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Top Customer Reviews: Whatever People Say ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5 Jessi
With elements of punk rock, and punctual brit pop, any one describes some hard realities of a scene of to the bar enough likes them Alex Turner.
5 / 5 Eliza
Arrived very quickly. The quality is well. Any subject with a sleeve of vinyl. Very happy
5 / 5 Jessenia
Meatty And his clear version, better of an album for far
5 / 5 Rosio
Good album partorisca listen to him calm so only is taking to some Arctic apes. Classical album.
5 / 5 Joelle
You play record well, but a record is gone in the little scuffed on side B, and a sleeve of paper is gone in the little rasgado in a fund.
5 / 5 Roxana
Has taken given a right artist but a wrong album. Almost satisfied
5 / 5 Merrie
has Arrived very quickly. The quality is well. Any subject with a sleeve of vinyl. Very happy
5 / 5 Ahmad
Meatty and his clear version, better of an album for far

Top Customer Reviews: So Tonight That I ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 11 ratings
5 / 5 Tracey
Formed: Record of elepé the'go been moment to the decent pressing of this album to paste a reissue scene ..... And costs a wait. Thank you !!
5 / 5 Marcos
Formed: the elepé Registers A music is as well as the a lot of owners of this album can testify but this pressing of vinyl sucks! Sounds like the basses bitrate download that is to be burn the cd, registered to the to the then used cassette likes them the source partorisca for this memories of vinyl.
4 / 5 Ariana
Formed: Audio CD I amour mazzy music of star. It has Ordered thiz album yesterday and has taken them that this morning. Formed of fast
4 / 5 Alline
Formed: Audio CD fast nave, the music adds, which plus partorisca say?
4 / 5 Faye
Formed: CD of Audio Loves a product, Formed of fast
4 / 5 Tawna
Formed: the elepé Record An album is add, but a vinyl skips.
5 / 5 Mirtha
Formed: CD of Audio "Like this Tonight that it could it he " it is another cd has not listened to the few years that has thinks that would launch to the mine stereo. I have it that there is wanted always one pursuing ballad " Twists to you". I guess Mazzy the star is the one who the plot of people would consider to be shoegazer. A music is sweet and soothing still to relax to. Now that am listening to a cd for a first time in 2-3 years, find me entirely enjoys it a music much more that has done initially. Hope Sandoval Has to that little voice of daughter that is not the bad thing. Obviously it leaves an influence in music, specifically with Allison Shaw of a Crane of band and perhaps the little with Sharin Foo of A Raveonettes. Still no respecto for some clues "Mary of Silence" and "Five Serenade of Serious". Perhaps because of a lack of melody and Attended Sandoval monotonous vocals is turn it out of a song. I love an acoustics of electrical guitar in a clue last but there is not the real sense of melody or emotions in any song. Still I think that some better clues in a cd is " Twists To you", "Bell Copertura", and "Blue Light". I have enjoyed particularly an influence of gospel in "Blue Light". Hope vocals In fact does not touch like this monotonous in this clue. Although not perfecting, "Like this Tonight that it could it he " it is still the solid album to the cold was the after the long day in an office.
4 / 5 Jeri
I'go Been moment to the decent pressing of this album to paste a reissue scene ..... And costs a wait. Thank you !!
4 / 5 Floria
A music is as well as the a lot of owners of this album can testify but this pressing of vinyl sucks! Sounds like the basses bitrate download that is to be burn the cd, registered to the to the then used cassette likes them the source partorisca for this memories of vinyl.
5 / 5 Alejandro
Probably Lucido More psychédélique album of Mazzy Estrella, incluant his successful Turn of glorious plus in yours. The voice of this singer is thankful truth Feel it.
4 / 5 Celinda
I amour mazzy music of star. It has Ordered thiz album yesterday and has taken them that this morning. Fast service

Top Customer Reviews: CAGE THE ELEPHANT - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Reatha
Formed: elep record of Record Good quality, although I have had the little question that dips in a turntable of a hole in a half was too much small partorisca a peg.
5 / 5 Suzann
Formed: CD of Audio goes partorisca be the present ... My woman saw it and had gone with which conceal..
5 / 5 Kristin
Formed: the elep Registers one of some better albums the ees has not listened never. 10/10 it would recommend it to it. It is gone in surprisingly perfect condition.
5 / 5 Stephnie
Formed: elep the album Adds Record and very a lot of rerecorded. The desire has had some illustrations or anything inside, disturbs them in that has it so only a record in an interior. I appreciate when some go an extra mile.
4 / 5 Jenee
Formed: the elep album of Record Very well, service also!
Thank you!
5 / 5 Elnora
Formed: elep the sound Adds Record, a lot of mastered.
5 / 5 Hubert
Record of good quality, although I have had the little question that dips in a turntable of a hole in a half was too much small partorisca a peg.
4 / 5 Yuko
Goes partorisca be the present ... My woman saw it and had gone with which conceal..
4 / 5 Gillian
One of some better albums the ees has not listened never. 10/10 it would recommend it to it. It is gone in surprisingly perfect condition.
5 / 5 Kym
The album adds and very a lot of rerecorded. The desire has had some illustrations or anything inside, disturbs them in that has it so only a record in an interior. I appreciate when some go an extra mile.

Top Customer Reviews: Saturdays - Youth ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Danika
M83 The music is always be a lot airy, synthy and vaguely abstract in character. Very rock of estaca, a lot spacey electronica, but any pretentiously so much.

But M83 takes the step in another direction aturdays = Youth' -- instead take the tongue -in-cheek, vaguely nostaltic expanse of 80s-adolescent of afflictions of the way. There is some jarringly angular moments, but Anthony Gonzalez mostly results the enough, electro-riddled little experience swathed in shoegazer instrumentals and melodies of pops.

Opens with the a lot of sweet little melody of piano, doubting that unsure as to touch, and is joined for flickers of ephemeral synth. ' It is your face ,' the woman' breathless the voice sings, like the whispers of sweet man in a wash to shimmer. A whole thing maintains swirling on him like this forming it tropical storm, that grows more ethereal and incomprehensible for a second.

Now fall all the expectations of the like this album will be to like.

'Kim and Jessie' is vaguely New Orderish synthpop melody with a lot of thudding beaten and wailing synth loop. And the majority of some songs near in some mean -- rollicking blurry guitarpop, swirling shimmering dance, urgent electronica, spacey balladry slime with rhythms of dance, shoegazer épicos that build until the mountainous climax, and ethereal pianopop smothered in cloudy synth. An end is continue it, ten-the environmental minute hum that there is me bored frankly bobo.

But taken until a deliciously tongue-in-cheek 'Graveyard Daughter' for a intent of of the this to result clear -- is the wistful, mocking soundtrack of adolescent anguish and moodiness. A very serious line '' are fifteen years and the chair is already too late to live. Any one you?' It is deliciously ironic.

Technically is usually the very bad idea when fixed something concealed has not been has broken, and Gonzalez looks to be that he that when he revisit some musics and films of adolescents of a 80s. Like the result -- of any one entirely abandons a spacey electronic/shoegazer his -- aturdays = Youth' is the point of different fashions, and there are moments where a fusion does not act.

But is quite that attacks that like this of these songs blend together well. Has loop coloreados, swirling resplandores, cloudy enveloping waves, and pocolos blips of synth, studded with more triple synth beaten. Ossia All halftone togetjer with to plot of sweet piano, and some jangly electrical guitar to pop interspersed among a buzzing cycling shoegazer electrical guitar.

Different before, vocals takes front-and-dipped to centre here -- soft voice , accused of Gonzalez slips by means of. And Morgan Kibby big, breathless vocals can add anything of gruesome pathos ( is to undermine his nails to his @@@cofre in of the skins... It pulls for behind a skin to aim his ribs/his twinkle likes the shoot stars') to a tongue-in-monologue of cheek of 'Graveyard Daughter' ('A cemetery is my house / wants to be the part of him/invisible, included to a prejudice/ will read poetry to a marvel/of bone if a day I result one of them').

Takes awhile the really of clue in in the M83 intent in aturdays = Youth' is, but a sale' the album is the quite good fusion of synthpop and shoegazer.

Top Customer Reviews: Seasons Of Your Day ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5 Julia
In of the recent interviews, a sale has developed has continued register & partorisca write in decades, & never really ceased working together in of the songs. A new album is not the collection of new songs or to to new register like him to him some of his date behind 13 to 20 years like evidenced for bootleg alive register of shows of 2000 & 1994 where the number of these songs have been treated. An excellent, the piece has researched a lot of interview/ in Without cutting mag United Kingdom, Oct., 2013 has date of musicians those who has done in the registers of studio of an album. One takes a song is regulated has looked on in a prompt @@@1990s, & another, Colm Or'Ciosoig, takes partorisca touch bass in the number of these has released again registers behind in a punctual '00s. Hope' The voice also hints obvious to the equal that to register it is recent, & which are older, as his voice has deepened in of the recent years. In the a lot of songs is Hope voice younger one listens, while on some another, is his older voice, deeper . I so only the desires had released earlier some songs have maintained in of the turns partorisca years now again released, & the desire would follow on this album with the box dipped of all an a lot of unreleased the registers STILL as it says have the enormous hides of has hid was that the defenders do not take never partorisca listen!
4 / 5 Theresa
A lot well pack really the beautiful sound recommend
4 / 5 Neoma
has has wanted to all of Mazzy first 3 albums, but has to that say when I have listened in this new register 17 years later, was skeptical. Coming-rear or reunions routinely fail to live until expectations - something usually takes lost on some years. But it was more than pleasantly surprised by Seasons of your Day. Hope Sandoval The voice is still good-looking, pursuing, intimate, and David Roback country tinged electrical guitar of the perfectly complete slide Sandoval melancolic way. They have not lost anything in a 17 empty of year. It likes Pitchfork has said in his on-line description, if any one said that this is to be write the year after his last, Among My Swan, was totally believable. I bought it on 180 vinyl of gram (the vinyl has lived is the good touch ), touches fantastic and totally recommend it.
4 / 5 Yessenia
A lot well pack really the beautiful sound recommends

Top Customer Reviews: Let ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5 Emanuel
It is been the walk along and odd partorisca some boys of Brooklyn. "Populate" fallen gliela heavy rotation in MTV, creating the loan-done backlash concealed left the, ironically, a bit unpopular. In fact they could a lot included take his undertaken record to release his second album. Felizmente He this in spite of looks that they are taking a last laugh, like "To the left It Goes" big finishing in a lot of final of critical-of-the year chooses, and big/down is obtaining to to recognition likes them the album of the Indian rock has lost adds of a mid-nineties.
With "To the left It Goes" this in spite of find the world-wide plus-tired urf, whose cholera has been dulled for cynicism. I guess this is growing on, calm import, with a treatment has has had to that an industry, the little cynicism is more than has expected...
A sale explores the new sound in this album, with mixed results. Ido is a blurred electrical guitar and experimentalism this has done some premiers two thrilling albums, but comes an emotional depth has added to a songwriting and papers, the disposal partorisca download subjects more personal of an anger and righteousness exemplified in his earlier albums. These results in some of his better material never - "Blizzard of '77" and " I play he ca", which exhibits his French roots, is to good sure up there with his better material, this in spite of, the tendency partorisca a band the overindulge in ballads is not like this welcome. Like the chance on the dot, "Interior Of Amur" it is absolutely terrible. It touches too much like modern period "Travis", everything softly strummed electrical guitars and mawkishly overemotional papers. Transmissions in predictable consonance and the rock-in the company beaten is all has drawn partorisca induce the frenzy that light shouted, this in spite of induce the "Skip" frenzy in this auditor. At all Surf can do ballads - "Blond In Blond" and "Killian Red" it is surprising, but too many sub-pair ballads the step was and yearn me a raging, scuzzed on Swimming Surf of old.
Ossia The good album for modern levels, but recommends them compraventa Big/Down first...
Like this to the writing averts, sub-the pair is the golfing analogy, this in spite of sub-pair in golf, means low average, meaning better that half, while sub-pair in the looks of life partorisca mean under half, meaning worse that half. That has done a two so that it confuse to take? My boss hurts...
4 / 5 Art
Having A title of to album still likes him Abril Lavigne first offering not having prendido these writes to be all could be. At all Surf Sure is coming the long way has released of the his a big swipe here in Amsterdam, Populate (ossia still the good song, for a way). Sadly, This swipe has come from/come from his worse record (any one the bad album, but no like this very like this Proximity Effect or Leave Aller). After listening to his third rock-album of pop, has decided that it is like this as well as it is predecessor . Proximity The effect there has been moments more classical but To the left goes is more beautiful and more mature. It say that ossia in equal.
Some begin record quite lens with Blizzard of 77. Sound like the odd election for the first song, but there is @@give after no gone back elsewhere. Then it has an alone prime minister, A Way spends Your Boss, which is quite energetic but takes the moment to take to. A prójimo 3 songs, Fly of Fruit, Blond in Blond and the interior of Amur is beautiful slow ballads this represents well a new At all Surf Sound. The interior of Amur can be one the majority of good-looking song in an album : " I want to know that it is it likes in an interior of amour [...] Of course I will be well, I have had so only the bad night."
A record is not all slow, like things of the speed of next songs arrives (Salvation Animates of Speed and A lot Quickly Fix). Killian The red is the song that builds on dulcemente. It is good but, so only like Happy Girl, is not until some other songs. If you have not guessed, There It Touches Ossia the french song with good papers : "His uncles is give salauds, but perhaps a lot everything." In fact, they are not . Stepping waters is a song that more look that At all Surf has done in Proximity Effect. A song of final, bounced of Paper, Interior of challenges of Amur in of the terms of beauty. So only like Killian Red, builds on dulcemente, a climax much more when being touching and emotional.
This record is in good sure values to possess. There are moments in this calm album will not forget never. It conceal to not to mean you it would be necessary to grasp to the the accident Goes. As I have said before, Proximity the effect is like this good. I trust, calm once takes these albums , calm will not leave to go (this was like this bad...).
4 / 5 Morgan
2001 And 2002 has given partly is life to a then 'Arrive-and coming' nude-gender of metal, while a half last of 2002 has been reserved for a NY-sludge-cochera punk of some White Shots and some Shots. 2003 it see it now it is action of the bet of bands has been undressed-down Indian outings, like this Wilco is 'Foxtrot,' Stephen Malkmus is 'Pig Lib' and included a Jayhawks new soyusic of Rainy Day.' But the one who is to trust in this resurfacing scene? Have that remains with one more pompous, arrogance of some Vines? Or take sucked the without political education whining of Coldplay? Perhaps this CD will save your musical life....
At all Surf is 'To the left Sees can not be defined (without arguement) in the alone gender. It is rock of pop , Indian-rock, NY Subterranean, etc. But a thing is sure... It is well. Really really good. At all surf shook them was is a-time buzz cube MTV prize to marvel to join a rest of knots on earth and release an album with heart, soul, and unavoidable catchiness. 'Blizzard Of '77' and 'Inner of Want to' have enough acoustic charm to blow Ben Harper was, while alvation Alma of Speed,' 'Happy Girl' and 'A Way spends Your Boss' is poppy, Indian rockers. At all Surf Included touch his hat the leading folky Bob adds Dylan on 'Blond in Blond.' 'To the left It Sees taken an auditor to blistering hights of alimentary storage, bilingual splendour, to pursue he @in with the pair of LDS missionaries (and a meaning of life), and almost forms until being the classical in a moment. A fantastic album.
In general: 8 out of 10.
4 / 5 Ambrose
The a lot of people agree At all Surf first foray to a public eye with his tongue-in-the paste of cheek so only "Populate" of the his 1996 start, "Big/Down." Due to the fact that so only it can be described like him stereotypical conflict with Elektra this in spite of, his (very solid) according to album "A Proximity Effect" are sotterrato effectively, and at all Surf was unjustly branded the "one-paste of marvel."
After the hiatus of four years this in spite of, At all Surfs is of tower with "To the left It Goes," which is not so only his better work to date, but arguably one of some better albums of 2003, delivery down. Another that a slightly anaemic " I play he Ca," which is, in worse, mediocre, this album is packed front -the-rear with perfect songs. There is not he misstep here, and can any one really included choose clear favourites, although I think "Blizzard of '77," "Happy Girl," and "Fly of Fruit" it can underline so only slightly.
An old At all Surf finds common earth with elements of sounds of groups like Radiohead and Coldplay, and arrival with something all his own concealed for real is captivating. They are really any to overplay an album, but has been spending this disk of my house stereo to mine car to my computer in work. This album is THAT well.
Buy buy buys it!
5 / 5 Rosanne
Had not listened never to Swim Surf until the partner a lot has suggested that gives for the listen.
Well, to say has been impressed is a understatement.
Has a sale the one who encapsulates everything of some better qualities of estaca-the grunge is At all Surf.
Does not have really a feeble song in this collection.
In fact would say that a description of his music as 'grunge of stick' is quell'has bitten misleading.' It leaves it Sees it is more powerpop that anything more.
Some songs is is looking for the musical comparison ,thinks of REM around a time of soyurmur' or Coldplay when they are in his better.
Singer of advantage Matthew Caws has the very strong voice and he is adapted ideally to a powerpop material east times his voice remember so much of another vocalist adds : Harm Wilson of Semisonic.
An album opens with a brilliant 'Blizzard Of '77'.This song is the ballad pair Exc and contains the electrical guitar simple and melodic acoustics vocals.un the point of a whole song is comprised so only when you listen an emotional line ' has lost calm more than me has known' in a very up is 'A Way spends Your Boss' that is rock of the electrical guitar driven that he REM in his better.
'The fruit Flies' open your way down below but when it takes to go, Caws vocals goes to overdrive and a song results the powerpop masterpiece.
During a rest of an album some songs are all very strong.
A better some are 'Happy Girl','Any Fast Fixed and a New Order-ish'alvation Alma to Accelerate'.
In an evidence of 'Leave Go' ,at all Surf has a capacity to result really the leaves expect that a radio DJs in some the EUA and other places take note and give them a airplay that deserves.
5 / 5 Leatha
This CD is not bad, but has not been able to find anything well roughly that. I will begin with quell'I has been able to enjoy. Blizzard Of '77, which is also in a OSSIA Next year compilation (which to good sure would buy for almost a prize still like this in place of this) is the good song. And, as the one who this album goes, at least is short. Also I like him To him the tread waters it, probably reason, like another reviewer distinguished was, to to sounds like is of a Proximity Of Effect.
Now, a bad. Ossia One of an odd plus CDs has has not listened never. I seat it likes it would be necessary taste, any only reason is At all Surf, but reason there is at all bad with some songs. Still although has the different sound that his material his old plus, still can write good melodies. A question has with this CD is that everything of some songs so only touch too slow, but no in the normal sense. It touches more it likes him quell'has registered some songs in the normal speed, and then there is retarded so only a whole register down. And that, of course, really tug of frames. I can not be listening to this CD all a way by means of reason look hard for hours, in the bad way. There is some good material on here, but there is to better material plot in his other albums.
4 / 5 Ellan
Left expensive mentions At all Surf to any, goes to spend neither on a song "Populate" or say "at all that?" But calm will not find the plus consistently album of good pop for the group with "at all" in an any group thus subject. This band to good sure is evolving in a right direction. A vocals in several songs are a lot of reminiscent of Semisonic Harm Wilson and several songs likes them "Ciao-Alma to Accelerate" and a mecer "A Way spends Your Boss" to the his likes him could easily returned in of a prompt Semisonic album. But that separates At all Surf is the songs add like "Blizzard of '77" and "Interior of Amur." And different the majority of bands, At all Surfs saves one of a better finally with "Stepping Water", which moves of right rock of more introspective, pop of melancholy. There is enough the number of ballads in an album that deserves next attention. But a group mixes him up with one more upbeat material so that he not having never the dull moment. A fine endeavour that is not to be stray.
4 / 5 Larhonda
Yes, listened. Few bands can shake emission a moniker of 'A Marvel of Attack', and to that is not familiarised, Brooklyn, NY At all Surf has had his paintbrush with 15 minutes of afamada does several years with the emission of focus of entity diplomada 'Big/Down' as well as the mapea that cup so only 'Populate'. Critics and auditors of the music equally was quickly to write a band was like the flash in a casserole, and to to those him me like the one who has known no any better, has paid any alcohol to the slow decrease of a band to obscurity.
Sure enough, last year and a focus indie Barsuk record (house of gems of Indian rock populate like Bondadoso to Like Spitting, Taxi of death For Cutie, A Prom, etc) is coming to Swim Surf with open arms, offering them to do fault on the sophomore esforzo to his brief stint with mainstrem sucedido, and try to his auditors as well as his naysayers that his talents run deeper that the superficial radio jingle, and there is more to them that that it was has has expected years before. Sure enough, an album 'To the left Sees has been released to defenders, both anxious and sceptics.
To good sure, To the left Goes is the perfect register, and the good pause of the each one another mecer outfit trying acted with pompous critical and defenders of Indian rock by all the world. Of a start-of acoustic clue 'Blizzard of '77', an auditor can be drawn in, this in spite of like this unaware and unsure of the intentions of a band with this record. This in spite of, immediately the clue 2, is launched quickly for the loop, like the band points his his side light plus and of the offers on the gem of rock of the pop 'Happy Girl' that it could he easily returned in in any of modern rock emisora irradiate playlist. Then calm so that it thinks that will be that it touches toe by means of a rest of a record, to the songs the 'As Inner of Master', 'Blond in Blond', and 'Killian' Red' look, and do fault the darkness, more pursuing side of a band, which looks of mine to be his the majority of solid material. It can dissect each song and pause down the one who his value, but can adds up for simply that says that there is not a course as in this album that is predictable. Ossia A quintessential 'give you the goose clashes' album. His gutsy, catchy, this in spite of daring, and the majority of everything, breaks new earth as well as it clashes averts each negative or reluctant prejudice showed for this band. If you dig rock of pops in his plus end, does not spend this up. An only reason gave it 5 star is reason can do not giving 6!
Better album of a year! It CREATES IT, SUCKA!
4 / 5 Euna
Looked on a term 'pop to be able to' in a dictionary another day and I have taken a following definition 'bland, derived, lazy, uninspired music'. I have had to be in accordance with a definition, at least with which listen At all Surf. At all Surf, for those of you the one who are fool and does not know had this a really big swipe Populate this has been funny, witty, and one of a bit those that good songs in some albums. But some indie boys, always looking for something cools to latch to, jumped in a Swimming Surf bandwagon to look upper his peers the one who has on data in a band a lot the time done. This is not anything you has not listened already before. Basically they take Weezer, and take any of an intensity and emotion that coming together with him. To the left It Goes it directs to have a good song this in spite of, Killian Red. It underlines among a wasteland of a rest of an album. It was well to see At all Surf take the loan, witty approximation his music like pointed in a Popular song, but until then remains far, far out of a band.

Top Customer Reviews: Ghosts Of The Great ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 23 ratings
5 / 5 Malorie
I add remaster and the vinyl adds. Still it comprises a b-sides in a second disk.
4 / 5 Doyle
One of some better albums of a @@@2000s! Like this happy that was to repress on vinyl. It buys it while you still have beaten!
4 / 5 Shaunte
One of my favourite albums of all time. Material 2000-2005 surprise years partorisca music. This and Notwists the Golden neon was stand outs this in spite of. I think that that the modest mouse has released a moon and Antartide also. This album remember of my mother, the one who loses every day.
5 / 5 Mindy
While the ghosts of a Street Adds is a first record for Alone Lil Moon-the name of the Korean Boxer- is far from a first endeavour for guitarist of advantage, singer, and composer Mark Kozelek. Kozelek Has produced four album with some Painters of Red House, first to ship in the career of only that favours to a formation of Alone Kil Moon.

Defenders of any Red House the work of only of the painters or Mark absolutely would owe that take this album, shows the vast improvement in Marcos is already his praise and character; it is his deep plus , more instrumentally layered, and cleaner of album partorisca date. This in spite of, in the odd way, this pinnacle the endeavour is also probably his the majority of accessible album.

Any where does a clarity of the his classicalesc the toe that chooses to take any one better that in to the the songs like weet of moon' and 'floating', neither is there the best slow heavy Kozelek tune of mecer that an epic Salvador Sanchez.

Lyrically This perhaps the frames is less album of before right. In a surface an album is everything in deaths of @boxeador, the car accidents and the reports are dead. But down, in some resonances among each song can begin to discover a true meaning of a title, and unfold the really cohesive the presentation of Mark is sometimes quirky, sometimes sad, sometimes luminous way to look in a world. For real it is an ontological album , scraping deftly to a meaning of life.

Ossia Marks so only cohesive album of concept, an album that required it refined application of a whole of his vast variety of talents.

I ghosts of a Street Adds is the complete success, an album that will improve in a course of the hundred listens, unfolding his depth to mean a petal the time.
4 / 5 Codi
A. Wow. This album is to walk out of amazing. I go to see the (postponed) show in the tiny beachside café to Florida with Mark K. And they are now absolutely drooling in a perspective to listen his undressed down acoustical character in such an intimate venue. There are so many incredible songs in this album, has included the on-time rocker or two. There is another concealed has the one of the of the sud of a fashion of flange that dipped me very swollen begun-is gone in the ranch of Pancho Villa-sipping tequila and looking in mine plundered-loot been of alcohol. And collections to pursue, ballads lamenting on one has has lost occasions and of the memories of drifters and criminals that the perfect sound teamed with him Decemberist emission in the playlist. And then it has a jewel of crown... " Ohio in passing" ... Of the one who to the orchestration and the sound drive me to a flange of emotional pause each one which listens. I thought that it that it have listened each album adds of last year... It was bad. It listens for you
4 / 5 Lavonia
When I in the first place listened to this CD, has not been impressed. Retrospectively, it was disappeared clearly something, reason this album is incredible in the each sense. There is not the feeble clue to be found; each song is revelatory is order of musicianship, lyrical depth, and vocal capacity. It is like this scarce to find an album this has fulfilled, where each element is like this perfect, of an electrical guitar to some contagious melodies.
Is neither impulses of note. The ghosts of a Street adds runs a gamut of devastatingly travesías emotional like "Floating" and "Last Tide", to a sweet "Sweet Moon", an epic near of-psychedelia of "Duk Koo Kim", and a estaca of mecer punk of "Lily and Parrots", and "Salvador Sanchez". No appearance to listen the better album this year...
4 / 5 Leonie
Has to that admit that the ees has lost my faith in Mark Kozelek of RHP ong for the blue electrical guitar' and 'Ramon Old'. Any one I still possesses his works of solos (except 'White christmas live which has comprised RHP' alive clues) and thinks that them can any never acts a lot very again with which leaves 4AD but for this new band of Mark, the desire to take the casualidad (of course, with which the ees to read all another pepple' descriptions) and costs it !!! I can feel a lot well and familiar tunes in this album, can listen by means of him all again and again with some exceptional clues espend me ohio' and 'Duk koo kim' is near to compare mine fovourite RHP clues like soyedecine bounces' and 'Katy song' this the'ees never found on 'Old ramon' or esong stops...'. For me, this album would owe that it has been released with which 'beach of Ocean' for one or a lot of reasons. It listens his and calm will comprise the one who the bad.
5 / 5 Senaida
Defenders of Mark Kozelek will be thrilled by his new project, Alone Kil Moon (also looking Painters of Red House drummer Anthony Koutsos.) I ghosts of a Street adds is gorgeously melodic to begin to finalise. Not being any one locates of self-indulgence here; "Duk Koo Kim" (appointed for, and partly roughly, it boxer the one who has been murdered in a coverage) is fourteen and the half minutes long and every second accounts. The papers add, especially in "Salvador Sanchez"/"Pancho Villa". Highly recommended!
5 / 5 Wilton
'I ghosts of a Street Adds' to sounds likes him a aural equivalent of volumes of water of gel cold ice cream that clash down in first what yours of boss in a morning, calm despertador of the deep sleep with devastating it and electrifying screech. It touches like the sonic juggernaut of fantastic music that distills some last twenty years of independent rock to a round-entrance partorisca trip to an odder but somehow strangely galaxy familiarised. You apples careening to the window of glass of the dish, that traces helplessly in some class of roller-coaster device, travelling in breakneck speed, that knows that a window is the portal to another dimension, and that all have to that do for sense of mark of a destiny pressed to of the this to accept your fate and somehow tries and enjoy a desglosa mental full unavoidable that comes with knowing that it is for raisin.
Has to that say, this in spite of, that although I think that that this album contains one the majority of the fantastic music has not listened never, a coverage of an album is totally inappropriate. It likes quota of defenders of Mark Kozelek has signalled already was his in of the concerts and such, and like this put of the web of the defender has spoken already the death, an art of coverage is the by-product of a typical chlock rock' consumerism of audience to concentrate to aim that has all coming to dread so much in this country. On that, it thinks that it is entirely inappropriate and a bit of the real metedura of leg for such the coverage to never see a light of day. Material, this in spite of, that once a controversy dies down (and perhaps JetSet Record execs decide pull a coverage and substitute he with a concealed does not contain such one inappropriate reference), this album will come to be considered likes one of some moments plus a lot of end in a history of music, gay Or directly.
5 / 5 Sherill
Has had to expect the month to take this album. The man has been value a wait. I know that defenders of the painters of Red House can redden is, but ossia an album would owe that it has done. Kozelek And the company is resulted that I thnk can be one of some five better albums of a year. Each clue soars in ragged wings. "Glenn Tipton" it Is one of some openers of better album Kozelek has not written never. An only exception can think of this "calm Forgot." This album is much more cohesive that anything RHP has not done never, and have and master all the world of his albums. Kozelek The electrical guitar that that the touch has benefited of his work of only recent likes "That is Afterwards To a Moon." His dance of toes by means of a joint of failure like some girls in a wind. Another standout clues: " Ohio in passing" and "Duk Koo Kim." "Duk Koo Kim" it is probably one of some the majority of the good-looking songs have not listened never, and is on 14 minutes long! Calm the favour and buy this album now. Then, if any one calm already his the, buy each Painters of Red House CD and Mark Kozelek alone album of coverages of AC/DC ACOUSTIC, "That is Afterwards To a Moon."
5 / 5 Gale
It is surprising that with which 12 years partorisca register, Mark still has like this partorisca say, musically and lyrically. This album is obssession-inducing. Sometimes I chair and the touch entirely 4 or 5 times. Some melodies, some harmonies, an emotion is not never state stronger. It is hard to think of the alone artist the one who is or still has done music this good in the decade his career. Listening to this calm suitable album that the totally sad life and terribly good-looking is, is like the potion that the band was ours fat skins and I we almost unbearably sensitive to an ache and joy around . It is almost the physical feeling, an ache in a stomach, the dizziness in a boss, the piece of glass in a heart.
4 / 5 Thaddeus
For real brilliant piece of work of M. Kozelek. Of one takes-go, a fantastically crafted the melodies have paste you. And of course, his second looks effortless the papers can do one the majority of mundane of the look of subjects uplifting and redeeming. Like the member of "gene X", I have to say the mark always knows like this to fall little tidbits of our youth to his papers. Any one takes a reference to Glenn Tipton and KK Downing, Judas Priest dueling guitarists, in an inaugural clue?!
His lilting voice during a heart of "Sweet Moon" frames that little fry down your plug. And "Duk Koo Kim" it is the wonderful meandering the épico that informs to a Korean boxer (to of which the death has done Howard Cosell leaves to cover boxing), and life of stray/amour. And yes, they are the sucker for when Mark atascamos in some electrical guitars and cranks he on the bit, likes done in "Lily and Parrots".
Together with Manitoba is 'Up In of the llamas', Partridge Brothers' 'Yours, Mina and Ours' and Sufjan Stevens' 'Healths Of Michigan', ossia the MUST -have CD for 2003.
Downloads Britney Spears loves, but sustain these artists!!
5 / 5 Rachel
I second looks to complete aesthetic vision. It have taken immediately of a texture and loosness of a insturmentation- especially a work of electrical guitar b/c the like some electrical guitars. His voice of good flange has the habit to pursue, sad, streaming, fractured, personalised effect. (I dunno, thats that imports he compliment considering I"m the defender of Power of Cat, Josh Groban, C. Aguilera). So many melodies of hook in this album, his not even pleasant. A swipe of tense found papers in a web. I do not comprise a meaning, but really appreciates a boxing, sea, roaming iconography. It has driven home a feeling of an album of mine. It is so only me or it is this album kinda like a elitisticlly artsy version of some of the Wolves' songs? A eukele touching the material agree me the material wolves softer. The swipes of Wolves was song of Parrot when it comes to mecer was this in spite of.
5 / 5 Glinda
Well, seriously. I will not add more fantastically (!) Descriptive adjectives to a mix of descriptions like this far (yes, if it calls sarcasm , and am dangerously comfortable with him). Here it is a history of as has finished to buy the ghosts of a Street Adds today.
I in the first place listened of Mark Kozelek when flipping by means of a soundtrack of Heaven of the Vanilla (if you are by train to ask you: eh, are not the big . Partidário) And has loved a song on there--does not agree which are. In all the chance. Burned he to the mix cd, has listened his for month. It has forgotten he for the moment. Then, last week, was in the tent of music that looks for the sure Creedence Clearwater Renaissance cd, and expósito "Ghosts" in a something wrong. I thought that it that it was the fantastically interesting coverage, name (any did not think it was Korean), and title. I have done mentally the note to discover the one who a heck this band was.
Yes, forgot it again. Dammit, Knows. Then this morning I have found the description of has bitten of Alone Kil Moon in the magazine and I have discovered of not being the band of mystery after all, but a new project of the composer had fallen peacefully enamoured with. Oh, My God. I bought it immediately. Fifteen bucks be cursed. I have expected until low work. I have had the long walk at the head of me, in now of haste, and enjoyed it thoroughly. A sun was perfect.
Has been looking (without really looking) for music that is real and calm and positive and realistic a same time. I have included begun to leave my environmental clue and the old material like Woodie Guthrie and Artie Shaw and Marian Anderson as well as artists of roots of type, so only old musical people those who have spent entirely for big today (but is better that is not announced everywhere, neither, bad, look that has spent the poor Norah Jones). Discovering Mark Kozelek and some Painters of Sol and Red House Kil Moon, for me, was likes finally wake up and remarking something concealed always was there state and that had spent for big for flashier things. It classifies of it likes to be enamoured with this type of hot surfer in institute and any that @give that the better mine buddy was enamoured with me. This class of what.
Here is to remark some beauties subtiles, small of life. Yay!
Some clues have loved: "Glenn Tipton", "Last Tide", "Floating", and "If Paloma" . . . Well Well I have win you joined you to it other songs also, love an integer damn album except "Lily and Parrots". Sad, is just class of noisy. In all the chance. Enough of of the this.
5 / 5 Esperanza
Had excited really to choose on this disk, when being the longitude-time Kozalek defender. Like other people, has had the really difficult time that takes his go ' has has had he for the months of pair now and his grown on me amiably, but still chair that his disappeared some of a masochisticly romantic magic that that can be expósito Revelation Sud Big, Mistress, Dressed of Summer, Amour Hungry Man, etc.
Where an album marks the big points is production . His well to listen Mark something thats no like this sloppy. A production is cleaned and some the electrical guitars touch utmost and work because no among never a way of some songs.
Oh, And "Lily & Parrots" it is a better rocker is written never.
5 / 5 Cammie
Has been the RHP and Mark Kozelek followers in fact a lot of years. This album could be his the majority of defiant still... Especially for one has initiated again.
A fellow the one who is not the big defender --- listened to this album and has not been impressed.. Declaring it was the eighth dron... -- I totally disagree. This artist in this album is in fact the gem.
After the little twirls of a CD... It results richer and more detailed and more enjoyable. All the one who advance of adventure and buy this CD... Calm will enjoy it tremendously, in my opinion.
Ossia My first estaca on Amazon.. To declare that while not lumbering with compraventa repeated of an artist still simply beacuse liked a first start -- Kozelek the current endeavour is upper drawer .
Rodeo..... It buys it.
4 / 5 Trinity
At the beginning a voice is ' was' and a yours music too down, but then after a first time an album grows and grows with each listen. Such the album adds, and the good surprise with which simply taking loaned he in a library. Now it possesses this and an album of Alcohol. This album is simply a neighbour more an album can take to perfection. - Boxes Adams, Winnipeg
5 / 5 Nicolasa
Marcos Kozelek is the character, and this could be his best. Pursuing, beautiful. Like this well that Mark is forgiven to slip two versions of a same song to some the different names down records... Buy this record!!
4 / 5 Gena
Can say that an album is a lot when I'm sorry. If you are to the music will know that I bad. A second I place in this album has connected with him, Duk Koo Kim particularly. Another underlines the clues are Glenn Tipton, Spend me Ohio, and Floating.
4 / 5 Stan
A voice of the singers of the advantage is too whinny and sad to listen to. A band is boring in his technician to touch. A music is not a lot at all.
4 / 5 Hyo
If it likes Crosby Stills, Nash, and 'll like this, has said of enough.
4 / 5 Catheryn
As it Can one marks of smile of album and cry a same time? It asks Mark Kozelek. A stunning melodic album fill with a desire and yearning that it comes with growing older and falling in and out of amour.
5 / 5 Taisha
An alone of electrical guitar in saviour sanchez so only does these records the must--trust me

Top Customer Reviews: Smell the ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
L7 defintely Was my favourite band in a prompt/mid' 90s. His music was strong, weighed this in spite of catchy. It has discovered L7 when it was flipping by means of a subject to Go Laps that there has been Nirvana in a coverage, Kurt Cobain has had the mesh that has said "the corporate magazines sucks". In a subject, has had stirs it from above and bands of the listings/of coming artists and one of them was L7. It was immediately intrigued and has bought his album partorisca begin of focus of entity "the bricks Are Heavy". I have wanted that album immediately and has bought finally a sale is other two albums , his self-the album titled and " Odoro a Magic". " Odoro A Magic" it is my preferred of a two has released independently album. Some songs were like this catchy like this " it Feign it is Deaths " and "Everglade". I particularly amour "Fast and that Frights", "Deathwish", and "'Til some Wheels Fall off". " Odoro A Magic" it is like this very like this "the bricks Are Heavy". I lose one '90s when the music was still roughly music and less in bling bling and materialistic rubbish that sees in MTV. It has had something pure and sincere this is to exit of bands like L7 and Social Sprain. I have not been all roughly image.
5 / 5
The bricks are Heavy was an album that has spent L7 to the attention of Amsterdam, and the albums the late plus there is enhanced his reputation like the talented grrrl band but (a lot like this the amour the majority of his material, with an exception of perhaps his album his late plus and 'Feign has Died') ossia far better that anything has done more; grungier, punkier, and the plot more metal... L7 Specialises in the raw assault and this exhibits it more, with to to the songs like 'Packin of the Cane,' eshove' and 'Til Some Wheels Go down of aimed resupplying music of travesía of electrical guitar and utmost street flatly murderous. Slower (still far of slow) to to the clues like 'Broomstick' and 'Of Legislations in Thru' have add it sludgy, filthy feels to them, while 'Fast and that Fright' stands like the classical grrrl hymn. 'American society' shows the side the sensitive more the L7 and 'So only like me' (my personal favourite) mentions, respect partorisca pay to and bands of questions like this of the Guns N Roses, Faster Pussycat and Fox.
To to The Bands likes them-pierce it to him and The Bikini kills, although on some occasions inspiring, often can have an opposite effect, with some daughters in a band that breaking of touches notarises them simple, while an only male in a band is a guitarist of advantage. L7 Any whine roughly that hard is partorisca be trace female , only with touching add punk-metal and (together with Lita Ford, Joan Jett, Betty Blowtorch etc) tries that does not have to that be the type partorisca touch REAL rocknroll.
5 / 5
Ossia One of these CDs that never, never, does not tire NEVER. So only it improves and better. A classical L7 masterpiece, "Shove", it is on here, as well as very other swipes. Rock of circle and hard behaviour; Angry, sincere vocals and riffs. Each song the character and the history have extended he. And everything of him so only like this ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really, material I really adds. Also, you check it was one of some other descriptions that reccomends "Betty Blowtorch", it can not adapt more. A unbelievable CD. Sadly, A singer of advantage has been murdered last year . This band would have been enormous.
5 / 5
All L7 there is not wanted never was partorisca mecer your world, his he, ... Mecer. His music is way on a plus blatent Roit Grrrl approximation. L7 Was so only pissed with to the men and the material likes them that, and do of the music adds of him.
Is one of my favourite groups of all the times, theres something thats perhaps artistic roughly a lot when being any like this famous to the equal that have to that be, something concealed done then special and only and of course a fact that his ENTIRELY the ROCK comes his.
Odora A Magic comprises one of L7s the earliest songs hove' his the song adds and his L7 in a - some attacks on like the women are treated in a mosh hole when all one wants to do is jump around and shove. Packin The cane, Fast and that Frights, Until some wheels fall off - Strong and fast punkrock.
I whole album, his one of these records that are so only adds All the time, any only in some premiers few months youe had it. And yes, 11 years later is still like this as well as it was in 91, perhaps included better, the one who knows, calm will be necessary to buy it a lot you.
My preferred L7 the song has to that be American Society , so only likes to of me, mecer, his strong and hard. I add riffs. There is alot of pure assault in L7s music, and STM is any exception, his harder that some other records and probably my personal favourite of them everything.
L7 Trace with punk rocknroll and has done the work adds. If ossia a prime minister L7 record youre buying, would recommend them take the bricks are Heavy, if any then STM is the MUSTHAVERIGHTNOW addition your collection. For a way L7 is not HOYO (common deception) neither touches alot likes him (excepts Of prompt Hole) L7 does not compare with one the bands of another 90 are The UTMOST PLUS (how is a Babes in Toyland) ...
If, when youve has bought to to this likes, taking Is Of Man Enough for Betty Blowtorch, is surprising, theyre L7 and AC/DC, guns n rose and rocknroll in a. A cd you wont each remorse that shabby.
5 / 5
Eight years after an emission partorisca Odorare A Magic a disk is one of a bit those that this I still listens to in the regular base. I have been the defender of L7 of then Day 1 (1988?). Donita Is and Suzi the electrical guitars touch like this dirty and violent and uncompromised like his LOOKS of hair. Dee drumming Is machine gun quickly this in spite of unwavering. His perfect timing is staggeringly impressive. More paralizaciones last: Jennifer Finch the lines of basses are a grooviest and of the bad-is has not listened never in the band of rock! Some three guitarists take the turns that sings advantage, and is a different vowel stylings this does this band one of one the majority of versatile and one of one the majority of only in the gender of music that usually can produce so only a screamer in a band. A whole CD is totally awesome but underline the clues would owe that be narrowed down to: "Til Some Wheels Fall off" "Right In Thru" "Packin'A Cane" and "Broomstick". And kudos to any the one who can listen to a music in this CD while driving THIS In spite of MAINTAINS The SPEED during "Fast and that Frights"... It forgets it! This CD ROCKS!!! It buys it! Already I have one but go to buy another!!!!!
5 / 5
I have listened to a lot of L7 album, and ossia to good sure my preferred. Ossia Classical grunge that it is in a verge of punk. Too bad the only has 9 songs, would have liked me to them to listened more L7 in this way. The better songs are "So only like me" and "Shove."

Top Customer Reviews: Moon Safari ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 29 ratings
5 / 5 Latisha
Fast delivery and in excellent condition.
Musically, The air has not surpassed this is to listen more to on class of headphones of the techno rock the environmental music has had a lot of imitators but some original he more.
Ossia The disk adds when it calms does not want to think anymore. So only you leave a wash of music on you and enjoy his' pleasant vibe. To Any subject likes calm that wants to label the safari of Moon is the only listening experience.
5 / 5 Quinton
Shining. Setting of way and the happiness that spends, this material is so only the calm glass of the your favourite to drink fry the really hot day, while seating in a backside of the gorgeous sailboat in British Virgin Islands. Magics So only.
5 / 5 Celeste
Good electronic music. Good arrangements. Some toun known. Comparable the Orbital but besides slow.
3 / 5 Kaleigh
A music for him are really adds, is for this that bought it, but a quality of a quality of impression/of the packaging of vinyl is so only well.
To the Looks like has taken a JPEG of image of a CD and streched the to return a vinyl, like an art of coverage is pixelated...
5 / 5 Drusilla
Thank you Powder of ape partorisca present me partorisca air now wants to him
4 / 5 Vinnie
I have it that there is wanted always this album. A record is not 180 grams but touches really a lot in all the chance. A must for the late night that listens.
4 / 5 Delinda
Beautiful album. It avenges quickly without breaking to a sleeve.
5 / 5 Rocky
Compulsory listening partorisca any the one who appreciates the music but I would be surprised if these same people had not listened the already. Such the record adds.
4 / 5 Christia
France is not known really partorisca his classical rock and exited of pop. I think that that that has something partorisca do with a French sensibility and follower partorisca nightclub, Edith Piaf, and accordion of melancholy. ( Had an artist in a '70s the plastic has called Bertrand the one who there has been the sizable swipe with one that nettles Ca the plan Touch. You are sung in French as of course we assume was French. It results it was Belgian; any subject, this plants the plot of us was pop 'French' partorisca very). It can be that a tongue is so only very adapted partorisca mecer and pop like English and German is, but this belies a fact that Quebec has had his just action of pop and groups of good rock. At any rate I have not been conscious of any bands memorables French, so that it was mine (probably naïve) dipped - until these types have come to the long of. Have in the first place listened this album in '98 during dining in the restaurant in old Quebec City ( tends partorisca touch some good material in this just Canadian province). Enquiring Of a boy to the equal that to that has been was duly given a cd past partorisca look in. I promptly is exited and has bought a cd a very next day.
So that it is like this very roughly that? A turn the synthesis of equivalent partorisca the start. Calm commentary he immediately, as have remark included by means of a chatter in this restaurant. Be any of this digital clinicality like this prevalent by means of the majority of one '80s and 90s, but the real heat that is associated with equivalent VCOs and circuitry. Yes, these types have turned again pots and patching cords, and aims. (Note: old '70s/punctual '80s equivalent synths and has beaten the boxes were fetching enough a sum by means of one '90s for the people that loves that classical ound.' In a last 5 or 10 years, has to has to that resurgence in equivalent and has a lot of options there - usually with more stable circuitry that has had behind a day!). Look In a box these boys are using here: Korg MS20, Minimoog, an incomparable ARP Solina synthesizer of serious (agree all this warm, soaring sounds of series of '70s prog rock? It was likely neither a solina or the mellotron). No a Yamaha DX7 to be found, here. This so only was quite for me, but then factor in these fresh melodies and that trancey living rooms vibe and take the classical album. In fact, the groundbreaking a. Alive to France!
5 / 5 Levi
A @@@1990s was the decade , which has seen the treat well of ramifications 'creative' of conventional dance-music. With the oddest manifestations of music of boxes, like 'electronica' and 'travesía-hop', this popular gender and more liked of music (especially his newer forms) has found the place in a scene of subterranean music. Any that sticks to conventionalities, any-conformist bands of dance/of subterranean pop, to to one likes of OF MASSIVE ATTACK, I CHEMICAL BROTHERS, PRODIGY, etc., has developed or has birth of date to this really bad doppelganger of popular dance-music, which has done this music buries his boss in an earth with shame.
With dancing it music that obtains unconventional facets, AIR also, as his confreres, has on touched dance with his own only fashion, adding the quite dipped-rear and drunk countenance to dance, which is radically unusual of this form of music. SoyOON SAFARI' Any quite returned well under a rubric of any of some ramifications of music of contemporary dance. It is laidback, has to weaves of retro psychedelic the elements have melted in a tipsy and drowsy atmosphere of his songs; an album is drastically different. It is curiously groggy, painfully slow, and maddeningly adictiva.
An album is like one of these bars, which want to visit every night, takes shamelessly drunk, and have a worse hangover a next day, and a day with which conceal, and a day with which conceal, and like this on: it is that it wants to visit a bar again and again, so only to enjoy a messed on state of your boss during a hangover.
An album begins with one very sensual 'The Woman Of Money': a prime minister seven-odd minutes of an album, which tickles calm in just joined something legislation, and is in yours sensuous more; and ossia so only a start! Sober, still embarrassingly drunk, chaste still fraught with the feeling of concupiscence, a rest of soyOON SAFARI', taking even one the majority of ardent teetotaler drunk. Esexy Chico', 'All I Need', 'Kelly, Shows Some Stars!', An after another, a goodies spent for, each complimenting another, to the mark soyOON SAFARI', the album very end.
SoyOON SAFARI', In all his mysteriousness, is an album of sin, in his forms more subtiles. It is calm, deceptively easygoing, sensitive and sensuous: it is beautiful!
4 / 5 Normand
Has listened stirs it of wonderful things roughly Air by means of a musical grapevine and in of the descriptions like this one, is not until I have bought a CD and has listened that two things has been confirmed:
1. Ossia Among a CD of better environmental music is of our time; and
2. It have been listening to this CD for years.
To the equal that results, an owner of the local living room (Blue Agave in Santa Barbara CA.) There was on rotation for some last few years. Had state intoxicated (literally and figuratively) to (and for) this music for enough some time now when being external in his little yard, drinking, smoking, carousing...
I usually likes called out of sure songs in informs them to it of CD like aventajado. I a lot in this chance this in spite of reason each clue is excellent. You the wonderful work stitching the fixed sound also, each clue, while different, blend seemlessly each one another.
Different attribute of environmental music, this calm cold CD was, stimulate your way, but will not dip you to sleep. They are sure this was for aventajado accomplishment in that the difference of an equivalent the musical odorando rooms, while the fast plus paced the clue comes on, does not offend with too strong or obnoxious beaten.
He Love this album, considers to try the pocolos other alike artists. A prime minister a that the jumps to alcohol is Zero 7. His new album "When it falls" it is the brilliant and comparable resemblance. Another wonderful new talent is Solar House , has the CD the new plus has called "Magics of a City" ossia bite it more upbeat, but still a lot of seducer and half friendly...
Expects this was useful.
4 / 5 Kenton
Is there any one has left, concealed is not familiarised with a French duet seminal album??....If you are not, then there is absolutely any reason because it calms would not owe that look for this was immediately!! (Unless you unbalanced Electronica), reason will be hard pressed to find the emotional plus and fantastically the electronic album has built. 'All I need' & ' it calms he Easy' inject real heat to synthesized music, and is like this emotional like any one calms of real instrumental clue concern to mention....'The Woman Of Money' is downtempo music a way 'Kruder & Dorfmeister' would face a one 'This morning The' is the glowing trumpet inspired clue that predates 'Zero 7 is' work for 3 years....'Air' Does this album (with an exception of 1999 'Premiers Symptomes') his definite statement and each subsequent album so only do fault to diluted an experience, but this still remains the for real lovely record , lovely, and essential for any concealed is the defender of environmental electronica.
4 / 5 Rochell
The first album of the air soyoon Safari' is a less brilliant of the albums of a band like this far.
Still, is the a lot of worthwile shabby.
Sometimes to to sounds likes him to him the music which can be used for series of TV, like 'Talisman'. Or 'This morning There' with his sounds of horn and bubbling synths.
A spacey exy Chico' is a lot prompt-1980ish and has to that be the swipe of dance floor. Sum and pleasant clue, the majority of optimistic plot and relaxed that the majority of material of Air. 'Kelly Looks Some Crash ' is another song adds - a favourite song of a lot of a defender of Air. Some uses of way some effects of synthesizer is simple but well-fixed in a detail a small plus.
In an end a lower that some stairs is some two songs in the Beth Hirsch sings an advantage vocals. His remote the fragile and a lot particularly the charming voice has resisted these compositions down to close he-at all.
5 / 5 Pearlene
In soyoon Safari', a duet the air offers an intriguing and hypnotic soundscape ossia the delight to listen altough, like the whole, never turns to the must-have record. His travesía-hop/ jazzy/ dipped-the rear tunes are good to listen to and relax in a couch, creating a way that interest and lazy. Of the single exy Chico', 'All I Need' and 'Kelly Looks some Crash ' the sound adds, but a three last songs of an album are quell'has bitten feeble and too much long, like arrivals of disk to be uneven. In spite of of the this, a duet is still better that another french laws like Cassius or Daft Punk, the one who trust more on way that resume. Soyoon Safari' Is the good, etheral travesía and the pleasant experience, a good addition to a gender of diverse dance.
5 / 5 Selene
Wants to buy an album to start with the travesía hop collection, begins with east. It say that ossia already the classical among a fashion and the tried some hips. And of course, it wants to be chique, styly, modern, etc. This the good way to go. It takes to scarf, small glasses , square, the pair of quota sneakers, the mix up with this cd and will be in way my partner. Still to my mother has-liked this CD which are adds for the person the one who listens work and corny Latin american music. An only thing that does not like me roughly is knowing that of east was the moment of inspiration for these types: a rest of his albums is more like rest of album of electronic music there, is so only any value a 15 bucks has to that paid for them.
4 / 5 Audrey
Thursday, April 29, 2004 found me in Paramount Theatre the Seattle partorisca experience the alive air. It was the for real emotional experience partorisca see some people those who has changed a way has thought roughly music. It was done almost five years when I in the first place listened "Safari of Moon." Almost five years later still am listening his in the regular base.
With "Safari of Moon," the air has directed to produce an album that is modern with countless references to a past. There are a lot of references the Jazz and Rock, but his never overshadow a ultra sweet electronic appearance. This album is perfect for anything of soyusic of background socialisation to ' at all but listen the music of music.
One listens will say any reason this (to the equal that of today) is ranked 441 in punctual of sales (out of severl thousands of hundred). Critiques to air to acclaim by means of the a lot of country is evidence that music of product that is something special to humankind.
4 / 5 Faustina
Could conference for hours probably roughly that electronica has changed among 1998, when this cd has been done, and now, 2003, when this description has been written. A lot it is spent. In short, the gender that is spent 30 years that dips near the foundation and less than five years in resultant of the real mainstream zone. Electronica Is the gender got obsessed with one divides among mainstream and underground, and in a past of pair of years, a music has taken the turn in a lot of directions, mainly the experimentation or music of pop. Ossia A lesson of musical history for today.
The safari Of moon has been released, as I have said, before everything of this past. Now, it touches incredibly mainstream (I hate some terms mainstream and undergrounds, reasons the good music is good music , but his hard to find another way to explain a two), but then was bondadoso of experimental. At the same time, this in spite of, to to the the group likes him the air could dip out of the cd likes Safari of Moon, which is with the accuracy described as having the sure bubble gums quality, and respect of profit, does not abuse, of all the enamoured people with a gender.
Each clue in this cd is incredibly well. In an end, listen clues of A Bookmark of Suicidal Virgins, and 10,000 ghz legend. In a start, is has adapted Premiers Symptomes, a first album of Air. It returns well in with his artistic history.
Favourite clues (in a look of order in cd):
The Woman Of Money
Kelly Looks some Stars
This morning-The
Yes wants to listen some good music, buy this album. And if it does not like, neither reason is not mainstream of enough, or reason is too mainstream, the the at least listened , and if you can not take props external in the, as in "hey, possesses safari of moon, you dog you", calm always can sale to the used cd tent, where the undoubtedly will go quickly.
5 / 5 Josephine
All the world would owe that possess this album. It is quite amazing. Each tune, each note is so only bliss. It is the CD adds relaxes to or enjoy the moment with yours has wanted to one. This album is all the Masterpeice is meant to be. It have bought this on incident, so only to to that likes him a coverage. It has been it concealed it is stupid, but ossia that has done. I have finalised with the free fresh poster also!! Of then I have all Air like this never released in some the EUA. And I will continue to take anything Airs the emissions and I will go to see them in concert and so only appreciate all the moment that had found the and a wonderful music does. I have it quell'has loved always France and this band aims France is the country adds with good-looking music and of the films add also!!
5 / 5 Marvella
Safari Of the moon simply is in amazing! I have bought this CD he roughly done a year, and is still one of mine favourite. It is a type of the album can dip on repeat, and any to tire never of him. Air "Safari of Moon" offered a eclectic songs of mixes that is entirely different of an another, but flow a lot amiably to follow to follow. It listens his only for a sake to listen his, play he in the party - ossia versatile. My friends have given to listen it, and his (all with different musical flavours a lot, can add) all has loved that. "Safari Of moon" the classical and modern rests a same time. Entirely sweet, with substance.
5 / 5 Myrtie
Safari Of the moon is not an album with concrete songs that underlines ( Where calm so only can press one repeats key and listen to that a song). Holistically, the safari Of Moon underlines. Each song has composed perfectly of a French duet that favour to the rear behaviour very dipped-in-a-empty-on-one-Sunday-tomorrow the averages. Has class, rhythm and replayability.
4 / 5 Kenna
The sixth record of the air, Safari of Moon (1998), is an illustration that would spend it has closed Jewel in the living room with only the synthesizer and fifty pills of ecstasy for the month--ossia [if you do not know], this in spite of another tentativa insignificant for a 'existentialist' the musically takes lunar orbit or the travesía to a further infinite--without not leaving never Tierra! A music is well, but after the few clues results quite hard to distinguish some songs of the each one another. Perhaps ossia an idea ; perhaps the air loves music to mark that does not require attention fill--a record that pode the people seat astrophysical and urban a same time--as the soundtrack for your life yes locates the plot of metres, alive in the city where rains the plot and is @@@subject the feelings of light melancholia. This included could be fresh, and is, but so only under one of two conditions: (1) some papers have not been brazenly caseous or (2) has not had any paper at all. Always I result the little unbalanced when listening the Safari of Moon because, knows, is quite obvious that little to any time has been spent in some papers--the majority of this only some titles of some songs. Another--'All I Need' and ' calms He Easy'--is sung by the female singer totally melodramatic with papers that is like this on-sentimental and distastefully writing and has presented of so only can launch on throughout I! The hate to the music likes concealed! If there is at all to say, does not say anything! If it do not have any paper, an effect wished has described meticulously on would be better achieved--under this substandard fijamente, this in spite of, some the terrible papers constantly tug calm out of a comatose-like this state some works of music to create: listening to this record, can be contested, has induced the disorder of chronic way [I am proud of the mine pretension]. For like this, in place of Safari of Moon, recommends the bookmark of soundtrack of Suicidal Virgins of the air--the music is like this good [if any better], and the majority of some times there is not even any papers on that it can it you to him complains. When there is , this in spite of, is not bad--like on Safari of Moon--is in fact quite good.
5 / 5 Chang
Is scarce that an album can be simultaneously like this stimulating and relaxing. Beaten utmost, Hooks, and effects of sound. A lot of trippy material, adds to the space was to. Sounds retro and new a same time. An album that has to that it has experienced.
4 / 5 Chu
Agrees this was like an album of a year in 1998. All the world touched it nonstop. It was the new year eve party in an end of 1998 and any place this album on and was adds. It was on roughly And and it hangs it it is gone in Brooklyn. I have been to a city and there is hanged is gone in the few parties. Always I will agree tonight. A music of Air touches the big part is.
5 / 5 Cari
I in the first place listened "The Woman Of Money" while in the bar of Vienna of hostel. Then again in America in the tent of caffè. I owe that say that ossia a quintessential the cold was music for any the one who enjoys electronica. It is so only one of these clues that can dip you on repeat and listen to still always. A rest of an album are add, but one first clue is a lot of value a prize of admission
4 / 5 Breana
Ossia my environmental prime minister /techno music cd. It have listened 'All I Need' in the satellite done several years and was hooked immediately, but never annoyed to look on a cd up to now. I love one instrumental - especially one first clue. The desire could find more than a same - I are not the one travesía-hop the side of this gender am finding like any recommendations have very appreciated.
5 / 5 Caitlyn
Fun, if the bit goofy and weighed in a Moog his of synthesizer reminisent of one 70 east. Talkie Walkie Looks more sophisticated, with tastier basslines.
5 / 5 Carie
One of one the majority of good-looking and inspiring record partorisca come around in the longitude for real some the amazing clues are Sexy Boy ,All I Need and Kelly Look one listens to this album and calm will want to possess all his emissions.
5 / 5 Ozie
Five Stars. The Own must. 'Nuff Has said. THAT Is while To? It TAKES IT NOW!
5 / 5 Melodee
A music in this CD is material of big quality. Personaly, finds It too easy to digest and lack in life of shelf. Well, it is kninda pop, after all.