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Top Customer Reviews: The Last Bolshevik ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
An extraordinary film both in a history and in a saying. Partorisca My money a better test stye the piece of cinema has found still, has included to comprise the bookmark is another masterpiece, Sunless. Happy has paid of the extra money partorisca have sent like this in the Oz. Special recommendation so that film of amour on cinema.
5 / 5
Awesome Film. Awesome filmmakers. A together of combination adds. It would take partorisca another the one who thinks could be interested in these films also.

Top Customer Reviews: Cinema Paradiso UHD ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
It does years this endearing the film would be cost an earth - as the videocassette.
This in spite of seating in of the active local theatres ticked on, ask me those that films are pointed, concealed is not connecting on in an upper digital SFX to camaflage a lack of characterisation that favour to abonos storytelling. And repeat viewing. I guess all have half comunicacionales - literature/of film/of the art and music that benefit of in some multiple levels.

Some Signals UHD there has been sucedido he in that seat invernadero Cinema Paradise, partorisca one very first time,
Simon in Canada
5 / 5
A death of old friend has wanted tip the nostalgic looking behind in a boyhood memories of the poor Italian city that shaped Salvador, the now famous film manager. Some characters and the chances in this portrait are a lot of reminiscent of Fellini is 'Armacord'. I have taken under his wing for Alfredo, a film Projectionist of a Theatre of only Film in city, because of his fascination with a screen of money some results of young boy, in time, the very short but praise projectionist. All some characters of the small city, his joys and the tragedies are portrayed exuberantly and with fond care. A loss of Elena, his first amour is the point has underlined a lot poignant in his life. But it is a community amour for a cinema, this projects all his own hopes and dreams like this portrait in a screen that really permeates his boyhood memories. With which to 30 absence of year, is with adding fondness and amour that looks behind in some chances that shaped his life and his future. Amado this film!
4 / 5
Sadly Is in Italian without subtitles or dubbing. The desire was clearer that has not had subtitles.
4 / 5
The coverage comprises the English description and the main paper is in English, but there is so only an Italian soundtrack without another option of tongue and options for Italians, Korean and Japanese sub titles.
Any sure reason would have description of English coverage for the calm film can not listen or read in English.
5 / 5
This Film, glorious special prize of the jury- festival of Cannes 1988, fulfilled in star Philippe Noiret and the youngster 'Toto' and the edges touch glorious.
Thrilling history. Music Of Ennius Morricone. The genial music. His actors surpass .
This Film is glorious.
4 / 5
Ossia He refreshingly wonderful film that the only Italians can do. It is the good-looking start of fashionable film of Hollywood. A longer version, a directior the yard is 52 long minutes but fleshes out of the version more the scarce a lot amiably. Too bad in of the films of north Amsterdam always goes for one 2 space of now. Ossia To the good sure casts a short of favourite films for me.
4 / 5
Mina all-time favourite film. A DVD has both a regular version, as well as a long version that has not been released because of his period, but the one who answered to plot of questions an original no.
has seen this the hundred times like this far on some years, and still cry in of the my money, one all-the end of time of better film.
4 / 5
This description is not on one films how is adds to good sure ( has seen the long first).

This in spite of, is an original version (Italian) and my DVD does not touch this format (Zone 2) like my together inform is European generally.

Has not checked is seeing is sold on , and unfortunately will owe that returns.

The product has arrived the day sooner and a lot a lot of packaged, any complaint there.

4 / 5
The new mark, still shrink together wrapped of double Blue-the disks of ray have sent for Rarewaves-CA, United Kingdom has arrived in exactly 10 days, any Canadian customs or the duties have created. The fact of beautiful new scrolling of a film negatives for a 25th emission of anniversary; fascinating to see one 174-small the yard of the manager along, especially of a scene of finds. I add to touch 5.1 surrounds clue of audio. The interesting extra characteristics that comprises documentary of profile on manager Tornatore and glimpsed with some two main actors.
5 / 5
The long Version is an all new film . I break that he any And is of French Version with this product (so only in s t)