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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5
I baught this film because they are in fact in to him likes him an extra. Another that that would have any interest in the look.
4 / 5
Yï½know, I just amour readinï½ a blurbs in some behind boxes of video, and then that looks a video partorisca see that a lot some lives of presentation until a praise. Unfortunately, ï½Future Sportï½ didnï½t live until his words of advantage a lot well; especially lame cover he out of a statement roughly the when being ï½highly originalï½. Of then when has the sports-has related flick this combines so only roughly all a clichés and trite moments youï½sees never found in of the sports-has related flicks has wrapped around the like this-has called ï½futuristicï½ sport of crew (like duh, well?) thatï½S The bald-has faced for rasgar-out of a Rollerball game (the original, no the terrible king-mark) and looking characters that is coming a lot outta Max the Crazy trilogy has considered ï½originalï½? And while weï½king in him, reason any place he in him dystopic society, which weï½sees so only seen before in, which, the zillion ski-fi me he-pics of a classical silent film ï½Metropolisï½ paste of prime minister a big screen? Included one the majority of derivative Rocky sequela there is less rehashed material that this load ï½oï½ pap! Spear in of the acting actions that wouldï½sees has done ï½Baywatchï½ and ï½Walker, Knits Rangerï½ look Emmy-worthy in comparison, has modified bad sports-scenes of action, rubbish really feeble that pause, and some of a plus horribly-choreographed hand-the-hands to struggle scenes never imprinted on celluloid, and youï½sees has taken the show thatï½s almost entirely unwatchable, still strangely obliging a same time.
Starring Dean Cain like FutureSport incidents Jonathan And-- any attended, this was a character to star of an original Rollerball like this touched for James Caan. Well, retake in 3, 2, 1. Starring Dean Cain asï½ ummï½ dang, has forgotten his characterï½s appoint. Which is an interesting coincidence , that considers the majority of a rest of of the east me he-pic is quite forgettable also. Well, it takes three in 3, 2, 1. Starring Dean Cain in an of the his remarkable plus (heh) Laws of estaca and projects of Clark, FutureSport is the positive test a curse of Superman is still alive and kickinï½. And whatï½s with has sawed-star Vanessa Williams that adds a half initial ï½Lï½ his marquee? Sheesh, Habladuría in pretentious-- especially when apresamientos the account a fact his acting wouldnï½t is past muster in VIP. But a type whose presence I canï½t explain for a life of me is Wesley Snipes. Like A hey head to farmyard the the one who executive of product and starring in this train wreck? It has been the way for him to exit at least-that rent favorecedor? It lose the bet? Perhaps a manager has had compromising photo of him with some livestock? In any case, his action like Rastafarian inventor of FutureSport was quite hokey. Have enjoyed especially his tentativa boba in the Jamaican emphasis, as well as his be billed like him ï½special guest starï½. Yeah, heï½S special, a lot-- in the scarce-note that traces drunk he heï½s agrees to it to do the films have taken!
4 / 5
Futuresport is an electrically touched combination hockey of gel-games of basketball that is invented to prevent violence of band - the disputes of territory am solved reasons instrument wins a game. Ten years after his aprovechamiento world-wide, Futuresport is The GAME in a planet and Three Ramsey his 1 star. But it is used so only like the sportive chance, until Three Ramsey takes an idea a world could return to his basic premise for a game, at least for now: solving disputes of earth. An earth under the dispute is some Hawaiian Islands , that north Amsterdam loves to retain, this in spite of a HLO - Organisation of Hawaiian Emission - master reclaim like this independent. HLO The method of emission is by means of actions of terrorism, and also by means of a pointed assassination of one the majority of famous part-Hawaiian in a world-wide - Three Ramsey - any the one who has been vocally against some methods have used of a HLO. Three Is signalled like the "traitor." One 2 aim of assasination is the old promise of Three, the journalist the one who there is politically actuate against HLO and originally had promoted Futuresport and Three Ramsey to years of the earliest prominence. A climax of a film is the game of North American Alliance of Futuresport against a Casserole Pacific Alliance to solve a dispute of territory of some Hawaiian Islands, foregoing one all-was war. Some plots and intersection - and numerous - the characters cost to look more than a swipe, so only to do sure calm to take it everything. If you are not prendiendo attention, goes to lose something. Some actions are uniformly well; an intriguing technology and entertainment; Futuresport he quickly-paced. Vanessa Williams is a journalist , and does the fine work, but has the odd jaundiced look his skin, as well as orange-tinted hair, probably that represents one súper-chic fashion of a time. Dean Cain Is Three Ramsey, attired in random-expensive and sportive the permanently unshaven look. An only real question with this film is is too short in ninety minutes to do some characters and a complexity of a plot a merit of service. As the one who a DVD is concerned, an only extra is a trailer , which is also fast-paced and image-laden.
5 / 5
These films surprised really. Has thinks that that it go to be quite bad and caseous. This in spite of, arrival to be the quite original film. A game is Futuresport which Fixx {Snipes} has invented in an underground {DOWN DESCRIBE} so that the bands could solve argue in the no viloent way. This in spite of, a sport grows and results one the majority of popular sport in a world. With one the majority of popular athlete in a world Three Ramesy. {Dean Cain} Transmissions to the Hawian band ready to form disgust it against north Amsterdam. {For a way so only are that it gives a general plot there is much more.} To prevent the war Three sweats to defy to the game of FutureSport. You can look a film to know that it spends afterwards. This surprised and film quite good. Like this calm suggest you at least give try it. This film also stars Vanessa Williams like the interest of amour of Three.
4 / 5
Was bondadoso to give this DVD to 3 indication. It was disapointed in some actors and a plot was so that there is on has used that are to fall has slept the little time. As has your "futuresport", the combination of hocky, rollerball, and anti-grav near. That begun was like the half to take bands of the street the fight has turned to the fines-million dollar marries world-wide. A future resists at all new - still there is primadona atheletes the one who want to megabucks to do his thing. It boils Down to some good types, advantage for Dean Cain, struggling some bad types for world-wide domination or has been liberty? Everything knows is is supposition to take some terrorist attacks for a "fighters of liberty" the one who want to do his point and in a do one to plot of money for any one. Wesley Snipes Touches the hero to erase with the Rastaman hairdo and emphasis, the one who is supposed to has been Dean Cain mentor, which are, but now is in him for a money with some bad types. Confused still? So only agree that some the good types always win and Well always will triumph in Bad. Hey, where is my Rum Raizon ice cream?

Top Customer Reviews: Rudy (Special ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 32 ratings
4 / 5
First order, a chance has not been sealed, as in any wrapper at all. A disk was inner free inner one a lot flimsy chance and has taken has lined strongly. As I have asked the substitution. The substitution has come, sealed, free inner disk again, like the quota of scratches likes first one but no like this deep. Even flimsy marries.

A film has touched As well as they are by train of the maintain. But any value a $10 has paid partorisca he.
4 / 5
Fantastic history of like this can sacrifice things, work besides last partorisca achieve your sleeps. And that sometimes a better joint is not that it calms that can do but that his boy in disposal partorisca be hard you better have the plan and yours but era.
5 / 5
One of mine all the time faves .... It have left the mine was ... Ossia A third time has had to that repurchase it ... They are sure I will leave it was again and am sure of the find here partorisca repurchase.
5 / 5
Ossia The add to feel-good film that it is true! It is a lot of the see in blue-ray and full screen. I love this film! If it likes him-you the films in a underdog, ossia have to that it sees!
4 / 5
Has arrived in a 2nd , like the day and meso after ordered it to them. Everything in a dvd reads well..
4 / 5
A must possesses for any man, has bought so only two versions of him when I have discovered two clients had not seen the and sent it to them.
Ossia One a film is good to admit the slope has cried.
5 / 5
One of the ours all time favourite films. We have looked this long on as well as giving each of our girls of adult the copy.
5 / 5
My favourite film at all time. The maintaining that can look anytime wants to. :)
5 / 5
Love this film looked it every year. The maintaining that can look when I want to. A itemarrived a lot fast.
5 / 5
Ossia My dads favourite film. I ordered it and in of the days take mine in perfect condition. The film of football adds partorisca all some defenders there.

Top Customer Reviews: The Natural ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 32 ratings
4 / 5
I have loved this film for years and have a DVD but when it take an occasion of the take on Blue-the ray in the decent prize could any steps up. Place in a late 30 is is a history of the player of promising young baseball the one who inadvertently takes the side followed for the accident 'woman in black'. When it Returns to baseball some 15 years later any one is sure he is able to touch in a majors. Until it take a Blue-Ray has not had any one creates a film has been based in the true history. There is the plethora of pecial Characteristic' that is EVERYTHING extremely that it interest and factual. Of course Robert Redford, Glenn After and the stellar mould is all fabulous - is the film a whole family can look and enjoy and calm of leaves with the very positive perspective to kick! Highly recommended!
4 / 5
Barry Levinson has directed this wonderful and beautiful looking film that is everything roughly according to casualidad in life. Adapted of Bernard Malmud rid, Redford turns in the very good believable and Oscar has appointed Glenn In bylines those who is spectacular as always.
A look and the sound of this film is really so only incredible and there is enhanced a lot in BluRay.
5 / 5
Ossia So only in better that one 2001 BR, Any enough, but Very together: An Acuteness is like this Election, the crystal Claro: the sound is Stunning: And a film he Grabs calm with this 'Way of Old Soul' This Gentleman Redford better work that any one: they are More Jazzed--Very Impressed!

Acclaims Thanx TRX:
4 / 5
has bought these games of fusion to listen he in French but lúcete the edges spends regularly of the French the the English ! A defect of the DVD

the car of Harm is a very good film!
5 / 5
A classical, sport-themed film, with all some fights of a human condition roughly amour and loss, ambition, failure, perseverance, and sucedido eventual.
4 / 5
Films very good. Robert Redford and Glenn Closes is like this good near. A line of history is good and an end are adds. A very sweet amour history. Happy bought it.
4 / 5
The film adds with the awesome mould and fantastic musical bookmark.
5 / 5
I have it that there is wanted always this film and has wanted to see again it.
5 / 5
This the film adds! Amado the when it was the boy and has has had to that so only shares he with mine 3 boys!
4 / 5
I add partorisca treat Delivery & of Product. A+++++

Top Customer Reviews: Brian's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 26 ratings
5 / 5
Have has wanted to really this films a lot of! It can not Liking the football but has loved this film so much will be to look a esuper Bowl' next month! Billy Dee Williams has been full stop likes Gale of player of the football Sayers as well as James Caan like player of football Brian Piccolo; an acting was excellent and is the shame neither the actor has won Emmy for his actions! I have cried when the gale and Brian have helped each one which so another when the tragedy attacked him (the gale that wounded his knee and Brian for cancer). The no, this in spite of, has liked him listen a 'N-word' quell'I found a lot offensive then and now! Sure, the women can cry look this film but he is more than the buddy flick! In general these costs to film to look so only or with friends.
5 / 5
A bit tame for today of levels, and a quality was almost VHS-like, BUT, is easily able to see reason Caan and Billy Dee was allocated to be stars bigtime the time when the football has been touched for an amour of a game in place of a money, Brian Picholo the history is like this worthy the history of football like any another..
5 / 5
Has come really quickly to the equal that has has announced thank you how is the film adds
4 / 5
True history, the film adds, spend the box to feel for one this characterises of the cancer today has the dead person in such the young age, and has left the very young family :(
5 / 5
One a film that pode the cry of the man grown! A classical,
5 / 5
The film adds. After looking likes the girl, am happy to have my own copy. Still cry. Haha. Fast nave. Everything well.
4 / 5
Good film. Early delivery. There it go it previously in VHS.
4 / 5
Are the defender of enormous sports . I want to be the writer of sport and is material that the song of Brian that love even more.
The song of Brian is based in a true history of Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers. Both were rookies when they have joined some Bears of Chicago. Brian Piccolo(Caan) was an ape loudmouth that all the world there is wanted. He wans't one the majority of gifted athlete in a world-wide and his determination him a player that was. Gale Sayers(Williams) was one calms a. You are an easily one the majority of talented player in a crew perhaps in one joins. A two is paired like this roomates and some starts of friendship.
A two is opposites and does not leave that well at the beginning. Opposites Attracts and especially do with these two. Quickly they feed of the each one another this in spite of and result a better of friends. They feed each one which so another and is inspeperable. They result a white and black prime minister roomates in a NFL. They ignore a whole idea of race and is like this of the brothers.
When Sayers rasga His ACL one next year the brain takes a casualidad to give an a lot of on and aim his talent. This in spite of feels for his fellow and is determined to take Gale behind his form like better RB in one joins. There the results of bond have included stronger during this like this done time a friendship of there that of families.
Some transmissions of tide this in spite of when Brian begins any to touch well. It is the new season and a two is enjoying finally touching with each another like this one of a better backfields in one joins. Brians Starts of game the diminsh this in spite of and is sent to a doctor. That a doctor finds is that Brian has cancer and is terminal. It is now until Gale to help his partner by means of this the majority of difficult time of his life.
This film is not roughly football. It is in a bond of amour and friendship that these two men have for each another. James Caan and Billy Dee Williams touches this work to perfection. Both have not been known all this well this time in 1971. Caan There was not ridding to his legendary action likes them to them Sonny Corleone and Wiliams had not touched Lando still. A two gives dramatic actions although ossia sure to do any one cries.
Ossia One of a tear more order jerkers of all time. Have Never wathced was the member of an audience is not sobbing in an end of him. I have cried numerous time while looking this film.
Can say is the TV the film done. It does not take out of a quality this in spite of and this film has cleaned Emmy is is gone in 1971 and in my opinion is a More adds them done for film of television NEVER!
Love this film. It is not in sport but is roughly life. Calm will not find the better history of amour and friendship anywhere. All the world would owe that see this film in one times or another. It is the cinematic masterpiece. Buy this calm film will not complain that descion.
5 / 5
Was fifteen years when "the song of Brian" premiered like the "Film of a Week" in ABC-television. I have not had any interest in of the sports then (I still any one), and has had any intention to look this film, but my dads persuaded. "Only look some premiers pocolos small," said. It know that this has not been the film of sport. It have read Gale Sayers' book " I am Tercero " (to the like this film is based partially), and has known that this was the film in PEOPLE, any one roughly football. A fact that some two characters of advantage are players of the football is almost incidental. Ossia The film roughly friendship, amour and value. Needless To say, has looked he to start with to finalise, and looked it a lot of time of then. Although his roots like the film of television is obvious (the values of production are at all more than normal), "the song of Brian" it is one of some the majority of the extraordinary films never done, attacked that particularly remarkable when it consider his period of only 74 minutes. James Caan and Billy Dee Williams, both virtual unknowns at the same time, game Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers with the sense of realism, and with respect for his real-life counterparts. Jack Governatore is excellent (as always) likes bus George Halas, and Shelley Fabares and Judy tower of At all in of to to the fine actions likes them to them the Small and Pleasant joy Sayers. David Huddleston and Bernie Casey one the majority of his small parts, and same Bear of Chicago of real life resupplies some fine moments, particularly a "hazing" sequence. Some sincere actions, together with William Blinn is fantastically-write teleplay, maintain an action to result mawkish or sappy, Buzz Kulik the direction spent out of a better in his actors, and Michel Legrand commentaries of bookmark in some emotions in a film with exactly a right tone. (Legrand That submerges to mark musical cues to sudden movement onscreen has to that individual, and a gorgeous the subject is one of a plus has touched emotionally pieces of the music never writing.) Some finals of films in the ice cream-frame of James Caan expensive in narration for Jack Governatore of William Blinn words, and when these attractive of subject musical was all some stops after finals of Governor Narration, Chicago Resists him would be dissolved in of the tears. It is one of mine all-time favourite films, and would recommend it wholeheartedly to any, defender of sport or no. Thank you, Dads.
A version of DVD comprises a excluyente short featurette, "Gale Sayers: In the first place and Objective" in the Gale of present day Sayers tongue a film and his career. It is interesting, but nothing special. Also comprised in commentary of audio for Williams and Caan. Caan Is the cutup and the majority of one that pause, and little very real substance is said, but Is quite entertaining, and to good sure value another viewing.
But then, "the song of Brian" it is ALWAYS value another viewing...
4 / 5
This history of Chicago Resists teammates Gale Sayers (touched for Billy Dee Williams) and cancer-stricken Brian Piccolo (James Caan) is in fact one all-time classical--like this powerful for a no-the defender of sport likes enthusiastic of football. I have seen this for a first time like the boy of institute of the young has cried my eyes was, and I a same thing when I saw it again in university the few years later. Sayers And Small could not have been different-- Sayers was the shy black boy of Kansas and in his way to a NFL Soiled of Fame, while Small was the gregarious white boy of one of the sud that has had to that take used to an idea to be second banana. A film is the capsule of time of this era (late 1960 east) in his mention of the then common chance (Vietnam, annoyances of race, etc), and it wonderful look in the friendship that finally transcended all some differences among these men and spent him prójimo likes Small to the condition there is deteriorated. Powerful actions for Caan and Williams which are a test of time--this a will not lose never his impact or immediacy.

Top Customer Reviews: Jerry Maguire ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
4 / 5
The film adds and a scrolling is excellent. Container Well.
5 / 5
'Without your amour,
is the honky-tonk parade.
Without your amour,
is the melody has touched
In the arcade of penny.
' Is the Barnum and Bailey world,
Like this phony as it can be,
But has not been the mark believes,
has believe in me.'
Et.et. 'Yip' Harburg' Papers to some classical, Song of the depression of era has sawed-has written with Harold Arlen, soyoon of Paper,' orders on Jerry Maguire, the film in a redemptive can of amour in the world-wide raven ossia so only partorisca show.
'Jerry Maguire' (Tom Cruise) is the upper agent partorisca athlete professionals, doing partorisca the company of representation of the main sports of a world, that butt of kisses and world-wide that stabs behind, where a word 'amour' taking tossed roughly like this easily like this cuss words. This in spite of, Jerry has a endearing, giving endures quality: Loyalty.
Late a night, Jerry has an epiphany, or as it dip it, does not know to be the 'desglosáis' or the 'breakthrough.' Write an inspiring soyission statement' on like agents ought partorisca do his works. A statement of the mission does not have an effect has feigned, but inspires at least a person. (I are on purpose imprecise, partorisca avert that it spoils a history.)
'Dorothy Boyd' (Renee Zellweger) Is an accountant in a company, the one who is Jerry inspired by of the words. It falls enamoured with Jerry, but Jerry loves? Oh, And I mention, that Dorothy is esingle mother'? Well, in fact, it is the widow; call he esingle mother' is one of a film' turn signal pc tics. Dorothy chubby, brilliant Edges, 'Ray' (Jonathan Lipnicki), those who looks partorisca be roughly five years, and has been starved partorisca the man in his life, taken to Jerry immediately. A feeling is mutual.
(Another pc the appearances involve the woman that beaten a hell out of Jerry, a character that informs to the deaf relative as 'listened-impaired,' and a presumption of having the black NFL conference of player his white agent on like this partorisca love the woman, and on like this partorisca respect it esingle mother,' the presumption which will be particularly jarring to any at all familiar with professional sports. At least a film has the sense of humour roughly feminism, and has included the little roughly race, like the black player has Maguire that shouts, ' love black people!')
'Cane Tidwell' (Cuba Gooding), that Jerry represents, is a down-sized NFL auricular width with an on-sized chip in his shoulder. This character has Amsterdam of data a sentence, escómo join me money!,' That result ubiquitous partorisca the few months.
The majority of this two-now-and-the film of eighteen looks of minutes of closely of the scenes framed , intimate with any Cruise and Gooding or Cruise and Zellweger. 'Intimate' means that some actors owe that spend a scene; there is not any distraction to diffuse a work or coverage partorisca poor interpreters. And like this as well as the scenes are with Zelleweger and Cruise, one some with Cruise and Gooding is even more intense.
Are not the defender of Cruises of Tom, but has to that give a planned his Devil. He richly to Oscar has deserved to nomination likes them to them Jerry.
This was Renee Zellweger breakthrough function, in the clock a winsome, spunky the present concealed of then results his paper partorisca call in of to to the films likes him to him Bridget Jones' Highland Daily and Cold.
With which Cuba Gooding has won a Prize of Academy partorisca the actor of better support likes Cane Tidwell, takes partorisca seat in the Union tends of caffè Square to Manhattan, and saying a lot it Gooding so only has taken Oscar because it was black. A big, beefy, the black man of the half age in a next cabin listened and has sighed noisily, partorisca express his anger. (Any, had not seen still a film, but a odds was a lot in my favour.) Well, it Was bad. Gooding The function is much fleshier that the function of typical support - almost the advantage - and one the majority of him.
But has very other utmost players, also. And each function is exquisitely mould, particularly Bonnie Hunt like Dorothy caustic, feminist, the oldest sister, 'Laurel,' the one who host the group of support of embittered, man-bashing, forty-something women, Reina Rey in a Alfre Woodard function like Tidwell woman, soyarcee,' and Jay Mohr like you Jerry' slimy protects, 'Bob Zucchero.' Bridges of beau and Kelly Preston also shines in the smallest functions.
Jerry Maguire is not 'big concept.' There is not any car accident. There is a lot of habladuría. Habladuría Amazing. Screenwriter of manager Cameron Crowe has written one of some better original script of a past twenty years. He here which has developed the very deserved reputation stops: aiming a world for behind a façade (sees also Almost Famous) of an apparently glitzy but in fact tawdry social half (is not they everything?). This film is for grown-ups.
But Crowe choreographs scenes like this well, involving it mob of people or so only two, that does not exit as 'talky.' (Besides, unless one is an action junkie, a feeling of 'talkiness' is often a result of the bad script.)
And oh, an acting. A comparison that comes to import, is Terms of Endearment, which was a quintessential domestic work. When The TOE is exited in 1983, take the writing to critique that exhibited it one better acting calm would not see never in an American film. This test was unfair to American film; the TOE exhibits some of some better acting calm will not see never in the film, period. As Jerry Maguire. There is not the only clearly flubbed the line or the scene squandered in this whole film.
A better thing can say roughly Jerry Maguire, is that it has liked him to it to him to me to plot some first time pours it, and has loved that, a second time around.
A Critical Critic, February 26, 2004
4 / 5
Each one once in the moment, the film comes to the long of these impulses some alcohols, calm of the the smile, and does to go to some films the experience adds throughout again.
Cameron Crowe, of ay Anything' afamada, has sucedido in spending the life a daily man that struggles with daily questions of a newspaper of common man. This particular common man is the agent of sport , the a lot of successful and, of course, rich agent the one who has the stunningly attractive fiancée, athletes those who depend on partorisca do fortunes, and fellow those who admirably and openly say ' calm wants to you, Jerry!'. Jerry Maguire is his name . And it is touched brilliantly for a never-like this-Tom has wanted to Cruise. In spite of all an amour around the, this in spite of, Jerry a deception. Among a form of the statement of the mission where defies a business and bear to open up and speak was. Some friends in some park give him a date of expiration, 'roughly two weeks!', And it is until it touches a time protegee Jay Mohr to say that is to shoot in an of some the majority of classical moments in history of film, seating in the restaurant surrounded for the crowd of people (the scene where Tom Cruise stares down in his glass to water with which Mohr blurts was ' are here to leave go' is like this real like the reality goes). Jerry remains to struggle and failing to maintain his clients except one, a obnoxious player of Cane of Football Tidwell (touched even more brilliantly for Cuba Gooding Jnr) His marcación of leaves of the fiancé lucido the 'losing' and finds to battle to survive with a loudmouthed client and the secretary of mother so only, the one who leaves a company for him, the one who is an only sinister admirer of the his soyemo'!
Crowe, the one who writing and directs this film, characters of cure' progress during a entirety of a film. Jerry and a secretary (touched by a sweet Renee Zellweger) dulcemente and passionately begin for enamorar, and a report among Jerry and his only edges grows of the goofy friendship to the father-type of edges of report. But more than everything is Jerry one in a dialogue with Rod. Jerry can not be a fact that is stuck with Rod but faces a fact that is his only hope has left, and the cane still believes in Jerry and enough results his right shoulder and he obtains confidence. As any one another daily man, Jerry still has people around say the one who utmost is, included although it thinks a lot of lowly of him. Ossia A subject same during the majority of Crowe' film, especially'ay Anything' where John Cusack' the character finds confidence by means of Lili Taylor.
A film is funny. With the serious work that flows thoughout. And there is take sentences that the people everywhere quote, more generally escómo join me money!'
The CHARACTERISTIC has joined DVD two disks with cariche of special characteristics, has has deleted scenes, tests, and a video of the music of Bruce Springsteen is esecret Garden'.
Highly recommended!
5 / 5
Jerry Maguire is the agent of sport the one who wake on a day and discovers a treadmill of a 80s and 90s 'the avidity is good' work ethic is by train to give the few sleepless nights. It writes the statement of mission for his undertaken that takes shot, and sends the travesía with a longitude of self-realisation. Calm sometimes take that it loves, sometimes calms included take that deserves - just a lot always WHEN calm expect it.
Ossia One of a more feel the good films have not seen never. The recipe of Cameron Crowe for one the perfect idyll comprises the swipe was script , unbelievable chemical in a mould, and so only some right quantities of work, humour, and social commentary to satisfy all the world. If it conceal to not to take you to buy this, considers this - Jonathan Lipnicki - a pleasant boy in a bit Vampire and Stuart Little - is included younger and more pleasant and superbly has directed. Key to a plot, he and Tom Cruise have dipped down some of some better moments in a film, possibly on celluloid anywhere. These magic moments are one of Crowe specialties. You know these intimate small moments that really is not in a script - like this some looks of Hudson of Kate of way in Patrick Fugit with which is taken so only bad intel in the sound captures current truths really deep in a character and you bond with some characters in a film, almost likes was to of to real people would like knows.
Then Cuba Gooding so only flies a film further of places of pair. Extremely pleasant, but much more that it caricatures it. Easy to comprise reason takes Oscar for east a.
Renee Zellweger wants to look a film on and on again. It takes an essence that feels likes confidence any the one who is your inspiration , to be vulnerable, to be strong - but any to be pathetic for now. Again - separated acting and writing of the part and that directs. Crowe has followed this film up with a better American film in the generation - Almost Famous. His films have quite a lot of culture of pop in them to be entertaining - almost like the musical hook a lot of - but quite a lot of truth of soul to maintain you that goes back for recognition when a newness the wears were. It is specialised faith further , but his like this good plot magic - you any for the give never thought it.
My only critique in a container of DVD he. It is hard to cruised and lack of any significant special characteristics. This in spite of, gave it still five stars because I know will look east times like this a lot of to the equal that have seen Wars of Estrella and a Sound of Music. Crowe marvel me Atticus Finch is not real, alive, and has changed his profession to direct film.
5 / 5
To 100 cast of Passions of an Institute of American Film of the histories of the amour more adds of Amsterdam has to be quite well when it begins with to 1996 film of Cameron Crowe, 'Jerry Maquire.' Hopefully Has seen this film fore a first time before some Oscars has aimed in fact one ' has had in scene of salvation of a film' climax. Any of then 'Chinatown' has done some Oscars ruins the film for exploitation he spoiler clip like this a (the where Jack takes Faye to spill some grain in his 'daughter').
Jerry Maquire (Tom Cruise) is the agent of sport the one who has the morals ephihany and arrivals to take has has shot. Down to a client, Cane Tidwell (Cuba Gooding, Jr.), An angry wide receiver for some Cardinals of Arizona, Jerry also snared Dorothy of alone mother Boyd (Renee Zellwegger) with his vision. Gooding Has taken Oscar but an action of a film really belongs to Cruise. Bonnie To Hunting likes them the oldest sister and wiser that Dorothy is, like this always, the joy, and is his look in Jerry during his climatic tongue that ensures an audience his character has won in fact redemption. If you look in an organism of work has produced to date, then Cameron Crowe already can be a master recognised of a modern romantic work. As it explains mine that esay Anything,' with one of some utmost romantic shots of all the times, is not in AFI ready? It sees? 100 And already I am complaining.
The majority of romantic line(s): BOND (a) ' calm want to you. Calm... Complete me.' And (b) escabaña up. So only closed up. Had in alvation'.'
Two Tear-Jerking Scenes: (1) Jerry and Cane hug after a game; (2) Jerry gone back for Dorothy.
Likes 'Jerry Maguire,' then of control out of these other films in AFI ready: 76 'A Calm Man.' Reason? Reason his both have the true amour that exited after a ceremony of pair.
5 / 5
Cameron Crowe only invent nifty terminology for his feisty star of Cane of football Tidwell, he ameno the life for reaping his profits for this exceptionally a lot-frames to write and directed in the shark of talent the one who reevaluates his sucedido-the life driven. It take an amour , take a respect like the filmmaker, take of the money - a whole container that QUAN! And that speaks of "aiming of the money", his multifaceted the mould of actors stuffed out of priceless actions that would have shrunk to an unrecognizable state in some hands of any one another that Cruise, Zellweger, Gooding and Mohr. Ossia Recognition -of-force near concealed fed of the each one another is energy , blending and that clash seamlessly.
The All the starts with Cruise smug narration of the films likes the earth of planet swirls in sight and of the centres to a life of our character to title traversing of press conference the press conference in investigation of the loveliest clients. His morals is drenched in his motivation for money and afamada. It is involved again to self-has absorbed gone-getter Avery Bishop (bravura gone back for Kelly Preston) and is to populate with his envious has sawed-hard-working. Everything looks well until a umpteenth hospitalisation of the player of hockey and an anger of his edges the ameno to a enlightening standpoint: fewer clients, less money, attention more personal. This and much more pages of a progress of test of early morning to the statement of mission has titled "Some Things think But does not say ", copied, joined and distributed to the each one like this of SMI MAILBOXES of employee. His frank dissertation in a business company ethics deserves the merciless layoff for Sugar of Bob of fellow mate in the private luncheon before his included looked in his papers. Of there it is the race against timing to maintain some of his his clients lovely plus to the equal that moves on to an ad hoc launch of his own agency in a wide world of budding athleticism. Ossia The delicious and energising part of a film to look with the capacity to create of Crowe a fury and desperation of a moment, flashing behind and advance consistently go in to the some ravening parties like to his list of dial with which number, swinging his unwary clientele to and fro out of sheer competitiveness.
Some finals of race with Jerry in a side to lose, his only dangling allege the raucous, argumentative linebacker Roseau appointed Tidwell east coerces Maguire to beg for his small but vital shows. With athlete of star Frank Kushman (Jerry O'Connell that touches a numbskull quarterback) and all a rest under the greedy thumb of the z/of the sugar, Jerry leaves SMI with rowing tucked among legs and a devout voluntary: the alone mamma attacked has appointed Dorothy Boyd the one who results his solitary and tenacious account and, in planned time, his wistful lover.
This film possesses like this enjoyable actions that hardly was where to start with, but the supposition will begin with one the majority of prominent. Tom Cruise dispenses an audacious and extraordinary show that has won the nomination of Better Actor, flailing new-fangled comedic character roughly during him desglosas nervous numerous of his character and showing his usual magnetic appeal concealed has to do fault in of the projects have spent like "A Park", "A bit those that Good Men" and "Interview With A Vampire" (my personal favourite!). The one who would have thought that that the interpreter seasoned likes Cruise enmesh like this well with the member of mussel of a gueto flick "Boyz Any Hood"? Cuba Gooding Jr. It was a big kahuna of Crowe innovative yarn, that wins a prize for a category Of Better support like energetic and boisterous Tidwell. His elated tongue of the acceptance in a podium was an a lot of heart and soul of his rambunctious character, excitedly whooping and unashamedly that extends his recognition by all the world has involved. Acknowledgement Also goes to Renee Zellweger that soft-hearted Dorothy Boyd and Jay Mohr likes Bob Zucchero jealous. They are lately state repelled of a number of dewey-eyed the actors of boy complete with annoying lisps, as it was refreshing to see a sincerely adorable, spikey-haired tot Johnathan Lipnicki complete with nerdy horn-rimmed the spectacles that portrays Zellweger Ray of precocious edges.
Considering Cameron, continuous do his mark in an industry of film with his his vehicle late plus "Almost Famous", the biography of classes his early days like the rock any columnist of circle to Go seen again of Bone. If you are looking to build the archive of Crowe of Cameron, this would have to that be, without the doubt, yours first election.
4 / 5
Am not really big in gushy the romantic comedy populate of Crowe, JERRY MAGUIRE is the solid film , but like him 2 disk DVD, is being missing of. Agent of sport Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) chair as if his line of work is lacking clarity. When it Decides to say like this to his superiors, shoot, and lose his longtime lover, (Kelly Preston) in a process. With nowhere more to go, Jerry attack is gone in his own, with a help of the alone mamma (Renee Zellweger). An agent tries to sign it hotshot incidents of football (Cuba Gooding Jr.) Before any he more done. Cruise and Zellweger am very together, this in spite of, an always of confidence Bonnie Hunt like sister of Zellweger, takes some better lines. In general, have-liked me a film, class of the longest version of an own manager, (and better film) has SAID Anything.
Some extras in a 2 disk the special edition is not like this as well as has thinks that would be. As another has declared before, some clues of commentary (both audio and video) does not offer any one a lot roughly like a film is coming together--quite a lot of turns to 'a game for key' and remarking more. There is the series of has has deleted scenes with optional commentary for Crowe and the editor of a film. Some images of test is the bit of fun. A neighbour comprises the video of music for a 'Boss', the piece of fluff in a doing of a film, theatrical trailers for a film, and also partorisca LIKE THIS WELL LIKES to TAKE????, filmographies, And the gallery of slender photo
Recommeneded to die partidários hard like the compraventa. For all another is strictly the hire
5 / 5
Tom Cruise there has been the good year in 1996 aiming all the world-wide of the money to star in two of a cup four grossing film of a year ("Jerry Maguire", $ 153M; and "Mission: Impossible", $ 180M). Of a two, "Jerry Maguire" it was clearly a better film, garnering five Oscar nominations and that win Oscar of better support for Cuba Gooding, Jr.
Is a history of the agent of sport that tomb of grace with his agency because it develops scruples and has a bad test to share his newfound principles with his company. These results in unemployment of instant and a necessity to start with his own agency. To the attack was with his trusty new assistant Dorothy (Renee Zellweger), finds to the his chagrin that an only client that the stays with him is loudmouth the player of football has appointed Cane Tidwell (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) Of the one who psyche is in the state of delicate imbalance. Like the continuous time in and his depression and the debt take deeper, the only hope of Jerry is that the cane can touch football as well as it can speak rubbishes.
Manager/of writer Cameron Crowe is excellent in writing amusing histories of human interest with offbeat subject (Sees Fast Time In Ridgemont Big). A combination of a world of big pressure of representation of sport, he whacked-was client and the frames of @@subject of charming amour for a history to involve with something for just roughly all the world.
Resplandores Of the cruises of Tom likes Jerry Maguire. It gives that character the dud bravado that belies his desperate lack of confidence. Still, in spite of his feelings of hopelessness does not give never on, any in Roseau, Dorothy or he. This film Renee has dipped Zellweger in the to map likes them Dorothy, of idealistic and loyal secretary of Jerry and interest of amour. Master and resolute how was for his man any one @subjects the one who some costs. Cuba Gooding, Jr. It was fantastic and has flown a show repeatedly with his in an upper action.
Ossia The fast paced and highly entertaining film. I estimated it the 9/10. I recommend it highly.
5 / 5
Some first time have seen this film, had listened all a hype. I have listened that adds the purportedly was, and has believed in fact some of this hype. I looked it intently but never quite imagined out of the done the like this bloody adds. Yeah, Was well, a history was well, and some actions were mint . This in spite of this film was one of a class that has has had to that so only see two times to fully appreciate. And appreciate it has done. Suddenly invernadero the one who next the real life some characters' the interactions were. I have seen the good-looking report among alone mother and few edges, and in fact among alone mother and his more old and protective sister. I have seen the superficial type, empty (Cruise) is resulted the whole person (any without to plot of ups and downs and swipes in a street). I have seen the lovely report among Cuba Gooding Jr. It is character and his woman. I have seen avidity in his worse and of course, in a happy end, has seen committed and of the personal connections win some of some effects of avidities. It describes in this way, some touches to film almost too sappy, but is not . A history is quite thin and very realistic. Torres of Cruises of the tone in the splendid action likes character of title; Renacida Zellweger was a actora perfect for a part of Dorothy Boyd reason is good-looking but no too beautiful and possesses the charming and unspoiled quality that was perfect for a character and for a tone of a picture. Gooding, Jr. It was excellent and his work in the function of support was honored with a Prize of Academy. I think that that this film will satisfy any yearning the real but not depressing film in a character of amour, commitment, reports, and simple human interaction.
4 / 5
Renee Zellweger, A actora better of his generation, looks in his first function of big time in this film. So only looking in his facial expressions well a prize of admission. This in spite of, will save you a description of the film has seen probably already. Accident habladuría in a special edition of a DVD.
In the first place, a sound and the picture am imposed before. Ossia Because DVD of calm look is.
But, some characteristic special is because calm loves this version of Jerry Maguire. One has deleted the scenes are utmost and, while writing, a (obviously a lot early) the scenes of test am amused. This in spite of, has thinks that that a better special characteristic was when Crowe and some three star has seated to look a film, with the commentary to run.
Has two ways to take this commentary. On disk a, which is a characteristic , can turn a commentary on and era. Calm recommend you so only use this disk to look a film; reason a commentary is so only the voice-on. A session with a film principals on disk two is fun more, reason in fact see him, gathered near to look and habladuría: Cuba, Tom, Renee, and Crowe. A film is in the window down. Of his commentaries are a point , more felt to look in this way.
I desires films more the preferred has had some extras that is in this DVD. Of course, some extra so only add more depths to a film that is already there. If it calms a lot like this film, reason wants to see more roughly how is done ? But, if has-liked you a film or, if you are so only crazy roughly Renee Zellweger, taste, will love of this DVD.
Ossia The DVD add, adds container. Highly recommended.

Top Customer Reviews: So Close ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
Some descriptions have said that it was better then Charlie Angeles, and begins looked the good clone; but calm once take roughly halfway by means of him, a plot and the action have spent unexpectedly so only likes crazy. This has said, there is any question this is copying Charlie Angeles in look and feel.

You Almost chuckle for some premiers 30 minutes to the equal that has the plot that is book of comic 'like' -- but so only changes yours and is so only endless action -- and good action. Also an acting etc suddenly realistic and calm taking worry you on some characters.

Any one has said an English baptises has not been a lot -- but again, begins of like this-so much and roughly 30 minutes to a film is suddenly looks to improve and be very good.

A mould the work very a lot of -- person that dominates, in fact one 'goodness' transmissions constantly -- many surprised good of those who is good and bad.

Finally, is quite long -- the almost has three film; plot-wise. An hour intro, and two 30 small sequelas. For that, taking to the conclusion, but opens a door to stirs it of new information and really the new chapter.

Really would recommend it.
4 / 5
A lot of enjoyable. A lot of action and well has filmed. Recommended
4 / 5
In the first place, does not go to a film with expectations of 'Charlie' Angeles.' He, there are three women in here, but is not a HK rehash.
My fiancé has given a film 3 stars for some sequences of fresh action and some strong female characters ( hates a whiny damsel-in-of the types of affliction), but felt that a film was feeble in history and signalled out of the few holes of plot. The, I, has think that a development of sure characters has been missing of. This in spite of, have forgiven that is missing developer of sure character because of 1) Shu Qi and Zhao Wei, 2) Awesome the action and I mention Shu Qi and Zhao Wei? A force and swipe-was the beauty of these two women has done a film. It was certainly good to be able to look a low film a cook of him when being the hard-chick flick that amour of women.
Some starts of films of slow in time, but when an action begins to choose on, begins to ignore some of some questions created in a start of a film. While in general, an action was has fallen -butt, an use of boss was done bad in of the sure scenes how was an use of fold, but of Shu Qi and Zhao Wei is not exactly stars of action to Hong Kong, did not expect them to do his own tricks or scenes of fight, although in some close on shots, has resisted the sound possesses a lot well.
Does not think this film deserves the plenary five stars been due to developers of questions of sure character and some questions of history, but has not been to a film that expects Oscar-caliber film. It is that it is--a way adds to spend the mindless late of Sunday, looking the good-looking women that spends to develop outfits shooting, blowing up and beating some bad types senseless.
Like my title mentions, ossia a quintessential film of type, with frescos artilugios, a lot of computers, tonnes of action ( appoints it, is in there: car persecutions, hand-to-hand-held fight, guns) and good-looking women. And a film is sexy without being degrading (any nudity, bikinis or lingerie), like this types, your fiancées a lot smack you in a boss for the look (except the sure shower-scene of fight).
Has taken loaned this film of the fellow and will buy of Amazon, and honradamente can suggest another for the buy, also.
5 / 5
In the first place need to forive the pair of things before I can truely enjoy this film, like a thin plot and a pluasibility of some characters, another that that, this film is quite well, for obvious reasons- an a lot of-cheographed scenes of fight and is the fresh transmission having the chicks a struggling.
Shu Qi Takes upper billing and yes, is gorgeous, but think that you will be more impress with Karen Mok. It could not have a lucscious lips or an appeal of obvious sex, but has a edgy, gritty physical presence that it is that it imports yes go to be a star of action film ( perhaps already is, ossia a first time has seen his in the film). It calms that can believe when it is paste , kicking and that flies thru an air because physically it is convincing. The difference of Shu Qi, the one who looks the tad has bitten fragile and has looked has been hanged in the boss the plot for a more demanding fight sequence. Also I like him Vicky Zhao. It is terrific as younger, less competent sister and a heavy doing was all has left his. A handcuffed scene of fight with Qi and Mok is something to marvel in and undoubtedly will be copied. A cinematography of clean big technology is hard to ignore. It is the studio in geometry, corners and physical, especially with some balls of flight and glass everywhere. Ossia Very illustrated in a last has has shot has gone by a stairway.
Has the plot to be admired in to the this film like him to him some a lot of imaginative ways to shoot the gun; to the rovescio, downside on,sidedays, for ways, falling, twisting and a global imagination of a filmakers. It Likes him Hong Kong, on-the-upper action flick--- delivery! So only it does not think too much when you are looking this film. It concentrates more in some fights of gun, fights of sword and kung was fights. I have found the few things that annoy this in spite of. For example, a Mok and Zhao characters- has been supposes to be attracted to the each one like this another, and that it was that kiss roughly? Could have it at least it does well and gone for the plenary on lock of lip titaliting threatment has deserved, outherwise reason annoying launch in this little sublot in an end. Also the pair of some scenes of fight was like this techinical and crisp that feels likes to choose on your supernintendo tampon of control and touching to the long of. Finally it gives this films the generous indication reason does not fail to rid his fiancée- ACTION and a lot he. A DVD does not have any extra but be the offers have appreciated the plot of tongue and subtitle options for some of us that wish to see a film in his original sound. If you are not tended too much and no known any one some few details, will enjoy this film.
4 / 5
Forget the angels of Charlie- trailor the rubbishes has compared to Qi Shu, Vicki Zhao and Karen Mok. Of some sequences of inaugural big technology by means of the Vicki exited, ossia one of a plus extraordinarily erotic and dynamically energised the action films any summer never. Qi And Vicki sisters of game the one who has assisted his parents' murder, then co-opt his father' invention of surveillance to result murder professionals. It is readier that a Matrix, more inventive that Informs of Minority, more enthusiastically that anything more than CROUCHING TIGER. Ossia The add, and perhaps an action film of Hong Kong more orders never.
Qi Shu Sexuality of slimes. It enters the scene and calm can not take your eyes out of his or included think roughly anything but his graceful and seductive gesture. A Buda would not agree . Vicki Zhao Is sultry, somehwat more innocent and projects so only quite curiosities in his orientation to convincingly confuse Karen Mok, a detective was to take some sisters. There is something subliminally enticing in a way Qi and Vicki game out of big sister/little rivalry of sister. When Qi Fallen for the type, Vicki takes an interest in Karen Mok. There is the subtext of attractive same lesbian among Qi and Karen to the equal that involve in the fight of sword that cause some modest exposure, a lot to good sure attracting Vicki asestada. Some men are all neither stuffings misogynist dresses, or entirely stupid droids, and some dresses are bad all a way by means of. Some sequences of action are dazzling, a ready cinematography without being obvious, and a ballet of some meetings exquisitely choreographed. A fight of final sword is like this brilliantly executed likes anything in CROUCHING TIGER or ROB ROY. Calm to good sure stand and applaud. When Vicki Kisses Karen in an end, the surfaces of confusion of Karen and like Vicki the walks was, calm find while some writers will find the plausible way to build to sequela to convince.
Has to that it weaves of violence to this, but this looks to wash on you. A heat comes from/comes from some women, those who are so only incendiary.
4 / 5
This film, roughly two woman of murderous big technology-for-assume pursued by the detective of female police, is imperfect, often implausible and predictable; but I thrilled still in all the chance. Has three positive things that goes for him:
1. Choreography of terrific fight for Corey Yuen, one of some choreographers to struggle more utmost around ( has done on 'X-Men' and 'Lethal Weapon 4', a lot of film of Hong Kong.) A kung was are add, although a gunfights is subject @of level.
2. Hsu Qi, The one who is one of some the majority of actoras good-looking anywhere, taking to plot of time of type and sexy outfits. Unfortunately it is not the actora adds, but hey, any one is perfect.
3. Karen Mok, the one who Is the actora adds and extraordinarily charismatic, although any almost like this enough.
1. A history is subject @of level and predictable.
2. The sequence of inaugural action is a lot of implausible; the latest fights are improvements .
3. A third hero, Wei (Vicky) Zhao, is way too soft-looking to be the believable struggling. It is the actora bad and unfortunately takes some súper-emotional scenes that is cringeworthy.
Now roughly Karen Mok. I never seen Mok in anything first, but like the police detective was muscular, charismatic, so only in amazing. Considering those that litigate there are here, is crucial that some women be believably trying hurt any one. Want to THROWDOWN! In some fights, calm to good sure believe Mok is trying to hurt any one. It Likes him the progress of history, Mok the results of character so only more masculine/adrogynous. Which is the good thing .
So only once or two times can believe Hsu Qi is trying to hurt any one. But it looks gorgeous in the dress of black cocktail, as it will forgive, and is photographed well, which is of entity. (A time of expensive taking here does on so that it has been bad squandered in 'A Transport.')
That really done want to me this on DVD, is a terrific daughter-on-fight of daughter among Mok and Hsu Qi, which spends the half of route by means of a film. They locate a together elevator, and each one which so it knows another east his enemy, but feign any to know. Out of an elevator takes to the like this classical fight, like this well that the managers of action would owe that study he for years to a future. Finally, Hsu Qi low and dirty in his dress of black cocktail; calm really can believe wants to hurt any one. Yeah! THROWDOWN! THROWDOWN!! And Mok, the one who has dressed like the boy, gives it well for behind his. Manager Corey Yuen the attractive was all some for here: fast motion, slow motion, casseroles of cameras, time of ball, some works, but is all has used appropriately to thrill, any overused like you gimmicks. During a fight, Mok heads to handcuff she to Hsu Qi, which heads to adds near-arrive a-there is rid to struggle.
Regarding a plot, oh well, is predictable and often, totally implausible. A sequence of inaugural action, in the Hsu Qi sticks to a ceiling while murdering an executive of harm, is quite unbelievable. And it is valued to some Carpenters' the annoying song 'Look for yours.' A film' the conclusion less still is in satisfactory: after all some laws that esees to be broken, any of some heroes goes the prison? Oh, c soyencima.
But costs it so only to see Karen Mok and Hsu Qi the duke is gone in pleasant outfits! If it love quell'Hsu Qi film and is deciding among east and 'A Transported, goes partorisca east.
4 / 5
Stylishly Fantastic to look especially an usual ballet-like scenes of fight. A question is (SPOILER ALERT) a better character that takes killed was too quickly. In the Then take 30 more mins of his sister and some imprecise lesbian overtones to a female cop that marks very felt been still in absolute this in spite of another shoot-'in-up.

Using Joe Bob better: Gratuitous Carpenters' tune, gratuitous satellite CCTV images, hot lips and bod of Shu Qi, cuteness way of the factor looked for Zhao Wei offset for Karen Mok looks of Jane of the plain, tatami was, samurai sword was (reason a HK the Chinese doubt was to the Japanese material beat and is not said never reason), car persecution was by means of streets of HK, elevator was and more titillation that real sexual tension throughout.

Decent B film flick this loses his moment 30 minutes of an end.

EXTRA DVD is the joke like this at all really has added at all.
5 / 5
Well, is not brilliantly original, but LIKE THIS NEAR establishes and keep in shape of complete strong history with the few unexpected transfers, and adds more than gratuitous scenes of fight. All three actoras touch his very good parts, and all three main characters am a lot of-drawn and captivating. Some lies of attractive in a slick technology and scenes of fight. Also, a erotic possibility having three strong women , able that reads closely and struggling near is, if any praise, the clue given at least besides strongly that in the angels of Charlie. It was slicker, has had better technology, doing dresses , better better, and plot very better that the angels of Charlie. Then it has a kiss. A must has.
5 / 5
PREDICTABLE BUT STILL ENTERTAINING HONG KONG FLICK: If it likes a 'on-of the-upper', outrageous fashion of action (the angels of Charlie: Filler Throttle) film, then will enjoy this. To to The People like to compare a @@subject to the angels of Charlie but these characters are ÁNGEL and am a lot Bernie Mack or Bill Murray for relief of comedy in Hong Kong flick. Shu Qi And Vicky Zhao touches modern day, big technology assasins for hire, the one who complete his missions with an use of computer, guns, artilugios and kung was. Karen Mok touches the detective in pursuit of these 'Angels of Computers'.
In general, ossia the together film very dipped with excellent modifying, work of camera, musical bookmark, tricks, and choreography of fight. If you are more than the hard-core, powerful, realistic struggling fashionable film fanatic, then this film is not for you, but appreciate a gracefullness, elegance, and artistic film styling choreography (Charlies Angeles: Filler THrottle, Crouching the dragon of Tiger has hid, Tomb Raider, A Matrix) then more probably enjoy this.
ACTING: Ossia in reply to the leading reviewer. Shu Qi And Vicky Zhao is in fact actors very good. Probably it called him 'bad actors '' been due to his English baptised voicing concealed has not been a better any one has has not listened never. It means it is not Oscar material in the American levels but they am actoras a lot respectable to Hong Kong. In my opinion, Shu Qi an excellent work in this function of action, having beutiful looks and the sweet voice but still that rids an intensity of the fighter and that touches a function of an old plus, mentoring twins to Zhao character. Also, VIcky Zhao is not the 'actora bad' as mentioned by the forward reviewer. In my opinion is in fact a better of some three women because has more than the dramatic function in this film and she PODEN LAW! A film takes dramatic in the few scenes and some forwards reviewer does not look to like work. But believe me, Vicky Zhao is the actora add (goes his comedic still demented function in Shaolin Football). Karen Mok his usual exceptional action, has fallen . . ., heroin Function. Global Good fusion.
CONCLUSION: Basically it likes - you Join Matrix (the fashion of Trinity to struggle) will like you some few scenes of fight in this film. There are car persecutions, John Woo type of battles of gun, the sword that fights. It is Hong Kong of action flick, he cop history, the history of big sister-few reports of sister, and included the little idyll mixed in. Good-looking Asian women (Oh Yeah!!!) Those who spend to be ACTORAS WELL!!!