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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
5 / 5 von Elmer
Formed: CD of Audio A Queen has Died partorisca fulfil my expectations?

The bear poop in a forest?
5 / 5 von Valda
Formed: Record of elepé partorisca any reason Frankly Gentleman Shankly is messed up? He always skips the enormous section in a half of him. There is not founding Never the question like this n has verified my record player he repeatedly and works well.
4 / 5 von Brain
Record: Audio CD Some chances of the jewel of the CD is partorisca come broken, otherwise has has given to 5 star.
Looks that a CD is legit and am happy of the possess.
5 / 5 von Cyndi
of SIDE: elepé vinyl of Format of Record of Excellent quality: Audio CD Formed
4 / 5 von Marilynn
fresco: Audio CD One the majority of enjoyable album of my youth!
4 / 5 von Micki
Formed: Audio CD Disk, the booklet and the chance have maintained in of the perfect conditions.
5 / 5 von Wallace
It has done A Queen has Died partorisca fulfil my expectations?

The bear poop in a forest?
5 / 5 von Dorothy
Partorisca Any reason Frankly Gentleman Shankly is messed up? He always skips the enormous section in a half of him. There is not founding Never the question like this n has verified my record player he repeatedly and works well.
5 / 5 von Lea
One of my favourite albums of all time, is an absolute classical. I have ordered a elepé of Rarewaves and avenges sooner that was to suppose to... Like this uhhh this are adds. Thank you Rarewaves!
5 / 5 von Letisha
Some chances of the jewel of the CD is partorisca come broken, otherwise has has given to 5 star.
Looks that a CD is legit and am happy of the possess.
4 / 5 von Marcela
Morrissey, Singer of advantage of some Smith, has said partorisca think that the B-side of the only is like this of entity how is A-side. Because of this faith, the plot of Some Smith the better songs have finalised in B-sides more than albums, meaning some compilations am often stronger that some emissions of official studio.
Still, the queen has Died is one of a better of some emissions of official studio, to 10 song has shot of emotion, poetry, talent and electrical guitar. Some boys of Manchester have begun to develop his sound here, subtly adding the filters and the speeds of tape have changed to Morrissey vocal actions, as well as adding series and keyboards to some clues.
A lot of songs add here, each ringing with some Smith only way. "A Queen has Died" it is the 6 opener of minute in a fashion of epic of "The punctual is Now", but more verbose and mecer. It looks the delayed down Morrissey-the voice that goes " I kill", which is class of ape. "Frankly Gentleman Shankly" it is the a lot of bouncy tune for levels of Smiths, the history of the employee that gives emprendedor the piece of his alcohol. " I know it is In" it is a slow piece , aired that extracted unrequited amour and suicide whose builds of emotion and builds and builds until an end, where Morrissey arrivals wailing his words. Touching papers, harrowing material. "Cemetary Doors" it is the very little acoustic pipe ditty in a dead person and poetry, among other things.
Then of course, has of the single...
Each one which so it is absolute classics. "Bigmouth Attacks Again" it is the danceable, on-song to time that characteristic Morrissey harmonising with his accelerated-on self. It is like this upbeat and catchy was age until I have known was roughly abuse. "Chico With a Thorn in his Side", it is the warm touching song where Morrissey comes like this near like this doing entertainment of him like this he probably never . " There is the Light that does not exit Never" it is the preferred of defender, and for good reason. Has an emotion, has a melody, and has an immortal line "If the double decker bus, the ours accidents, to die for your side is such the celestial way to die". That more can loves, the dead queen?
A pair of weak points. It is Morrissey is mopey, but has not Had Never the person does not look Never likes mopey for a sake of mopey. The vicar in the Tutu is the echoey rockabilly song roughly simply the man that spends the dress. Perhaps some results of concept cliche on some years of then, but a lot really finds it that witty or ape. Although the little feebler that a rest, in this way of songs and accesses of the his in well with rest of an album. At all to concern roughly. One another annoying thing this in spite of, in a start of "Some Daughters Are main That Another", it touches some fiddling with a master volume. It is quell'has bitten offputting, but a rest of this song is very good. A lot sly papers...
Would recommend this to any defender of Smith (A bit the smith is the sale loves or hate, really. You are the defender , or calm is not .). Personally, you do not recommend this to some Smith new lover, any immediately. Has not to found it one the majority of accessible. To appreciate it, thinks that precise has listened Morrissey before, and have the habit of his ideas and a way uses his voice. The Strongest test that Bomb, or Solteras first. Like the album of Smith of the seconds for your collection, this in spite of, "the queen has Died" it is the election adds.
(A last what. It has been add if his remastered this CD a day, likes version ossia around interior a moment has quality of his that it is the little muddy and calm compared to another Smith CDs.)
5 / 5 von Karren
Some Smith is a possible name fresher for the band because in planting to go for a name an odd plus, wilder has chosen one the majority of common name, normal around and he fresh. Also, a lot they could identify with an image of daily people with common questions that a name represented for some.
Probably has to that no left in just the one who this album has meant mine like the floundering the adolescent in a 80 is like this I no. So only seats vindicated that is now generally considered to be some Smith better album reason have used to contest with the fellow roughly the the one who has thinks that that the FLESH Is MURDER to be a better. (While has some moments add, this album would be my last election ).
This band really confusions some ardent feelings in of the people! Morrisey Is in fact a Leper Messiah for an alienated, a shy, a normal, a depressed, some losers, a outsiders . . . It is also wickedly pleasant! And, of course, Johnny Marr is the certifiable hero of electrical guitar, king of a jangly melody.
In planting to try to describe this yours music, leave me to give you the flavour of Morrisey papers of the each song:
"the life is very long when you are solitary" - "A Queen has Died"
" I want to take something that could be embarrassed of" - "Franky Gentleman Shankly"
"Oh Mother, can feel an earth that finds my boss" - " I know it is In"
" I have had the really bad sleep/ last 20 years, 7 months and 27 days" - "it has not Had Never Person Never"
"All these people all these lives, where is now?" - "Cemetary Doors"
"Sweetness, was so only joking when I have said that it would like me the pause each tooth in your boss" - "Bigmouth Attacks Again"
"For behind an aversion there there was mentido/ A murderous desire for amour" - "Chico with a Thorn in his Side"
"A cloth of the tutu/ Any man could take used to/ And are the living sign ." - "Vicar in the Tutu"
"If the double-decker Incidents/ of ours buses/ to die for your side/ Is such the celestial way to die" - " there is the Light That does not exit Never"
"Some daughters' the mothers are main that other daughters' mothers" - "Some Daughters are main that Another"
One averts: I saw him for a Queen is Dead recognition (Bronco Bowl - Ft. Value). My friends and I have bribed our way to a paving that was an open hole in front of a phase. Quickly you result the mosh hole, but no a class where people to attack around. This moshing was more like this he writhing mass of amour, the amour of people brought together for the mutual adoration of Smith the one who was fantastic that prejudices. It is one the majority of the entertainment has not had never in the concert (with an exception of a Thankful Died -!) And still I have an old jacket in a backside of my cupboard with touch he of Morrisey shirt on that.
5 / 5 von Eileen
Ossia Has considered correctly Some Smith better album, and the masterpiece. A Queen Has Died is one of some albums of anguish more utmost of all-the time. Morrissey, Now firmly established likes one of mecer more final lyricists, had developed in some premiers two album of Smith (as well as in the plenary slate of solteros) the only and frescos lyrical perspective, always rid in his own, intimitable way. This in spite of, for a time of this album, for real has come to the his own, and there is rid a lot so only his usual bleak, depressing and perhaps self-pitying papers, but also the series to devastate satires in English society - an aristocracy, a monarchy, bolt, and religion. Seldom trusting of the simple typical verses and hearts, Morrissey has developed here his own free-form lyrical approximation that is with energy showed in a clue of title, the blistering satrical piece that is each one has bitten like schating like some promises of title - and included comprises that what scarce for Morrissey, the bit of self-deprecation. An album comprises a lot another finely wrought and sharply witty stabs in British society: Cemetery Gates (in the Morrissey namedrops Oscar Wilde, the man the one who has had obviously immense influence in lucido further of ways that one); Bigmouth Attacks Again (another has bitten of self-deprecation); Chico With A Thorn in his Side (a song that has not been Morrissey first, and would not be his last, to embrace homoeroticism); and Vicar In a Tuto (one devastating satrical look in religion.) For all an album lyrical forces, this in spite of, Some Smith the better work was always the product of Morrissey self-Johnny and indulgent papers Marr brilliant, vastly underrated musical roadmaps (a brilliant example of a magnitude which can jump of working in purposes of crosses - which is a reason because Morrissey album of only is not like this as well as his work with Some Smith, although his writing well can be like this good.) These musical funds resupply the rich tapestry for Morrissey the croon on. Marr Was that it shines in sweet provider, sing-melodies of song to accompany Morrissey dark papers. This juxtaposition is like Smith so only, and his like this influential work. Of his masterwork (the clue of title), with his classical end-jam of song, to some songs of brilliant pop that has done out of Cemetery Gates and Chico With A Thorn in his Side, Some Smith there is here there is rid clearly the musical and lyrical masterpiece. One of a hallmarks of English rock.
4 / 5 von Felisa
A year is 1988 and three friends are hanging is gone in a library of institute. Somehow there is it conned his professors partorisca leave them independent studio during first period of the his last semester of institute. Purportedly I am taking physical of independent studio, Chris is taking German of independent studio, and Cynthia is that you have taken of library or some such atrocity. In all the chance, all we the majority of morning is chairs around and habladuría. This morning it is no different.
'Does not like Me that of terrible Concentrated Zeppelin listen to. I want a bit Smith,' declare Cynthia.'Yeah, Some Smith sucks,' add Chris, like unfamiliar with to to some Smith likes.
Sufficiently miffed, Cynthia increases, tugs in a front of his Flesh Is mesh of Murder, and strides purposefully out of a room. Chris and I just laugh in ours poor misguided partner.
A year is now 2002 and am contemplating like this closed-has imported was like the youth. If it was not classical rock, rock of the sud, or metal, has not listened his. But once it take in university, has begun partorisca open my alcohol to new types of music, and sure enough, I finally taken around partorisca give some Smith he casualidad.
Some album of the smith of the premiers has listened was a Queen has Died. Some first four songs have touched odd, but a lot totally offensive to my metal-has has coached ears. Then when I listened 'Cemetry Gates', has given especially the control. A jangly electrical guitars of Johnny Marr and a gloriously in an upper vocals and uniquely ready papers of Morrissey was almost too much for me. It imagines then, when trikes of Bocca Big Again' is coming on. Mecer Like this hard likes anything more listened to the the same time and was two ready times. I create, I have maintained to listen intently until of the final results of an irresistibly catchy ome the daughters Are main That Another', and then admitted to had done the terrible deception that day in institute. Hopefully, Cynthia there is @@give his deception when it comes to Focused Zeppelin of then also.
5 / 5 von Paige
Says all love in 1980 east producing music that was devoid of any meaning, importance, or value, but can not deny that Some Smith was fantastic, brilliant, and each one another positive adjective can think of. His perfect solteros could have him taken a notoriety has deserved, but his album of period fill A Queen has Died is certainly one of his attainments more are.
Some bands' third albums expósito Morrissey perfecting his morose, emotional, and vivid papers while a musicianship of Johnny Marr, Andy Rourke, and Mike Joyce is resulted a unstoppable forces of melody and can. The clue of angry title of an album, that attacks a monarchy among others questions that surrounds Inghilterra at the same time, opens an album superbly while of the single "Bigmouth Attacks Again" and "Chico With A Thorn in his Side" it is able to result the crucial part of the structure of an album.
" I know it is In" it is one of some Smith' the pieces more are of the music dipped the tape with the fine action for Morrissey, the one who is able to take a tortured, helpless urgency in his papers, and the emotional dynamics resupplied of a rest of a band.
A bouncy "Frankley Gentleman Shankley" and "Cemetary Gates" coverage a band is more upbeat spectre of some Smith' catalog while a strangley touching " there is A Light That does not exit Never" again it aims reason some Smith is one of some alone bands more never is.
A Queen Has Died the album of diving of 1980 the pop/mecer this has tried some Smith' was the timeless band, fantastic.
4 / 5 von Taisha
Some Smith was an incredible band . Directed for Johnny Marr beaten of electrical guitar of the behaviour and Morrissey bleak flange, a band has had a lot of songs add. His third real album, A Queen has Died, is one of some better albums of a 80s and of all the times. Although some to the his Smith likes the music of acoustic pop, is in fact much deeper. A music is complicated much more that it touch, which is a reason for a fullness of his music. Some papers are anything but pop. A lot of some subjects of some songs often are that they scare yes calm read him. All this mark of things on some Smith incredibly his only.
Each one that like this of some ten songs in this album are classics. A Queen has Died is one of some darker songs in an album, while Frankly, Gentleman Shankly is much lighter. I know it is On he is one of a better in an album. It is Morrissey in his better. It has not Had Never the person is not Never very simple, but the song adds. Cemetary Gates is one of some more brilliant songs in an album and also one of a better. Bigmouth The attacks again is done on demented the papers dipped the flange and good-looking music. Work perfectly. Chico With A Thorn in his Side is probably a better song in an album. Vicar In a Tutu and Some Daughters Are main That Another is both utmost, while has Some Light That does not exit Never of to the rival Chico likes him the better song in an album.
A Queen Has Died is an incredible album. It is some Smith better album and would have to that separate of all the world is CD COLLECTION .
5 / 5 von Sunday
Are not the enormous defender of Some Smith. His well, supposes. Intrumentally Look quite praise. Morrissey Is the decent singer, although it is quell'has bitten arrogant and whiny. Smith SA is! I guess it is part of some amour of Smith or something. In all the chance has the little of his albums and is impacting mine that the majority of defenders considers this a a better. Reason is ' Knows is On' almost 6 minutes long, with some last two minutes at all but nauseating was-of-dip ready repetitive Morrissey whining? Also ome the daughters Are main That Another' is the mediocre way to close such 'the diving that astounds 80' album of pop', as it was. More, in a whole, a lot of this song very a lot for me. Sure, the majority of them is decent, supposes, but does not think any of them is among some songs of Smith very better, excepts perhaps a gorgeous ' has the Light That does not exit Never'. Well to to they like him 'Bigmouth Of Attacks Again' and 'Frankly Gentleman Shankly' is really a lot of-writing catchy and has amused also, but Morrissey dry sense of the humour and he without fine sarcasm that takes kinda old to be sincere. There have it so only he any very soiled for sincerity there. It recommends Strangeways, Here Come to like Smith better album. Stronger That the bombs is a lot also, comprising roughly of his better material, this in spite of that the album is the little patchy. But to the equal that have said, are not the enormous defender, like this calm at least know this is not like this biased likes quota of a 5 star Smith-the obsessed report will find.
4 / 5 von Charmain
Has popular myth, perpetuated by journalists of music of the United Kingdom, that Strangeways Here Coming is a pinnacle of the tarpaulin of Smith and the upper register the Queen has Died. Well, sad but use your ears more than any one is the journalists of the music looks for to be instrumented with, any so only done the queen has Died has better songs, has better all more, also.
With an exception of a clue of title, this album is character in work, and tip a band in his creative summit. Final of history.
A Queen is cruises Has died easily by means of the variety of fashions without not losing never his homogeneity, the concept of a whole record when being peel congealed crisp production, Johnny Marr sparkling laws of electrical guitar and Morrissey papers of black humour and deadpan delivery. Standout The clues for me is some insurances Frankly Gentleman Shankly, which in fact "drop in musical history", and some definite Smith tearjerker, has the Light that does not exit Never. Other points have underlined to comprise Bigmouth Strikes Again, Some Daughters are main That Another, Chico with him Thorn in his yours the side chooses. The beginners will find this album the good introduction, accessible to the better band of United Kingdom of a 80s. If calm like this, Hatful of Empty - to compilation of a better punctual material - is also indispensable. It enjoys.
5 / 5 von Mabel
Well, Some Smith "A Queen has Died". That really can say roughly concealed has not been said the million times on some years?
Ossia Probably a record where all that some Smith was coalesced to something really fresh. Morrissey The dark papers have not gone to perfect always to go with Johnny Marr excellent jangly fashion of electrical guitar of the pop(perhaps his just me, but the punctual smith memory suddenly . With Morrissey flange in place of Michael Stipe), but in "A Queen has Died", both mixes fantastically. Morrissey Is the little more pleasant then is in his records of suns of day later, and Johnny Marr wins his seal of goddess of the electrical guitar with enough to catchy, melodic riffs to maintain you humming for weeks in finals. This record is the dark plus atmoshperic record then the majority of some material of Smith has listened("Some Smith", "Stronger That Bomb", "the flesh is Murder "), but these types have not forgotten never to spend a melody with them.
In my book, if you are jsut taking to some Smith, then "Stronger That Bomb" it is a better place to start with . But if yours looking for the full stellar album of good songs, then for the amour of God, "A Queen has Died" it is your entrance .
5 / 5 von Vincenzo
...P> Would recommend this to followers of Smith SO ONLY. If calm so only is taking familiar with this band, would recommend you beginning with Any of his other albums or records of compilation.
Some Smith was the only band that street of successful quality the odd mix - Marr monotonous compositional art and way of exceptional electrical guitar, and Morrisey is incredibly self-pitying papers. If it does not think that monotonous melodies coupled with whiny the papers does not touch like the winning combination, comprises, but is. A band has come really up with some music adds. This in spite of, as you could imagine, this approximation has created the fine line among quirkily slowly good and just-out of stupid. Everything of his albums has contained the little of a last. This album contains the record number of clunkers, and ossia a reason so only can recommend the partid√°rios of Smith.
Examples? Songs two, three, and four on side a. In fact, these are so only simple horrible. If it try to convince any that some Smith was like this as well as they were, would be ashamed if this person stumbled by means of these songs. 'Vicarious in the Tutu' is quite transmission but everything in good entertainment. A rest of some songs in this row of album of decent to good. This in spite of, there is no standouts like 'William, was Really Swam or soyiserable Lie' in this record.
Like bad to the equal that inform of the newspaper usually is, has read the a lot of one for this album when type. It say that a record touched likes a outtake compilation other sessions of Smith. And he like this east . You recommend a first album (although it takes the moment to develop the flavour for that a), estronger that Bomb,' or a last album in of the this.
5 / 5 von Isabell
A 80 is was a decade where the pop and the artists of Rock have begun the enormous preocupation sell out of his records. In another hand has has had bands that have given some masterpieces of any-mainstream Rock/of Pops, likes .("Whisper"), Prefab Sprout ("Two Good Wheels" "Steve McQueen"-Europe), A B-52 east ("Wild Planet") or U2 "War". "A Queen Has Died" it is among these masterpieces(and perhaps on the all) like an album without weak points. Vocal interpretations sublimate for Morrissey, the section of rhythm adds and simple but the notes of strong electrical guitar harm to this record an only touch of inspiration. Been due to of the this has in our hands he like this compatible that things of difficult towers to choose a better song in him. Probably one first clue (the self-diplomado "A Queen Has Died") it is among a better never wroten, but some other nine clues are also sublimate.
Can listen this record, immediately, thousands of time, and has maintained to say to me concealed, in the collection of mine 552 CD, "A Queen Has Died" it is among a cup 15 better albums NEVER. It takes one or two careful listens to this record and calm perhaps will find the one of musical truth-divine inspiration...
5 / 5 von Amada
Ciao I Follows here to revise a masterpiece for some smiths that is "A Queen has Died".First of all Milkbaby would have to that say ossia his album of Smith of the favourite of all the times, my second be preferred "Strangeways here come",which is a underated album of Smith in the rear mine to this album,that this album I so that it adds in my opinion is that ossia a first album of smiths that has the clean sound a lot of his,where so that it is predecesors has had so only the few songs that has had the clean sound to his likes for example in a "the flesh is murder " the album listens to the majority of some songs a listens to a clue "the punctual is now?" And thats a clue with a grandson to this album,of Morrissey afflictions-of the papers embroider trace and celestial to Johnny Marr the laws of electrical guitar add thru and thru ossia the album adds and yes yer that it goes to verify this album was in the first place would owe that listen some songs "A Queen has Died" and an epic " there is the light that does not exit never" and one follows better here in my opinion is"A boy with a thorn in his side" where Morrissey mark crooning goes in a last part of a yer so only now taking to some smiths then ossia an album would owe that buy or at least control out of some samples of his prime minister,this was my first album of the smiths now possesses everything of them.
"Afamada Of fame, the fatal fame can touch hideous tricks in a brain but still Go to be quite famous that righteous or saint,any day now" words of some utmost ,BABYLAND FOR EVER,YAY ALBUMS of EXCELLENT CREATURE FOR The SMITH!
4 / 5 von Tamika
Is the harrowing task . One wants to do justice when writing the description of this album. Any only is the flawless register musically, but is also a unequivocally album of entity of mine personally. Morrissey And Marr, in my opinion, is some more utmost composers of all the times. I mean it conceal. Lyrically, Morrissey Is so better that any more is so only bobo. It is ready, witty, intelligent, controversial, and comprises that that marks one the unforgettable song is the capacity to touch of a writer the heart of an auditor. Seriously, any that better that Steven? His lyrical the courage remained with Johnny Marr preternatural tunesmithing is to perfection @@give in "A Queen has Died". Everything of the albums of A Smith are at least a lot well, but this one this flawless. Part that separates of a rest is a fact that Morrissey the sense of humour is more present in this album that any another. This does is established immediately with a title follows as it comprises the acute knife barbs in a Queen and Prince Chat. A section of rhythm is tighter that to flea burned throughout, as you always are. Andy rourke the bass that that the touch is like this flowed and natural, and Mike Joyce is like this well is like him drumming android. A two maintains the better time that it rolex. A ballad " I know it is in" it is beautiful, and figure Morrissey the majority of heartfelt papers. It invokes such anguish that is impossible any to take goosebumps. "Cemetry Doors" it is an excellent, and a bit underappreciated song. Has a upbeat time, and combines Johnny Marr electrical guitar contagious acoustics and more than Morissey talent. Morrissey The amour of Oscar Wilde is proclaimed in a song(to the equal that has known no). "Bigmouth Srikes Again" and "Chico with a Thorn in his Side" it is two of some Smith better songs never. Marr Uses one acoustic for some clues of rhythm once again together with electrical advantages. "Bigmouth" Characteristic an interesting effect in the Morrissey vocals is request and used like this it backing vocal during a heart. A result is that an auditor listens the very big backing vocal beside Morrissey the vowel of normal advantage. It is an only time that Some Smith has used this effect. "Vicar in the Tutu" it is a more blatantly pleasant song in an album. Morrissey The papers are ready and poke entertainment in a church, like this Morrisey is wont to do, as it sings in a precarious vicar. "Vicar..." It is followed for " there is the Light that does not exit Never", which is arguably some Smith better song(and arguably a song of bet by any). It Narrator of a song laments a unrealized amour and goes like this far to wish to die in an accident with this person because it was a perfect end . In an end this in spite of so only continuous in with a knowledge that was so only, which is the subject familiarised for the song of Smith, but an idea is transmitted more effectively here. Obviously, any defender of Smith knows an importance of a band and an importance of "A Queen has Died". But have still to discover a band and has been intrigued reason the the listened or read, calm then would owe that begin with a self album to start with titled and then do your way by means of a second album "the flesh is Murder ", and then to "A Queen has Died". In this way it can grow like the auditor a way Some Smith has grown like the band. Hopefully, will enjoy an experience so to the equal that has.
4 / 5 von Eliza
In "A Queen has Died", singer of Smith Morrissey finds taken among two ideals. In a hand, wants to be the serious composer specialised in a school of, well, Morrissisms, sighing lines like "Mother, can feel an earth that finds my boss" and " they are so only, they are so only I never never have person never?". In another, loves to do pleasant songs with titles like "Frankly, Gentleman Shankly" and "Some Daughters are main that Another". And like this, it tries the fufill both, and has sucedidos.
Some two better songs in an album are opposites in this spectrem. " I know it is In" it is the emotional song in a despiration of amour, while in "Bigmouth Attacks Again", Morrissey imagines like Joan of Arc that burns in a pyre with his walkman, declaring "has no legislation to take my place with a human race". Pair Everything of of the this with Marr adds riffs, especially a baselines in " I know it is In" and "Cemetry Gates" and have some of a pop a dark plus never to cross a pond.
5 / 5 von Jessenia
While it is true that some Smith was mainly he soltera band, "A Queeen has Died" it is the scarce example of an album almost completetly has perfected. When One looks retreated a 80s simply does not have another album like cohesive how is one .
A chemistry among Morrissey and Marr was in his' @@@zenith during a register of this album. His songwriting the collaborations were one the majority of poignant of his career; to to the songs likes them does of the Light That does not exit Never,' 'Bigmouth Attacks Again' and 'Chico with the Thorn in his Side' is' among some songs of more writings well of a whole decade.
This album, this in spite of, is not flawless. 'Frankly Gentleman Shankly' and esome Daughters' is not simple drivel, but some the same times do not live until some successful levels for some other eight clues in an album.
That all when be said, ossia the brilliant album with some melodies adds and a lot witty papers. Especially this in spite of, one can a lot really appreciate a face of modern British music without listening this time....
4 / 5 von Augustina
Is supposes to write the description that say reason "A Queen Has Died" for Some Smith is the album adds . Well it touches to lose to the east has something roughly Johnny Marr the electrical guitar that touches, the tomb of Andy Rourke that touches, Mike Joyce drumming and Morrisey vocals. A combination of these four things has created for real wonderful music. Ossia His summit of career . There is not any one fill here. It is an album can listen the fron start to finalise. It is a second better album of one 80 east (right for behind "Some Roses of Bones") and my choose for 4th album More the add all the time. (Cast to be posted in this later website). They are not you asking people to buy this album. They are by train to say you. It does not leave Morrisey the hair distracted you. It chooses this an on today.
A Masterpieces: "A Queen Has Died" "Bigmouth Attacks Again" "Chico With A Thorn in his Side" " there is A Light That does not exit Never"
Adds: "Cemetary Gates" "Frankly Gentleman Shankly" "Vicar In a Tutu"
Well: " I know it is In" "it has not Had Never Person Never" "Some Daughters Are main That Another"
5 / 5 von Rickey
Some CD is partorisca take on the life of the his own, and this CD is one of them. It is like this near to perfect like any piece of music can take. Strong clues, the flange adds--the whole container. A title driven follows concealed opens a CD dips a level, and everything fulfils a mark. As I Can any one does not smile while listening the "Bigmouth Attacks Again"--perhaps some better Smith' yard never--so that it listens the papers like "and now it was as Joan of Arc felt"? "Cemetery Gates" you take behind to that agrees of the class of British Literature like ponder of a present of allusions. "Vicar in the Tutu" it is another follows concealed inspires the grin--reason is like this a lot true. And "Chico With a Thorn in his Side" shop windows Morrissey vocals in his much more. Some Smith has not achieved never his rightful put in music in some States. That never taken has lost on something for real dramatic. It is not too late, this in spite of; "A Queen Has Died" can spend you the life like the Smith' defender.
5 / 5 von Petra
Has little fact Morrisey and Jonny Marr knows, but when they have registered this album, has had has created only bookmarks/marcadors of 90s bands. Partorisca Had created here the Indian music as it knows it today.
Full of dry, chilling, effective papers and chiming melodies with a wafting, operatic voice of Morrisey floating in his, A Queen Has Died is the classical album. For evidence, looks no further that a chilling opener of the clue of title, looking roughly of some better papers never writings, or some odd, intoxicating ' has Some Light That does not exit Never'.
Morrisey' The papers are absolutely untouchable, especially in of the such songs as 'A Queen Has Died', 'Frankly Gentleman Shankley', 'Cemetry Gates', 'Bigmouth Attacks Again', ' there is A Light That does not exit Never' and 'Chico With A Thorn in his Side'. It has developed his fashion of own personal writing, and is to add it one.
A CD is a lot sad, and a lot emotional. It is resulted the project for a lot of types of modern music.
5 / 5 von Kieth
Ossia A better album Some Smith has released. Perhaps a better album any band of a 1980 is to having offered. It marks a start of an end for a better band never to exist.
Of an a lot of start, ossia perfection . It Likes him the hammer the drums gone in, clouded for swirls of feedbacks, knows is in for something special. And you are. You grieve Morrissey tragic vocal delivery colides with Marr is shimmering electrical guitar/of rock/of perfection of pops Indian, so only has to that smile to calm and ask the one who a hell Lennon and McCartney was.
A production of this album is polished without dramatically that changes a music. It is a perfect meeting of mecer/partorisca pop accessability, and an Indian/underground feels. It is all calm could any never loves.
And some songs, has said? Ahh He. Some rocks of clue of the title to the long of, he like this fact Bigmouth Attacks Again (a personal favourite). There are some songs some sad plus for those has has darkened rooms, solitary and disillusioned with amour (I Knows is On, has not Had Never Person Never). There is a perfectly gorgeous the softest songs, as Cemetry Gates and has A Light That does not go Never of course, a thin humour of songs like this Frankly Mister Shankly, Vicar In the Tutu and Some Daughters Are main That Another. This covers all ten songs. And you will remain to want to more.
Such the diverse collection of music, this in spite of such the unit of sound. All the good things die young, and Some Smith was so only around for 5 years or so many. This takes a band in his a lot of summit, and want to a bit Smith touch definite, looks no further.
4 / 5 von Ayana
When Morrissey And Johnny Marr has taken near to register 'A Queen has Died,' a third album of a legendary group Some Smith, does not think has had any idea the one who bondadoso of the monster would create. The sentimental value averts, ossia the enormous record , an influential masterpiece that would touch the function of entity in shaping a soyadchester' craze of a prompt @@@1990s, and would spawn the little wannabe groups (the gene comes to import). Morrissey The voice has not touched never more urgent or genuine. 'It has not Had Never Person Never,' ' there is the Light That does not exit Never,' and a next plus, a character'ome the daughters Are main That Another' has lost any of the his resplandor. This record is exited during a heart of my adolescence, and was one of the mine memorable signals underlined of 1986. A group has been in to release countless compilations, but in the first place-the auditors of time would owe that do this album of perfect guitar , electrical-fed, quirky bursts the priority in his 'to buy' ready.
5 / 5 von Roxanne
Ossia The quite album of swell. It does not think it is perfect, but some of some individual songs are. One follows of the title is quite stunning, and a backside-the-rear I Knows is On and has not Had Never Person Never--possibly some Smith' two bleakest songs, with an exception to Suffer Few Girls--is more impressive in fact. But to the left it is not to forget a wonderfulness of a bouncy Vicarious in the Tutu. That the song! And, of course, for a definite in melodramatic but sincerely affecting songcraft, there there is always a gorgeous has the Light That does not exit Never. It does not think each clue in an album is perfect, this in spite of. An only Bigmouth the strikes Again do not impress me never a lot, neither has done Frankly Mister Shankly. And it does not think some papers adds is quite enough to save a melodically-Chico has defied With a Thorn in his Side. Still, it is the must for the smiths fans--roughly of some songs are sincerely flooring.
4 / 5 von Nakia
Ossia kinda Hard for me to revise of then is the record I cherish likes to know another. A Queen Has Died is like this simply perfect, am not sure where to start with. In the first place it was, mine to look to be the majority of elepé complete of A Smith, front partorisca back. Some clues are all wonderfully so only in his own way, but somehow has this @@subject or your that surfaces, joining a elepé together. He jingles in time, (Chico With A Thorn in his Side) retraídas the depression, (Person Never) is funny, (Shankley) and, a lot, a lot beautiful ( has the Light). Some arrival of Smith with the orderly container, tight , beautiful of the elepé, full of everything of his strong points. Some papers are go in Morrissey better, and Johnny there is still to approach to this work. This clear-cut record the one who some eighties have meant mine. If I require some CD is for this island of desert remains this will be in my stock exchange, together with Sgt. It pepper it is, Dummy, and COST of Computer.
5 / 5 von Ocie
The majority would call it A bit Smith better album, and would be both legislations and wrong. In a lot of ways, some songs of acute pop that comprises A Queen has Died represents a band in his @@@zenith. Some Smith was fast and raging, and his four year streak is resulted in a lot of moments of brilliance that tends to run joint, doing labelling any one does as 'the best' the next impossibility. This in spite of, A Queen Is Dead captures Morrissey in his summit- transmission of rockabilly to ballad crooner with suprising agility (and abundance of attitude), as Johnny Marr with his melodic electrical guitar, precise work. The better elements of all a band form the solid current of music that expresses everything of amour of gay on 'Chico With a Thorn in his Side'' to an out of-achieve odditty'ome the daughters Are main That Another.' It is the shame his disapeared of a world of music like this quickly- this in spite of like this looks almost merciful. Looking them the waste were to the mediocrity would have been the shame .
4 / 5 von Pierre
Well, I will say you the few things that perhaps has not been touched on.[...]

A soyr. Shankly' In 'Frankly, Gentleman Shankly' has to that be informing to a famous Liverpool football (football in Britglish) manager of club Bill Shankly the one who is known more partorisca the sound quotes: esome the people think that that the football is the subject of life and dead, am a lot disappointed with this attitude. Can ensure you it is a lot, much more of entity that concealed.'

Given some Smith was defenders of Manchester United , a song could be undermine he in his rival main, Liverpool, included although it is quell'has bitten obtuse.

According to which an album, any point in me adding more raves that has read here first of outside that will say that it is his the majority of complete album partorisca begin to finalise.
5 / 5 von Mckenzie
This has to that be joined with A Cure " I kiss to Kiss me Kiss me" as more so only and album more incredible of some eighties, if any all the time. That I amour the majority of on Some Smith is one contrasts of Morrissey often is depressing papers and a upbeat/the joyous way sings them! Some of some melodies in this album are a lot good-looking, especially a song " there is the Light That does not exit Never", which also has papers very romantic, although I am quell'has bitten warped in the Morrissey classifies of way! It is to good sure in my cast of upper five songs of all the times. "Cemetry Gates" it is a lot of catchy and happy feeling, and always dipped me in the way adds! "There has not Been Never Noone Never" and " I know it is In" it is surprising songs with the plot of emotion. It is an album with the plot of different classes of songs, but is unmistakably A (incredible!) Smith! Calm can any gone bad with this album. If you are looking for an album of alternative eighties is A NO BRAINER!!!
4 / 5 von Candie
When you have dipped two creative forces volatile together has to that expect something special, and ossia exactly the one who this record is. A embrague among some two artists creates one of some better pictures the popular music has to that offered. Marr The incredible musical capacity creates ringing hooks of the electrical guitar during an album prevents of not resulting never melancholy, which Morrisseys the papers threaten to do from time to time. A same time this in spite of, Morrisseys impulse of papers a whole album to the musical level entirely new, catchy music that has had the poingant message the difference of any one another artist at the same time. This was an album this in spite of where some two forces have combined to do the cohesive whole album that really felt like an album. A thunderous inaugural follow the one who mecer harder that other clues of Smith by means of a melancholy of " I know it is in" that on listening his for some first time touched to like no another song has. "Bigmouth Strikes again" it goes in a half of an album and for real repesents the musical and lyrical highpoint for a band with a motive of incredible electrical guitar in a half. It is true that some Smith has done much more add solteros that to the left some the better moments is, but never first or again come near to create this class of embrague. A masterpiece!
4 / 5 von Song
Ossia An album that is full of dark, mopey songs but directed to be full of humour also. Some Smith is one of one the majority of essential album of some eighties. Although Stronger that the bombs is the album adds too much would owe that say that ossia my favourite reason is not too long and is devoid of filler. Some starts of albums were with a title follows that considering a title perfectly returns a movement. An album is followed then with Frankly of Gentleman Shankly one of some songs of pops melodic better of some eighties and has clues of humour in him too like this lines "Frankly Gentleman Shankly did not know you has written poetry, oh such bloody terrible poetry." Other humorous gems in this album comprise Some Daughters are main That Another and Vicar In the Tutu. A real that light of shines in this album, this in spite of, is an absolutely that it surprised them there is Of the Light That does not exit Never. It is quite an epic, sad song and easily rows like my song of Smith of the favourite together with Asleep. This album tries that Morrissey was the self pitying the sap and was all a better for him.
4 / 5 von Taren
This could be one of some albums of better rock of 80s britpop, doing a likes of has had to that has had to and Spandau the pale ballet in shame for his superficiality.
Here is the wonderful and developing work of art that has very helped the person to come on hire purchase with so many desires, ideas, concepts and secrets, and is not only gay-the music of anguish likes some other active blatantly (and ignorantly) has said.
Of a clue of vibrant title to one pursuing and romantic " there is the light...", To a uplifting "Cemetry doors" the " I know it is in" (which spent personally by means of a horrid breakup) to a hypnotic "Some daughters are main that another", tip an alcohol of Morrissey and gives a message.
He. A Queen is dead boys , and is like this solitary in the limb...
5 / 5 von Deandrea
For , will not find the better album for a money in this place, fences in any one. Ossia My album of Smith of the favourite (Strong plus that the bombs approaches May ...), And they could touch for this album and he would cost each penny. I want a bit Smith, always have, and probably always . For all one gathering that continuous in today with has-be bands, would walk the glass run over on to see Morrissey and Marr the take near again. And they have had Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce, he so better, how were brilliant players everything. Reason oh reason is has forced to listen to one craps concealed is there today while these types leave with the legacy of incredible music that was obviously too short of the career? Perhaps the amour or some bombs will spend neighbouring????
Morrissey And has read this, give your bosses the big call each one which as another MAINTAINING!!!! The calm modern music require to spend for big yours differences and mark at least some careers of plus of only will not be never the one who a two of calm was to say.
4 / 5 von Thomas
Has any need to contest or a lot ossia some Smiths in his finer hour. After listening his for a first time, need a lot immediately coming to this calm conclusion, but calm undoubtedly will comprise reason another does. The majority of some songs on here are timeless; a production is clearly a stongest of any of a start of studio of the bands, with the little bit of folk, African-highlife, rockabilly and some utmost wah-wah electrical guitar in a clue of title. It is there another band that can like this felizmente combine a tragic with a comedic (still in a same song)? Any one imports that his , they resume dipped always, melody and sheer beauty in a forefront of his songs. Some Smith has continued where Beatles have to that the left was and in the a lot of chances are gone in even more impressive directions.
4 / 5 von Bertie
The flesh Is Murder can be been the model to hold, but The
the queen Has Died is some Smith' the jump adds before, taking the
the again musical sale and lyrical heights. Opening with the
storming clue of title, A Queen Has Died is the one who mecer hard
record that anything some Smith had tried before, but ossia
so only in the relative stairs -- although a backbeat is more
pronounced, a group certainly a lot of mecer in the conventional
felt. Instead, Johnny Marr has created the dense web of
electrical guitars, alternating of a smaller-haste key of "Bigmouth
Strikes Again" and a dud rockabilly of "Vicar in the Tutu" to the
bouncy acoustic pop of "Cemetry Gates" and "Chico With
the Thorn in his Side," as well as a lovely melancholy of " I know it is In" and " there is the Light
That does not exit Never." And a rich musical bed resupplies Morrissey with a support for his much more
near of papers. Shattering a myth that is the self-pitying sap, Morrissey rid the devastating dipped of
ready, witty satires of social British bolt, intellectualism, class, and included he. Also it acts
some of the his plus refinadas, more affecting songs, particularly in a wistful "Chico With a Thorn in his
Side" and an epic " there is the Light That does not exit Never," two masterpieces this resupplies the
foundation for the remarkable album.
4 / 5 von Roselle
When it Was younger and the short my teeth in Alternative Music, 'A Queen Has Died' was a first album has listened of Some Smith. Still it is today like one of my favourite albums of all the times. Morrissey Is pursuing and humorous papers (sees " there is A Light That does not exit Never" and "Vicar In a Tutu") at the side Johnny Marr eloquent the electrical guitar that touches (Sees "A Queen Has Died" and "Bigmouth Strikes Again") frames for the fantastic combination, which is exhibited for real in this album. I love a variety of sadness the happiness to laugh, and behind down a line. I highly reccommend this at all more, so only partorisca " there is A Light..." And "Some Daughters Are main That Another". Classical.
5 / 5 von Dimple
Just reading some papers in a booklet of CD is enough to send one to some depths of desesperanza. Gentleman Morrissey looks the talented poet and often done of the allusions to poets that is for real adds, but his songs indicate the level of depression that would do Sylvia Plath look the happy clown. His collaborator, Gentleman Marr, is a plus talented partner. His music is light and infective, the difference of Morrissey sad songs , sad and banshee complain. This reviewer there is enjoyed especially a music the "Frankly Gentleman Shankley" (also Morrissey better outing)and "Chico with a Thorn in his Side." An inferior line is that "A Queen Has Died" has excellent music, but depressives, alcoholics and the adults and the impressionable girls would not owe that buy this album.

Top Customer Reviews: Lungs ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
4 / 5 von Lynette
Bought this album partorisca my woman, loves A Car and I really like this album also, as we are happy clients everywhere. A quality of vinyl is good exept for a sond quality in a last song in a B side, is slightly scratchy or distorted, a rest of a sound of album is One+, a lot gatefold packaging for the vinyl so only also.
4 / 5 von Ling
When auditioning LUNGS for FLORENCIA AMD The CAR, one listens the fusion of an eccentricity of the partner of brilliant pop with BJORK brushed with the minor of vocal shadow of KATE BUSH and in of the sure moments CHRISSIE HYNDE and ANNIE LENNOX (like soloists).

This CD is musically influential thus decade like this creatively surpasses the places of current low levels for an industry of music. Defenders of Britney, Millie and another @@@tart of pop is duly has warned this will go in one taking and knowledge that has purchased you for music of pop.

The immediately has landed LUNGS in 2 in some maps of United Kingdom his emission and admirably remained in this place for five consecutive weeks.
I sure segments remain dark and ominous like aided by some papers in DAUGHTER of clues WITH An EYE & a troubling KISS WITH A FIST that faces a subject of abusive reports still melodically rest sophistically inspiring and upbeat.

An intriguing musicianship crafting this CD constantly transmissions of Pops/Indian to Baroque/Folk.
A result of final has auditors spellbound, intoxicated and for real that loves paralizaciones more than this band.

Better clues:


and a remake of Candi Staton swipe;


---- An of some better emissions in 2009!-----
4 / 5 von Jason
That it can says them.

This album are adds. A version of vinyl is cleaned, dynamic and the real extracted. I enjoy this album and expect that a lot another also. Like this archaic like the vinyl is, the enjoy his tactile implication, his collectibility and his only and natural sound. Still of the digital master, (which today is ideal for my opinion) the vinyl gives the magic musical experience sure that compares to character in the very special way. Any tape hiss, any digital harshness, does not have to that compress on/treaty. It leaves a magic of the cartridge of the emotional coil very points that the vinyl is able of.

Chair some songs in this album is all the swipes of instant and is so only an entrance when the feel a time to listen florence welsh show his material! That the voice and that fashion. Fabulous songwriting.
5 / 5 von Velda
Has purchased this record like the present for my promise how is the defender of this band. I have not been familiarised with a record besides a radio solteros and has to that say I really enjoy this album now. Has an incredible voice and is clearly the a lot of talented woman. Ossia The addition adds our collection of vinyl.
4 / 5 von Luther
A record is coming warped, tone but does the horrible lining his calm left the course out of a b side without the take calm... Esperanza thats so only my copy and the person more is.
4 / 5 von Lien
My only quibble is that the desire dipped out of an album with songs of killers so only.
4 / 5 von Carole
Vinyl Of good quality, but has had the smal scratch in a begining of a first song.
4 / 5 von Daisy
His album partorisca begin continuous to be full of classics I amour
5 / 5 von Amy
is Flo . A bit like Chrissie Hynde, the bit like Enya. Excellent.
5 / 5 von Robt
It is coming punctual, the quality adds, so only fantastic everywhere
5 / 5 von Thi
4 / 5 von Lavone
Florence is surprising and love this album, this in spite of a nave was almost two month for him. Like this like this anxiety such the small thing.
5 / 5 von Dannette
EXCELLENT CD. It is coming punctually and without harm. Well the value that listens to. The work adds.
4 / 5 von Keren
Could listen to Florence Welch sings a book of telephone. His voice is the force of the character and some songs are wicked. Spent - calm will love it.
4 / 5 von Clara
There is not very listened this group when it has spent them this CD but am them like this happy has done. Some sounds are creative and entertaining partorisca listen to.
5 / 5 von Sylvia
There has been vaguely has listened of Florencia and a Car through word of mouth and seen the video of music of his on Youtube and found me a bit intrigued for his eclectic the gender that music of curves. I have taken the casualidad and has bought an album in the whim, no quite sure that took to. After listening to an album to start with to finalise more than a swipe all can say is that ossia some of one the majority of original music has listened in the longtime. It thinks something to the long of some lines of Jefferson Aerial have fulfilled Arcade Fire has fulfilled Sigur Ros. Florence is an incredible vocalist , and the musical talents of a Car back on magically. An album is full of surprises, and each clue offers something new.
4 / 5 von Mallie
Has listened any of Florencia + some songs of Car, is hard to not listening more, which this the must to buy. Each clue is special and personally my preferred, although Blinding is for far my preferred. Amur This album.
5 / 5 von Fredric
I amour when volume to listen the fabulous song of any one has not listened never of, and buy his CD. I have listened so only the song in television of 'Lungs'. I am ordering a CD with which finalise with this little blurb. I am not sure a name of a song, but me feel well and that loves soyove'.
4 / 5 von Ronnie
Loves this band! I maintain to listen his music every day and are not me tiring of him. Florence Welch the voice is surprising. The days of dog are On is my favourite song in this album.
5 / 5 von Charisse
Liked a clue that does with Lady Gaga in Joanne to the equal that take his album . No really my thing, some clues touch good but some papers are really depressing and no like this entertainment to listen too much in a car in traffic.

Joanne (Limited Deluxe)
5 / 5 von Edgar
Sees also his 2011 album, Ceremonials, which is like this very like this one. It is clearly the must has for all the lovers of alternative rock!
4 / 5 von Guadalupe
The genial album of incredible artist has joined! Strongly recommended
4 / 5 von Eufemia
the voice adds. But, more the clues touch some same. At all it bursts it was. Perhaps the bit overproduced.
5 / 5 von Oma
'The paste of his happiness like the train in the clue that/Comes/his stuck still any one turning for behind/ hides around the corners and she have hid under the beds/ kill with kisses and of him evasion...'

Florence and a Car is one of these few bands that seeps down a radar of pop, and results the feeling has based in pure talent. And Florence Welch and has Sawed. Produced the solid start, 'Lungs,' this blends delicate polished instrumentals and different genders -- there has pocolos splatters of pops, punk and the soul woven joint, and cemented in place for Welch lovely voice.

Has fallen Was with a plucked intro of 'the days of Dog Are On,' with Welch' the sweet voice that sings roughly 'the paste of his happiness like the ball in a boss/Attacked of the height adds for any the one who would have to know better concealed it.' While it begins it was like this soft, ethereal pop, a melody is swathed in of the eruptions of pops orchestral-rock -- strong taking'any catchy, with Welch yelling, 'A doooog the days are ON-ER/he dooooog the days are ALL I FACTS !'

Continuous a big note with 'Corazón of Rabbit (Shouted The On),' he scintillatingly melody coloreada that touch like him thunderstorm in the garden of flower. With which she unleashes stirs it other songs add: a soulful 'are not you calling A Liar,' an urgent piano-pop of 'Howl,' a vagrant twangy 'Daughter With An Eye,' a bouncy wistful 'Among Two Lungs,' and a sweetly macabro soyy Coffins of Builds of Chico.' One especially has amused one of the this 'Kiss With A Fist,' the scorching punky tune that famous rough'any ardent report (' have paste me once, calm has the paste has the data behind fell it, has given to the slap/ has clashed the dish in my boss/and I set fire our bed!').

But Welch and his band of rotary door really shines when some overflows of music to the river in bylines of fiery rock'any circle, the twist has wrapped gossamer synth and soaring rich vocals. 'Howl,' A hymnlike 'Drumming' and a bleak 'the Drunk hurricane' all apt to this category -- and these absolutely are stunning songs, if no like this immediately accessible like catchier tunes.

Florence and a Car has the quite only sound -- there is to plot of punky rock'any circle, he spattering of pop' catchiness, and some jazzy overtones halftones to the little of some songs. Like Album to start with goes, ossia the quite spectacular a, with the differential flavour that to to the sounds like little more in modern music -- a more next comparison that comes to the alcohol would be yes Joanna Newsom formed the punk-band of rock and has been partorisca stardom of pop.

Especially, Welch has the very quite a lot of voice -- is the little wavery and girlish, but she sculpts he to the flickering, roaring presence in some stronger songs. And it has to that skill for dark, evocative papers ( estronger that sirens, stronger that the sweetest/bells that heaven and hotter that hell!') With the quirky flange (' is done [a coffin] for him/One for me too/One of these days done one for teas). There is the few lines that needs some softening was, but any quite bad partorisca distract.

And an instrumentation of A Car is the gorgeous accompaniment -- a lot of rich, swirling instrumentals and directly-advance mecer'any circle, usually according to Robert Ackroyd' strong electrical guitar and Christopher Lloyd Hayden solid drumming. Isabella Estati wraps an album in gossamer-soft synth, and Tom Monger adds to an ethereal flange with the harp -- the hips the helps give it the touch it classical plus, more than right rock-pop.

Florence and the start of a Car 'Lungs' really aim reasons this band has been taking so much attention by means of a pond -- is ardent, eclectic and the lovely piece of work. And sound likes so only will improve.
5 / 5 von Isa
I utmost games.... But a record is not flat and wobbles on and down while tone. Has has not looked for having suffered this by means of shipping, as has that has been the defect of costruttore
5 / 5 von Tisa
Ossia the a lot good-looking and only music peel of collection of the singer bondadoso. It likes a lot that revises this collection, has been taken in for his song 'Corazón of Rabbit (Shouted the On)'. I have seen also a video to this song in youtube, and my interest in a song has augmented even more (the video to this song is in good sure values to verify was also). I admit that I still am doing out of a full meaning of a 'Corazón of Song of Rabbit. A better that can do of a meaning of a song is that a symbolisation relates to some type of @@subject of ardent amour that has to that be emotionally strong roughly. It gives dipped to Rey has measured (that a lot knows to be in a history of a king the one who has turned everything to gold with his touch). It mentions in a song 'this is the present', likes to mean of a song more probably involves something positive. There is another gorgeous songs in this collection as 'Amur Cosmic' and ' the Amour' (which is another song that like). There is also a catchy and energetic 'the days of Dog Are On' (which is the song of utmost poppy ). A music to this collection is very original and the symbol adds of a eclectic mixes of music that is exiting of a scene of current British music (as a lot know a singer of leader Florence Welch hails of Inghilterra). Ossia The value of collection of the music that verifies was is opened to listen to eclectic music of Europe.
5 / 5 von Anglea
While it can not say has been with Florencia and a Car of an a lot of start, am proud to say that I have discovered this month of diverse incredible artist before it begins to take exposed wider in some the EUA by means of ads of television and film promos. It is like this scarce these days to find an artist with the for real only sound, but ossia exactly which takings of Florencia and a Car. Florence Welch the voice is simply mesmerizing and beautiful, and so only can describe his music like ethereal and downright hypnotic - and a diversity of musical fashions to be melts wrapped around these 13 clues is surprising. The individual songs like this of the Days of Dog Are In looks to surprise inner of transitions his, as Florence can go back and advances of the soft and poetic delivery to the howling growing of emotion in a drop of the hat. It can take loaned of the different musical influences a lot of, but his sound is totally his own. In of the terms of creativities, emotional depth riada, and significant papers, I way of Florencia of the row up there, no too far behind Master Bulls (and believe me when I say that ossia big praise in fact).

I desire has had a depth of musical knowledge has required to for real do this justice of album. I can very included begins to describe the music of Florencia - is something calms really has to that experience for your account. All can say is that I have listened to this album numerous time on some last varied months and there is still to start with to tire of him. You can choose and choose individual clues to listen to and never go bad, but the lungs is really an album that would have to be listened to in his entirety - with one repeats key on to start with a whole thing on again when it is finalised. Ossia The musical work of art that capture your full attention each one which so and every time calm listen it.
5 / 5 von Allen
Has bought this album after listening to a song, and was amour , amour, amour! The lovely voice of Florence blends artfully with an intricate and often delirious musical arrangements that behind him. His papers are poetic, evocative and pursuing. It is unusual music , baroque pop, concealed can be very odd for this used of more traditional mindless songs of pops. But for a musically adventurous and open-imported, does not doubt! 'Lungs' is the gorgeous album!
5 / 5 von Sharmaine
Has bought this album for a song (ossia an amour ) with some have left in abonos and has not expected to listen to a rest of some songs, but once had listened to a whole album was hoocked. With the songs add to like the day of Dogs Is On, Kiss With A Fist, Drumming song, Drunk of Hurricane and of course OSSIA to An Amour likes to underline clues as well as many other brilliant songs, the one of the best of 2009 and a better album for the long time (half the decade or more).
A must has.
5 / 5 von Queen
Still my album of Florencia of the favourite. A Car is also orders.

Top Customer Reviews: Melophobia ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 14 ratings
5 / 5 von Russell
Stay with a digital format, a way of his of the elepé partorisca compress with a lot of distorsion.. But a music is awesome...
4 / 5 von Harold
The record adds. Especially amour that can you legit listen the half a record without flipping the each one another song.
4 / 5 von Verna
A music is sum . No the bad clue. My questions were with a sleeve of album. It have broken in a plug. Ordered the substitution and what same.
4 / 5 von Eveline
loves Cage An Elephant and this was one of the mine first compraventa when that begins my new record collection!
5 / 5 von Julianne
was the present but a recipient was pleased enough!
5 / 5 von Birgit
The album is in shape excellent, but a sleeve is rasgada the small and a coverage of album is spent slightly.
4 / 5 von Lacresha
The strongly compressed sounds and very properly mastered drunk abonos much less
4 / 5 von Kari
I Cage of amour An Elephant and this was one of the mine first compraventa when that begins my new record collection!
4 / 5 von Lashonda
Very happy. Lucido The container has arrived in perfect been
5 / 5 von Lavona
After the sophomore the cage of recession rids a true to follow until a eponymous first album. An advance is a lot where would be necessary to be it while in of tribute of payment to that his Cage!
5 / 5 von Moises
The album adds. Vinyl Of good quality. It comes with digital download which is always well. Awesome Alive band. All the songs are a lot
5 / 5 von Collin
A Cage is of tower! This CD are so that it adds like his 1st a!If you were the defender of a prime minister a ossia the must has for your collection.
5 / 5 von Aubrey
I liked 'Come the little more after,' except a rest of an album is disappointing in my opinion. This in spite of, are the present for my woman and I think likes.
4 / 5 von Jerica
Melophobia For Cage An Elephant is the musical conjoint rock that was curious to listen after listening to some of his alike music in the local rock emisora radio and because of my husband a lot enjoys it a song Is not Without rest For A Wicked. In all the chance Melophobia has a sentimental and strong Cigarette Daydreams and Come A bit more Afterwards in a Melophobia collection. A Indian rock vibe of Black Widow and the uniqueness of Teeth has added to a force of Melophobia for Cage An Elephant also.

Top Customer Reviews: In the Aeroplane ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 32 ratings
4 / 5 von Dalila
This is to arrive sooner that expected (Thursday vs. Monday) and was in excellent condition. The sounds perfect!

An album is fantastic.
5 / 5 von Loise
Has been suggested this band for a ej. Any really like it but is well.
4 / 5 von Larue
Has pleased with this compraventa and have arrived quickly. Thank you.
4 / 5 von Micki
They are the defender of NMH and has decided has wanted to use this album in the frame. I do not have the record player, but a record is factory there is sealed, and two sided. It comes with the small poster and paper.
5 / 5 von Despina
WELL... The majority of descriptions has seen of this CD is any wild exuberant praise (the magazine of Magnet has called included this a 1 album of one 90 east), or less than flattering (an I agrees partorisca say "howling tunelessly in an acoustic electrical guitar"). I guess it is one of these things where calm neither the take or calm no, and there is no half earth - which is odd reason are totally in a half in this CD. Sure, has fresh instrumentation (brass, organs, all some bells and whistles that another Elephant to to 6 bands likes them to them a bit Apples in Stereo and use of Control of Tremor of Olivia) has Dylan and exceptional papers-esque wordplay, and "Olanda 1945" it can have been a better song of 1998. But there is shortcomings also, for example some songs so only am not a lot good. There is a lot of "tuneless howling" here and there, "Oh Attractive" it tugs on partorisca to to those looks like for ever, and of a mix can be bit it too fuzzed was to like listening. I guess my personal flavours sustain more to a poppier indie bands, while the hotel of Neutral Tins is much less Boys/of the beach of Beatles has influenced. For you Indian rock conneuiseurs, Mangum sounds enough the bit like a singer of advantage of Lotion (fresh band). In all the chance, an inferior line is to definately buy this album if you are the defender of Elephant 6 bands, punky folk music, or likes to choose out of amazing lines of papers of song - avert is the purist of pop or the traditional vocals/structure of song.
Better clues:
"A King Of Flowers of Carrot Pt. 1" - the Good papers is a (of course), a mix is quell'has bitten clearer is one and Mangum the voice does not take too schizo. A good opener, enough Dylan to these ears.
"An Aeroplane In a Sea" - More than a same musically - acoustic directed, but this song is quell'has bitten more directed lyrically.
"Olanda 1945" - Unbelievable. So only read some papers, and the imagine place to the bouncy fuzz song of pop. All the world-wide the one who has listened this song around says me touch Irish, can see where takes that of, his a lot sing-alongy.
"Communist daughter" - Less than 2 minutes to pursue acoustic folk. Well Follow after a character "Olanda 1945".
5 / 5 von Chin
Has bought this behind when skirt, but never has listened his that a lot of reason was in some space of different musical boss. Everytime Was to trade in some old CDs would look is and ponder an idea before some impulse said for the dipped was and control his.
Finally has listened his only recently, and with a together right of ears, and was immensely has impressed. Of a moment Jeff Mangum strums some first agreements and voices some first words, is to clear this album is something totally different of anything never dipped the tape.
In the first place was, there is purportedly the free edge roughly Second world-wide War, Anne Frank and reincarnation melding with Mangum imagination. Quell'Conceals can be a chance , but some papers are darknesses enoguh that it can you he situates inside songs and his meanings.
Esy Of Flowers of Carrot Pt. 1' And ' it Leaves 2 & 3' it follows perfectly of a strummed acoustic folk of a prime minister to demented song of church and electrical noise folk of a last inside a blink of an eye.
'In an Aeroplane In a Sea' is the majestic ask roughly finding amour, knowing goes it to lose, in the loser and then that it find it again later another time and place. Trimuverite 'Two Boy Headed,' 'A Fool' and 'Olanda, 1945' gone of one to a prójimo almost too quickly, but no like this quickly that calm is not able to appreciate them. In fact 'Olanda 1945' advantages the 'Communist Daughter,' the fast, ehtereal floater ossia replete with Mangum quirky still vivid lyrical iconography.
'Oh Attractive' is the film dipped the music and voice, and could be a emtional centerpiece of an album. 'Ghost' is another of NMH' blistering electrical folk songs overflowing with horns, and energy.
A second instrumental song - 'Untitled' - is the looping waltz of circus that turn to 'Two Boy Headed Pt. 2,' The heartfelt and good-looking piece that it is simply the man, his electrical guitar and his own demons comitted the tape.
A lot of all the world will take to "in an Aeroplane In a Sea" the initial listens, but the times and the patience am rewarded in axes. After the few weeks, or months or years, turn and listen again. This album so only can change your persective a next time, and a next time, and a prójimo.......
4 / 5 von Magdalene
To the equal that have on data in acoustic rock after listening all this adolescent-anguish bullcrud that Staind and that the confessional of Dashboard dips era? It thinks again! Jeff Magnum and a band has dipped out of his definite masterpiece here, a this Indian rock geeks by means of a country can hail with his head heads to and say, 'Yup, ossia!' Some horns are utmost, some songs are of sound, and a coverage is sum . If this album was more adds them, has to be fact for Radiohead. Yeah, Listened. Radiohead. Ossia That a lot ossia.
For those of you the one who does not know that exactly this mysterious 'Hotel of Neutral Tins' represent, will say you right now. The hotel of neutral Tins is the type with the really messed-arrive voice the one who writes psychotic papers (e.g. 'In a darkness will take of our cloths and will be to situate toes by means of some notch in your plug,' esweet communist floating in a vaporous water, stains of semen a moutaintop') accomponied for an orchestra of excellent brass. While this could touch quite scary, is in fact really, really good. Before it refuse this CD as some rubbishes, in fact LISTEN to one of some songs like a clue of title or 'Olanda, 1945.' You can (and probably it wins) master that song and wants to buy this CD so it collects as it was possible. Or you could hate this song and loves murder Jeff Magnum to write such aweful tune. Anything a chance, ossia something concealed precise to be listened to first of time.
Likes -you the only music that it is very original and calm give you really (messed)-on the sleeps yes listen his first going to sleep, will love this CD. If no, you can go to listen to Chris Carabba whine roughly like this the daughter loves with all his heart has flown his inflatable sofa and that concealed depresses.
4 / 5 von Margaretta
There is almost has had 200 descriptions written for this beautiful album, as it was difficult for me to add anything significant. Ossia One of one the majority of courageous, innovative, and defiant organism of the never registered music, to all the cost of gender. A general description of acoustic music of mecer based really any 'in an Aeroplane In a Sea' justice, reason there is so more than goes in.
Here is some papers to a last song, 'Two-Chico Headed, Pt. 2':
The dad pleases to listen this song that sings
in your heart there is the spark that shouts just
For the lover to spend the boy to the your @@@cofre that could dip calm so that dream
And master all has left like your boy has used to be
A lot the time wrapped in the warm and wet discharges
Blister please with these wings in your plug
Amour to be with the brother of mine
That wants to find your tongue in his teeth
in the fight to find secret songs that maintains wrapped in of the boxes like this lake
touching so only at night to the equal that sleeps
And in my sleeps are alive and is crying
Like your movements of mouth in the soft and sweet mine
Coverages of flowers around your eyes and I want to you
For a rest of your life in yours the law
the brother sees is one in some same
And has left with your boss fill with llamas
And has looked your brains have fallen has spent of your teeth
Press some pieces in situating
Do your sweet to smile to see
any taken this was
still are that it loves my face in your cheek
And when we break will expect for our miracle
the god is the place where some lies of saint spectacle
And when we break will expect for our miracle
the god is the place will expect for a rest of your life
Two-the boy headed is all could require
feed you tomatoes and of the radio bosses
And take to the sure discharges and cleaned
But any hates when it creates to leave
5 / 5 von Billy
concern me on to to the types like to them Jeff Mangum. There is songwriting talent (his voice is another history ). But any one is doing roughly really freaky drugs, or is everything so only a law. But it touches way too sincere to be a law. And these some presents of images in his papers quite unsettling.
The description the description rents a "intimacy" of this album, or tongue of him like being to spiritual epiphany . Ossia For an album of the songs with papers eat: "When you were young, was a king of flowers of carrot -- and to the equal that has built the tower tumbling by means of some trees, in of the saints rattlesnakes this is to fall everywhere your feet." Or that roughly: "the brother sees is one in some same, and has left with your boss fill with llamas, and has looked your brains have fallen has spent of your teeth."
Very enough to do my point? Then try: "A communist daughter, when being in a sea-weed water, stains of semen some highland cups with leaves of cocoa to the long of a flange."
That a heck everything of this bad?? Has no the clue, and neither a lot of some defenders that is proclaiming that this "five star" album "changed his lives." Like the name of a band he, he all looks to be iconography of abstract atrocity, and any to like me any of a present iconography.
Then has a no-like this-@@subject insignificant of Mangum voice. It can I say migraine? This type sings flatter that that the pancake ossia declares run over for the steamroller. Ossia cringe-Inducing. A type so only can not sing, period. And it insists on mixing he WAY ON IN FRONT in a mix, so have absolutely any deception that can not resist the note to save his life.
Has the bit of musical talent here, but is really hard to call this a "those imports" album. That is that it tries to say? The one who knows? Another that perhaps, " I have blown my brains am gone in of the drugs further all the faith, and here is a result."
And please, takes some lessons of voices.
5 / 5 von Jerold
After seeing a title of these CD hundreds to time while the revised another CD is concealed was (purportedly) alike, has verified was some descriptions in NMH and finally humbled I and bought it. I have taken the casualidad. But for an end of "Rey of Part of Flowers of the Carrot 1" it was happy that had been like this opened-has imported.
Looks that ossia all these CD needs to take you hooked- an open alcohol. Reason after the little listens, will be to struggle to dip something more in. I have listened to this disk on and on in an end of 2000 when it bought it to them, and still is in regular rotation. Has incredible that remain the power and is quirky, pop-the hymns are the one who an industry of music has been requiring for the moment. Culture of looks to pop to forget his identity and take it totally too seriously. Without to the bands likes them to them the hotel of Neutral Tins, would be condemned by our own pessimism. This CD is one invites to take the chair and experience a lighter, side more fun , crazier that music of pop.
Backed So only for his acoustic electrical guitar, the pocolos horns, simple drums, and an almost a lot-existent fuzz tomb, Jeff Mangum extracted the no intentional concept album that brotas little to be wished. The points have underlined is a fore-the opener has mentioned, "Two-the boy headed," and a seducer 8 version of minute of "Oh Attractive." It is incredible that the song can touch like this full with only a voice and an acoustic electrical guitar. A climax thus writer goes in an album torso, with "Olanda, 1945," and his sweet, little minute and the half part two, "Communist Daughter." Ossia Some amazing material, and essential to a creative composer/ acoutic player. Amazing, clear, and totally original!
4 / 5 von Nyla
Jeff Mangum your wavers when I attack of the notes and when his double mid-breathes.
Some papers are is an impenetrable mix of whimsicality, hyperbole, and melodrama.
Jeff Mangum the narrow sense of dynamics runs so only among full-throated song and yelling.
Although it is abrasively advances almost each yard, an electrical guitar is so only there for rhythm, any melody.
A register of one all some instruments is intrusively down-fi.
Takes a worse singer in a round of 32 in American Idol, and will have the better singer that Jeff Mangum.
He Goes with any of one on statements, hate this disk. It is well, there is abundance of wonderful music , clean , thoughtful there for calm--I highly recommend XTC Volume of Venerate of the Apple 2 like an antidote partorisca in an Aeroplane In a Mar.
Although, of course, has to say, WOW, HAS has LOST the BOOT Is ONE .
Because of some very first moments, this record is everything roughly feeling, has has not thought. If you are looking for yours, production, hooks and logical, lose a power of these songs.
Reason do not owe that decipher some papers--the sound of some words is more than entity that his sense, and some feelings of cholera, frustration, amour, disappointment, desire, empathy, sorrow, and the emotion has paste immediately leave the logic goes.
Reason Jeff Mangum spends his heart in his sleeve. It is the voice , no the singer, and this is not the bad thing. You want to sheer vocal skill? It imagines George Michael or Luther Vandross doing Two-Chico Headed, Pt II--the song would block without Mangum only voice. Each song .
Reason an electrical guitar of rhythm is supposed to be jarring, and perfectly balances a raspy roared of a voice.
Reason one the-fi here is not so only the device without the purpose-- takes a stylized childlike quality of Mangum point of view, class of as one of the forest that phases of some Real Tenenbaums there is of then film it heartbroken the quality of house of the wrist.
Reason in an Aeroplane In a Sea is not to cool, ironic, subdued, cerebral, or slick; it is genuine, and for better or worse, genuine always stuns.
Reason already the the and hate it, attentive 'til something difficult raisin in your life, then listen to this record again.
Ossia A ecstatic record, in a sense a pure plus of a word. Taking taking takes it.
5 / 5 von Vanetta
Has bought this album, included although the state had has warned against him for my more trusted musical advisor, and had found the to be a lot but no really worh all a praise that receives he of each critic. Like this finally this god hoards terrible 60 album of a past ten regime of years and the legislations in a cup is Hotel of Neutral Tins . Of course a cast also has some quite half bands like this of the Daughters Against some Boys and Powder those who really do not belong in any better to list although it was for a year an album is exited. As I decide to give an album another test and my surprise was really amazing. It was not if it is a better album of a past ten years, but is to good sure the classical. An album does not leave never up with this songwriting like each individual song is really adds and full of melodies really fun and his odd but a lot listenable voices. Any defender of the elephant to 6 bands likes them Of Montreal or Of early Apples in Stereo is disappeared really was if they do not have this record. It recommends it by all the world, but alas is a flavour has purchased to think. A main complaint probably will be his voice. It is not very accessible, but the really the works for a music think. It buys it or at least take loaned he of the fellow to listen to this in spite of. Calm does not know never the one who bondadoso of the musical experience can be missing was on.
4 / 5 von Kandace
When you see a title of this description.... These words enough write a description.
After his album to start with of full period in 1996, emissions of hotels of Neutral tins "in an aeroplane in a sea". Good-looking illustrations, eleven amazing clues, and some the calm better papers will not listen never.
"In an aeroplane in a sea" has no bad clues, all are surprising and takes some time to decide whats yours favourite song. My be preferred "Oh Attractive" and runner-up "holland, 1945". Only calm can not resist some good-looking papers...
" An only daughter has not loved never
is Been born with rose in his eyes
But there is sotterrato then his alive
An evening 1945
With just his sister in his side
And only weeks before some guns
All is coming and has liked him on all the world-wide
Now is the little boy in Spagna
touching the pianos have fill with llamas
In of the empty coverages around a sun
All sing to say my sleep is coming
But now has to that choose on the each piece
Of an use of life to want to
So only for prpers maintain
At least enough to spend in
And now locate a wheel of circus
With your dark brother wrapped in aim
Says was well of living being
But now locate the llama of the commit
And will not be that it goes back again
An Earth looks better of the star
Ossia a lot on where is
does not mean to do cry
With sparks that coverage and fly of balls
In of the empty coverages around your heart
Some the world-wide just cries and the falls avert
But now has to that choose on the each piece
Of an use of life to want to
So only for prpers maintain
At least enough to spend in
And here is where your sleeps of mother
And here is a room where your brothers are born
Indentions in some covers
Where his once moved organism but does not move anymore
And is like this sad to see some world-wide cloths
That enough would see his faces fill with flies
All when it want to maintain white roses in his eyes "
the easily can say the aeroplane is a better album of 1998, which is the enormous competition that considers Godspeed You! Black emperor faoo. Any one only that, but simply place... One of some more utmost albums of all-the time.
5 / 5 von Jamal
Listening to this CD is likes fallen the hole of rabbit of Alice; the things are strangely famillar, but wry, skewed and was-of-commanded. It is one of a bit those that the albums have not listened never to really take a width-eyed wonderment of adventure of infancy. A thing for real adds in this record (and a quality that elevates far on "in avery island") it is his accesibility. I have listened NMH the music has called "defiant" "difficult" "abstract"... Sure, it is all these things , but opportunely packed to the sweet, pill to pop flavoured ossia easy to swallow. It is one of some scarce albums that reads in a lot of levels... That The prime minister listens develops some quotas, catchy melodies... Then it note a ecclectic instrumentation, after, there is sotterrato touches, harmonies, countermelodies... Finally, starts to really think on some papers, which in time, is bone-cold brilliant. Odd, fraction, and wry, but brilliant. Calm really the a sense to enter the new world of the his and feeling.
Stops of perfect soundtrack: reading Weiner, Kafka or Proust... Or C.S Lewis, Lewis Carol, or Tolkein... Or to do some dirty clothes, or hanged of lifting, or combing your hair or... Well... Just day-dreaming.
Odd, warped and wonderful music that will appeal to listners of Palace, Tom Attended, Giant Sand, Mercurio Rev, or any with the slightly tilted sense of the his (and humour).
4 / 5 von Ami
Oh! As I Want to "in an Aeroplane In a Sea"! This album is like this incredible concealed not listening his so only could be dangerous yours health. There is really so only a thing that need to be said here: Jeff Magnum the vocal action is like this one-freaking-believable that the simply beggars anything more never tried in music of rock. Each note absolutely drips with soul and a utter, alcohol numbingly-faith in bylines in a singer behalf in that is has said. Magnum Simply shreds by means of the each one and each song with an urgency of any that tries to answer each one asks asked never in a last painful dying respite. An effect is both terrifying and tear-jerkingly beutiful. Some papers are deeply emotional but never pretentious and while an instrumentation clearly takes it cue of an Elephant Six "his" (I: Olivia Tremor ontrol), is more restrained with a house that remain for one the majority of part in just Magnum voice and acoustic electrical guitar, doing an album grandly accessible. One a main exception to a minimalist his of the majority of a record is a jarring thrash and burn punk John has fulfilled Philip Sousa of "Olanda 1945", which is somehow pulled was superbly. It is album like this and to the artists likes him to him the hotel of Neutral Tins that marks fools that says the rock nowhere has left to go.
"The god is a place will expect for a rest of your life" Magnum sings in a final clue "Two Course of Chico Headed II". That a hell that bad? The one who knows; calm so only KNOW. As I spend this CD right now!
4 / 5 von Kyla
Has bought recently a subject of Magazine of Magnet, where has created the cast of a cup 60 album of some last ten years. My surprised, Hotel of Neutral Tins "in an Aeroplane In a Sea" it was to number a--no easy feat. It have listened of mine "hip" friends of Indian rock that has been the album adds, and then seeing east listing like this number one in the reputable seen again clinched he for me. As I have bought he without having did not listen it never.
My verdict: sad, boys; it is overrated. A better album of some last ten years? C soyencima. Ossia Insane! But I will admit that it stands up to the majority of a hype. It is it adds in flashing, but does not add like the whole, would say.
The majority of a music is folkish, but the odd interpretation of folk--to which likes enough of the bit (that sees that I concern little for more folk), using odd instruments, an occasional or serious horn, and the work of the electrical guitar of Jeff is subdued and consistently a lot enough. His papers are in the wonderful moments, especially when it is not like this self-conscious roughly when being surreal; in some signals that sings, "it Is not it is odd to be anything at all". It likes that a lot, and without teetering was to philosophical neverland, thinks that is well: it is odd to be anything at all.
My only complaint in "in an Aeroplane In a Sea" it is that his sound, like this atmospheric, sad and enough so can be, the wears thin for an end of a record. A last half of some record sounds too resembled a first half. For songs to promise such vivid papers, would expect and expect for a music to sustain these ideas. It say of another way,, his works of simple approximation a lot the majority of a time, but taking quite repetitive and yes, included dull, in several points. Then again, conceal so only it can me be. Eye to be outnumbered here so that it thinks that ossia a better record never, or anything. I do not owe that connect with him in a way another does.
A last what, Nick Drake he better. Sad masters, enough, simple, endearing and ready music? Compraventa "Moon Rosa". Now ossia the record ADDS . Better still, tries first record of only of Nico, "Chelsea Daughter". " I will be supported by Mina" it is reason so only for the buy.
4 / 5 von Elvis
Is impossible to describe one pursuing and surreal lyricism of Jeff Mangum like this expressed in this quietly glorious register. His vocal instrument ameno to import Dylan (Bob), but some papers, persisting with some ghosts of Anne Frank and Dylan (Thomas), and a somber walk of carnival to touch behind the all suggest something like this desolately intimate that it was the sacrilege to draw comparisons.
"A day will die, and our ashes will fly of an aeroplane in a sea / but for now, is young -- accident plant in a sun and count each good-looking thing can see."
The first register of Hotel of neutral Tins, "On Avery Island," it has aimed already the only talent to combine evocative literariness with eminently hummable songsmithery, underlined with soundscapes ossia uncommon in spite of his apparent familiarity, but so only in this record has has found the sense consistently sign of any one and rhythm that is like this catchy like anything has listened in a radio in a past decade, this in spite of brimming with startlingly complex melodies and a evocative forces that brotas calms neither exhausted or exhilarated.
4 / 5 von Tereasa
Never listen the artistically-has bent seven year olds mark on songs without discernable direction or centre of the yours, so only an inspired coil of the words dipped to the fanciful wandering melody? It means all he, and can be amuse. THIS is not amusing. Ossia Transmission. And I to the equal that to plot of a music that is considered in a same gender. I give Flaming Lips, Spoon, Clinical, A Shins, Mouse Modesto, Brilliant Eyes a lot of ol' day. But these types do not know that it is doing. A singer is so only terrible, and Bob Dylan terrible. More like some have bore tweaker trying the his like Wayne Coyne mixed with Lou Reed and Gracia Slick. If it thinks that that this is inspired, control out of some another sells has mentioned. No quite subterranean? Then anything calms possibly can do to find album for Quankmeyer Faergoalzia. Extremely I last to find, but banish an idea that the hotel of Neutral Tins is an interesting interesting band . They Are not . It give this 1 star, but while it can say in a Backstreet Boys? It hears to Skip Spence!
4 / 5 von Patti
Has released so only his cup 100 album of a ninetees so only look it in fact weeks and all tredy Indian-to to the boys him him like the one who requires thought of help in his own (haha so only kidding) wets his trousers with anticipation by means of a country. I think that that a main surprise was that this has alleged an honour to call a fourth better album of a nineties. Well? Yes. Shining? Probably. Essential? Without the doubt. Fourth better of a nineties? Ossia Of train for the press the little has bitten. This album is fantastic this in spite of.
Comparisons to draw with this album is insanely difficult becuase no really look anything has not registered never. This was extremely out of a blue and wound on when being an inspiration for some of some better bands that reads tody. (Deffinately Control out of Castaways and Cutouts and His Majesty... For a Decembrists) Acoustic-Punk-Folk? Fuzzedout-Manic-Pop? Anything calm calls it, his well. Fourth better of one 90 well, no, but really damn well, deffinately.
5 / 5 von Domenica
For any reason, the music of Hotel of paste of Neutral Tins like the wave of nostalgic, pre-modern, hyper-romantic, sleeps of amour.
Listening to NMH feels to the mine the pleasure any one has touched the secret part of my brain, and channeled all an activity there to the piece of round of vinyl (my half favourite for NMH).
Some songs are dreamy, common-of-consiousness way in both papers and music. A music is simple, this in spite of lush and original.. There is no mistaking a sound of NMH -- fuzz tomb, bassy, fat electrical guitar , acoustic, eclectic instrumentation, and the fully exposed emotion in a voice of Jeff Magnum.
Thinks that this album is the album of concept, but has not thought in a @@subject too much.. Perhaps something roughly going back in timing before or during ww2 to find a lot that it can have you has wanted? Traces of ann frank? Esees Any one idea, but does not import .. A paste of hard right music in a heart..
Any one the record for cynics..
4 / 5 von Samara
The accident is feign, for now, that is listening to Aeroplane for a first time, in that listened quell'at all at all of this alternately rented album and has despised. One first what to look is a faintly catchy acoustic strumming of "Rey of Flowers of Carrot, leaves 1". In of the explosions the slightly nasal voice that is not never state feigned to sing, an odd accompanying wind or instrument of brass that strangely quell'match, and nonsensical papers reminiscent of Syd Barrett but with more than sex. So only when you are taking used to this little piece of quirk, Leaves 2 begins, and the the-fi the electrical guitar begins arpeggiating uncertainly. A voice is on duty, and this time is nigh-excruciating like singer Jeff Mangum tapes out of "IIILooooooovveYYOOOOOOOOOUUUUJEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESUSCHRIIIIIIISSSSTT" in the remote register on his capacity. To arrive to this point, a neither cut auditor to shout, never to touch an album again, or (and ossia a street are) s/he " it takes a joke" and it bursts into access to laugh; Mangum sure has balls. The aeroplane takes mentally filed to a "Novelty" section.
Grieve refuse this law like that good joke that Hotel of Neutral Tins estrago a conception to burst into a dreadfully catchy and piledriving near-punk of Part 3. As he plethora of sounds and instruments clank and whirr to the long of, a band develops his the in a hole, the band of brass that spends even more of the crazy, carnivalesque tenor to a song. Perhaps this band can mecer after all, thinks, this in spite of weirdly. Possibly it can be _serious_?
A final piece to a puzzle comes with a prójimo two songs. One affecting (and struck) "in an Aeroplane In a Sea" it is quite possibly a finer piece of the music has not registered never involve the musical saw(three-the course has seen harmonies, any one less!), And a surreal papers finally coalesce to the subject, like this well the musical takes on "carp diem" it likes him the memory in rock. For a time Two-the part of Chico Headed I circles around, a songwriting is resulted almost unbearably well, a flange is resulted almost unbearably pulled, and some instruments come of the dice gone. A sense to yearn is palpable, but something odd is going in. Sure, has a be of the acoustic electrical guitar has touched like this violently like this in any punk song, but is that a sale of brass that movements to the part of funerals of New Orleans? In fact!
A rest of an album is kaleidoscope of rarity, ache, amour, young sex, Anne Frank, flowers, llamas, plugs, and dead. More than being any of some the things has suggested in some leading paragraphs, the hotel of Neutral Tins is EVERYTHING of them. Mangum Is joking slightly and deadly serious, celebratory and mournful, crazy and healthy, sober and wild. Illustrating a contradiction is some songs that can do me same cry although it can not comprise some papers if my life is depended on that. This album comprises it everything, and so only when he all look likes goes to fly avert, a conviction tortured of Mangum voice and a utter catchiness of a music wins era. _Aerial..." It is the terrific album is has had to that the accept in his own terms, and pity any those who loses was on that; in all a flailing weirdness, somehow results universal.
PS: Some results of voice incredibly endearing with which enough listens.
5 / 5 von Benedict
In an Aeroplane In a Sea is the album of concept of classes, centred around mythological characters, has confused still magic existenstialism, mysterious sounds from above, musical eclecticism of some marvels of yesteryear (marching bands, singing saw, bagpipes, etc.) And today (folk electrical guitars, electrical rock), free-spirited religious ponderings, and endless imagination. It is an equivalent of the book of fantasy of the girls, but has adulterated enough to avert when being ignorant pap. It mixes a world of today, a world of yesterday, and a supernatural world to the psychadelic psyche fest worthy of the series of melancholy of the sleeps dipped in the vaudevillian wonderland. Mangum Can not be like this prolific likes Robert adds Pollard (. Driven by Voice), but a two east in a same serendipity-the wavelength drenched. Hopefully, On Avery Island is like this good-looking like this.
5 / 5 von Temika
I have touched this album partorisca countless friends, and (almost) all of has asked immediately to be and where can take an album .
Each song has had incredible intensity, both musically and emotionally, mainly because of Jeff Magnum is hurting and defending voices and some amazing papers that any always look to do senses. Oh, And a music is really catchy too much. Calm will find you humming his at random points during a day. (Or it is that so only me?)
Does not have the bad song in an album, and I never skip the song. One first song that took hooked was a song of title, in an Aeroplane In a Sea, but now, can very included begin to choose the preferred. Included a some have not concerned me for him at the beginning is wonderful now.
But a better part of a whole album is an emotional control exerts. Each song can begin of the whole variety of emotions, sometimes in impactante. He sometimes done my ache of heart to listen because of all an emotional investment, but trust me, is A lot of VALUE he.
Please buy this wonderful album, original, and force everything of your friends to listen his so only once. And then go to buy On Avery Island as I can feed your Hotel of addiction of new Neutral Tins.
4 / 5 von Neva
'In an Aeroplane In a Sea' pound on all a promise of 'On Avery Island'. In short, is a rock of better American/pop /folk (any) record of a @@@1990s. There is, simply, any feeble link in an album. An instrumentation is oddball, a production erratic, some eccentric papers and some angular arrangements, but that resplandores by means of Jeff Magnum unnerring ear for the slanted melody and a better way of the present. Although an album touches odd at the beginning listening, inside the few days touch like this natural like any records you;'it sees never listened - and a slickly has has produced album of focus he of entity touch to like some odd outcasts. Incredibly, NMH is able to reproduce an alive whole thing - his action in Camden Underworld in 1999 was easily an action has better of then year - with an integer gamut of instruments, of saw to tubas to theremins doing appearances. An Elephant Six/Kindercore the launches of scene on some dubious registers (be sincere, to to any really like him to him the tapes of Music? And calm does not wish Control of the tremor of Olivia would do more songs and fewer collages), but when he all comes right - NMH, Essex Green, Utmost Lagos, some Apples In Stereo - is the joyous and wonderful thing .
5 / 5 von Hsiu
Has the question in a world of Aeroplane In a Mar. is not a music, which is like this well like 5 star revises given to this cd. There is not any reason for me to explain that so another has tried already to do. A question is that like this magnitude of claim of the people on Jeff Magnum (the composer and singer of a "band"). And where it is now? Maintaining the low profile in georgia. There is purposley stoped music to write, as you result the "taken" icon, possibly. Everything knows is that a band "A Decemberists" it is very very better that Hotel of Neutral Tins. At least thier constanly doing music. I mean seriously Jeff, calms any music for people for the listen. You owe that crawl in the hole and dissapear. I mean, because emission something I so that it adds and expect person to take listens?
4 / 5 von Haywood
Well, am not quite sure reason has not written the description of this cd still, in fact can of, are quite forgetful. Anyways, Ossia one of my favourite albums - usually is my preferred , but lately 'A Charm of one Touches of Issue' has been doing a lot well. It is impossable for me to say you that well this album is. If any calm the the closing then downloads a clue of title of Kaaza. For a time a song is calm on already will be in your way of the buy.
For those of you the one who have it already and does not have 'Avery Island', no a deception included has done. I have expected three years to take it, and is so only able state to enjoy he for some last few months. It is an excellent album , no like this very like this one but still very good. So much I attack no longer, takes all a NMH cds has beaten.
P.D. Has the show of only alive and the plenary NMH free show to download, a show of only is a better but is bolth the value that download. It goes, he maintaining.
5 / 5 von Geraldo
Period - 40:11
A lot has been said in this album. It is one of some main subterranean records of a decade. There are wild papers , brilliant, horns, harmonies and crunching electrical guitars all sparked for the scorching fire in a crux, that burns all the auditors. I think a thing this in spite of, which has been involved for a lot of but a lot directly declared, is that this registers really really mecer hard. And in my humble opinion, ossia that has given really in an Aeroplane In a Sea his legendary state. These songs all the rock in a traditional rockout-airguitar-goosebump way. I still shiver with the delight every time listens to Ghost, Olanda 1945 and A King of Flowers of Carrot Pt. 1. This album looks like this wry and odd, but think that is very accessible. Any one looking for the record of the REAL rock to good sure would have to that take this.
4 / 5 von Caroll
This album is sooooo so only. Calm take you behind to feel likes is the brother has been he was the war or is like this odd. Jeff Magnum captivate you a minute shouts his first lyric. His crude, sincere, hard touching voice JUST ACCESS with some crudes intrumentals, the bass distorted, and the odd sounds that goes that they hang a whole album. Really it appreciates a creativity of Hotel of Neutral Tins, especially in his election of instruments. They use a lot of different instruments, which each song complex creations that the frames want to listen his on and on again, so only like this calm fully can absorb that it is listening. Oh, For a way the favourite clue is "Olanda, 1945." But one the majority of "together place," "polished" the clue is to good sure "in an Aeroplane In a Mar." it is really enough.
5 / 5 von Jule
Other descriptions of this album have failed to take a sheer strangeness of his sound. A vocals in this album is almost embarassingly sincere- is that way to sing that near in a ragged embroiders to turn to the low. Some microphones are very together, that creates the feeling of intimacy and confession that can listen to "in an Aeroplane..." Be quite an emotional experience, calm duty like this desire. In a downside, is not like this as well as the soundtrack to wash some dishes (although perhaps ossia so only me). A instrumentals is ragged in the way that is charming at the beginning, but with which has repeated to listen begin to feel bit it expendable- some arrangements feel haphazard and an intonation to wobble could adapt some of the young big band. Also, it is the shortish album, although some clues cohere does not think that is earths for the call the 'work of mecer' that reviewer has suggested. Some papers are not significant excepts like this Rorschach blots, this in spite of, like the adivinos could be the work of mecer he calms the the really has wanted to be. In a whole, enough the good album in his own clunky, homespun way.
4 / 5 von Rosetta
Has been presented to this band for way of his another album, ON AVERY ISLAND, for the partner of the mine the one who ensured that like this well likes AVERY was, "in the AEROPLANE..." It was better. I have begun to listen more and more in a band and glowing descriptions for this album and frontman, Jeff Mangum. I bought it and it has not left my player of CD of then. This album defies to write of gender and is one of one the majority of powerful I own. Jeff Mangum heartbreakingly good-looking voice , sincere and BRILLIANT papers - coupled with each instrument of saw it to the flugelhorn, zinthaphone to the Scottish Highland pipes and the well of old electrical guitar is dizzying in his discharge, row and sheer capacity to absorb calm to a song. Any defender of music will remain disturbed - with the train that change of an a bit ballad-esque "the king of the flowers of Carrot Separates 1,2 &3" it was and it has been it flies it was rockers like a 9th clue "Ghost" and a untitled 10th clue - that that can be one the majority of thunderous, in amazing heart-pounding piece of the music has not listened never - any heart can explode for the listen. Still I can not listen to a last clue "2 course of boy Headed 2" without crying. I am writing this description in a hope that one that the adventurous soul will give this album so only one listens. Calm ensure you that this will be enough to calm hook for good. One of some compraventa better has done musically. Period.
5 / 5 von Arleen
While a lot they can complain of in a bell of Magnum voice, his papers are odd and, in an almost otherworldly way, poetic. "Two Boy Headed" Parts 1 & 2 it is able to run colds down your plug. A feeling of stray and rebirth permeate a whole album. A music is deceptively simple, simple acoustic riffs, horns, fuzz electrical guitar; doing transmission of Neutral Tins among university rock and he somber fund of carnival.
I, unforunately, has discovered this band too late to see them alive still although it live near Atene at the same time has touched. No respecto partorisca to plot of some other bands of Elephant 6 (although it likes Elfpower) and is displaced like this was done until of the year. This album has changed really my idea of the like the simple music was able of.
5 / 5 von Arline
...But ossia to maintain totally with Mangum Harry small Partch fetish. An experience of flavour, to be sure, to the long of some lines of sweetbreads or veal kidneys -- rich, and odd -- but ossia any reason to champion or casserole he whole. Certainly, ossia an album the difference of any one another -- but question one endless, fecund Syd Barrett has dipped, so only reason am too easy: odd type = Syd Barrett -- duh? -- With, while, any thought of like this difficult is to pull this material is gone in Amsterdam, likes opposed to in a pathologically nostalgic United Kingdom --
Like this anything, Jeff is taken the bit of the whiny, annoying May of voice: listened to calm lately? That master of the composer, in all the chance -- Heaven or Brooklyn? I will take Brooklyn anytime -- is more afterwards to a heart.

Top Customer Reviews: The Worm'S ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 von Tamra
Interesting idea but probably partorisca partid√°rios so only. An original album 'Heartworms' is not improved to.

Top Customer Reviews: Soft ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 von Carmelia
With each for real good rock sale, has paste his summit in the stunning album, glorious that people of leaves breathless. Partorisca A Flaming Lips, this album is 'A Soft Bulletin,' his 1999 have opposite -- the trippy, épico, ingeniously the odd collection compiled of only good songs. It is not musical perfection, but approach his.

Opens with the glorious Mellotron wave, which is deliberately so only the little was, in a start of 'Race For A prize (Sacrifice Of Some New Scientists).' 'Two scientists were in poster some abonos of all the humanity/Both of his side for side/Like this determinate,' Wayne Coyne croons. With, of course, offbeat echoes and electronic wavers and whispers layered in a indierock melody.

Without touching overpolished, some songs that follows a lot attentively structured and polished; no the alone note is out of place. Coyne Sings on smooth, flowing songs of pops with the catchy flange. And the one who the songs sings -- in supermen, debilitating bites of spider, buzzin' bugs, scientists that tries to cure terminal illnesses, and there is wounded mathematician.

oft Bulletin' also touches on some more uplifting subject -- 'That Is A will read is the purely wanting to variac. In a song of typical amour: 'That is a light/That has/Shine everywhere you?' And 'A Spoonful Hanged A Tonne' is the soaring ready roughly as 'his' saved a world with a power of amour. 'And although they were sad/ succoured all the world/You lifted on a sun...'

No this 'uplifting' means caseous or sappy. A Flaming the look of lips to be entirely seriously. That is more, add the flavour of spatial acid his music that maintains of not taking never too much... Well, normal. A better description can come up with east: it is like the big inspiring show in another planet, complete with the orchestra of celestial pop. There. If it conceal it do not note , at all .

Is hard to find the album of then is done totally out of excellent, listenable songs. There have it usually at least a bad (or mediocre) apple -- comprising on more other albums of Lips. Esoft Bulletin' has any one. Has the only kaleidoscope effect, with shimmering psychedelic music and alentadora, philosophical songwriting.

Wayne Coyne Is a bit nasal vocals in fact touches well in this offbeat music, especially when they are echoed and layered. A music is wildly complex: flowing basslines and enough muffled drumming, with serious and orchestration. Place on he all are spent and washes of synth and blips, which add a spacey final touch.

And like this rerelease has? Among other things, outtakes and extra songs like a enchantingly ethereal 'On On Some Newspapers Hum,' a hauntingly good-looking'witch That Torres of a Universe,' and another. Wayne Coyne Describes an experience of in fact DOING an album, which offers bit it more idea to an already evocative songs.

And of course, some video: 'Race for a rewarded is suitably colour and odd, with joggers covered in electrodes and Coyne flange in front of the band of brass. And another east the shimmering, decadence-toned the full video of flowers, sources, harms of boss, and the little boy the one who finds to surprise powers in his little superhero boss. Adorable.

oft Bulletin' is probably a better album a Flaming the lips not having never -- musically rich, lyrically uplifting, and thoroughly enjoyable to listen to. A modern classical.

Top Customer Reviews: Yoshimi Battles the ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
5 / 5 von Kindra
I love this record and the sounds adds on vinyl. Any frills or code of download, but a pressing is decent.
4 / 5 von Basil
Adds Cd partorisca drive @Give you? My favourite song
4 / 5 von Annamarie
is Looked quickly, a lot-packaged. Also, so only the generally incredible album. You recommend! (Also, it has loved a red vinyl. S√ļper Fresh!)
4 / 5 von Darlena
The album adds, sounds awesome on vinyl. Some frames of the looks of special red edition have included fresher. The continuous desire do original material.
5 / 5 von Hoyt
A Flaming the lips have been always comfortable with rests so only out of a trappings of mainstream music. Have felizmente carved Out of the class of career of fringe that does music of pop of the confectionery infused with an electronic sensibility. Yoshimi Battle some Pink Robots is an example a plus end of these sensibilities and possibly an a bit those that albums for real utmost to exit of this decade. With infinite replay-has described an album belies is upbeat veneer with a undercurrent of real emotional philosophy a lot of. A record ranked in the number of casts of albums more utmost in a course of a last decade and with good reason, is the singularly only musical experience of the very gifted band the one who have left popular culture to influence but not dictating his only sound or essence.
5 / 5 von Esteban
Has thought of so that the-paste of marvel for a lot of for his only swipe of 1993 is does not use Aspic', A Flaming the lips once again try that I play it radio does not import . Although it can not be like this amazing like his 1999 masterpiece A Soft Bulletin, Yoshimi Battles some the Pink robots is still another album for some Lips that will be stuck in your player of CD for month. In Yoshimi, some Lips generate some of a plus memorable the never has listened melodies on CD, and transmit powerful emotion in of the papers that is simple still accessible to included a random auditor.
Clue a, Test of Flight, begins your adventure with the catchy tune roughly that stands up for your emotions where Wayne Coyne utters a more memorable the line of a CD has thought has had the virtue in always when being fresh.' It follows three, a clue of title (leaves a), this in spite of perhaps any lyrically deep, is still quite treat to some ears and there will be you touching your feet and snapping your toes. In a Morning of Magicians (clues five) starts of fast paced and pauses to the good-looking, dulcemente, orchestral melody for behind the papers that explores a futility of amour. It follows nine, calm @Of the? It is perhaps a more next thing to the mainstream radio song in an album, but he with way so only some Lips can fulfil. Yoshimi Battle some calm Pink Robots take you on an emotional walk that so only can be fully appreciated when experienced to cover to cover.
Like A Soft Bulletin, can not have any upper mainstream radio swipes in this CD, but perhaps is better that way. I peel the once listened to a whole CD all a way by means of, will feel to like has found something like this incredible that a rest of a world-wide so only any taken . And a truth is, has.
5 / 5 von Tyrone
Has seen these types in Amoeba Registers a day a record has been released so that flu my view of a record. Of some first time listened it Wayne Coyne touched it mine in the player of CD. I have seen A Flaming the lips touch the little time, two times in the support of his album adds A Soft Bulletin. A lot of people would imagine this album could not be topped. Ossia One of some American bands is of a past twenty years. Well, they have gone the little more the concept oriented (Zaireeka) while it remains true to his sound (Soft Bulletin) this in spite of spending something new to a table. A commentary of what is that the funky is. Steven Drozd is the master musician and add it drummer. All could wish thus here and the look relaxed a same time. An album has the history where there is robot in some futures and Yoshimi arrivals to struggle of the best a. The robots for these times can try and feel so only like humans. Some robots are done to take on a planet. There is the plot in perceptions, and that it is real, and time.
One first song 'Try 'of Fight' could be the song in a Soft Bulletin. A silt of synthesizers and a heart said ' is all the mystery .' His new sound of computer funk go in in a song 'A Robot of Plus.' An end of song in the section of real good-looking keyboard. A next song 'Yoshimi Battles some Robots Rosa pt. 1' the starts were with the sound of electrical guitar adds. It is class of the humorous song and so only could be with a title. This dissolves to the scene to struggle that it is like esaparca' for One That. There is the plot to shout in this clue. Two more the clues soyagicians' and 'Egos tripping' is the worthy songs to be comprised in Soft Bulletin. ' You are A Hypnotist' is some Lips that flirts with his Roses Floyd obsess. Lucky to maintain it to us down four minutes. Character and summertime is evoked during an album. An only ' calm @Give you?' It is already the classical. It is the ballad concealed gets obsessed with mortality (a favourite Coynian obsession). He then arrived with 'All Have Is Now' and another instrumental. It is the short record like the vital impact. A Flaming the lips already are lining up for some prizes for east a. Yes the technology is bad . We know it conceal. The technology creates soulless robot and all the world-wide the voyeur in a world. A stand of Lips against east. We do not require the life that is no more than pornography without consequence. We require to feel something true and real.
5 / 5 von Remona
2002 the put you a Year of Yoshimi to some Lips and more critical accolades. Yoshimi Battles some the Pink robots taken the look in the half partorisca the human being in our age has mechanised current and our report, man and car, to a universe. Although the much lighter emission and optimist that A Soft Bulletin, subtract this in spite of prescient in our world. Yoshimi Ploughed with 'Test of Fight' with Lips' frontman Wayne Coyne that examines as well fights partorisca, and that far has to that take things in this life. One contrasts among a lyrical content and structure of traditional pop of this song with some electronic noises interspersed throughout speaks to this dichotomy of living in an age mechanised to the equal that questions that it have to that do for us, and that would owe that have another, be diagram or humans, for us. Of course, have always seats it concealed 'Test of Fight' and his singsong the melody was ironically the banjo out of being to dip ready of classical country. 'A Symphony of Plus/of Robot 3000-21' the looks in a human/car contrast more directly with this heart , 'A robot of plus learns to be / Something more than the car / When it come from some looks / of way to like can loves.' Driven to the long of for the melody of line of grave hypnotic, several vocal effects continue this during a song that touch as if it is the song of amour to a robot he of the his conclude of human creator with quite celestial synth keyboard and effects of harp. The humanity is resulted infatuated with our creations, his presents, and qualified to mimic human life. 'Yoshimi Battles some Pink Robots pt. 1' Continuous in a singsong vetoes of 'Test of Fight.' Start with an I almost initiates-variac. Of stop in the melody of a clue, here have humanity that takes a boss of robot-on. Personified Likes Humanity, Yoshimi is decided that cost to struggle for or is taking a lot of cause / of vitamins knows that it was tragic if these robots of his bad want to.' A mechanisation of 'A Robot of Plus' is the line of basses has been substituted with the simple electrical guitar strum, the drum of has fallen deep, and more pointed synth effects. One instrumental 'Yoshimi Battles some Pink Robots pt. 2' it Follows with Yoshimi' shouts them that it dominates a bulk of a clue that follows some notes of falling bass of a melody. Fight to do he by means of all a background noise and the voices that goes in a way of his tentativas of the do to a fore mixes of a clue. It is Yoshimi victorious? Has lose a race for a prize? Has has lost to the ours own 'bad-natured the robots have programmed to destroy?'
'In a Morning of some Magicians' can resist a response to these questions, or he? Opening up in the sleepy to haze that question 'that is amour and that it is hate / an error of calculations,' some clues dulcemente builds as 'dawns has begun to break' with Yoshimi that gives to a universe 'also powerful to master.' You look it it has been swipe for our own devices. 'Ego Tripping in some Doors of Hell' develops that the humanity has swipe in fact in of the hopes that these cars would want like this Coyne sing ' has wanted to take you to want to me / But your amour does not avenge never / All another amour around me / so only has squandered all was.' Have taken like this directed in our fight with resultant more 'anticipated' to grow a mechanisation and automation of society, that has lost all view, touch, and amour, of the each one another. A realisation of this loss and an increasing distance comes the house with 'Is the Hypnotist??' To the equal that in the knots @give ' are the odd plus now among all a recognised / That it is this ? / You are some bondadoso of hypnotist??' We are result hypnotized for our creations, our cars, and our capacity to create these beasts that has darkened that it is for real of entity, each one which so another, with 'the eclipse of sun for behind a cloud.' ' It is Summertime (Throbbing Orange Pallbearers)' recognises a sadness of this chance, with his odd mix of unrest and musical optimism, as I am remained so only seeing the eselfo-the inner sadness reflected' like throbbing orange pallbearers increase and fall with a day. ' Calm @Give you??' It opens with the digitally changed voice and one of one the majority of papers simpler and stunning in everything of music of pop: ' calm @give you / That has one the majority of beautiful face??' Apparently the humanity has won, feel a loss of our brother in a forward two clues and is all the leaves so only of the big master plan of a universe, some cars, , everything of knots, and that infinitely small is in comparison to this that is besides our comprehension. A booming gong, the electrical guitar echoed slightly, and airy vocals believes a otherworldly the effect that objective our report to a universe. In spite of this realisation of our stairs of minute to a glorious diagram of things, there is still hope and 'all the world knows someday will die / and in place of saying everything of your farewells / left him know calm @to give you that the life goes quickly / is hard to do a bit the good things have had to that / calm @to give you a sun no below / is so only an illusion caused for a round of world-wide spinning.' 'All Have Is Now' shows some effects of this postrealization and teaches to the equal that would owe that it reads, 'calm and me has not been never meant to be part of a future / all have is now / everything has has not had never was now,' and with that, on hire purchase is coming that we would have to that live for today, alive for knots, alive for each another, alive for amour. Tomorrow it can never come, does not concern roughly improving some cars for coming generations, does not concern roughly improving tomorrow; it improves you for today. Closing a disk is one instrumental (and Grammy-that wins) 'those Approximations Pavonis Mons for Ball (Utopia Planitia)' to the equal that slip to the long of on looking behind on he all, some trumpets blare proudly and joy of the ours newfound amour for knots, each one which so another, and a world.
Yoshimi Battle some Pink Robots is one of a masterpieces of our time and operates it that while some songs is instantly hummable, some glorious subjects to take the little more with a longitude partorisca enjoy. Perhaps it can take the universe partorisca time to achieve full comprehension of Yoshimi objective, but does not have this time, has forty-seven and of the-small means, as we owe that do with him that can.
5 / 5 von Ceola
Has, unfortunately, any to the a lot of albums likes him 'Yoshimi Of Battles some Pink Robots.' I enjoyed'oft Bulletin' when I have found he in the tent last year, but that really tugged in era an odd title of 'Yoshimi.' It is in entertainment , sweet, sad, immensely fulfilling album.
Some songs tend to have the slightly futuristic feels; in the first place it has been it is a catchy 'Test of Fight' ('has not been where a sunbeams well/and a starlight begins/ is all the mystery '), one pursuing 'A Compassion of Plus/of Robot 3000-21' in the robot that develops emotions ( any cringe -- is done wonderfully), a poignant time-song of trip 'All Have is Now,' an a bit more forgettable ' is Summertime (Throbbing Orange Pallbearers' and 'Ego tripping in some Doors of Hell,' and a fantastic, almost defending 'Is the Hypnotist?'.
But my favourite clues can be 'Yoshimi Battles some Pink Robots'; it leaves one is delightfully caseous description of the daughter of karate the one who is battling some robots of bad. ('Oh Yoshimi/Does not believe Me /but calm will not leave / these robots eat me!') A second part is the instrumental monkey , a real conflict he, punctuated for Yoshimi bloodcurdling shrieks and a sound of these destructive pink robots.
If I can not manage music that asks an imagination, then this is not your album. Some songs (' calm @Give you?') Gone back easily to the different album. But a lot the ('All Have is Now,' 'Yoshimi Battles some Pink Robots Pts. 1 And 2,' 'A Compassion of Plus/of Robot 300-21') has to that slightly fantastical, science-fictiony feels. A music is fast and deftly-treaty, with a surreal notes that one asks papers. A global effect is fun, catchy, sweet and sometimes quie pleasant. (An only distracts it the element was one acclaiming and applause)
The majority of album leave unsatisfied, craving something indefinable, but 'Yoshimi' any that mine. When I have finalised a last clue, I only paste 'played again and listened to a whole album the second time. Highly recommended, the pleasant quirky piece of work.
4 / 5 von Sybil
Is considering This album for A Flaming Lips but is not familiarised with his calm promotes you partorisca take first to do that decision. Q Revised of placing of a song ' is Summertime' in his CD of a better of a better of 2002 aimed to buy it, listening to a whole CD cause to dip this in mine the majority of compraventa of disappointing music of 2002 can not situate he in a cube of powder of history early quite ready (related with Kronos the African music of the quartet CD). Perhaps it is reason a song ' is Summertime' had domesticate my expectations unrealistically, but expected for something like the version of the 21st century of an album likes Rosa Floyd glorious soyeddle.' Or, with a ready title, the tribute to Jpop electronic musicians Cornelius, Takeko Minekawa, or Tomovsky; it is neither.
I analogize a music in this album to the travesía to some dentists of modern day' office: An experience is no longer painful, a whine of a hammer no longer dips chilly fear to the each one which of the sphincters of your organism and no longer does your ache of boss for days after a meeting. Still, listening to this CD of the music is not very very better that the travesía to a dentist. Some looks of music partorisca meander aimlessly with languid langour boat races to follow to follow for any apparent reason. The voice of a vocalist usually touches feeble and girlish, as if it is fearful has been boxed on some ears dares "opened up and the cry was, any that concerns never in the what." A sale partorisca back sounds as it can be well, a vocalist and one another person strumming he clangy electrical guitar of boxes.
Arrives to a that a 'concept' for behind this album is to emulate the television show in the robotic hero. If like this, A Flaming the lips has there has been sucedidos in creating an album that to to the sounds like to of him has been done partorisca t.V.
An album is not totally bad. There is at least three good clues (7, 8, 9) and these am a lot of reason contain some good hooks; a vocal line is relatively strong and comes from to signal One to signal B without hesitation; and reason a music to behind is cleverly built and no drib and drabble partorisca remark to mote.
Gives this album two stars because with on 100 positive critiques there owe that be some ineffable what in this album that lacking, otherwise so only a star my friends.
5 / 5 von Etsuko
Techno-Futuristic Could be the good term to describe this 2001-spatial-odissey-like épico musical (sad in a convoluted description...)
Was in a darkness in these types until they are exited with this album. It was quite lucky to learn roughly the by means of ... They are simply advances of light years of the majority of some laws these days, there with a Becks, a Wilcos, Travis and a Doves of today. In the first place listen or the careless listens to some results of albums in the impressive impression, especially with some two clues of title, separates one and two. But take the averages the minute (also bad is like this short) to listen to a sample of 'in a Morning of some Magicians' these offers of Amazon: you will be surprised in a depth of a music... A history that these 11 songs spend the interior will spend you up and down and leave you wishing you has had more time a day to listen to an album on and on (my woman is beginning to any like this contrives, has to say.)
Packed With echoed of a sixties' psychodelia, subjects with harmonies that deserves careful attention (especially control out of a flawless and ellaborate line of basses in 'A Compassion of Plus/of Robot 3000-21'), this brilliant work for these types of Oklahoma have produced in thrill them to me resembled those have behind experienced in 1997 when Radiohead has released his work 'Or.K. Computer'.
With which this, now will begin to undermine to his works displaced to discover where come from/come from. It looks he likes esoft Bulletin' is after on-line, but like this far, this album underlines like this one of a better year to good sure and one of one has had more the occasion to listen to in my life!
5 / 5 von Alexandra
Well, Although the person in a band is practising any Oriental-has derived practical likes meditation, this album really looks to take these feelings. There are a lot of songs has related to ego, death and awareness of a moment - surely some main pillars for any student of Zen. The commentary of Wayne in an album generally has retreated this up with such words like
'to derive one east filled of the moments concretise only in time is to lose is gone in a cosmic accident that it is everything of the moments of the life...'
Door this on top of then is impossible to separate a music of a general soyessage', particularly for a Flaming Lips. Has Have the general tendency in some albums of then 'the clouds Try Metallic' to some interesting takes on a lot of appearances of life; or perhaps ossia simply some Lips' once again messing with our alcohols...
Like this always these types are entirely a lot-linear in fashion and delivery. Last album has had lush symphony-the music has assisted, reminiscent of 70 grooves like a Moody Blues. Maintaining is in 80 east with some down-fi electronica. But the difference of one 80 is has a lot of discharges and some interesting mixing paralizaciones partorisca kick.
Then has an a lot of noticeable the influences that begins of clue 1 with Cat Stevens. Or that roughly that Daniel Lanois tomb in clues 5? A fashion Bowie calm electrical guitar on ' @give you?'?
An album adds that it considers a critical success of a Soft Bulletin. The desire of Wayne is for an auditor to 'so only simply be... Distracting' and certainly are. It enjoys.
4 / 5 von Willis
Has gone any for the fate that have win this CD, probably there would be data very thought in this album of only concept. This was a first time had listened to A Flaming Lips. That has had to character with which have listened his was that a band has come from/come from that endless supply of artists of Oklahoma?
While an album of the concept does not surface so as do in 70 east, takes some guts to try to register the complete CD and maintain any one is attention for an hour. Partially they have sucedidos in an endeavour. There is the pair of something where found was, but the majority of some CD treads waters felizmente.
'Yoshimi Battles Some Robots Rosa, leaves 1', 'is A Hypnotist' and ' @Give you??' It is glorious in his execution, but some of some another so only does not feel complete mine. Considering it has taken two years! To register, a CD would have to that it has flowed better. A pair of the places so only feels choppy. An only another drawback for me was an use of electronic instruments, sometimes there is me overwhelmed so only.
In general, the decent emission a new century, still does not substitute Rosa Floyd is 'Dark Side of A Moon', but can give Styx' 'Kilroy Was Here' (another album of concept of @@subject of robot) the state announces of the money. I will maintain to listen!
5 / 5 von Elizabet
Has to that admit that I so only initially listened of a Flaming Lips been due to Steve Burns of Blue Clues, but there is of then results intrigued for his music.
Although has the variety of categories could be situated in, his music for real defies description. An album can not be for all the world, but after listening his the pair of time, was hooked.
His web of place has the player of half comunicacionales release the one who calm leave you to listen to a CD in his entirety in place of 30-according to tidbits. A way some only to appreciate an album is to listen his the pair of time. It is also advantageous to read some papers and the notes of Wayne in an album. The majority of some songs is quite so only and amorous and a lot an album has been dipped together with the history in alcohol, how is the much more interesting album that the majority.
'Another Compassion/of Robot 3000-21' east in a moral question to thrill them to him felt for the robots could be considered genuine and 'All Have is Now' is in the man that fulfils his future self the one who has gone back to say like this goes to die.
Incredibly that it interest and very creative. A music, the papers and the video are character of his gender and they deserve it casualidades to be listened.
To good sure on mine favourite! :)
5 / 5 von Patience
And so that it begins.
Had not listened never to the Flaming album of first Lips, but has maintained to see "Yoshimi Battle some Pink Robots" on some of last years "better albums" casts, as has thinks that would take the casualidad and the verify was. Taking roughly three listen before it was hooked in this cd. I can not help that it smiles when I listen his, and listen his work, while I am driving, and house. While any usually the defender of a concept-album for-, this one has taken to me really to. Has the clue of Rosa Floyd, with almost dreamy, ethereal, quality. It is full of some lines of wonderful percussion , creative tomb, and thoughtful papers. My favourite songs are "Test of Flight", "Yoshimi Battle some Pink Robots Pt. 1", "Ego tripping in some Doors of Hell", and " you are the Hypnotist", but " calm @Give you" it is stand of mine -out of preferred, so only the good-looking song, and he sickens me he now the listen in the television car ad.
Him them eclectic Flavours in music, and does not limit you to burst radio, calm think will enjoy "Yoshimi Battle some Pink Robots".
4 / 5 von Willia
'A Soft Bulletin' was my introduction to A Flaming Lips. So many, on in the first place listens 'Yoshimi....' Any quite he for me. It does not have a sonic sweep and layered, lush feel of oft...' In the sonic sense, is esmaller.' But, when I revisited the the little month later the really hooked me. There is an innocence and optimism that is scarce in today jaded half musical. And yes, Wayne Coyne can sometimes sneak in some quite childish rhymes, is is gotta be strong to struggle them/So that it is taking a lot of vitamins.' But I will give to spend it on that one of some aims of rest and his mates in the new level of maturity.
Although a subject of Robot is touched is gone in some first 4 songs, for me is a sequence of closes of ' this Summertime/ @Give you?/All Have Now is/that it Approaches Pavonis Mons For Ball' that really clinched this for me. These songs spend the subject of loss, remorse and hope packaged in some of a plus cleaned, arrangements more concise some Lips have not done never.
And to the equal that to the final does not take never a casualidad to see these types to take your entrances. It see him in him HE two month and is undoubtedly one of a must sees alive laws today. The calm guarantee will not forget it . Where calm more see to big squirrel, the rabbit, Jesus and Santa Claus that grooves on-stage to the whacked was to the dip ready 'likes the lightning Attacks a Factor.'
5 / 5 von Genevive
Some Lips have partially jettisoned an orchestral sweep of "A Soft Bulletin" for the trip it electronic plus-hop touches it he Hooverphonic. Some results of this direction? Sure songs ("Ego tripping..", " you Are the Hyponotist??" "Test to struggle") has a mix of lyrical melancholy, marvel, and transcendence embedded elaborate arrangements his music has better offered, but these mid-the songs of time are in general feebler that his last masterpiece. Wayne Coyne The amazing voice sometimes looks to float in meso-accelerate on a bubbling, roiling beaten and bleeps and blips, like this detached of him wives ossia that is a bit disappointed me.
But some Lips' engaged to explore some ways to retain an innocence and marvel and faith in our prefab, engineered world (and turning technology to human ends) his mark like an amazing singular band with more than heart that 99 of the as it goes through half of a matrix of means comunicacionales. So only reason are not "A Soft Bulletin" it does not mean they are not it adds...
5 / 5 von Kathline
I owe that confess that I have not been able to listen to this album a lot. Every time I turn it on, I have to touch ong of Fight' on and on and on.. I can not take enough of him.
But, that have gleaned like this far.. There is the few clues here ossia absolutely classical Lips. Song of fight, Yoshimi leaves 1, and calm @Gives is everything excellent. But while an album hangs near quite well, is not almost like this sublimely excellent like Soft Bulletin, or like this amused like the clouds Try Metallic, or like this insane like Paste the death. Yoshimi Resides in his own niche that I can any one quite define. Everything of a fall of songs to a same way, and there has no a lot of variac. Of that. It touches enough as 'the feeling Disintegrates' developed to period of full album. I want that song, as it is not necessarily the bad thing, but a sameness is still the weakness.
Give this is not any a lot of help for the no-defender of Lips. To them I have to that say: Flaming the lips are in his own universe that calm beg you to explore.
4 / 5 von Dorie
His hard to explain that well this album is. Sound my first album of Lips, still, his taken took me hooked. I see reason this album has taken like this praise . People: really it is that well. To the left explain me..
Some starts of albums were with "Test to Struggle", and it is one of mine favourite. Good-looking papers, and some electrical guitars, while no very prominant, is situated in some better places and really spend a clue the spiritual beauty. Calm really can feel the emotion is. Although, his hard to say that to feel.
"A Robot of Plus" it is trippy song. Mix Around a line of inaugural bass, and give you one that feels that the narrative will be present during an album. It follow it adds.
"Yoshimi Battles a part of Robot Rosa 1". This clue is which took hooked in this band. His definately no like this brilliant likes some of some songs in this album, as the one who the structure goes, but his has the simplistic beauty roughly that. Some papers, while childish is, well, so only well.
" 2" it Is a insturmental and builds of a courage and trippiness of part 1. Some circles of subject main around time and time, and in a fund can here a hero that struggles some robots.. A good clue. But some drums here look the little outta put. To all the cost: I ADD.
"..Magicians" it Is really so only, and brilliant. It is a lot of psychodelic but soothes and gives an auditor the feeling to comfort. Before spiralling behind to his acid-driven ego trip. That door to a next song..
"Ego trippin In some doors of hell." I think that that ossia a point underlined of an album. First. Some papers are simple, but a heart ("that the must has been trippin, Justo ego trippin") so only it is in amazing. Tip that a lot some Lips. Have At all to say in this another that would buy an album for this song so only.
" You are A Hypnotist" it is, in my a lot mediocre opinion. And "His summertime" it is a big plus letdown. This song couldve been like this more, thinks. His so only is disappeared something that all has joined other clues in an album have. His some clues so only seat concealed is "skippable".
Clue 9 " calm @Give you?" It has been used in several techie ads and was class of promotional. I disagree With a reviewer the one who has said a transmission in the way/of time was the bad idea. Sound the fantastically crafted song, and his background synths give you an idea of an old 70s western. Some papers are simple and sincere, likes more in an album, but is some of mine favourite out of an album.
" Calm @give you, that a sun does not go so only an illusion, created by an earth that goes 'round."
"All Have is Now" it is the clue that is a lot of lamenting and give you one that feels that a narrator is saying calm of the downfall of somesort. Perhaps I am imagining this, but in all the chance thinks roughly the, would be crazy any to think his any of a better, if no a better of an album.
Clue 11 "...Balls" it Is another instrumental, and calm give you the class of closure to an album. While his no the bad clue, would not import in that has it "All Have is Now" like final clue.
If you do not possess this album, he casualidad is is looking for the reason for the buy. There are infinite reasons. Many have appointed, and some that cant be known without the listen. Or a lot it listens. Reason an album in fact improves to multiple listenings.
After listening @OF THE that adds this band is. And perhaps it calms included result the better critic. Or the better human.
4 / 5 von Maren
Ossia A enjoyable cd, background music well, pleasant vocals, and fine production. Some of some papers are quite amusing.
But experimental, daring, or included very interesting? Any he casualidad. For one the majority of part, to to these sounds like Radiohead in of the sunny morning. Compared to, for example, some the Legendary Pink points on done twenty years, ossia incredibly pedestrian material. Some papers, when they are not amusing, as they are in a clue of title, is childish and sentimental (that achieves the summit in a totally unlistenable, juvenile " calm @Give you").
Ossia Background music well , to stick in a cd the player that cleans a house. There is certainly very worse cds there, and the popular music has been looking quite lean lately - but that certainly any this a "essential register" for any one is collection .
4 / 5 von Tad
Can not recommend this CD quite. Of a first clue to a last, take a together amazing of songs of a Flaming Lips that goes of beautiful to revolutionary. Any only is each clue the winner, each clue defies everything has not listened never previously to this CD.
A standout the clues are A Test of Fight , Yoshimi Battle a Part of Robot Rosa II, and @Give you?? But some other clues are all solid and in fact sustain each one which so another to produce the enormous album. Although tests to skip has joined other songs, will find will be hooked of some premiers pocolos second to an a lot of well.
Likes -you the music that challenges an auditor to accept something new while still appealing to some things that has done in a past, this CD is for you. So only give a first clue listens it, calms that will want to buy immediately.
4 / 5 von Nobuko
Like Soft Bulletin.
Production-wise, sound the fantastic album. Having to that differe where some have done his opinions before. If anything resists some Lips behind being a band of all the bands, his his papers. Musically, Can slay any more there right now.
Whgat Is different here is that they have looked to use the little more electronica touches that in a past, but no fre: this big drum and drippy the bass is present still . A a commentary of what is that an electrical guitar is not like this of entity like an instrument in this album like his summer in a past. I expect that this is not the sign of things to come.
This in spite of, sound the a lot of enjoyable, playful disk. Although his no A Soft Bulletin, the very good Lips the album is still the album adds has compared to a rest of a derivative craps concealed is exiting.
4 / 5 von Jazmin
Can reflect on me in the bad way, but totally has not taken this record. I know an album has received so only some better descriptions of numerous reputable sources, many that trusts wholeheartedly .
Some descriptions here on echo those have read in impression mesos comunicacionales more traditional outlets.
But so only could not take by means of this album. It bores and unappealing and uninteresting. Perhaps they are to see that a lot another reviewers has has has had to that 'go back' to an album to discover his' charms, but only tin a lot he...
I LOOOOOVE a title are a class of the music fans the one who there is ridiculously optimistic. Appearance be transported peels each one and each album/of artist takes. I buy to the plot so only based in descriptions, to sounds could like him 'in.
This one? It likes me quell'has said, I so only any 'take' he.
5 / 5 von Heriberto
Has bought this CD strictly on is art of fantastic coverage . Coming
on, all that from time to time. A music he mimics
an album of Air has has purchased years but then a voice of the type of blind melon kicked has known this was more than this
twangish-country-folkrock 90 material. A sound that
there is emisora the radio rural whole there is poured in him.
Like the first auditor to time to this album has looked for to listen but was
forced to paste a key of before in the each repetitious lyric, to the material likes "yoshimi take your yellow kung was robot something or another" repeated 16x is.
But is more be the Fantastic Plastic Car, Stereolab, Defazz, Ben Pieghi, Roxy Music. @I give will have prize of magazine of the aims to Transfer to rent these types but I am still any when taking .
4 / 5 von Socorro
Have beaten;t agree the one who the taken to a really, this cd, but thinks them the test to Struggle downloaded and is enamoured... It has bought finally a cd ( after d l the pair other clues) and places he in rotation.. On in the first place listen the era likes, this type has to that be kidding! It has left he in there, and quite punctual, has anticipated them each movement, singing to the long of, basically that absorbs a cd. He;s some fun music, and totally enjoyable... Ossia One of these cds neither loves or hate... Presented my fellow to them, and is everything to this cd too
Clues 1,2,6,7,9 and 11 is exceptional, which in no way some another full sound ...
Sometimes after singing to the long to/Listen to this, take such the feeling adds , the marvels if ossia sonic ... nah, So only kidding..
5 / 5 von Portia
Ossia Perhaps one of some better recent groups to exit with the decent anti-album of pop? I can very really say anti-the pop but I have not listened a lot of press in a Flaming Lips although many would say that this cd taken more attention that his leading emissions and I think that is ashame, these groups to good sure has the value of the his that listens the cross among a Moody Blues and Daft Punk looks incorperating of the best of these two groups and it dipping down in is utmost cd Yoshimi Battle some Pink Robots. I listen his practically daily and does not take never old. To to the clues Likes him to him Calm @Gives, All Have Is Now and A Compassion of Plus of Robot/3000-21 gives this cd infinite replay value. An add compraventa, the controls was!
4 / 5 von Annett
Has been expecting the CD add and innovative (also thanks to some usual enthusiastic descriptions on amazon, which will learn any to read anymore!)But it was sadly he disappointed it. They are in accordance with a reviewer before me the one who has said that one first song is 'Father and Edges' for Cat Stevens without some credits, a rest is the band that tries to do something new but really does not head to ! In general it is not the bad record, so only useless. A mix among some electronic music, more some 70s rock whithout a lot of musical inspiration. Any to mention some papers, the girl of 5 years would be likely to write better material. If you write stupid papers a lot he necessarily bad is like this ready and unconventional, sometimes so only look the stupid!
5 / 5 von Kitty
Some partners taken to some years of Lips , and honradamente did not listen them of then. Now that are more finaancially the stable have gone back and elected on the pocolos preferred, and decided in east some hips. I have not been disappointed.
Is all have expected of these psychadelic rockers of GOOD, and more. Some first four clues easily could be the soundtrack to the film. A song ' calm @Gives is inspiring, wise, and beautiful. This song have so only does partorisca smile. Music very small can do that. 'Yoshimi' Is electronica, is rock , is punk, is everything . Really I can not stress that well this emission is. It was not that it say that it is his better work , but is up there with his better work.
5 / 5 von Khalilah
In that grew it up in of the utmost progressive albums like Dark Side of a Moon, Alan sooner Parsons passage, and a Buggles' masterpiece "An Age of Plastic," has come to accept that one was of progressive rock is on and that the albums of true concept are further one takes of any of today of musicians.
But a Flaming the lips try me bad with "Yoshimi." Of one has mentioned previously works, "Yoshimi" it is more after musically the Buggles. But further of interesting songwriting and tight touching, a discharge of Lips in delicious washes partorisca shimmer synth much more that a Buggles , and a concept feels like this wonderous like this "Age of Plastic."
Perhaps comparisons to album of the progressive concept forward is not really has included the just way to approach it . This album has the very different feeling his. It deserves the place in a Room of Modern Progressive Rock of Fame in his own merits.
4 / 5 von Tamiko
Ossia Simply the scarce, wierd and wonderful album. In his surface is in the Japanese daughter that battles some bad pink robots, but in his centre of the candy of the cotton is in good-looking meditation on life, happiness, and taking casualidad. Each song in his only way the deep statement in a daily beauty that the majority of music these days fails partorisca express. Each number is attacked he adds , particularly "Test of Fight," " you are A Hypnotist," and a gorgeous "Ego tripping in some Doors of Hell." It chooses on this now calm album so much could enjoy a better album of recent years.
4 / 5 von Myron
Had been listening partorisca the long time the one who that shines it CD "Yoshimi" it was, but I have resisted partorisca give listen for the moment because of my aversion like this of the his 90 "it does not use Aspic". They are really happy has given to try it ... Ossia An incredible album . Some CD starts of odd and subdued, but an emotional impact of some songs gradually builds during an album. He climax with a gorgeous and fashionable hymn " calm @Give you", which, am not embarrassed to say, has spent the tear to my eye. Inocencio, psychadelic, beautiful and sincere, highly recommends this album.
4 / 5 von Micheline
An only reason reason has bought this CD was because of Yoshimi Battle some Robots Rosa pt. 1, which have listened on irradiate of internet. This catchy small jingle has run by means of my boss for the week before I have decided that that has had to that know more in an artist and a rest of this CD. Without really knowing in a rest of some songs in an album, has dipped my mandate in Amazon. When it Take a CD , was pleasantly surprised, although it take the little while to take used his. As any without another experience with a Flaming Lips, a music touches very experimental, with to plot of the electronic synthesizers that takes a forefront numerous time. At the beginning, any have to him legustado a CD with has repeated listenings, this CD has begun to grow on me, and can not look to go for the few days without the give move it.
5 / 5 von Larita
Has been the flaming defender of lips for years. His sound consistently has evolved with each album, and Yoshimi is any exception. It imagines, if calm , Telepathic melodies of the surgery dipped to Casiotone beaten of electronic keyboard, with some real drums that hip to kick launched in here and there, and FL characteristicly lacking "papers of history" and electrical guitar of funky, and that almost is on Yoshimi. If you are already the defender of Lips, Yoshimi probably any still disappoint you . If you are not- try one of his earlier albums first reason, although ossia the good album , is better when taken in a contex of the his his organism big plus of work.
5 / 5 von Marylin
I like a combo of beaten sweet low tones and synth vocals is well, But a Music is the one who resplandores here!
Song 5 'in a morning of some magicians' to to the sounds like Kermit a Frog is of the guest that stars! This in spite of this cd is candy of pure ear! And while a music has presented here is not New for , is still the good start for people so only taking to a Flaming lips!
A Very interesting album to have in your collection!
Kermit A Frog sees synth? It can be an interesting cd! Any one knows like this to contact Frank Oz?......
5 / 5 von Tracey
Well, in the first place was, are the defender of ENORMOUS Lips . They are my favourite band , and thinks that would have to that be considered one of one the majority of creative and incredible bands never. Have Certainly come the long way of the material of the his 80. A lot of people like his noisy feedback-laden psych rock "half" period more ("the clouds try metallic", "Transmissions..") And ossia when it was has ignored entirely. His then order of changed on his sound after ronald jones leave, and is critical result darlings. This album steps to the alike earth likes "Soft Bulletin", but it is nowhere he approaches like this wonderful like this record (which is one of some records of better pop NEVER). It is mostly the calm record, full of trippy blips and bleeps. Some Lips take to stab in environmental music? Any enough, but certainly his softer emission. The test of fight Is the tear out of Cat Stevens any one imports that denies, but is still the fantastic song (reason is this no the cup 40 swipe??). There is 3 or 4 a lot catchy songs, this feels likes would have to that be radio swipes in the just and just world, 2 instrumentals (1 duquel is a lot) and the few songs that is more than would expect of the band of this caliber, and an album like the whole was the bit of the left down. If you are not still the defender, and wants to listen to fantastic, so only, creative beautiful pop-music of rock, compraventa "Soft Bulletin". If you are an older person and wants to discover if any one is doing music of good rock today, one same. If you are anything but the data-defender of hard Lips, raisin is one and go to buy "Hotel of Yankee Foxtrot" (Wilco), or "Tiny Voices" (Joe Henry), or anything for Joseph Arthur. Yoshimi, to be sure, is better that more anything will find on irradiate of pop, but is the defender of good music, has a lot of better elections, am sad to say.
5 / 5 von Marcos
Has seen the row of reactions to this album. More reviewers recognise that a music is fantastic and inspired, but some celery a need to say something has taken: "it is not a Soft Bulletin, as I am disappointed". It is unfair to use that like some criteria to disturb an album, would say. Sure, a Soft Bulletin is more affecting, some summits of musical brilliance am high more, and the conceptual flow of an album is near-perfect. This in spite of, this there is at all to do with THIS ALBUM. I friggin love this album, partly Because it is not another Soft Bulletin. If some Lips had tried to do the S.B. Sequela, surely has been the tentativa tired and disappointing. To to The Albums like that so only come around time in time, and some Lips have done a right thing for emotional on.
This has said, Yoshimi is some of his very better work. I have been listening his newspaper, sometimes long the day, of a start of day, and am still itching to listen it. There are some absolutely gorgeous songs on here. The test of fight is one of a better, more interesting, catchy and endearing the inaugural clues have listened the long time, and One More the robot is beautiful, with him lulling line of basses and some of Wayne is more fantastically fractured and disconnected vocals never. Each effect in this song is done to perfection and creates the real way. A Yoshimi the continuazione is in fact mine less part preferred of an album. The part is the fine song , but bit it predictable, and Run II, although an interesting idea, is so only grating. This in spite of, an album takes out of there. In a Morning (5) is one of some Lips' the finest songs never. Again, the line of grave sum resists a together song while a layered the orchestral sounds some phases of the only good-looking transition. More adds, emotional flange for Gentleman Coyne here, also. Ego Tripping... It follows, and there is still another astonishingly catchy and unifying line of basses, and thin but adds flourishes of flesh of electrical guitars out of a song amiably. You are the Hypnotist is both spooky and enough, is Summertime is the sum of dreamy song in a tradition of Lips, @Gives is the fine song that it could take some airplay if it is marketed at all, and a final two songs are also strong.
Would say my thing preferred in this album is that simultaneously it spends currents of sincere emotion and comical entertainment. Some of a music in Yoshimi could be a soundtrack to the cartoon, but this in spite of, is some of one the majority of heartfelt the material has like this remote fact. More than 2002 like this far, for the wide margin.
4 / 5 von Ariana
...Ossia Prime minister of mine Flaming album of Lips. It have been postponing buying anything because there has been like this been disappointed for like this highly-touted album in a pair spent of years. "Yoshimi" Has classical writing throughout that. It does not think Wayne touches so much likes Neil Young to the equal that touches like Jon Anderson of Yes with the light of the sud drawl. And an album vaguely agree me of Yes, particularly "Near of a Flange," but without a pretensions or clutter. I think that that ossia one of a bit those that album that 2002 will be agreed partorisca in a pop panteón.
4 / 5 von Scot
If it is taste, are ailing and tired of of an effect that a "hip-hop culture" it is having in an industry of whole music. Personally, desire that rap had not been never has created... Then we do not have to that dipped up with rediculously primitive hand-held gestures, one without education blitherings of -be bullies callejera, and like this-called "new words" like "bling-bling" when being inducted to an English tongue.
This has said, thank God partorisca groups like a Flaming Lips that strolls his own street and does not give in the some desires of a mindless masses!
Has not been easy to discover, calm import. Obviously, a mainstream does not promote to to anything likes a bit Lips. I discovered him, enough for the roughly done accident five month while in the bookshop, reading a late plus Launches Palahniuk book. Some refreshingly the wine of different music on some speakers that pleased to some ears and easy to listen to. With which roughly are or seven songs, has known has had to have a CD, any one is. When An employee said is a Flaming Album of the newest lips, asked reason has had did not verify him never was before. I have listened of a band, but never annoyed to take the listen. Of this fateful day, has purchased each Flaming album of available Lips.
In that purchased quell'each CD for some Lips, Yoshimi is still my preferred. It does not go never of a psycadellic, spacy the sounds concealed characterises this album. Guaranteed, will love to the clues likes him-tries it they of Fight, Yoshimi, Tomorrow of some Magicians, and Is A Hypnotist.
In fact, if the 5.1 surrounds capacity, goes to buy a CD/CONJOINT DVD of this album. A whole album has been converted to surround his for a DVD (the container comprises both a version of CD and a version of DVD). One surrounds the sound in a DVD will trip you era!
Does not result another mindless automoton... Take a Flaming the lips defy today. Accident Yoshimi defends calm of this harm natured robot!
5 / 5 von Bok
Is the scarce but that joy of shines to @give on in the first place listens that the new record will be the classical. I have maintained to take a CD, that looks for to postpone a disappointment that has the thought has to that prpers have come, a series of terrible songs in an end of an album. But like some Lips say in clues 6: "this moment there is not coming never." If suitable that "A Soft Bulletin" it is one of some better albums of a @@@1990s, would have to it paralización reads descriptions and buy this album. If you have not listened his leading album, recommends that you dipped your brains in the stock exchange and topmast the mine, reason are obviously any to use them .
4 / 5 von Lera
Wow. The one who has thinks that that some Lips would follow on brilliants SB with another sonic classical. And it battles some the Pink robots is catchy, intelligent, entertainment, introspective, and freaky all a same time. Wayne Is an odd doubt .
Any question that ossia one of some better albums on 2002.
Any first few songs are irresistibles pieces of spatial pop, and then some dives of albums in the world of unknown pleasures and carnales bosses of sounds. While an album is not like this the energy has fed like this SB, is had more than leaving the soft moment persists for smack calms in a face the latest second.
Has left is a percolate on you.
4 / 5 von Tanesha
Some hooks in this album are almost like this numerous like some hooks to Seattle. Scandalously, This in spite of, is hooks that was first embedded in some songs of genuine artists those who trawled emotional depths--far besides a tope to suffer of this impressed for Yoshimi Battle some Pink Robots. I have taken: whistling, an a lot of vaunted, Tomorrow of some Magicians, one finds that an in fact is take Gordon Lightfoot is fantastically Rain of poignant Early Morning. Other reminiscences of trigger of the hooks of songs stops: Leo Sayer; Annie Lennox; Danny Whitten; and, notoriously: Cat Stevens (now called Yusuf Islam). They are not that it says that Flaming Lips have deliberately cherry-chosen all a wonderful agreement the originally has sweated structures on for better musicians--and then tossed his to this syrupy sweet preparation of an album; but it can say that quite truthfully! In all the chance, is still values to buy. If you are in the psychedelia--and tired to listen to Still always Changes-- ossia less than the swizz that an album of Choral was. And I agree it concealed 'Ego Trippin' in some Doors of Hell' is five star--up there with Good Vibrations!
4 / 5 von Oliver
This is not so only one of A Flaming Lips better Albums, thinks that is one of a better music. For lovers of Pops of the Noise, this album is heaven . A sound of this CD is like this layered and interesting, listens something new everytime. Wayne Coyne The flange is like this good and boyish like this never, and a instrumentals is full. The calm control was @to Give you?? Of course and also my personal favourite, is A Hypnotist?? (wow Really they like Him some double ?S)
Buy it.
5 / 5 von Manda
Has been the defender of A Flaming Lips never of his swipe 'Vaseline' touched in some radio ages done. But never they have released of then 'A Soft Bulletin', my perspective there is kinda changed, in a sense that am coming to appreciate his pure and utter character in doing music. This was an excellent album , but 'Yoshimi...' Swipes he out of a water. Ossia For far a better album of a year like this far, and highly doubts anything more released could beat he out of mine something upper. Of a very inaugural clue, 'Test of Fight' to one concludes 'those Approximations...', A Flaming the lips take on the full walk of electronic landscapes, acoustic electrical guitars, and a lot soothing vocals. An album is the history of the small daughter, has appointed Yoshimi, the one who battle of the giant monsters , mechanics, for this a title. Each clue is like the chapter in the book, and paints the better picture that any words could describe. Has think that Wilco was a better 'Chico One' wannabe there, but this album almost achieves that plateau. My favourite song has to that be 'Ego tripping in Some Doors Of Hell', although, is all masterpieces in his own sense. For far a better album of a year. It goes to buy it!! Calm will not be disappointed.
4 / 5 von Sarah
This album is oddly obliging. It is like Neil Young has taken lapped while looking a Powerpuff Daughters and headed channeling Pink Floyd. Still if you are not the defender of NY or PF, can have taken place. Result one of these oddball things in your collection that will listen you to nonstop for the month, but then after the attractive was roughly once the month and smile again roughly the one who the odd, totally only piece of tunage is.
4 / 5 von Eleanor
Has to that confession to do. When I have begun this year, I have done the promise to me that would not fall mindlessly enamoured with any freakish avant-garde artsy bands. It was young. It was naive. I thought that it that it can restrain my emotions.
Of course, inside the few short months, has been gone down by a sonic bliss ossia a Flaming Lips. With the techno bloop here and the thin baseline there, has had firmly wedged his to mine subconcious. They are catchy, intelligent, sweet, and that darned Yoshimi is so only too pleasant to resist. To the left be it known that are to go according to which to ask that mine roommate " it looks some Lips ."
Like calm the favour, and listen to some Lips for at least five hours the brilliant Tuesday during week of finals. And for sake of advantage, does not leave these robots of his bad eat me.
5 / 5 von Chassidy
Ossia An incredible album that is difficult to describe. It is like a together musical intergalactic elsewhere/of time.
Musically, Is an intriguing mix of rock and pop with the clue of electronica. To somewhere among Radiohead, Battlestar Galctica, Some Daughters of Puff of the Power, and James Taylor.
Gives four delicious stars for music and the star of final shooting for a sheer originality of him.
To the good sure values a lot listens and hopefully an inspiration by other artists to be more creative and break a musical mould.
4 / 5 von Linda
These types [rock]! I have it that has not thought really roughly the ones of then was in institute, but when I stumbled to the east in of the Flanges another day, has has HAD TO THAT The HAVE. A comparison to Bjork is quite attentive, but with the little Beck and Prozzak launched in also. Brilliant album!
Likes of any of some bands I only listing, then ossia probably for you!

Top Customer Reviews: Back In The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 18 ratings
4 / 5 von
This is not my preferred of one 3 original MC5 has has wanted to one 3. Pressing of decent quality.
4 / 5 von
Has listened in a group in the documentary, has not been the album disappointed very good
4 / 5 von
Was excited like this partorisca listen to this and enough an only reason reason has ordered them this was for side b but the can not take spent a second song on side b, dissapointing
4 / 5 von
is hard for me to think that these types have not been popular to an emission of "Behind in some the EUA." Sure, they have had leading bonds with John Sinclair and some White Panthers, but some songs in this disk are catchy--an early 70s revisitation of a sound to Launch Bay. While a lot they prefer " it Whitewashes out of some Jams," ossia easily his better album. While no like this slick like this, said, Alice Cooper, his songs of adolescent anguish am very better. It runs like "Adolescent Lust," "Institute" and " I call Animal" it have to that it has connected it with the young audience there has been this album be promoted properly behind in 1970. Also it looks two of a better, spent for big anti-songs of war of all the times: "A Human being Lawnmower" and "An American Ardid." A late plus is my favourite song in a MC5 catalog-- is a separate anti-war, another part anti-police (presages it a clue of brutal Black Flag "Police History" [1981]), while it heads to totally of rock and of stay catchy. An only thing that maintains this album to receive a 5 indication of star is a tentativa poor in the song of amour, "To the left Try me," which is class of like this " we will fall" (of a Stooges self-beginning titled) of an album. While " we will fall" it spoils a flow of a prime minister Stooges album, is sincerely eerie. "To the left Try me" it is so only simple bad, presaging roughly of some worse elements of late-@@@1970s Kiss (at least in a lyric department). In spite of that, this album is a lot of value a compraventa. To the left reassert me: this album is BETTER that " it Whitewashes Out of some Jams"!
4 / 5 von
Ossia Well, but take you the little of gaurd. It is so only a lot like a MC5 to the defender expects.
These are quickly, mostly courts, songs. A production really minimises an inferior end, and with an already quite shrill & hyper bandage like this, to some sounds of result like to of him has been registered inside the tine has beaten!
Has a slow tune, "To the left Try me", and work like the waltzy fifties number, but a feeling is one of the restriction forced-as if really enough would be mecer hard! There is the keyboard on for the half some tunes, and tends to soften a sound. Mostly these are fixed like this songs/of rock of the pop, excepts one very heavy, hard, and complex "Human being Lawnmower". If it likes a regulate MC5 sound of metal-fulfil-punk-before any gender was defined clearly, calm also will leave in " I call Animal" and "looking in You". There is no real uselessness here. But be careful-ossia the quite a dimensional album, and underlines a "Big Energy" what, while it minimises an experimentation and influence of jazz.
5 / 5 von
No like this solid like " it Whitewashes Out of some Jams," but there is like this " it has to that listen" MC5 in this work. "Shakin' Sreet" It is a upbeat the city that launches slick characters like "Skinnyleg Pete," and a tune "Human being Lawnmower Man" it is an amazing tune that it is surreal same for one of the majority of groups of cutting flange of the music. "American Ardid" it is the hep hymn of counter of culture with a "Bienvenido For behind Sonic!" Cry midsong, and the counter to an antisocial "American Ardid" it is an excellent rendition of "that Bolt in some the EUA."
If already taken another MC5 CD and like that listens, chooses this an up. Then choose on all have released more, reasons A City of Engine Five is one of mecer more add and too much has spent often of big bands.
5 / 5 von
'Behind in some the EUA' of 1970 east in my opinion a better of MC 5 three album. A band has achieved the bit of state of cult (Lemmy of Motorhead continuous rent this band and both a singer Rob Tyner and one of some players of electrical guitar has died now). Even 'tho I can not say that MC 5 is a better band in a world, sure rid the full rock of surca. With the songs the gustanuno captivating 'Tonight' with his potentials unexpectedly, a punk rock-melodic 'Adolescent lust', one 1960' pop 'Institute' influenced, a rock 'any number of dance of the circle 'An American ardid' and of course a pipe of the hardest drum 'Call me animal' this is an album would owe that have in your collection. It is so only too bad that a production is like this light and there is too much treble. In all the chance, calms the favour and take 'Behind in some the EUA'.
5 / 5 von
This is not a better emission of a mc5 to start with, and still with which takes a buzz, his a lot of all that adds. As the majority of some other descriptions mentions, a production is ultra cleaned, virtually grave-less, and certainly hurts some of a more mecer songs, has noted to look in you. Some coverages and to the left try me would have to that it is remained was, and one the adolescent plus has has oriented songs (institute, tonight, adolescent lust) is simply a lot that convincing, considering a material in his leading emission, a awesome has fallen out of some jams. A heart of some lies of albums in a trio of american ardid, shakin street, & a human being lawnmower. shakin The street is not a better song to typify a 5, but is one of a true classics of rock and circle. Final analysis: it takes it loaned first.
4 / 5 von
Like this well, a MC5 is not exactly kickin' out of some jams is one . But it is uploaded with the songs add (To the left Try me a gawdawful exception). A discipline Jon Landau is imposed here - any screwy the concept of one Adds Political Solteros Sells - bores fruit in Big Time. In other respects, Landau has touched author in a wrong city & required to the the majority of subject malleable likes Springsteen. & Some people think wrecked Bruce, also. This merit of album 5 stars easily if one is dissing the only to compare he with another MC5 Shakin' Street, brothers & sisters.

Bob Rixon, WFMU
5 / 5 von
Has listened in a group in the documentary, has not been the album disappointed very a lot of
4 / 5 von
was excited like this partorisca listen to this and enough an only reason reason has ordered them this was for side b but the can not take spent a second song on side b, dissapointing
4 / 5 von
The time has been cruel in an often maligned 2nd emission of Detroit MC5. In fact it is the radical transmission of one 1st album, but has to that consider all that a band is spent for among east is another history . A production is a main culprit (tinny touching) but is some songs like a difference among Zeppelin 4th & 5.os album or Beatles Sgt. Pepper & a White album ossia the band striving any for the repeat. It marks any deception these rocks of albums! Included a a ballad that headbangers often cringe on, 'To the sinister Test' of the shows a MC5' motown r&b , a Five was rockin' Detroit while Barry Gordy churned out of some attacks a lot accross one has Fred onic' Smith masterpiece'hakin' Street,' a stinging laws of electrical guitar of 'looking In tea and a glorious 'Human being Lawnmower' any to mention the pair of the coverages of rock adds of Richard Petit and a real king of rock and circle, Bay of Launches. Ossia Just part of a history of a MC5 but an album that any real defender or the musician knows is real a real !
4 / 5 von
Reason this album is not considered likes one of a classics of one 65-74 was of the rock is further , any is not . It listens to a global tone of a whole register. EVERYTHING HAS TOO MUCH TREBLE And Any ENOUGH OF Anything MORE! Listening in any reasonable volume feels "too strong" and turning it he down the fact "too soft". East forget of production so only (courtesy of Jon of 1.os timers Landau, the one who more has produced late a Boss' "Been born to Run") overshadows and hamstrings a whole endeavour. Admitted, a CD is very better that an emission of elepé original (that it was it almost unlistenable), but still hurts to listen. To minimise an ache, will have to skip in "All Fruits", "looking in You", and " I call Animal". Of these "Animal" it is an only real loss , like "All" it is already incredibly familiarised and one '5 "looking" so only the little better in his original A-Squared so only.
Production Metedura of the leg averts, this album, perhaps more than any one another album I own, comprising a Stooges first a, exemplifies Lester Strike' assertion that the music of Rock is gloriously transmission. Each one which of some clues so only could be be do of stirs it of prójimo American-dropouts of a Midwest the one who reads too ski-fi and has taken too many drugs, that enough the tightened down to a MC5. Landau Is driving the hand also adds sayings of electrical guitar and familiar rock riffs to the each song but "Human being Lawnmower". Everything of of the this adds until something concealed is quite well, but no like this defiant like "starship" of the his first album. Some the new songs are like this some few familiar, a oldies is quite well also, and everything is quite quickly, which is pair for a course for a MC5.
All has said, this album is not neither spectacular or unspectacular. It was not terrible like the prime minister MC5 album to possess, neither, but is nowhere after " it Whitewashes out of some Jams" in of the terms of sheer impact. Which is, in an end, the defect the big plus of this album: it avenges after "Jams", any first, and tip a sale like simple musical mortals. Here, they are not taking the paralizaciones to a stratosphere likes has done in of his first album, but retreating and sidestepping a stardom that has to that have rightfully has alleged.
5 / 5 von
Ossia An album that has given a Five "punk" cred. In rodeo, energenic, decidedly adolescent-themed songs that crackle by means of your speakers - a Ramones' the tree familiarised is rooted here. A bottomless sound can be been deceive it , but works this in spite of - was this a sound Bowie has shot paralización when he screwed on Raw Power? At all against it Whitewashes Out of Some Jams, but with which some incessant hippie ramblings and a way overindulgent closing clue "Starship", ossia like this breathe he of fresh air. "Looking In You" it is one of some songs of better hard rock never.
5 / 5 von
Finally has taken my hands in this disk and is really quite tame, which is not that I have expected of a MC5. A lot a question is a tinny, bottomless production, 'cause "An American Ardid" smokes, in spite of a sound takes; but there are some clues likes "Institute" and his simple 'any simple , note-for-coverage to note Launch Bay "Behind in some the USA" it conceals really walk of fall. And no respecto the one who diehard is, there is not forgiving "Institute," it is like a song of @@subject for evening of Special Saturday ("Siss-boom-bah"?! C soyen Tyner, the one who paid to sing concealed?). Otherwise, Really the travesía to listen like this has followed it on " it Whitewashes Out of some Jams," and so only for a lesson of history this disk costs of the cash. A lot they for ever stand. In the note has related, spent all can find for Sonic Rendezvous Band; Fred late Sonic Smith '70s the band is godlike. . . .
4 / 5 von
This CD is believed, balls-was mecer any circle. Start with the punked-was coverage of "All Fruiti," it runs by means of 11 songs in only 28 and the half minutes. The majority of songs is roughly 2 minutes long... A longer song on here is the slow ballad, roughly 4 minutes... But it is beautiful. This CD also looks the newest version of an old MC5 song "looking in you" and it is it closes with launching it the classical bay, and is a song that has given an album is name : Behind in some the EUA. Buy this CD now!
4 / 5 von
Oh My god, that is to spend? A MC5 of "Behind In Some the USA" it is the entirely different creature of a MC5 of " it Whitewashes Out of Some Jams". For the start, has fallen a strung-out of KOTJ political philosophy, as it was, (what good...) But it likes him Samson shorn of his tresses, MC5 without goofy of the politics looked to lose his energy and songwriting capacity. And regarding a production? A lot still it resists to write on....
Strictly for a completist...
4 / 5 von
Has listened his once or two times, and does not want to listen again. So only the pair of good songs. It does not squander your money, unless so only to complete your collection. An American Ardid is versions very better of some of some same songs.

Top Customer Reviews: Shrines ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5 von Dalton
The album adds! Rid quickly of United Kingdom!
4 / 5 von Tillie
The good music that causes in Edmonton!

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5 von Shelton
ossia one of some better albums of all time. It knows almost all some words the only skin. Swipe this.
4 / 5 von Monique
Usually write descriptions for the films but I have been listening to this disk of the November and I am still to take patient of him. I appreciate music like this deeply like me the films but I am always bit it more apprehensive to affirm any strong opinions roughly music. The mine looks the the majority of subjective averages but am sure a lot will disagree. In all the chance, Joanna Newsom is the harpist the one who sings épico folk songs with the voice like this equally eclectic like this Bjork this but more appropriately contained for his papers. Some prime ministers few times have listened to this album I new immediately that these songs would take some taking used to. They are long and wordy but in timing his papers come by means of and has like this to say. In fact I can a lot included believe Joanna Newsom is real. I am tried almost to say that it is some class of the collaboration of talent likes some could say of William Shakespeare, but is not . It is real and is so only in his mid-twenties. Newsom Will not be never the big star and she obviously does not concern to be in all the chance. His music, as I have described on, is not tailored for mainstream appeal and although an old punk in the mine could the like me his thus only, in fact finds his music massively appealing. You can also you are opened to appreciate the music has taken.

Does not go to revise each clue individually reason there is the plot to say. This in spite of, in an album with just five songs is quite possible. One first song is probably a more appealing. It is the song 'Emily' call. It looks nostalgic and is in has wanted to it one (I thinks his sister?) The one who has chosen the different street in the life but the street Joanna looks promoted to comprise and appreciate. One has repeated only lines, possibly has considered included a heart, is on some differences among the meteor, the meteorite, and the meteoroid. A snob of the astrophysicists in me there is remarked has some wrong definitions but perhaps like a outsider his sister is chosen profession a forget was intentional. A meteoroid is not a rest with which paste an Earth, is so only the smallest asteroid already floating in spatial. Perhaps they are the hemorrhoid to signal that it was? To all the cost, a song is good-looking and says enough the bit in just on ten minutes. They like him a lot of his songs is bittersweet in some something but in general absolutely good-looking.

My favourite song in a disk is 'Only Skin'. It is 17 minutes long but value he totally. It is the culmination to experience the chaos and the ruin but that finds the peace and the enamoured force by means of him everything. Chico that his like this the sappy and bombastic mouthful. I can a lot of really dipped the meaning of a song to a sentence of course but is clearly in the strong report and any description resupply no his justice of music in all the chance. The papers of Joanna like the whole looks incredibly mature and is detailed enough that they have to that be deeply personal. His voice in 'Only Skin' the sounds that surprised and a song' the climax is in his explosive of own way. It is the piece adds of music.

Obviously, Newsom there is enough the bit of credibility inside his gender/sub-the Indian/gender folk scene. I am not sure to the focuses can be situated in his fashion of music. I do not want experimental llamas reason does not look deliberately like this, included although it mixes ways in the way has not listened never first that. His music exits a lot natural and ossia reason is, at least the my ears, as has come from/come from another planet. It likes me quell'has said sooner, is unconventional but in a long career is quite possible that his music eats any auditor. Highly it recommends no only this album, but in general discovering this artist.
4 / 5 von Lyla
Is not a lot of thickness that an album comes to the long of of the this defies categorisation and more seldom that it was him impossible looks to locate his influences and is such an album.

Can not agree some last times have listened an album that looked to reinvent some possibilities in music he. It would like to say it is the album that earth of the pauses but a fashion is also 'of him', creating his own hermetically the universe sealed to that leaves the teleport;how it is hard of the see having a lot of flu in a musical world-wide wider.

Recommends yes at all possible that come from and listen to an album in the free half distraction ( are that it break the room has darkened, the telephone has been-hook) well an endeavour.

Some auditors have informed to an a lot listens taken to go in to an album, has found to take on the minute and the half.
Is folk, prose-poetry,classical or the music of pop adds so only? There is perhaps elements of everything and more.

A lot is done sometimes of like this unusual his voice is, but the stops to be sincere is more differential that odd and was so only to say that his flange has the richest result and more resonant that in his earlier works(I honradamente think that more the critiques still are that they revise a sound of way on 'A Milkeyed Mender' but has moved on of then, while still retaining his only sound).

An album opens with 'Emily' the like this rich song in iconography and strong in the melody justifies a compraventa of an album in his own, conjuring visions of meteorites, skimming bones and raging sea.unases The histories continue by means of out a five has has extended pieces, some orchestral arrangements for Van Dyke the parks contribute a lot to one feels of a work, in timing darting in and was to like fish, in another swooping and soaring like this of the birds around a centrical core of harp and voice.
Like this rich is a sound created for this combination of harp and voice that has gone so only on seeing his alive that have @@give this esawdust and Diamonds' (clues 3) looks any orchestration.

A thing that attack more in this music is richness of the his melodic content, this the remote fact more accessible that could expect.
Leaves this music to your heart and he can transport calm to another time and of the places and leave calm with a sense to hurt of loss when I owe that leave.

Buys this album loves music but is not fearful to embrace something for real different.

A final word on categorisation of music. The Hate! This need to hole of pigeons and music of fence inside small flanges. If anything new or excitingly different comes to the long of (like this), in planting to celebrate his singular beauty, there is aprisa to be a prime minister to attack a term that peg the backside. If quell'conceals has not gone quite bad there is the million partid√°rios-on the one who owe that try the one who ready is to use a terminology to the equal that was there own. Like this have the people that describes this album as 'freak-folk' the category that, yes exists at all, has had the habit to describe interpret acoustic pipes with the hypnotic trippy rythmic feels. Joanna Newsom Has has denied actively a seal she and his music is in fact at all likes anything in a gender (if included it exists) in fact an only connection is that it go it on the phase with some work concealed near in some fringes of a gender. Really it touches to lose to lazy journalism and as-estimate '-be-critical'the one who'd likes look ready in a cost of artists those who possess genuine talent.

For all these people those who require the category for this album here is one: Joanna Newsom music.
4 / 5 von Dallas
So that Joanna Newsom the albums are surprising in his own way. They are different but still like this good-looking and so only. In Ys, Newsom goes deeper with much more of powerful papers and the sound the mature plus. A five 10 minute + the complete songs eachother perfectly, with the blend of melancholic french horns, quite a lot of violins and joanna is comforting voices and harp. At all in this world will not touch never a closing again. Shining to start with to finalise.

(Backing vocals Of Smog the bill of the singer callahan on 'Only skin')
4 / 5 von Heike
Joanna Newsom has not lost his freakfolk sound. It is quell'has developed so only.

And she strays of conventional freakfolk in his second album, 'Ys,' to take the sprawling, intricate songs that shows in on ten average of small, and enhances it his folky sound with... An orchestra. It is the bit likes to listen to a fairy that travel the calm acid say his history of life.

Opens with 'Emily,' the sweet little ballad concealed operates it up in the flow of violins. 'A meadowlark and a chim-choo-ree and a sparrow/has Dipped to a heaven in the flight spree, for a sport in a pharaoh,' Newsom trills. There is the bittersweet commentaries to some clues of loss, but Newsom also fill with childish wonderment in a world.

Then is time for interspecies idyll in a rippling, meandering history-the song soyonkey and Bear,' first trickling the'awdust and Diamonds.' The difference of a density to shine other songs, this one is undressed down -- is so only the harp to shimmer melody, and Newsom crooning softly on that.

Newsom Wraps things on amiably in a final two songs. 'Only skin' is the softly that develops ballad that touch like the mediaeval song, with an experimental transfer. And finally it has 'Cosmia,' the colour mishmash of harp, squealing violins, and Bjorkian vocals. 'Petals Of dry rose, the circles of red round/Frame your eyes, and marks your knuckles...'

Purportedly 'Ys' is the album of free concept, in a legendary sunken island -- the difference of has bitten of his Narnian dipped in his first album. But taken so only for him, 'Ys' is the magic experience, so that Newsom song of histories of transfers in pastoral magnitude and magic character.

Newsom Also develops his music is. In place of mostly harp, trusts on harp And serious east times around, and any look of series to grow like this unpredictable and quirky like his harp that touches. His music is entirely impossible to predict -- will trip it merrily to the long of, stop, and explode in the swirl of serious, first to slip to the staccato melody. It is wanting to.

Match his papers of song, which touch like the hippie Wallace Stevens. Included one the majority of what mundane can result magic and mysterious here ('water baths his limbs, the fire animates his hair'), and his songs are full of parco, meteroids, is petals of trace, doves and soyilkymoons.'

A thing that is harder that take used to of the this his voice -- Newsom does not have the voice of typical pop. It does not have the typical folk voice neither. Instead, it touches the bit like the folky Bjork, when it does not touch like the lapped pixie in a Renaissance -- trill, trills, and occasionally crackles.

'Ys' Is like this magic like some legends and of the images that inspires it, and Joanna Newsom has taken felizmente his music to a next level. Extraordinary.
4 / 5 von Marci
Ossia One of some better albums of all time. It knows almost all some words the only skin. Swipe this.