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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 35 ratings
4 / 5
I have thought up to now Vinyl (especially 180 gram when possible) , was an only way to listen the music of one 70 east with a better quality. There is truth to this closing today. This in spite of has something extremely special to listen (and listen is an operative word ! ) With 5.1 Blue-scrape disks of Pure Audio ! In the first place partorisca be clear, has very little visuals, sometimes has the few good photos. This in spite of a true pleasure is listening sounds or effects that somehow it does not look in a format of vinyl. With a pleasure added of musical instrument(s) placings in the 3D likes has dipped. These classical albums are 40+ years old in some chances, and for a first time for the real extracted the volume to an occasion to feel like-you 'was or now is ' in a studio likes for real spent to of the same time. Some songs have more dramatic noticeable differentiates that another to be sincere, but in general does not have any remorses at all. I plan to listen like this a lot these classical albums in this way when never possible. Like shots to the Blue-ray or DVD 5.1 Audio Disk, seats behind and listen some have hid details for a first time! Any music fanatic would not owe that be without, this old classics to the albums the 'Likes Fly By night' so only maintains to give!
5 / 5
Adds to repress and remastering. At all but perfection to the equal that would expect of this band. It comes with a anti-static inner sleeve and spent lyric. Has come also with the paper of digital download for vinyl-rasgado mp4s, but of this lp is the 2015 pressing, an offer has finalised to expire on 2018. Oh Well, any biggie!
4 / 5
Fantastic 5.1 mix. My only flu is that this a (together with A Goodbye to Rey) has not taken a treatment although 2112 and the Moving pictures have taken, of the very Blue CD/-container of ray in CD BOX of measure in place of a blue-ray sized box.. This Audio any Video.
4 / 5
The sound adds in general, there is remarked this in spite of with east and the little another new 180 emissions of gram have the tendency to choose on static a lot often and to a discharge where after touching a fund of my disk will be covered in powder of a platter and/or around the mine turntable zone.
4 / 5
This very big quality the elepé is absolutely awsome. 200g remastered in Studio of street of the Abbey mastering with DMM technology? A sound of CD FORMED is at all outrage concealed. This new collection is simply a better present to RUSH to his defenders. Thank you HASTE! xxx
4 / 5
A first album for Haste with Neil Peart. Ossia A first album has bought by means of Amazon. You know for everything in the geezers, is kinda surprised when this cyber the material materialises to something tangible. As I will testify that his in fact dipped a cd in my mailbox and I took it. I have ordered in fact he for the fellow the one who could not find he in record tent (agrees these), and has said hey can the to you takes here, like this then has has had to that the try.
Anyways, good old Haste before 'Permanent Waves', which he precise know 'All a World is the Phase ' was the big light album, then final with 'Hemisheres' that contains To Villa Stangiato, which besides Jeff Beck Tirlogy album, was a start of my Exposure of Fusion. They are sure to have it more-to-the-descriptions to signal here, for a way, has had any medicine to drink used in a doing of this description
4 / 5
A DMM method has used to master these leaves of elepé of the vinyl he with an incredible sonic quality any available before on CD, Cassette, 8 clue or editions of leading vinyl.
One adds adds to any collection of music
4 / 5
A classical that has required the rebuy , has fulfilled Geddy Law in his book that signs good type!
4 / 5
Thank you Haste! Vinyl, 8 clue, cassettes, cd is, dvd' is, blue rays, and behind the vinyl! The orders of sound of the haste on everything!
5 / 5
The album adds for Canadian legends. Value a prize partorisca a clue partorisca headline so only, but there is the plot more to like is paste of outrage concealed.
5 / 5
A classical ... It has said enough !!!!

A vinyl touches perfect.
5 / 5
Absolutely LOVE this album with a possible exception of Stops-Tor & a Dog of Nieve
... Quell'Likes them ...Especially with which has listened them an inspiration...
A Fly of the song By night is in my personnel to ten favourite songs cast. In an End also the song adds orders
5 / 5
the very on on 5.1 surrounds compared to dvd audio that is to be release in the sectors box
5 / 5
the fly by night is an album presenting drummer extrodinaire Neil Peart.
5 / 5
HAS ALL THE ALBUMS of haste, the FLY FOR The ALBUM at night Is in my OPINION of PERSONNEL Is The BEST,



5 / 5
Canadian prog the rock in him is more final!!!! Amur This CD!!!
5 / 5
Album of haste preferred, so only happy to finally the possess on vinyl, the mine takes quickly and was packaged in amazing.
5 / 5
Present of Valentine's day partorisca my fiancé. It was extremely happy.
5 / 5
Evita. Tey Has used a subordinated remasters has sold in a esectors' conjoint in place of some upper 24/96 remasters this is to be release on-line a same day.
4 / 5
An emission of 200 vinyl of gram - 2015 king-mastered the edition is surprising. Using a DMM (Direct Metal mastering) the technician goes partorisca aim that the new vinyl can be better that an original. Has an original which are add, but this new version absolutely has any background noise, the selection is surprising and clear. Had some friends seating around a bar of Cookery down in a level of breaking (open concept) and a first commentary was that it touch like a band in a room that touches - wow. Highly recommend this version partorisca be in your collection.
4 / 5
Ossia One of my album of haste preferred of a 70s. A musicianship is a lot stagnate in an album - some bass and the drums are during a place with some electrical guitar very good riffs. In an end if my tune preferred on that. Enough each tune is order - every time calm listen it, will listen the full new drum, or he quirky line of basses or some notes of electrical guitar adds. Highly recommended for defenders of haste. 2112, Moving Pictures, Windows to Be able to is my favourite albums . It controls your fire has some good tunes on he also.
5 / 5
This, a first album to look 'A Professor' Neil 'Pratt' Peart in drums and papers, is a birth of a new Haste, a Haste knows today. Dulcemente shedded Was one he well advance of the sounds of rock, although his shadows remain. In a stead was acoustic electrical guitars, songs in Elvish cities, and much more complex arrangements. Fly For rests at night today the beloveds and of entities slab or' wax in an a lot of cannon of haste.

For one the majority of Fly of the part For rests of the heavy night although a groove has gone, substituted , has not been that for the call. It is put is sheer qualified, filtered by means of a Canadian lentil, a snow-white brilliant capacities of Lifeson, Law and Peart, barreling entirely a night of winter, determined to so only frickin' play his rows was. To listen to this monster is to listen to three kids the one who has known was better that some other boys in a blockade. Perhaps a songwriting has not gone totally there still but some pieces have fallen to plant.

Can not beat 'For-Tor' for his penetrating and metallic vowel romp, this in spite of curves and slithers by means of the long instrumental section. 'Hymn' harkens retreated to a surca of album 1, still presages a heaviness of album 3. It remains one of haste the majority of identifiable rampages. One follows of the title develops hippy-like happiness sheathed inside the monstrous technical capacities of a band. 'Rivendell' Is the personal favourite, one hear to a city of house of Elrond and his Elf kin.

Likes a lot of album of haste of one 70 east, some of this music will be inpenetrable to a unitiated. This in spite of, one has to that press by means of him to appreciate where this band has come from/come from and where goes.

4 stars. A more was still to come....
4 / 5
The second album of the haste the fly has titled at night has been released in February of 1975. An album was a prime minister of a start of original drummer John Rutsey and an addition of mecer drummer supreme and boss lyric writer to this day Neil Peart. Peart Drive them of affiliation have helped a band to the progressive plus, the powerful sound that has had with a Zeppelin the start has influenced. His contributi musically and lyrically was and still is enormous. It is of entity to remark that is an album of entity, the fly by night is to add it one. An album begins with Hymn, the fiery-has touched rocker with Peart first papers written for a band. Rivendell Sounds like the mediaeval minstrel song a bit. The sweet of classical electrical guitar accompanies Work vocals that was in his row of low flange for a first time never in the clue of haste. A clue is sum in spite of a fact the partid√°rios a lot of despise it. One follows of the title is a more recognised song in an album and is touched still in mecer irradiates today. An epic of closes in some starts of Finals was with utmost acoustic touching of Alex that favour to the utmost rocker to close this masterpiece. A better song in these hands of the album down is an epic For-Tor and a Dog of Nieve, which was one first epic of band and has been resurrected in a recognition of Trails of the Steam in 2002 to the equal that has documented in Hastes in River. A band touches his instruments in of the glorious ways to transmit a battle goes in For-Tor, a prince of some deep basses, and a Dog of Nieve, the beasty-monster-sew. Aprisa Still matured but was in a successful street. Finally, this album would go Platinum in of the latest years with which have achieved stardom of mass. This album is recommended!
4 / 5
Haste of a year 1975 is a lot of diffrent that hastes of an a lot of year diffrent.
A lot is not the opinion but some of you the one who knows Haste of his swipe soltero like 'Tom Sawyer', esd barchetta' or 'Any one is hero ' perhaps really a lot of suprised with this album.
Does not expect any synthesisers or the pop polished a lot-songs of rock.
Does not expect clean and characteristic voice of Geddy Law (he he, touches diffrent that normaly on prevail album of haste)
In last if it do not like classical 70-ies circle&of rock (concentrated zeppelin,AC/DC PUNCTUAL) not even would owe that touch this!!! Reason? Reason 'Fly by night' contains almost so only the portion of old rock Well,almost without any real unexpected transmissions or bombastic ... These were some times when Geddy,Neill and alex was that it have it so only good entertainment without thinking that in prójimo few years are resulted some stars of international rock to touch everywhere a world-wide and selling million copies of his albums!!!
A point of this album is that it is a prime minister a registered in classical the start of forward drummer,Neill Peart has joined has not gone also the phenomenal musician, is the poet lyricist the papers are also the transmission of entity here - is that they interest,melodic and brilliant
the production is not very special, to the sounds likes him a lot of other groups of rock of seventhies touched , but give the graces for a remaster the edition is not like this bad and the can not say anything bad roughly that.
- My preferred of here,is surely one of his better clues of him MECER a lot of real.un the reef of electrical guitar is brilliant, clue for the hard drums and the interesting bass sings quite aggressive here and a lot expressive. So only listen his that shouts them soyARVEL IN THE WROOOOUUUUGGGHHTTT!!!!!' 5/5
BEAT - another very good clue. Song of simple rock,a lot of catchy and is vocals sometimes agree me of Well Scott of Ac/Dc, but so only the little has bitten. The papers are simple also :
DOWN And BEHIND - another a lot one, less impressive of the first clues but catchy also. Neill drumming Is impressive like this memorable but works as well as the hard-rocker. 3,5/5
And The DOG of NIEVE - 9 accounts of minutes of épico long roughly battles of good and has the good but reef looks like this whole very too long in some moments. The papers are also any one a stronger point here. It is light years out of '2112'
a lot altough the can not say is one of his better long clues
BY NIGHT - the majority of pops to touch clue of good and and melodic. I sew this together with 'hymn' perhaps a main reason to buy this album!!!
rock of MEMORIES of walks of acoustics of ELECTRICAL GUITAR a lot of zeppelin is in a feebler clue, May.... 3/5
- ....Ossia A reason because soyaking memories' is not a worstest is the history of hobbits (all a gentleman of a material of coverages) and is very too long and simply can so only skip the. 2/5
The END - adds final,so only of the electrical guitar adds and fine papers. I Like him a lot it is of final adds fo this album, and for some concerts , bit it pathetic, but wonderfull
has said them everything in a intro of description and like decision to buy 'FLY BY NIGHT' remain yours.
That can the say more - only do a circle&of rock!!!!
4 / 5
In the way, this album almost could call the first album of the haste. Drummer John Rutsey, the one who has touched in a band self-beginning titled a leading year, leave a band shortly after his emission. A sale airily has has resisted auditions for the new drummer and Neil Peart is coming to a picture. Vocalist/Of bassist Geddy Law and guitarist Alex Lifeson has found to write the papers held it (and aims in this first disk), as when Peart the interest expressed in the , there is rid gladly a pen and his paper. A result was the remarkable improvement in some papers.
Peart Has spent also the tight plus, slightly more prog-the way has influenced to a band. This opened on a floodgates still Law and Lifeson to act some hard rock that has surprised riffs in Peart is exhausting, meticulous drumming.
Sure, looking behind, some of a lyrical the contained can do you snicker -- songs roughly Tolkien is elf-port Rivendell, battles among skis-fi the beasts have called For Tor and A Dog of Nieve -- but a music is not to be scoffed in. When you See in a context of his own time, was simply some of a heavy plus, the more fast and powerful rock around.
A Zeppelin the influences are still there, and in timing Lifeson to to the still sounds like is mimicking Jimmy Of Page, and Eric same Clapton. Geddy Law also still is doing Robert Pianta better to shout. But this album takes those influences the no further, remaining them with dashes of him and the Crimson king.
Considering some individual songs, a clue of title is the staple of FM canal of classical rock to this day, while the hymn is one of some songs of better hard rock never penned. Down, Among and behind it leaves the small glimpse to a politician of Peart is future writings to come, and . For Tor and a Dog of Nieve looks an extension of half section in that a game of band likes 5 or 6 in place of 3. Peart Especially resplandores with the alone of drum before behind down to some ethereal effects-behaviour of section and giving way to one of Lifeson is bluesier moments. Doing the memories looks some suns of electrical guitar of only slide of Lifeson and is managed capably. An album a next plus, in an End, is the thoughtful rocker that the slow starts and pauses, so only to kick behind in with the simple still effective riff.
But for everything of his high points, in an end (any pun feigned) can be better. A sale still is trying paralización for the find here but the strides are to this end is done.
Like this significant taste, driven, slightly quircky '70' rock, this album would owe that satisfy this need. It is certainly one of a band is album more remarkable , but any 'Hastes of mark'.
4 / 5
Fly By night, a sophomore endeavour for Haste, has dipped a foundation partorisca his exploitations of progressive rock during a mid-70 east. A production, especially in a remastered clues, is very clear and uncluttered. With an addition of lyricist Peart, some papers take the forward of giant jump in both depths and breadth. We take political as well as fantasy and one calling of auditors partorisca THINK, all the staples of works of future haste.
Has given this an only 3 stars been due to some of some clues some feeble plus.
1. Hymn. One takes adds with complex timing and metre, machine gun drumming for Peart and the alone end for Alex. I add "alive" it feels and energy to this song and of the inspiring papers. 4 stars
2. More have beaten. Sounds like the Geddy Law tune of a first album. Any one bad only no very memorable.
3. Down, Among and Behind. I want this tune of fast fire and companionship piece to Hymn. 4 stars
4. For-Tor and a Dog of Nieve. You begin him it was well with the rhythm of behaviour. Some papers of fantasy touch the bit bobo now. There are some quotas "mathematical-rock" but also the slow bit in a "Consequences" section where a tune loses moment. 3 stars.
5. Fly By night. A strong, catchy tune with the memorable electrical guitar riff for Alex and of the good papers. 4 stars
6. Doing Memories. A happy little song with some a lot of acoustic strumming and line of basses abonos for Geddy. 2+ stars
7. Rivendell. Probably one the majority of song bored these types have not written never. I try to like it but a Tolkein the iconography so only no a way Zeppelin he with "Battle of Evermore" and there is so only a lot dynamic. It does not think the elves would sing the wimpy the song has taken. 1 star.
8. In an End. My favourite song in an album. Nizza, unpretentious papers. A hear to the partner. The musical edifice adds of calm strumming and vowel to the plenary-on jam. This calm song you ameno full circle. A underrated classical. 5 stars!
5 / 5
ON MAY 5th(a SUNDAY), I the radio show during quell'I has touched
aprisa new so only A LITTLE VICTORY beside a FLY of song FOR
the NIGHT and I am @@to give the one who aprisa of the band adds has used to be and the one who
the songs adds has used to write. A new so only can grow on me, but touch too hard and me aprisa of the desire would begin
listening to his earlier albums for musical inspiration instead
to listen to all this new plus grungy, mecer any melodic.
The FLY BY NIGHT is the wonderful album and probably a better of the his
first four albums. One first half is HASTE in his heavier; it RUSHES
could do music that is to be complicate and listenable in a same
LAW and NEIL PEART was the section of rhythm of the dynamite and
LIFESON was the first rhythm of guitarist of tax, with that looked to be
a next endless supply to catchy and original electrical guitar riffs and
the dish of electrical guitar( the still does not know a difference!) I have not been the big
defender of the his wah-wah solos of electrical guitar, but concealed can be an only flu
has had with , MORE BEAT and DOWN, GO IN, FOR BEHIND
is all hard rock/heavy metal classics and while BYTOR can have
papers bobas, is still he powerhouse song of metal. Oddly Enough,
prefers a second half, which is more acoustic and melodic, the
the first half of an album. One follows of the title is one of a better
HASTE of the songs has not done never. It is the pop a lot to that likes - song of rock
with some fine to sing of GEDDY. DOING the MEMORIES is also a
of my songs of haste PREFERRED, with these acoustic electrical guitars and GEDDY
the flange that gives it the rock of next country feels. RIVENDELL Is the quite
one has resisted, but AT THE END is another song of CLASSICAL haste, when being half
acoustic and meso electrical and has another a lot of melodic and
emotional vocal line his, with papers of GEDDY he.
Ossia The wonderful album , chock filler of a lot memorable hard
songs of rock of acoustic rock.
5 / 5
The FLY BY NIGHT has been released in prompt 1975, and marked a start of the gradual transition of the haste to progressive rock. With new drummer Neil Peart, the one who there has been both immense talent to dip down oddly syncopated rhythms and to write complex papers , poetic, aprisa has in the first place entered some doors of the musical realm in that felizmente would grow and thrive in fact a lot of years to come.
A music on FLY FOR the PREJUDICES still has some of a rawness of the his first album while leaving for behind the majority of the his Focused Zeppelin and influences of Black Sabbath. This in spite of, conceal no for an inaugural clue "Hymn" to be the total barn-burner, with starts and manic stops, and Geddy Law that shouts included main that in HASTES. "Down, Among and For behind" it is also enough the scorcher, although has the time changes that it never has looked in a first record and was orientative of the his new-direction expósita thanks to Neil Peart. "For-Tor and A Dog of Nieve" it was supposed obviously to a centerpiece of an album (perhaps For-Tor is a name of a gigantic blue sty that thank you a coverage forward?). With his three sections and total of 9 minutes that time of careers, unheard of still the song of haste in this point, can say that a sale pulled was all some for here. While clearly tip a progressive direction in that moved, this song takes quite draggy and is sadly the prolonged, boring exercise of the like a CD at least felizmente recovers.
A song of title is an only clue with commercial appeal. It is quite underwhelming at the beginning listen, but is also catchy and to good sure deserves some have repeated to listen. A better clue is a next plus , an appropriately has titled "in an End" with his slow start (with Geddy Law sings softly), hard-rockin' mid-section (with Geddy Law that shouts, and slow delicate arrival (with Geddy Law still shouting, of course).
The FLY BY NIGHT has the total of eight clues and, although two of his shows in in well in a mark of 6 minutes, only totals roughly 34 minutes. Both the and the hastes can is returned easily to a CD. If you are the defender of some MOVING PICTURES-was (or later) then probably will not like you , as has the plot to shout and of lack of a sophistication of his later period. But you are the defender of haste by means of everything of his periods, then has the casualidad very that took CD, although the sure songs take the pair of extra listens. MODERATELY RECOMMENDED
4 / 5
the album to start with of the haste was mainly of the band that has has wanted to mecer a world, but all have had was youthful energy and any a lot of substance. When You enlisted drummer and lyricist Neil Peart for his second FLY of album BY NIGHT, aprisa has had finally some direction, but once again, this was still some early days. Geddy Law and Alex Lifeson is still writing some of some songs and he looks has had has not learnt still his lessons of some pedestrian works had created on HASTE. "More Can" sounds as to leftover of a start, and there is Geddy once again trying his impression of Plant of Robert better. With to to the papers like "Taken a itchin' partorisca mecer/a hate for habladuría small", it is any marvel Geddy would concentrate more in the basses that touch with which this. So only one another song in the aim BY NIGHT has any entrance of Neil Peart, and this time, regime strangely well. "In an End" it is roughly like this near when it can ballad so the hastes would not take never, but this song is remained the staple jointly included today, and for good reason reason a charm to this song is his simplicity. Elsewhere, Peart takes to do his magic in other levels of haste likes "Hymn", "Down, Among & For behind", and a clue of title. Some papers are still quite earthbound, but Peart directs to spend some consistency to Law and Lifeson is up to now juvenile songwriting. "For-Tor & A Dog of Nieve" it was the first exploitation of the haste of prog-territory of rock with his continuazione-like trick, so only instrumental along & Tolkienesque papers. Longtime I defenders of haste will find saying, "Now ossia for the pleasure more!". The FLY BY NIGHT can be been the very better album that HASTES, but a band was still the little wetted behind some ears in this prompt point. His sound of byline has been still in his formative phases, and while they would take the little too many ambitious with his next album, has had nowhere more to go but on here.
5 / 5
The fly by night signals a start of John Rutsey and a recruitment of exceptional rock drummer Neil Peart. Peart Is drive them of affiliation have helped this band to the progressive plus, it powerful trio that they were with a start. His contributi musically and lyrically was ENORMOUS. But it is of entity to maintain import that be an album of entity, Fly for the prejudices is not necessarily add it one.
A record begins with "Hymn," he fiery-has touched rocker with Peart is in the first place lyrical entrance. Fault of subtlety to arrive to this point; his Randian the papers find like pompous and space when too directed. (With "2112" and "Some Trees," for chances, some do any well reasons is readier.) "Rivendell" Memory of the mediaeval minstrel is song. The electrical guitar the sweet acoustics accompanies Law the majority of limpid vocals. I in fact like this one, although a lot another does not concern for him. Also I enjoyed a peppy riffs and catchy heart of a clue of title, and a Zeppelin-esque "in an End."
Would say a better song here is "For-Tor and a Dog of Nieve," the continuazione progressive seminal for a band. Although the people say that some notarises them interlude is aimless and boring, likes to of me to plot. A band uses his instruments in resourceful ways to transmit a battle goes in For-Tor, a prince of some deep basses, and a Dog of Nieve, he beasty-monster-sew. To the respect, is a bit likes Yes' "Some Doors of Delerium," but no quite like this good. (In his alive album All a World is the Phase , a band extends an instrumental section and he the most interesting fact.)
The growth of haste has required still, some house, but was in a successful street.
4 / 5
Aprisa Was still groping for his own voice the bit with this album. Lyricist (And drummer) Neil Peart was new to a group, and his influence is immediate, like the papers certainly date a no on the notch in intricacy. Frankly, this in spite of, to arrive to this point, has been bent bit it too much the 'fiction of fantasy' that opposed to one salts-fi futuristic' of 2112. FOR-TOR And The DOG of NIEVE is his prime minister foray to long-form songwriting, and has some a lot of musical frescos flourishes here. A half sequence (the instrumental longitude) apparently has described a battle among these two, and is quite a lot of storytelling by means of music. Lyrically, Of the falls of song bit it short.
Some better songs are probably HYMN, which already explores Peart is reoccuring subject to balance a heart and alcohol. Lyric 'Hymn of a heart and hymn of an alcohol, the funerals dirge for the eyes gone invidentes' is unmistakably sound. An alone of electrical guitar for real jams!!!
DOWN, GO IN, BEHIND also mecer quite well,although some papers the still sound to the bit likes the hastes is trying to take he Half-Tierra, the the Concentrated Zeppelin.
The FLY BY NIGHT is a song that still takes to plot of airplay, but for my flavour, Geddy the voice of Law is in his the majority of grating. I think that that it takes touched to plot because it is short.
Ossia The must -suitable for partid√°rios true of haste. If you are so only the random defender, can probably skip the. At all sooner that 2112 it is essential listening for a random observer.
4 / 5
The second album of the haste has to that character for a start of drummer and main lyricist Neil Peart, and aims him moving to the plus artsy progressive territory while still firmly rooted in the sound of hard rock. At the beginning it was a bit underwhelmed for 'Fly By night', but this can have been partly because "Hymn" it is such the murderous that opens rocker with phenomenal Geddy grave Law that touches and to plot of energy, and some two longer clues are also dull for comparison (to long half jam in "For Tor And A Dog of Nieve" it is class of boring, and the initial explosion of a song among too punctual for such piece, while "in an End" sounds as it meandering, poor quality Zeppelin B-side). I later @@give there is some another quality songs very good here, as one it heavy paste "more Can", which has the quota riff in an end of the each line of the to and the attitude adds, a gorgeous the inspired acoustic hobbit "Rivendell", and of course a clue to title like this, which is a lot of catchy and the majority of representative of an album is lyrical subject (travelling and vagrant). Ossia More like 3-1/2 stars, but of then is not I so that it adds likes Haste classics that would follow, thinks 3 is fair for the stairs of indication of this place.
4 / 5
The fly By night is a second emission of haste, but a prime minister with drummer Neil Peart. That the difference he drummer frames! A CD is the much better listens then one Rushes CD. A CD has four good songs, two songs of costs, and two uselessness. Some four really good songs are Hymn an opener of album that is beautiful rockin' material. For Tor And A Dog of Nieve contains boba but the show and the fun papers is the one who the utmost drummer Neil Peart is. Geddy I bass of Law that touches and Alex Lifeson the electrical guitar that the touches also attack anway anything in a first emission. The fly By night is the good election for the alone swipe. Corazón well and good entertainment. An album ender, in an End, is one of some better songs of some early days of haste. Down, you Go in, and Behind and more I Can be he fences in song but quite forgettable. Doing Memories and Rivendell is dulls. Felizmente With CD is can skip these follows easily. This is not the album adds in general, but some songs on here cost to possess.
5 / 5
The haste according to album has aimed an impulse any to result your avarage sale of hard rock, which can have occured have continued a formula of his start. John Rutsey had left a sale some time after his first album and has been substituted for Neil Peart. And comparisons some two albums instantly will remark that it drum virtuoso likes Neil can spend the band. Some songs on Fly By night (although no like this complex likes a bit songs in some futures) was artistically the big step of one more "simple" rock of a first album. And yes conceal it that has not gone enough some in fact have aimed papers some depth, and this certanily can not be said for a start. This also was thanks to Peart of the that according to instrument was the typewriter! And with Peart is lyrical talent to write Geddy and Alex could concentrate in "so only" writing the music adds. An album opens with Hymn, the song of classical haste with adding it riff. And I amour Alex so only of electrical guitar in this tune. Some papers for Neil was inspired by philosopher Ann Rynd (of the one who the writings also would be an inspiration for one 2112 have opposite) and marked to new era to Rush where some papers would be like this intelligent likes music. More Can is more in a fashion of an album to start with, the real rocker written for Geddy. Down, Among & behind it is probably my favourite song in an album, a heart will grasp to the to to your alcohol likes him the glue of a first moment listens it. Master it funky of Neil drumming in a last to, in fact touches like the demon during an album (like the accident!). Then it avenges his prime minister never "épico" it follows for-Tor & A Dog of Nieve, the song hendida in four parts. Later they would write épicos more is that this, in my humble opinion a clue is too long with the few ideas. I think that bolt of better work withouth a third boring part. Side two begins with a helluva catchy Fly to dip ready called By night, the simple but irresistable song. Doing the memories sew to soothe the bit and is a lot good but any of mine favourite in an album. And Rivendell is included softer with just an acoustic electrical guitar and Tolkien inspired papers for Neil. It is the sum of atmospheric clue . And an album a next plus In an End is so only wonderful. That the way adds to close an album (or the alive show thus @@subject). I guess tip that love this album, thinks them is the real gem in an early Haste cataloug.
4 / 5
With this emission a classical prog-rockers continued a tendency has begun with 'Caress to Armour plate ' to write an epic, 'For-Tor and a Dog of Nieve,' bookended for more conventional songfare. Soymena Can' is easily one of some more have amused clues these types have not written never (together with 'in a Way' of his start). 'Down, you Go in, and Behind,' 'Fly by night,' and 'in an End' is all three a lot of rockers with catchy hooks and memorables papers. Soyaking Memories' is the good transmission of any one with an acoustic electrical guitar, while 'Rivendell' is quite possibly a worse clue in any of his albums, and constitutes that a reviewer has written, eats: 'ersatz-Tolkein slop.' A stand-out of the moments here are 'Hymn' and a Haste masterpiece 'For-Tor and a Dog of Nieve.' This is the very good album with flashes of brilliance and adds musicianship. Later.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought this album because I have read a biography 'walk in this way' any along before! It was clueless that this band has taken is takes is gone in a 70 east. I have wanted to listen some bands resumidas better in that then & this album looked a better option . Not To Take me bad, fact! But Steven Tyler does not have a same voice has compared to the albums of one 80 & his old material is more bluesy/rock. The songs add, so only the bit has surprised! It grows on me... So only I know!

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 23 ratings
4 / 5
Has directed Zeppelin is surprising. Of course we know some levels (Stairway to Heaven etc.) But some any one dips ready like this familiar is one wins partorisca astound to unmatched musicianship.
5 / 5
A lot touching that old material,feels kinda a lot of
4 / 5
.Bought this partorisca my woman. The quality touches very good. The music adds of our youth.
4 / 5
Good prize, the time of delivery adds- want to a bit classical tunes, but a lot disappointed in a loyalty for the supposition ‚Äúremaster‚ÄĚ CD
5 / 5
Directed Zeppelin is surprising. Of course we know some levels (Stairway to Heaven etc.) But some any one dips ready like this familiar is one wins partorisca astound to unmatched musicianship.
5 / 5
They are not the data-hard Concentrated Zeppelin defender. But I am coming partorisca have enormous respect partorisca a quartet of Robert Pianta, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham. I am coming partorisca @give that some endeavours of the work adds ethic has produced some of some materials that the legends are done of - and Concentrated Zep takes a cake. As he 30 something defender of music, has decided that this would be one of mine first points of the entrance to some Focused Zeppelin library of music. Esmaestros' Looked a point of perfect entrance - the majority of Zeppelin the songs add remastered on 2 CDs - more the CD of third 'Interviewed partorisca take idea to a band. This together of boxes is very good. He no rid that knockout punch or homerun, but is very good.
In the first place a packaging - looks that today all this is on 2 CDs this is to consider the "the sleeve Boxed". There you result it really 2 categories of there is Boxed Dips. A prime minister is the "Classical Boxed Sleeve". This among the box covered in a measure of a elepé and contains CDs (sometimes in chance of jewel, sometimes so only in a fund of a box) and the book in a same measure. A second type is more like this he 5.5" x 10" hardcover reserves that I designate "Hardcover the box Dips'. A CDs basically is to store in a hardcover compulsory and a book is in a half. A lot it prefers that I call a Classical there is Boxed Place to a Hardcover formed. A 'Concentrated Zeppelin Remasters' the neighbour is the subset of Hardcover formed. A disappointing thing - any book in a half. So only two few booklets in an upper sinister corner. I know Directed Zeppelin has more comprehensible there is boxed together (A Together Complete and one 4 conjoint CD), but still would have liked me has liked the little more here.
A music is on 2 CDs and basically is divided until prompt Zeppelin and Late Zeppelin. A CD of prime minister comprises songs by means of some 'Concentrated Zeppelin IV' ALBUMS while one 2.os CD knots volume to an end with songs of 'In By means of one Was Raisin '. I think a Zeppelin the defender will be satisfied here. They are more than the defender of a material a late plus. It was a lot disappointed to find this 'Fool in a Rain' has not been comprised in this together. This in spite of want to listen remastered versions of tairway to Heaven', 'Kashmir', and 'Trampled Underfoot' - you will not be disappointed. In the note lateralmente, thinks that those are a three better Zep songs.
A third CD is divided to 3 sections on 43 clues. One first section is the profile of a band that is 28 minutes long, but many that is to take up for replaying songs like Kashmir. I think it that it has been it better to go deeper with a profile of band. A 2nd section is Canal Liners and yes is the data -hard defender, ossia perfect. The desire there is boxed more the insiemi had preserved this type of material. A third section is individual Q&One with Jimmy Page, Robert Pianta, and John Paul Jones. A lot like first section, does not go like this deep as it would have liked him has liked. A potential is there, so only does not rid a depth.
All and everything, am still happy has taken this and left to want to more.
4 / 5
Everything of has Directed Zep album (with some possible excepts of has Directed Zep IV and Physical Graffiti) has had some exceptional clues, but some any one like this utmost some. And here, in a handy container, is virtually all an exceptional some. Ossia Almost quality like this very like this buying all 8 seperate album, but much more economic ( has taken a British edition , which does not have a disk of interview but has some two disks of music, for [amt], which is roughly [amt]!) Has all a classics, of an opener 'Desglos√°is comunicacional' by means of 'Babe Go to Leave', 'Whole Struggles Amur', esince has Been that Want to you', 'Black Dog', 'Rock and Circulated and my favourite clue of all the times'tairway To Heaven', then to a second disk that is concerned with Physicist Graffiti (once described for magazine of British music Q like heavy alternative to Seargeant Pepper) and some other experimental albums, and contains to numbers more utmost the 'Likes A Song of Rains', 'Houses of Saint' (which, contary the logic, does not look in an album of a same name but in Physicist Graffiti), 'Kashmir' and more after 'in an Evening'. It is the place adds to start with for begginers to Focused Zep, and in spite of any ommisions (where is When A Levee Pauses or That it Is And that does not have to that Never Be) is the wonderful collection of music and the brilliant introduction to one of one the majority of bands of pioneering rock of a 20th century.
4 / 5
"!" Shouted some ads of television for this collection, distilled of 1990 four CD conjoint box. In fact, a 3CD "Remasters" (two disks of music more the third disk of interview) resupplies near of-the perfect half earth among a group is collected boxes and 4CD box, and a subordinated "Early Days" and "Days Last" of the-insiemi of disk.
"Remasters" It spends his first disk in Zeppelin premiers four seismic album, leaving was some essential "II" clues ("That is And that does not have to that Never Be," "Living Fond Maid") but finalising where the duty, with "Stairway To Heaven." A second disk concentrates in Zeppelin the majority of experimental work and could head to recognition More adds them of 1976 "Prescence." "Achilles Ultimo Stand," with his understated (for him) Robert Pianta vocal, and "Any one is Failure But Mina" it is represented; "Rock of Tent of the Candy" it have been the good addition also.
A third disk looks the 30 -the special radio minute (looking the the-fi, interwoven "Hey, Hey Which Can "), individual interviews with members of surviving band, and the song of Jimmy Page intros ("Salvation, ossia Jimmy Page and this DJ is insane!" "Salvation, Are Jimmy Page . It is now of awake arrive and take a Focused was!") Ossia All like essential music like any released of Beatles' breakup, and would have to that be possessed (any here or in any elepé original) in some form.
4 / 5
In Giappone this CD is baptised like this Concentrated Zeppelin Remasters but without glimpsed CD(2 CDs entirely). The clues are exactly some same like Japanese version.
My image of has Directed Zeppelin before I have bought this was a lot of fragmented. I have known so only Everything Of Amur, Kashmir, Of yer Mak'er, Stairway To Heaven and Whole Fight Amur. Now that am resisting this CD. I am loved like this for all 26 clues and wants to listen of more than his works. Yes they have not had big swipes but without would have any TOTO, Foreigner, Surviving, Boston or Travesía sure. 70s the sales add like Deep Purple, Kiss, Black Sabbath and LZ paved a way partorisca 80s movement of hard rock. They are happy that more and more the youngest generation of the defenders of rock is deceived for them I like this do of some compilations plus very late has been released. This remaster the version of course do lacking invitation so utmost for one of a band of mecer more orders in the history like these compilations this fact of new plus.
4 / 5
This was a prime minister zeppelin CD has bought, the loved the quickly intro to this phenomenal band, but the one who occured mine roughly this emission is that while some the individual clues are excellent in thier own legislations and a sequencing is both chronological and intelligent, some interviews in a third CD are also the good touch, to take an idea of the like fact zeppelin for real adds has to that treat his music in his individual establishments, basically taking some original albums that show clearly that a last what Zeppelin was has been soltera band. His albums like any auditor seasoned would say to have the power of the his own and a movement of the way for them is the one who zeppelin is really roughly, sweats mystic and his brilliance in a studio.
In spite of, ossia the solid and good collection of songs of his catalogue with a lot of some preferred here, he doing very a lot of beginners of paralización. But beleive me, this selection so only will take you like this far, and the really appreciate this music of bands to some plenaries has to that buy some albums of studio.
4 / 5
Has seen Zeppelin behind in 1970. For a mid 70 is estairway to Heaven' was the staple of rock at night half, and already purchasing a sheen of sound FM irradiate 'classical.' But for then already it has lost it to touch with his start of album. Now, thirty years later have my hands in this remastered insiemi. Of then I have used to listen to the his second album in a 8 player of clue in my car, ossia he revelation. I have had to expect the long time to listen Zep in the decent stereo system, but take that never. This Zeppelin has been blues the band has based was always overshadowed for his populate acclaim like the band of heavy metal. This neighbour dips a record directly. They kicked ...Like the rockin' blues band. Period.
5 / 5
A very good compilation of his better work. Some really well fails material, like a rest of IV, but a sooner to a late plus is here. Partorisca One broken was desglosa comunicacional, and Whole struggles amour, to Of yer mak'er, All my amour, and Kasmir, ossia quite thorough. Of him run, has a prerequisite black dog and stairway, 2 of mine favourite and many another of course. A quality of his this in spite of suffer bit it on some songs, as remarce is more muffled. So only I can guess this is due to some poor original register.
4 / 5
All that you need to know is that this is not a better compilation of Zep music to take. It is too expensive, one 3rd CD is useless and obviously has no replay the value of then is only interview like all begin "Salvation, are Jimmy Page and this is focused Zepplin." An election of music is good but definetly no a better. HIS DIDN"T TAKES an ALCOHOL of Focused Zeppelin. They hint to that is roughly, but ossia the CD that really can a lot included be touched strong while driving down a interstate in the convertible. But the different CD.
5 / 5
Salvation There, focused zEp, the one who the grp, simply gr8, they of the that requires any word of praise, but lemme say the few words like his diff for my part to resist me ;-) his spiritually has has oriented papers, robert seductive vocals, jimmy hypnotic music, bonham immense drummin, john is such the beaten distinguished or so only cant stop urself to feel like to be in 9th cloud. Whole master fight luv;-the one who the orgasmic piece of music of yer mak'er:- a lot of @@subject like bleaked or r, with which listenin to this magnum have opposite or finds this world-wide sooo beautiful kashmir, any neighbourhood, everything of mine luv,immigrant song, a battle of never more, stairway to heaven,the song of rain, a song remains one same,trampled underfoot,achilles last stand, in an evening, houses of some saints ALL the R SIMPLY GR8 or know the one who thinks them, has ascended floyd is any album is better that anyother better of but has one and so only an exception, yUp his concentrated zEp, and has directed zEp is my preferred grp.
I LUV Or focused zEp. --Kiss--
4 / 5
This the double album has all some songs add that it Direct it Zeppelin has has not released never. Now you buy this calm album will not require to buy a lot other albums because some the better songs are here was, everything of I to Pysical Graffiti and Houses of Santos.
Stairway To Heaven (my preferred zeppelin song) is looked in an album also. Interior of good art to. The majority of zeppelin the album a lot not having never pictures in a booklet, this a dose.
5 / 5
Wow! This 2.¬ļnsemble Of side of disk ? Lame in better buy for 18. Ossia Really for partid√°rios that does not want to go to a question and buy each cd of thiers. This mostly has all an a lot of some. Although they have left out of aiming really a lot some- That it is and that does not have to that never be and When a levee pauses. But his still taken mostly all precise . This would be a exellent cd for judges of start.
5 / 5
Because of a volume adds of excellent music (and interviews) in this box are thank you to give it to 5 indication of star. This in spite of, no really define Focused Zeppelin. They were always a band of album and is not to do fault well for such compilations. If calm so only is taking to a then calm band neither would owe that buy on album or a far more comprehensible Boxed dips I and II.
4 / 5
I critics can have derided the like this overblown rock of rooster and Spinal Tap-esque (and yes law 'Hammer of some Of the', will be enclined to adapt!) But it has Directed Zeppelin remain one of one the majority of sales of influential rock never, and a catalyst for hundreds of today of the finest music. The papers of Robert plants, particularly on 'Kashmir' and a spellbinding 'A Song of Rains', is in stunning evocation of some elements of base of wind, fire, earth and rain, and this compilation contains some of some better psychedelic, his east of oceanic rock some odd elections for the container of the swipes more adds here a same time. It ignores His better song - 'When A Levee Pause' - the one of truth awesome piece of music that is on pure primeval energy of a better rock 'any one circulate, substituted for some reason for a contrastingly inferior soyisty Mountain Hop'. Also, we take a quite embarrasing cod-reggae of 'Of Yer Manufacturer' (possibly his worse song does not avert never of 'Boogie With Stu', felizmente a lot on here) and a half 'Heartbreaker' ('That Is And that does not have to that Never Be' and 'Thank you' in a same album ['Zeppelin II'] is much better).
These grudges averts, this in spite of, ossia still faultless, for real transitory material, and possibly a music of the better rock will not listen never. Any seriously interested in the music of modern rock will be to be missing of without east.
4 / 5
Has directed Zeppelin is my favourite band, interior a moment. Remasters HAS all my preferred Zeppelin songs. I have done the good election on buying this ro be prime minister of mine Focused Zeppelin CD. Reason have bought 1, I probably 'nt has 2. I want to all these songs. If yours the start has Directed Zeppelin defender, takes this for your prime minister.
4 / 5
Is odd, a Zeppelin legated. Today, Zep. It is to a large extent considered likes rock of dinosaurs of original heavy metal whose exceeded of cartoon in visits and on synchronise cataysed Punk and killed of 60 east. Odd that, as listening to this collection of the songs can not find the clue of heavy metal has inflated SO ONLY among them. If spawns of Metal of down an encircled, Zep the music comes from/comes from a altogether more sinister and mystic place. Sure, has balls, and Zep could mecer without peers (Rock & Circle, Black Dog, Immigrant song etc) but there is the restriction and spiritual discomfiture in this music that has more in common with mediaeval troubadour folk that Deep Lived fashion lumpen metal. Zepplin The music is shadows and needful things, no of MTV.
To the Clues the 'As Any Neighbourhood' is EACH ONE has BITTEN like this chilling like the timeless registers of Robert Johnson : ' Some dogs of doom are howlin' more' in fact. 'Gallows Polo' is desperate, and 'the Battle of Evermore' is pure Canterbury histories: Gothic, existential, disquieting.
There is lyrical sure presumption (unintentionally Parodied later for to the the bands likes them-the aprisa) but a sheer to the magnificence of clues likes 'Kashmir' justify a Homerian bell of a lyric: ' Or the father of some four twenty plenaries my sails..'. For real the inspired ethnic music is purer and more spiritual long before Paul Simon he trendy, Zeps draws of better music of the enormous variety of sources EVERYTHING of his bases, ancient, spiritual.
Page restrained the work of electrical guitar is more effective that any cranked-on modern metaller never can be, is that it does not touch as it says a plus.
'The Song of Rains' is so only simple beautiful, but again a retraint renders a song imploring, unfulfilled, fearful likes almost a lot another modern music.
Plant prompt shredding vocals (Wholes Struggles Amur, desglos√°is comunicacional) was quite effective, but has way of date to a unsettling existential moan over time, (Kashmir, the last stand of Achilles, Any Neighbourhood). John Bonham surca of sex underpinned all his better work, and has given Hip Hop-pers a sample of obvious drum to the long of a way '(when a levee pauses, an Ocean)
does not buy this album like the historical document, like this calm , says, the The one who album, for corner Like this Gregorian , Zep the music is both of this time and timeless.
Compraventa, loves it and be unsettled. We will not see never to to sound likes again.
This album is essntial.
5 / 5
Has dipped 4 stars because I seat that they so only shouldve dipped this was like the together of double disk and solves a disk 'interviewed. And [taking rid of] of the 'Early Days' and 'the days Last' and there the him. Some perfect wipes more Utmost' resumido of Zeppelin. Good selections also. My only complaint is would have to that it has substituted 'Dyer Manufacturer' (to to that it touch just like to them the pop of mine) with 'On Some Hills & Far Was'.
4 / 5
Ossia An excellent collection of some of Zeppelin better. Of 1969-75, it is everything here, with some swipes like "Whole Fight Amur," "Heartbreaker," "Rock and Circle," "Stairway to Heaven," and my preferred, "Kashmir" everything on here. It is the neighbour adds partorisca take if you do not have any Zeppelin CD is or if you have not bought one 4-CONJOINT CD of boxes. A definite buy in my opinion!
4 / 5
Wow , This cd is like this awesome, usually listens the Zeppelin on vinyl and has decided that it has required them the portable way to listen my fav. Bandage like this looked for a better cd possible and ossia. They are the defender of the enormous music and ossia one of a better if no a better cd the ees has not bought never. Really buy it will like you.

Top Customer Reviews: Never Turn Your ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5
Vinyl REY ameno out of an a lot of reason I amour this trio of seminal rock. Clever Papers and heavy riffage.
5 / 5
Has not liked Him a quality of sound.
5 / 5
Absolutely awesome!
5 / 5
Classical Budgie. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Top Customer Reviews: Welcome to My ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 38 ratings
4 / 5
A percussion in these looks to register to be the little too far behind in a presentation. The dishes are hard to listen and the drums do not have quite impact. This results less noticable a strong plus listens his this in spite of. I prefer my original copy older to a Music of Friday reissues to find that it looks to have slightly more depth and impact. A vinyl in mine original follows form quite well the little noise to surface here and there but in general quite calm.
5 / 5
A down-the album estimated and often spent for big , comprising a lot of gems like Blacks Widow , Cold Ethyl , as well as a clue to title like this and Only Women Bleed.
4 / 5
Hey Doubts. The element has arrived sure and sound. So only the regular record. Except a colour of vinyl. It is so only the deep solid inhabited. Looks S√ļper fresco. It goes that steps.
5 / 5
Take the bit to time to arrive but finally fact and am totally happy with him. A prize is a lot so much value a wait. Alice some classical.
4 / 5
the album of rock Adds. A more he thinks them. Songs like Welcome to the mine is black widow has done that album memorable...
5 / 5
The tope of Alice... He never peaked again, as with this 'concept' excellent album and a some previously his.
4 / 5
The element is coming as it has mentioned .. Word a lot exactly the one who my daughter has loved
5 / 5
take the bit to time to arrive but finally fact and am totally happy with him. A prize is a lot so much value a wait. Alice some classical.
5 / 5
The album of rock adds. A more he thinks them. Songs like Welcome to the mine is black widow has done that album memorable...
5 / 5
Adds-thank you! Any question with order, and yes, would recommend this vendor to my friends!
5 / 5
His of excellent quality in this shm-cd the side has compared night and day for side to a remaster
4 / 5
I have wanted always this album,he buying and listing his again after all thees the years is still good so much gold.
4 / 5
For the years have averted this album and has wanted to hate it reason have refused to accept Alice so only and harbored the resentment adds reason separates ways with an original band. It can no to remain me crazy in Alice for ever this in spite of and has given once this album the casualidad has found a songwriting and the production is like this a lot of fact forgets that Michael, Dennis, Glenn and Neal are no longer there. Some songs are catchy and that writes well and a lot owe horror-vibe this has done to to the songs like 'Dwight Frye', 'Of Dead Creatures' and ' Love a Dead' as memorable.

An opener adds, 'Bienvenido to the mine Incubó basically is that it dips a phase for an album so that alvation, Hooray' had done for 'Billions of Creatures of Dollar'. With Alice' vocals a lot in a forefront of a mix, horns in a half section, ossia comically macabe although no like this menacing likes Alice of 1971.

'Diablesa' Feed' has to add it ripple effect in an electrical guitar, and is harder-edged likes Alice of old. A production in this song is excellent. The one who better the guest-spear in an album of Cooper of Alice that Vincent estimativa, the one who rids the monologue in a half section. When Two masters of a macabro collaborates, as some results are anything but amazing? The prize is spoken advantages of passage well to 'A Black Widow', whereupon Alice chooses on a narration. With basic but work of contagious electrical guitar, a song is irressistible. In of the parts, to to sounds likes him to him Neal Of Smith he in drums.

ome Folks' Is more Way of Broadway that would have the apt rectum arrive chool is Was'. It is not one of mine favourite, but does not seat never a need the skip on he neither.

'Only women Bleed' was the enormous swipe so only in 1975 (1 in Canada) and the amazing transmission-of-no so that so only thought of to Alice likes him to him the king of Rock of Accident. Of course his title has caused a bit of the confusion for obvious reasons (with to to the papers like soyun took of his woman to take his seed') and has been shortened the 'Only Women'. I love a half section that takes more intrepid first to soften again for an end.

'Department of Youth' the starts adapt me of 'Unfinished Sweet' or 'Raped n Freezin', and there is a lot background vocals looking the heart of boys as well as these terrific tribal drums.

Alice continuous his obsession with necrophilia in a mecer 'Cold Ethyl', the staple jointly to this day, although any of mine favourite.

To to Alice touch likes is singing of of the chair of mecer in a coverage in a creepy, harpsichord-weighed 'Done of the Years', which heads to a Halloween-like piano intro of teven', another show-number of tune.

'One wake quiets things down before 'Evasion' thing of starts that mecer again. Some bells are so only and seldom would use a term 'charming' to describe Alice song, but this one east in spite of a fact he no really apt in with a 'incubó whole concept, unless it is meant to signify his wake.

Sure takes a remastered version with some three clues of prize:

An alternating long version of 'Diablesa' Feed' has more echo in the but looks clearer and is better reason a version of album was mostly monologue of estimativa of Vincent. This a does not look Prize but has an along creepy to to the instrumental section like 'Dwight Frye'. Probably my favourite song of an album.

An alternating version of 'Cold Ethyl' is also clearer that a version of album.

An alternating version of 'One wake' is more interesting, creepier with the whispers of Alice and he demented box of music, more a reappearance of Vincent Estimativa. Also much better that a version of album.

The album of only of the start of Alice is still his estaca of better work-ACG and rest the add listens 35+ years later and one 2011 clue 'Bienvenido 2 Mine Incubó any one included approached.
5 / 5
Please the calm mark sure purchases this version of Bienvenida To my Nightmare, no another available version. This version is remastered. This version has three clues of prize. Some clues of prize are to alternate versions of 'Diablesa' Feed' (very widespread), 'Cold Ethyl', and 'One wake' with alternating papers and more Vincent Estimativa! Any one available in a together of boxes of Cooper of Alice! These three clues so only, Cooper defender, well a prize of admission!

Some sounds of album so better that an original CD. This touches more like vinyl, rich and deep. A liner notes, unfortunately, is a bit crappy. Basically so only they explain to a youth of today reason Alice Cooper is fresher that to the some bands like. There it has any one a lot in an origin of an album, which is dissapointing. Ossia, after all, an a lot of first album of only for Vincent Furnier aka Alice Cooper. A sale of Cooper of Alice (Furnier, Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway, Neil Smith, and Glen late Buxton) was no more. Never again they share the phase or the recording studio.

Gives the reception to the My Nightmare was the revelation when you go up and is still imports to blow today. Cela Is due to some talents of production of Bob Ezrin. A man the one who has Destroyer product and Mur has come really to the his own in this album. His production is, for lack of any better words, the jaw that falls. Calm totally can say is, know his fashion a lot enough. All this creepy piano of film of the horror, all some orchestrations, effects of the his, some boys that sings. Ezrin Always has boys in his albums. My favourite moment was in a song 'Department of Youth'. Cooper and some boys sing in a turn-was:

Together - ' is a Department of Youth, ahh ahh, take a power !'
Alice - 'The one who has taken a power ?'
Boys - ' do!'
Alice - 'And those who gave it yours?'
Boys - 'Donny Osmond!'
Alice - 'THAT?'

So many songs add. 'Only women Bleed', 'Black Widow', 'Evasion'. 'Evasion' When being one the majority of straighforward rocker in an album. All more is more complex, fix it wise and lyrically. And of course, a prime minister-never appearance of Steven. ' It does years' has Alice sings in such the creepy small-the voice of girl likes Steven. Then a song teven' kicks in, and is included creepier. ' I will dip pence in your eyes. And you go it was, it sees?' Steven would burst on a lot of time, as in a next album Alice Cooper Goes To Hell, 1991 Hey Stoopid, 1994 Last Temptation, and a recent To the long of Wine A Spider.

Could any never say, 'If the compraventa only joins album of Cooper of Asa, compraventa is one.' A reason can is not that each album for a band of Cooper of Alice was monumentral, particularly School is Was and Billions of Creatures of Dollar. This in spite of, spent two or three, please mark one of his Welcome To my Nightmare, remastered.

5 stars!

PS - There is also the Audio of DVD of this album mixed in 5.1 for Bob Ezrin he!
4 / 5
Has to that very sure in my alcohol concealed 'Bienvenido to the mine Incubó is a musical triumph More adds them never to be fact by a Godfather of Rock of Accident. This start of the solo of the monster marks the critical period when Alice Cooper departs of the his recently disbanded band of cochera and so only concocts the devious, innovative formula of glorious theatrical showmanship. 'Bienvenido to the mine Incubó is, in fact, the perfectly orchestrated spook soundtrack the one who blends pulsating rhythms of rock with elements of vaudeville and Broadway musical tunes. Like Increases of curtain of the velvet to expose a phase, Cooper donations an upper hat of the devilish ringmaster; as indicated by the clue of inaugural title of an album, cordially invites curious spectators to the his cadaverous nightclub of crypt. Of course, ossia so only a start. With incident and has surprised lurking for behind each corner, Cooper fiendishly the ready papers incorporate unspeakable violence and gore with elaborating spectacle of phase. An appearance of special guest of master of the film of the horror Vincent Prices on 'Diablesa' Feed' is simply priceless; it is clear enjoy to be the ham of Hollywood! 'Black Widow' is the clue to disturb in the bloodthirsty arachnid the one who is worshipped for his has created enslaved like his voraciously devours his flesh; this clue also can concern any voluptuous woman the one who is able to deceive men to the his doom. A simple this in spite of hilarious ome Folks' is strongly Fred inspired by Astaire; it is the catchy number of dance of the tap that speaks a wholesome subject of cannibalism! Even more that the frights is 'Only Women Bleed,' the second offered of looks ballad in domestic violence; during a sweeping the segments notarises them, one can almost vision a bruise @of woman and terrified that is paste and kicked repeatedly for his drunken together. 'Cold ethyl' is the hysterical song & of circle of the rock where Alice commits a law of necrophilia: with wisecracks upstaging the metal to shout so only of electrical guitar, he tapes out of the graphic description of the cadavere nude preserved in a refrigerator! These are so only some creepy signals underlined waiting for auditors. Now that it is digitally remastered, a quality of his of 'Bienvenido to the mine Incubó is better that never first. It does not forget to verify out of the 3 clues of prize of a CD, which has been registered of Cooper 1975 ABC television special (also take look of some songs' alternate papers).
4 / 5
In 1975, after a group of Cooper of Alice has on broken, Alice Cooper has launched his career of only and his first album was the success of entity. First endeavour of only of Alice tries that Alice Cooper is one of some writers of better song of all-the time. Now to the left it is to take the travesía to Alice Incubo.
A clue of inaugural title, 'Bienvenido To the mine Incubó is Alice PURA. Some first words are 'Welcome to my nightmare. I think that calm to go it to like. I think that that you go to feel belong.' Alice sings this classical tune with the voice of bad down as if it is in fact a devil. A tune is real weighed with a variety of the instruments and the electrical guitar adds riffs fact for Dick Wagner. Another clue adds is a melodic ome Folks.' It is the real catchy tune with the neighbour adds papers. This next clue is which this extremely popular album. Alice first ballad 'Only Women Bleed.' It is it is known likes one of Alice More adds them ballads NEVER! A song aims the ardent side of Alice that you has not seen before. Some of some papers go to like, is cries so only for prejudices he also often. Tobacco and drunk and does not come home at all. Only women Bleed, Only Women Bleed...' This ballad is Alice MASTERPIECE!
A tune really adds is 'Cold Ethyl.' It is the a bit weighed tune with the sound of rock of the cochera that Alice excellent on. It is probably one of some more have weighed tunes of an album. Another tune of utmost heavy metal is a next plus 'Evasion.' It is like an addition to 'Cold Ethyl.' Owe his of rock of the cochera also. Definately Alice classical.
This album 'Bienvenido To the mine Incubó is a start of as Alice Cooper has done his mark in a world like the master of Heavy Metal. If it wants to know like Alice Cooper is resulted 'A Godfather of Rock of Incident,' this album explains it EVERYTHING!
5 / 5
Alice has had ditched his band and shot for a moon when it avenges up with "Bienvenido To my Nightmare." After a disappointing "Muscle Of Amur," it requires to king-establish his preeminence among a imitators this has begun to jump up around lucido (the KISS comes to import) and try that, when it avenges to impact rock, person he better.
Marcos On all the accounts. For recruiting producing Bob Ezrin (those who was sorely lost in "Muscle") for his and estimativa of Vincent of the actor for the part of character, the plus that dips a whole concept in late night ABC television - (any one PLEASES to take some right DVD?), it Turns an album to a chance. At the same time of "Nightmare " emission, there was habladuría of as Alice had revived showmanship in musical theatre and the one who the acting talent that shines this man could result, and that down-estimated all his leading work had been, some years after MTV, is hard to agree so only that outrageous and new the video of concept was!
This all is Very Constrictor poo if an album does not have on measured. A production was far on Any of some albums grupal original, and Alice was able to explore his fascination to continue with gothic theatre in of the ways his mates of the old band would not leave . (Calm also will be cost do better fault a Rhinoceros Remastered version with clues of prizes.) "Only women Bleed" it was a highpoint of him all, resupplying Alice with his first format unexpectedly of cross. (He also directed, unfortunately, the far too many sappy songs later in his career.) "Some Folks" it was almost vaudevillian in discharge (agrees some skeletons of dance, with Alice in tux and rows?), And a punch of metal of "Evasion" tried that Alice still could mecer when tale.
"Bienvenido To my Nightmare" it is an album that spawned the million more (thinks "Destroyer," "Mur," included "Thriller"). It is also, unfortunately, last album adds of Alice before too booze and too few ideas have begun sapping his force. Savor This nightmare, reason takes Alice, some the real nightmares were so only around a corner.
4 / 5
Alice has had ditched his band and shot for a moon when it avenges up with "Bienvenido To my Nightmare." After a dissapointing "Muscle Of Amur," it requires to king-establish his preeminence among a imitators this has begun to jump up around lucido (the KISS comes to import) and try that, when it avenges to impact rock, person he better.
Marcos On all the accounts. For recruiting producing Bob Ezrin (those who was sorely lost in "Muscle")for his, and Prize of Vincent of the actor for character, the plus that dips a whole concept in late night ABC TV - (Dammit any one PLEASES to take some right DVD?), it Turns an album to a chance. At the same time of "Nightmare " emission, there was habladuría of as Alice had revived showmanship in musical theatre and the one who the brillaint acting talent this man could result, and that down-estimated all his leading work had been, some years after MTV, is hard to agree so only the one who outragous and new the video of concept was!
(So only the opinion: A three CD prevails the clues are of a show of television, and the the audio of DVD has these clues of prize in PLACE of some versions of studio, an error concealed there is still to be corrected in a version of audio of the DVD.)
This all is Very Constrictor poo if an album does not have on measured. A "Bienvenido To my Nightmare" Remaster shows as and reasons is a test of time. A production was far on Any of some albums grupal original, and Alice was able to explore his fascination to continue with gothic theatre in of the ways his old bandmates would not leave . "Only women Bleed" it was a highpoint of him all, resupplying Alice with his first format unexpectedly of cross. (He also directed, unfortunately, the far too many sappy songs later in his career.) "Some Folks" it was almost vaudevillian in discharge (agrees some skeletons of dance, with Alice in tux and rows?), And a punch of metal of "Evasion" tried that Alice still could mecer when tale.
"Bienvenido To my Nightmare" it is an album that spawned the million more (thinks "Destroyer," "Mur," included "Thriller"). It is, unfortunately, last album adds of Alice before too booze and too few ideas have begun sapping his force. Savor This nightmare, reason takes Alice, some the real nightmares were so only around a corner.
4 / 5
It was one of some lucky people those who have taken partorisca see a show of TV of this album. Agreeing that this was before MTV, seeing any concealed has been considered partorisca be a bit of the rebel and counterculture in TV in that then was incredible. I have run of course it was and it has bought a (vinyl) album.
And the one who an album. Any enough like his leading albums, 'Incubó had the few softer touches, more notably 'Only Women Bleed', the song roughly like the women in general has been in that then considered second citizens of class .
There is more the points have underlined. 'A Black Widow' has the related opening for Vincent Rewards incomparable, preceding Michael Jackson is 'Thriller' for enough the few years. My general principle of thumb is that so only roughly anything that Vincent Prices not having never does in the vinyl is excellent, and this narration is perfect for an album and like the favours to a song.
Listens to an end of 'Department of Youth' cranked on really strong. Like the sound is by train to turn Alice Cooper asks some boys those who has a power, answered that his , then Alice asks the one who gave him a power, with an expectation that would be it Alice Cooper. Some girls answer 'Donny Osmond', setting Alice to the frenzy, the hilarious fadeout.
'One wake is the bit of the chiller this involves a singer has killed his woman. All serious here, and one of some better songs in a CD.
'Cold ethyl' is pure laughs. Macabro Laughs yes, but laughs this in spite of. The cold ethyl is his lover , but is cold because it has died and in a refrigerator. While you can manage a subject, a song would owe that smiled.
'Devil' Feed' and estephen' have some mecer moments more characteristic of Alice Cooper, and is both well also.
ome Folks' And 'Bienvenido to the mine Incubó is both good, although each one which to the equal that has the mainstream feels to a music although some papers are any how May. Perhaps Alice has tried for one contrasts among some papers and music to give some songs the bit of surrealism. Both are enjoyable.
'Done of the years' has Alice that speaks in the little voice of boy in the song that involves something sinister. A song is good and a bit so only, but really resupplies some favours the estephen'. While ' it does Years' could dip you was the little at the beginning, listening his and then tephen' @give you that a two goes near, almost he like this leaves I and II of a same song.
'Evasion' Spent of an original album. 'Evasion' Was always the puzzler for me, because it looks to be the bit out of any with a rest of an album. Partially it is because of some papers :
'Where are I that careers to,
has any place to go.
So only dipped in my trick,
and take to a show.'
A way Alice sings these papers touches more so Beatles Alice. It is well, but Alice different.
A 70s was such the time adds for only albums, and this one was one of those. I have listened to these dozens of albums of time. I expect that I am listening his 20 (or 30) years of now. Alice was such the character with the plot of talent to entertain, sometimes amuse. Some of some songs were really different, and an appearance of the guest for Vincent estimativa is the must-have for any defender of Prize of Vincent. That still is doing reading this description? If you are intrigued, goes to buy a CD!
5 / 5
After an emission of 1973 Billions of Creatures of Dollar, the majority has been bent to think group of Cooper of Alice would not top it never. They were arguably correct of One.C. spit Up in '74 (A band of Cooper of Alice has had question of then Alice has not created for tests and his anger and drinking was exited hand-held), but concealed does not mean Alice could not come darn closes again by means of his start of ambitious alone prime minister. Initially, a would not compare some bylines of the group and career of only but with 1975 is 'Bienvenido to the mine Incubó, Alice Cooper has preserved a fashion of the cochera still touches the one who accomodated his recently broken group. This was the good thing this in spite of, for defenders of Cult of Blue Oyster, Kiss, and Ted Nugent of then Alice there is retained one same punkish-rock of a prompt 70 east. Some the same comparisons can be concluded with Phil Collins' career of only versus a sound of Genesis or Tom Insignificant career of only versus a sound of Insignificant Tone and a Heartbreakers.
Alice maintains his producer of confidence Bob Ezrin on board for a travesía and the odd, still has amused one is of then he is jammed with some horrific effects of sound. A base is in the bad sleep alice can not escape (this in spite of one can assume you can not solidify the @@subject on something like this ficticious like the nightmare). The yes calm work creates it or no. Some clues of title opens with the horror-laced, the invitation of fantasy paved Alice alchoholic-estaca psychedelic (and moderately horrific) atmosphere.
'Diablesa' Feed' is the clue underlined with vincent prize like the guest dicussing an ironically pleasurable the danger is of venomous spider. I reward it also coming the guest for a clue of title of the 1982 Thriller unexpectedly of Michael Jackson.
'Cold ethyl' is the clue of behaviour where an ethyl is metaphorically the women (in concrete-clips of audio of the pleasured women) and Alice speaks a no-like this-hid alchoholic demons that pursued until 1986 is 'Constrictor'.
'Only women Bleed' is the sad ballad, but the memorable follow which really there is more to do Alice self-lacking for not answering his promise and punctual-to-be-woman when you suffer alchoholism.
5 / 5
A sound of this remaster is gorgeous! I usually have-hum in remasters, and can not say a lot of difference, but ossia an exception . Some sounds are more acute, crisper. Pocolos Touch and the stray instrumentation has been spent on a fund. And some of some odd noises have been given more prominence. I have listened to both CD has touched behind to back, and could listen differences of entities. An original CD resembles has been drawn to adapt mecer flavours more classical, but this one resembles has been mastered to adapt some flavours of Alice defenders.
East reissues has been produced for Brian Nelson and David McLees. The sound has been produced for Bill Inglot. It was remastered for Harm Hersch in Digiprep-no for Bob Ezrin to the equal that informs of editor wrongly states (control a liner note first to revise!)
Comes with the ten booklet of page with some photos of good archive (concealed me the desire there was more than photo and that they were main!) Of a 'Bienvenido To the mine Incubó recognition and the piece of text for Jeffery Morgan-which basically rents Alice the death and does not say fans anything a lot already know them to me is still good to read.
A three that alternates the songs have been taken of Alice ABC the Special TV, 'A Nightmare,' has sawed-starring Vincent estimativa, which was before emission 4/25/75. This is not a 'Bienvenido To the mine Incub√≥ video jointly-ossia the series of vi√Īetas has done has gone by Cooper and Price ossia almost impossible to find for conventional means. Perhaps this CD will generate the interest and they animate-the emission. In any case, his no detract of an album in fact, add the pocola his closure.
'Diablesa' Feed' has alternate papers-probably mandated for television executives, but in my opinion some papers are even more potentially offensive! It leaves it Alice to pull that it was. A music is different also, trippier, more far was. An end of 'Devil' Feed' is touched was without a monologue of Prize of Vincent. 'Cold ethyl' is a lot one same with perhaps the most enthusiastic action of Alice, really takes to a 'ooooooh like this cold' bit. 'One Wake' has has changed radically papers that returns so that it is the sweet plus , more innocent the alternating arrival to a nightmare has closed has gone by the lovely voice to say of estimativa of Vincent Alice a nightmare is not never on.
Now like this to some original clues in an album: A song of title begins an album with the whispery invitation the sample some of some images to disturb in the box of spicy toy of Alice. Some looks of song creepy work of electrical guitar for Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter and finals with the rousing fanfare of the horns that gives the reception to calm to a nightmare. A work of odd electrical guitar is spent really is gone in a remaster, until a level of some horns, gives it the a lot of his odd plus.
After up is 'Devil' Eaten,' the song in a Devil that rigs partorisca to hot date or perhaps the hot lunch. Like Twenty of song down Alice I extracted to the monologue for Vincent estimativa, the plenary eight years before Ladies Jackson would do one same in his 'Thriller' album. It portrays the museum curator with an obsession with spiders. This directs well to esome Black Widow,' Alice' Spider King the one who report that master or be devoured. Some pocolos touch are spent really was here and Alice vocals his diverse plus. Some two electrical guitars are more has separated clearly.
A prójimo three songs are fun tunes that adds musical diversity to an album. 'Only women Bleed' was Alice' first ballad and would mark a start of the series of swipes of melancholy during a rest of some seventies. Esome Folks' Is has fallen he of Broadway-ready to line roughly cholera, violence, lust and ache. 'Department of Youth' is the pre-hymn of adolescent in the boys that career some world-wide-the scariest has thought in an album! Everything of them his crisper and more precise. Some violins on 'Only Women Bleed' is much more prominent.
A chilling returns of way with 'Cold Ethyl,' one the majority of upbeat song in necrophilia never writing. 'A thing loses is cold the ethyl and his skeleton have fulfilled last night making love for a light of refrigerator.' There is the woman moaning excitedly under a music in this song-how is spent really is gone in this remaster. It likes-me an extra flange gives a song.
'Done along,' estephen' and esome awake' forms the history in the little boy (or is the big man adds?) With some class of disorder of multiple personality the one who can not imagine was reason all his friends have gone, all his toys are broken and the people maintain to die, , buy an album and see for calm. 'One Wake' is one of a fresher punch-the lines to an album has has not listened never. A eerie the tone of these songs are to do fault well for an acute ultra clear remastering of this CD. A creepy sounds, the voices have hid, and far called of the mother of Stephen is all more prominent in a mix of sounds. He one listening experience all a plus chilling.
'Evasion' In bylines out of an album and roughly is escaping of a nightmare. Reason Alice in heart is the sweet type all his histories have happy finals. 'Bienvenido to the mine Incubó is any exception. In an end, awake on, and dry some cobwebs of our eyes, and @give that is of tower in a daytime world. It does not concern ; we can go back to a nightmare requires to. After all, it is not of the nightmares so only the way to escape the sometimes mundane lives?
Is debating Taking this remaster reason already the CD of 'Bienvenido To the mine Incubó-and is already the perfect CD, calm call to take one submerges. I think that that ossia included better, or at least like this well, but delightfully different. A three that alternates the songs are the must for any defender. A clarity improved of his, and a brightening of some of a background instrumentation he well the value that shabby.
4 / 5
Alice Cooper is the composite of vaudeville, film of old horror, EC Comics, and rock 'any circle. You are a first American rock star to spend theatrical trick and among a prime minister to incorporate elaborate props and wild antics his law. On until this time, the person had incorporated these things to a terracing that Alice , and there is still to be equaled! Alice the typical show of one 70 is could comprise the good alive constrictor, gallows and guillotines, dancing skeletons, giant samples, straight jackets and the plot of spooky music.
That spooky the music is so only a point, for if any living artist embodies an alcohol of Halloween, is Alice Cooper . With his black hair along and black greasepaint slime down his cheeks, his cloths of black skin and big boots, Alice paints a perfect picture of the rock 'any circle ghoul. Not contenting to simply sing songs roughly breaking up with the daughter and inevitably going back together with his, Alice croons his way by means of such uniquely thematic songs as 'of the Dead Creatures,' esick Things,' eskeletons in a Cupboard,' 'to the seal is' and ' love a Dead person.' So only for some calm titles so only can see that these are not of the songs of typical rock, but does not think Alice simply is when being foul or violent--his songs are done in fact with a class and charm of some films of old Universal horror of one 30 east and 40 is. Sure, there is a bit abonos antiquated rebelliousness, but his music is playful more than violent, as he campfire history of ghost.
A more adds Halloween the never registered album is Alice Cooper is 'Bienvenido To my Nightmare.' It was his first album of only after a breakup of his original band, and his casualidad to do a wild plus, more eerie album never. No the difference of a music navide√Īa the attractive was every year with which Thanksgiving, 'Bienvenido to the mine Incub√≥ is the perennial Halloween album chock full of .
A song of title begins an album with the whispery invitation the sample some of some images to disturb in the box of spicy toy of Alice. Some looks of song creepy work of electrical guitar for Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter and finals with the rousing fanfare of the horns that gives the reception to calm to a nightmare.
After up is 'Diablesa' Eaten,' in a Devil that rigs partorisca to hot date-or perhaps the hot lunch. Like Twenty of song down Alice I extracted to the monologue for Vincent estimativa, the plenary eight years before Ladies Jackson would do one same in his 'Thriller' album. It portrays the museum curator with an obsession with spiders. This directs well to esome Black Widow,' Alice' Spider King the one who report that master or be devoured.
A prójimo three songs, esome Folks,' 'Department of Youth' and 'Only Women Bleed,' is not particularly macabra, but is fun songs that adds musical diversity to an album. 'Only women Bleed' was Alice' first ballad and would mark a start of the series of swipes of melancholy during a rest of some seventies. Some Folks is has fallen he of small Broadway a lot of-number to line roughly cholera, ache and violence. The department of Youth is the pre-adolescent ballad in the boys that career some world-wide-a nightmarish has thought if he not having never one!
A chilling returns of way with 'Cold Ethyl,' probably one the majority of upbeat song in necrophilia never writing. 'A thing loses is cold the ethyl and his skeleton have fulfilled last night making love for a light of refrigerator.' When Alice has sung this song in concert to the Angels a summer, some daughters in front of me created and has left. If 'Cold Ethyl' any liven on your Halloween celebrates, swimming .
'Done along,' estephen' and esome awake' forms the history in the little boy (or is the big man adds?) With some class of disorder of multiple personality the one who can not imagine was reason all his friends have gone, all his toys are broken and the people maintain to die, , buy an album and see for calm. 'One Wake' is one of a fresher punch-the lines to an album has has not listened never.
'Evasion' In bylines out of an album and is in just that, escaping of a nightmare. Reason Alice in heart is basically the sweet type all his histories have happy finals and 'Welcome to the mine Incubó is any exception. In an awake end arrives and dry some cobwebs of our eyes and @give that is of tower in a daytime world. It does not concern ; we can go back to a nightmare requires to. After all it is not of the nightmares so only the way to escape the sometime mundane lives? It is not that it Halloween is everything roughly? We want to dipped in our trick and evasion of the ours 9 to 5 existence at least once the year.
Alice Cooper can be roughly like this scary like the ten-the old year in the Halloween mask, but is also like this playful and exuberant. If it love music that capture a flavour and entertainment of Halloween, does not squander your money in the album of effects of the sound. It chooses on 'Bienvenido to the mine Incubó and the strong touch in yours prójimo Halloween party.
No attended for Halloween this in spite of, the take now and the touch every day! I think that calm to go it to like. It takes it before calm take you.
4 / 5
With a group of Cooper of Alice in permanent hiatus,Alice has gathered joint the group to notch upper of musicians(a lot of that has done on Lou Reed have opposite,BERLINO).In the Canadian studio with regular producer Bob Erzin and new songwriting sidekick Dick Wagner, Alice has dipped roughly creating the concept of horror has the result was a history of Steven,the one who is aturdido for his nightmares that so only can result to be reality .Here it is the rundown of some clues:
GIVE The RECEPTION To the MI NIGHTMARE : opener Magnífico.un creepy mix of the tune of show of Broadway and directly advances rock.unvosotros I horns in this clue enhance Wagner is going down electrical guitar in a climax of some sounds of song like them crawly what scuttling down to wall to you.
The DEVIL FEEDS - Any the one who close said that Alice had lost his flange of hard rock after listening to this song would owe that have sweat/his boss has examined. The desire could take my hands in the copy of a longer version of this song.
BLACK WIDOW - Vincent Estimativas leaves his gloriously intonations to hurt to a proceedings;seven first years of the insurances megastar rasgó of a concept partorisca achieves a sound that Alice uses later in a RACE YOUR FIST And YELL. You can imagine the black giant widow the spider that chairs in the throne.
SOME FOLKS - A soft shoe shuffle for one east a Coop in of the rows and white bond;turning to the werewolf in some hearts. I have loved this album of then 1975 this in spite of do not take the one who this song is is fresh,this in spite of.
ONLY WOMEN BLEED - An integer lateralmente new to a Coop;a song decrying Alice and better domestic violence ballad,and the song so that it has to that be surprised the plot of critiques when they listened it in the first place.
DEPARTMENT OF YOUTH - Another hymn of rebellion,in a vetoes of COLEGIALA is WAS or also takes the pot has shot in of the idols of adolescents ;notably,Donny Osmond(to this day,Donny to raisin likes him the dish of honour!).This would have to that it has been the swipe of the main map that was.
COLD ETHYL - A combination of me LOVES The DEAD PERSON and HEAVEN of Refrigerador.un allegro romp roughly roughly the subject of amour of Alice with the Daughter that does not say (or )a lot of(of anything . . It follows of clue).
DONE of the YEARS - Steven has the conversation with él.un eerie, demented fairground feels to ossia also people that speaks in a fund in the tongue is not behind taping?
STEVEN - Steven struggles his has the gothic the horror feels his;STEVEN is the prime ,the hard rock that retreated with piano.
WAKE HE - Steven @gives has done something ,the series and the keyboards dominate the mix of a song.
EVASION - Steven now knows has to that escape his nightmares,but @give that that can be all to before rocker,with papers that mirrored the situation of Alice in a tme(the endless visiting,the alcohoism).Classical end: Alice babbling,"I gotta take outta here,I gotta taking outta here!"(A reference the BALLAD OF DWIGHT FRYE)
the NIGHTMARE is one all time Cooper So only classical;the yardstick that Alice Cooper the albums have had to measure has tried on Alice could do it on his own without some other members of Alice Cooper Alice have tried also a lot that grows a theatrics (any to reduce them ,as that remains ACG the members have wanted to).To all novice alice defenders, says that the nightmare is an alone prime minister Cooper classical to take your hands is not a duff the clues is in this album,closing your eyes . . .And experience a L COOP!
5 / 5
Ossia! A myth, a legend, a classical, Bienvenido To my Nightmare. First album of only of Alice after leaving his original band. In his own there is a liberty to take a phase theatrics to the new level, and a result is one of some albums of better rock of all the times. This was an album of Cooper of Alice of prime minister I never possessed and remains my preferred of everything of them. Alice would release a lot of utmost albums during his career but any of them the sound has taken enough. Ossia A rock of original/horror /broadway musical. A lot of groups would adapt this formula and do his pocolas his moderations(King Diamond and Gwar to appoint the small), but at all can compare. It is not possible for me to find quite a lot of good things to say in this album or all some reasons because they owe that butt of yours zoom down to a tent and the take. If has any interest at all in has beaten of classical rock or can not be been contemplating purchasing this album. While the majority of the discography of Alice Cooper is sum, if so only buy album of Cooper of Alice in your life, Welcome cost To my Nightmare.
In fact, has to has begun already out of a door in your way to one first record tent of calm included has taken this far to a description.
4 / 5
5 / 5
With his fashion of byline for a melodramatic, Alice Cooper heads to blaze more than trails of pair with this album. If scary film and things that goes the swipe in a night of the the emotion, this album is the must listens. In a veto of the musical theatre of songs likes Meatloaf "Paradises For Light of Dashboard" or anything of Show of Picture of Rocky Horror, a tri-near of song (" it does Years," "Stephen", and "One Wake") it takes an auditor for the walk by means of an alcohol of the homicidal schizophrenic. In spite of a character to disturb of a subject, to rich orchestration of Cooper and lines of saturated horn leave one knows that neither he, neither owe calm, takes this too seriously... Like your big brother that say creepy slasher histories with to torch under his chin. Cooper also deftly juxtaposes such antics with one impressive, a-pleasant character of real-world-wide harm. It develops the sentimental, if any vulnerable, side with minimalistic still empathetic to the pieces like "Only Women Bleed," one of some first popular songs of a day to face a subject impressive of battered women. This album is the travesía real so that they enjoy a macabro, so that so only like the good bit of theatre, or so that so only likes to sing to the long of in a car with any damn good songs.
4 / 5
"Bienvenido to my nightmare. I think that calm to go it to like. I think that that you go to feel belong." So many starts out of a first clue likes him Alice Cooper I invites to his album of classical concept of some seventies. It begins with a soft choosing and strumming of the series of electrical guitar has accompanied of some slow touching of the dish, and continue like Alice joins some instruments, singing in the soft voice, calm as if to avert that despertador the person to sleep. Gradually A song chooses on any and to to volume likes them Alice Of presents to his "desglosad" and it opens a door to a rest of a travesía by means of this album.
With which have entered an album by means of a first song, "Bienvenido To my Nightmare," you will find youself in a second clue, "the lunch of the devil." It does not concern , a devil is not there. At least a lot in person. No, calm will find you in far better company that Satan√°s, for Vincent Estimate waiting calm likes curator of the deadly reptile and of museum of insect. It Likes him to him the voice of this master actor of the old black and the films of calm white horror drive you on a recognition, coming to @give that you are a "it feeds" when be headed to a next song, "A Black Widow," to be eaten by the spider.
Has escaped song three, could find shelter in song four, "Some Folks." But I the doubt. Here we find Alice that defends, "Baby, coming on and save me." But some papers are ambiguous. It wants to be I save of celabacy? "Some folks crave the blue lady... They are so only a lot well without him, they are not the man at all." Or it wants to be succoured of a nightmare is taken in? "Some folks amour to feel ache, some folks wake on each morning. Some folks alive for any reason, some folks given without the opinion." A message is not to clear, except a fact that a character in a song is not in the happy predicament.
And does not assume this song five, "Only Women Bleed," you save. Of course, you will be better of is a man in a song, the one who "smokes and drunk and does not come house and everything." But you are one has has abused women, calm only volume to bleed in these occasions when it comes house.
But could do your way to a "Department Of Youth," clue six, a hymn of rebellion of the youth against improvement of adult. Calm perhaps could hide among a juvenile delinquents to the equal that sing together with Alice roughly to the equal that has a power. (A Summerhill the heart of the boys has joined Cooper in vocals)
But when a department of youth in bylines and there is nowhere to go but song seven, "Cold Ethyl," you could it loves quell'fast of walk and start of there that quickly. A song is so only two minutes and fiftyone according to long; but for these three minutes will be to do husband and of the things of woman with Ethyl. Quell'Conceals would not be the question, if no for a fact that an Ethyl of reason is cold is reason is the cadavere .
In " it does Years," it follows eight, calm mentally regress your infancy. You will yearn This era. You will think that that you are there, still, somehow it knows calm is not . " They are the little boy . No, they are the big man adds . Calm @gives that all your "the friends are home be - done of the years." You will admit that "all my toys are broken. And to the equal that are I interior , mamma." You will listen your mother that ask to come home to the equal that roam to a next clue.
The new song is "Steven." You are. It is a a trapped in this album; this nightmare. It is struggling to grow up. The part of this unhappy adventure is a fight, in song nine, to accept a death of has wanted to it one, the mother of Steven more probably. It maintains to listen, or more calling his name. Some papers of this song could direct you to think that Steven is losing a battle against some demons of his alcohol.
But then wake up in song ten, "One Wake." You are in a basement and does not know like this take there. You think that calm perhaps is walking of sleep . Calm creates you of a chair to look for your woman. They are in trail of blood and @give is slime of your hands. It is Ethyl your woman? It has died because of you? You kill your mother? You are a reason that only women bleed?
But then song eleven, "Evasion," it spends liberty of a nightmare. After this song, can exit a record and king-enter reality. Calm finally can pinch and know that it was all so only the rock and sleep of circle. You are sure house in front of the yours stereo.
4 / 5
Give the reception to the my Nightmare gives some of some better of both musician Alice Cooper and producing Bob Ezrin (Kiss, Peter Gabriel, Rosa bad numerous Floyd album). This brilliantly produced and engineered the album looks a work of the room or two plenary of some musicians of studio more final, and also has some of a creepiest the papers will not listen never.
Creepy, Yes, but is everything in good entertainment. That more can explain like this was first presented to this album? Ossia Well, has seen Alice Cooper sings "Bienvenido to my Nightmare" in a Muppet Show, and was hooked right there. When you Listen to an album, does not take it too seriously. ( Any really believes any in Kiss was of the external space or AC/DC has been done on Statan worshipers?) While you are in him, imagine what more entertainment could be it in concert. Ah, One '70s!
4 / 5
Omigod, Is 1974, and have gone to mine very first concert of rock in a Flag of Orange County or something in California Of the sud. It is "Bienvenido To my Nightmare", and I am ENAMOURED! Of course, I have bought an album, has memorised it, but the clues have lost somehow of him a lot of years. Now, On Oct. 29th, goes partorisca see Alice Cooper again in a Konocti Centre of Dress in North California. As I am coming on board partorisca find my old can not expect listen some dips ready again! And they are really that looks forward to some extra clues. OOHH! And a Concert is the chance of dress , as I go to the dress likes Alice in Wonderland, but with trick of Cooper of Alice. I will be Alice Cooper in Wonderland! It takes it!? lol
4 / 5
A motive of nightmares, psychos and the black humour is very known in Cooper album during a prompt 70 east, but still, "Bienvenido to my nightmare" it is one of the his better never. A coverage is inspired by "orange of Clockwork", and some CD sounds well. Vincent the late prize is still scary like crazy scientist in "Black widow","Steven" stands especially, while "Only women bleed" this has surprised Alice defenders when an album has been released, 'nt do a lot today. I think that that these were Cooper better days in his career. Later it repeats , tried partorisca do something more in "Tip and Whiskey" and turned partorisca be irrelevant.
4 / 5
Bienvenido to my nightmare is the really classical alice record this is to hail like the masterpiece for the majority of his defenders,,,,and perhaps his the majority of appriciated only-record. In my opinion is the bit , but so only the bit has estimated on. It is not a definite alice record he looks in some concrete songs themselfs, outtaken of this integer. But it conceal it is not a point here in all the chance. It is not I so that it adds like "Billin creatures of dollar" and "of an interior" but it is definately the album adds and have to that partorisca a hardcore Alice-defender. In a suberb inaugural clue Alice of the the reception to the a traves√≠a by means of his nightmare and calm so only require to seat behind and enjoy. Some signals underlined of this album is "welcome to mine nigthmare" "the alimentary devils" "cold ethyl" "the wake" and of course a brilliant "only women bleed" which is one of a better alice the songs of everything likes him the said, this is not an album partorisca choose out of songs of. Enjoy a nightmare fram one first tune to a last so much is meaning. ALICE COOPER √ą GOD .
4 / 5
Im Cooper partid√°rio quite big but of then choosing it on, listen his more and more althoughthe first time listened it has thought, "ugh, lose his old band". I still bondadoso of any one the big defender of album of concept. He the years and Steven agree me of something Kisses has done in an Elder of age. His no that add. Some the better songs are Eaten Devils , Black Widow, Evasion and Cold Ethyl. A rest could do without. But, his still quite good. Im Sure really will appreciate it once listens " it goes To Hell" that I havent has listened the good thing still roughly that. In all the chance, goes to take his first pair of album.
5 / 5
The CLASSICAL ALBUM ADDS ADDS for mr coop. I have written once the description is and gave it four stars and called it the bit has estimated on. They are very embarrassed of that today, but a rewiew didnt take addition here, Perhaps I something wrong - (thanks god.) In all the chance, this album is all these people add to say is. It is a travesía to exit by means of alice nightmare. Some creepy songs, some more directly advances mecer n songs of circle, everything of quality adds, and to title of a nightmare. Some of Alice the finest songs are not comprised never here likes "Bienvenido to the mine N", "Steven", "Department of Youth" "Cold Ethyl" and "Only women bleed". A song-trilogy (does years, steven and one wake) is fantastic with the pursue that feels that that penetrates a room. If you are a alice defender ossia the must ! BUY BUY BUY!
4 / 5
Something was different. Alice without trick, Alice in the tuxedo.
A sale had gone taking roughly of his spark with them but Nightmare suprise for this depth .
Alice sings giant spiders and the cyclops,and of course Ethyl his bone has promised cold. A gutteral rasp of the lunch of the devil, one has fallen Only Women Bleed give a first sign that Alice Mk2, parody or has not gone for real the pity.
Dept Of Youth with his immortal line in Donny Osmond the black humour has presented to the music of Alice, the person has not listened never there is rid of then to the to anything likes partorisca of me.
Steven, is a conceptual album stagepiece and is really quite chilling. But for me the evasion of song closely he of an album is a more spent for big of the career of integer only of Alice, this surely is John Lennon so only for behind his prime minister LSD travesía and that it wants to say a world-wide roughly that. Mascara of fly of the mine to any time likes-you Alice so only of the one who say a Pope, is catholic daughter.
Alice could still music of mark without his band any need to wake on just still.
4 / 5
In a past, Alice Cooper has dipped always in the show in his concerts. But with Bienvenida My recognition of Nightmare, his cranked the on the notch or two with a lot of creative props and special effects.
During a song, the giant spiders have pursued Alice in of the web of enormous spider. And to a tune of ome Folks,' skeletons in of the upper hats, bosses, and the canes have danced in any with each another. Of course, some people of bones were simply interpreters spending peel tight points , black, with an image of skeletons of life to measure on him. But an effect has done.
Another memorable the effect was a scene that hangs 'Only Women Bleed.' In some signals in this song, Alice grabbed the woman-sized wrist and headed puching and kicking him. Spear during a place. It calms that could say was an inflatable wrist when it twist around a estaca of bed of the enormous bed on phase. Finally it launches a wrist down and hopped to bed after his. After the few moments, as continuous sing, a wrist dulcemente seated on, exited of bed, and has begun to walk around a phase. It was the real woman .
Some managers of this concert deserve a prize. A transmission among a battered the wrist and the real woman have been entirely careless. To good sure, has employed some services of the magician or two for this recognition.
To an end of a concert, the gigantic monster is exited to a phase. Alice Cooper struggled it and has won finally a battle. He decapitated a beast with the sword and proudly has spent his boss around a phase likes the audience has acclaimed.
But a trick more adds of everything is coming sooner in a show when Alice layed in the guillotine and has had his short own boss was. After a leaf has fallen , and his boss has fallen to the basket down, his headless the organism has created , has walked on and chose it up. With a boss dangling of his fist for a hair, a headless Alice has used another hand to dip a microphone until a mouth of a boss, and arrival to sing a song.
No. of boy This scene blew was. I have seen he in a Spectre, to Philadelphia, in 1975 and will not forget it never. In this concert, Alice Cooper I has given our cost of money. It is the true rock and interpreter of circle.
5 / 5
Ossia Alice first album of only without his band to back. While he not being heavy as well as his albums with a band, is still odd and wacky. Some songs still attack his like this hard bosses like his leading material. A lot a material is really good and odd. Like these three songs, Steven, Years, and One wake. They are roughly roughly little boy the one who goes insane or something. Ossia The really good album , but no like this very like this of the albums with his band.
5 / 5
Alice Cooper is mine all time favourite singer NEVER. Have has wanted of then there were 12 years , like this perhaps are the little biased, but love this album like this a lot like this love a rest of his long catalogue! The music of Alice adds the little bit of something different that the insiemi averts of all more there, which is that I amour like this roughly lucido! Highly it recommends this as well as all more than dips era!!
5 / 5
Ossia alice Better song never, and is in this album. They are in the mission to take like this a lot of of to the his albums like can find them, in any one conditions, of format, anything, while it can him to them listen. I Usually the tent in second hand tends record. A day was them with mine bro and sis down in a punk-goth-sk8r zone of my city and has been to the second hand-held tent, of course. You look in cooper, alice and found special forces, constrictor, and WELCOME To my NIGHTMARE
the man has taken his woman to take his seed, takes one can take a need . It spends his life by means of pleasin' on his man. I feed to dine or anythin' beats. It cries so only I peel prejudice too often, smokes and drunk and does not come home at all
the man done your ash of hair, is your deception of life, and everything is really lookin' partorisca east a same pause. There is mentido well in you, know hate this game. Calm slaps once in the moment and you live and amour in hurting
COOPER √ą AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top Customer Reviews: Child Of The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Formed: Audio CD A brilliance of the haste of Mahogany is sadly on-looked. During a mid-70s, these types were main that another Haste. A Canadian band that the swipes was a massive audience in Treading Jam 2? Raisin with a sheer ferocity that the hastes of only Mahogany can rid. This compilation is a prime minister three album of the his storied pursues, and represents the highly experimental period partorisca a band. This in spite of, is not inaccessible so that they wish to enjoy some excellent musicianship.
4 / 5
Formed: CD of Audio Frank and some boys in his better.
4 / 5
Formed: CD of Audio Frank Marinosaurus Rex!.. 3 album in a cd that adds is concealed..
5 / 5
Formed: Audio CD If your checkin' was aprisa of the mahogany there is obviously listen they, ossia a CD dipped partorisca take. His kinda taken on where Jimi has to that the left was. The guitarist adds!!
5 / 5
Formed: Audio CD Thank you !
5 / 5
Formed: Audio CD Some seriously well, old, sweet, Frank and some boys !!!!!!!
4 / 5
Formed: Audio CD An of my quite 3 separate cd is but awesome anyways.
4 / 5
Formed: Audio CD FRANCO MARINO has on elected where jimi hendrix has to that the left was, the say this a lot of losely. Has there is alot of comparison the hendrix but frank has his own fashion and would not owe that be labled the hendrix clone. This album wants to buy some marine frank and albums of haste of the mahogany ossia. You take 3 lps 2 beginning to finalise classical rock in his better. These are exited in an early 70s and frank was so only 16 or 17 in maxoom his first album. You listen to these cds and a sound is surprising, today a lot of music is polished on and has produced on. This there is on 30 years and touches like this raw but still like this good. That all the music adds would have to that to to sound likes. After listening these albums im sure will be to like me and for all a rest. Frank marine is the musicains the musician and touches for some people. It is a past for big and forgoten legend of electrical guitar. Listen a music feels a music and jueza for calm. Frank marine is the true living legend .
4 / 5
Formed: CD of Audio Maxoom did not impress me never BUT "Chico of a Novelty" and "Odd Universe" I impress (this in spite of ). Frank is the phenominal player of electrical guitar. I have seen also in person in concert in only three occasions (drat!). If it love an absolutely searing shouting rock-and-circle, Jimi Hendrix-type, electrical guitar of the advantage then buys this maintaining. This in spite of, Frank touches Jimi better that Jimi has touched Jimi. The purists will hate me to say that. Of course, everything of some tunes in these registers are Frank compositions. IMHO, His better albums are:
- "Chico of a Novelty",
- "Odd Universe",
- " it rushes of Mahogany IV",
- " it rushes of Alive Mahogany".
Have all on vinyl and finding them on CD has been difficult.
4 / 5
Formed: Audio CD A compilation of some premiers 3 album. Frank Marin is the player of the glorious electrical guitar and a music is well. Ossia The one who his all roughly.

Top Customer Reviews: Slave To The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 23 ratings
5 / 5
No like this well like first album, but still awesome! Like this nostalgia partorisca me. You recommend this album and his self the album has titled to any the one who want to 80s metal/of Rock.
4 / 5
I remeber he well, was 9 years and my mamma have touched soyonkey Subject' in an automobile stereo. Swipe my alcohol, and now ten years later he still fact.
1. @@Subject Of ape: the song Adds!! The starts were with soft flange of Bach, but that all the ends with the peircing cry! Awesome!!
2. Slave To A Grind: Very heavy and fast! Baz Tries that it can have the more soyetal' voice in this song. Hill, and Sabo add work of excellent electrical guitar to this memorable burner
3. One Extracted: Big heart, but is one of the clues the toneless plus of an album in my opinion. One of an only skipable songs, included although it is less bad.
4. Quicksand Jesus: !! Read these papers. Ossia Rows of Skid more lyrical work never and Baz' the voice touches good-looking. An end I always baffle me; to the equal that shout like that??
5. Livin' In a Chaingang: the papers add and astounding vocals this one of a better in an album. Bolan HAS a line of impressive bass chugging with Affuso pounding drums.
6. It takes One ... It was: Ossia at all more than the song of fun party. It do not have to that be taken seriously. It is quickly, simple, and punkish in character. Well for when has friends on. Another that that, is skipable.
7. Creepshow: Another feebler song, but in no way bad. A structure so only never the really appealed mine a lot.
8. Psycho Amur: This is to amuse one , but falls to a category of 'A Threat' and 'Creepshow'. This song is well, but does not add like a majority of an album.
9. In a Room has darkened: One of one the majority of amazing balads never. I have it that has not listened never any one sings like Sebastian does in this song. A creepy the tones of electrical guitar adds to a epicness. I add!
10. Law of annoyance: Ossia another simplistic song with the punk attitude. This time, pulled was fantastically well. Ossia One of a better in an album.
11. Mudkicker: Ohhhhh, has weighed!!!!
12. The time has squandered: Ossia a better song in this album!! Absolutely beautiful!!
5 / 5
Slave to a Grind has his defects -- several songs, like "Law of Annoyance" and "Take a Fuck Out of" -- it is juvenile and unfocused like social commentary. But the majority of a rest of this album is defying, powerful, rabid in his level of energy, and eloquent.
Singer of advantage Sebastian Bach always excelled in edgy ballads and in this album will find in shape upper -- "Quicksand Jesus" it is in thoughtful meditation on desesperanza and scepticism, almost dizzying in his intensity and work; "in the Room has darkened" flow together with the squealing, primal-line of electrical guitar of the cry and the emotional heart; and a better clue in this album, "the time has squandered", melds 12-seriad acoustic electrical guitars, trams-electrical guitar crunch, dynamic, and the vowel this goes to defend the tortured easily -- an of a better rock ballads of one '90s.
In a uptempo roster have clues of advantage "@@Subject of Ape", he sneering hymn of metal perfectly emblematizing some commentaries of social decays; one follows of title, he breakneck Motorhead class of punk-thrash romp; and "Mudkicker", groove-heavy tune with the catchy heart and the electrical guitar crunch almost likes Metallica is.
The slave to a Grinds was a first album to debut in 1 in Upper Poster 200 of a start of a Soundscan was (creating enough the few eyebrows). In the way, is one the majority of unlikely presaging the explosion of grunge that would spend less than the year with which conceal, and of one the majority of unlikely source -- the band of hair with talent that has discovered the sense of integrity and musical edginess surpassing all the expectations.
4 / 5
So only think if the row of Skid could be remained joint. His first album was excellent. And then the east clue is included better. In fact, it was perhaps an album of better hard rock of a prompt 90 east. There is not the bad song here. There is not an ENORMOUS 3 swipes like a last a , but ossia one all-around better record. "@@Subject Of ape" it was an advantage -of only and was adds. "Quicksand Jesus", "in a Room has darkened", & "the time has squandered" it is everything excellent ballads. They are not sappy at all and tip that has included the heavy bands can do ballads. Still it was not that Sebastian Bach can included habladuría anymore. In an end of half of these songs, he so only cries and resists his voice like this long, has thought so only raisin is gone in mid-singing. This album is much more has weighed that his prime minister a. It is the good advantage in the his next record, which was his heavy plus . No really I have any 'preferred' another that some songs I menioned. Each song here is well, and ossia one of the mine FAVOURITE CD is to this day. Spent this maintaining.
5 / 5
Has been 15 years of an emission of the slave To a Grind, a clue to a self-has titled to debut which has produced a cup ten solteras 18 & the life and I Agree You To you. One first week that the slave to a Grinds has been released, an album has entered a Poster 200 album in No. 1. The slave To a Grind and the subject of Ape is two of some more have weighed songs in an album. A ballads take the turn it dark plus and the respect of Time to demand Squandered, Quicksand Jesus and in the room has darkened. The row of skid has produced other powerful songs in Law of Annoyance and A Threat.

Ossia One of some albums of better metal to be liberto in a 90s and Sebastian Bach vocals for this album has surprised.

The slave to a Grinds is must-have for each defender of Row and the heavy metal of Skid has tried that has been distant a lot the joke.

The slave to a Grinds is an aggressive and one in-your album to face that each defender of heavy metal will want to.
4 / 5
Will not say that ossia a better or a worse album of Row of Skid. Each one that like this of his album comes from/comes from the different period.
His start has aimed more than the punk attutude, mostly of the his bassist RACHEL BOLAN. It is believed enough, more directed and more believed.
SAVES When GRINDING the album is weighed more than a prime minister a, metal more classical.
Regarding his subHuman Race, would say that Panther to good sure has the few influences on him. It is believed more and more violent that any of his leading albums. It is think, a less accessible.
Daría each one that like this of these albums the indication.
A lot really have the preferred; every time I pop in an of his albums, said , " it Can be ossia his better album !!!". But then it changes my alcohol has the place grieves in another album :)
5 / 5
the slave to a Grinds is an absolute epitome of Hard rock American Of the sud, of the to same school likes Blackfoot. Some Guns 'any comparison of Roses is trying, but GnR have the entirely different fashion in general (with an exception of perhaps 'Bienvenido to a Jungle') and, as it vocalist, Axel Rosa touches positively weedy and strangled afterwards to Gentleman Bach is a lot of the lungs. Also it have to that be remarked that the suns like this of the lacking knife structure lake of Sabo is. This is not to say that one is better that another, of course!
Has to that really it rewards 4 stars, like this the album contains the feeblest clues, which any I usually leaves in an album that would consider the classical. This in spite of STTG shouted proudly on his his moments toneless plus with awesome force and masterful rifferama.
An A lot of Jovi the comparisons are obvious - especially like this JBJ he Row of Skid 'discovered' (or has to that concealed is Row of Skid II? An original M was headed by a lot another that Gary of 16 years Moore old). Any comparisons with metal of speed - especially Motorhead - is totally ridiculous. One follows of the title is one follows a faster in an album and, how has been signalled was long, has fallen... But it is not to accelerate metal in a sense that Kills 'In Everything is the album of metal of the speed (any thrash). STTG Can have has beaten the behind, but there is no the intense moments of pure amphetamine have fed double-bass drum/thrashed grave/ecstasy of alone note here - is so only a lot quickly, rock very hard and the circle in him is more undiluted form.
In the Room has darkened to give me shivers up and down my plug so only to write a title and listening the fragment that career by means of my boss. Ossia That well he ballad is.
A lot really considers some papers to be poetry, excepts in a esheer bloody...' Felt. When you have broken it ploughs the little tinnies, or simply has taken a car stereo cranked well on, any necessarily loves Marillion-esque depth to some words, so only loves something to cry was. This album fulfils that function with aplomb = each song is incredibly singable - in fact, sings some songs ome toneless plus', look to purchase the new force. It takes a Fck Was was of alone Extreme of a time 'Take a Funk Was'...
Row of skid king-define a pallette for his gender of hard rock with some remaining clues, but so only having a two greats of the room Darkened and a clue of the title in an album gives a rest of a music the context to do in. Of here, an album can be enjoyed like an establishment to start with to finalise and looks to do more in an order is presented in. Ossia That he the fact the classical. Some lights and shadows deftly directed for the artists that reads entirely intuitively.
Utmost artists strive for this intuitive feeling to come by means of his work, and often so only achieve it he handful of time. It thinks Exile in Main Street for Some Rolling Stones, Beatles (White Album) and Radiohead is COST Computer.
Am not saying the row of Skid is in one joins same like these premiership luminaries, but that these actions of albums some same qualities of magnitude. A whole feeling of the travesía is there to start with to finalise - and that feeling in an end of active arrived to somewhere. This is to accompany often for dissatisfaction, in a sense that is better to travel that to arrive, and there is the powerful impulse to begin a whole thing on. It say of another way,, touches more on repeat! You will be able to listen his in 20 times of years and listen something fresh in there. The the guaranteeed. But calm also, of course, feel a need of the place averts for the moment and eat lighter of music until your cries of palette was paralización more.
If it is not already in your collection buys it. If it does not like immediately, there is in of absolute wrong - calm has not been given of bad joint. As any work adds, some of some signals some the plus end takes the moment to choose on on - and this album is any exception to this principle!
4 / 5
Eslave To a Grind' is one of the row of Skid is more powerfully adictiva album partorisca date. A critically the band has acclaimed maintains well on pressing a envelope in his a lot of-the clue has anticipated to the his self-album partorisca begin titled. This album will slip calm by means of some fines-facets of this dynamic group. Given-defenders of Row of the hard skid will not be disappointed in an a bit harder and the pocolos less commercial sounds of lava to a Grind'.
4 / 5
Are the daughter of 15 years . They are not a type would expect to suddenly decide this metal is surprising. My CD of prime minister was Shania Twain, and to this day, are the defender of enormous country , although there is branched was the rap and hip hop, also. This in spite of, a day has turned in VH1, and 100 The majority of the moments of Metal was on. A discovery of the music of classical metal was the thrilling experience. Any of my friends has listened to this music, like this for my account has decided to buy some CDs. My first election? Slave to a Grind.
And the one who the election was. It is like the accident to your system, listening to this CD. With the electrical guitar adds that it touches and insane vocal talent, is impossible any to feel a music intensely. Included a ballads attractive calm in with his powerful papers.
This album is the must -have for any defender of metal, to good sure roughly that.
4 / 5
This album is the few heavier tonnes that Row of first Skid and is of a same quality. Sebastian Bach the voice is awesome amd a rest of a rock of band also.
Each song in this album is well, some are better that another but his all mecer. Some of some slower songs take the real impulse of a big quality of Sebastian Bach vocals.
Really would owe that buy this album, is adds!
4 / 5
Can not take very better that this. As follow it until his self the album has titled, Slave to a Grind is one in-yours-the metal of record to face concealed resists at all behind. Amply recognised likes one of one the majority of metal of record of entity to exit of 90s, the slave will please included one the majority of sceptic. That is more than the entity in this record is that clearly it shows that Row of the skid had (and has) at all in common with 80 rock of hair. Recognition he on, grab yours electrical guitar of air, and enjoy. Final of history.
5 / 5
4 / 5
Some boys of the row of Skid has behind begun to a studio to register "slave a the grind", after his plantinum selling self the start has titled. His emission, he rocketed to 1 in a bilboard maps. Some first time have listened a cd, I very a lot cures for some extremely long songs. Rings another "here they are" or "the youth gone wild". This in spite of was not here. There is some abonos all was songs of mecer here. "Mudkicker", "Law to Incite to riot " and "Creepshow" it is all upper tax . Personally you love "Quicksand Jesus" and "the time has squandered" In general, the mark 3 stars, sweats the abonos listens, but a lot almost like this addicting likes to begin.
5 / 5
Ossia My Row of Skid preferred CD and yes never has been to look in "A Cast" it have to that say touch my number two choose all the time. Sebastian Bach has the voice that is surprising and captivating. Person not having never approach still his octive row with an exception of Jeff Keith of Tesla. Some songs that enjoys more than this CD is in the Room has darkened, the time Squandered and Quicksand Jesus.
5 / 5
For dipped the impressive. Well songwriting, product a lot well, and some the electrical guitars are thunderous. They have loved obviously this one to touch enormous and does. Some ROARS add!!
5 / 5
Slave to a grind is the fantastice album very hard and man the amour sebastien behind the that the voice has them slave of row of the skid to a grind and subhuman run each album his bloow was but the personnel of favourite album is slave to a grind this album has fallen ROCK of serious ass ON SKID ROWW
4 / 5
This CD RESTS FERMI in my cup 5 of all the times! He seldom done the group has such talent like these 5 types. Any one can shout like Sebastian Bach and his vocals in Quicksand Jesus, and the room has darkened sends cold on my plug. An electrical guitar that touches of Scotti Collina, and Dave Szabo is unbelievable also, and if this no of the wheels down some windows and turn he until 11, at all !!
5 / 5
This album has some of one the majority of powerful vocals and electrical guitar riffs of any album of commercial metal. Ossia The commercial metal is more. If it likes very late 80 punctual 90 of commercial metal, then ossia an album partorisca take why beats very other albums of commercial metal. ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 / 5
Last night the listened to this album again,has found them was hard to take a band partorisca mecer."In the room has darkened" shows a climax of bach."Pleasant besiness"still an add one,that tip some rests of beauty!
5 / 5
Bach Is a better screamer can notes of crazy paste and sing melodicaly. Everything is perfects it everything goes near and no the alone note is out of place. Considering some suns of electrical guitar that more can say quell'wow! This band still mecer any @@subject that although Bach is in his own!
4 / 5
This was there 2nd ablum and does not have to that he. Taking partorisca close to accelerate metal. I have not loved the fast music has loved heavy metal.
5 / 5
1991 Was an incredible year for emissions records.
Ossia The first example .
4 / 5
Rows of skid first album with 18 and the life was a better album has not bought never Slave to a Grind was the album adds but no quite like this good.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 32 ratings
5 / 5
Wonderful 1/2 speed prensada. Fast delivery. They are very happy
4 / 5
Another CD Adds for Reina, listens to of the east an all a time.
5 / 5
Adds Deluxe CD! Amur Some streets of prize! Arrived punctually Any Question
4 / 5
This CD was so only that has looked for. The prize adds, the quality adds and has been rid quickly. Partorisca Some reason could not find this in a tent as it was very happy with my compraventa.
5 / 5
For far Queens barest and begin simpler, 'A Played is also one of Queens' the albums the strong plus has released.
The queen has begun a new decade (1980) with the bang, but no in the way would expect of an extravagance and bombastic this was esign'. It has dipped out of material this was a lot dip behind with basic arraingments, has has had the melodies add, and easily sing-a-longable papers partorisca accompany..
Begin partorisca finalise, some flows of albums extremely well. A side of the production of an album is very strong, looking all the instruments in the each song to the full glory of him. In my opinion, ossia a reason some triumphs of albums as well as the product 'coherent'. Throughout there are 3 different fashions/genders of the music that goes in everything immediately. Has this rockabily 50 sound, 80 New Wave, and the clue of Queens triumphs earlier (Especially in a clue esave me').
Each Queen of characteristics of the clue that touch more like the 'unit' that in any one another album. Has some basic drums, bass, electrical guitar, and the piano separates all those shines in his own, each dipping in his own piece of a puzzle. Calm of course the an occasional synth partorisca add to a ambience, more some occasional fines so only of the electrical guitar has followed.. BUT a gist of an album is more than yours est√°tropezado' version of Reina. In the way, this album is a more next Queen never come partorisca be considered a register 'unplugged'. Of course that Reina would inform to unplugged would be partorisca use 24 clues in place of 48..
Ossia Have to that has album partorisca any enthusiast of music. It is the album very populate concealed has definately has aged well, and some of him is sound there is reemerged in a new-wave/punk his (the rock /Prepares Jive). Also it helps partorisca contain 4 swipe soltero, two duquel was 1 is!
In general, an album is fun, effortless, melodical, and eccentric in timing that it is that it marks this album essential music. I influence every time I listen his.
Compraventa, ossia have to that possess album. It calms that will want to.
All a better, -AndyMan-
4 / 5
the first album of the queen of a @@@1980s has titled A Game has been released in June of 1980. An album was the fresh album partorisca a band as they had not registered the album of studio of then 1978 Jazz of uneven endeavour. In the first place, it has changed producing and engineers of Bakers of Thomas of Roy and Geoff Workman to ELO engineer Mack. An album has looked in Munich, Germania among a summer of 1979 and a cradle of 1980. Frontman Freddie Mercury HAS three song adds in this album that begins with an opener Touches a Game(once again small here in some the USA), a rockabilly touching USA 1 Crazy Pocolos Sew the amour Called(which is exited first month of a rest of an album) and a anti-number of the suicide does not try Suicide. Drummer Roger Taylor there has been a hard mecer Rock He(Prime minister Jive) in that directs vowel and a new waveish coming Punctual. May of Brian of the guitarist there has been a hard rocker Attack of Dragon, a ballad the sail Was Sweet Sister in that sings the vocal advantage and one conclude ballad Save me which is the song adds . Bassist John Deacon has contributed a mammoth 1 box/of mecer the hybrid paste Another Bites a Powder (that it was it a reason for the enormous success of this album) and a rocker Needs Your Fond Tonight. This album was map of Reign of the only USA-topper as it paste 1 and remained for 5 weeks and has sold 4 millions in some the EUA only(that joins Informative of the account of sales of some World-wide). This was to Reign last flawless album until 1989 is A Miracle. Highly recommended!
4 / 5
While it is true that years of reigns eighty is not the averages like this very like this more collects a, finds this cd more entertaining that Jazz, which tugs in the little too and was a first album of Queen to have full on that.
The to only song does not like of Of A Game is Another Bites A Powder, this in spite of the alive versions can undermine. While some bass riff is fresh, an arrangement of studio is caseous, mainly a percussion. Coming Early is not to add it classical neither, but well this in spite of.
Touches A Game, although a first song of Queen never to look the synth, is the song adds and powerful. It attacks of dragon, this in spite of refused by some, kicks [butt], especially some bass riff and some suns of electrical guitar. Need Your Fond Tonight is a underrated Deacon composition, rockier for his levels. Little Thing the amour has called is the stylistic start for Reina but well in all the chance.
Then comes one of mine beans clues in a cd, The Mecer, this has fallen all a way by means of. It does not try the suicide looks the utmost bass riff and is the good song but no a better in an album. You cruise it Was the Sweet sister presents a sweet May seldom has listened that sings to a sister there is not never. I already commented in Coming Aims like this to the left is goes to Save me, a better ballad in a cd this in spite of slightly defective for the alone of electrical guitar that it is way too brief. It looks he likes has complained to comprise the the pocolos second in the and ruthlessly cut it.
In general, a enjoyable album for Queen that, in spite of looking has done less the arrangements that his Seventies liberta Jazz of bar, works like the integers minus Another Bites A Powder.
5 / 5
Has taken this album when it was them ten years and the'goes loved that always.
Is probably his the majority of musically accessable the album that the easy fact to want to in the first place listens the more there is like this variety.
Is the pure eclectic treat.
The voice of Freddie is is more amazing and a band touches tighter that never.
Takes a theatric operatic power ballad melodrama fireworks of " I touch a game" and " except" looking these blistering explosions of electrical guitar of Brian May.
Take Reigned swinging on some 50 way rockabilly and doing he with one adds fresh in a cup 40 swipe "Crazy little sew the amour has called".
Reina also dabbles in some box with "Another bites a powder" that characteristic John Deacon doing some work of hot bass reminiscent of Chic Bernard Chic swipe of big box "Good Time"???
Now coming to mine favourite sing the long song in "Need your fond tonight".
Has used to seat in my room and try sing so only likes Freddie every time this song would burst on.
Ossia So only add it catchy rocker with Freddie that does his classical breathy seductive vocals has completed of the mid song Don Wop 4 breakings vocal harmony and the electrical guitar partorisca shatter explosion of Brian May.
Other points have underlined to comprise a mesmerizing surca of red hot metal of " it Attacks of Dragon" and an inspired boogie shuffle of "coming Punctual".
5 / 5
Originally Released in 1980 this was one of the mine favourite l.p. It is (together with INCULPADO "Ciao Infidelity") of a year. Always the defender of big Queen, has found "A Game" slightly different of his leading emissions. Has synthesizers that was new for Reina. The queen has entered also some maps of boxes (gasp!) With "Another Bites A Powder" the song of funky with the simple, but catchy bassline and papers. "Crazy Little Sew the amour has called" it was the 50 is touching follow which have seen frequently in MTV. " It attacks of dragon" also a little box-ish has the catchy hook with the electrical guitar of advantage of Brian flourishing flat May throughout. But perhaps one of mine favourite of this l.p. (cd In this chance) is "Need Your Fond Tonight" the good rock follows driven with a irresistable hook. Another song adds is " I touch A Game" with the beautiful piano that courtesy of touches of Freddie Mercury. This song would owe that it has been the big swipe , but unfortunately is not (atleast here in some the USA). Some prizes follow how is remezcla of " it Attacks of Dragon" it is boring and to do the worse subjects there is the rap has added his. Certainly you recommend to add this to anyones collection the one who is to 70 is or punctual 80 rock like "Foreigner", "Haste", "INCULPADO" or "Bad Company", etc. it adds everywhere emission of this a lot talented group.
5 / 5
Mayor of reign splash map-wise in Amsterdam, resupplying the number 1 album and 2 number 1 solteros (the rockabilly flavoured, fashion Elvis ditty "Crazy Little Sew the amour has called" and a thumping tomb of "Another Bites A Powder".)This also is resulted a first album in that Queen has broken finally down and used (GASP!) A sound to dance has had still the summit (this would spend in 1982) is well has begun to peek is boss here with a previously mentioned "AOBTD" and with " it Attacks of Dragon" (both desquels is perfect to dance remixes.) " It GIVES" it has given also each member the mini-only that it was quite the better vocal action to date looks in " it cruise it Was Sweet Sister ", touching it ballad to the like dumps in "A sister has not had never" ( you are an only boy .)Sadly, This marked album some last times Brian or Roger have sung favours in any clues of Queen until 1995 (not counting a lot of-album B-sides of course.)A slick album by means of and by means of, of a band 50 fashionable skin creates in a coverage to the values of production of him. Compraventa !Note: Recently, Wyclef Jean of A Fugees the coverage/remezcla of "Another Bites a Powder" using each bit of Freddie original vocals like his own and has turned he to the swipe again.
5 / 5
Well , the leaves sees.
Ossia First album of Reign of one 1980 east and think that 70 the queen is far upper to 80 Queen.
But the queen there is already state , for then , departed in this way of work/of glorious rock of 1973-1976 with Informative of A world (1977) and Jazz (1978)
This album is quite involve the mixed stock exchange.
Bird Me and 'Play A Played is some better songs in an album and do justice to the queen in is m√°s.un the video of a song are also adds.
Esaqueja Was Sweet Sister' is the quite ballad ; 'the rock Prepares Jive' is another good rocker for Roger Taylor ( has Taylor I really adds pieces of rock in the albums of one 70) how is 'coming Punctual' . 'Crazy Pocola What' the amour has called is the pleasant 50' fashionable swipe but some another leaves many to be wished.
'Other Bites A Powder' is highly overrated , 'Attack of Dragon ' and 'any Suicidal test' mine to look simply run and fooloish , that comes from/comes from a band that spent out of such estupefaciente classics like this Reigns II and Sheer Attack of Corazón and ' Need Your Fond Tonight' is mediocre.
Much better that the queen of the majority of 80 but no like this well like 70 Queen , would have estimated this album more highly , if the queen there is no state dipping such big levels in a 1970 is.
5 / 5
'A Game,' a prompt 80' emission for rock and royalty of circle the queen develops enough the few sides of a band, but all of these sides are sprinkled with the perfect discharge of ironically the subject @@@subject combined and all-out of classical rock-n-circle. For chance, there is a obligatory ballads, both rough and playfully sweet, expressing life and idyll ( esave M,' 'Crazy Little Sew the amour has called,' and a unexplainable but for real wonderful 'does not try Suicide'). Then, there is a big schooler hymns (his attack his big plus 'Other Bites a Powder,' and a glorious 'Play a Played), like the queen was always a hymn perfectors of his day. And there is also a boss-scratchers, like a poignant esaqueja Was Sister (A Sister I Never Had)' and 'Attack of Dragon.'
'A Played develops the point of summit of Horizons of Reign, and while he no lost a lot remote of a sound was famous partorisca in that then, gives fans the light preview of some to touch the material of another 80, while not giving was also.
5 / 5
A Game is underlined for two songs add: 'Other Bites a Powder' and 'Crazy Little Sew the amour has called.' Both were exited stylistic for Queen to the equal that was, unfortunately, an use of synthesizers for a first time in any album of Reina. Consistently, Some integer of sounds records has dated, for ever closed in 80 is. Some songs in an album are a lot sincere; gone is a prog-ish the arrangements of one 70 east. The musical fashionable diversity is really fails, compared with record of leading Queen. Has box, rockabilly, and the black-humored, snaps it toe diddy roughly suicide; a rest is bland songs which can not look to decide belong in the phase of theatre, in the stadium, or in external space. ' I touch a Played could be sung for Liza Minelli until it explodes the synth-delirium of pop; 'Rock He' and 'Prime Jive' to the his more like 'Hey Mickey' those classical Reigns. Also losing is a characteristic of intricate vocal harmonies to do sooner. A undeserved critical of praises heap in this album does not cease never to surprise me. A Game spawned two number of USA of the single and was a prime minister and album of the only queen to paste numbers one in some maps of EUA. Too bad a real phenomenon had arrived during a forward are years. This album is one dying gasp of the creative car roughly to run out of fuel. A prójimo five years would be brutal.
4 / 5
Forgets DOES not TRY SUICIDE; a whole album is a underrated gem! There is something for all the world-wide here: ballads, hard rock, soft rock, funk, homages Presley etc, and of course an inspired use of the synthesizer. Before I have bought A Game was familiarised so only with four of the songs of an album, specifically TOUCH The GAME, CRAZY LITTLE SEW the AMOUR has CALLED, ANOTHER BITES The POWDER and SAVE ME. These four so only would have done an album good value for money, but compiled with six another sincerely glorious and obscenely underrated the songs represent one of better Queen never album, if any one some better. A better of a six undiscovered the clues is Your PRECISE LOVIN' TONIGHT, some emotional but fast-paced rocker signed with qualities Deacon papers and unrivalled riffs of Brian May. Snapping In his heels is The MECER, probably for Roger Taylor (the members' the names are not comprised with some papers but I can do a polite supposition reason is sung partly for an outside- has mentioned drummer and comprises extraordinarily childish papers), and ATTACK of DRAGON, the pedal-to-the-metal riptide the song that offered the in rodeo launch hand of a sea of surrealism second the one who some papers are concerned. A better of a rest: you cruise it WAS the SWEET SISTER is the Queen of stereotype ballad that Brian has a uncanny skill of coming up with; DON1T TRIES tentativas of SUICIDE to combine odd and clearly depressing papers, the merry class of tune for a heart and he catchy hand-the applause has beaten goes in and has sucedido in the each account, those results in some extremely odd but enjoyable song; and COMING EARLY defies description with the rhythm that is hard to take on to and Boys of Beach-esque fund vocals. Then of course it has a four classics has mentioned on: I TOUCH The GAME, one of the endeavours the plus subtiles of Freddie in spite of the scarce hard-mecer interlude halfway by means of and a blatant use of the synthesizer and one of my favourite songs of all time; ANOTHER BITES The POWDER, John Deacon funky more-vendor that need any introduction and this could walk his way in any round-up; CRAZY LITTLE SEW the AMOUR has CALLED, the foray Presley-esque music and undoubtedly the homage to a singer; and a immaculate SAVE ME, surely a Queen more order ballad never composed and the example adds of glorious May songwriting. I know I have said this for virtually each description has written in the amazon but you have to that buy this album. Really it is fantastic and any @@subject the one who bondadoso of to the music likes, of classical and R&B notwithstanding, will find to to something likes here.
4 / 5
Has fill to a brim with fabulous papers, lush harmonies, rippin electrical guitar, the reigned typical-aspired fashionable and Freddie-esque beauty, this album is the complete gem . A well a-eighty of Jazz, but no in the bad way, his of Reina envigorated and his like this have decided transmission with a transmission in year. Of a hair-short (far more courts on all the world-wide but Brian) to an use of the synthesiser and a vagrant down a street of funk (a street that later would follow with confidence in Hot Space). Ballads: You cruise it Was Sweet Sister , Brian song deticated the "the sister [he] has not had never," I Save, another song of good-looking amour of Brian. Rock: it Attacks of Dragon, Brian heavy, repetitive has to that-have-been-only, Rock He(Prime minister Jive), which is really quite first, (pun feigned) Roger-penned and mostly Roger-sung, barring Freddie slow vocal in a start, and Require you that Loves Tonight, which is the strong song , easy for John. Combonation Rock/ballad: I touch a Game, the fabulous Freddie-penned gem. Swipes: Another Bites a Powder, which is resulted to be his attack his big plus never in some the USA this there is topped three seperate maps (rock, box, and soul), but has not been like this can have topped some maps of ALMA, and Crazy Pocolos Sew the amour has called, Elvis-inspired rocker with a scarce addition of Freddie in an electrical guitar. Vaugly directionless wanderings: Coming punctual and does not try Suicide, with the message that any father could contest with.
Does not know reason has not had more than swipes in this album, reason is the real gem of an album that has everything of any weak spot and was his first album really well the few years. Wonderfully together Place and built like this lovingly like any one another album a sale has not produced never.
4 / 5
With which one adds 70 is, the queen has begun one 80 is with the bang. At the beginning defenders of the queen of long time was disapointed that has changed his fashion with synths, but has had any reason to be disapointed reason a game has turned to the classical. A first side to an album is perfect, such classics like this play a game, attack of dragon, a paste another in bites a powder and crazy little sew the amour has called. A second side is also well with roger talyors first jive to brian mays beutiful ballad save. A game is the good place for partid√°rios new to begin, is the mix of classical rock to 80 pop.
5 / 5
Ossia A first album of Reina I has not bought never. It is an album to define for Reina. Each song, with an exception of "it does not try Suicide," it is the winner . I bought it of then when in the first place salts and was so only ten years at the same time, evokes the sweet memories every time listen it. Ossia An album that really can take up and dances, perhaps was pounding in of the things. The people say this "One Prejudices in a Work" it is the better album of the queen. I disagree Reason ossia the album the strong plus like the integer and has fill a lot small. Ossia A Queen has known and has on grown with, together with Elvis Presley and Beatles. Ossia An album where would write down some words and sing some songs. Ossia An album that would do me cry (" it cruise it Was Sweet Sister "). A lot few albums can evoke such the wide row of emotions. A main thing that spouses this album averts is one spectacular vocals during an album. A vocals is underlined much more that a music he. In fact, "it does not try Suicide" has almost any music, so only the hand-held and grave applause. In general, this album is aggressive rock 'any circle with some softer moments throughout. It is very balanced and well there is rounded. I recommend that to this likes first album of Queen for any to buy, together with Swipes more Utmost I and II.
4 / 5
Easily one of the better album of the queen, does not have the launches of suns was follows on that! Calm all know Crazy Little Thing the amour Called and Another bites a Powder, but ossia so only a start of a remarkable album. Of an Attack of Dragon of the funky to a sweet Sail Was Sweet Sister to a surreal Games A Game, some boys am not never better state. It is in this album that John Deacon has grown really like the writer of song and a number a paste Another bites a Powder tries it. The queen is not never state tighter or more brilliant that in this album. Calm does not go never to touch this Game.
4 / 5
With which album with which album of "Any synths," it Reigns finally pauses out of the mould of the his 70 and comes up with one of one the majority of eclectic and wonderful albums of his career. Of a synth-the clues of inaugural title have induced to a funky "Another Bites a Powder," to a rockabilly-flavoured "Crazy Little Sew the amour has called," until my preferred, a sweet " I Save," this album has the sound of the freshest queen without compromising any of his past glory. An add segueway to a 1980 east. It takes it!
5 / 5
Is odd--- to to some tunes like in of this CD is some of my songs of favourite Queen, but on everything, an album is far from one of my songs of favourite Queen.
Some first three songs are fantastic. Master Mercurio rich still soothing voice in "A Game," and " it Attacks of Dragon" it is the start adds sounds of "Some Odes of Pasts of Reina." "Another Bites a Powder," well--- has the reason was such the enormous swipe he in 1980: it is one of some swipes of better pop never writings! " You cruise it Was Sweet Sister " it is a so only another song that marries really paste for me.
A rest of an album is not horrible, is so only that his leading endeavours were solid music to start with to finalise. Never I have taken really the "Crazy Little Sew the amour has called," although it can be in one Reigns-minority of Partid√°rio here. They liked him some few papers in "it does not try Suicide" but a swimming of music for me, and " I require Your Fond Tonight" it is one of some songs of scarce Queen of this era that left entirely flat.
This CD has some really good songs, but calm is likely to find them in an of a compilation of the solidest queen CDs. I know that the plot of folks vehemently disagree with my like this-like this called in this album, this in spite of. My opinion: if they like him of a bit the songs unexpectedly are familiarised with in this album, and does not import taking it casualidad in some calm songs never listened, this sake of the cash. Still although it is not one of my albums of favourite Queen, is not like this bad that to the chair likes has launched of my money was.
5 / 5
This album any signify an end and/or start some was in the musical history of the queen. Of Informative of a World (1977) the queen is experiencing clues with appeal of boxes. But any of them the recognition obtained reason any of them was a lot enough to be liberto so only. In a Queen of the game finally achieves it. A success of Other Bites a Powder would result to do the fully rhytmic album: Hot Space. A later eroded highly the reputation of the queen in Europe.
When we Look in an album like the whole, can say that it contains highly melodic songs. It is obvious that a sale has not spent too much time in studio (I deeply lose a work of studio in some premiers five album), which gives an impression that is like the session of jam of some four types in the evening of sweet Sunday. If you are looking some CD for your car is the add compraventa. But thus serious rockers would advise Reina, reigns 2 and Sheer album of Attack del Corazón to consider in place of east a.
5 / 5
I am not really sure where are in this album. I enough the enjoy in a whole, which is - after all - a whole point, but I to good sure any row he big in my cast of the better works of the queen.
In a whole is the good collection of songs (although it is a lot noticeably state registered on two different sessions, with some songs that touch VERY DIFFERENT like the result), looking the little stand-outs. So only roughly all the world has listened "Another Bites A Powder" at least once - or at least a awesome tomb riff ossia a core of a song - and for this any need any introduction. Still joy "Another Bites A Powder" today, although hardly I row he in a cup of my beans ready of songs. " I touch A Game" it is the song adds also, and " it Attacks of Dragon" it sees Reina experimenting with his new "'80'" sound.
In another hand, two clues especially - "Need Your Fond Tonight" and "it does not try Suicide" - I have simply he cringe. Still I can a lot really take in any they (although "Need Your Fond" he me involuntarily sing to the long of) and for this they bondadosos to leave the bit of the bad aftertaste in when I have listened to this album.
"Rock He (prime minister jive)" and "coming Punctual" both have done at all especially for me - a forward when being longer that necessary and of the last those looks so much underdone and overblown a same time. It can have taken really the "First Jive" there was state half a period.
This in spite of, an album entirely redeems with two run keys. "Crazy Little Sew the amour has called" - the Usno.1 And UKno.2 - it Is the brilliantly simplistic clue that begin like this a lot of crisp and cleaned and has a prize to look Freddie in of the acoustic rhythms (or likes Brian demand in a GVH1 Commentary of Audio). To this day, has included one the majority of stringent anti-fellow of Queen of the mine can not help but be charmed for Freddie legendary little ditty.
Another upper clue - and that it is undeniably a better song in an album - is Brian ballad " Except". Closing an album, ossia the amour of the good-looking clue wheel roughly that you can not help but be moved stops. One of my songs of favourite Queen of all time, " Except" it is to good sure The standout of a elepé.
"A Game" it is glorious, to good sure. And I enjoyed it thoroughly. But some four better clues can all be found in "the most Utmost swipes of the queen" (the version of pertinent United Kingdom, Hollywood of EUA version of Record) and some any clue only is hardly anything special. So many, if you not having "Swipes more Utmost", approximation with precaution, but be comforted to know that this are add easy listening.
SONGS OF NOTE: I touch A Game, Crazy Little Sew the amour has called, Save me
4 / 5
Ossia another brilliant album . A very good rock album with the bit of a accoustic feel in of the sure clues. A does not underline any song of Swipes more Utmost is Rock He (prime minister jive)which is the brilliant song and would have to that be the song to Attack more Orders, some other songs that underlines is Crazy Pocolos Sew the amour has called, Save me and a Game a Game. There are a lot of songs add and good in this album, that is the must has in any collection.
4 / 5
Has two of some songs more are in this album: you cruise it Was Sweet Sister and Touch a Game. A rest is brilliant and that touch well, but no like this divine like these two songs.
In general, the in compraventa satisfactory. All the defenders of Reina would owe that buy this album.
Modification: it read by means of some descriptions and angered in this description to give so only 4 stars the Queen... Has then @@give that it was my own! Xp
Anyways, the chair would owe that undermine deeper to a description of song. Originally I have said that there was so only two songs that was divine in this album: well, I lied. I save it can be simplistic in melody, but incredible in vowel. (So only listen his, calm entirely will be taken by him.) The attack of dragon has the a lot of pleasant (or funky) his tune - I not liking never of a better but is still enjoyable. (And another awesome awesome vowel of Freddie Mercury) Crazy Little Sew the amour has called... It shows a muvi! Absolutely hilarious but hot. Ossia Likes Elvis, but to good sure has his of Reina his. Need Your Fond Tonight is the delicious Deacon own song for any alive occasions. Another bites a Powder... An ENORMOUS, in fact a hugest swipe of EUA, really dancy and enjoyable. (A lot synth this in spite of.) Coming Punctual... I add it adds vowel! A lot powerful, screechy, but Mercurio during a place. He mecer... A lot pleasant, can not taking laughing while listening his. This one is like Roger. It does not try Suicide... Mina less fav in an album in spite of this be written of my absolute idol, Freddie Mercury.
Know, this description is sketchy. This album, although a swipe a big plus in IN The (any unworthy to IN The the people that comprises: but reason?), it is not a better of Reina. It gives it 4.5 reason contains some songs that CAN not live without (ie Touches a Game), but in general, has moments that any 'accesses' me so as other albums.
Still, this a lot buy it!
4 / 5
One in the title is for some naysayers among some rows of reviewers.
Would owe that have at all but praise partorisca east, the majority of intriguing and diverse album of the queen. A group has done a perfect follows of the his glorious 70 heyday to an informative wave/hip hop revolution of a prompt 80 east.
"Another Bites a Powder" it can be so only-handedly responsible for an apparition of hip/hop like the musical force.
I bad, the one who does not show that one!
If the subsequent offerings of the only queen way have to that be a lot like this one, sweats "game" it can have continued during a decade.
"A Game" it is brilliant and deserving to fork in the little bucks to add to a musical collection.
4 / 5
Like the data-defender of hard Queen, loves EVERYTHING of his albums, but for the partid√°rio new, or any the one who there is a lot still a lot a lot familiar with the work of the queen, find _The_Game_ to be a point of excellent start. Freddie Glorious vocals in a clue of title, _Touches_The_Game_, and Brian upper May songsmithing the skills on _Save Me is two of some high points in this classical album. And _Another_Some_Bites_The_Powder_ is, enough simply, the song of murderous: one of one the majority of mecer'does not run-mother-lode-accessible tunes of a 20th century. In general, this album is the must -take, he chunk of Reina any one could and will appreciate.
4 / 5
The queen was to dip well out of album that could listen to of an extreme to the another without that loves skip any one clues: this is not one of them. To be just, ossia all so only my personal flavours, and that I aversion, more could love, as it does not mean any to the fault facing that disagrees (or a sale thus @@subject). It finds this to be better that his endeavour of leading studio, "Jazz". The high points comprise " I touch A Game", "Crazy Little Sew the amour has called", "Need Your Fond Tonight", and " Except".
4 / 5
Ossia A disk of definite Queen ,with nodding to Informative of one Mundo.un the rock feels with the touch of funk and rockabilly, in a vetoes of Eddie Cochran and aim of an a lot of underline the clues is " I require your fond". To bad a legacy of Reina was to finalise so only when it begins to one of mine all time faves. A must possesses for any Queen or defender of rock, these sobresaltos of the rocks and the whole disk likes him jellybeans. It maintains Rockin
4 / 5
Although the majority of this album has looked in 1979, sounds as if a band has been excited in a new decade. A music is fresh and experimental compared to a forward two or three album have registered. Everything of a photo of coverage (run to peel new , courts for Freddie and John; fresh shadows on Brian; and the skin-clad Roger) to an use of synthesizers, spend it newness to a band. Some songs are more to-the-signal that in of the leading albums. Of one opening behind loop of piano of " I touch a Game" you will be moved in the world of the his that will look for to be enjoyable with which a lot listens. Still with which 20 years some songs still touch vital. A production for Mack is not almost like this dated like a lot of album of some early eighties now sound. In " it Attacks of Dragon" a band dips down groove that is like this deep that you could fall his. Never first it has the electrical guitar of Brian May been like this crisp and on-front. A gem has hid here is "it does not try Suicide", which contains some of the majority of odd papers of Freddie Mercury, incredible dynamics, and he campy sarcasm. This album is a lot of value of the money.
4 / 5
A solid album of Queen with diverse of the songs sweat better of the queen on that. Some songs are all at least decent, and some of them are utmost. A remezcla of " it Attacks of Dragon" still it is that it interests, although I am sure some of the partid√°rios old of the queen will hate it.
5 / 5
Ossia In a better of Queen in a @@@1980s, and is also a prime minister to look the synthesiser which would result strongly used in a prójimo few albums. This was better Reign selling album United States, and spur his best selling so only of all time, "Another Bites a Powder." It GOES to BUY THIS, NOW!
5 / 5
Everything of some works of queen are flashes can acutually see a history partorisca listen to a quality of his this sound . If you can buy any or everything of so much.....

Top Customer Reviews: Decade Of Hits ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 23 ratings
4 / 5
Arrived in good time. The music adds. All some swipes. Bill
4 / 5
Really like a music in this CD. Some songs are done now by other artists how was well to here the like this originally has treated.
5 / 5
the register Adds.

Tries to buy collections of Swipes more Utmost when possible as I take him all and no only one or two swipes.
4 / 5
A Band of Brothers of the Allman A Decade of Swipes has the very essential selection of songs of some bands better albums. A ABB has been composed of some of some better musicians of one of the sud. The electrical guitar of the sweet slide of Duane Allman is listened in his summit in Ramblin Man and Statesboro blues. Dickey Betts The finest compositions have not been saved is one. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed, Ramblin Man, and Jessica among another is sweeping the jams notarises them where some talents of all some members of band am aimed. And have thinks that that this band was so only big in some electrical guitars, organs, and dual-drummers, has launched then in Martha with Duane so only in an acoustic with the pacific tune. With which Duane has died a sale has had to that forge on and Greg has written a uplifting is not Squandering Time Neither More. A band has tried could still rock in of the songs like Crazy Amour and has squandered Words. Some of a material in this album is taken of a Fillmore Concerts like Statesboro and A Way Was. These two clues just clue in an enormous quantity of riffs, plan, and so only that looks in a "Alive in a Fillmore East" album. So that he yours to an instrumental plus "sale of jam" appearance of ABB then buy a Fillmore East alive album, included although this album covers that I expect of them sufficiently. A thing that loves more in this band is that no only is singers and incredible composers but is such masters of some instruments that touch. This album aims all some different talents that a sale had and now all concealed remains another that some the remaining members is a music . And ossia a better of his songs.
5 / 5
Equally strong like an introduction to a band as well as I surround he of the his musical accomplishments during some seventies, 'A Decade of Swipes 1969-1979' is one of these anthologies that any collector of serious music would have to that be without.
A estupefaciente alive rendition of "Statesboro Blues" pauses a silence in an album to continuation for song of literate with which song of cult of Rock Of the sud classics ("Rider at night Half", a intrumental hymn "Jessica" and "it Is not Wastin' Times No More" be among some points have underlined main), sweet ballads like "Melissa" and beautiful instrumentals like "Martha". Another alive clue "A Way Out of" it prepares one concludes of an album, together with prompt classics, "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed", "Sleeps" and "Whipping Estaca". In the word: Perfection!
If a music spends is not enough for him, another good thing in this compilation (I supposition is more the merit of a band that anything more) is that it still leaves room for exploitation: it does not exhaust for any bad all there is to an Allman Bros. Like the fact of @@subject, undermine this album of paste, is a lot probably to LOVE 'Starts' (a CD that combines his premiers two album) and his derrumbando 'Alive in a Fillmore Is'.
4 / 5
Concentrating like this done in some the majority of popular songs has released of an Allman Fratelli, "A Decade of Swipes," it directs the paste everything of some @@@1970s points have underlined of studio of this turbulent band heyday. While it is true that some Allman cemented his reputation with songs of marathon live incredible (some the last the half hour or more) there there is hardly soiled in the disk like this for them. Instead, this CD one argues that some Allman was first writers of tax of mecer songs more conventional also. Many of these is staples in radius of classical rock, like "Ramblin' Man," "Melissa," "Blue Heavens," and "Rider at night Half." Other points have underlined to comprise "it is not Squandering Times No More," "Jessica," a song of swan of Allman of Duane "Martha" and "Statesboro Blues." Also it include it is the pair besides along prompt blues run of rock, "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" and "Whipping Estaca."
A so only drawback in this CD is that it does not contain any material of prize. But a lot so only that begins his collection of Brothers of the Allman hardly could ask better.
5 / 5
Is one of these CDs that leaves to touch included when path out of a room. It does not enjoy that it leaves a room also this in spite of reason then loses a music.
HAS strong instrumentals that any one could expect types, but the majority of everything is an atmosphere that is created. It can be soft and somber and bluesy and rockin' and movin' and dipping down in a has turned of an hour and raisin of transmission concealed of longitude.
When being new to a band, has known so only 'Ramblin' Man' and was one that 'Jessica' listened and said, concealed, OSSIA a name of this song!' Except esouthbound' and soyelissa' have preferred quickly of result. I do not have any idea if ossia really a collection of swipes more utmost definite for these fellas reasons I so only discovered the one who are. But I guess I can say that this collection is so that they enjoy Blues way, the electrical guitars add, and wild keyboards. Now I am debating if to buy a Fillmore Concerts because I want to take the flavour for his material Alive. I doubt I will be disappointed.
5 / 5
This superbly remastered the overview of 75 minutes is the introduction very end to a Band of Brothers of the Allman, and comprises the majority of his prompt classics, to to the songs like estatesboro Blues', 'Whipping Of Stick', soyelissa', and 'Ramblin' Man'.
But is certainly the shame that some of his better early blues songs, like ' is not My Cross to Resist', 'Black Hearted Woman', 'Coming And Aller Blues', and an Allman is take on 'Hoochie Coochie Man' and 'Question Any More', has been ignored, and yes has looked for a perfect introduction to a Band of Brothers of the Allman, would go with a smaller-known anthology 'A Continuous Street in For ever', which is exited in 2001 in the edition has developed glorious. A beginner still can prefer go with this overview of the alone disk more economic, but 'A Continuous Street in For ever' is a very better election for any that looks for the comprehensible overview of one Allman Fratelli Registers classical.
4 / 5
And listen he for calm. The paced and has chosen this on and down a lot of time in a tent before I bought it. So only I say blue jeens in a coverage and has thought "hick-uses of cities!". Alive Florida, but am not a lot of "Of the sud" so much, a thought to buy something resembled "cough" Lenard Skynard scared. Well an Allman Fratelli, with the few exceptions, is a lot of beter that has expected. Ossia "Swipes" of thier prime and his very still. A music is engineered a lot well and is amused to listen to. There is died to fall instrumentals like "In Memory of Elizebeth Reed" and , of course "Jessica". There is the few songs the pocolos hokey for mine like "Blue Heaven", but he still isen't like this bad. Ossia Feels good music , as it does not except anything depressing. It listens to the modern rock loves something to take depressed roughly.
4 / 5
This CD rids so only that is headline - 'A Decade of Struck. Everything to Allman partid√°rios like to of his found this to fall short to be the CD that has taken all that they were, this in spite of this has not been an intention of this CD (takes some esleeps' the box dips instead). This puppy simply adapt of an influence adds that they have had in a music of a time - this in spite of doing today to some terracing. All of some songs can be appreciated for Allman defenders as well as some new to any Allman - and would have to that be the staple in everything of your collections!!
In a CD - I has been impressed that has comprised to plot of things that has not been esseca' explicit ' (according to Poster), and love an inclusion of the plot thier 'punctual material' without compromising in some strike 'big'. In general, ossia the CD I surprisingly adds of a category of 'boy I desire that more-of has had this on he'.
4 / 5
A band of the brothers of the Allman resupply me with constant accompaniment my life for almost three decades now, and agree listen an echoes of 'Blue Heaven' wafting the rafters in my pair done along, and has felt more in home when listening his in the Sony Walkman in of the rooms of odd motel during a country when travelling in business? It looks to be the permanent part of my life, like this Sgt Pepper or Bookends. Ossia The collection of his better endeavours in the decade, he spellbinding and collection quite complete of a down appreciated band in his much more. If it is for a matchless 'Blue Heaven', or for a blockbuster his of 'is not Squandering Time Any More', ossia a like this terrific album , will touch it again and again. With a ecstatic duels of voters and his guitar matchless the harmonies have built quickly drummer foundation, has dipped a level partorisca Exc of pop for a riada of rock of the sud terrific that emanated out of one Of the sud in a @@@1970s. His draw of songs in the influences that diverse countries, blues, jazz, and gospel, but a product of sound is uniquely any Allman'. I especially like his electrical guitar instrumentals. Gregg Allman and Dicky Betts extracted absolutely magically here, and is all taken for your endless distraction and entertainment. Of 'Rambling Man' to 'Jessica', soyidnight Rider' to 'has squandered Words', and estatesboro Blues' to 'A Way Was', an Allman that Annoying the sale always pleases, and this together terrific of the his better is sure to do you smiled and spend for behind the plot of pleasant memories. It enjoys!
5 / 5
A Band of the brothers of the Allman is a band of the rock Of the sud more order all the time and the good competitor for a title of band of mecer more adds. His blues riffs thunder with passion and thrill an alcohol with his unparalleled has described. They can attack out of suns with small endeavour. This album contains a lot his better songs, comprising such all-preferred of the time like A Way Was, Jessica, Ramblin' Man, and Blue Heaven, but fewer popular songs like this In Memory of Elizabeth Reed, Rider at night Half, Statesboro Blues, and a whole rest of an album is excellent. If calm so only is taking to an Allman Fratelli, then ossia the very intro his alive work, and will not be complained never. One Allman Fratelli, one of one the majority of has has consecrated bands to his defenders, has valued still again with Decade of Swipes, which deport some inspired touching of Duane Allman late.
4 / 5
A ABB is simply one of some better bands to never of grace some radio waves, that the vinyl and The CD is. This the point has underlined to add some of his better tunes. I do not know in "swipes" but there is to plot of flesh here. Besides a radio by means of one 70 east and 80 is and the cousins elepé old, was mine intro when type. The really appreciate a depth and genious of this band, compraventa need a CD of studio is and a fascinating alive in a Fillmore and more. For the random defender ossia have to that , the only question is, listen his too this band is forming of habit and will have to that undermine deeper and take everything of his material
5 / 5
Acually this merit of disk 5 stars been due to all some swipes in the, but the feel for any those who Is already to any Allman this disk is not the necessity. More all this course still can be listened in radius of classical rock. ( A testiment to the a lot of some songs are). But for me, still I love a Disk has called "Starts" that combines his premiers two album in a disk. And of course touching alive is that any Allman has won really his title like americas band of rock of the sud better. Control out of a Fillmore disk for that. But in general the decade is the utmost overview of his work.
4 / 5
The register adds.

Tries to buy collections of Swipes more Utmost when possible as I take him all and no only one or two swipes.
5 / 5
One of this country is bands very better, and ossia a cream of a harvest. Gregg The sense of Allman of desesperanza on 'Whipping Estaca' and esleeps' marks partorisca classical blues, but his better moments partorisca a lot of have taken place when they have extended is gone in long instrumentals like 'In Memory of Elizabeth Reed' and 'Jessica.' To the slowest numbers , acoustic likes him soyelissa' to show any loss partorisca be able to and intensity, and a Dickey Betts influcence is felt in an enormous swipe 'Ramblin' Man.' This neighbour was capped with once again small 'Crazy Amour' in 1979, likes bandage the drug addiction has struggled, transmissions of personnel and an eventual slide the mediocrity. A good place partorisca take.
A music in these frames of together partorisca the collection of five stars, especially partorisca a uninitiated. My only complaint is that reason there is like this music of Brothers of Allman of brilliant of the his 1970-1975 heyday, the failures were partorisca take with east a. His prime minister two studio the elepé is is brief but that shines (repackaged together as 'of the Starts'), and absolutely calms can any gone bad with one dips elepé alive 'Alive in a Fillmore.' All by means of 1975 of the his a lot possess.
4 / 5
Ossia The really, collection really well of a band of Brothers of the Allman. You take everything of his better material of a late 60 east and by means of everything of one 70 is taking everything of a work of electrical guitar adds touched for Duane and Dickey, take an add vocals and Keyboards for Greg. You cant gone bad with east, has so many songs add. If I ask ABB is a band of rock of the sud better of all the times. But calm really would have to that take some albums but if you cant resupply to take them all then ossia adds it substatute.
5 / 5
This CD is the must has partorisca any the one who there is included remotely an Allman Bros defender. While it can have the little really hardcore fans the one who are ailing of some songs in this emission, more the partid√°rios will say you that any collection of Allman' the material would owe that begin with this album. Each song in this CD is incredibly well. There is the few songs that is not comprised in this album - Person partorisca Run With, highland Jam, Question Any More, etc - but there is quite concealed Is COMPRISED to maintain this CD in the 5 indication of star.
4 / 5
Ossia Rock of the sud classical in his better. It takes any Skynyrd and music of Brothers of the Allman that goes and is in still the good time. One Allman Fratelli' the differential music is to culmination of of the one of the sud blues rock, jazz and the little country. This in spite of, has CD of several Allman twin is, ossia a better, reason his uploaded with 15+ of all some old favourite clues.
4 / 5
A Decade of Swipes could be the most utmost swipes, with only the few omissions. But it has included on many like this-album of swipes more utmost called is not probably to take to to everything would like. Usually, has to peel it it was even more money for each song for the particular band or artist. And it has included these often remain to a large extent incomplete. For like this, it is hardly so only of me the failure A Decade of Swipes when the book of the songs adds numerous and a lot included allege to be the most utmost swipes or collection of complete song.
Of some 16 songs in a CD, 13 is excellent is better-that-half, while 2 is "well", and so only a unlistenable (appropriately has titled has squandered Words, does not have to that it never has done his way to this fine collection), but ossia so only my opinion, and another is free to disagree. That this means further is that there is better that 93 tax of satisfaction (like this some 5 stars). Besides, a prize is to fly he--would pay you more than $ 1 for song for some of these gems, this in spite of like this are that it pays much less of that, around $ to take all 16; if you are interested in that is paying for a better of a better, roughly 13 or like this, calm still is that it pays so only $ or so much. Simply declared, does not take any one very better that this, and one would be hard-pressed to find the collection of BETTER CD, by means of time and gender, band or so only. Ossia Mine 2 cents . Now enjoy!
4 / 5
Any a lot of need to be said in this anthology. Ossia, enough simply, any Allman' more. All a classics is comprised, at all for real essential is remained was. "A Decade of Swipes" it is all the random defenders never needs.
5 / 5
Any one Allman is a better, period. Still Together, still sellin' out of shows, still insanely well. This album tries that in the each way. A better never......
5 / 5
This was the add this d tape. I think that all the world-wide one has on grown with a allman the brothers know that they were the sale adds . But he maintaining has some adolescents of this generation that is beginning the really take the there of music. I recomend this cd in any defender of a allman brothers..

Top Customer Reviews: Greatest Hits (Cd ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
Whoohoo! Travesía And utmost tunes by means of memories! The amour that hears to this while driving in place of honking horns!
4 / 5
is not fooled for the title of an album. This figure BTO worse song " it Can all come together". Those who never dipped this together compilation knows diddly squat in BTO. BTO Directing Fred Turner would owe that be sing on more songs here also.
5 / 5
Is not fooled for the title of an album. This figure BTO worse song " it Can all come together". Those who never dipped this together compilation knows diddly squat in BTO. BTO Directing Fred Turner would owe that be sing on more songs here also.