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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
Recommended by professor of music , has bought a clarinet partorisca my edges that use this clarinet in his Band jointly partorisca the while now and gives the satisfactory sound. There is not disappointed! A clarinet is an excellent election partorisca begin students of band been due to his light weight and the sound adds. These helps of clarinet to develop his or his musical talent.
4 / 5
Has bought this for my edges how is in a Highschool band and has required one to practise during isolation. In general, it looks quite a lot of - the no plastic forest (for some looks of him) - I follows no expert. I think it that it can require it regulate (mouthpiece / reed clamp thing) as it looks to have question with a reed ( has not had never subjects with the instruments of some pupils). We are expecting to listen for behind his professor of music to see has something requires to do to dip ready / the regular. But in general, material his fixable and is very happy with him.

Top Customer Reviews: Yinfente ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
I can not think that well it touches well out of a box. Little jewell partorisca the plus of reasonable prize. It is add partorisca touch your jointly in the clarinet!
4 / 5
So only unboxed the and has tried was partorisca a first time. Going partorisca give it the just description based in mine first now half with an instrument.

Packaged Very partorisca ship, obviously concerns that it arrives in shape well.
Has come with the cork greases which can touch like the small thing but the new corks require the good lubrication partorisca spend them to service.
The look adds. Cleaned, everything in working mandate well with an exception that is a ligature but will write more on that in the minute.
Goes near well, a record and the arrival is impressive.
An only downside his is a ligature does not resist his place in a mouthpiece. When it Is presionado the slides to a tip, never in fact that resists a reed in place. No the question in my final to the equal that has another ligature handy.
Partorisca Any of calm so that ossia the thing , yes has this byline odora this resembles permeate the sakes have manufactured in Cina. As I have washed a mouthpiece first to touch.
With the 2 Rico reed and my own ligature tone perfectly well out of a box. Your beautiful.
An only reason has not given these instruments to 5 indication of star is reason his ligature no his work. Otherwise Would have been happy of the give the perfect description.
Am excited partorisca touch with to him likes him to him the clarinet is in of a tone of G that the quite only fact. It is a lot noticeably longer that the typical B paving of clarinet. A tone is also consistently lower.
After an initial game has launched my preferred aftermarket mouthpiece on to see like touches and has not been disappointed. This in spite of do not seat a aftermarket is necessary in this chance like stock mouthpiece is the little main quality that one some have taken with mine other clarinets of western manufacture.
My hat is was the some people those who has done this instrument to the equal that can say goes to be the plot of fun to add to the mine together.

5 / 5
This. The clarinet surprised. It was a lot of apprehensive roughly the die a prize, but is fabulous. Well the fact and the sounds adds in a tone of ‘East . I am touching the plot of tunes in D, One or G this day and touching in 3,4 or 5 sharps is so only also annoy these days. With the clarinet in ‘This does not need the transpose and tunes of just game to the equal that are writings .
Some costruttrici of this instrument are on to the real winner and I to good sure would recommend it.
4 / 5
Ich hab mir Quotes Klarinette einfach nur aus reigned Spaß gekauft. A sich speie ich eigentlich echte Holzklarinetten has dipped Oehlersystem (deutsches System). Ich War aber a sich interessiert bad eine Kunststoffklarinette zu declares und zu gucken wie sich gives böhmische System spielen lĂ€sst. It gives ich bereits eine Bb und eine Eb besitze, habe ich mich dann fĂŒr quotes C entschieden.

A sich macht die Klarinette einen Wertigen Eindruck. Of the texturierte Ebonit (Kunststoff) lÀsst einen gewissen Amour von Holzoptik aufkommen. Und auch Gives Mitgelieferte Koffer macht einen guten und Fast edlen Eindruck.

Quotes Mechaniken machen einen recht soliden Eindruck. Allerdings wirken einige Gives Ringe etwas zu hoch, Was a aber eher als WohlfĂŒhlproblem zu verstehen ist. In giving Glocke ist ein zusĂ€tzliches Lake, die fĂŒr the intonation of data gives tiefen Eb (Is) gives ist. Die Teile sitzen fest zusammen und ich kann auch keine Probleme dips give Dichtung finden. Of the mitgelieferte Zubehör ist jetzt keine weltbewegend gute QualitĂ€t, erfĂŒllt aber seinen zweck und ist eine gute Dreingabe fĂŒr AnfĂ€nger und has Sawed. Of the zwei unterschiedlich lange FĂ€sschen mitgeliefert werden, ist ebenfalls sehr positiv zu bemerken. Damit lĂ€sst sich selbst Has dipped anderem MundstĂŒck Die Stimmung korrekt anpassen. Of the MundstĂŒck ist A sich gut. Auch Yesterday nichts weltbewegendes, aber ich habe auch schon deutlich schlechtere MundstĂŒcke gespielt. Ich benutze Is aktuell immer noch. Einzig Quotes mitgelieferten BlĂ€tter sind MĂŒll. Wer Quotes Klarinette haben möchte, sollte also unbedingt noch einige BlĂ€tter von RICO oder Vandoren kaufen.

Klanglich macht Quotes Klarinette einen guten Eindruck. Man kann yesterday zwar keinen fokussierten resonanten Klang erwarten, aber ich finde ihn a sich vollkommen a lot of (Ansonsten kann gives auch ein anderes MundstĂŒck Abhilfe schaffen). Intonation to die ist a sich stimmig. Somit lĂ€sst sie sich auch Has dipped anderen Notarise und anderen Spielern nutzen (zumindest In meinem Fall).

Ich selbst behalte Quotes Klarinette. Durch Gives Kunststoffkörper ist sie weniger anfĂ€llig als Holz. Somit ist sie fĂŒr mich Ideal fĂŒr unterwegs oder fĂŒr Jamsessions (wenn sie denn dann bad wieder möglich sind). FĂŒr Gives verlangten Preis kann ich nur loben und wenig bis gar nicht schimpfen. Wer als AnfĂ€nger oder nur aus Neugier eine gĂŒnstige C-Klarinette haben , gives kann ich nur zoom Kauf bestĂ€rken. UPPER!
4 / 5
Attention this involves the clarinette in UT (is simple to make a mistake commanding, and his commentaries are same).

The general impression =>has looked for joins clarinette in ut games to avert sometimes to have to that transposer but has not loved too much spend.
And frankly am a lot gratamente the pair has surprised this Instrument ! After simply A small ponçage and graissage gives liÚges (also presionado), games without question.
Has bought Joins clarinette in the one to change Down pair lateralmente lucido past, and he the this in spite of fault done any bad of bricolage games to feign to give serious actions (transmission 2 tampons, agrandar a hole, shorten him barillet...).

The accuracy =>Is lucido recurrent question of all his crew down side, but surprised good-looking, this clarinette is perfectly so only to the sud all register. To the diapason electronic is included juster of the mine Selmer Serious 10S !
Finally is so only with my bec Vandoren B44 (Game Sib), but this is not lucido chance with him bec to cause sold (sees lower).

Edges =>All his physicists will say that lucidos edges of a crew to the ventilation does not depend of the matériau, and sure enough he any and the any reproaches to do to the edges.
Reason yes, against the description this clarinette is not of course any in forest but in plastic (to this prize-there does fault not dreaming) !

Clétage =>At all to say, everything falls Well under his toes, is very regulated of factory, does not look and have evasions of air, and he any and the a lot parasitic noise.
Justo An all small defect : the tone 6 (do médium or alone acute) was a bit too bent to him high and touched it accident of pair, he the suffi the twist a bit touches to solve lucida question.

Bec To cause =>In general is so only to launch, but ossia Ă©tonnamment well, without joke ! Pair Against with this bec the clarinette is totally twist of the sud some Notes (especially the the all open), has to and has joins acoustic reason but does not know it .
Pair Against, and there this challenge the reason, this bec is no only so only with my Selmer in Sib, but besides is good truth ! Until similar point that goes to conserve like bec of transmission !
Has included The hips resupplied is well, he any and the any indication but the priori is among 3 and 3,5, and is frankly usable.

Small bizarrerie : he And The hole in him high of the flag (any visible of the sud his photos of the place), any idea of utility of edges but at any rate lucido the edges and the accuracy are perfect (still joins time with my B44, no with him bec of cause).
4 / 5
The tone in C does not want to say clarinette in
Is a bit main that joins clarinette in Sib,
Like this surely joins clarinette in the
5 / 5
has several Yinfente instruments now. And I am loving a subject, and quality. I have purchased these to enjoy a tonal quality of instruments of clave of ascended in a prize abordable. A craftsmanship is well. More like the instrument does manually in those some parts is regular stock . But they take time to send the fully regulated instrument! Fantastic bang-for-the-buck! As you see, I he again...

This C Clarinet is such the wonderful finds! Scarce to see these. But with an introduction of a Clarinéo (for Nuvo), this can take the turn! I have purchased this to show in the clarinet fixes key that reads with mine Bb clarinet and C Clarinéo students. I demo everything of them during class. But to give a Clarinéo boys an occasion to touch the clarinet without buying new books!!! And for a Bb boys of clarinet to not taking garbled in a different keywork. Want to-win!

And the one who do not want the clarinet of creature? So only a Eb the clarinet is tinier. â˜ș

Is his wonderful . It is not forest, some class of composite of plastic with the arrival that forest of looks. I have compared my best mouthpiece and ligature has on dipped with him. To the good sure sound better with my a lot of setup! I have taken another reviewers together and has taken the economic Palatino mouthpiece and Rovner ligature. And this touches more tolerable that a stock mouthpiece. Stock ligature Was useless. The just slips arrive and era.

My thoughts, uses your good Bb clarinet mouthpiece and ligature has dipped. And barrel also. Of the transmissions of bell to plot. Better. An economic Palatino does a lot enough. Very amused to touch! The tones are all
Comfortable to achieve. Has the bit of the touch it brilliant plus that a Bb clarinet. It looks less
Transition for girls those who has begun in Clarinéo and ready to step until the full clarinet.
4 / 5
A lot He. It is that it is thinking. It has given this instrument 5 stars on everything so much for me so much has to that be the robot or the marketing rep for this company. They are not . This clarinet was 180 after shipping. For this money, this clarinet are adds. The desire was a r13 of course but can not take a r13 without r13 money (roughly 4K).

Has had the b paving of clarinet for almost 18 years and this eb the clarinet is simply partorisca has amused no for any type of recital or anything. It would not use this the audition for anything this in spite of think that that your girl was mesmerized for the clarinetist and he or is so only 4, takes this and then take of the lessons. I go it to take my technology of reparation in a morning to see yes has the subjects but I think a subject only is that I can not take a ligature to resist this SO ONLY reed in place. Yep, Comes with a reed and in the chance has not been to the tent of music during covid, still does not spend eb clarinet reeds in stock typically.

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Rating: 2 out of 5 with 1 ratings
2 / 5
It does not look quite absorbent. It have to that also be fact longer.