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Top Customer Reviews: Attack on Titan: ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Mistie
Ossia Literally soul of a decade! And some seasons improve and better! Ossia A better this soul has to that offer like this of closing. While the S4!!!

Top Customer Reviews: Joker (BIL/HDUV/BD) ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 38 ratings
5 / 5 Merissa
Such wonderful and pursuing film. Joaquin Phoenix absolutely deserves Oscar partorisca his amazing portrait of Arthur/Joker. Besides an acting, one in leader, writing, music, cinematography, and the dresses were also notch upper. I usually a lot pre-film of the mandate but the joker is the must.
5 / 5 Apolonia
Has seen a film three times now and am them near the saying ossia the Masterpiece and one of some films more add the has not seen never in mine Phoenix thank you wow that the action and a film like the integer so only this yours the collection a moment arrives on video of house.
4 / 5 Clemmie
One of some better films have not seen never! And they are not the person of book of the comic. Amazing history and amazing actions for all the world-wide especially Joaquin. Highly recommend!
No partorisca boys!!!
5 / 5 Antwan
Has seen this film already, then calms already know calm never will forget it. His social complex and @the subject of personality resists true with a lot of current questions in some world-wide today, with the point underlined in mental health.

Of the DC perspective this feels likes fault of a typical vibe, but in another hand is the bit of fresh air in the way so only reason is 'different'. To to Him Some defenders will like that, and of some no. Those any one familiar with a DC world-wide still could look this video and the enjoy, would say. A film included could be done external of a DC world-wide and be like this impactful emotionally.

There is wanted personally this film and has thought incredibly movement. I have dated once the daughter with subjects of extremes of mental health, as looking Joaquin Phoenix portrayed mental health in the character in general(any one the concrete joker), has the paste manacles afterwards. Obviously it was the negative feeling , but the very strong feeling and I think that is incredibly of entity to remark. So only reason the film do to feel sad, angry, happy or has to that laugh hysterically a point is that I do to FEEL. It does not think any one could look this film in him is entirety and says to no to feel them deeply. Material because of this alone, this film is quite remarkable.

Although some will not enjoy a darkness of a film, HIGHLY would recommend to look he with an open alcohol.
5/5 stars for me.
5 / 5 Rochelle
Has seen this in of the theatres. You could change a name of this film Arthur and he would not change to anything roughly likes that lacking of this film was of anything to do with DC villain of Joker. It was the history in the villain the one who excelled in a thing and this was still to COMPLAIN. A character was absentee of a ingenuity and dark astute ossia a characteristic fundamental that marks his famous anti-hero a Joker. A history of characters is all almost encased in a typical socialist narrative to appeal the modern popular ideology. It was not that this film was but if yours looking to enjoy an astute character shared for a greats likes Heath Ledger and Mark Hamill will not find he in this film. So only an empty prettied on person with flashy movements of dance and the mouth to run.
5 / 5 Jannet
I know they are the little late to a process of description partorisca do my point. All some five stars are justified mine .
In general a long build until a Joker is like this Well has justified hurts to see “Negative” to complain” for anything.
Although it is for a disk or delivery. The cause that takes was “action of the phoenix” of Joaquin likes secondary to this.
Is mine like this wrong. Masterfully And exceptionally the film done.
I Wild jokers My Friends. He maintaining Tecla Hands.
Runtime 122 Min.
English 7.1 Dolby Atmos.
4 / 5 Mignon
Excellent doing of an advantage but a history is quite half. A yellow film tinge gives it one has has feigned aged feels but he also done an audience feels likes look a outdated history, which are to a discharge... A pacing is slower that required and a Batman the connection is unnecessary. Joaquin Phoenix an audience tolerates everything of these weaknesses so only to see that he afterwards.
4 / 5 Hallie
Researches a Film where the action is omnipresente, risk to be décu but personally have loved very lucido psychological side... He the joker done pitié moment of pair but under this vulerabilidad, edges crazy side and déjanté is not never a lot of loin. Those that interest to the universe of Gotham and of his characters will be loved of better comprises the reason and The Commentary is been born the Joker!
4 / 5 Nereida
Can adds on this film in a word - AMAZING. Simply and for real in amazing. Such the a lot of-writing, a lot-concentrated, and of course, thanks to Joaquin Phoenix, the good film portrayed. It thanks God wins Oscar for his action. Such one film 'of entity' also, in his thin and in time, blatently-obvious commentary in mental health. I want that it is dipped in a row-final of a eseventies' was (1981 to be esatti, but all know concealed ' was' loss to a next decade the bit), with this dirtiness and of course, crappy economic climate of a time. It gives it a discharge added of cinematic character. And place against a backdrop of a strike of big rubbishes in NYC ('Gotham Cities') of this year - the landscape adds to dip this film to. It looks it, ossia my joint to all the people there. I cherish this DVD for years to come.
5 / 5 Harriett
A pure boss of work. It joins it cause perfect History. It joins performence spectacular. Buy this filk In 4K
4 / 5 June
An impressive view of one is fight with mental health and fixes it that it fails.
5 / 5 Sammie
Once to the time, the films were art . Ossia One such film. Excellent in leader, and excellent doing like this a lot another reviewers has gone to detail More adds them.
5 / 5 Gayla
Masterpiece Of the film, Joaquin Pheonix , gives action of the lifetime. A film amena the mature realistic take on a reality mental health. Joaquin is one of one the majority of underrated the actors there is!
4 / 5 Maris
Unless you have been living under the calm rock already would owe that know that a Joker is Todd Philips version of a prince of clown of crime, this gritty stars of sinister version Joaquin to Phoenix likes Arthur Fleck to begin down the torsion of insanity, morphing him the an infamous Joker - perhaps? A definite clock!
5 / 5 Hank
Flawless film: writing, insiemi, lighting, tricks, direction, music and of course DOING!! Fantastic metaphor of for life -any time of @@subject or place; really died of metaphor of old/life/of the resurrection appreciated of new life!
4 / 5 Pamela
Is everything roughly the flavour and this film is fantastic. Joaquin Phoenix has won better Actor partorisca his function partorisca the reason. Theres Any a lot of extra in a DVD but a film is a lot of value he.
4 / 5 Jene
Better film never ! / You film better that jai view of three long :) a must
5 / 5 Reita
Is much more a psychological work that joins adaptation of comic but is a lot interesting. Joaquin Phoenix is excellent and lucida the film is joined total tarpaulin .
4 / 5 Kristy
A lot strong preformance for J Rivers. It touches deep. He cant be hid once his looked
5 / 5 Junita
A dark show that resupplies in his plus end. It adds that it shines that it directs with the corners of wonderful and calm camera have the recipe partorisca a Prize of Academy winning Show.
4 / 5 Adriane
EXCELLENT And JOAQUIN PHOENIX That SHE ACTOR .. It touches visionnement and add in my collection
5 / 5 Allyson
has Arrived punctually, awesome film! A lot real, the history partorisca say you where and like a Joker resulted the one who is in a Batman serious.
Like call he 'his adisturbingly awesome film'
4 / 5 Jodee
The joker is An emblematic character of the universe of Batman, lucido criminal more famous that Gotham! It causes it that it want to everything! You film better that has had it casualidad partorisca see!
4 / 5 Brooke
Of j there was already ete see this boss-D work two times to the Commentary of cinema could- this compraventa ?
4 / 5 Kandis
Excellent film meme if you do not know the univer DC
4 / 5 Pok
Sure enough, a film with small action, but lucido the script has based calm of the sud his causes and all the psychological appearance around the mental illness was excellent.
5 / 5 Shenna
Film to notch upper, probably partorisca win a lot of Oscars this year
4 / 5 Marcell
Amazing film, so only according to the Heath Ledger representation in a trilogy of Dark Knight. In general a film was very a lot of fact.
5 / 5 Nellie
This is not a half superhero film but one east will echo on partorisca always by means of time. The joker is the must -film of clock.
5 / 5 Brad
Excellent acting. More nuanced that has expected. In spite of that describes mental illness in the violent context, a representation is sympathetic and complex.
4 / 5 Gail
Helps partorisca comprise a Joker is assumed crazyness and reason is a Batman main Nemesis
4 / 5 Romeo
This was the present partorisca any and there is enjoyed really a film. It is coming well punctually. Thank you Amazon
4 / 5 Piedad
I mainly bought why have listened one doing was adds. You are. I expect that it touches a Joker again in a future.
5 / 5 Erinn
Works of films, the chance has not been broken .. It can not complain. Also looked sooner that expected
5 / 5 Aurea
the film Adds. I have seen he in a theatre and required partorisca possess the copy of Jaquin Pheonix action of Academy
5 / 5 Yevette
the film Adds with the perfect setting and history. Highly you recommend this film to any he like this objective the big reality roughly life and like a small plus of the things can go the long way.
5 / 5 Charise
One of some better films has done in a last decade, I pre orderly with Amazon and in spite of him when being two days late, was a lot of value a wait partorisca see a film the second time!
4 / 5 Angele
Justo fantastic with 4k Dolbyvision and my prime minister Dolby Atmost experience.

Top Customer Reviews: Doctor Sleep ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5 Marni
Three good Film . It recommends.
5 / 5 Carla
A worthy followup to Kubrick the classical horror, the sleep of Doctor is the dark fantasy exploring a world-wide that Resplandor.
Some, likes Danny Torrance, fight by means of adult of age in the haze of addiction and mental questions. Partorisca Torrance, some cariche of twin of having A Resplandor and his traumatic experiences in one Spend for big is too and turned to a boot partorisca years. As it ships on recovery, comes to a help of Plough, the powerful young daughter the one who is pursued the group of physic vampires that feeds in hiners.'

Manager Mike Flanagan the fantastic work of working in a shadow of King and Kubrick. A lot this film is in fact in a inescapable the appeal of one Spends for big the hotel and is impact in the life of Danny. A film revisits Kubrick vision without being derivative, and Flanagan heads to felizmente pays equal homage to an original film and the novels of the king. Honradamente Thought it that it was the desperate task but obviously has taken a right man partorisca a work. Thumbs up!
4 / 5 Caryn
A sequela adds. The majority of the films today leave you disappointed while this of the Calm no. promise you this epic flick will captivate your attention partorisca begin to finalise. Steven Rey of alive longitude.
5 / 5 Kindra
The sequela adds to One in Brilliant!

Top Customer Reviews: April Fool's Day ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 32 ratings
4 / 5 Raphael
It does not know it touches my paramount cement dvd version or sweat everything of paramount dvd versions??? It has read abundance of descriptions in this page & no a person has mentioned a BAD audio & I concealed I confuse!! The Bad to the equal that can the person more the commentaries????? His almost like this bad likes bay to anchor dvd version of MARIO BAVA "twitch of a nerve of death"(aka"bay of blood") they are them like this You D WAS right now!!!! It has taken so only done the looking & the can not believe the one who hard is to seat by means of him !! In the volume regulates takings this constant buzz & a sound maintains to move on & down it has had to them maintain the turning arrives but a big plus has been them a stronger a buzz, enough to a point where a buzz in faculty a sound!!! East SUCKS reason LOVES THIS CLASSICAL & it was them exited like this when it found it to them on dvd!!!! 5 stars for these utmost classical slasher flick!!! But 1 star for a HORRID CRUDDDDDDDDDY sound/of audio in my dvd version!?!?!?!? p.S. To any of my defenders of fellow horror there there be in all the chance can answer to of the east PLEASE left to know me if his so only my version!!! im Maintaining my toes have crossed that it is reason then the so only can go to find another!!! Later in of the defenders of fellow horror!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 / 5 Lanita
APRIL FOOL At the beginning of DAY was to like them a lot of utmost slashers: gore, creepyness and a promise of some sexy organism.
Muffy Santo John invites his university buddies on to a private island where bolt in his lived enormous. It looks that it is pause of cradle and April Fool is is coming so it is an account of organism!
Looks that any in an island is cutting a cast of guest one for one and an only way was has died.....
ABRIL FOOL DAY- the terrific parody, he creepy thriller, the impressive 83 minutes that favour until an even more impressive final 5.... It chooses it on today.
Friday a 13th (1980)
Slaughter Big (1986)
Sleepaway Camp (1983)
Deborah St. John
Knows Olandt ..............Rob Ferris
Amy Graham
Jay Edison, Jr.
The FILM: 4/4
The QUALITY of PICTURE: 10/10 Once again, Paramount shows that his better characteristic is his quality of video . Anamorphic widescreen.
The QUALITY of AUDIO: 10/10 5.1 it surrounds, 2.0 Dolby surrounds. French Dolby 2.0 surrounds included.
The CHARACTERISTIC SPECIAL: any one. Paramount raped my stock exchange of $ 22 for audio and video. But it is almost he values he. Not even it trailer.
SUBTITLES: English, Spanish and French.
4 / 5 Carlton
Looks to be another of this university yard on film. A university daughter invites his friends on to spend the weekend in his house in an island and everything begins out of just well... At least until his friends begin to disappear or apparently when being the yard found up in of the pieces, then all the world begins to accuse another to be a murderous and all want to do is to leave an island, which looks for to be easier said that does. Bone chilling, plug tingling colgante and horror. The one who the? Any one imagines era? Any alive to say a history of all some Ghastly chances that has been in in a house? Take a film and see for calm. It is a daughter of an insane house? Or it is one of his friends? If it likes-you to good plot, has to see an amazing end to this only film. Strong tongue, but no like this extreme how is a chance for the majority of film of has suspended today and so only a real vaporous scene, but a lot exactly on map. In fact a scene is so only the pocolos second in period. Ossia Another to look with the lover in Halloween night, or still with the group of friends. Five star is not enough for April Fools day. It deserves much more.
5 / 5 Genevie
A suprise delight of the film/of mystery of the horror, "April Fool Day" it is a enjoyable slasher romp this there is roughly suspenseful scenes and the good mould. Muffy St. John (touched for Deborah Foreman) invites the big group of university students his lived for the party of weekend. A lot a students is surprised and suspects in an invitation, for does not like him Muffy and does not comprise such of the disinterested action. Fun and games (which mainly looks to read poetry and touching practical jokes) turns to terror when I murder it prowls a lived and begins to attack adolescents one for one.
Manager Fred Walton uses the ape, this in spite of pursuing script to create it slasher film with moving it. At all too special, for him stills resists a lot true with a gender, "April Fool Day" a lot you satisfy defenders of the film that combines humour and violence, while another purely poured in a piece-and-@@subject of the data could be turned was. In general, ossia the film so that they enjoy horror sprinkled with laughs.
5 / 5 Giovanna
Abril Fool The day is better that a lot the horror of one 80 classics this is to exit. Has the fresh idea at the same time (ossia tongue in horror of cheek) and at least tried to give a spectator that little has bitten extra. There are some genuine frights in this film (to snake, some organism in a fund of a well, a boy died under a cradle etc). It do not have the April seen never Fool Day before but has taken the casualidad and elected on a DVD in special prize. It have seen a lot of positive critics previously to of the this. In general, that satisfies 'film of horror.
EVALUATION of DVD: very impressed to see Anamorphic Widescreen for the title like this, 5.1 sound more. Any extra but for a prize has not expected any one. To the left it is it agrees it comes from/ it comes from Paramount the one who is not well resupply extra.
5 / 5 Renda
This film is funny, but is also scary. It say that it is the black comedy , but died of mark of black comedies and the pleasant violence. This no. of film is very funny, but when an account of death begins to add on, the calm promise will not be laughing. It is class to like "Cry" in a laugh of calm way, calm then cry. But, ossia much more pleasant that "Cry" or any one another modern horror flick. It is a lot obvious that this film has been done during a slasher the period with film likes "Halloween" & "Friday a 13th". But, that dips it aside is a comedy has added inbetween, and an a lot of the surprised that it arrive that it goes in an end. I guarantee that it impact entirely.
5 / 5 Shae
Muffy Is been born on April Fools Day, for his 18th anniversary she desides to invite the little frinds in his house that is in an island. Muffy HAS load of april fools the pranks have believed everywhere in his enormous house. A his next day look of friends to be that they go to lose, is just April Fools jokes or is there something more sinister in work. April Fools The day is the fun slasher the film done for some people of Friday A 13th Part 1-6. A film is fun and is one of this must sees two film of time. An end is actully enough there is enjoyed well a whole film but is at all compleatly special so only something the value that takes and it looking two times. A gore in this film is not bad, is the gory quite film but this one is more roughly line of history then violence.
5 / 5 Belia
A group of the boss of university students was for the weekend has fill purportedly amused with the fellow rich in his house of state isolated and take more his bargained for when the killers of the serial suddenly begins to the clash have been, pocola answered of wrist of a guest the victim turns that it disappears after each murder also (one in-joke to Agatha Christie swipe 'in era one for a mystery of murderous 'And Then be Any', aka 'Ten Few Indians'). So only the poor man' witty slasher/film of mystery with moving it that it arrive that, if you have read a title literally, is quite guessable, and abusing. You are better stuck with a real thing.
4 / 5 Jeramy
Muffy Is been born on April Fool Day,like this for his 18th anniversary invites his institute buddies to join his anniversary invites him to his parents' secluded island the one who the starts were like the turns of good weekend to Camp Crstal Lake(Friday 13th)Now the group of adolescents has to survive one prejudices before falling waiting for the murderous box sees an end!Harmless Abril Fool Day prnaks turn to the race for survival. I think that that this film was adds!All the world-wide any that the fright from time to time would owe that take this R for violence and 'T has LEFT The JOKE BE ON YOU!
5 / 5 Ai
Will be sincere, is of the years of the summer of then has last visa this. But I can take rent the stirs it of time and enjoying it every time.
Sure is not the horror in him is more final. In fact, any one I same classifies it like this horror. More like him colgante or film of mystery. But it is quite the loan and ingenius flick. An end will surprise you, and calm then will owe that look again calms once know that it is really that goes in.
Is not deep, is not to import boggling, and probably does not appeal to the oldest generations but is amused. To good sure the a lot of has come for the rainy weekend. Grab Your bud or significant another, crimps up in a couch and look it. It is a lot ol' 80' entertainment. Gotta Loves one 80 is...
5 / 5 Torie
Partorisca A prize has paid partorisca this preferred of film, has been disappointed extremely and the chair was criminally rasgó was! It was the burned copy and was unable to touch he in my player of Blue Ray.
5 / 5 Annetta
The element adds and the prize adds partorisca something has been looking for partorisca the long time but could any never find. Thank you So many!
4 / 5 Ann
According to this film does not exit in Blue-ray until it Splits of 2020. But in all if people those who have done his description to this film partorisca some reason thinks is supposition partorisca be the horror or comedy or both type of film. It is not meant partorisca be in this way is supposition partorisca be suspenseful and the whodunit classifies of the film thinks that that it is fantastic a Remake to this film is stay of rubbish out of a remake
4 / 5 Tobie
"April Fool Day" it is still another of these holidays themed slasher the film concealed surfaced in a wake of a "Halloween" and "Friday a 13th" sucedido. You know everything roughly the if you are a gender in any substantive way--film with names like "the day of the mother," "Day of Graduation," "Valentine Bloody," and "Silent Night, Deadly Night." Or.K., A last two a lot specifically informs partorisca date, but does not take the character partorisca infer that some two films touch on Valentine's day and Navidad. A slasher the never died gender out of thank you partly big to one trillion more sequelas in a "Halloween" and "Friday a 13th" franchise, but his cousins his poor plus has turn to obscurity until DVD resurrected them. All can say in that is to thank advantage! They are a prime minister partorisca admit that some of these films was missing partorisca locate on mediocrity, but a lot of them are quite good. "Abril Fool Day" to good sure fallen to a category last. A film does not contain to plot of gore stalk and the lovers of stab have come to know and amour, but a central plot of a film and his final of the amazing transfer done a film well the value that looks. There is no another way to say he--"April Fool Day" it is in fact he spoof of an integer slasher phenomena, and he spoofs some years of first gender of "Cry" looked in a scene.
That mark "April Fool Day" like this different of another slasher film? Calm will not remark anything amiss for the majority of a film. A plot is quite basic: the band of university students accepts an invitation of the rich classmate to spend the few days in his opulent house in the far island. A daughter that invites everything of his friends, Muffy Santo John (the name adds, eh?), it Is the bit of a oddball. It is rich, this in spite of, as everything of his mates do not doubt to accept one invites. Besides, to those who any to like spend some time rambling around the enormous house is gone in some claves? It can be fun. Question rears his ugly boss of a start. An accident in a travesía of ferry was houses it, a result of the prank gone horribly injustice, seriously wounds the venue and causes some heavy guilt among the guests of John Santo. A tension does not leave never down once a group arrives in a house, like this Muffy shrewdly installed the series of April Fool the type gags in some varied rooms of his guests. Included worse, subplots in a main history develops questions of report and uncertainties in a future among diverse of some visitatore. Some whole holidays teeters in a flange of first total disaster to submerge to an abyss of murder, mayhem, and sheer insanity.
A next morning with which some the young adults arrives something the accident spends to Muffy. It looks to assume a totally different personality to change his dress, his mannerisms, and his reports with some guests. As it conceal it is not quite bad, some of a start of youth to disappear. It results obvious a lot quickly that the murderous is in a free in a house and in some earths. Any one is sure of this crazed wacko, any a lot of Muffy partner or any of some locals unfortunate quite the adventure to a property. Like the people disappear one for one, two of some guests begin to uncover a madness for behind Muffy the house of Santo John and his private life. A picture is not enough; it looks that Muffy has has had to that the twin the one who has been hard raving crazy like the boy, and now BUFFY Santo John is returned to wreak bloody havoc in his sister and his friends. It can very well it finalises that any one will escape an anger of this warped sibling. Like Tentativas of surviving pair to escape of a house, his finally come face to face with Muffy is transmissions egos in the conclusion that is sure to take your goat. Calm perhaps will be one of these astute spectators those who saw it all coming before raisin, but I no. Then again, are one of this sheep the one who blithely accepts almost everything sees in a screen in value of type. I have not seen this end that comes at all, which is ridiculous considering a title of a film.
"Abril Fool Day" it is the film has amused included if you do not enjoy looking film of horror. A gore is mostly non-existent, some characters are a lot of entertainment , and a conclusion there will be you paste you upside a boss in "Gee, is not I stupid" glee. It likes me to him the majority of some actors, especially an always good-looking and enjoyable Deborah Foreman in a function of Muffy Santo John. Foreman HAS the quality of real daughter of next door that finds irresistible. Some games of films in this quality to rid the few shocks to an end of a film like his character threatens his lodge survivors. One looks in his expensive--a look of cold, detached murder--was downright chilling to look. Some other actors and the actoras has done the good work also. Tap of investigation Or'Neal that touches the turbulent young man (like the piece there!), Thomas F. To Wilson likes him the short group on ( swipe Biff in a "Behind to a Future" trilogy), and B film beans Knows Olandt like one of some survivors those who battles John Santo in an end ( star Jennifer opposite Aniston in a prime minister "Leprechaun" film).
An only question has had with a film was a version of DVD . Some extras are non-existent. Too bad considering a prize of a disk, but a film has such the ordered finalising it has imported hardly. Agree when this one is exited and unfortunately has not gone quite old of the see (and still hesitant to try it sneak in in a theatre). At least a DVD gives the good widescreen scrolling of picture with good audio. It gives this a the shot loves slasher flicks. It will like!
5 / 5 Laurena
Another film of horror of the adolescent whose creators have expected to garner the few drops of a estaca yielding-HALLOWEEN slasher-flick fount of a @@@1980s, ABRIL FOOL the DAY is surprisingly the yard in a lot of his contemporaries. A film contains relatively little graphic gore, any real nudity, and some quite good actors, so that they go against a cookie-recipe of cutter and, instead, concentrating in a development of likable characters, eerie atmosphere, and some sincerely effective spook-frights of show.
A plot unfolds in the sequestered held of island, house familiarised to rich university student Muffy St. John. Having one his big house a weekend of April 1st, Muffy has invited some of the his fellow ivy-students of joins to spend the few days partying with sound. Take stirs it of the together university boys on April Fool Day and, of course, some the practical jokes abound. But ossia he slasher flick, agrees, as it is not too long until a kiddos it beginning that it looks died. But the one who is responsible for a butcher is? Host Muffy? A boatman the one who ferried a group on to an island? One of Muffy remaining guests? Or it is there some other secrets that hide behind some doors of some lived familiar old?
ABRIL FOOL The DAY offers the successful combination of mystery, horror, and humour, and a talented the delivery of young mould so much a colgante and some laughs without taking it too far in a cup. The frights subtiles of a film and toned-down gore he more looked of older psychological spook film like That PURSUING (1963) and The LEGEND OF HOUSE of HELL (1973) that to typical slasher passage, and this, remained with a good and good writing that , the mark underlines in a lot of of another horror of adolescent flicks of a @@@1980s. Certainly, an end of transfer could be it letdown for some defenders of horror, and these gore hounds the one who look slasher flicks so only for a blood and the guts probably will find a whole film too tame. But followers of true horror the one who enjoys a whole row and history of a gender at least would owe that give APRIL FOOL DAY the once-on.
Avid filmgoers will enjoy to see the faces familiarised of a film of a @@@1980s and @@@1990s. Deborah Foreman, The one who key Muffy, is probably more known for his functions in of to to the comedies like 1983 OF DAUGHTER of VALLEY, 1985 REAL CHARACTER, and 1986 is MY HEAT. Defenders to film to good sure will recognise Clayton Rohner of his appearance in a comedy SO ONLY ONE OF THE TYPES (1985), as well as of films of gender as To RELIC (1997) and Sometimes COME MORE (1999). Hardcore I defenders of gender will be has wanted to see Amy Steel, known for his appearances in some of a FRIDAY The film, and SF the defenders will take has fallen he out of spotting Thomas F. Wilson, the one who is probably better known likes bully Biff Tannen in a BACKSIDE To the series of FUTURE film.
Like this with a lot of Dvd of Paramount, a disk is short in extra. This in spite of, offers the fantastically crisp and net of digital scrolling in anamorphic widescreen in the proportion of original appearance of a film of . And in a very reasonable prize, defenders of the horror easily can resupply to add this one to touch that grows DVD COLLECTS.
5 / 5 Fran
Are has had to that to the bet has dipped this film was for years. They are sure calm has seen he in a tent of video numerous time during some years, and can be been intrigued for a coverage with a chick that resists a knife for behind his backside with his hair in the bond. Well, it can not cost all these years of the places was, but calm also could take concealed submerges now that a film is is gone in dvd. Already It Knows, this film is in fact quite good considering is the slasher flick. Slasher flicks Is not exactly a mark of quality, but this one has some decent actions and the good script that in fact conjures on the pocolos frights. Not To Take me bad, this film does not go you to maintain on all night or anything, but with the formulatic gender like this, April Fool the day directs to be kinda spooky. And it is in fact ape also! Alot Of slasher flicks tin a lot quite attractive of a thing of humour, but this films in fact directs to be laugh out of strong ape. A humour and the frights can be place down to some very good actions for a young mould. The majority of slasher flicks has law that brotas a lot to be wished, but would have to that say that this film has a better doing of any slasher flick has seen(and has seen a lot). An end of this film takes mixed opinions. Some people see likes the letdown, while of another finds it quite original. They are in a category last, but is one of these ends concealed goes to do so only once. Looked the Primal Fear or A Sixth Sense, a transfer is well for a prime minister that sees so only, but concealed does not mean you will not enjoy in the look he again. Mark so only sure look with any the one who did not see it before.
4 / 5 Melinda
When Some trailers are in the first place exited takes April Fools Day, has been accompanied by a song "the mamma has said me A lot to Come" for Three Night of Dog. I have not been sure it has been slasher film, the comedy, the comedy-slasher film, or included he frat-film of party. All have known sure was that Deborah Foreman (Daughter of Valley)was in him and in a mid-80 follows has thought is like this hot could have you has launched his in the video of security of behaviour of the institute and I would have paid admission.
Foreman Games Muffy, the rich university acequia the one who invites stirs it of friends to the secluded the island possessed for his family for the weekend (an April Fools refinadas of week) of fun and pranks. An island is so only reachable for the ferry and ossia a last ferry until monday. An accident spends and some boys are shaken.
Here is where a start of games of the alcohol. Any a lot of some young people know each one which so another. All are purportedly friends of Muffy, but the majority of them do not know each one which as another directly. April fools The pranks are has touched no-stop. Glasses of slime, blocking chairs, and daily clippings in dark chances. Attended the clippings? It is a lot that touches the joke, or is this real? There is a hook.
Severed Bosses, rattlenakes, and Muffy slow transformation of university beauty to frumpy borderline mix of disorder of the personality equally with soiled tricks and of the pranks bobas. That is real? It Danger is all the world in?
Does not have any one argues that April Fools the trace of day in in a wave of 80 slasher film, but ossia where a similarity to other ends of films of the gender. Calm really has to that think is one. Really they love calm to ask you " it is this all the joke?" And " it can any one actuate in fact has survived that?"
Has to that give some credit to a music to dip on some tension adds. It adds to one feels without taking calm out of a moment.
If you have not seen this film but calm have the fellow that has, does not leave him say you any of him is secret darkness. It enjoys.
5 / 5 Julissa
...P>ABRIL FOOL the DAY still impresses with relatively of values of big production and decent actions, especially data a gender and estimativa. Deborah Foreman Especially the resplandores and is the harm do not actuate a lot, much more time of screen. How it is, an enigmatic Muffy is tragically absentee for the majority of a film. Manager Fred Walton mark one the majority of a material but does not approach never some moments of show of next characters in both WHEN Some LLAMA Some ODD plus... Film. Like these films, this in spite of, ABRIL FOOL the DAY suffers to to the bit likes storyline rambles and of roams in some points esatti when it have to that be tended and precise and far too much the time of screen is poured in inane chatter and excessive sexual crude innuendo, included for the adolescent slasher.
For all his now predictable transfers and turns, ABRIL FOOL the DAY still fails to thoroughly entertain a defender of veteran horror. Gore is almost totally absentee of a film, how is nudity, which could help to qualify like the fun outing for the partidários that the young plus of thrillers has been no for a sidebars of consistently lewd dialogue.
ABRIL FOOL the DAY also suffers now that has entered a estaca-was of CRY. In 1986, no another film of the horror there has been really toyed with a slasher agreements of films. Today, this in spite of, exits like the tired exercise. And one without payoff. One 'moved the end is movement he so only for one the majority of naive of spectators and a requisite econd refinadas of surprise' is any surprise at all. Included the turn it dark plus in a final scene could not have saved APRIL FOOL DAY, but can have has maintained perhaps his state to the equal that film would like me agree more than a now would like me forget.
4 / 5 Armida
A group of University Boys (Amy Steel, Bakers of jay, Griffen Or'Neal, Thomas F. Wilson, Ken Olandt, Leah Pinsent, Deborth Goodrich, Clayton Rohner) is invited to the lived in the Desolate isolates it for the Rich Daughter has appointed Muffy St. John (Deborth Foreman), then some fun starts when they touch Pracitial Jokes and then has gone back partorisca Murder.
East entertaining the thriller of comedy there is memorables moments of emotion and colds. Directed for Fred Walton (When the Starnger Called) tip the way and the time add with a Mould, Familiar but Very Fun. Panavision. Note:B+.
5 / 5 Danyel
In fact, any inclusa calls this the film of horror. Admitted, all some ingredients are there: secluded location, group of horny boys, killers of serial hid, etc. But after looking pril Fool the day probably will adapt is more the thriller of mystery of the murder that anything more, and the quite decent one in that. Some characters are believable (some included could know personally), a history and the dialogue are well, and an acting pertinent. Any nudity unfortunately, but some mark to film up for him be the sincerely suspenseful addition to a prompt 80s 'holidays' slashers.
5 / 5 Lynette
Abril Fool' Day [ Horror ]
7/10 Films: April Fool Day (1986)

One on the half horror was definetly the film of better horror in a 80 es.yo reccomend this film to cualquiera.un final are adds!If it takes at all more go to see one is really the the one who-dun- film that doen't really a lot in gore which is well for some of you quesy people there.
4 / 5 Ling
Thank you Paramount for finally that emission this gem of the film. Ossia 80 Horror in his better. It was quite lucky to take it on years of the British TV done and has been hunting for a DVD never of then.
With more than brains that your adolescent means slasher 'April Fools Day' is' in the group of the university boys that spends the weekend in his house of friends (the wonderfully has appointed Muffy!!)In the far island. Those begin were with some boys that touch practical jokes in the each one other accidents of early turns like fellow start disapearing one for one. While any one strictly it slasher ( has a lot small gore) is to add it small whodunnit which is the tongue of has bitten in cheek. A history is full of red herrings and will maintain you guessing legislation on until an end, together with the 'transfer' fantastic end, the first way of the another film he!!. If 80 the horrors are your thing then this any dissapoint.
Aimed like widescreen with English and French soundtrack.
4 / 5 Jason
That can say? It is not a better film never done, but is in plot of fun. It begins it was as your basic slasher film; well looking the young people in an isolated island take killed one for one. Calm then volume to an end, which breaks out of a formula. A delicious film. So only it wishes an edition of DVD has had some extras.
4 / 5 Velda
Will admit that they are a person the one who looks the horror flick with my hands in my eyes, with my eyes peeking by means of. When I have read a backside of a box, has expected would be to do this a whole way by means of. It was in still the surprise. April Fool The day was more mystery that anything more. I found breathless with suspended in some moments, and with another was the film was better that has expected. It is years at the head of a current copycat whodunnits around like Cry among another. And Deborah Foreman is the delight! I thought that it that it was hilarious and sweet in Daughter of Valley(also the film to look), and liked even more like a actora here. In all the chance to good sure recommends this film to any the one who is tired of a pointless film of horror around and enjoys colgante intelligent , creative. The control was!
5 / 5 Luther
Abril Fool The day is definatley the film of horror of one 80. It looks like this of a cliches that nearlly each film of the horror done in this period has. This in spite of, Deborah Foreman and Amy Steel (also do a wonderful work in Friday a 13th: it Leaves 2 -1981-). Deborah Foreman has treated a lot well and had engreído with each line has said. Amy Steel was also glorious to aim his terror to the equal that discovers one that is gone in. She also manajed to maintain his talents and the show are to announce his life a same time. Some actors have done well for levels 80 films of horror that read. A special thing in this film was a figure of impressive transfer. Has thinks that that an idea was a lot of original also.
5 / 5 Lien
Has seen this films like this time - owe classical cheezy 80s feels & movement add - perfect to take-togethers with friends. It is Scary, Sexy, and ENTERTAINMENT! And it likes , it considers to verify it was 'Of Daughter of Valley' - Deborah Foreman classical!!!
4 / 5 Dale
Are the quite jaded defender of horror and when it comes to slashers has thought them the d dress the everything. But this a lot underrated slasher me think two times, so that the cry done three years. Ossia 12 old years that shout this in spite of, would say that this was a lot at the head of his time. Slightly tongue in cheek, while still remaining tense and interesting, ossia one of this scarce B film that is inspired in fact filmmaking. Alot Of fun, and any exploitative like a majority of his kin. Recommended.
5 / 5 Kylee
This film totally sucked. A popcorn has eaten was more fascinating. It was stupid with stirs it of the jokes of sex blinks-182 could top the day. Ossia Horror ? Horribly Tentativa Bad search to be funny and scary a same time.
4 / 5 Angelic
4 / 5 Mose
Ossia One of some films of better horror of all time. Memory partorisca go to look this in a local theatre when it was roughly 12 or so much. Has the colgante wonderful has maintained the secret resisted until an a lot of well. You recommend this to all the lovers of films of the horror.
4 / 5 Zackary
Adds stroy line with decent acting and move it wild in an end. Another film adds of 80"s!
5 / 5 Frieda
Has a lot of the few fresh films with so many transfers and of the turns, but this one satisfies with numerous surprises. A comedy is 80s-ish, but wants to he in all the chance. More, turns of Steel of Amy in another stellar action!

Top Customer Reviews: Legend ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 12 ratings
4 / 5 Remona
Legend BluRay
that Possesses a version of DVD, as well as multiple VHS copies in a past... Ossia One of the favourite films of my woman.
Now having a Blue-formed of Ray with the yard of both a Manager And Theatrical versions, has been rewatching several times of recieving lol.
The prize and the fast nave adds! To good sure recommend. ★★★★★
5 / 5 Ceola
Are the Ridley Scott ardent, as it has had to that have a BD version of this fantasy flick. No the endeavour adds, beginning with a miscasting of Tom Cruise - Tom Hulce would have been better - but still fascinating still Scott fans the one who love his use of light to create atmosphere. It uses this experience in the later a lot of films.
4 / 5 Sybil
Want to all my adventure of film of fantasy, the goblins are my preferred and some unicorns. You love him.
The film was the pleasure to look , but some of a music was strong an annoying. No it liked him to Him he concealed.
The yard of the manager 114 Min.
Theatrical Yard 90 Min.
English 5.1 DTS-HD Master.
5 / 5 Nikki
Here is another reason because it can give credit to Ridley Scott: it can have I have offered easily HIS VERSION of a film and forget another, but he the no. Does sure (or at least one studio) that would take both sides of a coin because present there like an original, another like the yard of a manager and to another group like him both.

The legend is quite the 'naive' history, but is meant in no way likes an insult. In fact, it is one of his the majority of good-looking quality that marvels of spectator of the frames. Included a name of a type of bad (Darkness...) It is 'naive' in his form, but all this naiveté does not have to that refrain to look a film. Scott to good sure has the talent to take calm to horribly realistic walks like this in of the Americans Gangster, as has a talent to take you down a street of fairy and mark believes in both worlds.

Some characteristic special is not quite like this full to the equal that could have expected partorisca, and a backside some scenes are not that immersive, but give you the general idea of as it has done a film at the same time, and all some fights have had to that treat.

In general, is the good experience of the Blue-ray but like the french-native client, would have appreciated a clue has baptised, to listen them I so that it listen him in the first place behind in 1985...
5 / 5 Tomi
Like this happy to find a Definite Edition, which comprises both the yard of a Manager and a Theatrical Emission (with a soundtrack for Sleep of Tangerine). I find a theatrical emission is VERY DIFFICULT to find ( has been looking for near of the decade to find it reasonably priced, as it was the little sceptic that this dips would have both...

But fact! Exactly like memory of infancy of mine.
4 / 5 Brock
The legend is the simple history said in the theatrical fashion. Any big effect and could be easily the action of phase.
A estimativa low still entertaining film. Some images could be bit it a lot for the youngest boys.
4 / 5 Jeanmarie
After all these years... It was finally able to look some court of version of the managers. Costs a wait. Although I have wanted to see the yard of a manager.... Still it prefers an original of theatrical version. It seats more magic somehow. It can be because of a musical bookmark. Although I prefer an original of theatrical version.... Both version is sum . A classical film that it is like this very now like this when it was has released in the first place.
5 / 5 Evelyn
Loves this film, is the classical, has been looking for it everywhere and could not find he for parents taped a film out of years of television facts and has wanted to look the pleasure the boy, happy to say now can share some same memories of infancy of mine with my own boy. It loves a film also, the quality adds also.
5 / 5 Niesha
Like this, his which have beaten to restore some images to a bluray formed. A quality has not been until the pair but I guesses that pode. Besides, they have had different versions of a film. The version of the yard of a manager has been comprised and another special looks one can appreciate.
5 / 5 Bret
(People those who look this knows where ossia of :) )
was practically domestic with Legend (A version with Sleep of Tangerine) this was mine saturday film to look each one-time; like the finally the have in dvd and mine of interior takes are very happy.

Young Tom Cruise of course is an excellent greenman guardian of an enamoured forest with a princess with Tim Curry like freakin diablesa he! Some fairies, some demons, pyramidhead father, unicorns of goblins and witches of swamp.

A mark up in this film is surprising and so only gah! It is the beautiful film to look
5 / 5 Contessa
HAS both the yard of a Manager and some theatrical versions. All the world has his opinion duquel the version is better, or calm perhaps has seen so only a version of theatre. Any @@subject that, if you like him to them the unicorns, gnomes, faeries, the goblins and The Curry of Tim will be in your happy place. Hahaha And is before any one has known the one who Tom Cruise is so that has crooked teeth and a lot of ego. 👍👍👍👍
4 / 5 Darron
Loves this film and master a bit extra especially. An only thing does not found never annoy in this film in general was a fact that has launched Tom Cruise (blech), haha. Otherwise His perfection!

Top Customer Reviews: Doctor Sleep ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5 Kyong
Three good Film . It recommends.
5 / 5 Lyle
A worthy followup to Kubrick the classical horror, the sleep of Doctor is the dark fantasy exploring a world-wide that Resplandor.
Some, likes Danny Torrance, fight by means of adult of age in the haze of addiction and mental questions. Partorisca Torrance, some cariche of twin of having A Resplandor and his traumatic experiences in one Spend for big is too and turned to a boot partorisca years. As it ships on recovery, comes to a help of Plough, the powerful young daughter the one who is pursued the group of physic vampires that feeds in hiners.'

Manager Mike Flanagan the fantastic work of working in a shadow of King and Kubrick. A lot this film is in fact in a inescapable the appeal of one Spends for big the hotel and is impact in the life of Danny. A film revisits Kubrick vision without being derivative, and Flanagan heads to felizmente pays equal homage to an original film and the novels of the king. Honradamente Thought it that it was the desperate task but obviously has taken a right man partorisca a work. Thumbs up!
4 / 5 Rachele
A sequela adds. The majority of the films today leave you disappointed while this of the Calm no. promise you this epic flick will captivate your attention partorisca begin to finalise. Steven Rey of alive longitude.
5 / 5 Percy
The sequela adds to One in Brilliant!

Top Customer Reviews: Reservoir Dogs: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 17 ratings
4 / 5
When being the data-defender of Tarantino of Quentin hard was very happy to having received this in a topmast in just three days, in good condition (the chance was the little bent to a side, but swimming that imports or noticeable immediately).
I dogs of reservoir was Quentin Tarantino first official film, a start of his career of legendary Hollywood like the manager. And the one who the film is! It is a prime minister heist film to not aiming a heist this in spite of doing the good work that explains all some details without being bored. Has the handful of criminals that flat the heist, and then see them with which the purportedly catastrophic heist in the tent of the retail of diamond because of a fact that has the police informant has suspected to be among them.
Good condition, good film, fast delivery. In my opinion, ossia Tarantino as-better film, behind Fiction of Pulp.
5 / 5
Manager Quentin Tarantino is one of one the majority of ardent filmmakers has not seen never. If it listen his habladura in his films, grieves can contain his excite. He as it says fallen out of institute in spite of having a IQ of 160 because it want to pursue his passion. Certainly I can identify with that.

I dogs of reservoir was Tarantino first characteristic of full period and contains the majority of some elements have come partorisca expect. Although his fashion is during the, feels the little rough around some flanges. It conceal no partorisca he partorisca be the glorious film, but is interesting partorisca see that perfects his work in of the latest endeavours.

If you have not seen never the Tarantino film, will know that his dialogue is differential. In fact, it does not think any one writes better dialogue. A history opens with the scene of restaurant in that the band of thieves, directed for Joe Cabot (Tierney), speaks a meaning of Madonna is Like the Virgin. A scene develops with Ladies Rosa (Buscemi) explaining reason he seldom tips. It is ready, ape and logical, and says the plot in a character.

This approximation is present in everything of the films of Tarantino and is like this refreshing. Because thieves, police or German colonels habladura so only in his work? He so only any one the true coverage. The characters of Tarantino result more real reasons speak roughly anything concealed comes partorisca import.

I dogs of reservoir is essentially the heist film, but never in fact see a flight takes place. We see some of a planning and the surveillance likes them the band plans a flight, and see some of them that evasion a scene with which takes place. A bulk of a history takes place in the warehouse where some members of surviving band agree to partorisca fulfil, and can be spend in real time.

White gentleman (Keitel) arrives in the first place with Orange of Ladies (Roth) and Ladies Rosa. The orange has been shot in a belly after a flight and the aim and the rose is speaking which partorisca do. Rosa has the theory that any ratted went them and that some police was in a scene very too much punctual. Gradually We Learn this Blond Gentleman (Madsen) has begun shooting all the world-wide in sight during a flight and his actions have caused some police partorisca mediate.

Tarantino loves to take a history partorisca explain an origin or found characters, and uses that technician in of the Dogs of Reservoir. We discover the one who the Blond gentleman is and reason is part of a band. Other shows of scene like Ladies Rosa has escaped a scene of crime, although an account can not be attentive how is of his point of view. One the majority of interesting flashback develops an identity and of the motivations of a rat and to the equal that memorises an episode partorisca do his character looks truer to some other members of a band.

My favourite characters are Ladies and White Gentleman Rosa. It can look Buscemi in anything and his character is resembled a a swipe in Fargo. His final actions return his character perfectly. Keitel The character is one the majority of complex . Although it is the criminal , has his sense typical of honour. He clearly cured if Ladies Orange Bolt or dies, while some other members of look of indifferent band. His elections are some pocolos face down some circumstances.

Has the plot of violence in a film, but some casseroles of cameras out of an action during one the majority of violent scene. Like Hitchcock, Tarantino leaves partorisca imagine some chances more than seeing them. A red by heart is to take of almost each scene, although the White gentleman is seen that spends the red shirt in one signals. These some scenes that involves the blood underlines even more. A door of band of the black dresses, white shirts and black bonds. It is almost like the uniform.

Has averted partorisca see Dogs of Reservoir partorisca launch years because it does not like pointless of violence, but am happy I finally decided partorisca the look. Calm has to give you that the films of Tarantino are dark comedies and that the humour is present in almost each one converged or of situation. It is intelligent humour , but is there. Like the result, am able to look some violent scenes that knows that they are tongue -in-cheek partorisca one the majority of part. I am tried partorisca say that Tarantino films to belong to the gender all of the his own. A so only other films that has the resemblance feels is some of some Coen' work, like Fargo, and Martin McDonagh is In Witches.

I dogs of reservoir is the fascinating and original look in chance after the flight. You can see a lot of the frames of Tarantino like an use of music, dialogue, shots of cameras of inside the trunk, flashbacks partorisca develop characters and the Mexican stand-off. Highly it recommends the only fashion of Tarantino.

Global punctuation 4.5/5
5 / 5
One of the mine favourite Tarrantino film. Happy to have this in Blue-ray.
5 / 5
Fantastic film this edition is a lot swimming the special is not one beats gas(uk excluyente) but some characteristic special is gimmicks and probably so only see them once but well he partorisca a film and chance
5 / 5
Ossia The classical with a awesome soundtrack and the end of transfer is the clock of must
5 / 5
Ossia A quintessential and defining Tarantino film.
5 / 5
I choose this indication because the amour Quentin Taratino and his films are awesome, a music is sum and a plot storyline was quite good.
Any transmission of a last time saw it to them 10 yrs done, his in to the blue ray likes the quality is quite good
5 / 5
Man, something in film in criminals. So only in amazing.
5 / 5
Prime minister very film of Tarantino! To see in the Collection of the together of edges œuvre!
5 / 5
Tarantino classical film.
Highly recommend to any the one who there is did not look it already.
4 / 5
Looks And sounds awesome. Bluray Well value of the money.
4 / 5
I like this film, and no the blue thumb on bondadoso of way!
4 / 5
This element has been purchased like the present. They were very happy of the receive.
4 / 5
This was a product that has been expecting. They are enough it satisfies whit shabby of mine. THANKS TO plot for you services.
5 / 5
A step of this movement is like this the difference of any another. The start is gone in the conversational breakfast in the diner. Then with which some credits of title, the jumps approach an end with a member of the band wounded (Tim Roth) when be comforted by White Gentleman (Harvey Keitel) Winding up in the empty warehouse where other members of a crew dulcemente looks, his all try to the piece jointed where a flight has been bad, and like some police was touched to good sure was. Like this the one who is a rat ? And it is while some jumps partorisca film behind in timing to an introduction of chance and sure characters pocolos after a botched flight. A real importance of this film is a coolness, fear, and anger of all some characters that type another and trying the vindicate his and another. That is well with this emission is all some extra have comprised . Especially like a script has taken Harvey Keitel, to the to the one who liked so much and has taken literally Tarantino of low his wing to take a film has done. You interview of mussel and has deleted and to the of the scenes aims similar support and depth that one would imagine Tarantino was very established thus point. But nope, this was his prime minister foray to film to do. And dare compares to Orson Welles, but certainly thinks any one has to that! The excellent work that discovers some very real characters and human emotions. A modern classical if he not having never one!
5 / 5
Ossia The violent bloody film in the flight of bad gone diamond. They suspect to rat in a group, but that? Prpers Having lost a film when type, has has had to that it look of then so that other films have has has imitated scenes of him. Of this point of view, ossia have to that it sees, so only like this one can appreciate other modern films.

A ten year two special disk comprises 3 has has deleted scenes that felt would have to that it has been added likes aided with of a character of Orange Ladies, and his knowledge of the White gentleman. These helps explain his report. Also it comprise 2 alternative ear scenes of scrolling, a second a that is graphic, except an ear hule looked that it is reason is ignored.

A film has done the use adds of 70 music, my favourite part of a film. Thank you Ladies Wright.

The majority of some looks of films of the dialogue spoken inside the warehouse with blood partorisca feign when being a main special effect. The cost that At all partorisca do to 5 film to star has some script and right people.

Tarantino film: Violent, bloody, F Bombs, and flashbacks.
4 / 5
Quentin Tarantino has burst of the swimming partorisca result one of the better managers of Hollywood. This was an in the first place present film a world-wide to. It is everything roughly are gangsters, the one who tries to commit the jewel heist slope of the working hours. He all goes well until... He no. One of a gangsters dies, another takes badly wounded, two evasions and two dissapear. A two concealed escaped does not have a slightest believed to bear do. They do not know it partorisca do with a bad character wounded, does not know where all the world is. Dulcemente, eveyone starts partorisca go back together, but the conscious prompt result that there is to rat, one of them is not the one who thinks that that it is. But the one who that can be? I will leave you look a film .
A violence is not really that violent. Well, I know a lot of people say that it is necessary famous "torture" scene with a cop. It conceal it is not that I violent call. I call "scary", because you look in him by means of a cop eyes, is. It is the bloody film this in spite of, will say you concealed.
Quentin Tarantino is famous to use load of dialogue in of the films, and a dialogue is is quite fresh. We go partorisca speak in "not touching boys" to "Pam Grier and his history partorisca film". Also we comprise to plot of flashbacks of some lives of characters.
Has thinks that some characters were fresh, with to one likes him the White gentleman, the very fresh type, bit it tuff, but fresco. Orange ladies, bit it soft, young but fresco. The Blond gentleman, complete it psycho, but very fresh. Ladies Rosa, bit it irratating, yes fresh. Gentleman Brwon, any one see that a lot, but is fresco also. The Blue gentleman, the one who hardly sees in a film. And Good Type Eddie, starnge type, goes of good to horrid, no like this fresh. Some actors those who has touched these types were utmost. Quentin always knows those who there is more partorisca his functions. Harvey Keitel White of Ladies of the games, could not imagine the better actor partorisca touch. Steve Buscemi Rosa of Ladies of the games, is well, but is not usually his thing. Tim Roth Orange of Ladies of the games, requires any one his age partorisca this part and looks comfortable with a part. Michael Madsen play Blond Gentleman, is the actor adds and does a character scary. Chris Penn adapted his character when it is well, ut very when it is bad. The Blue gentleman... Well it is so only in roughly five minutes of a film.
Like this, the film adds everything near. A feeling.
Another alike title, also directed for Quentin Tarantino is "fiction of Pulp"

Top Customer Reviews: Terminator 2: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
4 / 5 Anton
Better version still. A endo the arm is relatively life sized, a lot showed and decently there is detailed partorisca a prize.

My only subjects with this compraventa is with Amazon and his service of client. Less than the week after my compraventa has fallen a prize for in $ 40 and when I have asked the repayment of a difference said to us partorisca return it or rooms of book. Where Has the service of client of the amazon gone? They have used to me automatically reembolsa a difference if a prize fallen inside the term of sure time. I will owe that rethink mine buys future with them!
5 / 5 Felisha
In the first place was has has liked him always this film. This description is on Canal of Quality of Studio /of endeavours partorisca his 4k scrolling upgrade of this film.

A 4k the video is very good. The colours look utmost. The majority of some sections of films is crisp, clear and no too grainy. The black & aim is utmost. The saturation & of contrast is excellent.

Now partorisca a bad... An experience of film adds is also of the audio adds. Ossia Where this films short tomb

An audio is DTS-HDMA51 !? Ossia 2019 and take so only 5.1 audio? Now I have very other films in DTS HDMA 5.1 which touch fantastic... An audio in this film is very flat & no-dimentional. Not being any excuse for any studio of film in 2015+ to not resupplying the Dolby Atmos, DTS:X.... Or in minimum, the DTS-HDMA 7.1 clue of audio in English.

Now a really odd course in this 4k version: So only a clue of German Audio is DTS-HDMA 7.1. If the canal of Studio can resupply 7.1 dimensional audio in German then his east any excuse that this the fault of an English clue.

Resuman: It does not buy a 4k version. If StudioCanal loves your money... He his laws in fact for him and resupply the vastly clues of the audio improved in 7.1 3D audio. It does not leave some studios of big film partorisca skate for with inferior film upgrades and take more money of us.

Remarks lateralmente: I can convert any/all my old plus Dolby 2.0 /2.1 film to Dolby 5.1 /7.1 inside an hour that use some software of the open source that use the simple audio that recipe of mixes (available of an internet). My final results are stellar compared to the that this film has resupplied. Considering StudioCanal has all an original audio access And master of clue to some plenaries DTS & Dolby software of continuazioni of audios, that here is simply greedy/ audio very poor/operates lazy. Calm does not take your value of money here in this 4k version. IMHO.
5 / 5 Maxie
Has bought recently a last film in a franchise and decided to go back and upgrade some earlier films and has bought is one. I do not go to revise a film - of then has person in a Western world-wide the one who does not know a gist of this series of film. That wants to speak roughly is a BD quality. One of my complaints is that frequently when the films have converted the BD that a quality is not appreciably better that DVD and is true that there are limitations has related to a quality of an underlying film. This in spite of, frequently a BD the quality is not dictated for of the this but for some owners of legislations simply doing economic copies. A grainy the black and the white film goes to give the grainy DVD or BD, which is expected but also like the bad copy done. This film has been copied well. You are done in 1991 and a quality is not one same likes one has done today (almost 25 years later) as no attended to have a same resolution like Genisys but was impressed enough with him compared to a same film on DVD (sample so that). One follows of the his east crisp. They are happy that has bought this to upgrade an experience to see.
4 / 5 Rosario
This 4K the scrolling looks better that the one who the majority of people is saying but is still does not add . An image looks the little soft, artificially acute, and waxy in some points been due to a DNR the process has used. Still it is the clean scrolling , with solids of deep blacks and of the brilliant colours, no the suns speck of muck, and has the noticeable upgrade in detail.

For context, I didnt grows up looking this film. So that they have seen these dozens to film to time on some years, some transmissions in the colour that time and a scrolling of the grain of natural film could be jarring.

In general ossia a upgrade has compared the emissions of video of the leading house and a film there is has not looked never this good; but it is not the career of house.
4 / 5 Towanda
This 4k the edition has detail of acute knife and immersive soundtrack for an old plus but exceptional film..
A defect Of ONLY ENTITY is that a 4k the disk so only comprises a theatrical version and no a long edition!
A lot of very poor election to comprise so only in a Blue-versions of ray that, for any one buying 4K, has not felt like this do not have use for a blue-disk of ray anyways.. For shame...
Otherwise An excellent upgrade in his and picture of leading editions..
4 / 5 Gregorio
A lot of fresco to see some scenes of the action without a type of folds of the trick, they the good work in a touch ups but where is a long edition, likes 35 extra mins would have to that be 4k'd!
4 / 5 Ping
Amazing quality, but unfortunately is missing some scenes go in the film of special edition. Somehow it has decided it to upscale an original version, no a one with extra scenes. Amur A film, but would have to that it has gone all a way.
4 / 5 Faustino
One of some better action films have not done never.

Be sure to look an original of theatrical version and no a incumplimiento option that comprises has has deleted scenes. The scenes are has deleted films for the reason.
5 / 5 Leighann
Has chosen this up like the piece of exposure, has purchased a endo version of skull the few years behind and has thought this would be the good addition . A unit is very light and feeling 'economic', but while the person touches it, some looks am a lot enough for raisin. A subject main has, is a chrome is the pewter / dark ash in this unit, while a Skull is more the Money Chrome. His so only of the that the good look near.
5 / 5 Vincent
Behind some days when Bluray was lauched a new thing was BD-Alive. As All some the special characteristics were downloadable in this film (3 Gb value), but unfortunately today in 2014 some servers are unavailable, that means that all these special characteristics are not available anymore.

This in spite of a star of this show is a real film, and there surpasses my expectations. Already it possesses two versions of T2 on DVD, one with DTS his and an Extreme edition with remastered video (digital filters). I did not think it it can improve he like this had already the good difference among my two DVD is, but was bad. A quality of both video and the sound is mindblowing in this Bluray. Very happy to having purchased the, although disapointed roughly any in that has it a bit characteristic special.
5 / 5 Jona
The sequela adds with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Pleasant Hamilton and Robert Patrick. (1991, English and French tongues with English subtitles).
4 / 5 Johnna
A better in a series. A film that he well. A lot of action, colgante, and so only a right quantity of humanity. Seeing a big bad of a prime minister results a good type is a better transfer never. A whole film mecer to start with to finalise and is always the joy to look and on.
4 / 5 Mikki
For the film that is the old decades, this 4K the update looks really orders. Although some critiques say, a picture is not almost like this defective likes them go to be. I think that that they are so only any one the defender of James Cameron is modifying way and to the equal that changes some paints the bit, but in general was very pleased with this copy.
5 / 5 Annis
Has bought this DVD in October, decided to look it now (December 29th) no in a blue-player of Ray ....He no in happy, and now is late for the turn. It does not comprise reason owe that give this the star yes is defective....
4 / 5 Floy
One of some edition of better collectors has limited 4K - blue-ray never. He s main that has thought. A detail are to add more a film is surprising.
4 / 5 Josefa
The product received in excellent condition and to the equal that has described. Enjoyed thoroughly and would recommend vendor again. A++
5 / 5 Dean
Unfortunately, I recieved an element dented in of the multiple places; and a steelbook is the big part of the value of this element. The element has been listed like new without any mention of dents.
5 / 5 Herma
Amazing quality in an original and an arm is perfect
4 / 5 Maud
Looks to surprise in 4k! But, look so only, ossia so only a THEATRICAL Edition. The yard of ANY MANAGER.
5 / 5 Eloy
Produced According to the Description and rid in his planned delays bravos and thank you
4 / 5 Marjory
to to An only thing does not like on a film is a obnoxious boy. I have wanted to slap upside a boss by means of out a film. Another that that it is the action film adds .
5 / 5 Muoi
A classical film with closing of quality of better picture that previously first of
4 / 5 Jonas
Dvd Can not be read. Cloudy Shoreline Image of type in a underside of dvd.
5 / 5 Kayleen
Does like this announced. Normal Blue quality of Ray. The film adds. And time of good nave.
5 / 5 Isabelle
I think a Terminator the series was Arnold Schwartzenagger does more orders in a screen that leaves partorisca grow of the killers programmed when being partorisca feel, still able to kill but comprising when any to.
5 / 5 Lenny
Has not seen he in 4k still. A box is the little turn and no lustrous.
4 / 5 Gia
He blue Ray hd and he blue ray 4k possesses the new version remastered and the image is everything simply perfect.
5 / 5 Mira
One of a better action film .
Has to that have for any with the collection of DVD. And in this prize!! It was stupid any partorisca buy it.
4 / 5 Adelia
Although this has written : 'Doublage: French', the French version is not available of the sud the bluray.

A lot disappointed !!!
5 / 5 Carol
There is so only a true Terminator.
Also likes first times dump he in a big screen.

Top Customer Reviews: Black Christmas ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 Chau
I have seen unfortunately this film in the theatre and has squandered my time and money. Bad fact and directed with the lousy like an excellent original. It is not even bad ape, is so only bad. Mina an original film and raisin is. It does not know why the studios annoy partorisca do inferior king-frames. A film so only would owe that be remade if a remake goes partorisca be the significant improvement in an original IMO, which is scarce.
4 / 5 Jetta
I film like this so only spend when you go has despertador. Stay out of these rubbishes.
5 / 5 Ozella
Has not taken partorisca see this in of the theatres and after all a hate a film has received, had prepared to bear me a worse. My surprise was an incredibly fun and inventive horror that has done the terrific work partorisca spend a subject @material in one was modern and having something partorisca say roughly issues concealed has been to a large extent averted in film of gender.

This in spite of, is disturbed with the women that remain partorisca exist in the film and have his own histories that it is roughly his, then perhaps is calm more so only skip this one and Joker of clock again.

Top Customer Reviews: Tremors ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5 Gennie
Bought this partorisca my Niece , is the defender of tremors and pleasure a lot.
4 / 5 Blanca
Some premiers an and according to an utmost sound . No the big defender of another some .
4 / 5 Ericka
The element has received like this announced and in good condition! Thank you
5 / 5 Maudie
Such the film adds partorisca look with friends in the absolute love the when we can laugh while enjoying tremors
4 / 5 Vernita
Like this expected and has shipped quickly. I love Tremors, has said enough :)
4 / 5 Tawanda
A fifth film is to good sure a low point in a series, to any to 40+ acting doubt like him to him some irresponsible obnoxious of the adolescents so only is not entertaining and all some other characters so only do fault to try that Burt is a better character. Well look, but some first 4 films are to good sure a reason to buy this.