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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
5 / 5
Mina all time preferred of Jay-Z and one of mine all the favourites of time.
5 / 5
The album adds musically, but is an incredibly low quality pressing . A quality of audio is literally unbearable, and is not a less bit enjoyable on vinyl. It would recommend to take this album in digital, or perhaps on CD, and enjoy it there, but does not take he in vinyl.
4 / 5
A classical. Two of some songs in these CD looks partorisca have some static noise... thats Reason estimates it to them 3 stars.
4 / 5
Loves this album. This in spite of a chance has been broken when it received it. It does not remain opened without a piece of coverage that falls off. Also a centre that control a CD is broken like this CD FALLEN was when I open it. Any value my time to return he for the new a this in spite of.
5 / 5
This album is surprising and included better on vinyl. A gatefold the packaging is beautiful. The sound is crisp and clear. Better that has expected for the rap vinyl
5 / 5
No of the his classical beginning the Reasonable doubt has the jay has fallen one all THIS GOOD. It does not take Me bad, has has wanted to all of his albums goes in (excepts some only half Flight. 3), But any one was in pair with Reasonable Doubt. In a Project Jay-Z ameno for behind a soul/jazzy sounds behind to a music. Something any one seen of RZA of a Wu-Tang the clan used him during a mid 90s. This album looks that innovative fashion of production together with a fiery metaphors and witty sentences that has done Reasonable Doubt such the album adds. Now for an album.
Some starts of albums were with the fiery intro called 'A Ruler' Behind' where that the jay say exactly that goes to do in this album. It says ' you go to give my thoughts', and comes from to do so only concealed. In an Absorption of next clue has called, Jay-Z lyrically taking avert both In the and Prodigy in a same song. Enough possibly one of a better diss songs in hip-hop history. On 'Izzo' Jay takes more positive and habladurías roughly like this selling the drugs is not the good thing. I know has all has listened this song for now. Daughters of the daughters of the daughters is to hear sweet for some ladies and Jigga that black is a uptempo club banger. In Or it does not know the starts of jay to surprise with his metaphors. It says ' seeing gel in a winter, sells fire in hell, is hustler the creature sells water to the a lot of'. A next song, esalvation Hovito' is produced for Timbaland and is one of some beaten better is done in a past 5 years. It is a lot of adictivo to some ears.
In the majority of a second half of a Jay of album takes more introspective. On 'Corazón of a City' Jigga directs a haters. It comes with fiery metaphors and punchlines, particularly in a 3rd verse. 'It does not change never' in my opinion is a better song in a whole album. Has introspective papers for Jigga and soulful production for Kanye West. All the world has listened ong Shouted for now, where Jay relents a loss of the daughter has used to love. A next song 'All I Need' roughly is requiring so only your friends and family. At all more subject. Renagade With Eminem is just fire. In the verses are fire but can feel Jigga of more reason his was more introspective. A final song the 'Project' called has Jay that speaks roughly all some people those who has helped to take where is today. Also the control out of a prize adds follow 'Lyrical Excercise' and 'Daughters of Daughters of the Daughters Remezclas'.
5 / 5
Jay-z Is in a pinnacle with this record. It is a prime minister rap registers besides Kanye West that has been able to FULLY connect with. I love this cd. His papers are like this catchy and like this rememerable that with which look it partorisca listen was Jay of talent and some rhymes. Some beats done for a beatmaster he Kanye, is like this hot and like this soulful that almost fly an album. My favourite songs are ABSORPTION , the jay takes shots in In the and has papers of hammer. IZZO, Reason shows one of my beans group Jackson 5, and his so only like this damn catchy. DAUGHTERS of DAUGHTERS of the DAUGHTERS, is also like this soulful and very pleasant and the jay has described a lot of types of daughters. It likes, reason his catchy and of fresco and he doesnt objectify women. CORAZ√ďN OF THE CITY, master for a hook, but has to that say I a lot like this song until Jaguar Wright he well in an Unplugged cd. A lot of HEAT goes cop that is not listened the. NEVER the TRANSMISSION is wins it to a life of hood and the some streets. His almost like a song is his earth , he never transmission. Very easy to listen to. The CRY of SONG is my favourite songs in a cd and one of the mine faves of all the times!!! The song is like this hard!! He a cause of the cry of the song can no to see them touching to lose his face. I love it, it is a hiphop can ballad! Renegade Is another preferred of mine, mainly reason his like this powerful and Eminem (I hate to say it Jay) spits hot shoot in this clue. This cd is like this captivating, of some beaten, to some verses, the Eminem ( some so only guet appearance). Thats Another Jay of what has resisted basically a cd down for him according to which treating. What rap cds there have the different person in the each clue. It is hard to resist down a strong for calm, but hey a king again york he well!!
5 / 5
When Jay-Z has released his album to start with, esasonable Doubts' in 1996, subterranean hip-hop defenders rejoiced. With this ready , call√°is-ready papers and the acute production of one likes of Presiono and Ski, has been hailed like the classical (in a vetoes of Wu-Tang the clan is 'Enter Some 36 Fourth', In sound 'Illmatic', A Tribe the investigation has called is 'A lot Down Theroy', and more), and rest one of some better albums of a 90s. A year later, the jay released 'Volume 1. In mine Lifetime'. Although it has very had classics as 'Fellow Or Enemy 98' and estreets is Looking', was the disappointment with this blatant attepts in commercialism. The things worsened when a year that follows has released 'Volume 2. The unexpectedly hard life'. With east has has commercialised papers and of the hymns of pops, has been embraced by a mainstream, but shunned for that has loved esasonable Doubt', save the little hardcore defenders. It has very sold, a lot of copies. Next year, with an emission of 'Volume 3. A Life and Time of S. Carter', The things sank to the new down, this in spite of his converted defenders of a leading album have begun takes to shun him. It looked as if a commercial success he recieved of 'the unexpectedly Hard life' had gone to his boss, in that directs to believe has not required to try like this last in his albums. In 2001 (the year with which has released an album that looks the talent of his record of focus likes Amil, Beanie Siegal, Memphis Bleek, and Motorway), has released 'A Project'. It has been hailed as 'a turn his root', and sold very a lot of (still in a wake of a tragic 9/11 attacks).
But this album is not material classical. In spite of a esasonable Doubts'-like 'Corazón Of A City' and an introspective material has tried on 'Izzo', this album has a lot little to offer. It does not take Me bad, are not so only some In the fan the one who is attacking this album because of this alone. If I had it it has listened it in fact something in a vetoes of classics likes 'Brooklyn' more Final', 'Political Like Usual', or still 'Lucky Me (of Volume 1.), This album would be a esturno the roots' all the world has spoken roughly. But no. In place of female list-to to the seduction likes 'Aint Any No , has taken overblown to of the hymns of club likes him 'Jigga That Any (of the same applies the 'Big Pimpin' of 'Volume 3). In place of 'Rap Game/of Crack of the Played, has taken sales records braggadacio in 'Or does not know '. Take An Idea? This is distant a lot the classical album, and can not touch esasonable Doubts'.
Lyrical, That the jay is still a egotistical varmit is been of then 'Volume 2'. His papers are improved leading albums , and concealed wins points. While he still rap materialistically and door of the pocolos surprised, has his moments, as I will touch on on in my commentary of a standouts. Felizmente, that the jay has abundance of charisma to go through half of in this album.
A production is well, but no stellar. You follow as 'An Absorption' and 'Or does not know ' has beaten well, but does not stick with you very long.
Standouts: 'An Absorption' uses to show curiously. Both Some Doors and KRS-An is sampled, and some electrical guitars in a backround is menacing. Lyrically, Ossia avery interesting clue that almost destroyed Mobb Deep and In the. In the calm chance has known no, behind when In the released 'Nastradamas', Jay-Z' labelmate has thinks that was indirectly dissed in the title of an album-clue. In him it has alleged him that has not been, but this officially kicked of a beef among him and Roc-A-Fella. In 2001, it has had a lot of lyrical discussed goes in In the and Jay-Z, but 'An Absorption' tried to be one the by force powerful majority against In the (until 'Ether' is exited.) Enough of that. There it is entertaining punchlines against In the and Mobb Deep, as well as a to extra in an end, that enough destroys all wack emcees. 'Daughters of Daughters of the daughters' has the papers have amused roughly all a Jay of women knows. This in spite of, although it can not import too much in a long career, has the line that the offensive sounds to Native Americans (concealed has been modified in a radio). A production for Blaze Justo is excellent, with this ready mix of orchestra and hip-hop. 'Corazón of A City' is a lot of reminscent of 'Political Like Usual', but this can a lot of occour to some horrified for 'Or does not know '. Jay Is introspective, and almost touches a surface here in his life in a gueto. In fact, it is the classical, probably one follows better here. Esong Shouted has Jay reminising in the daughter has has wanted to that has left reason has treated bad. A subject @@@subject is treated in the subject serious, and does not exit like this cliched. It is sad, like the song involves, and has sweet production with flange of soul in a backround. It maintains to import this in spite of the ossia quite contradictory with a mysoginistic the clues are released already ('Big Pimpin').
Finally, this is not a classical that a lot say that it is but well the listen date it to you-hard defender of Jay-Z.
Calms like this album, also recommends Beanie Siegal is 'A Reason' and Fat Joe is '.'
Global indication: 3.2 (rounded to 3)
4 / 5
Before what In the first place,
to leave know that it is the TRUE CLASSICAL!
This one would have to that be in a Cup Ten Modern Rap CD for ever!
Eric B Rakim 'Paid in Full', . Estraight Outta Compton' Is any untouchable old classical pupils!
Then the project is a Untouchable Modern Classical!
All Jay-Z Hater, thinking the rapper has sold a lot of copy can a lot of rap well is worng, his all fool, any included go listened that a Sht that Jay Wwrote, is a Better lyricist which still alive!
This to Hip Hop Classical and that Sells A lot Well!!! I am not sure it is a 'God MC' but is a Ruler to good sure!
This CD has taken has BEATEN More, please control Izzo, Daughters of Daughters of the Daughters, Corazón of a City, Never Transmission, Cry of Song and Renagade [the and only song in APDO APPEARANCE of the guest taken, Eminem the verse is Crazy Adds!]
This CD has taken some Better Papers that the human being has not written never!
Checks A Lethal/Aggressive Diss of Absorption
Daughters of Daughters of Daughters of Control, one of mine very preferred rap song, some papers is funny, smooth and a lot ready!
Supervise Never Transmission, sees that Jay has taken something to say all the types yellin' transmission and the one who hates and has said can a lot of rap, this one will close his mouth like my neighbouring has closed his window when I playin' Project Noisily!
Cry of Song of the control, a deeper song for Jay, and try is a BETTER storyteller in a game!
Can not find any song to Skip this album!
Never times wheels to chair to listen to this,
does not hear his month of pair and listen his again, he improving!
The jay Is Untouchable!
This one east the CLASSICAL!
4 / 5
Is the commercial rap defender at all, does not see like this could have any taken. I have finalised so only listen his, and my boss is going back and advances among alvation Hovito' and 'Daughters, Daughters, Daughters.' A whole thing is in CD I really adds that he not having never the dull moment. Ossia A test that Jay has not fallen off.
Sew CD really so only a thing, but he he really, really well: it entertains. Jay does not say never anything those interest or deep in an album. It is everything in daughters, hustling, and bragging. But that the jay is better in doing that that any more. Bragging And hustling is not anything new, but Jay he with confidence, talent, and always maintains his flow. He busts out of witty line after witty line, and each one which so one sticks was like this never held. Some hooks are always catchy and take stuck in your boss, but no in an annoying way. Some of some songs are the pocolos more reflective, but he all touches to lose to a same thing. Esong Cries' shows the side he sentimental plus of Jay, while esnegade' is the controversial prick in of the parents, looking Eminem. In outshines To to The Jay likes in of all the world is dipped afterwards to, but it verse of the jay is a lot still with some papers and of the diagrams of rhyme. 'Absorption' is another main stand-was clue. Personally, I think that that that the jay has won one In the battles with this song. Really it chooses his enemies averts is one, and some beaten returns a song perfectly. 'Project' taking it good look in Jay' past and really do you picture that grows up in the hard place, with only his familiar to help. Some beaten could not be more in aims.
Will give some beats it seperate section because they are one the majority of interesting part of a CD. A lot some songs are lyrically so only bragging roughly the life of the jay like the hustler, but have the sentimental sound to them concealed give moves it different. Some are so only that the glorious sound the flies of trumpet to announce a ruler. 'Absorption' has beat it that really the party is a song . Has the legislation of deep tuba in beat it, doing it his like this giant footsteps like this approximations to trample his enemies. It touches strong and sure, adding to one feels this Jay is 'those careers this rap s---.' 'Ciao Hovito' HAS the very slightly Spanish headnod has beaten concealed is really catchy, courtesy of Timbaland. 'Daughters, Daughters, Daughters' is the quite dirty and offensive song, but one beats sounds of just frames like deep amour , innocent. 'It is not Any Amour' is in a city, and has the a lot of the city feels. Not liking a gueto at night, but one more hustle and bustles of daily life. 'Project' is roughly Jay' hard life, and has the soulful, slighly sorrowful has beaten that insiemi the perfect way. Everything by means of a CD, some beaten records a song correctly, or sometimes do to give a song moves it different that a sound of papers likes. Any way, work every time with the effect adds.
This CD shows the characteristic better of the jay: flow and confidence. A better part is that a whole CD is well. Calm does not need never to skip clues, reasons each clue has is his own chair and maintains some fresh papers was although a subject @@@subject does not change . It does not take old or annoying, and this CD is highly reccommended.
Commentaries of closes: it is Jay too bad goes to take punctual.
4 / 5
Ossia The album adds of Jigga. That The soul adds feels to all some clues...
1. A Rear Ruler - 5/5 - add intro, directs some recent questions with a law ( has stabbed any first of an emission of an album)
2. Absorption - 5/5 - Ossia an amazing said, more was originally he freestyle (or like this the listened). That The ether does not approach to this right here. Dissing In the And Prodigy of Mobb Deep. Some beaten is ailing clue , sum.
3. H To a Izzo - 4/5 - This song is good but he isnt one of some songs the rewind to listen the on and on again.
4. Daughters of Daughters of the daughters - 3.5/5 - At the beginning the skipped in this clue all a time, but has taken them a time to listen his once and his a half of the clues has compared to another...
5. Jigga That In the - 4/5 - Patient beaten, the papers add, in general his the song adds
6. Calm does not know - 4.5/5 - This song is sum , a heart has the big-pitched-chipmunk-like voice that can take annoying, but otherwise the sound adds.
7. Ciao Hovito - 3.5/5 - This song has a well has beaten, can take annoy sometimes, but his an a lot of song
8. Corazón of a City - 5/5 - this song is one of a better in an album. nuff Has said
9. It does not change never - 4/5 - the song Adds, not perfecting tho...
10. Cry of song - 3/5 - I a lot like this song that a lot, is quite well the daughter has on broken with
11. All I Need - 5/5 - Ossia one of my personnel adictivo
12. Renegade - 6/5 - A BETTER song in a whole album. Originally The song for Royce gives 5'9' and Eminem, directs hataz and material. In it Said him In killed Jay in his on s but that the jay has some lines add in here, is both that surprised in this song.
13. A Project (the mamma Loves me) - 5/5 - Habladurías in his infancy, good slow way to finalise an album
Breathes Easy - 5/5 - A has beaten to Fulfil Some Parents in a Project 2, ossia the I adds the clue of prize
Daughters, Daughters, Daughters Remezclas - 3/5 - No some better remezclas, but any a lot of is. Good song anyways
In general, this album is to good sure value of the money. It buys it now, it touches it must-have for any hip-hop collection.
4 / 5
Ossia Another classical, and would consider it a better of reasonable doubt. There is farce very small, ad beaten, or big boasts. Jay Goes down to do and goes back to a real rap emcee that is.
A desglos√°is for a CD is:
1)Some Rulers Behind-Jay-Z declares are of tower in a throne, not guessing roughly that.
2)Absorption-Tears Mobb Deep and IN The. Unfortunately that says is true, while Ether of IN are fiction.
3)Izzo(.)-Beating his chances of yard and fights and increases triumphant.
4)Daughters,Daughters,Daughters-A song that movements lyrically on some types of women extracted. Hot a. Also it takes some help of Biz Markie,Q-Tip,and Slick Rick.
5)Jigga That black-a clue of good party to bounce to.
6)Or does not know -Hot clue that habladurías in his hustling and as to stack paper.
7)Salvation Hovito- Hot a, that the jay proclaims is a better of Biggie, some take this confused with saying is better. Jay Pays homage to Biggie and says is like this good or a next plus a.
8)Corazón Of A City(Is not Any Amour)-A song that habladurías in a haters,(haterade)and all identify with this song.
9)does not change never-Habladurías in a fact that will not change andalways will be real.
10)Cry of Song-A song that speaks of the Jay broken in the daughter has loved and has broken his heart.
11)All I Need-Hot, softens almost that the jazz has beaten.
12)Renegade(Feat Eminem)-A tight song that emissions all a stress in some means comunicacionales,haters,society, Eminem takes it on the is not one.
13)The mamma Loves me Join- song that thanks his mamma and all one some the one who created and has surrounded.
(Clues of prize)-breathes it Easy(Lyrical Exersize)-has, emcees can not maintain up with his lyrical fitness and wizardry.
(Clues of prize)Daughters,Daughters,Daughters(Remezclas the feat Sings Moore)-Remezcla of his histories of daughters.
5 / 5
'New York is everything in Jigga Jay-Z!' Well, certainly it looks that way to read some means comunicacionales Americans in recent months where the anticipation of this emission has achieved your of fever.
But, is any one is supposition like the man that to the hip reduced-hop to rhyme on music of Annie never directed to achieve this class of state. Yeah, Well, his start was the shot of class with Presiono and Clark Kent in some neighbour and Jigga confessional lyrical yours never more effective. But, still... ANNIE BLOODY!!
And then has a gall to take shots of pot in In the and Mobb Deep! Oh, This better be good.
Well, certainly has his moments. 'Jigga That black' has to that be a better thing that a Trackmasters has produced of his fantastic work on Destiny is 'Independent Women Pt1', some beaten snaps and hustle like the scarce race of python and Jay falls the amiably timed has bitten of old school braggadocio.
Timbaland Torres in just a clue for an album but is all and more than you could expect. Moving out of a digi-beaten, esalvation' Hovito' go Tim builds around to hip more traditional-hop beaten and effects of discharge and dense electrical guitar to a class to follow concealed any need inclusa to ask your amour. It is the orderly trick , that recognises that an usual fashion would have underlined like the sore thumb in this album, and test Timbaland really is in the class of the his own.
Elsewhere Jay-Z the trick is to conjure to better hip-hop was where each one another yard was the euphoric soul -sampling rallying call to young black Amsterdam. It is aided in this investigation to produce Kayne Blaze West and Justo the one who undermines so only quite deep in a soul crates to maintain some happy people and avert obscurities. Jackson 5 characteristic of sample in a leadoff only and a whole album is shot by means of with samples of classical soul and dusty harmonies.
Another trick of entity on 'A Project' is a refreshing lack of celebrity cameo something - the something typical for Eminem has excepted. This could be the effect lateralmente of Jigga colossal ego but is the blessing all one same in timing when we are often in danger to forget exactly of the one who hip-hop the album is listening to.
Is not radically new - although a Timbaland and a Trackmasters the contributi are sincerely thrilling - but is exactly that to the plot of people wants to listen of the hip-hop album right now and, although for this reason so only, is forced to recognise that Jay-Z has left really In the far behind him.
4 / 5
With which one persisting dissapointment of his two 2000 emissions 'Flight. 3: Life And Time Of S. Carter' And 'Dynasty: Roc The Family 2000', Jay Z emissions that has to be it his better endeavour of his start esasonable Doubt' in 1996.
Jay Z Decides to explore more pop like some atmospheres on 'A Project' to do songs that is in fact radio freindly, like a prime minister so only 'Izzo ()' and a very small song in his amour for women on 'Daughters, Daughters, Daughters'. Some of some songs, this in spite of, does not look radio freindly. Like a song of Absorption of revenge' where Jay Z lyrically murderous In the and Prodigy of Mobb Deep. A sign of the his radio unfreindlyness starts in a first line, where jigga declare 'absorption, some for on, in the, god mc, me, jay, hova'. The darkest alcohols erise in an attack in some means comunicacionales in esnegade' the characteristic a hardcore rapping of Eminem. This clue would owe that be cut literally for the half to appeal to burst radio, has left so only, MTV or BET.
More pop and songs of look of the party in the the clues likes him 'Jigga That In the', where, in spite of of his title, Jay Z dips down add beat (thats original for a way) and in papers of fire. But, 'Jigga That In the' can be an only another really song of pop, considering to the clues the 'Like Corazón Of A City (Is not Any Amour' and 'does not change Never' can be too gangsta rap to be looked irradiates burst on. In a bully ballad ong Shouted, Jay Z dips down something that so only could escape with rapping 'the can not see in' comin' down my eyes like this the gotta do a cry of song' in a heart. Something resembled ossia a biography of Jay Z life in a slower clue 'Project (the heart Loves Me', where he rap in his life (in detail) of a cradle to a phase.
One more freestyle the looks of the attitude in the the clues likes him 'Or does not know ' and esalvation Hovita' (of products for Timbaland). One follows 'All I Need' is the hard to describe the song that persists in a line among party and freestyle rap, but, touches more freestyle for a fact that does not have a More adds them beaten in a fund.
A two hid follow 'Breathe Easy (Lyrical Excerise)' and 'Daughters, Daughters, Daughters (Remezclas)' is very different. 'Breathe Easy' is the plus hardcore rap song and/or excercise for people that looks for to begin rapping. This in spite of, 'Daughters, Daughters, Daughters (Remezclas)' is the a lot of to to the poppy likes to dip ready (even more pops that of an original) and would be good to release in radio.
Like this, my global description of Jay-Z is 'A Project' is that it is probably a point underlined of Jay Z career, but included could do better work in a future. One of a more appealing the things roughly was that it spent it a weight for him, not leaving Beanie Sigel or a lot another rapper take a mic for this longitude (he this with Eminem in esnegade' except any as much as on 'A Dynasty').
In general, the think that is to say Jay Z better work still. It can not expect for his next record.
5 / 5
This album and Reasonable Dought is always debatable bests for Jay-Z fanatics, but A Project easily could be his better work. Released in 2001, this album is gone in the time that any one has expected really. Jay Was already in a cup of a rap game, and the person really expected to take very better in that has done. But like these shows of albums, that the jay is an unpredictable rap artist, and has taken in fact the few turns that has not expected to.
A Project is the classical album for this artist. Jay Is known for his tantalizing papers and of some hooks to wall mixed each song. And although Pharrell does not look anywhere in this album, A Project has everything would expect of this rapper. Also, this album are to add reasons gives a fan which have has loved always:Jay, and only Jay. Some appearances of guest are very limited, excepts some means rap for Eminem in Renegade, but ossia strictly album of Jay. Also, a single is not a standout clues, and in fact would be surprised to find some clues that is a better some. A catchiest the clues owe that be Jigga That Nigg and also Hot of a City. HOTC Is my favourite clue in a whole album, with the hook adds and add lyrical presentation of Jay.
A Project is the amazing swipe in a world of music, and more the people will be pleasantly surprised to listen this amazing album of Jay-Z. And now that a master of rap is by train to take , would have to find this even more lovely in your collection!
5 / 5
Left expensive he: any @@subject that Jay of crews-Z careers with (of the his '96 crew of Foxy Brown, Money in drenching, and Tha Rahnjaz to today of crew of Beanie Sigel, DJ Clue and Memphis Bleek), always will be a star of Roc-a Fella Record. These crews have required, this in spite of doing needs, partorisca go platinum, and Jay-Z is more than able to go platinum in his own. Perhaps it is for this that is crew -less in his his album late plus, A Project.
Has to that it weaves of classical songs in this album, this in spite of this is not the classical album. In the opener of an album, 'A Ruler' Behind' (a takeoff of Slick Rick' song of a same name), to to the lines like are of too sexy partorisca to the prison likes has said Fred Of Right' show that Jay-Z has not lost his talent. Also the has not lost his skill for rhyme of battle, as assisted in 'Absorption', where he all but calm Prodigy and In the (of the one who record of response 'Ether' beaten this song). Other signs of vintage Jay-Z look in a anthemic 'Izzo (.)', esnegade' Looking Eminem, a clue of title, and 'Corazón of a City', where he rightfully said, 'Jigga resisted down for six summers/Where is an amour?'
Now a bad informative. It looks he likes Jay-Z knows that it is like this although it takes to ail of the his damn self. And ossia when some of his starts to rhyme to falter. Peep A third to of an already sloppy-touching esalvation Hovito' for his uncreativeness. Also it tends to take loaned some rhymes of his suspicious usual Biggie and Snoop Dogg (for any one another rapper would call 'biting', but of then is Jay -Z, any one can accuse of that, can???) Besides, has an annoying tendency to speak behind to his samples, likes in 'Or does not know ', he pointless the song in those that records has sold. A sample goes, 'calm does not know that it is doing,' and Jay-Z answered, esure do.' We can it has to that be in accordance with a sample is one .
Like this to the sum up there is in plot of songs really well with the little puny clues (sees some 'Daughters, Daughters, Daughters' remezclas). Any to mention that there are more samples in this album that the record of Bad Boy. It has said of another way,, A Project is so only like any one another Jay-Z album except his REAL classics Flight and Reasonable Doubt. 2 Hard Swipe Life. Perhaps Jay-Z has not been like this engaged to release an album for year, his records would touch totally well. Perhaps Jay-Z would have to that take the year or two was and really perfect his work as it can return with a classical has all be while to.
5 / 5
I will take directly to a point. Ossia Jay better album of Reasonable Doubt. Those that look for another Dynasty-esque the album would owe that look for elsewhere; those looking for breathe he of hip-hop the fresh air would have to that choose this CD arrives like this collected how was possible. A+ production, Some+ papers and A+ vocal delivery. This album absolutely resplandores.
Any really is reason Jay-Z decided to suddenly the bust was with an album this good; perhaps it is reason still locates big in his album of Dynasty when this is to fall. More has been released after a time of summer, as he blazin' jam of state would have been out of a question. Perhaps in planting to register this album to please his infatuation of cash, has done takes to please it. There have it so only three directly on 'pop-rap' songs in an album (Salvation Hovito, IZZO & Jigga That In the), but Jay lyrical flow and delivery outweigh a @@subject @@@subject redundant... Although a heart in alvation Hovito' numbs my ears.
Each one another song is absolutely terrific -
'A Ruler' Behind' is your typical Jay-Z intro: it results to be one of some better clues in an album.
'An Absorption' is one of some better songs in a CD. Jay-Z absolutely destroyed Prodigy and In sound one (although In has retorted him with the slightly better diss in 'Ether').
'IZZO,' Is, as I have said, pop-rap, but is still catchy.
'Daughters, Daughters, Daughters' were allocated to result the radio swipe. Damn, This song has the smooth has beaten.
'Jigga That In the' is oxymoronically an album' the feeblest song, but it final verse of the jay are adds.
'Or does not know ' is a song has expected roughly Jay-Z flow of constant money, but has adds beat and seats well... It classifies to like Biggie is 'Juicy.' salvation Hovito' Is well. Good delivery, but hate a heart.
'Corazón Of A City' is another of my favourite songs in an album. Jay-Z rap In a gilipollas to be the famous rapper.
'Does not change never' is the good, jazzy follows roughly... Well, not changing never your ways.
ong Cries' is one of some songs more deeper; reminiscent of ' Has to that it Wants to Me' of Volume 1.
'All I Need' is a lot of catchy, and the song adds to locate to.
Esnegade' Is more probably a stronger song in a CD. It is an only song to look the guest rapper (Eminem). Jay And In has dipped a haters in his places is one .
'Projected is a second stronger song that is basically roughly Jay-Z life. Short and to a point.
'Lyrical Exercise' is one first clue has hid. An add metaphoric song with an exceptional piano-looped has beaten.
'Daughters, Daughters, Daughters Remezclas' is the rehash of an original, with different papers and the club of plus-friendly has beaten. A lot of entertainment to listen to.
An album certainly has tiny defects, but reasons left the few decayed apples spoil stirs it? Ossia One of a better hip-hop album to exit the long time. Inferior line: if you are the hip -hop boss, or although you are so only the little has bitten to an integer rap thing, BUY THIS ALBUM.
4 / 5
Reason this album the indication the big plus of the magazine of Source has received is further me. It is not the bad album at all, but to the equal that am coming to expect of Jay Z, is not all that add neither. Jay Z Is simply any one a lyricist thinks that is. It is a-has bitten-better-that-half in better, this in spite of has some nerves to call he 'the all-the champion of time of heavy weight of flowered. ...Some something worse in an album is when he is applying these means rap (any to mention extremely lame hooks!) To beaten tired (for example, one follows underlying 'Breathe Easy' and an alone prime minister 'Izzo'). In another hand, some something better in an album is when some beaten take the turn for a better, mostly with a help of has used strongly samples of gems of a past, giving an album that included @@@1970s vintage feels, like the classical soul fulfils modern hip hop. Esong Shouted (produced for Blaze Justo) samples Bobby Glenn is esounds Like A Song of Amur' fantastically, likes Jay Z softens his flow, that creates the song of good amour. 'It does not change never' ( it produces for Kanye West) samples David Ruffin is 'Common Man' so that fantastically, likes Jay Z explains that it is state thru in life and like never transmission, that creates the good introspective clue. But a better clue in an album uses any sample at all, a Eminem-produce esnagade', which has Jay Z that objective that it is able of lyrically, spitting almost equally to tight with Eminem, the hard task for any MC. A song is to 5 -mic classical, but concealed can not be said in a whole album. When Eminem and some quite a lot of samples and Jay Z uppin his skills (scarce occasion) sees, a paving of falls of the album. Included Timbaland loses in alvation Hovito' (a song with an extremely annoying heart!). In general, in spite of a fact that all some the better things in an album are one melodiously-sampled beaten, which can very really be regulated to Jay Z (clue: unoriginal!), An album is well the enough of well, but certainly a lot excellent or classical...
4 / 5
With which 5 CDs, Jay Z is trying to say that there is "A Project" to a hip hop game. If you look in the Jay Z has done in a past few years, is hard to contest with that has to that say. "Reasonable doubt" clearly it is his better emission of all the times. You have had classics like you "Brooklyn more Final" w/Notorious BIG, "it Can not Attack A Hustle" w/Mary J Blige, "Of Harms", " it can Live", "Dead Presidents", etc. Jay Z has found always the way to achieve hip hop defenders. Included in "In Mine Lifetime Volume 1", when the partid√°rios has said that it was slippin' the bit when it has tried to do the CD after his partner, Notorious BIG has died. It has had still classics likes "Where are Of", " calm Has to that it Wants to Me", "Imaginary Player" and "the streets is Looking". Of then, Jay Z has been releasing his CD is on basically the annual base. It has released a "the streets is Looking" soundtrack and gaze in several songs. A be better " it is A lot of" w/Memphis Bleek and "Murdergram" w/DMX and Ja Principle. A multiplatinum "Volume 2: the unexpectedly Hard life" included " it can I Take One..", A clue of the impressive title produced for one 45 King, "coming Of Age (Run 2)" w/Memphis Bleek, and "Money, Cash,..." W/DMX. "Volume 3: A Life And Time Of Shawn Carter" it has been considered to be too commercial for some folks, but has had still a classical " He Again" w/Beanie Sigel and Amil, "Big Pimpin'" w/UGK, "Coming And Take me" and " it is Hot". A last 3 has been produced for Timbaland, as well as a Nutty Professor 2 accident, "Hey Popes" w/Memphis Bleek and Amil. In his last emission, "A Dynasty: Roc The Familiar", Jay Z CD has looked Memphis Bleek and Beanie Sigel in several songs and has been fed by A Neptunes' produced 1st so only, "so only I Want to you Want to you" ( it gives it 2 M). In "A Project" Jay Z uses Kanye West, Blaze Justo, and Bink for the majority of a production and mixes some of some leading formulas have used in his pasts pocolos CDs for his new a. With which one listens, can say this Jay Z has looked for the plus soulful sound in this CD. This can be the disappointment to defenders of Jay Z hardcore sound. Calm will not find that in a lot of songs in this CD. It looks he likes Jay Z is more relaxed and to seat likes is 1 in a rap play it and he can appeal to this sound when need be. Clearly a better clue in a CD is Blaze Justo has produced, "calm does not know ". This song is one of some better clues that Jay Z has has not done never. Blaze has created the just clues adds and Jay Z taking of there that with his history of hustlin'. "Renagade" With Detroit more final, Eminem is also the good clue where a two turn and advances to a Eminem has product beaten and says like this there is it "Never fearful state to say that it is in his mine now, any time dates of day". Ossia The good collaboration among a two rappers. "Daughters, Daughters, Daughters" has Jay Z that does another thing that he better and ossia to coach to say of the histories on some ladies. It invites Q Tip, Slick Rick and a Diabolical Biz Markie to join on a hook and some results are well. One more quell'dare the song in his CD has to that be Kanye the west has produced "Absorption" where said 2 of a better rappers was now, Prodigy of Mobb Deep and In the. It consecrates the whole verse to the each one rapper. This beef begun apparently with In the apparently dissin' Memphis Bleek. He maintaining there is escalated to Jay Z dissin' Prodigy and In the for the words have said. This could take ugly finally but expect that all the world will maintain this one in a microphone and in a studo and is not gone in some streets. Other points have underlined in this CD comprise "Cry of Song", "Project" (the mamma Loves me) which will adapt folks of Jay Z "Where calms Six state" and Beanie Sigel "Amur has taken Still For you", "All I Need" and a clue of prize in an end of "Project". In general, Jay Z the defenders will be pleased. Ossia Another delivery for Jay Z. It can continue his career and stay up? These rests to be seen.
5 / 5
First of all will try any to repeat that it is it already state has said. Ossia Nowhere near of a undisputed masterpiece Reasonable Doubt, like reason a Source gave it 5 mics is further me. Serious die-hugging ask me. An amazing thing in this cd is that a production on some clues is liver and more moving more than being stagnant like sweats another material. Also door more eaten of soul to a table in place of @@@tart of pop.
A Intro is, like this always in his albums, one of some better songs in an album and some beaten is tight. The absorption is a good diss song but he doesnt touch crazy and fault of an effect of songs that diss eat Trued Arrive and Stillmatic among another. H To A Izzo have you like this guessed is still gay. That he the like this bad fact is that half of Snoop way in a heart and some alleges to be the best rapper that Snoop. In Some other Daughters of the hand-held daughters of Daughters is the classical song with the beaten moving and the flow of the jay is on point.
Jigga That N!GGa Is definition to burst wackness, Never the transmission is not such the song of swell neither. Or Of the one who Know with a lil chipmunk the voice is quite tight. Ciao Hovito Produced for Timbaland is ( of course) extremely tight and is one of some better songs in an album. The heart Of A City is half so only, and Cry of the song is not that I add neither. All I Need is another bumpable song. If All the songs of Jay were like this he would be the legend. Eminem outshines Jay In Renegade but is the good song also. A song of title is also a lot of heartfelt and is tight thsi the song is has produced brilliantly. This in spite of could have done without some clues of prize.
In an integer an album is too slow and can do the fall has slept. The monotone voice of Jay hardly ever the transmissions and his flow is of the same during that really can take tiring. Ossia The question has had always and can dip you to sleep too much. But you have taken wide sleep and take a time to listen his is in still the real extracted. I recommend it.
4 / 5
Have a lot informative and bad informative. A bad informative is that for everything of or fans the one who have come to love an ad (some say pops) sucess of jigga probably a lot like this album. A good informative is that ossia an album that his Day 1 partid√°rios have beeen while to.
To the left say me that this album is not better that the Reasonable doubts in general, alhtough his stronger sound lyracal endeavour. Jay-Z Have finally @@give that it wants to be agreed taste more adds, better likes Tupac has done and place of some emotion and character to some songs, any only for a moment swipes of pops. It perfects the example is a clue of autobiographical title . On 5 prvious album, does not listen never his history. Thast Is reason a lot feel like this of the tight how is , he the boring type, with at all to add to a rap game.
The legislation of one taking goes, With clues 1 & 2, it has dipped a tone with the new "70 funk" sound. While it is not cutting flange, is still good and Jay-z the papers are the dominant as never. (Prodigy, Please does not go back in salvation,m withyour monotonus music and uncreative rap. In the, Touches your game.)A 3rd clue is Izzo. The no. Ossia worse that Big Pimpin'. And Daughters, Daughters, Jay-Z and Q-Tip and in a cup 5 of adds MC is in thier own legislation, would not owe that be together. This in spite of a bubblue-gum the pop that touch "Jigga That has denied" it is ctually the song adds. Jay-Z The papers are tight, and probably will be the accident if he the promeut.ou does not know is tolerable for the little listens, and a Timbaland has produced 7th clue desserves the better heart that Salvation Hovito! It follows 8-10 sound like leftovers of Volume 1. Which is not bad, reason is in this Jay of clues-Z comes of th ethrone to relate our common people. This does a Misogyny of All I Need in fact touches sum, reason do not have to that listen his for 15 straight clues. Renagade Looks the a lot of mor subdued Eminem, and his flow is the welcome transmission of an usual Pee-Wee to to Herman likes him the cry.
Any, this is not a perfect album (and any is not to cause bleek is not on he). The calm doubt could do one without to to producers like First, Pete Of Rock, and some of a othe big names. But it is fially has used his s√ļper capacity a lot so only to win money, but for the touch while podes, reason the seat the fellin' this album will not be quite like this big as his another, and will change behind to a emotionless, cold, the waste of talent know the jay called-Z.
4 / 5
This Jay-z rows of albums among a more has not done never, subject in fact ossia better that his last two especially that Fly 3 and the take Fly inclusa further 1. I have had this album for the week, as I have had time to compare and yes is a real CD , Muthaforget the this album, Jay-z has purchased wins it to declare is a More adds them all the time, which the and IN sound, that because hate to see a beef because of these rubbishes Mc Memphis Bleek sayin' IN THE dissed lucido in a song "Nastradamus". Jay-z And IN THE era so only in the song together with Gentleman Tariq concealed looked in mixtapes. In the And Beanie was rappin near in Bloated song for an album For ever. All this because of the Bleek MC. Like this on it follows 2 "the Absorption" (Big until Kanye West for production) Jay-z said Prodigy and In the. Then it comes that it follows of rubbish Izzo (Kanye West). Then Jay-z starts to fall his better material never writes that it is smooth clue Girlz, Girlz. Then "Jigga that" (So only blaze in a clue) is well but one takes to follow clues of one the real plus there is not having never writes "Or it does not know " (big props to Blaze Justo) which establishes is hustler for real, will sell water to the whale. Then Salvation Hovito (Timbaland),"Corazón of a City" (big props Kanye west for production), "it does not change Never" (Kanye West again), "Cry of Song", All I need" then it comes Renegrade looking Eminem the one who also done a production is one of a tight plus colabos will not listen never. Then "the project" and the rubbishes remezclas of Girlz, girlz which is the clue has hid . Jay-z Establishes is one of a More adds them all the time, reason "if they are not betta that BIG I am near his" of "Ciao Hovito". Yes it is betta that BIG, but is a GOAT? Has all a power, this production of album adds, beaten, papers and so only 1 appearance of guest thinks that this has dipped up there with PAC and an album that began it all ILLMatic. SO MUCH wait for STillmatic will see is betta that IN THE REASON the MONEY And I CLOTHES DOES not DO Or A BETTA MCEE, the PAPERS DONE and agree IN has THEM papers, likes attended and see. To the left it is to see that Prodigy has to that say agree is of one of some more utmost groups never Mobb Deep. Cowards LIKE THIS calm a lot never sleeps in QB. ONE.
4 / 5
I never taken to Jay-Z until 'the unexpectedly Hard life.' I so only recently bought esasonable Doubt.' Jigga Can dip out of quailty Jigga master. To the left it is to go down a cast: Reasonable Doubt (8/10), Flight. 1 (7/10), Flight. 2 (5/10), Flight. 3 (6/10), Dynasty: Roc-The-Familiar (8/10), Project (9/10) and his later emission, Project 2 (5.5/10). So much, it appears that when Jay-Z spoken in In the quality of the album a year is, was also indirectly that speaks in his own albums, at least mine.
Lyrically, That the jay comes correct new time outta dec. For each five 'the absorption is,' there there is at least one ''03 Bonnie & Clyde.' On 'Project,' Jay does not fall a ball with papers. It is on he signals of an extreme to the another. 'Absorption' is the clue of tight battle with Jay-Z spittin venom in Prodigy and In the. All the world is listened this song , so that has any need to go to specifics. One follows tighter, lyrically, has to be esnegade,' except any because of Hova' two verse. Eminem Has fallen two heat to to of death that was two of a better in 2001.
Only two things maintain this album to take 'five-mic' been: 'Jigga That Denegado' and 'All I Need.' The wise production, these are some weak spots in an album. Produced a forward, which is no more than the good club has beaten. I guess the still bitter sound in yours & Poke of one ' has Been Written' disaster. 'All I Need' is some good clues, but is neither the swipe-able clue or the place-rear, chillin was clue. It would owe that it has been it tweaked once again before it has been dipped in an album.
In an end, the people have done too much of the fuss in this album that is the classical. Jay-Z Has has not released never the album 'classical' that is comparable to to likes it of 'Aquemini,' 'Illmatic,' or 'Enter some 36 Of Chambers.' To be sincere, that the jay is at all more than the successful pop, has commercialised rapper. But it concealed it does not mean I will not fly 'A Ruler' Behind' down my blockade each day.
4 / 5
Is hard to think that a rapper the one who dipped out of one stellar esasonable Doubt' behind in 96 is one same one the one who has spent out of a terrible 'Volume 3: Life and Time of S. Carter' And a horribly half 'Dynasty: Roc The Familiar' album. After a last, to the plot of people has given on on Jay, that says that that has not had a capacity to spend out of another classical album. Well, that the jay has has tried finally some bad critics, releasing an album that is not quite like this well likes esasonable Doubts', but jumps and bounds at the head of anything Jay has released of then.
That marks this album a classical album that it is, is his production. It is for far a more produced album of 2001, and one of a better never. For this reason done an album more enjoyable to listen to that his rival In sound Stillmatic, which there has been the little production of defects of entities. An example of of the this is 'Absorption'. It is quell'has said follows that the frames want to listen his same when you have listened one has said hundreds of time, which can not be said partorisca In sound 'Ether'. Jay has not been this hungry in the song of esasonable Doubts'.
Jay' Papers compliment some beats perfectly. Jay Is always be a master with talent and wordplay, and 'A Ruler' Behind' is the perfect example of of the this. 'Daughters of Daughters of the daughters' could be dismised for a lot like the blatantly commercial clue, but is one of some the majority of ready songs in an album. Some beaten is beautiful and a Jay of way has described each daughter is character . 'Izzo (.)' It is another commerical clues that the people will love paralizaciones to hate, but some papers in a song are upper-notch this describes some injustices of an industry of music. Unfortunately a hook is a lot of corny.
Which has been the question of first order for Jay has spent few albums were one on-abundance of appearances of guest. Finally Memphis Bleek and Beanie Sigel is absentee, and an appearance of guest of the full only legislation in an album comes from/comes from Eminem, which finalises to be a better song in an album. In Ridding the beaten fantastically dark and one of some better verses of a year.
Really does not have a lot of defects in this album, except the little corny lines of Jay (' am too sexy partorisca to to the prison likes are Well has Said Fred', 'Everytime have the paste of an earth bounces up likes roundball') and 'All I Need' is a half song has compared to a rest of an album. But to some the conceptual songs the 'Like Daughters of Daughters of the Daughters', his remezcla, and 'Lyrical Excerise' give 'A Project' a title of better hip hop album of a year.
5 / 5
Wow! This album is for real the work of art of one of some the majority of compatible artists of all the times. One of some things that mark this album adds is an exceptional production thanks to Kanye Blaze & Justa West the one who dipped down some of some hotter clues that Jay-Z there is never rapped on. Some other names could recognise is Timbaland & Eminem those who dip down some beaten hot also. Another thing that mark this like this amazing album is the papers of the jay, is not so only postpone words, is taken really some histories add to say in that is been by means of in his life & to the equal that has taken to a cup of a rap game. Each song in these costs of albums to listen to, there is no skits, any farce, any wack beaten, a whole album is surprising, each song is the gem . Another thing that marks that it mark this only album is that there is so only an appearance of guest, usually that the jay has to that it weaves of something of guest especially of a Roc-A-Fella crew, but a lot here. An only guest here is Eminem in esnagade' those marks to plot of of then mine, reason there is so only 2 rappers in a game now still the one who are in the levels still likes the jay-Z, and Eminem is one of of them. In SOUND another and does not think goes to be that he the song with Jay any punctual time. This his Jay-Z better work of Reasonable Doubt to good sure, Jay-Z the defender already would owe that have this, and like to him to real hip-hop has to that possess this CD, reason is the classical.
5 / 5
When you Are Carter aka Jay-Z droped Flight. 2 And Flight. 3, Has thinks that that it was an end of Jigga. Has thinks that that it pops turned so only and would not go back to dip quility to album likes him the flight and Reasonable Doubt. 1. Ossia definatly His better record and one of mine all-time favourite Hip Hop CD. Some starts of albums were with 'A Ruler' Behind' that has the beaten hard with trompets in a backside. Jigga Tomb of the hot papers, and this looks a perfect way to begin the classical album like this. Then Jigga comes with 'An Absorption'. I think that that it was the stupid movement for Jay to diss In the. Of course for now all the world knows that In the Jay of beaten with Ether. I do not know reason has begun dissing In the, a punchlines was quite feeble and some beaten is the little corny, but in general is a good clue. With which concealed, 'Izzo ()' comes on. Ossia The good clue . Has the a lot of catchy beaten and an extremely catchy hook. Jigga spits Some hot verses here, with tonnes of classical memorial lines that Hip-Hop the bosses would not forget . A video for this song is also hot. Then it is 'Daughters, Daughters, Daughters' that is the good joint to cold to with your daughter. Again, Jigga spits shoot in east a. Some beaten is good and a hook is catchy. Jigga Has done this a the only and has done the video partorisca east some hips. A standout the clue is 'Jigga That N____'. Has the hardcore has beaten with striking to that you would not forget in the near future. Another standout clue 'Or does not know ' that is another heat hardcore has beaten accompaning hot papers. A remezcla to this clue is also in a 'Project 2'. Then his esalvation Hovito' that has the spanish vibe his. A lot well, he standout. Although some papers are surprising. Jigga The flow is is finnest here. Mina Jay preferred-Z the song is 'Corazón Of A City (Aint Any Amour)'. This clue is simply brilliant. Crazy punches, multies, metaphors, follows it so only me amour Jigga more everytime listens it. Simply a hotter Jay-Z song that is 'does not change Never' that has the beaten smooth hot with hard papers and sentence very intellectual. Esong Shouted is roughly Jay that looks for to be the pimp but a time still the man familiarised. Very emotional in fact. Then it is a heat 'All I Need' that has to that the strikes has beaten with hot flow of Jay. Esnagade' Characteristic Eminem and has concept and of the crazy flows. It Verse of Jay is on fire, but In to outshines for alittle,, but in general clue very hot. Has the a lot of Dre-the type has beaten, and In and Jigga is hot togather. A last clue, 'Project (the mamma Loves me)' it habladurías of Jay in his familiar and his infancy. Has the smooth, but hardcore has beaten, and Jigga the flow is like this smooth likes butter. In general ossia the classical and definatly is in my cup 50 all-time favourite Hip Hop record.
A prize, 'Daughters, Daughters, Daughters Remezclas' is better that an original! ' I breathe it Easy' another Jay-Z classical song the one who has to of state included like one of some clues. Calm advise you to take this in place of Project 2 or any one another Jay-Z album. This and Reasonable Doubt definatly define Jay-Z like this one of Hip Hop more add mainstream rapper.
4 / 5
Jay Z Is a lot of talented in a lot of different zones with hip-hop the music has related. A question is isnt doing "his own" original music anymore.
All knows a better album never created for Jay is his prime minister . All know that, calm then begins partorisca see fall off in some albums dips was with which concealed. His albums have hug the swipes and run over some maps, but when you think roughly him some albums that has created in a past was partorisca one the majority of part, his own and his fashion possesses no-sampled music.
According to which the project goes, almost all the clues are samples .
That isnt usually the bad thing, except a Jay in fact Z takes credit for music that was has has created years and of the years , and does to declare of platinum sales records. I hate to compare Jay to P Diddy, but looks as if the jay is going down a same street. Any second the one who the talent goes, reason the jay is way more talented lyrically or verbally that P Diddy could any never dreams roughly. Some hooks are catchy and a lyrical the contained is for one the majority of impressive part, but this isnt an old Jay has used to listen to. Ossia Probably his 3rd better album on everything, but you cant give all a credit the Jay, for that a fact remains his no his music. If the jay would have has come up with everything of these clues in his own and his werent samples, would have given it five stars.
4 / 5
The album adds. Jay And beaten amazing-z has come corrected after his ghastly Volume 3 and the decent Volume 4. It exits of some doors quickly with a rear ruler and absorption that is both hott. This will not be the comparison goes in in the and jay-z. Listing of clue.
1. A rear ruler - 9/10 - add papers beaten , good
2. An Absorption - 9.5/10 - a beaten is awesome and has had some good papers to agree it
3. IZZO - 9/10 - His the good song, kinda has touched out of tho
4. Daughters, Daughters, Daughters - 7/10 - abonos, but a hook was so only besides stupid to a point where the tin a lot included listen his
5. Jigga That black - 8.5/10 - hott material
6. Or it does not know - 9/10 - again material to notch upper
7. Ciao Hovito - 9/10 - awesome, A continuous cast in
8. Corazón of a city - 9/10 - that surprised
9. It does not change never - 6/10 - decent in better, some beaten is boring but some do any up for him
10. Cry of song - 10/10 - my personal favourite in an album
11. All I Need - 8/10 - tight has beaten. Another strong clue
12. Renegade - 9.5/10 - Another of my personnel faves, eminem are adds on here
13. Project - 9/10 - that surprised
5 / 5
When this album was in his way to be has released everywhere, all have listened is that Jay-Z is ready The diss in of the people(In the Prodigy)and is totally ruhing in an album and that that would be the satisfy clues of hasty rubbishes. It concealed sure it is not a chance. Once again it is a allaround Jay-Z masterpiece. It would owe that say that ossia more probrably his second better album for behind his classical album some Reasonable Doubt behind in 1996(first His Album. There is the pair of the reasons because they say this. Well first of all he recored a whole album during has turned he of three month and the places was 14 neighbouring solids. Neither it has any a lot of appearances of guest in this album, and finally, has produced the majority of an album he. A bit those that songs that has not been produced of has been produced peels other producers to notch upper likes him Timbaland. One first half of an album is looked of classical material with a standout be of song "Absorption". In this clue he basically said in In the and Prodighy of mob deep, a song has the beaten of quota and Jigga is freestyle is in the very laidback the voice relaxed. Now to listen this song, point personally Jay-Z will not leave any among his way and will take on a lot rapper the one who is in way. A song "Daughters, Daughters , Daughters" it is one of a plus an album, comprises Slick Rick and Q-tip. This song has the original good has beaten with all an artist so only doing there the thing that says roughly there amour for some women in thhe world-wide. A song "Renegade" looking Eminem is kinda hot. Together "Or it does not know " has the beaten decent but can not agree his rymes in the song that is that amazing. As the one who a Timbaland the joint produced has called "Ciao' Hovito, a beaten are to add and some papers are is sweet. Also, it has been there supposition to be the song that looks a king of pop Michael Jackson in this album, but Jay-Z said would save this song for later reason was special. An inferior line is that ossia another adds peice of work for Jay-Z that easily will sell once again million copies. All Jay-Z the partid√°rios will love it, for all the world-wide more listens the one who a man has to that say please.
5 / 5
Ossia One of a better all-around CD is was now. Of commercial songs (Izzo & Daughters, Daughters, Daughters) to some undergrounds-like diss (Absorption) to a thuggish songs, Jay-Z maintains it real and bangin throughout.
Some beaten is quite well in this elepé but thinks would have to that it has had more something of guest in this CD. Has a lot ROC the artists have looked is. But one something of guest me take ossia appearance in Renagade. Yeah, Slender outshines Jigga In this clue, but the one who poden honradamente outshine Eminem?
Some songs to verify was is definitly Renagade, Jigga This In the, Salvation Hovito & Cry of Song.
A following is my indication of clue (1-5):
1. A Rear Ruler - 4 (decent for a intro)
2. Absorption - 4.5 (the beaten that takes said In the & Mobb Deep here)
3. Izzo - 3 ( has TAKEN has touched was)
4. Daughters, Daughters, Daughters - 2 (this has done also)
5. Jigga This In the - 5 (beats it and the hook maintains bangin)
6. Or it does not know - 4 ( it beats to to the sounds like is of the Jay-Z intro)
7. Ciao Hovito - 5 (One of a better on here)
8. Corazón Of A City - 4
9. It does not change never - 3.5
10. Cry of song - 5
11. All I Need - 4.5
12. Renagade - 5+++
13. Project (+ 2 CLUES of PRIZE) - 3
4 / 5
Ossia one of a better all-around CD is was now. Of commercial songs (Izzo & Daughters, Daughters, Daughters) to some undergrounds-like diss (Absorption) to a thuggish songs, Jay-Z maintains it real and bangin throughout.
Some beaten is quite well in this elepé but thinks would have to that it has had more something of guest in this CD. Has any ROC the artists have looked is. But one something of guest me take ossia appearance in Renagade. Yeah, Slender outshines Jigga In this clue, but the one who poden honradamente outshine Eminem?
Some songs to verify was is definitly Renagade, Jigga This In the, Salvation Hovito & Cry of Song.
A following is my indication of clue (1-5):
1. A Rear Ruler - 4 (decent for a intro)
2. Absorption - 4.5 (the beaten that takes said In the & Mobb Deep here)
3. Izzo - 3 ( has TAKEN has touched was)
4. Daughters, Daughters, Daughters - 2 (this has done also)
5. Jigga This In the - 5 (beats it and the hook maintains bangin)
6. Or it does not know - 4 ( it beats to to the sounds like is of the Jay-Z intro)
7. Ciao Hovito - 5 (One of a better on here)
8. Corazón Of A City - 4
9. It does not change never - 3.5
10. Cry of song - 5
11. All I Need - 4.5
12. Renagade - 5+++
13. Project (+ 2 CLUES of PRIZE) - 3
4 / 5
Ossia Jay -Z is better album of "Life and Time, Flight. 3." Some first 9 clues are real strong and then turn to an end of an album. Undoubtedly a better song in "A Project" it is Absorption , last it condemnation of In the Escobar and his toneless mic skills. A sampling and the background music for Absorption is fantastically lifted of some Doors "Five to A" comprising an appropriately looped Morrison to "Yeah, is taking on, coming on." Jay-Z Totally and thoroughly waste In the' claims that he unlawfully sampled the line of one of his songs. J Hova Dominates a clue. The heart of a City is another song adds that it anchor an album referencing to the such diverse influences like Fugees, Of Some Fat Boys, Richard Pryor, and Ike and Tina Turner. Some beaten is strong in "A Project" and J Hova rap mainly so only during a whole album excepts Renagade with Eminem, to rarity in today is rap game. But Jigga has loved to aim that I do not require to depend on any more is mic skills to move his album. These rows a lot up with to Reasonable Doubt likes one of Jay-Z is better endeavours. It chooses it up for Absorption so only. Highly Recommended.
5 / 5
(...) Still although probably it would owe that it has expected it purchase this album, has been still advances and bought it, the boy has been he has surprised. Jay-Z Impressed to good sure with this classical album, after falling an A lot of in disappointing Flight.2 Hard Swipe Life, an EQUALLY in disappointing Flight.3 Life and Time of , and one tight but Any album of classical Dynasty. Jay-Z Represented here, in everything of his artistic glory, giving me the favourite album in a process. Here it is a description :
the points have underlined of Albums: This whole album is true brilliance , but Jigga (...) It is an ONLY macula , and although the costs of song for the listen.
Production: Thumbs on, have Timbaland, upstarts (at the same time) Blaze Justo and Kanye West, and another.
Papers and Subject @@@Subject: Thumbs up.
Originality: Thumbs up.
A Last Word: That an EXCELLENT album of Jay-Z. When being liberto [in this cement] gave it even more historical importance. Ossia True jay -Z in his better, and still although this album has A macula, is STILL quite strong for 5 stars. A STRONG RECOMMENDATION for this album. It buys it NOW if any one calm possess it.
5 / 5
This album represents a turn of Jay-Z. Any Jigga, any Hova (in spite of an alone prime minister), but a poignant lyricist concealed has spent a fact of classical Reasonable Doubt five years. Some last 5 years have seen Jay-Z drop the slept in masterpiece (Reasonable Doubt), a patient fated tentativa in mimicking a balance/callejero of the pop of a Notorious BIG (In Mine Lifetime Flight. 1), One of a more commercially successful hip-hop album of all time (Flight. 2 Hardknock Life), and two quite a lot of-descript album with quite bouncy hymns of club to maintain a Roc-a rolling of train. So much with his six emission in almost like a lot of years, Jay-Z chairs like upper rapper of a moment. We know it it can do swipes. We know it it can write ready rhymes, but is still able of crafting an album in an artistic level of his start? If a Project is any indication , then a response is probably yes. He no quite the do this time, but the sample enough wins and skill the death a lot habladuría that his better days are lucidos behind. A bulk of the production of an album has an old school feels, reminiscant of Reasonable Doubt, but with bit it more bounce for some clubs. 'Ciao Hovito' Characteristic the rowdy Timbaland beaten and the annoyance that begins hook, likes Jay animatedly reassert his superiority in a rap game, proclaiming, 'if I am not better that BIG I are a closests one'. 'Daughters of Daughters of the daughters' is Is Carter in playful way of player, those shouts out of his resupplied of ladies in the sweet, pimped was clue. 'Corazón of a City', 'does not change Never' and esong Shouted harken behind to a way of Reasonable Doubt with interested and personal rhymes layed seemlessly on has touched emotionally beaten. But perhaps one the majority of amazing element is Jay -Z is apparent maduration. Now it comprises where it is in a context a big plus of hip-hop history and culture. On '. (Izzo)' Rhyme 'Proprietary of focus hate still raisin' one state quo on/ on am touching ... So that it has done to a Cold Run over/ Paid to like has to that/ Take all some years that you hoed ...' And the upper is all was, he spits the on he blantantly radio taylored Jackson 5 loop! Such jewels are sprinkled during Projects and wills he one all one the intriguing plus listens for a careful auditor. For all a fan the one who has loved another true Jay-Z the album backed with soulful beaten and intricate papers undiluted for wack Memphis Bleek cameos and Amil hooks, ossia an album has been moment to. Now regarding a claim to be better that BIG? No. As entertaining like this almost everything of some clues in a Project are individually, they no quite add until an album that brotas some durable imprint of a correct hip-hop masterpieces. Ossia The question Jay -Z has had in a majority of his albums, and reasons in my alcohol still has no quite surfaced of a big plus that shadows of life of Biggie and Tupac to allege a title a better of his generation. But Jigga to the swipes of frames likes him person more. And when, it likes in of a Project, adds the little substance his fashion of mark, some results are enough ... Impressing for any levels.
4 / 5
In spite of all this Jay-Z has fulfilled in of the terms of comercials
sucedidos, street credibiity and record hip hop bosses
is reluctant to call a better in a game.
Well, for two reasons:
1) Any @@subject that well Fly 1, 2, 3 and a Dynasty was, his
has not achieved never a classical level of Reasonable Doubt.
2) A material in these four albums looked also geared to him
MTV steps that some subterranean villages.
With album rap the game is officially state dipped on lock.
A Project does not boast a normal cast of producers of big name. It is not fill with near of party and ad
swipes (besides H to a Izzo). It is not the ascent for Jigga is
Rockafella familiar. Something of guest is limited.
Is JAY -Z, pure and simple. A result is his better album of Reasonable Doubt, delivery down.
Surprisingly, the majority of some songs in this album are slow and full
of emotionally of introspective papers (resembled some of his pasts
work like Remorses, Has to Want to Me and This Can not be Life.)
And of course, has an exceptional diss Absorption of clue and
Eminem drops in still the verses of pair in Renegade.
My favourite clue is Cry of Song , where Jigga recounts deceptions that
has directed his that loses an amour of his life.
@In rodeo, Jay Z no longer can be considered so only the compatible
interpreter with a classical album.
Is time that included some the partid√°rios subterranean begins to recognise it
5 / 5
They are not a partorisca marcación an album the classical after listening his stops less than the week, but has to that give credit where the credit is foreseen: IMO, A Project is an only Jay -Z album that the rows Doubts like this big like this Reasonable, a undisputed classical. These fans that abandoned Jay-Z after the Reasonable doubt will be bent partorisca embrace once again after listening to this album. An album bangers is An Absorption(the clue of notorious battle that directs In the, Mobb Deep & another), Izzo(Jackson 5 sample is flipped amiably on here), Salvation Hovito(one of some beaten better Timbaland has not done never partorisca Hov), Never Transmission(my personal favourite), Cry of Song(another of Hov the majority of heartfelt clues) and Breathe Easy(a clue has hid that it would have to that it has been in a mix with a rest of some songs). If have denegado Hov first, will be harder that deny east times around reason, more than likely, A Project will be a better hip -hop the album will listen this year. They are the Jay -Z the defender and I am included state disappointed with somw of his leading endeavours. This in spite of, have to say that these lives of albums until it is expectations .
4 / 5
The project was like bringin for behind the Reasonable doubt but the jay have had to that change a formula the bit to return with a rap game today. The reasonable doubt is easily a better record Jay had and probably never dips was and yes disagree with that there there is gotta be somethin injustice with you. The project mixes the plot of kanye the beaten west with some of the old fashion of the jay of beaten, a result?? A modernized Reasonable Doubt, but with the little bit of commercial rap. I gave it 4 stars because the plot of these songs has listened in a radio 5 million times and they have has had to that so only announce rap his his. I gave it also 4 stars because jay diss to in the "Absorption" it has not been like this powerful to the equal that in sound 'Ether" in Stillmatic (that in a long career is the better album then "Project") I defintely dipped this up there with Reasonble Doubt and new jay a, "Black Album." It is roughly 10 better times then Flight. 4, Flight.1, And Project 2 (the worst rap the album never fact) Goes to choose this sh on, well of the money....
5 / 5
Is a lot of entity to remark that that marks this album Jay-Z the majority of significant album of then 'In mine Lifetime Flight. 1' (And some critics can say of esasonable Doubt,' but chair as if 'In mine Lifetime' was his better endeavour to date) is some the old samples have used during this album, so calm Want to you Behind for Jackson 5 (Izzo .), calm Want to you More and more Every time for Tom Brock (Daughters, Daughters, Daughters), are not to Blame for Bobby Byrd (Or does not know ), Is not Any Amour in a Heart Of A City for Bobby Blue Bland (Corazón of a City (Is not Any Amour)), Common Man for David Ruffin (Never Transmission), Sounds Like A Song of Amur for Bobby Glenn (Cry of Song)..These old samples are that it marks this album. Some papers, diagrams of rhyme, concepts of song, the vocabulary is all monotonous. At all that you it that has not listened in any of his leading records or of the state quo of hip of hip and music in general. That is funny is that it uses several unknown producers those who show at all but old songs in a same way like each employee of individual producer in this Jay-Z album that directed me partorisca think that this album was the conscious endeavour to take that 5 mic indication and street everything, the one who diss an album with unpopular samples of Bobby Glenn, David Ruffin???...Ready movement less for an ignorant random listenership of music in general, but for another, can see entirely you. Some the aforesaid songs are so only likable and listenable because of some old samples. All more is at all but 'rubbish.' An IN The and Mobb Deep diss clue, 'Absorption,' is rubbishes also. So only like IN has said Him: 'Eminem murdered (Jay-Z) for your account ish (CD)...' In IN The' 'Ether.' IN it Informed Him the esnegade' looking Eminem (and produced for Eminem). Eminem The jay Dipped-Z the shame on Jay-Z own album. That the shame. I wish that Jay-Z would have maintained his rhyme/of vocabulary/of diagrams/of fashionable charisma in evolution to a better part of 'In mine Lifetime. So only think roughly that: If Jay-Z have dissed IN The and Mobb Deep a same way that has flowed in 'Afamada Imaginary' of 'In mine Lifetime,' would have done it very difficult partorisca IN THE to answer, but Jay-Z is coming with rubbishes, for this has exposed the humiliation. This whole album is the shame of entity the NY, Roc-A-Fella, etc. Looks that Jay-Z has lost any boastful skills that has exhibited on 'In mine Lifetime' and esasonable Doubt,' permanently. Some underlying songs ('Breathe Easy' the characteristic the 1996 Cormega-the clock used and 'Daughters, Daughters, Daughters Remezclas' is at all neither). It does not believe a hype (A Source, etc.). This Jay-Z the album being nothing special !
5 / 5
Ossia An improvement for Jay-Z after his last two albums. It does not take Me bad this last two was A lot. This only characteristic album Eminem. Slick Rick, Biz Markie, and Q-Touch also look but so only is singing hooks. Some starts of the album of good saying is of tower and ready to govern. Afterwards it is "Absorption" where he @the @@lash is gone in Prodigy, In the, and another unmentioned nomination the one who takes the half the bar. Ossia A one of a better diss the clues have listened. Really it takes in In the. With which take an alone prime minister Izzo (.) Which is the good clue . Daughters of the daughters of the daughters is another alone and good clue . Dat N Jigga Is WELL. Or it does not know and Salvation Hovito is my favourite clues. Then all is A lot until we achieve Renegade with Eminem. They are definately fellin this clue. Like an artist Jay-Z is not a better. Material In sound the little better that him. I can not expect for Stillmatic to fall and I hope In would go back them in Jay-Z like this last that Jay-Z will feel an ache until free another album in roughly new month.
4 / 5
Jay-z Is has it almost lost with which flight.3 And a dynasty, and if a Project there was bad state, would have fallen out of a dec. of cup has not thought Never Jigga has had so much charisma to the equal that In the, but could any front in his rap skills. A Project dips behind on a game.
One first clue is the good introduction to an album. Afterwards it comes 'Absorption' he B+ follow which takes shots in Mobb Deep and In the. It was a lot of but a lot almost like this as well as In the song. 'H To a izzo' was a lot of but has taken too hype and could not believe a Source called it a rhyme of a year.
Some remarkable clues are 'Aint any amour', esong Shouted,'All I need', and esnegade' that characteristic Eminem. That has interested was that Jigga has not scared to aim his vulnerable side in of to to the songs like esong Of Cry'.
A Project will not appeal to the people to to those who likes them to them this atrocity has commercialised that comes from/comes from Nelly and Ja Principle. I reccomend listening the estillmatic' and Cormega is 'the realness'.
5 / 5
Although a lot of people compare Jay-Z is A Project with In the Stillmatic, creates Stillmatic does not approach. Jay-Z has dipped out of a untouchable classical, a better of his prime minister masterpiece Reasonable Doubt. To to The Songs likes them-him the cry of Song, Absorption, Project(the mamma Loves me), my personal favourite Renegade, which looks Eminem and is an only colaboration in a whole record. Some last four of his albums have been the little dissapointing and ossia the big relief in any true rap defender. It does not think that In the new an is not well, is also the pure classical. His just is not to approach I so that it adds like this. I will admit, In the the ether is probably a better in comparison to the absorption of the jay but does not judge for which is coming up with a better diss. Instead go for a music. Ossia A BETTER record to never exited in 2001(the only record that included approaches is System Of A Down Toxicity). If you decide to buy the rap CD and does not have this then chooses it up. Calm can not find anything better.
4 / 5
Unless Ghostface dropps his "Cuban Linx 2: Bulletproof Stock exchanges" for an end of this year, has to very sure in my alcohol (or yours) that Jigga has released a better hip-hop album (any album) of 2001. To start with to finalise, the papers of the jay are his best of then 96 "Reasonable Doubt." "A Project" in fact it takes a formula of In the "Illmatic", the short album (the project has 13 songs more the clue of prize, Illmatic has had 10) and little to any guest apperances and that is guests has to that be special ( has so only a guest in this album that drops it verse, Eminem; ape In has had him One.Z. In Illmatic and has had Q-Tip in a hook for "One Master." Jay there is Q-Tip, together with Biz Markie and Slick Rick so only for a hook in "Daughters, Daughters, Daughters.") Jigga Those who has been quite jiggy and commmercial of Flight.2 there is has gone back finally to do album for a street and he, any to win money. In "Project", it takes some balls and dips him on a line, and some results are the classical. This has not been the album has built, any Neptunes clues or Born Dogg hooks, just Jay-Z. A production in this album is a lot, a lot at the head of this time , has has not listened never songs like this first, each song is the suprise. Some the commercial yards are very acute and no quell'ad, is so only some beaten is bouncy so much could be the potentially hot so only. These clues are "A Izzo", "Jigga That has denied" (which is brilliantly together place), and "Ciao Hovito" (a hook adds and ailing Timbo has beaten.) Then it has a groundbreaking to the material likes "A Rear Ruler", "Daughters, Daughters, Daughters", "Renegades" looking Eminem those who has produced also a dopes has beaten, "Corazón of a City", "Or it does not know ", and "Project (the mamma Loves me)." Then theres the like this ailing song, like this at the head of this time , so only is scary. And it is the diss song. Some Doors and BDP sampled "Absorption" it is like this ailing, Jay ripps In the and Mobb Deep new aholes. If A Source does not give this album five mics, is the damn shame.
4 / 5
Seeing like this the album is spent almost the month in 1(so only look it
of month after his last album one same), was very curious
to see that Jay-Z was to come up with this time.'A Project' is the album better clue of a elepé,the blatant In the/
Prodigy diss 'Walks of the absorption with the patients has beaten that samples
Some Doors' 'Five To A -Jigga' better sample the
of samples, is throughout 'A Project'.Of Jackson Five
impulse in a shiny pop of an alone prime minister 'IZZO(.)' To the
vintage R&B in a contagious 'Daughters of Daughters of the Daughters'.Other winners
in this album comprises 'Jigga That Any and 'Hova Hovita'.
Jay-Z so only fails in this album when it touches to bore and also,too
cocky(goes 'A Ruler' Behind' and one dulls Eminem collabo esnegade').Another that that,Jay-Z has released another for the half album that objective all the world-wide that is Bruce Springsteen of rap:A Boss.
5 / 5
Ossia One of some more utmost albums of all the times. Everything of Jay-Z the creations are. This album is like this touching so only like a Black Album, which can look the Jay-Z soul, something can not say in another rappers. In fact I seat that Jay-Z is one of an only rappers that can feel you emotionally connected to. It has not been for the call the female thang, but ossia like me feels.
The cry of song is my preferred in this album, any lie, can seat and reflect with this song and the tears will come to my eyes, this song is like this real. Any one can relate to this song in all the reports in his lives and that is spent for in his past. I take that Jay-Z the albums are like his newspaper, in planting to write the book he he in the song and I for real feels.
In a side a light more this album there is a bit dayum very upbeat ran, the mark so only wants to be likes gives dayum thang Jay.
New York he again yall!!!!!
5 / 5
Is new one of Jayz door behind to some days of "Reasonable doubt"/"In mine lifetime flight.1". Of of the this is to exit has had this in mine cd player never of then. Some could say it was still too fast to fall another album but looking in that has had to that say that it feels likes was more personal that a last a has had. To the Songs like "Calm of the that knows", "Aint any Amour", "Taken on" and "Cry of Song" it is some of some tighter courses in an album but also one the majority of personnel. It has given out of you said to like this rappers that it has begun them to ask the one who he dosent have beef with. Some nomination is exited so only and has said that done the different reason the majority of time his so only clue of drop. In general I think jayz has has had papers and beaten tight to match each one which of some songs and that dictate. If calm never Jayz last 2 think that that this would be the Gothic start .
Whose only take my word for him!

Top Customer Reviews: Doggystyle ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
4 / 5
Formed: Record of elep Doggystyle like this always be my favourite album of Snoop Doggy Dog! In the vinyl is like this better! A lot of vinyl these days are a lot feeble and feel likes can break or curve easily, but this quality of vinyl awesome, to good sure he 180 vinyl of grams! Buy these things want to Snoop and the amour that listens the music an old school way :)
4 / 5
Formed: Record of elep Received in excellent packaging. My edges does not have prendido listening his.
5 / 5
Formed: CD of the audio Obviously adds it cd. My husband purchases this in my account partorisca his business mate in Cina, as they had not listened never of Snoop. CD add, the present adds!
5 / 5
Formed: elep Record Fast nave, produced excellent, exactly as it has described.
5 / 5
Formed: the elep Registers A sleeve suffers harm in a corner. It likes him-me my vinyls partorisca be form of mint when the new shopping.
4 / 5
Formed: the elep Record Ossia one 2001 Digitally remastered version -- No an original. Some sounds of elep like some digital rubbishes, and many of some clues have been redone with different background vocals and production.. If you are quite old to agree that to the songs like soyurder was of a Chance' in fact to to the sounds like, of this record probably will disappoint.
5 / 5
Formed: the elep Registers everything is well except two bloodlettings in a vinyl that the cause the loop consistently in a to same.
4 / 5
Formed: Audio CD beginning adds album of Snoop Dogg, and probably a better Snoop Dogg album of all time.
5 / 5
Doggystyle Like this always be my favourite album of Snoop Doggy Dog! In the vinyl is like this better! A lot of vinyl these days are a lot feeble and feel likes can break or curve easily, but this quality of vinyl awesome, to good sure he 180 vinyl of grams! Buy these things want to Snoop and the amour that listens the music an old school way :)
5 / 5
Received in excellent packaging. My edges not having prendido listening his.
4 / 5
Obviously adds it cd. My husband purchases this in my account partorisca his business mate in Cina, as they had not listened never of Snoop. CD add, the present adds!
4 / 5
Fast nave, produced excellent, exactly to the equal that has described.
5 / 5
Ossia One 2001 Digitally remastered version -- No an original. Some sounds of elepé like some digital rubbishes, and many of some clues have been redone with different fund vocals and production.. If you are quite old to agree that to the songs like soyurder was of a Chance' in fact to to the sounds like, of this record probably will disappoint.
5 / 5
I bad, is Snoop.

Ossia All has to that say
4 / 5
all is well except two bloodlettings in a vinyl that the cause the loop consistently in a to same.
5 / 5
A sleeve suffers harm in a corner. It likes him-me my vinyls to be form of mint when the new shopping.
4 / 5
Album to start with adds of Snoop Dogg, and probably a better Snoop Dogg album of all the times.
4 / 5
I have received this element today and was happy with this element.
4 / 5
CONFESSION of WHITE BOY 101, so only rap the own eminem and snoop dogg
5 / 5
A travesía behind in timing to institute, still one of a better rap album never.
5 / 5
The album adds! But, a vinyl has arrived slightly warped
5 / 5
good morning has buy an album of snoop doggy dog he and it maintaining 7 days. It have taken The Option of livrison prioritaria that has said fat max 3 day ..... Now continuous a repayment Touches his quota elever of delivery ke finally jai the paid touches absolutely at all
4 / 5
that it Follows a success of 1992 is 'A Chronic', a unstoppable duet of Dr. Dre And recently arrived Snoop Doggy Dogg quickly taken partorisca do in Snoop album partorisca begin, 'Doggystyle'. A lot of critics have asked if a charismatic youngster of Long Beach could underline for him with his proper name in a coverage of album. All a doubters was quickly silenced like this Snoop fallen to be considered one of some albums partorisca begin hotter never.
With the work of production has managed totally of Dr. Dre, 'Doggystyle' is one of these albums that to this day, ten years after his emission, still can be touched a whole way by means of. Any only has his production be imitated for countless producers but Snoop the rhymes in this album have been sampled peels each emcee of Jay-Z to Eminem. With joints of classical party like a swipe soltero, 'That is My Name ?' And 'Juice & of Ginebra', Snoop has tried that in spite of his reputation like the like this-called 'gangsta' rapper, can still songs partorisca mark to turn the party was. While this album has been influential to a lot of rappers, Snoop was influenced clearly for different artists of P-Funk George Clinton pioneering to rap storytellers like you Slick Rick like tip in a place-rear 'Lodi Dodi'. Snoop Also ameno his crew together with him like this Tha Dogg Book Kurupt and Daz exhibit his chemistry in erial Killa' and 'Partorisca Mina (...)'. Kurupt' Extracted on 'Is not Very Fun' is like this equally classical likes Born partners Dogg crooning. Snoop Fallen that it is in fact he freestyle on 'Tha Shiznit' and does not lose never beat it. A classical 'Doggy Dogg Mondó ameno one much more of all the world has involved. Dre Production together with verse of Snoop, Daz, and Kurupt is a material that the records unexpectedly are done of. A heart of A Dramatics is one touches of his perfect finishing everything.
Very precise to say you the one who the classical album 'Doggystyle' is. His sales records and the critical praise speak partorisca he. If you do not have this elepé, precise start and the take. If you can find a ultra-first scarce impression that contains 'G'z On, Hoes Down', you better grab that also. 'Doggystyle' Was a clue perfects to 'A Chronic'. A same young roster of future superstars has gone back partorisca aim that you are not a lot of fluke.
4 / 5
An excellent look in an artistic integrity of hip-hop, youngster Snoop Doggy Dogg has won some hearts of many with this for real beautiful start album. Always cool with the touch of transmission of jazz, these touches of same album a deep plus achieves of a soul with his sounds partorisca want to and Snoop ready papers and undeniably entertaining drawl. Each alone appearance of an album is surprising; like this ardent likes moon in the night of dark forest. Doggystyle Sounds like smooth likes flow by means of the pond. This current day and age of hip-hop, seldom has anything like fun and innovative like this. Snoop Doggy Dogg To good sure was- in this album, and with help of his fellow Dr. Dre (The one who has produced each alone clue, but has not been looked in any), Doggystyle certainly can call the gem.
Some signals underlined in this album comprises some animate 'G-Funk Introduction', which looks the bass partorisca run line and it verse of a crazy Lady Of Cholera, 'Ginebra and Juice', one of a more utmost hip-hop songs of all the times, laced for Dres. Dre Big sign-pitched trills of keyboard and electrical guitar of funky. A better part of a song, this in spite of, is byline Snoop, as it turns in an action of the lifetime. Another astonishingly clue a lot of fact is 'A Shiznit', which has the flute-looped heart and one of Snoop the actions more are in an album, as he spits alcohol-boggling rhymes, Snoop knife-acute remake of Slick to old school hip of Rick-hop classical, 'Lodi Dodi', another amazing action of Snoop, and sultry deep vocals of Nancy Fletcher, a famous soyurder Was A Chance', which is the history said for Snoop reminiscent of legends of Arab Nights. A fast-paced song erial Murdered, which looks Kurupt, Daz, One ., And RBX, partorisca an interesting jam, a classical 'The one who Are I (That is My Name ?)', With him it has beaten it signed by Dr. Dre, And one of Snoop better rap so only. I found it hard to think that the person here had mentioned a piano-laced 'Partorisca All', which looks partners Kurupt, Daz, and Lady Of Cholera, one of some better clues (was although Snoop was dipped). One follows very better is ' Is not Any Entertainment ( A Homies Can not Have Any)', which looks Born Dogg, Kurupt, and Warren G. Has some of a better production has not listened never, and is a Tortoiseshell of Mariah of the song sampled partorisca his 'Heartbreaker (Remezcla)'. Other points have underlined partorisca comprise a softly bouncing 'Doggy Dogg Mondó, which looks Daz, Kurupt, and A Dramatics (a group of famous soul). It is laced for an acoustic piano and the flute, a piano-laced 'Gs and Hustlas', one of some better clues, and a boss bobbing 'Bomb of Bomb', which to good sure shoes, and characteristic Lil' Malik. Those were all some clues , and was all excellent. Even 'Bathtub', An introduction to an album, meaning and the passion has had.
Partorisca Conclude my description, Snoop Doggy Dogg Doggystyle is in hip-hop classical. Have enjoyed each appearance of an album. It is quite obvious reason Snoop is other albums have not been like this very like this one, and ossia reason he no with Dr. Dre So much. Snoop The latest music is less bad, with an exception of A Game Is to having Sold, Any to have has said, but precise go back with Dre to repeat a magnitude of of the this. Always and for ever, Snoop Doggy Dogg first album will be the classical.
5 / 5
Well, look, In my opinion any rapper never approached to 2Pac levels or his poignant way with words. You are one the majority of emotional, direct and talented hip of artist-hop has not seen never. This in spite of, ossia really irrelevant when it comes to that thinks deserves a title of a better rap album, and, this be has said, this has to that be a better, quite-crafted, and creative rap the album concealed is not never state released to an audience of mass. It can not be like this influential or like this historically of entity like his predecessor, Dr. Dre Is 'A Chronic', but is arguably a better album of a two. It is so only like this incredibly entertaining in each way, his smooth G-Funk the grooves are like this fresh and stylish, and perfectly compliment Snoop lazy drawl of the delivery, as said of the histories of sellin' dope, blastin' guns, easy daughters, and Compton and parties of house of Long Beach. An album is fill also with appearances of guest of a camp of Row of the better Death MCs, comprising Kurupt, Daz Dillinger, Born Dogg, and a rest of a Dogg possession Rid, all that door his talent has practised own and sassy gangsta mentality to a table. While the majority another rap CDs take bogged down for too much of guest rappers, here his compliment the, he doing an album of any-of the points have underlined of stop. In the word, is PERFECT in each way.
I bad, really, each alone song in this album is absolutely terrific, and never once falls short. Of an incredibly pimpish opening skit of Snoop in his bathtub like his homeboys convene to the his tampon for the party, to a quota and sassy G-Funk intro which directs directly to a classical only 'Ginebra and Juice', the song that was unavoidable when he in the first place paste some streets. I mean it was bumpin' out of EACH CAR WINDOW has behind seen in '93, of some suburbs to some projects. His whiny synth-beaten of pipe and catchy dipped-the rear heart is so only simple intoxicating. A brilliant king-creation of a Slick Rick classical 'Lodi Dodi' frames for one of a pleasant plus and more playful rap the songs never writings, likes Snoop, with his lazy byline drawl, runs down the fast little history the typical day in an urban neighbourhood, of morning the night. This was one of Snoop the main talents, his capacity to take one the majority of unsavory subject @@@subject this in spite of look relatively unaffected for him all, in turns to do the just catchy and witty enough to remain accessible. With which this playful, easy-on-the-the number of ears comes soyurder was a Chance', which is probably a better song in an album and is without the doubt one of a more disturbing and lyrically the impressive songs will not listen never. A history Snoop careers down for the knots here is surreal and chilling, fill with paranoia and of the visions of death. One has beaten that Dre distributed thus like this pursuing, almost can listen your heart pounding with fear, especially during a hook that is like something out of the nightmare of the girl. Probably a more very known tune in an album this in spite of is 'The one who are I (That is My Name )?' Of then it is a song that quite clear-cut the one who Snoop Doggy Dogg was and that it is everything roughly. It can have the little overplayed when 'Doggystyle' first has been released behind in '93, but still touches fresh as never. A hook is still like this smooth to the equal that can be, some beaten still owes unavoidable boss-bobbing affects, and Snoop the papers are so only classical, a material of legend. One of a unsung the heroes of this album is ' Is not Any Entertainment ( a Homies can not Have Any)' that is so only a definite song if you are lookin' to sweet out of a party. Snoop, Kurupt, Daz And Warren G all trade verses with such ease and confidence, is so only the treat to listen. It is a class of the calm chemist SELDOM finds in hip-hop anymore. And Born Dogg soften vocals his like this pimpish in a slick, summertime beaten, his just awe-inspiring. One same can be said for 'Doggy Dogg Mondó, which has one the majority of soulful, R&B-flavoured vibe of a whole album. It is the fat blunted -shoot urban hymn in each way.
Snoop Tin a lot really be given all a credit this in spite of, reason a character of this album has to that so much to Dr. Dre Production like his fact. Dre Melodic G , patented-Funk production, complete with a whiny snyths, going basslines and soulful backing vocals, resupplied a party-friendly way of an album, leaving Snoop to give a no in, with his sure gangsta swagger, and resupply an album with his rich personality. It have to that it went it to it one of these situations where are a right time , a right place, a right group of people, and his so only directed to touch something magic. This album was incredibly controversial when it was liberto in the first place for several reasons (Snoop chances of the murder of real life was pending, C. Delores Tucker has begun his tirade against gangsta rap, etc.), And concealed can be that it have maintained has been-of-impression still United States like this long. But, now that it has been it to it to him finally king-released, there is simply any excuse any for the have if you are the lover of music and is in in all chance affiliated with rap or R&B. Especially considering is been digitally remastered, which touches 10 better times that likes sound behind when in the first place it was liberto. This would have to that be quite all these needs to be said, like this calm the ENORMOUS favour, and go to take this album. I trust, calm will not complain it . It is for real the experience to listen.
4 / 5
While any rapper can never approached to the levels of Tupac (in my opinion, at least), this has to that be one the majority of enjoyable and creative gangsta rap the album has not released never. And with a hip of street-hop the music is taking these days, is obvious that has not been topped never. Dr. Dre Is A Chronic can have stepped on some limits of the as the one of truth add rap the album can be, but goes included further with Doggystyle. Some beaten is more inventive and experimental that that is to be present in a Chronic; in the word, is awesome. And his perfectly coincident with Snoop is dipped-rear fashion. More, different a lot another rap CDs, some appearances of guest he included better. Ossia The album PERFECTO .
Each alone song in a CD is terrific, but yes has been forced to choose my preferred three, would have to be the murder was a Chance , Lodi Dodi and The one who Are I. There it has no really a lot I can say roughly the murder was a Chance . It is so only he downright intoxicating song. It is my favourite clue in an album. Lodi Dodi (Which is result redundantly imitated) is one of a pleasant plus rap the songs never writings. It is at all really eye-inaugural or impacting in that decrease in of the urban neighbourhoods. It is simply he masterwork of a lot of noise for nothing. As the one who The one who are goes, is a song of byline of an album. True, is the little overplayed back in '93 when Doggystyle was first fallen, but still touches fresh as never.
Dre And Snoop created some class of magic when they have created Doggystyle. It thinks of Dre likes John Williams and Snoop likes Steven Spielberg. Perfection. And now that is been finally king-released in some states, there there is simply any excuse any for the have if you are the lover of music . Especially considering is been digitally remastered, which touches 10 better times that likes sound behind when in the first place it was liberto. TAKE THIS ALBUM.
4 / 5
Does not have any word that can describe that PERFECTO this album is. If the 'Likes him A Chronic' for Dr. Dre, absolutely will adore this album. Has all precise and all calm has not loved never. Ossia Without the doubt one of a better G Funk the albums have not created never. This has compared to 'G Funk Was' and 'A Chronic', is impossible to say which is a better. If you are one of these people those who displease this album, something has to that be wrong with you because this there is easily enters Rap Soiled of Afamada.
Produced by Dr. Dre, This has to that it blows alcohol and that beaten of ear of the leaves have not listened never in a G Funk gender. Exceptional songs to be listened in this album is: That is my Name , Ginebra n Juice, Tha Shiznit, the murder was a Chance , Doggy Dogg World and Is not Any Entertainment (which is my favourite song in this album. It expects appearances of guest of Dogg Book, Dre, RBX, Lady of Cholera, Warren G (basically a crew of the row of whole death excepts 2pac).
Out of each rap album Snoop has released, ossia one better peel has shot long. I want to give props to Snoop to create such the perfect album. Ossia Perfect in all the classes of way and to that does not respect Snoop, FCK YOU.
One loves
-JK Dog
-BONE- And. 1999 ETERNAL
4 / 5
Snoop Dogg. Perhaps one the majority of beloved rapper and icon of culture of the pop of some last 10 years; Snoop has done the career partorisca be fresh. Although he like this half fact to solid album during his tenure in hip hop, any one has approached partorisca match his start, artistcally or commercially. When you Result a showpiece on Dr. Dre Is a Chronic, is resulted a subject hot of discussion in hip hop circles; while it is not one the majority of mindblowing MC never, is his flow and lyrical delivery that maintains an auditor mesmerized. Of some 14 songs in this album, seven of them are hip hop levels; That is My Name (with this diving "dog morphing" video),Ginebra And Juice(with this unforgettable
video of party of the house)Doggy Dogg World(with east hear to a 70 east looking A Fabulous Dramatics) and Is not Any Entertainment(one of a gratest together possession of all the times, with a prime minister apperances of Warren G and Born Dogg),the murder Was A Chance ( habladuría roughly irony, of then in fact WAS on tries partorisca murder)G is On, Hoes Down( which is in of the scarce copies of an album,of then was to take because of a uncleared shows). Place in his masterful remake of Slick Rick Lodi Dodi, Tha Shiznit, Stranded On Row of death, and a G is and Hustlaz and hip of the hop order and Deathrow the records in him is heights.
4 / 5
Ossia A a better Rap album of all the times. This in a same level as 'A Chronic' is hard to say which is better. Ossia The hip -hop classical without the doubt each song is surprising. A lot some songs in this album are overplayed (especially in a West Cost) but he no really @@subject. There are songs really well in this album that arn't has listened in a radio too often. My favourite songs are Lodi Dodi, A Shiznit, the murder Was a Chance , Doggy Dogg World, and G'z Up Have is Down. There is also some CLASSICAL Joints: Ginebra and Juice, That is My Name , and Is not Any Entertainment. I do not comprise like any hip-hop the defender could very like this CD. Snoop Not having never approach still to do an album that can included state compared with east, Ossia his only album that has been has produced totally for Dr. Dre, And he probobly be an only a. It is scarce now-of the-days for the a lot of-known rapper to do an album that is produced by a person the one who thinks them is unfortunate. It looks each album now has the song produced for a Neptunes, Timbaland, Jermain Dupri, or Blaze Justo. I think that Snoop does not love never approached to do another album as well as 'Doggystyle' need to take with Dr. Dre And person more.
5 / 5
This CD is, in my opinion, a better one of a Snoop album of suns. Another some am very real , but a lot like this one... Adapted of good time, when we have had Tupac still and Biggie with us... As Missy Elliott uses to say, time when "hip hop was like this entertainment"...
This CHARACTERISTIC CD the plot of rappers, and ossia the good thing . Buying the CD of the famous more rapper is the good tool to discover new rappers a lot already know, to discover is well.
My favourite songs in here is "it Is not Any Entertainment (If A Homies Can not Have Any)", "For All Nz & Bs", "Gz And Hustlas", "Lodi Dodi", "the murder Was A Chance ", "Shiznit", "The one who Are I (That is My Name )?" And "Ginebra And Juice". Well, ossia almost a whole album, to be sincere.
Has been for emission another Snoop Dogg CD of Swipes more Utmost today, to good sure roughly 3/4 of him would be songs of Doggystyle. Ossia One of a better rap CDs never, and this is saying the plot. It buys it and it has left the flow.
5 / 5
The words hardly can describe a quality of this album. Dre Beaten, Snoops The fantastic flow and his voice combine to the pefect mixes in "Doggystyle". Snoop Could any never achieve this level of his start of only again in any later album. Any marvel; "Doggystyle" it is the once-in-a-lifetime-attainment.
This album there has been the massive impact in a rap-industry and product some classical songs that still today rappers informs to in his songs. This comprises "The one who Are I (That is My Name )?", "The murder Was a Chance " and "it Is not Any Entertainment (If A Homies Can not Have Any)". These are a standout-clues of an album, but everything of some songs the utmost. There it has no the only weakpoint in this masterpiece. Aprt Of that volume some brilliant guest-appearances for Born Dogg and Warren G (those who had formed a group "213" with Snoop sooner), Kurupt, a Lady of Anger and much more.
Has a lot of references the Dr. Dre "A Chronic", in it Snoop first appearance. It is the class of the sequela; but it is included better that is predecessor , which dip L.un. In a map. But to the equal that have said in a start, has to listen to "Doggystyle" calm. It is definitively one of a Cup 5 rap album of all the times.
5 / 5
Snoop Dogg Reigned supreme in 93 with this CLASSICAL. Snoop Was perhaps one of a fresh plus rappers to surface of one west during this time, and when it falls this album, takes one east And one west for storm. And that result was his ABSOLUTE BETTER album up to now. Here it is a description :
the points have underlined of Albums: A WHOLE album, Each SONG here literally is the classical.
Production: Thumbs on, laced with some supreme skills of .
Papers and Subject @@@Subject: Thumbs on, Snoop does not rhyme like this today.
Originality: Thumbs up.
A Last Word: it is the shame that does not have THIS Snoop today. But in 93, it was on a world, on his game, and FOR REAL in his prime. He a lot of summit until it go to a corny Any Record of Limit in a tentativa to resurrect his career. But with Doggystyle, forges an unforgettable classical, up there with to the likes of Dre is Of A Chronic. Another STRONG recommendation for this album. Calm will not complain buying this album.
5 / 5
Has ANY ( ZERO, ZILCH, SWIMMING, ANY) bad songs in an album. This is saying to plot also. Each song is cut at all of amazing. Snoop The smooth silky flow remained with G-Funk resupplied for Dre, Daz, and Warren G, and utmost appearances of Born Dogg and a Rest of a Dogg Rid this album is so only pure butter. Extreme character in the each one one of his rhymes. Ossia My favourite album of all the times for my absolute favourite rapper. A Fantastic album with such songs of bomb like Ginebras & Juice, Aint Any Entertainment, Whats My Name, Lodi Dodi, , the murder was A Chance , Gz and Hustlaz etc etc. Any the one who is affiliated with rap or r&b require this album. Yes the recently arrived goes to buy this album well this second cause a vets of a game already knows and already the have. Calm would be necessary to be you slap for even reading this description. Calm instead would owe that be spend the time that gathers loot to buy this DEFINITE album. A must has for any one. SHABBY is for real the experience to listen.
4 / 5
Ossia One of some better albums in a history of music, any only in rap. Calm in fact can listen to the each alone song without skipping, which is a lot last to find these days ... If you want that some rap classical, control this start for Snoop D-Or-Double G. His flow is untouchable! The production is managed for Dr. Dre, Guest apperances the row of death comes from/comes from artirst at the same time, RBX, Daz & Kurupt (Dogg Book), Lady of Anger and Lil' Malik, A Dramatics and the little another. The favourite songs of mine is A Shiznit, the murder Was a Chance , Gz and Hustlaz, Bomb of Bomb, G Funk Intro, That is My Name , Is not Very Fun and basically a rest of an album. Calm included can listen to a skits, coming on now.. That often is concealed? It is perfect and one of mine all the favourites of time! You will want to all roughly that. Chillout And has left Doggystyle paste your ears.
4 / 5
Thinks that is sure to say, this is not so only "Snoop Dogg " better album, but is one of one all-time rap greats. The one who does not recognise this like an absolute classical? Even People those who usually do not undermine rap can not help but the like. This is to be produce for "Dr. Dre", And it has been released shortly after his own "Chronic" album. "Doggystyle" It is almost he likes "Chronic part 2" in the way. This has had of course some enormous swipes "Ginebra And Juice" and "The one who Are I? (That is My Name )", but it likes "Lodi Dodi" and "it Is not Any Entertainment (if mine homies can not have any)" like this a lot. Often it thinks of to the this album likes him the part of a G-Funk trilogy, with "Chronic" and Warren G " Funk Was" when being another two.
4 / 5
Man, memory '93 likes was yesterday (well perhaps any). But agree when being 13 years and my mamma that find listening to this tape (he tape, any CD). Needless To say has not seen never a tape again, but prime minister of mine older gave the copy of his. My mamma expósita that tape also, but ossia another history . Still although really I have not been to hip-hop likes that during this time, agrees to say like doping this album was. Snoop Has changed undoubtedly a game, as it was a big more rap to spear is gone in this time. Included in 2004, still it takes touched in reg. Rotation. Ossia Directly on Snoop in his better. This was when he has had a better flow in a game with a focus upper record that has retreated. If has has not listened never this CD, has to is been born with which 1993. Paz.
5 / 5
A reason am giving this cd 4 stars is reason 5 clues have been takes of this remastered reissue with one those who are I? Whats My video of name (agrees a version has modified Mtv touched). No the think was anything that imports this is to be take was but then can not agree the one who some 5 clues are. All an add toonz is here this in spite of among my preferred are
and juice
2.G'z and hustlas
was a chance
Bomb (fresh song)
liked a whole album really but those are a bit those that underline favourites of mine. I do not comprise reason there is so only 13 clues is and an original 1993 emission there has been 18 a lot of puzzling. If this had been an original 18 clue cd remastered would have given 5 stars no quesiton but his still a lot this in spite of.
4 / 5
This audio cd is more than the masterpiece or something like this, is simply a better talent All the Eyes On M!
A cast of trackz:
I_'Bathtub' 4.5/5
II_'G-Funk Intro' 4.5/5
III_'JUICE & of Ginebra' 5/5
IV_'Lodi Dodi'
V_ soyurder Was A Chance' - 5/5
INVERNADERO'erial Killa' 4/5
VII_'The one who Are I (That is my name )?' 5/5
VIII_'4 All My No z & Btches'
IX_'Is not Any Entertainment (If A Homies Can not Have Any)' 5/5
X_'Doggy Dogg Mondó 5/5
XI_'GZ and Hustlaz' 4/5
XII_'BOMB of Bomb' 4/5
This album is like this partorisca buy...
A GOLDEN AGE of Row of death:
-A Chronic
-All Eyez On Me
-Dogg Lunch
-the murder Was A Chance
5 / 5
In my eyes, an album more adds never has registered. Each one that like this of some clues of albums remains classics of beggining partorisca finalise. One of a prime minister rap album the never bought, like this hard 7 years and still is certified of throw the game. Never I have left this album goes dusty down Nelly is and Ludacris' that has pressed the oldest albums of some shelves. My favourite clue of all time is also in this album, a classical The one who Are I. Classical material is an only word partorisca describe each clue is, the reading was is likes read the hip more order hop the songs do not follow never ready. Songs all hiphop the partid√°rios has and Juice, Slime Dodi, the murder Was A Chance , Is not any Entertainment, Doggy Dogg World. A thing that mark this album like this well is the one who can press them game and only chair behind and does not have to that anything. Any in in front skip clues of filler, any in main skip annoying interludes. This in spite of there is skits, is neither too courts partorisca have that annoying, apes or is related to a song to the equal that with a skit first of the murder Was A Chance . Ossia The must has partorisca each hip hop defender anywhere, any the one who has has not thought never roughly that buys the hip hop album partorisca see whut a gender of music is roughly would owe that do east an album partorisca buy. Dre Classical production, Snoop never is recognisable flow with appearance of Daz, Kurupt, Lady of Cholera, Born Dogg and Warren G. That more can any hip hop to the defender reports?
4 / 5
Ossia Snoop Better album. Some beaten is classical old school . Some beaten is utmost, of then Dr. Dre produced Him. A rapping is a type escole old. Snoop Voice in his album is not partorisca like is now. It is fresher and some better songs. Some flows are utmost, also. The majority of some songs speaks roughly taking big, pimpin, having sex and partying all night. But it conceal to not to annoy me . While some songs are lake, are WELL with him. All some songs are well, but some better some are: G Funk Intro, Ginebra n Juice, Lodi Dodi, the murder Was A Chance , GZ And Hustlas, Serial Killa, and The one who Are I.
Wants to listen some abonos old-pupils rap or so only the big defender of Snoop Dogg, you gotta buy this album.
5 / 5
Snoop Doggy Dogg There is taken on the travesía in this record. It goes everywhere. All of some songs are well, and some do not take a props deserves simply reason are afterwards to some songs that is like this revolutionary. Dr. Dre beaten And Snoop the fashion was the combination concealed is not never state has duplicated. A bar is dipped like this big that Dre and Snoop is not still able state to go back to this scarce air.
A cocky young Snoop Dogg with the smooth fashion is yours drives of recognition . Ossia A better Snoop. Ossia A real plus Snoop. Ossia Snoop minus A bullsh t has any cornrows, any hair straightened, any experimental funky rap ways - only a Dogg. He he like this well. Any one only is some songs roughly of some better never, but Doggytyle the video have changed a rap music in the way that A Chronic is really no.
Behind in '94, Snoop has penetrated with 'Ginebra and Juice'. A song and a video are some of some better never. The the half-heartedly has looked for a CD without success. This in spite of a song there has been the powerful affects. A video, even more so much. A heart and some beaten is smooth likes hell, and Snoop dips it down perfectly. While it is so only the song of party, is went it hymn of king. Besides, a video is still hilarious to this day. Snoop Is exited g like this definite. It is also a first appearance of Lil' Bond Wow. (I only desire is a hard ). I do not go to diagnose he for you. If any one calm take it, has not been that to say you.
Soyurder Was a Chance' is a song where Snoop goes bit it further. A song is one of a More adds them never. It is my favourite song in a CD, and would contest that Snoop does not have it never has spent this level. Some beaten is like this ominous and some papers are tight. An ominous voice of a further and Snoop cocky youthful rapping this song one for some ages.
One 'Those who Are I (That is My Name )' video and a song come joint like the container extracted an album. Using technology in the rap the video was the enormous step . Ossia One of a for real anticipated prime minister rap video. Figure Snoop turning to the dog, and that careers of one 'Doggcatchers'. A flashy in your face has beaten together with Snoop mocking taunts dips in a map. A song is beaten is one of Dre better never (I just AMOUR he), the papers are significant, and one postpone is tight likes hell. Ossia Simply an astonishingly definite song.
Those are all of an absolutely imports to blow songs. Other songs that would be the endeavours of entities have considered yes was in other albums are: 'Tha Shiznit', 'Is not Very Fun', 'Doggy Dogg Mondó, and eserial Killa'. When I have dipped this CD in only chair behind and has left I the cheek. It is an experience and does not take never old. Ossia Mine, rap_lunatic is, favourite album of all time. Down waiting for like this clues. There is not never the time when I want to skip the little advance of clues to take to a clue I really wants to listen.
Thinks that ossia stronger that Dr. Dre Is 'A Chronic', in general. I prefer this album of more anything. While there is absolutely value a lot social in this album, calm can not blame Snoop for him. Snoop Is not the politician rapper. If ossia that is looking for in the Snoop record, does not seat .
Doggystyle Is so only possibly an album More adds them never. All can do is stand behind and applaud this record. Still I listen it blaring out of my car to this day.
Like this, if I have to say you reason you sould buy this album, has to be in an isolated island that eats by means of raw fish.
P.D. Snoop underrated But the a lot tight album, 'Tha Doggfather', is also any to be forgotten.
5 / 5
Amazing album but pressing vinyl a lot low quality/ of the emission is discoloured and contains holes. Record skips, has noise of surface of entity and contains any one insert or spent lyric that like this never. You avert to buy vinyl of this focus in a future.
5 / 5
Each clue in this CD is well. There is not A BAD CLUE to speak of, and ossia the enormous accomplishment for him. Ossia A perfect complete to A Chronic. Both albums define an a lot of character that G-Funk and rap is everything roughly. It is produced by Dr. Dre, And his influence is seen in each clue by means of incredibly irrestible beaten (one the Some Chronicles). This CD has some of some beaten better never listened in the rap album, remained with incredible papers and Snoop better fashion. Appearances of guest of A Dogg Book rappers is excellent, and ossia for far Snoop better rapping.
This CD CAN not BE COMPARED in any one another Snoop Dogg CD; it surpasses any of the his other albums with eases. There is like this classics in this album ('Ginebra and Juice,' soyurder Was a Chance,' 'Is not Any Entertainment,' 'Tha Shiznit,' etc.) And some another, this in spite of less touched, is equally like this good. If it Liked A Chronic (said of another way,, as real rap with papers and beaten incredible) then buy this album. It do not disappoint . This goes perfectly with A Chronic and a lot of debate that the album is better. Any way, calm can not lose with this album: it is easily one of a better rap album NEVER.
5 / 5
Stupid. Of the that Listens to a type on. ANY of some clues has been takes in this remastered version. A skits arrived partorisca be condensed to some songs, like this in place of having 13 songs and like 5 skits, takes 13 long songs. But any of some clues have been taken was. This in spite of, a thing this has changed is a sound of a register, of then is remastered. It is, this in spite of, changed partorisca a BETTER. I compared it to an original version, and a remastered the version in fact touches better. A music is more acute and clearer, and can say has used digital crew in this version in place of an analog crew in an original. Also it has the video on that. A remastered hip hop classical, one has to that definatly buy....
4 / 5
This is not bad music. It is music a lot very in fact. Still although it can not liking music of the piano a lot will not deny that it is good music . Reason is, his only no my type. And a lot of people with brains like rap music. So only it goes partorisca import your own buisness and listen your music of piano and drink your beer of diet. Now this album is a estupefaciente achievment in rap. Some of deathrows beaten better and Snoop better papers. It Is me better liked before it begins so only singing roughly when being the pimp. Buy this Snoop album and A Last Lunch those are is only albums really good.
4 / 5
4 / 5

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 25 ratings
5 / 5
This could be considered an old school hip definite hop album. There is given 5 stars if a chance had arrived intact. When I opened It, a front has been broken, and some hinges have been broken. In the substitute has not been hard, but has to that it has arrived in perfect been to the equal that has promised. In a music he, some beaten is classical hip hop beaten, created by some of some better DJ is of 90 east. In the' I verses are absolutely flawless, and his delivery and the flow are both vicious and versatile. You recommend this to any that looks for the hip adds hop album, or has included so only the good album in general.
4 / 5
Has ordered in a question of our grandson. It is thrilled !
4 / 5
Is the album adds but is nothing special . So only a basic CD, any one the deluxe edition or edition of anniversary.
4 / 5
Has ordered stirs it of vinyls of this vendor - This and an another has quite bad skipping subject.

Unfortunately so only like one of my records of Mick Jenkins THC, a full side of the mine Illmatic is unplayable because of skipping each one that 1-2 rotations
4 / 5
One of mine all the favourites of time. I think that that a vinyl is a third copy of him has bought on some years of then am such the there is not disappointed.
4 / 5
CD adds. A lot the street feels and papers. Ossia To good sure one of the mine upper preferred rap album.
4 / 5
Like this happy has bought them a rap bible on vinyl.
5 / 5
Thank you Rarewaves. Rid in an earlier date listed in compraventa, in the flawless condition and he take me behind to 1994. Amazing album.
4 / 5
One of a better hip hop the one of all the times has released albums on vinyl. The unreal sounds.
5 / 5
Conditions a lot well, has not had any scratch or anything.
4 / 5
Really love an album, at all bad to say in a content.

But a chance of the disk there has been two scrapes in a front that class of bugged considering me has been packaged amiably when it received it to them so only partorisca pull out of a streaky chance.
4 / 5
On vinyl so only the integer of different level that listens experience. Too ailing!
5 / 5
Had bought this VINYL partorisca a fellow old of mine. It admires IN The and ossia one of his favourite albums.
4 / 5
Mina a lot before tape of cassette has been RUN DMC is Creating Hell and of then, has been enamoured with a gender. Considered for more the one who knows hip hop well, Illmatic is not so only a better start but a better rap the album never fact and could not adapt more. In my humble opinion imagines one the majority partorisca articulate and gifted MC rap has not seen never backed with the veritable all star crew of producers (Prime ministers, Pete Rock, Q Tip, Big Professor, HIM..). Released during the summit of one was gilded underlines one much more of an underground has to that offered with unforgettable, unforgiving lyricism and unparalleled has beaten naking. If you are remotely the defender of a gender, this belongs in your short cast. So only the buy. I promise calm better like the result of.
5 / 5
Illmatic Is undoubtedly Bad In the' better album. It have not Written , Stillmatic, neither the edges of the god. In him it has released him this album in an age of 21. It looks production of a legendary DJ FIRST, Pete Rock, Big Professor, and . Now to a description.
Some starts of albums were with the courts intro has called "An Origin". Then it comes from the "NY Been of Alcohol". This song in my opinion, is lyrically In there better song never. Just control out of a first pair of bars of a first verse. In the' Rivals of diagram of inner rhyme that of Rakim he. DJ The prime minister resupplies the beaten rugged concealed goes perfectly with In the' papers. Afterwards it is "the life is the Bh" looking AZ. A production in this clue is so only wonderful. AZ And In the hips come corrected. AZ The flow and the papers are so only perfect in this song, In the' is a lot too but AZ arrivals partorisca fly a show. This song is followed for "A World is Your ". Production for my favourite producer of all the times Pete Rock. In the' The papers in this song am meant partorisca inspire young and poor people in a NY zone. One of my favourite songs in a elepé. "Halftime" so only it is in amazing. Some beaten is adictiva and In the' the papers exit strong like usual. "Memory Wools" it is my favourite song in a whole album. A production in this song is flawless and is so only follows it can vibe to. Ossia One that can dip on repeat and so only relax. In "One Wants to" In the rap roughly that is in prison. It gives the cry was the a lot of, comprising rival of future arch Cormega. Q-I do I a hook for this song. A next song, "A Time 4 Your Alcohol" it is mine less favourite in an album. A production is class of in a feeble side and In the' the papers are good but his flow is of the has bitten. Ossia A clue that I sometimes skip. " It represents" it was the hymn callejero. A uptempo has beaten of DJ the prime minister this a the preferred that requires to take hyped. "It Was not Hard to Say" it is a final clue in an album. Lyrically, This song is surpassed so only for "NY Been of Alcohol". You can listen a sample of Michael Jackson "Human Character" built to a song. To Lines likes them "Of a spliff that I impulse and inhale" he this one the true gem. Memory to see this video in television behind when to the BET has used to touch good music.
Illmatic Is the true classical and the must has for any hip-hop defender. Still if it does not like In it would have to that it has to that him this album. There is so only the little shortcomings in a elepé. It is in a short side, so only roughly 40 total of minutes. I personally like the albums the plus along better so only while they do not have any clues of filler. Calm will not find a lot for real wack songs in Illmatic. A Time 4 Your Alcohol is not like this strong like other songs but is not entirely wack any one. All the world, recommends that it buy this album.
4 / 5
Im Chris sad but possesses them illmatic and has possessed he partorisca years. When it have it in the first place the legustado more some songs, but are them way on the all except "the life is the B!tch", Ossia an only song that the occasionally still listen to. And the chair but a majority of Esham the albums ARE subterranean, infact his all are except his late plus "Repentance", which accepts them has sold was and does not listen to. But Esham has had beef with In the, Esham bad papers that that the hard paste would kill In the. In him it would go back him with something probably well, but wouldnt touch Esham. If it think Esham is not subterranean, then exited and cop Kkkill A Foetus, Enclosed Casket, Boomin Words Of Hell, or a lot another has released before 2001. It listens to Kkkill A Foetus especially (my preferred) and then tries to say me that has sold was and is not subterranean. It tries to say me that goes partorisca take radioplay of that. It is his election , and is classical instant (released the year before In the' illmatic). Esham' Operates it earlier is REAL RAP. Muthaf%ckaz Has scared of him and he does not give radioplay reason there scared of a truth. Esham So only declares a TRUTH. Any of this bull$ paste mainstream leaves f%ck a radio bling bling papers. And an only reason 319 people (has to them that be 320) has revised illmatic and the majority has said sweats the classical is reason In am FAR MORE COMMERCIAL that esham, and has wanted to more for a radio (which is not the good thing), and the majority of these 319 reviewers havent be opened on fully to rap, so only like this to which by all the world more likes. A typical rap defender or hip-hop partid√°rio that thinks partorisca know the one who a better rap is, will say ATLEAST one of some following albums is amoungst a better of all the times (in any particluar order):
In the - illmatic
Wu-Tang Clan - Enter a wu-tang (36 chambers)
bullies of Bones-n-harmony - And. 1999 Eternal
2Pac - All Eyez On Me
Notorious - Loan 2 Die
now the possess all 2pac album, biggie, all the albums of bones, and all wu-tangs and 3 in the albums - illmatic, is writing, and the sound..., This in spite of my opinion duznt transmission in esham and born, these rappers is still quite well for mainstream rappers (any all these albums are mainstream but these artists are mainstream rappers reasons a rest of there that the albums are mainstream), this in spite of an EAST of INFERIOR LINE...
Esham Is one of an Underground More adds them Rappers EVER, in my opinion is one More the add BUT I CANT SAYS THAT REASON have not LISTENED Each ONLY RAPPER (exactly that in the partid√°rios of the one who take the account - you cant call illmatic a better album never in hiphop when or havent has included listened The averages of hip hop this is to be produce, and then or say then his like this a lot of reason or havent has listened of him, simple, reason some the better albums are all SUBTERRANEAN and his whose commericialised his and of the that goes to a radio for radioplay, is based purely on word of mouth, which is exactly to the equal that listens roughly the), but in all the chance, an inferior line is...
Subterranean Rap calms Mainstream Rap
Papers - 9/10
Beaten - 7/10
Originalities - 8/10
In general - 8/10 = 4/5 = 4 stars
Has to that believe a hype? No, his nowhere approaches one of hiphops more NEVER, but appeal to mainstream audience and in the partid√°rios (what same).
4 / 5
Man, has slept on this for too much long(And call me to correct hip-hop defender). A day are watchin ol' school wednesday in rapcity(also bad does not avenge in anymore), has then seen In the' video, has not been hard to say. It was tight, and his lyrical the flow is perhaps an ailing plus of all the times(beside Rakim). I have decided to buy the then. A CD was like this gosh-darn short only nine clues(1st some the intro) But some beaten is bangin, and His flow is like this ailing, these just ads on to a value of a CD, HIGHLY
:So only he intro, like this usual
been of alcohol:Ossia my favourite clue of a whole thing, beaten tight, and and the good history said in a way of NY 10/10
is one...:An only guest aperence in a CD, AZ, very beaten slowly, and from time to time, or wants to be him in accordance with 9/10
4.un world-wide is yours :Another dopes has beaten, and In the raining down Ailing papers like the blessing of some heavens on 10/10
:Bassy has beaten, a strong plus in a whole CD, this has to that it has been an intermission for one halfway mark. I stagnate 10/10
Route:Nizza that goes has beaten dulcemente, and a poet once again blesses a mic with the good history with ailing papers 9/10
amour:bangin has beaten, and that the cries were to all those in prison
time for already of alcohol:More than the freesyly, but with well has beaten, and a legislation paced papers for a song(as always) 10/10
:Some beaten was aite, but a flow maintains to take lower 8/10
is not hard to say:2nd more, Hardcore has beaten, and some ailing papers also(A lot concealed has not been hard to say) 10/10
This arguably a more adds rap the album has not done never. He woulda the real state very dipped NY been to the import was for the swipe. After listening to this, and all another In the albums, can not help but think, it happend to In the. I mean sure rappers take older, but a GZA still has taken the tight flow. Well In I HAVE GONE BACK to his roots in illmatic(Thank you Goddess) Goddess sone was well, but at all really special. Out of all a never done music, this , undoubtingly, drop like this one of some more utmost albums of all the times.
5 / 5
Eat... Those who there is In the?
I dunno. It is that I twin the one who there is apparently blowin' on accident and right. A day, I never listened of him and an afterwards is takin' on half some sticks on .
Well, Are wary of these at night feelings and has decided any to believe a hype. But then my boy jamaican knockin' out of jafakins--said a lot to sleep.
To the equal that have despertador up. I have been to one record tent and chose it up.
And here is. Any I really gives it the good listen for the good while... And when finally it was in the quite bad way. It was lookin' to be disturbed on [my money]. I have chosen on a CD, rasgado of a shrink rap, struggled with this focus of stupid glue and stared in a coverage.
In an end, ossia the good album . I mean it was not Taken A Nation of Millons to Resist Behind, but, then, that is? Look, Ossia more than just the collection of some for-the-moment phat beaten. This will take more rotation in my walk that, said, Souls of Mischief--last new year phat hype feeling--has done.
In SOUND the sure talent. A lyrical to the beef is steak . A flow is differential and good. A muzak and the production behind is the upper notch. My only cause for complaint is that there is the sure lack of distinctiveness and originality that does and maintains to be more than just another damn very rapper. If it was necessary in Illmatic, I defintely be able to situate up there with a folks will be talkin' roughly five-ten years to maintain (I suspect will be to speak in an album in five years, this in spite of). But it is not too late. There have it always number of album two.
As where does this leave you? ' State of Alcohol,' 'A World Is Yours ,' 'An Amour' and espresente' is quite representative. If, after listening to those, can feel your boss boppin', goes for him. If it does not feel the groove, listens to them three times more. If calm still take any increase, punt. Suspicions was boppin' this in spite of.
4 / 5
Well, look, would like Me to in the first place direct all a haters. Like this perhaps In him it has suffered him the little recession in quality with his subsequent emissions with which 'Illmatic', like this perhaps his albums looked to result more and more behaviour of profit and image-conscious like his state of celebrity has grown and so that the time has been in, but, c soyencima now. Ossia Any reason to spend for big that estupefaciente this album is. It is the known fact that a MAJORITY of rappers, excepts to select the little, ironically do summit with his albums to start with. As it does not do to like the majority of the yours favourite rappers does not suffer a same complex. It is so only that In the' album to start with is LIKE THIS extraordinarily intelligent and LIKE THIS lyrically boss-and-shoulders on Anything more this exited in hip-hop at the same time, when his later work has begun to come, the people expected them for the do throughout again. As if this was included possible. Seriously, folks, to surpass a quality has presented here would be the difficult challenge for any one. As it does not speak in In it likes to them it is the artist regulates down , when practically it DIP a level with 'Illmatic'.
In his start, In has come him so only fill-tilt with nine songs that ponder on all some positive and negative appearances of black life in a '90s, the be social woes, life in a 'hood, friendship, loyalty, confidence and ambition, and he he everything with such lyricism that jaw of falls and an incredibly untainted and on-flow of point, there is little to do, but the there daunted chair when yours listening his. The social commentary is at all new in hip-hop, but a difference is In reeling them to his histories and the knots have done to feel likes was the part of them in spite of as customised the, and reasons under an ache, the anger and to the introspection could listen a humanity in this young man that all could relate to. I have thought roughly that revises this clue of album for clue, but when I have begun to write this and has begun to listen his of the start-arrived, like this usually do when I write my descriptions, has @to @give that there is not any sense in doing that. Each song is equally so to the orders the pleasure last a.
With solid and compatible production managed by DJ Premeir, Pete Rock, . And Q-Tip, the listed virtual of hip-hop anointed some, so only can imagine a depth and rawness of a music has presented here. Ossia A finer hip -hop the album concealed is not exited never of Queens and, enough possibly, a whole state of New York. Ossia Certainly the intrepid statement, he considering was a borroughs of New York that birthed a gender, but seat quite sure that says that. Included today, In sound still one of a better lyricists in rap music, but behind in '94, with 'Illmatic' under his tape, is all but untouchable. It have to that have no more hesitation in your part, especially considering an extremely reasonable prize is sold partorisca, so that the juice goes 'boss one' buy it. Jay-Z is not taken AT ALL on the, if I ask.
4 / 5
For any the one who called the to hip-hop defender and has not listened this calm album would be necessary to take it now still reason ossia one of, if no a better hip-hop album of all-the time. Nasir Jones, 'Bad In the' done one the majority of dense and in satisfactory album in hip-hop history. The majority of album is the mix of good and bad songs. This album not even has the bad sentence.
'Illmatic' Starts of with 'An Origin'. An add beaten like this In the insiemi an auditor up for a rest of an album. ' State of Quantity' taken immediately of some images Rakim resupplied when you his classics. Unbelievable Flow of In the like you venomously rap in of an amazing has beaten. 'The life is A B----' characteristic some appearance of album of only guest. AZ Resupplies the memorable to and would have to that be considered likes one of a cup 3 guest less adds them appearances of all-the time. On 'A World Is Yours ' In the closing again uses papers that creates images that is the clear crystal. His storytelling is surprising. 'Halftime' Is to classical 'old school' song to feel with the mix adds a lot of instruments. This song is incredibly addicting (all of is, but this one especially). Soyemory Stroll' Is the song adds with the real smooth has beaten. A background flange gives this song a precise depth be this in spite of another classical. 'An Amour' uses it the real funky beats like this In the again has his storytelling on exhibition full. 'A Time 4 Your Alcohol' is an incredibly that the funky beats like this In gives him a bit papers of auditor that want to wants to maintain pressing a rear key. Espresente' Is the raw song with some histories callejeras deep of In the. 'It Was not Hard to Say' has it booming the line of basses concealed goes perfectly with In the' acute papers.
This album is hip -hop in his more final. So only it does not take any better that this. Some look of papers if just flow easily went In the' atasca likes rap quickly-paced with to plot of of energy. Each hip-hop the partid√°rio would owe that possess this album how is simply unbelievable. Perfectly it does so that has 10 songs and in an end of some rests of albums to die for more.
4 / 5
After spending for everything of my old descriptions and seeing everything of my exclamations of 'Illmatic' as the classical has @to @give has had did not revise it never. 'Illmatic' Is definately the classical this has separated shaped modern gangsta rap. In the, Although it was so only 20 at the same time, is coming by means of with some better papers in any albums have has not listened never. His papers have attacked like this at the head of his time, and at the head of some 20 years In had been the in this earth. Although In the' the latest emissions have not gone never like this as well as 'Illmatic', In sound still one of a More adds them rappers never. If you have confused for those who is better in a battle of In the and Jay-Z, so only compares 'Illmatic' to any of Jay-Z' emissions, included esasonable Doubts'. In the' The papers are matched with production to notch upper, and a untouchable flow that clue in his life and the one who real In sound. If you want to begin to hip-hop collection, or like -you Any class of music, or has of the money, any one imports the one who are, choose this album on, listens to In the' distinguished flow, his legislation on REAL papers, and a hot production, and I guarentee you, that any one imports the one who are, will fall enamoured with this album. It is been 9 years of this album is exited and I still dipped he in my player of CD and listen.
Although each clue is special and sum, my favourite clues were 'the life is A B', 'the world Is Yours ', 'Halftime', espresente', and 'Has not been Hard to Say'.
Once again, ossia the fast-advance free hip-hop classical that it was necessary to be possessed by all the world.
4 / 5
Has has listened recently a Jay Z diss in In the in his album of Project. Please Jay you cant touch In the.
Has to that admit I really of to the one who likes the direction In has taken him a pair spent of album, but this album, this here included album is unreplaceable. These rows a lot up there with Liquid Spades as when being a hip more order-hop album of all the times.
A bit message. Jay Z bit In the Way. His like this obvious. His really sad to see like this to the to artist likes him the jay Z with of 95 partid√°rio base female diss a lot so it adds like Bad In the.
In Believes him original music. Jay Z Samples. Jay Z Sells more record, but is his music?
In Sells him album of million, any so many like this Jay, but at least can feel has more the respect and he does. His his music, he doesnt the fly to the music likes them the jay Z. Has respect of some partid√°rios true of hip-hop. Real hip-hop hippys really of the one who as Oochie Wally and soft side of In the, but In sound still In the. Simple and simple.
This album is better that anything Jay Z there is not dipping never was. Jay Knows that, a hip-hop the underground knows concealed. Jay there is jealously to In the, for reasons of money? The no. Can that the jay takes more women that In the, buy the big plus crip, spent more cars? Yea Are sure can, but can Jay Z said has a same level to respect like this In the? A lot he cant. It knows it conceal. A world knows concealed. Jay Can do the million registers that diss In the, but that wont transmissions a respect correct hip-hop the bosses have for him. Appearance "Stillmatic" it is the averages like this as well as "Illmatic" ossia all has to that be to result a classical instant.
4 / 5
Has had originally has estimated this cd the biased 3 stars for 2 reasons. To take the attention of the people, and for spite reasons have been tired of listened all the world-wide pause roughly the and comparing everything of his work to Illmatic. Illmatic Is in fact the classical start for In the, any one can deny concealed. With a fast history-saying delivery in 'An Amour' and soyemory Route' his shows of gifted lyricism. At the beginning when I listened 'An Amour', has loved so only he for one beats and a fast flow. But when I in fact paid attention a lot afterwards to some papers, has @to @give was the paper to his friends in prison (cormega) and do a same song that more enjoyable.
And although it is so only 9 songs, (the intro has had also the very beats) he still resplandores by means of. In it Avenges him with shooting in my favourite clue espresente', which is my preferred has beaten in an album and taking rasgado the pieces. 'The life is the Bitch ' and 'the world is Yours ' was decent quite a lot of clues, but no my preferred in an album. Some beaten was the little in a slow and soft side. An album in bylines with a very hot clue 'has not been hard to say', another song where In the so only calms. There you do not deny his amazing history-saying qualified in this album. But it has moved obviously out of this phase and all the precise world regulate to this. Mina unbiased 2 cents.
4 / 5
Illmatic Is an album that need any introduction. In there Interpretation of the like Hip-Hop was was the vision that was unmistakably original and incredibly good rapped. His papers were stellar, his subject @@@subject was subterranean and has contained some of one the majority of sincere and introspective papers have not listened never and a production was some of a better that a Hip-Hop the world-wide in general has had has not listened never. It has had to that very sure that In the' album to start with was to be the classical, included before it leaves lateralmente of paste. It has had something in of the this, In the' album to start with, ossia better that almost any one another Hip-Hop album in a phase today. It is, enough simply, a fact that In has had him something to say. If the be describing his life, questioning his own existence, rapping narrative callejera or resupplying with him plethora of poetry callejera, In the era one of the majority of gifted papers of some world-wide and ten clues of the next perfection come from that. Although In the finally would sell-is gone in a patient-fated I Follows... In 1999 and Nastradamus inside a same year, Stillmatic renewed his credibility callejera like the poet callejero more than the Pop rapper. But, any one imports the one who are, is hard any to thank In the for coming with something this original, it hard paste and like this brutally sincere like Illmatic. Without the doubt, ossia one of, if no a better, Hip-Hop album of all the times.
5 / 5
In the' all-time the classical start will go down like this one of some the majority of record of entity in a hip-hop gender of all the times. Those who concern if he 9 songs? "An Origin" it is a intro, but with those strikes have beaten like him the fact the perfect start for an album, dips calm in a perfect way. 9 songs of perfection. To good sure, In the will not achieve never this levels again, but in a positive side, has dipped in fact out of the few good albums lately, meaning "Stillmatic" and "One has has lost Tapes". But these stands like his best all so only. I do not see to like any one can complain in a production, bad is hip -hop, DJ FIRST (producing 3 of some courses), A Big Professor (producing 3 of them), ., Pete Rock, and Q-Touch fact some dope beaten with In the' spittin' his rhymes his own way, with influence of Rakim. Some people those who has called this overrated simply does not comprise an album. It listens for calm closely, while reading some papers, and so only relax and feel some beaten. It is hard to choose the favourite clue but is probarly "Halftime" or "Route by heart (Sittin' Give Parco)". Simply in amazing. Slept is? Time to wake up! Classical!

Top Customer Reviews: Dark and Hell Is ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
5 / 5
His first album and in my opinion, still a better of the his whole discography. It finds ossia an only album that it is liberto that it can listen to without skipping any clues.
4 / 5
Classical hip hop album - a start of DMX
Also, a vinyl of gold is is the good touch
4 / 5
Idk reason but does not possess any album of the his but has listened his music , any a lot of to say but is the solid album partorisca begin to finalise.
4 / 5
He isnt touching well, kinda warped, doing odd sounds, is likely live them with him, if you were partorisca give me credit partorisca another record, or send me the copy that reads perfectly, thank you
5 / 5
real hardcore rap: the test of the one who has used partorisca listen anymore
4 / 5
Wow! I have been the defender of X partorisca decades! The album adds. I am heartbroken has gone. It has expected partorisca he partorisca the do so only a time of plus. I expect that it is able also find a peace deserves. Utmost musical artists those who has gone until punctual.
4 / 5
Like this, has listened noise roughly DMX for the little while now, but has not paid any one his real attention until LL is '4,3,2,1.' Still with a LL-Canibus backstory, thinks that liked me his to a better.
'Think that says already
any me dipped already to somewhere
where any one can odorare already'
was to good sure the different fashion, if at all more. Of then, it is looked enough the bit, that releases 'Take In me Dog' and essuperior when being Greedy,' both a lot in-already-expensive, hardcore and quite good. Now, it is it has fallen finally his album, aptly has titled is Dark and the hell is Hot.
Thinks that my main fear was that his small 'arf, arf' barking would spend thin quickly, and in the then would discover that there was at all more his. Calm import, has not had any fear that would not be able to do bank. DMX Posters are during a place; it is plugged to a hype diagrams in the serious way. It will win money for Def Jam, to good sure.
Of course ossia the double-edged sword. Like Snoop, risk to be overhyped. If the expectations are too many big, will disappoint a headz to all the cost of a quality of his endeavour. Also, it has left expensive he: if an underground decides that it is too commerical, will hunt in droves. It will not affect this month paycheck, but could affect next year is when it is no longer MTV the current flashes, and will find has any audience of core.
In all the chance, are here to inform that there it has it more the DMX that a occassional bark, and strong production. DMX HAS some serious lyrical skill and the very good flow. Ossia The solid album , with only the few feeble clues. There is the clue of real talent here, and still in his toneless plus, is Dark and the hell is Hot has the plot of energy and lyrical niceitivity.
All is not to perfect, this in spite of. There is at least two questions. In the first place it was, in spite of a skillz, each one once in the while it thinks that that I am listening the Strictly 4 My blackz. It concealed it is not entirely bad--I has loved an album--but bend it to me apresamiento.
As, while it appreciates that it is taken essentially on a street gangsta mantle suddenly 2Pac and Cube of Gel prompt--and a hardcore way of production that has gone with him--a sometimes feel there is not enough of the self-political conscious and social conscious. I appreciate an angry voice so as any, but a gangsta nihilism that underlies some of this work is like this empty like big willie silliness this is been taking on mainstream hiphop. Like the result, one first irony of person of OG: Original Gangsta or Certificate of looks of death to be missing sometimes.
Left to be careful, tho'. They are not that it suggests that there is not any message here. There is enough the bit of the point or two, certainly with which we he the paste follows nine, 'Damien'. Neither it would suggest that DMX has any cure another that rappin' in bangin'. Calm sometimes has to that listen attentively, but to good sure tries to give an impression that worries , especially to a last half, as we will see. In another hand, has something in this album that the mark is Dark and the hell Is Hot far darker and sometimes included worse that need to be. I can any one quite dipped my toe in the, but is there.
In all the chance, DMX would owe that it has finalised here, but has finalised instead he with another of a damn run of possession. Anything. To the left it is feign , and 'blackz the fact has Begun Something' has not spent never... Or perhaps spent sooner in an album, and there is already dissected each alone line.
There, this was to amuse.
Well, before we wrap this on, would have to the signal was that some of you the one who does now will find the CD of prize with your copy of him is Dark and the hell is Hot. If it calls Survival of an Ailing and characteristic plus Ja on 'Intro,' some samples of albums of the Onyx, Def Instruments on 'Full Cooperation,' Cormega, and LL Quota J is 'A Ripper Strikes Behind.' It would revise him, but this is to go in too long how is.
Like this, then, an inferior line.
Knows that there is some this has been disappointed for this album, and think that comprise reason. Still, a truth is, ossia really the good endeavour. There are some really inventive papers throughout, phat presentation and except the pair of bad elections, a production is tight. If it likes gangsta of material, has taken probably. If you are tired of that, then probably will hate it. It is quite simple.
Has three types of clues here: (1) one in-already-types the stock exchange of paste gangsta like bragster, (2) some histories callejeras, and (3) a rest of him. DMX has known more for (1) but think that is more in (2). Another material, really could any me worry much less roughly, but are everything up in some the histories and included a gangsta-bragger. Phat Material this, boy.
Suggests that of the the serious listens the 'History of Crime,' 'Sinister M Fly,' 'ATF,' and 'Damien.' Then try essuperior when being Greedy,' 'X-east Majority,' and 'Take in me Dog.' Spend for those the moment, then tries 'Look Thru My Eyes,' 'Prayer,' and 'A Convo.' Now give a whole album listens it. This is not quite one all-time classical, but think that you will find that this was the value each penny and you will be to touch for enough the moment.
DMX Is a natural boy of the ours gangsta eighties. It is a Cube of Gel prompt and breakout 2Pac that like this of us lesgustado and with quell'identify. It is by train to maintain to base for an east part, but anything, is all one same.
Well, Almost. In a level, I really like this album. DMX Is the real talent, with the slightly familiar fashion, but a concealed in an end is all his own. A production is usually tight, and appreciates an energy for behind his delivery so to the equal that appreciates a thought for behind his rhymes.
In another hand, this album is like his title. It is dark. Included when practically it is defending--so much in 'Prayer'-- has the cold and a lot scary detachment. There is an almost sociopathic clinicism to his histories. I remark it thinks that that it says, but there is the cynical air around he everything. It does not think that it is to say immaturity (that it can be it been the cube sews), a view of the young man the one who unemployment thinks is invincible (that it can be it been 2Pac what), or included a man the one who has given up. It has not been that it is, but anything is, is calculated, and finds that a bit baffling.
Perhaps is so only an effect loves. If it is, work.
Thinks two times roughly 'Damien.'
Perhaps really is a natural boy of our time. I dunno.
Choose it up and to the left know me.
4 / 5
With like this hype surrounding "Darkman X," the finally decided to buy his prime minister CD. Although I have it that has liked him always, the era always leary of Ruff Ryder emissions been due to a redundant (and often times annoying)production of Beaten Swiss. To the left it is so only say the taken the one who the payed stops.
The intro has the 2 and 1/2 min. Cut in an end, was X cry " it was my dogs in" in a hook. This was the promising start , one of a better in a disk, likes X growls blended perfectly with a intesnse, but the darkness has beaten. Have almost there was askin' was MY DOGS were in. After up it was a Ruff Ryders hymn, which for a time the taken a disk has been touched was, which is not well for the like this superficial song in concept in all the chance. Another point has come underlined with Look By means of My Eyes.
But a @@@zenith of a whole album is going in clues 13, to stop that Is Greedy. With the clue that touched likes was straigh everything of the film of horror, X alternating flows to use his flow of fast fire to say roughly a good side of his personality, then gives way to a "hellish touching" organs like backdrop to the his scornful growls in that say the one who dangerous is. It is an emotional rollercoaster, and the song ossia like this deep in concept, has to be his crowning .
But like this talented likes DMX is, has left with bland and unasuming beaten to rap on. While it can be effective for some artists those who love his papers to be a house (ossia Black Satr) this no for X. Songs like F Devises D and show of History of the Crime because X needs beaten strong , powerful to do his growl and the sinister opinions much more effective. In a radio swipe How is Goin' Down (on mine alltime favourite hip-hop & r and B callabos), they some opposite and add more bases to the song that was already perfect, that turns a sweet ghettoo song of amour to the only bases he in some speakers. Yuo Tin a lot hardly listen rap. Sometimes less it is more.
In an end, X rest to fend for him, and the arrivals the attractive was and half album all for hiself. No those attended of a next king to rap. But like X would owe that know of In the (any X is not like this well it lyracist like this In the, but is like this obliging), any subject like talented is, calm can any never be king until your production on point.
4 / 5
Ossia DMX BETTER CD . But unfortunately, it is not all that add. I have been always much more of the defender of production that the defender of papers, likes done that DMX quite always habladurías in a same thing would not annoy me while a music was a lot. But really it is not ... No the majority of a time, in all the chance.
Calling this bad CD would be unfair, reason has several songs enjoy. But out of some 19 clues, a majority is boring and drawn-was.
On the dot in fact, one of some better moments for me was a intro. Some beaten of behaviour and serious rough? Gimme More than that. I wish a whole album could have been that well. Like a rest of a nation, could not help but bounce to the long of the 'Ruff Ryder' Hymn' and a potential has exhibited on 'Take In me Dog' had salivating me in anticipation of this album.
But to to the songs like 'Look Thru Of my Eyes,' a bland ' can Seat' (I knows the producers are diggin' deep in a crates for samples, but Phil Collins?? Naaaw.), And a devotion of bully 'For My Dogs' so only killed this album for me.
Each few songs, this in spite of, has the VERY promising clue. One bundle- step-loan 'How is Goin' Down' is the first example, as well as my favourite song in a CD, 'History of Crime,' of the one who minimum bass, beaten and bongos maintain my boss noddin' as nothin'.
So that it is to say the mediocre album . There are some very good songs sprinkled among some very bad songs. Swipe or lose. But look in him in this way: his prójimo two album were absolutely TERRIBLE. It has had at least the few moments to redeem in his darkness, hot descent to Def Hell of Jam... haha.
5 / 5
DMX Is the artist of rubbish. But this album is classical.
Some 3 albums afterwards is one.... Pure rubbishes.
I of the that sees likes DMX can come from clues like utmost like "to stop that Is Greedy" to do clues with Sisqo. His sad. DMX Has still has lost always my respect has had for him.
When This album has fallen all begins far and the width felt this . It has not imported you it has looked TRL, or if you worshiped subterranean emcees. You felt this . You cant front in that.
Very few clues are samples . Album very original. Better album a Ruff Ryder focus there is not dipping never was. I attach in fact one a lot so only one.
Each clue was a lot of product and to the plot of time has been dipped to the east. After this DMX is exited with 3 other albums less than 2 and the half years. That that says? Rubbish to a full plus.
DMX HAS a potential to be I so that it adds like this used the partorisca be. But he the one who his focus says. To do an album to attract the female audience. You cant blame. Hes Doing millions and millions. But it has lost respect after "His Dark and the hell is Hot"
knows DMX never read this description but yes so only spends to listen to this message.

Know you has lost respect it and calm has sold was for a cream. Cant Faults really cant, but I wouldnt has is gone in a same direction. When the sales were to a hip-hop the cheek of the tests is in paralizaciones east yaself and does not have any amour for an a lot of the art concealed you millions. It spends it behind in some streets.
4 / 5
DMX Is to good sure one of the mine favourite rappers. No quite 2Pac, In the, KRS-An and the little another of mine favourite, but probarly in a cup 10.
I bougth this in prompt '01, the few years with which is realese, and is side of the money, to good sure. It has taken the classical album , but presented also to the rapper the one who there is now becomen one of mine favourite. These bangs of albums to start with to finalise.
A intro to " it is Dark and the hell Is Hot" it is one of a more intros never, listens for calm. It is more as the song, with last it beaten attacks and with X rough voice and strong (which is one of a reason I amour this cat). Another thing I amour in this album besides X voice and a dark production, is a bit those that guest apperances, mostly done a work he. Still although it has taken the little, which is also the good thing. His all does the work adds. My favourite courses has to that be : Intro, Ruff Ryders' Hymn, Damien, to stop that Is Greedy, F Talent' D, Look Thru My Eyes and has left M Fly... But his basically all hot, calm mean can in fact included listening to a skits. Prenderé Now, but will finalise to say taking this if you are in rap/hip-hop 'cause ossia in my opinion the classical street. With which this, the calm promise will take hyped until taking another X album, is that well. Classical.
5 / 5
Here is a song for description of song of DMXs Album to start with
Ryders Hymn-his Best song so only has believed 10/10
D-Well has his Raw fashion 8/10
By means of my eyes- is likes Canibus this good 10/10
in me the dog Shows his fashion of Raw Battle 8/10
me Fly Resplandores Lyrically 10/10
7.X is Coming-Raw fashion and Without Justo cutting awesome 10/10
a hell is Damien fences in beats a lot one for DMX 8/10
sound that goes down-Adds 10/10
History-he a lot rapping 8/10
when being Gready-A lot near 9/10
the strong fashion the tears up is one 9/10
my Dogs-Beautiful Aweome all a way 10/10
16. I can feel he-Again shines Lyrical wise 10/10
18.un Convo-Beautiful Awesome the well has beaten 10/10
the papers Add and beats any production adds
Papers 10/10 Production 6/10 X factor 8/10 Way 8/10 Voice 9/10
Music 10/10 Innovative 9/10 Classical 8/10 Guest 8/10 Blends 5/10
Global 81 wich is the 4 Mic relase need better production
4 / 5
First of all, loves to give this album 4.5 stars but I can do any the have done like this 4... This DMX' beginning cd is really, really good but no it fulfilling the true classical likes some of calm do! Ossia defenitly DMX' better album and probably also a better Ruff Ryders album this in spite of but ossia reason does not like Ruff Ryders in of absolute, thinks that is quite wack! This album contains some very good songs and in fact SONG VERY BAD! But it does not think DMX has the very good flow, he rap bit it choppy but his papers, in another hand is quite thight... Some the better clues in this album are "Ruff Ryders' hymn" wich has the really catchy beaten wich and'aal has listened probably allready, I also like "Fckin' Talent' D", I think that that has one has beaten more, was run "Damien", "to stop that is greedy" wich also has he catchy beaten and " it can seat" wich also there is Phill Collins' clock like Lil' Kim has used... Well, all can imagine was is that ossia defenitly DMX in his better, in his next albums no extracted like this very like this here... But still, it remains one of a " I add" rappers... In all the chance, love my joint, buy this cd immediatly, included if it does not like DMX of a lot, has the good song on he for all the world...
5 / 5
This album was something hip hop required at the same time. While all has taken flashy and gaudy bling blingy and shiny suity, dmx has arrived. An ironic thing is that this album was such the success adds . Basically it believes them it does 2 type of rappers in a field of hip hop: a lyricist and a one has fill with energy. dmx Is quite poor lyrically but he definately compensates for that with his energy(although "n----- done.." It is to add") with his gruff voice (he so only the sounds as to confront left out of his cage!) hardcore Papers, and interjections like "that!" And "arrrrr!" It can definately rock the crowd. It is like this different of another hip hop laws today those who confidence of the metaphors or of the papers of fast fire. Control out of "taking in me dog" "intro" "atf" and "to stop that is greedy" looking for the hardcore artist with a street credentials? Taking " it is dark and hot hell "
4 / 5
DMX 1st album was like this touchy mine (perhaps because of being some kinda to the person has disturbed so only likes D.). I know it does people those who say that this album is feeble but when I have seen D in MTV alive I so only felt some hairs maintain in my arms. I touched with songs like "the stop that is greedy", "Damien", "How it is that under" and "A convo". I know his lyrical the skills are not like this godd like this In the or Clash Black but I really like this album except "For my dogs". He hard, he real and rep some streets. It has taken karma. It has taken the voice that rocks your trousers out of you. It likes to listen this CD. "Taking in me dog" it is my favourite clue .
Knows is not the Roots, Cormega, Tragedy Khadafi or In the but he aight. And you real, you gotta recognise a real... It feels!
The mine is classical: 5-stars.
5 / 5
This album has to that be one of some albums of better start for any artist in some last 10 years. DMX Gives to a lot of street, gritty, and dark album with this start. A title says it everything, HIS DARK and HOT!! Some starts of albums were with the skit that pursues to the song that is the really good song. Some other good songs on here are 2- Ruff Ryders Hymn 3- F Talent D 5- Look Thru My Eyes, 6- Take In me Dog, 7- Sinister M Fly, 8- X-east come 9- Damien, 10- Hows the in descendant ....... You know that, Im that goes to finalise list a whole album like this im that goes to take
is the rap defender ossia the classical that you cant lose was on and if yours the DMX defender and of the that has this CD, ossia unbelievable, and or need to paste a tent and choose on this cd some next time goes, be you disappointed!!!
4 / 5
To good sure can call this album the classical because tip his versatility ( essuperior when being Greedy' and 'Damien' finds rapping in of the different voices, while 'How is that Down it is the successful neighbour for some ladies), his religious way without being too preachy ('Sinister M Fly'), and his energy, of course ('Ruff Ryders Hymn', 'Take in me Dog', 'F'n Talent Of and 'Any z the fact has Begun Something'). In a song last, Mase and A Lox the guest there is starred on there to aim all the world-wide that has not been dressed a lot shiny rappers of Bad Boy. DMX also said of the good histories on 'ATF' and 'History of Crime'. In the each album that follows is one, everything of his songs has too many 'That?' It is and 'Coming On!' It is, too many Swizz the beaten concealed derived of Casio, and too many songs that to his likes waste of this album.
5 / 5
Is Dark And the hell Is Hot is an album that anxiety DMX to return to and record to another exactly likes to of him. Partorisca East was when it was a hard plus , and his music has meant alot mine. "Taking In me Dog" and "How it is Goin' Down" taken me his in a first place. And then "Ruff Ryders Hymn" I me really the big DMX defender. His voice was so only like this ruff behind on here, and has spoken of a heart. It was almost like this very on Flesh Of my Blood of Flesh Of the mine then is so only state partorisca suck on And Then had is at all To this cd!So only directly it was to require to some to the hard papers like in "ATF" or "History of Crime" or "the stop that Is Greedy" or "Fukin Devises' D" or "Damien" you know that I bad!BUT ALL The PRECISE WORLD-WIDE THIS!Calm only bomb you up!
4 / 5
Has listened this or is not still the very well listen, DMX really done the name for him and a lot quickly, any one a lot rappers can do it like this quickly like , to to the songs like to them to stop when being Greedy and Take In me the dog is 2 good reasons so that they are in club bangers to take this cd, DMX ameno of the raw papers and lake to a rap game, already has the good place in rap history, and to be inducted to a Hip Hop the room of Fame would owe that be the quite big honour, Earl Simmons (DMX) has the voice adds also, well partorisca rapping at least, any so only the good rapper but no the bad actor also, but this cd is among a better of our time, DMX still is that I give that it loves, so he calms any taken this, "taking in this dog"!
4 / 5
Has not expected any a lot of when purchasing the east has loved the mainly reason has had an only 'Ruff Ryderz' and has expected all some another would be alike and for some reason I crude that 'Up In here' would be in the, any included ask me me. :) Anyways Enjoys the majority of some songs in a start, mine fav be 'Ruff Ryderz', 'Fckin' Talent' Of ' and 'X-east Come.' Also I enjoyed a skits and a last number is not too shabby. If you are not the DMX defender and so only loves a single, download and burn them. According to me, this CD is not to value he. I enjoy to listen his each one once and the moment while they are in the bad way and require to plot of 'angry music.' 'Nuff Has said. Sad ladies DMX...
5 / 5
Tin a lot of realy says that it does not like dmx. But I will say you it is not a better rapper. Also to the left I know that ossia an only album that would have to take it you of sound. The flesh of my Flesh was good but no like this very like this. First of all ruff ryders the hymn is a thing that was goning on for ever this in spite of is. Calm then volume to this ... Talent D and a production is perfect on there and continue likes that by means of a whole album. Like this there realy is not a lot can say is bad in this album. But I can say that dmx has said a material still on almost each song by means of with bark of dog or devil. Although it touches alot one same in the each clue that stop no the mine done bad. People like variaty but something sticks with him. So that the endeavour is very good and can not say his wack but can say that it takes to bore quickly so that thats was a star goes.
5 / 5
AILING BEATEN. DECENT rhymes. DMX No really active a lot to say. Those times can present them says where my dogs in?
In all this album is AILING likes of you partying, but has aimed any one the bit of idea.
For those of you to to which likes to listen to versitile rap, DMX is not your man. IN THIS ALBUM speaks in a same thing each one another rapper , weed, sex, murder(of course has the pair of the clues where search to exit like the decent man).
BEWARE! When calm in the first place listen an album will be enticed for some beaten AILING-ossia that past mine . I copped an album of the partner, took it home, touched it and there is then @@give that a brother there is no REAL state lyrical skills- was strickly beaten. I give DMX props in this zone because without some beaten, is quite outdone for REAL rhymers likes CANIBUS, RAKIM, IN The, etc.
4 / 5
DMX is probably an only rapper that are given roughly, and will say you reason. He a lot of yell and the cry in what money has or that adds a afamada is. It follows with which clue, has said an auditor in his mark storytelling fashion in flights of past tent, treacheries, and gunfights. It concealed it is not everything of course, but is quite some basic words of his songs. And they are all very good writings (in spite of some bad words that so only the immature people can not resist). More in your face that Jay Z, more intrepid that anything the smith has not done never, and the better composer that any one another rapper there, DMX is probably a better rapper of this decade, or thus subject, any decade. I highly reccommend volume this CD and another 2 has released.
5 / 5
Any one imports the one who or is or that type of gender of music or like his hard any to like DMX. He he ameno hard and always remains true his, thats because respects more than In the or Jigga. It is a prime minister to spend a deep raspy voice and still cant be duplicated any subject like hard that coward Ja the principle tries to touch like. This album there is alot of the clues add my preferred are: Intro, Ruff Ryder Hymn, Taking In me Dogs, ATF, to stop that Is Greedy,has left M Fly, How is Goin Down, Damien, X is Comin, and N the fact has begun something. This Album is his best and the mine is the classical, if or of the that has this album ur losing is gone in a DARK MAN adds X.
5 / 5
This, enough frankly, is one of some albums of better start has them has not listened never. Only question has them with him,is concealed is is overburdened with songs. To touch really good. The rhymes are of sound, the beaten is listenable,.It does not add , but allright. Background music,ADDS. Some the better songs in this album are 5 Look Thru My Eyes, 7 has left M Fly, 9 Damien, 10 Hows that Down, 15 For My Dogs. All has joined Other songs are really well, saves for the little. This album is MORE To good sure value your money. To good sure one of some better starts and one of some better albums ive has not listened never.
5 / 5
One of a hard plus, darker and more hardcore the albums have not done never!
standout Clues in this standout the album has to that be "F'n Talent D", "Accident M Fly", "the stop that Is Greedy", "How it is Goin Down", "Ruff Ryders Hymn" and "taking In me Dog".
I producers comprise PK, Fat, Swizz Beatz and Irv Gotti (!) & Lil Rob
has looked the artists are A Lox, Mase, Tug-On, Are Big, Kasino and Free
each one rap the partid√°rio would owe that possess " it is Dark & the hell Is Hot", it is the classical
5 / 5
Ossia to good sure DMX elepé better. All some songs are well. With one dark and beaten of subterranean type and X strong raspy the voice done this album the true classical. If it likes you of any one another DMX album, to good sure will want to this an even more.
My favourite songs are: 'Intro', 'Ruff Ryders Hymn', 'Look Thru My Eyes', 'Take In me Dog', 'Sinister M Fly', essuperior when being Greedy', and 'has Eaten.'
I hope DMX maintains to do album like this one in a future. It would recommend this album in any DMX defender or any to this likes hardcore gangsta rap.
5 / 5
This album is just freakin' well! It liked Really of this album to start with. Has adds replay the value and is utmost when I have listened he for a first time.
An album has songs a lot good and production a lot good. When Have in the first place listened a intro has been dice. It has been it likes look the And 1 Tape of Mix for me.
Ossia The must has classical!... An only question with this album is that there to ours likes 2 of clue one could be remained was. But the one who the lacks in of the songs goes back better songs! The peaces was folks!
5 / 5
Some first time have chosen this CD up was in my friends house on 2 years' does. Never I have included listened of DMX, but has loved to give it the casualidad, likes to give all the music. Tonight I have walked out of the type has changed. Later that the week has done to stop in a tent and elected on a better CD has not bought never. Each clue is the masterpiece, of a intro, to a finely has dipped ready skits. One for one, Earl Simmons has created the work of art has conditioned that it can not be topped. A "Ruff Ryders' Hymn" it is an urban classical, with the raw sound and has beaten that still bangs in of the parties and of the clubs today. Another swipe, "taking In me Dog" it is another rough, and his urban, which can take any one is adrenaline soaring. The messages of entities are detailed slope of to the the songs like "Damien", which has some of one has built enough the papers there is not coming never accross. The Others to clues like "to stop that Is Greedy" and "ATF" relect on DMX life callejera displaced, which poden grab yours attention and never to the left goes. It runs softer likes "How it is Goin' Down", "A Convo", and one infamous "Prayer" show DMX softer side, and take was some of an anger and anguish that is listened throughout everything of some other clues. This for ever will remain the classical in a hip hop industry. He king open numerous doors for an east cost rap subject, and hip-hop in general. Ossia A calm disk can not be without - satisfaction guaranteed.
5 / 5
Man, any one has written that this was a better hip -hop the album of all time was trippin has been listening to? After a 3rd clue, has taken to ail and tired of DMX yelling was "dog," "ruff ruff," "yeah," and "uhh"; ossia not even close the good music. If I ask, DMX the papers are feeble (especially with his obsession in a word 'dog'), and his beaten is some usual Ruff Ryder . I do not respect DMX at all and this album was almost likes disgraceful likes all of the MONEY of record of CASH. I trust, this album is taking WAY TOO MUCH exposure, and no the merit .
5 / 5
4 / 5
I follows to write this CD on June 29, 2001 and are by train to write it reason have read the few descriptions thus CD and am very disturbed with that has been said. DMX sucess With this CD and his another would have to that aim that this CD is better thatn says that it is. All these (...) The one who say that this CD is a lot well is bad. They say DMX uses minimalistic the beaten and his papers are repetitive. Perhaps his beaten is not like this complex or so only like Dr. Dre Or Tug-In the beaten but is sufficient and many of sound catchy. Has all 3 of the his CD is, all duquel has bought inside a first week with which there emission. His CD of prime minister is undoubtably his better CD. His like side of the was and this third was a lot of good. His CD of prime minister has a excelent his flow and does not have any song that anoy me at all. I can not say that roughly a lot rap CD is today or never thus subject. There is so only the pair of 2Pac CD is (and perhaps Biggy According to a) this has the flow and overal complete feels to them concealed is better that this CD. I think that that it is a excelent CD and one of a better rap CD is recent years .
4 / 5
Mina 10-year cousen loves this CD. He not having never has listened even of DMX (This in spite of does not find the a lot of people those who have) as when he poped this to his player of CD and enjoyed this music is so much state has concerned. This characterises to swim but curse, and the down black place (Any, are not the black), and habladurías in people and a VERY BAD world!!! Now included I am begging paralizaciones to to those who does not like never of this CD and thinks are adds. Oh The gentleman has wanted to please everything.
5 / 5
This album is an only album of DMX that has there is not enjoyed never. A rest is everything mediocre with only the few good songs, if any one. Ossia His first album and is believed more. It is trying to try well your attention in this album. Any another touches all horrible reason already has your attention and knows can force feed worthless music. Take this album to see the one who the artist to struggle to sounds likes him before it sells era.
4 / 5
Calm in the first place has to that comprise that he seldom done an artist, or the group does not mark never two classics. This was more certainly the dope classical. So only like In the, Mobb Deep, ., Epmd, , Black Moon, ... His all there has been his prime minister cd his fact. They have had something partorisca say. Partorisca Go back to a second and partorisca obtain that the same fire is hard to do for the majority of character. I seat that a day will be able to do this again. In the' Prime minister cd is my fav of all the times, but included can not step to this one again. Dmx Has escaped of everything of a bs in this industry and ossia one of some reasons because the feel a way the do roughly lucido. It sees alot think Tupac was a More the add but ossia bs. Poeple The one who has done this fool is mainstream cats without real idea of the like hip hop really is. If you want to know quell'hip hop is control out of krs-oneeeeeeee
4 / 5
Ossia the really good start for x but I still perfer flesh of my flesh.
A ruff ryders the hymn has the really catchy beaten and is one of a better in an album.
Thinks that damien is a better, a beaten is glorious and some papers are very very done, the stop that is greedy has the really catchy has beaten to, left fly and look thru my eyes are both heats to and has eaten is such the clue.
Takes this album and of the flesh of my flesh
4 / 5
Out of everything of his albums, this one east his best. Honradamente, Each clue is quite sweet. Has everything of DMX album, and is everything sweet, but this one taking a cake. I like this a a better because of the his only hard, but danceable fashion of music. If it likes- it dances it to you, but love the good, hard, bumpable CD, ossia a a to take, trust. With which have taken loaned he of the partner for the week, was hooked and is resulted a X defender. "Taking in me dogg!"
5 / 5
Ossia definitly The classical. Calm could any never go without this cd. I have bought his another cds first until it has decided them has had to them listen is a cuz of a good material has said roughly that. Theres The song on there the didnt knows was on there and this would be Like his Goin Down. I have imagined that it was in an of Clue cds. There is no bad song in this cd. Ossia One you listn the abundance. So that it calms of the that has taken the,
5 / 5
Likes gives DMX his props!! His fashion of rap and a force of his voice is so only, and is a highpoint of the mine each rap experience. All these folks so only hating in lucido!! A thing that draw more after his and his music is 17 and 18 in this CD. AWESOME!! Any one a lot of rappers will go there in his report with God(maintaining a curse has turned the grace and a hurt turned the faith,no more than course and sliding in a cause of muck am sure) To THIS CAN RELATE! DMX Maintains to press, maintains to represent a a the one who really counts when it is everything says and fact. Yes the hell is hot, but maintain to believe in on THE, and calm will not feel never a heat. To ALL YOU HATERS: it does not close he in the cage, any mistreat the, said want for the knowledge here is for The EAT!!! FOR MY DOGZ- RUFF RYDERS-CRAZY AMOUR, DRUNK, TIL The END!!
4 / 5
To Some people of only reason likes them is because cries. It is a wackest MC never, probabaly. And it does not have any talent at all. Calm have has not listened never rap when he dosen't cries? It touches wac like this hell in 14 of some songs. An only good song is Ruff Ryders' Hymn. If it think DMX is a better east cost rapper, then does not know at all in rap. An only good rapper in Ruff Ryders tug-On.
4 / 5
5 / 5
DAMN!!...Habladuría To to extreme Saying likes the real with your and damn catchy!!...Some papers and beaten brilliant that marks or sees that the life is damn doesnt bad or would have to that give continue going!!..DMX has said likes is in a likes is when it comes to be of the true dawg...."Like this taken for me to suffer for my brother to see a box to hurt the please the gentleman extracted a lot of"...grrrr!!!..Damn Shining!!
5 / 5
Has taken this while behind ,sometime last year. It has taken a depression adds also,but his easy wins it probably be declared like his more lp out of one 5 that comprises glorious very dark dmx way,but of this x has changed.Some the better songs are a ruff ryders hymn,can it to them feel,taking in me dog,left mouche.ou gotta Takes this an out of all a x album.
5 / 5
DMX has released the a lot of albums but my personal favourite is " it is Dark and the hell Is Hot". Reason? Reason like this classics. Of "Intro" to "Ruff the hymn of Ryder", ossia an album More adds them never. Here it is some first 5 songs , which are my personal favourite !
Clue 1: the song Adds with the subject dark.
Clue 2: Personnel favorte. Big swipe in State of '99!
Clue 3: the song Adds!
Clue 4: -SKIT-
Clue 5: the song Adds In general!

Top Customer Reviews: The Marshall ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 32 ratings
4 / 5
Formed: Audio CD As it has announced. You recommend
5 / 5
Formed: Audio CD an album that the one of all the ways of good titles
4 / 5
Formed: Record of elep So much the records were different. No like this listing. The amazon was any help .
4 / 5
Formed: CD of Audio has Bought he partorisca my brother and am assuming liked. I have not listened any complaint like this far.
5 / 5
Formed: CD of Audio Ossia Eminem in his prime. This record was perfection of an extreme to the another.
5 / 5
Formed: Record of elep Eminem the album more adds. A must has partorisca Stans there
4 / 5
When I have received a product has received a first disk of Marshall mathers lp and a second disk of a Eminem show instead of Marshall mathers Lp according to disk.

One first half lateralmente A partorisca Marshall Mathers Lp is cut mostly or streaky, so only a skit in some works partorisca begin and Are partorisca one the majority of part and the little in the middle of The one who has known.

Side B partorisca some the majority of the works of part except are behind.
4 / 5
All a new vinyl the records have bought was perfect ... This an east prójimo, but there is disappointed has had the pocolos scratches that has repeated the few words, until you have had to that create physically to move advance of needle .. And yes, has the new, record player of vintage of big quality .. Another that that , the service adds .. So only wish my favourite album any skip ... Still recommend Amazon.
4 / 5
Love this record. A sound is better that he out of a telephone of Music of Apple. I am using an audio technica more economic turntable and the Marantz integrated amplifier. A phono boss with a turntable would owe that be swapped with the best a.
4 / 5
Third time that receives this element and he still skips in a Side, all master is the copy of this album and his a lot of disheartening that can a lot of so only take a good copy.
5 / 5
Solid and dense disk, but The song to première jumped several parties..
5 / 5
Has bought he partorisca my brother and am assuming liked. I have not listened any complaint like this far.
4 / 5
So much Agree was different. No like this listing. The amazon was any help .
4 / 5
Ossia Eminem In his prime. This record was perfection of an extreme to the another.
4 / 5
Eminem The album more adds. A must has partorisca Stans there
5 / 5
Better album the never listened and a time of delivery has surprised!
4 / 5
His add but when it took it to them a door of disk has been broken but his do not treat it big
5 / 5
Few selections of paper but another that that, a MM elepé are adds. I love it, looking for a Eminem show a low $ 100 now lol...
4 / 5
I amour Eminem and his music and I was to good sure a lot disappointed with this album! Sooo Well! I love it!
5 / 5
To to The My partner liked but found some of of a content bit it hard. I have said it it was Marshall quotes 'his' the people want to want to.
5 / 5
Am writing this description that looks behind in this album of a present day. This is to be release while it Notes 10, and was a 'what big' to listen the around his emission, and cemented Eminem long durable career like his sophomore album. Although some of a instrumentals are add, find a CD is to do fault his ego and used like the half to express his frustration with his money expósito new and afamada. Eminem The partidários has better deserved that this for his 2nd elepé official, something more creative, more pleasant, twisted but in the light hearted way (Thinks A elepé Shady Slender, or 'Any Man' an only). Instead we listen the man has frustrated pout roughly all some questions of money and afamada, and direct his verse of anger of the members familiarised and another rappers. This Album has belonged 10 years his fame, no in his second album. That the waste.
5 / 5
Any @@subject that side of controversy around Eminem supports, a can not deny his talent. After all, would have so much fuss around an empty one-dimensional pop-to the product of culture likes some of a reviewers tries to label. Any way! We are to treat to an album written for some a lot ready, sarcastic, and witty person, the one who is hobby is to do provocations. Nay-sayers, Irons to @give that with each anti-Eminem tongue so only that calms want to you partorisca do.
Regarding an album under questions here, find it very good. Perhaps a better rap-album of Snoop Doggy Dogg has fallen was 'Doggy' of the his moniker. And it is it has appointed officially a fast plus that sells rap-album, also. It is sucedido is to a large extent based in Eminem infamous start, 'A elepé Shady Slender'. But Eminem way of movements further and develops his fashion. Calm can not deny his incredibly postpone skills. You can enjoy all the ways partorisca rhyme in this album, each fact with finesse. An amazing thing is that this type is really doing it better that 90 of present rappers, although ethnically it belongs to totally another culture! A way organises his musical accompanement is surprising, also. And 'A Way are ' with his sample of piano is one of a music written better accompanements in the rap-song never. Eminem Shows to vary rapping ways, touching insurances every time. Good work, Marshall!
A point of controversy is some papers in an album. It has not been it would owe that speak roughly that. So only to listen to an introductory blah-blah, and especially one 'The one who has Known' song, one would comprise that it is everything roughly. So only it likes a lot another rappers, Eminem parody of mixes with frustration, truth with fiction, outrage with irony, explicit papers with undeniable postpone talent. So only that this mixes perfect. Hot debates around an album so only tries that we are to treat to the a lot of talented action, and would have to that estimate that there is here. Reason, frankly, the interior a moment has no noticeable competition partorisca Eminem anywhere afterwards.
5 / 5
After such the toneless CD like Slender Shady elepé, is finally time partorisca Marshall to master his undoubted talent, and the finally call the Rap God, the man the one who has turned a world-wide to the rovescio because of the his papers, his controversy. A first white type to have similar state in rap world. But reason? Well, as I have said, it is everything because of his papers, his attitude. It is now finally kicking the toneless points of a world, cussing people of gay, that speaks to plot more in drugs, to plot more roughly suicide, roughly murder and sexuality. If you are the reading of father this and calm is thinking will buy this CD for your boys or no, has to be take the little scared in the content of this CD. Well, Eminem does not give the f in this class of has thought, if you offend easily, if any volume that is saying, if you can not say that it is the joke and that is not , then this CD is not for you. You are that it goes to continue Eminem for his genious the work like other people has done? It is your election , but calm can not say Eminem is not one of a More adds them rappers never with which listen to this CD. I can you do not explain reason, Eminem is in plot more intelligent then was in his last CD, finally is kicking a, really, kicking unbeliavable rhymes. More, this CD looks another Rap Of the like his 'creator' Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Born Dogg, XZibit, anti-Christ superstar Marilyn Manson and singer of pop Dido. Also it imagines Eminem band: D12. These guests so only do this CD this special plus. To the left loan my favourite songs in this CD: 'B Please II', looking Dre, Snoop, XZibit and Born Dogg; 'Criminal', one of his the majority of controversial songs the one who cusses people of gay; 'Drug Ballad', is needless to say the contained of this song; 'Kill you', which speaks in his mamma and other things; soyarshall Mathers', which takes Slender Shady' alcohol of elepé, the song the one who habladurías in Eminem he; esbronceado', which looks Dido, tongue roughly suicide, song very interesting; 'A Real Slender Shady', which speaks in a whole plot of artists that tries to copy Eminem way and, a better a, 'A Way Touched, the total masterpiece. I have interviewed Eminem done a year and he has asked as it could write such amazing song, wonderful. It has said that some papers come his when it is angry and that has taken the week to write this song. Well, I have taken more than that to comprise all a song has had to that say! This album would cost for this song so only, but takings to whole plot more. A must-buy, rap masterpiece.
4 / 5
An emission of Marshall Mathers the elepé has to that it has driven stirs it whole of Eminem-haters crazy reason, with this second album, Eminem has tried was here to remain . In my opinion, ossia a better of Eminem first three albums, taking a rap and hip-hop on more than pocola notch of some already the tall heights have achieved in a elepé Shady Slender. The only personal fashion of this artist really the explosions advances here, giving the beaten and the much more complex rhymes and musically the experts that that came before. Besides, Eminem for now has come thoroughly to the his own. Deliberately it is courting controversial, daring his critiques and that would want to have him censored or simply has closed was to somewhere to step external with everything has. That will look under a violence and a swearing and some offensive commentaries Eminem the frames in his papers will find the deeply complex person with something of entity to say, the man that , in his own special way, the point has underlined a class of real questions a lot of do of young people in a modern world, and some toes to accuse signals in all the directions often do fault to underline some intrinsic questions in some character and society he. And, how it is wont to say, is some faces of only person enough to say these things.
This paste of album a paving that careers with Killing you, the clue that announces to a world-wide Eminem confidence in him and rejection to be able to and critic. This level of consolation and confidence looks for to add it boon to a next clue Are, the song in revokes it functions and touches an innocent well write the one who is too late to help the deeply turbulent defender. Eminem Maravillas in his own stardom in The one who has Known and Marshall Mathers, breaks an informative to a Eminem-haters that are Behind, and taunts the all, with the little help of RBX and Sticky Fingez, with a clue Remember?. A Way are is a song of entity, like this Eminem clearly comprises that his public presents is not Marshall real Mathers but is quite anything some people think that that it is; to his critics, always will be the subversive criminal corrupting a youth of Amsterdam, but to his defenders is something very different. Songs like Amityville (looking Odd of D-12) and ... Please II (with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit And Born Dogg) has shouted some levels of violence and strong tongue until the level that could not appeal to all Eminem defenders, but some clues are a lot well dips era. Criminal is a perfect end to an album, the final statement in Eminem character and an interpretation that does for an audience in big. This in spite of, one the majority of clue of entity in this second album, in a lot of ways a song that me the defender, is Kim. This clue, he prequel to a first album Bonnie and Clyde 97, is understandably controversial, seeing so that it is basically to fantasy in Eminem that murder his woman, but in the a lot, way a lot odd is in fact the song of amour of classes. Few songs can rival he in of the terms of an immense power communicates, especially to an end when Eminem basically is that it shouts, leaving goes of all a treachery and the rage feels inner .
Are not really to rap and hip-hop in general, how is difficult for me to revise album like this. Further that tries to communicate the one who estupefaciente I thinks Marshall Mathers the elepé is, to to a main point would like to of the mark is that the person simply would owe that refuse this music without listening his for them. A lot that objectively I damage Eminem he casualidad still will hate a type, but is much better to determine your own feelings in the first place-rid like this opposed to dissing a type simply reason have listened is violent and dangerous or reason some group there is labeled influences it to him bad in of the young people.
5 / 5
Master or hate, is hard to deny that Eminem is a better rapper today, and can be a better rapper of all time. His clear diction, delivery of fast fire, beaten innovative, and mark of ready papers for a lot of entertaining music. It has not won it Grammy to swim.
This Grammy Rewards CD that wins is awesome and powerful. The songs like A Way are and Marshal Mathers is sung with being able to and conviction, while a humorous plus Some Real Slender Shady and The one who has Known is provocative and ready. And Eminem the alive actions of these songs are even more powerful and obliging.
Estimate this CD he whopping SEVEN STARS:
A Way Are
A Real Slender Shady
are Behind
Kill you
also taste Marshall Mathers and The one who has Known but no quite enough to take the star. Some defenders will be surprised to see that they Are has not taken the star. It likes-they Are me, but it is not the song wants to listen to to the plot like them to them some another.
Indications: CDs is estimated simply for which the good songs are in an album. The songs adds to take two stars, and the good songs take some stars. Songs that takes any star is those that could like me but any one enough for the give the star or some meeting bore or actively aversion. CDs Is not penalised for songs that does not like me reason are enough of easy to skip on. There is do not number maximum of stars the CD can take, but of course a more star takes, a better a CD.
Like this with all the descriptions, these are my subjective opinions in an album.
5 / 5
He. Finally I am taking around to revise Eminem. Ossia The hard album to revise , and you more probably know reason. I will not be quoting too many of some papers in this description for obvious reasons. [ There is to plot of profanity], and has everything of these violent papers during a place. ...
An inaugural is feeble, and a lot so only a pointless 'Ad of Public Service 2000.' 'Kill' of the starts was a lot of promising, but early only tugs on and on to an end, and turns to one of one the majority of obnoxious songs I√Į¬Ĺsees has not had never a dubious like to listen. Eminem HAS some stars of guest in '... Please II,' and still then can not save a song to be one of some worse entrances in a whole album. I can tolerate patient and material jokes, but any 'Ken Kaniff' or 'Kim.' Other smaller entrances also comprise 'Amityville' (with some terrible rhymes ploughing arrive and when be repeated in a heart) and 'Drug Ballad,' (that suffers the beaten toneless and an annoying piano in a background). Any to mention a whole thing is too long. Hardly any of a music here is worth it, leaving the hell of the plot of ... And farce, the majority of that I active has mentioned already.
' Are Behind,' 'A Way are,' and 'A Real Slender Shady' is quell'has bitten better, but still annoy me. And although you are it√Į¬Ĺs not saying to plot, esbronceado' is a better song in this album. For those of you the one who does not know a history, has four to having connected of the catchy woman of vocal section. A first verse is the man has appointed Are writing to Eminem in the friendly way, giving a 'defender a big plus' classify' of paper, that says like this can releate to some papers and wants to be like this Slender, and also to the equal that is been moment to the card behind. A second to Are the paper that describes his feelings of aversion, frustration, and refuse reason thinks Shady is by train to ignore. It mentions that short to be as it Eminem was to be in his songs, and a way can relate to all this Slender said, and declaring 'all say is real.'
In a third to Are has gone entirely dice and begins to register the tape for Shady, and taking drunk, pipe ninety with his promise in a trunk. It feels that it deserves the response and note that could have been something near. Now it has said that it is not to like his idol, some angrier commentaries to a recorder tape and walks of a bridge. Eminem Starts out of a to final subconscio that Are has done, answering with the friendly paper, giving an autograph and promoting Are to take counseling after listening that to Are likes cut his wrists, that says that it was so only joking in his songs. Excuse partorisca is disappeared Are fulfilled on and taking like this long to answer. Finally it promotes they Are to maintain his report with his promise that goes well, and wait that a paper achieves Are before he something crazy, like this the type has seen in television the one who was drunk and has driven in the bridge, 'coming to think of him his name .' That the song adds. Certainly any one some better papers never, but an interesting history acccompanied peel catchy beaten, and those are some two good things hip-hop has to that done of offer in his better.
Eminem HAS talent like the rapper, but to seat likes squanders his talent in a level unnecessarily extreme of profanity that takes really boring after the moment, and a violence and the sex so only ruins an entertainment of some songs. .... Raisin.
5 / 5
Soyarshall Mathers elepé' Is without the doubt Eminem' the majority of impressive and disturbing album never. Calm can see grow and mature like an artist with each album. His second album a lot so only surpasses a prime minister a, the strikes clears out of orbit! So only when I thought that it that it could a lot possibly take more than disturbs that it was on 'A elepé Shady Slender,' has surprised me still again.
Be warned, this is not for any the one who can not be offensive papers and disturbing content. Ossia Eminem The darkest album and more vicious, and does not resist his mouth behind for the second. As disturbing like his songs can take, still is able to his work superbly. It is not so only an album fill without-take profanities or obscurity, there has to that done the structure and his plan everything.
Like this very like this the album is, an only small question has with this that looks more impressive that sincere. If you have listened his his album new plus, calm then will know that I bad. While it is a lot of lyrically sincere in time, to to only looks like says of things specifically for value of accident. A magnitude behind 'A Eminem show' was that one impressive and to the honesty was a lot well has balanced. Still, ossia a second exceptional album that still impress me today.
Like a lot of song in an album, but my preferred are 'kill you,' esbronceado,' ' are behind,' soyarshall mathers,' 'the way are,' 'kim,' 'criminal,' and 'the real slender shady.' They are really all a lot of good and there has no a song I aversion at all.
Eminem Is soyarshall Mathers elepé' is the dark and relentless album that will impact and impress a lot. Again, this is not for any to the one who they to any one like him to him the offensive papers. So only maintain import the majority of his songs are said jokingly or is a 'hot-of-the-moment' feelings, which heads to some songs that the intense sound. If you are a Eminem defender and has not verified out of this album still, ossia something would have to that think some the next times want to take the CD adds. Eminem So only maintains to improve more and more like an artist. Each album improves and better.
4 / 5
Yes, the does not possess this but the take loaned this alot of my sister. Eminem Is one of only four rappers likes them. Eminem Is one of a quite known rappers today, and behinde his swearing and vulgarness is really talented. A good thing in eminem is that his songs are not forgettable, and he grabs my attention. Ossia My preferred eminem album because his darker sound, sadest, and album more mature in my opinion. My favourite clues are to KILL YOU reasons has the very beats and has excellent angry papers. Also I like him To him they ARE that objective his true talent like the writer of song. I also like The WAY ARE which also has angry papers. A main reason reason likes them is because of his papers. Another song likes them is CRIMINAL which is less darkness and more bouncy with him catchy tune. Some songs the does not like is The REAL SLENDER SHADY reason was overplayed this in spite of is touched alot, and some papers are bad. Another song the does not like is to AGREE ME which looks the type has called REX and STICKY FINGAZ. Global the think touch the album adds. A main reason reason likes them is reason can relate them to some of his songs and the amour his papers, and his voice can be annoy in time but his mostly well. Ossia The album adds to take although his no for a faint hearted. Has a lot of depressing papers. A more than depresses the song would owe that be KIM which is mainly the song with just eminem shouting and yelling in kim(woman) roughly to the equal that has slept with another man or something. A song is sum but his mainly so only yelling the music. Lyricswise This also is my preferred eminem album. A lot it prefers metal, likes to please notes that the like this, that has to that be very good. So much for some papers 5+ stars and for a music 4 stars. Some the clues keys in this album are ARE, The WAY ARE, and The REAL SLENDER SHADY. All the all the album adds, has to takes like rap. THANK YOU To READ.
5 / 5
Like this well like elepé shady Slender and a Eminem the show was,ossia a better of a three. It has taken this a first day is exited,and still listens his is not my description:
. 2000-(4/5)A pleasant plus . Never
-(5/5)A fictional history in an obsessed defender.
-(0/5) Is ten boring seconds and is not pleasant.
Has known-(5/5) tongue roughly like his music has done an impact in of the boys.
Berman-(3/5)Any one is cursing out of Eminem reason hates these needs to write to be shot(oh wait,this spends in a Eminem Show).
Follows-(5/5)Calms all know ossia one of some better songs.
Slender Shady-(5/5)Calms all know this a resembled some prime ministers solteros in elepé Shady Slender( soyy the name Is')and Eminem Show('Without me')
M-(3/5)Mina less favourite in a cd.un first write the one who rap sounds like the priest that tries to take a demon out of the value that the controls was this in spite of.
10. They are Behind-(5/5)I like this song.
Mathers-(5/5)A better song in a cd with said in NSYNC,Britney Spears,New boys in a Blockade,etc.
Kaniff-(-10/5)'Nuff HAS has SAID.
Ballad-(5/5)Mina 3rd preferred is basically roughly doing drugs.unla Song a lot good.
-(5/5) Is odd,but is less bad.
15.B Please 2-(5/5)Outshines an original.
-(5/5)Ossia one the majority of physcotic the song is roughly is killing his is better song.
An Influence-(5/5)Odd,but ape to listen to.
-(5/5)4th more is roughly like the people accuse them of the crime everytime writes to rhyme.
Is cd is less give listens it before starts to complain in of the this is always on here complaining in an is a Eminem cd,which attended?And reason thinks that that that has dipped to the parental advisable sticker is?People,if calm offends you for bad tongue,then listen to another if you are an auditor of the music has imported opened ready to listen to something well,then give Marshall Mathers elepé is to good sure Eminem better.
Better songs:Marshall Mathers,Kim,Drug Ballad,Criminal,Kill you,the way are.
Worse song: memory express surprises in his sudden and overwhelming popularity in of to the songs the 'Like Those who has Known' and soyarshall Mathers'.
In a whole, Eminem preaches his audience that the fame is the satisfy of the bull and he will not be celebrates it his, any @@subject that money or attention his music garners. It begs auditors to not taking his angry innuendo like this seriously, but his boy-the one who-the law of wolf has cried is not exactly the comprehensible tactic. The sum he on, is the clear-cut, brutally sincere individual the one who could give the damn if a whole world has despised, while his daughter Haley grow until being the a lot of-the young lady has regulated. We rent calm for your bravery, In. So only he no too many crazy people...
5 / 5
At the same time of this description, there is almost be 2 and the half years of an emission of Eminem is achieved highly and highly controversial sophomore album, soyarshall Mathers elepé.' Alot Has changed of then: Eminem has grown to the wise plus lyricist and included the producer of quality; the people still are taking shots in Eminem reasons is the aim rapper in the world of the black man; and Eminem is still one same angry blond all know and despise, which calm does not prefer never.
Included when Eminem leaves of calls and take of hip-hop entirely, a moment that everything of his defenders and the critics will agree still will be this album. It is resulted a the majority of successful hip-hop album to date, he garnered two Grammy is and is a reason like this amour of people to hate Eminem. It gives it your without the coating of sugar likes or of the no. A lot was contained with writing Eminem was that token white-rapper to come to the long of each two years or so many. But once Eminem has begun to look in the to to album like ome Of Chronicles 2001,' the people have @@give that this white boy could be hang around for the little while longer that his light-skinned predecessors.
Soyarshall Mathers elepé' Boss of dive of the leaves in the first place to Eminem world. To the Songs the 'As Criminal' and 'Of the Real Slender Shady' show a lighter, more comical side to Eminem that correct hip-hop amour of bosses to hate roughly lucido. This in spite of, obtains his street cred in that the the hard paste have opposite is like 'A Way touched and soyarshall Mathers.' Leave all his critics know that it will not change any @@subject that in the the songs the 'Like Those who has Known' and ' are Behind,' while giving these same critics more 'ammo' of to the the songs like 'Kim' and 'Kill you.' This album has everything would look for in the classical album: Comedy, work, sarcasm and reality.
A one follows that it mark this value of album-while it is esbronceado.' A overzealous fan the one who takes his fascination with Eminem in a flange will be agreed likes song that has obtained Eminem some credibility with musicians external hip-hop. For an artist the one who was strongly bashed to be the 'gay-basher,' is not the odd that to the to person likes them to them Elton John would come to Eminem of defence when treating a gay and lesbian community. They are sure all the world is tired to listen in this duet on and on again, but was for real the critic-silencing when Eminem lifted on his favourite toes in an end of an action.
A lot of people, this in spite of, will not be never able to see spent his colour of skin. They will regulate his success to a fact that appeals to a wider audience possible. Any summer that under a skin, has an incredibly talented rapper with skill and charisma to be one of a better in the scarce, but storied history of hip-hop. Period.
4 / 5
Has listened to this the little moment after an a bit forgotten quell'elepé Shady Slender and think that that ossia quite good. A positive side of this album is that Eminem has the tone he serious plus throughout; his papers have results more defensive; a sometimes sickening papers roughly killing women, that a elepé Shady Slender has had, is beginning to disapear (although 'Kill you' does standout as his the majority of misogynistic song still IMO); ... There are some really good songs here also. This in spite of, this is not a masterpiece a lot it coming like this...
A reason partorisca east is that Eminem there is prendido to write all those has built attentively papers that shined in the elepé Shady Slender like 'Harm of Brain' or ' are Shady'. His papers are not really too creative this time. A now-old 'A Real Slender Shady' any one too much for me. You have said In the clashes to him of pop likes him Christina Agulera or Britney Spears is of quite a lot of uninteresting. I lose Lauren Collina or Garth Brooks has said that it was has thought much more was. But enough in that. Also, ... It launches punches in a gay & lesbian groups. .... Another thing is that on some songs, so only tries too hard to impact calm in of to to the songs like 'Kill you' and 'Criminal'. Any one a lot cure for that. Further more, a song 'Kim'. I do not have any question with this subject @@@subject (kinda down this in spite of; Eminem that kills his woman to deceive), but is a music that count roughly the, as I will say this: in the first place, a heart any any sense. As, some first time have listened a song, could not say was rapping at all ( has touched like the really disturbing skit with has beaten he). Tercero, ossia a subordinated prequel to '97 Bonnie And Clyde'. I have listened of course that song in the first place, and (call patient) thought it has been funny in the dark way. But 'Kim' ruin listened a black comedy that could have you experienced with another song. Finally, 'Amityville' has an appearance of terrible guest for D-12 Odd (any unworthy to Odd). Everything of this Course an album...
...But a lot too much. This album is still it irreverent look in Eminem in 2000. There are some excellent songs on here. A better song would owe that be a 'Come On All the world-wide' esque 'Drug Ballad'. Really I take behind to some old days, forgotten. Always it will be a test of time for me. Also, 'Under An Influence' (with D-12) is lyrical assault in a sences. Probably D12 better. Another Standouts comprises esbronceado', 'The one who has Known' esmiembro Me (with RBX and Sticky Fingaz), ' are Behind', 'Bh Please 2' (with utmost appearances for , Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, and Born Dogg), and 'Criminal'.
I definetely would not recommend this by all the world. Ossia An album that has given once the state of name of the house. It is nowhere near as well as his start, but calm still can enjoy, to all the cost that terribly old is taken. It controls it was calm still has no. Paz...
BTW, That has done Eminem have any knowledge that this would be like this successful? It mentions it throughout some of his songs. Odd...
4 / 5
One has sawed-the worker gave the copy of this CD to take loaned, and that has listened his to start with to finalise, honradamente can say that it was fifty million worse times that I envisioned. To say that Eminem has the soiled mouth would be bondadosa. But although you were to take all some graphic references, homophobic attacks, misogyny, and superficial pop-dipped of culture, soyarshall Mathers elepé' still would be quite bad, and probably even more so much. To start with, this type, musically that pause, door at all new to hip hop the table concealed has not been listened before. I can appoint to hip of half dozen hop artists (Outkast?) Those who can do fault on musical platter ossia BETTER WAY that this. After up it is Eminem delivery. Slender Shady rapping is to somewhere among 'annoyed and 'grating,' and his big pitched squeal would have done the laughingstock if it has not been the aim rapper. Now, the movement has left on to some papers. There is to plot of earth to cover in this department, but quell'will narrow down to so only the few songs. Esbronceado' Is twisted it ditty in the Slender Shady said the graphic history in the fan the one who has got obsessed with he. With him cameo for Dido, touches less like the history of stalking that the width has shot on Gentleman Mathers' ego. After up it is one vile 'A Real Slender Shady,' with one nettling synth line, the brain-died of repetitive heart, and the for real foul commentary roughly Christina Aguleria. Then, there is 'A Way are,' and like the title involves, is the satisfy of self-has absorbed whining. As it has listened to this CD, has asked, 'partorisca east, was able to sell millions?' Quite frankly, (and I know this statement any too many folks happy), but Eminem was Black, the record like this would not have seen a light of day. And you know alive in the crazy world when it walks was with five Grammys while Public Enemy, to far upper hip hop law, remains trophy-less. ... It eats song in simple old water. Ossia A sign of the I for real adds MC. Perhaps in his next album, Eminem will try to press his limit and give a no his substance-level on significantly. But according to that "Marshall Mathers elepé" it goes, failure to take and RESIST an attention of an auditor.

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Formed: Record of elep√© With Wu-Tang when being a hip hop/rap the legends are and this be of of mine all time favourite albums of any gender. It was the tad there is disappointed with a sound of this vinyl. I have bought 9 album and ossia for far some so only one that kinda touches the bit lousy. Probably it touches better in the big-final turntable. This in spite of to to the clues like ‚Äúto Spend gives Ruckus & the clan in a Front‚ÄĚ touches quite well like all some clues for one the majority of part. So only I subject really found with a second clue how is muffled like this hell, is just papers and the one who touch like the snare drum. It is obviously the behaviour of grave song like this again the big end turntable & stereo the system would adapt any one better was with this album then so only the basic career of a mill turntable to the equal that touches bit it rough. The sound bit it down finalises to touch for me to be fully enthusiastic in this album and the give the plenary 5 stars. But well to 4 star revises so only join the clues there has not been a lot his substance. But thank a good gentleman has to that to to places like to them to amazon that can spend a hip hop the vinyl loves! If yours the defender of classical hip hop/rap then yeah require this album and for those of you the one who is not familiarised with a Wu. Take this album stat so much can result educated in his magnitude and in some finer things in music.

Rasga Ol' Soiled ūüôŹūüŹĽ
4 / 5
format: elepé reward it Record is well, quality of the audio is not . It was a lot disappointing like this was for far a worse Wu has not touched never to my ears. This is to result the $ 20 picture now in place of the value of vinyl that listens to.
4 / 5
Formed: Cassette of Audio his Really bad register. You can in fact here another side that touches in a fund (invests of course) among songs and in an end of a tape. I can you do not look all a way without him distorting. This rerelease is horrible. They are supposition am still in a hunting partorisca to original cassette of a 90s.
5 / 5
Formed: Record of elepé has taken this like the present for the partner. I think that that it is an idea of present astounding for lovers of music. The element besides comes a lot of packaged.
4 / 5
Formed: Record of elepé is Gone in entirely warped, and a quality of his east the little has bitten worse that the digital Mp3. Phenomenal album but of course is a bit ruined for a quality of poor vinyl, although I take that paid for I supposition and $20 is quite so only so that it was Formed
4 / 5
: Audio CD Rza is the crazy scientist to dip all am near , of a vision has. For real that papers of surprises with unmatched production.

This music changed for a better. Thank you.
5 / 5
Formed: Record of elepé has taken this like the Present of Anniversary for the Partner; any semence, the album has been sealed.
4 / 5
Formed: elepé the album Adds Record, but packaging very simple - the white inner sleeve basic, basic external sleeve, and any one inserts of any one bondadoso or paper of download. They are happy I so only paid $ 18 for him.
5 / 5
Formed: Record of elep√© Like this when being prime minister of mine never that the vinyl are s√ļper satisfied. Had at all bad with a vinyl, is coming a lot of packaged and touched fking in amazing. Ossia Have to that has for collectors of vinyl and music ppls.
4 / 5
Formed: Record of elepé Three disappointed transports lucidos the vinyl of disk is looked, twisted and bad work.
5 / 5
Il questo alla mina essere in primo luogo mai il vinilo è super soddisfatto. c'era in assoluto male con Il vinilo, ha venuto molto packaged e toccato fking in sorprendente. Ossia Un mosto lì è partorisca i collezionisti hanno dato vinilo e musica ppls.
5 / 5
Tre decepcionó automovilístico un vinilo di disco questo ha guardato, torto e opera cattiva.
5 / 5
Eccellente lì è comprato lui nel 90 adesso è che compra un'altra volta partorisca sostituire disco vecchio.
4 / 5
Ossia Un ha dato i miei album preferiti. √ą pompato partorisca averlo addirittura vinilo.
5 / 5
Undici introduce in 36 Stanze, theres non è tornato. Un awesome Album, del Wu, a labrado ha dato battuto oltre eso I'andare ascoltato, e tutti dei suoi colpi labran inolvidables. Un ha dato gli album migliori hanno dato tutta la meteo. Fatto In 1993, il suo soluto e sempre sarà.
5 / 5
Uno dell'anca migliore hop gli album non hanno mai fatto. Ha è muchas canzoni buone in quello. Deacent Premi. Imbarcato puntualmente, in affezione perfetta.
4 / 5
L'album aggiunge, un mosto classico lì è per rap difensori. Comprato Il vinilo, è un po' ha dato di bassa qualità ma arresti fermi per tasar, e le meteo prendono per prendere mina, merita la pena
5 / 5
Très simplement endroit, ossia un CD ajoute . J'ai lu il prenne du ceux qui révisent déclarer comment il est un mosto partorisca n'importe quel Wu Tang seguace de Clan maintenant auditeur très nouveau à a Wu Tang, et devrait cela il convient .

A un lot de variété, et il contient un lot de classics.

√Ä bon s√Ľr la valeur qui poss√®de.
4 / 5
Débat d'ouvrer cela ordonne cet album, alors l'ouvré de l'ouvré des régimes a familiarisé avec a artiste, a légendaire Wu-Tang Clan. Ossia Un soyust a' hanche hop Album partorisca la à vous collection. Je originalmente possédé a album CD quand soit liberto en 1993, l'objectif qui écoute à il une autre fois le vinilo est une expérience différente entière . Le prix j'ajoute de la amazona là est bien, n'être n'importe qui il raisonne ne partorisca l'acheter!
5 / 5
ne serait pas ici si n'importe quel il déjà veut le.
4 / 5
√Čtait un pr√©sent en mine a promis. Qualit√© bonne. Le navire rapide appr√©cie j'ajoute.
5 / 5
Beaucoup déçu avec A qualité, a le vinilo était extrêmement warped. La amazona heureuse a fait partorisca le retour facile.
5 / 5
Absolument pressuré Terrible d'un classique lp. Tranquille et un Lot de bruit de surface. Bootleg Qualité.

Top Customer Reviews: Only Built 4 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
4 / 5
The own must cd , a lyrical has contained together with a production of a rza is exceptional.

But that more very attentive of a wu. Too many classics partorisca appoint.
5 / 5
Genial album, the control gives album Amazon of the sud, am very satisfied
5 / 5
Loses an art of album but very happy to possess this classical on vinyl
4 / 5
Thank all is perfect would order them again to characterise in of the futures
5 / 5
SO ONLY partorisca BE CLARO OSSIA The VINYL of the SPECIAL EDITION LIVED And Is VERY GOOD! I go partorisca frame an art of coverage and tent some vinyls have lived translucent in some bosses that is coming with them!
4 / 5
Classical album, so the songs add. In my opinion ossia a better album of any of a Wu-Tang artists of Clans
4 / 5
the elepé spend them concealed was has has received looked more like the dj has spent, enough then a one has announced, which left the little there is disappointed.
5 / 5
1995 Was an excellent year in hip hop. Wu-Tang, Fat Joe, Mobb Deep, Kool G. Rap, 2-Pac, And another has DOMINATED. Had any Lil Jon and a Eastside Boyz, Nelly, Any Chingy, or any of these wack rappers this dominates hip hop today. In 95, it has had REAL hip hop, like this real that will not be never this REAL again. With Wu-Tang already the name of house, has been for one kills in 95, and the boy do fault on CLASSICAL. Raekwon And Ghostface Killah teamed until ridding 'has BUILT So only 4 Cuban Linx', one of mine all time favourite albums and one of some more utmost albums never released, PERIOD. They were on his game and a AWESOME the album is resulted. Here it is a description :
Striving For Perfection (an album where included a INTRO is classical, simply place, scrapes and the ghost loves a better for them and each one which as another)
Kunckleheadz (Scrapes, Ghost, and Or-God, the boss that clue of strikes with hard papers for Wu defenders)
God of Knowledge (Scrapes the only is the classical and RZA better is something the behold)
Criminology (Scrapes and Ghost, no, is not the subject in pupil, but with this clue, would think that to scrape and the ghost would be some professors )
Incarcerated Scarfaces (another Scrapes so only ossia to dope like this hell)
Rainy Dayz (Scrapes and Ghost, the classical song that speaks roughly the hard time of the life)
Guillotine(Swordz) (Scrapes, Ghost, GZA, Inspektah Coverage, all the world-wide spits shoot in this clue, absolutely thrilling)
that Can be All Like this Simple (Remezcla) (Scrapes and Ghost, has had to be the remezcla, and the boy rid is a)
blacks of Shark (Biters)(in this interlude, warn you, any NEVER bite a Wu, nuff said)
Water of Gel(Scrapes, Ghost, Layer, a song that present a world-wide to Cappadonna)
Glaciers Of Geles(Scrapes, Ghost, Masta Killa, lyrical dars so only launched)
Verbal Intercourse(Scrapes, Ghost, and In the, a AWESOME spectacle with one of some more utmost verses NEVER for my preferred MC, In the)
Organism of Sensatez(ghost, this so only is tight)
Something Rusherz (scrapes, so only again, listens scrapes goes Kool G. Rap The way is a)
Hiela(scrapes, ghost, meth, and layer, the one who says that a Wu does not like a bit ladies)
Wu Gambinos(scrapes, ghost, rza, meth, and masta killa, directly bangin, classical Wu here)
Hell & of Heaven(scrapes and ghost, that believes in, heaven or hell)
Clue of Prize: North of Incident (Jewelz)(scrapes the song of only prójimo is a PERFECT way to finalise an album)
In general, ossia ANOTHER HAS TO THAT HAVE, an album that defined the one who a Wu has touched likes in his prime minister and a possibly a BETTER production that a RZA has been never responsible stops. Cop East MAINTAINING if you do not possess it. Calm will not be disappointed.
5 / 5
With which 'Enter A Wu-Tang (36 Chamber)', Rza has taken has to that of full production in endeavours of suns. Some results were some classical albums , comprising this Raekwon album. Some sounds of the slightly different production of Gza is and GFK album like this Rza has done the good work tailoring his technician of original production the Raekwon way.
'Knuckleheadz' Starts an album was with an interesting bouncy to the song likes Raekwon of the flow maintains no with east involving has beaten. 'God of knowledge' go to add beats like this Rza serious of mixes in and out of a clue with intelligent storytelling of Raekwon. 'Criminology' HAS the solid GFK appearance and Rza is the beaten is surprising. 'Rainy Dayz' frames of Uses of the sample for a intro and insiemi on the real dark storytelling song. 'Guillotine' Is classical Wu-Tang. The appearances of guest add of GFK, Gza, and INS, with the classical Rza has beaten. I seat concealed ' that can be all like this Simple (remezcla)' is one of some albums signals feebler as it does not match an original. 'Water of gel' has the beaten of real funky and Cappadona the verse of guest is one of a memorable individual plus Wu-Tang verse of any album. 'Verbal Intercourse' is a underrated song with the appearance of guest adds of In the and the real very beaten of Rza. 'The organism of sensatez mecer the real old school has beaten that it mix amiably with Raekwon way. 'Freezing' is the catchy song with the oringinal hook for Man of Method. Another good song that looks Wu artists. 'Wu Gambinos' Is one of some better songs in an album, looking a lot of Wu-Tang members.
Likes all prompt Wu-Tang album a force and the base of this album is Rza production. It is his solids beaten that leaves this album to result that it is. Raekwon And star of guest in a lot of songs Ghostface fill an album with his storytelling skills. This has So only 'taken has Built 4 Cuban Linx' believed so only better Wu-Tang album and is almost an equal of '36 Fourth'. All Wu-Tang the partid√°rios would owe that have this in his collection and yes calms so only is resulting the Wu-Tang defender this would have to that be your prime minister or according to compraventa together with '36 Fourth'.
5 / 5
1995 Was the one of some more utmost years in a history of hip hop. A subterranean circuit was strong and future stars was in an increase. A Wu-Tang has had the world-wide appeal that was almost contagious. With diverse street bangers already situate the one who has known that leaves it member that spends of longitude a name "A Boss" it would fall an album that would look for to be timeless. Raekwon "So only Built For Cubn Linx" it is not so only a better Wu-Tang the album created but one of a better Hip Hop album of all the times. It CD is can touch all a way throught and be totally entertained as well as it has educated. Hell, included a skits was to dope! Standout To the Clue likes "Rainy Days", "Incarcerated Scarfaces", "Wu Gambino ", "Ice cream" and "God of Knowledge" all represent classical Wu-Tang in "Verbal Intercourse"..In it Falls him one of hip hops the verses the hot plus has followed of an equally hungry Raekwon. An album is quite flawless and an another is one of one has listened more. Graduate "Incident North"..A cat escole old of some habladurías of neighbourhood a good time and looking the youngster Rawkwon grow until being an of hip hop more final. I create people, "So only Built For Cuban Linx" it would owe that it has taken it the perfect indication in each hip hop revised. Shame in a source to give this album 4.5 mics and then seven years later say has done the deception! He no one same cop he"
4 / 5
After a Wu Tang the start of the clan CD, had taken a rap world for storm. Classics Likes " it protects Already With the", "", " that can be All Like this Simple" and "Man of Method" it was fresh by all the world is alcohol . A Wu Tang the clan had declared of a start has looked for to do a success of the his beginning ADVANTAGEOUS CD to another Wu Tang members so that they would be able to take agreements of suns for each artist also. It does not take the scientist of rocket to imagine out of that two Wu Tang the artists have underlined one the majority of, Man of Method and ODB. This in spite of, when both of his alone CDs is is exited had something missing. Both CDs has touched likes has been rushed, especially of the man of Method is. His both have had good solteros and his was some other classical songs also, but has not taken that in the whole CD likes calm has done in Wu Tang start. A prójimo one until the bat was Raekwon, which surprised at the beginning, reason would have imagined GZA would have been released likes 3rd ALONE CD. Some first time have listened Raekwon rap without being looked with the Wu Tang the artist was in Mobb Deep "Eye For An Eye" in Mobb Deep "An Infamous" CD. His papers were acute knife like usual but does not have to that think that Raekwon could spend the whole CD. It enters, Ghostface Killah. A Wu Tang the clan has imagined probably was easy for Man of Method and ODB, but have known that so only die hard Wu Tang the defenders would know in Raekwon. They are sure that a pressure was in a Wu Tang Clan to do sure that I am not disappointed his defenders. With Raekwon and Ghosface Killah in a mic and a RZA in some joints, imagined it would not be the question. A prime minister so only, "Glaciers Of Geles", there is showed that. A clue has looked Raekwon, Ghostface Killah and Wu- affiliate Masta Killa. A time still this is to be release, "Criminology" looking Raekwon and Ghostface was emission also and a buzz of a killa the bees had begun again. " It has Built So only 4 Cuban Linx" it was Raekwon start of only, but this was a breakthrough CD for a Wu Tang Clan and Ghostface Killah. Tony Starks is looked on 75 of a CD. This CD has touched likes RZA has had something to try and is to good sure in my cup 10 of all the times, as the one who, hip hop CDs is concerned. While a whole CD can be listened to without the fast sending has to that well sure some underline clues. "Guillotine (Swordz)" W/ Raekwon,Inspectah Coverage, Ghostface and a GZA, "Rainy Dayz" w/ Raekwon, Ghostface and the bad hook for Blue Raspberry, "Incarcerated Scarfaces" w/ Raekwon that resists his own and "Ice cream" w Man of Method, Ghostface and Cappadonna. I owe that be in accordance with reviewer "John Storm" and say that a better song in this CD is "Verbal Intercourse" w/Raekwon, Ghostface Killah and Bad In the. Ossia One of In the' the best of all the times. This clue is also one of a RZA better clues of all the times. This song there has been a stereo repeats the into use constant key when this CD is in the first place exited. To any hip hop defender, ossia the must has for your collection, is like this simple as it concealed.
4 / 5
Here is a song for description of song of A Boss and An album of Ghost each one which so it will be the song in wich Ghostface Killah looks on that.
The calm ossia he 10 /10
the beaten and adds 10/10
4. Criminology-The one who the serprise is Grimey 10/10
Scarfaces-Grimey Awesome 10/10
Dayz-Another Banger 10/10
(Swordz)f INS & GZA-Awesome 10/10
8Can all be like this simple-better then Original 10/10
10.¬ļal Of Gel-this touches likes one of some better albums 10/10
in hiela-Another Banger 10/10
12 Verbal Scarface-f In the the sneak the summit adds 10/10
13Organism of Sensatez-the piano has Beaten 10/10
Rusherz-Again adds 10/10
15 Ice cream-Banger of Bangers ossia better then Hiela 10
Gambinaz-Meth-GZA-Masta is tired here awesome 10/10
& Hell-add Beaten 10/10
This album will be bought and eaten ossia all just patient
ossia all has to that say so only a lot awesome gravy and Butta.
Papers 10/10 Production 10/10 X Factor 10/10 Way 10/10 Voice10
Music 10/10 Innovative 10/10 Classical 10/10 Guest 10/10 Blends10
Global 100 wich the half is the Flawless Masterpiece Classical
5 / 5
There shouldn√Į¬Ĺt be the question in the Wu Change has an adventure of only tighter. "So only Built Partorisca Cuban Links" looking Tony Starks . Face of ghost Killa (a prompt intro of his skills of rhyme partorisca his punctual to be adventure of only released) was one of a better hip-hop CDs partorisca be liberto in a mid-90√Į¬Ĺs period! If you didn√Į¬Ĺt know, asks any the one who has bought so only ask any real "Wu" boss. Together memories like "Ice cream" looking John Blaze . Meth, Tony Starks and Cappachino . Cappadona? ...." It shows this rap n$ ga√Į¬Ĺs takes everything up in your guts/ french, vanilla, sin chocolaty deluxe/ has included caramel the cups of ice cream with fruits and walnuts is taking touched and scooped in my tears of ice cream sh!T On". Yeah, This jam was in a Raekwon near. Ossia Rza√Į¬Ĺs Does better afterwards to a Character & Ghost near of only. "Guillotine" it Is to good sure one of my favourite clue in this CD. Now here it is an example of a meaning of creativity when sampling. These kats to has taken the sample of a scene in Bruce Li√Į¬Ĺs film ("Turn Of A Dragon") and looped the to create one of a tight plus Wu joints never. This CD also looks one tight remezcla the " that can be All Like this Simple" and another bangin the clues are: Knowledge, Criminology, Rainy Dayz, Gel , wants to goes bad in this CD of clue 18 backside to 1. It likes me quell'has said before..... CLASSICAL MATERIAL
5 / 5
Wu-Gambinos. It touches odd. But with which 1996, was odd no more, likes Boss Raekwon has debuted this album, "So only Built for Cuban Linx."
Histories of crime, shoot-in-ups and deals to drug paved a way thus tremendously entertaining the album that contains roughly of RZA better work. Raekwon Acute-like this-tacks the lyricism resists it down for those a lot of all this interested in a music, as he and Ghostface Killah (the one who is in songs like this a lot of like Scraping) spit histories of Mafia directly outta Shaolin.
But so that they are the music, control out of "Criminology," where the simple vibe the loop resists your attention for ever, "Organism of Sensatez," where one spends of what same with the bangin' agreement of piano, and "Rainy Dayz," with his fornlorn loop of serious and syncopated has beaten.
But some the better songs are for far "Verbal Intercourse," where Scrapes, Ghostface and In sharing them a mic in an Oriental loop, and "Heaven & Hell," also found in a "Fresco" soundtrack, where Scrapes and Ghost spit more histories of crime. While a subject @@@subject can the time takes repetitive, Raekwon intricate wordplay maintains an album that movements. Ossia An excellent Wu album.
4 / 5
If any one the this album in your collection, seriously, neither does not like you to hip-hop or has to that something wrong with you. Ossia The timeless classical.
Go to start with not even to describe reason each clue is dope, cuz literally would be here all night. Incarcerated Scarfaces, Glaciers Of Geles, Ice cream, Wu Gambinos, Heaven & Hell, is ALL classics. But I have had to that choose two favourite clues out of here (could any never choose so only a), would be Rainy Dayz and Verbal Intercourse.
Rainy Dayz Is like this smooth will give to agree some first time have listened this clue, touched it on and on again, and so only like a whole album, does not take never goes or old.
Verbal Intercourse leaves to listen with our own ears a transformation of Bad In the to In the Escobar, and Exit fails to dissappoint. Everything in this clue is besides classical--quell'unbelievable beaten and some flawless flows of In the, Scrapes, & the ghost combines to do this one of my personal favourite clues of all the times.
Now quite reading this description, BUY THIS ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!
4 / 5
Raekwon 'A Boss' is already a irreplacable leaves of rap the main race of the music, a Wu-Tang Clan, but his start tries also able to be for his own foot. Joining Raekwon in just in the each yard, fellow Clan-man Ghostface Killah also the book of the actions adds.
In fact, CUBAN LINX the bars look more afterwards to some real Wu-Tang albums of Clans that any records of only for the Wu-Tang member. One follows to back still 'Guillotine (Swordz)' was presented previously on Man of Album of Method of only TICAL, and Raekwon and his crew develops on he for the fast flashback. ' That can be All Like this Simple' also returns--this time in the remixed forms. These two songs, together with 'Freezing' and 'Wu-Gambinos' (both duquel Man of Method of the characteristic), escalate a magnitude of this album to staggering heights. Raekwon The chamber in brief escapes the musical flanges of a Clan on 'Verbal Intercourse,' and although a clue evokes another Wu-Tang material, In the' lyrical the presence adds the different dimension to an album is pursuing reality.
Like usual, A RZA dominates a production in the each knife-cut acute, and with appearences of just in the each Clan MC, has BUILT SO ONLY 4 CUBAN LINX... Easily it could be the Raekwon-sponsored Wu-Tang finds.
5 / 5
wu-tang, One of a notorious plus but underappreciated rap groups in history. With some exceptions of masta killa and cappadonna can not say does a sub-pair lyricist (odb is half...). And with ob4cl raekwon the jumps in front of outsides, more renowned wu rappers. Hip some hop the bosses estimate to this album likes one of a cup 10 of all the times.
knuckleheadz Is the solid clue, but outshined for a prójimo three. The god of knowledge is the beaten repetitive simple concealed echoes in your alcohol. The ghost comes hard in criminology, and incarcerated scarfaces is one of my favourite clues.
Does not go to spend peel each clue, but there is so only a bad song, water of gel. The ones of the that Knows that a rza thought in now that beaten annoying in the song.
The inferior line is that rza comes with some beaten amazing, and this in spite of has the little cameos, is stellar. In flawless SOUND as always in verbal intercourse, ghost compliments a boss astonishingly, and meth comes hard in ice cream and other clues.
Has Been blown has gone by this he on
5 / 5
Any way cut it, Raekwon 1st joint is in classical hip -hop album. It touches almost like the film, with tight, any-frills production, and slammin' towers for Ghostface Killah, and of course, a Boss classical papers. A elepé clearly delves to fantasies roughly the drug extracted Italian and Colombians, as well as assassination plots, but does not cross never a line to frankly stupidity.
Unfortunately, the imitation is not a better form of flattery. A year has been released, ALL The WORLD-WIDE tried eshark-bite' a 'Cuban Linx' motive, and a elepé spawned tonnes of imitators, to a point that Of the the soul flew them in his own classical, that the stoma is Big' (the clue 'Itsowezee'). Raekwon Can have has opened unfortunately the box of Pandora that the has not closed never. It could be considered one 'Godfather of Bling-Bling.'
At all beats an original. It controls this elepé was.
5 / 5
Positive: it Is fresh to have multiple rappers in the each clue. Raekwon Is the tight In the-like me rapper and same figure In the in an album. "Guillotine [Swordz]" Has an incredibly cools has beaten. One of a More there are them never has listened. "Verbal Intercourse" with In the & Ghostface (of course) is really good. Some clues with Meth is quite fresh.
Negatives: It does not think this album is a legendary album a lot of claim is. They are the enormous Wu defender, but Raekwon the new album is better that this. A lot some look beaten the little too simple same for the few years done. It would like to know reason if this was Raekwon album to start with, has had Ghostface on almost each clue. You would find it it would want to be recognised for his own skills the little more. This hardly can call Raekwon album. It would owe that be liberto like this to the album grupal likes Eightball & MJG.
5 / 5
Wu-Tang Can be in a downward torsion now, but this album is days when a Wu was a better thing there. Raekwon (With a help of Ghostface on almost each clue) rid one of some better albums of all the times. Beaten glorious for a Rza and mark of the supreme papers for the album adds.
My preferred would owe that "Verbal Intercourse" where In fell him was to like the person more could "by means of some cameras of action of the luzca glamur glitter and now well, the unfold one turns" his one of some songs more lake never. It believes it.
Another greats is "Rainy Dayz", "Incarcerated Scarfaces", "Wu-Gambinos" (one of a More adds them wu-collabos never) "Criminology", "Ice cream" "Guillotine [Swordz] (kicked was tight peel Inspectah verse of Coverage] and a good rap ballad song to write "Heaven or Hell" This album would owe that be in everyones collection if yours it rap entertainment, or otherwise. You would be crazy no for the have. It is in some rows of Illmatic, 36 Chambers, Tical, and One Infamous Mobb Deep.
Take it Perfecto 5 stars
4 / 5
Raekwon aka a boss has baked on some marvelious sh in this cd. Each song has one has beaten more has has not listened never mixed with some better papers. Raekwon Is a wu-tang the member with band has related rhyme, and his sidekick (Ghostface) is a member with some rhymes of mentalities of the project. The near is like s√ļper heros of tha 'hood. Each word spoken of the each one wu the member has goten mine never of a first time has taken this . There have it realy any one a song on here that I can say is underaverage. Each one which skit is classical and I never skip the song on here never. But a worse thing was when I has taken this and said to me a source goes to give this classical one that estimating desserves but then he the no. gave it the 4.5. Gone in that it was these writes that thinks when this has taken the 4.5 theres any glitches any one. Still it thinks a clue of prize is highly on half. They have changed then an indication and concealed me the little happier but 4.5 ossia crazy.
Is realy hard to say a cup 3 or upper few songs on here reasons can any one (gone in each song is perfected). But I have to that say that verbel intercoarse is probably my favourite reason have taken In the with the papers add in the beaten classical (concealed the sound suprised any one has bitten). But a mine the big thing was some papers of a boss with bad in the (one of a last calm time here the bad included this in spite of exit is still dope). I trust I have to that verify this whole album was (intro and all) will not be disapointed.
5 / 5
Biggie "Ready to Die", In the "Illmatic", GZA "Liquid Spades" and this album is so only the little of a bona fide classics concealed fallen in a mid '90s. I a lot comprehend a magnitude of these albums then reasons there was so much be of the quality has released immediately. But a brilliance of this endeavour results more evident every time I turn in a radio today. They are no Wu-cheerleader. But it is hard any to appreciate "Cuban Linx." A hard snare of of "Incarcerated Scarfaces", one calm, apocalyptic In the to in "Verbal Intercourse", a scarce production and lyrical punch of "Something Rusherz" and a classical Wu-sound of "Ice cream" to good sure will win this album in a Hip Hop Room of Afamada.
4 / 5
Before this album is exited, I no really respect Raekwon too much. It was all the Meth, RZA, and GZA. So only it does not have to that the die Scrapes a lot the casualidad. It concealed all changed with which has taken this cd. This was a better Wu that had listened partorisca date and to this day is still some of a better. Of then in Raekwon is resulted my favourite member of a Wu-Tang clan and is remained that way. This album has beaten excellent and Scrapes resplandor of papers. Also Ghost and Scrapes compliment each one which as another a lot well with the ghost that is on for the half some songs in an album. To the Songs likes them to them the god of Knowledge, Water of Gel, and Wu-Gambinos is real classics. Partorisca Begin to finalise some resplandores of album and really is the must has partorisca any real hip hop defender.
4 / 5
This album was purportedly the classical, but has discovered was overhyped, this album has a more than the tongue has not listened never in my life. "yeah Edges" "the word is born" thats all calm here in the each one follows which results really annoying. It has been expecting partorisca listen swimming but Raekwon but all has taken was one on half MC with a half sidekick in the each clue (Expensive of Ghost) has been supposition partorisca be Raekwon "Built partorisca Cuban Linx", any one Expensive of Ghost Killa looking Raekwon. On almost each clue begins to speak in stupid things that marks any sense. This ruin of the album of the classical swipes likes "incarcerated scarfaces" and "ice cream" there are some good swipes but mostly everything is wack. Raekwon Need to learn of GZA on like this to do the "ONLY" album. Any recommnded unless you like him to him the plot to speak and expensive of ghost killa, goes to ask your partner has it to him and burn some good songs of them, and leave this album in a tent.
4 / 5
Headlined For a production wizardry of a RZA, Wu-Tang Clan transcended a sound of hip-hop in 1993. With which copping "36 Fourth" and "Tical", with which up was "So only built for Cuban Linx." Ossia An album that really dipped a Wu-Tang like the whole in a cup. Each song in this album is scorching. Included In the(Any one Bad, but any Escobar neither) falls one of my favourite verses in Verbal Intercourse. Often time, find me contesting with friends in the Wu-Tang the album is better. Some say "36 Fourth", another says "Liquid Spades", but all know as really it is.
5 / 5
Although it is arguably a better history-teller in a highly seminal and gargantuan rap collective, A Wu Tang Clan, and perhaps a whole hip-hop industry, Raekwon a Boss is considered seldom likes rap legend. A pair listens, and 'Cuban Linx' would have to that try any one skeptical that Scrapes is all the talent, any hype. Backed For the thickness soundscape courtesy of master beatsmith RZA, Scrapes book of the harrowing histories of rich hustling kingpins when be murdered by clave-on boys, hustlers that traces by means of some rows of some deep basses and entering some realms of big-the drug of bets to treat, and a desperation of young black males that directs him verses of the criminal lifestyles. He everything of of the this with eery emotional detachment, the summer-there-done that attitude, and the eye of the novelist for detail. It scrapes it Is accompanied by the slew of members of a Wu Tang Clan, more notably Ghostface Killah has looked in the majority of some songs, of those who often tongue-and-fashionable games of the rhyme of cheek was perfectly Scrapes he unflinching serious. The presence of the ghost does not prevent never Scrapes to shine, and an audience still knows the one who an album belongs to. Although Raekwon look for to be the master in his work, an album still would be at all without a consistently fascinating the sounds have churned has gone by RZA, the one who employs clips of the his of John Woo film 'A Murderous,' and Of Palmera gangster classical'carface.' Some beaten almost like this so it Scrapes' lyrical vision, to reinvent a Wu Tang to Clan likes righteous familiar of mafia. 'Cuban Linx' is arguably an album of the concept more adds in hip-hop, with the cold, grimy atmosphere that animadamente conjures images of a icy winter of New York. After listening to an album, is easy to see as it Scrapes way of treated of drug of vivid big bets storytelling has influenced a lot of New York rappers of then was first listened rapping on 'Enter a Wu Tang,' although it directs this with some anger in a skit hark blacks [Biters].' Some points have underlined in this flawless album comprises a harrowing 'God of Knowledge,' a highly detailed 'Incarcerated Scarfaces,' an excellent remezcla of 'that Can be Like this Simple,' a chilling introspection on 'Rainy Dayz,' a yard of possession 'Wu Gambinos,' and of course, Scrape' wins to his amour of the good woman, 'Freezing. In an end, Raekwon 1995 classical never for real take a credit deserves of American hip hop defenders, but this in spite of remains an essential in any defender of some-pupils hardcore rap. It chooses it up.
4 / 5
Wow, Soufflé was ? Yes! The amour taken always for some mc is and reakwon is one of this pure mc the always look for... His another disk "immobilarity" it is still the classical disk, altought any to approach like this very like this "so only 4 cuban linx' has them has had to that still his crude in him! That can the say in reakwon sideproject start? It is ailing and a song "ice cream" ? Amur A beaten and bass in this clue! A lirycs ? Out of this world!!Big lighs ? "incarcerated scarfaces( Classical)" , " it can all be like this simple" , and, "heaven & hell" this particalur the clue has used to be our hymn of state around here!! Paz!
5 / 5
This album has like this wu tang members puttin he down that it is the little hard to say is Raekwon album of only. Ghostface In fact rap like this like this Raekwon in a cd. Hey, The one who some cures of hell, a cd is surprising and ossia all these subjects . Any one only is of the rap classical wu tang hottness, but some beaten is RZA BETTER. No another Wu album (I has 7 of them) surpasses this a second the one who the beaten goes. It is THAT WELL. Besides a production, Raekwons the rhymes are orients acute as always. BETTER CLUES: Lyrical Intercourse, Guillotine, Rainy Days, Wu gambinos. Peaces.
5 / 5
This album is a fckin is the WC defender then this cd is the must. Each clue in this resplandor of album, but Guillotine and Verbal Intercourse is my preferred. In Remonta a clue in verbal intercourse and opens a song up for killin a mic leaving Boss and the arrivals of ghost was with flawless flows. This cd is too much to dip the words. Each principles of clue and so much to the equal that In the- Illmatic, big- LOANS to Die, and 2pac- Me against some insiemi World-wide a project of Hip Hop, this CD is like this of the entity of mine likes the other of this rap legends of poet. You take this cd like you has to that have " I have taken elf the gun". The boss Falls an only better Wu tang album there with Ghostface like his sidekick emcee the one who without the doubt mecer a Boss remains a member the one who was at the head of his like this BIG time was in New York with rhyming with which rhymes killin mics.
5 / 5
wu tang Boss of member raekwon book one of some albums of only better of members of one and expensive of the ghost resembles always be together and in this album,ghostface sings in a majority of a a scarface intro in"criminology" and a song "wu gambinos",boss fantasises on when being in an ours thing(the mafia)and when being in some beaten of the drug and some papers are real and a lot comedic like some rappers was ahora.un the must has for a hip hop defender.
5 / 5
If any one would fly this CD of my collection, this would be a worse and a last deception that this human-the be done. Ossia So only one of a graetest never, and Wu-Tang better album with Entering some 36 Chambers and Liquid Spades. Ossia gangsta rap Is the purest form . It has Built So only 4 Cuban Linx comprises one of some better verses and production that hip-hop the world has listened. Ossia Also one of a bit those that album, this has no feeble clues, which is today a scarce thing. CLASSICAL, that each real rap the auditor would owe that possess.
5 / 5
Ossia. ive Been the rza for the years of pair and the finally found some saints grail of rza. A time is languid, bloodshot, all this triphop material, and some beaten has time to take the hook in your alcohol (all some clues on 4 minutes). Somehow or another directs to use a technology to produce that it tugs it, stumbling, that touches natural, five in a morning has beaten. All a travesía better hop likes krush comes from/comes from a sound of some beaten in this album, but any one there is concealed beats down, all the world more sounds like the car of drum. Your ear constantly is surprised when being thus fallen beats and rzas capacity to do rhythms out of the unusual sounds here there is so only a precedent: a black of strong box so only before it has burned down. oh, Of the rap well, but classifies them to listen by means of him to some beaten. The ghost is in the little of one am which chooses it on bit it. It goes Amour to listen an album so only of rza beaten, if it marvels that has spent to a planned instrumental of bobby digital this is to be announce. In all the chance: ossia a rzas more, pair of another reviewers has said one same. hes Been more funky and less downbeat of thinks them. But theres still person there to touch.
4 / 5
That can say concealed is not already state said of some other people those who have revised this album. If you are unfamiliar with some varied members of a Wu-Tang the clan then would owe that verify my description of "36 Chambers: Enter a Wu" out of, where gives the brief description of the each artist. Honradamente Thinks that that this album represents a work of only better for any member of a Clan. Of the start-finalise these bangs of albums like the gorilla of 300 books. Now I will give the brief description of the each clue. They are the enormous defender of the each member of a Wu (I has each Wu-the album has affiliated that comprises those of artists and groups like Killah Priest, Killarmy, etc.) But Ghostface is probably my favourite member. Like the result, calm ask partorisca please forgive me partorisca direct in his verses in some of my descriptions.
1) "Striving Partorisca Perfection" ( it Produces for A RZA)
A intro to an album, which more can say in east a.
2) "Knuckleheadz" (feat. Ghostface Killah & Or-God; Produced by A RZA)
One first clue adds partorisca the classical album. A RZA the production is (as with more than joints in this album) bangin'. The ghost falls one of his better verses in this joint and Or-frames of God on his his appearances impressive plus.
3) "God of Knowledge" ( it Produces for A RZA)
Any of some signals underlined of an album but ossia still the solid clue. RZA Solid in a production but is partorisca clear this beaten was the bit of one , I like a message of this song; at the same time it was very creative
4) "Criminology" (feat. Ghostface Killah; Produced by A RZA)
A RZA takes the real risk with this clue and uses one instrumental likes hook. Some paid of bet-is gone in the axes and The Ghost comes extremely hot to open this joint up and Raekwon has the ailing verse also.
5) "Incarcerated Scarfaces" ( it Produces for A RZA)
If this was an only good clue in an album still would cost partorisca buy. Felizmente Concealed is not a chance, but this joint is like this hot is enough to build Raekwon and a RZA storied hip hop reputations in his own.
6) "Rainy Dayz" (feat. Ghostface Killah & Blue raspberry; Produced by A RZA)
the leaves of Blue raspberry Scrape and Ghost his talent in this clue and use some beaten same concealed has presented "Incarcerated Scarfaces" to start with this one was. This clue would be the point has underlined on more another hip hop album and was in this classical piece this joint is still orders .
7) "Guillotine [Swordz]" (feat. Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Coverage, & GZA/Genious; Produced by A RZA)
has listened an introduction to Man of Method "Tical" you have then listened one has beaten that RZA interpolates during this piece. For such the simplistic has beaten he more than resplandores drops of hot rhymes of all four emcees. In fact, it is hard to choose the point underlined when each only emcee comes red hot.
8) " that can be All Like this Simple [Remezcla]" (feat. Ghostface Killah; Produced by A RZA)
A solid remezcla of the Wu classical with the beaten well for RZA. There is really at all more to say.
9) "Black of Shark [Biters]" (Raekwon & Ghostface Killah)
A better-that-half skit in emcees biting papers, beaten, and ways of a Wu in an early-mid @@@1990s.
10) "Water of Gel" (feat. Ghostface Killah & Cappadonna; Produced by A RZA)
Another to heat for ploughs of Ghost on another clue adds that it appears another adds beaten by A RZA. Whew In all the chance, Cappadonna done the solid appearance also and Scrape the verse is a point underlined of this piece.
11) "Glaciers of Geles" (feat. Ghostface Killah & Masta Killa; Vocals For Blue Raspberry & 62nd Assasin; Produced by A RZA)
the ghost presents a clue with the good small skit and Scrape follows it up with one of his better verses in an album. Masta Killa Then done one the majority of one of his two appearances in an album and Blue Raspberry and 62nd Assasin leaves his talents to a hook while the ghost comes from for rasgar a mic.
12) "Verbal Intercourse" (feat. Ghostface Killah & In the; Produced by A RZA)
This clue is memorable reason In the fact the solid appearance. Otherwise This in spite of, is the quite normal song in this album.
13) "Organism of Sensatez" (feat. Ghostface Killah; Produced by A RZA; Produced by A RZA)
One a lot humorous "blacksploitation" goodness of introduction to the clue where the ghost is in his soulful more. It scrapes then tip has some soul also.
14) "Something Rusherz" ( it Produces for A RZA)
One a lot RZA-to the equal that jazzy the beaten drives this song in Scrapes it to aim that can do it in his own. Ossia A second better clue (for behind "Incarceracted Scarfaces", of course) it Scrapes it it has not done never in his lonesome.
15) "Ice cream" (feat. Ghostface Killah, Man of Method, & Cappadonna; Produced by A RZA)
This song is an absolute must -listen (has a lot already). The ghost opens on this piece with that is arguably his to better never. I mean, I have not listened to a whole song by means of some prime ministers few times have listened this clue, I so only maintained rewinding behind to the to of the ghost. It would not advise calm that this in spite of reason Cappadonna fall that is arguably his to better and Scrapes that he always fact and closes unexpectedly a mic.
16) "Wu-Gambinos" (feat. Ghostface Killah, Man of Method, A RZA, & Masta Killa; Produced by A RZA)
am not like this big the defender of this neighbour like a lot of people is but deserves credit for almost so only-handedly that creates a mafia-obsession in hip hop. Also, A RZA is has beaten in this song is very creative.
17) "Heaven & Hell" (feat. Ghostface Killah; Produced by A RZA)
Another soulful the piece that Ghost of looks? It is almost like this the song is drawn to flow into Ghost "Ironman" album (which stars of guest Raekwon & Or-God). In all the chance, will have the description of this album on top of a coming week or so much.
18) "North of Incident [Jewels]" ( it Produces for A RZA)
This clue of prize is the good to treat so that it chooses on a version of CD of an album.
4 / 5
Has begun mine "wu expeditions" with a boss and ghost in this cd,and am happy has done!If it calms it has not listened never "man of ice cream"calm is depriving you and another party-goers of the genuinly perfect rap yard!yeah, Is of '95,but is helluva to better plot(upper)that anything there these days( west,lil jon,lil toe,ect,ect,ect) is like this damb well,he seriously a lot included touch dated(old).
4 / 5
Ossia To hip hop classical and is as it cinematic feature film. It packs Tonnes of punches, transfers, turns and has surprised. So only dipped this album on and take some popcorn reasons are laws of experiences of paralización of action film of colgante fill, excepts has any one is all the sound . That that surprised is concealed. Some beaten in this album is murderous and some papers solidify Raekwon like one of a premiere lyricists of a Wu.
4 / 5
Behind a day when a Wu has dominated Raekwon has fallen this little gem. Out of a blue this the classical instant has been hailed for the majority of hip hop bosses to the equal that follow worthy to an incomparable "36 Fourth". A lot he so only done this album contains some of a Boss the better papers also contains some of Ghostface is, Or-God, Man of Method and included In there the majority of memorables moments. Of "Knuckleheadz" to "God of Knowledge" to "Incarcerated Scarfaces" and "Rainy Dayz" any to mention "Verbal Intercourse" and "Wu-Gambinos" I can not stress enough that essential this album is to any one is Hip Hop library but if you do not possess it then believe a hype reason is well has deserved.
5 / 5
When it Thinks of the bangin Wu album of only, ossia one of them concealed comes to import. No a song in this album loves like this skip. Knucklheadz Is the way adds to start with of this album of classical Wu songs. Both Scrape and the ghost is on point in this album. Incarcerated Scarfaces Is one of my favourite songs. In it Comes him to fall his darts in Verbal Intercourse, and the this has been to turn when it was Bad In the and bolt until the with his verse. Rza Is on signal like this usual with this banga. Wu-Gambinos Is the hot song and Guilottine Swordz w/ Ins and Gza correct with some hot verses. A remezcla of Everything Like this Simple is one of a more soulful clues bringin behind one has beaten of a classical was 36 Chambers. Rainy Dayz Is to treat it. I can go in and on, in place of me so only tellin you that hot this album still is, like this extreme go and the buy, trust much more of stops of has paid.
5 / 5
Has read a lot of descriptions in this place and in the little another, that Raekwon " it has Built So only 4 Cuban Linx" it is one of a hip more order-hop album of all the times. So many, judging in a big number of people that has accoladed an album, am exited and has purchased the copy. Of course, because of all a glowing descriptions, thought it would be the glorious album. With which a prime minister listens, has found liked any of some songs. But I have persisted on listening to an album, trying extremely hard of the like. And with which at least 15 listens to a disk, can say that it is quite disappointing.
Sure, contains to the excellent songs like "Ice cream", "Wu-Gambinos", "Verbal Intercourse" (looking a to exceptional of In the) and "Incarcerated Scarfaces". Any to mention the few decent yards in a remezcla of " that can be all like this Simple", "Criminology", "Incident North", and according to your way, a eerie "Rainy Dayz" and a darkness, sad, emotional "Heaven and Hell". In fact, there is not a lot of really bad clue in an album. It is so only that the number of them suffers when being quite bland. Raekwon Is and Ghostface Killah rapping is too solid his own good, and expression of lacks, meaning some papers of the songs are not paid an attention deserves because of Raewon the voice that is sotterrato in a RZA pertinent still bland backing clues.
" It has Built So only 4 Cuban Linx" it is a pertinent album , but is far from stops to be one of a better of all the times, has left so only 1995. While has his action of good clues, a number of bland the clues in this album ameno down his magnitude considerably.
5 / 5
Raekwon The start is not so only one of a better Wu the only east but one of some better albums era. Rza Amiably orchestrated An album of Boss, focusin' in a game of drug and that no. The good joint is too the control was is my preferred "Ice cream", "Water of Gel", "Verbal intercourse", "Rainy Dayz", "Wu Gambinos", and "Guillotinez". An album are to add and all the world has to that peep went it. ONE.
5 / 5
A intro to an album is the conversation of Ghostface (the one who looks on almost each song) and Scrapes and tip the one who these types and this album was all roughly. They speak raisin and business plans on to a second clue, some shots of gun and car behaviour sampled Knuckleheadz. His the song key good decrease that could it you vibe to with the verse of Or-God. A subject continuous with a God of Knowledge of the yard, the mafioso Wu Gambinos near. A prójimo two course, an intense Criminology and a famous Incarcerated Scarfaces, this in spite of, servants to right heat on an album. These run dope. Of there that calms can not spend for big a hard still soften Rainy Days. Touched with a black chick vocals, then goes of more rhymes of Tony Starks. (Speaking duquel, Ghostface, with his plethora of rhymes to help A Boss, was so only very responsible, perhaps included so as Raekwon and RZA, for this elepé.) Guillotine, A 9th clue that looks INS, is another solid yard to Scrape and his n1ggaz. Like this Ghostface Killah dips it:
touch the dosage,
you overdose-this rap,
explosive big,
my surpassed,
hipnotized with hypnosis,
Wu Tang Clan, in this chance Scrapes and Ghostface, is some deep material sometimes. A skit Biters servants to daunt another MCs and maintain in of bitin. Predictable Raekwon fashion. With which concealed, a Gel to pursue Water with CappaDonna is quite hot. All have to that say is "Tommy Hil hiele rockin' n1ggaz, AAWWWW" ( it listen a song youll know that I bad). A lot like the majority of a rest of a elepé his no spectacular persay but his quite ailing reason his like this solid. RZAs Clock of a AAAWWW add the good touch. With which this comes some good-looking Glaciers of Geles. Although Ghostface starts with some jibberish (ossia that would call it, has not been ) taking much more late. This together with Ice cream and of the Rainy Days and Incarcerated... It is my personal favourite courses . Another Wu member, a monotone knowledge-falling Masta Killa explosions until kicking his the majority of def verbage of the time everything :
Comes from with precaution to the equal that enter a symphony,
Terracings of increase of punishment intensely,
the syndrome has been caused for a deadly drum,
But a battle has been spades of defeated peel that is swung,
Slicin with any vocal - of an international vocalist,
Already the fashion is too local to ufck with east,
Verbal Intercourse looks a prophet In the leaving the deep verse to a Clan. Perhaps it bit it overrated but his the just song that begins to finalise. You could be able to say that this was among Nasir Jones' transformation of Illmatic' Bad In the his has Been Written In the Escobar. A sample in the organism of Sensatez is funny and then comes Something Rushers. The no really cured in these courses but while it comes afterwards reestablishes the order in an album. One Hiela aforesaid is probably one the majority of recognizable song of a record with Wu Man of Method of the guests, CappaDonna, and of course Ghostface. If it has known no, he hiela is not really a lot like rest of an album in a way that his just in women. A metaphor of as the women are likes Freezing (Port Ricans is Butter Pecans... The French daughters are French Vanillas and that classifies of caca) and a whole hook and everything is which the the classical:

caramel complection breathes smellin likes cinnamon,
excuse me to me hon a Gentleman means any turn to hurt around again,
ah damn backyards bangin like the Benzi,
was jiggy - would be spotted likes Something Mackenzie,
Oh yeah a lot to mention this song has given basically CappaDonna (Cappucino) the career and probably more has helped late his A elepé of the pillage goes gold. Wu-Gambinos Gone back to subject like this usual and is pertinent, means thats the one who a whole album is roughly, well? Some have said that a song was highly influential in that another rappers has done at the same time and has verified basically one 'Biters' skit. A last yard is the solid , heartfelt one. Heaven & H3ll Is that slow emotional material to Scrape and Ghost.
Has not been if his an only better (I calm supposition classifies it like this alone) Wu elepé never; a point can be contested. A thing is sure, So only has built stops... It is in a much less the worthy and good endeavour for rap. Raekwon And the ghost was the add combo of a storyteller and an intense rhyme-wrecker for east a. It liked without of doubt.
5 / 5
Of some Samples of this Album have listened was a lot of Grimey
and Stagnate still has In the in this album and Ghostface Killah
is on 8 of some Clues Incarcerrated Scarfaces-Water of Gel-
Glaciers of Geles-Ice cream there all classics of this 95 Album
the better song for far is Hiela I bad concealed the beaten is in him
Soiled of Afamada I hope to take this album someday
4 / 5
does not know reasons so many people are defenders of this album , has bought them the copy has used really economic and there is enjoyed a lot of verse of Raekwon in Wu-Tang near and another howevever felt hugeley dissapointed when I listened it...
One beats all touch some same, and hardly would call him beaten... RZA A worse work has not done never.
I joint or to listen to this album before or the buy, what although you are the Wu-Tangeri some casualidades is or a lot like this one...

Top Customer Reviews: And Then There Was ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Some abonos Paste but in l near j has to that the difficulty to m estaca
4 / 5
looks some albums of plus that a Ruff Ryders produced, a worse taking. With all planned respect to Swizz Beatz, the one who has done solid endeavours in a past, but is REALLY slacking was. I know it has not produced all some songs in this album, but ossia irrelevant, reason is a man behind some joints while they are registering, and to the equal that could have listened to a playback and think this was a lot is further me. Another thing has to that the signal was is that, although DMX there is roughly charisma, a fact of a subject is has any flow. He not having never, and probably never . When This first album is exited in any last few weeks before '99 has finalised, all the world has jumped in the, thirsty partorisca some powerful and hardcore rhyme callejero partorisca clash. But, how it is always be a chance with DMX, ossia all the fashion , any substance. The majority of these songs is entirely unlistenable, and a pair that is listenable has taken such crazy exposure and so that it has touched has gone by radio aim that ruined them to him entirely. And, as I have said, DMX has any flow at all. When I have listened his premiers two album enjoyed them really and has thought has had to that weaves of potential like an artist. Then, when this prime minister Ruff Ryders to the compilation is start , and there is remarked the one who feeble and dull has begun to the sound could not imagine out of that was bad, as when this third album is exited, struggled to imagine out of that had spent. And now it was that it was. His first album and the majority of his second stellar production looked, and was some brilliantly cinematic moments that the like this involving and according to look-powerful. But, that in no way has meant that a man that growls and that cries his childish and amateurish papers in a brooding and catchy backdrops, was in any way the good rapper. And now with his once good production has reduced to this horrendous exposure, his lack of skill is even more evident.
Has listened to the east once and of then did not touch it. It has been gathering powder in shelf of mine never of then, and are in a point now that am rigging to launch he in the box a shuffle the down to a tent of CD USED and sees can that to him sells, together with all another compraventa complained has done. If it love real hip-hop, then does not squander your time with this man or any the one who is affiliated with a Ruff Ryders. I mean, it is not the entirely a lot-hack of talent. If it calms it has not seen never some films of pair is to be in, in fact has some acting skill. But place really precise down a microphone and try something more.
5 / 5
... These 3 words can describe DMX albums some better. I seat reason seat these feelings to a world. Material DMX is schizophrenic and very disturbed so only like me. Something is to spend in his infancy that has taken and his music is a way expresses his feelings. His papers aim the very sinister personality: in the first place it speaks in killers then praizes Jesus. It does not think it is wack or ... But it is totally different: another way of expression. And I know it it can cause embragues: any one says 'classical' another says ' is wack'. I do not love judge and his music. I tyna comprise in the psychological way (but know some people will not squander any time in sympathetic the). So much, material DMX does not give the ... On some beaten and the one who musical instruments Swizz or another use but so only his aggressive papers. He rap for real of his heart and soul that is controversial. Some people speak roughly DMX like bites Pac way. It hears! Ossia Any legislation! WELL, Pac was controversial, also but no like this disturbed hearted and imported likes DMX. I think that that it seats it likes DMX the Pac imitator but look deep down to DMX papers: they reflect in this DMX has been hurt once, closed it deep down in his heart and soul, and with rap music these hurts is exited of the his like me the volcano. Man, Pac has not been like this angry likes DMX. At all it had comprised also bad and controversial but Pac is not taken so the rage and the assault in his heart likes him DMX has. Be real and you gonn' comprise it. It recognises it or any one except DMX art of mark (in his level and way). And it is the artist .
In an album he: some the only good clues are some following: 'here we go', 'That these ... Master', 'That is my name '. Some other songs are in a same level. Some the bad clues are some following: 'Good daughters, bad types' years soymena to the song'. A song '√Āngel' is good but no like this as well as it has mentioned 3 on.
Besides, this CD is for data-hard DMX defenders.
5 / 5
" It is Dark And the hell Is Hot" it was the very good album , if any classical. But never of then, it looks as if Dark Man X has been going downhill, like evidenced for "And Then there it was X."
Has give his still at least a thing in this album this in spite of, has used the variety of producers (Swizz, P. Murderous Trackz, Fat, Irv Gotti, & another), in place of some usual Swizz during a whole album. This formula has taken old and very touched was. A question with east, this in spite of, is a variety any better quality necessarily equal.
Some take of the album was amiably with a Swizz-produced "Some More Subject To Cross." An alone prime minister, "That is My Name ," it is booming clue. But an album standout has to that be a never-populate " it Celebrates On (Up In Here)." Ossia One of a better Swizz the clues have listened in the LONGITUDE while (probably of " it is Dark...").
A rest of an album is chock-filler of mediocrity. In "That these Bches Want to" (looking Sisqo), Gentleman Simmons read of the cast of women those who is slept purportedly with, as if we are to suppose to be impressed. " It marks A Movement" it is one all-out of wack clue with some quite laughable papers. What same with "2 more A Song," in that X spits "A game is in main plot that thinks that knows. And you think that that you know, then it does not think calm is." Creative material (felt a sarcasm).
An album token religious clue, "√Āngel," it fails to paste with some clues of same power like "A Convo" and "Ready to Fulfil" paste with in his last albums. And it finalises an album with the clue of prize ("Good Daughters, Bad Types") which would be better state so only left of an album.
In general, ossia your prototypical album with 2 or 3 bangers and roughly 10 farce, with the little totally wack the clues mixed in. No too appealing. If you owe that have "And Then there it was X," it chooses it up in a tent of CD USED and save you the little bucks.
4 / 5
Am ailing to listen that this CD is not like this as well as ' is Dark & the hell is Hot' that is the classical and more the people do not top never his classics. Giordania Has won six coverages but he at all there is topped a a when it is exited of retreat and won it one next year. And please to stop that compares the way biters the one who has taken his fashion expósita informative of X. Inferior line this album and a last a better east that more album this is was now. That all the lacking world but no @to give this Fat and PK the majority of a production in a first album and then Swiss there is taken on. While Swisss is hot he no supple a X like some clues like a first album. X is not to like a lot another MC feels that it is saying and will know is contradicting . This album is more the friendly defender that it is bad with that. At least it does not turn pop or to tunes of old show to sell record. If it calms it does not take never he casualidad to listen vintage X in of the old mixed tapes will see a contradiction that there was mentido inside his soul. It is an artist and a time still is expressing his ache learns that the song is which before it critique this album. Each album there has been it signiture this paste all the world-wide this album is 'That is my Name ' a way locates one follows does his papers that more potent. If any one thinks that that they can battle try, has not lost one still. Choose a CD arrive or a lot ossia costs of albums to add your collection. One - JQ.
5 / 5
DMX Again amena his hard and gritty rap fashion in his third album. It was very impressed with a way DMX layed out of this album and also with a production. X I gives some a lot of different sides his personality that shows that is not the dimensional rapper. This CD is fill with the songs add.
So only in the each song is the swipe , here is a cast of clue to this album and like estimativa each song:
2-Some More Subject To Cross 10/10
3-A Professional 9/10
4-Afamada 10/10
6-Here Go Again 9/ delays down is a
7-Celebrates On 8/10
8-Do A Movement 9/10
9-The one who These B Loves 9/10
10-Whats My Name 10/10
11-More 2 A Song 8/10
12- no Calm Never 10/10
14-D-X-L 7/10 feat A Lox and Tug-In
15-Comin Partorisca Already 10/10
16-Prayer III
17-√Āngel 8/10
18-Good Daughters, Bad Types 8/10
So it can see, if you are the DMX partid√°rio will love this album, there is so only a half song in an album 14-DXL.... Ossia Has to that has for DMX defenders, your collection will not be complete without him.
4 / 5
This album is not bad. It is in fact quite good. Some beaten is quite good. A rapping is like all of X songs. There is the pair of beaten slowly the favourite songs are:
Some More Subject To Cross, Afamada, Celebrates On, The one who These Bhes Want to ft. Sisqo, That is My Name , D-X-L, and X Is Comin Partorisca Already.
A More the street To Cross is an excellent start for an album, with the real hardcore rapping and has beaten. The fame is another phat song of beaten. It celebrates Up it is an alone prime minister for an album. It is the song of type of the party . That These Bhes Master is a r&b the type has beaten dulcemente with good vocals, of Sisqo sings part of a heart. That is My Name is my favourite song . This song has one has beaten more out of a whole CD with real hardcore rapping and shouting voice to write that DMX has. D-X-L sounds like him freestyle reason does not have the heart. These members of characteristic of the song of a Ruff Ryders (Ways, Jadakiss, Tug-On, and The LOX). X is Comin Partorisca Already has a half rap has beaten with a lot of vocals.
In general, this CD is good and well the value that shabby!
4 / 5
Here is a song for description of the song of the his 3rd precise album soothes
More subject to cross-does not return his fashion 8/10
3.un Professional-Access well with his fashion 9/10
go again-goes well with his fashion 8/10
Up in Here-does not return but is Adds perhaps he 10/10
the Movement-return his fashion adds 10/10
Want to f Sisqo-Ossia quite well 10/10
my name-is has beaten strong that reads 10/10
2 the song-this returns his fashion 8/10
't you never-ossia quite has beaten well 9/10
(Hard Aim) does quite well 9/10
partorisca already-Probaly the strong for him 8/10
is returned his quite good fashion 8/10
Daughters,Bad Types-Good together thats he 7/10
Lyrically 8/10 Production 7/10 X Factor 7/10 Way 7/10 Voice 7
Music 8/10 Innovative 7/10 Classical 7/10 Guest 7/10 Blends 7/10
Global 72 wich is the Half 3.5 emission of star been due to production
for a third album in the row will give it 3 stars ^
5 / 5
would have to that beg to differ with any those who speaks negatively in this album. I bought it so only yesterday and I am very impressed. In the first place it was, a Nokio of Dru Collina-the clues have produced "That These B Want to" looking SisQo would have to that be one follows tighter in this CD and he would have to that be one follows until " it Celebrates Up." They are very impressed with DMX, Def Jam, and all some producers those who has done in this album. It is not to to the the disappointment likes them to them the jay-Z of the album is a bomb . It has taken all three DMX album and I would have to that say ossia his one more for far. His first album was fresh, his second album was fresh also, but any of them can compete with this new album. It likes- one way he dissed Kurupt, subtly, in "That is My Name ?," " it Celebrates On," and another would have to that listen to some papers closely. Has trace really in Kurupt and is not that has anything against Kurupt, reason has taken his album also, but a emotionless "calling Out of Names" has at all in an anger and passion that DMX place to the each song in this album. So that they say that DMX is so only another 2Pac clone: it does not think calm really has bought or listened to any of DMX songs because it does not touch to to anything likes Pac. DMX Is DMX. Calm so only is that it spends of longitude a bald boss, bandana, a passion dips in his vocal actions, etc. Is very superficial for that. This album is the must . They are st8 the WEST COST and this album is in my transmission of CD with DJ Quik Balance & we Opt calm so that it is that this album is hot. It buys it now still reason calms will not be disappointed. Any like him to Him the tug-On or A Lox, but DMX and Eve is a bomb . I have not listened the album of Eve still, but has listened some songs in some radio and know that it is hot. In all the chance, goes to buy this DMX album now. Some CD booklets has this incredible domestic image of "X." Man, this album, one inserts/inserts, and all more in this album is str8 hot. Some the better songs are: That These B master, That is My Name ?, it Celebrates On, here We Go Again, Afamada, any Calm Never, and Good Daughters, which is also one instrumental that listens in Mya better of my video intro. It does not sleep it is one , taste to him there is almost fact.
4 / 5
Is any surprised reason rappers to the churn was two or more album the year. It agrees, ossia no longer a Golden age of hip-hop; this has been treasured of a late 1980 east and punctual 1990 is when it was all in REAL talent and having entertainment. It is an Age of Platinum , when the artists concern more roughly in winning money, and reason now hip-hop has attracted the very main defender, thinks that can feed some concentrates the load of s t and do the fortune, which is that it is spending. Included he rapper the one who is still to master an only tongue that speaks and rap with a undeciperable drawl can go fine-platinum in the subject of weeks these days. It enters DMX, an image-driven, but half wordsmith. Free a prójimo-the classical start is DARK And the HELL Is HOT (1998), then eight month later, emissions that would have to it has called is DARK And the HELL Is HOT, LEAVES II. Now the year later (I has given at least the year to recover of the his "bloody" according to endeavour, and more time to distinguish his work of his leading emissions), is returned with And THEN there was X.
And THEN has had X is to somewhere among--definately better that his second, but no like this as well as his prime minister. Some barks of mark are still there (although I have thought an inaugural skit was unnecessary), his spiritual rants is in control of place out of "Prayer III" and one stellar "√Āngel"--and of course, which DMX record is complete without a lot of catchy hooks and his still lyricism captivate?--"Some More Subject to Cross", "That is My Name ?" And "coming For Already" it is my favourite songs . DMX, Different the majority of rappers today, has not called on stirs it of guests to look in his album; it has had so only A LOX and Tug-on--in a yard of strong possession "D-X-L (Hard Aim)".
Like reason is not this the classical? Answered--DMX sticks to a same formula that has used for his first two joints. Suggestion--create something new to add to your already strong method and take the little more time to do like this. In this way, it could be guaranteed legendary state in hip-hop history, no an album out of virtual oblivion. It follows--Redman has required spaces of two years to register his four consecutively lauded elepé, and Snoop Doggy Dogg has taken the year to register DOGGYSTYLE, three weeks to register The GAME THIS to having SOLD, ANY to have has SAID.
4 / 5
Earl Simmons aka DMX has had one the big time run in such the short period of time. A prime minister goes around, has done gritty urban poetry. A second, more than a prime minister with bit it more flash. Now, a third has arrived and exits like this probably a last better hip-hop the album of one 90 is like this in the new millenium comes full circle. With causing lessons and happy clues of full right partorisca back on once of a baseline, D has left another ear banger partorisca some masses. Peep "A Professional", "here We Go Again", "That These B-----s Want to", and "√Āngel" for all some different shadows of Earl. A true scholar of some streets, D is distant a lot of the master lyricist, but finds his skill in giving was energy and emotion with each word. Calm take you on the down and on hastes of ache, amour, and redemption all in a disk with a sincerity adds. Cela, in him, is the skill little in a game never for real master.
FINAL that a second, the little short to a prime minister.
4 / 5
Ossia bullcrap And is mostly a production. Swizz Beaten And his Ruff instruments of the production of Ryder is so only a lot good. Some beaten is WACK. Perhaps the partorisca good clues but in general an album is forgettable and any one has said that this album was more than three star is smokin something serious. DMX Could be add reason has the plot of personality and emotion of games to his songs, but with Swizz sad to say concealed will not spend never. It celebrates Up with his crazy exposure is touched like this was loves jump out of the reef. Unlistenable. Another well the songs comprise Some More Subject Cross, DXL, That is My Name and uh at all more. Please save your money and bypass this horrendous exposed of production. DMX Is one on half rapper this in spite of.
5 / 5
Positive: DMX still he ameno hardcore in the few clues and you can see reasons his leading albums were like this popular. His voice is fresh and I like an intensity dips his rap.
Negatives: Has all some same failures that Ja Principle or perhaps is another way around. Too commercial now, and his spectre of subjects is very limited. I guess it quell'has tried to freshen his fashion on the little, but I like a grimy subterranean music X used to dip was and this album so only in brief recognition that leaves. " It celebrates On" it is undoubtedly a worse clue in an album but is a video has dipped on first TV. A rapping in the majority of these songs is still quite decent but some hearts are so only bad. That is afterwards? Singing boys? It would be necessary has left it underground of stay.
5 / 5
DMX Is an only artist that can take it a the beaten terrible (usually the Swiss-Beat) this in spite of doing the good song. Ossia Because of an honesty in his papers nad an ominous sound of his voice. It faces it, a vioce is tight. More, there is pesonality to kick. Ocassionally, To these sounds of albums likes him a long song, repetitive (excepts some short tight a Professional, Afamada, That is My name , and √Āngel) but DMX can maintain yuo intersted. While the majority of rappers feigns that they a lot bad, X readilly admits that often it crosses that well kine among good and bad. X is a real plus rapper was. Period. Still if any to like you everything of a "gangsta" posing and DMX tongue in an album, you definatley look in life and rappers in the new way.
5 / 5
A Dark Man does again ladies and gentlemen. So only it can it loves five career of year but DMX maintains to release to to album like "....And Then there it was X" it will be around more along concealed it. With Swizz the beaten that produced so only 4 clues, DMX test that does not require one of hip hop better producers during an album for the do the success. Some gems are "Some More Subject to Cross", "A Professional", "here We Go Again", " it marks A Movement" and DXL w/Tugs-On and A LOX. One follows with Sisqo is also tight. DMX Test that can do "quality" album all a time. A Ruff Ryders will be done around a lot of years to come.
4 / 5
Hey Ossia The album adds with gansta clues, sweet clues and pary clues. Calm can any gone bad with this cd. It follows A Professional is to add it hardcore gangsta hyme in dmx that directs the buster. Dmx Uses his hardcore rap way the bust out of this clue, if it is the a lot of for you of the that annoy checkin out of tha full album. One celebrates clues on and Good Daughters, the Bad types are party adds /crusin hymns, but more than all these clues are amused to listen to. One of some better songs in this cd characteristic sisqo. 'That these (...)Master of the (...) Where dmx Direct all some women in his life. It says him that they so only use and abuse. This album is a lot of becuase is all staight out of gangsta (...) And any bling bling(thanx god). I have listened a depression adds and is not that I add if you r the new dmx defender then cop this album in the place of one adds dression.
4 / 5
A lot some clues in this cd are adds! But then it has those follows that so only of those who cut that. If it could have, it would have given this the 3.5 stars. A thing that touched was a prayer (Clues 16). When Have in the first place listened this in an album, has thought that was bad product, and hard to listen. When I have listened alive, and has listened a prayer, has believed really it DMX has had more his that his uptempo songs, and rough papers. Ossia The good album , but in my opinion could have been better. I have thought one rear-and-clue of advances, "Good Daughters, Bad Types," it has been it adds. A lot this cd are adds. The active has had at least Tug-on looked in a clue of plus. DMX And Tug-on is the combination adds, and the force to be calculated with. But regarding this cd, grab is it loyal to DMX, and liked his earlier albums. If you are looking for the rap cd that can listen you the on and on again, without skipping any one clues, does not think that is to say an album for you.
5 / 5
This cd will be one of a better hip-hop slbums youve listened, unless you have bought flesh of my flesh,blood of my blood or there is has not listened never any 2Pac the song in yours was the good album, but given a time hes has has had to that the , his just feeble compared to his second isnt a class of cd to beat burst you in your player, and listen to follow one to a last , some main reasons to buy cds is calm so many can listen some raw versions and without cutting in place of one ... ... Versions in TVs and one this if yours a x defender, sound the good cd, im a lot dissin the, but probably would be better has taken his second yes calm album of the one who already has. ... .
5 / 5
Well When it gives it cd the indication and I give an album he 5 does not mean that each album gives the 5 to the east in a same level. I have loved so only take that striaght. Now to an album.
This album is the must has classical!!! Ossia Dark man X in his better. It is 'big Depression' the album is only no in the cutting like this I so only pop in this CD to adapt me of a ol' DMX I knows knows dang the.
In general this album has the good clues and I do not owe that skip by means of any clues to listen to another so that it is the plus . Some papers and a production goes really well and a replay the value is really good. Have to that take is one ! Paz!
5 / 5
After buying and listening to And Then has had X, I quickly decided to never buy another DMX album again!! This emission is to slap in a face to a whole culture of Hip Hop. Purely it exemplifies because Hip Hop is in a decaying and stagnant the state is maintaining. An only reason was able to estimate this album with a stars is because of any one only two good songs have contained in the, That is My Name and The one who These Bches Loves. Another that these two songs, an auditor will be in still the travesía disappointing on X east preaching and flange. His work has come better clearly in his initial emission, is Dark and the hell Is Hot. Of then, it has grown substantially worse of album to album. Ossia, without the doubt, his worse offering to date. And Then there it was X can not compete with satisfying Hip Hop emissions like A Life and Time of S. Carter. A production in this album was lukewarm is height , but basically terrible. Swizz The beaten is showing that his does also is declining in substance. A better clue, as the one who the production is concerned, is The one who These Bches Loves, which has been produced for Nokio of a R&B group Dru Collina. With an emission of And Then there was X and An Opposite of H2O to Tug-On, a Ruff Ryder camp is trying that the can not live until this prompt-life hype. It would not recommend this album to any one.
5 / 5
Together with Nastradamus, Jay-Z Flight. 3, Raekwon Immobilarity, Biggie Is born Again, and Rakim is A Master, this third album of DMX was on more people Wack Hip-Hop Album of late 1999 cast. Judging of his last two albums, this album was extremely predictable: the pair of Swizz the songs have launched in (" it Celebrates On"), a obligatory Ruff Ryders yard of possession ("D-X-L") and the song with the famed R&B chick ("√Āngel" looking Reign Good-looking). But a same time, these songs were enjoyable. Ossia A thing with DMX, always gives some people that loves, included although it is no longer groundbreaking.
5 / 5
Has to that say with which three albums in time have turned less then the year.. You would find it it would burn it era.. But it is behind ! Again with his third emission.. I owe that say that it is tight.. But the same time less marries then his prime minister two.. In spite of ossia still the good endeavour.. Swizz Beaten And his Ruff Ryders the crew of Production has resupplied some of a better boss that beaten of strikes.. Trying one of some squads of better production there .. Some of some hot clues are
A Proffessional, Celebrates On, Marks the movement, DXL,Good Daughter, Bad Types, That is my name
4 / 5
Darkman X east of tower with his third CD; the question is, is not all that. "...And then there it was X" it is very better that DMXs' according to album but any where approximations a level of his prime minister. In this third album (to the equal that has done in a prime minister two) X contradicts alot. It will say that it is for a thing in a song and he then turns around and say an exact opposite in another. I kill that during his cds' will speak roughly robbin' and killin' folks but then in an always said end the prayer and has the conversation with Goddess in living life a right way. Has multiple personalities or something? Behind to one is fresh. It is the good party cd, some beaten is fast-paced, and will do yous booty your shaken and his thump in a system, but can say is all swizz beaten. Xs' The rhymes are swift and fluent, but all know that X has flow, concealed is not a question. It does not take Me bad, I like a ruff ryders, but projects like this one and a new tug-on, the so only gives a very behind and say, "that is going in, already'll is better that this!"
5 / 5
Are the DMX defender , but wants to be sincere with you. Ossia So only a good record. A whole way by means of him to sounds likes him has been rushed by means of of production. So only it does not touch complete. Also it has to that a lot of the pop, mainstream feels. I mean it thinks that it the be be mean to click with a TRL defenders or something. Material DMX so only is trying trace out of his success with less than half music.
Is the DMX defender , would suggest this cd reason his taken his famous fashion. If yours any one the real big DMX defender would suggest that you take a new 2pac instead if yours looking for roughly a lot rap music.
5 / 5
Once again, DMX has issued another full album of his anger and frustration. Yes, a lot you Ruff Ryder partid√°rios is impressed that has the place was three album in two years, and that his artistic integrity liberta to say exactly that it is in his (limited) alcohol. But a day will tire of his song and dance--" they are angry, has ache, will murder you, I ray quite women". I give more. Develop your flanges--or lose them totally, if podes. His music is cathartic, will leave concealed. Losing calm is the a lot of outlet--shouting together with his calm words give you the dud sense of connection with the famous man. But an anger sells is created. Has his image and he will stick with him. Defenders slurp the up like the hot time listens "new so only for DMX", I know I do not go to listen anything new. I know I will not be inspired or has impressed. And I know that it will not change anytime punctual.
4 / 5
In general, this album is for some DMX defenders. Defenders of other light rap likes Jay-Z or Eminem could does not like . But all hardcore DMX defenders . Like this here it is a desglosa: 1) Kennel - skit, so only he intro. 2) 1 More it issues to cross - A lot 1st song of an album. X frames of raw voice up for a like this so it beat it. 3) Professional - beaten Excellent and raw voice. 1 Of a better song in an album. 4) Fame - Like this so it beat it, no the song adds, but well 5) A lot of to learn - skit among D and Shorty 6) Here go agian - Some beaten slowly, but the voices adds, good song 7) Celebrates Beaten On Swiss, one of better song in an album, all D! 8) he the movement - beaten Tight, song a lot very also 9) Which these Bs loves - song A lot well, a lot catchy, more, is with SiSqo. 10) That it is my name ? - Better song on album, to good sure beaten tight 11) 2 more the song - Very slow beaten, good song 12) any one calms I no - adds never voice beaten , good 13) Shakedown - skit roughly, well, he shakedown 14) D-X-L - D with Tugging on and another artist, D so only sing a separate, any bad 15) Comming for already - of bad song, corny has beaten, has to of accident was 16) Prayer III - skit of D is begs to god 17) √Āngel Canzone bad, too slow, D the no diverse voice 18) Good daughters like this of the bad types - no bad, average in better. It is the good album . I say that it is better that Marshall Mathers or Jay-Z is new a. Ossia Like him to them the beaten hard of DMX. It is the must possesses for all DMX defenders.
4 / 5
Ossia A first album has purchased in fact for DMX. I am not Never be to his material before. After listening the pair of some songs in a radio, has has had to that so only exited and the choose up. That A Bs Loves and that it is My Name is probably some better clues in an album. Some beaten in these two songs are unbelievable. His papers during a mark of album feels up and listen. It goes of mafia of hard core in any Calm Never to the heartfelt prayer to God in Prayer III. DMX has taken now to be one of mine favourite.
5 / 5
yikes. DMX has gone down entirely to signal a wagon. It has not been that has spent, but never of Ruff Ryders arrivals of Hymn to be all going directly downhill. I imagine that DMX has @to @give that to do the simple music for simple people could offered his base of defender. It agrees the years of pair behind when they take In me and to stop that Is Greedy is in the first place exited. D has taken any amour at all.... It liked In fact of a yard w/ Reign Bell in the, have almost has bought an album for that a. With which has listened that you gone lose me my rubbish of alcohol the quickly scrapped that it creates. It has taken to listen he in the friends houses roughly two days later. The MAN was I happy that has not squandered [money] on that! It would owe that say that each one that like this of his albums has been 1/2 as well as it is predecessor . The flesh of my Flesh was well in better, while Then there was X is [really terrible]. It does not buy this album unless you are ... It researches of simple music w simple unintelligent papers.
5 / 5
Has followed DMX music all to the long of a way. Has all three cd is! Honradamente Want to listen his to and of work in traffic. I give a haste I need to do he by means of! Also I take in a way when exiting. After active seen his action in his film, have so only does even more attracted to a man for behind a music. I trust, they are not the girl, are the woman of 24 years and still have the passion for rap/hip hop. DMX Is for real the artist adds and there is tremedous that tin of rests.
4 / 5
Does not know reason the people continue to buy these rubbishes and say is hip hop. It could bark and cry and yell was cuss words for an hour. It does not take any a lot of talent. It can not write papers at all, and he boggles my alcohol when it listens people saying is to add it lyricist. You love papers, the control was FLOW of COMPANY. All three disks are some same. DMX Is exactly like dad of puff. It is so only the darkest image of him. You love hip hop? Here it is the few suggestions : SOUNDBOMBING 1 and 2, BLACK of INCIDENT, ME Them DEF, FLOW of COMPANY, Dr. OCT√ďGONO, DEFARI, BIG And A lot, DEFARI, or anything in a Rawkus focus. It controls in era, ossia hip hop. No these rubbishes.
5 / 5
It had disappointed really when it has taken them this album. It is quite repetitive like this vocally and musically. dmx Can do the better plot then this, so only looks more chance that a rap the world is in question serious right now. Any precise come to the long of and shake a gender up. I will not spend the time that speaks roughly all some things the unbalanced in this album, instead the'll so only mention that it has listened them his for some premiers two days possessed it to them and the has not touched in in some four months of then.
5 / 5
Listens all these descriptions roughly 2pac and his boys and like his new CD is a better. It is well. But the also listen all the world-wide callin DMX the old material, when 2pac CD is done of material 5 years. They are not takin out of 2pac, prolly a better rapper to walk an earth. But a 2Pac need of lovers to move on. X cd is is looked, similarly well. It flows ruthlessly, severely, bringin directly the life has thought that that a way sees by means of your stereo. Person he better. X door the flow flowed in smooth Swizz beaten of Beaten, puttin near it flurry of rhymes that no only leaving you bobbing your boss, but leave you obtaining knowledge in a real world-wide outside. "Some more subject to cross" it is the dark history of the purpose of the man in life, and "afamada" it is the series to flow of heart that says a ups and downs to be a man a hot plus on earth. Any to mention "That is my name " the grave thumping, the heart felt, to adrenaline that song of flows that will clash by means of stereos for years. X spends real life, a life Earl Simmion, and results another Dark Man X classical. One has to that compraventa.
4 / 5
Does not have any a lot of to say roughly DMX "And Then there it was X", reason there is not except the alone song that is not to value time and money. DMX energetic Verses and intelligent does not turn down still for the second in this emission. Some beaten is varied but for real excellent, a refrains is a lot of catchy and memorable. A lyrical the contained is varied, deep and personal. An album like the whole is significant and sign. It deserves his 5 stars to a full plus.
4 / 5
DMX "And Then there it was X" well the listen. It is for real the spend on a majority of mainstream hip hop interpreters and is worthy of a recognition he recieves. A CD look some unexpectedly big songs " it Celebrates On" and "That is My Name " which are two big powered short that probably will remain in a radio in fact a lot of years. A thing that like more in of this CD is DMX row of emotions. It goes to be angry and unrelenting to soulful in "here We Go Again". "And Then there it was X" it has grown on me and I listen his to plot.
5 / 5
DMX Is and then there was x is DMX BETTER CD.Some the better clues are the one who these bes' master(feat. Sisqo),Good Daughters,Bad types,Celebrates On,and Whats my name? I see people saying this is DMX worse, thinks a worse is FLESH OF MY FLESH,the BLOOD OF MINE loves DMX of better the worst taking in in this order.
THEN has had X
4 / 5
Ossia He dismal album for DMX. For far his tentativa of worse album. Basically an only reason this album has sold was because of a sucesses of his premiers two albums. Has think that his premiers two albums were very better - with better rapping skill, papers more acute, and very better beaten.
If so only are taking to DMX and has listened one of the his other albums and is considering taking is one... No. This album would owe that be fill a 'used DMX' section in your tent of the most next music punctual.
1/5 stars
4 / 5
has scared to exit of a cupboard. It has begun with a voice - did feeble in some knees. I still continued for the deny. A music is contagious! A day could does not take anymore; it was in my house of way of work; one beats and a voice there is taken on my car. I have driven my tent of favourite music and has been disappointed when I have listened, "we DO not SELL of the EXPLICIT PAPERS." I have been DEVASTATED!
Has asked the partner of mine, the one who would maintain it on a down down, to take loaned his CD. I touched it down. It has not loved some neighbours to take a wrong idea. You know, a P, N, H, D, and all those other bad words. When they Are in a car - for me- I flies it! The law wants to enter in yours saver of screen, ".....UP IN HERE," but it likes to eat and have the ceiling in my boss. So much, calm dipped it on one a house.
Finally, could does not take anymore, am exited of a cupboard- I has purchased a CD and has begun to admit by all the world that this GOOD daughter master the music of this BAD boy.
5 / 5
Say that. Calm imagine you writing each significant triumph and tradegy in you life down on paper. Of his own inner fights to the day-the-life of day in City of New York, X has the way to do seat his papers apply your own life. Any subject where is in life or where alive, calms that seats. Always paste he in a something legislation. Another triumph of the notorius modivator. It was still feeling , "Slippin'"! Then a DOG taken in me again, and a thief is like this strong likes bite.
4 / 5
Wow Another volume rap Cd with at all to give but the type that shouts them roughly stuffs that the really cured person so only some people those who like this material. Left me .
Has been done, at all original, swimming of individual and really at all anything different of any one another rap artist these days.
Any one my words are not out of hate or anger or discrimination or is so only some facts.
DMX - 0 stars out of 10 stars
5 / 5
OMG, ossia such the worthless piece to crap. Left me so only say that for an end of a second song, ailed to eat all his B.S. Coming on, X! All know is so only a lot it hardcore. In fact, his only conviction to date is to drive with a licence expired. Ohhhh! Chico bad! Like this ossia the one who rap is coming to? Rapping In sexism, racism, prejudice, and money? Real rappers Is down in some streets of Brooklyn to the equal that has read this, that looks for to exit of some projects, no in the inhabitant up in some hills of Hollywood, trying desperately to express each penny of todays gullable viril adolescent aim. If calm really like this real rap try to something likes KRS-A, of the one who is value the s!
4 / 5
This album is hard, but like that? Calm a lot of doubt is hard these days. A lot barking, thuggish aggressive mixes there. Any all the world can do it ( could any one), but is not too difficult.
DMX rap With genuine feeling, as it can not call the fake of studio. This in spite of, there does not have any quite critical intelligence here, no quite amour of tongue and beaten, no quite messing with a gender is has received form. I have bought this album in '00, has listened his two times, and has nodded. I have not listened of then.
Gives X props to comprise that a perfect line in his bark-fest only 'That is My Name ?': . . . 'They are not , NIZZA, PERSON!' Heh.
4 / 5
Attacks all 5 of the albums of a Dog. This an I bang also but listens to a same little congs cuz a rest are not feelin. This was his better vendor , but no his better endeavour and more believed. Out of 15 songs, strike so only 7, thats so only the averages a CD. His another Cds can attack you almost a whole project.
1. Some More Subject to Cross
2. Professional
4. Here We Go Again
7. That These Bs Loves
8. That is My Name ?
10. Any Calm Never
12. Comin' For Already
4 / 5
has listened everything of DMX four album and these some rows second, for behind his start. His late plus is for far his worst, with 'Flesh of my Flesh' going in third. A fashion is basically a same pleasure all his another, catchy and giving props to his 'dogs'. If calm really loves the DMX CD, then take his prime minister. It is his best. THEN it buys this have to him legustado his prime minister. If yours date it-hard defender(which are not ),spent all four.
4 / 5
Another writes the one who material fact until doing an album. It contradicts so much throught an album. "Some more subject to cross" it is probably a better an on here. Calm then have a song where an artist says all the world-wide his name. We knew it to us! We buy a freakin' album. A lot his clues are slow and boring. Eminem HAS more talent that this type, and is terrible also!
In everything, DMX has launched joint another album to do some money without even doing sure was material of quality .
4 / 5
An only reason has given them this cd 1 star was reason could them does not give 0 stars, believe me would have them. This album is no better that horrible. A lyricts does not flow it no the sense and have any one meaning. It does not like mainstream but yes there is still a lot like this called mc is concealed is of better that 'x'. Oh yeah And some beaten is not same well in a whole, this cd taking a lot of props.
4 / 5
Now the does not follow hip hop. An only hip hop cds has them is pink eminem and tones braxton the listen to punk , the think this cd is that song with sisqo is a bomb. While the does not see like this can sing roughly god in a song then goes to rapping roughly murder any one. But the supposition rap is violent has taken oh well. Choose this bad boy arrives mecer
5 / 5
Ive has had this cd for 4 month and im still a lot of boered of him. Evrey As of this cd is awsome MASTER THAT! This cd the rocks touches like this good and there is awsome to the songs on like celebrates it on, the one who these BCHS loves(looking Sisqo),of some more subject to cross,good daughters bad types,afamada,and a awsome WHATS MI NAME. yeah DMX Is a name and ryde or the data takes this cd or X goes to take already!
4 / 5
Simply a better rap the album has listened of then Flesh of my Flesh... DMX surly Was this time when it falls this joint. With a help of Swizz these clips are of a hook with some of entities beatz. If UR the defender of hip-hop Or has to that take this album there is not swimming or person to shake a X man or a Ruff Ryders, Ryde Or creature of Data. Some better clues R 2,7,10&14 Hell all some clues R good to the equal that sees for the take.
5 / 5
Street, Religion, and Life. Cela That DMX ameno to a table. Has the only fashion, and he taking the respect adds of a world-wide and he again in this album. Earl Simmons Can preach a game and the American will take boss and listen his message. This album has the songs add and try his only dominance to do 18 clue, 11 clues has been done without other artists to look. He also ameno new talent to a table not using "Swizz Beatz" in the each song to do some utmost beatz. DMX has resupplied to sequela to a 2nd album, and ossia has to that compraventa.
4 / 5
When it Listens to this in my swipe and walk, are taste whoa, are by train of the roughest trace. It Likes me the rough trace on two wheels cuz one goes so only looks dangerous. Has-liked me this CD cuz am attracted by the dogs that bark "woof, woof". Wow I am proud of me. I go to chew now tha bone. DMX also spends trousers quite sweet. His hats are surprising doing this album all a better. When Any hats of raisin and of the good trousers does music 20 better times. Oh yeah Almost has forgotten, when the people ask me taste to him DMX music goes "Oh yeah" and then I aim him mine backbridge. DMX 4 Life dogs.

Top Customer Reviews: Great ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Everything previously to year of a dog again would consider them his better work. This album is not quite until pair with his dark and the hell is hot and flesh of my blood of flesh of my blood. But sure it is the banger! If you are DMX defender , chooses this an on, will be happy has done!
5 / 5
Thinks that this album is really fresh and has to that it buys album.
So that they have said that it sucks it and ...... They are entirely bad. I have bought a CD after reading these descriptions and the ones of those who thinks would have to that say that it is a worse album .
Following is some indications for some songs think is pertinent:
1. Sometimes:GOOD SONG FOR The FRESH PAPERS. 8.5/10
2. School street: it THINKS BETTER SONG OF THE ALBUM. 10/10
5. We Right here: SECOND BETTER SONG. 9.9/10
6. Bloodline Hymn:An A lot of VERY SKIP
7. Shorty Was gives Bomb: WOW! A SONG ADDS SUM. MAN THIS SONG Is A BOMB . FRESH PAPERS. 10/10
8. Damien III: ANY ONE BAD! 6/10
10. Calm Lose you: LIKE THIS SO MUCH. (50 50). 5/10
11. Number 11: WHOA! Third BETTER SONG. 9.5/10
12. Attractive On (Skit): WELL. 3/10
13. They are one Strikes : SONG A lot GOOD. I LISTENED it 2 Or 3 TIMES. CANT SKIP L. 9/10
14. The appeal Was (Skit): STILL IT LIKES 12. 3/10
15. You could Be Blind: NIZZA. PAPERS And GOOD SONG. 7/10
Like this there go. But they are MY COMMENTARIES . It can not say anything roughly calm(will like or any one)
but of the still value that tries. It has to that but the you he partid√°rio big of DMX.(I TASTE!)
But a sewing of plus, if your partner has taken an album and calms that wants to burn, no!!!! The cause has taken the very good illustrations !!!
4 / 5
DMX 4th emission titled 'A big Depression' was one of a successful more commericial hip-hop emissions of albums of a year 2001 (a bit those that another when being Ja the principle is 'the ache is Amur ', Jay-Z is 'A Project', and to the discharge slightly map of the smallest poster-wise, Ludacris sophomore Word of emission Of Mouf').
Has taken this album and there is enjoyed he for some time. The so that main liked roughly was of some papers . While I connot say that DMX is the complex rhymer in the pair with one likes of In the, Canibus, or Eminem, can say that some the real words are a lot hard-paste. Lyrically, 'A big Depression' contains a @@@subject-import concealed is resulted his mark: Frequent graphic violence, intermittent religious introspection, self-asorbed consideration to his physical state, his successful general views, his peers concealed sustains, his enemies, and meetings with sexually of immoral women.
Production-wise, this album is on-half. Some beaten like a rock-influenced 'Bloodhound Hymn' and a prime minister so only 'Knots Here included' is memorable, and the little another has not mentioned is adds. If you are more to some beaten complex-stylings of a RZA, True Master, and DJ FIRST, he casualidad is probably will not be terribly has impressed. Any looks of production overtly was-of-place, as he shouln't annoy you papers of favour in beaten.
Usually, would not owe that listen to the DMX album for beaten.
Standouts: A second only 'The one who Be' has the simplistic but intense delivery and @@@subject-@@subject on some streets of a gueto. Some beaten has samples very strong, and there is eerie voice in a backround. 'We Here included' has the complex has beaten, this forces X to adopt the fashion that works. It is quite interesting. A @@@subject-the subject is the mix of braggadacio and hard-edged reality. A production is quite catchy, with the synthesizer to repeat and it hard drum-loop. Eshorty Was One Pumps' has sucedido mainly reason has X doing something different, and any when being any one too serious. In this clue, he storytells in the woman has taken pregnant. While this @@subject and the history was covered already for Cube of Gel some years before we have known included roughly DMX, is funny and he diversion of the his decidely more formulaic hardcore material. 'Damien 3' is clue of conversation apparently that follows on Damien follows leading albums (which there is still to listen). In chance any one calm already know, 'Damien' is the euphamism/alias for the edges of a devil, and 'Damien' to the equal that has portrayed here is the person of X hood the one who envies his success. X impersonates, and can require listen some first clues of his leading albums to comprise. An aforesaid 'Bloodhound Hymn' has sucedido mainly because of a production. Although some electrical guitars in a backround can turn some people was, he blends well with a 'live-band' sound. X' spits vicious here. Another calm only ' Lose you' with additional vocals of Faith Evans is heartfelt retrospective poured in his late grandmother. Some accesses of his sweet well with some emotional papers, and is always good to listen Faith Evans. A production of Blaze Justa in 'Imma Bang' is rock-influenced but exits like this something could listen in the film of martial arts. Again, X spits hard and gone down of the like this hard rivals.
For reference, there is at all has related to Damien songs on DMX third emission 'And Then has had X'. Besides, in DMX' catalogue of whole song, has any 'Damien 2'. In his sophomore Flesh of album of my Flesh, Blood Of my Blood' a clue that follows on 'Damien' of ' this Dark And the hell Is 'called'Hot A Omen' (in reference to a popular @@@1970s film of horror of a same title in the pair the one who unsuspectingly adopts the edges of a Devil, Damien has appointed), the clue that do fault like this it duet among X and incident-rocker Marilyn Manson.
Roughly 30 seconds after a last song 'A Minute For Your Edges' well, has material of prize with some of DMX protects. If you are the defender of an integer Ruff Ryders camp, he casualidad is will enjoy these writes also. Continuous in still 12 minutes.
Recommends this album for hardcore defenders of DMX. If it enjoys 'A big Depression', also recommends Robs Black is 'History of Life', Prodigy is '', and Fat Joe is ''.
Global indication: 3.9 stars (rounds to 4)
5 / 5
sees that I did not give it 5 Stars, but this would mean a CD is perfect in each way a lot that?
But in all the chance, so only is resulted a 'X' the defender done 2 years and have his leading endeavour 'Then has had X' and there is almost has downloaded everything of his songs of his leading 2 before it concealed, and has to that say this CD, although a lot different, is on pair with 'Then has had X'. There it is matured a lot and these shows in both his election of subjects and his postpone and skills of delivery how has been very improved of his earlier endeavours. Some beats a lot all touch some same and there abundance of variety.
The good songs are
- School Street - Where tribute of paid to all his peps and that is there be with him for the moment.
- The one who be - Sure 'X' way with east a.
- Trill moe - Where X shows of those that his albums have sold. Beaten good and good rhymes (15 MILLIONS... IN The IN The IN The IN The IN The)
- Knots Here included - The albums radio songs, in spite of still has a X way and is a lot powerful and listenable.
- Shorty Was Gives that it amuses Bomb little history, depends in your flavour.
- When they Are At all - Hip Hop music of Party, with DMX looking almost to go in in a scene of club.
- I Calm Miss - A heartfelt and sincere songs in his grandmother and a rest of a family.
- A Minute for your Edges - A good song roughly DMX fights with a Gentleman and his commitment to Jesus. Nizza Has beaten...
Like this in my opinion 8 standout clues, another is not really bad, so only a lot exceptionally well. Oh, Leave a CD that careers with which some last arrivals of clue. Has other 10 minutes of rapping of some other artists in Bloodline Records to comprise EVE and another good song of X.
Good work X. Definately The solid album. This cd is in heavy rotation in my player of CD and I doubt X will not go down NEVER of point. Different Ja Principle, the one who DMX openly said in some songs ' calm' (gives to Do listens it, will hate Ja Rule even more that the already would owe that do likes DMX)...
4 / 5
In such the time of confusion, is eerie that DMX would baptise his his vehicle late plus, A big Depression. After all, still we are recovering of a tragedy more add ours generation hopefully has to that give support. Yes, his almost as if we are in a midst of our big own Depression. Still, our is not of an economic variety that DMX has taken a title of his fourth-elepé. Enough, ours is based so only in ours welfare mental---a different plight in fact.
While X continuous cater his music to a misguided soul, reinvents in some measure in a big Depression. You see, X has taken to hike to a desert to do roughly that looks for soul, and, well, has taken his legislation of boss. A result of final is the plus self-has contained X, that - minus two Swizz Beatz contributi - find Darkman virtually that short all the bonds to RR Clicks, and cozying until I Give Fat, and he slew of one-has established producing the one who add the new wrinkle to the his usually resolute sound.
Although a movement of register of NY, Arizona can initially has bred some eyebrows (Any one agrees the Public enemy is 'For Some time takes Arizona'?). A very same desert sanctuary X has looked for to the record asylum contains to duality that play to his forces, like the desert can be like this tranquil likes Dalai Lama, and like this savage like the bull of fast hole. X taps to both of these facets with equal ferocity in a big Depression---with resulted variable. While X street of hymns of attacks as 'the knots Here was', and some rugged 'Those who Be' (tadanh, tadanh, tadanh) like the powder keg ready to detonate. This law bangers is created for X newfound reliance in Goddess; exemplified for a desire 'A Minute For Your Edges', and one hear to touch his Grandmother ' Lose you' (w/ Faith Evans). Felizmente These accounts of life to attack last game out of better then a misogynistic near-on clues horty Was A Bomb', and a bland shows of soul ('Whatcha that Goes to Do With Mina Lovin'') that X and Give me impulse of Fat for a tepid 'When they are At all ' (w/ Stephanie Mills).
Hip-hop the purists are quickly to signal out of this X is not the gifted lyricist. This in spite of, his unbridled wins ensures that each one raspy voiced the bar is pounded house with a unwavering intensity. This in spite of X returns reinvigorated, and with the faith renewed in Goddess, has does not pursue Reverend sermonizing that goes in here. But then again, DMX any one precise to convert any, as his parish is the few deep millions , and still has his ear. If it calms it has not experienced never ache, amour, or rejection, then calms does not go to take X underlying message. Unfortunately a world is like this
5 / 5
dressed DMX is 'A big Depression' behind when it was first with some exceptions of a ruffneck hymn chool Street' and a amped-arrive solteros 'Those who Be' and 'Knots Here same',
any really touches this album has not been displeased it
the X man lastest the endeavour but I do not guess ,did not move me a lot.
First of fast,three month later,'A big Depression' taking more and more amour with each listen.
Follows really feeling a sincere ' calm Lose you'(looking Faith Evans),a tribute to DMX late grandmother,Mary Ellis Holloway now that has seen one v√≠deo.yo really like a fact that s√ļper-male X sentimental taking and leaves his feelings some scarce in a hard type creditibility-obessed world of hip hop and I respect X to do that.
But,to the left is to take things directly,everything of 'Add Depession' is not the weepy subject.
A cautionary history of sex horty is Was A Bomb' and mecer was
'Bloodline Hymn' is' among some stronger courses here as well as
Stephanie Mills-looked '70s-inspired 'When they are At all ' and
the scary-touching film of horror-like this narrative 'Damien III'.
And can not have the DMX album without his 'Prayer' book.
And 'Depression' has a the deep,thoughtful an only like him
leading three .
Now can any front,behind when X surfaced like the star with his premiers two 1998 album(' is Dark And the hell Is Hot' and 'Flesh Of my Flesh,Blood Of my Blood'),has not gone exactly he DMX defender.
Has thought of him,as he hollering 2Pac clone but a day in 1999
after seeing he MTV interview,my opinion movió.un write still that has believed to be the low-intellect Pac was in fact the enigmatic,intellegent,thoughtful man that that tries to choose on pieces of his material.
Oh, I'm sorry,Amazonians,to add that little part in an end but I has had to say behind to an album:'A big Depression' could has to that grow on bit you but after the moment,
will feel it.
(To any,the one who has read this description and like,Of Thank you so many!)
5 / 5
Has in the first place listened DMX rap in the clue with Mic Geronimo and Robs Black. It has been remezcla for Mic the song of Geronimo has called "Nothin' Movement But Of the Money". Then of the at all has begun to listen lucido in several clues: Mase "24 Hours to Live" with a LOX, A LOX "Money, Can & Respect", and on LL Quota J "4,3,2,1". I have listened once DMX "taking In me Dog", I have known that has had unlimited potential. His start of ALONE CD, " it is Dark And the hell Is Hot" it has been released and a CD has taken to resurgence once one 3rd so only, a Swizz the beaten has produced, "Ruff Ryders' Hymn" it has been released. This song dipped so only DMX in a map for good. " It is Dark..." It is resulted the classical and there is enjoyed a way that a CD has flowed I a lot together with my be of favourite songs "taking In me Dog", "How it is that Down", "History of Crime", "Accident M Fly" and "Ruff Ryders' Hymn". Then to top this was, 6 month later DMX has fallen his 2nd CD, "Flesh Of my Flesh, Blood Of my Blood". One 1st so only was "Slippin" and that the song was the good election for one 1st only and was to good sure one of mine favourite of this CD. While a CD there has been his something brilliant could say that a CD has been hasty and some clues were more commercial in some note that his start was. This in spite of, a CD still would owe that be in your collection been due to songs likes "it Is not Any Way", "we do not give A ____" w Ways of A LOX, "Any Amour For me" w/tugs-On and one of a course of better possession of all time with a LOX, Jay Z and DMX has called "Blackout". This probably will be a prime minister and a last time that you will not see never this collaboration and a clue is still hot a year 2001. His 3rd CD, "...And Then there it was X mixed results also receipts and was the shadow under "Flesh Of my Flesh.." And nowhere it approaches " it is Dark...". Once again this in spite of, if you are the DMX partidário still would owe that have he in your collection is the defender because of "Some More Subject to Cross", "That is My Name ", "A Proffesional", "here We Go Again", and "DXL (Hard Aim)" w/A LOX and Tug-On. To to The Songs like " it Celebrates On" it was so only too much for me. It could not go down with this commercial vibe at all, although "That loves" w/Sisqo was a jam. DMX Fourth delivery is "A big Depression". It begins it was, with those touch like the poem, with "Sometimes". Of there that, DMX gives 4 legislations bangers: "Street Escole", one 2nd so only, "The one who Be", " it Trills Moe" and one 1st only "We Here included". Ossia To good sure a better sequence of a CD. "The one who Be" has DMX rapping a better that has listened in the minute and a a&r would owe that be given the medal of gold to release this so that the alone. " It trills Moe", In my opinion is one of some better songs in a CD likes him DMX takings hyped on while it is kicking hardcore rhymes a same time. "Street escole" he a same thing also. He in fact to to the sounds like DMX has taken of some time with this emission. "Shorty Was A Bomb" has DMX in his better once again. Ossia The good history that DMX presents with this clue. Other clues aventajadas comprise a tribute his late grandmother, " I lose" w/Faith Evans, " you could Be Blind" w/Mashonda" and "A Minute For Your Edges". Some last two clues were some only two clues Swizz the beaten produced in a CD. Like a prize added calm also takes some material of prize after "A Minute With Your Edges" finals that comprises freestyles of a rappers that is on DMX Bloodline Record and follows to look Are Big, Tug-On and Mic Geronimo. Also invernadero where has seen atleast two reviewers says that DMX "Bloodline Hymn" it is better that a "Ruff Ryders' Hymn". It does not mean to be bad but this need of people to stick his boss in the tub of caffè hot and wake on for real. A "Bloodline Hymn" it is an only song that I can a lot included resist to listen to and takes an immediate fast forward . DMX Defenders and defenders of current rap the music will be impressed with this CD. DMX is not a better lyrically but always has the way with words and presentation.
5 / 5
While it is no longer a hotter thing in some streets, DMX has come by means of with the new album A big Depression, which is better that Flesh of my Flesh, waaaaaay better that And Then has had X, but no like this as well as it is Dark... Disappeared is a Ruff Ryders and Swizz the beaten has produced so only one to two clues, and is the blessing because one 'Ryde or Dated steez is touched was. Like this really, it is so only X and his collected new artists of his own Bloodline Records.
Before things in the first place, this album loses some stars in thanks to DMX saying 'Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah!' On 'Trill Moe'. Also, 'When they are At all ' it is lazy sample of Stephanie Mills' 'Whatcha that Goes to Do with My Fond', and is there she spending in the toneless vocal. And finally, 'the knots Here was' to sounds likes him a uninspired version of 'That is My Name ' and 'Ruff Ryders Hymn' together place.
Now a good informative. A Swizz clues, ' Could Be Blind', is in fact catchy, as well as 'The one who Be'. Eshorty Was one Pumps' in fact bolt until his jams displaced for some ladies likes them 'How is Goin' Down'. And it would not be the DMX record without the 'Damien' song or the song of prayer ('A Minute for Your Edges').
Included a clue of prize that fragmenta of characteristic of his new artists are interesting: a female rapper of a group has said that you will be to hate to touch like was the partner of Kelis. This album does not look DMX in his the majority of energetic, has any standout the swipes for one likes 'Take in me Dog', and has listened that it still is planning takes after this album, but a majority of A big Depression would not owe that depress any one.
5 / 5
Was excited like this when October 23rd has come around reason had been them moment to buy this cd of then was first announced behind in a begining of September. Has be worth it.
" It is Dark and the hell Is Hot" presented the Dark Man X. His gritty papers and (backside then) form of original production Swizz Beatz was all X required to do the classical album up there with "Illmatic" and "Ready to Die." His last two albums, "Flesh of my Flesh, Blood of my Blood" and "...And Then there it was X" continued to aim his dominance in a that changes never rap game.
Now, goes back full force to rid the album adds, but no the classical album.
"The one who Be" it is my personal favourite of everything of DMX songs. This song has a diagram of easy rhyme, but his papers take was and some beaten is defintely bangin'. " It trills Moe" it Is another of a song of hook, in of the terms of production. How it is "Bloodline Hymn" and a next chapter in a DMX vs. A saga of Diablesa "Damien III." DMX Loses his points for uninspired to to the songs like "Shorty Was Gives Bomb" and a formulaic "School Street." "We Here included" it would be in a cast of any one of songs so many is, if it has not been for a fact find walking down a street, randomly that shouts, "he The Ameno! THAT! We Right here."
DMX will be agreed like the rapper (and actor) the one who always dipped 110 his work. It does not have childish rap roughly jewelrey and rims of 20 thumbs. It comes from/ it Comes from some streets and he rap on some streets. Along I Alive X.
5 / 5
Now! Ossia That has loved! DMX Found almost that DMX the one who rasgó " it is Dark and the hell is hot". This CD is more than GOOD. Unfortunatelly, am not able of the give 4.5 stars although it costs it.
In the first place was, was happy reason an album has not been governed for Swizz Beatz. His class of production is more be feeble and feebler although some years and has touched any sake. But this album, felizmente, fault of.
Some better clues are ' calm lose you', 'Damien III', 'Those who in the be', 'Trill Moe', 'Bloodline hymn' eshorty was a bomb' and ' could be blind'.
When I in the first place listened ' lose you' my hairs stood up in my arms and behind. It felt these a lot of months does. It felt that when I have listened Joe Fat is 'An underlying hand' behind in 1999.
'Bloodline Hymn' is also the tight clue with the tight-some beaten of drum and stagnate it- electrical guitar riff. Ossia The good entrance for DMX Bloodline Record.
horty Was one pumps' is another very created clue. DMX Says the history of daughter the one who has captured. Tight.
'Damien III' is psychopathic clues with him scary background music. Really tight. Damien is angrier that never. DMX Has to that struggle harder that maintain his soul.
The to only song did not like is 'Of Number 11'. It has touched Swizz Beatz-like.
But 'The one who be' and 'Knots here included' was well, also.
In general, liked really of this CD. There is roughly 10 of 14 clues that is tight or better without a skits, esometimes' and 'Prayer IV'. And ossia the good average .
DMX Value of album that shabby, or if any one thinks different, he the values that download.
Goes, DMX!
4.5 stars!
Has said!
5 / 5
I can not adapt more than an only thing that resists behind DMX was a horribly monitonus a unorigonal production of beaten Swiss. Now that swiss is no longer a flavour of hte month, X can take toto that does a music all know is able of. Any this is not a musical order of people likes some Roots, call of Investigations of the Tribe, or same DJ Quik. That is possibly a better album that DMX can do.
I konw something X has lost his flange, but the one who the artists can do to to the the song him him like The one who Be? Ossia hte Better clue in a CD. Any some beaten does not clash , but real and the heart felt, even more that your typical DMX. Whil Ex would be sentimental and then changes behind to the his"murderous rampges," the paste uswith the bevy of ideas in this song(ossia a box, a hole, etc.) Ossia his better song of then partorisca Be Greedy.
Another point has underlined is a Bloodline Anrhem, and experience in fusion of rock. It does not concern , a heavy electrical guitar riffs access X perfectly.
When it Is At all and I Miss Or is also the points have underlined. Included a carribean csounding Trills Moe slightly is entertaining.
This is not a perfect album for any piece, and doubt a MC with a limited lyrical skill of DX could do one. But that am missing of in the skill does on partorisca in sheer force and honesty. While this could not sell like his leading 3 album, ten years of now this will be to agree likes album more final to touch square.
4 / 5
A Depression adds is to 2 wait of year , but has be worth it, and a resaults is in
:Skits is not ammusing 1/5 stars
Street:Nizza has beaten, and meaning 4/5 stars
be:C soyencima, or knows said junx iz tite 5/5 stars
Moe:Nizza has beaten, but wuz gives meant 3/5 stars
here was:Of the has not been ovaplayed his still tyte5/5 stars
Hymn:beaten Good but, bloodline stinks 3/5 stars
was gives bomb:Nizza has beaten, but takes old fast 3/5 stars
III:Been the while it has had of then Damien joints 4/5 stars
is at all :beaten Good old, and lyricly a lot 4/5 stars
10. Calm lose you:Good tribute to the his grandma 4/5 stars
11: it looks hot comin' was but beats old taking 2/5 stars
up:Transmission skit 1/5 stars
13. They are a bang :Ossia exactly that it is 5/5 stars
was:Another transmission skit 1/5 stars
15.ou could be blind:Yes I say wuz the swipe where wuz gives video 5/5 stars
16.unla Prayer IV:Another habladuría calm calm to God 3/5 stars
17.un small partorisca your edges:Good gospel, but bloodline stinks 4/5 stars
DMX finally goes back to a BOMB and taking evreything corrected of And then has had X. I recomend this in any DMX, RR partid√°rio. If or it does not like DMX, then of east is inconclusive 4 or
5 / 5
has been the partid√°rio of DMX likes a lot another has listened of Ruff the hymn of Ryder. They are immediately state and has on elected is Dark and the hell is Hot and could not taking listening his. Here we are 3 1 album later, DMX is of tower with "A big Depression," and it is still a lot on with beaten utmost and awesome rhymes. Now this album is not like this very like this "Dark and the hell is Hot," but it is quite darn afterwards. An only real downfall is that his first album there is more be catchy tunes to notch upper. While in a big Depression, really has any fall off in of the songs, but any one achieves a level of "Ruff the hymn of Ryder." Really it likes me "Damien III," with a rapping back and advance. I want to "The one who be," reason anything with electrical guitar and Dmx rapping is sucedido reason his voice is like this rugged that returns well with electrical guitar in a fund. Based on that I also like a new hymn "Bloodline Hymn." A an appearance in this album that is better that all his leading albums is that his words have meant, some better lyrical the song is " Shorty was a Bomb." In general it would recommend Jay-z "Bluerint" first of this album, but both albums will look good in yours cd collection. In general ossia DMX the majority of complete album without the doubt.
5 / 5
His first album felt it. It has done Mase his hott. When I have listened a second album, there is prendido so only listenin to D. Third album was the lil better. You know that all three of these albums have in common-?? I have not bought any of them. When I have listened in his fourth album, has thought I aint throw this. After listening roughly songs, has taken the risk and took it. It comes to think of him, was the decent album . A Bloodline the hymn is 10x better that the corny Ruff Ryder hymn. 11, School Street, Bloodline Hymn, Damien III, and are the Bang is some more has believed clues on there. But you know that it has had to look. "WHO Is USA "-!! Dats The definite banga-!! Recognition that song on ALAP ( As Strong like Possible). "Here we include" it is coo also, but the does not listen his a lot of reason I seen a spare video. Calm lose you, When they are at all , and could be Blind is near of cold. Mic Geronimo Dipped it down likes "bang". An only thing I didnt likes was some of a vocals. It is for this that was the 4 . Another that that, is tight.
Has said Is the " it HAS TO THAT TAKE"-!! DMX READ OF TOWER, And BETTER THAT NEVER I-!! It thanks god Swizz aint produces the majority of an album. Cause to Give me the fat has done. Fat merked in. It is for this that DMX has on blown. Peep dat Album dawg-!!
4 / 5
'A big Depression' is the bad title for this album, becuase this album is any how May. I did not think it it was possible for DMX to top 'And then has had X' but does with this album, almost each song in this album is awesome, has the real question that tries to choose the preferred, but a standouts is during an album: eschool Street', 'The one who In the be', 'Trill Moe' 'Knots Here same', eshorty was gives Bomb', 'When they are At all ', ' calm Lose you', ' are a Bang' and ' Could be Blind'. This whole album are so only adds, each song has the different to feel and his his, If I have had to choose the preferred would be the toss on going in: 'When they are At all ', ' calm Lose you', ' are a Bang', and ' Could be Blind'. It is the shame that this album does not have does like this well like DMX is other albums, is his more a closing. This album is the start of classes for DMX, I like an electrical Guitar the drums has used in of the numerous clues here, any too many rappers that. It looks to be improving with each album, with thrilling anticipate his prójimo a, for now DMX is a King of hip hop, any Jay Z, Nelly, any Ludacris or JA Principle. Principles of dark Man!
5 / 5
DMX Pound another solid album, but comes on cut due to the fact that I credit his leading albums were. Ossia The CD a lot of and the must has for DMX partid√°rios. DMX The good work on here but was a production in this album that I really wasnt feelin.
Has some the hot songs on here eat; School Street, The one who In the be, Trills Moe, Knots Here same, Bloodline Hymn, and Damien III. These all there have been some beaten utmost and the papers add. But then it has had some songs with some well to beaten likes him Shorty Was Gives Of Bomb. X the work adds with his storytellin in this clue but a beaten is lackin something. I lose it is another good song (Dmx tribute to pay to the his Grandma)
Clues 17, A Minute For Your Edges, follows a Prayer and X again speaks to God, this the hot song. Afterwards it has some heats freestyles of some another Bloodline artists in old X beaten. These are some hot verses so many of those who skip these.
Like the integer Dmx rid another good album. This album takes 3.5 stars been due to bad production on some songs. But X controls his own taste gotta give credit for that.
4 / 5
I Dmx Is of tower with the thumpin' new album that it is rough and rugged, any bentleys, any canal and a lot of BS. This album is at all like his labelmates Jay-z and Ja Principle, different fashions,as it does not compare . Dmx Is rough and rugged, street without leash, Ja the principle is club and party with the little street and Jay-z is glamor, money,clothes and materialistic/ D-trafficante BS but is all tight Mcees but any kick was with a song "School Street" ossia rough and rugged. The one who Be is a hypest clues this year and here included is the song adds. A Bloodline the hymn is tight also. A sleeper clues for the people probably will be "A minute for your edges", this clue is the add rap has treated for X. Dmx Follows a same model like another album but does not expect any guest excepts some 2 clues of prize, one looking Are Big and Tug-on and another with MIC Geronimo. This album is one of DmX more. This Cd will take you hyped on 4 sho. As it chose it up. It chooses on this R3 in November. It steps Double R is the dynasty. Paz.
4 / 5
3 SONGS in this ALBUM R The BOMB
A lot of rapper can be judged for his start so only, this in spite of well, how is a More adds them rapper of all the times, but 'the depression adds' is quite possibly a better Rap album never. The history has been done.
4 / 5
First of this album has thought them always DMX was the tear was and has not paid any one his attention. When This CD is exited all my friends has loved that and always spoken roughly the like this has asked them he for xmas. When it took it it has burst them he to my player and bored .... Reason has listened them to some radio swipes ('Those who Be') ('In the Right here) and has taken it almost was but then has taken them the little further and my boss has begun bouncin on and down and my eyes have opened. DMX kicks [butt]!!!! My favourite songs in an album all order gone in. 'Bloodline Hymn' was one first song that has taken my attention and has begun to take his. An I taken to eshorty Was Gives Bomb' and could not believe my ears. A rhythm was to add and some papers were excellent to. Finally the taken to 'Damien III' and finally has decided them the likd a CD with which so only these 3 songs. Some two radio swipes are less bad, 'Those who Be' & 'Knots Here same' and 'Ima Bang' is the seeds - strong action. ' You could Be Blind' and 'When Im At all' is good but no a better of DMX.
This album influenced to like DMX and the later taken to Ruff Ryders + And Then has had X but the does not have his origonal album this although the esees has listened good things roughly.
The control was DMD - A big Depression 2day.
5 / 5
DMX Has been my preferred rapper for the long time. It likes me everything of his albums. An only album that is not that I add is Flesh of my Blood of Flesh of my Blood, that one is so only well. But His Dark And the hell Is Hot, And Then there was X.., And A big Depression all kick... And Then there it was X was like all of his albums, gangsta, but no like this gangsta like prime ministers two and this one. A big Depression door for behind DMXs darkness grimey gangst hip hop skills of the his first album and parts of his second a. This album has no real bad songs. My preferred are School Street , Trills Moe, the knots Here was, Bloodline Hymn and Damien III. They are really happy has spent in a damien seris, reason ossia somthing I misssed in his last album, thinks Damien 3 is a better song in Damien seris(Damien, A Omen, Damien 3). Well all can say is that this album is... awsome And would not owe that be seating reading this, would have to be buy the.
5 / 5
OH Man,
the one who more could dip down as it gives dog. Has a lyrical has contained of Pac and a flow of Biggie. That more can ask and is not a dimensional. It steps until a dish for all this fake wannabe is but expresses his human side in Everything will be good with his partner of duet my daughter Faith Evans. The gentleman taken Like and could be blind but you gonn see is where dips whole foot in him. This whole CD is lyrically overflowing and a message is clear to live your life like calm , but does not forget that it is really everything in people, amour and God.
And yes listen calm closely can see that DMX is of gives heart. It is the musical poet . This CD touch and each appearance of my life so that any CD has to that. This CD is the must has for all some RAP, Hip Hop and R&B defenders. A big Depression a title is like this timely. It goes to Take DAT.
5 / 5
Any one had said me ossia his better album of "His Dark and the hell is Hot"
That was that fool thinking when said concealed me? That he the like this pleasant fact is that it is the deep subterranean boss . As I have taken his work for him and has taken this album. Big deception. Real hip-hop the bosses know DMX 1st album is his better work . With which "His Dark and the hell is Hot" it has been fallen has been all downhill for DMX. His forward two album were half. At all it compared it to the his 1st. His sad to say becaue has thought "And Then there it was X" it was a worse DMX could possibly never dipped the, was bad. This album is pure rubbishes , subpar beaten with well down papers of rubbishes. You can say of a intro that DMX spent the day in this album, seriously. If it calms of the that prpers thinks that the control was. I gave it two stars because a clue of firs is quite hot.
5 / 5
Left beginning was to say taht mostly everything of some songs in this album are a lot good. Yea Speaks roughly almost a same thing in the each song,yea hes no too creative,but tongue roughly waht feels any one money and the just ass likes today rappers. Prpers Having said that,in a cd.
Begins was that it attacks with clues 2 all a way until clue 8 "Damien III." Then the a lot of that touches the song in his defunct grandmother comes on in 10. Calm for real can feel an ache that comes from/comes from in this song. A rest is good clues like "Imma Bang" and "A minure for your edges" but some very better clues owe that be 3 "The one who Be," 4 " it Trills Moe" and 5 " We Right here." All some clues are listenable and good cd all a way around. His Plus like this far.
4 / 5
Ossia My second preferred dmx cd. His no like this as well as his dark and the hell is hot but comes real prójimo. When it reads to give me the fat was to produce has imagined them would have one dark and pursuing the type beats concealed has done his dark and the hell is hot the tight album but was them bad. theres To plot of good songs in this cd. One some concealed underlines is the one who in the be, could be blind, and school street. damien 3 Is also follows it really good. theres Perhaps 1 or 2 clues that the ones of those who really like this to whole plot but for one the majority of part touches the tight cd. Much better that his last endeavour and he then there was x. Also control out of some clues of prize, especially a last a. His one of some better songs on there. dmx Also gives his new artists he casualidad to shine in a cd. That the didnt really likes was that a daughter in his way of sounds of focus he too much like eve. But it would recommend them this cd in any dmx defender or just hip hop defender. dmx Is takin the backside in some streets!!!!!! One.
5 / 5
Has been the radio defender of DMX of his prime minister CD! Each song has listened of him on to a radio have to him legustado to plot but has not thought never would buy the CD of his cause is not sure state would like me all his songs. Well it has taken this new cd and am really happy I , after listening 'the one who be' for some first time has think that that this song was a jump a fresco more harder arrive and song of material of the pause has listened of DMX. I have decided to take an integer cd and am happy has done. If him him like that listens in the irradiates to like an integer cd, each song has the add uncontrollable boss bobbing beaten and his fashion of rap, thinks, is a better of today of fashions. So you are seating in a fence and so only is not sure would owe that take DMX later cd go for the choose calm arrives to promise you will not be disappointed at all.
4 / 5
That has listened for DMX, A big Depression is not the good album. Neither it is a lot another of his work. Calm probably so only like this cd yes is in rap. They are really any to a mainstream rap music.
Does not concern Me for any of some clues on here. I have bought so only an album because has thinks that that that has looked somethng more on that. More, I unknowillingly has purchased a clean version. I can not be a version has modified. An only factor that has saved this record of the stars the estimativa was a coverage and photograph.
Would not owe that buy this cd is likes to to the music Likes C-BO, Spyro Gyra, A Rippingotns, Skywalk, some Haste, and some Cult of Blue Oyster. Those are some good groups . Thank you To take a time and generosity to read my description.
5 / 5
DMX Is of tower with his angry rap and raspy voice. His beaten is harder in this album that spends for behind his Dark and Hot Like some days of Hell. Some DMX partid√°rios will not be disappointed. A big Depression is his finer collection to do never, but the sales probably will be disappointing reasons an album is missing of a MTV teenybopper necessary paste to draw some suburban boys in. This in spite of, DMX will attack platinum a time of plus.
A big Depression is the collection callejera rap, emotional papers, and hard pounding beaten. A lyrical the picture of some streets are found in chool Street' and 'Number 11.' ' They are the Bang ' and 'Trill Moe' will be touched in a scene of club of cost cost it, while ' calm Loses is the rap there is poured in his grandma. One 'Bloodline Hymn,' a hymn for a focuses of music DMX is resulted of Def Jam and Ruff Ryders, is the tight clue that looks to have a Ozzy Osbourne has beaten. It is awesome DMX has dipped down the clue of new hymn that considers his success with one 'Ruff Ryder' Hymn.' Also after his success with Dark and Hot likes Hell, DMX ameno behind transmission of sound ego Damien in 'Damien III.' My favourite rap and an alone prime minister of A big Depression, are ' Right here.' Has the beaten formidable and draws the picture of DMX life.
4 / 5
So only would like me say that ossia a better album DMX has released still. It is his masterpiece.Some first three songs are jsut a dopest sh! youll Listens for the moment in the rap album, begginging with a half rapped the poem spoken half ometimes' andthen emotional on to one that attacks'chool street' the cry was to his friends and back familiarised in his house where has grown up. This song has it kinda the old school chair his. Then it avenges swho be, the social consciense-hymn of the annoyance with the electrical guitar there is laced has beaten the volume concealed has on pumped. All some songs with which ossia really good to, but touches no like this well like another. DMX Is in his the majority of innovative, lyrically here, giving gangsta poetry on 'IM'a bang' the song of tribute on ' lose you' braggadacio on 'Trill Moe', gospel rap on 'A minute for edges' and included takes a time to say a listeer the history in horty was a bomb.' This is his plus superbly crafted album still and gives otehr rappers the good example of the like the elements are required in the good rap album and wehre would have to that be. Ossia The real departuer of the his other albums also; it is one of some producers of albums and takes credit of partial production in the little of some songs,hes moer announce it introspective soft lyrically and there is virtuall any material of farce here, a thing that plauged his first album and didnt help his otehr two that a lot. Theres alot Of rap- rock in this album also, hes has had always he kinda rock and flange of his circle, but this time theres more than the handful to be able to and agreements of bass and electrical guitars of rock and drums in this album. Perhaps this isnt enough the classical, can fall just short of that, but he certaintly comes a lot together;.
5 / 5
DMX is ailing in this album, a guest apperances are adds. It is X way to shout out of his verses but he still have taken plots and a lot of flows, his fashion is Gangsta directly on and was, is and will be one of some products plus a lot of end of Double R, Ruff Ryders. Ja The principle looks for to be like me DMX but his fashion is no where near X. DMX Also remained humble in this CD. In stead of a massive slaughtering, tongue with GODDESS, yes, DMX is becomming humble but still has a gangsta mentality in him everyonce in the moment in this CD. The delivery and The Production is of Sound.
Papers: B+
Production: A+
Hands: A+
In general: A+
5 / 5
has taken DMX the day is exited before. I have been moment to this album for the long time. This album has the mix of him is Dark and the hell is Hot and And Then there were X flavours. A thing are dissappointed is that has no Ruff Ryder appearances. An appearance of only real guest is Faith Evans . Then it has these two other daughters. There are songs really well, half songs, and the few feeble songs. In general an album is decent. It is not the highly must for album this in spite of. If you are the true X defender then takes this album to add your collection of CD. I also bought Jayo a sameday and his album is better. Paz
4 / 5
A big Depression is the street Cd partorisca some streets. Any Crystal, Any bentleys so only a realness. A production is utmost partorisca east is is the hymn callejero, here included is the hymn callejero. It trills Moe And number 11 eat the alive cowards with a realness, listens to some papers. You could be Blind is the hot clue. It is it has thought it causes the clue then has fallen was 3 something has hid that is attacking. As that can this cd not being the banger? Calm cowardly betta stop with this smoov the material that door in a street before volume biten. Double R is a Dynasty. It chooses on R3 in November. It steps. A
4 / 5
When I listened it in the first place has gone down this in spite of to the signal bit it compared to his hard some but to the little hears of him there is @to @give likes to dope quell'was! My man X is real directly on and calms that can feel when you listen his. A fact that his beaten is half and usually spends a whole album with his rap the aim is real. For real Im sayin has some beats that I to of to the that really likes but Of I wind on likin a song because some words is kickin and a heart has fallen with this on point. Definately Chooses this an on and will feel reason hes on meso and takes an One++ in Delivery and Realness
4 / 5
knows, every day are alive, I just desire Cube of Gel and ice-T so only would go in the DMX has lived stupid big and kick his a$ $ . Here it is, any only that does to mockery of all a two helped partorisca create and have/been partorisca, but doing the millions were thanks to stupid, trendy the boy of 15 years kids everything by means of a ball. I mean to come on. 'Trill moe, blackz Roughly partorisca BLOW!' Those marks 'Row, Row, Yours Row Boot' to his like estairway Heaven'.
Agrees in 10th note when it has taken the house of walk of the partner of my neighbour, and was blasting this in his car. That does partorisca deserve concealed? It was a lot of his, and reward me partorisca dip me by means of this unlistenable waste.
With his mumbled, incoherent, senseless papers, and his annoying, uninspired 'beeeetz', this album is stupid, ridiculous, blockade-headed, absurd, clownish, asinine, outlandish, nonsensical, cockamamie, bothersome, disturbing, and just simple idiotic. If it love rap RIGHT FACT (which is little and far among), compraventa Hiela-T, Cube of Gel, Public Enemy, etc. If it love the good frisbee or coaster, here go.
4 / 5
Ossia A subordinated barrell of hip hop right here! DMX Is the first example of a question with hip hop some last years of pair. DMX Is a terrible lyricist, the one who to laws likes them is a grimiest rapper there, when in reality it is one the majority of radio friendly commmercial rapper some last years of pair. All his songs are based around stupid catchy to to the hooks like, "here we include" "barking noises of dog" and "where my dogs in????". Hopefully The years of pair a mainstream will fall DMX and really will be to ask "Where his dogs have been"...
5 / 5
If you are the defender of DMX taste are then calm is a lot of dissapointed with this I means a lot. This album is one the majority of mediocre out of all his CD is.
Does not buy You that can burn on your cd the burner but ossia. I am done with this description dang the! They are highly unbalanced!
Does not recommend this Cd is the hardcore the defender and am quite sure that does not have the base of real hardcore defenders but hey does not know never. A lot His a lot now after this piece of the bad album. Well they are hope does officially this has helped your decision. Paz!!
4 / 5
When I in the first place listened to the this cd, was tight. Then of the 2.os the times have listened his all a way thru, have fallen asleep. It was 2 pm. To the left say. X is the brilliant rapper, but never of then and then has had X, some albums are of the little. In the stairs of one to 100 is Dark and the hell is hot is the 90, the flesh of my flesh is to 98, And then there was X is the 70 and the big depression is in 74. X still has it, but his flow is missing something. But it does not take me bad, X was one of a More adds them in only 2 album and is still one of one all time more utmost.
4 / 5
2 years of then there was X, and some drops of big Depression. This time w/or that quantity
to to paste so only likes Then has had to X has had with Whats my name or the hell is hot had with Taking in me Dog. But nevertheless, the depression rid, giving X the fresh sound, new. And like X has said b4, is still a better in a game. Here it is a course down:
1 Sometimes - Intro, so only that pause, any song still. X habladurías in backstabbing, darkness, and mistreatment, among another. A intro to good sure give or the feeling of depression.
2 School Street - Now begins was with a 1st song of album, and the one who the way of the kick was. Awsome Has beaten, X is explosive, in fact, X shows one the majority of emotional is one. To good sure suitable or of Ruff Ryder hymn and Spend a whole crew. Justo electrifying beaten and take this, he 3 verse of small, cold-hearted. One of better songs on albums
3 The one who Be - 2.os so only of an album. A quota of new sound for X. 'Give, gives, gives, gives....' A lot of pursuing heart. Excellent papers. Habladurías Of corruption and civil rights and among others sensitive is exited. X results it the preacher is one . Again, the beaten different for X, takes the moment to take use to , but with a lyric, good song.
4 Trill Moe - This song defines this album. A rest of an album is adapted of this song, he more RB X. A lot well it beats and some papers are quite well also. X habladurías in another rappers' fall and his own resilience. Any of better, but the good song.
5 irradiates Here included Classical has done, one 1st only for an album. Lyricwise, feebler in an album, so only X foreseeing his stay in a cup of a rap game for ever. Beaten well, but taking partorisca tire with which a lot of listens, like a half song, on X level.
6 Bloodline Hymn - Another new sound for X, more rock, the electrical guitar has beaten now. It is to good sure a lot of ruff ryder hymn, but still, his quota, the value that listens. Still he farily good song. Once again, beaten of fresco, no like this hardcore.
7 Shorty Was Gives Bomb - A slow song in an album. X habladurías roughly is of the night and that impregnates the daughter and things that bad is resulted. A song of fable. It has beaten dulcemente with good bass. No for the underline, but enjoyable papers.
8 Damien III - Damien a lot the time has expected to the trilogy does not disappoint . Beaten excellent, creepy, and that pursues the voice of Damien. One of better song in an album. Although he no really apt with a global sound of a rest of an album, in spite of, the papers add and pursuing beaten this a the winner.
9 When it Is At all - Or a same earth with Trilling Moe, the new more RB sound for X. A quite good song. X rap roughly like the things have has been of big result.
10 I Calm Miss - One the majority of emotional song in an album, more lyrical wise also. X reminisce in old time with his late grandma, with Faith Evan that resupplies a heart. A lot touching and one of some better songs in an album.
11 11 (AKA Yall Fed up) - This one is more than the farce. But still, it has taken a bit catchy beaten and or can listen X strong and clear is one. A heart is quite well also. A half song.
12 Appeal On - Skit, X and his band is going in for one kills.
13 I follows the Bang - Another fresh sound as it Trills Moe and When it is at all , but with awesome beaten and with X strong and clear. X cries Attack roughly 40 times. One of some better songs in an album.
14 Appeal Was - Skit, X and his bands that the attractive era.
15 could be You Blind - 3rd only? X the voice is mutters is one and some beaten is half. And it does not return well with a rest of an album, a half song
16 A Prayer IV - An usual prayer for X, which more can or say.....
17 A Minute for Your Edges -Dresses or to Loan to fulfil and √Āngel, so only more celestial then neither one of them. X habladur√≠as to a father roughly life, death, and heaven. Some beaten is serenad and celestial. It would owe that it has been it the song adds to finalise an album, but unfortunately, X clue along 17 to 17 minutes.
17A Line of Blood Promo - With which A minute for your edges, a continuous clue w/or prendiendo on to 4 to 5 promo short clues for ascent of artist of line of blood, with artist of X the marcación new sings some of X songs like Ready to Fulfil and Spend a Whole Crew. Ossia Unnecessary in my opinion and would have to that it is remained was.
17B Chico of Question - A 1st song with which one the line of Blood promo, enough well beats and everything, but does not return an album. And X so only takes small part, would have to is remained or.
17C Sh Still Real - A last real song of album, again, well has beaten, but would have to that it is remained was, X only taking amall part.
In general, a big Depression pound, but once again, failure to match until the hell is hot. The depression is one notches upper that Flesh, with the crisper sound in general, but lack of a relative hardcore-ness of Then has had X. This in spite of, could be seen likes one hybrid of the flesh and he Then was X. But ossia that the hell is was Hot. The depression has been missing so only that has bitten of unit that the hell is hot has had to goes for him like this well. But again, the worthy endeavour for X and the value buys it. My only of the entity complains is for X to leave of a promo and some last 2 songs and just end with Minute for you song. And it would have been the most unified listening experience.
4 / 5
DMX Is of tower again to save of the likes Bloated and another bland 'hip-hop' of laws.
After his blistering action in of the Wounds of Begins door still another hip adds-hop offering. Again it comprises catchy cruising tunes aswell like this darker and grimy material.
Compraventa Likes DMX or hip of commercial good-hop. PS. Also control out of this hot subterranean star informative of holland has called And-has SEEN, the one who is beginning is in the pair with DMX is 'and then there was x'. His available of Amazon and well of the money, control or later.
5 / 5
In his his endeavour late plus and 4th album DMX returns and this time is not like this very like this "...And then there it was X" but better that a horrible start "Flesh of my Flesh, Blood of my Blood", his real bad album so only. Some the better songs in this album are "Here we include", "The one who Be", "Damien III", "Bloodline Hymn", which describes X future with which leaves a Ruff Ryder this. It will begin his focuses possess "Record of Line of the Blood" with which he departs Ruff Ryders, which is perhaps an album of plus his has to that. X, likes Jay-z will be 31 in December. If it wants to be fully in his own precise leave Ruff Ryders now still reason a downfall of almost all rapppers is when they take to the his 30 east and any of in has survived to the his 40 east. It LIKES X, rushes on and impact a game with the few more classical albums.
5 / 5
When Have in the first place bought this album has not known that to expect. DMX Premiers three album were resulted hip -hop classics in a gender, and anything runs that it would have been the disappointment . It was surely a lot depressed with cost of mine. Eschool Street' is going back' to the done X famous, for chance, ossia a 'Take In me Dog' of 2001. Then it comes 'The one who Be', another ruff and rugged clue, to agree a video that is rasgando on MTV and BET these days. One the majority of the recognizable song in an album are ' Right here', which is already for all leave television and urban radios. It is not a better example of his work, but is still the decent so only that will take your attention. Probably my favourite clues in a disk are 'Damien III', and 'When they are At all '. When ' it is Dark and the hell is Hot' has been released in 1998, 'Damien' was one of some better songs in an album, mixing raw papers with the angel of smooth ready guardian. On 'Damien III', a magic is on duty, and is for far one of some tighter songs X has put neighbour in the moment. Finally, 'When they are At all ' it is sure my preferred in a disk. Some will say that it averts of DMX hard delivery, but is the good transmission with the classical, partorisca box/of to the dance like him has beaten, fulfilled with of his amazing papers. If you have had any doubt in a 'big Depression', has to no anymore.
5 / 5
This cd is offf a hoook. It is in tyed or perhaps the little worse that his dark and the hell is hot. DMX Maintains real.
Here is some songs
Sometimes-his well has some lyricist skill
chool Street-Habladurías in his life callejera phat has beaten
The one who Is EUA - of the Tight but does not have to that it has been he sinngle
Trills Moe- Kinda odd but tight closings
We Here included-Some preferred Some classical ruff ryder clue
Bloodline Hymn-A woorst clues X has has not done never. I cant eleive the people have said that it was better that ruff ryders hymn
Shorty was Gives Bomb- Preety the fresco beats good papers
Damien 3-Fence in His like this Ive listened it before
When Im at all-Stuuuupid
loses calm-Tight song sad papers in his grandma that dies
Number 11-A favourite another classical
Ima Bang- Together with us here have included a better song in an album phat has beaten tight heart
Youy could be blind- Beautiful tight but a heart can take annoy
Small for your edges-Tight when already gwet has used his
4 / 5
the people have said that this was his worse CD , but DMX no the bad CD. All his CDs was bangers, and I of the one who juezas CDs has based in sales (if the white people bought it or any). The big depression Is better that And he then there was X. Out of these 15 songs, 11 can listen you to. Thats Solid for the rap CD!
1. Sometimes
3. The one who Be
5. Here it has included we listen to Listen Listen
6. Bloodline Hymn
8. Damien III
9. When they Are At all - Stephanie Mills
10. Calm Lose you
11. Number 11
12. They are a Bang
13. You could Be Blind
15. Small for Your Edges
4 / 5
left me beginning to say are the enormous D defender. This album this in spite of era the real left down. There is the few good songs but thats roughly that. So only it looks everyones the fashion is taking like this soft with tonnes of female appearences in of the songs and beaten soft. It is not bad when there is the small but to a lot is not well. It likes me quell'has said that flavour DMX but this album is not for me his prime minister and according to cds is some of the mine favs. A bit those that good tunes but any value one that buys a whole thing.
5 / 5
4 / 5
That is happanend your X. You were a prójimo rap prodigy with your "Dark and the hell is Hot Album " and it has continued on his with your "Flesh of my Flesh" and "And Then there it was X"(Yours Better) and the little Ruff Ryder collabos and soundtracks. But this album was for far yours your album toneless plus still.
People always amour DMX but depressed to listen to this album. You have been raping in a same material of then day 1. "He the ameno" it was the good only but old fast taken. "The one who be" it is a classical DMX song in that he rap to beat, bar for bar. "Bloodline Hymn"(or it is the hymn of rock) was also the good song. But a rest of an album was lacking flavour, reason has been missing of a production of Swizz Beatz.
In general is DMXs worse album to date, but will sell. And I will buy his next album, but if his worst that this then Im by means of with X.
4 / 5
Ossia Stagnate it cd. To the left give me already the low down in tha clues startin with:
- not even the song but is good poetry.
Street-4/5 the good song of his crew in Yonkers.
Be-5/5 an of my favourite songs in these integers cd.
Moe-4/5 The good song
Here still-3/5 sweat as well as it touches like Whats my name.
Hymn-2/5 an only low point of tha whole cd.
Was gives bomb-5/5 adds storytellin of tha darkman.
3-4/5 Continuous tha d vs. D song.
Is At all -4/5-a good song.
10. I lose calm-6/5-a really good devotion song his grandma.
11-4/5- The very beats but papers shouldve be improved.
On-transmission skit
'a Bang-4/5 the good song
Was-a transmission skit
could be blind-6/5 An excellent song.
Prayer IV-no darkman the album is complete without the prayer.
17.un Small for your edges-6/5 the good song that rent 't stop of press this in spite of, freestyles of tha Bloodline the familiar and 2 extra songs are on that.
A thing that loses is Dmx ruff ryder Tug-in looks in some songs after the Minute For Your Edges. But Hott Album to good sure.
5 / 5
DMX later Album, with his two new solteros, is quite well, the compraventa recommended. Beaten utmost, Some songs That In the be, In the be Here was, and lose is some better clues , but another that that does not have any one a lot besides songs really well, and concealed a wear of album to the equal that listen yours would have to that download some of some songs and not buying one calm , knows that DMX the work adds with some clues that was a lot!
5 / 5
To to The Some People likes them-the DMX Way Some no. is like this simple as it concealed. His CD of prime minister ailed, was band of the full jam of clues adds and DMX in his more final. Swiss thuroughly screwed on his second album, some beats has not adapted DMX voices and way of rhyme. His thrird CD was different again. It was better that a second but no like this well likes first. His new album has a lot of good songs, but th the songs have the different feeling. If it listen to his prime minister CD then his new one there is the enormous difference. If you are the DMX defender and like you any of a recent Ja CD of Principle are has taken.
5 / 5
Fences in' the Go to take a lot Damien III was also is the game to have to that again and agian so only like a prime minister an integer cd is tyte.X has done really the this tiempo.un Tercero cd was fresh but has not been all in this cd,songs like bloodline hymn,are them the bang,streets escoles,damien III and,those who be is all hyped on canciones.un the other is tyte has accelerated fewer songs that you swipe in your automobile or so only dipped behind and cold all some clues in this album are decent catchy songs that has bet them will clash.X is on duty, he aint goin in any one leaves here included to good sure.
5 / 5
Possesses each one which of DMX cd is. Had so only a really bad thing roughly DMX, before this cd:Swizz Beaten. It has done this in spite of the majority of some clues for a Ruff Ryder family. It is a main producer on him. His beaten is not never be that well, and DMX last endeavour, in my opinion has not gone too good. It has had perhaps 3 or 4 good songs on that. This this in spite of, is DMX better album to date. Door his mentality callejera to an album. It is like this convincing, sounds like DMX still bolt in a street. His new album a bit has beaten utmost comapred to his last albums. A worse song in a cd is Right here, as it likes that of song, calm like this cd. In of to to the songs like "Street Escole" it leaves it is where has come from/come from, with one 3 small extracted long. It is definitly one of mine faviort MC is in a game today, after this album. It rows up with Eminem, Jay-Z, and Pac, the cause is definitly adds.

Top Customer Reviews: Get Rich Or Die ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 41 ratings
4 / 5
Amado this album when it was younger because it was the s√ļper defender and bought it finally now and was very impressed so only wishes his new music was like this raw like this and no like this in the product
5 / 5
His arrive you bastards this is an album of the perfect summer of car walk
5 / 5
I amour this lame album behind .. Each song is is the album is adds .
5 / 5
Sum of fast delivery. Upper 50 hip hop album of all time.
5 / 5
This CD there has been questions touching all the songs.
5 / 5
A way would OWE THAT be! CD OLDER, true, BUT DOUBLE disk, cost of the nave ADDS, and is gone in PERFECT condition!, it Acclaims!
5 / 5
Has loved this album when it was younger reason was the s√ļper defender and bought it finally now and was very impressed so only wishes his new music was believed like this like this and no like this in products
5 / 5
One of some better albums of a past two decades any question. That The packaging was to add, the quality is orders also.
4 / 5
His on you bastards this is an album of perfect summer of car walk
1 / 5
in the Amazing was in an original plastic, amour 50 cent
5 / 5
love this lame album behind .. Each song is is the album is adds .
4 / 5
Wants this cd the has not squandered my money. It was a awesome compraventa
4 / 5
Thank you homie the condition adds any visible harm to a chance. Good material!
4 / 5
Reading some negative critiques partorisca this album confuse me really. At the beginning it was like "it folk the artist of music has to that to to the name likes him 50 Cent of the one who is defenders is inadvertantly tripping in this CD and railing he"...? I some have thought, and believes that can have has imagined was...
... I remember some first time listened it rap to song liked them in fact. It has touched hockey callejero in a summer of 88, was "Joy and Ache" for it Robs Basic and EZ Rock. An entertainment, upbeat, melodic clue, have has pumped on like this hard has thought that was Wayne Gretzky or something. In all the chance, before I have then thought rap the music was complete rubbishes ( was probably the Debbie Gibson or something at the same time), but when this clue has begun partorisca clash some crap , was hooked in this sound.
A partid√°rio new, am gone in a hunting partorisca his resemblance, has moved of there that the some entertainment, material of light East Cost, Kwame, Big Dad Kane, Call of Investigations of the Tribe. It was happy with this material partorisca the pair of years. This was, until I have listened my prime minister NWA clue "Right Outta Compton". Like the addict of drug, a material a hard plus there has been a flange. Cela Pulled me to to the the artists likes him-him the cube of Gel (Amerikka The majority of has wanted is still a value of album that the controls was), . (Cela An also), and that discover Gangsta Rap Sound.
Ossia The one who this is. This is not Outkast, this is not Black Eyed Peas (as well like them both are), is like this resembled to the these artists like Coldplay is the Korn. Ossia Gansta Rap, is fringe , but so that it is, is a better CD of 2003.
A fusion of the heavy paste of Beaten of West Cost (courtesy of Dr. Dre) And Battle of East Cost Rap. 50 flow with flavour, angry, seemingly desperate, drenching calm in his "it does not give the $ attitude".
My favourite clues are:
Gives Club: Yeah, has listened partorisca like 10 trillion times, but is probably one follows a stronger in an album.
Blood Hound: any like this are the a lot of partorisca a first pair partorisca listen, but a melody has on taken with me (Dre the material has the tendency partorisca do this), and a rapping in this clue is like this well like any in an album.
Retreated Down: Ossia a song partorisca struggle that takes aim directly in Ja Principle. Insanely The well has beaten, papers of hard paste, would hate to be Ja.
Like-act them to you of the the artists likes him Dre., DMX, And Tupac, can not you imagine woulnd't finds this partorisca be right "up there" in caliber and quality.
4 / 5
The words can very included describe the one who thankful I are partorisca not buying this album. I have taken loaned he of the partner, and has been horrified for as this bad . Any included wants to think roughly the one who our world is coming to when 50 Cent is resulted a main thing in a world of music. You know his bad music when it tries like this hard likes has beaten to be estreet' and 'tuff', this in spite of fail miserably. Personally, I want to listen the music with substance, or at least to the musician the one who is sincere in his talent and his music. Really I have any respect partorisca self-proclaimed 'pimps' and 'gangstas'. A lot enough it listens to him it has educated artists that knows that it arrest to spell and rap intelligibly. Honradamente, can not comprise the word this moron sings, which is probably the good thing unless I have loved to listen roughly that rich is, as 'pimpin'' east, that 'hos' is slept with, or like plans to shoot me.
Wow, 50 Is the state has shot nine times? This has to that mean his album is ' was gives hook' (as all a pre-pubescent 50 partid√°rios of the cent would say). Wrong. Ossia Craps. I will admit, be it has shot nine times and that bolt to say roughly is quite the feat, but any you he rapper. It looks he likes any the one who has this supposition 'cred' that comes with being shot or in that has been he in the prison is taking has signed. It Bull. Honradamente, To the left is all the start and try take shot in the so many can result famous rappers with 'bling bling' and million houses of dollar.
50 Cent included looks the fraud. A probably thought character on a sleeve of his album everything for him. A picture adds of him looking hard and 'gangsta', with the bullethole entirely a half. Reason the bullethole? In chance that any one forgets is the state has shot, that has been again? Oh, yeah, Nine times. Seriously 50, taking on calm. If a so only crap you has to that rap roughly is shot when being, when being the 'gansta', when being the 'pimp', all some women have slept with, and all a 'wankstas' the one who hates you then really have the quite sad life and the quite pathetic quantity of talent. An only reason has given this album two stars more than one is reason some beaten is quite good (courtesy of Eminem and Dres. Dre Of course, does not have any way any as unintelligent likes 50 Cent could have come up with them).
Regime and buy Tupac, Career DMC, or Notorious ., Any so only can calm to comprise them, in fact have talent, and intelligent things to say. Included Eminem Is better that this craps, in fact has opinions in of the serious subjects. 'Take Rico or the one of then tries'? Well it looks calm does not have to that attended thus tenth shot to finalise you was 50, has won surely quite money of all these people there those who in fact spent to this class of 'image' to live lavishly for enough some time.
4 / 5
Will say it again. Looks of no. like all precise is an insuperable quantity of hype to sell record. This is not music, ossia the tendency . Obviously, any one has listened really to this and his extreme lack of lyrical capacity. Reason ossia a contributo only has done to an album. It does not have it produces anything. Speaking to produce, some beaten was feeble also. Any included is that it is is supposition to be. The bad is an album? I will run by means of him. In the first place it comes a intro. Worthless. Afterwards it is 'That Arrive Gangsta'. Well, now ossia the strong clue . I imagined it it could have better some after the legislations? Wrong.
Afterwards is 'Patiently while'. Yuck. Some beaten is horrible, to to sounds likes him to him something could do them to touch in wall. 50 the can not rhyme like this usual. Eminem Is a lot on that. A lot of Men. Many, many, many, many, many, a lot of men. The many many times is that it goes to say a lot? I guess it concealed it was his idea of relief of comic because you would require because of bad things to come later. Afterwards it is a song more orders NEVER, 'in a club'. Mainly reason is like this original and the ees never listened roughly when being in a club. Seriously, I have listened that the song and he take me to us thinking, That is this 'club' these tongues of? It is like this original and for this can not relate. Justo worthless. Afterwards it is 'Big all a time'. Worries of person roughly you when being big all a time with your horrible papers. Another cliche. Afterwards it comes ' I can any one, Bloodhound and Behind Down. ZZzzzZZZzzzZZZ. Bloodhound Was listenable in better, but swimming of individual. 'Behind down' it is the diss to ja principle. Gee, Now reason 50 goes after ja principle? Could be it that it is an only rapper that is worse that him? (In his alcohol) Besides Ja murdered on his song 'A Wrap'. 50 Tin a lot diss any one. So only go back to a hole has come from/come from. Well . It is well. Nizza Has dipped for behind the Jamaican fashion has beaten. But some the horrible papers quell'ruin. 'As My fashion' and 'Poor Lil Rico' is also listenable IN BETTER. But still not even value the discussion. 21 Questions. Justo horrible. I listen the girls escoles elementary that sings ' want to like the cake of of amour of fat boy'. Yeah Is the ready line is catering to 12 year olds. Some beaten is HORRIBLE. A worse has not listened never. A hook for Born Dogg is included worse. Born Is still a king of hooks, does not take me wrong but seriously a lot included is the one who a hell has looked for to do in this clue. 'It does not press me ' and 'Gotta the fact to heaven' coming afterwards and there there is nothing special there. Some clues of prize were a lot. But it likes him to me he maintains to say, a value of only material that listens to in this cd is WELL in better. 75 of of the this is terrible. Any innovation. Any content. You have taken it it has shot 9 times . The one who concerns ? Ossia All that this chump has go for him. Here it is memo to all the defenders of music. This music [is bad]. To stop that follows some tendencies and underline of a crowd and admit that it is bad.
4 / 5
WELL, now im revising for the album of 50 Cent that has done famous "taking Rico or Die Tryin"! This was the album a lot very in general, and has deserved to go 6X platinum with him. Too bad a Heat of song has been cut is gone in a clean version, but anything. Hey Lunaticfan4life, Reason or has said that ossia totally wack and the give 1 STAR?! It listens too much the few songs closely, and youll sees because sweats to add. The ones of those who priest if his yours opinion, or would be necessary likes it the little more! Respect or like the reviewer, but I so only of the one who like your description partorisca east. And, REASON all the world gives this 1 star?! Has or state listening to PIMP too much? It likes that of song alot, but so only has to that be judging this album to listen to this!!! WELL, it leaves it locates in all the chance.
1. Intro IN The/5
2. That On top of Gangsta 5/5
3. Patiently while looking Eminem 5/5
4. A lot of Men (Died of Desire) 5/5
5. It gives Club 5/5
6. Hh All A Time 5/5
7. If I can any one 5/5
8. Bloodhound Looking Young Buck 5/5
9. Behind Down 4/5
10. . 5/5
11. As My Fashion that looks Tony Yayo 4/5
12. Poor Lil Rico 2.5/5
13. 21 Questions that looks Been born Dogg 5/5
14. It does not press me looking Lloyd Banks & Eminem 4.5/5
15. Gotta The fact To Heaven 4.5/5
Clues of Prize:
16. Wanksta 4/5
17. Or Any to like me 5/5
18. The life is in a Line 5/5
This album is perfect! It BUYS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hoards 5:
1. It gives Club
2. Bloodhound Looking Young Buck
3. The life is in a Line
4. 21 Questions that looks Been born Dogg
5. Big All A Time
4 / 5
Undoubtedly one of a more spoken roughly rappers & starts in some last 10 years. (Although it costs to remark that although this is to consider his 'Began, has an album that is to compilation all of the his previously unreleased work, for another record of focus, this paste so only first of an emission of of the this for 'Guess The one who there is Behind?'). Although it would be nigh in impossible to party that has centred it around the frenzy of the mean comunicacionales of the Biblical cent directs to locate on such trite wrangling is and rid the album, ossia almost the same to a hype surrounding dramatic, verbally Pro Drugs, & his looks that our Cent of Ladies, has something of the fetish of Gun. Unsurprisingly An album covers all the bases, where for irons a Dancefloor farce 'Gives Club'......Introspective melancholy 'Gotta The Fact to Heaven'......& Pro-Drug self-evident 'Big All A Time'. But like any Hip-Hop the auditor will say rappers so only like this as well as his lyrical Contained / of capacity, and 50 cent is a lot of rap in the slightly stoner / behind Plants drawl, which is unusual that considers the majority of lyricists is concerned more with fast scattershot rhymes. But 50 lazy cent rapping the fashion is more exemplified, in floorfiller / Radio friendly 'Gives Club', this sees 50 Cent is the playful knockabout way, that immediately begins 'a boss bopping (and with Eminem & Dr. Dre Producing, would expect much less).....50 Cent Was to have always the hard time, elevating he (& his album), to some quote unprecedented that a hype the surrounding has created, This in spite of ossia the clear shot to his competitors, that feigns to hang with 50 Cent, goes to owe the reinvent, but 50 Cent there is firmly has created a bar.
5 / 5
When I have given this album 3 stars in one time?! After listening to AZ, then listening to this, thought it paste me in a boss to the equal that to attack of Tyson of Mike, this album is like this bad likes to take.
In the first place of these bites of type was all in his place!! A title of album takes rich or die tryin is the sound resembled AZ Fact or Die, so only longer. An only reason reason is famus is reason has taken has shot 9 times , and is fool in stereroids. It is throughout some means comunicacionales, and is a annoyment in MTV and BET!
In all the chance in an album, his papers are childish, and rhymes of nursery, together with the volume of horrible flow, with beaten well, but dip on some clues have done in the bad sounds. It is the million miles out of being Pac, and Ja the principle has the casualidad good to beat.
Likes -you the pop rap, odds is spent that, and after reading this description, hate. But so that like real hip hop, comprises ossia rubbishes , and is no still to deserve to call it rapper of queens(In the, AZ, and, Mobb the true Deep control to a queensbridge name) is not even value 50 cents he. He doesnt' included deserve to be in some shelves!!
Interesting fact:This fool dissin Ja Principle, this in spite of is copying Ja way! I mean has the fake gangsta image, and songs of club, songs of amour, and he acually sings songs, imitating Ja Principle. And also, it has used Pacs rhymes in a Hail Mary remezcla of the hail Mary of songs of Tupac, and against all odds, to diss Ja while using the rhymes of Tupac for aprovechamiento. That that joke, the discrace, and the cancer to Hip-Hop.(So only it likes chingy, Juelz Santana( has beaten of good, but his rhymes are completly senseless, Ludacris, Units of G, J-kwon, Bond Wow, and or knows the one who more)

4 / 5
A past year or like this, has done the little has bitten to grow up. I am beginning to see things in the different light, particularly that of the youth of Amsterdam. It is beginning to do me the little patient that is "fresco" to be vulgar and disrespectful these days. Before gangsta rap has come to the long of, Amsterdam has not been a craphole is now. They are I dipping some authorship officially to focus for some boys of way these days? Absolutely.
Is not the coincidence that before NWA and to the likes them to them the paste a mainstream, of the boys have not gone around dressing and that to pause likes fools. Now, rap is one the majority of yielding gender of music, and in a past few years have assisted some deterioration in a culture of Amsterdam. Entertainment for the young people so only are not amused for me anymore (and are so only 21). It is all like this bland. Some papers in gangsta rap glamourize a gueto lifestyle and, thusly, some people buy his and think that is all like this fresh and do his best to imitate that it is listening. This is not opinion; some sales of gangsta rap CD escalating in a past few years try it to be the fact. As the one who that has said in the people that imitates that they listen goes, goes external and look around you. A big number of the boys have not dressed and that speaks that the way done 10 years.
Used to be the ENORMOUS rap defender. Now, meeting listening his less and less. If anything, so only listens mine old hip-hop CD is now for a nostalgia. I have not bought anything new in the year because, to dip he bluntly, am beginning to grow up. If it likes gangsta rap, then well. At all bad with that at all. To the each one which as his own and, as I have said, was once the defender, also. But I have had at least my own alcohol and has not tried to live a life of mine then-preferred rapper (Tupac).
This probably will take modified by a folks in Amazon, but here goes in all the chance - to all some boys of minority there the one who look until these rappers like the sign that you in fact can do he in a world in spite of a colour of your skin, has other utmost black musicians to listen to (Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Marvin Gaye, so only to appoint the small). So much, it opens your alcohols, boys. There is another music there besides rap. It goes back in timing to find some REALLY good music reason, enough frankly, thinks a majority of music these days is lousy in all the chance. And they are not so only it is; I know enough the few people that, taste, was in rap and to the equal that have taken more than old, his wised on and the music has bought that has has not degraded women and glamourize guns.
Gives the graces to read. Hmm... I ask the one who "Any GAIN" it votes I will locate east a.
5 / 5
Now, when I have listened Gives Club in a radio, has thinks that 50 Cent was to be in fact well, different the majority rap these days. But, when it has taken this album , was whack. I will be sincere, a bit has beaten papers stagnate and good, but for some reason this album so only is boring. Included It Gives the club taken reason a radio overplayed the. I will estimate some songs:
'That arrive Gangsta'- Well, well beats but is so only too boring! 3/5
'Patiently while'- Eminem is well, but 50 Cent so only can not take my attention in this clue. 3/5
soycualesquier Men Corazón Stagnate that really it saves the boring song. 4/5
'Gives Club just Way too overplayed, or would be good. 3/5
'Big All A Time'-Nope, well beats but otherwise sucks. 1/5
' Can any one'- Nizza has beaten, but is not when being this a lot truthful? 1/5
'Blood Hound'- beaten Good but boring. 1/5
'Behind Down'- See on. 1/5
'.'- Very boring. So only it can not flow. 1/5
'As My Fashion'- I definately hates his fashion. 1/5
'Poor Lil Rico'- nope, any way. 1/5
'21 Questions'- Finally! A tight song for 50 Cent! It goes Born Dogg! 5/5
'does not press me '- Any flow, there is one would do it worse 1/5
'Gotta The Fact To Heaven'- better that another, but any one some better. 3/5
'Wanksta'- Boring, boring, boring... 2/5
'Or Any to like me '- I is not the person saw east sucks like this like this the, like this yeah, any one is likes. 1/5
'The life is in a Line'- Fence in the supposition, but no a better. 2/5
In general, if it likes-you an album with beaten, ossia for you. It is a lot of lyrically, also, but these just frames for the boring album. The beaten and the papers mean at all is boring. I recommend Obie Trice on 50 Cent any day now.
5 / 5
When I originally listened 'To the equal that to Rob' of one 'In Too much of Deep' soundtrack, liked a song and a loan wordplay has involved, but asked if 50 Cent there is quite be to spend the whole album. Rappers Likes Jay Z, Ghostface Killah, Sticky Fingaz of the onyx and another have not gone too pleased with that 50 has had to say and is exited with his own things to say in a song. So that 50 it has been it for register his 1st so only of 'Pode Of A Dollar', 'Amour of Bully' w/Destiny' Chica, 50 has been the multiple time has shot. With which has recovered, 50 called it his focuses and they have done like 50 has had never is existed included. To reestablish himelf, 50 paste a mixtape circuit and would look in several mixtapes freestyling or with songs that has been supposition to look on 'Can Of A Dollar'. In prompt 2002, that the Full clip Registers released 'Guess The one who there is Behind ' those songs' subterranean comprised and freestyles that has comprised 50, Unit of G, In the, Character, A Bravehearts and Bun B of UGK in of the different clues. Shortly after that, 50 G & of Cent the unit has released diverse mixed Cds and a buzz had been to good sure has re-created. Eminem Listened 'Guess The one who there is Behind' with which has completed 'A Eminem Show' and this was a start of 50 Cent that is signed to Eminem Record Shady. The clue of tape of popular mix of 50 Cent, 'Wanksta' looked in Eminem is '8 One thousand' soundtrack, as well as, 'Put for Aller' and 'Want to me' that was the collaboration with Eminem, 50 Cent and Obie Trice. These songs and some mixed CDs was quite to maintain 50 is gone in some streets until his has anticipated highly CD, 'Take Rico Or the one of then tries', has been released. When ' it Gives Club' has been released to radio and has begun to look in MTV and BET, 50 CD was to be to good sure asks. Dr. Dre Club banger has had all the world-wide sayig 'Ida, goes, goes, goes, goes..'. A song propel 'Take Rico Or the one of then tries' with on 800,000 unit have sold in some premiers four days of his emission. A CD leaves the good start with 'That is On Gangsta'. Defenders of 50' emissions callejeras to good sure like this clues. After up it is 'Patiently while' that Eminem and 50 collaborates in a Eminem has produced clue. 50 And Eminem rasga a clue to shreds. In soycualesquier Men (Died of Desire)', 50 tongue roughly that after when the be has shot multiple time, as it reflects in of the things and like your enemies and people that is jealous of is always plotting for behind your backside. Ossia One of 'Take Rico Or the one of then tries is' better clues. Dr. Dre Looks again to produce a passion 'Hot' fill. 50 it Is of tower in way callejera once again and has a hymn for any concealed loves to go in and his crew of Unit of the G. 'If I can any one' is more than the radio friendly Dre the song but you will forget a commercial appeal of a calm song once listens 50 postpone to a clue. 'Behind down' has 50 that speaks in his beef of long term with Ja Principle. Ossia A CD better clue , in my opinion, likes 50 has said, ' is @@@tart of pop , sweetheart, is soft in a half...'. It has had of advances and a lot of backside said with a be later 'Hail Mary 2003' with Eminem, 50 Cent & Stock exchange Rhyme. One 2nd so only, '21 Questions' with Born Dogg is one hear for some ladies that to good sure will continue to maintain 'Take Rico Or the one of then tries ' in some maps for awhile. 'It does not press me ' w/Lloyd Banche of Unit of G and Eminem, has 50 Cent rapping the little also like 2 Pac for some people. It likes- one to song likes rappers the lovely flows to a Eminem is has beaten. 'Poor Lil Rico' is the Sha Money XL clues that the plans maintain 50 in rotation of heavy club together with an aforesaid 'Gives Club' and ''. An only song that will owe you quickly advances, in my opinion, is 'Blood Hound' with Youngster Buck to the equal that touches likes DMX is barking during a whole song. 'Take Rico Or the one of then tries' also comprises 'Wanksta', 'Or Any to like me ', and 'the life is in a Line' as some clues of prize, but loyal 50 partid√°rios has listened these follows already. 50 it released it recently the DVD, 'A New Race' this comprised the CD of prize with 3 clues: 'True Loyalty' with Unit of G, '8 Street of One thousand' (Unit of G Remezcla)with Unit of G, and a Dr. Dre Produced 'Gives Hood' with Brooklyn. To any the one who does not know the unit of G is 50 Cent , Lloyd Banche, Tony Yayo, Young Buck, Bang 'In Smurf and the mould other characters. Unit of G recently signed with Interscope Record, like the Unit of G CD and the CD of Bank of the Lloyd of him so only would owe that be has gone by an end of a year and expect the new 50 CD of Cent for February 2004. For 50 Cent a heaven is a limit . If it judge 'Take Rico Or the one of then tries' for just 'Gives Club' and '21 Questions' calm then will be saddenly mistakened. This CD has more than club friendly songs on that. Defenders of 50 hymns callejeros will enjoy this CD also. I ask that Columbia feels now that 50 Cent has sold 4 millions more than records in 10 weeks? It would advise you to take 'Take Rico Or the one of then tries' and 'Guess The one who there is Behind' to start with yours 50 library. FREE YAYO!!!!
James' Hoard 5
1) has retreated Down
2) A lot of Men (Died of Desire)
4) That Arrives Gangsta
5) 21 Questions w/Born Dogg
4 / 5
In the first place, all the people give this low plus that 4 star is stupid,
this album has a lot of music and beaten HOT,
SO ONLY one has beaten of 'Gives Club' purchase of calm cost!
Gives the club is one of a better song I never listen!
Dr. Dre Is character!!!
Like this sinister habladuría in this prime minister of HOT songs,
That Arrives Gangsta - is the good song to start with this album! 8/10
Patiently while - 8/10
A lot of Man [Died of Desire] - 8/10
Gives Club - The BETTER SONG in this ALBUM! 10/10
Big All A Time - 7/10
Hot - A Gun has shot has beaten for Dre is well! 7/10
Can a lot of - another BIG SWIPE!!! 9/10
Blood Hound - 7.5/10
has retreated Down - another Dopes has Beaten for Dre, but thinks Fifty voice is not to adapt this beaten, does not know reason. 8.5/10
. - Some beaten is well, a remezcla featurin' Snoop D Or G and unit of double G, but a remezcla the no comprised version. 8.5/10
Like My Fashion - 6/10
Poor Lil Rico - 6/10
21 Questions - uh! Another swipe! MTV Maintains playin' he, but is the song of good amour with Born Dogg sing a hook! 9/10
does not press me - looking Eminem, and In Producing this clue, in fact I usually any to these sht that In product, like this one, Patiently Waitin' and 'Cross' of In the in Edges of God! 8/10
Gotta the To Heaven - 7/10
Three run more than prize comprises Wansta which is a better of this 3 clue!
The music is Sum , A+++,
but 50 is not that it adds, has taken OHOHOHOH OVERRATED,
there have A lot of rapper better that 50!
The reason this album sold more than 5 millions is reason Dre and Eminem!
If without Dre and Eminem, 50 NEVA sucedidos has taken!
4 / 5
The Sinsiter and Jazzm, your lack of experience with hip-hop the culture maintains calm to enjoy this album. Your musical flavours are well with me, but revising an album with the perspective of partidário of the metal done your descriptions touch ridiculous. A fact that a hip-hop the artist has been shot more than a prójimo an irrelevant east to a music. Besides, that directs in of to to the commercial artists likes him to him the dad of Puff to compare to 50 Cent tries that it calms does not have quite knowledge roughly hip-hop artists in some undergrounds to feel as be one generates music and basic content. KRS-A, Some Roots, Cannibal Ox, Talib Kweli, GZA, many more do not know of. Incident, a dramatic impersonation of the rap the defender is unacceptable. Especially when it touches more like Limp Bizkit that anything. Jazz, to revise this album, need the acutally listen with an open alcohol. Until you have done that, has no legislation to do a lot of commentary (positive or negitive) roughly 'Take Rico Or the one of then tries'. Of course, rap can not be your type of music (as the tried already), like this with that, does not recommend this to defenders of metal.
50 Cent is not the good rapper, in fact, his papers are some of one the majority of godawful the material has has not listened never. It is a production that spends this album, and a guest appearences also. These sums on an album.
Repeats, if you are mainly the metalhead, is not that it goes to like this. If you are one of these metalheads, has listened to 'Take Rico Or the one of then tries ' with an open-alcohol, calm then the one legislation to do a lot the opinion loves roughly that. But it does not squander your time that writes unresearched rubbish.
Calms like this album, also would recommend Mase is 'Double Arrive', Fabolous is 'Gueto Fabolous' and (for more is listening) KRS-An is 'A Sneak Attacked.
In general: 3 stars
5 / 5
To the equal that can calms does not know those who 50 Cent is? 50 Cent has DONE something concealed has not been done in the moment. A COMPLETE DEEBO of an Industry. Strategy or fate? A bit of both. His controversial As to Rob garnered a lot of attention. Then consistently it went it the multiple time shot and survived by means of him everything. ( There is your street cred). For this time, a bootleg of the sound supposes to start with Can Of A Dollar' was hot in some streets and an internet. Quickly in like this, 50 taking fallen of the shot. Later on free to Guess The one who there is Behind and again has some streets that speaks. For this his beef of time with Ja Inc. & of the murder of the Principle is sure enough full. Somehow Eminem takes tapes of 50 Cent and begin chitter chatter. Then in an almost murderous likes way 50 emissions THREE mixtapes to a street that looks his G of Unit of crew (50 Cent Is A Future , Any Mercy Any Fear, the plan of the god). Uh HAS some streets in a more no. 50 signs of Cent to Shady Record, characteristic in a main hip hop soundtrack to film at the same time (8 One thousand) and release his prime minister so only diplomado 'Wanksta' and grabs some means comunicacionales for a throat. For a time everyones corner in Wanksta, Dr. Dre Produces a swipe 'IN Tha Club', a hymn of club of the instant, and has all the world WITH THRILLING anticipating an album. A punctual album follows and sells almost 900, 000 copies a prime minister Snoop Dogg record of album of the start for more the copies have sold a first week. Hook, Line, sinker.
Now the month after an initial hype am coming to see this album like the modern classical. It does not resist the sail to universal hip hop classics likes Doggystyle, Illmatic, or SouthernPlayalisticCadillacMuzik. But a reason is the classical is reason 50 Cent is Taking Rico Or Die Tryin has/ will change a game. And any album that can that has to that be considered the classical. There is like this standouts in this album....'Behind Down', That Arrives Gangsta, A lot of Men, Gives Club, Heat, Big All A Time, 21 whole album is bumpin. There is not any farce and to good sure can touch this joint on and on entirely. Hotness. Some beaten is the upper notch , some papers are tight, some flows are on point (was with a slur; but maintain the imports has been shot in a zone/of mouth of the jaw), some guests a lot bog down a so only the album adds.
So only trust me up this cd is to good sure has to that has. 50 Cent Is something special. It has not been that it is but anything is 50 Cent to good sure has it. If you can he remains it will do the a lot of things add in hip hop. To the left so only expect his talent and the controversial papers do not head to another be of the talent has lost. 5 stars!
4 / 5
A mixtape culture in that hip of EUA-hop thrives has been in overdrive of late with one current contention among Eminem and co-owner of magazine de la Fuente and emcee, Benzino, that promotes the series of increasingly imaginative said to be traded among a two. It is hurt neither career but has aimed Benzino seen again to run editors that question a dominance that Eminem resists in mainstream hip-hop and so only reason is that his nasal fashion has translated the such phenomenal sales.
While, A mixtapes has looked more and more run of an artist that is to be spend for Columbia and then chosen up for Eminem Shady imprint (together with Dre Consequences) for $ 1millions. 50 Cent Comes pre-packaged for hip of EUA-hop stardom, in that has paid his mixtape had to, as it says the state has shot an alarming number of time and, last but in no way less, having a support of a gender two more than entity powerbrokers, Dre and Eminem. In his prime minister, truncated, week in shelves this album has broken registers of sales. Listening to one on half 'gangsta' concoctions of 'Take Rico...' The European audiences well can find has forced to ask quite that says roughly Amsterdam in 2003.
Sinister start with this coverage: we see an image of 50, all sinuous muscle and viril threat, pictured by means of the window shattered for the ball. Then it has a fondness for a click and snap of to the the guns like fourth is uploaded and the shots have left was during this casually bitchy record. It adds to this he sprinkling of the misogyny and one dull repetition of the violent threat and begins to add until Dr. Dre The majority of cynical concept of then ..
Then has hip-hop insistence in that waste to leave Biggie and Tupac to spend was peacefully. Like Eminem correctly the signals was, 50 Cent dopey the flow is equal part Biggie and 'Pac with the little big L (probably the tribute to his talent for freestyle) has launched in still good measure. It directs to the frequently uncomfortable access when an undressed for behind steely whips of Eminem the beaten tries to find some chemistry with the fashion that artists of the always better apes paired with a crackling funk loop of producers like Easy Me it Bee.
The skills of 50 Cent are better adapted to a nagging digi-loop of the unavoidable accident so only 'Gives Club', a circle of drum of the steel-out of '.' And '21 Questions' - perhaps a clue to the majority likes something that could have you Tupac founds or Biggie law on in his prime. And, although it is against your better instincts, will find these and to to the abundance more likes to of him hard to resist. Like this, his tendency to half-sing the hearts adds charm and pathos respectively to a lazy fashion of 'Or Any to like me ' and soycualesquier Men'.
For rights Dre' the project he late the plus would seat in a shadow of recent albums of Common, Talib Kweli, possibly included In the, but these are in fact dark times to that hip-hop the response looks for to be divided roughly to two camps: it concealed of otherworldly transcendence and soulful psychedelia or a hard brutality in offers here. To those in a later camp, 50 Cent represents the survivor callejero the one who miraculously pulled by means of an accident in that has taken it any less than nine balls, his legend cementing there still in an ambulance. Although you are of a leading camp, so only can find that, likes 50 says, calm 'love the the way more than calm the hates.'
5 / 5
Well Know the doubt is rich. I mean the doubt was one of some trafficante to drug main in a NY. It has taken 1 one thousand to sign with Eminem. Has already he roughly 1 1/2 one thousand of the his INDEPENDENT CD 'Guess The one who there is Behind'( has taken 5 dollars for each CD sold and is sold abt 250,000 copies already) and This CD has sold roughly 1.8 million copies the week and the half. Like this yeah the doubt is rich. It is one strikes to hype the legislation of the proportion would owe that be a pertinent question . It would owe that say yes. Listening to this CD of mine is like a first time is invernadero 'Jack Città New' or has listened one infamous GETO BOYS. It is so only unadulterated thugism! Be it has shot 9 times and havin such to the horrible infancy really looks for to be it backdrop thus CD. Some CD starts with 'Quell'arrive Gangsta'. A quota lil song settin a tone for a rest of a CD. It follows 3 'Patiently while' characteristic Eminem.. They go real hard is one. Effects of the his add is one. One of some better yards in a CD. It follows 4 soycualesquier Men' is fresh but was really feelin some papers, especially when it speaks roughly doubts concealed has shot. Of course it follows 5 ' it Gives Club' probably will be a song of club of a year. I have it that has not listened never the song looped so much in a club. They touch this song for 10 minutes directly and some stays of club hype! It follows 6 'Big All a Time' is his tribute to a sticky icky! Good yard. It follows 7 'Hot' is classical Dre production. This song is believed so only! Some roosters of gun in a fund in a wholeeeee song. It follows 8 it is another Dre song of staple. It follows 9 'Blood Hound' is the fresh song with the very small heart. It touches alot likes Bushwick the bill is one . It follows 10 'Behind down' it is one of some CD points have underlined. Tear to doubt Ja Governs averts!!!! It follows 11 'P I M P' is another banger. It follows 12 'As My Fashion' characteristic his UNIT of G of the crew. Mina 2nd favourite yard in a CD is clues 14 '21 Questions'. It is Dre production with Born Dogg. This song is essentially the song talkin to the daughter and askin his questions to see where his alcohol is in. The song adds and Born Dogg has not touched this good in the longgggg time. Some beaten is was gives hook. It follows 15 'it does not press me ' characteristic Eminem again and once again is STRONG. It follows 16 'Gotta the fact to Heaven, are by train of gone thru Hell' quite is on this CD. Coast Of is believed so only Gansta Rap! 'Wanksta' Marcos an appearance here but really is so only he playful the mine of radio court. In general this CD are adds. It dips his foot down and he spend same to In the and Jigga. My favourite clues are 2-11, 14-16. Personally I have not listened anything this crude the long long time. A hype thus it doubts is incredible and felizmente a CD comes roughly like this near like this possibly could to this. After the little earchecks ossia has to that has for a hip any hop defender..
5 / 5
50 Cents HAS poor diction and he drawling rap way, but with a help of ready papers, artists of backup, and beaten well, producing Dr. Dre And Eminem done an album much more that would have been in of the smallest hands.
In general the majority of some songs in this clue are quite entertaining and has a lot of songs on here, comprising some clues of prize have hid. Travesías Car a lot the times do not find me yearning to skip songs, which in an age of CDs, mean has to like me a CD in general enough bit it.
Still, does not have to that the plot of songs adds here. It gives Club, one the majority to populate, is a better. There is handful external really a lot of the (sees down).
I tax this CD the a lot of respectable FOUR STARS:
That Arrives Gangster
A lot of Men (Died of Desire)
Gives Club
Patiently while and 21 Questions are stars of approximations .
I also likes . But a embarrassingly bad action of this song for 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg in a MTV the prize of Music turn out of this song.

Indications: CDs is estimated simply for which the good songs are in an album. The songs adds to take two stars, and the good songs take some stars. Songs that takes any star is those that could like me but any one enough for the give the star or some meeting bore or actively aversion. CDs Is not penalised for songs that does not like me reason are enough of easy to skip on. There is do not number maximum of stars the CD can take, but of course a more star takes, a better a CD.
5 / 5
To the equal that have said long in a past, are not a big rap defender I once was in institute. Really any to Like me the majority of a new rap this is exiting, reason they all touch some same. You all look to have this ' am rich and blah-blah-blah' attitude. As I a lot seldom buy rap album anymore.
This in spite of, has chosen on the copy of 50 Cent is 'Take Rico or Die Tryin',' and has to that say that I am impressed. It is different of the majority of a rap the albums was today? No really. That Is different is while another does to lack in his execution, this an almost paste one say every time (any pun feigned). I have found this album to be quite addicting. Apresamiento awhile For him to grow on you, but when it can not take he out of your boss.
A word to warn to the like the does not like them the violent music; this is not an album for you. Has everything of drugs the violence; of sex to murder; of deals to drug to swipes, and like this on and like this on. It tends To brag in his money from time to time, but nowhere to a discharge that all the world in Money to Charge fact. And I think that that 50 Cent there is much more that things of interests to say that the majority of rappers. Calm to good sure can see one 2-Pac flu in some rhymes of way and builds his delivery.
For one the majority of part, an album is quite solid. Really there is not the song that unbalanced, although has some listen to the plot more than another. These songs would be 'gives club,' 'patiently while,' soycualesquier men (died of desire),' ' can any one,' 'hot,' 'behind down,' 'blood hound,' and 'does not press me .'
An only drawback to this album is a hype that surrounds it. It is this it dread will spend an album down a plus. While it does not contest it is the album adds , thinks that has been hyped on A lot. If you have read some of some negative critiques, ossia a primary reason for them a lot when being pas able to enjoy an album. I owe that I have spent, I think that that it tends to take to plot more attention that has to that. This in spite of, is still the really good album and does not think that hype has broken that a lot, but is still the factor to determine like an album or no for more.
'Take Rico or Die Tryin'' is the raw album with 'gangsta' written throughout that. If it likes rap, then has of the casualidad really well that it will like you to it. As I have said, it has taken the bit for him to grow on me, but when I found humming some songs to me. 50 Cent HAS potential and is able to develop that in this album. I will be curious to see the one who his controls of next project for him.
5 / 5
50 Cent Is a new plus rap fanominone of to likes it of Snoop Dogg (and his focus CEO Eminem stops of this @@subject). It has been shot nine times, been in prison, and the been stabbed quite time to say is been by means of alot to take where is, and right now, is a hotter thing in Amsterdam. For some past years, is been with his G of Unit of crew, with that has registered a lot now last to find to the albums the 'Likes A Power Of A Dollar', 'Any Mercy, Any Ache', and a lot another. But, after running to Dr. Dre, Is now one of a big plus superstars in rap. 'Take Rico Or Die Tryin'' is the sluggish tentativa be percieved like this to the album Likes ' Chronic' or 'Illmatic', in reality, goes in any one leaves to close to any of these groundbreaking albums, and a lot included approach the such albums as 'Doggystyle' or included esady to Die'. 50 Cent Now included is situated in the gender of pop for a success unexpectedly of the his 2002/2003 single, 'Wanksta' and 'Gives Club', but to listen a full album, looks concealed is not where 50 would owe that be situated. Here it is that it has thought them roughly 50 it is 'Take Rico Or Die Tryin'' album:
1. Intro - Justo the coin that fallen to an earth and any one dipping a cd to the cd player.
2. That On top of Gangsta 3/5 - No a better way to present 50 sound, but enough is on a sound of an album.
3. Patiently while (feat. Eminem) 5/5 - Of course, a Eminem has produced so only looking Eminem will be good. To to I Sounds a bit like Eminem possess 'Lose you', this in spite of, of another reviewer (the can not agree his or his name) has said in the cast of some 'WORSE MOMENTS IN HIP HOP' this 50 would owe that take mumbling like this, props to any concealed was reason is well. 50 mumbles A whole heart, concealed is not that well.
4. A lot of Men (Died of Desire) 3/5 - does not come anywhere approach 'To the equal that to Rob' but is an a lot of clue.
5. It gives Club 5/5 - I still can be listen this same although some radio games he 20 to 30 times the day! The papers add of 50 and the beaten wicked of Dre.
6. Big All A Time 4/5 - WELL, no like this hot likes 5, but this one is to good sure value the little listens.
7. Hot 3/5 - Another mediocre clue of 50, needs alot of work in a half last of an album.
8. If I can any one 3/5 - ANOTHER MEDIOCRE CLUE, like has said them, needs alot of work in a half last of an album.
9. Blood Hound (feat. Tony Yayo of Unit of G) 4/5 - Better that 7 or 8 and has the darkest fashion of rap and has beaten, a type of Unit of the G any one the like this bad fact neither.
10. Behind Down 3/5 - Read 7 or 8.
11. 3.5/5 - Better, but still consider that it has said them on 7 and 8.
12. As My Fashion 4/5 - Yeah, finally, some GOOD clues, the good thing there was one or there are them has not listened never a rest of an album.
13. Poor Lil' Rico 3/5 - Toneless. Read 7 or 8.
14. 21 Questions (feat. Born Dogg) 4/5 - A prójimo irradiate so only, hip of characteristics hop crooner Born Dogg. Well, but some rhymes are taking wacker and wacker, 'the to to amour like him to him the cake of amours of fat boy'???
15. It does not press me (feat. Unit of G & Eminem) 4/5 - A Eminem the clue produced and looked that it is not well? That? I so only really is not that it feels an end of this album.
16. Gotta The fact To Heaven 2/5 - Pathetic and annoyning, read 7 or 8.
17. Wanksta 5/5 - Another awesome irradiate so only that marks a rest of some looks of albums junk. A half-hid Ja Principle diss but a lot of adictiva and catchy.
18. Or Any to like me 3/5 - One scarce to find clue of the his scarce to find album 'Any Mercy, Any Fear'. No really it cures for him.
19. The life is in a Line 2/5 - 7 or 8.
In everything, really, really, considers having the partner buys this and calm so only the burn, is not the well quite album to take that a lot of props. At present it is topping Upper Poster 200 Maps of Albums for the fourth a lot consecutive week and has sold well on 2 million copies. They are sure calm can find the fellow the one who has it like this calm will not owe that squander your money on that.
5 / 5
50 Cent Has is surprisingly be of soyost Hated' to soyost Anticipated' to soyost Celebrated'. Calm can agree of 1999 so only, 'To the equal that to Rob an Industry Any , where he jokingly spoken roughly robbing to to the a lot of famous artists like to them Mariah Tortoiseshell (those who was in his focus, Columbia) while ribbing his a same time. Any a lot of artists have found that pleasant, some turns of song to the gimmick and has been punctual fallen of Columbia (perhaps has not been the good idea to sing roughly robbing your labelmates???). During his downtime, has done a lot of enemies, comprising Jay-Z (in 1999 is ' is Hot', Jigga rapped, ' are in a dollar/WTF is 50 Cent?'), And I think that that it went it included it has shot more time that 2Pac. But with which Eminem has chosen 50 arrives and has signed to his focus of Shady Record, and 50 falling 'Wanksta' and the few subterranean albums with his crew, one 'GGGgggg-uuuUnit!', Some streets embraced them and the anticipation was in an all-time big.
Takes Rico or Die Tryin' is one of these albums to start with that in fact bolt until his hype. In fact, if you are in your automobile that touches it to an end, calm so only can feel likes touch a whole album again. While a lyrical the contained can not break any new earth, 50 Cent, whose sounds of flows like the mix of Jay-Z, 2Pac, and Mase, knows regarding the rid WELL. It sees 'Gotta the Fact to Heaven' (a otherwise touched-out of subject @@@subject with gangsta rappers), where gives one @subjects an interesting transfer, and 'in a Club', where taking subjects like this of the cars, drunk, and women and the originals of sound. The defenders can say that this radio of sound of the song-friendly, but has not been to mainstream, mainstream has been his.
A production on here is also stellar; any one follows the sound resembled another, the question in the majority of rap album today. The control out of a darkness has beaten on 'Patiently while' with Eminem and '21 Questions' and remark a difference in production. And that the rap album be without the diss record? (It goes 'Wanksta' and a pleasant plus 'Behind Down', both pointed in Ja Principle.)
Still although '.' It is embarrasingly old-pupil and lazy on 50 part, Rico that Takes... It is one of these rarities in hip-hop: the highly anticipated album that for real it hands, peel rapper the one who has neglected gimmicks to leave the people know Shady Slender reasons has signed.
5 / 5
Has listened once the boy of 13 years in tending it records that begs his mamma thus CD. It would do fresh, has said. Any to mention this 'fiddy' was a better rapper NEVER. That an insult. I have listened ' it Gives Club' quite time to back this statement up. Catchy Has beaten? Sure. Thanks to Dr. Dre. Of course, all another volume rappers this day and use of alike age two-remark orchestral backings for his repetitive subjects and subjects. The rests of commentary of a bit boy in my boss. It is not never the gentleman has listened Lif, Jurassic 5, A Call of Investigations of the Tribe, Of the soul, Naughty for Character, Public Enemy, KRS-A, Career DMC, or any respectable hip-hop artist. Included a ganja king of Collina of Cypress, and a violent gangstas in . It is better that this tripe marketed like me hip-hop today. Mumbling In daughters, money, cars, and the guns is really stupid. Really. I trust. It looks he likes the person takes it. When Dre He behind in a Chronic, was tight. It was fresh, and fact creatively. It was rapping in a real lifestyle. It was the album of party . 'Fiddy' Here probably thinks is the real gangsta.
Ossia Not even a course a more sad.
Like this do some girls. They inhale To the to this likes him the air, not knowing any one better. Has guilty Columbine in Rammstein, and educational decay in an audience of school system. It is record like these.
Also is stinking on radio. That has spent to listen to to the respectable bands like Nirvana or talented to the of artists likes him to them Alanis Morissette, those who there have been real emotions, feelings, and the experiences have shared by means of music to do music, and any one money?
Does not know .
Hip of TEARS-Hop. 1980(?)-1993
5 / 5
Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwn. That is a difference among this type, Ja Principle and Bloated? Well, this type has been shot more time, ossia roughly that. In of the terms of the like takings when calm presses game, is copy of photocopier of the each one another. Hey, To the left is goes advance and do the pair of album of tribute to this type!! He the merit like this a lot like this eminem, which has received his first tribute cd when it had been releasing cd is for roughly while this type has, which is roughly 1 year. Once again, I have tried to give support that spends for this material. So only it could no. Any remarks this type hardly moves his jaw and lips when he rap? It is for this that takes such the boring, monotonous, mumbling class of undecipherable vibe. Memory of s√ļper musical character Ja Principle. It agrees mr.J Has has had to that lyp-sync in a Mtv VMA is so that it is unable to reproduce rapping alive, which is not anymore difficult that the normal conversational pause!! Amazing. If these are some idols of today of youths, is to condemn. People those who think that that ossia the music does not have any one creates anything in that music is. Any at all. Zero. At all. In fact, less than zero. But, the ignorance is bliss. Paste a 'any' icon under this description because you are 50 defender and Think that am bad is in focus that admits approval that all have said is absolute truths. It goes before, tip your ignorance. I vote it in favour it is scarce glimmers to expect left in this world of musical ignorance. Some facts speak for them, but so only to that have at least the basic level of musical knowledge. Now, I excuse me to me. I owe that go back to my Metal of death, Jazz, Blues, Funk, and Afro-CUBAN CD' MUSIC.
5 / 5
Well,he all has begun in the type has appointed 50 Cent is gone in a scene with "Wanksta(a diss in Ja Principle to be fake,which also sounds like the rap the 6th grader would use to start with to slap-fight)" but really it is famous result when his I-want to-kill-I--I-listen-this-song-again annyoing swipe " it Gives Club" it has been 1 for 9 WEEKS!With which concealed, there has not escaped are not usually one to hate in of the people,but this first album, was in 50 wave,that thinks that that this type was to change hip hop has retreated to then, has listened to a whole album and I am @@to give that any idiot rapper can do on the papers have left so only some beats to everything of some songs(a be of exception "A lot of Men")!All the tongue roughly here is taking big,shooting people,having like this hoes under his tape,having like this money and jewels(which,for a way,is not still famous still),and hammer to your boss a fact that has TAKEN has SHOT 9 TIMES !So only reason have taken it has shot long ,does not mean calm to possess a respect of all the world in a gueto(example:me!)
Sure,the album has some good points,like a fact that he fooled people for the quite long time,and has to that admit,some of some songs are a lot contagious,until it listen them 5 times in 10minutes and calm is in an Empire State edifice with the gun in your boss yelling to a world-wide " I GO to KILL!"Now,they are not you forcing the not buying an album, are so only reommending calm any to,unless I want to squander your money in the big battery of at all!
4 / 5
Has been the 50 partid√°rio of then is in the first place fallen. Any last year but way behind in '98 when it has fallen Like partorisca Rob. I have not forgotten when it has taken it it has shot 9 times . It was so only while his still back stronger that never, which has. They are not that it goes the front and say is one of a better of all-the time, cuz is not . It is not one of a better lyrically neither. But there is something roughly 50 concealed such a that entertains rapper. It is ready and has potential to go down like the rapper all the world will agree. (Example: eshorty, declares watchin you watchin maintaining me/ say me to that likes more, of my clock or me' of 'Or Any to like me ')
has had this album before it has fallen in the February and is still in rotation in mine stereo. Has all has listened Wanksta, Gives Club and 21 Questions for now but there there is much more in this album to speak roughly. Personally, I seat a whole album is bangin except two songs and a intro. Wanksta Is real annoying now, but the supposition can listen his sometimes still. Gotta The fact To the heaven is hot lyrically, but this beats really annoying a hell outta me.
Possesses each G-song of the never released unit (subterranean or mainstream) and thinks 50 would owe that has has used Members of G of Units Tony Yayo and Lloyd banks the little more. Really they have potentials to be big in this game. Lloyd the Bank rasgó on does not press me , and Eminem has done too much. That Arrives Gangsta is the song for all his cats in tyhe street to clash in his cars. A lot of Men and the heat are probably my favourite clues in a CD. Big All A Time is the good song to clash when your blazin the fatty. Behind down it is the heat diss clue to Ja Principle. A quite gone back beef the moment, any correctly before Ja has fallen his late plus flop. Ossia When Ja in fact decided to open his mouth roughly 50, tryna promotes his album cuz 50 was catchin fire in some streets at the same time. If I can any one, Blood Hound and . It is real hot songs . Poor Lil Rico is the hot song with the beaten quite ailing and the same hotter papers. Some clues of prize are old songs 50 has been supposition to release behind a day but a lot of cuz has lost his shot with which has taken has has shot. These clues (Or Any to like me & the life is in a Line)is right fire. Any a lot of people really knows that the life is in a Line is an old plus Ja Principle diss, going back to some days when Ja was tryna said has beaten a sht outta 50 with the bat of baseball.
Listens to a song, can say the one who is roughly. Down it is my indication of clue (1-5):
1. Intro -- No estimated of to the sound likes 7 of seconds of the coin droppin
2. That Arrives Gangsta -- 5
3. Patiently while (feat. Eminem) -- 4.5
4. A lot of Men (Died of Desire) -- 5
5. It gives Club -- 4
6. Big All a Time -- 4
7. Hot -- 5
8. If I can a lot of -- 5
9. Blood Hound (feat. Young Buck) -- 5
10. Behind Down -- 4.5
11. . -- 5
12. As My Fashion (feat. Tony Yayo) -- 5
13. Poor Lil Rico -- 5
14. 21 Questions (feat. Born Dogg) -- 4.5
15. It does not press me (feat. Lloyd Banks & Eminem) -- 5
16. Gotta The fact to Heaven -- 5
17. Wanksta -- 3
18. Or Any to like me --5
19. The life is in a Line -- 5
likes one 'gangsta' of songs in an album or Or Any to like me and/or the life is in a Line, peep 50 is 'Guess The one who there is Behind'. Ossia An album that is basically some strikes callejeros more utmost that 50. It is also an album that Eminem has listened and interest obtained in 50. It has decided firm the then and now the Shady records ALMOST gives the death rows the state announces his money for a focuses with one the majority of talent a time.
5 / 5
That spends when you take Dr. Dre gangsta Papers/of voices and crosses he with Eminem deminor/'witty' games of word?
To say you a truth, any really know. I guess volume 50 cent .
50 cent: to be truthful, is quite wack. It concealed it is not really the bad thing - But his gun tokin' the papers have the apes sence to paste.
To to The Songs like 'Or Any to like me ' has to that this pleasant personality, but gangsta papers.
Perhaps reason 50 cent there is expierenced one 'bully' life - is so only his subject pleasant? It can not be taken seriously? Perhaps. But ossia mainly reason this cd taking 2 stars - Reasons takes 'used to be' serious subjects, likes to be shot, stabed, robed, dipped in prison, oppressed against - and of the frames he to the way @@ape @subject. A last esal' @@@subject that rap has left, and 50 cent is fckin' around with him - Tryin' for the do his pleasure the sound extracted no big - When the reality is the big shot .
And ossia for which will not be never 2pac. 2pac has TAKEN that spends in his life seriously. It has taken like the lesson - and expressed it seriously.
50 cent In another hand, is speaking likes to take 9 shots is funny. It concealed the mine is quite wack.
But another then concealed. His 'the transmission founds' the flow is catchy. Some beaten is fresh and catchy also. 'Big all a Time' 'Or Any to like me ' 'Behind down is' songs quite good. Personally - I has not liked him 'Gives Club' - and Eminem is producing is so only wack. Whats With all some serious and trumpets?
Finally - An album partorisca entertain - But 50 need to wise on, yes expects to remain hot.
4 / 5
Has been the defender of 50 Cent of then Like this partorisca Rob burst in a mixtape scene the few years behind. Of this song, is emission the pair the subterranean albums have dominated of histories of bully with the humerouos transfer. It was ecstatic to listen has signed with Shady Record and would be backed for In and Dre roughly done 6 month. So that his just to begin of focus of entity against heavyweights like Jay-Z and In the?
For one the majority of part, 50 any lost far of a formula that has done a subterranean king. Almost too much of a same. It thought that it that it would come with something another those some histories of same old bully, and exited with stopping them deep songs. Instead, everything of some papers in the each song could be be situate anywhere more in an album and he would not look out of place. There it does not look to be any subject common in any song. Suprisingly A humour that was during his past albums is almost very existent. Also, when 50 test gone external of his Corner Undermines Way and the commercial clues, some results are mixed. It gives the club is a lot well, but to to the songs likes them to them to them 21 Questions and PIMP so only does not return to 50 person, and is hard to in fact think that is saying.
An album is not all bad, this in spite of. In fact, it is the CD well . In spite of all a radio game, Gives Club and Wanksta is both a lot of catchy, good songs. Patiently while looking 50 boss, Eminem, is a point underlined of an album. Eminem The verse is so only absolutely ailing. Unfortunately one same can not be said for his tentativa trite on does not press me . 50 diss To hip hop elder sellout, Ja Principle, is absolutely hysterical and Dre hooks lucidos up with an absolutely ailing has beaten. Other songs to verify was is That Arrives Gangsta, A lot of Men, Can any one, and Or Like My Fashion.
In general, there there is more to like in this album that aversion. It is the good start , and hopefully one which do fault like the lesson in that and the one who any to do for his next album, foreseen has gone by an end of this year.
4 / 5
Has bought this CD because I have enjoyed really both 50 songs of Cent have presented in a 8Film of One thousand Soundtrack. They are the big defender of Eminem, but 50 is not better, is really near of In. 50 it is doing Shady Record very better in my opinion, reason does not like Obie Trice.
These starts of albums with the coin that falls, and this calm mean there is not squandered your money, reason are for listens to some wild tunes.
My favourite songs am " it Gives Club" ( it touches to plot in a radio, included here in Brasile), "" ( I has known this song of a MTV the music of Video Attributes 2003), "Patiently while" (looking Eminem, the one who sings partorisca rhyme totally wild, is In in his best in here), "A lot of Men" (this song speaks the little more on some new shots 50 has taken, incluiding one in a face) and "21 Questions" (something like the romantic song that looks Been born Dogg in a heart), included this in spite of all some clues are of sound.
Is in hip hop, then really has to that take this CD, and if you are not, really think you would have to that be. 50 it Is one of a better rappers never, to good sure.... Perhaps "less a lot of" it Eminem, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Tupac...
Anyways, This CD is the total masterpiece of hip hop, buy it now. If it does not like cussing, fck you! Lol... So only kidding... If it does not like cussing compraventa of a Clean version and has amused.. Paz was!
4 / 5
50 Has to that it weaves of potential. It likes almost of all the clues in this album. It has said Ja a lot cleverly in Clues 10, "Behind Down." A corner of the marketing of 50 Cent is that it is "true," which is reason this beef with Ja is out of all the proportion. It is meant to contrast 50 authenticity and gangsterism with Ja R&B-ishness. 50 also indictment Ja to touch like a Monster of Cookie. An album has beaten well, the majority of that is produced, has sawed-produced or mixed by Dr. Dre. Eminem Has had also the function in producing or mixing some clues.
Now that roughly 50 papers? It is not like this poetic likes Tupac was, but is his own man and resists his own against some of an utmost plus rappers of all the times. 50 Has spirituality, and can listen he in his rhymes--and see he in his face and in his eyes. You owe that be concerned in his health, this in spite of, any only reason "a lot of dead persons of desire of the men" his (Clues 4), but also reasons remains "big all a time" ( it Follows 6). If it listen his, smokes so not even loves drunk. I expect that ossia only exaggeration and artistic licence for some purposes partorisca enhance art. I have seen in television long, and there is not remarked when being big in any of these occasions.
Is the good album . Highly I recommend it. They are a lot curious in a future of rap. I expect that 50 that that will be the part of entity of him.
5 / 5
Which in a name of heck is spent to a music and his industry these days? I mean, you grieve rap is coming entirely a door, has been horrified. Besides, all rap is is really fast-in speaker. No the think included would owe that be the music has considered neither. First Eminem, then Nelly, and now 50 Cent? I think that the history of music has gone way down-the-mountain these days, but think that is mostly 50 Cents' failure.
Reason thinks really displease him and his CD? 1) any like him to him a fact that his album calls 'Take Rico' reason touches likes is- is-Nelly. It does not like when rappers of tongue roughly money because it looks likes so only concerns roughly taking rich ('The air Forces One'). 2) any like him to him his lack of clothes, knows, there is at all to do with a CD. Today in this world of the looks of music likes so only is receiving money for his organism, when all require to take onstage is raw talent. When Of the a step in a phase to sing, master you to you to sing not seeing the one who calm quickly can speak comprise the words have on fact that the can not be found in an English Dictionary. If it do not buy this CD, will not win money , and can not aim was. 3) When it listens in his CD, is often mumbling, or to to the sounds more like is of meso asleep, or likes is too fearful to step until a microphone or something. 4) His songs all his one same, a lot of informing them the guns (I desire could shoot 50 Cent) and sometimes perhaps violence. If you go to do the CD, does not speak in cars and money and taking rich in the each song. They are class of has surprised his 'Gives Club' was 1 in a cup 40 a week. 5) any like him to him his tongue. 'Wangsta,' Is the word ossia very odd and was to translate concealed to the character that Chinese of pause, would not comprise the word is saying.
Like the result, the tongue and the poor papers have comprised bad, lack of clothes, lack of talent, and overplaying in a radio (which am surprised for) are by train to give the 1/5. The class of desire could give the 0. To save you of this CD, calms the favour, turn of a radio, and buy something newer likes Evanescence or Lillix, as it has to that excite the songs and his are not boring or is not quite strong, or habladuría in guns all a time. You will be happy has done. And appearance someday that a music could be of tower a way has used to be-with people that in fact can sing and those who have talent. Thank you very much To read my opinion.
4 / 5
Are like this patient of ex-gilipollas and trafficante of ex drug and crackheads taking agreements of register. Ossia So only more test of a sleazy been of an industry of music today. It would not give you a cent for this cd. I can not be this type droning voice. This " it Gives Club" the song has been touched the death to burst emisora radius and in the each booming transports stereo driven by 16-male of 25 years those who think that that a song is fresh. Any the one who thinks that that 50 Cent is fresh needs to look for therapy immediately. Reason are worshipping and idolising lowlife bullies that do not owe that it never has been released of the prison where belonging?? Oh, And ossia really intellegent to spend your own edges to your concert and endanger his life to dip up in a phase in the ball-waistcoat of test. I really ready there! In ten years when they begin to release compilation cds of rap songs of an early @@@2000s, will dip the song for 50 Cent in the, and the people will be saying , "Oh yeah, 50 Cent. Agree when all the world has thought that that it was so that it adds?"In two years of him now will be all but forgotten while a prójimo rap star of a moment will come to the long of to substitute. 50 Cent Is so only populate now because of MTV, irradiates of pop, and marketing. Enough it would listen to Celine the HATE, HATE, HATE his music. Ossia That give the aversion 50 Cent. Any the one who would spend money in the 50 Cent cd is stupid.