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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 18 ratings
4 / 5
The majority of people knows little in this religious tradition of entity. Professor Jenny Rosa resupplies the clear and comprehensible introduction the Zoroastrianism this helps a reader @gives a significant of Zoroastrian principles and his history. If you are interested in Zoroastrianism like the religion or like this the tradition has contributed to a development of several monotheistic religions, this book results a foundational text of entity that clears all one would want to know and more.

Howard Gontovnick, Ph.D.
Interdisciplinary studios
State University of New York (Plattsburgh, NY)
5 / 5
Like an American student of the religious studios in Germania have expected to take compact information in English to help me comprise some the German texts have complicated in Zoroastrianism. At the beginning it was happy with a quantity of data has offered in the book of Jenny Rosa, but has punctual @to @give is impossible to look on sure concepts. Unfortunately, there is not any indication and a table of contents has any numbers of page. There is remarked then some pages partorisca reserve also have any numbers of page! I do not think never I have read the book without numbers of page. Ossia Very disappointing, especially considering Lady Rosa is one associates professor of religious studios and would have to that comprise that of the entity is partorisca be able to look on people, was or theories without the owe thumb by means of all some pages. This in spite of, am giving a book two stars partorisca excellent information. The only desire could find it.
5 / 5
Especially is a Manual of like this comprises at present the zoroastrismo-mazdeísmo, the questions the those that faces up to the believer and the diffusion of the faith. The historical sections spend The paving of second, but edges a lot of entities partorisca comprise it everything.
The historical part of the fall of Imperio Sasánida until the actuality is especially curious and bearable, although other parts of the book are something heavy. It is a simple English, in general, although the inclusion of Persian terms the annoying paper the fluent reading.
The compulsory is frankly bad.
4 / 5
A book is packed with information - a lot of he of the bondadoso a no attended or desire to find in an introduction. Far too much attention is given to archaeologic and other details of the small interest to that looks for to be presented to a subject. Particularly discouraging is a way technical terms, in any varieties of Iranian tongue, is presented once and freely used for ever with which. Hardly the page spends of the longitude concealed does not force one to consult a glossary or an indication at least once. In place of 'An introduction', the best subtitle would be 'One drives encyclopaedic'.
In another hand, has been disappointed in not finding the discussion sistémica of a report of Zoroastrianism with, at least, a Mithraic taken of a late Roman empire and Manichaeism.
5 / 5
Has bought he partorisca for the quite ignorant christian relative
5 / 5
This Book was Way more than has expected takes. You see, he the years owe that it has read something roughly the one who Zoroastrianism spent in the virtual Moral Revolution in a West, comparable the Confucio Moral of Influence in Cina. A difference that is that All the world knows in an influence of Confucio in Asia but that Zoroastrianism has suffered bad in some Storms of the history that leaves Morally Derivative Religions to grow and thrive while Zoroastrianism has been minimised and marginalized. The majority of the serious historians not even Consider Zoroastrianism. A House is everything on Egitto, Greece and Judaism.

Well, Felizmente Professor Jenny Rosa has come together with his scholar Masterpiece. It can not be long before it is the Plenary Tenured Professor to somewhere, same Boss of his Department of own History.

A Title of his Book is “An Introduction…”; this in spite of, ossia in context to as the book has been grouped with other books for his Editor. Some other books in a Series can have of the introductions of summer, but in the big leaves doubt that any besides one the majority of ambitious scholar would require anything outrage the book of Professor Rosa.

Now, yes, a book is LIKE THIS COMPLETE that inevitably it will have sections that subject of worry that you would not be a less has bitten curious roughly, but with the Real Physical Book, and no the Kindle Formed, is extremely easy to scan by means of until it find something again that attractive in your attention.
But, regarding my imprecise supposition that Zoroastrianism has spent the Moral Revolution in his wake, well, anything had read the few years, or the few years of dozen, behind was certainly true. Some Religions that The majority of the historians and a General Audience think was like this pivotal to a Moral Development of a West was derived in fact so only, in fact, was the reactionary of has bitten and has retreated included the bit of some Moral Heights of Zoroastrianism. A so only can suppose that Alexander was remained in Macedonia, or Conquered to one West in place of to an East, all be living in the Big Civilisation Fantastically Moral now, in planting to count some days until our Environmental or Social Doom Politician overtakes .
5 / 5
Jenny Rosa Is the scholar that specialises in of the Iranian Studios (the majority prominently Elderly Iranian religion, history, and culture). Ossia One of some definite books there is poured in Zoroastrianism together with Mary Boyce is 'Zoroastrians: His Religious and practical Faiths'. In spite of his title, this book is much more that so only the introduction. A book contains information a lot so only in Zoroastrian practical and faiths but also maps, the glossary, picture and illustrations, and the comprehensible history of Zoroastrianism in some regions of myriad he thrived in. (A chapter there is poured in Zoroastrianism to Central Asia, ossia scarce!). There is a lot the pocolos resorted for a studio of Zoroastrianism so that ossia the a lot invaluable book that felizmente tried to fill that void.

Now the constructive precaution, this is not the book meant for the general audience. Ossia The academic book published for the academic editor for the scholar meant by other scholars and students. They are the student of Iranian, Syriac, and the Asian studios Centre like this easily can comprise all some places/of cities, geography, religions, chances, tongues, ethnic groups, villages, and the civilisations/of empires have mentioned. If you are to dip it reader, will struggle with reading this book. Another thing is on some religious readers. This in is not the question but the little of these readers are interested simply been due to a bit those that similarities among Zoroastrianism and his own Abrahamic religion. Like this basically, they are interested so only to do a fascinating religion that is Zoroastrianism (Mazdayasna) the simple compliment or curiosity his biblical/monotheistic perspective in planting to study he for his own sake. If you are the scholar , student, or the reader has learnt then this rids will not disappoint . If you are to dip it reader, recommend books for Peter Clark and Farhang Mehr to the equal that are meant for Western dip readers.
4 / 5
Prof. Jenny Is trace in his book a global exceptional work to detail a long and complex history of one of a world-wide a rich plus still arguably systems of faith darker. In essence, it heads to no of only touch to, but also definitively explore his a lot of varied facets, on three hundred pages and nine chapters, each one which so one there is poured in the concrete appearance of an ancient faith. It begins it was to go to his fund, his increase to prominence in ancient Persia in a summit of his glory, then details his subsequent decrease after an Arab conquest, and his communities of diaspora expósita in Indian and north Amsterdam today, complete with dozens and of the additional maps of photos.

Strongly recommended for any one has interested to learn more in a Zoroastrian religion and his practices, any one @subjects the one who small or that already can know in a subject!
5 / 5
As we are partorisca come to expect with some world-wide religions older, there is any Zoroastrianism. A lot, or perhaps more, the one who is purists , maintains that so only a Gatha teachings of Zarathustra is some original teachings also. Because of my own personal prejudices in an original form of anything, my compassions are with them. One will see a be supreme, Ahura Mazda, as when be run of both Mitric and Zoroastrian faiths. Some looks of author in a development of Zoroastrianism in several regions of entities: Persia, Seleucia the Sistan, a Sasanians, Central Asia, India and will go it Islamic. Adoración of both Fire and the look to water to be among his earlier customs. This is to be follow for an adoration of Anahita, and a concept of magi was presented also yields on. Of course a propagation of religion, and is gone through several adaptations, to result a Zoroastrianism this exists today. I owe that admit that it would have preferred seeing an original Gathas, but has to that say that this volume is recommended still.
5 / 5
A good informative is that this book resupplies the wealth of information in Zoroastrianism--comprising his history and development. Unfortunately, I have found a writing and way of a book to be quite dense and dull. In fact, a fashion to write a bit distracted of a good information that a book has contained, which in fact wound up in the distract me to a point that has had the hard time that retains an information that a book has resupplied! For like this, like the resource this book is really good. But, you are looking to read the book that can educate you (and present calm) to Zoroastrianism, would have to say look more. This book was so only too dense to really take to or appreciate.
5 / 5
Thorough history, a bit that lacking of in information in zarathustra, and in concrete core and of the modern faiths. A series adds parts, no quite coming together like the whole.
5 / 5
A book is written to be informative, not entertaining. It says in Zoroastrainism and touches his evolution by means of history and by means of this expansion of Persia to one Orients. Read this book wants to comprise an evolution of a religion and take the best comprising that it is. This is not the book to say you everything in a religion and practical, although you will be able to infer some of him of some references.
5 / 5
Any the one who is interested in some origins of religion would owe that consider read this book.
5 / 5
The book of Jenny Rosa is in mine dress exceptional. I Like him the layman, has in the first place developed of an interest in Zoroastrianism done 20 years and has begun was with an on simplified concept of a man in a time the one who there have been some ideas of entities one development duquel has moved in the linear advance in bylines. This author, this in spite of, has illustrated with the clarity adds that some ideas of this religion developed in the multitude of different ways in of the different places, time and circumstances. Without not losing never touch take of a subject global, Rosa is always diligent to join his synthesis to an available evidence. His commentary in a religion to Central Asia was particularly illuminating (at least for me).

Two minor quibbles. Has Locates Occasionally slips to a-necessary academic slang when the simple Anglo-Saxon would do a work more efficiently. One of the his academic reviewers has described his English like beautiful. It is not ; it is attentive, has included well, but could have benefited of the no-academic modification previously to editor.

Secondly, The better use could be be do of better maps although it comprises would add to costs.

Repeats, minor quibbles. It would give 6 stars to this book yes really is that well.
4 / 5
Comprehensible,clear and a lot of gain to comprise some subjects of Zoroastrianism of some pasts to present.
Thank you very much. G.W.
4 / 5
Has been expecting to see a report of Zoroastrianism the faiths have bent to the Christianity likes announced but if this subject is in here is hard to decipher. Perhaps my expectations were misguided. More the history that the statement of faiths.
5 / 5
An excellent introduction to a complex of historical development of Zoroastrianism. A must-read for any interested in a religion to the equal that has developed in a three-and-a-half millennia of his existence and is today.
5 / 5
A continuazione of studios during a Pre-Christian and Islamic traditional faiths of the foundation of the development, which have derived. It is possible partorisca some eccentric students partorisca find the universal way to integrate the secretic seen with other faiths and possibly partorisca access spiritual illustration.

Top Customer Reviews: Bhagavad-gita As It ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
4 / 5
5 / 5
A Gita is explained fantastically for frames he easy to comprise.
This version of a Gita is the book that each Hindu would owe that have and read every day.
4 / 5
the book Adds of old scriptures and universal teachings.

Adds partorisca read for spiritual awareness.

Recommends 300 to all the world! The ignorance is not the bliss.

5 / 5
Rid Well partorisca develop and find yours true self
5 / 5
Like this far I a intro. Calm take you thinking. You owe that be mature,opens imported and more than the entity has consecrated partorisca take a better out of him.
Good regime!
5 / 5
I have begun partorisca read this book and he was quite well in a start. This in spite of, there is @@give that a lot of a translation that is arrogant and misleading. That extracted example other forms of Krishna like the Demigod and calling these people he fool the one who God of adoration another that Krishna. Please does not buy this book as it will not give you the clear picture of Gentleman Krishna.
4 / 5
With on two tongues of dozen and more than five millions hardbound copies in impression, undoubtedly, Bhagvad Gita How is for Divine Grace Swami Prabhupada is a better selling and amply classical bed in world-wide literature. It reflects a main literary support for a sum of religious civilisation of Indiana, a surviving culture older in a world. You have read the saint book is very explained, easy to read with sanskrit shlokas very translated and the pronunciations have done easier. A subject of Bhagvad Gita entails a comprehension of five basic truths. In the first place, the science of god is explained and that a place of living establishments, jivas. A living establishment is controlled for a controller 'boss of God krsna' and a material character 'prakriti' and time, a period of existence of a whole universe and karma 'activity' is spoken. Finally, the desire of his god and does or breaks a world! Bhagvad gita Is written with 18 chapters - a conversation of krsna with Arjun likes brief down:
1. Understand A: Arjun gives on determination to struggle in a battlefield of kuruksetra out of hurting n harm when it sees his intimate relative, professors and friends in both armies ready to struggle and sacrifice his lives.
2. Understand Two: Krsna begin his teachings Arjun and explains a bet of distinction. A provisional material organism and eternal spiritual soul. Characteristic of self the person @@give is explained.
3. Understand Three: Karma Yoga One has to that involve in active where the actions can join one to a world-wide or released. Extracted for a pleasure of god is without egoistic motives and achieve transcendental knowledge.
4. Understand Four: Transcendental knowledge, spiritual knowledge of a soul, of goddess and his report. Krsna Explains history of Gita, purpose and importance of his periodic descents to a material world and a necessity to approach the guru.
5. Understand Five: the action treated and his fruits to achieve peaces, detachments, forbearance, spiritual vision and bliss.
6. Understand Six: controlling of an alcohol and sense and house on concentration on goddess (the gentleman is in heart)& explains a meaning of amadhi' full consciousness of supreme.
7. Understand Seven: Knowledge of Absolute god. Krsna Is a supreme truth and there is anticipated the souls give extended the in devotion.
8. Understand Eight : achieving a supreme god and agreeing krsna in devotion whole life n in time of death, one can achieve his lived supreme, besides material world.(Ossia A chapter that is spoken always besides Hindu families that hangs ritual rites when any one dies)
9. New chapter: One the majority of confidential knowledge of bhakti - begging the godhead reviving a pure devotion, one returns the krsna in spiritual realm.
Diez: All can, beauty, magnitude or sublimity, in material or spiritual world is manifestation of krsna.
Eleven: Krsna stock exchanges Arjun a vision and develops his form like cosmic universe and explains his own humanlike the form is an original form of godhead and one can perceive so only for pure devotion.
12. Understand Twelve: Bhakti yoga to achieve luv of krsna and develop divine qualities.
13. Understand Thirteen: bet of Difference. Organism, a soul and supersoul further the both achieves emission of material world.
14. Understand Fourteen:the souls are under a control of three ways of material character - goodness, passion and ignorance. Like this law of ways to these very explained here.
15. Understand Fifteen: Detaching oneself of material world and comprise godhead. A the one who comprises krsna his surrendered and result devotional.
16. Understand Sixteen: the difference of Divine and Demoniac character is explained here. As to obtain spiritual perfection.
17. Understand Seventeen: Three types of the faith that evolves three ways of material character. The laws have treated of that have faith in passion and harvest of only ignorance impermanent, material results while the laws have treated in goodnesses, goodnesses the pure faith in krsna.
18. Understand Eighteen: One that concludes separated to the equal that explains a meaning of renunciation and effects of some ways of character in human consciousness and acitivity. It gives to god the one who emissions an of sins, spends illustration and be eternal spiritual way.
Krsna Has said in Gita,
'Aham sarvasya prabhavo, Mattah sarvam pravartate
Iti matva bhajante mam, Budha bhava samanvitah' meant ' are a source of all spiritual and material worlds. Everything emanates of me. A wise the one who perfectly knows this involves in mine devotional service and adoration me with all his hearts'
Then , yes has read Bible or Corano or any religious book, Bhagvad Gita is the election 'Absolute'to read in a 'Absolute Godhead' After all, the god is the mystery and the person does not know never the one who a real person is otherwise chair, would have any war and only peace on earth Bhagvad Gita Mahima (krsna sayings) is followed for humans. A sure Choose.
5 / 5
A Bhagavad Gita is an a lot of essence of some Prohibitions, Indiana Hindu scripture. It is one of some spiritual delights are of a world, appreciated for Easterners and Westerners equally.

Is a history of a warrior adds Arjuna, and his dialogue with a Gentleman Krishna (the supreme personality of Brahman, a godhead), his fellow and charioteer.

Arjuna Is mired in self-doubt and conflict in a meaning of life to the equal that prepares for battle. In another side is his leading friends , professors and relative that has to be prepared to kill. It is in a verge to launch down his bond adds and resigning of a field of battle, in a battlefield in Kuruksetra, when Gentleman Krishna explains his have to his: "it does not yield to this degrading impotence. It does not result you . It gives on such insignificant weakness of heart and arise, Or chastiser of an enemy!"

Krishna Explains that he, Arjuna, is the warrior, and that it has to be true to his have to that and destiny and says that that knows a truth @gives that there is no endurance in a non-existent (provisional things , material) and any one ceases of an eternal.
This translation is a work of one of the majority of distinguished scholars of some world-wide and professors of a Vedic religion and philosophy.

Henry David Thoreau has said of a Bhagavad Gita, that in comparison "our modern world and his look of literature puny and trivial."

Any student of the Oriental philosophy is complete without reading is, or another translation, of a Bhagavad Gita.

Joseph Pierre,
Author of the STREET To DAMASCUS: Our Travesía By means of Eternity
5 / 5
As if the text of Homer Iliad the result had has embroidered to say the spiritual history, a Bhagavad Gita resonates with an antiquity of utmost myths, a Mahabharata. Ay Has a rubs. A text that has of this classical gem increasingly is when being in the view like the corrupt text, mostly interpolations later, that suffers the analogous fate to this of Bible in an age of Biblical Critique. A pocola operates known has called A Gita So it Was, Rediscovering an Original Bhagavadgita. For Phulgenda Sinha, would have to be indispensable reading for any interested in a stunning fact that an original Gita was the no-theistic text. A deception and complete transformation of a sutras develops the palimpsest in fact, to the like a side of the shadow of Indian spiritual history has been written.
4 / 5
Ossia The beautiful book . A conversation among a warrior Arjuna and his prime minister and charioteer, Gentleman Krns, in a batlefield of Kuruksetra, shows an essence of a Vedic alcohol. A sense of spiritual intoxication is wanting to, but the difference of another Upanisads, this in spite of, too emohasis is situated the obedience to be able to and there are a lot of theological incongruences in a text. In spite of a plus enlightened appearances of Krsna together, a can not forget that the he he the one who is trying to convince Arjuna to exit and kill his friends and of the relative in the battlefield when Arjuna is won with compassion for his fellow human beings.
5 / 5
Has read a first edition of this book roughly 24 or 25 years ago and moved a lot then. Still although some mistranslations caused some conceptual questions. A later edition has done a translation has required correct and now one can read a Prabhupada Gita without struggling with sentences that looks to do very felt or give a wrong idea. It could he signals was that it was Prabhupada helpers the one who has done a orignal deceptions and any one some masters he.
Which signalled mainly to write this description was a description of another writer the one who has given a book so only 2 stars and has gone to a test on Monism and Duality etc. In fact all a writer has aimed was his own inability to comprehend a Gita, reality or Krishna. No of some questions are shouted and a Buddhist Conception of the reality easily can be defied and has gone with in the trice. They are not writing this to educate those this in spite of the one who there is still the comprehend reality, self or Goddess. These responses are given plainly in a Gita, where Krishna declare likes Ladies of Everything. To an Absolute God. Some question individual animal Karma, Oneness etc is answered easily and has gone with. A Upanishads, a Prohibition is is etc state mistranslated and mispresented for writers and Gurus for the ages and we have has had fostered on all the classes of Atheists, is all a, is all God , atrocity on of all the corners. Prabhupada Gita Does not go to a metaphysics of a universe neither to a Metaphysics of Krishna explanations. Enough it accepts to good sure and with absolute faith some Words of a Gita and one comes up with some there is extrapolated has meant that it is not sustained directly in a text and as it can be contested against of another vedic writings. These are quite easy spotted this in spite of.
Unfortunately for us Westerners, is not easy to have a class of unwavering faith in the Guru, Master or spiritual work and of course tend the automatically go the critical way when finding like so this. A result when being a class of questions a leading writer informs to.
To advance spiritually this in spite of require to develop faith and look for comprehension. If we approach a Gita and accept some words of a text like true (this precise to apply totally to Prabhupada purports) then more than coming up with objections and of the questions that with our intellects of the minute can not reconcile, investigation to comprise in devotion and meditation. Applying we in this way with faith and patience, finally the reality unfolds to our alcohols and some classes of questions have created animal Duality, Monism, Karma etc is clearly has answered. These a lot the technicians are described for Krishna he in a Gita, this in spite of Krishna explains in an end, that any one the and/the yoga is equal to Bhakti Yoga (Yoga of Devotion). Prabhupada Was the Bhakti, has dipped the example to shine of of the this in his life here on Tierra with us. We would owe that see his translation of a Gita in this light. It has tried to feign in the travers his purports a clear and simple truth of a purpose of God and human life he. It is to the respect the success. Any the one who approximations this work with faith and humility, studios some words of Krihna and meditates on will do them to him to whole plot of good. That can approach a work with a soul of the Bhakti will do included better.
I reccommend "Bhagavad Gita" to any the one who is looking for knowledge of God. If the calm look will find both in your heart, everywhere you and like his supreme manifestation, some personnel of absolute Gentleman, Krishna that has joined other manifestations emanate.
A critic could use human tongue to question an on, "To the equal that can Krishna be all dominant, any this does a personal form the projection of one all dominant more than another round of way? All the classes to question it to to him likes him to them these can be domestic. In fact this in spite of, these questions are simply failings of a human intellect and failings of spiritual comprehension. The correct understanding reconciles questions like those on and some questions have created of the leading writer.
Conclusion. Whilst Tin a lot totally recommend a religious organism this has jumped of "Bhagavad Gita To the equal that Is" for all the world, because of some errors in comprehension and application those have spoken to have; Prahbupada Gita has to that be absolutely reccomended. If you want to find God, precise looks no further.
5 / 5
His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the pure devotee of Krishna, has given a western world this eternally testo inspiring. It contains his devotional ectasies and is drive true to one the one who is a lot sincerely looking for spiritual truth. To read this book is to be driven personally for His Divine Grace to the state the big plus of consciousness - purely poured in a Supreme Gentleman Sri Krishna.
Any the one who has the pre-concieved philosophical fixation probably not being able to enter to a sublimity of this transliteration because of the defiant alcohol. Some true same controls for any those who is looking to still blind follow the religious mandate. Bhagavad-gita Requires no only frank surgery and has thought to comprise his deep message - the hips requires the professor described the one who is authorised in disciplic succession.
AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Is such the professor described how is initiated directly to the disciplic appoint that has begun with Sri Krishna He the one who has spoken a Gita to Arjuna 5000 years ago.
Without a natural respect and submission that would owe that accompany a reader when imbibing some words of such the professor adds one could feel dissapointed for his commentaries.
This rids is not for any the one who desires to use pirituality' and spiritual comprising like the means to aggrandize themself. In some hands of Bhaktivedanta Swami, Bhagavad-gita message of unalloyed to the devotion remains intact and accessable to a sincere in heart.
Found the one who interest that the majority of some descriptions for Srila Prabhupada Bhagavad Gita To the equal that East is weighted in any extreme. This resists true with a text wherin (Understand Sixteen) some divine and demoniac qualities of man am explained:
Pride, arrogance, presumption, anger, harshness and ignorance-these qualities belong to those of demoniac character, Or edges of Prtha.
PURPORT For Srila Prabhupada
in this to, a real street to hell is described. A demoniac wants to do the show of religion and advance in spiritual science, although they do not follow some principles. They are always arrogant or proud in possessing some type of education or like this wealth. They wish to be worshiped for another, and question respectability, although they do not command respect. In the trifles result a lot angry and speak severely, any softly. They do not know that it would have to that be fact and that would not owe that be fact. His all whimsically, according to his own desire, and does not recognise any one can. These demoniac qualities are taken on for them of a start of his organism in a wombs of his mothers, and to the equal that grow to manifest all these inauspicious qualities.
One could contest that His Divine Grace is by train to be hard to write such the purport. I comprise this to be the conteptuous error stemming of an ideology that is not able to distinguish among an amour offered for the genuine a lot of wisher and a critique personally has motivated a generally can experience in materially competitive life. A kitten feels sure in some teeth of a cat of mother while a rat feels some jaws of death.
This pound invited to take the good look in me and that I desire. It has opened a door to the plan the big plus of sympathetic has has centred no around the mine fallido tries to look for like in this world; but I gave instead a neccessary comprising to direct in an even more natural inclination to want to purely - the propensity that so only can be reposed with Krishna. This simultaneously develops my real identity as the created fond of a Supreme Gentleman.
Discover the one who are - read Bhagavad Gita How is today!
Yours has created,
Ekendra give
4 / 5
This book has one of some better creations has found. Has text of original Sanskrit in Devanagari, Roman transcription with diacritic frames, word-for-translation of word, translation of to, and purport. There is also good-looking pictures and I like a practice to use mark diacritic every time the name of the Sanskrit or the term is quoted. Unfortunately these are some only good things that I can say roughly that.
First of all, this is not the book in Bhagavad Gita; ossia the book against all this ignorant mayavadis (defenders of Shankaracharya) and all some another the one who thinks differently that an author. Calm can not read the few pages without finding his attacks in another sees, which is a primary reason I a lot like this book.
Then, is highly unreliable, as it could expect of sectarian literature. Any the import so much if an author there has been restrained his commentaries so only to purports. But calm can not ignore purport and read only translation reason is also biased. Even Word-for-the translation of word is unreliable and biased.
Almost could listen Gentleman Krishna that speaks from above: No, Prabhupad, has has not said concealed. No, Prabhupad, has has not meant concealed. It Krishna Said is a thing and the one who Prabhupad listens is something different.
Ignoring purports, translation of to, and word-for-translation of word, there remain text of only Sanskrit, pictures and Roman transcription that is not enough to justify buying this book.
Instead, is interested in Sanskrit, as they are, tries A Bhagavad Gita for Winthrop Sargeant to listen that Krishna has said really. If you are not interested in Sanskrit, there is a lot, very other better translations that this one.
5 / 5
I personally find this version of a Gita foul. Swami Prabhupada Loses a whole essence of a Gita, one of a lot of religious texts of the hinduism, and turn finally Hinduism of failures to respect in general. It is it was the 'Hindu extremist' and his work reflects this fact. That The hinduism is the highly flexible religion and does not trust on 'converting' villages neither (Hari Krishnas, defenders of these mature was professor, usually try convert the character has fill strongly zones while possible). Not even it trusts his presentation of some verses of the Sanskrit and a poden a lot so only simply 'copy, paste, and attach' words to do the whole. One can a lot of that with Any tongue, for this one can a lot of that with an ancient tongue likes Sanskrit (Example: using the computerized translator or dictionary to communicate in a tongue of alien is impossible to do felizmente). PLEASE does not trust any OF SWAMI PRABHUPADA MATERIAL. I suggest to read another version of a Gita, the poem of épico lovely: my personal favourite is - A Bhagavad Gita, According to Gandhi.
5 / 5
Prabhupada The translation looks quite bondadoso, although he
the commentary and the illustrations go for the literal reading of a text.
This is always be a snag of fundamentalism, to all the cost
of the like the religion is professed. Here a venerable swami
berates that coming to a text that looks for sensatez, but is
unwilling to see some words like an absolute truth, has developed. It signals
to a text how was an only recipe for a moral and spiritual east
development. If you are bent to think that, then this edition
of a Gita can be a one for you.
An individual iillustration shows the man that eats to lobster that is
reincarnated like the pig in his next life. Enough. There are good souls
those who eat flesh: a world is quite wide to leave for this reality.
This commentary is not . Mine contend is that ossia the modern to take
of an ancient text. Left a tongue of original text to a reader in such
way that chooses vegetables of his own agreement. Considering me,
I flesh of cook and are not specifically the defender of Krishna. I call the pig,
and inform to passages of a Gita to suggest that mine errancy there is
declare developed for "A Supreme Personality of Godhead." Ossia
That the fundamentalism done. Calm say you that calm is not to separate of him
the yes calm fold any succumb his tenets on all the accounts. A Gita is
too beautiful the text to be interpreted in such the way.
In another hand, remarkable scholars, comprising Merton, has rented
this edition. It is certainly lovely reading, albeit with a discretion
of one this reasons own die . You can find he useful things
that Prabhupada has to that offered. You take the gaze that is
like to be the true believer. Besides, in spite of a literal reading, any
all has to that say is counterproductive the reality. It offers acute
commentary in the number of contemporary subjects. One to
grows on: so only maintain the import there is other editions there, and
probably will not be reincarnated like the pig to choose to read them.
4 / 5
This version of a gita has been commented for Prabhupada; the for real sincere researcher and leader of HK movement. An only question is that together with any to writing 5 pages of commentary; like this Bhagavad gita is not he like this east but how was able of the see. I am not contesting if a commentary is good or no; a fact that the rests is that this gita is not "to the equal that is". Partorisca Take such the book has to that buy one without any commentary.
5 / 5
One more collects some defenders of ISKCON wake up and @give that our world is not in Kali Yuga, pranayama is freely available and easily practised for everything, and Prabhupada has not been a power on yoga, a better. Prabhupada Commentary in a Bhagavadgita is probably a worse commentary in existence. It presents quack quotations of Kali Yuga texts without giving any date. He purposefully mistranslates some Prohibitions partorisca adapt his agenda, then opportunely does not say a reader where in some Prohibitions has found a passage. It appears that it felt that Westerners, quite new to the Indian has behind thought then, would be too dense to defy
lucido in an authenticity of the reference. It repeats ad naseum that bhakti the and/the yoga is an only way to God to all the cost of the like chapter of a Gita is commenting to, when Krishna declares again and again in almost each chapter that an only way to an Infinite is for mastering some senses by means of the method of sense-introversion. To add insult to hurt,Prabhpada then insists that his method of bhakti the and/the yoga is an only legitimate bhkati yoga. To sustain this, he in fact renders commentary
this contradicts a sutras is commenting to. While Gentleman Krishna repeatedly is calling Arjuna to master some senses, Prabhupada decides to call endeavours in this direction sheer madness. Then repeatedly indictment that teach such the street to be doing he for money. One would think that if his "Hare Krishna Stirs of Hare" mantra was like this vitally of entity, Krishna would have mentioned he in a Gita at least the little time of dozen? Ten times? A time? No, not even once. In short, if he like this the gentleman has loved deeply Krishna, has had certainly the odd way of the aim. In planting to call his translation a Bhagavad-Gita How is, would be more sincere state to call it a Bhagavad-Gita As it Is not .
5 / 5
Has read Bhagavad-Gita How is to cover to cover, and enjoyed it thoroughly. A book is the translation and commentary of the religious text that quotes for behind his on done 5,000 years. It covers some essential points of a Vedic religion (generally known so the hinduism to one dips public), stressing devotion to the personal God the one who is endowed with transcendental attributes. It recommends this text to any the one who is interested in the fresh perspective on spirituality, a devoid of barren impersonalism or bias atuvo. This in spite of, one has to that be prepared to dip to avert one is preconceived ideas in a Gita, and instead value calm it querelle of a translator in a base of evidence of a Gita he. Ossia So that it would owe that be. Any philosophy that demand to follow a Gita, any @subject that in the interesting can touch, for real can be indorsement like such if it can not be reconciled with a Gita he.
Also would like me commentary in brief on some quite hard commentaries have done of another reviewer in the message has titled " I blind that directs a invidente." One.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Claims to go in the disciplic succession of spiritual leaders that caused of the different tradition (Maadhva) that his own (Gaudiiya). It does not allege never to follow a Maadhva commentaries or philosophical worldview, and a distinction among these two schools of Vaishnavism is hardly any secret. A does not have to that read too much the Prabhupada commentary that "Bhagavad-Gita How is is received in this disciplic succession." A Gaudiiya Vaishnava view underlines that the spiritual leader has to that have a mercy of the first guru of resultant one he, although it is preparing to start with vary it Vaishnava tradition. A reviewer the one who researches to do the stink in this subject is more probably basing his commentaries in of the tightened-the sectarian sprains have imported more than an objective evaluation of a book in his own merits.
The hips would owe that be admitted that a Vedic models of the astronomy is not totally compatible with some modern paradigms. Cela A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Follows a forward would not owe that be the cause to ridicule. Instead, it would have to I respect. Partorisca To all the cost of ours dress personal own, is clear that Bhaktivedanta Swami has has followed faithfully a Vedic conclusions in this subject in planting to change them to adapt Western (and Western-influenced) audience. A precise not being in accordance with his conclusions to admire his uncompromising faith in some Prohibitions, the faith that sadly is losing of a lot of Westernized practitioners of a religion.
4 / 5
One a reason because this popular book that takes two star is reason gives the word to mean of word for a Sanskrit Slokas (stanzas).
But then, is looking to learn and imbibe some teachings of a Gita, or yes is that it wants to know that a Gita is everything roughly, then this is not a book. Reason, in the Prabhupada terms like Purport - tries to propagate his ideas of Krishna Consciousness that is his movement.
Gita Is basically the manual for spiritual and successful living and is not in plot roughly Philosophy. Unfortunately, more the translators belong in some school of philosophy or another and his books in Gita skew a subject @@@subject to exemplify the own philosophies and this book is an excellent example of that.
For example ossia one of one more couplets in a Gita in Chapter 2 which goes:
Dhyaayate Vishayan Punsah Sanghasteshupajaayate
Sangaat Sanjaayate Kaamah Kaamatkrodhobijaayate (Chap2 - 62)
Krodhatbhavati Sammohah SammohatSmritivibhramah
SmritiBhramshaat Budhinaasho BudhinaashatPranashyati( 2-63)
half: When Man heeds attention to Sensual Objects, develops the feeling to annex to them and these goodnesses to annex to lust or craving. When it does not take him , it develops I anger. These goodnesses of cholera to further craving. When This raisin, his process has thought goes astray and when his process has thought goes astray, his intelligence is lost and when the intelligence is lost, heads to a downfall of man.
Ossia One of some the majority of lessons of entities of a Gita which had influenced present of sound like Mahatma Gandhi. Prabhupaada Totally skews this to the his saying of goodness, Gentleman Shiva heeded to the Sensual pleasures have offered of the his consort and of here Karthikeya is been born while one of the his (Prabhupada is) spiritual ancestor a lot and of here Krishna Consciouness is a More adds them. That it disgrace to such look it good-looking of couplets.
To the left say: Gita is the manual and is read more without extra purports. A reader has to that have pertinent sense out of him considering his spiritual needs.
When Krishna has said... It sees soye' in all go and do and calm never anything wrong... Soye' Does not mean Krishna. For you it could be any that admire, amour and respect a plus. It could be Jesus , could be Allah , or could be yours Mother , Father, Woman or your Girl. Arjuna Has resisted Krishna big estimate and has considered Goddess. So much for him soye' is Krishna. But it concealed a lot necessarily it means that all the world would owe that see Krishna anywhere. It agrees that ossia the poem . Calm does not have to that it never looks for to have literal sense out of him. When Calm take it that the way will result the Fanatic.
Gita Is for all the world-wide - present all the religions and also atheistic. Substituting Krishna for any one master, admires and respect. Kurukshetra Is in your own hearts and some two sides are your ego,sense and your Aatman(animates it). Read he with east in the alcohol and calm will direct the happy life.
Better read Eknath Easwaran translation of a Gita (ISBN: 0915132362). His three series of the volume titled - Bhagavad Gita for the living newspaper is a lot also, but has think that stressed to plot on meditation in his interpretation of a Gita, probably reason have cut the school of meditation in a Zone of Bay.
Like this read the simple translation without explanations. It spends some time to analyse that calm could extends your reason ossia a way Gita would have to that be read. Eknath Easwaran The translation would owe that help achieve concealed.
4 / 5
Are the 16 old year, the one who has begun accidentally read a Gita (die for my grandfather) in the night when I have been boring. In tonight, I have shipped in the travesía that has opened my eyes to a Personality of Godhead. A book taken chanting one Stirs of Hare... The on and on, each day. I have begun to offer my feed to Krsna before like this , and have better knowledge that is right and that it is bad.
Of the young boy, taking of me--the only hard part of this book is, dipping calm to practise that Gita promulgates. I read it roughly 3 times already, this in spite of any able to decrypt a message totally--the message has very deep, but also conspicuous in time.
This could touch bobo, but a vocabulary used in this book is a lot of gain for a SEATED is-- use a lot of words that it is common in a SEATED.
I _integer-heartedly_ recommend this book to any concealed is ready to take some Supreme instruction. A consultor invaluable to any one is life .
Hare Krsna.
4 / 5
Has lived in Indian in fact a lot of years that travel his period and breadth. And, it has read the vast swath of Vedic literature, comprising ayurveda, jyotish, vastu, vedanta, nyaya, tarka, mimamsa, upanishads, Ramayana, Mahabharata, puranas, etc. Of everything of of the this is easy to see reason Swami Bhaktivedanta commentary in a Gita is like this populate in Indian and ossia reason is TOTALLY TRUE and a lot in tune with some commentaries of all some main preceptors of Vedic traditions like Ramanujacarya, Madhvacarya, Nimbarkacarya, and Visnu Swami. His translation of a Gita is indorsement in fact for another Vedic disciplic to successions likes him a Sri, Madhva, Vallabha and Nimbarka Sampradayas eats when being entirely in accordance with Vedic has thought. This date of one of a Madhva Acarya is in Udipi mentions that Prabhupada Gita is sold in front of the his main shrine. Ossia Any small compliment (tries to take Catholics and Protestant to do this):
'...Sri Chaitanya Sampradaya Is stirs it of Madhwa philosophy. There are historical tests to substantiate this fact. A sadhana successful for Sri A. C. Prabhupada, Acharya Of "Chaitanya Sampradaya" it is to be given the reception to stops all Vaishnavites. It is due to the people during a world has learnt roughly Gentleman Krishna. This work would owe that it has been fulfilled for Madhwa defenders. But Prabhupada has to do fault a world in propagating this cult. Still in a western world has attracted the big number of devotees of Gentleman Krishna, by means of his tongue in "Bhagavat Geeta." A book "Bhagavat Geeta" of Sri Prabhupada rests to be sold in front of Krishna Mandira in Udupi. This does is known to all eight mutts of Udupi. As well as all devotees of Udupi Kshetra...'
Sri Laksmivara Tirtha Swami
Sri Shiroor Mutt, Udupi
Jadadguru Sri Sri Madhwacharya Peethan
Udupi, Of the sud Candra '
This edition of a Gita shows that Krsna is a Supreme Personality of Godhead, the conclusion that can be seen of inner references n a Gita he but also sustained by other texts like Bhagavata Purana where is declared
'All of some first mentioned incarnations are any portions of plenary or portions of some portions of plenary of a Gentleman, but Gentleman Sri Krsna is an original Personality of Godhead. Everything of them looks in of the planets while there is the emotion created for some atheists. A Gentleman incarnates to protect a theists.'
These critics those who allege that Bhaktivedanta Swami the commentary is not congruent with Vedic the culture simply tip that does not know it Vedic the culture and the philosophy are. Quite 'Bhagavad-Gita How is' is amply revered during Indian for main members of Vedic culture such the Pejvara Swami of Udipi, and Muralidhar Bhattar priest of boss of Srirangam. Bhagavad-Gita How is is amply state accepted for hundreds of scholars. Professor Dimock thinks:
'A Bhagavad-gita is a better known and a more frequently translated of Vedic religious texts. ...Afterwards to a Bhagavata-purana, a Gita is a text more frequently quoted in some philosophical writings of a Gaudiya Vaisnava school, a pupil represented for Swami Bhaktivedanta like this later in the long succession of professors. It can be said that this school of Vaisnavism has been founded, or revived, for Sri Krsna-Caitanya Mahaprabhu (1486-1533) in Bengal, and that it is at present an alone religious force stronger in an oriental part of an Indian subcontinent. A Gaudiya Vaisnava school, so that Krsna is a Supreme God, and a lot simply an incarnation of another deity, sees bhakti like an immediate and powerful religious force, looking of amour among man and God. His looks of discipline to consecrate all one east of the actions to a Deity, and one listens to some histories of Krsna of some saint texts, a flange Krsna name, washes, bathes, and has seen a murti of Krsna, Feeds and takes some rests of some alimentary offered his, for this that absorbs His grace; one does these things and many more, until one has been changed: a devotee has the result has transformed to one in bylines to Krsna, and sees a Gentleman face to face.
wami Bhaktivedanta Commentaries to a Gita of this point of view, and ossia legitimate. More than that, in this translation a Western reader has an only occasion to see like the Krsna devotee interpreter his own texts. It is a Vedic exegetical tradition, justly famous, in action. This book is then the welcome addition of a lot of points of view. It can do fault like the lovely textbook for a university student. It leaves to listen to the skilled interpreter explicating the text that has meant religious deep. It gives ideas to some originals and highly convincing ideas of a Gaudiya Vaisnava school. It resupplies a Sanskrit in both Devanagari and transliteration, offers a specialist of Sanskrit an occasion to king-interpret, or meanings of debate of particular Sanskrit-although it thinks there will be little disagreement in a quality of a Swami stock exchange of Sanskrit. And finally, for a nonspecialist, has readable English and it devotional attitude which can not help but move a sensitive reader. And there are some products, which, incredibly as it can resemble this familiar with religious art contemporary Indian, has been done of American devotees.
'A scholar, a student of Gaudiya Vaisnavism, and an increasing number of Western readers has interested in classical Vedic the thought has been done the service for Swami Bhaktivedanta. To spend the new and living interpretation of the already known text to a lot, has augmented our sympathetic manyfold; and you argue it takes sympathetic, these days of distance, needs not being fact.
'Professor Edward C. Dimock, Jr.
Department of Asian Tongues Of the sud and Civilisation
University of Chicago'
On listening a Gita of Gentleman Krsna, Arjuna has been transformed. No another Gita commentary (all 800 of them in English) has a capacity to do a same transformation in any the one who the read and follows his direction. Much more it could be said but there is so only 1000 words. Now it is time for you to order this book and discover for calm.
4 / 5
In a Upanishads, a saint Vedanta texts of yore, one finds further of a place a very known metaphor of the blind person that directs other blind people astray, to illustrate that it spends when an incompetent, styling he the man has learnt, tentativas to teach another that knows a lot he. This metaphor is very apt to describe Prabhupada translation and purport for a Bhagavad Gita. For while it alleges that his translation and purports follow the 'disciplic succession' (sees fund of Prabhupada' Introduction) of traditional commentaries and comprising of a work that derives of a dualistic school of Vedanta of Madhva (number 5 in Prabhupada is alleged cast of succession), in fact aim the utmost divergence and concurrida to a traditional comprising found in some last works.
In 11-47, Prabhupada said in translation: 'A Supreme Personality of Godhead has said: the mine has loved Arjuna, felizmente has signalled you, for My interior potency, this supreme universal form inside a material world. Person before it has not seen never this primal forms, unlimited and full of glaring effulgence.' Here it is the one who Madhva involved explains XI-47 in a gItA-tAtparya: 'any one another that had seen this' bad 'any the one who was less than does not saw never like this calm ,' and also this ' was a lot of another that you, the one who saw this previously [like Indra].'
Prabhupada' Explanation of a Bhâgavata is 'kR^ishhNastu bhagavAn.H svayam.H' Is radically opposed to the the Madhva has said in his commentary in Bhagavad Gita X-41 and elsewhere. It is clear that Prabhupada lied by means of his teeth in alleging that his purports followed the 'disciplic succession' to the equal that has alleged.
Besides, Prabhupada lack of sympathetic likewise some the majority of the basic facts of science and astronomy is self-evident, so much so that one asks if he the institute has spent never. It considers for chance that says down X-21: ' there are fifty varieties of the twenty that swipe in spatial,' and later, ' looks of this to that a moon is one of some stars; for this some stars that twinkle in a heaven also reflects a light of a sun. A theory that has a lot of suns inside a universe is not accepted for Vedic literature. A sun is one , and like this for a reflection of a sun a moon illuminates, like this also some stars. Of Bhagavad-gita indicates herein that a moon is one of some stars, a twinkling the stars are not of the suns but is resembled a moon.' Incidentally, Madhva law a to to say that a moon is not to like some stars, like this Prabhupada glorious delusion that is to satisfy with the 'disciplic succession' of sympathetic 'Vedic literature' can not be taken seriously.
4 / 5
Frankly that pause, a majority of ISKONs the teachings is the enormous detriment to sanatanadharma and some teachings of a Gita. They think that that his way is The WAY , and his organisation has to that it weaves of corruption. Read with awareness!!! Any recommended. Test Juan Mascaro, Stoler-Miller, Edwim Arnold, read the all, then compare, listens to your heart, the god speaks his a lot fluently. Calm no precise Prabhupad to say you that a Gita has said!!!
4 / 5
Has read a lot of editions of Bhagavad-gita before, but in everything of them a bit the authors looked to be anxious to veil a direct meaning of a text. These editions were droughts , highly speculative, full of logical defects and in fact inert. That the pleasant surprise is this edition ! It vibrates with life and can easiliy be related to some real desires in each heart of people, which are amour and rich and deep reports. And like this edition plainly and to use to conquer and be of perfect logic, these all starts to reestablish our amour and recognition for a personal centre of all that exists, a Supreme Person.
I highly recommend this edition of Bhagavad-gita for all the world, the one who is looking for juicy and spicy life in place of boring and was-of-touch impersonal speculations other editions.
5 / 5
1) Those who are I ? 2) Where Of am coming ? Alive in a past ? Continuous exist with which dead ? 3) it Is there life with which dead? Where Go with which dead ? 4) That it is a difference among the living and dead organism ? 5) Reason the different people have different destinies ? 6) That it is a purpose of this enormous cosmic manifestation that sees in a heaven at night ? 7) The one who is God ? As I Can it Knows ? 8) Reason is there so many varieties of life ? 9) That my present action affect my future life ?
HAS these questions has not annoyed never calm any time in your life ?
I often used to ask in these and has found then this book .. It has answered all my questions in the a lot of scientists,rational way .. A book and a wonderful purports really appeal to an intellect. I am writing this description because I have benefitted a lot this book.
I also call you to read this book of sensatez like this amiably explained by means of a purports for an author.
What only that it can change he in your life to read this book is that you will result more peaceful, anxiety-less, joyful and happy that calm perhaps at present ! Guaranteed !
All this for the pocolas tens of dollars .. It is not the value he ?
So only the give the shot and calm will not complain !
5 / 5
Ossia A message of Supreme Personality of Godhead and has been translated for pure devotee SRILA PRABHUAPADA. IF One wants to know a purpose of human life and roughly Goddess without mental concotion and the speculation then would be necessary approximation bonafide Master spiritual, the one who is in a line of disciplic succession. A Bonafide the spiritual master is a a the one who is the representative of the god and the one who do fault a Gentleman eternally. Always it has said that it is a created of a created of a created of a created of a created of a created of a created of a GENTLEMAN.
Arjuna Was the pure devotee of Krishna and recieved a Supreme Knowledge of his SPIRITUAL MASTER The SUPREME PERSONALITY OF GODHEAD SRI KRISHNA.
Like this in this age of Kali there is so only an indictment the purify in the ossia devotional service, when being Krishna Consciousness and chanting a SAINT NAME OF GOD.
4 / 5
With everything excites, can share my inspiration expósita in Bhagavad-Gita How is. It is clear and driving. I found it to be my never fresh and available source of deep idea to mysteries of devotion, spiritual life, and common sense.
The special value of this edition is ecstatic purports of Vaisnava Acarya, One.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, Pure devotee of Krishna. By means of this purports, secrets of Bhagavad-Gita, and concept of eternal, blissful character of service and personal devotion to God, is for a first time that results unlocked to applicant transcendentalist taste. The values of my life are there is enhanced positively. Highly recommended reading.
5 / 5
Further my message sooner regarding a fact that a lot revises here which condemn this book is done obviously for people those who are not expert neither scholars in a subject @@@subject, well, here is another place where a sincere researcher can find a opnion of a lot has has learnt scholars
A sincere reader of this book will find to develop all the mysteries of a self, of a universe, of God and of a character of our report with him in the very attentive and wonderful way.
Sees some descriptions in [...]
And a sooner mentioned one in [...]
Can ladies krishna blesses calm in yours look for an Absolute Truth
5 / 5
after reading an abridged Gita in a 60s, has studied of Prabhupada unabridged edition several times. Prabhupada I commentaries develop sensateces of a ancients, still is inspired with modern relevance. I am moved by his house in a Personality of Krishna. My favourite parts of Krishna Gita is his discussion of the type of elderly holistic ecology in of the chapters 4-5; his treatise of work and has to that throughout; his surround of Vedanta admonishes 2; and his awesome watermarks of devotion in of the chapters 10, 12, and 18.
5 / 5
Hare Krishna! They are the 17 old year catholic-that study of born institute in new orleans. I have been that looks for a Truth in fact a lot of years and in a lot of places. I have found it glimpses of a Truth and pearls of sensatez in a lot of scriptures and the religions but ossia of the only Scripture which aimed for real a Way has retreated home, behind the Godhead. Have @@give To read that Krishna is a source of all the pleasure and I will continue the flange some Saint Names of a Gentleman. The god bless everything.
4 / 5
Any word will give you an idea of some marvels will take of
belongs to a realm of a transcendental. So only read
the. It goes well besides a Upanishads or any Buddhist Teachings.
4 / 5
In a word - this book is simply Sublimate....... There is honradamente has done the massive impact for a good in my life with which I in the first place read he the fact 6 years, and there is still to find another book partorisca match it.
The people can contest of thousand different corners in a message 'true' of a Gita and everything will have his preferred, but the look has spent all concealed and study a text he that is to present like this sincerely in this calm version then will be pleasantly supprised.
5 / 5
Are not the member of ISKCON neither, but has studied theology in the Methodist the university and has used to to this book likes him the part of our course in of the world-wide religions. Have At all but praise for a translation and for a translator. If has doubts in a validity of this translation, take the minute and look on an author in wikipedia, or read some of some notes for scholars those who have revised this book elsewhere. It is not influenced of religious bigotry.
4 / 5
Finally, has the translation of a Gita ossia understandable! Has red a coverage to reserve to cover and can recommend it to any interested in philosophy, devotion, and the Indian has thought.
This book has changed a way I look in a world.
4 / 5
This CD-ROM is like this full of characteristics that hardly has headed to to explore the. If I do not take never stranded in the solitary island, love my laptop and this CD. There is like this hope and hhelp and the amour has offered. Finally I comprise that the spirituality is everything roughly.
4 / 5
The must read partorisca direct and direct your life, especifically spiritual upliftment. Really it helps partorisca know why is here and that it has to that be do in our life. The must read partorisca young adults partorisca take control of there that of life.
4 / 5
The book adds, clearly and concisely writing. Any time choose on this book and find the verse that calm comfort.
4 / 5
Very detailed and a lot well has organised has loved the 👍
5 / 5
has read a lot of editions of Bhagavad-gita before, but in everything of them a bit the authors looked partorisca be anxious to the goes a direct meaning of a text. These editions were droughts , highly speculative, full of logical defects and in fact inert. That the pleasant surprise is this edition ! It vibrates with life and can easiliy be related to some real desires in each heart of people, which are amour and rich and deep reports. And like this edition plainly and partorisca use to conquer and states of perfect logic, these all starts partorisca reestablish our amour and recognition partorisca a personal centre of all that exists, a Supreme Person.
Highly recommends this edition of Bhagavad-gita partorisca all the world, the one who is looking for juicy and spicy life in place of boring and was-of-touch impersonal speculations other editions.
4 / 5
Has been with this he so that it was a bestseller among all a Gitas available but more has discovered late that this one is highly biased and have some sexist commentaries also. Page 657 said 'the women would not owe that be the liberty dates' at all like such is written in an original Gita but an author has attached his point typical of visa concealed is not required. It goes with a Radhakrishnan version of translation, is very better.
4 / 5
Any marvel because the people say this 'BHAGAVAD GITA has the solution to all your questions'. I have read Gita once and did not like me this book because of too much Hindi and interior of Sanskrit. But this book has illustrations and English translations like this good-looking that will do you fallen for him reading besides and it comprising will do your easy life coz with each page direct will find the solution to your question or calm will learn something new roughly life.

So much, is thinking to read GITA to good sure would have to that go for east a, well at present am reading this and is too fat, as I will take the good time🌻 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
4 / 5
That will be to read bhagwad gita for a first time would owe that refrain buy east .
Ossia Highly biased against some women. Attaching pictures to try my point. Please read a text has underlined.
5 / 5
Although an interpretation is quell'has bitten biased to bhakti/yoga of devotion and like this ISKCON, but yes is the and/the yoga of bhakti/devotion, will like you. But it does not like like this of a word demigod is used for Gentleman Shiva, God Durga. Our scriptures point out of this Shiva, Had to and Vishnu is one same Parambrahma/Be Supreme. Any demigods. A quality of book is order this in spite of!
5 / 5
Was neatly has packed. I have received the fresh copy. Any harm has been found and has been inner rid 2-3 days. A prize is very reasonable.