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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5 von
Perfecto, so only perfect. Has-liked me a creation and a bit the type gave him the thumbs on when he the election partorisca purchase. Another has commentary that is delicate to apply and adhere a lot well. Ossia True. The my application in of the sessions. Calm only need partorisca determine the one who your bookmark is. For example, you are that it goes partorisca apply them 1/8' of a fund of a tone? So only follow that to the long of. If you an error really is not difficult to take and reapply. I so only recomment that it leave partorisca use a clave partorisca soften resupplied until you are satified with your placing. Global easy and the eye that takes and resupplying some characteristic has has wished beginners of paralizacin. Some stickers will be easy to take when they are no longer required and I any wait would leave any residue or create any harm.
5 / 5 von
Stickers of vinyl of good quality partorisca the 61 keyboard key (any sticker partorisca some black tones). Has all some details on those that precise to learn, and my daughter was able to look in them immediately and reading partorisca begin that/music of touches out of his book of practice inside minutes I so that I am thrilled in general considering some economic costs. A last note, has had to that reposition some stickers the little time on application been due to my own fat toes, has had any residue in some tones with which transfer, and has stuck well in some tones in a second (or third in some chances) tries so much would owe that it reads for even some applicators of worse sticker there :) helps of hope!
4 / 5 von
They are the fat plus , sticker more formidable that has more - anticipated the very thin seeds-rigid plastic that scotchtape. This are adds once is on, feels good and is easy to take. He the the little more delicate that install why some perforaciones partorisca take them is not partorisca perfect - an in three or four stickers would have bits of the plsticoes hard that estaca once unpeeled that I have had to that take with scissors. But once in a keyboard, preferred them to another less hard/rigid has tried once.
The instructions were a lot also - that can be surprisingly delicate to know like this to fix them on keyboards of diverse period (61 tones, 49 tones, etc) , but Amoon the instructions were better that half.

In general, would buy again
5 / 5 von
My daughter has not touched never the piano and I have bought these stickers partorisca his to dip in the keyboard. They are very clear, easy to apply and has has helped really partorisca learn! Some tones in our keyboard were bit it shorter that the tone of the regular piano but I was able to cut some stickers and the records (the acute and flat notes are so only beside some black tones in place of down the). Some stickers are partorisca white tones so only; calm can not read some papers when they are situated in some black tones.
5 / 5 von
I am spent some time researching these stickers of several companies and has gone back always to these some. They were slightly more expensive that some of some another, but well validates he. They were sper easy to install (using a sticks to partorisca situate them, then using your toe partorisca ensure them) and so only take 10-15 mins.

I really liked likes some stickers 1) has some notes in his (like a point of some stickers), 2)the place in some personnel, and 3) some notes partorisca some black tones sper-scripted (in some upper corners of a sticker). Some other companies have separate stickers partorisca some black tones, but would think that would peel was easily.

On everything, am very satisfied with this compraventa. My daughter is quickly able the reference some tones and songs of game almost immediately. Thank you,
5 / 5 von
An element is coming quickly and was easy to dip some stickers on. A ebook is coming a day with which ordered it and before some stickers have arrived . I so only printed out of some songs my glorious girls have wanted to try first. They were able to take by means of the song in his own and is 7 & 9. Very satisfied with east and would recommend it to any the one who learnt to touch. I think that it that it was harder for the boys the young plus that 7.
5 / 5 von
This clear-plastic clave-ons are adds! Mina 11 year-old grandson the one who is learning partorisca touch a piano, loves him! There is the reservation of downloadable music that is coming with an order. An only good book a price has paid. Excellent value!
4 / 5 von
Some stickers underline when applied to some tones. A pocola precaution has to that be goring when separating them partorisca application this in spite of as some stickers will stick to some prjimos in an inferior corner. A popsicle clave the work adds when used properly. Read some instructions partorisca his application more than a swipe.
5 / 5 von
It was easy to apply, I like a fact that some notes are aimed also in the each tones and the really help. 61 it focuses it is quite although has 88 piano of tones.
5 / 5 von
I love a Sticker of Piano partorisca 61 Keyboards Keys many, is mine very useful to practise a keyboard of piano; some colours and an I fijamente is very good. And a service of a company DVN Produced LLC is excellent !
5 / 5 von
These were really easy to dip has helped me on the plot maintains my alcohol in the clue so that I am learning are new to piano and require it really helped and is pleasant my mamma has thinks that that my piano is coming likes that they look really good
5 / 5 von
Unfortunately, a lot disappointed in a product. Some pictures in a description where done partorisca think that the physical copies of songs would arrive together with a no. Good stickers... But any value a prize.
5 / 5 von
Has dipped these in the keyboard buy in christmas and already mine 3 and 5yr old can mostly game twinkle twinkle etc. Before they have touched noise, which is well, but master be able to do touch that is to the songs know and amour.
5 / 5 von
Are king-learning piano with which 20+ years and has required the bit of the memory as to some of some tones/some lower main. I find these very useful stickers. They were easy to 'install' and the stay has dipped. Pleased with compraventa.
5 / 5 von
Touches other instruments but decided to learn piano (possibly for Bucketlist reasons) These stickers go me to help tremendously although the time of has bitten that eats to apply has followed some instructions a lot attentively and has finalised extremely satisfied. I can appreciate a time and endeavour, and a detail of the fact of good product. Thank you.
4 / 5 von
Easy to apply with a clave of forest resupplied (delicate without a clave - is likes to try vary the screen of protective smartphone). I add for some girls in those some papers are a lot where has dipped his toes. Also it loves that a note of the personnel is aimed - I help to expect some girls build the mental map more direct that some notes and view to mark read easier partorisca his in some futures - something I fight with to this day.
5 / 5 von
Has come súper fast in first! So only installed, has taken less than 10 mins partorisca apply and really that looks forward to mine littles learning partorisca touch piano now! I have learnt like partorisca touch a piano without any one drives of any years of the class done when it was little, but then again, the doubt has had the useful tool like these 25/30 years ago! It penso In good sure help partorisca do a connection of some notes in a paper to some tones. To good sure recommend.
5 / 5 von
Does partorisca find a right tone much easier, so only that looks for to learn keyboard and although has the general idea of location partorisca note this the fact the little faster has to that look in a tone.
4 / 5 von
Like an idea of visual aid partorisca help my view that reads faster when I try to read some notes of music and game a same time. Although my keyboard is 88 tones , spent quite a lot of big notes and low notes partorisca more than chances.
5 / 5 von
A look of stickers and fantastic. Really they help my daughter the leatn and know where some tones are. Also we buy the first book, say where partorisca dip your hands and also like this partorisca read notes. A book also comes with the stickers but is not like this as well as these stickers. They are good to do of the money and will last partorisca years im sure.
5 / 5 von
Has bought these partorisca mine 6 I the one who is in of the lessons of piano. They were easy to dip on, well of look and good quality (to good sure use a clave resupplied while situating them.) It was really quickly partorisca do and has done music of discharge of the easiest reading partorisca he ( external of fight of means C using the bass of notes keys of then have no the musical fund and is the prime minister that study of year)
4 / 5 von
the desire had ordered this prime minister! Ordered the together different and some notes in some stickers where way to small to see! These are big and very easy to see. Very happy with cost of mine and would recommend these by all the world learning partorisca touch!
4 / 5 von
These are utmost! Really easy to apply. They look well in a keyboard. And ebook this is coming with some stickers has been to touch also. A ebook breaking some stickers in that a music of discharge comprises some papers a lot so only some notes.
5 / 5 von
Likes announced - good quality so that it is. This in spite of, does not recommend . After the month takes. You trust in his too and therefore not learning a placing key to the equal that have to that be - any a lot of of then more the pianos will not have these frames. It is better to so only learn where some tones are. They are always in a same place. It results natural in the short while.
5 / 5 von
These stickers are better that anything could have imagined was there. I want that they aim some notes as well as that law in music of discharge. They stick well and it was easy to reposition then yes has dipped an on too crookedly. I can see these quell'last the to the long of time and when being easy to take when they are already he has not required.
4 / 5 von
The nave was quickly, and the element has arrived exactly to the equal that has described. Easy to install and the look adds. Pleasantly Surprised by an email with pages of semi-detached music, my edges was very excited partorisca new songs. Thank you!
5 / 5 von
Bought it partorisca teach my youngster (1-3 years) the students and loves that. Useful to teach them an alphabet also. Fun way to teach and learn
5 / 5 von
has looked for stickers for my keyboard to teach my grandson some notes. These were perfect. Easy to apply and when it knows some tones, is easy to take. Excellent value for a cost. A piano and-reserve concealed comes with is fabulous prime!
5 / 5 von
Easy application - Want to a bit two ways to identify a tone (alpha and note). I add to help teach our little a. As announced with basic packaging. Fast delivery.
4 / 5 von
Some notes of Paper were well in the each sticker and certainly easy to apply. This in spite of a writing of musical annotation has comprised with a paper in the each sticker is bad, and does not correspond to a paper in a sticker. This can be confuse in timing when I am trying to read the musical bookmark and gaze in some tones.
4 / 5 von
Some stickers were easier that apply has thought then an only question is not all partorisca touch directly. Mina, concealed does not import but partorisca some people, can import and calm can no partorisca take them calm was his once has stuck the aces on like to be careful. Some stickers look really durable and in general really well, Slightly overpriced but still would recommend them to any especially players of piano of the beginner.
5 / 5 von
The quality adds. Easy installation. The discharge of free music is well. Has the Yamaha p125 and does not cover all some 88 tones because I preferred it that way.
4 / 5 von
Easy to stick on and look well. Help partorisca try and learn where all some notes are so many is all the beginners .
5 / 5 von
Has to that attended partorisca few days partorisca write the description. My girls looks partorisca enjoy and learning our keyboard easily. Some stickers is doing well never dipped that of then on. They are happy with cost of mine :)
5 / 5 von
Clear instructions, easy to install. Exactly that would look for partorisca help players of beginner.
5 / 5 von
Easy to apply and a book of the song of the pdf send was really add partorisca my boys partorisca begin with! A lot happy with this compraventa.
4 / 5 von
That are adds in these stickers are has a paper as well as a note in some personnel.
4 / 5 von
These are perfect partorisca my ASD boy partorisca use during therapy of music in a piano!
5 / 5 von
Am coming A lot late the music, but these stickers are doing the enormous difference. I love a little image in the each sticker that objective a line or space where some chairs of note!!!
5 / 5 von
Amur These! I produce it adds, fast nave, good access in some tones, the quality adds!
4 / 5 von
The product adds. Good claves and covers all the tones have required. Also it comes with it adds ebook partorisca simple songs.
5 / 5 von
Has compared before buying. These are for far some better. Colour coded the tones are the Must partorisca beginners. The accesses perfect in my tones of keyboard. It recommends strongly.
5 / 5 von
Good product, easy to install, now with this sticker is easier that follow some notes., Work welll fact.
4 / 5 von
Wants to this! Like this useful for my young boys. Mina 10 I can touch anything of the book of beginner with a help of some stickers. Highly it recommends!
5 / 5 von
An useful product for the students of new piano like this young and adults. You recommend these stickers of piano partorisca beginners.
5 / 5 von
Awesome Pocolas Stickers with applicator. One and-reserve resupplied was music of simple beginner. Perfecto for my boy
4 / 5 von
Want these stickers. Quite simple to dip on with a bit the clave resupplies! I give more confidence when that looks for to learn in 50s!
5 / 5 von
The product adds. The glorious daughter has had amused dipping them on keyboard. Face to learn easier
5 / 5 von
has Done well has followed once instruction. A bit clave of the forest really is a sevret.

Top Customer Reviews: Imelod Stickers for ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 12 ratings
4 / 5 von Billye
Bought this together of the stickers on some another classifies has sold on Amazon after reading roughly like some another has not had the together full of stickers partorisca cover all 88 tones. Any one only is this the together full, does not look tacky at all. A thing there is remarked was that calm really has to that do sure some stickers partorisca some black tones are centred well reasons are almost like this widths like some tones they; otherwise, the part of a sticker could remain hang of a flange, which the easiest fact to collect powder and possibly worlds for up down a street. The desire there was @@give me more collected that they also resupply 2 stickers to practise to see like this would like him to go in of your piano. The messed on any one first pocolas stickers, but felizmente is not too noticeable. If you are the perfectionist taste, prepares to spend of the good quantity to time to apply some stickers of a creation of one wins of the sticker loves line on a staves.
5 / 5 von Brinda
Has not applied some stickers still. When I will leave it is cost like this his appearance and use.
5 / 5 von Veronika
The good quality used them of then April, exited easy when it no longer has required.
5 / 5 von Karleen
Debut Lucido the piano and this piece would owe that be indispensable
5 / 5 von Sterling
A lot of gains to identify the note does not use the plot when a professor of the piano is not around.
4 / 5 von Bernie
The product has arrived quickly and some instructions were easy to read for placenent a lot @@subject the one who tones your piano/of keyboard has. The frames that learns easier.
4 / 5 von Syreeta
These stickers are doing marvels for my daughters. They are a lot vibrant, easy to read, easy to take and place in some keyboards, big quality and packaged properly. It recommends him for any that loves help in music of sympathetic discharge. The idea of product adds and presentation.
5 / 5 von Frederica
Is a perfect tool touches his débutants in to the piano likes! Simple to installer and to take, the transport has has had to that staccare owing to him joins error of my part and this was simple to take, any residue of the paste is not has embezzled. I have him after recollé without question.
4 / 5 von Soon
These are excellent for a beginner. They are an adult , player of beginner. Just learning in an age of 57. These are excellent to sustain some tones!
4 / 5 von Sharice
Fails One can the Games of precisions poses it. Perfecto Touches to help to touch .
5 / 5 von Winnifred
Transports paste games too many big his black touches of my piano . If no very
4 / 5 von Twanna
Learning partorisca touch a keyboard in to 65 years like these is utmost partorisca me!

Top Customer Reviews: Piano Stickers for ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5 von Gustavo
It can no images was reason my daughter has done deceptions until I have seen some ledger lines partorisca lose!! Easily fixed, but can not believe the amazon is selling east!! A proofreader is probably musically illiterate!! Ciao!! What good only in these, easily the glue takes and no residual, for this some 2 stars! They owe that discounted to means a prize or less!!!
4 / 5 von Chuck
These are good stickers , easy to take of discharge and add to our electrical keyboard, and easy to immediately take and reposition when stuck wrongly. This in spite of, has had the pair to print errors - some notes An and B on some triple tone the personnel has been missing his ledger lines.
5 / 5 von Sona
Has come fast and was easy to install , also the easiest fact to learn piano :) very happy with this compraventa.

Top Customer Reviews: ammoon Piano ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 18 ratings
4 / 5 von Lane
These were very quite that ordered him the second time for the new keyboard also

was utmost to help my edges takes used to those notes was that and some stickers are good but perhaps TOO GOOD. They are the hard and very adhesive plastic like this he calms dipped the down very wrong or very perfectly calms directly is class of stuck with him. Calm neither has to that so only the take and king clave (which has not looked to last) or so only treat he in slope of a flange of a key bit it. A good product in general and the adhesive reusable plus would have done it perfect
4 / 5 von Jann
When ordering these these stickers have thinks that was to take flimsy plastic stickers, this in spite of these are done in fact of the fat plastic. The papers are easy to read, and these stickers were very easy to dip on. Highly recommend!
4 / 5 von Keitha
Has used a product to the equal that drives key when I have begun to learn piano. It is it helps it it adds , it can not learn like this quickly without him.
I practice in an hour and the half the day, the majority has used the numbers remain readable for at least four months.
4 / 5 von Kelly
Súper Has produced of quality. It poses to marvel . I finalise to buy other Games joins fellow.
4 / 5 von Parthenia
Perfecto in the each way! It thanks or!! Highly recommended
5 / 5 von Hildegarde
Useful games his débutants. Good and Simple quality to installer.
4 / 5 von Lavera
Easy to stick on. It is remained of then on and a lot of gain when practising.
5 / 5 von Charlesetta
was pleasantly surprised with this compraventa that considers the one who economic was.
This law of stickers of sound, loves that they are colour coded, has a paper, and some personnel in his (adds for all the levels although there is the plot impresa in the each one, and some papers could be main source ).
You unstick and restick easily and any slide in some tones.
Would recommend these products
5 / 5 von Lelia
I really like this paint sturdy the stickers but is not done for real to be take and has substituted. As he his plant attentively. They are king-learning piano with some agreements after active has had classical -king-mine the formation and these are really useful.
5 / 5 von Kenisha
When Ordering these these stickers have thinks that was to take flimsy plastic stickers, this in spite of these are done in fact of the fat plastic. The papers are easy to read, and these stickers were very easy to dip on. Highly recommend!
4 / 5 von Eleni
These stickers are surprising, but some instructions leave me to us feeling bit it uncertain and scared to apply them, reason have not done the deception. This in spite of, if investigations youtube for 'find half C on keyboard', has stirs it of video. This is to go down my uncertainty dramatically.
4 / 5 von Maurita
These are good stickers , dipped the on my keyboard, good colours and a fact some notes are also in some tones, helps to agree the one who the notes that.
4 / 5 von Ha
Very impressed ossia perfect for my daughter the one who only is beginning piano!
4 / 5 von Nicole
Greeting Ammoon!

His Stickers to any school likes failure!
Thinks that the rear school adheres no good..
That can do Games partorisca help me??
5 / 5 von Rebeca
A lot of entity when in any connait remarks them to the sud lucido keyboard
5 / 5 von Luisa
the quality Adds with the good thickness any economic plastic.
5 / 5 von Livia
Was very easy to apply and my Glorious daughter is by train partorisca use them.
5 / 5 von Sherrie
Really good. Well of clave. But instructions arent that clear

Top Customer Reviews: Piano and Keyboard ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 von Altagracia
It is gone in one in sized box but like the fast nave describes