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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
I have not seen never this films before, but there is wanted always see one this has aimed more roughly the fellowship of David with Goddess! I have enjoyed this film a lot, and a picture and quality of his very good sound!!
5 / 5
A film is very good and resupplies 5 stars. This in spite of, a DVD was defective; my player of DVD was unable to change an audio and subtitles of a main paper--of here, 3 stars so only.
5 / 5
Want this dvd the film adds my collection of film of bible
4 / 5
Very interesting and prójimo to a biblical text. Good adaptation to a historical context
4 / 5
A portion of some rests of films was. I have been disappointed.
5 / 5
Fantastically has filmed! Starts with Gentleman Spock to to anointing Saul Likes him Rey, with his edges Jonathon in his side. David calm Goliat and punctual King Saul is trying the community with goddess he and doing bad decisions so that the pass of grace of the god to David the one who King Saul prompt indictment to try to take a crown/has launched.

King Saul dies in the battle and David results king , but is entranced for the lady closely and when it appears preggers sends for the husband of a neighbour in trying to hide his hook on, a husband declines that it causes David to send a husband to a midst of a hot battle to ensure his death.

A creature dies. Years later his family is rasgada for the desire of his edges for his half sister and the decision to terminate of another brother a brother, then decides because of bad joint to result king, that runs his dad out of city. Some edges finalises to be cut out of the tree. Bosses some a lot of difficult subjects advance.
5 / 5
A better film based in King David never. One mould, a custome, some psalms mixed with an utmost soundtrack for Ennius Morricone marks of this my biblical film preferred in 'A collection of bible'. It is in HD. A history has said a full life of David of then was the boy until his years mature.
4 / 5
Buyer beware. It does not purchase this version published for a Factory of CRY. Has scenes in loser. And while a web of place of the factory of the CRY aims this time of versions likes them 173 minutes, a page of the product of the Amazon tip 190 minutes. A film will take so only will have 173 minutes.

190 minutes is some times of some real, without cutting, films.

One of some scenes that is cut of a version of the factory of the CRY is a scene where Samuel anoints David. Here it is it links it to the video of Youtube that tip a missing scene. If a focus of the time does not operate, skip to 1:54.


Are a lot disappointed that this film has been changed, and are there is disappointed equally that the potential buyers have not been done conscious that this was a abridgement of an original. It is the shame , of of the this is one of some better Biblical films have not produced never.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
Excellent documentary. Will have your eyes that tear up. After this period partorisca time partorisca find the brother and the mother. Amazing