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5 / 5
The utmost looks in mine Stinson hat. And also it resupplies perfect returning. To good sure recommend this product.
5 / 5
Like this small has looked the band of hat of the boy! A lot disappointed!
4 / 5
Ossia The fantastically done hat band. My husband likes horse-hair Western tapes, as has think that would like me something alike partorisca his hat. Has the new hat on order partorisca he and has not arrived still, but is the hat of brown cowboy that the looks resembled a one in some pictures that accompanies a description of product. A sale of hat is done of genuine skin (any upper quality full grain or upper grain) but still looks very good and is finalised amiably and supple. I have ordered a brown skin with horse of tan-hair braiding. A horsehair is really the mix of aim, beige and light brown. A braiding is fact very good and a do one amiably with the tan, aim or brown hat. A sale of hat is a lot of fact with perfect stitching to the long of some flanges as well as that attaches a buckle and keeper. A sale of looks of hat of the alone strap of the skin that has measured so only down 3/4' wide and narrowing to roughly 3/8' in some finals (where a buckle and keeper is attached in an end and some holes of adjustment have been paste in another end). A embossed, money colored the buckle is stitched situate so it is a keeper this prevents any excess period of strap of band of flopping around. A buckle is roughly 1' X 3/4'. In another end is of the discharges of final that has left a buckle & keeper + has 10 holes that is spaced roughly 1/2' avert like this band of the hat easily can be regulated partorisca return more any hat. A current prize of $ this reasonable that considers a quality of a skin and workmanship, but now included there is also the available coupon partorisca an additional $ has done is a better shot even.
4 / 5
Has the hat of decent felt cowboy with the band that the economic looks. It has taken this partorisca the substitute. It is sΓΊper-easy to install. Like the tape of trousers, so only dipped a row by means of a buckle and find a right hole. I had it on in in the minute.

My hat is the brown dark chocolate , almost black, as it has taken a black/tan combo. With a money fittings, the look adds! For your $ 35, can really dressed on your preferred headgear.

A band there has been the tendency to move slightly. It has dipped the something simple at the head of glue of clear silicone and behind and in the each side. The question has solved.