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Ossia The part of Beach of Hamilton genuine , likes reparation the fact like this very like this new. The installation is the bit of the challenge because you are doing in the plastic container inside the small zone, recessed. There is the big die and lock washer in a fund of a container that requires the just quantity of manipulation partorisca take was and place behind on again. A lock partorisca exist washer has the tab partorisca close that need to be bent out of a die partorisca retain so it can unscrew a die and take an assembly of old leaf. Then a new lock washer need a pertinent closing the tab has bent up after an assembly of the new leaf and the die am installed and torqued partorisca plant. Some tabs partorisca close are heavy really-has to that and hard to bend. They require the plot by force with the screwdriver partorisca release, and the big pair of pliers partorisca do tight again. I think that calm easily could break a container if a screwdriver was partorisca slip out of place when you are trying to bend a tab. It is not complicated at all, calm only need partorisca be careful and has controlled.