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1 first Justrite 09101 6 Gallon, 11.875" OD x 15.875" H Galvanized-Steel Yellow Safety Cans for Oily Waste Justrite 09101 6 Gallon, 11.875" OD x 15.875" H Galvanized-Steel Yellow Safety Cans for Oily Waste Justrite
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2 Eagle Original Butt Can - 15" Dia.X38"H - 1-Gallon Capacity- Safesmoker - Green Eagle Original Butt Can - 15" Dia.X38"H - 1-Gallon Capacity- Safesmoker - Green Eagle
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3 best Justrite SoundGuard 09108 Galvanized Steel Oily Waste Safety Can with Foot Operated Cover, 6 Gallon Capacity, Red Justrite SoundGuard 09108 Galvanized Steel Oily Waste Safety Can with Foot Operated Cover, 6 Gallon Capacity, Red Justrite
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4 Justrite 09508 SoundGuard Galvanized Steel Oily Waste Safety Can with Foot Operated Cover, 14 Gallon Capacity, Red Justrite 09508 SoundGuard Galvanized Steel Oily Waste Safety Can with Foot Operated Cover, 14 Gallon Capacity, Red Justrite
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5 Eagle 1202 Galvanized Steel Poly Tube Cigarette Butt Receptacle, 2-1/2 Gallon Capacity, 35" Height, 11" Diameter, Yellow Eagle 1202 Galvanized Steel Poly Tube Cigarette Butt Receptacle, 2-1/2 Gallon Capacity, 35" Height, 11" Diameter, Yellow Eagle
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6 Justrite 7225130 AccuFlow 2.5 Gallon, 11.75" OD x 12" H Galvanized Steel Type II Blue Safety Can with 1" Flexible Spout Justrite 7225130 AccuFlow 2.5 Gallon, 11.75" OD x 12" H Galvanized Steel Type II Blue Safety Can with 1" Flexible Spout Justrite
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7 Justrite 10775 3 Gallon, 6" H, 13 1/2" O.D, 12 1/8" Diameter 24 Gauge Premium Coated Steel Bench Can Justrite 10775 3 Gallon, 6" H, 13 1/2" O.D, 12 1/8" Diameter 24 Gauge Premium Coated Steel Bench Can Justrite
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8 Kool Products (Retail Pack 3) Gas Can Spout Replacement with Gasket, Stopper, Cap with Stripe, 2 Collar Caps (Yellow and Black) That Fits On Most of The Cans Out There Kool Products (Retail Pack 3) Gas Can Spout Replacement with Gasket, Stopper, Cap with Stripe, 2 Collar Caps (Yellow and Black) That Fits On Most of The Cans Out There Kool Products
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9 Justrite 7250120 AccuFlow 5 Gallon, 11.75" OD x 17.50" H Galvanized Steel Type II Red Safety Can with 5/8" Flexible Spout Justrite 7250120 AccuFlow 5 Gallon, 11.75" OD x 17.50" H Galvanized Steel Type II Red Safety Can with 5/8" Flexible Spout Justrite
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10 Justrite 08201 Steel Small Safety Drum Funnel with Self Closing Cover, 1 qt Capacity, 4-1/2" Diameter x 4-1/2" Height, for 5 Gallon Steel Pails with 2" NPT Justrite 08201 Steel Small Safety Drum Funnel with Self Closing Cover, 1 qt Capacity, 4-1/2" Diameter x 4-1/2" Height, for 5 Gallon Steel Pails with 2" NPT Justrite
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Top Customer Reviews: Justrite SoundGuard ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5 Ashton
I probably paid to a lot of partorisca east, but very so only can do not dipping the price on security, a quality of build is upper notch !
5 / 5 Earlean
Exactly that the need has had Games the workshop. The poubelle saves true his olors partorisca paint or another produces inner. Simple pedal and ergonomique. Very satisfied!

Top Customer Reviews: Eagle 1202 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 41 ratings
5 / 5
Well, like dondequiera this, supposes that it is pertinent, this in spite of, partorisca the coverage is BIG, STRONG And NO LIKE THIS ELEGANT! :UGH! I have wanted to send mine behind but apparently does not except returns. HUH!!!???? Anyways, If any one loves mine, will sell it to already for LESS. Really! His just seating in the box! This has not been mine buys better. BUT it could do for your decor.
5 / 5
Likes that confuses - a description of a product in some inferior states there is to 5 base of chevron. In a cast of element has said 2.5 and low specs has said 2.5. It looks economic and to good sure no hanged 5 lbs.

Description of product
Description of Product
has beaten of the butt of the eagle is ideal for 'designated smoking zones' inner or external. Characteristic poly tube and galvanised can base. Yellow for plant or use of factory.

Of a Costruttore
Metal of Security of the eagle/Poly has beaten of Butt, with the poly tube and galvanised can base, yellow, 5 chevron.
4 / 5
A cup of this thing is plastic. A big question is that there is no convenient way to 'to the butt was' objective cigarette. Some of some competitors have the dish of metal that surrounds a hole of disposal. This an only has the hole in a plastic. With which 2 month there is scars of ugly black burn in some upper and surrounding a hole. I recommend that you maintain to look for the better product. I have launched the mine was.
5 / 5
Had done mostly out of metal and has not been big and bulky likes some of some another. Awesome Has produced for a money. I have bought one of these and like so much of that has bought another.
5 / 5
Has solved a unsightly, annoying, messy butts of cigarette in a question of earth. To situate a unit in a zone where smoke of people, of the a lot of yellow brilliants is impossible for any to lose.
A height of a butt that opens is perfect for even a lazy plus, sloppiest, smoker more inconsiderate the easily deposit his discharge, without falling he in an earth! It would owe that it has thought it in fact these years. Excellent device!
Be poised, this in spite of, to have to that the piece was some of a powdercoat produced some two rays of the connector or some spent will not go in . I have had to that use the acute knife to clear some edges. It has cleared once it is very easy to turn in some discharge.
5 / 5
The assembly looked directly advances this in spite of involving any @@@knob black on duty that control a vertical stack to one beats was impossible - has finalised wallowing was the brass inserts/inserts before time. Suggest the steel inserts/inserts to be used and some edges have the 'favour' zone that help to involve these rays of thumb. Looks Of unit lice and my supposition is that I will require to substitute a thumbscrews with the die and washer in some point. This is to use in a complex of half office.
4 / 5
Has the business and has to that use this outside for clients. We have had the plásticoes the big more one that the type of the delivery run over and has exploded. This one is smaller and requires more emptying but a metal is good and some helps of brilliants by heart yellow maintains some butts of the ours walkway. Hopefully A type of delivery any paste this one or hurt the one of then is metal . Has has had to that a pleasure before and still is that it goes in another side of a tent.
5 / 5
Some looks of receptacle to be a lot of build, for a prize and purpose. It was quite easy to gather. Some stubs in a metal can be in the light corner, as you owe that match that when dipping some dice on. Have has had to that scrape some dice in the little, then back them was until a product has been takes of a stud edges. In general, I think that it that it will last it for the moment, and it looks to better plot that that has butts of cigarette during an earth.
5 / 5
We do not smoke in our house and I have been that looks for the decent external solution. I have had a spray of husband has painted this black because I have not been fond of a yellow brilliant seating in mine rear porch. Now it is perfect. It has Had he partorisca to the long of the month without subjects. It is resisted up by means of some wicked thunderstorms so only well and is easy to empty
5 / 5
there is Disappointed this is dented. Ordered like the present of Day of the Father. Another that that is that it has expected so only has to that it does not have to that maintain the element dented I money has spent on.
5 / 5
Has gathered 2 of these in just the pocolos small and dip one in the cochera of my edges and one in a coverage. It maintains butts of an earth and out of a half. A brilliant colour is the good memory that the mamma does not agree to partorisca situate butts anywhere but in one beats of butt.
4 / 5
Requires the place partorisca your clients/of clients partorisca leave his butts, in place of in a bed or under a no-like this-the advance covered fireproof, ossia the classical. You can be disappointed to find that I last some bases is metal , a whole tube is plastic economic . Tin of mine has arrived with the sizable dent in him, although a container was undamaged, indicating mine that is exited of a shelf that way. It has expected for something bit it more robust, but for a prize and purpose, would have to do well. The person will lose it, ossia sure! Very brilliant yellow.
5 / 5
Where Attach a plastic tube to a container, some keys that is comprised to scres a plastic to a container his whose ray on like his no real securely, hopefully some keys of those who fall off and take stray
4 / 5
is to come dented. The box was very has been like this dented when they the packed. The rays are flimsy like this more to take your own. For a prize could have been better verified before nave
4 / 5
This container is really good to have in mine porch was my smokes of husband . It is like this better to look in that one beats of the cigarette concealed uses to be there. There is no cig the butts or the swipe of ashes during my porch when we take wind and some few boys can not choose on a cigs to dip in his mouths.
5 / 5
One of some rays do not have presionado all a way that leaves he wobbly, this in spite of, the remedy of Amazon has helped a @@subject and was able to undress a ray to do work. Now it is sturdy and the good product.
4 / 5
Well for the rear yard out of a way. My husband and the compermised... Taken a black steel for a front to match and a yellow for a rear yard. The good looks and would have to that resist until twenty heavy. Upper is plastic. Inferior is steel.
5 / 5
This has been a lot the withstand twenty big and servants so that it is stops . A with the is like PVC or the hard plastic, this in spite of, when you the present rubbishes bet down a tube finally will have the fire and melt. The only suggestion would be to do a metal of with the.
4 / 5
The works add and partorisca some butts of cigarette that is launched in a go. A colour this in spite of is very strong that would do very partorisca commercial use but kinda tacky partorisca the house. At all I can he partorisca paint of the spray can not fix this in spite of!.
Partorisca A prize, am quite happy and will order another for a porch forward. (And the spray paints it also)
5 / 5
has Bought two, has arrived the days of the pair done. An arrived and is in good condition, another arrived and is defective - the only has a ray to resist down a cup. We go to fix he more than spending for a hassle for the send behind, but can does not give five stars when it is broken. It was clearly the defect of manufacture and no the question of nave.
5 / 5
Had expected that has purchased an all the unit of the metal but a cup is not . This in spite of looks done well quite and a yellow brilliant the visible fact for my guests of smoker I so that I am pleased with this compraventa.
5 / 5
Like this amazing to not having butts of cigarette everywhere in your property! This thing is brilliant but taste! The value adds in this product
4 / 5
has to that the to the left know your in still 1 work of hours to clean a product of powder of a ray before you can dip near. Another quell'operate extra his WELL.
5 / 5
This company the fantastic work to cure of my mandate when I have received a product has broken. I informed it once I have received a substitution I so that quickly the be be impact. I have appreciated so much a service of client! Besides a fact is the súper good product. If I owe that use an ash can in a coverage I insurance loves this a like this look like this good. The colour adds, the quality adds.
5 / 5
Does well, servants his purpose, wobbles the rays of the plot does not go all a way but is manageable
4 / 5
liked that some products are looked punctually. Had so only a question that among some 2 estacas, has had 3 dents in them. And some edges in some rays have been painted, as we could no any edge some dice on.
5 / 5
Does not like Me a Plastic tube or pipe also some holes are in a wrong side. It would owe that face to a front likes the semence up with info in inferior!
4 / 5
An element is fact very well , this in spite of my wine with the enormous dent in a side of him. Calm discovered then can not return or exchange this element.
5 / 5
Ossia Like this easy to use, value each penny partorisca such the economic prize
Maintain my garden out of cig butt
4 / 5
had excited really partorisca take this product. It is a lot that comes mostly gathered - but a down the side is a wine of the upper plastic portion has bent/melted that it was very disappointing. No the value that returns because of side.
5 / 5
Has arrived in good condition box. The plastic tube is in has bent / deformed and does not seat well in a base of metal. I did not use it but usually the smoke has related the elements require to focus pertinent. The vendor does not leave of the returns. Extremely disappointed, does not recommend .
4 / 5
Looks good and easy to dip near, but has been missing one of some @@@knob. It would be to add could sends me another...
4 / 5
The lacking mine some two dice that control an upper on. Ache to go new taking some. It is not a colour that looks to be in picture. FYI- An upper portion is plastic.
4 / 5
These produced was partorisca be used partorisca disposal of butt. A poly the cup is narrow and multiple time some butts take jammed and a poly begins partorisca melt. Returning this element. Also a lot some descriptions mention the dent in a side of a base of metal. Ours has some hips.
5 / 5
Wonderful. It contains all this bad smoke odors and the disorders of butt have launched everywhere..
4 / 5
Is like each another sees. Heavy and well has done.
4 / 5
Remarks the the 7 out of 10 so only reason a colour is terrible.
5 / 5
The product adds. @@Subject Only has had them is looked with the big ol dent on that. =/
4 / 5
The description of steel of product has said. A whole cup is plastic economic . If it had known the would not have purchased never!
5 / 5
Good quality, good prize. The desire was available further of colours
5 / 5
Already dented partorisca receive commanded. He still done a trick

Top Customer Reviews: Justrite 7225130 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5 Ines
It has bought so only. Other things looks partorisca be a lot of - will see in a future...
4 / 5 Karly
2nd I has and absolutely loves that.
No more loss or swollen has beaten
4 / 5 Rory
has BOUGHT SO ONLY. Other things looks to be a lot of - will see in a future...

Top Customer Reviews: Kool Products ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 12 ratings
5 / 5 Omega
The cost has verified a lot satisfied and produced excellent
5 / 5 Blanch
The cost has verified Unfortunately is not the mine returned beat gas.
Looks the product of quality with this exception.
5 / 5 Isadora
The cost has verified A spouts is not the mine returned has beaten of Jerry of the red.
4 / 5 Elanor
Access partorisca Purchase verified perfectly and decent quality. Fast nave
4 / 5 Erica
I have tried this on 2 costruttrici different beat gas and utmost. I possess a lot it beats gas of frames and different fashions. 5 chevron To Chainsaw curve sided. I recommend this product and would buy again.
4 / 5 Shaun
Would be the decent product but spouts does not take any quantity of flexing. Has has had to that slightly curve been due to location of a filler in my truck and he snapped for the half. It Finalising that returns
5 / 5 Shirleen
Good substitutions for diverse beat gas. They are everything compatible and easy to open and near.
5 / 5 Tommye
Main spout the turn adds. One covers small for a backside is a lot tight, like the @@subject in fact he no returned.
5 / 5 Joi
Unfortunately is not the mine returned beat gas.
Looks the product of quality with this exception.
4 / 5 Shantell
Looks to substitute nozzles of Scepter small leak when those play of nozzles the little rigid in -25°C
4 / 5 Seth
It is not returned Wedco has beaten.
The gas would touch was spout has attacked while fill tanks.
5 / 5 Rolf
Lucido The white tube is too rigid and of feeble quality. Broken poses it to Him...

Top Customer Reviews: Justrite 7250120 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Asa
It has used the very old plastic 1 has beaten of the chevron concealed some leaves of discharges on. When it Looked partorisca spend $ 60 + in the gas can, I I has thought was crazy; he pained me the cough on a money partorisca something that simple like partorisca beat gas. After looking in that a big box the tents have had available, and included on-line am coming of the wine to a conclusion so only would spend of the money in can concealed has expected hard of for life.

Originally, Looked partorisca purchase one of a Surecan beats gas with a pivoting spout in a fund; but partorisca only $ 12 has imagined more to all the construction of has beaten of the metal concealed fulfils OSHA the levels of security is side of the extra money partorisca me. They are very satisfied with this can, his built like the tank - a tension of the cradle in a plenary the lid is a lot strong any joke, but is done that way to seal well, and fact of seal. When I fill up with feeding a first time without-of fuel of ethanol; in a way marries retreated after several stops, could not odorare gas anything in a car, neither can odorare any fuel in a cochera also. I have bought one 5/8 spout model, and finds it partorisca be add so that it has to that stops of use; has any question with flowing to feed also, was able to fill the push mower in the second same looked with some small spout. A boss partorisca dispense the fuel is for far easier that anything has used before especially a EPA nozzles partorisca press that is the ache partorisca use . An only with him calm could calls concealed was during a product accuses something is trace one can calm so much can see in a second picture.

Highly recommended, know an old saying you for real take which pays stops; well this element is wins it to this.
4 / 5 Jinny
Was the little disappointed when my mark the new gas can with 5 chevrons of the fuel in him gas filtered because of an environmental external temp. It was in a backside of my truck for roughly 3 on 75 horasF - no in direct sun. When I grabbed one beats to fill some bicycles of muck, has been surprised for odorare a gas and see the current in bylines of gas (that comes from/comes from a hole to fill) this has run down a bed. Of then, I so only dipped roughly 4.5 chevrons and spillage was in a heat.

Also, a crowbar to release fuel to dispense rubs against a solid boss and take is stuck every time. So much, I have to release a crowbar to dispense the pocolos like this before I achieve a volume has wished. It is not really sure or convenient. Any exactly that has been waiting for a prize of this can.

Has contacted Amazon, and is by train to send me the new unit. I will be sure to update this description when volume to try one beats new. They are alentador that tin of mine was simply defective. Thank you Amazon to be like this easy to do with in this subject.

NEW CAN UPDATE: Well, one same applies to a fluent volume. This would have to that be king-labeled like him 4.5 chevron cannister. A good informative is that a new unit does not have the faulty impulses as of the forwards cannister. All the things have considered, ossia still a gas he better never can have possessed and would recommend you for the cost. It is to 4 star to arrive to this point because I can not speak to the durability of him. I will update this description the few years.
5 / 5 Rolando
Well, A new EPA beats gas in a phase with some stupid valves is the first example of engineering of rubbish. I have tried the pocolos give different form, and some valves neither stick opened or does not open at all. There is not any excuse...

Then, has discovered a Justrite AccuFlow 5 has beaten of chevron. It dips all others beat gas the shame in of the terms of qualities, facilitated to touch, and upper engineering. You have beaten gas smaller cower in fear and humility, and has been recycled. Probably it will be returned to stage like fidget spinners.

Reason require it: Unless you are going for a prize of Darwin of the neighbourhood, any skimp in containers of storage for flammable liquids and potentially explosive. At all until the big and very sure quality Justrite has beaten of Security. Calm can take him in of the different colours to store everything of your fuels safely (and any to mix them arrive).

Reason like: Upper engineered, powder coated, gas of the security of the metal can goodness. Some ploughs of valve and closes easily, doing the paralizaciones sure games and any smoke. A nozzle is flexy for better aim to a to to the person likes them the bad aim. A discharge of the powder and the metal is fat and to the person likes the squishy has beaten.
4 / 5 Jaimie
Will maintain this short. 100 satisfaction. A lot of sturdy, has done well. Good construction. One touches the mechanism is upper. It leaves fast flow in bylines and has to that have the vacuum breaker when it touch, different some beat plastic that lens down to the equal that touch unless you have left a vacuum relax still turning one can up. It does not forget to buy a 5/8 thumb model of the diameter yes wants to fill the level (any diesel) gas tank in your car. I really the desires have not squandered money on two beats different plastic of 5 chevrons in a hardware of tent of venue of big box. They filter, gases of ventilation too easy, is hard to fill and game, and beginning to break to the long of a knit-plastic to line weld seams. These beat of the metal is done in some the EUA and well each penny. It is not economic, pay more and take these. I have bought also the small can for my gram mower. I seat very better having these of both one security in storage and an ease to fill and using them. Also they owe that flash suppressors which is the very big security more. THANKS TO a costruttore to do the product of quality in some the EUA and for Amazon partorisca rid them via Prime minister.
5 / 5 Sabina
This security can is different of a type have beaten of security (which have the suns that ploughed for both filling and touching) which have used before. Type II has BEATEN of the security has two start, one to fill and the second a to touch some happy to the gas tank. One fill the port cradle is very rigid and one can difficult to open, although ossia so that it would owe that be, but this characteristic also will do it more difficult that fill, although a creation will be easier that touch without/minimum in amazing. It looks the mine good creation. A downside to this security can is that so only has the 5/8' game spout, which have lost when I have read roughly that. It would have preferred one 1' game spout (of my application is for fuel of emergency for my cars), as be careful with east; my thoughts are that one 5/8' game spout will take slower in empty one can, likes takings to resist the heavy can longer that with the 1' game spout. This in spite of, the slow plus touches the tax would be better when fill the tank the small plus like the gram mower. Also it would remark that one touches the tube will stick out of one can in place of lying steps afterwards to one can, as it maintains that in alcohol for when I need to find the place to store yours beats of security; you will require to permanently attach one touches the tube to a security can, and is not drawn to come on and era. I have not tried still to fill he in a gas canal, but likes , will order of the second a but with one 1' game spout.
5 / 5 Rosalyn
Ossia To beat gas very good . It is better that any one can has has not had never. Any leak when touching. They are like this it adds full for that. A so only drawback on this can is that it is a lot last for me for the open I so that it can fill he with fuel. They are a man an old plus with arthritis in my hands and is hard for me to resist a lid opens for the fill. They would owe that come up with some way of the prójimo open to fill. Ossia An only reason for 4 stars.
4 / 5 Louetta
Well, hate a plastic material that it is CA has agreed. A spouts does not operate. A spouts loss more fuel that an old 'any environmentally touches' do. My truck is 8 big thumbs that the majority and a CA beats to feed agreed so only simple uck.'
Now that ossia out of a way, a Justrite can is like some have beaten my use of grandfather to have in his bounce some 40+ years does. Yes, they are weighed more than plastics. Yes, they do not resist the plenaries 5 chevrons (4.7 roughly). This in spite of, trust these have beaten. These have spark arrestors. These have emissions of pressure. (Never it has had it to It has blocked it/the container of plastic fuel has developed?). I can also it stimulates one beats and fill my truck without spillage because of a flexible along extra spout (5/8).

One with. A boss of the control of the flow there is a bit lop' his. It does not like eslop' but does not consider he of the question.
5 / 5 Charla
Like the technology of service of the field partorisca heavy crew, has used these beat of security for years. They are robust. In a lot of chance, is an only type of beats can spend to places of sure mine reason beat them plastic is forbidden. Long, it sees these beat in a backside of the mine coworker truck. Many some beat only chair in a backside of some trucks, subject to some elements, and anything more is to turn there. Over time, they take dented the bit , and a product takes lined or chipped out of the things that strike to them, but still go strong. Has has has had to that so only toss one in some rubbishes because it has taken like this attacked on that a seam breaking, and has begun to dulcemente of leak of him. Some two toneless points are a seam and a valve. Finally, a valve will filter the bit when one can is poured to the rovescio, and a crowbar there is pulled to dispense fuel, but is the heck of the better plot that these hateful the nozzles in the each one beats the gas plastic concealed exited these days. A primary reason uses them for home is reason any so only found and burn in a chance of the fire. They will download dulcemente, and hopefully contain the fire quite that does not exit to control first of the personnel of the fire can look. For hard use, at all beats these have beaten. They are simple to use, does not filter almost like this bad to the equal that of beat him plastic, and any only game on in a bed of your truck. They can manage be joined to plant without deforming, and his no bulge in heat like his plastic counterparts. In fact they are that it buys the new security can each one another month to substitute a hateful beats plastic that possesses. Highly recommend some beat of security.
5 / 5 Jennie
Ossia Mine 5th has beaten . For two times a prize of junk plastic, can have beat it gas real. Have ATVs In mine miles of external property de Vega. The his maintenances and extras of beats gas in the conex this takes a lot of heat in a summer. You beat him plastic can any taken . These controls on finals.

Value each penny.
4 / 5 Aleida
Stop messing Around with beat him gas subordinated plastic and buy one of these and the forget! This can is built like the tank and surely outlive all of us. Ossia A gas can rid down. You leave this thing in yours wins. It is that well.

More is not expensive when you think roughly that. It adds on what of these beats economic plastic has purchased for $ 15-20 or more any to mention nozzles of substitution that always break which are $ 7 each one which so or more and could have bought one of these. I can think of 3 I $ 20x3 2 more nozzles in $ 7/ea. = $ 74. Now add your time and your security. This can is the no brainer.

Would owe that it has bought done some YEARS.
4 / 5 Dennise
As I have lost $ 65 in of the defective and dangerous rubbishes. Thank you Amazon.
5 / 5 Vivan
Can look partorisca have big potential and is done is the one who looks partorisca be component of quality; this in spite of, a condition of the arrival of one can is questionable. Two photo of one can tip the acute dent mark which probably are put where one can is gripped for the car of assembly of the factory while an upper mechanism is attached. There is also an alike mark in a subordinated that it is not photographed. A vertical side seam is also slightly uneven. I am maintaining a tin because so only do not love a hassle partorisca return because it doubts if any of these subjects in fact will leave the leak. If it filters at the beginning fill, will treat Justrite more than Amazon. My also distinguished woman was that a full cradle of the lid of the coverage is quite strong which have signalled was is for a purpose to seal one can of air and/or evasion of steams. It thinks that a hand-held force of the toe has required to impulse that lid while inserting the gas nozzle could be an annoyance for his. My reparation of small engine venue negotiate it aimed a class of plastic can recommend/ sells is a better. I have not listened reason have has wanted to beat it of metal; I have had an Eagle can for a past 40+ years that is not the esgulation' can for today' the levels but I have not loved an Eagle can been due to a plastic boss upper mechanism. A quality of arrival of a Justrite can has done me rethink. Oh Well, it Is done ! The May updates this description after the month to use has the leaker or the complaints of my woman remain.
4 / 5 Bee
Has bought the steel beats gas to take touched of of a leaky plastic some. Now that are to spend 4 times a quantity, one would think that with which 2 full ups and this short quantity to time it would not filter . It FILTERS!!! Appearance these to last virtually for ever. I am looking for the remedy.
5 / 5 Vicki
Likes quota another reviewers has said, this can is boss and of the shoulders on any of some plásticoes junk there. Solid of rock. I love a flexible spout with a boss of mark of squeeze for excellent control when those play and any spillage.

Has had a two version of chevron for the years and still is going strong. Any rust. Not filtering. I love it.

Any one has asked the question in discharges he, and taken (politely) trounced for the small folks the one who said (correctly) that one can is the valve is inner and will not spill . But the still need covers it. Reason? Reason a day am exited my cochera to fill on my pressure washer and found the interior of spider a spout tube, together with some other deaths of bugs a spider apparently had eaten. One covers is not required to take gas to exit, is required to take bugs and another crud to go in. My description remains the 5, reason ossia the smallest thing . But it is still the thing...
5 / 5 Pearline
Has tried the different dozen beats gas plastic, all duquel was difficult and extremely slow to fill an automobile.

Was among a JustRite beats and Jerry has beaten Nato first of this compraventa, and here is reason has been with 2 JustRite has beaten in the alone NATO:

1. Flexible spout. - Saint cow this does to fill your car of the variety of corners súper easy.
2. Emission of ventilation. - The majority of beat NATO will attack and bulge. A partner can listen his in brilliant during his whole house during state.
3. It will not fall on during (reasonable) transport - is 5 gal, could touch taken the hard turn, but beat him NATO has to that be dipped in his side, which promotes him to slide around and leak.
4. Orders of nozzle while be Carb Compliant. - You have beaten NATO with plásticoes Carb-Compliant spouts sucks so as some beat gas plastic. And a NO-compliant has any way to control speed of flow and can splash while going in place or emotional.
5. Any setting of a nozzle . No more gas in your hands and of the feet.

Unless taken the JEEP with REAL NATO gas can calm titled is him trace on him... SPENT THIS CAN INSTEAD.
4 / 5 Rico
In his box of own map. External interior, box of map very big that has resisted also the pocolos other elements. Neither box had anything wrong with him. But look in this (Sees a photo that has uploaded.) Any one has known that packed and the packed in all the chance.
4 / 5 Mason
Like this finally decides to buy beat it very gas. I did not require it immediately reason have required to use on gas in the mine beats gas small plastic. Like this finally, I fill this beats new and place in a tent. I exit to use it and remark the small puddle of gas in a paving. The empty one beats and look in a subordinated and sees does 4 equally situated pinch frames in a metal in inferior of pode. One of them (circled yellow in photos) has the slow leak. A box one beats shipped in has not been damaged and I babied this can. It has had to it is coming that way of factory. So much to love the a lot of (and expensive) beats gas. Date to return spent also.
4 / 5 Birdie
Has taken so only this for an attacker scouting travesía in a backseat of a Subaru; maintained odorando essence in a walk but has imagined has that has been a drop or two concealed spilt of a fuel nossle to one beats when it had fill the on previously to dip was. A smoke was kinda rough to the equal that have gone down so only some windows and the behaviour have maintained. So only with which have arrived to my fate in some mountains 2 hours later unpack mine SUV to see: that puddle of essence in a matt to walk where one can seated! Shucks diddly! Have take a matt to walk (careful to not touching a puddle of gas throughout) and transferred some fuel of one beats to a tank to feed that imagines that one the gas must there is spilt out of a cup of one can because of sloshing around in these highland streets or perhaps to exit a cup been due to some transmission in pressure sciency business - in any case has not seen any harm in a can (or leak) and have dipped like this one beats to a trunk of a Subaru and has left a vehicle for mine scouting travesía. Several hours more am returned late to find: he friggididdly puddle of essence in my trunk in a base of one can! That a hecksters! So only when I have arrived house and has examined one can under my light sees fuel misting out of the pinhole in a base of one can (can is bent on, as to beat of row and one tiny tiny tiny (hardly can see with an eye in of the skins) the hole is to the long of a perimeter). The mine can has the defect to manufacture so it was it so only the flat surfaces continued and has been taken very cured of and is less than the old year! Now mine (familiar) to to the car smells like to them to essence and is airing was... Some mats of hule are screwed. It can not take a creature was with a car odorando has taken! Now to achieve was to a costruttore to look for help. Another that that has been the travesía good this in spite of!
5 / 5 Daniell
Has taken this and a gas of security of mark of Aigle beats Aigle U2-51-S Type II Gas SECURITY Can Metal of 5 Red Chevrons With Flex Spout to substitute one ageing Blitz Jerry canBlitz USA 31710 5 CARB compliant metal Jerry Can. (Please notes that a Blitz can link is meaning so only for reference - mine Blitz can is almost 3 old decades, without some up to date spout) uses these for rear-on gas for a truck in travesías of desert, for gas-powered tools in home, and for the emergency has retreated up in home reason both my woman and I can not resemble gas on our vehicles unless there is in the chamber of gas left in a tank. These beat of the security is much more sure that some beat of Jerry fashionable old been due to a capacity to download gas when they heat on as well as an addition to spark arrestors.

Has based in my experience with east beats gas:


Any leak, any smell - Jerry Different old can, this one has very positive and focus effective in both an anchored and outlet points. I have it that has not relieved never any steams that filter in spite of a lot of sloshing around.

Effective operation - I like a boss dips up in this one bit it better that an Eagle can, referenced on. I find it slightly easier that pull a crowbar that opens a outlet to touch. A outlet spout this comes with this can is 5/8', which he the easy fact to insert a nozzle in a gas anchored of your car, or small gas tanks of gas-powered crew.

Strong construction - Some sides, cup, and the fund of this gas can be very fat and no flex. Has dents very tried-that resists over time.

Estimativas - Like this of a date of compraventas, this 5 type of chevron II has BEATEN of the security was significantly more economic that a one of Aigle. If the money is a primary engine , this one has another has beaten. When all the things am considered, has to give one nods to one beats of security of the eagle.


Nozzle - While a nozzle is the good diameter , does not look to have to that like this weighed likes one this is to go in one beats of Aigle. My main complaint here is that a nozzle attaches to one can saw two rays, he flanged well, and the fat cork gasket. While this does effectively in of the terms to touch, a nozzle does not have sufficient flexibility to move out of a way for compact storage, any in a cochera or in a backside of my truck when nestled with another train. Having a nozzle that the estacas was all some times also augments some casualidades that will suffer it harm. While it could be take and substituted like this required, finds that inconvenient and would expect that a cork gasket would result unreliable when I required it more. An Eagle can nozzle, for comparison, rays on and has gone with the heavy, very given of edge that use the hule of quality gasket.

Construction - Expect the minute, says, this was also in a Pro column! True, and while the reliability has looked for to be excellent, can not help but compare with an Eagle can here, as it has taken both a same time and has been using both side-for-side. This can is built with him seam down a side of one can, like a class of steel can it grain gone in. (For you manufacturing types, ossia the 'three piece can' way, with the upper piece, the inferior piece, and a piece lateralmente that is to wrap around and welded and/or bent a side) imports? In day to use of day over time, probably imports of no. to this reviewer, this in spite of, as it finds a construction of one beats of Eagle to be upper: has no seam down a side, how is the two has beaten of piece . (While it is done to armour plate galvanised, this fashion of can this resembled a soda of aluminium or has beaten of beer: the drawn and formed can with the upper - or inferior - then sealed his. To see a difference, the control out of the steel can of the grain with a focuses was to like you ponder one can freshen or favourite beer in yours another hand)

Other thoughts:

So that it cures, this can is done in Cina. An Eagle can is done in some the EUA. To be sincere, can not say that I see any difference in quality when it comes the durability. For some, this no any difference in selection of product; for those to that these imports, can be useful information .

Basically, ossia the good security can in the very good prize and for these reasons give it four stars. I have been satisfied with a compraventa, this in spite of a creation of a nozzle will maintain me to take another of these. Included when the prize is considered, find a type of Aigle II has BEATEN of security to be a better product. Having has limited to to resources like him many , this in spite of, comprises that the prize sometimes surpasses other subjects. If it find that you can live with a nozzle that the estacas was all some time , this can be a gas of the security can for you.
5 / 5 Caroline
This thing is expensive . . . And VALUE Each CENT! A bendable to the nozzle is so only like some beat old that it is like this easy to use and no recoil and fuel to launch everywhere. You take some bosses on and easily express near to leave fuel to flow. When he , boss of squeeze of the emission and delivery of rear fuel he like this has to that! This thing fill a tank quickly also. Like this happy am spent of the extra money. Ossia Can actuate for ever how is quality done and the law adds!
4 / 5 Dawna
The grandson has fill a mower with one beats usual plastic and a spout the free wine and the gas has been during a heat mower! I have while decided my grandkids good a prize of the quality beats gas.
And ossia a one has ordered, has taken one 5 chevron can, reason have known so only would be partorisca dip in 2-3 chevrons in him the time.
An only thing is of the discharges of the farce has the really strong cradle, am old now and he the hard fact partorisca fill, the desire there has been the lightest cradle with discharges the partorisca close.

Highly recommend this beats gas
5 / 5 Kasie
These beat (I own two) the chair adds partorisca manage (good weight and feels solid) and is the sleep partorisca fill big and small gas tanks. I have had the question with this can concealed has taken of Amazon. When One can developed the leak has found that it could does not return the amazon. Then I have called justrite in his line of service of the client. A good lady the one who answered (a real person has answered immediately) said that all have required partorisca do was partorisca send the picture of one can and would manage it “”. I have correspondent shortly after an email beat it new is looked. An American company that has retreated his product without the hassle. That the relief partorisca know that some companies still do properly!!! It would buy this partorisca the present or another on its own name has found the use.
5 / 5 Simonne
Some rays that tether a spigot to an organism of a gas can be 10-32 x 1/2 thumb fulmine of car. A side in a flange requires the ray that would have to be the little more along reason a cradle of the relief of the stress is pop riveted to a hole of ray. A ray has comprised is very partorisca a no-side of cradle of a flange. Some edges in a tabk the manifold takes committed full for his stock ray. In a cradle-tethering the hole of ray of the side, has bought 10-32 x 3/4vv rays and have them filed to a correct period. It felt he likes a bit the edges in a tank were to the appeal was if I have not been this street. I will comprise the pic yes agrees, but one installs of a hose and a pressure in a cork gasket feels very better and durable now.
4 / 5 Tanya
Shabby two 5 gal beats in March. Has not dipping gas in them until recently and expósitos that one of his leaks out of a fund seam. Now it is 10 days besides our occasion partorisca return and the the supposition is partorisca stick with the security can concealed does not resist gas. Volume
5 / 5 Hipolito
In the first place one has developed the interior of leak 3 month. This is to be substitute quickly with guarantee. It has developed the leak with 1 month. It will not ask another substitution and will not buy again.
5 / 5 Alaina
Would owe that it has purchased multiple 2.5 containers of chevron - these are weighed when uncomfortable that play to the vehicle - will line you your truck. When These are is upper-heavy and will fall on in even a lazy plus of the sounds that goes like this stupid around in a bed of truck. Some smaller containers has them - a 2.5 chevron some - his whose east. When This fashion of can be of the one who burp one can attentively, will leave gas to exit of a hole of emission of the steam(???) Like the hole unexpectedly of the whales - gas of a lot of spray. A flexible metal that the games controls partorisca tube to the plot of gas and drip the longest plot that calm of the can have bought partorisca help delete loss in a truck of interview of the gram. This in spite of, these are like this better that any of some beats available plastic.
4 / 5 Kenya
Wants to this beats gas! I have been using beats gas plastic for 20+ years and has grown used to them swelling and shrinking in a heat and cold, filtering while it touches and generally that scares a hell out of me pending of daily use. I have it has had included the plastic CARB nozzle self-destruct while fill my tractor with diesel. The parts of this nozzle are still inside my Kubota tank of fuel 5 years later. NEVER AGAIN. This Can is surprising! It is a lot of-built, easy to use, easy to spend, easy to fill. A spark arrestors the look has been installed with purposes. Especially: it is sure. For double a prize of the plastic can, this one is a lot of-validate he. To good sure plans to purchase the diesel can further of this essence a. As with any how calm worry you roughly, tent this out of some like this hard elements longer.
5 / 5 Isidra
Ossia One of these 'buy once, cry once' produced. Calm once take spent a prize will be like this happy has this can and is not that extracted cockroach of plastic/California compliant junk spouts that is resulted besides spill them and the frustration that prevents. An available control is wonderful, and a thing is not constantly the gassing was. Shots.
5 / 5 Rosalva
Has loved the little of these to store essence without accidents for a generator of emergency. These things cost big bucks, but is built for an amphibious landing! Ossia The seriously well tank in fact of spare fuel, and have each confidence that his outlive me. This has said, one covers to fill is loaded cradle (to leave downloading), but a cradle is really strong and there is any way of the prójimo open. This means that I need to have a nozzle to fill in still the maintain open, and siphoning was can be the question.
4 / 5 Tonisha
Has had this gas can less than the year. Bad experience. Very heavy. Hard to fill of the gas bomb. That Painting that the monde was. And now it filters around it subordinated seam. Losing 2 chevrons in two days. No shabby.
5 / 5 Geraldine
These beat is to touch usually the possess a lot of my types spend on some trucks every day when it has received them this one has begun partorisca filter with in three days
recommendation: for locally like this it can be returned . If it has had fuel in him can not be returned by means of an office partorisca stick
5 / 5 Wilton
A creation of of the this is quite inventive. It is easy to fill in a bomb and included easier the crew of transmission (i.et. Generators, etc.) This gas can is still functional but has come dented in of the multiple zones that is quite disappointing.
5 / 5 Kiera
Has bought two of these he so that it could transport “career of gas” house for my classical car.

Some types in a yard of the distribution where has bought my gas (the one who probably sees dozens of laptops of beat gas to time the day) was blown totally has gone by these have beaten. It could say that they were excited in fact to fill them up.

Has been of then concerned roughly touching them on yes situated full in a backside of the mine pickup, maintained him in a taxi with me. Any one included have and evasion of gas smell.

Thinks that these will be utmost.
4 / 5 Mireille
Has purchased many of these Justrite containers of fuel for essence and diesel to substitute some old plastic containers.

A Justrite the containers are some of one has drawn more the products have has not used never. They contain a fuel safely, does not filter , games to disturb roughly him.

Some containers are more expensive that some plásticoes some but I am tossed the dozen of a plastic some on some years for questions.
5 / 5 Juanita
Has begun for odorare gas and has thought was so only one has beaten that downloads when a time has animated. Looked more after and found a subordinated seam of one can wet with gas. Verified to do sure has not catered/is come from a spout zone and running down to a seam.

Has contacted Justrite and with which some behind and advance of the emails to verify a question and another information have sent out of the substitution. Any hassles at all.
5 / 5 Sherwood
Has bought this beats gas reason have been tired of constantly filtering gas while it touches of a 'anti-filter', plastic nozzles that is proliferating a phase. Ossia The durable product and a spout law perfectly. A spout comes detached, and attached him to him on with some two rays comprised and a lot fat gasket. It takes some force to resist opens a cradle-spent of the loaded farce while I can fill one can, so that it is the small drawback. One covers removable would be more be easy to use sure. The mine can is has arrived dented that active occured previously to ship like the boxes was entirely undamaged, as I have been disappointed in that.
5 / 5 Lucrecia
Has bought 2 of these Justrite 5 gal. You have beaten of essence the little month does. They do not filter (as far) and look a lot of sturdy. It likes that of my gas storage has been improved by these has beaten reasons store on until 25 chevrons in my cochera of house. It was able to fill them easily and quickly in my venue Costco. I gave him 4 stars because I have had to learn the gauge his attentively to maintain of overfilling my crew been due to a residual essence in a spout with which in firm a flow. But calm once know that to do, calm so only has to that maintain the next eye in a plenary.
5 / 5 Leta
Has purchased only mine 6th has beaten. I have bought two the small to the along in fact the year. My father in law has has wanted a sturdiness and facilitated to use to fill one can in a gas canal to fill a gram mowers, etc. have bought like this two for him. I have substituted recently one of some beats gas plastic with a new abomination of the spout. Well value an investment. I imagine my girls could inherit mine some day.
5 / 5 Tiera
There is spilt gas of this government of the test of the loss beats gas, well? They suck And it thinks that that they have been drawn of communists so only to piss us the patriots was. This gas can calm the works and is ass of has fallen. Has the little of these maintaining and wants to him. Calm will not spill gas, fast of flow and is easy to fill. That calms more precise that beat it gas? At all! It takes one.
5 / 5 Ying
Are a lot happy with a quality of this product. A weight when full remained with one 5/8' to nozzle that the little hard for me to fill some of our crew as I have bought also one 1' (I comprises one 5/8' is required for cars and some crew, but used it to fill to to the things like to them avaricious of gram with big start). Thefill The scrollings feed much faster, as it concealed would do for your use recommends it on this 5/8' a.

My husband has fill both beat in the gas canal the half hour was and could a lot included say that it had been in a car. It had been using some plastic containers, which has done a car stink for days. I also hated to have unscrews it a nozzle, gone back he around (taking gas in my hands) and try take a nozzle in a lawnmower tank without spilling anything. This requires to express the first boss of a gas is released, a same idea like the gas bomb, like this at all spill. Also it feels much more sure that some plastic tanks.

An only downside of these versus a plastic is a weight . They weigh considerably more. Once it adds 5 chevrons of gas take heavy.

Are a lot happy with these has beaten. My neighbourhood is geeky quite that has had some stop of neighbours for to see ours beats new. Each type has said that his woman loves one same as they also are the little freaked for some subjects of the security of some beats plastic.

Highly recommended.
5 / 5 Martina
I have bought these partorisca maintain my fuel spilt me to them. They do not develop like a container of plastic fuel that can leave it opened with transmissions of temperature. These are stable, insurances and well has has built containers. Highly recommended maintain your fuel in the no the air has has controlled enclosures or if fuel of precise transport around with you the works.
5 / 5 Tarsha
When Touching his gas has had to that touch more dulcemente like the strainer in a plenary the with the prevents flow of full scrolling.

A suggestion: it Resupplies it covers it removable small in a flex spout final; geckos likes has dipped eggs in of the odd places. I have done it covers it to mask tape. To good sure would buy this can another times—although it appears it can last more along that me.
4 / 5 Efrain
This can is a lot well has done. It is weighed more than the plastic can, but is metal . It likes another Of me also found one covers for a full point to be hard to resist open, has solved this to use the hard piece of hule to prop the open while fill. A boss to open one touches spout is any question, the hardest thing is resisting a has beaten until touching. The element does well adds, strongly recommends to purchase the.
5 / 5 Riley
Has bought two of them to store 10 chevrons of any-of gases of ethanol in them for 1 storage of year. Utilisation a gas for snowblower, tractors, chainsaw, etc and these gas tanks he like this easy to touch without disorder. Also they download properly like this I do not owe that me worry on some transmissions of the temperature etc. will not go back never to beat old plastic never again. The majority of those is junk melded plastic that can fail it and harm of cause or has died anytime.
5 / 5 Maude
He Stores gas and is concerned with security then this rugged unit is for you. You beat him the gas plastic is there is nailed easily. Gerry beat him traditional is messy when used fill an external tank. This can is surprising and simply does not spill .

Look and to to the laws likes them-the something does in a fifties for heavy industry. It is not cheaply fact, but astonishingly engineered. Yes it costs the bit, but some characteristic of security and a construction to have that has weighed the one exceptional election.
4 / 5 Daron
This product has been bought to feed crew, with which 4 month a seams in an inferior leak.
This was a third an I has bought and all three has filtered.
4 / 5 Michel
These have beaten while expensive is so better that beats of centre of plastic house. They do not filter and control gas flows with a valve. A lot especially they do not have some mechanism of cockroach of plastic security that somehow always squirts gas out of one during calm mechanism (for security of course, seriously 3 beats different plastic has done this mine a duquel I so only accepted before I have found these beat and of the baths of the regular essence that takes for the year)
4 / 5 Clare
One can so only, empty, has some his hanged, which means is well has built. A cradle that resists down a lid, where fill one can with gas, is quite strong also. I will be to escape me of these beats gas plastic cockroaches and will change on to these so many progresses of time.
5 / 5 Gil
Has beaten excellent. The games of fuel out of fast and comes with the screen to feed built in. No more messing with these crappy beats plastic with rediculous security spouts this takes 5 minutes to fill the gram mower. I have bought two of these like this far and am very happy with cost of mine.
5 / 5 Daisy
Expensive. ... Agreement. An only gas tank will not require never buy!

Has bought 2 beats gas laptops: This Justrite Accuflow and the plastic Briggs and Stratton. It has fill so only a B&S and has driven house with gas that play out of the pinhole. Never with east a! The look In him likes an investment- Buy 1 and is done!!