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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
These boys do your box of own papers I I absolutely adds! I want that all precise among this box. It comprises 8 papers with four different creations (ball, ‘thank you', heart and cupcake), thin felt tips, envelopes and an organiser to maintain it all afterwards.
Some forms or the papers of some papers are cut was and there the piece of stock of paper to decorate and slip by means of. This with my preschool girls, the enjoyed, has used some bookmarks/marcadors partorisca pour sense and colours of the water and he am exited good-looking.
Same boys a lot of youngsters can do his own here like this scribbles also would add the personal touch and will look adds by means of a yard out of forms.
Some papers and envelopes is a lot of fact with the impressions of qualities adds and yard outs, very convenient and easy to use, interior of spatial like this quite versatile and has spatial to write a name of a boy that has decorated a cad, which is the pleasant touch .
Has expected this level of big quality of Hallmark and has not been disappointed, a box in my opinion is reasonably priced in $ .

- Papers of good measure with sufficient space to write in
- stock of Fat paper
- Responsibly sourced
- run of impression and Big quality
- Stylish creations
- appealing to pertinent & boys to give to adults or of the boys
- Easy to use
- Suitable for the row of wide age
- Complete box, ready to create and has everything will require
- the neutral gender
- Abordable

- Any one can find for a quality that's that of prize

I highly recommend these boys thank you papers! They are drawn fantastically and is fun and easy to create, suitable for the group of wide age and looks a lot well with a personal touch has added.
4 / 5
A place this promotes creativity and takes my boys have excited to write papers. Really I want an appealing and compress packing. Some papers are good quality with holographic details that adds the special touch. My boys have had the question that takes a creation in a paper to return a yard was, but could have deleted any frustration for just locating slightly with drawing an outline that would feign travers a first paper. Some four bookmarks/marcadors comprised is tiny but brilliants of happy colours that look well with some papers. A variety of papers is perfect and covers more any occasion. Also it loves that you take four different colours of envelopes with pleasant source on the this helps some girls direct. All some creativity and thoughtful details that has gone to this neighbour justifies a prize of mine.
4 / 5
This Hallmark together pencil of the paper of the colouring is quite darn pleasant! You take 8 papers and envelopes and 4 bookmarks/marcadors in this together. Some papers are some resupplied of anniversaries, thank you, and of the that can you really use for anything.

Some papers has the cutout front so that when you or your colour of boys an interior can see a work to paint by means of an external creation. They finalise to look very pleasant and very better that look that so only painting the piece of paper for the homemade paper. Calm also take the pocolos dye different of envelopes to choose of.

The wise quality, there so only well in my opinion. Some papers neither a envelopes is quality a lot well, but there well. Honradamente Have expected it bit it better of Hallmark. But in general it is still the really pleasant neighbour and one has finalised the products are pleasant and entertainment. More a neighbour is really economic and cost effective!
5 / 5
Adorable. Varied creations for diverse occasions. Some personnel takes the boy that goes so easier that the in fact spatial piece of paper. He also done a product has finalised looks more polished any one @subject childs level of skill. Ossia The neighbour adds to have manually calm so that the boys can do the professionals that look paper for any occasion that explosions up. Still it comprises 4 bookmarks/marcadors calm so that you take all precise but a focus! This would be giftable also (although it doubts a lot of girls would be thrilled to receive he). My edges is much less of the bear with respecting to do papers for people while I pull out of this together like opposed partorisca rid him the black piece of paper of construction - the just frames so many ours alive our easy plus. The desire there was more than 8 papers/envelopes for places.
4 / 5
So only love this little near of goodies, has done the paper of anniversary for the neighbour and I could say was has touched really that has taken a time to draw he for his and still is looked still very professional because of some papers of Qualities and envelopes distributed with this together!!! It is really the good touch to customise for any special and has amused doing it too!!! Thank you!!!
5 / 5
My girls have has WANTED TO these. Too much. His snuck the out of his box and has done papers for his grandparents a day and now a together integer is kinda the disorder.

Thinks that any boy would love this together. You can draw in stock of paper that takes inserted in the yard was, and then also write in another side. A neighbour is easy to use, but a lot necessarily Intuitive. Mina 7 old year has comprised like this to use a cardstock but my four old year the no. But he has done still an adorable paper.

I to good sure the elements recommend.
5 / 5
My five and amour of seven years that decorates papers for thank you is, anniversaries, etc, and these neighbours was the perfect blend of diy and also something complete enough for the easy for them to express them.

A different yard out of the forms in a front have left his resplandor of art by means of, and do his extra of look of the a lot dipped work joint.

Was very pleased in a variety and pleasure like some looks of boxes. A pip squeaks is not enough to decorate in his own, but the boys love.

The paper is well, and no too lustrous to where some bookmarks/marcadors smear. It is the swipe !
4 / 5
Has taken this together for mine 3 old year that LOVES draw and doing papers for different familiarised members. This help gives the creative outlet while doing look more like the paper of real hailing that it would find it in a tent. It has done really it has excited. Some papers are smaller that has been expecting but still do fault his purpose. A fun way to give the creative touch and personnel to the card to hail.
5 / 5
My daughter there be enjoyed to do his own papers. It was very pleasant. We take it to knots near of the holidays and she have done to plot of papers for his relative. They appreciated it.

Is pleasant that comes like the little near. It is a lot that has a headline, which poden then use for other papers and of the things. Some bookmarks/marcadors was a lot. It was happy with a quality.

Liked and would recommend it.
5 / 5
Has taken this for my two daughters ages 8 and 6 to the equal that can create papers for his anniversaries of friends, day of the parents or any occasion want. It is the really pleasant box that comes with all precise , comprising envelopes and bookmarks/marcadors. There are 8 papers that is decent I just desire has had the dozen to justify a cost. Another that that these are the way adds to send the personalised message to any

Top Customer Reviews: Hallmark Pack of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5
It has not had a lot of the pictures when I have purchased these I so that it expects these helps! I will be partorisca give these were the my daughters partorisca valentines ❤️❤️
4 / 5
does not comprise an obsession with glitter. It is like the ‘for ever chemical'. Glitter Does not break down and is impossible to take touched of of. A quantity of glitter is ridiculous in my opinion and easily rubs of a paper. I have ordered several containers - has opened one, there is remarked a quantity of glitter exiting and launched them was. It would owe that it has read it a description of Amazon more attentively. It would have been the 5 element of star - add looking paper and good simple message. Because ruin the good thing with a “decoration” that a lot find disturb it severe?
5 / 5
Valentine papers is good-looking ! A lot @@@sparkle that all the world wants! The quality adds. You are papers in the band is a perfect account to give my family. Thank you!😀
4 / 5
Really would owe that it has read a description. It is A lot of glittery. Marcos the disorder. It complains it.
5 / 5
Will be impressed. I did not expect him to be like this good.
5 / 5
These were perfect papers for familiar & of friends on Valentine's day. The quality adds in an exceptional prize.