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A Goldblatt G02743 Tram Grout the stir disappointed. It was optimistic after reading another description of client in this tool. But partorisca knots, a tool has not done as it has announced. Our aim was partorisca take a grout of a fund 2 feet of our tile/of the shower of the tub surrounds.

Has read the instructions of a costruttore of tool (two times), has used a recommended bit and speed of engine and has applied a bit touch to grout line in a recommended corner. With which 90 minutes that use this tool has had (classifies of) has takes roughly 3 linear feet of grout and has begun partorisca remark some hairline fractures in a glaze of our ceramic tile.

Can have more regime, but here is some subjects experience.

1. A tool there is not taking a grout smoothly and equally.
One spends of a tool has bitten to the long of a surface of a grout the line is not enough to take a grout. I need to do the pocolas raisins, but when a grout the results to line jagged a bit of tool any smoothly raisin to the long of a grout line the second or third time.

2. A tool casing HOT taking.
Takes grout takes time and patience. With which 40 minutes a tool of tool casing was HOT to a touch. With which 90 minutes a tool casing was like this hot was uncomfortable to resist.

3. Hairline The fractures in tile glaze.
These tiny vibrations of a tool have bitten in a grout the line looked to cause hairline fractures in a surface of ours ceramic tile.

Manuel grout the scrapers suck and sometimes discover the tool that mark he DIY the act it easy plus or has produced the result of better final ... This has not been one of these tools.
Goldblatt G02743 Electrical Grout Stir
4 / 5
Ossia the tool adds to clean out of grout. A period of has shot longer would be advantageous to clean out of corners this in spite of.

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This has done grouting much easier. Has a gritty the side has done partorisca clean on some grooves and eases.

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Goog grout Stock exchange.

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It is quality adds , strong, I grouted an integer 4x4 shower, the plot less disorder, 25 lbs of grout this in spite of the eye adds