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Top Customer Reviews: Music To Be ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5 Marlyn
Honradamente This album of surprise is better that Kamikaze Eminem has spent for behind the plot of Nostalgia with Music to having Murdered Stops. It feels he likes is taking his fans behind to a Eminem show or Marshall Mathers days of elepé. In my opinion Eminem has done very solid in some 2 albums of surprise. A different go in Kamikaze and this a, basically is declaring a fact that is still on and that any one can take his something although they have tried. Now that it thinks them roughly that goes in some critics is not the that offends , is doing sure that it is not to be messed with🔥🔥🔥
4 / 5 Janna
would say that ossia his better project still!!! The kamikaze is an amazing album but this a crown concealed. Slender Shady is of tower in full force ... The cant attended see the one who shadier has come our way in an AMAZING future a lot afterwards !!! Sound like hes not even human .
5 / 5 Tod
has been the defender of Eminem before it was signed to focus he of entity loves all his songs and the album is absolutely incredible place and like this well is the one who real hip hop to to the sounds like..
4 / 5 Evelin
Il A la cabine il a été cassée entièrement quand je l'ai pris. Il apprécie au dieu A actuel cd était untouched. L'objectif était super perturbé quand j'ai ouvert il a coin tout il est seulement tombé en des pièces.
4 / 5 Ressie
A les rendez-vous de livraison ils ont environ changé 3 me chronomètre. Il venge je plus cède il alors dise qu'il soit l'objectif bon il a la plante il a été cassée entièrement et unusable.
5 / 5 Izola
toujours être un seguace Massif d'En, le doute est incroyablement talented et a il est dans la façon d'exposé plein cet album. MusicToBeMurderedBy🔥
4 / 5 Gayle
Seulement quand penser en pourrait très vraisemblablement spit n'importe quel meilleur, a en le je étonne onze une autre fois, album j'ajoute!!!
4 / 5 Kary
I have been the defender of Eminem before it was signed to focus he of entity wants to all his songs and the album is absolutely incredible place and like this well is the one who real hip hop to to the sounds like..

Top Customer Reviews: Me Against ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5 Dalia
Taken this album when it was in the first place released behind in '95. An album debuted in 1 on announces when it was liberto (superseding Bruce Springsteen) and has dominated a month of April '95 in some maps - all while 2pac was in prison. An artist with a number 1 album in some the EUA while in the prison speaks volumes.

Classical album. 2pac animadamente describes that it spends for and feeling in that then, while still when being at the head of his time (likes quota of his papers and the clues are appropriate today to the equal that have been of tower then). In my opinion, his better work; crude, real, sincere and true. The Some people can not liking some of of a production of clues but take the moment to really listen to the each song and listen to some papers - repeat ecessary likes a bit the things am listened a 2nd or 3rd time around.

For real the masterpiece, that considers a controversy that surrounds this man. Any subject where calm of, which run, the one who circumstances; the people could relate his in a way or another. An artist that can transcend his message to everything is for real value a title - an of a more add if more the add all the time.
5 / 5 Maye
2pac And Biggie near in Heaven. If you do not know roughly lucido so only grab a cd then will know.
5 / 5 Yen
It struggles Gems Here, Pac 4never. It wins it Sucks on repeat.
4 / 5 Vanita
At all but well lounging Pac vibe in this good album forms a start to an end of him!
4 / 5 Alfreda
Swimming but well lounging Pac vibe in this good album forms a start to an end of him!

Top Customer Reviews: All Eyez On Me ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 28 ratings
5 / 5 Latasha
Excellent service, punctual delivery. I am exited and has taken the work in Burger Rey like the boy as it can purchase this album during highschool which cost $ 65 CAD has retreated then. I left it to any first to begin university that was familiarised with by means of mutual highschool the friends and she have flown basically he of me any when returning never. I bought it again during my first year in pupil of law. I have moved past gangster rap but Tupac always will be an inspiration partorisca me and from time to time although a music is mainly violent and obcene, always there is the durable impression, knowing to to any one him me like the one who was black and has come from/come from a gutter could achieve the success that can also together with more to all the cost of class, state, gender or race. Bolt of real music partorisca always.
4 / 5 Dena
A content of a CD can not be contested; these are some of 2Pac better jams, worthy of any collection that has spent the hip of this era hop. My only flu is that a remaster there is cranked on some bass and loudness like this exited like this artificially weighed in both ends. It have preferred I register it more neutral, this in spite of can see like this can be that they want to retune things to better access a gender. Any way, is partorisca fly he less than $ 5, and the must partorisca yours collection.
5 / 5 Tomiko
If you want to PAC, knows that this album was definite. Your merit of collection partorisca have this piece of vinyl in him. The double album adds with everything of some more utmost swipes
5 / 5 Alyse
Fast nave, produced excellent, exactly as it has described.
5 / 5 Vernice
While earth I the chick of hood, rollin' around bumpin' this like this strong like my Ford stereo the system will leave. StreetCred
5 / 5 Lucio
It gives it the shot, any pun has feigned seriously are the ENORMOUS defender !!!
5 / 5 Janey
An album is class of bland in some points, but is to good sure an iconic album, and the cost required partorisca any hip-hop boss.
5 / 5 Eleonor
Ossia My vinyl of prime minister , very pleased.

Has shipped 4 fast days that estimativa original also.

2 thumbs up!
5 / 5 Nicolle
The better album of Tupac wants the nave of reward service very reasonable very good.
Thank you
4 / 5 Wan
It produces like discribed. 4 near of the vinyl was new mark and there is sealed. Fast delivery any question.
4 / 5 Chante
A lot of unhaopy with a condition of a CD is a lot streaky and skips would not purchase of book of marvel and video
4 / 5 Precious
Classical album, the prize adds. In my mailbox in 2 days. Material adds.
5 / 5 Danika
Wants this cd def one of a better 2pac album of all time! rippac
5 / 5 Tobias
CD add, taste like this avenges before a time of arrival has estimated, love an album and concealed is my description
4 / 5 Rufina
Amazing album, really exhibits Pacs talent like the true mc, classical album
5 / 5 Rosanna
the chance is Coming CD has broken entirely law well but a container wont has included near properly
5 / 5 Lucia
Rap is the creative source of music. We have had such classical albums have released in a past like a controversial album "Well Outta Compton" for , a anti-political album " it takes the Nation of Millions..." For Public Enemy, " it Pursues DMC" partorisca Run DMC, a estupefaciente "Unfinished Subject" for EPMD, of is album the fine plus of the cost "Ready partorisca Die" for A Notorious ., One twisting "Enter a Wu-Tang" for Wu-Tang Clan, he gueto statement "Illmatic" for In the, one that blows alcohol "Mecca and Brother of Alma" for Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth But any way in hell can all compare to some utmost more rap albums of all time, "All Eyez on Me" for Tupac Amaru Shakur.
To a bit those that, 2Pac was a More adds them rapper of all time, to an a lot, is looms it the society. Mina, was my favourite professor . Some people could not see by means of 2Pac, all could see was aversion, controversial, question and worthlessness. 2Pac Was any way in hell in bylines to any of these words. Raisin for hell and behind this in spite of directed partorisca maintain it real. 2Pac Was an only rapper, of my point of view, concealed really could comprise rap music. He rapped with a legislation rappers and has spent a better out of all the world.
'96, The time rap has begun partorisca fall. 2Pac Is Remained out of prison and has had a lot of songs written while do lacking time in prison. All these songs have been dipped to the east, a first double disk album in rap history. Released under Record of Row of the Death, this album there has been the WHOOPING number of appearances of guest. Of a west cost, has had a Dogg Book, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Richie Rico, And-40, C-Bo, one infamous OUTLAWZ, Big Syke and more. Of an east cost, has had Man of Method and Redman. Everything near, has created unfadable pieces of materials. It can go in and on roughly the one who ESTUPEFACIENTE this album for real is but I a lot of then has taken partorisca maintain this short. 2Pac has SPOKEN a truth all a way here, roughly died, in his prophecies, roughly life, roughly life in a gueto and the deepest meanings. There is the number of classical songs in this CD but in an end, has has had to that averts them until 4 songs and is: Ambitionz Az the Ridah (the beaten infamous for Daz is so only rugged and 2Pac the papers are believed like this likes hell!), The Only god can Me Judge (groovy beaten and untouchable papers for both 2Pac and Rappin'), Are not Crazy in Cha (the crazy but sweet beaten for Daz is just heart-animating and incredible. Absolutely IT ADORES a piece of the piano in this piece adds of music. Danny Chico really resplandores here, also) and Ratha Be Already . (The mix of Bootsy Collins "enough it was With you" so only it is in amazing. Richie Rico really shines here and 2Pac the papers are incredible, like this always). A whole album is so only the master piece and can listen to the each SONG without skipping. 2Pac has RELEASED also he WHOOPING number of songs of of the this:
1. Amur Of California- the hymn of Calas, was originally Dre song but gave it to 2Pac in an end
2. Heartz Of Men- Quik the production is like this raw and 2Pac goes ALL Is gone in this clue
3. Picture M Rollin'- a lot of sweet feels his, although it have preferred the ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME
4. All Extreme Or- clue of good party but I never really taken partorisca the feel, would have preferred AMBITIONZ AZ A RIDAH
5. They Are not Crazy in Cha- a song with a video that foretold 2Pac dead
6. 2 Of Amerikaz More has wanted to- Daz the production is so only incredible in this album. Snoop Really the starts clean here and 2Pac has more than the fast time here
7. That Does Or Loves He- has thought a video to this was wicked, box partorisca expect sees a uncensored version! It follows of the party adds
is been 7 years of then 2Pac the death and find still am listening to this work of art like being of tower in '96. It was not that 2Pac he but he have had something to really take me hooked in his music. It listens to classics likes Run DMC and the Public enemy then listens to 2Pac, has bet will feel the difference of entity. I never really seen 2Pac like him rapper reason have thought that was calm really has joined teachings of life and that some people that listens his music was his students . I have learnt so much of this man: a world is the gueto, the amour is not partorisca perfect, a gueto is the serious place partorisca be in, any partorisca ruin your life in the young age, does not take a lot of sht of any and more. It was not that it was bad with some means comunicacionales, a way has treated 2Pac was entirely unfair. Ignore each bad thing listens roughly 2Pac reason once listen his, instantly will fall enamoured with his music. When 2Pac Has died, rap died with him and at all there is concealed does not go it never partorisca spend behind the life.
. TUPAC AMARU SHAKUR, 1971-1996, Is in the hands of the god now.
5 / 5 Katrice
A content of a CD can not be contested; these are some of 2Pac better jams, worthy of any collection that has spent the hip of this era hop. My only flu is that a remaster there is cranked on some bass and loudness like this exited like this artificially weighed in both ends. It would have preferred I register it more neutral, this in spite of can see like this could be that they want to retune things to better access a gender. Any way, is partorisca fly he less than $ 5, and the must partorisca yours collection.
5 / 5 Melonie
Ossia The double double album with 4 record partorisca the prize adds. All some memories of chilling in a stoop with some homies of a hood.
4 / 5 Jannie
A timeless album of the legendary artist. Unfortunately this playback the quality is severely dissatisfying and on 50 of an album skips and can not be listened to.
5 / 5 Danyell
2.os The times have ordered this album and he is not playable, has received the different vinyl the different band and sum. Not even that goes partorisca annoy with a hassle partorisca return again. Like this disappointing 😞
5 / 5 Kiera
want to PAC, knows that this album was definite. Your merit of collection to have this piece of vinyl in him. The double album adds with everything of some more utmost swipes
4 / 5 Tyree
Fast nave, produced excellent, exactly to the equal that has described.
5 / 5 Carmella
Gives the shot, any pun has feigned seriously are the ENORMOUS defender !!!
5 / 5 Vi
I so only has taken this vinyl and all 4 elepé skip and grieve playable. It is this common? Some disks looks partorisca be warped and not turning well.
4 / 5 Katia
Produced like discribed. 4 near of the vinyl was new mark and there is sealed. Fast delivery any question.
4 / 5 Jeniffer
CD Add, taste like this is coming before a time of arrival has estimated, love an album and concealed is my description
4 / 5 Tobias
amazing album, really exhibits Pacs talent like the true mc, classical album

Top Customer Reviews: Enter the Wu-Tang ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 23 ratings
5 / 5 Nadine
Formed: Record of elepé With Wu-Tang when being a hip hop/rap the legends are and this be of of mine all time favourite albums of any gender. It was the tad there is disappointed with a sound of this vinyl. I have bought 9 album and ossia for far some so only one that kinda touches the bit lousy. Probably it touches better in the big-final turntable. This in spite of to to the clues like “to Spend gives Ruckus & the clan in a Front” touches quite well like all some clues for one the majority of part. So only I subject really found with a second clue how is muffled like this hell, is just papers and the one who touch like the snare drum. It is obviously the behaviour of grave song like this again the big end turntable & stereo the system would adapt any one better was with this album then so only the basic career of a mill turntable to the equal that touches bit it rough. The sound bit it down finalises to touch for me to be fully enthusiastic in this album and the give the plenary 5 stars. But well to 4 star revises so only join the clues there has not been a lot his substance. But thank a good gentleman has to that to to places like to them to amazon that can spend a hip hop the vinyl loves! If yours the defender of classical hip hop/rap then yeah require this album and for those of you the one who is not familiarised with a Wu. Take this album stat so much can result educated in his magnitude and in some finer things in music.

Rasga Ol' Soiled 🙏🏻
4 / 5 Shawnta
format: elepé reward it Record is well, quality of the audio is not . It was a lot disappointing like this was for far a worse Wu has not touched never to my ears. This is to result the $ 20 picture now in place of the value of vinyl that listens to.
4 / 5 Christine
Formed: Cassette of Audio his Really bad register. You can in fact here another side that touches in a fund (invests of course) among songs and in an end of a tape. I can you do not look all a way without him distorting. This rerelease is horrible. They are supposition am still in a hunting partorisca to original cassette of a 90s.
5 / 5 Patrick
Formed: Record of elepé has taken this like the present for the partner. I think that that it is an idea of present astounding for lovers of music. The element besides comes a lot of packaged.
4 / 5 Dina
Formed: Record of elepé is Gone in entirely warped, and a quality of his east the little has bitten worse that the digital Mp3. Phenomenal album but of course is a bit ruined for a quality of poor vinyl, although I take that paid for I supposition and $20 is quite so only so that it was Formed
4 / 5 Ying
: Audio CD Rza is the crazy scientist to dip all am near , of a vision has. For real that papers of surprises with unmatched production.

This music changed for a better. Thank you.
5 / 5 Conrad
Formed: Record of elepé has taken this like the Present of Anniversary for the Partner; any semence, the album has been sealed.
4 / 5 Susan
Formed: elepé the album Adds Record, but packaging very simple - the white inner sleeve basic, basic external sleeve, and any one inserts of any one bondadoso or paper of download. They are happy I so only paid $ 18 for him.
5 / 5 Kum
Formed: Record of elepé Like this when being prime minister of mine never that the vinyl are súper satisfied. Had at all bad with a vinyl, is coming a lot of packaged and touched fking in amazing. Ossia Have to that has for collectors of vinyl and music ppls.
4 / 5 Lavon
Formed: Record of elepé Three disappointed transports lucidos the vinyl of disk is looked, twisted and bad work.
5 / 5 Suzanna
Il questo alla mina essere in primo luogo mai il vinilo è super soddisfatto. c'era in assoluto male con Il vinilo, ha venuto molto packaged e toccato fking in sorprendente. Ossia Un mosto lì è partorisca i collezionisti hanno dato vinilo e musica ppls.
5 / 5 Monica
Tre decepcionó automovilístico un vinilo di disco questo ha guardato, torto e opera cattiva.
5 / 5 Sonya
Eccellente lì è comprato lui nel 90 adesso è che compra un'altra volta partorisca sostituire disco vecchio.
4 / 5 Lorraine
Ossia Un ha dato i miei album preferiti. È pompato partorisca averlo addirittura vinilo.
5 / 5 Allan
Undici introduce in 36 Stanze, theres non è tornato. Un awesome Album, del Wu, a labrado ha dato battuto oltre eso I'andare ascoltato, e tutti dei suoi colpi labran inolvidables. Un ha dato gli album migliori hanno dato tutta la meteo. Fatto In 1993, il suo soluto e sempre sarà.
5 / 5 Dominica
Uno dell'anca migliore hop gli album non hanno mai fatto. Ha è muchas canzoni buone in quello. Deacent Premi. Imbarcato puntualmente, in affezione perfetta.
4 / 5 Alesha
L'album aggiunge, un mosto classico lì è per rap difensori. Comprato Il vinilo, è un po' ha dato di bassa qualità ma arresti fermi per tasar, e le meteo prendono per prendere mina, merita la pena
5 / 5 Maria
Très simplement endroit, ossia un CD ajoute . J'ai lu il prenne du ceux qui révisent déclarer comment il est un mosto partorisca n'importe quel Wu Tang seguace de Clan maintenant auditeur très nouveau à a Wu Tang, et devrait cela il convient .

A un lot de variété, et il contient un lot de classics.

À bon sûr la valeur qui possède.
4 / 5 Arletta
Débat d'ouvrer cela ordonne cet album, alors l'ouvré de l'ouvré des régimes a familiarisé avec a artiste, a légendaire Wu-Tang Clan. Ossia Un soyust a' hanche hop Album partorisca la à vous collection. Je originalmente possédé a album CD quand soit liberto en 1993, l'objectif qui écoute à il une autre fois le vinilo est une expérience différente entière . Le prix j'ajoute de la amazona là est bien, n'être n'importe qui il raisonne ne partorisca l'acheter!
5 / 5 Traci
ne serait pas ici si n'importe quel il déjà veut le.
4 / 5 Rocco
Était un présent en mine a promis. Qualité bonne. Le navire rapide apprécie j'ajoute.
5 / 5 Krystyna
Beaucoup déçu avec A qualité, a le vinilo était extrêmement warped. La amazona heureuse a fait partorisca le retour facile.
5 / 5 Mae
Absolument pressuré Terrible d'un classique lp. Tranquille et un Lot de bruit de surface. Bootleg Qualité.

Top Customer Reviews: Death Row Greatest ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 19 ratings
5 / 5 Enoch
Amazing album. 5 stars all a way. Has some dope remixes too much. A negative only thing can say is there has no quite dogg book. There is the pocola another row of artists of death that would owe state comprised too much but the calm supposition so only can plant like this songs in an album
4 / 5 Verena
A Better of Record of Row of the Death on 2 cd is, CD 1 HAS a majority of the row of the records of death attacks MAIN & CD 2 has clues more classical with several scarce remixes of well of known swipes.
4 / 5 Denae
Has bought last the year and I love it! All the world has touched he for loves it. It is reason his never comprised All Eyez On Me or Doggfather or a Makaveli Album. It is to maintain some albums that sells in planting to dip all some attacks on here and the arrival that takes cannibalized.
5 / 5 Twyla
A must has for any the one who has on grown in the era of one 90 of hip hop! The classical west cost the calm tune can appreciate throughout again...
5 / 5 Johanne
MASTER !!!! I have had this c.D When it was younger and has not been able of the find anywhere. It is the little pricey but yes school old taste rap, then cost the !!!
4 / 5 Romana
This round-up of two disks of the unexpectedly better records of the row of death is in fact a bit of the mixed stock exchange like outside of his early swipes of a prime minister two so only issued (Dr. Dre "A Chronic" and Snoop Doggy Dogg "Doggystyle"), it takes odd directions in his elections. There is a Cube of Gel classical, "Any Vasoline" that has said . And it has been registered first of the row of death was included to focus. So only two of a seven 2Pac clues that is comprised here has been recorded in fact during his days of Row of the Death. A rest is in fact aim Pac registers of the his Interscope days (this in spite of " it touches Out of A bit Liquor" it has been released on Row of death "On A Rim" soundtrack.) A good portion of disk 2 is poured in remixes of songs of Row of classical death that is comprised on disk 1. So only a "To the left Stroll me" remezcla looks to cost a space. An original "To the left Stroll me" it is nowhere to be found neither is an original "Dre Day". A remezcla of some characteristic last vocals of Jewell in some beaten old with any of Dre or Snoop original papers. In fact, neither it contribute his at all. A never-before-has released "Those who Been There, It" for J. Flexx Is a prime minister of a lot has said that the row of death would release to attack leading producer, Dr. Dre. It would have been better has left he out of the "swipes more utmost" the album like his inclusion looks innappropriate. Another marks new song, Daz "Me In Your World-wide" it is the quite good addition although he any up for a lack of Dogg Book classics concealed has not done a yard. There is not any song of "Dogg Feed" or "All Eyez On Me" to be found here. "Swipes more utmost" it is the must -buy for some data-defenders of Row of the hard dead person but he would have been a lot has comprised more than the his classics (" rule", "Deep Coverage") as well as has lose songs and scarce B-to to sides like 2Pac "Ache", Dogg Book "So only Doggin", and a Dr. Dre B-Side "Sippin' In Tanqueray and Puffin' On Blunts" like opposed to the number of known good swipes that his seal any included has produced. An inclusion of "Maintain His Bosses Ringin" and "Paste In' On" it was selections quite good but for one the majority of part, possess his first few emissions, probably calms will not find anything the value that buys in this Row of death "more than" collection.
5 / 5 Leandro
A logistics of having legendary, fines-to the artists of platinum likes him the dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Tupac And other laws of West Cost veteran under a same ceiling today is alcohol numbing. Before money, ego, and the beefs are gone in a way , all these MCs Records of the row of death marries call. Of 1992 to 1996, Suge to focus of the knight was one the majority of compatible selling focus in rap- all his emissions have been at least platinum until 1996 Christmas on Row of death. To celebrate a success of these years of glory, has the row of death Attacks more Utmost, he 2-CD band of hymns of classical West Cost.
A first disk is for far a strong plus of a two, as it comprises clues of some classical emissions Some Chronicles and Doggystyle. To to The Songs like 'Nuthin But Of A G Thang,' 'Ginebra and Juice' and 'Is not Very Fun' is' obvious elections for inclusion. This in spite of, there are some odd surprises, likes Cube of Gel is 'Any Vaseline,' the clue of classical battle in spite of a fact that the cube has not gone never on Row of death. Although Tupac has been signed to Tha Row in 1995, everything of his appearances on Disk 1 coming from/come from his early career. With a vast catalogue Suge the knight has had to choose of, his odd that decides to purchase some legislations to these songs for this emission. Still, an album is no worse thus fact. In spite of sustaining bit it too strongly in a Chronic and Doggystyle, Disk 1 corrects with 'Afro Puffs,' a Lady for the moment of Anger of glory. For any the one who has forgotten, the anger has skills and spare flavour in a Dr. Dre-the clues have produced:
In place of cointinuing the legacy of Row of death chronologically on Disk 2, Suge opts instead to pack he with remixes of songs on Disk 1. Ginebra ' And Juice (Remezcla)' and 'Lil Gueto Chico (Remezcla)' do is to adapt an auditor of the superiority of an original. A remezcla to Tupac are ' Taking Around' is horrible, laced with saxophone directly of the adult irradiates contemporary. A bit those that R&B songs that Row of the death is not never state represented in a form of Jodeci is 'Come Until My Room' and Danny Chico is 'Come When I call.' Disk 2 is the mixed stock exchange in an end: a Toneless Dr. Dre-diss 'The one who Been There, The one who Cela' (treaty for J-Flex) is balanced for wipe In Up.' A disk also gives Dat black Daz the casualidad to shine that it produces a hard funk of soye In yours World-wide' and a breezy, DJ Quik-esque 'To the left Stroll me (Remezcla).'
While Row of death the most Utmost swipes does not have any penuria of classical songs, when it consider the record of the clue of one focuses and enormous catalog swipes, this container is slightly underwhelming. Where it is esgulate,' 'Dollaz and Felt' and 'Amur of California'? Tupac Is All Eyez on Resulted the strike it the big plus of a focuses never, but is entirely ausenta here. But that considers the negation to progress of Row of death to a future (where is Crooked I, for a way?), The majority of Utmost swipes is steeply rooted in his glorious past.
4 / 5 Carissa
Deathrow There was once all and was once a More adds them rap focus never. You result it now the little ant. Partorisca Which do not know , Deathrow has been created for Suge Cavalier and Dr. Dre. Of this day from now on, Deathrow has gathered very utmost rappers likes 2pac (the legendary rapper), Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Born Dogg, Dogg Book, Life of Bully, Daz, Kurupt, Michel'the, Lady of Anger and more. This CD gathers an a lot of classics of the each one and each one which of these rappers. That I a lot really comprises is reason any of 2pac sooner classics is on here, likes soyaintain Already Boss On'? This is to be release under Interscope record and was before 2pac joined up with Deathrow. It looks the majority of Deathrow songs of vendors more final of Dres. Dre Is 'A Chronic' the Snoop is 'Doggystyle'. Also it has songs of Dre and the cube is 'Natural Been born Killaz', songs of 'Friday' to to the soundtrack likes soyaintain Of his Bosses Ringin' and some take-Tupac adds Shakur. Disk 2 is basically the CD of remixed versions of some original versions and also has some original clues.
In general an album is the classical and are adds to see Deathrow finally together place the CD that it is full of legendary and classical songs. Deathrow Use to be my preferred to focus record but with which Dr. Dre And Snoop Dogg finally breaking of some canals of Deathrow and 2pac planning on leaving Deathrow as well as taking killed, looks Deathrow has has died dulcemente. This in spite of has some separates disagrees on where 2pac the earliest swipes are looked in this album. I think that that this was bad as it was not signed the Deathrow but Interscope record. To to The Songs like soyaintain Already Of Boss On' and ' volume Around' does not have to that it has been on here still although they are utmost classics.
Some better songs in a CD are:
Dr. Dre- Nuthin But the G Thang
Snoop- That it is my Name
2pac- has loved to Suck
2pac- Paste 'In Up
Life of Bully- Game Out of the Little Liquor
Scarface- Smiled for me Maintaining
Snoop- Tha Shiznit
Dr. Dre- Maintain His Bosses Ringin
2pac- Maintain Already Boss On
Cube of Gel- No Vaseline
Dr. Dre And Cube of Gel- Natural Born Killaz
to a , Tupac Amaru Shakur. Your alcohol maintains the base of. 1971-1996
5 / 5 Hui
These chronicles of albums some strikes any big plus of the row of death registers' heyday in a prompt and mid @@@1990s. The majority of a classical rap the clues are here, of Dres. Dre "Nuthin' Except the G thang", to Snoop Dogg "That is My Name ", "Ginebra and Juice" and "it Is not very fun", to Cube of Gel "Born Killers Naturalidades", and 2pac "Me against a world-wide", " volume around" and " it Wins to Suck". Some of some other clues are obvious fillers , especially one 2nd disk, which also comprises remixes of "Nuthin' except the G thang" and "That is my name ". I think that that this would have been the much more cohesive album all some the better clues have been condensed to a CD, but seeing this is in hip-hop album, the insiemi of double disk are a norm , as I can very really complain. Ossia An only reason an album is taking 4 stars of me. Otherwise, Is, rightfully, as one of a better rap/hip-hop the never has released album, and to good sure would have to that occupy the something in the collection of CD of any defender. More, a digitally remastered the sound so only is that it surprises, partorisca say a less.
5 / 5 Major
This album is like a history of one 'Gangsta Rap' revolution. Start of a G-Funk sounds of Dres. Dre And Snoop Dogg to a paste of hard plus classics of Tupac Shakur this gives an overview of some attainments of Records of Row of the Death.unla Row of death Born Familiarised Members Dogg,Daz,Kurupt,Michel'the,and A Lady Of Cholera is looked of course on here as well as the guest apperance for Cube of Gel on 'Any Vaseline'.Everything of a classics is covered,and some unfortunately are covered two times for remixed versions.unases Original versions shouldnt has been messed with and more the room could be be give partorisca add even more ,any the one who enjoys a music of Record of Row of the Death or anything of one 1990 Gangsta Rap to the was would have to that verify this collection was.
4 / 5 Gerard
Like begin was to says does not comprise reason some reviewers has said that this album has all a classics and that any one remains era. I Excuse me to me??? That roughly some of Tupac songs? A Row of song of Tupac of the only death on here is Paste 'In Up. I do not have any idea because it Maintains Already Boss On, the heart has wanted, Me Against a World, volume Around, and the game Out of the Little Liquor is on here. That roughly Amour of California with Dr. Dre?? Ossia One of the majority of classical songs of Row of death. Also they would owe that it has comprised it 2 of Amerikaz The majority of Wanted with Snoop, also has Hail Mary. I do not comprise reason have not added any clues of All Eyez On Me or A 7 Theory of Day. Those were ENORMOUS albums . They would owe that it leave it it was some of Tupac songs older, any reasons are bad ( is all the utmost), but reason are not Songs of Row of the Death. Quell'Idiot decided to add these and leave out of an Amour of CLASSICAL California? Anything, outrage concealed, would have to has added some original songs Dre Day and To the left Stroll me. They are very better that a remixes. Has thinks that that this was the most UTMOST SWIPES cd. There is any reason to have clues of filler in the cd SWIPES MORE UTMOST has called. CD 2 would owe that it has called FULL more UTMOST, with some exceptions. Well, that averts, is the album adds . It has to that it weaves of classics and is good to listen them near. It can have created the better selection this in spite of. This would have been my election ... Dr. Dre: Dre Day, To the left Stroll me, Nuthin' Except the G Thang, Deep Coverage (of a film), Natural Born Killaz; Snoop Dogg: Ginebra and Juice, The one who Are I?, Lodi Dodi, The murder was a Chance (remezcla), Doggfather (reason has not been this classical on?); Tupac: Amur of California, 2 of Amerikaz The majority of has wanted, All Eyez On M, Ambitionz az the Ridah, Hail Mary, Swipe In Up, The one who Does Or Master is selections quite good. There are other good clues also. So only I do not comprise reason left it was the songs of Row of the Death of Tupac. They would owe that create another album of the swipes more Adds, and leave was all some fillers and remixes and so only release all some better songs of some artists of his Period of Row of the Death. This album is the very good collection this in spite of. All some songs are of sound for one the majority of part. I recommend it highly to any the one who enjoys that I cost west old gangsta was.
5 / 5 Catharine
These seals has had so many swipes and of the so many utmost artists to come thru likes Snoop, Dre, Daz, Kurupt, Of Lady Of Cholera, Michel'and, Tupac, and Born Dogg.
This album is to compilation of the swipes that diverse Chronicles up until the murder was a Chance and on Some soundtracks of Rim. Still Although ossia the album of double disk , the abundance of songs are remained was and couldve EASILY BE the four cd album. But they have added some utmost remixes the songs that is a prize added.
The songs add on here comprise:
Swimming But the G Thang, Aint Any Entertainment, Natural Born Killas, Afro Puffs, Ginebra and Juice, The one who Are I, Lil Gueto boy, Swipe IN Up, The Calm etc. Etc. Etc.
He shabby this in no way be disappointed.
4 / 5 Lou
There has to that well sure that a music is excellent, but there is the little too overlap with "A Chronic" & "Doggystyle" (for the half this CD), as you are taking to plot of the probably calm clues already the. I add remastered his, this in spite of. A lot of disk 2 is taken up with remixes of material of disk 1, and could have been better filled with different clues or some material of album a lot already sampled or any plus 2Pac clues. Still, the good value and to the entertainment adds if you do not want to go for some character CDs.
4 / 5 Haydee
A really fresh death row cd, be all of his more utmost swipes. Something really well in this cd, is that it does not leave out of swipes more utmost! The majority of collections of the swipes more are to do. And another really good thing in this album is, the row of death was one of a first focus of entity, as it has done alot of swipes. All some swipes are packed up in this cd.
Some very better songs on he (mine) comprises like this Snoop Dogg is That it is My name ? (The one who Are I)? It is Nuthin But A G Thang, 2Pac is 'the Paste of Dear/mamma In Up/ take around' and lady Of Bellow' Afro Puffs. A production really orders.
In my opinion, this has to that be a collection of swipes more the better orders never. It does not leave out of any one. Ossia The must -buy cd.
4 / 5 Lucila
Ur The gangsta and or dip the down for a westside, taste, or really would owe that take of this cd, this cd is directly on west cost, ...,biggie, Chico bad, and one east. This cd is a better cd of the time everything , looking cube of gel, dre, snoop, and my preferred rapper 2pac, person any never the best cd that this a, ... Chico bad, His Westside Box I Data, Watson Pure, Westside, will locate, and will locate given of boxes, spent this cd Sound A better, if you are to like it, the recomend or In peace, Pac
5 / 5 Shalanda
One of some compilations more Are to exit in recent history. Some the Better songs are no vaseline in eof some classical gave all the time, nuthin but the g thang creature, and any of a 2pac or snoop dogg songs. So only Continue ridin
5 / 5 Drew
this has everything of the most utmost swipes of row of death. It is AWESOME. Each song on is perfect and the classical. It does not leave out of any of some attacks
5 / 5 Camie
Perhaps one of a Row of the death of album has the better place was still... I love it... Everything is on that... snoop doggy dogg dr dre Cube of gel... The knight does !
4 / 5 Argentina
Ossia A timeless cd, or can listen his day in, the day was, or will not take NEVER PATIENT of him, first disk is for far better that a second a, but his fantastic closing!

Top Customer Reviews: Death Row Singles ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Hoyt
Hard to find remixes inside this double album

Top Customer Reviews: The Iceburg / ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
Classical album, has not aged at all, will not be leaving my boys listen his this in spite of.
5 / 5
Quite possibly Hiela T better endeavour never. This CD extracted more with the censorship and another issues concealed has been a proscribe of a lot of artists of late. An inaugural clue with Jello Biaffra (Kennedy È died frontman) is the frightning look to a future of the country this is to be situate under marshall law and now has to that obey some govern each mandate to good sure. The majority of some songs here are of the a lot of darker character. Libertad of Tongue.. So only look that says is an obvious lashout in some groups that feels the liberty of the tongue would owe that be regulated and fulfil an approval of desiganted groups ( PMRC). A lot of artists have has has had questions with has said group due to the fact that it has been felt to be material offensive, so only ask Megadeth. Peel His discharge behind extracted gangwar and retribution. Many of some subjects have resisted inner is not good and enough but is subject of real life. A death and the destruction is something concealed any all the world can relate to, I for a has not assisted first hand a lot of a band has related happenings. They are real life for a lot of people although Some rhymes and the beaten is súper tight. The remarkable clues are Peel His Discharge Behind, My Word is Bond and a clue of title. It gives this one listens it. Well the value that chooses up.
4 / 5
Thinks that ossia one of a ready plus rap album around. With which some police of focus he of the look has been to effect with business record, ice-T dipped this album was. Has everything in him to piss of a PMRC, but adds the message to the each song. A lot an old pornographer way to take around laws of obscenity to do his films the esocial commented, this album is full of violence and raw tongue, but glorifies neither. 'Peel His Discharge Backs' is the example adds, saying of the murder of revenge of the band and that aims that useless such violence is. The difference of an old pornographers and like the good author, Hiela-T the frames look further some words to surface that has shouted PMRC hair of with the and see that some words listen , and listen more afterwards will take a point. If you are interested at all in rap or social commentary, ossia the must has album.
4 / 5
I I. Iceburg Is like this fresh and crisp here like lettuce that dares his name. Ice-T and gives rhyme sydicate be all up in here, and his word is bond .
Some starts of albums of a same way like the first album of the Black sabbath with an inaugural riff and thunderstorm, while the tolls of bell of spicy church for thee in a distance. It was not long before Harm And is cutting crossfades and a MC of MC is to be busting out of a dope rhymes of fly.
Afrika Islam And Donald D be gives house also with rhymes and rap this takes no smack. Peeling Spent behind, sexual adultrous escapades, and the thumbed nose to 1989 notorious PMRC.
A word a fresh plus has not listened never. Iceburg.
4 / 5
This album can not be the "classical" album of 5 stars, but spends rear memories with each listen, and that so only is worthy of one 5-stars to estimate.
Each clue is sum , but a stand-was is a clue of party (clues 11 I believes). The, personally, still agree kickin behind in a porch and bumpin in this way of clue behind a day.
Included a skit in an album cost more than one listens.
He Loves old school hip-hop and of the one who have this album in your collection, the buy now.
5 / 5
Sex, Violence, drugs, violence, hopefulness & uplifting, & mentions them violence? Everything of these are comprised in Gel T 3rd album 'A Iceburg/Libertad of Tongue'. This was an album fallen when the gel and another struggled for a legislation to say that it wants to say on wax(2 Alive, NWA, another) & a PMRC was hot in some rows of any those who dared to do like this. In the first place it was, this is not an album for a faint in heart. But if your good with this ossia in fact the quite tight album. One to this crazy like h--- for real. Then it sees to the rain of hot(Iceburg, Lethal Weapon, Black-N-Decker, clue of Title, the word is Bond )) all a way until an end. In all honradamente really does not have the bad clue in this perhaps a clue of party was also for me(still although dance to this sh-t behind some days). It is for real one of the better disk of the gel(probably the quota 3rd in general, OG when being a better & Power when being a 2nd better). It was political, pimpish, & gangsta like him muthaf---an is one. Well it validates at least the listen if any he cop(buying for you new school wankstas!!) It calms it does not leave already the mammas listen it!!
5 / 5
Loves that it loves that it looks a whole rhyme syndicate that was tight back in 89 and also looks the lethal and calm weapon has touched calm ice t was the real brother and has said likes was in each cd of long alive an Iceberg.
5 / 5
This albulm is one of the his better. Has papers and beaten utmost. Ice-T is so only tha the man can not say much more concealed it. Also it has the guest apperance for Jello Biafra of Kennedy È died.

Top Customer Reviews: Da Baddest ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Dominica
To the left it is partorisca be real. The trill Can rhyme the little bit, but is not out of this world like another reviewers wants to do. This album, for one the majority of part, games to lose the beaten. Tip some promise in an a lot of first clue 'A big Dish', but with which begins to cool was. Really there is not a lot of wack beaten in to an album likes all a shortcomings go in a lyrical side of an album. In the the clues the 'Like Or', the trills has question remaining prpers has beaten on, like the song is quite wack. And a skits is very corny. A CD is a lot so that it is supposition to be very still this in spite of: the rhyme of walks of the sex in drops of heavy clues. A joke is on you if you copped this album and has not expected the plot of habladuría of sex. Do his name of him, has to . And she he better that Foxy or Kim ask . But it likes me quell'has said, Trill it can rhyme for the woman. It is it will not be on Jean Grae or the level of Lauryn Collina in this lifetime, but is not like this wack like this Khia, Charli Baltimora, or Amil. In general, ossia the good party CD. It does not buy this CD in of the hopes to find depths or stunning lyricism. Calm will not find it here. But it is it adds for the parties and ossia that is supposition to be a lot of stops.
Standout Clues: A Big Lick (My Preferred), Appeal On, A Baddest Bith, and Of A Canal With Him feat. Dad to trick
4 / 5 Alesha
the trills really represents for some ladies in this cd. I love the song numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8... ahh heck I amour everything of them especially in mine cd has taken the clue of prize 18: Appeal On with Dad of Trick (One of mine favourite). Really any like him To them the songs 15 or 16. They are more like this of the slow songs. Some other clues have awesome beaten. In this album she 'Trill' is controls. It is give baddest [daughter] and really objective for his papers. So only listening to follow one takes calm in a way. Then when thats on takes a game in disposal with 2: it gives Baddest BH. Calm say you that loves, that can do if no shots his legislation, and that does not love , and his words are impacting, but when it has listened them his a first time. I have not concerned me on that says that it love that. I have then begun to listen to some words and I have thought she the work adds in rhyming. Some clues go down a line with sounds to press to take that it loves and doing sure maintains a [types] to use and his ladies! Then a cd paste strike with Pulling On. Calm will not be disappointed. This cd well of the money and having. Still I am trying sing all his songs. Im Taking really well in the plot of songs. I have it quell'has sung a bit when my friends of sisters were on and has been impacted could rap like this quickly so only as it Trills. Still steps $ in this cd the has not had the election!
5 / 5 Maria
One of another reviewers said it perfectly, the sex sells. The sex in fact sells, but so only partorisca to to the women like to them Eve, Lil' Kim, Foxy Brown those who all are symbols of perfect sex . But a difference among them and the trills is that his atleast know another subject @@@subject. It trills it Is horrible, she doesnt know anything excepts to give his organism to the each man sees. She doesnt the worry with some true subjects of hip-hop. His well to promote sex in ur album but atleast test seriously sometimes. This album is the joke and will not be taken never seriously reason this chick just plain [is bad]. Has no legislation to call she a Baddest B, really need to think in this plus, but his simple to see that she really didnt think roughly the reason his east of next album [is bad].
5 / 5 Arletta
This cd is aight but he aint all that an only good song in a cd is 69 ways. It trills isnt A better woman rapper out of ther test,really done, but so only is that it loses that little something to do his look the true rapper. The Bad yeah shes talkin the extreme stuffs this continues in in his world-wide and that sees and material of the that knows. It take a look (fat thighs,brown skin,etc) but she missin someting but the still tight trills and she gon be in this heat 97.5 anniversary bash in june 17 lakewood come represents!
5 / 5 Tammy
I trills HAS an interesting voice, but these are terribly uninteresting trashy dips ready fill up with wild cursing and crudity without real thought or creativity. These is the really sickening segment where the trills is in a telephone with any ignorant gueto daughter profanely rambling as if it have not seen never an interior of the school house. As Any one can find rubbishes like this entertaining is so only further me! I guess it is time for a Geritol and mecer chair for me! (But hey, at least is better that Khia "Misses of Bully").
4 / 5 Alexa
Trills And has looked the friends are clueless, tasteless, humorless, innocent, tuneless, mindless and desperate...
Absolutely wretched, with nary it shred of artistic merit, musical invention or same day of novelty of the camp a "gueto-skanks" flaunting his limitless avarice and failure-authorised, nymphomaniacal to the psychosis is dried clean of a scene of music is the day can all sigh with relief...
Could launch the grain of sand and paste an album a worthy plus of your money...
I trills Is a daughter of poster for an end of of the east to all the cost for a betterment of society and calm.
4 / 5 David
The sex sells, but that spends when he entirely pervades each song in an album, that forces a music to take the backseat? A result is this CD, which any one exactly be agreed for slammin' beaten, originality, or authorising messages. It trills it Is the @@subject-version of cube of Lil' Kim, with virtually any of his skills. Hip hop in general is losing credibility, and for female rappers, is included worse. Skip This, and buy something more.
4 / 5 Geoffrey
Really like Trills, knows like this to represent still of some ladies. This album is definetly hot,although no quite like this well like the sound follows on 'Diamond Princess'. You recommend this album because it has to that it weaves of good clues,although probably it recommend a version with a clue 'Attractive On',reason ossia the really tight song . Buy this album-you will not complain it !!!
4 / 5 Marget
Joy this album because of him is rawness this in spite of starts like the feminine ï½bad girlï½ with the touch of class. Yes, Iï½ll be a prime minister a to admit his papers are quell'has bitten vulgar but sometimes chair like the die, sometimes calms not meaning sometimes to the chairs like to listen to raunchy music, sometimes a lot so only taste with of any gender listens to (Pop, rock, rap, etc.) But the talent is talent and there is so only that mine, TALENT. (Also it helps that it is the quite young lady . Itï½S More believable when sheï½s rapping roughly sex and sexual situations while yes it look the hot disorder , itï½s likes cï½mine the the ugly horrible Khiaï½please bless this talent-less disorder, can learn the few things of Trill, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, hell, any with view!!!)
In all the chance, here is my indications:
Big Dish 3/5 Any of his better songs and I does not like him A Stray Tribe, sucks in rapping in my opinion and do a bad song
Gives Baddest Btch 5/5 His papers and sassiness the show because it is and always will be a Baddest Btch! The song adds (a good song to jog to, in fact to chair likes a baddest btchï½LoL!)
Or 4/5 An upper ï½Fck A Manï½ hymn, quite fresh
Hairdressers skit 2/5 Donï½t like a hairdresser, his voice is annoying as all the hell and the sound that call them Trill 'btch' each another word is not asked really, so only boba
Is not Sht 5/5 My second favourite song in this album. Excellent message (so that they can relate to be with the sad man) and Louis Wools (the guest rapper) adds so only a right spice to an already flawless song
Of a Canal With Him 2/5 a lot like this song at all, itï½s nothing special
69 ways 3/5 A sexy song but any of mine favourite, itï½s costs
Club Skit 4/5 Ape
Ball With me 4/5 song Adds, adds beaten, the papers add, I also like a guest rapper part (24 karats), so only the song adds
the show has retreated 2/5 Ick, I always skip has spent this song
Was Glass 5/5 Mine all time preferred of this album! HE HE HE!! The patient beat it, amour some papers, my type of song. Exceptional
Contestador Skit 4/5 Another ape skit
does not require You 5/5 Another preferred! It trills And Dad to Trick me laugh with this song and I love it!
I Need 1/5 Yikes! This song is HORRIBLE and in a cup with raunchiness, means seriously. He so only doesnï½t anything for me and I donï½t like a guest rapper Three+ thank you, always spends in this clue
I Always 4/5 Shows the softest side, a ï½ loves youï½ side. It is speaking in fond the man, the fantastic song with the hook familiarised wonderful (of a Isley Brothers 'Atlantis' song)
Sucks 4/5 Sweet song in his mother, all can relate to the east a (unless youï½king )
Take me 5/5 Excellent song. Tip that do not want always be considered the 'freak have' but like an equal the one who east. I love this song and I also love a be of the hook has sung for 1/3 of a Total grupal (Pam)
Appeal On 3/5 This song is fresh and danceable
In general, this album are adds. I do not know reason the people estimate it some stars I bad, a cd is better the concealed and know it but is spiteful but hey, to the each one so it is adapted. If any calm worry you for sexually of graphic papers then this is not an album for you. If youï½king down 18 (your young fast for behind better listens to Hilary Duff for now and leave this cd and type of music to grown folks), this is not an album for you. If you redden in of the words like dck or pssy and any one another sexual terminology, this is not an album for you. If no gone back to these categories I only listing and wants to listen the fresh voice the female rap the one who has beaten and fresh papers, ossia YOUR ALBUM . So only my opinion this in spite of, the take or the leave. :-)
5 / 5 Williams
Buy this CD! Really listen to some papers. It trills it is representing for a soyisses.' Maintain it real of an extreme to the another, is has had to that the admit or no. And YES, Trills to spend all the world out of a cupboard is one. Although his lyrical the contained is a bit resembled artists that Foxy, Kim, and Have the habit of, his lyrical the flow is a lot different of these artists. The trills of crown is to good sure in the class for his (which is adapted of artists of Miami). Like this still if you can not relate each clue in this CD, has to give credit of Trills of the Lady for his jazzy, creative, and often pleasant papers. A content of these CD rows of rap in Trills sexual courage to feign ballers to good men the mamma of Trills. This CD has fast clues and of the slow clues, comprising thinks it ' ask' [clues 17]. It trills finessed Each one which has beaten in this CD. Point. Spatial. Period. My personal favourites are clues 2, 6, 7, 9, 13, and 17. But it do not take me bad, a whole CD was " it was glass ." It buys it. It is the one who precise!
-And a lot am not affiliated with an artist or his focus.

Top Customer Reviews: Volume 3...Life And ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5 Latosha
You do not think I am hating on Jay-Z partorisca give this album so only 3 stars. I have been the defender of the his leading "Reasonable Doubt" it has fallen included. It liked " it can I Take Open" with prime minister 12 of Jay and Original Flavour" so only "In mine Lifetime". Now partorisca a description.
Some starts of albums were with the solids intro has called "Hova Song". The flow of Jay is so only perfect in this clue and also takes more arrogant that has been never. It is good to see has a lot of confidence in his skills. A next clue is "Like this Gueto" produced by a legendary DJ FIRST. This clue is believed so only and amazing. It is one 2nd more in a whole album. Then it comes from to a clue " he Again" which is the club banger. Have At all against some songs of club while some papers and the flow are in the flow of the point and The Jay is on point for this song. In a next clue " it Dopes Man", the jay creates the phase where goes partorisca try for all some things is doing in an industry. This whole song is the metaphor (listens closely) and is one of a Jay of better concepts there is never come up with. Ossia A better song in this album also.
Four clues add in the row. You would think that that this was partorisca be one of the better albums of Jay well? WRONG. Ossia Where an album takes the nosedive in quality. A next song with Mariah Tortoiseshell has called "Things You " it is so only feeble. Some beaten is feeble, and included a diva Mariah Tortoiseshell can not save this clue. Felizmente A next song " it is Hot" it is it adds. Ossia One of some the majority of beaten rugged Timbaland has has not produced never. Ossia A song where Jay-Z takes 50 Cent was with a stain. A rest of a clue is just Jay that speaks in the random things and the sounds likes so only is that it shows his lyrical capacity. One beat will maintain you has interested. "Snoopy Clue" with Juvenile is another feeble song with feeble production and an annoying hook. That was to think of Jay? Now this next clue "S. Carter" it Is quite possibly one of a Jay of worse songs-Z has not done never (so only " it Is The one who to the Daughters like" in Flight. 1 it Was worse). Any calm included wants to listen this song. "Pop 4 Roc" with Bleek and the grain is better that some forwards few songs but is still no until the level of quality of Jay. " I look" it is decent, does not add . I know has all has listened "Big Pimpin'". It was the song of good party . The things choose on again with " has have the Murder" where Jay rap that "behind Shawn Carter a hustler, Jay-Z has died". It is pure fire . "Coming and Take me" it is another good song . "NYMP" It is to add and Jay of shows rapping roughly subjects more mature. His "pop rap" the defenders can not be the enthusiasts is one . A "Hova Song" another contains one 2000 club banger "Jigga Mina In the" and "Better Fellow Daughters".
In general this album was decent. An album is class of uneven. It begins to add and then suffers the enormous diving in quality, then chooses behind on prójimo an end. If you have listened Flight and Reasonable Doubt. 1 BEFORE you have listened this calm album then would know reason does not say this album is adds. Jay has created A bar with these albums but this an is not almost like this good. I am not hating on Jay neither, in fact is my preferred mc never. Jay-Z I defenders the young plus and the partidários the woman probably would say ossia one of the his better but to some defenders some mature plus has and that has been the defender of his early days, this a so only a lot he.
5 / 5 Cathleen
Exiting of the a bit feeble album in a form of Life unexpectedly, Jay-Z has had to locate a ball and fall something heat. With this album, he the to the sure discharge, but any all a way. It represents in time, but still can have the place advances the much more decent endeavour with this album, as it was RUMORED to be his last. It take some perspective in this album, and has thought at the same time that it was his best. The time has been certainly mine bondadosa and my opinions. Here it is a description :
the points have underlined of Albums: Like this Gueto, He Again, Dopeman, Look, Like this Hot(Some like Hot), Big Pimpin, has to have A Murder, and NYMP. Some other songs, especially a song with WACK Juvenile, Pop 4 Roc, the fellow Better of the daughter, Things That Or , and would have to that it has been launched in a recycles cube.
Production: Thumbs SLIGHTLY up. D.J. First and Timbaland coming by means of, Swizz the clues has not been one has beaten more in a world, possibly his worst, and Irv Gotti and Lil the clue to Rob in " I look" sounds like the clue. At all to write home roughly here.
Papers and Subject @@@Subject: the thumbs in some means, although lyrically, shines on Like this Gueto, He Again, Dopeman, and Like this Hot.
Originality: the thumbs in some means, sustaining for down. At all groundbreaking or fresco of Jigga here. So only a regular formula to go with those works.
A Last Word: No the classical for any half, but is the good step for Jay-Z after falling an unexpectedly Hard Life unbalanced. It can have been better, but apresamientos which can take. In general, the good album, but would not recommend you exiting of your way to take this emission.
5 / 5 Nathan
Has been the long time that comes paralización Jay-Z. His Flight has conferred. The life unexpectedly was that I need to take more acclaim (and money). Now it think that it that it can take on a world.
Flight. 3, Life and Time of S. Carter È the mixed stock exchange , mainly reasons the jay now thinks that of then take your attention , does not have to that try like this last to please you. It does not try at all with to to the songs like is. Carter', 'Pop 4 Roc', and esnoopy Clue', where on the half papers are fulfilled with iffy production. 'Look me' is equally uninspired (well, lyrically, in all the chance) and looks Dr. Dre Doing a hook out of the line of Jay of Biggie are ' Love a Dough'. This marks a second time Dre rap something concealed has come from/Jay come from-Z (sees escaja .' Of his Dr. Dre 2001 album).
But has the songs add on here that so only underline, like a Prime minister-produced or Gueto', ' has to have the Murder', which cleverly show Alana Davis' soyurder', and a high point, a Timberland-produce 'Coming and Take me': 'Any boy/But trust me was like this to create the gun'. Ossia Classical jay -Z for real.
Halfway the decent songs are one some free like ' Again' and 'Big Pimpin'', but in a last can you a lot of front in UGK is dominating appearance and legit rhymes. This album would be better to comprise an accident-went to the the songs like Is That of me B' and 'People' Cut' (sub-pair reworkings of these songs can be found in Memphis Bleek is A Sympathetic and DJ Clue Backstage soundtrack of Life of the unexpectedly Hard album, respectively).
This album is not totally bad, but is not totally a lot neither. The majority of some songs a lot they was wants to quote his papers or sing to the long of. At least Jay-Z done the good turn the year later with his album of Dynasty.
4 / 5 Vernice
Jay-Z would be likely to do very better that this album. Has the good voice and decent flow, but he any one anything really interesting with him on this album.
Has listened that Jay-Z is the dope MC, and listens the one who these people have spoken roughly. But dipping his MCing to this album is likes to bury the @@@cofre of the property in a sand.
To That that did not like on this album was a production , an use of hearts, and dipping other people on that.
A production in this album was a lot of monotonous and plain. Although Jigga is the decent MC, has taken an amazing MC to draw attention out of a production. Neptizzles, Mina nizzle!
When it is rappers that goes @to give that the hearts no in rap? Any heart! The hearts do a sound of music likes volume 90s R&B. Blech.
I neither likes appearances of guest. Rappers Probably thinks 'two MCs is the two good times them gustanuno!' No. When A guest is rapping, Jigga is not . If a guest is not like this well likes Jigga, and a song is so only Jigga and the guest that change go in to, then an appearance of guest hurts an album because it listens less Jigga.
Perhaps am spoilt. If it listen so only to rap these looks in MTV, then this will look awesome in comparison.
This in spite of, if you are the aim kids the one who has not begun to to that likes rap until you have listened Def Jux or Anticon of material, this will look to bore in comparison.
Speaking duquel, taking 'A Vetoes Cold' for Cannibal Ox. It is it dopes.
4 / 5 Antoinette
Follows Partidário of big Jay and does not leave me down sometimes. Very Expensive with Project 2: A Present & A Curse but ossia another history. Anywayz, This album is a lot if yours the hardcore defender and yes so only loves the resonable album(has not said Resonable album to Doubt this in spite of). Out of all has acclaimed 7 alubms of Jay-Z I row this a pleasure his 4th more out of 7.
Are sad that can has to that skip some clues in this album for example, NYMP, Dopes Man, Things That You Tortoiseshell of Mariah of the feat(has to that be a worse song in an album), Snoopy feat of Clue. Juvenile, S. Carter feat. Amil, And last Pop for Roc feat. A Roc Crew he. Ossia Are songs out of 15 albums have followed. Reason give it the good indication? Reason some frames of albums up for some sad are songs and frames some good clues that the frames forget a mediocre 6 clues.
Now that thinks roughly the album is for the follow until his better CD in my Flight of personal view. The unexpectedly hard life. Jay Could have has better but the calm fact can not change a past now can calm. In general the good album for Jay-Z buffs and the people that looks for the pair of swipes of party.
If you are not looking for that calm then advise you to not choosing east an up! I attach in fact just burn he of the your Burner of CD thus subject! Any of a better but could have been better! Sry For a Jay of the hard description but he have had to be fact! Hope A helped or has expected that there be enjoyed to read! Paz!
5 / 5 Kandi
This CD are adds! Jay-Z Is definatly to hip-hop superstar, and is to add it lyricist. There it is beaten well on here, and the guest adds appearences for memphis bleek, Beanie Sigel, Amil, , and UGK. This has the clues add, and will estimate him:
Like this Gueto: A lot well in of the papers and the beaten tight to accesses, good way to start with an album. 5/5
He Again: Ossia a lot also, and has the catchy heart. 4/5
Dopes Man: Really like this one. It is still papers add taken. 5/5
Things that do: Ah, this a good east, no a better. They are not the big defender of Mariah Tortoiseshell. 3/5
Is Hot: it Can not any piece while it is hot!!! 5/5
Snoopy Clue: odd name, but the clue adds! Corazón adds also! 5/5
: Good Papers, beat it, and the heart adds. 5/5
Pop 4 Roc: no respecto partorisca east, is not that well. 2/5
look me: the talent of clue Adds ! 5/5
Big Pimpin: Awesome!! Amur One has beaten, and some really tight papers! Well! 6/5
Has to that have the Murder: Amur this also. It is really it adds. The point has underlined fo have. 5/5
Coming and Take me: Good clue, Jay-z still is touching adds. 5/5
NYMP: it has not listened his enough, but good sounds.
Like this in general, ossia the tight album . Calm will not be disappionted. And a intro and another are adds also. definatly The classical.
5 / 5 Cecila
Reason any Jigga comprises "Anything" in this album? It is a lot out of place in Beanie album, and the chair has maintained "Anything" and a Twista clues on here, this album would have been Very better that is. Any one listens "Jigga Mina Nga" or "the fellow Better of the daughter" for one 1000th time? To all the cost of these definite deceptions, this album is material of still quality . If it has had 3.5 stars, would give it that, but is more afterwards to 3 that 4. "Like this Gueto" it is a stand -was follows on here. One the classical prime minister has beaten access Jigga effortless flow like the glove. "Big Pimpin," produced for Timbaland, is the classical clue that looks a underrated UGK. But it averts these two classics, the group of as-tier, so only half trax full on the majority of an album. One has beaten takes "Snoopy Clue," looking Juvenile, sounds like him constipated elephant. "Things That Or " it is so only downright terrible. And "Pop 4 Roc" it is so only more evidence of Jigga hip-hop the transformation of hip of pop, which has been quickly that grows of a classical "Reasonable Doubt." Hid among a mediocre is a more standout clue, " it Dopes Man," that has an almost cinematic chair his. In general, this album could be easily be he 4 with an inclusion of "Anything" and a Twista/Missy clue, but to comprise two old, touched-was trax in place of those is so only unexcusable. It chooses this an up in a tent of CD USED and save you $ 5.
4 / 5 Lashawnda
Jay-Z third album "Flight. & Time Of S. Carter"
Was his the majority of intresting in mine is not like this prolific likes
his celebrated 1996 start,"Reasonable Doubt",no like this lackluster
like 1997 "In Mina Lifetime,Flight. 1",No like this pop-and like 1998
" Life to Attack",no like this all-on-situate he- as 2000
"A Dynasty:Roc The Family(2000-)",or no like this masterful like
2001 "A Project". It is so only Jigga streching out of his talent.
For better or worse.
"Life" it is intial alone prime minister,the sturdy Rockwilder-produced
hymn " He Again"(looking Amil and Beanie Sigel) is way
better that 2000 anxious-to-please Neptunes-helmed banger
"so only I want to you Want to You" and a Half Oriental sythn squeals
of Timbaland compostion for a MTV incident "Big Pimpin'" also
is Jay in his sound sophiscated rhymes and his
pop smarts.
Still,"Flight. 3" falters On a lot follows this in spite of.A jingle
"Pop 4 Roc" it is basically he predictible shop window of Jay
Roc-A-Fella crew(the promising Beanie Sigel;the underdevolped
Memphis Bleek,and a short-has lived Amil) and a clue to title
is kinda mundane.
To dip the short long history,"Flight. 3" Has too filler.
But has one is still in this album that shows some better of of the one of the east a Timbaland-has produced parania-riddled "coming And Take me".
Is Jay and nervous rhymes that speaks wearily is like this tight.
"Coming And Take me" it has to that be one of Jay is everything times better songs.
And spent this album for a song, has to be is one .
This album was a prime minister 1 album of a new millinuinem
but was forgotten quickly and shortly after,that the jay has released
"A Dynasty"-which to the equal that has received better."Flight. 3" it Is a intresting
endeavour because tip Jay-Z battling his gueto roots and
his MTV appeal.
If claves of Jay around and beomes the legend,this album will be
his "Desire"(already, it knows,he 1975 album of Dylan) or "Tunnel Of Amur"
(Sringsteen 1987 followup to "Been born In Some the USA")-his less-
the celebrated album this in spite of his the majority of intriguing.
5 / 5 Paul
A lot does not have any a lot of to say in an album that was quite feeble. Jay-Z the extremely big trace with which a platinum In Mine Lifetime Volume 1, and one fines-Life of the unexpectedly Hard platinum. With which these extremely hott bangers, anything with the name of Shawn Carter on has sold so that no really import that was on there. When being an avid Jay-Z defender that are, not even could withstand this album. A prime minister two single this has taken the radio game massively was clues very feeble, this be "Like this Gueto" and " he Again". Again it touches like this overproduced that it is extremely unpleasant. Some papers have touched likes has been recycled of one of the notebooks of Jay that finds in of some rubbishes. At all a lot of raisin of here on in excepting " it Dopes Man" which is the stellar clue that goes extremely well with a newscast during a song. It saves for "Big Pimpin" which is a better song in a clue where Jigga saves his to better and has beaten more. Definitly A better song in an album, but a lot enough to save this feeble album. But all the world-wide rests to have a toneless album when you have had likes the quota achieves to to some like Jigga has had.
4 / 5 Celesta
Well, an album is not bad. If it does not like this Gueto' then go to verify of your wrist... Undoubtedly, Jay-Z still hands, but like 90 of rap the albums have released can not maintain a way up during an album. Still it deserves credit, considering is been releasing some albums prolifically (his 2nd in two years).
Likes albums more recent, Jay-Z can feel that artists require of guest partorisca sustain his songs, which, lyrically, he no. An addition of Amil still looks the toneless substitution of Foxy Brown those who is still one of the his better complete.
A production is still a lot like this as well as it can be... Honradamente Say me some beats and rhythm of ' He Again' has taken 30 minutes more partorisca develop. Or that a music (any paper) on 'Dope Man' does not look partorisca take loaned his way bit it too strongly of Eminem is escary Film' (the bells and the serious no also in this song, this in spite of). Some of some other songs approach an end of a sound of CD bit it too much like each one which as another at the beginning listen, but then again more CDs that.
Be advised that of a two hid is still in an end of an album, one of one OF THE THIS 'BETTER FELLOW DAUGHTER' quell'Jay of exposures-Z and Swizz Beaten in raucously energetic upper form.
Looking behind, Flight. 3 it is not the masterpiece, but is still damn well, and ossia something more another hip-hop the artists can say.
4 / 5 Marlene
A better rapper the mine is Jay -Z reason always has duets with different people and.G- " He Again" & "Pop 4 Roc" it is both w/ Beanie Siegel and Amil "THINGS That Or " MARIAH characteristic TORTOISESHELL- An OF The BETTER SONGS in the ALBUM "SNOOPY CLUE" the JUVENILE characteristics- HAS ONE OF THE BEATEN BETTER And is not ANNOYING Although BEAT IT TAKING STUCK in your BOSS A lot. "BIG PIMPIN'" characteristic UGK- is The BEST ONE IN GENERAL ALBUM "S. CARTER"(Looking AMIL) THIS One THIS TRIES JAY-Z THIS TIGHT. ANOTHER SONG that LOOKS AMIL OUT OF 3 " " I LOOK" characteristic Dr. DRE- Is One OF THE BEST RAP COLABRIATIOINS EVER "POP 4 ROC" ALSO IT LOOKS MEMPHIS BLEEK WHO has BEEN LOOKED IN 2 SONGS in the LEADING ALBUM.
In all the chance DMX is spoken always in the still listen the Jay-Z in the first place, and can not dip down partorisca go in first. He all begun in '96 with "reasonable doubt." I still like each clue, especially a prize has hid follows concealed follows an another(Hova Song), "Jigga Mina In the and "Daughters' the Better friends is both I a lot adds.
4 / 5 Antone
This album has compared to a last an is not too different ...Except these wise papers is saying the plot more. Some beaten has the new sound. Some could not come like this hard or like this tight likes to last one , but after listening for the moment or will see that it is like this tight. Thats An only question has with this kinda mellowed is gone in some betas partorisca these his beaten is a tight plus in a cd. Some the better yards here are: 3,4,5,6,8,9,and 10. A intro and another is aiight. There is also to courses of prize in an end: Jigga my N&one, and better Fellow Daughters. A a yard with missy and twista is not on this and this was one of some songs has looked for reasons one has beaten to this was one of a tight plus has listened of Tim. I guess thats partorisca volume 4. Mariah clue is tight in the chance or that asks is done some beaten and has the place for behind reggae his his with the deep basic line. %This clue and a so only was now is some clues pump on and on. In general this cd is the good follows up. Lrically Avenges stronger. If or it has not taken Volume 2, then does not lose was is.
4 / 5 Lucio
Yes would turn for behind a clock to 1996, Jay-Z has fallen his album partorisca begin "Reasonable Doubt", a light better of Jigga, period. Volume 1 'nt comes long with which conceal. In spite of a fact that Fly. 1 it Was now well, it is the another masterpiece. It was not that has spent his when you fall Flight. 2. This was one the majority of overrated album of all the times. Roughly three clues were excellent, a rest was mediocre. But the words can not explain Flight. 3. An album has not lived until "Reasonable Doubt" at all. And a sad part in this album is that so only seats a song, which was "Like this Gueto". I seat that Jay -Z done in undergrounds beaten. They ARE memory of "One million and Some Questions (Remezclas)", it conceal for ever it was my favourite clue fron him. I have lost faith in Jay-Z when he this like this-the album has called. The And all the world-wide more is like this commercial now. This finally will head to a definite transmission in Hip-Hop which will not be enough. It thanks God for a Wu-Tang Clan. They will not disappoint me never like Jay-Z and a rest.
4 / 5 Annalisa
Is Jay-Z a better MC? Fall of no. Some tighter verses? The no. Is his beaten a better? The no. Tongue in a same thing in the each album? Yes. It is a better rapper in a game right now? Yes. Reason? Reason knows hows to to combine everything of these things perfectly, and law of mark masterfully. It knows when to lint (Like Gueto, Big Pimpin'), When to take ad (Things oyu ) and when to take street (Look, Dopes man). Person more alive (dicount BIG) can appeal to the to to all the world likes him the jay-Z can, and of him well. And while it can not flow quite like this In the or kick has beaten likes Dre. Dre (P.ej. I look which is produced for Dre), he that another fact and combines a two: to tight with solids or memorable beaten. Ossia Reason is a better rapper (any MC) was. Period. Although it likes all Jigga Cd is, of east a will not clash in yours stereo for ever. But you recongnize the one who and reason is a better. You are assisting a now same Dynasty.
4 / 5 Ana
Jay-Z HAS lyrical skills in a microphone? More to good sure. It says that anything has listened lovely? Heck No. That says, a Jigga the fourth album of the man--FLIGHT. I SAW And TIME OF S. CARTER È the mixed stock exchange of tight verbal weaving, sporadic dope beaten and @@subject @@@subject deplorable.
In better, Jigga speaks roughly something that interests--as his relevance callejera ad to a hip-hop play it on beat it produced of one still-the-included-slip DJ FIRST ("Like this Gueto"), rasga some clubs on (" He Again [Dipped Already Hands On]"), and it compares and his career to the druglord and a hustling game respectively (" it Dopes Man"). In worse, is stranded with a uninspired Mariah Tortoiseshell that sings a hook to the bubble-gum song ("Things That Or "), pummelled for lackluster beaten ("Hova Intro" and "Hova Another"), and wallows in his arrogance (well, the controls was virtually EVERYTHING of some songs in this album).
To a loyal Jigga defender, ossia a classical instant . But to a real hip-hop bosses there, this album fails to resupply a definite attribute--edutainment. This album locates quite big in an entertainment, but tanks to an abyss of materialism, arrogance and misogyny in an investigation for education.
5 / 5 Creola
That is on talent "Flight. 3". "Flight. 2" it Was A lot but I amour "Flight. 1", "A Dynasty", and "Reasonable Doubt" but this record was down Jay-Z level. It is it adds it rapper but this was definately no the album adds.
A "Hova Song" intro was a lot of and liked "Like this Gueto" and " He Again" but " it Dopes Man" it was so only the clue of filler. It likes "Things That You " with Mariah Tortoiseshell but " it is Hot", "Snoopy Clue", "S. Carter", "Pop 4 Roc", and " I look" it was more clues of filler. "Big Pimpin" with UGK was to add and to the equal that was " has have A Murder" but "Coming And Take me", "Nymp", and a "Hova Song" another was more fillers. Some clues of prize "Anything" and "Jigga My black" it has been it adds this in spite of.
Would buy another Jay-Z album but leave "Flight. 3" So only.
4 / 5 Tameika
Are the enormous defender of Jay-Z and has taken all Jay -Z CD is and an only reason has bought this CD is I like " He Again, "Anything," " it is That I B" looking Twista and Missy Elliott, and "Things That Or ," but "Anything" and take this, " it is That I B" it has been ignored of of the this ? These songs have has saved perhaps this toneless CD, but still his ignored! They have had a nerve to dip "MORE CLUE of PRIZE has HID" in a @@@back cover, but the one who any said is not that a two hid follows, Jigga My N and the fellow Better of the daughter is in a same clue like horrible Hova Song Another so much will owe that listen to a Hova Song Another, then attended roughly a minute for "Jigga My N" to come on! That has been thinking? It does not leave some artists and stellar producers fool you,, Dr. Dre, Mariah Tortoiseshell, Juvenile, could very included save this album!
5 / 5 Roxann
Has thought like this, so only a true Jay-Z the defenders would rent this disorder of an album in this page. It seats Jay -Z in his "In Mina Lifetime" and his volumeII, but this third one was...(In a reviewer Gentleman T words)....Bogus And any knarly. It is like the a lot of feebler version of a "Lifetime" album. And there is a cheezy the song has called "Anything" that is to remain out of this album felizmente. To Touch too much likes "the unexpectedly Hard life". It was pleasant to have some boys in a first song, but has to that again? This tip that Jay-Z is running out of ideas. Had so only a song that truely underlines and is that bada has short to do with UGK, "Big Pimpin"! I sincerly wait that UGK use that song in his upcomming CD (predicts it goes to be of a hook!)
5 / 5 Yuki
This album is to to plot likes 'Flight. 2: the unexpectedly Hard life' but with less than appearances of guest. One first song or Gueto' is probably a better clue in a whole album, as so only can go downhill with which conceal. Has the number of good songs, but there has to that well sure some filler during an album. And still although there is less something of guest that 'Flight. 2' there is still the little too many, thanks to Amil whose voice really annoys me for some reason. Unfortunately this is not one of Jay-Z better albums, but is still to better plot that the majority of his competition. So much, if you are the hardcore Jay-Z the defender and calm already have the little of his albums this CD will return amiably your collection. But if it does not possess Jay-Z the albums recommends that it begin was with 'A Project' or esasonable Doubt'.
5 / 5 Percy
JAY-Z The New album is one of some test some much more that goes in to a new year .. This would have to that maintain the hot things partorisca the while this year.. The solid endeavour chock full of hot and acute clues lyrical attack in pretenders, beach haters.. Among one underlines clues ..
Like this Gueto Produced for one of a premire hip hop producers .. DJ Premire
He again
Things that or (looking Mariah Tortoiseshell)
Some two better courses clearly in this cd is a two Timbaland has has produced clues.. Again Timbaland the test is one the majority of innovative producer in hip hop right now .. It is Hot with this aggressive snappin line of basses and hand clappin and one of the sud bounces of Snoopy the clue that the Juvenile looks.. ON ALL A TIGHT ENDEAVOUR CHOOSES It ON
4 / 5 Nieves
does not like me the jay Z and does not think Of me never . It portrays like this some class of the bully with a lot of money, but with all honesty, his lyrical the skills are not even close the impressive, his beaten is annoying, and at all looks to import a lot of his but his own fame and sucedida. Any one follows is well in this album (and no, hate "Big Pimpin"... It is one of hip-hop big disgraces) and taking special guests like Juvenile just frames a worse same album that already is. Jay Z does not take a lot of props of me and is not never so only one of one a lot of "still-or-volume-or" MTV studios gangsta ad rappers that has grown to hate. All can do is hope that ossia an end of his rapping I already know concealed will not spend partorisca awhile.
5 / 5 Dudley
Well, as some people those who look to know the plot roughly hip hop praise J lyrical skills, and his intelligence, but no his election of subject @@@subject, associates, or beaten. They are in accordance with east.
Then have the jokers that says "Oh Jigga is a better, can never anything wrong, ossia his better album ! " Usually of Iowa or to somewhere abroad.
J HAS like this skill and intelligence, is the shame to see some of him squandered in BS clues and stupid songs. Of course it has exceptions, and J the papers can win the poorest production, but can take some songs that does not involve of the millions, platinum, clubs and women, diamonds, and cars? I comprise it conceal it is his steez and has to that maintain, so only thinks can do so more.
My phase of sleep :
Life and time : Flight 4 : A turn in a street 12-13 songs, perhaps look it skits. 5-6 Cousin beats 3-4 big P beaten 2-3 Pete the rock beats These DJ is especially First will do beaten with pauses that will not leave to go of a deep end roughly money. Left a DJ control some beaten and some pauses, as we will not take this wack material of filler.
The guest that stars : Rakim, Beanie Mac (gotta maintains, is in Rocafella), and In the.
4 / 5 Leoma
Jay-z is not one of mine the majority of favourite artists but is very good and say cd is quite well too much. Any all the songs on here are everything really dat well, but has a lot on here dat is besides phatness. A better some say cd is: things dat or (looking mariah tortoiseshell) reasons among the rhymes stagnate of the jay and mariah the tight heart says that the song is phat, snoopy clues (looking juvenile) mostly cuz juvenile hellsa tight and a phat has beaten, s carter is the kewl talent of song the beaten crazy and phat papers that agree more than the rugrats song, pop 4 roc has the quite phat has beaten, big pimpin obviously is the phat song for some rhyme lake and has beaten, nymp offers the new (and well) flavour to said cd . . .But mine 2 the majority of favourite says cd is one last 2 first clues: jigga my n for a phat, phat beaten and tight rhymes and grrl fellow better also for a phat beaten and tight heart. Say cd Is quite good but the one who the also look for in the good rap/hip hop cd is the variety of phat beaten in the each song and any all the beaten says cd his dat adds. The majority but a lot everything . . .
5 / 5 Tai
Question: it can jay-z still take he in some streets to like uses to? Answered: no in this lp! Big pimpin look me and snoopy the clue is some only good songs onthe cd. A rest with an exception of this rubbish. Any beaten like this well of jay hovah and his rocafella to the crew likes the boyz ugk resists it down in of a big clue pimpin. Corazón juvenile of funky in snoopy clue and dr. dre The rhymes loan on look me r that marks a cd any jay-z the rhymes take. It has Used to consider one of a More adds them mc never is but the fame is taken to his boss. So only some guests in this cd can save. roc The familiar the Already can say does not go to be a lot of betta. It does not squander ur money in this unless or master a bit the rhymes take with same lick beaten.
4 / 5 Claud
whats With everything of these irish that touch it whistles that I cost east rappers has in his music? His ANNOYING!. It has Bought this cd because of big pimpin,and has thought them hey popes was to be on then concealed and perhaps a call of song theres been the murder this album is kinda like this rap to the skill is good but the can not take his up to the half looks like so only is that it speaks in rhymes and a lot in fact jay-z of album has listened them there was always so only the full hand of trax the the album is no of the his pre my days of the times of the life have abandoned a lot the time has chosen on the defenders of his estaca reasonable doubt basicaly has jumped so only a sale has jumped enough late could them add.
4 / 5 Arla
Say Jay-Z had died in a song is There Be A Murder, but there was fooled with a @@subject @@@subject redundant during an album. All a habladuría of murder, clothes, the cars and the women are the result touched and is now of movement on to something more. I have bought it is that it think that it that it listen something different. A value of only jams that control thus Like this Gueto, Dopeman, has to have A Murder, and NYMP. I have used to undermine Big Pimpin, when have in the first place bought an album, but some emisora the radio and the coverages of video me the hate because they touched it to any end. With which peeping all of the his other albums, this album is the disappointment of entity . If Jay-Z had died, has been then resurrected in this album.
5 / 5 Elisa
Listening to Flight. 1, Flight. 2 And Flight. 3 This 3 different sounds. Volume 2 was probably a better album for Jay-Z, Flight. 1 it Was too ameteur and rasgado other songs of villages, and Flight. 3 So only it can not hang with Flight. 2, there is repetetive and annoyinger that the hell beats that it marks wants to take the bat to a stereo together. Jay-Z The career is hopefully on, can not believe squandered my money in this cd, is like this... I eat... Stupid and pointless. It looks that Jay-Z only reason to do volume 3 was to brag in a cash does of volume 2.
Reason has done jay-z volume of call 3.. A life and time of s. carter?
A more returning the name would be something likes Volume 3... An only cd has not done never that in fact it causes people to sh!T There trousers.
Well, anyways, Some better songs(still repetetive and boring) is Big Pimpin, Dipped Already Hands Up and Dope Man. If they have him-they liked you these songs or has liked him included a cd the the question. All a rest of some songs in a cd in fact is boring, has used this cd to take me to sleep a night but has has finalised to have the nightmare and pissed in trousers of mine.
4 / 5 Janay
This album has been released the few days after Natal 1999,and is immediately be to number a reason all the world was like this anxious to listen that Jay-Z could exit with prójimo after his highly successful 'Flight.2 Hard Swipe Life'.This album has to that the plot of songs adds on the like this Gueto',' He Again','Dopeman','Look me',as well as a highly populate 'Big Pimpin'.Also comprised like this material of the prize is 'Better Fellow Daughter',and 'Jigga My N....'.Some something down so only on here is 'Things ' That You ',and '' his arent extremely bad songs,but would have to that it is remained out of isnt better Jay,but his value listens it.
4 / 5 Michael
I, is Murderous Of Deathsquad And am Tired Really Of All These People that speaks Roughly That Utmost Flight 2. It was. Yes, it was A lot But we look to Forget An Upper Jigga Start "Reasonable Doubt." Flight. 3, Has Some Exceptional Clues ( " It dopes Man", "Snoopy Clue", "Coming And Take me", "Big Pimpin" { I think that that it was necessary has Taken A Godfather To Spit On That, Was to Give Sh%t}, And Some Heavy Bass, Chilled Out of " I look", But A Rest Of this Album Is Softy, Commercial Rubbishes. Now, If Five Excellent Clues is Enough to Do wants to Buy This Album, Fresco, But is Looking for Something A bit More Volume Two-Ish, Chooses On "Reasonable Doubt." I listened Already!
5 / 5 Coleman
I have bought Jay-Z is 'Flight. 3' in January 2001, and with which awhile was moved absolutely in the SIMPLE this album was! Three bad things: it does not change a speed of his rap in any of some songs, and looks like everything of his rap is in a same thing, and has no interludes or skits partorisca try and mix on an album on has bitten it! Material Jay-Z so only has not been in his better with this album.
Does not take Me bad, liked such Jay-Z of songs as 'Can Take One...', 'Anything', and 'so only Love Amour Or (Gives it 2 M)'. If it buy the Jay-Z album, suggests partorisca buy 'Flight. 2: the unexpectedly Hard life'!
4 / 5 Soo
I, this cd is well. They are the Jay -z the defender but this is not far of rubbish. The Some songs add likes them has to that have of the Murder, Snoopy Clue, and Come and Take me marks a value of album that shabby. Like this Gueto, Dopes Man, he again, and is Hot is well. Big Pimpin and Look me is well, and a rest of some songs is rubbishes. No quite support of a rest of a Roc contributes to a mediocraty of an album. Any one comparable some both albums is wedged go in of. I have not listened his prime minister two to the equal that can any the comparison there. Jay-z Defenders like this at least in some measure.
5 / 5 Williemae
Jay Z-Volume 3,Life and Time of S. Carter,Is a good album with some quite songs of descent. SONG:INTRO-(AT ALL LIKES AT ALL,JAY Z THANK CALM to BUY The ALBUM,Etc...)
4 / 5 Sydney
I Jay of amour Z how was excited really when this is to be release. To the mine dismay, this was one of a worse rap the albums have had has not listened never. To to The So many horrible songs like Like this Gueto, and Of Again has found me pressing a skip key after each 30 seconds. Old has has recycled papers, there is on produces beaten, boring flow. It can do better that this! Material so only dipped this album was reason know any do any for Jay Z was to sell.... The plot. As he so only dipped this album was to do a bit extra money like A Project 2.1. It does not buy this or a lot another of his horrible albums. Buy an a lot of some. This note, he no?
5 / 5 Susanne
My man Jay-Z do and take is better and better! Jay-Z Is one of a hot plus rappers there today and thinks it there is alot to do with his new c.D. Volume 3-A Life of Sean Carter! The so that only did not like on this c.D. It is it has not had a song "Anything" on that. Another while this c.D. It was a bomb ! Has classics samples in the mixed with Jay-Z hot papers that has done included my mamma bounces and to the drop likes is of hot! It is not fooled for a negitivity that the people say, reasons are Carter is the star to locate !
4 / 5 Sabrina
This album was terrible in comparison to a critically has acclaimed INVERNADERO to ATTACK LAST classical. A intro of some frames of albums think that Jay-Z is going back in some streets the second time, but in fact Jay-Z so only that goes to a mirror is one . I mean true there is First and Timberland in this album, but that still does not save this album. This Jay-Z the album packs languid songs that has been hasty so only to maintain his place up. If it love that, I am quite sure can have used some unreleased clues of LIFE unexpectedly LAST to do this album... I can not see like this the album has been included 3x platinum, but this was a presage that it was to come from Jay-Z.
4 / 5 Lottie
Has had to take this album after listening Flight. II, and is not gone in any way there is disappointed. Jay-Z Is a reigning king of rap and will continue to be with cds likes Project,(a definite must-for) and has included east a. Some of my favourite clues in this joint is " it Dopes Man", " He Again", "Big Pimpin'" (although a radio has touched a izzo out of this song) and " there is A Murder". This is not Jay-Z better cd, for him spends in comparison to both Reasonable Doubt and a new Project, b/c some of some clues looked like this of the fillers and has not been a lot appealing( Things That Or , S. Carter, And Pop 4 Roc). This in spite of, ossia in no way the bad was one of a better cds to go in '99. Jigga Man, continuous do your is not better that Biggie STILL, but yes continuous in yours blazin' subject, the one who knows...
4 / 5 Shelia
This album is an example of some of some rubbishes or has to that dipped up with in a mainstream. Run at the beginning very this in spite of with a intro. Jay Z Says that any Emcees can touch and some beaten is well. Then some type mentions the one who the people go to lose Jay Z when I remain a rap game. After up it is Like this Gueto. It is quell'has beaten well for Prime minister. Jay Z Fallen some brilliant papers. I do not know reason so much hate in lucido. I know it it can brag the bit but he he with like this wittyness that it is well. After up it is Again. It is not the bad clue. I aint a big plus Bienie Sigel the defender but fall the good verse here. Once again Jay Z roughly more bragging more like the battle rap this time. Amil Would not owe that be in this album this in spite of, is like this whack. After up it is an exceptional clue Dopes Man. In last Jay Z is going to some @@subject @@@subject deep. He no this consistently quite this in spite of. He brags too much and leaves down. Here it is in the test for givin a hip of people hop and takes a dipped and defends that . Has the darkness has beaten neither was the one who produced it this in spite of. Things That Or Do is the good clue. One has beaten aint all concealed but Jay Z speech roughly that do in a game. Then it has it is produced Heat for Timbaland. More braggin for Jay Z. It is good but nothing special. Some falls of bad album after this clue. Big Pimpin, Pop 4 Rock, Snoopy Clue, Dat B is all the examples of mainstream rubbishes. Any @@subject @@@subject pertinent that like this never. Appearances of just poor guest and bling bling atrocity. So only on it follows 13 the things improve again. On Come And Take me is speakin to that wants to hate on the and habladurías roughly how is has done the people relate his fight. NYMP Is a lot too much is talkin in things with more than realism, likes that use to have the hustle. Anything is a second better clue in an album. Tongue on to to the things like to be the figure of father to boys and another significant material. It is also he has taken the sample of Oliver turn. Some last 2 clues are so only more mainstream rubbishes.
In general some starts of albums of well but then turns bad after this n looks of juice during a place. Jay Z Precise explores subject @@@subject more yes goes to fall good albums, taking rid of a Rocafella weaves and good production. Steer Claro of east a.
5 / 5 Fern
Is always be the defender of Jay Z. His devotion to NYC is always real and admirable state, and Volume 3 is his better work. My favourite songs are "Big Pimpin'," " it Dopes Man," "Coming and Take me," and some clues have hid. They are conscious of a fact that some people feel that his commercial success the sellout, but come on! That Attacks any to result achieved in a subject of music? Besides, not to think it has sold it was. Ossia The CD adds . It takes it!
4 / 5 Athena
Jay-Z In 1999 is exited to locate in a success of Flight. 2. Like this now that there is a fanbase loves Volume of emission 3. That marks this different album is the jay has taken another approximation with this cd, there is alot of collaborations that he expeiriminted in with volume 2. A callaborations has looked for to be achieved. Among some signals underlined of the albums are " I look", "Snoopy Tack", " has have A Murder", "Big Pimping", & "NYMP"
4 / 5 Lavonda
JAY-Z Last album was a bomb !Ossia My first album is the add rapper,to good sure that he he again os.un the beaten was awesome means a bomb!, it Was surprised to all a defender of this description that does not like is last album,I Jay-z is two first hid clue or can find in a last clue 16 or need two before fast to take to a call of song Jigga My black,the another a has not been that a name of a this CD is soooo!!! Well.
5 / 5 Bo
Has left is partorisca take the few things directly. A lot of people allege that Shawn Carter is a better rapper of all the times. Do the be in accordance with east. Probably. It is a better lyracist of all the times? No. Reason? Ladies Carter does not write his own papers. This be has said, any one is writing paralización Jigga is the rap genious. Jay-z can not be able to spit verse in the miles of hundred an hour, and a lot always take a profit of a first class beats that rappers such DMX and a band of the money of the Cash took. But Shawn can turn to the hip regulates hop song to the masterpiece. His flow is ridiculously fluent, he delievers rhyme easily and in bylines, doing to the same songs do not like to listenable of clues. Volume 3 is not Volume 2, neither has to that the be. But to the songs like "Like this Gueto", "" and "Big Pimpin" it is rhymes has flowed in beaten smooth, that quietly tricks calm to listen to them on and on. Enough possibly one follows better this in spite of is clues 4, " it Dopes Man" the powerful song where Jay-Z looks to a life of the hip-hop powerhouse. Volume2 Was a better Jay-Z album perhaps never, but Volume 3 is the must for any hip hop followers to look for good music, has left so only a lot of rap.
5 / 5 Manie
Has bought this album when in the first place salga.un the prime minister only was " He Again". I listened it on a radio,and was the defender of Jay-Z,like this bought it to them. I have been surprised a first time that the listened to a whole of some songs was well,with an exception of a song-"".Some beaten has not been a lot at all,and that Amil daughter messed on a whole song,this has to that not having has done included one ,look in this Flight.3 Three is the strong album.
5 / 5 Edwina
A Life and Time of S. Carter È my personal favourite emission of Jay-Z. Of an extreme to the another, an auditor is resupplied with beaten that nods boss and some of some tighter papers to be offered to a Hip Hop world some time. To good sure has not expected this CD to be so that it satisfies like this east . The ear, is obvious that Jay-Z the impulses dipped to a complete composition of this album. Each Hip some Hop the partidário would owe that have this like the part of his collection. It resupplies for well that listens again and again. To good sure recommends to buy this CD.
5 / 5 Ruby
After a macizo sucess of one a lot underrated Life of the unexpectedly Hard flight.2, Jay-Z Was decoming a new mainstream darling of hip hop, and deservedly so much. I preordered Flight.3 The month for advanced, while it listen some classical plus Jigga bravado. I have listened instead , to summarize, absolute junk. I can not believe the one who bad this album is; Big Pimpin with UGK are add, but a rest of him is total rubbishes! It averts this like a plague!
5 / 5 Elida
No active a lot to say in this album, is phat. Jigga Maintains his quota, behind the fashion dipped during a whole album, is dipped some beaten utmost and has done well with all his guests. And some tunes do not worsen , in some contrary! My preferred is Pop4Roc. Like this Gueto, He Again, Coming And Take me, Anything etc is all baad tunes also.
Can not comprise that at the beginning the could not be this album! But it is a prime minister Jay -Z album the'd listened and his only fashion took to plot to take used to. I am not commenting on the one who "the best rapper" it is reason there is like this maad rappers. But that the jay is certainly the strong candidate! Respect Jigga! They are waitin' 4 is your prójimo!
5 / 5 Cleopatra
Ossia A CD well , but some of some songs are so only horrible. In the first place I have listened his, has listened some first three songs (like gueto, he again, & it Dopes Man) and has loved that. Then a prójimo two songs were very bad (Things dat or , is Hot). Then a Juve the song was well, but then S. Carter Was bad, especially Amil. Pop 4 roc was decent, a Dre the joint was well, and a UGK the song is the classical. Theres Been the murder was well, but has been missing something. Coming to take me and NYMP was bad, and some two prevails the songs have hid was swipes of pops . Jay couldve has dipped better songs for some clues of prize. Ive Has better listened of Beanie Siegel in a new Funk Flex and he bootleg CD labeled A Truth of DJ Absolut.
5 / 5 Milissa
Any jay to marvel z&mariah the tortoiseshell is buddys his both write some same subjects in&on jay z writing in these diamonds,cars,&the never listened money of race?Class? Those times take for him to come up with papers? And his rapping is the joke to the equal that seats of then discovers foxy brown? Left me fly of supposition 4,5,6,7,8,9, will have money&diamonds also? That the alcohol adds that jay z? No!
5 / 5 Dirk
When it Thinks Jay-Z, thinks to drive a FDR for the half night. New York gritty hip-hop. "More money , More cash, More hoes" spent me there. These gritty beaten this album is being missing of with some exceptions of the few clues. It likes-me it jay-Z way, but the supposition am expecting too much of a data "Rey of NYC" not to take me bad, is definately the value that adds your collection, so only does not exit of your way of the take.
4 / 5 Priscilla
Agrees when flight.2 it Is exited a habladuría big was roughly Jay-z taking 4 1/2 mics and Outkast taking 5. Has both and can not complain, but now after listening this album has to that ask is so only that goes that it falls off or in active ad. Jay-z Fast to say you that it is so only in him for a money and aims. Some beaten was tight with the line on some of some better producers but some papers were rubbishes, little itty bitty courtesy of childish rhymes for his new audience. I can say that some only clues where shows roughly of some skills that has done vol2 like this hot is " it Dopes Man" and perhaps "big Pimping." So it has to that buy this causes all the world has it or reason are in him for some skills to rhyme. Jay-z HAS some skills but his are not in this album, chooses on vol2 or better still choose up to the artists like Me them Def, Of Common and Outkast (if any already has to that a), but does not squander you money.