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Top Customer Reviews: Refoss Smart Wi-Fi ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
The cost has checked has taken a container punctually. Opened the on and had configured he in 5 minutes before I was hooked he until my opener of door of the cochera. The installation has taken roughly 30 minutes so only because some bosses in mine in cochera existent of 9 opener of the years of door is brittle and has had to that be fixed before it can hook on a new ready controller. It has Had it arrives and that careers with House of Google in roughly 3 minutes afterwards have dipped my number of pin for an opener of door of the cochera and added it my cast of devices. In general, sper easy setup. I have been touching with him and like this far the has not lost beat it. Well value a compraventa to arrive to this point. With all some people having his cochera remotes flown of his vehicles and some thieves having easy access to a cochera after, this was an easy way to do my cochera the little surer, and ameno bit it more peace of alcohol with an open and has closed alert, especially of the mine is the detached cochera. Now I do not owe that leave my opener of door of the cochera in my vehicle. Nizza To be able to take the memory also forgets for the neighbour with which drive era. :)
4 / 5
The cost verified before element Very right. Setup Was easy invernadero application. Reason partorisca give element 3 stars is that he no well with my Chamberlain opener of Mur. Every time utilisations an application partorisca open a door, careers out of my transmission of wall and a transmission of reset of walls he.

Has contacted CS in of his considerations and they very useful but any of his solutions has done. For like this, I am sending an element behind.
5 / 5
Bought and installed this with which one of my boys once have left more a door of cochera opens when that goes the school. The installation taken 30 minutes less. The simple connections have required partorisca a wiring so much to some sensors and an opener of door of the cochera. I have taken a time partorisca crimp in final of fork partorisca some bosses partorisca control so only partorisca ensure the good contact and still with some rays. Everything tries displaced with flying colours has been once done and does not have to that reprogram the alone another inaugural device, (two wireless remotes, a vehicle in control of will aim, an interior of highland wall and an external keypad). A unit has connected my wifi easily and with the solid signal. Once he all near main has linked on an application/acct to mine Amazon Alexa that has taken ready. The device has been found and registered in Alexa like the door of cochera but does not recognise likes near that need to do for control of voice. I require partorisca achieve it was in service of client and will update with which. Still with out control of voice of Alex this in spite of, a native application partorisca he operates sum and take notification to my telephone partorisca open and closing together with memories that is remained open longer that 15 minutes. Has no more worries in a state of my security of cochera.
5 / 5
Has impressed enough with this unit, work really well. Has stirs it other ready devices in a house, and Meross has based some look to do really a better (still in comparison the Wemo, the one who the brutal setup those have), ossia some rebranded Meross looks. The law perfects out of a box, some works of good application. I notify every time my door is opened and enclosed, or if a door has been opened for more than 15minutes, and an only question has had is that sometimes when on 4G fail when answering. It looks to know when a door is opened and enclosed, but say something in a communication has failed. I want to try this more, but his hard when they are out of home to love open and close my cochera without any real way to know if his conclude reliably again. Any way, this does exactly that it love it to, say me when my door was opened ( was that it have it phantom the door opens, he finding open, etc).
5 / 5
I installed two of these elements, one for each of our doors of cocheras, which there is relatively old state (on 30 & 15 old year) openers of door of the cochera of two different frames (Lynxes & Craftsman). The installation was relatively simple and has taken roughly 30 minutes each to complete, the majority of that has been comprised of neatly that careers and stapling some bosses to the 14 ceiling of feet of some doors of cocheras to some openers of door of the cochera. A placing of some contacts so it was inner roughly 1/2' of each another when some doors are closed was the very light challenge. Another consideration is a need to have an available electrical outlet to be able to some devices, which have fulfilled with discharges he new-in touching mine in existent outlet.

All has said, with which some light tweaking of 'time to close raisin' inside a Meross Application, some doors and the application have operated perfectly a past month or so much. I integrated him it has included Alexa and has used a IFTTT applet to change a colour of one of the mine Philips the bulbs of Boos to leave me know if the door of cochera is open (rose for a right and blue door for an accident) and the one who change behind to the normal white colour of him, when a door is closed. I also opted to receive notification of email of a Meross application to leave me know while one of some doors is open or has closed.

In general, to this date, am very satisfied with the function of a product and cost of mine of them.
4 / 5
Has loved basically something to say me when a door of cochera has been opened and enclosed, and to be able of the prĆ³jimo remotely left it to him accidentally open. For these purposes, work perfectly. The volume notified when some ploughs of cocheras, when it closes, and has been opened for longer that 15 minutes, and by means of a ehomelife the application can verify one state and open/close a door has required . The installation was bit it delicate in mine 15 old year Craftsman opener, of then is not gone in his cast, but of then is hardwired, thinks it will do on more any opener. I so only required to imagine out of those 2 bosses have connected to a manual key. Calm also has to that run the boss to a sensor, as this taking bit it longer as compared to a chamberlain MyQ (which has not done with my opener). I also directed for the dipped up with Alexa, but so only can take to close or verify a state. A mandate I use is 'Alexa, is the door of cochera has closed?' Or 'Alexa, lock a door of cochera.' In general, highly it recommends.
5 / 5
While an idea is well, finds his operation is sporadic. Simply it calms it can not depend in the to do reliably. He a bit those that the minutes have opened a door with him so only well, but could do not taking to close again for anything.

Considering Alexa integration, while Alexa sees in a cast of devices, does not add like the ā€œlockā€, which is required to operate properly. It can verify one state and can, sometimes, he the in bylines, but calm can not open (unlock) a cochera with him because precise says Alexa remains to, and a page to dip has required to do that it can not be accessed.

Expect that these subjects will take spent was, finally. Until then, it is to use limited, sadly.
5 / 5
Some laws of form well and the installation is simple, the programming is easy. Where it is taken to disappoint, a Genie the application and Alexa will not leave you verbally open/close a door in Canada? If I have known that before hand I probably would not have bought it !
5 / 5
Likes announced, installation and setup was relatively quickly.
All reliably without glitches.
Can open & close a door of cochera verbally with Alexa.
Has an erroneous description that says it can not be done in Canada, which need to be take.
Does not have any @@subject using a Meross application.
Gives 5 stars if some the English instructions were better.
5 / 5
Has bought is while it requires the WiFi extend like the signal is not orders in ours detached cochera.
Well, did not require it. It connects immediately and like this far I have not had any one subject.

The installation is easy but depend in a type of opener of door of the cochera and configuration of cochera.
Has had to add the piece of forest to a ceiling so that it can attach a his sensor.

A connection of application is a lot he directly the advance and an application is simple to use. The assistant and Alexa are both available work a lot well.
An application will notify when a door opens, closes and when it has been opened for some time.
Ossia Totally currency he.

Top Customer Reviews: Apple HomeKit Smart ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
I have received an OLD manual and some parts where disappeared. Rays Of the small forest where comprised partorisca some sensors but self touching the rays would be better. My door of cochera is metal . It does not use a ehomelife the application will not leave you partorisca register in and consistently Not being able to emigrate settings to google house. Utilisation a Meross application that is a newer application.

Partorisca Homekit / The users of apple owe that be in wifi row partorisca functionality otherwise partorisca open a door saws the internet will owe that use the hub device like a TV of apple, iPad, etc.

A law of device adds better that my MyQ but some needs of costruttore partorisca update a manual, or take a ehomelife application and resupplied a manual of the street of installation has updated a meross application. They are happy with a product and would recommend it.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Works like the charm with Siri (sees video), homekit commanded and updates of state as well as using with meross application (and other applications equally). I swapped one same no-homekit meross opener partorisca east and the work adds. I have dipped it spends it open/prĆ³jimo timing to 25dry and has update a firmware both street meross application so much application of the house does not take error of obstruction and is gilded.

Further to my video - my truck has Apple play it car and I can open and close a door of cochera with a function of Car game also. Exactly that there is wanted. Now the just experience with possibly creating the Siri code of voice to leave open access of a door like other etc. calm locks also can enable the code of pin via meross application that has not tried so only still.

The note has the point wifi subject in cochera
4 / 5
Some first time have ordered a unit of Amazon, has been disappointed like the container has had to that lose elements. It was obvious that a Unit has been opened and packaged again.
Has had to that return a unit and order the new a. The next time has arrived around with everything there.
Has to that admit that an installation of a Unit was the easiest plot that has thought. It could it did not take me more than now half to install and he operational. Very simple to install.
Another thing that is to be surprise with era an action. A unit has treated, perhaps better that has alleged. Work really well with absolutely any hiccup that has expected.
The Connected in a House of Google and HomeKit without the question. Now with Carplay in my car, is to like ploughing and that closes a Door of Cochera with just the mandate of voice the Siri.
Want to have far control of your Door of Cochera, highly would recommend this product. It dips new life to the yours old outdated Opener of Door of the Cochera.
5 / 5
Has been while the ā€˜smartify' ours 20yr opener of door of cochera old for the moment, but was hesitant to spend money when like this of some solutions have had mixed descriptions. I have seen a Meross (or in Canada, Refoss) the unit has been estimated well and priced enough reasonably. As I imagined it it would give it tries it. I am pleased really with him. I have bought a unit that is HomeKit compatible, as well as Alexa compatible. It was easy to install and setup, and works reliably. It would owe that add that have really a lot wifi coverage in a cochera, and am sure that help. A value of things of the pair that mentions... In Apple HomeKit and Alexa, can ask a state of a door of cochera (open or enclosed), and will answer with a state. I can also verbally initiate the prĆ³jimo or open of any assistant (Hey Siri, opens a door of cochera), but with Alexa has to that say ā€˜Alexa, gone back a door of cochera on' to do opens. And ā€˜Alexa, gone back a door of cochera was' to do it near. I have imagined once that it was, both do both sake.

A Meross/refoss the application also will notify if a door of cochera remains opened for too much long, or is still open at night time. Two thumbs on me.
4 / 5
Has been using this for the while now. It was easy to install. Has the wifi signal of 60 in a cochera and my subject is in a furnace soiled of a basement. So only install the question has was a first time I installed a sensor of magnet, installed the bad, too close up of a door and has broken he - A vendor sent another free to touch that it was very appreciated, he considering was my failure.

Was easy to connect with an application. It follows some instructions and install a Homekit first, then add it to a eHomeLife application. It does not use homekit too often, mostly so only a eHomeLife application. I also controls by means of House of Google - just ensure add the number of Pin in a eHomeLife application before it try to control he with Google, reason will ask calm for the number of Pin. It is easier that use a door of cochera far if it is handy and in row, but good to have an application of telephone. The characteristic better is: Autoclose after x small, qualified to see if a door is closed or open in an application, any cost of byline, works with House of Google (open and next), taking notification if a door is opened or enclosed and notifies it one spends does not close . Also, it will close a door in dipping the time of a day likes . In general, it was the I adds little device for a prize compared with a chamberlain MyQ.
5 / 5
Does a lot well with my craftsman opener of door, very easy to install and the instruction is clear. Sync To a device and my telephone have taken less than 5 min and has the plot of the the function likes look of time, far after and open, the next car, etc... I give peace to import when my girls leave the scolare and has forgotten to close a door, the now can closes remotely of my place to do when I take an opinion . They are also able to know exactly when my leaves of girls and house to return reason always use a cochera to store there is bicycle.
5 / 5
In this description will try to cover few points of entities that is missing of a description of product.
After unboxing ReFoss (Meross in EUA) Apple HomeKit Door of the cochera of Opener of the loans of the Wi-Fi will find:
1. Raisin of Cochera of Opener of loan of the Wi-Fi
2. Magnetic proximity sensors (Two sensors a duquel has corrected to the boss along)
3. USB uploads And the boss
4. Boss to verify compatibility.

A setup is very simple and first of legislation. There is a lot of video of Youtube to help you. Once a setup is to complete your cochera of 10 years the door will be the ready door šŸ˜Š.

Personally, has not had good experience with eHomeLife application, like this installed Meross instead which is of a company of same father 'Chengdu Meross the technology has Sawed. Ltd.' And his both use some same credentials the login to an application.

Once a setup is completed all the like this expected work and am very happy with a compraventa. The notifications are sent when one raisin is open or has closed any by means of application or manually. Also, I have found a Meross widget very useful. Calm give you fast access to open and close a door of cochera. Also it has the refresh key that is quite handy to verify current state of a door without going inside an application. See a screenshot has attached.

Finally one in existent far and the transmission does like this first.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Never leave ur door of Cochera open and not agreeing for the neighbour. This Refoss mart Wifi Opener of Door of the Cochera and more After' will change ur life. Refoss Has changed the mine with him is simplicity to use and setup. With notification of Application of when open, closed and open for the long period. Timings Can be dipped for the most next schedules. The installation is simple and fast. Before beginning Read a Manual!!! 1. Find a better location for ur sensors in a place of door of the cochera . Some bosses in mine opener (liftmaster) is small in diameter, attentively bosses of transfer of a RSG100 and a transmission of opener and install in opener. ( It could not take the good contact is exited at the beginning an old soldering iron-just the small baptises to solder-All Adds. Refoss Has improved my life with an Application that leave to know my state of cochera and a capacity to open and close for anywhere!!!! Alexa pends of cochera open '. Alexa'pends of cochera next '. All Sure... Any well in a !
4 / 5
Has taken this today and installed the interior 20 minutes. Device Setup was quickly and easy. Taken the conneted the wifi and has tried a sensor in of the minutes. Leave the more along found a model of the mine Chamberlain opener. It was very easy to connect some bosses to an engine, has tried an inaugural and closing of door of cochera and he he very fast. The only question is that I have to attended for him to finalise a last mandate before it can initiate them another. With a door of cochera basic, can press a key to open and then press it again immediately to close it he so that it is ploughing.

But give the!
4 / 5
Has has has purchased hundreds of elements on Amazon, and to be sincere my personnel experiences it that there is to plot of sluck produced without sustaining resupplied.

Refoss/Maria, is certainly any in this category.

When Have has had questions, was there .. Quickly and with useful instructions. Some subject look to be my half but am hanged in and helped the take finally doing.

A do one like this for a description of product (again any one a norm partorisca to plot of products of Amazon) .. And for me a work.

Very DONE .. Refoss And Maria

Top Customer Reviews: Chamberlain ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
5 / 5
I have purchased a Chamberlain myQ-G0401 partorisca do my Impulse a lot acts of transmission of Master door with my SmartThings world-wide - and was the success .

Regarding a Chamberlain myQ-G0401 - was extraordinarily simple of the take up and running, essentially, downloads an application, create an account, and follow a step-for-instructions of no. Some instructions have covered everything of pairing partorisca telephone, pairing with engine of door of the cochera - with pictures in a telephone partorisca your engine of door esatta, and physically installing a hub.

Has downloaded a SmartThings integration of here: - and it has done without subjects. The only odd thing is, once setup - Alex sees in SmartThings like the door, while Google sees likes the transmission (considering a can say 'open door', another has to that say 'recognition on spends').

In general - validate he!
4 / 5
Was the little sceptical if this would do during the Canadian winter in a Prairies. State two weeks during this Polar Vortex Feb 2021 of -40C to -45C in Winnipeg, MB and any @@subject at all ( has had beverages freezing and burst in my refrigerator of cochera during this period). Well value a prize and a lot easy to install (10 minutes max).
4 / 5
Has compared to a last time that looks for to install the MyQ 301 this iteration installs of the MyQ 401 was deleriously easy. A leading model was totally resistant the installation my coverage. This model was for real an easier thing has not added never my coverage. More so it has announced works, the one who the concept!
5 / 5
The product adds, a lot easy to install, and a sum of laws of the application. Amur Some notifications of telephone when a cochera is open or enclosed.

An only negative is any integration with Apple HomeKit, and integration very poor with Nest of Google Hub. An integration is not the friendly user.
5 / 5
Easy to program and mountain, but is 2021... It integrates with house of Google.

Instead, has to meso-integration of the assistant of Google has baked. An assistant can close a door but no partorisca the open ? Reason?
5 / 5
Is not never state more fallido when installing the product in my whole life. Works partorisca the day then takes disconnected and has to that unplug one issues the reset he (reset of the factory is not possible of a device has took it already working). Installed the wifi the row extends 3 feet of a unit and still directs partorisca lose connection daily.
5 / 5
Another then an application that give wrong info to pair a wifi far with my opener, was the simple installs. The works add.
5 / 5
A lot easy to install with excellent myq application. But, any integration with Coverage, Alexa or house of Google. Although, I have read to somewhere that read with google house but no easy to find info. He no with Coverage in Canada. It would not recommend to Canadians .
5 / 5
Has downloaded an application. Easy to install. It has taken 10 minutes. Good works. I produce it adds.
4 / 5
Works and simple installer well. The application is also simple to use.

Top Customer Reviews: Gear and Sprocket ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 24 ratings
5 / 5
Mina 32 old year Sears (Chamberlain) opener of the door of the cochera undressed some plastic train and no longer will open a door. These looks of boxes OEM and comprises all some necessary part partorisca repair some train, bushings and iron. Of only a big train has suffered harm, was an only part has substituted. Applied a fat comprised to some train and has regulated a tension in some cradles of door and some works of system like new. The prizes add partorisca part of big quality.
5 / 5
Has come punctually. Good prize. Good quality. If calm whose need to substitute train of worm. Of WHO! The iron of engine is a lot difficult to substitute bushings on without breaking engine. Difficult to entirely seat bushings without really breaking a driveshaft. The desire has not taken never that the course averts.

Another that that a main plastic train and his iron were easy peasy. The works add. Hopefully Has seated train of good worm enough for him to last.
4 / 5
Has had to take the directions of You Tube. The directions have sent was for the walk of tape. Upper group with a sprocket has not been threaded. It has had to twist ray in and has gone to edge. The shoulders of ray were like this small has had to dip wax to title of the sail in socket to resist them. My next substitution will be easier! ( It marks a canal and place of drives before disconnecting canal of sproket)
4 / 5
Works for my older 1/2 HP Sears craftsman. Has instructions but more the instructions that calms can require. Good value, the nave has taken around 10 days.
4 / 5
Installs has taken so only 15mins and the work adds. The beaten that pays any 175 dollars to come and the install.
4 / 5
Like the good like original. Installed interior 1 now with some instructions has learnt of Youtube.
4 / 5
The product adds for a tax.unvosotros I plastic clips brakes really easy,agrees like this good to maintain your old parts until complete one installs reason can require the reuse the clip the washer or more....
5 / 5
A careful and patient read of some instructions headed to the a lot successful reparation. This ensures that a ā€œopener of door ā€œ will continue to operate for at least the little more years.
4 / 5
This part saved the $ bill for the opener of door of cochera new. It was a lot easily installed and perfect fact to fix my opener of door of the cochera. It could not find parts locally anywhere and am pleased the amazon has the like this available parts.
5 / 5
A lack of instructions.
Any one could benefit of some guidance with instructions.

Top Customer Reviews: Universal Garage ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Works as it has announced once programmed, which has not gone he directly advance ( has done a lot of programming of tampon of the pin in a past ) Canal 1 has not done partorisca my purple learns key and with which he tentativas the multiple has decided to try canal 2 that was it compatible with my opener to learn has lived.

Like a beep that does when it press in some keys.

Partorisca Some new owners there : please notes that the difference of oem pinpads , has to initially factory partorisca use the PIN distributed has based on canal ( 1111 partorisca canal 1 and 2222 partorisca canal 2). Once any 1111 or 2222 is place and programmed partorisca open a door of cochera, has to change a PIN to your cement 4 figure afterwards.
4 / 5
Has purchased this keypad partorisca substitute my Chamberlain OEM keypad.

Has dipped this unit on in the first place place some codes of accesses that would be partorisca each door for following his instructions. It agrees partorisca dip a code partorisca a type or manufacturer of the your opener of cochera also. I have had to that use a function of reset when it has done errors in a process. A key of reset is in a compartment of battery and agree to leave a battery in when resetting the.

Once those have been dipped up programming each door was directly advances for pressing one learns key in some openers of respective door in a ceiling of my cochera. I have done sure each one that like this first fact to dip my keypad of opener of door of cochera for an external door. I have opened a lid to a travesĆ­a maximum and has situated the ray in an upper partially sticking was to limit a travesĆ­a of lid so that it would not travel immediately a keypad when a lid is lifted too quickly or with bit it too muscle.

The beeps With each push of keypad and I like this feedback. You owe that agree to press in a '' tone after your code to send a mandate to an opener of door. I have found this better unit that a OEM in my chance. In a OEM I has had to that enter a code more than a swipe every time how has been paste and lose would take it to him or no. Fresh or old battery have done little difference. Every time utilisation this new keypad, some ploughs of door and closes reliably and can control both spend of one a unit. Backup of good prize for a Genie opener.

Some two things have not gone particularly happy with this smaller. A lid exits too easily travesĆ­as for up also (easily fixed with a blocking ray I addition) and a fact that you that has the ray to resist a lid of battery situates to do the the bit of the ache to access and change a battery. Neither it would prevent me to purchase this unit again.

Has has had the zeros dread negative with this opener like this far but the update does .
5 / 5
This opener of the door of cochera wireless was easy to dip-arrive - help that has the cochera relatively new opener of door that has a 'learn key' and does not have to that it enciphers out of any wiring...
My only complaint is that some state instructions to take a battery to treat the reset of factory, but has has had to that the leave plugged in... Subject @minor to the equal that have seen worse instructions.
Have the cochera alone, as I can not comment on using with 2 doors.
5 / 5
Note: my engine of the door of the cochera is the Liftmaster model of orange key

Like this easy to install! I took roughly 10 minutes to dip it up and the majority of that was wrestling with a darn ladder!

Initially, there is no @to @give that calms can not program a code of the pin to a time still likes them the pairing an opener. I have imagined once it has been it is the separate function , has been was!

Easy setup, the battery was fully touched and easy mountain to a jam of door of the cochera. It could not have asked the simplest installation.
4 / 5
Has purchased this for my daughter to use for operative his door of cochera of external place and act like this fat seemlessly. It installed it to him and he has had a lot @@subject at all. Also I can it uses to go in his cochera to take a gram or weed eater was to help with interview of yard when it is work . Ossia paired With 2 door of transports of cocheras remotes this is to be purchase of a costruttore of vendor/ although it was also very easy to dip up!
5 / 5
Has not done with our system. It can have at all bad with a product but he no sync with our system. One spends of the cochera has opened automatically in day of prejudices and odd times as it has not been well for security. We have had to that substitute our whole system and is returned a keypad with out any difficulty.
4 / 5
Was delicate to program that it follows one has has printed instructions. My chance has involved to match a unit to the three diving of transmission of place. Some instructions for a 'Neither' the place is not translates well. It was easier to so only change a transmission of diving to on or era.

Has programmed once the law adds.
5 / 5
This unit is reasonably very built, is easy to program and simple to install.

Some works of units well, and looks benign in a wall... ( It results a house of a far is to the a colour still likes trim in of my cochera).

To good sure recommend this one for a 'value for money'
5 / 5
the unit was right defective out of a box. Tried to contact a provider saws email to the equal that for instructions in some directions that is gone in a box but any response. If it had done like this for his on-line description, would have been the very easy unit to install & program. Sadly now I owe that squander my money & to time that walks to a next plus UPS tent to return this junk.
5 / 5
The programming there is taken on an hour because some instructions were like this of the bad I has had to that research on-line to the equal that to program a keypad. If you have bought this and is struggling, calm in the first place has to that program your PIN chosen that it use a 'code of Transmission of PIN of new entrance of the each canal' instructions, and then go to some instructions to program. Also, against some instructions, maintain a battery in when pressing a key of reset of the factory.

Top Customer Reviews: Chamberlain 940EV ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Measure: 1 it Sells Some instructions written that goes in a box, has the quite big error to program a unit. So much for any there concealed has ordered this product and calm suddenly find calm lining your boss because this thing does not look to be that it speaks to an opener, has to use some instructions IN THE UNDERSIDE OF THE COVERAGE of KEYPAD.

In some instructions of writings of paper, At all 2 say to 'Enter the 4-enciphers PERSONAL PIN of your election and then press one ENTERS key'.

A correct procedure is in some instructions in a sticker, concealed is in a underside of a coverage of keypads, 'Enter the 4-enciphers PERSONAL PIN of your election and then press a key'.

After trying a 1st method roughly 6 times, and the thought can has to that return reason clearly he no with my opener, I so only spent to remark a light difference in some instructions. Running by means of a procedure that use of the tones a keypad instantly programmed it to mine opener.
4 / 5
Measure: 1 Vendar has purchased this partorisca use to house to control two Chamberlain 'Walk of Whisper' 1/2 HP Tape-Openers of Door of the cochera Driven, Serious 8200C with SECURITY+ (roughly 2000).

This wall-highland keypad the wireless far controller arrived inside the week of my mandate, packaged appropriately partorisca ensure a product is protected during traffic.
The first inspection, there is remarked a packaging of the product has not been in English and French, like six has not been meant partorisca distribution in Canada. ( It was meaning partorisca Canada, our federal law requires a packaging partorisca be in two official tongues, English and French. This retail container was in English & Spanish.
This is not to treat it big.
A retail container was easy to open with scissors or the cutter of boxes.

A product there has been the date of manufacture of 2015.
A product is coming with the 9V installed battery. It has been it bit it concerned in a condition of a battery. When I have taken a battery was and the load tried it, found the partorisca be still full-load. (Tried using a ZTS Uploads of Wrist Fine-would beat partorisca Declare also available here on Amazon!)

Some instructions (in of the only English) was very easy to follow. I have required so only the step ladder partorisca create to my units of opener of door of cochera. Less than 10 minutes have had both of my doors of cocheras have programmed. Also doing this easy process was the video of Youtube had looked before situating my mandate on Amazon. A video has aimed the one who easy is partorisca program this unit.

Other 10 minutes later with a help of the engine of hammer of the power, has had this trace in a frame of my door of cochera, ready partorisca my familiar to use.

This will be very convenient partorisca we not requiring spends tones or the door of cochera far opener with us when we go partorisca the walk or when some boys come house of colegiala (stray house more tones!)

Can give more feedback if any one has questions concretise partorisca me.

Thank you.

risarcimento partorisca write descriptions. I have not taken this unit in the discount or like the free-shows change it partorisca the description. My descriptions are based so only in my experience with a product and I say like sees it.
Is really simple.
5 / 5
Measure: 1 Bandage This keypad was easy to program and install. The programming was directly advances with some instructions in a coverage. You owe that be able to achieve an opener partorisca press one learns key, but can do all a neighbour on while on a ladder. It comes with some rays of installation and a battery. A five work of small and calm is on and that career.

Now some boys can take to a cochera the grab bicycles without following by means of a house.
4 / 5
Measure: 1 Bandage the Stock keypad has crapped was and has had a woman throughout takes it to me a cochera fixed

This Chamberlain looked and programmed in of the simple seconds.


The woman can move in the next complaint
4 / 5
Measure: 1 Band has has followed instructions in a coverage of keypad more than a manual of instruction, as suggested by another reviewers. It has dipped this up with 2 older Craftsman openers of door of the cochera. Sleeve-up was the breeze, look roughly 5 minutes partorisca dip on doors. Honradamente, Takes more with a longitude partorisca take a ladder was and trace until paste a 'learn key' in some openers that anything more. Easy to dip on 2 different codes partorisca some different doors. Unfortunately, my openers of the door of the cochera is too old to explode a 'a-next touch' characteristic, as I owe your in a code when opening or closing some doors, but concealed is not fault of a controller. A small price, an opener is coming with the 9V installed battery, which is scarce these days.
5 / 5
Measure: 1 Vendar has bought this partorisca substitute an original keyless entrance that is coming with an opener - the 12 old year Chamberlain Walk partorisca Be able to Have that has weighed.

Has been surprised in like this easy was the sync this with my opener. I took 2 test (my failure partorisca any that resists some 2 keys long enough in a prime minister any) but in everything would say it has taken roughly 5 or 10 minutes for the take all working. 5 smaller to take an old opener and dip this one in his place and is done.

The desire had done this more collected.
4 / 5
Measure: 1 Band substitution Perfecta partorisca my last wireless keypad that has packed he in. This keypad of control is easy to program with works of instructions with our Mastercraft system of door of the cochera. It recommends to require an and is the universal unit , works with a lot of frames.
4 / 5
Measure: 1 Sale ossia my second wife where ive installed this keypad. Both times have done utmost. You recommend. It was easy to dip up and install. You owe that have 1 cochera far that reads partorisca dip this keypad up
5 / 5
Measure: 1 Do 1 a lot well with ours ploughed - door Craftman. The programming partorisca declare less has complicated that foreseen. We are very satisfied Of the ours compraventa.
5 / 5
Measure: 1 Works of Band like the charm. It was extremely easy to install and place up. I had it up in literally 5-7 minutes. A colour is perfect as it matches with my brick. This that easier way to open and close a cochera. Highly you recommend this product.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
4 / 5
Colour: black I installed MyQ in my door of cochera (the description that comes punctual) and the work adds partorisca me, but my old fashioned to to the main parents like to stick to of the old technology. I have taken this partorisca his , the law adds and is happy.

The installation is very sincere and easy. The booklet of instruction is quell'has bitten small , so only read the, frames some notes, and would have to that find 0 subject:

1. Maintain a door of cochera has closed.
2. Opened a coverage and press and resist a key of program til begins partorisca flash.
3. Press your key of pairing once in yours opener of door of the cochera (any one a far). It does not press and control or you reset all yours that exists remotes.
4. Tecla of press I or II (whichever one wants to use to control this door).
5. Press a key of program in this far to finalise a process to program, or does not act .
6. It have to that beep. Test to press Key I or II, whichever one the chosen in At all 4.

A process is a lot resembled any door of cochera regulates far pairing. I have not tried a row still, but thinks it will be used mostly inside the row of house. I can any one the image that opens or that closes a door 2 or 3 houses was...

In general am pleased with this opener of generic door. It comes with the clip, has the quite slender and simple creation, can control two doors, and is more economic that other frames looked in. My parents are happy!
5 / 5
Colour: black Work perfectly in the good row. I have bought this door of cochera far partorisca my Craftsman 102 1499A with red learns the key and he is fully compatible. Configuring taken less than 2 minutes and a far work in the good row when I am them external and there is not any delay. A clip of will aim of the sun is solid and resist a lot well in my car. Economic plastic but very remote.
5 / 5
Colour: black 1. A container goes in has suffered harm and has looked is state used partorisca years.
2. A work of maximum distance is 10 feet out of an opener. Has has had to that literally take out of a far of the mine car and physically walk until my door of cochera in order for him to do.

To good sure a lot like this announced and will be returned.
5 / 5
Colour: black This product does exactly that has bought partorisca. I use it partorisca open my door of cochera, and work perfectly. Although has 2 keys, I just use a. The delivery was very quickly; it was easy to dip on, a price was a lot well, and is been doing perfectly of then installation.
4 / 5
Colour: ash He a work but be warned, a strap is not very long and will not return the main waist.
5 / 5
Colour: ash A lot of pouch, mine of turn 5.5' telephone :) it has Loved an adjustable tape - I follows measured 16 this in spite of has some extra cm has left. More - extends! Spending is very comfortable. It has not tried a pocket to bounce still, but looks well.
4 / 5
Colour: the ash Ossia adds. I access my Samsung Galaxy 6 with spare room. The pockets in the side is small but concealed is so only maintain my locker yours in there.
4 / 5
Colour: you Control ashes my iPhone 6 and an iPod classical while exiting. Good access and is comfortable. I have used he in a gymnasium partorisca both cardio and formation of weight and partorisca careers. I add partorisca both.
4 / 5
Colour: the ash has has ordered already 4 of these on its own name and of the friends. All the world loves it! You can a lot included see it down the shirt. Perfecto for work and when walking my dog.
5 / 5
Colour: the ash loves it to resist my telephone, gloss of lip, tones, money and poop stock exchanges when walking a dog. Around my waist and under my calm shirt grieves the commentaries. Nizza And stretchy, returns well... They are the measure 6 but develops.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
It is the simple far GDO, a one would attach you afterwards to a door of cochera, as you can take your cochera without going to yours automobile and actuating GD of him.

Pros: Some instructions are quite good (more roughly he in gilipollas), a programming is easy, work well. Work with models of multiple/frames.

Gilipollas: Some instructions contain the table where need to select you GDO the model has based the year/learns colour of key. My GDO the year there is not matched a colour of key of the learning in a table, as it has caused some confusion. My together - spend - of longitude one paints no a year. A @@subject a big plus for me, this in spite of, is that I need the key a same code when I want to close a door of cochera. Ossia So only inconvenient.

A verdict: it is noticeably more economic that the mark of far name, as it can compensate for the small inconvenience to enter a code when I need to close your door of cochera.
5 / 5
Refoss Spends of Cochera of Opener of wireless Keypad RGR915
Easy to install with any 2 rays or double-sided tape, both resupplied in a container (as well as a battery).
I keys are a lot of responsive (abonos) where some keypads require the hard pressing.
Very soft/responsive the tones are fluorescent, i.et. They light after when being in a sun for even the pocolos second, Gilipollas:
Another that a feeble lid that takes, a keypad is very built, and the good value for a prize has paid, and functions as it has announced.
The work adds for 2 cochera has separated doors!

The battery was has bitten it snug to force to his empty to close a lid of battery, as it can be bit it difficult to take a battery for future substitution.
Lid of unit (rear/cup) has the big zone where spiders/of the bugs ā€œfinallyā€ will house .
The lid takes has broken on 1 side with a first start of some still functions well. Taking is part of an organism of keypad, as not substituting so only a lid loves that to him fixed. The feeble lid takes the creation can be a subject in cold time.
Tones a lot internally lit when pressed, neither absorb any light with a lid of keypad has closed, like the characteristic fluorescent tone is quite useless.

A characteristic with my old keypad was to be able to close some doors of cocheras, once open, simply for pressing one enters key once. This keypad requires to enter one 4-figure passcode/entered to close some doors. Certainly, ossia better security .
A colour is light ash like the majority of these openers of keypad is, but easily can be painted to match a cochera trim.
5 / 5
My old Genie the keypad was junk!! Always I required to king- enter my code and press real hard in some keys. Grrrr!
Has bought this tampon and he at least takes my gone in well. Now a down side, some instructions to program was very and has taken by means of that in the pair tries. A question was a Manual . It has classified my Genie like him 5 (2005 and on). When My Genie would not learn this tampon, has used one 2004 and older (6) the code and he have done included although my Genie is the 2014 model. As be conscious could try you the unit has aged different no after a lot of test. Otherwise, the work adds. Hope These helps.
5 / 5
Possesses the multiple Refoss/Meross produced and this one this much less. This one is a lot to use and very easy to install opener of door of the cochera. It would owe that be installed afterwards to a door of cochera and comes with all some instructions and the hardware required for an installation. An instruction of installation is very simple quite and dipping on a device is sĆŗper easy and can be used with doors of cochera multiple. He also works with several models/of frames of openers of cocheras.

In everything, is very easy the setup and comparative more economic that another cochera far openers. Frequently it comes on sale on amazon with the code of discount. Has not founding the chance where an opener of the cochera has not answered. I think that that ossia one the majority of characteristic of entity.
In a last note, if you are in system of echo of the apple and multiple own homekit produced, this one is his good addition .
4 / 5
I like a fact uses the 9v would beat that last more along that has joined other options of battery in a phase. Calm does not want to annoy with any one another type of battery as they drain fast and without a lot of use. 9 battery of volt is the point for to sell me .
Pros: A lot amiably packaged. All the instructions and locate the options of ray are neatly packaged and has comprised. Once programming is achieved, this law of element adds.
Gilipollas: The programming is possible but so only with which a lot has tried tentativas and that they have to reset of factory after each tentativa to ensure has begun of scratch. No an easy plus to program but add once is achieved.

Finally, having a keypad in my hand and when being near of a door of cochera 'Learn' key for the easiest that try, failure, and reset for the do more convenient that the turn on to expose a estƔpuesto' hole in a backside of a keypad. My joint is to try and reset every time to ensure reset of true factory and beginning of the scratch is ensured. Also, I have tried to press a 'Enter' yours five times according to some instructions. Have @@give Then would owe that have state pressing a 'Enter' yours six times so much for my Genie model of door of the cochera. Work and still although it was the small frustrating, part of that is my own failure. It has had has @to @give would have to that it has pressed it a 'Enter' yours six times vs a five times, can have had a programming to time easier. How it is good to consider this when takings yours . Appearance these helps in your decision to buy process.
5 / 5
This thing is sum ! It does not require any in current any bosses, and so only a hole to drill for installation.

Some instructions to program has taken the pair tries to take right but does not be missing a unit for that, especially of then probably does not have to that never he again (excepts in an unlikely chance that takes to 2nd door of cochera , haha!). Any pairing of subjects with my old Genie opener, and works to the equal that has expected!

A construction of keypad is perfectly well, and inline with each one has has not used never. Some light of keys in a darkness, and one launches on feels him well.

In general would recommend and felizmente buy again has required . These insurances beaten that stroll all a way behind to a house if I forget to open my door of cochera!
5 / 5
Has to that confess, when I have bought this looked the little bulky, but is at all, was pleasantly has surprised! A bit those that things to remark, has has tried so only this in the system of the door like this is that has but work exactly like this expected, is easy to dip on (while you are instructions attentively). Pro Tip; take the clip of paper with you the reset he so you scrape you this on the time of pair likes him has done to forget the step! Prpers Having spent my own mental blockades on dipped on laws perfectly, enter yours (new) nails like this for any and paste one enters key to open/near. This simple, has used mine in the roughly 2001 Genie (the red learns key) and was a lot.
The container comes with all precise place on (excepts clip of paper :-)).
This will substitute my old finicky unit perfectly.
5 / 5
An opener was packaged a lot well and has had all an information and separates required (that comprises the battery of 9 volts) to install, setup and locate a device. Some instructions were very clear and the different steps outlined where required for a same mark, door of cochera of opener of different year.

Example - the mine is the Chamberlain with the lived 'learn' key. It has had instructions for Chamberlain with greens, yellow keys and has lived.

A device is the good measure that does not underline too much and is very easy to operate.
5 / 5
Reason asks sheerness on description?. Still in better ossia the old english word or norse skaar. Cela Head to another point. It has not done withy craftsman door of cochera. Some directions are unclear and disconnected. I have tried to find the number of help. Any available. I have tried emailing him. It has taken it it is returned the available. If you have taken this thing to do for you, am happy for you and perhaps the client could spill some light is and open a door of knowledge for me.
5 / 5
I have ordered this wireless keypad. The description said it would do with Liftmaster Openers of Door of the Cochera. After the pair of hours partorisca try pair, no . Discovered by means of investigation, that this keypad no with any opener of door of the cochera that also there is MyQ available.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 27 ratings
4 / 5
Of a my local hardware the tents have sold Universal Remotes partorisca $ 50 ++, has imagined would take the casualidad is. Programmed he less than the minute, looks solidly built and has done a first time. Calm once the programs, will have to king-program yours another remotes reason prenderƔn working, but raisin concealed when you add any remotes. It is the opener of door of the cochera , and does a way is supposed to.
5 / 5
Has taken 5 seconds partorisca connect this far and right way. My number of part of the joint of opener is 41AB050-2M
4 / 5
This was easy to pair to an opener of door of the cochera. It transmits the very long distance of opener of door. Highly recommend this far control. Mark so only sure your opener of the door of the cochera is compatible to this far. Any sure that time a battery (LR-27 A) will last.
4 / 5
Likes! It is it adds to pair with my lifemaster and other two together openers. Also, it is useful to open of the Long Distance.
4 / 5
Petit, handy, of confidence, and does exactly as attended of the far control!
Validate of the money and recommend to any one!
4 / 5
Has done adds and has taken 5 seconds to pair with my engine. This in spite of, now my door of the cochera also is operating with some far neighbours. An only transmission has done is that I paired this remote.
Will change an indication to 5 star once a subject is solved.
4 / 5
The starts of product of a box to the equal that has announced... Any subject with him still.

Has been expecting 2 units so many for a description. I have been surprised when so only one is looked.
4 / 5
does not doubt partorisca the buy. The works and the format is really convenient. It uses it when I take my bicycle and his easy to go back in cochera.
4 / 5
Has taken more time partorisca move a step ladder that sync a device with an opener. Easy and works of 100 ft was.
5 / 5
Opener Of door of cochera excellent. It programs it to an opener partorisca exist is second . A row is good and is far sturdier that some openers some costruttrici resupply in the fraction of a prize.

Before purchasing has seen other descriptions complain in a row, but he consistently works of inside my vehicle the averages the blockade was. Any @subject anything with a row. Calm can any gone bad in this point of prize.

Top Customer Reviews: Pair of 7' Garage ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 34 ratings
5 / 5
A description of these bosses 'Pair of 7' Boss of Door of the Cochera partorisca Jump of Torsion' drive me crazy. Some bosses are roughly 8' 6.' They are not 7 feet long. I have had to that read buyers' commentaries to imagine was was some legislations some. Nowhere in a description has said now long was. (Hopefully A vendor will revise this.)

In all the chance, is a lot of sturdy and has done a work perfectly. Calm the favour and look several video of Youtube before you come from a work. In fact, a first video that is coming up in my investigation was a better one for far. I looked it several times. You recommend to look some video before it situate your order, to do sure is comfortable that does a reparation.
Requires the ladder or stool of any big. At least a pair of addiction-the grips is very good to have -- two pair would be better. A second person manually was also useful for me, to help create a door of cochera.
In all the chance, has saved the tonne of the money that does this I. Littered, But ossia the averages an entertainment!
5 / 5
It produces like this it describe it. The tone was to measure _without_ a loop in an end. We think that that we require 104' except those comprised a loop. It likes 102' he a work perfectly. The nave has taken the moment but concealed is probably reason have not had prime of amazon.
5 / 5
Boss of door of cochera good, can not find this measure in imposiciĆ³n of House or another tent, and like this happy was able to find this pair the one who apt perfectly for my door of cochera, is included fatter that mine old a, happy with compraventa !
5 / 5
I have bought so much a cradle winding bars of sleeve and some bosses of this provider. The element has arrived promptly and correctly, produced of good quality to the equal that has announced. Cradle Of door of the cochera (distributed by another provider) has been installed in 3 hours, to turn first ray to regulate a last tension of boss. Doing really well. Recommended.
5 / 5
One of some bosses of my door of cochera has broken, as I owe that take the substitution. I have looked the video of Youtube/of Youtube of the pair and decided to take this boss. I took 10 minutes less to install and a cochera is of tower the normal. A compraventa happy!
5 / 5
We snap One of some bosses in our door of the cochera and these have done a work! The cost of mark takes an equivalent of yours period height of door. We erroneously has bought 8' prime ministers.
5 / 5
One of my bosses snapped and has ordered this. It was a perfect access ! And it has taken roughly 5 minutes to install. Ossia For the doors of cocheras regulate that it is 7 big feet . A real boss is 8 feet 6 thumbs. The other has ensured that it is a right element .
5 / 5
Wonderful two delivery of day. It can not find these bosses in of the tents of local hardware without special mandate.
The boss has broken late of Saturday. The boss has substituted the Monday of a long weekend!
The product adds. Included better that one some have substituted.
5 / 5
It was the little confused at the beginning but, after reading a description of product has comprised is for the 7' door of cochera. The product adds would buy another to return mine another door b4 the pauses
5 / 5
Done to the equal that has described. Good solid quality. Hopefully Paralizaciones Hard a lot of a lot of years.