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Top Customer Reviews: Unguarded (Vino and ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
Widowed father , so only, bi-Emmett and (so only out of the dysfunctional report) gay-Tai... A chasm among them once looked to be insuperable, but with amour, humour, persistence, comprising, and more amour, these two eminently likable the characters find his felizmente never with which. Crown Hogan has created the really sweet history, the contributo worthy to a Wine and Veritas serious.

Top Customer Reviews: The Job ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
Wow Expensive He again with another amazing book! Could dip it down. Highly it would recommend

Top Customer Reviews: Remington: An M/M ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
Wow Silvia does again. Remington Is such an amazing book . A chemistry among  Remington and Henri is explosive. And a heat among them is maps. I can not expect for Corbins Book! 10 ☆ For me

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Top Customer Reviews: When Sparks Fly: An ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
It was hooked of a start! I have loved this history how was light, any heavy work, laughs and just giggles. I enjoyed it so much. Having a awesome parents and amazing friends.🥰
Justo perfects! Avery And Britton 🥰
4 / 5
When the fly of Sparks is an impossibly beautiful law concealed had me on a verge of tears more than a swipe. Britton, Avery, And Spence is such wonderful characters, immediately endearing and involving, with a overlapping triangle of amour and friendship that, for a lot a book, could have gone any way. Kristen Zimmer No only in the cured in these daughters, want cured for them - which I me ameno to one the majority of amazing element of a history.

Tom and Comes from fostering of Britton is one of these things where agreement and cliché he the hard fact for us to expect the happy end. They look too well, too perfect, to fond, and some ways in the Britton tries to maintain his distance breaks our hearts like this like this he his. When you Add in some romantic complications of Avery, his closeted daughter, and can not help but expect disaster with each transfer. I will not spoil anything, but think that this can be one the majority of realistic and that familiar master adopted has has not had never a pleasure to find in a page.

Has the secret for behind his amour and acceptance, so that has the secret for behind an animosity among Avery and Spence, and that secret is the one who challenges a romance was like propels of the advance. Strong storytelling, near-perfect pacing, and the sweet idyll populated for fabulous the characters uncovering that secrets the delight. Everything in of the this feels age -appropriate, with institute seniors the one who look and to his likes calm would expect. It is the refreshingly the half relaxed, free of any overt harasses or tension, leaving Zimmer to direct in a beauty of photograph, some joys of moments of the lunchtime flown, and an emotional confusion of a big dance.

An idyll of slow burn is a point has underlined here, of course, and has has wanted as (and reason) this has developed. There are so many ways could have gone bad, like this ways that is sweet and beautiful could have found like trashy or taboo, that felt almost like this to to relief likes has fill. Have enjoyed When Fly of Sparks immensely and am anxious to read more than Zimmer work.
4 / 5
There is WANTED ABSOLUTELY this book. Literally it could it has not dipped down. I have laughed, I have cried, it felt ache , ALL THE EMOTIONS. That a travesía that has surprised Kristen took on, likes two souls have learnt that it is was likes to for real leave go and be the one who are.

Top Customer Reviews: Legendary Daddy ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
Has has wanted to - has LOVED - this history!

“ Goes partorisca complain this, Legend. Mark my words.”

Walks of legend to this history and his life has been shattered, battered, @bruise and broken. It has not done so only this moment spends an end of his report, has spent also an end his career when his ex turned his partidários against lucida. Precise knows that this the dad broken has required a ray of alone that it is Bentley partorisca enter his life.

Ossia The fabulous history/of boy of the Dad with the plot of emotional cure partorisca both Legend and Bentley. There is stirs it whole of emotional payoff partorisca an ache has the data sustains in his pasts partorisca find a sweetness and consolation that has in his report. There have it also the host of the characters lateralmente fantastic that have anxiously waiting for a next book in a series. And I giggled more than a swipe in some fantastically uncomfortable

A-click this creature today, guaranteeed will not complain it !
5 / 5
Rids down the better book of My partorisca date!
Has to that say are not usually the partidário enormous of histories of Don of the dad to writes does a lot of little taste and take to. But omg this history was perfect.
The career of the legend is turned enough to the rovescio admist the breakup. Has the plot of the soul that looks for to do regarding his career and election in of the men, while in now his and out of a public eye.
His travesías of prime ministers am gone in the months directs the Bentley those who is like this freaking sweet, and adorable. It has loved rear Legend his screen of computer for years. ( Any in the creepy way)
These two neighbours is absolutely beautiful. Legend that requires to learn for the confidence and his elections and Bentley be oh as patient. Slips Of legend easily the way of Dad with his new boy. A way protects, and sustains in his aims of career. As well as finding he to the long of a way to return to a spotlight. Bentley Is also supportive of the legend and that restarts his career. Has the sweet pair of friends that his hips help in some small ways.
These two is the together absolute fire.
Absolutely can not expect for more in this series.

I receipt and arch for a sincere description.
5 / 5
Is looking for The heartwarmingly good-looking history this book is for you.

Are not the gender of boy/of partidário of enormous Dad but that the be has said that will read any book My Monroe written! And I have to that say she entirely and blew totally has been with this book.

Bentley And the legend has this chemistry of instant that shows by means of a whole book. Calm can not help but enamorar with his amour and his legislation of history of a start. This book is big to heat which have loved! And a boy/of dynamic dad is perfect. His history is further anything did not think it never would be. This book is hands down my history of boy/of favourite dad never! For real that has surprised
5 / 5
Wow. All can say is wow. The legend is to 40 ish interpreter the one who has walked out of filming after the bad breakup with the vengeful has sawed-promised/of star. 9 month more has walked late to the agreement and fulfils up with Bentley the one who is expecting for the pause in resultant the producer/of manager in an industry. When they Fulfil a chemical is maps and begin the report. Legend, of course, is the little hesitant because of the his breakup but Bentley persevered and has broken down some wall. I recommend.

Has received the copy of this book for my description.
4 / 5
Has taken a privilege to read this book of an ARC. If it likes-you soft and sweet dad, pleasant, sassy but pouting young boy. This book is totally for you.

I although it was the partidário of boy/of dad MM book of idylls... But it results the are not really. The legendary dad is the good book with the history adds. Any a lot of work but the plot of conditions. So that had did not like them in of him, could be a fashion (boy/of dad) or so only some character kink or mechanism of consolation.

Anyways, still wants to read a prójimo in this series, as I guess has not been that bad. Still it recommends that calm bed that.
5 / 5
The one who the good-looking history , My he again and in the give a good soft fluffy read with like this spice among some pages . Both characters have like this growth in some pages of these books is good-looking to the that his coming together and learn to want each one which so another and mean when My that prick that NAILS .
5 / 5
Wow, This was soooooo hot! Still fanning I with which that one! Legend and Bently was an absolute more pleasant. They are happy an author has mentioned Bently a lot when being no the small but that has childlike emotion because it was something on! It can not expect for Finn and Matty book.

Top Customer Reviews: Nixing the End of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
Once again Alice I takes on the comical travesía with some fantastic new characters.
Nix Any one his boring life with his beasts. Suddenly it finds in a half of the prophecy that mixes ariund the and saving a world. Of the like the person knows. It is engreído will wake of the sleep of fever. Discovering his bff his whole life is really the witch has sent partorisca be with him and protect until a time comes partorisca save a world.
Drug and leaving in another earth partorisca fulfil his guardian.
Alastair Directing the life of solitary there is bored that want the spice up chooses to be Nix guardian. Alastair Is hilarious with his fast talent. His interior monolugue is lovely especially when it finds that it wants to Nix his.
Absolutely can not be any one taking Nix attention out of him. It finds súper protective in lucido.
Looking Nix take everything in surprises of stride. Nix Still thought will wake up. His thought familiarised is everything on some class of drugs. A horse the one who is not really the horse. And the cat mentions to help protect Nix but is really so only lazy and loves sleep in Nix expensive.
Alastair HAS the tragic history to the equal that to reason has isolated of all the world. Nix Never really feeling worthy of a lot. These two falling for each another is an absolute extracted.
Is such the fun world partorisca trip with these characters by means of them so that it looks for to attack some strangers and discover that exactly Nix is supposes to do and that. I can not expect learn more in these types.
This goes to be another travesía crazy has spent our for Alice. It could it has not dipped down
4 / 5
Alice Inverni has a plus deliciously wry and creative alcohol and the reservations of writing ossia the delight to read . This book is his prime minister in the foray to mm fantasy and like this with everything of his books will maintain you entertained and guessing in that is going in a whole way by means of this history. I have begun you grieve this book was entranced for this history in Nix the one who is an intelligent young man but is an absolute babe in a forest when it is pressed suddenly to a world of magic with the mould of characters roughly that help, some that hampers and a bit the one who both. Overlaid On everything of of the this is that delicious sense of humour that maintains up in everything of his writing and helps to do everything of his like this terrific work to read.
5 / 5
Dines of chicken of winner of winner. Excellently Has balanced. Fun. Being mad about. Romantic shenanigans. Like this usual I now attended for a prójimo. Patient like the bone. Chewing my nails.

Top Customer Reviews: The Jock: An M|M ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
So only the bosses up. There is the violent homophobic attacks that it arrives in a book. Partorisca Any the one who there is survived the gay-bashing, or is near of any the one who has survived or died of such chance, BE POISED. I have had to that dip down this book and compose me first to follow advances.

Some Bet, portion of France of a book is quite wonderful, and there is the few lines that speaks of the poetry of mine has read it like this. Quite beautiful, in fact. Romanticism in his better. It extends, wary, endearing with heat.

For me, an end was on-the-upper, and found the partorisca be too. BUT defenders of Bauer absolutely will enjoy an end, and goes it to want to a lot.
5 / 5
Was evening to discover Such Bauer but has read now all concealed have beaten; amour this author! They are an avid reader and sport of amour mm books; ossia to good sure one of a cup reads in this gender in my opinion. Wes And Justin is enamoured but a stigma of men of gay in of the sports his tears averts. His Directly in the each one another issues again so only for violence and reconnection. He really ameno wife like the athletes of gay owe that choose among a sport loves and reports; no the just election at all really. This book describes that it is probably an attentive accounting of as this goes transpires for a lot of young men. Well writing, sweet with pode any gone bad in reading this May be advised has the violent moment in a book that could be the trigger so that they have experienced gay bashing. Lovely book!!!
4 / 5
In fact, calm no really included has to that comprise football to enjoy this. In Such usual brilliant way, a subject @@@subject is fed our without being too instructive or blatant. This book takes calm by means of a highs and lows of the whirlwind romance this is to interrupt before for real it can leave an earth, and a fight to find his way behind to the each one like this another with odds stacked against him. Calm does not want to dip the down and will root for these boys like this like this root for a crew.
4 / 5
Such has done is once again! This calm work you self-reflect, cry, cry and then reaffirm this amour in his true character sublime east🥰.
A development of character is a lot of-has thought was, attaching they to the emotions of a reader like one grows with them in this book.

Such Works his books with « soul »; an amour among some like this disinterested parties in his passion, expressions and actions. Such would have to that be experienced more to join Justin and Wes in this travesía 😊 lovely.

Like this always, Such appreciate yours sharing this present to write with your readers / of defenders.

4 / 5
Love the books of this author! Intense histories that totally draws calm in. A lot of anguish and a lot of cloths have required, but I to good sure read this history again.
Enjoys histories of football because it takes calm to a field and behind some scenes. Feel an energy and emotion of a game while it has touched.
Has has wanted to Wes and the history of Justin!

Top Customer Reviews: Reckless (Leather ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
Wow! Tank and CJ is wonderfully complex and charming characters that marks such indelible the impression will leave you that it wants to more.
There is enjoyed a way an author has used some papers written among Tank and CJ to help give the readers creates better to his personalities and to aim one developing and deepening connection among them.
Ossia The history with depth, is very written, there is intensely vaporous sexy time, genuine amour, and the perfectly that satisfies HEA. There are other characters that is quite intriguing to do you anxious for his history.
Absolutely would recommend this book.
5 / 5
Has loved that! Both Tank and CJ was adorable togther. Any so only was his hot chemistry but could has fallen really a connection b/w a two. Would have has wanted so that the sexiest lingerie and scenes of exposure but global utmost read! Excited to read Are book!
5 / 5
Hanna Santa Batman the one who the history this was man … or man could has not dipped down … biker the dad yes pleases
4 / 5
Wow Kiki Clark there is nailed he with this book. Writing very good. Utmost chemistry. It would recommend