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Well read. Good details partorisca each khalifa and sultan but weirdly does not add a ottoman sultans that thinks that that they would have to have.
5 / 5
Bought it and paid partorisca he and all has taken them was the sample any one a full book

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جميل يا عمر
عجبتني أوي الفرق بين أنواع الغيرة و غيرها من الأمثلة.
كان نفسي يكون أطول .
أنصح بيه
5 / 5
Does well Omar. Like this usual a writing is easy and the words are for real descriptive and denotes the highly ranked writer
4 / 5
كعادته و بأسلوب رشيق يتنقل عمر طاهر بين الحاضر والتاريخ في يسر ليمنحك مزيج من نظرةعلي تاريخ مصر ومتعة فهم اللغة العامية و في نهاية الكتاب كنز من المصادر .
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Omar Taher he again! Interesting perspective of life in Egitto. Taher Luz has launched always in a culture of the Egyptian people and the behaviours have based in his experience of life. When I have read Taher in that writes it invitis my memories: odoro an aroma of spice a street has walked a past; I seat a heat of a sun in a winter in pupil; I have seen some colours of some flowers in a summer during our travesía to some cities for a mar. Taher The fashion is a lot of inviting you never to read and could wish could release the new book every day. Master Omar Taher way to write and logical. Thank you Taher...
4 / 5
الكتاب رائع وبه العدد من القصص الجديدة علي شخصيا وأظن علي اعلب جيلي
في وجة نظري يؤخذ علي طاهر انه كان سريع التنقل من نقطة الي الأخرى
4 / 5
يأخذك الكاتب لرحلة الى مصر التي ولدت وكبرت بها ولكن لم تعرفها حق المعرفة. كتاب رائع يستاهل القراءة ارجعني لمصر التى افتقدها.

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