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Top Customer Reviews: Scotch® Masking ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 35 ratings
4 / 5 Augustus
I have bought the band before I have begun partorisca paint all some wall in my house.

In short, does not stick to a wall all that adds. Yeah Is usable but no a an I will buy again anytime punctual.

Partorisca Be just this in spite of, ossia the subject very common with tapes of economic masking in general these days and is has drawn probably that way any partorisca break a surface has painted partorisca exit when a tape is taking was. I have tried stir whole of different classes and no of them sticks like this as well as a wheel has bought 8 years ago, which peels of products a same time if it does not take a right time. Enough shots it painting that monde then sipped-in of the products that this supposed thing to mask. It is not that a whole point of the tape to MASK?
5 / 5 Brett
My printer asked to buy some green tap for houses to print. Of then I know 3m marks so only, I purchaseed 3 circles. My printer gave negative feedback and asked to repurchase this green tape again because 3m was hard to take and has taken was an impression of base. That the waist of money.
4 / 5 Nathaniel
Has expected this tape would be the good quality , reason is Scotch mark. This in spite of am not happy with him. Rasga And breakings of a circle and takes the securely, then tears and breakings when peeling was. You do not recommend this unfortunately.
4 / 5 Georgianne
A glue is really strong, the sticker of plot that another mark has used previously. It has had to use he in a flange of my carpet while painting and was in fact last to peel was after a fact, be careful.
Another that that, is quite good.
4 / 5 Josie
Has taken this for an open baffles project of speaker,
has required the tape that would not peel of fresh product, included latex. This tape was perfect for my project.
5 / 5 Wendie
Tape to mask of good product. I used it on different classes of wall (concrete and plaster) and maintain in place and was also easy to take. Calm can any gone bad with this mark and this measure :) it was the most economic way that in a local tent!
4 / 5 Matt
Is not sure state if he . Reason are not the “professional painter.” But appearently is comparable wth any professional.
5 / 5 Cleotilde
Has tried the tapes of a lot of different painter, and one some of tents of the dollar can not compare with east a. This has a better adhesion and is easy to take, a prize is a lot also orders bulk.
4 / 5 Ezra
Exactly that has required. The works add, sticks well and does not leave any residue behind. Functions exactly to the equal that would expect tape of painters to do.
4 / 5 Napoleon
Easy of rasgar and so only quite tackiness to remain stuck, but quite easy to the tear was without any residue. So only it uses this like normal tape and any to mask zones to paint.
4 / 5 Eddy
Considerably controls stronger that another tape of substitutes of painters with. This has tried gain when that paints the dark colour of products the perfect flange.
5 / 5 Michelina
Uses this tape in glass that I etch. The stays dipped when I require it to, still exits easily when calm take it was.
5 / 5 Jacque
Has bought this for mine 3D printer, had been that uses the different mark before this. This a does not stick almost also. It can be well to paint, but go to use he for your 3D Printer and using ColorFab filament, does not go to do well at all.
5 / 5 Ross
The no. Simply place, does not squander your money is. His no as well as a level of green tape accustoms and filters by means of marks it for ugly flanges. Also, far too expensive when he no well!
4 / 5 Anisa
All was adds in this tape, except a fact that the scrolling has not been like this easy likes tape of regular product .
5 / 5 Ginny
Are unsure the one who a subject was but simply could not pull the continuous period of this circle. It maintains for rasgar.
The look tries like the tape takes when it has been seating around too long.
4 / 5 Lupe
In fact uses this to dip focus in my stock exchanges and containers that goes my freezer. So only require the sharpie and dip the deep down dry first to go to the the refrigerator or the freezer and the circle goes the very long way.
5 / 5 Irish
Ossia My third compraventa and work well for more than just the tape to mask of the product.
5 / 5 Nikita
Lo strato aggiunge - è oltretutto. Il poca caro ma prendere quello ha pagato partorisca con la copertura ha dato pittori !
4 / 5 Hailey
L'orologio era quando utilizzando partorisca mobile partorisca mantenere i cassetti/hanno dato partorisca metterti ha chiuso. Il capo era alcuni ha dato partorisca finire.
5 / 5 Irvin
Aggancia bene sembra a un'altra copertura d'enmascarar e sacca bene,
la preda d'enmascaramiento buona e premio abordable
4 / 5 Bibi
è copertura buona . Nessun rasga i prodotti hanno dato muro o rasgar addirittura carta. Ma bastoni. Debba che gli.
4 / 5 Hope
La copertura eccellente getta opere di mese d'artisti (mantiene bene un trasferimento di carta e può togliere facilmente dopo utilizza
5 / 5 Elnora
è copertura e che fa. Qualità migliore che La copertura ha dato negozio del dollaro. Dipende nelle vostre necessità e delle aspettative.
5 / 5 Rosendo
I bastoni hanno dato copertura buona e sacca facilmente, ricompensa sia aggiunge. Uno desidera alla copertura era disponibile in ha dato le misure più larghe, forse 1 1/4' (32mm).
4 / 5 Meri
Lo strato ha dato pittori. Quello lì sono ha aspettato. Estiró buchi alcun ha dato partorisca prodotto in partorisca muro perché l'ho rasgado buchi troppi rapidamente questo nonostante, ma questo è maggioritariamente mina fallisce.
5 / 5 Arlean
Ama questo prodotto partorisca foca. Non lascia didietro adesivo.
4 / 5 Arlyne
Scotch Il marchio è sempre buono e I di operare lì è descritto.
5 / 5 Alphonse
Lo strato aggiunge - ossia la mia copertura d'enmascarar preferito dopo la copertura ha dato rana
5 / 5 Jesica
Doesnt rasga mentre situando, buono adesivo, può lasciare andare se ha lasciato partorisca il periodo ha dato meteo.
5 / 5 Florencia
Producto bueno. Pero tranquilo que puede encontrar un poco más económico en vuestra tienda de hardware Local.
Recomienda esto a todo DIYers pintando sus I han dado la casa es gordo 2 pulgar largo .
4 / 5 Nadine
Líneas limpias. Menos caro ha dado tiendas de Hardware! Cualquier queja
5 / 5 Shawnta
Yep, su cobertura ha dado pintores. Ningún si se aferra a duro y es fácil ha dado para sacar.
4 / 5 Christine
I pintores mejores la portada ha encontrado todavía. Le mantenga mis cuadros han dado chicos en partorisca muro sin romperlo.
4 / 5 Patrick
Sorprendentemente bien, casi la cobertura ha dado la rana ha dado que bien para una fracción de arrestos para tasar!

Top Customer Reviews: Scotch Packing ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Hilma
Measure: 1 RollStyle Name: Dispensered in that used that the little tape of guns of packaging in my life, this has to that be a plus angering a never. You are better of just doing it manually, honradamente.

A tape takes stuck to a roller , a tape takes among a roller and house, and then partorisca top it everything of a leaf so only involves when it press down a lot last to cut a tape.

Your containers will finalise to look the 6 old year him.
4 / 5 Marla
Measure: 1 RollStyle Name: Dispensered This product is a worse product has purchased of Amazon in six years. A device is virtually unusable. It avenges with yellowed tape that hardly has any control. A tape does not take dispensed properly and often takes stuck and requires the plot of tinkering partorisca the take unstuck. A cutter any short a tape, and often resulted in the big quantities of tape have dispensed displaced where tries the cut, there is appealed to so only using scissors. A device does not resist a tape in place, like an initial flap of tape is free and calms that has to that situate manually. When Going, a tape often takes stuck like this mentioned before. A device neither resists a tape in place, like this more often that any one some slides of tape well out of a clue of dispenser, there is at all partorisca resist he in, has to maintain your arm perfectly in firm and right or will have to that stop and reload/realign a tape. ANY NEVER BUY THIS PRODUCT.
4 / 5 Rosy
Measure: 1 RollStyle Name: Dispensered takes time partorisca take used his but has included then is extremely last partorisca do with him because of all the class of defects to draw. A tape sticks to a part of the metal and he rasga your box when that tries to cut a tape. It has given finally on and it has taken of a tape and everything manually! Also a tape that comes with east the very poor quality
4 / 5 Andria
Measure: 1 RollStyle Name: Dispensered Resembled very other people those who has purchased this, sincerely complain it. The one who reads descriptions partorisca the dispenser partorisca pack. Technology of old confidence, well? Any here. His all could the disorder he up.
The tape sticks to a metal clamp, goes lateralmente, the continuous tape the unwind like this jams of tape up.
Ossia Absolutely useless. I expect that we find one 10 year-old dispenser any misplaced in an office so these some arrive where belonging: in some rubbishes.
5 / 5 Denis
Measure: 1 RollStyle Name: Dispensered has bought this awhile fact, but so only has had recently an occasion partorisca use this dispenser of tape in any significant way. I have had to that tape on the pair of boxes of map to verify them on the plan. Some contents have required the significant quantity of tape to ensure some boxes are remained intact, and no falling avert while they have been managed and has transported. This dispenser has done adds!

Is the little different that any gun of tape has used in a past, like this calm require you the tilt a dispenser to press the crowbar that presses some 'teeth' first to cut a tape. It is an interesting mechanic that am not sure in fact done a better dispenser that your garden-dispenser of variety. But it take little endeavour to regulate to and was efficiently taping on my boxes in mandate very short.

The quality looks decent, comprised of both metal and plastic components. I do not have any worry that considers durability. Also it finds a price to be terrific value ($ at the same time of cost of mine), and have a lot hesitation recommend this to another.

I votes has appreciated always
5 / 5 Sallie
Measure: 6 RollsStyle Name: you Surround So only it is sticky because, knows, is tape , but is crazy thin. Way too flexible and the evasions of you have included the little bit, the arrivals take and there is gotta beginning on. It is very partorisca tape of estimativa, but there is better material , fatter there.
5 / 5 Lela
Measure: 1 RollStyle Name: Dispensered absolutely terrible
has finalised partorisca take a circle of tape was and using an only tape

taking stuck among a thing of dispenser of the metal like rings to go he to a box - I that details and has had the a lot of one of these and the life done sooo much easier -but this was terrible - useless - like this last of rasgar a tape was that some the whole pieces exits a box - a mechanism to cut a tape in these laws of car use the concrete corner and twist a boss the sure way but his the ache to the equal that have finalised not using has taken the just tape was the!
5 / 5 Gina
Measure: 6 RollsStyle Name: the So only Has arrived circles sper quickly! Value I really adds. My undertaken always uses this partorisca created shipments. We have not had any questions like this far.
Adds to sees does the service of byline partorisca east in planting that has to exit it to Staples every time.

Amur Like an end of a tape is the thing of red paper partorisca easy peeling.
5 / 5 Ira
Measure: 1 RollStyle Name: Dispensered A tape is a class that so only sticks well to sure types of map and paper. If you are trying to seal a wrong type of map, a tape does not stick well unless it press down hard. This in spite of, utilisations another class of tape, this is not a subject.

A dispenser could be better. A tape sticks to a dispenser. Also it is defying partorisca take some tape was the if you are not pressing a dispenser down the tape of dispenser to something. Certainly, ossia a purpose of a dispenser of tape and he 't just flick was when using focus the box.

In a side besides, are bad cut in other dispensers of tape but concealed has not been a subject with this dispenser.
4 / 5 Joycelyn
Measure: 1 RollStyle Name: Dispensered This thing can do me swear the little has bitten. Perhaps I do not use it enough to be taking a hangs of him but you volume too moment a tape will maintain to develop for an extra second. While the residual tape that takes stuck to some components of gun and like fights to attentively take that unstuck arrived to develop more... And on ... And on. I will maintain to use the until a prjimo more, reasonably priced, the thing comes to the long of.
4 / 5 Eugenia
This thing can do me swear the little has bitten. Perhaps I do not use it enough to be taking a hangs of him but you volume too moment a tape will maintain to develop for an extra second. While the residual tape that takes stuck to some components of gun and like fights to attentively take that unstuck arrived to develop more... And on ... And on. I will maintain to use the until a prójimo more, reasonably priced, the thing comes to the long of.
4 / 5 Les
Has Purchased a dispenser and some tapes/of circles like his for Scotch and although it was necessary to be good quality but was bad. A dispenser is enormous and does not dispense a tape properly. He tangles all a time. A tape utting the mechanism do not cut a tape like this manually cut that he with secsiors. A tape is also very thin and the peels am gone in pocolos second.

I tents of local dollar sells produced of better quality. It does not go thus big name.
4 / 5 Twila
Has moved boxes with my partner and I have used this tape to solidify a fund of the box that has packed heavy things in.

My partner scoffed and has said a tape looked too feeble to resist. Look down on me with contempt!

We lifted a box and he have resisted.

My partner looked down in shame.

Has run to my computer to give this tape 5 stars.
5 / 5 Carley
A tape is a class that so only sticks well to sure types of map and paper. If you are trying to seal a wrong type of map, a tape does not stick well unless it press down hard. This in spite of, utilisations another class of tape, this is not a subject.

A dispenser could be better. A tape if it sticks to a dispenser. Also it is defying to take some tape was the if you are not pressing a dispenser down the tape of dispenser to something. Certainly, ossia a purpose of a dispenser of tape and he 't just flick was when using focus the box.

In a side besides, are bad cut in other dispensers of tape but concealed has not been a subject with this dispenser.
5 / 5 Cheyenne
If a title of this product was Rubbishes then sure to good sure bandage coz this tape is definition of Rubbish. Literally it does not have any paste in this tape. So only it falls off. It does not have any class of pressure of glue. Your better bet is goes to Dollarama. Always it buys tape of Dollarama but these times have tried Amazon. Well This will be a last time .
4 / 5 Clemencia
Has thought to buy a Scotch the mark would ensure me of the product of good quality but apparently these days have gone. This tape is quality VERY POOR . Rasga Very easy and is very difficult to do with. Almost complete rubbishes. I have had any tape of name of very better of quality that this material. The desire had not bought to six band of this crap.
5 / 5 Gracia
A dispenser of tape is quite has built bad. A tape constantly takes stuck to a underside of a gun, forcing you a manually take.
If so only want to take out of the concrete period of tape to manually apply, a brota retracts retreated partorisca inside a gun is not pressed against something, he doing very difficult (probably some mechanism of odd security).

Requires this the just tape the boxes of pair from time to time, is well. If you are planning in emotional or doing a lot does retail, looks for something better.
5 / 5 Tamisha
Has frustrated extremely with a quality of this product. Any one a leaf of tape is like this awake, or a crowbar is like this free, can not cut a tape. Totally useless. I have lost my gun of old tape that has used to like 10 years more without any one subjects. Something so only does not improve, I supposition!
5 / 5 Lashell
Would think with a name COTCH', enough an original packing tape, this would be the tape of good quality ! It is for far The WORST NEVER! Rasga Too easily, breakings, if it sticks to , averts of a container. It was terrible! I have been shipping daily for 21 years and I will not buy never this produces again. I will go to estaples' and pay more. Even 'Dollarama' HAS the better quality that tape of bands! Again, takings which pays stops! If it is too good to be the wise true prize, READ!
4 / 5 Millard
This product is thin and maintain to release of a box of map has looked for to seal unless it use to PLOT of him and press hard same I then am sure will undo once some swipes of container -20 temperature of terracing. To tape sure good to owe light that it is slightly better while you could use to wrap of present.
4 / 5 Kylie
Ossia Terrible tape partorisca use in the dispenser partorisca seal boxes while packing partorisca move. It is flimsy - tears easily, staticy - floating around when amenas approaches the box, and pauses easily. It had been using tape of mark of tent of Staples and was utmost, but has run was. Thought shabby Scotch the mark would be partorisca take the good product . Nope, Mark of the tent of the Staples is vastly upper.
4 / 5 Corinne
Ossia The very easy to use dispenser of tape that so only simple works. A quality of build is the perfect balance of metal and plásticoes well.

A grip has the bit of the foam that wraps his that would be necessary to maintain it your hands partorisca take plague after taping all day.

This comes with the judge of the circle exited of tape to the equal that can take to do immediately
4 / 5 Carli
He orders the on-line things regularly, is joined partorisca take the few elements that has not been like this expected or so only simply one that desires partorisca return. These produced is the must the tape a box has retreated up. While I am sure he has more uses (eg. Emotional), this was my primary motivation partorisca buy this product and I has not been disappointed.

Likes the majority of guns of tape, this returns the regulate packing circle of available tape everywhere. A cutter of the action of the cradle is extended once a plastic tongue is depressed partorisca seal a piece of final of tape.

In general the product adds in the good prize.
5 / 5 Lia
A tape is súper thin and a creation of a gun is useless. A cutting mechanism doesnt does of course, some transfers of tape when applying to the box.
Can not recommend this. It averts and pay bit it more
5 / 5 Ena
My partner has the dispenser of tape that is really easy to use have believed so it would buy my own. Something in these some things of frames bit it harder that cut a tape. I am not sure that it is, perhaps the just need partorisca take used his
5 / 5 Suzy
Personally, enough would pay more for the better product.
This apresamiento is very feeble and tears easily.
A dispenser is so only the good thinks to mention, but a lot well to use at all.
Oh Well..
Take which pays stops.
4 / 5 Brynn
No like this sure in an economic dispenser, reason can not ensure a tape. Work, but prefers the gun of real tape. A tape is surprising! It is five times like fat like normal packing tape, how is very strong! I am not concerned in this material that comes free or a glue drying with age. Also it stands up to the rests & of sure movement. To good sure buy this tape to pack again.
5 / 5 Dolores
Is not like this smooth likes a bit the guns of tape have used in a past. I am spent bit it more thinking some subjects have had with another some would be solved how is the Scotch the produced but was deceived. Like this good or less than another but does not add
4 / 5 Ethelyn
in the quell'has been using the uline gun of tape for years, has bought them this to try reasons was 3m. A tape is a poor plus qaulity, thinner junk has not used never and a leaf in a gun requires the extreme pressure to slide was to cut a tape.

Absolute rubbishes. I will be to return the.
5 / 5 Helen
Am not sure am saving any time or the endeavour that use this device, which is that it is supposition to do : the mark that the fastest bands and easier. Taking stuck ALL one has used Uline some and I complain that I have bought is one. It can not return it likes him to him the time limit is spent, otherwise I .
4 / 5 Marilynn
Well of economic plastic tape. I stick with a scotch frames, because some the generic frames more economic that the plastic tape is at all but headaches (the hule the attractive adhesive was (leaving the disorder) or shreds. This type is spent is the little more expensive, but a lot handy. Utilisation this regularly.
5 / 5 Micki
Although a prize is awesome partorisca a quantity of clear scotch the tape is taking. A quality isnt as well as it have expected. If any calm the estacas a right way a first time a second time a glue is feebler. Although I used it partorisca stick allocution and shipping focus to the box and he have done so that it cause the bit of the headache yes the aim of now is partorisca do look perfect. You recommend this product partorisca stick focus the boxes.
4 / 5 Wallace
Am not sure is so only me or if this thing is in fact difficult to use but a tape takes complicated bit it. Also so only it hangs of a flange of a dispenser and partorisca the some chairs of reason likes them would have to that adhere to of the part of a dispenser when any into use. My fellow and packed on the majority of my house that tape of uses and scissors, would not buy another of these!
4 / 5 Dorothy
Would have give more the stars was easy to use. But it was not easy at all. A tape would twist clave but once sticks it would stick behind in a tape partorisca pack ... I have taken this so that it was easier to any way!!
4 / 5 Lea
Usually buys my tape partorisca pack of a tent of dollar - with mixed results. Sometimes an adhesion is not like this order to the equal that would like. This material is decent quality packing tape. No more more partorisca say (or wants to) to pack tape.
5 / 5 Letisha
No really attention of paralizaciones to some numbers, has looked to regulate sized circles of tape, but is quite courts, like this there there is probably so to the tape like him to him two regular circles in this whole band; it Classifies of wasteful.
5 / 5 Donovan
Has Used to have one and moved like this has ordered them the new a. This doesnt does one same at all or at all! Waste of money and of im at present emotional has forgotten them to do a turn and now a window is closed! :S
5 / 5 Earle
Ossia In a dispenser of tape of worse packaging has them has not used never. A loaded cradle clears plastic pushes out of some teeth to cut a tape but no good . And a tape that comes to a fund of a dispenser always the careers was and taking has twisted. A tape he the have at all bad to say, but a dispenser was the serious disappointment .
5 / 5 Cornelius
Feels like economic tape, adhesive is not like this strong to the equal that have expected. He a work but I arrival to use to plot more tape to ship the containers so only so much can be sure a tape any impulse of a box.
5 / 5 Jong
LOVES this tape how is strong, a lot sticky, and perfect to close boxes. A better part is a dispenser to the equal that has the something to resist a tape as it does not fall behind on he, and is like this easy to use that one classifies an elder with the boss!

4 / 5 Alexandra
That the waste of money. A tape has zero control in a tape partorisca pack gun. Meaning it neither flows wayyy too freely or at all. Perhaps you are the bad batch , but to the chair like them to them some other 5 circles will be tossed.
4 / 5 Willis
Has taken fed up with a tent of dollar stuffs like this thin the shreds and can any never find an end,
this tape is very very better , easy to find some finals, easy to manage, any shred - value and excellent quality partorisca $ 8 partorisca 6 circles
5 / 5 Elizabet
I a lot included read a title. I have ordered so only. Ossia A good material . Any one any mark of thin material name. It is good and strong. And sticky. Good works. Any one reverse peel was afterwards to to the few hours like of a bit the tape buys tents of dollar 🤗
4 / 5 Patience
games lucidos the prize is a lot well, lucida tape the tendency and take of the party or is maintained pair lucido metal, but suffices so only of and go more méthodiquement ! I will repurchase one if he lacking !
5 / 5 Willia
The tape is value really adds , work well, but would recommend one Or-gun of tape of the Line more than a 3M. I possess both guns and a tape tends to take stuck in a dish of metal in a 3M gun or folds behind on he if you are not by train for the use strictly in the box. A tension in an Or-works of gun of the Line perfectly with this tape.
5 / 5 Genevive
A security of tucking a leaf was is sum but he difficult to cut a tape because calm always has to that push in a plastic that focus a tape to box or anything yours taping. They would owe that it has comprised it the characteristic to close for the maintain was
5 / 5 Shauna
This dispenser has the characteristic that pushes of the triple railing was when it apply the pressure to the plastic has bitten. Has has not had never subjects with cutting I with the dispenser of tape, as it wishes was the stationary brota in place of some these movements. Otherwise The good dispenser.
4 / 5 Verla
Has bought tape of mark of the name that thinks it would do better that a mark of tent the usually buy. This material was rigid, hard to do with and any rasgaría of the mine dispenser of tape easily. I have finalised to take the repayment because this material is absolute rubbishes . I will not be that it buys this mark again.
4 / 5 Brandee
Maintains to break before you have wanted that it cause to always look for A piece of final in a circle ... The waste of time except that is to regulate packing tape
4 / 5 Marquitta
sticking well, the mark sure takes to have that weighed for tasks to have those heavy as I am not sure this would resist on low cariche weighed (any meanings to or announced like such).

Top Customer Reviews: Scotch Painter's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 16 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia A perfect tape partorisca artists. It sticks well and it take well, without markings and any trace of glue in your paper. It is an excellent tape partorisca use especially when you are using paper of watercolour. Of the paper of watercolour can be expensive, ossia that use partorisca bordering. I trust this tape on all my paper of watercolour. This product has been shipped punctually based in his estimativa.
5 / 5
It was happy to find this on Amazon. Of the money of the tape of better masking can buy. If you have used this tape before at all more will do.
5 / 5
Not using partorisca the use feigned but utmost so that there is wanted to partorisca. A focuses fast to stick in elements of refrigerator. The chimes Was easily to wash containers. Excellent. Thank you.
5 / 5
Used this partorisca management of boss and very happy has decided to go with scotch then invisible tape, because of a relative force of a tape. General use scotch tape, exactly that would expect.
5 / 5
Ossia The very good product that you will not complain buying. I have used partorisca use a tape partorisca mask of Michael is that it cost more than east a. This in spite of, a quality that Scotch the shows of tape is better way. Shopping again sure. It recommends the artists those who require partorisca the art that does.
5 / 5
Easy to take, easy of rasgar, which more need to be said roughly masking tape?!
5 / 5
Any bad - good shot. Unfortunately it does not resist too well or too much long.
4 / 5
Any bad - treat well. Unfortunately it does not resist too well or too much long.
5 / 5
wow This tape is súper stiky a way the like my tape ;)
5 / 5
There where any surprise. It is tape and takings like wait. Arrived punctually
also. The tape is tape .
4 / 5
Has received, elder that expected, will estimate with which the utilisation
4 / 5
tape of Good masking in the reasonable prize ... It resists good but no too good ... Always it uses the name partorisca mark as well as Scotch ... To At all it likes having to that tape that takes the averages your drywall the coverage was or tape that maintains of point 2 minutes with which think his stuck on.
4 / 5
Uses this tape partorisca my stamping of metal. Has good clave and is decent thickness
4 / 5
This tape to mask is exactly as it has described. It does not leave residue when lame likes some of any mark of name. Any much more partorisca say. Value some extra pence.
4 / 5
Tape-tastic! Honradamente, have bought so only this reason have required something economic to take on a minimum of free nave. I guess it is sticky and whatnot? How it is everything well.
4 / 5
Is tape of good masking . It is quite strong so that it sticks likes has to that, but also quite feeble to not breaking wall. I used it to dip on some posters and a product in a wall was a lot of when lame (masking the tape is not the good idea for has painted wall in a first place like some feebler tapes is better).

Top Customer Reviews: Gorilla Heavy Duty ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 54 ratings
5 / 5 Kassie
Colour: Black Bought this tape partorisca attach some lights of sensor of solar motion to a backside of a house. Imagined that could be an alternative to drill holes in a siding. Also it can think of the pocolas other useful applications also.

Like this far like this good. They are very impressed. Has has there was quite included the plot to rain recently and some lights do not aim any sign to fall off. They are still firmly in place.
Hopefully This tape will last and can update this description down a line that still is that it goes strong.

Leaves of update 28th 2019:
These still are going strong. The winter there is at all in this band. I have been external to try if some sensors still firmly semi-detached and the boy never is! This tape is fantastic.
4 / 5 Gaylene
Colour: Black has bought the dashcam this is coming with some 3M tape partorisca stick to a windscreen in my car. Under a recent hot time, a 3M tape looks for having melted and has lost his grip. I have substituted a 3M tape with this tape of Gorilla to mount to have to that heavy, and looks to resist on very good was in a heat.

Has done the small deception when applying this tape and a dashcam is slightly tilted. Unfortunately, I have not been able to take a dashcam after applying this tape. I reassure me roughly a power of this tape this in spite of.

100 recommends, but be careful when calm apply it.
5 / 5 Kam
Colour: Black Based in a info resupplied, (will resist 30lbs), has bought the circle. Ossia The joke . I used it partorisca stick five 11x14 glassed frames of photos to the wall. During a first day was on, has begun the unpeel of a wall, and has taken a before it falls to a hard paving. Each frame there has been four 3' touches him of the tape has pressed vertically (for instructions) on to some rear corners. Everything surfaces clean, dry, and smooth. Some frames weigh roughly 1lb. Useless.
4 / 5 Katharyn
Colour: Black Ossia some strong tape. The only question has had was his force has not been a more adapted partorisca to to the cariche lateral likes them to them the tape would look partorisca resist firmly but over time according to a weight of an element is resisting up begins partorisca lose the adhesion approaches an upper portion of a tape. Another that this a tape I expsita the work adds partorisca cariche vertical and is suprisinly strong in this way. I create double sided the tapes in general am not a lot well with lateral load. In general you buy this again and is to good sure value of the money.
4 / 5 Bobette
Colour: Black has bought this partorisca use in another product (a guard of stove partorisca toddlers). The descriptions of a guard of stove has said partorisca fall off the plot partorisca people has bought like this this partorisca the ensure and law of boy! This saves is not exiting never thanks to this highland tape. My mamma has used also some partorisca stick his bomb of far heat (and chance) to a wall and that the creature is there partorisca good! I want that you can cut a tape to a measure esatta want to. HIGHLY it recommends that these products love sure material. But this is not something can take was easily likes to be really sure of where calm master prevails it calm ensure it.
4 / 5 Marleen
Colour: Black I honradamente does not comprise all some descriptions add. Ossia Supposition partorisca resist on 30lbs?! I bought it partorisca take the 1 lb cane of thin curtain partorisca resist firmly on the window of my door - hanged less than 1 LB! - A cane has blocked 12 hours later. I have then tried he with random objects so only partorisca kicks, and thinks the claves of tape regulate clear more than these materials done. It does not squander your money, buy another mark.
4 / 5 Renna
Colour: Black Sometimes estacas, sometimes he the no. has used the to stick the very small and light pinch cam to a windshield without regime . When A windshield has covered in a sun a cam would separate of a tape and transmission to your face while driving. A small dab of the clear silicone has resisted situates never of then. It has given a rest to the coworker partorisca resist the transponder to the his windshield and have a same question as I have done.
4 / 5 Rose
Colour: Black adds double sided tape. I am using it likes 3Of M material has not resisted. Like this far it looks partorisca do. Simple and effective. They like him take the things stuck and to the sinister seat partorisca the bit before trying. It is not sticking and unsticking the.

Partorisca A period of tape and price finds this partorisca be treat adds. I will buy more in a future.
4 / 5 Maia
Colour: Black In of the small applications his abonos, otherwise the are not sper has impressed. Neither it resists up it heats at all as it does not use partorisca adhere to an oven or cup of stove or where his prjimo to radiant heat. Also a paper that retreated is LIKE THIS LAST to take. Any practical when you are looking for to avert that it touches an adhesive part. In general any one my favourite product. His well but no those surprised or anything. Perhaps another will have resulted better with different applications.
5 / 5 Bart
Colour: Black A bit goes the long way. Using this tape partorisca resist on some products in my office of then can not do holes in a wall. It is been almost two month and still is that they resist on any question. This in spite of, need to do sure anything is by train to use it on is perfectly flat.
5 / 5 Connie
A bit it goes the long way. Using this tape partorisca resist on some products in my office of then can not do holes in a wall. It is been almost two month and still is that they resist on any question. This in spite of, need to do sure anything is by train to use it on is perfectly flat.
5 / 5 Janiece
The gorilla a better of material. I have ordered scotch tape before and so only does not give me a grip has required. Incident to a material trace and start. While a tape of gorilla would be a complete opposite. He any one has included budge when the tone. If calm never tape of the need or the glue always go with gorilla.
5 / 5 Florentino
Has ordered is while it installs my bar of power under my office without drilling and screwing hinges. A weight of bar 2lbs and a tape has not resisted at all.

Are a lot disappointed and a lot does not risk using this tape never again.

Also gone back a remaining tape but I still have not taken the repayment.

Neither can find a key to sustain to contact support.
5 / 5 Soraya
Has attached the plastic device to the forest that use roughly 4' of some materials and some worlds of tape were before a pos the plastic device begins to break.
Light-years at the head of some double-sided scotch tape. This in spite of, $ 10 is slightly on-priced for a value has perceived am finding. They are happy this in spite of and is the new staple around a house ossia forsure. I suggest it to a common handy-man.
4 / 5 Violeta
The element adds. To good sure overkill so that it has used this partorisca, but warn that cure! The tape is very strong! You trace 2 hide-the PS4 mountains of controllers against a wall. It does not think a tape and mountains never budge or is exited.
5 / 5 Cyndy
Has followed everything of some directions and there is hanged the 5 goes he of wall of book sconce. You look ensured to a wall like this the light a sail. 8 hours later a sconce has there was detached of a wall and has them wax during a wall, walk and pieces of furniture. It does not recommend this product, unless that is hanging is not breakable. One paints a lot included exits a wall when he detached.
4 / 5 Penni
Has had the free reflector in some forks at the head of the mine harley. I have loved it ensures without fear of the lose in a street.... As I have purchased this tape with my toes has crossed. This Sht works. It is strong and súper adhesive. Any fear of advance of failure.
5 / 5 Thalia
Would not recommend this tape because it can not resist the simple arises protective under my office. It maintains to come free and one arises protective fallen and taken all some bosses the ees has directed with him that creates the integer another disorder that has to that. 'Controls until 30 lbs', thats the cup 10 animates treachery.
4 / 5 Dann
Is probably state expecting more out of an adhesive tape, but does not resist that I have required to resist, as I have gone instead with some industrial glue of a tent of hardware.

The closing has his uses, easy to apply, light, and practical.
5 / 5 Karl
Like this for a vendor, declares that it is a better. This in spite of has followed them some instructions this in spite of does not act . Any sure if this was the -was produced that has come from/come from a line and has been the mine has sent. It wins to take the substitution otherwise has based in my experience, is the waste of money (for me).
4 / 5 Robbyn
This material is stronger that has expected, but are peasantly has surprised. PLEASE BE SURE to know exactly where love your element is trace , as without an adhesive stir, this will be very difficult to take. Ossia The thing adds , this in spite of. To good sure buy again.
4 / 5 Lakeisha
Was very surprised, this has stuck like this bad that it was useless to locate something light in mine pinch.
Was like this disappointed is returned in fact and has bought the different mark that has done.
Perhaps has taken the bad or old product .....
5 / 5 Ladonna
Has tried use the to attach car emblems the bodywork - is exited after the short while. If you want to something concealed done a labour legislation, goes to the tent of car organism and ask quell'use. They will say calm - is more expensive, but he that alleges partorisca do. Produced for 3M partorisca a purpose.
5 / 5 Miranda
Has not done in my wall painted partorisca mountain (pulled pff a wall yikes!)But in a trim around my cupboard I installed to close and surprised of rests! Also used partorisca bars partorisca be able to down my office and has not moved! Have to that see that it spends once I need partorisca take but like this far like this good!
4 / 5 Milford
Has purchased this partorisca resist on the bar of knife of forest with 8 knives of cookery on that. Has has followed instructions in a container partorisca the application and am very satisfied with him. With which 2 weeks a bar of knife is like this directly to the equal that was a first day and tip any sign of weakness. Good product.
4 / 5 Silvia
Has taken this tape he awhile behind and been using it on a lot of applications. A spent protective is really hard to peel was without other tools. A glue is a lot of inconsistent. A glue does not look partorisca do too much very partorisca car boxes or the smooth surfaces like a description have said.
In general some frames of prizes on partorisca he. It is stronger that any another duplicates sided the tape has used. So only a spent protective is really hard to leave.
4 / 5 Davida
Has taken that have paid partorisca, and arrive punctually. At present it is that it resists on the bar of power to a underside of my office, and the only time will say if this tape will resist. It is very inner some limits of weights, as you see this description and I still did not update it, means a tape still is in resistant strong.
5 / 5 Renay
This material is very durable. I used it partorisca locate mine headphone amp to a left of my office of computer. Result have locate the slightly crooked, and have the very difficult time that takes it behind has been partorisca correct. You are going partorisca want to take it well a first time partorisca a less quantity of hassle.
5 / 5 Jacqulyn
Ossia The very strong tape that is resisting together things other double-sided the tapes could the no. But I used it so only on done the month in the so many will see that well an adhesion is over time... Like this far I am pleased.
5 / 5 Margrett
Can any partorisca a life of me takes a piece in a 2nd side partorisca expose a sticky part. It looks partorisca love attractive of an adhesive discharge together with a protective discharge. Has 3M ossia much easier to use.
5 / 5 Terra
One of some better products has has not bought never. Required partorisca install the few things in a house. Done an easy work and quickly. Highly recommended. The delivery was swift like usual.
5 / 5 Alden
A circle of the tape arrived in mandate very short, and has used he in the places of the pair where has been unable to take another adhesives partorisca stick reliably.
Is really easy to use, sticks a lot well, and no the disorder. It stands up to a name of Gorilla.
5 / 5 Carmel
This material probably does quite a lot ensuring slowly material to another material plan, but his to any one like him to him the outlines or the corners. Tried to locate my lip of trunk spoiler without regime at all. Any included stick to a base of a spoiler, has left so only stick a spoiler to a trunk.
4 / 5 Jeane
Has used this to hang some lights of external motion and has been legustado and snowed on this in spite of when being better pair sided tape in a phase
4 / 5 Vanna
Amazing material. As Has I gone like this long without east in my life? Utilisation this material for my builds of computers, good material. I used it even to attach my antenna to start with of the mandate to the mine windshield, is stuck still after all a heat of state!
4 / 5 Juan
Seldom that leaves to 1 description of star, but this produces the merit. It does not stick at all! Taken the to sustain my light Band DIRECTED for behind my television - can the a lot of included resist a band- entirely useless.
4 / 5 Roxie
Amazing little produced that maintains material in my office of PC when gaming.

Does of only question to well :P and sometimes last to take that we taped.. So only gone softly and the question has solved.

But ossia the MUST .
4 / 5 Kaitlin
This has not been a better product. Bought the and is like this small I a lot any one was such the small circle . Neither works as well as I have thought. The glue Of gorilla resists to the strongest plot that this product of has .
4 / 5 Charlyn

The element does not act. Alleged 30 lbs, but could not resist the few knives up after the few months. It has not done for me. In fact, any element of gorilla not having never. Too late to return.
5 / 5 Sonia
Has used to locate mine yi mine of external camera underside of eavestrough. Any last 24 hours before a camera was fallen off and now has to that big dent. For a way has followed some instructions.
4 / 5 Lizabeth
It was having the question that takes the joint partorisca pinch cam partorisca stick to a windshield, as I have tried this tape. Complete success! This in spite of, can any never be able to take a camera was...........
The tape adds. Functions as it has announced.
5 / 5 Taunya
Would recommend produced of Gorilla to any one. We have used this tape and his duct tape and is very happy with some results. To good sure recommend this product!
5 / 5 Sherley
Súper Strong control. I have used two pieces of of the east partorisca resist my camera of security, in planting to drill our walls. It has been that resists 3lb camera in place partorisca a past 3 month. Mark sure partorisca clean a surface with rubbing first alcohol to apply a tape.
4 / 5 Madelaine
Has opened a first box and a tape was opened already. It looks any one was returned an old one and they have tried the repackage that. They are sure some works of good tape but when you order something calm expect it partorisca look in a pertinent packaging undamaged. The part of some instructions is lined up.. I do not require him his just odd mine.
4 / 5 Vickie
Bought it the mine stuck can behind to a backside of the mine nightstand. It remains on quite well although material for the take has been was the nightmare
5 / 5 Antonetta
Ossia material REALLY sticky . Ordered this one of then was out of another sticky tape with red protective'.

Happy with some results and will require to try the in automotive trim to compare he with another...
4 / 5 Dagmar
Has tried this in my truck to stick my brake of trailer to a pinch - hanged the pocolas ounces- is fallen off constantly, I clesned a pinch and has tried again any regime. I have tried he in mine trailer and he have not stuck there neither. Useless
5 / 5 Velia
has bought this tape because my bar of power for my TV/of computer would not remain in a wall with some economic material has taken of wallMart, anyways once is gone in my bar to be able to has has not fallen once stuck on there so only a way loves it, has had this tape for 3 weeks now
5 / 5 Carlotta
This material is strong! I dipped it/ I dipped It on a backside of the bar of power in my box of tool like this the does not have to that of the holes to hammer launched that. It has Dipped 2 , 3 pieces of thumb in a backside of a bar to be able to and pressed for 30 dry and boom.. It thinks a control of one beats of the tape was last a box of tool.
4 / 5 Delmy
An excellent product. I have used this to locate the blind cellular type in a frame of window. It looks a lot sure and controls without any empty.
5 / 5 Mirna
At all bad to say in of the this. For a prize, takings the plot of pair sided tape to touch with. It sticks quite enough for a lot of uses.

Happy with cost of mine !
4 / 5 Pierre
Amazing material. As Has I gone like this long without east in my life? Utilisation this material for my builds of computers, good material. I used it included to attach my antenna to start with of the mandate to the mine windshield, is stuck still after all a heat of state!
5 / 5 Krystle
Used partorisca locate my yi external camera my underside of eavestrough. Any last 24 first hours of a camera was fallen off and now has the big dent. For a way has followed some instructions.
5 / 5 Booker
Was having the question that takes the joint partorisca pinch cam partorisca stick to a windshield, as I have tried this tape. Complete success! This in spite of, can any never be able to take a camera was...........
The tape adds. Functions as it has announced.

Top Customer Reviews: 3M Duct Tape - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5 Marivel
Utilisation this produced the things of together tape. Duh. It can not speak of a longevity of him so that lame 10yrs partorisca use it everything up. Has the a lot of one.
4 / 5 Annett
Is duct tape, which more can one says roughly that?
4 / 5 Carin
is well. Usually it buys the strong extra gorilla, which is better that this one.
4 / 5 Joanna
Is well. Usually it buys the strong extra gorilla, which is better that this one.

Top Customer Reviews: Gorilla Tape ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Brooke
The cost has checked Fast Description:
This material does not cease never partorisca surprise me.
Has used this material partorisca so many different things can very included maintain clue of him everything.
Sticks to almost or rough surfaces, can concern less.
A backing (external shell) is quite hard and will take enough any time.
Rasga A lot easily without a need for any tools.
Likes that ossia the bit surrounds smaller in 1 thumb for 30 feet still take abundance for your 3 bucks.
Maintenances an of these in my car, one in home, and one in ours trailer also.
All the world would owe that have the circle or two manually.
Recommends sure!
4 / 5 Kandis
The cost checked Partorisca of the times need the tape with adhesion adds, 'Gorilla' is a mark partorisca choose. A better election that regulates 'duct tape', but realistically, some products are drawn partorisca different purposes. The adhesion of gorilla is like this utmost, my suggestion is partorisca use he partorisca this precise time something partorisca remain tuck', as some ads of television of the Gorilla, show. This is not the 'general purpose' tape, is specialised more than concealed. I produce it adds. Highly recommended with one comprising of a force of an adhesion is taken the account.
4 / 5 Pok
The cost has checked is like this strongly bonded that has question rasgando the out of a circle in a first place. It is gone through a test of my cats gnawing in some separates I taped, and have resisted like this far. Recommend this product!

Update 7/18/2018: A bond is strong, but when used in the thin cord like opposed to the thickness a, looks partorisca untangle after the moment. Still it likes to of me, and you recommend it, but so only partorisca the fattest cords.
5 / 5 Shenna
The cost has verified has loved some external gorilla duct tape to resist the boss that goes of the mine pinch of mirror of the description cam, under my pinch and by means of the accessory outlet in my car. There is the small recess under my pinch that access a boss perfectly. The economic tape that has spent this recess is exited down the year.

Has think that this tape would be perfect. I have not paid quite a lot of attention. It is roughly 1/2 to 1/3 a width of normal duct tape, and is the tiny little circle. I have had to that use four long band taped to the each one like this another to take a width has required. An adhesion looks good but will not be able to say for the year yes is better that an economic tape.

Need thinner duct tape, and any a lot of the, this will do well, but the need regulates duct tape this is not that it is looking for.
5 / 5 Marcell
The cost has checked is to good sure stronger that rule duct tape, and no rasga quite like this easily like this duct tape ( has to that probably scissors to use to avert frustration). I have used he for the variety of things... It likes to maintain the decoration of car grille of the mine promised in place, ensuring a boss of our basin to some pieces of boss, covering some stains of bleach in the trousers of the mine promised (I knows, touches ridiculous but is spent!). It likes that it is not like this of the width likes measured to regulate duct tape. They are quite sure can find more uses thus tape.
5 / 5 Nellie
The cost has verified made a mistake of not reading a description of product before buying. I see another active already posted in a small measure of a circle. Never I have known even that duct the tape is gone in small circles . It conceal it is not necessarily the negative because I can see me taking this in the z/in the rucksack in the hike been due to is light weight but is not a look of fantastic shot - same tape, same circle, same price in Canadian Wheel.
4 / 5 Brad
The cost has verified Each house would owe that have pair of these in all the measures!! My girls' the hule has fallen open cracks, has washed a place that reparation of need with alcohol, apply a tape and he so only works, extends a life of boots, tools, bosses, any one describes that protects of need against dings, scratches, the appoint, this tape is a helluva blessing partorisca have around. The things can repair with him or patch it on until it does more serious can be done. Plumbing, Cochera, workshop, goes partorisca begin stock piling this gem, is absolute necessity partorisca have around...
5 / 5 Gail
The cost has checked Well will owe that be sincere half of of the this my failure and average of his dud advertising, reason 2 of some 4 pictures aim a tape that is the plenary sized circle of duct tape. Where Like this in a view lateralmente is in small impression of him so only when being 1 circle of thumb.. Enough deceiving. Reason have added 2 of these add in of the elements in the little in the each one this in spite of like this can him take locally on sale partorisca a full circle in this price. Unfortunately I will be partorisca read a fine impression next time.
5 / 5 Daysi
The cost verified has expected this tape partorisca be stickier, but in the tent of recent project of dollar expsito duct tape partorisca have better adhesion. They were in a same price partorisca a same period but a tape of the tent of the dollar was wider. I have purchased this tape like an Amazon adds on. It anticipates a tape of gorilla will have better durability because it is heavy more, but the time will say. At present it is doing a work.
4 / 5 Paz
The cost has verified Always there is a bit duct the handy tape. East compresses 'To-Go' the circle is one of some better elections partorisca slender duct tape that can use you to patch on small holes, tears, and anything needs fixed. A glue is strong and the stays have stuck. I patched The small hole in the tarp with the pair the small pieces and is still on there and strong after being exposed to Ontario external elements partorisca months..
4 / 5 Ruben
That any east resists near?
Has been using produced of mark of the Gorilla of the his inception and swear thus tape.

A thing that would have to is that no extracted well when in contact with moisture, after the short while he unstick to the moist surface.

Has used more like a glue in of the elements of dry/sakes.
4 / 5 Lyndon
Has purchased this tape to the equal that was compact and would return easily in the band partorisca travel it partorisca camp. A measure was perfect! I have seen tape of Gorilla in of the first tents, but has not purchased never. During my travesía, has finalised partorisca use the bit of tape and was very impressed with a tape. It is extremely sticky, is strong, and does not leave the residue when it takes.

Highly recommend produced of tape of the Gorilla and to good sure will purchase more (a circle of full measure!)
4 / 5 Letha
Ossia Like this to 1 wide thumb duct tape but much stronger that duct tape. It resists well I under wet conditions for the long time. I have had taped something in my shower and he still will not leave to go like this does exactly to the equal that has described. The quality comes with the prize this in spite of. I have found this small circle to be pricey. The main circles with more the courses of tape are likely to improve them buy but need the small 1 thumb wide tape that control quickly, ossia a one wants to.
4 / 5 Winnifred
This tape of Gorilla is a shiznit. I have used a whole circle that builds the hand-held grip for my clave to walk and the pocolas other things. A circle is not enormous but well one $ 4 in my opinion. It has bought already my second circle. Good and hard material. My clave to walk is now officially pimped was and is because of this tape of mark of the Gorilla. I can dip my weight in a grip and a tape resists strong and some. The good cost for one adds on element.
4 / 5 Twanna
Is very durable and extremely fat (for tape) but has been that exits a wall and when it leaves the film that will not exit , any subject like hard I thicket. I will owe sand and repaint. So only it can be a surface is not a More adds them thus particular tape.
4 / 5 Lakeshia
Ossia A better tape to have around. It is incredible a number of stuffs has been able to fix with this tape. Usually any for a wheel the year. Always have one in my rucksack.
5 / 5 Jame
Tired of duct the short durability of the tape and sticky disorder afterwards.

Has seen gorilla the one who useful the tape was in the video and decided to give comes from it.

Hoyo rusted small in tank of bath spotted. Plugged. 6 month after, still is that it resists up!
4 / 5 Thersa
Quite one the majority of powerful duct tape of the type of the tape has has not used never. Years later this tape still resists strong. It takes muscle to pull it was with which solves.

This tape this wide plus to the equal that takes a pertinent width. It take a thin class like this behind until camp.
4 / 5 Cyril
Has broken a lid the band of cat feeds & a box of discharge has broken a same week to the equal that have ordered a Tape of Gorilla the-Aller and both have is fijamente and feel strong that before I broke him. A cat in fact chairs in a lid of container now while the mealtime.
5 / 5 Ella
Excellent and durable adhesion the the interior like the the outside. So only that Looks the Photo when I have bought produces has thought that bought one turns of 3 thumbs of width and any 1 thumb. It fails a lot of bed and no proud only L the photo.
4 / 5 Celine
Utilisation he in outside to the games of garden partorisca do maintains partorisca give installations of treillis and this paste, this resists to the water.... That asks Of better. It is much less Big of his another... But it maintains 3 strong times...
4 / 5 Lashawnda
Use everywhere around a house of basic fixing poles partorisca add on on a tape of @fontanero of the hule partorisca fix that it filters the strongest pipes adds on in a cup... Inferior line: good product partorisca have around a need of house stonger tape partorisca fix or add on until maintaining stonger bond/of control. It have to that has yes you handy man
5 / 5 Paul
is five star but has estimated the five star a prize could locate, whichwould the fact four star. In fact, a tape shrinks over time and leave the gummy flange .. As I guess it is not five star .. But there is at all better.
5 / 5 Laticia
The tape adds, ossia the handy sized circle that can take you with you if you are backpacking or hiking by means of a forest and wants to something incase precise reparation the tarp or poncho. Probably mend the cloths or the stock exchange also yes have required to temporairly
4 / 5 Suzi
the works likes them feigned, this in spite of remarked them with of big levels of the finally free heat his grip. It averts of this tape of good quality.
4 / 5 Cleora
Has bought this to resist the very light piece of plastic to another piece but this doesnt control also like duct tape. The commercial frames looks his best that another but touch the lie.
4 / 5 Clementine
I Gorilla of tape of amour, edges this description could be the bit biased...;) An add all-around tape for the quickly fix, sticking the together material (in the @@subject his sticky and gummy that duct tape). I have fixed carboard boxes, the fast boss on, fastened poles to store, the tears read have repaired, etc.
4 / 5 Tona
fast Delivery and produced Of quality. I have used this same Writing of tape the games of hard year to repair my provisional discharge and in spite of frying of Quebec his reparations maintain always.
5 / 5 Sixta
Loves this material. It is like this handy to have around and in fact uses it quite often. You will find when calm will find them to him all the classes of odd works can be useful for
5 / 5 Simon
this material is like this sticky and strong. Prize of prize for the product of prize. Better to use tape of economic duck for all another material. The critical applications use a material of gorilla; a vinyl is fatter.
5 / 5 Tamica
I produce it adds, how it is other Tapes of Gorilla. It uses these to animal-inforce my tarps when adding more grommets like done the relief partorisca stress adds in a grommet pierce and very durable/
4 / 5 Jan
Ossia my must -have tape in travesías of bicycle! The durability adds. An only downside is that it takes gooey and free in of the big temperatures, like those calm apply it. But solid in general.
5 / 5 Brinda
I always Tape of Gorilla of the amour, work like this very compared to Duct Tape in of the freezing temperatures. And here in North Ontario taking to -40 and go down each winter.
4 / 5 Veronika
Not going partorisca leave the big description but leave plant the one of in this way need fix anything with tape, ossia your plus has fried. I have directed partorisca fix mine vacuum hose with him. A vacuum is practically new now after this tape
4 / 5 Karleen
Well has seen some ads in television, has required the glue some expensive elements and has thought I wasteful on tape of Gorilla. It is excellent. Asking if I do not owe it never take yes concealed can be done, but for now is perfect.
4 / 5 Sterling
Súper Strong tape. Some looks of circle almost like this fat like regulating one. They are quite sure has had you saw it and the addiction, can so only cut an original measure to 4 thinner some ( A measure of this circle) and save the little bucks.
5 / 5 Bernie
Has has not bought never this tape before because of a prize, but has seen them this for the dollar and required to see if some lives of tape until a hype. My god no never to better plot that other tapes there
4 / 5 Syreeta
Súper tape but beware like this is the band of travesía and very small in measure. Taken was the guard but a tape is good and a prize was a lot.
4 / 5 Frederica
This tape among boss when you are in the travesía to camp and need the tape something near. Calm does not need it scissor to cut a tape. Easily it can be tear with your hand.
4 / 5 Soon
This Gorilla of tape is some terrific there is solidifier a carpet gaxon balcony of mine of the sud with this tape and that rain, nieva
the hides embezzle in place and no stacca easily. Súper!!!!!
4 / 5 Eloy
Material adds. Used on a last circle as it was súper useful. The measure adds partorisca have in a car or stock exchange of work. Strong durable tape that control quickly.
4 / 5 Kayleen
Seriously ,,,, One adds everywhere tape. A lot sticky,,,No too piece,,,,and to to a better course likes is of one 'tear of the band' with just your toes,,,,any scissors partorisca go and find. It enjoys.
5 / 5 Edmundo
Good but has not done a lot well when used in an interior of my hard chance panniers in mine BMW motorcycle. A heat and cold of the night partorisca time of the day done these panniers sweat with the bit of condensation. A tape a lot well in of the drops of humid conditions.
4 / 5 Janae
This tape of gorilla is the must has partorisca any one is box of emergency ! It is very very better that Duct Tape. Also highly it recommends to camp! It is a lot late partorisca spend. It resists on well in a rain.
4 / 5 Phoebe
Gorrilla The tape is the Duct Tape that the map is the kleenex. It is sturdier and is covered with upper glue. If it was not like this expensive would abandon Duct Tape altogether (so that I can find the smallest applications and of the minors today looks).
5 / 5 Mollie
I bad--these stages of to mark likes is something special, but in of the terms of his force and adhesion, sees at all partorisca write home roughly. It is this a lot of a upgrade on tent of dollar duct tape ?
4 / 5 Lakita
Is a better tape there, delivery down. So only surprised in a measure of a circle and the one who more tightened is.
5 / 5 Isabelle
Has used this partorisca reinforce the wheeled the storm of dirty clothes that would come partorisca avert while it was moved while loaded; it has resisted on adding, better that has expected.
5 / 5 Lenny
Exactly to the equal that has declared. Prize and good quality. Happy with thickness. Well partorisca small works.
4 / 5 Augustine
A lot of fat with small clave. Works well when wrapped but 4× a bulk of tram the one who read well when wrapped. They are sure I will find the purpose partorisca he

Top Customer Reviews: Scotch Multi-Use ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 32 ratings
3 / 5 Aiko
I have not gone too impressed by this duct tape. A edging is sticky like any drawer has dipped he in sticks to partorisca surround objects-- I so only found the annoying when it try to cut the. An adhesion and the durability has not been in a level has looked for. It was happier with duct the tape has purchased for 3M. I suppose that it is partorisca lighter that projects a work, otherwise would suggest partorisca go for the different mark.
5 / 5 Estefana
Scotch Fines-Use Duct Tape, in x 45 yd, 1 Circle (1145-AF-12)is an only mark I use because of adhesiveness, durability and more than value of entity of the mine for money!! I usually maintenances two handy circles never know when calm the precise!! Scotch Fines-Use Duct the tape is an only one will use!
5 / 5 Fredia
Enough any tent or the house can use this tape for projects or of the reparations.

Quite strong for more than works and better that using plastic tape or masking when subject/of coverage of the measure.
5 / 5 Frankie
3M partorisca use and mark really strong more economic when the tear leaves ragged edges but a 3M is good and cleaned.unla The quantity of tape takes partorisca a price in the amazon is very competitive with in tape of purpose of the tent.
1 / 5 Nidia
It goes to a tent of dollar, will take a same quality of product. This tape is fallen off ALL has looked for to use the on. I have thought partorisca buy Scotch the mark would be a better, BAD
3 / 5 Shayne
The product adheres a lot well. My subject is a tape is very thin (slightly thinker that packing tape) like the fact bit it hard to manage like this wants to adhere his.
5 / 5 Danille
The mark adds spent this no an economic material ... You will complain partorisca use a material of economy if yours that uses it anywhere that in fact remain require on.
1 / 5 Elizebeth
Works as it has expected. It would like more stickiness but is of comparable or better that other frames have tried.
1 / 5 Arden
This duct the tape is rubbishes , calms the favour and spend the few extra dollars and improve material. This so only does not stick to anything well
5 / 5 Karol
It is exactly that would expect. Hard and good claves.
5 / 5 Roderick
I have not remarked until now that I have not been sent a Scotch frames duct the tape has ordered; it is 3M. And it is terrible quality (which is surprising partorisca 3M)... When Tentativa tear of pieces, rasga a wrong way. Have So only has does not have to that never question before without Mark partorisca Appoint duct tapes. If orders this, control a legislation an east has sent yours!
4 / 5 Laquanda
Has not gone too impressed by this duct tape. A edging is sticky like any drawer has dipped he in sticks to partorisca surround objects-- I so only found the annoying when it try to cut the. An adhesion and the durability has not been in a level has looked for. It was happier with duct the tape has purchased for 3M. I suppose that it is partorisca lighter that projects a work, otherwise would suggest partorisca go for the different mark.
5 / 5 Bernita
Scotch Fine-Use Duct Tape, in x 45 yd, 1 Circle (1145-AF-12)is an only mark I use because of adhesiveness, durability and more than value of entity of the mine for money!! I usually maintenances two handy circles never know when calm the precise!! Scotch Fines-Use Duct the tape is an only one will use!
5 / 5 Carly
Quite any tent or the house can use this tape for projects or of the reparations.

Quite strong for more than works and better that using plastic tape or masking when @@subject/of coverage of the measure.
4 / 5 Pilar
3M to use and mark really strong more economic when the tear leaves ragged edges but a 3M is good and cleaned.unla The quantity of tape takes for a prize in the amazon is very competitive with in tape of purpose of the tent.
4 / 5 Ada
The mark adds spent this no an economic material ... You will complain to use a material of economy if yours that uses it anywhere that in fact rests require on.
4 / 5 Seymour
Goes to a tent of dollar, will take a same quality of product. This tape is fallen off ALL has looked for to use the on. I have thought to buy Scotch the mark would be a better, BAD
5 / 5 Charolette
A prize is little more the one who has seen them in a tent. And the adhesion is likes like this so much. It has attached the boss with him but some part of him falls off.
4 / 5 Tomoko
No that fatter or more add duct tape. Well for lighter that works. Good value
4 / 5 Dulcie
This duct the tape is rubbishes , calms the favour and spend the few extra dollars and improve material. This so only does not stick to anything a lot of
5 / 5 Eugenie
is exactly that would expect. Hard and good claves.
4 / 5 Willard
Much thinner then normal duct tape. Really I am missing his horrible smell also.
5 / 5 Bobbi
Does not stick like real duct tape. It peels it Was. Very disappointing
4 / 5 Yasmin
Strong, durable, easy of rasgar of a circle with your hands.
5 / 5 Opal
According to timing that shabby. The value adds and the must partorisca each toolbox!
4 / 5 Maragret
This tape does not have any clave, literally falls vertical surfaces I taped the to. The worse tape has not used never, entirely useless.
4 / 5 Rebbecca
BIG circle, the plot less then in some tents. Quality and utmost prize
4 / 5 Eryn
sticks well, waaaaaaaaaaaay better that produced of tent of the dollar
4 / 5 Hubert
Some works of tape decently, but is not like this strong as it would have liked him partorisca be.
4 / 5 Yuko
Seriously is duct tape. They are Canadian like master this material.
5 / 5 Demetrius
Strong industrial tape.... Has not founding better partorisca a prize
4 / 5 Adelina
I class of envisioned having something fat, darkness, and strong likes tape of gorilla; but more economic. Especially dark, of then has wanted to use it the maintained my windows that is covered for foil of has beaten. -- Thus purpose, is the little ash of bit and transparent-ishhh, and leaves in light still. As I have not been impressed. But it sticks, and of then they are when using on some windows/of wall, does not look for likes it will leave the mark (has not tried has been this in spite of) But a power to the estaca is not resembled 'once estacas, he NEVERRRR has left you goooo'. It is almost he likes level of mask of tape; but the pocola sticker of has bitten that it conceal.

On everything, goes likes the plus of good, plastic, level to mask tape. Any deep dark duct tape that has expected paralizaciones.

Top Customer Reviews: ScotchBlue Original ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 22 ratings
5 / 5 Conchita
Good claves but leaves any one any chime were produced likes some mark some economic plus or bleeds.un the blue looks is main quality that a green version, looks partorisca be fatter and easier that apply.
4 / 5 Arminda
This tape is quite awesome, mainly because when peeling he in an end of a work, exits like this easily!! It was impressed like this for that. To good sure buy it again.
5 / 5 Regan
Has has wanted to something to use to mask that has had it down tack while not leaving bleed-by means of. This does well.
5 / 5 Dania
Uses this the tape my stock exchanges of comic do after 5 stars thus purpose
5 / 5 Junior
has Done the good work. Adhered well. It is exited a circle smoothly.
5 / 5 Mitch
Claves of tape of the good painters but leaves a lot not peeling was to the products like him to him some mark some economic plus or bleeds.
5 / 5 Lynetta
Still looking for tape of painters that any bleed... This was better that a cheeper green tape, but has had still some something that bleed the little :/
5 / 5 Lynn
ScotchBlue Works of Tape of the good painters partorisca me partorisca seal holes in some slats that accesses my door of sliding balcony when using my laptop AC
5 / 5 Michele
has has wanted to something partorisca use to mask that there has been it down tack while not leaving bleed-by means of. This does well.
4 / 5 Florentina
claves of tape of the good painters but leaves a lot not peeling was to the products like him to him some mark some economic plus or bleeds.
5 / 5 Bebe
It has done the good work. Adhered well. It is exited a circle smoothly.
5 / 5 Luise
To the equal that has described! Utilisation he partorisca 3D press and there is not a lot of @@subject with adhesion.
4 / 5 Liane
Any sticky when slightly warm, another that that has been a lot of
5 / 5 Nakisha
is Scotch Tape. At all but the good description of me
5 / 5 Lizzie
Bad stock. Bought 10 circles and one is terrible. It can not peel a tape of a circle without rasgar the small pieces. I prefer Nashua or diverse 3m frames.
5 / 5 Nelida
Still good works 3d press PLA with has not heated-read.
5 / 5 Chae
Definitively a lot of effective hips That he FrogTape.
To good sure a lot like this very like this FrogTape.
4 / 5 Adriana
Well, perfect Straight Lines, but sometimes rasga a paper the little has bitten.😅 Still it loves the this in spite of!!!
4 / 5 Joey
Blue is a colour of favourite tape in a morning when I locate
5 / 5 Dara
First time that buys this on-line element but no a first time that use this product. Excellent tape - has used he partorisca paint and peel of a wall without leaving any residue. The tape was also think enough and adhere well to a wall that paints it has not taken for behind the.
5 / 5 Dania
Am using this to run the boss by means of my ceiling, and he a work.
5 / 5 Junior
Has done well for me. If you are using the lustrous product, can stimulate some sections.

Top Customer Reviews: ScotchBlue ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 28 ratings
5 / 5 Denita
It sees used this tape in a past and has thought was excellent. Reordered Again of the amazon but this time have had several subjects. A wheel has maintained to peel is gone in small slivers. It was entirely useless and has has had to that the launcher.

Some other two circles didnt have this @@subject but has had too sticking force. It paints peeled was everywhere. I have comprised the picture of a worse zone but he also have created something tiny numerous also. I have been forced the repaint that time lateralmente and money because this tape wasn t until levels.

Has contacted 3M in March and has ensured his repayment me my money with the good. It has not received Never anything. Contacted time them of as and a lot included take the response. It results his service of client is like this bad like his products
4 / 5 Katheryn
Ossia a right tape uses the tape in yours 3D printer reads hot. It is good and width, like this calm does not have to that dipped down like a lot of band. The impressions adhere better to this that to any-appoint idea of blue masking reason. A hard circle the long time, likes the side for the impression is quite down, compared to the product of alone discharge With the alone discharge, if you gouge he, need to substitute a whole thing. If I gouge this tape to mask, especially when it is still quite new, I just transmission out of a band has broken. Also, I seldom transmission out of some band in a flange of my table (330 x 330 mm), as I seldom things of impression that big. So many, again, a tape is better value for the second reason. It is hard to find locally, especially in this width, as all our local hardware the look of tents to having exited of Scotch produced for some another mark I never listened of. Happy to be able to take this on Amazon!
4 / 5 Eura
Has bought this for a bed of mine 3D printer based in that I has read and has a lot of fact well. Utilisation with the bed has heated PLA printed in 60 terracings and has not had any subjects of adhesion. It is also quite wide that I didnt has to that use too much band in a bed
4 / 5 Natasha
uses this tape for the variety of applications in mine little subject to sew, likes to resist the crests and another apply to situate on skin (and anywhere can not use pins) previously the stitching, as it does not leave the residue and is easy to take, but has control quite a lot can. I also uses for provisional measuring and the cutting managers have dipped down in mine worktable when precise to manually cut wry crinoline hems, to good sure saves time and does not leave stickiness when it takes.
5 / 5 Pearl
Is more economic that buy on Amazon that any retail tent. Utilisation this tape for works to paint but also use it to fix something provisional. He doesnt leave the sticky residue and does not leave tape of calm mark of different duck like utilisation this thickness around a house :D
5 / 5 Chaya
uses this mainly for 3D printing read. It adheres well, has acute flanges abonos, and some impressions a lot usually impulse of a bed like another tape. This tape is the must has for him has not heated beds IMO!
4 / 5 Gricelda
Has learnt my lesson the few years does: economic swipe-of the tape of painters SUCKS. The economic material often rasga when you try the appeal was a circle , and does not stick properly. THIS tape this in spite of is a real shot . And side that .
5 / 5 Winston
Using he to paint wall, protecting the parts are sanding/cutting, and for 3D prints adhesion of bed. Any question with all three purpose, as this takes the solid 5 out of 5
4 / 5 Tarra
For once, was in fact value the to buy a mark-material of name more than some random knockoff. These works of tape very better that is competitor more economic .
4 / 5 Katelyn
Has used he for a bed in mine Monoprice Select Mini 3D printer. Works awesome
Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer with Stuffing to Build Heated, Comprises Micro SD Paper and Sample PLA Filament - 115365
5 / 5 Jasper
The works add in 3D basic printer. Included if more the adhesion to a part is required (like partorisca ABS), use the little clave of adhesive also.
4 / 5 Zella
With this tape in yours 3d law of impression, the things will stick strongly when you print and be easy to take when you are done. Ideal partorisca first complex discharges.
4 / 5 Leonor
More economic in tent of hardware but hoarse partorisca find with this width like this this one is really perfect partorisca 3d law partorisca print
4 / 5 Renate
tape of Fantastic painters. Always good to have the circle or two manually so that has tonnes of uses partorisca tape of painters.
4 / 5 Emeline
Ossia Way too much strong partorisca tape of painters, he always rasgado of a product has been stuck to that really undone a purpose of this product. Stick to a green material in your local orange box
4 / 5 Federico
Partorisca some reason this tape peeled of a product in mine another wall when the plunder??
4 / 5 Ninfa
The work adds partorisca my bed heated in mine 3D printer. (monoprice)
4 / 5 Cori
Is quite strong that exited in some nude still emissions easily quite that the will not take more produced.
5 / 5 Leonel
Claves of tape of the good painters but leaves a lot not peeling was to the products like him to him some mark some economic plus or bleeds.
5 / 5 Beryl
The quality adds. A type of delivery any active acces to an edifice have telephoned like this partorisca open a door. Other types of the delivery usually does not call and so only leave
4 / 5 Gwenda
Lame partorisca my Tronxy XY-100 3D printer and was an idea more adds the ees has done. Printed no longer peel to bed
4 / 5 Joetta
the ideal partorisca 3D printer reads, adhesion very good & easy to substitute.
4 / 5 Tyron
Dips this wide tape in yours heated and yours beds filament the take the
4 / 5 Lenita
has used in the bed of impression partorisca the 3d printer. The impression adheres well and is easily removeable.
5 / 5 Yvonne
I have been that learns like this partorisca paint and has been experimenting with several tapes, a ScotchBluehas given me some better results for far, am very happy with some results and plan in only that use this mark in a future. It sees semi-detached photo, which is taken enough near on, and note that am relatively new the product. They are happy with some results!
5 / 5 Roosevelt
More economic That my tent of local hardware. I add for 3D press! Shopping again when the circle was.
4 / 5 Eloise
Uses this tape the plot of the work and is fantan TICK' the better WAY that another mark
5 / 5 Lisbeth
has left your dry product in this tape, results almost impossible to take, essentially doing it pointless. Worse 3M produced has has not used never.