience to listen my Amazon recs. So only the pocola researches piqued my curiosity in this emotional and rebelliously original group.
More than an instrumental 'collective' that the band, alleges anywhere of six to new members in a band any time dates, although generally they boast the section of serious, multiple electrical guitars and percussionists. Still although his undeniably fallen inside a 'rock' half modern, Godspeed You Black Emperor! It composes in the a lot of symphonic soundscape. Strongly they take minimalism of late 20th century in it estimativa dynamic, texture, and interaction on singable melodies. Been due to of the this, defenders of melodically-the music driven more assuredly not appreciating some better attributes of 'Impulse yr. Lean fists...'. Almost all the melody is executed in instrumental wilful riffs, more than pertinent melody. Some people believe this music without melody is without value, but think that one of a basic tenets of the music is a creation of tension by means of harmony and dynamic, and an eventual emission of this tension. Ossia A realm that Godspeed You Black Emperor! heriocally Explores. Minimalistic Models in a fashion of Phillip Glass interweaves the textures that growing, explodes, and then recede to almost imperceptible whispers in of the series and of the dishes.
'Impulse yr. Lean fists Like Antennas Heaven' is to a large extent instrumental, but occasionally subsidy of texture to develop the dialogue rid in the man-on-the-way callejera. Presented like a undercover informative journalist, these viñetas the mark clears social statements and of the politics that produced the politically conscious picture and animadamente humanistic. Some of these taped the conversations are more obtuse in his meaning that another, but all are interesting in his capacity to transmit cognitive ideas in a musical frame. One of mine favourite is a 'does not sleep in a beach anymore' segment. In him, a man an old plus said of the his recollections of Coney Island his days of glory, and like the times have changed. It is in fact quite touching, and an underlying atmospheric texture enhances his feelings of intimacy.
Sonically, A better reference that can suggest is to the Crimson king is work more atmospheric of one 70 east (especially, estarless and Bible Black'), without some technical ribs that the supposed band (perhaps likes Rosa Floyd to the the 'Ummagumma'). An use of a section of serious can be responsible partorisca east, the full a dual function of David Cross' violin of only and a never-of entity mellotron texture that Crimson used at the same time. It combines this with discharges of organic electrical guitar and aggressively the grave melodic that touch and have the psychedleic his that it is both contemporary and retro, like an analog version of 'Chica One'.
In two CD is followed basically like a song, has directed to listen can be certainly difficult. While it is obvious that has musical structure, is fascinatingly difficult to say that of a music is structured and that is improvised. I suggest to listen while indulging in the period of fashionable Zen of the activity, likes walk in the travesía of solitary street or doing menial housework, when it can leave your attention to roam in and out of a music. You will find that parts of him grab your attention, while other parts insidiously leave your attention to roam. Early, you will take an idea of like this some works of piece like the whole, and a logic of his teleology.
Like reason any one the perfect indication? Although ' stimulus yr. Lean fists...' It is the fascinating album, he querella a lot well could be done that a repetition of one growing he-explosion-then-initiate-all-on-again the formula tends to result so only concealed: it formulates it. I wager, this in spite of, that this group is the spiritual experience in the alive situation, and that this human connection is lost officially. It is always the challenge to take this appearance in the situation of studio, this in spite of more like this inside an adventurous gender that Godspeed you Black Emperor! It is doing in. They can be able of the , but am not sure if his quite the do here.
A lowdown: A brutally sincere and beautiful that record that neither the movement or calm resisted you, as that is to. His really appreciate 'Impulse yr. Lean fists Like Antennas Heaven', has to leave you to be mesmerized for him. It is a soundtrack to yours the majority of gut-wrenching personal tragedy, but he also blossoms to the flower alentadora. It represents nameless emotions, like the colour that you can not describe, or that feels that it calms does not love . This in spite of, are looking to take blown was during a prime minister listens, could have variable terracings of satisfaction.
4 / 5
Godspeed You it The black emperor is resulted a new millenial
darlings of big-IQ rock, and " stimulus Your Lean Fists" it is my preferred of sounds to sweep the endeavours notarises them. "Orchestral-Mecer" it is the good description , and in timing a will be adapted of Mike Oldfield fusion on 70s to to the works like "Incantations" (although a result of final to good sure has the sound of the his own). Catagorized thusly Like this neither an extreme prog-endeavour of rock or (so that they do not wish to be identified with such gender of dinosaur) like an entrance to a "rock to stick" sweepstakes, a lie to group comfortably to somewhere goes in-. I say comfortably, reason head to in big leaves to avert a occassional pitfalls which there is plagued both genders. Like a reviewer remarked, a fashion of " stimulus Your Lean Fists" it can result formulaic after the moment (each clue is based around a ambience to the equal that builds, incidents and then repeats), but a rich, the discharges notarises them full and the originals of the musical ideas found inside a formula is for one the majority to separate exhilirating. While the majority of estaca popular-to the laws of rock like the wry, Labradford and Jessamine is characterised by an extreme minimalism and deliberate lack of energy that to to the sounds like aural wallpaper, GYBE (with of an exception of the few environmental passages inside the each piece of 20 minutes that predictably overstay his welcome) directs to be thrilling and emotionally involving. One follows a more end so only could be a start "Storm", which is built around a ecstatic movement as it does not seat still but looks the propel advances with an addition of new instruments and thematic sections of more utmost musical revelations with each repetition (the description of the editor on gives one the perfect description of a piece).
Any the one who says that this album is bland or devoid of the hooks owe that be boy , partorisca east a prog-fusion of mecer blend of orchestral and instruments of mecer to create the sound to sweep, and a compositional courage (both rhythmical and melodic) with that this sound is manipulated, which a group such the find. Besides, one touching look very sure, as if a group has been the slick professional outfit for decades. Although I can see that certainly it can not be by all the world is flavour , a CD would have to that appeal the partidários of prog-rock and rock of estaca, or any the one who is interested in epic instrumental music with the powerful and attractive emotional diverse that it is like this big likes geeky compositional credentials of some musicians those who created it. In a much less, is a better music to exit of Canada of then Neil Young has chosen on the electrical guitar; after offering Haste, Celine Dion, Alanis Morrisette and other terrors for consumption, Godspeed You it the Black emperor looks for to have arrived with precisely an urgency of his name to redeem our near of one north.
4 / 5
Is building in some alcohols of some strangers around , in some radio transmissions that permeate an air everywhere goes, and is all condensed to 80 minutes by means of a sonic doom of Impulse Your Lean Fists... Ossia An apocalypse for some ears, the bookmark without filming reason need any one. It is quite vivid to overwhelm some senses without any simple iconography that it is in a way. Usually when I use a sentence "classical rock" it means one adapting of classical passages to the modern rock near, but these types have gone another street - instruments of use of rock (among another) but build each song to the powerful climax in the classical way, taking the good 20 minutes in the piece for each a.
GYBE! It is the nightmarishly odd community of nine, Canadian much less (and is the one who whacked-was stuffs can produce), mixing everything of overpowering drums and atmospheric keyboards the violins, cellos, static voices , odd radio samples and raging white noise to the his heady stew of orchestral bombast. Some fall of clues to the recognizable model after awhile - build, build some plus, incident and repeat - but is like this different of the each one another like this separate snowflakes. "Storm" it begins positively happy and finally the turn was the bleak silence after jumping the alien-brain-wave territory. "Static" it Can be used like the fund for any enormous climactic the film battle you could appoint. Passages of serious that slow build to give way to the raging slowburn of strong noise, which gives way the creepy atmospherics and ethereal voice, and vice versa throughout again. It takes the sure balance to pull of this class of grandiosity without falling to desperate cliches, and anything is, these types have it.
Very recommended for boys, mental patients or some easily scared - LYSFLAtH is the travesía able of warping your alcohol left him to him. It has been known to induce headaches, odd visions, attacks of sudden panic and perhaps random explosions of violence. It is music to dine for one of Hannibal Lecter soirees, perhaps; or perhaps so only for this time when you love walk out of unwanted guests to drive them quite crazy to claw some pieces of furniture. You will feel to like you can see to the bosses other people. Really.
Felt I anymore doing not thinking are, as I probably better final this maintaining. Bwaaaaaaaahahahaha....
5 / 5
A minimalist the packaging suggests that it is the poverty -stricken band of the Indian rock that come from to be mysterious. A name evokes some class of what of Nordic of black metal. (The words keys that is "Emperor" and "black"). You are described mine like this "épico." As I bought it, no really sure that it was to be listened .
Any one could have described a music in the way that could have me that anticipates his magnitude. Mina, a music of Godspeed You Black Emperor! It is surreally powerful and almost impossible to describe without appealing to trite commentaries. A band is the nine -piece "estaca-mecer" group, with the accuracy described for another pleasure the orchestra of rock -- an instrumentation comprises violins, cello, electrical guitars, bass, drums of boxes, percussion, and French horn (\m/). Totally instrumental, GYBE! It is the music is identified for his moody épicos of the build-build-that grows build has normalised. Each song I on _Stimulates Yours is around 20-small long, looking of individual movements that is roughly seven-small long. Build Of movements like a swell of an ocean, until the pauses of crest in begins again.
Can touch repetitive, but this is not a chance. Inside this frame a band deploys dynamic creativity and of the musical worlds to spend the lifetime exploring. Environmental pieces, crying serious, booming subject of electrical guitar, astutely complex percussion, works of the word spoken -- all comprises the music of this band. GYBE! It creates some of a more obliging soundscapes has listened of any one. Although the movement trusts a same melody all a way by means of, a nonpareil textural richness frames the seven-small expanse still looks dispel all too quickly. There is like this to listen, but some the sonic images are fleeting, as in the sleep.
Each song has said the history, but so only an auditor can articulate it. For me, a music explores feelings of amour and sadness, deeply melancholic but often with the glimmer to expect be found. An album cost each penny for a downright first stunning clue in a second disk, "Sleep". It is undoubtedly one of some the majority of the emotional pieces of music have listened, and defines the power of this band for me. A beauty of "Sleep" lies in touching run over of melancholy that persists for some premiers 18 minutes, first of the flowers of hope with the plug-tingling, triumphant final. Each song, any only "Sleep", it is an impressive excursion by means of music and emotion. Ossia An only band has listened like this to touch with an emotional conveyance of his instruments that some drums are sad. SAD DRUMS!
My plans for world-wide domination are in controls -- my new aim is to take everything of the albums of this band (easy, of then does not have any one a lot right now). When Ossia fact , can build again my súper-laser.
4 / 5
Listen of this group by means of , has decided to give try it and buy it. All can say is that I have been looking for this cd for the long time without closing knowing it existed or the one who touch to like. Ossia That the music is everything roughly. Creative. Of then everything of some songs in an album are 20 minutes or more in period, is a lot last to revise these for title of song. In fact, some titles of song are irrelevant when to I music likes GYBE! If it was to describe this album in the nutshell, would say that it is the felizmente depressing version of KLF "Cold Out of" album at night. For the majority of an album there is wanted to so only be in a wall. Each starts of song was like this calm dulcemente think it can very never take was, but finally builds to the point where calm so only wants to drive mad with glee. Quite punctual has fallen of drums in, impulse of serious, and so only fall a bomb on everything. It has to that call " stimulus your phat fists like this of the antennas to heaven!" Due to the fact that PHAT an album is. I know that the word has been used too much in a past, but is true for this album. It looks he likes the majority of these songs - if any everything of them - is structured a same way. Well with me. It can have another, please.
Finallly, If it likes-you the music that is has thought to cause and decadent, would have to look any far plus. This will open on other groups also and change a way listens the music, again. Without dipping Radiohead down(one of my favourite groups), this album almost the frames kid A without importance opinion this year. A group, has compared the GYBE! It finds to be more incredible is Mogwai. Also, another group adds looked the GYBE! It is Sigur Ros(pronounced Sih-yur Rosa) which is still another band adds of Islanda. GYBE! Be of Canada. They are more melodic and structured that this album, but so only the good. Calm the favour and go for him. Spent this GYBE! Album. If it does not like, I will be of it has surprised.
4 / 5
Is double-CD "so only" it contains four clues, but the one who the piece of work!!! All some songs surpass eighteen minutes in period. You can begin supposition now... It thinks the Crimson king, thinks Radiohead, thinks Sigur Ros, thinks BJork, thinks wild... Then it think godspeed you black emperor! Ossia Like this progresive like the music takes for the moment. These Canadian types are way in a forefront of creation of music, where some bands finally will arrive in some point in a prójimo few years.
Disk: 1
1) Storm: progresively takes calm by means of curtains and of the curtains of the his like this of the travesías of band by means of reeds, pipes of wind, and electrical guitars, pipes for the drums marching down... Until it resembles simply given of exhaustion, to be elected up!
2) Static: Some builds of song of conversations with the static sound that evolves to the pizzicatto of serious that grows more and more mysterious...
Disk: 2
1) Antennas To Heaven: some the electrical guitars in this song are more than hipnotizing. How it is a synth hearts. They are both like this good-looking that will stir on your soul, and perhaps, so only perhaps, cry of mark, if calm left them.
2) Sleep: it can a name of the piece be more ironic? I mean... If I sleep his, in fact could be having the nightmare, but a subject of a fact is that this 23-small-the piece is simply brilliant, sheer character... This is not an easy piece to listen to, but is brilliant: a gradually that grows the ache that exited of him almost results unbearable so that sprain shrieking the electrical guitars have on built by an advantage of percussion to the state of "all the tension and any emission, simply dissipation and noise" (any way to dip he in of the better words the one who that has done)... And then it comes a peace... Like the plateau where feels for several minutes to give your heart and soul some rest, throught some a lot melodic and pleasant agreements. A last song is a better song of an album and a global musical work have listened better the long time.
5 / 5
Dipped simply, Godspeed You it the Black emperor is the orchestra of rock . Hailing of Canada, this nontet characteristic the cellist, the pocolos violinists, the guitarists of pair, two drummers, and the coverage of tape. It is almost impossible to specify that of the each one instruments there is of a band so only uses first names and does not mention those who touch that in an album. Had an addition of two trumpetters for this album this in spite of.
On Stimulates Your Lean Fists Like this of the Antennas To Heaven, Godspeed takes full use out of his orchestra, leaving some ideas run wild. If you know anything in a band, knows sure that specialises in doomsday music, ominous, terrifying landscapes of a time of final. So only listen to some premiers two minutes of f9infinity for test. For a first disk here, his quite a lot of clave with this idea. A music of Godspeed is cyclic. He mostly increases in of the falls in of the cycles that last 7 or 8 minutes. A prime minister that grows is achieved in some premiers are minutes of "Storm," in the section has called " stimulus Your Lean Fists Like this of the Antennas To Heaven..." It begins simply enough with an easily strummed electrical guitar and the little muted trumpets, a volume dulcemente that traces. Then an addition of the xylophone adds is opinion . Like this far the just sounds like the people that chair around the campfire that does the slow jam. With an addition of the cello and the violin finally begins to the his likes is going to somewhere. They touch at all you complicate it, so only some same melodies on and on, perhaps take to somewhere, perhaps no. Then the strong drumbeat snaps all a intruments to mandate. A song results the part , with all some instruments that adds his part, at all coming to a forfront, so only all adding to a collective part. It is surprising, gripping, and probably a thing has better listened everything of 2000. Them me proud of human being.
A community of Godspeed is some craftsmen. They treat to to the his tapes likes him-him the marble that his carve the glorious sculptures of his, each instrument that read in the different part. Godspeed You black Emperor, with everything of his political motives, doomsday subject, f-all the attitude, and a lot the time drawn-out of symphonies, can be one the majority of pretenious sale in mecer today. But perhaps they owe that be. To do such gripping, involving music, perhaps has to that have of the ego like big like some sounds of music.
4 / 5
This nine-ask orchestral rock (informed to like this "estaca-mecer"), it is the band of incredible talent and is some of one the majority of only and interesting music can find these days. This in spite of is not for all the world, so only for those with the very open alcohol. A period of half song is the vast 23 minutes, this in spite of some songs radically transmission of an extreme to the another. A Music is dark, depressing, bleak, meloncholic, ethereal and beautiful. Mostly, some songs are very slow and require to plot of patience to listen to. Calm sometimes could think that is too repetitive or boring, but has to that fully indulge to appreciate this. This in spite of, usually can be difficult to do that, calm more probably take "stray" in a music. There is sometimes environmental sections , the calm but neither suddenly explode to the chaotic haste of instruments, or dulcemente do his way until the climatic point, then coming that it clashes behind down. Electrical guitars, cellos, and the violins are used mostly, and also once in the moment, his quite mysterious clips in a fund. A lot he so only done this band has utmost musicianship and place out of an excellent action, but his songs, mostly in a second disk, give you the exhilarating inner to feel. Personally, I like both songs on disk 2 a better. They look more varied and more progressive. If it likes- you join music of Turtle, Mogwai, Sigur Ros, and another estaca-bands of type of the rock, or yes so only is looking for something different and interesting, this returned in perfectly in your collection.
5 / 5
Of his emission in 2000, Godspeed You Black Emperor! It has influenced a lot of bands in a scene of rock of the art. When A band has has formed years in Canada, as to nine band of piece without any papers... Well, it leaves so only say Im has surprised he this remote.
An album has an illusion that is listening to the full orchestra, in place of electrical guitars, down, pianos, etc. A band has amazing talent, and if you are not fearful of some odd music for just easy listening, then thinks that ossia the wonderful album .
Likes 20 minutes spend of longitude, still calm a sense that you so only listened to roughly 5 songs, any only a, which is that it marks this band so only. Has a capacity to take on like this time, this in spite of has some songs do not look monotonous, which is something that hasnt the state achieved of some days of full symphonies that WAS music of pop.
Ossia One of my favourite albums to seat and listen to, especially when I am reading. Calm of the that takes distracted for any papers that has an impulse to sing to the long of to, and somehow softly is comforting.
Comprised of two disks, a first disk of mine is beautiful and looks more sculptural. A second disk is more violent, more tomultuous, more sad.
Ossia The WONDERFUL album , and strongly recommends it to these defenders of rock of art or modern classical (oxymoron?) You prefer something with vocals (good, like this perhaps this has some write that speaks in Coney Island and then some small boys to sing in French, but im a lot sure those are "vocals") I then suggests to the band likes Sigur Ros, the one who has one same eerie type of landscapes. Rockier, goes with Mogwai.
5 / 5
Godspeed You black Emperor! It has been the band concealed impressed me with each emission that has listened. The start with prime minister has listened "the flag Broken Blues" in the tape of mix of the friends, was intrigued thus wierd and wonderful music, with the sound has extended long forms and crescendos. Reading on roughly the, has found estaca-mecer to be the more enjoyable music, one this takes elements of rock in his fact-for-radio original format and trasnplants he to something new, something concealed are still in changes it the classical plus bent with churning electrical guitars and lush the series that creates the fashion of new avant-garde of classical music.
This album is probably a better Godspeed album. It looks some of his better work and is also the very diverse and unpredictable listens, especiall has compared his earlier work with his 'increase-and-tomb' predictability of his crescendos. Those of you familiarised with other bands in a estaca-the field of rock can know that a lot these bands are more electronic and the word consulting; these types are acoustic averts of reverbed electrical guitars.
I highly recommend this album the people those who are interested in experimental music, any simply reason is 'hardcore' (which this is not ) but reason is good music . This music is a lot good-looking and with patience to listen to some long pieces, is the highly rewarding experience.
5 / 5
Music that @@subject. 2 disk, 4 songs. Some transfers of planet was-of-control waste come. Spatial external - the order and the sense do not have any place here. The tongue is unnecessary. I listen tongues of mine in of the tongues unspoken, unheard - the series of click. The arms weave and frail with the rhythmical character. Arriving in of the storms - bleak, ashes, thunderous, bashing and thrashing like the whip-to the snake coiled. Wrist of sonic membranes to some sounds of an ether. I have not been here before, neither it has it does not leave never. A process has thought is necessary so only partorisca beginners. Jumping was, knows never incident, neither earth. I will flow and slip, speed of profit, transversal like the rocket, arriving punctual, late, or never at all. Oh You soothsayers And drive cosmic, 'looka' here for golly'. State there and that. A test is in a pudding and a pressing (disk that is). You visit to come when yours travesía is on. We will speak and possibly, with probabilities, coming to the solution.
Here ye, listens already, ear yaw, the god accelerate, oh emperor in of the skins. A sun partorisca dip beckons. Slap Of waves, swell of oceans, of the deep is our house and heroine. My entrance the infinity has been paste , the resplandores light inhabited, and the smile breaks my face, estaca-modern Egyptian, lunar-classical Roman. As it win it, in this world-wide ossia mine , does not have any need partorisca hands that applause.
5 / 5
Has everything of Godspeed You! The work of the black emperor (comprising projects lateralmente) of DOES infinity to . And "Impulse yr. Lean fists like this of the antennas to heaven" it is certainly a better. While his no like this organised to the equal that DOES infinity. "Impulse yr. Lean fists..." Offered two disks, four songs. 87 minutes of amazing ambience, classical, streaming electrical guitars of rock. An album is in general flat-out of amazing, especially disk a! Some of a better music the ees has not listened never. Disk two are adds also, with some of some better drums the ees never listened in "Antennas Heaven". Ossia One of my favourite albums never and if you do not have -- the buy!! That? He this any to influence you ? Well, there are them on 200 album of one '50s all a way to present times. If it was them partorisca do the cast of my cup five favourite records of all-the time. "Impulse yr. Lean fists like this of the antennas to heaven" it was in this cast. But yes it calms so only it is taking to Godspeed You! Black emperor... It controls they were for order of his albums. It DOES Infinity [1998], Slow Annoyance Partorisca New Zero Kanada EP [1999], Impulse Yr. Lean fists Like Antennas to Heaven [2000], Yankee . [2002].
Better song in "Impulse yr. Lean fists like this of the antennas to heaven" of better the worst (this in spite of has no bad clue).
1. Storm
2. Static
3. Antennas to Heaven
4. Sleep
Impulse yr. Lean fists like the antennas to heaven is one of some more utmost albums of all-the time and your collection is not a lot quite if you do not possess this register.
5 / 5
After listening to Godspeed first two emissions, has taken one that feels that they have done to something absolutely in amazing. To say was a lot is a understatement.
I lean fists is the dramatic improvement of his premiers two records, included although they still touch incredible with which a lot of have repeated listenings. Some the sad parts are more sad, some the seat of optimistic parts ten big feet. There is to plot of music in this together of two disks, but has not felt never likes course too long. Some the different movements flow together relieving calm to a piece, and then dulcemente evolving to another. Some first record finals of calm @give the to you.
One has composed the movements here are some better of his premiers three records. They are much more powerful and would have to that be able to in one much less create any goosebumps in your arms, if any to do master shout. There is also some wonderful bits of droning ambience ossia looked to the his first record this resupplies the transitions add of a movement to a prójimo.
Needless To say, if the the short attention has turned, this music is not for you. This in spite of, if it likes him-you them his first two emissions, will be blown was. This emission is one of a prime minister classics for a new millenium.
4 / 5
Godspeed You black Emperor! It is one of some the majority of interesting bands that has listened in the moment. His music defies classifies. Calm suppose you that can call rock of estaca, but there is little in common with the others bands of the rock of the estaca likes him Stereolab, Wry, or Gastr of of the sun. It is not mecer music quite instrumental, but when they choose on a step, is exciting in the way that those other bands of rock of the estaca seldomly taking.
If have has not listened Godspeed You Black Emperor, to the left describe it to me yours. A band is done on roughly ten musicians those who touch some instruments of regular rock (electrical guitar, bass, drums) as well as serious and horns. Each starts of song was dulcemente, usually with just the violin with only that the thin electrical guitar that accompanies it. With each minute of any, more the instruments come to a song. In a moment, a time and the volume of a song is augmented, that builds an intensity to an almost unbearable height. Then, finally, a music achieves is summit and comes to clash behind down. Each song is roughly 20 minutes, like this calm so only will take 2 songs in the each one CD. One the majority of what impressive roughly Godspeed is the music is that it can be quite emotional and the way that to the classical symphony can be.
Has listened some critique that a GYBE! Always it follows a same and at all new formula. While there is some truth to this, to the left is not to forget that the majority of songs of mecer follow a to same-heart-formulate-of type of the to. Also, I have listened the people say that everything of his albums touches one same. Has the point also, but is not like this bad considering recently another "experimental" bands of mecer those who are like this consistently that it interest to listen to. If you are bored with a current state of Indian rock, or wants to listen something different, the strongly recommend this album. ( You can it wants to consider purchasing an of his fewer expensive albums has did not listen him never first that.)
5 / 5
Is roughly 3:20 a.m. Right now and I have finalised so only listen to both cd is for a first time in my bed, everything lights era. Any listing of clue or anything. Prpers Having listened and has loved Yankee ., I have known that it was paralización , but at all could prepared me partorisca east. In the first place it was, so only it would like to say that a better way to enjoy this music is to take lost in him. Attentive until night, closing your eyes, and so only dipped the on. The a lot of people do the general statement in this album and say "a lot it is one same, he so only builds and climax, and starts again." It finds this both true and uselessness. Yes, a lot a music is based in that traces. This in spite of, there is so MORE. This material is during a place... It goes environmental noises to eerie samples and interludes the odd melodies that can it or can not build, and sweats all mixed to that looks the giant 80+ small "song" (also bad could the a lot of all return to a cd... But after listening this I never cut the second out of him.)
Likes it has mentioned sooner, a better time to listen the ossia at night. Law. It does not think it it can be possible to experience this album a way there is so only is in a half of day or your usual agenda. I will be to listen to this a lot of time from now on... But it does not think it it will be quite like this very like this first time. If you want to take lost in your music, ossia one of one the majority of incredible cd is around. It is one 80+ small hypnotic , eerie, and altogether mindblowing experience.
5 / 5
Here an I knows will be with me for ever. It is had and will continue to have the deep impact on me. Music for each part of the person. Music to feed your soul. Music for any time of day or night. LYSFLATH Is Music to listen to with an open alcohol and the heart to look for pounding and throbbing with to is very deep for responses to the yours abyssmal questions. If calm approximation a Music like this, any one yours questions of only response but calm advantage to the perpetuate rebirth of questions and responses. Sometimes this in spite of, is so only good to have something concealed has a power to transport calm for awhile. Yes? Yeah. \M/ And smiled... Four songs, two cds and 87:23 in common time, still with each listen, the time Dissipates and are in the world of peace, light and beauty--this world-wide. Coney Island revisited perhaps? As I say, the sleep in a beach loves --I are! If you do not comprise, calm afterwards listens. An upper echelon of stars--five does not come the music is Infinite. A thing is sure, LYSFLATH will speak yours. That says to depend you. It is my hope that the calm impulses until...
4 / 5
Like the Canadian, and like any the one who has lived in Montreal in brief, would like me excusarse partorisca of a recent Quebecois Canadian of musical exports, which comprises such shames like Cline Dion and Lara Fabian. But Montreal, an earth of Of the Maurier cigarettes, LaBatt Blues, and French dissatisfactions, also the bombs was any luminary musical talents. For example, Leonard Cohen. And more recently, a exhilarating and invigorating rock to stick outfit, Godspeed Your Black Emperor. Has all three of GYBE is available emissions. I celebrate his whole catalogue, but would have to that say concealed ' Stimulates Your Lean Fists Like this of the Antennas To Haven' is my preferred. And you are looking for the place to start with GYBE, can suggests this album of full period like the point of start. GYBE Is influenced by the wide variety of musical fashions: of a 20th century minimalist classicistic (John Gabbia, Steve Reich, Arvo Part) to a estaca-estaca/of mecer punk undergroud (Sonic Youth, Wry, Sigur Ros) the environmental electronica (Brian Eno). GYBE Is the music is always eloquently composed in the no controlled and relaxed. An odd fusion of instrumentations of traditional rock with exotic expósitos-noises. Almost everything of GYBE is beginning of the pieces that quell'soothe and cerebral fashion-reminiscent of Eno is composition of the hologram or the part is tintinabuli way. And almost like the principle, each piece, with which roughly 15 minutes to explore, pondering, and looking for (for the dimension of the new development), , dulcemente but surely, builds until the both poignant and cathartic growing. Something concealed is sensitive and to the sweet explodes to a hymn-like, intense climax. One of my favourite pieces in estimulates Your Lean Fists' is a one this opens with an old man that agrees his fascination of infancy with Coney Island. Melancholy and affecting, instantly agree me of Ferlinghetti is 'Coney Island of an Alcohol'. GYBE, Together with a smoke of flesh and a St. Near of games callejero of Catherine, is distinctively Montreal. My personal memories of a city of island is painted always with melancholy, the foreign romanticism, remorse, and anguish. GYBE Taken all these emotions and much more. GYBE Is the very personal band mine, and create the sound that the sonic sweeps scape will do him your personal band also. Highly recommended!
4 / 5
Goes to pull the Keanue Reeves here and simply answer to this amazing piece of work with that a word in my title of description.
No the long time has some albums moved so as stimulate Your Lean Fists. A juxtaposition of series with distorted, ringing electrical guitars and sometimes funk-influenced (sees a second CD; a DJ dipped of Shadow a reviewer mentioned is quite well on), directly advances them the pauses of drum is surprising. Each piece of music is roughly twenty minutes long with an edifice of music, falling avert, and beginning again. One first song in a second CD okay a prize so only. One of a more pursuing, the good-looking songs have listened.
A plethora of the negative critiques is the little impressive mine . Godspeed Is music I on Stimulates Your Lean Fists... Constantly transmissions and movements in different direction as 'boring soft-to-growing' factor some mention is the little odd mine especially with a last clue in a second CD. And I can very possibly see like some could see this CD as when being quite bad to win a-star.
Ignore a negativity in a page of description and take this. This is not something to lose was on.
5 / 5
Will be sincere - I has bought so only this CD after being the big defender of Mogwai for the few months, and has been said that they are resembled Mogwai - Well, is, but I really a lot like this CD at the beginning. Perhaps you do not listen closely enough, but so only recently, has all really clicked for me; really it enjoys to plot of a music on here now reason has paid such next attention to an instrumentation.
My favourite clue on here is to good sure follows 1 on disk two, "Sleep", but specifically the joy Leaves II, Monheim, a plus. Enough possibly a more sad song has has not listened never; although it builds constantly in this subject sad even on and on again, finally begins his uplifting after this transmission of big time roughly 10 minutes to a clue. Remarkable that can cause such the transmission in the way that use so only the transmission of time, but any tone of modulation at all. That I particularly the amour in this clue is a "voice" in a fund, which touches like a singer of work with one astonishingly width vibrated, or something like that - Well, has finalised to discover, with which has repeated to listen that it was in fact the electrical guitar, and shortly after it inquiring the tonnes of different GYBE the on-line followers, has discovered that it is in fact one of some players of electrical guitar that his touches electrical guitar with an electrical screwdriver! I am surprised he in fact directed to do touches that well, and that convincing.
An only thing a lot really taste on this CD is a quantity of segueing use - I enjoys to follow like this a lot that any one another estaca-defender of rock, but ossia almost overkill. At least 15-20 minutes of these approximations-90 albums of minute is comprised of noise tangents and movements among songs. I guess it conceal it is well, but the mine looks overkill.
Another that that, is the CD adds for people those who are to to the the material likes Mogwai or Sigur Ros, but can take of the little more listens for partidários of these bands to take to the east.
5 / 5
Was first intrigued roughly GSY!BE (is that how is supposition to abridge it now?)After listening his name bandied roughly in some same circles like Mogwai and Sigur Ros. While there is still to take around to purchase any Mogwai, has taken one submerges and has bought this tasty little cd in a base of the pocolos clips of audio, good word of mouth, and several descriptions of Amazon. Man oh the man are I happy has chosen this an up!!!!
A group to good sure has the kinship with Sigur (and that little Mogwai has listened)...And if ossia like this-called 'rock of stick', has left the be. It was under a supposition that this seal has informed in all Chicago bored to to the groups likes him to him the wry and Slint and that mathematical-material of type of the rock (this in spite of there is a bit to to Cavalier Ladies like him to me Of I digress).
Rock to stick in this chance apparently means 'Floyd-like' without any annoying histrionics of Roger Water. As it imagines some better part of Mur or Animals without Roger anguished vocals and a slow pomposity intrinsic in the majority mid-rock of dinosaur of seventies.
No-that really any one the justice. Perhaps it is more like 'I Computer of COAST' without a heavy-political rid. Ah-Forget it. These types are in join he of the his own. They satiate Mina Floyd jones with all his registers of field of the his expósito fresh (I follows to listen to a glockenspiel duet on disk two right now), fulfil my need for strong anthemic rock of the electrical guitar based (probably instilled in me of the youth is spent to listen of older siblings' Floyd, Zeppelin, and Yes record), and quell/excites that fresh millennial vibe expressed in a better Sigur and Radiohead.
Has read to somewhere recently that of an explosion of bubble, no longer requires 'the cold was' music or a aural wallpaper of a Chemical Bros. While I lose these days, also think that sales like GSY!BE, Sigur Ros, and a less-whiny moments of Radiohead is fill that void with music that @@subject: soulful, alive, experimental, and emotional (any 'emo').
Simply place, this album is resulted my favourite experience that listens repeated of my university discovery of Sonic Youth is Daydream Nation. It ignores in yours peril.
4 / 5
It is this estaca -rock? Instru-Rock? Near-Classical? The one who concerns that it calls ? GYBE Does partorisca move, operatic music that it is glorious in stairs and spent, and sinister of just leaves in that.
Of some inaugural moments in an inaugural clue, has known was in still walk. A ebb and the flow is surprising. GYBE dulcemente Stimulates calm until a anthemic summit rife with soaring serious and electrical guitars, and then spend you behind down to some depths with throbbing lines of basses and trecherous, pounding electrical guitar.
This album would cost a prize of the admission based in a first song so only, but GYBE grace with four more majestic pieces that thrill of transfer with cinematic flourishes. Any band (perhaps prefer a term 'collective') that can manipulate it yours thought indictment like this easily has to that be something legislation. I am not sure exactly like them that mine, but are always more than happy to go for a walk.
5 / 5
All can say is that I love this record and that thinks that that it is one of some albums of modern day notarises them more ends the own. It does not think it is like this very like this Twisted probably, but an inaugural clue in this record really has a potential to defy my thoughts. There are too many transfers and turns in this record to say you exactly like each song goes, but think that is obvious that a better two clues are an opener and a next plus. The storm is my idea of the perfect piece of music and a next plus, which think Antennas of calls to Heaven, really does not look all this special at the beginning until some kicks of music in and has this odd squall of electrical guitar and a whole band that touches. Any even know if it is electrical guitar so only am guessing, but everything knows is that it is adds. In general the record add of the band adds that it neither disappoints alive.
4 / 5
Hmm... That would have spent yes Rosa Floyd has decided early on to delete folk of his musical vocabulary, and instead the songs notarises them has composed on 20 minutes a lot the time in a vetoes of "A Saucerful of Secrets" and "A Mother of Heart of the Continuazione of Atom"? Calm probably would take something has taken. Godspeed... It is the very thin group , and some songs take awhile to develop, but that still does not embezzle of a global listening experience. I can very really say that ossia one of the mine FAVOURITE CD is, but is good music all one same. For those of like you with the attention have limited to comprise and the preference for vocals with a music, Sigur Ros a same class of what, so only better. This in spite of, if has a patience to seat by means of 2 (or 4, listens to some disks behind to back) songs almost the averages an hour in period, probably would owe that verify this was.
5 / 5
Ossia An album . It was not yes calm calls it a orchesteral masterpiece, but aventuro to say that ossia the "album very special"
That half for of the this? I have spoken to the mine buddy Mario in this album after wines to finalise disk an and has not been surprised by my statement "sound the very special album."
A lot seldom do the albums cause the entirely sober person to be taken to another place or world, an auditor is drawn like this in for a complialtion of noises, sounds, and musical arrangements that one is heart in fact begins to beat faster and slower like the music achieves his climax and then subsidies so only to start with another travesía.
Still has not been that a group can dip near such an album, has left so only assay it, but am excited to say that this album is one this will change your opinion in a future of modern music.
5 / 5
Is not really a @@subject the one who Godspeed record purchase: without that wants to say they all touch some same, each one which to the equal that follows a same model. The pieces begin dulcemente in washes of instrumentation and his expósito, first to solve to the softly repeated melody that builds when churning growing first of climaxing softly. That have to that be said is that GYBE! Mark incredibly good-looking music, startlingly sensuous when touched in a right volume (which is has strong - touched quietly is background music ). I saw him touching in some Stairs to Londra last night, where physically overwhelmed. In of the such circumstances - the rapt the audience that hears to the perfectly controlled orchestra - GYBE! Music of mark of almost religious fervour. A more next comparison is not to another estaca-laws of rock, like Mogwai, but the music of church. Some the electrical guitars begin to touch like this of the organs, a violin and cello choose out of melodies of mournful beauty, and one is felt of connection with something - a world, God, self, humanity, anything - is complete. Godspeed You black Emperor! It is fantastic. Buy the record, record of ant.
5 / 5
There is scanned a (...) It revises it conceal it is posted in this album. Some looks of interesting model to be there, in that the people are very left in his merits -- a majority is crazy roughly he (and really feels has listened something very new and special), while a vocal minority feels almost scammed for him (the new cloths of the emperor and all this). They are in a leading category, as I find a new music, exciting, moving, those frights, beautiful, sad, and exhilirating, everything immediately. But I can see reason is not for all the world. He loosely falls to some class of category of ymphonic rock' -- bondadoso of as an up to date Rose Floyd his (Corazón of Atom/Ummagumma vintage). Calm once take spent some stairs of a music ( takings has spent he), can take taken up in him. It is to good sure a lot something where can listen you his for 3-5 minutes (your period of half song), and then decide like or of calm no -- has to that take he in as the whole. If the people want to take this one gives a no further, suggests some of Glenn White symphonies of rock.
A small point: I have not seen a lot mention of a packaging/of illustrations, which are adds.
4 / 5
Godspeed You black Emperor! It is according to tentativa of the continuous full period his tradition of entirely extraordinary, breathtaking music. Some songs buildup, climax, and final wonderfully. Especially leep', my personal favourite song in an album. A music can be described like an orchestral endeavour that combines 3 electrical guitars, 2 bassists, 2 drummers, rape, and cello, with eletronic ambience. It is not to like 'classical' in his global, but perhaps partly structures of song. It is more than the combination of orchestra and rock. Of here, his usually classifies in a estick-mecer' gender.
Has to that have patience. There is to plot of ambience inside this album. This in spite of, is to good sure value the to listen the songs in his full period, included although they are songs quite long (usually around 20 minutes each.) Some songs also contain a lot of buildup: as one in those approximations thunderstorm, some clouds go in that they have dipped a scene for a beautiful cataclsym manually. A forceful wind arrives and wrecks one that dips that it was once fill of grace. Rays of lightning with thundering the accidents fill a scene with fear but awe a same time...
Is to creative, beautiful (but also pensive), complex, exceptional bands, look to this album and a rest of GYBE!. If you want to dull, lack and patience of repetitive bands, then the rests was. Simple as it conceal.
4 / 5
Me likey has said vork. yah. He kinda like my bloody valley but the longest pieces. Trying give mecer/what classical. yah Taste. It gives First dics inst that well for me but gives according to uhhuh zuper! It gives Big thumbz on the'ah. kinda Like mogwai but no like this depressing and has more series hmm not liking mogwai that many. dat stinkers. It say The really lame disk going doh, likes coming exiting me give material uhhuh has lost them the mine has thought. But it is like this good and take me that goes with his growing as it tabulates rasa. hey Follows to compare this work alot but im so only that looks for to help know the one who sweats to like yes youve did not listen it never or to the to anything likes well? Like this cold. sheeesh. (Some few people, the swear). But has like the people that speaks in the and material like mogwai. yah. No really a lot zinging at all. yah. But no like this it gives danzing the material gives clubs yah like when haha! We go and drive mad hahaha! wow! oh. Sad. But yah is that dat. Any five starts because the so only like a second disk, but that one is like this well compensates enough for a prime minister one for the four stars in place of a two and the half that the normal equality among some disks would involve by means of mathematicians. hey! oh I has Forgotten.
4 / 5
Huh. Ossia A first album has listened of GYBE, after listening to rent them like a second majority, and somehow has thought a pale real thing in comparison. Wrong. I found it strangely engrossing, undeniably obliging. It is not quite that earth, that without pertinent vocals and clues of twenty small, but is everything extremely that it interest without being too cerebral to enjoy. Some samples spoken is cleverly used and is sometimes extremely creepy (the preacher). An album begs to be listened to in a long piece; when calm , pulls calm to the dark landscape to touch these looks to remain with you with which some last notes have died was. It is not the perfect album, but is perfectly wonderful.
4 / 5
Another reviewer has commented that Godspeed is to to the group likes him to him one less has listened more than them. I owe that admit that this has been true for me, like this far. After being blown has gone by a Slow Annoyance For New Zero Kanada EP, has had big hopes for Lean Fists that esees of then be run over. A music still follows to build-growing-structure of build, and some electrical guitars in a crescendos is not while it pleases ear.
Of course, has not given this album four stars so only to be generous. It is moving, and a lot creative inside a structure a band has dipped for him. It mixes elements of rock, classical music, and included the little electronic ambience. Coupled With one has has registered tongues a result more could be described like instrumental Radiohead fulfils to Scan - but that comparison a lot this two justice of disks. As Morpheus could say, the person can be said that to the sounds of Lean Fists likes him. You owe that listen his calms.
5 / 5
One of a plus with excites has anticipated the albums of a year is also one of one the majority of long. Compared with leading offerings, ossia Godspeed magnum have opposite, and his capacity to maintain an auditor has directed on almost ninety minutes suffers in some hands of his ambitions. Less substantial environmental meanderings is extended besides his limited potential and a band rockish crescendos is more resulted predictable and overtly glorious, something in odds with his self-evident original to champion a cause of a marginalised and downtrodden. This album has the few moments of breathtaking beauty, but is rendered less effective for a project bulk and incongruence.
5 / 5
So only to dip my two cents in here: they are the defender of music of the pop , the one who adorations in an altar of Matthew Sweet, Spoon, and Beatles. Rings something different, something to shake on sensibility the pocolos. I have read the description of of the this is Austin Chronic, has thought touches to interest, an I bought it. Of then, I have added perhaps 25 cds my collection of this type of music, mostly of a Kranky focus of record. Still I love the a lot of-crafted song of pop, but a vast majority of my time to listen is has spent now study this beautiful aural landscapes and marvelling in a power and beauty that GYBE (and his a lot of stir) has to that way that be bondadoso to create for us. If you are ready the adventure to any uncharted musical waters, can a lot of reccomend this band highly enough.
4 / 5
"Impulse yr. Lean fists like this of the antennas to heaven!" It is the for real remarkable record . Radio airplay could not be further of the alcohol of this band of then some clues are a lot on 20 minutes each. Musically, Some only artists that remotely resembles GYBE is Philip and Glass of Sonic Youth (the one who any remotely resemble the each one which as another). Imagine a melodic and harmonic beauty of Works of Glass (without vocals) coupled with an utmost droning, clanging electrical guitars of "Daydream Nation." Wonderful, engrossing listening. And no, it is not pretensious (unless it think anything but extracted-heart-extracted-4-small- late-and-I-hope-was-a lot of-still- this pretensious). BwO
5 / 5
That this album adds is also his defect More adds them: an ambitious period of some songs. They are everything to press some flanges of music, to all the cost of gender, as not to take me bad. I plan on revisiting this album long in a future. This in spite of, the patience and the free time am required for a full recognition of this galactic creation. Some of some samples of sound are interesting, eccentric, annoying, and provocative. While an instrumentation is awe -inspiring in time and echoes inside infinite space. Waxing Rhapsodic is not the normal reaction for me so it takes my commentaries seeds-seriously. Ossia An admirable and worthy endeavour of recognition.
5 / 5
Has had the REAL soundtrack (any a lot of east corny music of tribute) to 9/11, this CD that would be... Be careful, the impact yes listens to this music together with your images of 9/11... A pleasant thing is listening the Godspeed song, 'Dead Flag Blues,' (DOES Symbol of Infinity CD) the week before some terrorist attacks. Godspeed Really almost predicts some chances of 9/11 like this perfectly is horrifying!! This album is terrific, Impulse Yr. Lean fists Like the antennas to Heaven is Godspeed the majority to do has achieved - all the album are surprised alike , but, listening to this almost dipped me in some chances of September 11th and is scary. Everything out of incredible Canadian band, GODSPEED You BLACK EMPEROR! It has done the mark in his musical history... Spent this album... Still, be careful.
5 / 5
Have the new principle Im that goes to spend of longitude. I will not revise the box of CD Ive has had he for at least the month or two. Otherwise, would have given this cd the low indication. How it is, this cd grows in calm with each listen. Those looking for instant gratifacation need to look elsewhere. But for people those who can be a bit patient, will be to win with some incredible music. When I in the first place listened to this, has said to me, whats this classical junk?
Oh contrare monfrare. This disk so only maintains to build and building until his achieve it satisfing conclusion. This could not be piece all the world, but can take his. His really deep.
5 / 5
The name of a band is Godspeed You Black Emperor, a title of album is 'impulse yr. Lean fists like this of the antennas to heaven!'. No, these folks does not hide his pretentiousness. Eighty minutes of the enigmatic instrumental music that looks the titles of movement concealed is even more pretentious that a title of album, impulse yr. Lean fists... It is to good sure any for all the world, but is the defender of new music this is daring and defiant, this cd is well on your alley.
An integer two-cd the album looks four clues of twenty minutes (two to the disk) containing droning, elaborates music that touch like equal courses of Sonic Youths, Brian Eno, An Underground of Velvet, and John Gabbia. It begins of calm, builds to the powerful growing, settles down with environmental melodies, adds the few samples of several registers of field, builds until another climax to roar, settles down to see where am going. Basically, ossia an album in the nutshell. The sounds a lot dull, but a way GYBE goes roughly fixing and that touches his fine music is that he finally done an acceptable album. It is not easy to listen to, especially a first time, but with which a lot listens, likes Radiohead Chico A, the notes has the glorious, unsettling the beauty resembled this of Gaudi architecture, Breughel produced, or William Burrough poetic iconography.
That is even more impressive is the one who GYBE minimum uses of electronic enhancements. It averts samples very odd (one are/pm statement of public allocution that promotes models to ignore homeless people, the religious fanatic, an old man recollections of Coney Island, and some Quebecois boys to sing), some looks of albums of a band so only that touches a music. A sound is muddy, especially compared to the to to something likes him the boy A, but there is more than the human feels his that Radiohead the album has been missing of.
Thinks that an album would be More be the add there is a big plus, A-Day-In-The-climax of Life in an end, but instead, he peters is gone in a last are or seven minutes. After all this sonic ups and downs, when finalising in the positive note could have looked more be supported by a uplifting title of album, but a band has chosen to finalise a record in the bleaker notes, and that considers that alienating some sounds of music in time, supposes that it is returning.
Impulse yr. Lean fists... It comes with the handy libretto (for lack of the better word) that maps out of some varied movements in a music, and yes has to that think that a title of album was bit it too much, some titles of movement are worse. GYBE revels In his pretentiousness, but once take further that, the one who the surfaces is the a lot of that satisfies to listen experience.
4 / 5
Left beginning was to say that they are the defender of a lot of different genders of music, and after listening so the things add in this band has thought, would give them try it.
Have known of one takes the go was to be long and repetitious, does not have any question with this (I follows the defender of Glass of Philip enormous).
An inferior line here is that a music is simply a lot that interesting. Has any of some seminal qualities of minmalism and any of some hooks of popular music. It is not that it is unpleasant to listen to, is so only any one a class of what that it want to wants to listen more.
In the word, bland.
4 / 5
Godspeed Is the really visionary group. With like this of the a lot of people that do near in a group, is surprising to find that they do not have on broken because of conflicts of creativity. And his even more that has surprised to listen to a beauty that his all direct to build in harmony, some flows of music fantastically to and out of another. Godspeed You it The black emperor is the group that you cant categorize to any less than 4 genders. There are signs of Cement of Music, Before it Saves, Rock of Estaca, Rock Indies, Instrumental, Experimental and possibly another that the ears of this critic has not discovered included still. A music follows the sure fashion that that can be so only compared to the train. Some songs sometimes are inaudible to some, but gradually choose on moment. They take fuel of the curiosity of an auditor and finally paste it climax like the poetic work.
Once a climax is paste , the only god know (heh) like class of feelings protrude of an auditor, and the one who the classes of emotions are manifested in a face and evinced unknowingly. A music compliments like this ways and equally is pursuing. One of a benchmarks mine, is Map 3 which involves the one who touch like the fanatical evangelist preaching a word of Goddess. To the to the equal that of the that often listens to cement of music, can touch the small disturbing, but arrivals so only adding more to a creativity that each one that like this of some members is instilled with.
5 / 5
Although the New Deep space servants a lot of relevence to this cd has thinks that that it was a pertinent title . With this be has said, so only wants to say that ossia a class of music that has been looking for. When I in the first place dipped he in, and a soaring the drums and the orchestrations kicked has known that this was a lot. A cd has a lot of emotions of sound in him, and all are done a lot well. They can do a simplist touching noise and have go in and on and on... And argue it while. Ossia Both very simplistic and complex, a lot well. I suggest that you choose this cd up likes Confederate Mecer

Top Customer Reviews: Vanilla Blues ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5
One of his better endeavours. His voice is very adapted to a Rockin' blues she the tapes am gone in this together glorious. Highly recommended as well as his another blues emissions. Also I enjoyed his French endeavours (was although it has not been F French) his vocals so only compliment a music
4 / 5
Nanette the just plain sings good blues. It uses the good material & has the delivery adds. I probably really like his leading Roots & Blues better, but ossia so only the darned good blues albums. The guess would like to listen lucido more in a side of jazz & more than his French (Montreal) blues, but a way or another , is the joy partorisca listen to. It does not try partorisca affect the down & dirty blues image (thank you goddess partorisca the pocola honesty, but is so only interprets to add the one who has the way to dip his possess mark very personal on everything does. I have had an occasion partorisca see the class of the television special type glitzy of what in a casino in Montreal behind in the June & was frankly happy that she no dipped in the blues show of singer. This woman has the plot of works & of talent with utmost musicians.
5 / 5
godd Rock'any circle, the vocalist adds & utmost musicians. I need more recognition partorisca star everywhere!
5 / 5
The album adds for an artist the one who has been domestic in Mississippi, but result more populate in Canada. Blues Music with with instrumentation of strong rock. The favourite yard is 'Walking The Clarksdale.'

Top Customer Reviews: Chambre Avec ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
I love His songs of Henri Salvador and this Cd is also well that I me and has expected.
5 / 5
Ossia The lovely album partorisca any to to which like him to him simple and smooth voices and the new light/ jazz deep (thinks Joa Gilberto and Luis Bonfa, but French). Some songs are a lot melodic with the definate air of melancholy. If calm like this the album sees "Songs of Amur" which is alike and like this good. If you have fallen enamoured with The Saviour be careful, this in spite of, reason a lot of his albums repeat songs and the pair of his albums of one 60 is and 70 is is full of coverages of stupid and menacing songs of novelties, and an album that is part of the series of jazz, "Salvador Sings a Blues", or alike, is singing a lot jazzy material living room with the group, likes Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross.
5 / 5
This CD is especially wonderful in of the rainy days. I seat it likes rain of look of the window of café to Parigi. (In fact, it was in the French café in Ohio where his CD has touched. It can not leave a café without asking the one who a singer was.) His voice is like this soft and calming. I love each song in this CD.
4 / 5
Was first turned to this album in the café to Parigi. When I have asked an owner the one who a name of a CD was, door out of a chance of CD and has said has to possess it. It can not adapt more!

Top Customer Reviews: Canadiana ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
Oscar Emmanuel Peterson, composer, romantic and virtuoso pianist needs any introduction in a musical field, neither some musicians that accompanies: Ray Brown and And Thigpen., His work and good to do they vouch his amply.

An album'Continuazione Canadian' 64 September has some very special connotations: it is the together of the musical poems consecrated and inspired to an Earth of his origins and this felt a special feeling.

An album opens with the ballad and in bylines with another ballad, but contains some multiple fashions (blues, watlz, clues of bebop and Boogie) all this very good dosed and has prepared.

Everytime Listens the breeze of the tender fresh air entered by means of my window, thinks that is one of some better moments of these utmost pianist.


Oscar Emmanuel Peterson,composer,romantic and virtuoso pianista any precise presentation inside the musical field, neither the musicians that accompanies : Ray Brown and And Thigpen .,His work and well do the abalan of too much.
The Box' Continuazione Canadian' of the September of the 64 has some very special connotations: it is a together of the musical poems consecrated and inspired to the earth of his origenes and of the as it felt a especialorgullo.
The Box opens with a ballade and in bylines with another ballade, but contains the multiple fashions (blues,watlz,swipes of bebop and Boogie) all concealed very good dosificado and has elaborated.
Every time that listens to go in for my window a breeze of tender Fresh air, thinks that is one of the better moments of this big pianista.
4 / 5
CD ARRIVED in excellent condition and has substituted the elepé along stray
4 / 5
Oscar Iconic, can imagine visit this country adds while listening to this wonderful music. It is any marvel Phil Nimmons the version of big band of this album and an Order of Canada the big band treated it!
4 / 5
A classical register adds for one of the main icons of Canada in a world of music.
4 / 5
Oscar is a Better to to one likes him the jazz at all!
4 / 5
Vinyl And for a @@@1970s I has fulfilled Oscar Peterson 'Canadian Album of Continuazione.
Ours the report has not broken up to date.
With which gives to my edges my record collection.
Finds on CD and has thought where better finds in Canada.
My surprised has been capitalised partorisca discover a Canadian Edition of this CD
is a unrequited amour: A too modest Edition (in my humble opinion)
with the little explanatory booklet, the black and white photo... 'Any one commented
I thinks Oscar Peterson deserves much more and is not never late partorisca compensate and corrected,
A minimum Edition partorisca the music that has all some desirable virtues.

Top Customer Reviews: Godspeed You Black ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
I highly recommends this record, contains the plot of utmost extras with a vinyl, some histories on one doing of this record, is really interresting.
A record is one of the mine favourite of the time everything , is different of a version of CD.

If you are in estaca DARK-rock, definitly take this.
4 / 5
'A car is on fire and there is not any engine in a wheel, and a sewers is all muddied with the solitary suicidal thousand, and the swipes of dark wind. A government is bribed, and is on so many drugs, with any irradiate on and some curtains have drawn. We are partorisca capture in a belly of this horrible car, and a car is bleeding the death. A sun has fallen, and some posters are all leering, and some flags are all the deaths in a cup of his urns.'
With this harrowing, deep-voiced the monologue begins _fa00_ (can any a symbol of infinity to the equal that am improvising), the cinematic masterpiece lacking pictures but saying it luzcáis history. Long, dusty, solitary elegies of smotheringly morose the music illustrates the world in a flange of apocalypse. Ossia Godspeed You Black Emperor! It is in the first place easily available album (forgets partorisca try to find his 33 copies were has not done never ::sigh::), and to a lot of was his first experience to the stunning power of this band. Calm but eerie the silences can be extremely disarming like this crescendos and the strong dynamics can tug on unexpectedly, then retreat with equal abruptness. A sale to the equal that look has specified to the nonet, but here am not sure the one who the in fact done musicians in this record ( has listened numbers again to seventeen). Needless Partorisca Say this is not the band of conventional rock at all. I am not sure you call this music of mecer in all if -- a writing is like this structurally unusual, stylistically diverse, and instrumentally one do one more like the mini-orchestra. Each instrument, of violins the electrical guitars the percussion, is an integral course of an organic community more than the different musicians that the together law. Erm, Those could touch like a same thing but they really are not .
Each clue is the continuazione long (16-small, 18-small, and 28-small long) languidly flowing by means of several movements. I have taken individually, each section has to that character in his own right but a full power of a music is a meshing of different passages the splash different undertows of emotion in the general way. An easily could say some individual passages have at all partorisca do with each another and feel randomly jointed near, but could not disagree more. Each movement spends on a last with coterminous emotions, establishing the congruous whole encapsulated inside the each clue. Perhaps some different movements any cohering musical sense (although it was not the one who would be qualified in fact partorisca say such the thing), but __ emotional sense.
'A preacher-the man has said that it is an end of has said a preacher-man, but does not go in that it says.'
Partorisca All of GYBE! It is anguished dirges partorisca apocalyptic ends, has the faint @@@sparkle partorisca expect sluiced to somewhere inside this shell has condemned, solitary. This dichotomy of the yours -- faint-but-defiant hope and desesperanza crushing -- emotionally is twisting, uniquely powerful, and there is resonated by means of me never has begun of then listening to this band. I am not sure that time a feeling will last, but this deep short material. A crescendos these summits of band is at all less than absolutely overpowering -- 11 minutes the clue 2, 'This Hastings', coming partorisca close dangerously the crawling to the dark corner, clutching I in a fetal place, and whimpering , soyommy...'
'...hungover Is terrible, a sound of the trains that block behind behind here; outside there is distant birds circling in front of 7 miles of the heavy cloud that falls, &of where is lying one of these clouds looks the hanged man that directs the invidente, indifferent Is the MILE FINALISES MI PARTNER, a hollowed out of ruins here &some careers partorisca coach directly thru him... We have done the record here in Finals of one thousand...'
These familiar with a band' mythic the anonymity and create it artistic vehement can call him pretentious, but will be cursed if they do not write some of a music more order has has not listened never. Tour of some lights, crank a volume (these needs to be listened STRONG), and result lost in Final of One thousand. It is the despairing, forlorn place, but can any never wants to leave.
4 / 5
This dreary, visionless the film contains three songs have fill with fear, remorse, desire, and hope. You are this reason there is the project inside a booklet that marks these different feelings (fig. 3A). Also it has some feelings go in to like anxiety, helplessness, and self-doubt. It can not to explain it better I. If it calms really volume to a music, will feel all these things and more. Each song is longer that a preceeding song, adding until roughly 65 minutes that time of career.
He Listens to this carefully full, believes images in your boss. It looks so as the film -- only you imgine yours possess visuals so can be anything wants to. One first song, "A Dead Flag Blues" the starts were with the narrator and he is listened bit it later in a song also. For me, this type is walking around the city this is to be destroy and dulcemente is that he his way to a last remaining corner of an earth. It is trying to do a better of a situation, says "A skyline was beautiful on fire..." After the while it listen the train spends of longitude, the the picture goes to a train and has fallen slept for a lot long, cold, rainy hours. Then a dreary, dismal, sorrowful, crying the instruments of series consume an atmosphere. Ossia Probably one of a more depressing songs the esees has not listened never. (In a more depressing cd has not listened never). While listening his calm so only could feel like crawling to the sewer and cryings or in calm earring. This song a lot included has a lot arrive time to the musical climax like him more godspeed of the songs do. In an end this in spite of, has the glimmer of hope! This good nostalgic, turn, wry old-the western melody feels a lot of alentador.
"East Hastings" has some melodies and the musical climaxes clearer. Eerie Advantage of silences until a a main climax in a half, which is overwhelmingly powerful, and tugs on unexpectedly and behind was like this fast. This song mostly portrays fear.
"Order" it Contains the plot of thin, faint melodies, and was although an idea ossia a "Soundtrack to an apocalypse" it has been tired was, this song really has this feeling, mostly helplessness and remorse in a start, that directs to expect, fear and another. This song there is for real an epic feels his, with a perfect opener and the sections that heads to the each one which another concealed would not touch better another way to build on feelings and ideas. This song to good sure has some interesting things as it echoes, far sections , the underlying vowels (there arent really vocals in this cd this in spite of) and the percussion done well laws in two different zones. It can look to be incoherent and that goes during a place, but really felt in the poignant way.
Is this music of rock? The one who knows. I have thought always of GYBE like the mix among rock and orchestra, in fact sustaining bit it more to the orchestra been due to some crew used (violins/cellos together with electrical guitars mostly) and a songwriting technical. Orchestra with the a lot of darker transfer that calms has not listened never first that.
Does not seat to have descibed so as really chair when listening to the this cd, is the one of truth unexplainable the experience and you have to that listen he for calm!
4 / 5
It is class of sad that when this album is exited was to a large extent careless for -be defenders that was occupied too basking in GOOD COMPUTER. For the band of this gender (if calm included could him situate fully to a) that the person had listened of, his start is exited a worse time . Of then, the things have improved obviously for a group.
Of everything of godspeed emissions, ossia a hard plus a to wrap your boss around. It does not flow like this easily like his future records. There are brilliant compositions to be found here, but is among other pieces of ambience and his expósito. For some this can be harder that listen to, but think that operates wonderfully. It finalises have a same effect like this down music: sad touching, but uplifting and hopefull a same time.
He At all more, this album would owe that be bought for Sad Self-evident, which is one of his better songs to date. Although it find a rest of an album the little too abstract, this piece will do you happy has taken a record . There is the different version of Sad Self-evident in a version of vinyl of an album for a way.
Is thinking to give this band listens it, would recommend any of his other first records. If it likes to of it calm certainly it would like me Infinity, but if any like to him to infinity a lot necessarily mean you will not like his others registers.
And for an amour of god, goes to see them alive taken a casualidad . Calm will not see never to to the the show likes his.
4 / 5
Godspeed You black Emperor!. Incredible? Visionary? Artistic? Pretentious? Of course. Thank some heavens thus group of unbelievable musicians. I have not experienced never, and I can bet that the majority of some people that read this description will fall to a same category, anything like this before. It is music , I can say wholeheartedly that in fact it is one of some finer compositions that has not listened never to. East Hastings is the phenomenal piece of "that writes song." Richly textured, terrifying And incredibly intricate (without in fact when being pretentious), does (symbol of infinity) is the masterpiece of emotion, exploratory musical arrangements, pursuing pieces of the word spoken, and industrial noise. With only three songs (epic each one that like this in his own right) can look the compraventa odd to a defender of random music, but has to that the faith dipped in a fact that you will not listen NEVER to to any one likes GYBE! (Or GY!BE they so that it is known now) anywhere more. While centred around a premise of an end of a world, some musical compositions that layer this CD still ameno an auditor the ray of hope -- the lagoon of optimism and desesperanza that leave trembling. HIGHLY recommended -- A MUST COMPRAVENTA!
5 / 5
FAInfinty Is the good-looking work, fulfilled by the band the one who to sounds likes him to him the person more. This album looks the tad calmer that that would come later, but still has an amazing emotional intensity of Impulse Your Lean Fists..., Slow Annoyance, and Yankee. An opener "A Dead Flag Blues" it is the subdued, gorgeous piece, with an incredibly dark, gut-wrenching intro fantastically executed for a dialogue, electrical guitar, and serious. "East Hastings" builds and builds to some estupefacientes growing and finals with environmental textures. "Order" it Is well, especially when they a "Dead persons Metheny" section in concert, but builds and looks to head to at all . A secret clue is short, but a lot sweet. A one question Godspeed appearance to have that arrives it to this point was with continuity. Some sections of these clues do not flow seamlessly to the each one which another, something concealed would be corrected later on. But it is the smallest complaint . In general, FAInfinity is an amazing work of music for one of one the majority of underrated bands in a past decade.
P.D. It sees him in concert taken a casualidad . I saw him in a Bowery Ballroom this year, and has dipped in one the jointly incredible majority has not seen never.
5 / 5
Godspeed You it The black emperor there is unwittingly results torchbearers for a movement of anti-globalisation that has created it groundswell of opposition to a way that the Western culture is crushing individualism , community and art in of the recent years. A collective Canadian is an antithesis of a slick, corporate-controlled, has massive product muzak this dominates some maps. Notoriously antagonistic to some agreements of an industry of music, is imprisoned half comunicacionales virtual, the one who choose any partorisca stage a music , but the word has left of the mouth has extended a gospel. And a gospel is awe inspiring.
Armed with electrical guitars, violins, cellos, tomb and drums, Godspeed builds of his of fragile and tremulous starts to the plenaries in assault of white noise. Épico And orchestral in structure and stairs, these looks records the soundtrack some dark days that directed until armageddon, emotions in the flange of knife, the desesperanza laced with hope. A sewers is all muddied with the solitary suicidal thousand, and some flags have died in a cup of his poles. But that the beauty can be created of such feelings is the one who Godspeed is everything roughly, and is that it marks this registers like this bleakly exhilirating. In horrible.
5 / 5
With GY!BE, your neither one of two different types of people. Calm neither will result bored with his music of a start, write it was like this artsy rubbish, the walk was and any to choose them never on again. Or you will be patient, look in a complete picture and enjoy his work. You would owe that know that GY!BE does not touch for some traditional principles of music. Your probably not going never to see the album regulates with 12 songs, each one which be 3-4 minutes forms GY long!BE. Calm instead will take 2 or 3 songs spanding 12 or like this small. GY!BE take his work like some composers. Each clue in his albums looks to have chapters with brief interludes that walked by means of his variable scapes and emotions. A better song in this album is "East Hastings". It can look that it is so only celtic music with the crazy man in a fund, but once a song takes to go, buckle up. The fully appreciate GY!BE precise to be open has imported. GY!BE will not jump went in and demand your attention with catchy hooks and simple papers ( has any ) simply do so only and inovative music and leave a rest until you.
5 / 5
This 9-the collective piece remains one of an avant-garde of entity purveyors of jazzy, experimental rock.
Listening to this album was in fact the music friki moment for me. I had it that has not listened never an album, has listened so only describe. It has been expecting the class of noisy record , experimental like the Sonic Youth SYRs. For one the majority of part, ossia to the equal that has taken; shambling, majestic, noisy symphonies of diverse sounds. This in spite of, In a half of the his épico twenty first clue of small, has taken that alcohol of swipes, wonderful surprise. One of a better and more evocatively expressive electrical guitar instrumentals has has not listened never the busts were. If it calls 'A Cowboy' and is like this emotional-- this electrical guitar of notes of good-looking blue slide and tinny jangles build and just build to an incredibly mindblowing growing. Honradamente, Is like this well like anything Links Wray, Duane Eddy or Dick Danno has done. In the Then go back to the krautrock/psychedelic longitude-player.
Thats GYBE In the nutshell; the band that can sew him fact in any gender. They are included better alive.
Come on, boys. I have dipped something more experimental in yours stereo besides Radiohead!
4 / 5
The alternative music always looks partorisca be able to come up with some surprise. Enough often, such the surprise is a synthesis of the different fashions have listened before. But still, a molding of the oldest elements can head to amazing results. Godspeed You it The black emperor has directed to create such the result. I owe that say that they are the big defender of Mogwai like this in the sense, is any surprise that I like this album. Godspeed Etc. Use some elements Mogwai has done popular, specifically dulcemente building noisy electrical guitars. But then, Mogwai has taken probably he of more etc. Etc. The one who Godspeed etc. the addition is violins and of the tapes so that, in an end, a result is the claustrophobic soundscape. A CD is not never boring although clearly it rapes all the people " it knows" roughly writing of song. More, has to say, now that the Sonic youth can not produce long and no-boring musical paitings any plus along, is good to listen more can.
4 / 5
Each one that 5 description of the star of this album is taken the good, is the masterpiece. Everything well has all state said first, but yesterday like this the rigged for another day with a longitude of work, has had them this album that the touches and he order has begun to choose on his step and is them looked a stereo really really strong. Some drums are gone in, simply that has surprised, and the could not help but do the class to vibrate thing of dance, tears dripped down my face, is a More adds them spiritual hardship the ees has not experienced never. GYBE truely Knows that it is doing, and in a better class of way. The desire was in the band like this, was my religion , would cry them in joy in the each show, a music is like this powerful. The control was! (btw, This album is my preferred of all GYBE material, but everything of his songs cost to possess.)
4 / 5
That class of people would open his first album with something like Dead Flag in that.unla First what that one public would have to that listen is this pursuing,bleak poem of the his on "the end of days".That an absolutely stunning and what audacious to do. Here then it is a Godspeed self-evident.

Although this is not like this musically adventurous as later "lean fists" when we arrive in a point 16 minutes to an Order of final clue and is requests "Where is going" it is the fundamental question and the for real real moment.

Once touch this music in the room never can be quite one same will be different.
Five recommended.
4 / 5
GYBE! It is the start is almost totally in join he of the his own. The latest emissions of a group like stimulus Your Lean Fists would see a group is result more musical, but this album is like this classical as it conceal, if no more like this, his estaca-apocalyptic soundscapes that beautiful to the equal that are terrifying.
Believes, this album is not for a faint of heart or so that they prefer his songs to come with papers or tidily final after only the pocolos small. Godspeed Has has painted instead portraits of abandoned cities and desolate wastelands using at all instruments more own.
In fact, an effect of an album is not different listening to a soundtrack to the film this is to have his vocal clues take or stray, that leaves a plot to be determined by the imagination of an auditor, and a bit those that found-touch the vocal clips have used of a group for atmospheric purpose. (One the majority of aventajada of these when being a preacher callejero that opens the second clue of an album.)
Perhaps Godspeed more adds accomplishment with this album is so only that this emotional . Godspeed Knows a lot well that the papers are not required to resupply emotional depth the music and the try ably in the clues of an album. Serious good-looking gradually build until first cathartic wails of falling era. Turn-out of the pianos that suggests the along-stray increase of Old West tavern of nowhere. Unhuman Voice overpower a first auditor to transform to a powerless buzz of the fly.
Those with open alcohols or likes he of the experimentation is due to it they to take this straightaway. Otherwise, Stimulates Your Lean Fists resupply the very better (and much less harrowing) introduction to the work of a group.
5 / 5
A mix to pursue of tongue, violins, electrical guitars of steel and the tape that modifies, ossia a lot of reminiscent of Faust first album, or the estaca-version of rock of Philip Glass 'Hydrogen Jukebox'. Estick-mecer' Is also narrow the term, really - Godspeed the music is more afterwards to folk, or country and western in a sense a pure plus of a term. It is music to fill vast deserts, the sandy ocean of sound. This album remember of a KLF is 'the cold Was' - is like the travesía of street by means of one to imaginary Amsterdam of sand and rusted cars, with spending the radios that emission tunes confused. It is gorgeous, gel-cold, and the value that listens to at least once.
5 / 5
Ossia In fact residual music- the scarce finds today! This day and age when you listen the piece of music, feel an emotion for four minutes (typically lust), and then moves on to a next pleasure. It GSYBE Active crafted here is the record that stays with calm- persists in your alcohol, pulling with both musical intensity and philisophical beauty. Ossia Art that the frames think! To give comparisons musically is the intimidating task- obvious comparisons to some Soiled Three is unavoidable, but there is also tinges of late Sonic Youth (sees Anagram), A smaller Forest, Wry, and Slint. That marks this different band of an aforesaid is his commitment to storytelling- have a capacity to worlds of work of caustic decrease and aural terror. This is not the album of concept, this in spite of- ossia the soundtrack for an imagination.
4 / 5
Ossia One of the mine favourite cds and sales right now. Reason? Reason they these perfect blend of rock and expirimental music that so only hugs my ears. It flows by means of my boss like the river. I can not escape a awsomeness of this record while the listen his. They use samples of small interviews with people in a street and other clips of the his and registers. A thing, this in spite of, that for real complete this CD is a drumming. Especially in "east hastings". So only entirely I adore this record, and if anything was to spend his would drive mad them . In fact, godspeed you black emperor!
4 / 5
Wow. Such the piece adds of work, especially for the start. GYBE Takes his thoughts and of the skills to the his first album to give of a subject apocalyptic, creating lush soundscapes and eerie the effects of noise have generated of beauty of art. Although this album is so only 3 songs long, is still timely enormous. In an hour in total period, does (infinity) is insanely value of the money for just 3 songs (of the song more the scarce is is almost 17 minutes long in all the chance) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for people those who are defenders of Radiohead, Sigur Rós, Mogwai, take a picture .
4 / 5
Has discovered Godspeed You the discography of the Black emperor in the rear way. I have chosen on his 'Promote Your Lean Fists Like Antennas To Heaven' albums look it in fact years and was fascinated for his capacity to create such complex soundscapes in a course of the four long pieces of the album.
Has faced today 1998 work for Montreal-has based ten-together piece, 'does (symbol of infinity)'. Look that has used a term "faced", reason this is not precisely yours the walk-type of work of music, which is that they like me in of part: they defy an auditor, invite/ to exit of a zone of consolation, approached and LISTEN!
An album is to good sure darker that his eskinny fists...' Album, and an indicator of the his brilliance, that far at the head of his time was six years ago: they have touched that today it is labeled like this rock of estaca, included first of a term had been attacked. Although contention that prefers eskinny fists...' To this album, has to say 'does' has more few moments of brilliance.
Presents an auditor in the a bit apocalyptic world with long intros and samples of the people and the things that directs the long songs (three of them, for the 60-small long production) that last so that it can look the musical eternity to the majority of people. With a help of the work of brilliant electrical guitar (for one or more than his three guitarists) layered on atmospheres very rich has created of a two percussionists, serious (cello and violin), glockenspiel here and there, and loop of tape further beside some occasional bagpipes, some results of albums in the cratfy musical collage of the quite dark beauty that that can be hard to appreciate if no the one of them it casualidad. As with your eyesight in the dark room, precise gives quite time for an album to sink in.
Can contest GYBE view of a world-wide behind then (and these days also) is too dark and the little apocalyptic for your flavour. While respect that, would like me think that is doing the musical statement: there is enough the metaphor in his music that invites for prpers give more time, be more patient and develop the sense for past of things an attention regulates has turned that today the society has grown habituada to. Godspeed Saves enough the pocolas surprised musical value of inner while to, to that is quite patient to spend for in front of gratification of instant.
5 / 5
Trying describes a music of Godspeed You it the Black emperor is likes to try describe the sleep. You can offer an attentive description of some people and situates involved and that has taken place, but in fact that takes an essence of a sleep is difficult. One has to experience it firsthand.
Like this, also, is a here difficult music to describe. You can describe some instruments and likes to go in his subject, but until calm listen it, calm will not have the clear picture that this band is everything roughly.
Has built the discharges of instrumentation for the band that in swells to time of more than the members of dozen, Godspeed You Black Emperor, or Gybe for short, mixes airy electrical guitar , noisy with serious, collages of his, chimes, and much more. Launching this variety of the together sounds, taking quite simple musical subjects and build them up in the long period of time, morphing some musical subjects and simple melodies until his metamorphoses to something entirely different the one who that has begun eats. This is not simply droning, lulling music. An effect is the travesía .
One could compare Gybe registers the soundtracks for films that has not been never fact. It is the description that works, reasons his music conjures images in your boss.
In this first album, 'does (symbol of infinity),' a handful of the songs are directed less like this in of the latest records. They meander Of @@subject to subject, soundscape to soundscape, like the series of musical ideas strung together. Work marvelously. In a course further of an hour (in spite of his be so only four esongs,' a unlisted) listens has twisted subjects out of some western Americans, sprawling washes of noise, crescendos of feedback and electrical guitar that ear of leaves, and sweet, soothing tones. Mixed by means of of the one of the east a sound of registers of field, bit of transmissions of word spoken , radio and more.
If he all touch a lot of anti-radio, is. Calm will not find this material in the cup 40 canal.
And to the equal that can calm? The songs take 15, 20, 30 minutes to build, that traces and falling like the tide, that goes of strong, stronger, stronger to soft, softer, softer all inside a same clue. Swell Of series on and dominate, and then the electrical guitar takes on, and then some effect of the his wry.
Defenders of Spiritualized is noisier and/or moments more orchestral will enjoy this - this in spite of no attended vocals. Bardo Pond I defenders will appreciate some dense wall of sound. Those recently discovering Sigur Ros is likely the delight in Gybe - although again, no attended vocal. If it likes Dirty Of Three or Azusa Walk, will enjoy this. Even Defenders of Valentine Bloody will appreciate a rich, lush musical textures.
Godspeed You it The black emperor is the glorious band so that they enjoy long songs, sprawling soundscapes and the tin of music -sink you to. It is heady the experience that listens to this material. And side that .
4 / 5
I am not sure like this partorisca estimate this album. It defines partorisca estimate. One first clue, "Dead Flag Blues," it is like this affecting is scary. This is not an album (or the band) that you simply can listen to. Calm has to it experience. Ossia Reason give it four stars, in place of five. Godspeed You black Emperor! It is not an accessible band for any half. Pop this creature in in the very dark night when it is snowing and everything is calm, and is out of home, and result lost in him. "It DOES(Symbol of infinity)" it is it likes to listen to the documentary of three laws has filmed directly after an end of a world. It is the solitary, pursuing, desolate album. Probably it calms it will not listen his in his entirety more than 10 times, but when calm , changes a way thinks partorisca the good while. Big taking in Godspeed. Good regime.
4 / 5
If you have not listened of Godspeed You Black Emporer, ossia well, reason the plot of people has the no. But he does not make a mistake partorisca judge this for a title of odd band, or title of odd album. In fact, in the way returns a music perfectly, reason ossia the beauty a lot easily described or has taken. You owe that have some patience, but very a lot, reason one first clue grab you and resist you until a last throbs of the turn of sonic texture was in order, a climactic third and final clue. With preachers callejero shout it in an end of a world-wide and such, one would take an impression that these types are entrenched in depression, but a beauty of some suns of electrical guitar and extended out of the rhythms aims that they comprise an essence joi-of-alive: it paste that special place during a crescendos that so only the longitude, slow buildup can spend you to, and can not be simply achieved with him catchy electrical guitar riff in the 2 1/2 small song. A so only another type of music which can do is is classical, knows, with an orchestra and material.
The people have tried to mix classical and music of rock partorisca decades, and a result is usually the blatant engaged among some two ways, sustaining more in a direction. Godspeed Is different. They create, in this three song masterpiece, which I granddaughter of picture that listens to a year 2100 and that asks reason the person composes music with such beauty and grace anymore, a lot that classical buffs do today. Spent this and calm will be appreciated.
4 / 5
Some samples resupplied for these songs so only do not give justice, there is like this variety inside the each individual song. GYBE Gives 15 + minute épico apocalyptic, which somehow has like this hope in them ( tin a lot really describe he).
Ossia To good sure one of thoses disks that many will listen to once and then never dipped the on again (but does not leave raisin concealed to calm). After the pair has repeated listenings with the headphones will not be able to take enough of him. These songs will pursue you.
If they never come your city, does not lose them , they the crazy show with film that play in a fund with a music ( is description really further).
Highly recommended
5 / 5
left in the first place say that it does [infinity] is one of some better albums the ees has not listened never. The dunno can say them GY!BE operate better (probably impulse yr. Lean fists to heaven) but does is to good sure a more depressing and offer more. Some offers of albums on 60 min. Of music -- only three clues of song. Odd eh ? Now the people say GY!BE is hard to take to consider that each song of his this is on 10 minutes long -- and any vocals. But it does not be frightened , be you like this happy has found this band.
Now does door three clues. A Dead Flag Blues, This Hastings, and Order. All are surprising. A dead flag blues begins was with the history that says and then begins a estaca-rock and classical [that could add them is a better combination never] that maintains his a lot of hard for me to say you a better clue... Reason, well... His all mecer!! But the think the d has to that choose East Hastings (the subject of amazing start of 28 days later) which is 18 minutes long. Now please the say you, chooses on this masterpiece. If you are so only that it wants to take to GY!BE, take this prime minister of the his first album of sound. Then it take his and.p. Slow annoyance For New Zero Kanada, then impulse yr. Lean fists like this of the antennas to heaven (two disks), then take his undressed down does Yanqai . [But still add]
without the doubt -- an of some better albums of one '90s
4 / 5
An album - helpfully graduate does - was strikingly cinematic, takes Ry Cooder sells Parigi audible, Knits and Terrence Malick films Badlands and Days Of Heaven. His fashion to joint registers of tape of an angry disenfranchised and a mutterings of the militias his music echoes '60s libertarian outsider counterculture. His use of "corrected" instruments, registers of field, downhome folk forms, and the-fi acoustic American, while, place Godspeed in a cannon of North American nonconformist folk-artists that comprises archivist Harry Smith, carpenter/of composer Harry Partch and Attended of Tone of the singer. This in spite of produce more self-consciously good-looking, so only instrumental music that these artists, and arguably also be missing of his humour and heat. The majority of his songs follows a same formula: the slow and calm start, then go really fast and strong. It is certainly true that a lot his music is based around dynamic sonic crests and swells, but a sheer stairs of his thunderously the strong sound means generally evasion with him. Godspeed You black Emperor! It is certainly so only in music of modern rock. Instrumental music with traces of contemporary classical is seldom drooled on, but Godspeed alternative idealism, remained with a sonic assault of the band of Japanese noise, frames for the strangely seductive proposition.
A name, incidentally, comes from/comes from the Japanese biker band. Or enough, the translation of "Buraku Empororu", the film for Japanese manager Mitsuo Yanagimachi.
4 / 5
Has chosen on fainfinity in a faith to listen part of a mp3 of a Dead Flag Blues and did not complain it at all. It was my first introduction in any gender of music ossia -- "sonic landscape" or whatnot.
Describing GYBE has been tried for a lot another reviewers and am not sure is an easy task . The pertinent adjectives comprise to pursue, warm, menacing, dissonant and melodic and patternless at the beginning.
Is the record this taken to reward after the little listens, and work later in the music at night like this environmental. He then shines. A show of subtleties by means of and ask you whattheheck has done to this electrical guitar (or has gone the cello?) To do such the noise. It is gorgeous for those with the flavour for a thoughtfully surreal.
Four stars is to aim my respect adds, but also a fact that has limited appeal according to one in this way & a time.
4 / 5
Look. It does not fall sour to this music unless you are the sciamano has coached, has experienced . This music to good sure any partorisca beginners. Lame to situate like or any and to plot of of them, while they interest, his like this of the places would not want never be. A 'black' in his name undoubtedly informs his way, likes any that it is in this album touches to anything likes that typically recognise like this African has influenced. It is trying for me to assume that Umma Gumma was GYBE preferred Rosa Floyd the album but I would not be surprised if they did not listen it never when they have done this record. While to good sure influenced for a band, I doubt would have risked calling 'copycats' to be deliberately like this looked in fashion and approximation. It was to interest to see develop some sensibilities partorisca pop down a street or enough clave with this darkness, amorphous swirlings ossia in fact better adapted for a cinema that a house stereo. This album has drawn to plot to acclaim in undergrounds and independent circles of his emission. One reasons is probably that resembles in fact be the singular, cohesive organism of work, like a work. Perhaps this a said a history of the estaca of the humanity-apocalyptic evolution. Scary.
4 / 5
Goes to take the different streets of the majority of these descriptions.
Are goning to assume that you, likes 28 Days less take and has gone house in that asks the one who a heck that a song when a city was empty. Congradulations To find a band and a Hastings is a song is looking for, although I doubt is to anything likes that it attended.
Has listened that adds goove of "East Hastings" and looked for to find it and wants to buy an album but is reading these descriptions cause you marvel if perhaps, a rest of an album is craps.
To to everything likes is that consequences of bomb of the neutron grove of a film, sure does not love this album. I have believed in fact to be that it has loved them, is definatly any that the the are not really dissapointed.
That volume, in place of an expected, is an album that is a whole film in and of him. Ossia headphone Music sure, this is to dip in some headphones explore a be of the sounds has created. Sinister kiss, fondle you, explore your so only enjoy a fact that any one has annoyed to spend all this time that does music that does not go to value the alone swipe.
Be patient, has an imagination, one will take enough will be it happy is spent an hour in the chair that consecrates some headphone time also.
Basically, this description is for any concealed is coming to a band and album of 28 Days less evening. It is not that it has expected it find, but think that calm to like this in spite of.
And well, sheesh, in an a lot of the or loves to have alot of black and things of glass in your house/'ll frames some background music well while you have dipped out of a table for your guests.
5 / 5
Has bought this album with which have bought and has wanted estimulate Lean...' And I think that that ossia almost like this good. [...]Besides everything of this ossia the band adds and for real the music adds, will be the name of punctual real house maintains this up. I have tried to see the in Chicago recently but has been sold was. If it was an investor and this was the stock would say to BUY!!! These types will be ENORMOUS! (Concentrated Zeppelin maintains to jump to my alcohol).
5 / 5
To seat by means of this cd is for real an experience. Any the one who possesses this cd will adapt. If your sprawled is gone in a gram or curled up under your bedsheets, this cd will take calm by means of some depths of your alcohol. Of a moment I game you of paste in yours cd player the different world-wide integer untangles with every second of no. Everytime Listens to yours paste in for the surprise. Highly it suggests this cd to any to to which likes him the GOOD music, any the one who is looking to try different fashions of music. Ossia The beautiful and disastrous cd. It is the waste to try and orders until words.
5 / 5
While the the cloths is not like this as well as slow annoyance EP (concealed a so only there is more can and builds until something) is still one of one the majority of amazing cds the; it sees it it has listened the long time. Creepy, Sensual, strong, calm, want to me barracade my door and attended for an end am them sure is comming. It can be dark, and pessamsitic, but not depressing never. His shows of bolt are also something the behold.
5 / 5
Would like me advise our clients that any character that offered to pump opinions, alcohols of wash, or ideologies of request, is not to employ for, or partner with this band. Thank you To listen the Godspeed you Black Emperor!, And have the pleasant day.
That finds horribly that lacking of in all these descriptions is any cognizance of a fact that Godspeed is ironic with his soundclips. Perhaps this is not immediately obvious of _FAinifinity_ so only. But certainly attack that while a tone of a man in 'Dead Flag Blues' is appropriate to Godspeed' music, is not meant to be taken seriously, more than GYBE! Seriously it is defending the arch are/pm mini phase in _Lean , thus subject, trying deride a soyun of preacher' in 'Order,' in this album. It is of entity to agree that they are the Canadian , any American band, and that creates of corruption of government and bleak the conspiracy is a bit less very founded or has considered that this band hailed of of the one of the sud of a flange. In of the Lean Fists, has chosen clips that is more obviously self-parodying, to do sure that the people do not associate with some words in his songs-- for chances, sticking toes in of the creatures' eyes, or he nutcase preacher in the mission to God, where a successful will think is crazy, and believe has gone insane. It is not fooled for a earnestness of his speakers-- does not speak for a band.
This is not to say that they do not have the beauty of the his own, which is, possibly, a point. Godspeed Nude these people of his meaning, but leaves a beauty of his words and to intact intonation-- a meaning of form without substance. Godspeed Is the band of emotion and beauty, and find souls of alcohols of kinship in these of the that the opinions is the some terracing laughable, this in spite of of which feeling is like this intense that it is hard to laugh in them; similarly, they quote these whose feeling is like this dud and superficial, compared to an intensity of GYBE music, concealed in spite of his mainstream acceptability, one has to that laugh in them-- the arch are/pm and this says a man of preacher, but no of longitude that says'.
I like this album to plot, but taste Godspeed like this of the sale even more. The lean fists is better that this; it achieves heights that this CD any one included strive stops. This has said, _FAinfinity_ has his moments of glory, and is diverse of _Lean Fists_ in that has moments of joy, any extremity and just glory; it is not redundant with _Lean Fists_, neither fail to be the good, moving work. But with _Lean Fists_, chair a need to fall that I am doing, scrunch on my face, and feel during a cresendos, sometimes to a point to cry; be 'a lot of' so only is not enough for rock of estaca, or this band especially. Godspeed Knows like this to resonate in a level of the yours a lot of soul, like this simply resonating, simply when being enjoyable, simply when being interesting and pleasing to an ear, is faint praise. It say that this goes way to separate to a crude, wrenching quality that a better Indian and groups of the rock of the estaca can effect with pure instrumentation, but a force of this album is in other zones. It is wrenching enough to impress any the one who has not listened never Red Blond, Sigur Ros, or Mogwai, and quite a lot of interesting things with rhythm and melody enough to impress any the one who has not listened Wry or Lateduster, but a lot neither quite as well as some masters (in that I comprises Godspeed, so only any one this album). Perhaps it was yours typical Amazon [.With] reviewer, would give these 5 stars, but consider to to that likes him the inflation.
5 / 5
Ossia One of some environmental records darker has has not listened never. Perhaps environmental is not a right word, of some launches of band down and does quite he ruckus once in the moment, but for one the majority of part takes drift and atmosphere , inky darkness. In the cloudy day or in dusk, when it is calm, taking comfy and launch this on. He disorder with your soul and the frames think.
5 / 5
Has run by means of Godspeed has seen a film '28 Days less take' (which also highly recommends). A music used in an early scene in this film was like this memorable that has has had to that the hunt down ( has discovered is not in an original soundtrack).
Would not know that the really call this music, as it conceal really imported in all the chance. My ear, his extremely (A lot extremely) introspective and (often, but a lot always) bleak, darkness and moody. These (9? 15?) I musicians go everywhere musically: poetry of apocalyptic spoken/word, has found samples of preachers callejeras, dark environmental soundscapes, the class of soundtrack of western film, atonal weirdness, music of classical chamber (thinks Kronos Quartet), punk, Underground of Velvet-Rosa Floyd-Distribution of Joy-70s Rey Crimson Darkness... But this band is original, for real original - has no real comparison. Material still go like this far to say that ossia one of some the majority of only bands of an Underground of Velvet.
This album will pull thrill out of you that there is you no known never was able to feel!
GYBE The music tends to build dulcemente, gradually, inevitably - agree me that Rosa Floyd has done in a prompt 70s (when they were good), to to the songs like Echoes,' except GYBE has to that sucedidos even more so many. A music is not entirely pessimist in yours, although it is certainly bleak... There is thinks the sense of hope, of the real future in his music. There is some achingly good-looking music here. In spite of, a music can easily dipped one in a way to read Beckett or Cioran. It is a soundtrack to an unavoidable collapse of the civilisation, the ones of the fallen... And, for better or for worse, the new start.
An album opens with some iconography that was too reminiscent of September 11, 2001, almost prophetic: ' it go I have taken: Some edifices tumbled on them, mothers clutching creatures, chosen by means of a rubble and pulled out of his hair. A skyline was beautiful on fire, all the wry metal that elaborates on, all washed in the thin orange haze...' It excepts it is it has looked in 1997.
Takes this album!
4 / 5
A Place of Dead Streets is a title of the novel for William S. Burroughs, And, while the music and the book there is at all to do with each another, attacked always like the perfectly honed sentence to describe a music of Godspeed. For now, any one reading this, with a preceeding 20 odd descriptions will know a "facts" in a band (nine-the collective piece that bolt in a hinterlands of Canada, yadda yadda); respecto any for this end of a discussion (a class of self-propigating mythos dipped in motion for a stubborn negation to go with a grain of levels of industry of the music while any one entirely giving them on, the cult of personality for girls of Indian rock.)
And is reductive to a music, which opens on to such width seen of harrowing beauty that in timing his almost in overwhelming. It leaves it to it stirs it of Canadians to hymn some industrial parks abandoned that line an American landscape, some cars adds of the industrialisation that fallen to powder while some people those who was supported by maintains the base of, unsure of wither afterwards in ours "society of information." Morricone Electrical guitar (but no like this parched and isolated like this focus-mates Labradford) slides to sweep, keening, crying serious, has on gone through a force of two drummers. Learning in a band, accessing other emissions, that knows that a voice that opens "Order" it is Blaise Bailey Finnigan one III detract a bit of an impressive newness to listen this record for a first time, the big, yearning yelp of ache and confusion and the beauty that fallen out of a black. It can it do not describe; there are moments in this record as easily the row with a better music has to that offered (opening he of "All Tomorrows Parties," these first agreements of piano in "As That?", A throbbing heartbeat that hums under Astral Weeks.) Essential.
5 / 5
Has bought this album with which have bought a "Slow Annoyance for New Zero Kanada" ep, and although it can not be quite like this intense is still a lot good. This album there is possibly a three more pursuing clues of all time on that. Always it looks to jump every time I here a low voice in a first clue. I think that it that it recommend to take this first album of takings "Slow Annoyance for New Zero Kanada", reason yes calms like this one, will love that one. I am not sure which last any of this album is to find the Canada external, but think that all the world-wide the one who is opened to the new music would be necessary to choose them up.
A better way to listen to this album is to good sure in a darkness with headphone in, and for at least a first time, would have to be do at all another that listening. If any one spends to enjoy it some first time gives it the little more listen calm reason always chooses on more and more that he everytime listen his.
Ossia To good sure any background music, and can take time to enjoy is one of one the majority of intense calm listen will not listen never. It is one of these albums where can seat you behind and listen, and everything of these pictures burst until your boss.
Ossia For far better music that anything touched in any rock emisora radius or mtv, muchmusic etc.
5 / 5
has had already "Slow Annoyance..." When it Take this , and was the little has bitten dissapointet. Some songs are good some values of production is the way of the just plain too use of echo and delay here, and felt has been missing of a raw power of "Moya" of "Slow Annoyance". Still the compraventa worthy, but does not expect that a lot. Compraventa "Svefn-Genglar" For Sigur-Rós is looking for alike music.
5 / 5
Godspeed You black Emperor! It is perhaps one the majority of interesting and diverse of some contemporary experimental laws. This famous album his capacity to create his beautiful , atmospheric, and also music of real sincere rock. It does it Could be described likes soundtrack to an apocalypse, with some inaugural papers, and some melancholic, included depressing the sounds found in east hastings. A would not owe that think these three clues like seperate works, thinks them, partorisca has the general way for a whole album. As I have said, it does it can result the small depressing in time (especially when touched repeatedly in midwinter), seeing like his subject main is an end of a world. That feels saves an album to be overwhelmingly there is depressed is Godspeed described to really of rock. This adds an optimistic element to a otherwise ask pessimist. A build ups in a half of Of the east Hastings and in an end of Order is extraordinarily very built, although simple. With it does, Godspeed show his capacity to compose music of powerful rock out of second loops of looks or simple melodies. His capacity of mecer reassure me that Godspeed has not died totally with the depression and is this capacity that a lot Kranky is another lack of bands.
Has to that give some credit, this in spite of, to a way that these darker parts of an album are able to create pure emotion and the sense of good-looking melancholy. A commentary of Dead Flag Blues creates it lanscape for an imagination, with his simple iconography, powerful - "a car is on fire but there is not any engine in a wheel". For an astonishingly alternative fashion that has done for them, Godspeed certainly deserve more the attention that has received. Ossia Good music , but be careful any to overdose.
4 / 5
Has taken the copy of this album for my anniversary done some years, when it have not listened of them before. We touch a cd in a party and all the world loved it immediately. No really music of party, but a lot of moody, included for the anniversary. (One of my granddaughters really the unbalanced, but then again, so only listens the classical music.)
Like this this was basically my introduction to GYBE, and the one who an introduction was! By means of them, I have found Mogwai and Arab Strap; thank you! Still it thinks (GYBE) is a better in his field, really. Really dark, moody, melancholic (to a max) and dramatic music that sucks calm in, totally immerses you.
Yes, really wants to him. His new albums (Slow Annoyance [...], Impulse Yer Lean Fists [...] And Yankee .) It is it adds also, but this one is still my preferred. Really It likes Me a ultradrama in a first clue; really emotional if you are in a right way.
And, likes more declared before me, his actions really are of sound. Really strong (this in spite of no like this strong likes Mogwai is, of the one who is way on that it is is, imho), but also extremely well. Some video match his music really well. (And more than four electrical guitars in the phase is always the good thing... :-)
Classical. To good sure!
4 / 5
A group of new members of musicians of Montreal in near known like this godspeed you black emperor! It has produced to be able to be a year augments more final in Kranky. A CD there is so only roughly all possible to offer an auditor(with an exception of ska and transmission, thank god...)Inside a frame of his 63 minutes. Comparisons? Morricone-esque espaguetis Western soundtracks, or some recent Labradford cradle of elepé to import immediately. But there have it So more in a dish to be tried. And ossia the good thing . A beauty of this good-looking music is his capacity to remain in a house/of room at all times. You can be happy or sad, some the external times can be sunny or cloudy, a volume of a disk can be strong or calm, etc. Anything some circumstances externally/internally of an auditor is of the smallest weight here. A point is, he all DOES. But go advance, gone back he on real strong. You will be happy has done. With which repeated listens, always seat exhausted but invigorated. It is the terrific feeling . Kinda Likes sex... The instrumentation will not be comprised here, how is state fact in other descriptions. Simply place, ossia big. All hail gybe!.
5 / 5
This band that use a same technician in repetition likes John Gabbia or Edgar Varese partorisca create the group creates musical that the build in time likes tidal wave that finally clashes down in calm with a final note. Soft But an angry same time. Such a lot of crescendos! Music that will do cry. Aural Music partorisca some senses.
5 / 5
Has bought this album last state, no really that knows like partorisca expect. I have known so only it was resembled Mogwai and Sigur Rós. I didnt like it a lot partorisca begin with and listened more to Slow annoyance partorisca new zero Kanada EP. But then a prejudice dipped it on, turned of some lights and so only listened, was incredible. This album is in fact more listened partorisca like that, in my opinion at least. Some long odd part that had annoyed me equally like this returning. As it is not in accordance with my compatriot, Brynjolfur, and say this album is like this very so much, if any better that enturbia Slow..., it is in accordance with this in spite of recommend Sigur Rós Svefn-G-Englar and yes is reading this after April, when his album Ágætis Byrjun will be liberto, highly recommends this album also.
5 / 5
Godspeed You! Black emperor...
Never first there is the listened to an album and has had automatically an out of experience of the organism without drugs has involved. Gsybe Beats very a lot of be a better group of working musicians in recent history. Of one first notes to a last note this album is absolelutlely amazing.
Listening to this album in my room with my eyes has has closed fact partorisca see me all all in a second. Travesía Down the street in the car in a amzing speed, has seen them the edifices that is derrumbado, the cars that takes advantage of, the people that shout partorisca help and there was at all could them do, has opened them my eyes and has known that it was them in my room and all have been! The black emperor is a better drug in a he on now!
4 / 5
Godspeed Is for far one the majority of fearfully apocalyptic band in the longitude while, some melodies partorisca pursue serious collide with a rythmic breaking of the windows of thousand during inciting to riot in the black was. A soliloquay in a start of a first clue dead flag blues gives the picture of life to the equal that achieve some final days. A combination and brilliance of edgy realistic soundwork and the glorious violins ameno any societies that to to clashes down likes him to him the advantage or the new cloud to calm impulse on this wave of violent terror. They are not engreído that an end of a world is coming, but be then this would be my election of soundtrack.
4 / 5
I So only now recovered of half an hour of alcohol [numb]ing.. Administered by my headphones.. That feels likes is still closely clasped around my ears..
This in spite of is not .
I Rest enlightened, confused, and spatial.
Was beautiful, chaotic, disturbing, in horrible. And also a lot I last to write the stops of description. The clarity and the chaos launched in the dark blender and fact to the good disk. I can not begin to approach to line a surface of .. It goes compraventa that album.
5 / 5
The explanations do not come easy partorisca music to the equal that east, neither partorisca context, or emotion, and partorisca one the majority partorisca separate has listened the section of this album, and no a whole thing, he probably 'nt marks felt a lot, or take touched again. This in spite of data a time, and given a casualidad GSYBE will take you to somewhere, sometimes is something that you 'nt wants to feel, but hell, reason more the people listen to something like this fantastically sad. The life was'nt has meant to be perfect, and think that then this album is.
5 / 5
This album is really well, thinks them deserves 4.5 stars, but the so only can give 4 or 5, and does not think merit 5. In fact I have written so only a description to signal was something that interests there are them remarked 17 minutes to "Order". There is the voice that is saying "Where it is that it goes?" To a same tune esatta that one of some characters in some musical "Godspell" it says "where it is that it goes?" And it has thought them so only in fact interest.
4 / 5
Ossia A worse GSYBE CD there. It goes it takes Slow Annoyance or of the Lean Fists, any this. Calm will not complain saving yours the hard money has won. In a side besides, This Hastings Is quite good...
5 / 5
This music parades your soul in front of your eyes for rasgar. (After, you can listen to Radiohead " Computer of COST" if you want to acclaim up ;)
5 / 5
was in the roadtrip with David Lynch and Jack Chick, driving by means of one in of the llamas, the American landscape irradiated, this would be our soundtrack .