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Top Customer Reviews: Hyperkin Mini USB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
I augment Boss partorisca PS3. The recibi Very well and like me elmaterial of the Boss, any hard and sufficiently flexible east partorisca be able to touch while they upload the controls.
4 / 5
A quite long Boss to upload comfortably the control of the ps3. He The the perfeccion, compared with the original of boss of sony the only that lacking is the small ball that cheats the cariche andantes, of ahi was is quite recommended
4 / 5
An useful product and the good prize compared with another it hay in the warehouse. My Original of the boss broken and achieve a transmission is exited very expensive.
Recommends amply
4 / 5
Arrives like this in the image, work perfectly and has a lot very long.
Opcion A lot recommended, the prize me a bit big , but continue be produced good.
4 / 5
Is precisely that request, recommends the product, arrives before the moment and fulfils totally my expectations, a lot
5 / 5
A lot well with a longitude of the boss, very recommended for pruductos Canal of Game, load, synchronises and has accelerates very good and thickness of the boss.
5 / 5
PS3/ PC/ of PSP Mini Boss of USB - Hyperkin

A product of Quality and with good discharge of the boss to touch while it uploads the control.

5 / 5
The Boss do fault to perfection, perfect to upload your control in an excellent distance and besides for any port usb with the same entrance and arrives ahead of time
4 / 5
uses It to upload my control of ps3, the longitude is a lot well although of edges 10 ft and any one creates it, look that it is a bit less

Top Customer Reviews: Hyperkin Dual ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
Piece very well, the past time that looks for a good carrier partorisca my controls of Ps3, is a bit more expensive that another quell'hay in the warehouse but costs the pity of then is very well articulate.
5 / 5
Any one me sirvio returns it, has to of the take with the ps3 if any any one uploads
5 / 5
Ossia the product adds , especially partorisca a prize. A thing so only touches some controllers when a system is on. It would estimate 5 stars if, like a xbox 360 canal of load, also would touch when a playstation is not on.

Top Customer Reviews: "Brave ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
Plastico Has had the habit of, very comfortable and a bit but big that the original of ps3, very satisfied with the compraventa, of then bought it partorisca touch in PC and recognised it immediately.

Top Customer Reviews: “Brave Knight” ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
It feels better that the PS3 official controller , My edges spends for alot of the controllers have seen like this my action of different types and this one for the better far bosses that any of them. Highly it would recommend this like the pertinent substitute partorisca the PS3 controller.
4 / 5
Does not like Me reason can no without of a boss

Top Customer Reviews: Hyperkin Siren ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Any one is functional of then dips noise and that the sound listens soiled. It fulfils the one who fiancées but of an unsuitable way
4 / 5
has Purchased two HyperX cloud 2 headphones partorisca me and my fiancée partorisca rasgar on fortnite with. Connected to an accident of duel 4 controller a sound was as you leave and horrible a ds4 simply dint have quite can to run a hyperX. On its own name I have chosen on one $130 star gaming MixAmp. But I have decided to take my promise this $10 thingy for the try and see like work. This produces done exactly that is to feign. It is not the battery behind is the small amp that pursues more has beaten to the gaming headset. It does not take Me bad this thing can not compete with one $130 Incident 7.1 surrounds the sound feels. But my fiancée no longer can listen to some headphones maxed was reason is now too strong, some tomb is very better and his headphones now touch very better that my old pair of beaches of wireless turtle. For $10 this thing is surprising! If the money is not the factor for you and calm has has an extra $130 Accident gone. Otherwise Buys this product and save on
4 / 5
- I game in the PS4 Pro with the headset has connected directly to my controller by means of a headphone jack.
- I usually touch first person shooters like BF4 and the games of adventure likes them the z/the zero of Horizon Dawns

- A max volume of a headset when connected by means of a controller is way too down.

- I has purchased this amplifier.

- This amplifier has augmented a max volume of mine headset for roughly 50-75.
- A hard battery at least 4 hours. I have not had the occasion still to measure a battery with the full load.
- Some folds of amplifier like the band of battery for a controller.
- A controller and an amplifier can be touched neighbours without that has to that take avert using a micro port of USB in an amplifier.
- The prize adds
- the genuine looks

- has the constant hiss in a fund. So only it can be listened when prendiendo a game or when a volume is was.
- An amplifier takes the place but regulating his has taken so only the pocolos small. It would consider this bulk the subject possible so only partorisca first person shooters, but certainly a lot to adventure games.

definitively would recommend this amplifier to the which require to amplify a volume of his headset when connected to a controller. Compraventa Good and can not beat a prize
4 / 5
usually spends to listen helps, and did not require him with my forward headset. This in spite of, an old one has begun to fall avert after a lot of years of use, and has bought one this discharge in directly mine PS4 controller. Headset Was comfortable, but a volume (for me) has been missing of. It looked around in other amplifiers, but was all quite expensive for me, more than the random gamer.

Enters a Hyperkin PS4 Siren Headphone amplifier. The product arrived with the load, how has been ready for gone well out of a box. Any instruction, but was quite simple to imagine was. Latch I slides Was, line on of the discharges in a controller, slide and close a latch, discharges in your headphones, press a transmission/of key of the power, and is good to go.

Has touched several hours with him a last week or two, everything of FPS to games of sport, and a quality of audio is utmost. He to good sure done the big difference for me. You can regulate a volume and some bass have seen keys in a unit he a lot easily. It takes the pocolos small to take used to, but is not terribly obtrusive.

Is looking to give a volume and bass of your headphones promote it, and does not want to spend to plot of money in the mixer-amplifier, to good sure would recommend this product.
4 / 5
This pocola what is awesome! Way more abordable that any one . You will find and he exactly that says, calm of the more volume and tomb! I have bought recently the pair of Razer Kraken and felt has been missing of a quality of the his deep of the mine Stealth of Beach of the Wry 300 but tired me of a headset dying been due to having the built in amplifier to the equal that has taken a Krakens and has been fulfilled with a lack of low. Found this little type and could not be happier reason now have a quality of the his same if any better and the majority of comfortable pair of headphones with the best mic and netter the noise that annuls. To those having question with him when being uncomfortable, although has no the found to be a lot of disturb it, has on come with the solution! So only use the 3.5 mm viril to adaptadora woman (dipped on pointed in video). A unit does not need to having connected to a port of USB in a PS4 controller, that raisin of only leaves by means of touching for your controller. Considering a hum/hiss, found you so only can regulate a volume in a unit and in yours place or in yours headset to the balance was and calms that can have the strong abundance without hiss. So only it takes some fine to dip ready and is strong still abundance.
5 / 5
Has taken the casualidad and has bought this without any descriptions posted, and am quite happy. Has the very expensive surrounds system of the his and would like me use the, but I still need to converse. I am using this to amplify it TRITTON Kaiken Pleasant Cat Headset. It is so only an ear, and has empty to leave raisin of the his by means of, as I can listen the mine surrounds sound. Without an amplifier, the cat was so only too down, especially when using an in-cat of game and no the party of cat by means of PSN. Well This thing can certainly crank on an audio of cat! Certainly I can not comment on like sounds with the regulate headset, but returns my needs perfectly.

Time of habladuría looks to be around 7 hoursish, but guesses that all depends in that yours that looks for to amplify. The quality of build is WELL. No a plastic of the main quality and bit it difficult to read writing on some keys. I try any to leave a fund has extended was when have was a controller , to to look likes would not take of too much force to snap it was. Apparently an only purpose of a mini-usb that atasquemos to a controller, is for the maintain trace in a controller. It will not touch a controller when the cord is hooked until an amplifier, so only will touch an amplifier. Once you cover a fund of an amplifier to a controller, all audio is transferred his, to all the cost has an amplifier powered on or no. If any powered on, any steps of audio by means of him, mic or auricular. Touched the game a night for an hour one @@give had not turned never amplifier on. It does not add too hanged to a controller. When I in the first place dipped the on and has resisted a controller, has not been happy with as the controller felt in my hands, but after touching the game with him on for the bit, has adapted so only well.

Reason does not take 5 stars ? I have not received any instruction or touching cord. There is the code in a calm behind can scan for instructions. Last what I need is another cord , but have external abundance, but, is supposition to come with him. You would owe that be able to touch a controller while plugged the, any only an amplifier, stray occasion(easier said a fact am them sure).

Like this to good sure can say wants to improve a power to the yours earbud this is coming with PS4 and another ape headsets, ossia an entrance . They are sure he would augment a sound that goes to the together of earbuds, so only can not comment in any degradation of his or quality of sound. The better thing is a prize . While looking for other options, an only alike product could find was a product of Sign of BB, but this has received poor descriptions. In general, I am happy has taken a casualidad.
5 / 5
The tool adds to augment volume. In max exited yes can listen some slope of the white noise smaller that the environmental moments but really any for the annoy. This sound is so only noticeable when you augment spent around +50, but does not find me that it has to that spend that strong. This tool a work without using his full capacities, so only gotta tweak around and find a right flight:level of basses for you! A global sound slightly degrades to be filtered by means of this tool this in spite of, probably that goes of 100 quality-wise w direct connection to the 85-90. So only noticeable with voice for one the majority of part. Personally have it not founding this to be a breaker/to treat of the subject.
According to that the consolations is to good sure the little different that that has had the habit of but at all could not take past. In fact It likes Me one feels now and a weight added is the more also.
MODIFICATION: the product there is prendido to give start of audio with which 2 month, the vendor contacted and there is still to listen behind
5 / 5
has been surprised by some negative critiques of this device to the equal that have decided to leave my own.

Although it is not to perfect, think that this device is the must -have for PS4 users that own headphones/headsets which so only connects via audio jack. I have bought recently a HyperX Clouds (version of console), reason has less impedance that a regular version, which in theory has been supposition to help augment some levels of volume in of the games, etc. This in spite of, was still a lot quite strong for me while gaming in a ps4, and one Blue the films of Ray were basically unwatchable been due to extremely of levels of low volume.
This device fixed everything of these subjects! There is abundance of juice for Blue film of Ray, has left so only some games.
A quality of build is very decent and seats a lot firmly on controller. Although it could feel bulky for some players, personally so only uses my toes of indicator in some triggers, so that it does not have any discomfort anything.

Now to some bad part. Although this amp done that is supposed to, also distorts a sound the tiny bit, which is not a lot of noticeable and so that well, is a lot of value he in my opinion. Another thing is that there it has it noticeable hiss in a fund, this in spite of as some another reviewers has mentioned so only is that it distracts and apparent when prendes your game, film, etc.
Last with this that this amp can not be touched and has used a same time. This in spite of, can touch your controller & amp near among your gaming sessions.

In general, this device is very solid, especially for his prize. For this takes my well has deserved 5 stars!
4 / 5
An adapter that says that it augments the volume and the bass and I has liked him really that. But it takes an hour and the half to take the full load to use, and roughly 8 to 10 hrs. Of playtime before it requires touched again. Calm can does not turn on when his touching. A box is entrance has had the big tear in a front of him. Also so only like some other descriptions have said, there is not coming with the boss to touch or manual of same instruction although it has said that does in a box. He a PS4 uncomfortable controller to use the the to the big hands like . In general some works of product but is not required, his is better alternatives.
4 / 5
Have mixed feelings in this amp. In a book a amp all that says it will do. It augments a sound and the calm bass amiably with a profit added of having control of volume in both. This in spite of, With which so only 1 use looks a port to be able to had fallen was. With all honesty am not sure exactly the one who past, but are to good sure disappointed in his flimsyness. In a delivery is a awesome piece of the technology in another hand is obviously calms cheaply has done.

My suggestion to any concealed compraventa this amp is the creature this product. It would not suggest that it uses a characteristic to touch so much a amp and a controller a same time reason the risks break a port of a amp. It uses him for separate and his touch for separate.

Reason has the substitution that comes so that they are not totally disjointed in this description, but expect that in a future this company can reinforce this product and the the main quality. In my opinion this amp is a awesome the value is so only very built like such.