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Top Customer Reviews: Boost Monkey E-85 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia The product adds . Attentive, Very easy to use and good quality. Well value a cost.
4 / 5
Boat of the glass with the sticker concealed probably goes to peel was and can so only tries 70-100 ethanol (can not try the contained of the ethanol of the fuel regulates)

Half of a street, no a worse, no a better. Personally it thinks a Fuel-The small declares is the very better option partorisca in a same cost.

Top Customer Reviews: Block Tester BT-500 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
I have had some smaller questions with my old Subaru has bequeathed that has not indicated the boss gasket failure. In spite of this pair of cochera said that a boss gasket was in his way was. This test left to precisely verify if a boss gasket has been gone. Felizmente The has not been. A test is the good way to discover wether the car costs partorisca maintain. To good sure can save the plot of headaches and the wild goose that pursues.
4 / 5
Faulty Goes.
Squeezed A wheel up and was partorisca limp and not developing behind his form.
Therefore not sucking as well as it has to that.
I hope has done still.
4 / 5
This element was decent to use have had like this the cars of pair in acting to verify, but a bulb temperamental and when yours so only meaning partorisca direct a test partorisca a minute and in that then the car is heating in some measure where coolant can boil on , the race against a clock and a unreliability is result too hard of the do.
5 / 5
Decent bit of boxes. I have been impressed by a construction and utility of a tool. Figure of the fat-walled plastic tube capped in both ends for hefty spent of hule. A small quantity of reactive liquid is added to a tube, which is pressed then to a with the one of farce of the radiator. A bulb of hule has distributed is pressed then against a cup of a tube and has pumped dulcemente several times. This draws gasses of a radiator by means of the porous metal aerator, which his bubbles to one reactive. After the few bombs, some turns of blue reagents to yellow if the hydrocarbons are present. There is the valve of the control in one covers inferior to prevent one reactive to the drain was and another valve of control in a bulb partorisca ensure that it draws more than bomb.

Has used felizmente this tool to (unfortunately) confirmation that a boss gasket of mine 2003 Civic has filtered.

A difficulty has had was that it was easy to accidentally draw coolant to a tube (which ruin a test). I this two times before finally draining quite coolant of a radiator to have the successful test. Some instructions advise to take quite coolant to resupply the few thumbs of empty first to begin a test, but has found that once a car has covered, a coolant the level has augmented to a point that was necessary to the siphon was even more. A transmission to draw that would help here would be to resupply the valve of floating ball (resembled this in the dry/tent wetted vacuum) to prevent liquid to enter a tube. When I have done finally the successful test, was still has concerned that a yellow colour of one reactive, which is a lot resembled this of Prestone antifreeze, could owe the contamination of coolant, but there is remarked that one reactive in a tube has been still in his original level (in a 'fill line' marked in a tube). After, I experimented with adding antifreeze directly to reactive and has determined that takes the substantial quantity of antifreeze to change a colour of one reactive to pure yellow. In spite of, I reactivate it that turns to the different colour that the antifreeze would be the useful transmission , if ossia chemically possible.

Mina so only another complaint is that has discovered that, while one covers of the hule upper is drawn to be to take to clean, one covers inferior is not . It is attached by a glue, but a glue is too feeble, and of the discharges can be accidentally take went without a lot of force. With which is take, can not be reattached securely without using more adhesive. This would have to that be corrected by any one doing of the removable inferior discharges for creation, or to use the strong adhesive this prevents one covers to be take at all.

Some another info: there is quite reactive in a boat has distributed to do several tests. According to some instructions, a life of shelf of one reactive is roughly a year. Reactive spent of the positive test (this has turned yellow) can not be reused, but is not to clear would have any negative effects of reusing one reactive of the negative test.
5 / 5
Construction of big quality. Arrived quickly in First.

used it to confirm (?) A Deep the diagnostic of the trafficante of 'coolant was two chambers down -- seeing bubbles in a radiator -- does not drive he -- has to that diagnose further.'

With which have seen bubbles, has said some opened on an engine and gave it he leakdown test. All the cylinders less than 3. They have said then that has required to do the 'five-gas' test, but has not had time that takes. It has loved to maintain it at night and do more work in the, but concealed has not done for our schedule.

I class to ask reason his no that ten minute long 'five-gas' test in the first place first to spend an hour that tears to an engine. And I asked reason any so only spend some five minutes takes to use one of these testers. A history was the little fishy, or perhaps was so only clumsy and less than highly skilled. In all the chance, did not trust him 100 in this point, as I have required the second opinion.

has Used mine to declare. A lot of video of Youtube available is not familiarised. Basically they follow some pertinent directions in a paper. Lower a level of radiator for 2-3 thumbs with the turkey baster. I fill a declare. Siege to declare closely in a radiator that opens and it beginning that you read a bulb to draw some gases by means of him for A MINUTE.

1) has run a warm engine. It has not seen it bubbles.
2) took It on a interstate for the moment. It has not seen any bubbles.
3) has tried he of dead-cold at night. Still the has not seen any of some bubbles has mentioned of a trafficante.

After each visual test has run a Blockade Declares with fresh fluid. Enough a fluid is remained imperial real blue. Fluent quota for each test.

With which one of some comes from so only for fun, has churned he in an exhausts tailpipe plume -- the hot translucent instant chrome yellow. As some fluent works, but so only there is not founding any gases of combustion in a radiator.

Also, with which one of some tests has maintained vigorously pumping for at least other five minutes and he have gone slightly out of some deep imperial real blue (almost faintly indigo) to be still strongly blue but having a slightest clues of aqua. I have had some worry. But then I also tried with the fluent fresco is gone in a clean air, and has taken again roughly five minutes of forceful (spastic?) I pump it it goes to take that slightest clue of aqua. Conclusion here, again, is there has had any present of gas of the combustion in a coolant system.

Marvel the one who a Deep the mechanic has seen?

C declares is awesome. Súper Easy to use. It would recommend it to partner.
5 / 5
Has purchased recently the vehicle has used that has thought was the really good shot. It Likes him the course of an inspection previously to buy it has verified for milky residue under some discharges of the oil and I have maintained an eye was for any white smoke that begin him of an exhaust. In spite of an absence of these say signs of history, these automobiles there is still be the boss gasket filter which finally heads to coolant loss and overheating. I have bought this tool to confirm concealed and has done inner few courts of minutes. Thanks to this tool was able to confirm it HG leak in his first early phases of any serious harm can spend to other components of engine. Also from now on any time go to inspect the car used am taking this with me and trying exhausts smoke in a coolant in a something. A test in súper easy to treat, is no invasivas, and give you attentive results inside the few courts of minutes.
5 / 5
Has come the prompt day. It was easy to use. Simply fall your coolant level the few thumbs of a cup of with the one of farce (like a declare of the one who inhale coolant). Add a blue fluid to a full line in a declare. Insert a tip of hule inferior to a hole of farce of the radiator. With an engine that cut. It pumps a bulb of prime minister. I took the good 30 or 40 bombs. If has exhausts smoke in a coolant system, a blue fluid will turn yellow. The mine has done. More probably the bad boss gasket. I will do the test of compression afterwards to help determine the one who deep I need to undermine. To do the short long history, he exactly that is to feign to do. Easy and economic diagnostics.
4 / 5
Was having the enormous question with mine 1984 Ford F-250 on heating the year with which having this truck has reconstructed, engine and transmission. Everything in this truck has been substituted except a product. A first episode was when he overheated to a point a radiator to the left goes. It results a focus of bomb of the new water filtered but a radiator and a bomb of new water that the starts some time was is suspicions . They are any mechanic of car for any piece of any one is imagination but I my best to remedy a question.
After substituting a radiator and a water pump it on heated again! As taking @@subject to my own hands have substituted a partidário clutch and a thermostat. A thermostat was also new when an engine has been reconstructed. With all that a next possibility was the boss blown gasket. I have ordered this box of the test and that follows some directions, quite easy, a test has aimed negation for the boss blown gasket, has been relieved to say a less. It likes me quell'has said that a test was easy same for me. It results with which substitutes a partidário clutch and a thermostat more on heating questions, at least for now.
Highly recommends these products suspect the boss blown gasket. Pulling the boss of the big V-8 engine is no light task and very expensive has the professional a work. This test will say you yes or no very quickly.
4 / 5
The majority of economic version in a phase, easy to use. Marcos for fast diagnostic of blockade of the boss/broken or the boss blown gasket where exhaust the gas can filter to coolant. Works perfectly, so only follow some instructions. If coolant level it are so only under a surface of one covers, has to it draw was some coolant using the turkey baster or alike device as it do not draw on coolant with this declare and spoil some results. So only drawback is that this does not come with the plastic chance.
5 / 5
It takes 2 starts because he kinda the works and I was able like confirmation the automobile that has used partorisca possess has not had the boss blown gasket . Of a start would take the moment partorisca a 'pear' partorisca suck air, although a valve in a fund would owe that leave free flow. Like this which that can be that complexes that would not leave the simple device partorisca do properly? Some junk stuck in there, or perhaps so only the valve of bad quality, remained with the poor material (hule) concealed already is breaking, the fact the tool of time of use. Partorisca me This is not enough.

Top Customer Reviews: BT-700 Block Tester ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5
It has eaten coolant in an alarming tax. In my particular vehicle, can be two things , 1) boss gasket and 2) intake manifold gasket. I have wanted really govern was to start with gasket, as I have bought this box. Has has followed directions, has pumped probably he for 1/2 now. When I Have been finalised, have gone back to a tailpipe and to the left has the little wiffs of this exhaust and has turned yellow immediately, like six work... In all the chance, has changed intake the manifold and he have solved my questions, but this was the economic test to know that I have not had worse questions.
4 / 5
Does not have any way any one would have to that buy the vehicle used without one! Like this far it was able to skip 4 vehicles that has had gases of fuel and discover that my current mechanic is the scoundrel . I have had he for only 2 days! Although youre selling your automobile this tool will leave to take a prize a big plus for your vehicle.

Has paid for him among a first use! You would be bobo to buy a maddox one of load of port reason spend the blockade declares flowed of this company, and does not return in a chance. Also other fluids are very pale and is really hard to analyse.

Anything more is inferior although I will admit that a version of fourth double is kinda cool reason a fluid can not be contaminated of then flowed of the radiator can any never achieve an upper tier. In general this can be one the majority to purchase quell'import has not done never in my life! Excellent!
4 / 5
A good informative? These products do a lot well! It was simple to use and some instructions were very clear. A bad informative? My boss gasket is blown to good sure.
4 / 5
So that it is cost the mechanic to verify for hydrocarbons yes calm only use he once paid for him
4 / 5
has Had to that substitute boss gasket in Deep Civic. This blockade declares has not registered to exhaust gas in a coolant, included with continuous bubbles in a reservoir of overflow. Unreliable Method to determine soufflé gasket.
4 / 5
Like this easy to follow instructions.. More was happy has not been my boss gaskets... The result was the bad injector
5 / 5
the mine has turned this colour means the have some class of the small exhausts leak?

Top Customer Reviews: Tuirel Heavy Truck ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 3 ratings
1 / 5
Doesnt Laws in john deere backoe. The application clashes all a time. Place in the mack truck. It says sound the volvo... And incident of application..
1 / 5
When plugged flashes red and blue but impossible to pair with any device. Total fraud.
5 / 5
Works well, with correct software

Top Customer Reviews: MTI 30-441-BR 12V ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
Works like the charm. Easy installs
5 / 5
5 / 5
Substitution esatta partorisca time the unit expired, delivery and good prices.