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Top Customer Reviews: Hori Fighting ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
4 / 5
This controller is awesome partorisca Fighting callejero... With which rasgas out of a disturb-key of trigger with your coffins the book concealed is.... Ossia Exactly that has done in sheer cholera after several unintended pushes in that it has directed the losses while touching on-line hahaha.

Is one of the bondadoso reason can use my right hand so only partorisca keys partorisca shoot which leaves my free sinister hand partorisca some complex directional entrances of Fighter callejero. A D-the tampon is so only quite hard so as to avert missing movements but quite soft that does not hurt your thumb.

This controller spent the Súper Gold tier. They are sure I will be Platinum when I go back his :-)
5 / 5
Grieves has taken this controller , a DPad has surprised. Everything of my entrances done to the equal that has loved.

Although I have not had the plot to time to touch with him like this often to the equal that would like, is now of the month later and a DPad the entrances are disgustingly terrible. Long a Dpad rocker interpreter down for behind only behind or behind like this up behind yes calms never like this slightly situate your thumb in the place to the to tampon does not like .

Of then spent it already a date for the turn, I in fact so only tossed this controller to some rubbishes of then can very included really the use to touch games of not struggling asthere is any equivalent joystick. Mina 2 old year DS4 is the better way that this piece of junk.

Like this is the controller has FEIGNED to struggle games, after my experience can not recommend this produces anything.
4 / 5
A controller has the feeling really adds the keys and a directional tampon is in bylines. Highly recommended for Mortal Kombat 11, this controller will cut down yours grinding for hours. A controller has the function that leaves a controller to press his own keys repeatedly which is quite awesome reason can leave it on the endless tower and a game will touch for quite awhile, when I go back calm active roughly 500 souls. If it do not touch with joystick or analog this controller is awesome, yes prefer any stay out of the this. This controller will not change calm of the analog or joystick player to the dpad player.
5 / 5
In the first place was, a Dpad are ADDS. And like any the one who key NRS games and Mortal Kombat, ossia enough of entities. A question is some triggers feel too squishy and any clicky enough, and reasons are not , fat I supposition, sometimes for me at least some entrances will not exit to cause you really has to that gliela hard press but reason are calm like this thin is not really sure calm pressed quell'or no calm so that it finalise that they have to that really freaking squeeze them.

Has no touchpad to the equal that can any way of bus of the reset, and ossia the big question in MK games. Another subject is that there is not thumbsticks like this yes is touching some turns to time you poden any active consumables or seal in crew of seal. Another that those some keys feel utmost chair , so only to like some figure loses which would do it better.
4 / 5
Hmm, thinks that it would give among 3.5 stars to . But these options do not apply . As I give the 3 instead, and while this of some push of way for the better quality .....(Punctual I hope)

BETTER D-CUSHION NEVER in my LIFE! Especially to struggle games and shmups.

Common shmup would be to touch now included is Touhou. THIS will HELP TONNES with your never first (unworthy use he TN poster with low essponse lag?' [My bad, am forgetting all these terms used] and another entrance lag the factors that relates to in your PC)

the question is, has had to send behind at least two controllers to Amazon, and one 3rd an east doing perfectly very like this far.

Some premiers two controllers have had D-the subjects of tampon concealed is not noticeable when touching struggling games. This in spite of, with shmups, would bet PRECISE that small precise soyicro-key' or soyicromovement' for preciseness.

In a controller of prime minister, has given a right key in a D-CUSHION the very light tap, until it registers, of course, has had to add this extra to force before entirely it registers.

That black disk thingy under a hule, under a DPAD that touches a joint of the already done circuit of light contact, and usually that would register down all some other keys. With a Right key on D-TAMPON, swipe, but does not register without this extra force, included although it WAS NECESSARY of has registered.

According to controller, subject same, but this time, in a SINISTER key in a D-TAMPON.

Usually all this fact perfectly, as Dualshock 2-4 durability and at all can go wrong with all a force and 'd be raving throughout to partner that

'THIS Is The DEFINITE CONTROLLER FOR FIGHTERS/SHMUPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

Unfortunately, will not be using this with struggling games been due to paranoia of mine, unless it was to have the second a thus purpose.

Otherwise, has read other descriptions where a lot of another has the fully functional a, while dipping so many hours that is doing well. Where Another, there is complained in his own questions of D TAMPONS that arrives in the short period, or the longest period of time.

Is everything down to a D-CUSHION
4 / 5
has read some other descriptions that has mentioned that with which some use, included the few hours, that a d-the tampon can result less responsive. This is to spend mine also. At the beginning all my entrances were acute and attentive (Struggling callejero V) but with which roughly 10 hours for the use now feels sloppy and am taking bad gone in a lot so only with has detailed movements, but included so only that tries to jump advance and taking directly on instead. Been due to of the this, does not recommend . When it Operates, it is the decent tampon for a money.
5 / 5
Latency of zero, keys to feel add, the form is perfect for the big plus that half hand. This has changed struggling games for me for ever, is not never be the defender of claves of the arcade and this give you almost all a row but in a palmera of your hands and no in yours laps.
4 / 5
Pros: $50 it is a lot of abordable. Nizza Situates big, triangle, circle and keys of crosses (feels is better that dualshocks). Dpad Is 10 better times that dualshock. Keys of trigger (L2 and R2) is not triggers, is keys . Very light-weighted. Having R1 and R2 in a front is a lot also.

Gilipollas: Any headphone jack for ps4 like any mic also. R2 And L2 keys very big for any reason, need to extend my indications to achieve L1 and R1. Any joysticks, instead need of transmission some entrances with the toggle and use a dpad like the accident joystick or the legislation joystick (Any so much a same time).

In general, controller a lot well for a prize. Better that using it dualshock to struggle games . (7.5/10)
4 / 5
Ossia a second commander to the fight has bought, a prime minister one was a model an old plus with a dpad that could it you rotate. This model this new plus feels to plot more sturdy, likes does less empty space in side.

Anyways, Like a prime minister a, like this far like this good. My original FC is lasted roughly 2.5 years before a dpad there is prendido to do properly, which is quite well for an economic controller
4 / 5
has bought this becuase has on grown using a six key Sega controller. It was very surprised with a quality. It is light weight but sturdy, some keys good celery and a D-the tampon is responsive. I at present uses for fighter callejero 4 and 5.

My subject only with this product is for some first 2 weeks my sinister hand cramped until I have taken has used his. Perhaps a hori struggling commander 4 would not have had this @@subject done to a longer grip in a sinister side.

Top Customer Reviews: HORI PlayStation 4 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
5 / 5
Considering is at least half some prizes other wheels partorisca run, is in good sure values he. I use it on PC and has not tried still in PS4. In of the Windows 10 has not required any installation at all. Law immediately. To a reviewer the one who has said that that has the enormous deadzone, well can be regulated. For incumplimiento was dipped relatively big, but calms that can dip to very tightened and do a lot well. Also, against a reviewer, there is roughly feedback by force, but is relatively light. At least in F1 2017, shook.
Has had he partorisca the short time, as we will see. But like this far, I am very satisfied
5 / 5
A wheel feels well manually and is a lot of responsive in the each game has used he without even that it has to that regulate sensibility.
Is a wheel of level of the entrance that is reflected in his prize but extracted better that some comparable t80 for the masters have pressed. Has more terracings of rotation and so only feels better in my opinion.
Has any feedback by force here which is the bummer and there has still terracings too small of the turn but he is functional.
Some keys are all has dipped was amiably and work well.

Some pedals this in spite of am not very good. I have had to that regulate sensibility in the each game that would leave it. There is is not quite depth to a press in any pedal. Also a corner sucks and some grips in a fund are hardly functional. Need the weight in backside or the mountain. Also like this with wheel more more economic combos has no clutch but ossia to be expected.
5 / 5
Mainly use this to touch Truck of Euro in my PC. I am not running he-he gives support as it can not speak thus produced has compared of more expensive, big-tier the wheels but takes a do one so that utilisation stops. It notes that when plugged to the PC, to to the games like to them the rally of the MUCK does not relieve likes a real that careers the broken and he simply emulates that a Xbox controller. The subject real only for me is some pedals any grip a good paving and always is that it slips or take lifted of an earth when it press them. Calm essentially has to that maintain yours another foot in a foot-embezzle so as to prevent he of emotional, or that has done and just tape the to a paving. In general the good product for random use.
4 / 5
Excellent little unit for an enthusiast of behaviour.
I use he partorisca imulator of American truck' (pc) and 'Big Tourism 5' (PS3) and is a unit everywhere orders . A lot of customisable still all yours in the game that need of walks!
The woman will not leave me but according to a 😭
5 / 5
has estimated this wheel 4 stars in a start when I took it. The maintaining gives it to 2 star simply causes after the pair of uses in F1 2017, my accidents paddle shifter law 1 out of 2 times wich to the equal that knows is a lot disturbing while touching the game like F1. So it can buy something with the quality of better build, so only the to be sincere, this wheel is not to the value is prize .
5 / 5
Seriously this thing is perfect, I almost displaced more in the elegant plus a but am happy I any reason am really happy with east a. An only reason would suggest to spend more is force the the feedback is really of yours entity, but honradamente, for a prize really can any gone bad with east. Calm will not be disappointed
5 / 5
went it to give to 1 star and called it the rubbishes but he was reason have been frustrated with an initial paddles thought has been stuck like same key for ever. After the averages an hour to spend for random google the investigations have found the estaca of any one signalling was like this to attribute keys to a paddles and is really simple, resists to attribute for 3 seconds then press a paddle has followed of a calm key loves it to be in a wheel. Have @@give Then are an idiot and would have to that it has read some instructions that is gone in a box in a first place lol. It was 5 stars honradamente if some pedals have not been in such the odd corner reason they your foot really that annoying at the beginning.
5 / 5
Are disabled and limited to the wheelchair. They are fascinated and intoxicated to Nascar, as when I have learnt that he Nacar the program was available of Amazon. I have not had a xbox for the course on, as I have ordered it xbox one and Nasarto Hot 2 program and has been running daily never of then. Unfortunately, it was rearranging my table of game and achieved by means of a table to rearrange my placing of a crew has used to touch Nascar races. I have lost my balance and to the equal that have fallen, I grabbed a steering wheel to brake my fall. I not having prendido my fall and now I no longer race.
This will change. Hardly it accrues some funds (hopefully thus Wednesday) I thus VOLADOR and will be of tower for behind a wheel. This wheel will leave me to do anything I to take 'behind on follows'. I do not have any interest in trying out of the expensive plus a when it was this one and with him there is that the winning record in both one Energy of Monster and a series of truck.
Like run and of winner, use this wheel and be a better!
4 / 5
One and the only complaint is absolutely any key to substitute a touchpad am shaking my fist in you characterises.... Dollar for value of dollar each penny this in spite of, Really cant has beaten a prize. It covers and game literally and was easy to attribute keys to a paddles.
But again unless lack something has no touchpad key. Cant Game fs or truck driver with him well
5 / 5
A wheel there is absolutely any feedback by force at all. Any vibration, not kicking behind, swimming. Reading some descriptions thought that it could manage this, but after complain it of use any upgrading to one with the by force true feedback. This be has said, is better that touching with a controller, but very a lot. A wheel is comfortable, and quite big to use, but no full sized. Hooked On any question to a console.

Top Customer Reviews: HORI Real Arcade ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
Colour: BlackSize: 0 Ossia partorisca a black version, number of model PS4-015(Or):
- the keys are responsive; it remarks that some surfaces of key feel likes is the bit wobbly but does not affect real use
- joystick feels the lighter of has bitten that a Sanwa JLF, and is more audibly clicky
- has the transmission partorisca dip a controller the PS3/PS4/way of PC; still although it is not mentioned in a packaging, way of PC a function of controller like a XInput device (tried with Instinct of Murderous partorisca Windows 10)
- compartment of the storage of the boss is main that that of the MadCatz YOURS+; the door is quell'has bitten free in a place has closed
- spatial partorisca hands (among some keys/of clave and one 45 flange of terracing) is quite small compared to other claves
- on sale experiences for $ 152; still I treat it well in a prize regulates of $ 190 is looking for the clave of the fashionable arcade regulates Japanese and does not import no-Sanwa parts (more economic MadCatz/Razer the typically cost controllers ~$ 250)
5 / 5
Colour: RedSize: 0 east hori the clave of arcade is the beast . It has Known it has them it has had to that the have grieve has seen them a red colour. A clave has a door of the amazing square box on perfects for me touching blaze blue centrical fiction and dengeki bunko struggling climax ignition. Some keys are really responsive and look a lot down which are to add reasons theres any delay in me chaining the together keys to devastate combos. im In canada total quantity the payed was 225 with shipping in there. I have contemplated to buy the brooks xbox360 to ps4 conversor reasons the didnt wants to buy the new clave but has known them was better for the investment of the term along and some conversores in fact have frames of lag and a conversor of the brooks has been rekt for ps4 update apprently does a conversor clashes each one that 8 mins without some new software has to that upload his.
5 / 5
Colour: WhiteSize: 0 clave I Really adds for a money, especially yes calm takes on to sale the taste. I add for any one is first clave of election. This clave is like the entrance to estimate to a category of prize of claves, how is very partorisca upgrades also! The keys are utmost with the abonos joystick (this in spite of some have said that it is too free which is not in accordance with ), in a right side of him there is all a gizmos and the material would not require never which comprises a L3 and R3, key of action, changing a clave of PS4 the PS3 and PC, disturb way, way of attributes, 5 12 and 20 (which there is still still to imagine out of the bad ), PS TECLA, and finally D-TAMPON, the clave has left, or Right Clave. Run more sad that me personally is that it does not have the headphone jack, big bummer for me but if it do not use auricular is well. Theres The plastic flap in an upper sinister side of a stick which is suppost to resist a boss in or just external reason hayun tiny hole in a sinister side of him, now are any character but the in the first place take some starts of boss of there that, each one another time tries to take a boss has retreated there for the trace and dipping he in there, presses a plastic piece on kinda like the pimple looks in any one. It has to that dipped me a clave rightside on against a wall because they are fearful a damn the thing will break reason the a lot of people said it to break. So that that remains with these 3 elections, pimple method, stuffing a boss in there without rulling he on losing all your quota gamer points, and finally so only leaving a boss out of flap by means of a hole that is to that likes me . So only be sure to maintain a boss directly or calm will risk it taking complicated up and in the now that way for ever. Oh And a key of the tampon of the motion is up there also, does not like a tampon of real motion (like a one in a dualshock 4) so only emulates a feeling of key and entrance of key. Like this in general ossia the clave adds for a money and for any one. If you are kinda thought in upgrading your old grasp to the prize an or entering a FGC with the prize sitck concealed is not ridiculously expensive, this, ossia a a .
5 / 5
Colour: WhiteSize: 0 Ossia mine 3rd arcade fightstick shabby and to good sure my preferred. (Original 2 claves were Dreamcast Ascii Clave of Arcade and Crazy Catz AVERTS YOU 2). A stock Hayabusa clave, while freer that says the Sanwa, extracted admirably, although it tends the 'attractive-was' bit it easier that the Sanwa clave also. (This has not affected gameplay this in spite of). A Hayabusa the keys were responsive but mine felt very soft, has listened this is to reduce after the breaking in period, but in this chance, takes to dip in the together of Sanwa keys been due to personal preference.

While this clave like any announced as 'easy the mod' as some claves of Edition of the Tournament of Crazy Catz (TEAR), is one of some claves some EASY plus there is never modded. A regime partorisca back with roughly 8 Phillips rays, with a focus so only that it is the tamper sticker in a ray, leaving full roomy access to all some keys and wiring. A push-next Hayabusa the keys were extremely easy to take, and is (relatively) easy to substitute them with Sanwa locks of push. Also, a model has received the force has required very small to take a wiring of some keys. If you prefer ray-keys of lock, will require to file down a gasket more probably, this in spite of, a subject only potential could see. A clave has been tried and has done perfectly in PS4 and PC, and yes is running Windows 10, some transports of clave-relieve without the update of software has required. So only I can it assume it it would do like this well in PS3, but did not try it.

In general, the clave adds for the good prize.
5 / 5
Colour: WhiteSize: 0 A Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 partorisca Playstation 4 & 3 and pc is the cupboard of real beautiful arcade that use Hori original Hayabusa crowbar of clave and new Hayabusa keys.

Are wanting to he with some games to struggle has them like this far takes time to take used to be the square Door of japan he never touched in an arcade, a key is is responsive and enough if yours that goes to be upgrading down a future or when the lame can change a place for door of octagon partorisca time easier and perhaps to to the the heaviest cradle likes 2lb if of a clave feels to free for you and of the keys the majority of people like Sawna parts ect. If hayabusa the keys are not your thing. Everything in all this clave of arcade will give me a lot of years of entertainment and amour.
4 / 5
Colour: BlackSize: 0 Ossia the clave of the arcade adds for the prize adds , thanks to the toggle short in PS3 or PS4 like this wants to touch to to the newest games like Struggling of Callejeros 5 in PS4 or undermine out of an old plus PS3 partorisca classics like DarkStalkers Ressurected or 2011 Mortal Kombat (the previously to a recent MKX) that can do everything with this clave. He also the careers by means of direct entrance have based engine on PC and a lot especially - is the sturdy clave - During the access of gaming the rage has has launched this thing in a paving in the frustration and all have behind burst in this in spite of adds the year of this accident in a saltworks. Also it have to that add that a dog familiarised has decided to chew by means of a boss of USB and after the same small reparation that still works. Like this really, there is not very very better in a phase today loves the fashion of solid arcade joystick.
5 / 5
Colour: BlackSize: 0 Touched with the crazy katz SFIV fightstick pro first to choose this up. The majority of commentaries in a clave of arcade was quite true, hori the keys have the light downgrade feel vs a sanwa previously used (boot, convex japanese way of arcade vs IN THE concave of the), squared restrictor the dish has annoyed at the beginning but has taken has used his, any breakaway boss for travesías of boss accidentel, zone of the rest of short wrist was the bit to annoy, and for more than the games try the unmap a 7th (start) key in a face of a clave.

But for a prize, value each cent.
5 / 5
Colour: WhiteSize: 0 I has taken enough sometime for me to take this product(any one the fault of manufacture), but once was very happy. I have bought the $99 clave of the arcade and a difference is incredible; a joystick is tighter, some keys are better with response and feel. A fund of of the this has gel tampons for your legs partorisca consolation. This mark blew was with a level of quality of this clave of arcade, the prize was big but was able to take one on sale and to good sure values he. So much so that it take the wireless controller for them for my Transmission of Nintendo and is also fantastic state. I will be to purchase another controller wired of them for my punctual transmission. If I need a mark of confidence partorisca controllers or estacas of arcade ossia a company .
4 / 5
Colour: BlackSize: 0 Ossia the solidly-clave to struggle built with rubberized tampons in a underside still grip of better surface, he protruded upper poster that leaves to choose on a unit with ease and the compartment of the handy boss opportunely located in a front. There is no Sanwa part in this clave but like that the beginner can not say I really know that I lacking. Some the main keys have felt initially bit it spongey but after the month cost of the regular use thinks that that they treat so only well. They are quite sensitive and there is so only quite travesía when you touch on the partorisca resupply a right feedback. A clave is also very good. It has to that click a lot his so much you rotate the around. It uses the square door that again can annoy some players but I there is not remarked anything negative in this way.

A word to warn yes order of Amazon: mine Hori has been shipped in the deplorable state. Simply they slapped to him focus of nave in a retail box - no external box - and has sent was that way. I have received a container the rainy day and there is remarked the hole of small/dent has been paste to a side, afterwards to a boss. Felizmente Everything inside a box was intact and a clave is in working mandate. It was so only he has impacted that the box of the nave has not been used for this order to the equal that have has had the smallest elements a lot of, more economic there is rid in overblown and that the packaging squanders in a past. But for an element that approximations $ 200? At all!

Among touching with service of client for advanced and demand pertinent packaging for your order.
5 / 5
Colour: BlackSize: 0 ossia a prime minister fightstick the has not purchased never, his best that expected it to them to be. To the plot of people says does not like them some few keys or enough a sanwa but thinks them is perfect. Then again the has not used never sanwa keys like this the cant compares really. Ossia To good sure value a compraventa is looking for the new fightstick or is looking to try one was for a first time. An only difference really in this clave and an expensive plus madcatz the models is a madcatz models have sanwa the parts and you can customise some illustrations. Like six probably conscious fightsticks is quite expensive for knots here in Canada so many the really would recommend this clave for a prize as well as some the good parts has, if anything calms still can order some sanwa the yes calm breaking really has wanted to this in spite of was more economic then purchasing an of a new madcatz claves.

Top Customer Reviews: PlayStation 3,4 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 17 ratings
5 / 5
It arrives late in Canada, but this has not been one the fault of a company, was more the postal service , the things has been done partorisca please a client that appreciates thank you. Regarding a controller he, ailed of life of battery the scarce of PS native controllers, as I have ordered the only thing that loses is one 6 axial still required in the to the pocolos play likes him to him the touch a battery in Last of that was the compraventa adds . Also, I prefer a plus Xbox likes creation, which is well.
5 / 5
The analog claves are the pocolos main and fully concave that the most comfortable. The keys are the pocolos harder that press but still feel well. D-the tampon has form of full cross the one who the easiest fact partorisca sliding thumb by means of key. The controller does not have the battery or engines of vibration he so that it is lighter but is still sturdy. Any wireless connection but usb the boss is long on 9ft. It does not comprise annoying light bar.
5 / 5
Exactly that has expected:

Xbox-fashionable controller, very light, long boss. All some do any properly.

An only thing is that this controller does not have the port of USB or entrance of audio partorisca headphones. This does not annoy me at all, but was unaware of this when I have ordered a product.

Would recommend this to any to to the one who does not like a generic PS4 controller, and does not import an absence of the port/of entrance of audio of USB to his controller.
5 / 5
Works awesome! Very light as it does not have any battery. If you go partorisca use disturb the function is probably any in your system anyways like the boss is not the question. I have bought these partorisca my PS4 and is awesome that they are for behind compatible with a PS3. I possess an old HORI Tampon of Gema 3 disturb partorisca PS3, as I have known these were partorisca be produced of qualities also.
4 / 5
Produced excellent! It is physically a hybrid version of Xbox and PS controllers. Not to try it on the PS4 still but works perfectly in the PS3: the controls are precise and answered properly when you are in the game partorisca shoot.
5 / 5
Way more comfortable of an original PS4 controller, also works with PS3. R2 Tecla of the trigger in the mine is occasionally the little fussy, need to be tressed firmly partorisca do.
4 / 5
Works of controllers well and all the keys are functional but does not have any vibration that beats really the impact like the games feels. I will use it likes him the backup partorisca when mine another ps4 the controller dies
5 / 5
has the preference partorisca Xbox controller, highly recommend. Comfortable, the cord of laws adds , long, any complaint.
5 / 5
The way adds partorisca substitute wired the controllers
4 / 5
Very good. Help with a fact that has been always the Xbox the defender and I does not like him a creation of a PS controller. This unit looks the little economic and feels that way also. If a company would sink the little more money to a upgrade (wireless) will buy it. An action like this far are partorisca add but the aims of chair with using continued can break (concealed that economic feels). It recommends this partorisca any to to which likes a Xbox feel but there is PS4.

Top Customer Reviews: HORI PlayStation 5 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
- comfortable to spend
- light weight
- quality of looks to touch to be good. Although the plot disagrees (row)
- a depth to one surrounds the looks to touch well, certainly own partorisca gaming/location of audio.
- Local toggle partorisca adjustable volume
- local of transmission of transmission with indicator

- second life of looks of poor battery partorisca the gaming / PS5 compatible product
- begin to take microphone /of audio dropouts in low battery. The audio takes espotty'
- any indication of load of remaining / battery
- overpriced so that it is in my opinion

the things there is no @to @give but perhaps would owe that have:
- the noise that annuls is so only partorisca prevent reverb, when that breaks his of the speaker is touched down a microphone aka sound of game etc.
- user of Leaves partorisca listen averages (the different noise that annuls auricular)
- Chooses on more easily sounds of local vicinity (mic location far of mouth, the main sensibility)
- PS5 the controllers have terrible microphone jack connections, constantly failing, These produced is not in failure partorisca this May the wireless, or the connection of USB could be the better option until the quality is improved in PS5 controllers
5 / 5
Bought it to use with my PS4 Pro, Pro gaming controller etc and could listen the people but they could no to listen me, has decided to press a boss so only slightly in and has done, class of, the people could me but could no to listen them

waste Complete of time

no the purchase

does not have any instruction another that that sees in a box, any included say you the one who the ways there are
5 / 5
Basically any connectivities at all so only launches an auxiliary of boss directly in your controller! Sometimes when you move a boss is doing the bad noise. A volume is not like this big so much quality and some consolations having something around the yours with the has connected to your controller launches the boss when you touch is not like this good. One produces does not discern more then 40 book! Perhaps not even
4 / 5
He can dare 0 stars? It was Curious has given to try these headphones with ps5,100 euros seven seri?? Quality Audio a disgust the total comes yes does the sell a product simile? He Chinese behind Marie with 5 euro of mine sells of the headphones that feel better this and alas and the truth. Nn Lose The time Buys reason the rispedite suffered backwards suspended the full votes.
P.S Amazon well.
4 / 5
Alas effected suffered He surrendered dope have it tried For some minute. Abysmal audio, plan and without basses. Any on-line with him price proposed. Also He microphone Any one is has given quality.
5 / 5
Take A normal headset, raised he volume the manetta and mettetelo to the sud with the instead that declares. Probably you will obtain A better sound that with am sews.
5 / 5
Tall enfatizzati As a lot, has measured almost assented and low inesistenti, no the joint
5 / 5
Novelty for console he use his ps5 and has to that it says that it exerts egregiamente sweats optimum work his avvolgente and absolutely very fastidioso surroundings to the with the
5 / 5
All well,product driven mad!
Battery A po small mine he ricarica Of haste...
Planned modality a 3d and one for has amplified the basses.
The effect at stake is glorious.
5 / 5
Really have loved this headset to be good.. Unfortunately Hori no. Personally, finds a Press 3D headset pending uncomfortable of the sessions of game along, as it has expected this could be the pertinent alternative .

Ossia A half headset - in better. It is comfortable to spend and some controls are easy to achieve. Also, I have found the dialogue spoken (characters of game) touches COST. Ossia Where a pros fines for me.

Ossia In no way he 3D headset - ossia so only the speaker in your shoulders. A quality of audio is empty - at all is underlined. Everything touches flat and finally, distracts of a gameplay experience. I have not tried a mic function, as I am not sure in his quality.

If this headset was $ 30 that can be acceptable - perhaps. But for Hori to call this he 3D headset for PS5 in the $ 100 point of prize, no, is not to value he in mine dress. It would not recommend this product; a quality of audio is simply too slowly without low and any one surrounds.

Top Customer Reviews: HORI Fighting Stick ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
A fightstick is perfectly well, but remapping some keys for the software is not a better(there there is so only two options), this does a system of profiles worthless.

I games today leave you the remap calm keys, as it is not any a lot of the breaker partorisca treat, but will not be pressing a key of profile of the transmission never.
5 / 5
An a lot of in the first place- ossia the quite typical Hori clave of arcade, with clave of keys and good quality. A true connoisseur could have different flavours, but if ossia calm probably does not need this description in a first place. Both can be swapped was with minima hassle because of this clave USP: a fact that you simply can open the take to take in a gubbins. And believe me, Hori wants to you partorisca know this reason calms that has to that do to take a boss of USB out of a thing covers it he in.

The connection to the PC is very simple, with the classified that will take to. It identifies perfectly in of the Windows 10 without any additional messing in recta out of a box, the big goodness on Steam where any-Xbox claves like my PS4 RAP-4 can have subjects of configuration. A qualifier here is that I have found has not done properly when connected invernadero the boss of extension of the USB- the identified like the controller, but a lot in fact laws. Connecting directly to a PC, or USB of peel 3.0 USB has estimated hub, fixed a subject. This was probably be due to a boss of extension of the USB that it is very long and/or low quality, but has the questions of connection try before direct connection.

A main negative point is in a faceplate customisation, which is the little disappointing. A clave requires the significant quantity of disassembly, comprising using the screwdriver, to take a faceplate coverage, and a zone for some illustrations is main that A4, which means that you want to do your own inserts/to insert go to require the quite big-spec printer or to go to the tent of impression. It is in fact harder that exchange an art that is to exchange out of the key, which is obvious when it think roughly the but still the counter of has bitten-intuitive.

Still, in general if not to impose you that pays to prize for the clave and loves one this feels solid, has abundance of real-estate for your hands, and can be customised, this thing is the very decent election .
4 / 5
Has had the doa5 Hori stick which was a lot of but was bit it uncomfortable, this model has the key of better feeling presses, is sensitive, some clicks of clave the noise but I use it to know my movement has confirmed.

But a thing me take is an ease to customise a poster of art that has the chance of the plastic coverage of some images has resupplied to take the by heart separate rays , money some are to take a coverage of poster of the art and Horis the web of place resupplies with some personnel to do your own coverage.
5 / 5
Having done The Acquisition of joined Seriex X recently and that is one gives glorious support of VS struggling and of arcade of all small, has looked for absolutely one the mine of games of the clave new console, my election is has spent to the sud that here.
Possessing already The brother of glorious edges HRAP of the sud ps4, the quality of the product no longer was to try at least touches my part.
Lucido The clave is lighter that the edges twin ainé, better proportionné in chair or lucido the clave comes to pose well to the sud his knees without being neither too glorious neither too small.
Modable A lot easily Wants to change his Keys and Clave Hayabusa of pair of cause of the Sanwa or Seimitsu, touches my part would say that it is joined question of own sense to the each one one !
Is also has endowed of him joins taken jack directly integrated with the end of and dip a helmet or give écouteurs Touches a better consolation of game.
5 / 5
Used during two years the model Hori Rap Pro V, those amours, in question of days, he Hori the alpha is my preferred new . The most square creation and place fronta of the keys, more the new opening to do MODS or substitutions of pieces, is all a tarpaulin.
Feel solid, although the sea a bit lighter that the RAP Pro V.
Súper Recommended!
5 / 5
Is a good Clave, has components of big quality and although it is of plastic, feels in firm.
4 / 5
Give Clave funktioniert súper!Die Ersatzteile sind leicht austauschbar.
5 / 5
This will be a third clave of arcade that I at present own. With the little another in a past.

I really like this stick to a point can result my main clave, in a Victrix Pro FS, and Obsidian.

Originally has bought this clave So only to have the black the creation sticks to to see liked and planned to to use likes him the backup for friends those who is coming on for insiemi. Not using never Hori the parts and that read to like all the world substitutes him with Sanwa breaking later on has not tried never included use them. Bought the pre-modded Rap4 of accident of arcade behind a day with all Sanwa parts on he already ossia an only Hori the experience has had was basically so only a shell.

In all the chance, am surprised this clave is taking less descriptions add, like this far my experience has been fantastic, the people say that it feels too light, in fact finds a weight to feel perfect in lap of mine. A product is done of plastic and Plexi but feels A lot of sturdy, any complaint in quality of my point of view, also an ease to access to an interior for modding are add, has clave swapped and key swapped multiple claves, and sometimes his the ache, has abundance of spatial and facilitated to access the parts of transmission in this clave.

Finds a prize to be just, is one same like another clave of upper final in a phase, and seat ossia the product of upper final. Has all some characteristics a lot another clave of upper final has another that having to that to metal likes him the part of a build, but again mine a weight is there and feels very built so that I do not require it .
Another Plus to this clave is some easily changeable illustrations.

In all the chance, originally has bought this like the extra/of backup for friends as well as a device of game/of discharges he easier of then is a XBOX clave in place of Playstation. It results I like Hyabusa parts more than Sanwa and some Blacks the creation is different, but any the import like this far, and this goes to be my new main clave lol. For me they are cleansing paste of the entrances has not been that it is lol.

LIKE THIS yeah recommends to this clave likes Hayabusa of part and black if you have not tried never Hyabusa parts, and like one looks of of a shell, and the illustrations/love/illustrations to change easily while having a capacity to mod the keys and the clave easily buy it.
IDK Like this to do descriptions. The clave feels Nizza , some keys celery well, a weight feels well in a lap, a clave feels sturdy, never used Hayabusa parts or Black the creation but I likes him more than Sanwa. Goodbye
4 / 5
In the first place was, so only wants to say that according to that struggling the claves go, this has to that it weaves that it goes for him. Parts of qualities well out of a box, very built, easy to mod, And no so only in of the sure games. Has has tried tonnes to struggle games as well as to the common things like to slug of Of Metal, to uncommon to to some like Castlevania. All some games have tried perfectly well. Assuming a lot so only lose a some concealed does not operate, this clave is already better that 80 in a phase.

Two hundred is quell'has bitten empinado this in spite of ask . For cientos dollars more, can take something that a Victrix. This in spite of, would not recommend hopes of yours calm volume up are in a phase for a Xbox/version of PC. It is the súper clave of quality and is the heavy characteristic, comparatively, but is plastic so only . It can any annoying this in spite of. No really annoying . I have been concerned initially reason did not love it to feel economic and light. They are happy to inform that it does not feel 'economic' Or too light. I have bought certainly and the claves the facts of heavy plus but ossia so only a lot calms the want in the table or yours laps. Also really prefer a plastic with tampons of hule in legs of mine that opposed to armour plate with tampons of hule. I dunno, so only my preference.

Was in fact really that tries to find it Victrix for Xbox, but this resembles so only be it pipedream to arrive to this point. Those that have does not love run with them and a company that the does not give for the crap roughly pleasing clients. So many, in planting to bend on behind to give them my money, I so only chosen on another of these Horis.

So many, prójimo: clave Very good. Any economic or too light. Functional in a lot of games; any I only cement some. Easy to open up and mod. Yadda yadda yadda. When it Comes the claves, could do the worse WAY and spend money like this a lot of.

Modify: Also the value that comment that a cord is not detachable. No the question how is securely fastened to a frame and has the pause was final in a side of console of a boss.
5 / 5
I dunno the one who Hori thought with east a. These claves of arcade gimmick is that it is easy to open up and transmission in of the parts. May... They have done a chance like this damn thin, basically can not substitute a crowbar with anything more besides Hori possess Hayabusa Crowbar, which comes with. I have tried the Sanwa JLF and several Seimitsu claves, all the models that was compatible with Hori offerings of clave of the arcade that quotes behind to a PS2 was Real Arcade Pros, and while they locate, a question is due to the thin creation of a chance, calm can not close a clave has retreated on been due to a height of a crowbar and the one who thin a chance is. Election of creation really amateurish of Hori, and in the $ 200 clave of arcade calm alcohol - the pricepoint has considered to be in a territory of clave of arcade of prize, like a Flange to Struggle, which is honradamente, Hori clave of better arcade, but will not find this model in Xbox the external systems of some originals struggling Flange in a Xbox360, which has a lot the time of then goes in has interrupted.

Be able to you also grab the economic plus Hori Real Arcade Pro Kai, or take one of a Razer or Qanba claves of arcade.

Top Customer Reviews: HORI Fighting ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
This thing is the beast , a dpad is perfect partorisca me, the has not liked him never a cross dpad of an older version. And a thumbstick is a lot well, the entrances are quickly reasons a measure and some notch are of sound.
5 / 5
The controller Adds in general, some keys of expensive celery well when pressed, this in spite of a d the tampon is not like this well like last model that is the shame. It liked Really of a controller but wish a d-the tampon was big like a last model. If they have used so only a d-the tampon of a leading model would have been perfect value , Still a compraventa.
4 / 5
Controller Very partorisca struggle games. I have had to that update firmware still dpad to do properly. You are micro the keys of transmission are a lot of responsive and the mark that satisfies clicking sound. Desire dpad was bit it softer and smooth. Application in of the Windows 10 for remapping is not well, hopefully takes to update in a future.
UPDATE: downgraded indication of star, because key of right trigger detached and is exited inside the month of just normal use. A joint is too feeble for a trigger, of here reason can have has broken. Returned the, could not risk another downfall.
4 / 5
Ossia The tampon of the fight adds . A dpad feels to surprise. The keys are maquinales like takings to touch and feedback of the his in your entrances. I can a lot really say a lot in an analog clave as it did not use it enough to be sincere. The quality of build is really well, not breaking.
The prize could be lower this although this is wired controller without noise etc.
5 / 5
One of some better controllers has used to struggle games. Micro Keys of face of the transmission (6 keys in some legislations of a controller) feels to satisfy and a lot of responsive. Also works in the PS4 with Brooks Xbox One to PS4 the adapter owes calm the precise. My only flu is a limited remap the available functionality in a Hori software of manager of the device, hopefully a functionality that will be it develop with an update.
4 / 5
This feels quite awesome like the tampon of the fight but the mark sure use an application in a tent of windows to update a controller, a incumplimiento firmware has the bug where some resets of tampon to neutral when trying goes among diagonals like this in place of down downright a lot down neutral , downright neutral right that for the plot of specials exiting.

After updating his fijamente this in spite of so the calm mark sure he.
4 / 5
Am using this like this a N64 tampon in a Nvidia the shield and utmost. Very happy with this controller 😁 adds by other emulators in a Nvidia shield
4 / 5
In general, is better control that the forward Hori struggling Commander OCTA. Better keys, better touch, more functionality, better connections... But failure of deafening form in the more than the entity yes wants to maintain a level that struggles him: to crosshead. It goes hard, any one answers always the one who does and the mate to program that can of the Tent offered for Hori any one saves a lot of some options and therefore it is that calm did not configure it . It is a true harm reason required it, but to crosshead (or DPAD) generates doubt any calm risk you in chance perhaps.
5 / 5
Ansich ist Give Gut Of controller aber man weder in giving Software individuell are Tasten Konfigurieren oder bei Steam...

Zudem hatte ich nach ein paar Tagen Probleme Dipped dem Dpad, wenn ich nach Link inputte nahm er is auch a aber bei Rechts hat er noch Runter geinputtet. Ich hatte Is In giving Software versucht, die Sensivity runter zu schrauben aber half leider nichts...

Deswegen ist Given Rücksendung beantragt, hatte mich echt gefreut are Anfang..
4 / 5
Modification: The ones of Hori/to the amazon offered a new control entirely free. This time looked that it was The best, the configuration of the keys in the software now is entirely customizable...
BUT, once again, one of the upper keys failed. This time has free entirely. It has spent you grieve two weeks with him. He gone back the ask another sees it him the the third goes the defeated....

Could say that I am wanted with the control. It is comfortable and ergonomic. It can configure the keys in some measure and the sensibility of the Tampon.

BUT after so only a month of use, one of the upper keys has begun atascar, that complicates unnecessarily the entrance and ruining entirely my experience. A harm.