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1 G-HUB Stylus for use on the Nintendo Wii U (Multi Pack of 5) - WHITE G-HUB Stylus for use on the Nintendo Wii U (Multi Pack of 5) - WHITE G-HUB®
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2 Jmday Mini Composite AV 3RCA CVBS to HDMI Video Audio Converter Box Adapter 720p 1080p Upscaler with USB Charge Cable for Camera DVD VHS VCR PS2 Wii Jmday Mini Composite AV 3RCA CVBS to HDMI Video Audio Converter Box Adapter 720p 1080p Upscaler with USB Charge Cable for Camera DVD VHS VCR PS2 Wii QGECEN
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3 Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse (910-004615) Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse (910-004615) Logitech G
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4 Marseille mClassic Plug-and-Play Video Game Console 1440p/4K Upscaler - Upgrade Your Graphics Card in Real Time with No Lag for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, GameCube, Dreamcast and more! Marseille mClassic Plug-and-Play Video Game Console 1440p/4K Upscaler - Upgrade Your Graphics Card in Real Time with No Lag for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, GameCube, Dreamcast and more! Marseille
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5 Gamecube HDMI Adapter Lead for The Nintendo Gamecube Running GCVideo Software. Supports 2X Line-Doubling and Includes Remote Control. A Simple Plug & Play Gamecube Adapter Solution by Kaico Gamecube HDMI Adapter Lead for The Nintendo Gamecube Running GCVideo Software. Supports 2X Line-Doubling and Includes Remote Control. A Simple Plug & Play Gamecube Adapter Solution by Kaico Sushelp
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6 Mayflash GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U, PC USB and Switch, 4 Port Mayflash GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U, PC USB and Switch, 4 Port May Flash
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7 Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival - Wii U Animal Crossing Edition Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival - Wii U Animal Crossing Edition Nintendo
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8 Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard: Fastest Keyboard Switches Ever - Clicky Optical Switches - Chroma RGB Lighting - Magnetic Plush Wrist Rest - Dedicated Media Keys & Dial - Classic Black Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard: Fastest Keyboard Switches Ever - Clicky Optical Switches - Chroma RGB Lighting - Magnetic Plush Wrist Rest - Dedicated Media Keys & Dial - Classic Black Razer
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9 Logitech G560 LIGHTSYNC PC Gaming Speakers with Game Driven RGB Lighting Logitech G560 LIGHTSYNC PC Gaming Speakers with Game Driven RGB Lighting Logitech G
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10 Orzly Gaming Headset for PC and Gaming Consoles PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox ONE, Nintendo Switch & Google Stadia Stereo Sound with Noise Cancelling Mic - Hornet RXH-20 Siberia Edition Orzly Gaming Headset for PC and Gaming Consoles PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox ONE, Nintendo Switch & Google Stadia Stereo Sound with Noise Cancelling Mic - Hornet RXH-20 Siberia Edition Orzly
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Top Customer Reviews

Top Customer Reviews: G-HUB Stylus for ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5
It is coming very soon. Perfecto Wii Or Stylus claves with extras.
4 / 5
seamlessly In place of the mine Wii Or Stylus this has been partorisca lose. It is add partorisca know have backups incase lose another.
5 / 5
The product adds, work well with pills, ipads and a WiiU gamepad. Fast nave with prime of amazon, Could not be happier.
5 / 5
These do like this expected with my WiiU and access in a slide in a backside.
5 / 5
Turn and law. Some rough flanges, but enough well for a prize paid ($ ).

Top Customer Reviews: Jmday Mini ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
It has not done. It can not see a picture in my TV the so only looked blue in my screen. Also that annoying that it is a sewing of plus has to that spent in and a cord that comes with him so only is not a lot the time enough is likes 4 thumbs long and does not come with the blockade covers it he in.
5 / 5
Has has wanted to this, and ossia a correct product . This in spite of, when a container has arrived , a container was rasgó has opened. Apparently, a type of delivery wants to know that it is inside a container. Any one has impressed. I ask yes cured of Amazon in of the this. It have to that be a final delivery reason any one would accept such the container.
4 / 5
I leave to connect my retro console to mine HD TV. Very easy to connect. Very pleased with some results.
5 / 5
It does not buy this. Often it does not show picture or sound. You will be to touch and a picture will cut was on you. It is economic. It has taken like this fed up with him, broke it and by means of out.
4 / 5
no of my mother VCR to hdmi television as not to take it
4 / 5
I have used he partorisca the nintendo 64 work once and there is prendido a second use cant attentive a lot of partorisca something economic. I do not recommend it
4 / 5
Find my old N64! You leave now partorisca marvel , To the sud my TV 1080P
4 / 5
received it the prompt day that quell'was a lot. It has Had he partorisca the month or so much and any question. Works of good product.

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech G502 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Fashionable name: Proteus smiled of Wonderful Spectre, this is coming from the leading user of the Razer Mamba Chroma YOU which have had a data of sensor on me partorisca any real reason.
Has taken an occasion partorisca exchange to this mouse and never looked behind!

A grip prefers far better, with the good place partorisca your thumb partorisca rest, some placings of key and a quantity or adds. (Any too many, no too little).
A system of weight is awesome partorisca have, at present uploaded it to full weight reason prefer smiles it the heaviest but calm also can do quite light!

A boss is braided and is durable, how is a general build of a mouse. This in spite of, a thing that disappointed me is a product or any material has the habit to paint a black of the wheel of the mouse is exiting in of the zones use often. Although it does not affect anything.
A sensor is wonderful, as have to that be! It is considered one of, if no a better sensor in a phase right now! A big step on Razer.

Finally a software is very good! It is the no BS fashionable type that are adds especially in pertinent Razer terrible software.
An only complaint has thus that any stairs in 4K and is after impossible to read in of the small exposures.
5 / 5
Fashionable name: Proteus Spectre I amour one feels of this mouse. It is very comfortable to resist in my hand and does not feel uncomfortable or odd at all. Some keys lateralmente are all comfortable to press. I have not used some weights still to the equal that seat a weight without them is class of abonos, the transmission of Razer the weight of the mouse. I can it experiences with them in a future. Some two keys partorisca DPI the selection for a sinister click is the little odd and find me sometimes pressing a plus down one and goes down it my DPI my DPI the level of the turn (350 of 800) which to the equal that can imagine is the little annoying in of the games. This in spite of each key can be boat or disabled, as if it does not like so only the turn was.

A Logitech gaming software that need to setup a mouse and the customise, is one the majority of annoying part roughly that. You all harder that requires partorisca be (likes the macro with the mouse presses partorisca chance), is sper tedious and any which want to almost all a time. Constantly it changes to other profiles and resets my DPI and always looks for games to do profiles for, and laws as if it is my first to time it opening, every time. I have tried reinstalling etc but without fijamente. It is to good sure more bugged that Razer Synapse and would say is this mouses more add downfall.

A boss is not the very good quality has compared my Razer Mamba (or a lot Razer produced thus subject), and to the chair likes without of fray of doubt and pause down relatively quickly. A Razer the mice have the good protective coating in a boss, doing for the durable feels that the frames think that at all goes to spend his.

A wheel to go the little am missing also and taking to take used to. It is swipes is not like this after near to the equal that would like so taste of of the chairs has to that on go to take the notch. Has the option of odd free roll that can not imagine a lot when never be used logically unless precise to spend for 850 pages of the on-line book in 1 as or pause down your game to change way of arms too quickly to register.
Does not have It grippy texture, any hule to the equal that owe that commit to a circle of one when wheels in planting to leave a tip of your toe he.

This in spite of in spite of a bit those that defects of this mouse, is a lot comfortable to use and has been the enjoying like this far.

All ask is to know that it is taking prevails it calm buy it, knows , goes for him!
4 / 5
Fashionable name: Heroine This mouse is in fact fantastic partorisca me, except a TERRIBLE DEFECT. In the first place an a lot of - is lustrous, a sensor is surprising, feels bonkers adds in a hand, and some keys of thumb are very well has situated. I have maintained partorisca read the plot of things in a wheel of roll, but has no the found distracts it at all. I can very really see the use partorisca release-scrolling, but an incremental scrolling rule operates quite well.

Now, for a bad. A TILT the FUNCTIONALITY of WHEEL is absolutely useless is thinking of king-mapping a tilt keys. A slightest, application more minimum of pressure to a wheel to go often will cause a tilt keys. I repeat - you use key of mouse 3, calm FREQUENTLY will cause tilt left and right. This means a tilt the wheel is useless he plans to king mapea a tilt keys (which I personally always ). So much, if it calms it does not go to change never a tilt mapping of wheel - smiled adds! Fantastic shot! If you do not want to be moving behind and attacker in your browser every time smiled 3, or loves king mapea a tilt keys - DOES not PURCHASE THIS MOUSE. COMPLETE WASTE Of MONEY
4 / 5
Fashionable name: Proteus the smile of Better Spectre there is never has used. They are not the gamer but are the engineer of security of the computer . Needless Partorisca Say is still in a computer all day

there is relatively the big hands and some smiled does not feel small. I add it feels, I want to all some controls and one the free transfer is utmost. Personally any like him To them the weights in mine mouse as I do not use him . Some settings of response are awesome, several different levels so that it does not have too big of the jump among them leaving for better control and more comfortable.

Would recommend this mouse to all the users a lot subject an application.
4 / 5
Fashionable name: Proteus Premise of Spectre:
- Petit'ish hands.
- Mainly a MMO gamer ossia very used partorisca use keys of additional mouse.

- Good natural form. They are the claw gripper, but chair well when I grip of palmera also.
- 2/3 thumb the keys are glorious. Another is half partorisca the period of my thumb.
- Sinister click the additional keys are glorious.
- Mousewheel Entertainment but rattly. Partorisca Consider love absolute silence in your train.
- DPI The key is difficult to achieve (because of a mousewheel lock that more is unlikely to be moved elsewhere).
- Any commentary in a precision or anything. The game in 800 DPI and has included ossia quite big.
- I follows the user of wrist (please any burn) and although a mouse is weighed a bit in his own, is still lights enough to not causing ache when lifting the plot.

Done in a mouse:
- Do sure a weight of base is well for you. I assumed it it was light in his typical of then comes with weight. It is not .
- A key in an end of your thumb is a bit far. Unless has the thumb along, chairs as I surround it to go presses it on a gone. I am trying to take used his but is like this-like this like this far.
- Another 2 thumb the keys are fantastic. Big and shaped differently quite so that I do not confuse them . Quite tight to any constantly misclick his of light pressure. Keys of thumb very good.
- An exact included can be said on some 2 additional keys have attached to a sinister click. I have possessed other mice with has has said keys that so only has not done well reasons have had to that feel so that it was on. These have the empty a lot go in calm so that it is immediately.
- A wheel of mouse... If has has not possessed never the logitech smiled with this mousewheel technology, is in still the treat while it calms does not import rattling (I in fact loves).
- I would not join anything to a mousewheel right and sinister keys. Considering that big and has weighed a mousewheel is, can accidentally his click the yes calm plot in fact uses a main mousewheel click regularly.
- A DPI key for behind a mousewheel the key of lock is class of far backside. I owe that 'controller claw grip' (REALLY bend my toes) to take his and have small hands. No the key could use in a gone. I say this reason with my leading mouse, this key has been used for the very urgent tasks likes him the car-run in of the games. Any I same uses he anymore reason owe that bend my toes so many to take his. If possible, the desire concealed and a mousewheel the lock was swapped.

Master, but can do not giving the 5/5 as, well, is not 'the perfect mouse' for me. Still with the thumb the big plus and the indication of main toe to easily achieve everything of some keys, can not imagine any hand-held form instantly that achieves that DPI key in a fly, without entirely warping a rest of a hand.
5 / 5
Fashionable name: Proteus Spectre Comfortably access in the hand of a man of adult. It is like this light that instantly has inserted all five hanged of inner metal. A cord is long and sheathed in cloth. Pressing the keys is effortless. A 'DPI the key Gone back lateralmente is usually out of achieving and is not the question another reviewers has had.

A Logitech Gaming the software is unstable and sometimes will fall your bindings of key, included in a half of the competitive OverWatch party.

Can attribute twelve orders to keys in OverWatch. Simply change to escognize profiles of played, selects OverWatch and commanded to tug to keys.
5 / 5
Fashionable name: Proteus the spectre that Comes from/Comes from G9x.
1. Good precision
2. A lot customization
1. I hate a wheel. Way too clicky, and hate an infinite scrolling.
2. Clicking The sound is way too much strong, take the little annoying.
3. Need some uncomfortable control partorisca achieve some keys.

Could take some time partorisca take used his. Any transmissions will go back partorisca update.
5 / 5
Fashionable name: Proteus Spectre Again, the amazon has surpassed far my expectations... I have ordered tomorrow of Friday free nave and received it the Sunday tomorrow.

This mouse has a same form like my beloved G5 and then G500, a two desquels spent partorisca perhaps 14 years now.
Some elegant keys and the creation really do not affect a form, which is something is to be concern roughly... In fact, I think that that it is included better, with a sinister click that it is concave more than convex, and a rest of thumb is well. Has not founding never the mouse that felt like this comfortable like G5XX serious, not even near.
Also loves some few sides of hule new.
I never concerned on one hanged, so that it is anything like.
This mouse is the beauty and am very happy to freshen up and to find one same G5XX forms again. Also, some the extra keys really do not concern in a way. They are unnoticeable unless it concern to use them.
A RGB lighting is beautiful as never of Logitech. They are so only the bit there is disappointed that it is not more apparent - is so only by means of these three lines in a side and a logo of G. It has liked him it lights down or for behind other keys, especially of a RGB the version goes in the considerably main cost that one bases one. (For a way, if you are by train to ask you reason some three lines do not light , precise goes the options and of the plant the to form it DPI the lights are always on.)
In general, very happy to have the quality new mouse again, with my ideal form, dpi adjustment in a fly, beautiful lighting, the wheel of mouse has left/right clicks, etc. will update if the subjects arise, but probably does not spend anytime the aim of a guarantee is 2 years .
4 / 5
Fashionable name: Heroine GILIPOLLAS
- Every time moves your mouse, a wheel of roll rattle, if dipped in free transfer
- the looks of software enough, the experience of user is another history
- sensibility of Missing roll and smooth roll of options
- the navigation of Software is clunky
- coverage of the weight of the Mouse is resisted in for toneless-ish magnets, no really the big defender
- No a creation of ideal key for 'claw' users of place (hard to achieve DPI on, DPI turn)
- Personally, would have has wanted to see a key of gesture of a MX master s2
5 / 5
Fashionable name: Proteus the Excellent spectre like this far! So only I am beginning partorisca use it, but 100 likes the product has expected , adds, the decent price when on sale (50 CAD+tx)
has to that say that this a big east upgrade partorisca me, see the big difference with my leading mouse that was also branded 'gaming' (looking behind now, any so much obviously).

Draws of good & look, a quality is obviously big, compact, the adjustment of weight is the fresh characteristic partorisca have .
Working and sliding like the charm, user very friendly, absolutely love a software that can download you of Logitech place, leaving you partorisca the program exactly likes calm the want! (Possibility of options / of a lot of / characteristics !)

Will modify this description something bad raisin in a future

Top Customer Reviews: Marseille mClassic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
4 / 5
In general, the decent product that considers his ease of use, albeit the little expensive. HDMI In a dongle is the little release when plugged to the console has compared to HDMI boss, can fall out of easier with any movement. Anyways, Partorisca PS4 does not have very seen an improvement at all, has had to that look for some transmissions. Any value a prize for modern consoles. This in spite of partorisca PS3 the really resplandores. PS3 Is exited the majority of games in 720p. A Mclassic upscales the to 1080p, and stresses a jagged flanges while adding the effect to soften. It is quite impressive, and looks very better in the 55' 4K exposure that a crude 720p. Although, no each game in PS3 benefitted so much, was to classify like this or lose. Some games have found to benefit one the majority of was open world or smaller open sandbox fashionable games. 2nd art of pixel, or still 3D side scrollers has not been like this impressive. Scenery Containing objects of clear-cut flange like some trees, bricks, rocks, tiles, has had etc noticeable improvements. Jagged Lines in the longsword for example that it would be it necessary is it directly state, the looks have cleaned on too much.

Besides, has tried a product jointly with my Retrotink 2X still PS2. Esmooth' Out of a jaggys the little more. But he no quell'impress me so to the equal that has done for a PS3. Perhaps a Retrotink 2X Pro would be the better candidate to combine he with.

I slowly to try a product with the Playstation Life TV, where expect some improvement there also. In general I recommend this product for console that is exited 720p and down. For console that is already 1080p, some profits are like this minimum that does not justify a prize. Has has listened people with 1440p the monitors have found the profit that use a Mclassic with PS4. But I can not try to that likes does not possess the 1440of p monitor.
4 / 5
Where Begins?

I paired he with the EON Súper 64 for Nintendo of mine 64 and Gamecube. He no the enormous but the clean difference on an image bit it. It is to good sure better.

I paired he with mine Wii Or. It is doing the very good work in upscaling to 1080p and take all a jaggies.

I paired he with mine PS3. They are still a lot sure he would have to that mine to rastras PS3 to 720p but I he and finished-up with results looked so many of a Wii Or.

In both chances (Wii Or and PS3) basically can say that this device will take the 720p the image and he look-a-as the native 1080p image. Also clean on more aliasing and do an image bit it more crisp and has defined. It is better.

Finally, I paired he with mine PS2... And it is depressing. Basically, when I can take 480p in HDMI laws really well and I bad, really well. But a majority of the games in this system are 480i so only. If you look in a table of conversion resupplied for Marseilles, all interlaced the resolutions are basicaly is past trough withouth any upscaling or anti-alisaing.

That is a mClassic has applied it bob deinterlacing algorithm to do a progressive image and then upscaled and antialiased the? It has not been to except it would be VERY HAPPY now although he that in fact. Instead, I have to fiddle with GSM or with him PS2 HDMI boss that badly done this work of conversion previously mine mClassic. Oh Well.

Is this value of device he? It would be bent to say yes but is to good sure pricey.
5 / 5
He no really laws or at least can not say a difference. They are in 4k television while touching xenoblade in a Transmission. Literally it has compared a map with and without a mClassic and honradamente can not say any difference. This in spite of his ads clearly aims significant improvement to a quality of a map. Like this if any one is trying to buy this produces very expensive, tries to dip your expectations down.
4 / 5
TLDR; Has has wanted to this to improve my like this bad experience! I have tried on so many devices with so many bosses of entrance but he at all looked to improve an image to justify a cost. Mina 4K TV Sony x900 in built scaler resembles upscale like this well.

More detail; I paired this with Hyperkin hdmi bosses, bosses of mark of the book and There economic expresses hdmi dongles and an improvement was so only sometimes evident. Papers and lens paced the games could see an effect that is applied the colours, and anti aliasing looked better... But a truth is, in 60fps, touching brothers of incident melee was hardly noticeable.

Like the characteristic to be able to force 1440p likes one of mine TVs has sustained the, but so only when forced.

Has shined this in spite of in upscaling blue rays of 1080/24 to 4K... This has looked in fact noticeably better. I have wanted to it loved/ It To it really to do better when gaming in PS2/Wii/GameCube etc... Shame. If he , would have maintained he for both uses.

How is, this product is pure luxury for $ 135 and like such, can does not justify.
5 / 5
Has bought the second Transmission of Cradle of Nintendo to use in my PC together with my TV of living room. Plugging My Transmission of mine of Nintendo LG 27GL850 Monitor was the little disappoints it at the beginning. The poor resolution of a Transmission so only any stairs well with this particular monitor.

This little dongle surprised in fact. He operates it I enough adds to soften out of some images, with the maps that is much less pixelated, and helped takes some ghosting also. Meeting touching my Transmission in my PC control more often that my TV of living room now.

The installation has died easy, any extra software to install. Basically it covers and game.
4 / 5
When These works of what are adds. Used he with my Transmission and in PS4, and really done the things look better, this in spite of marginally. Noticeable On some games plus very new to the equal that Crosses Animal and Break Definite, although less noticeable/insignificant in another. I do not actuate a lot an effect in any of a PS4 games that has touched, at least a lot something concealed was noticeable. The subject main is that a prime minister one that has taken, out of a box, he flicker to black each little as when it begins on console of mine. Usually with which a flicker will go back. Sometimes it falls a signal totally and have it unplugs it/spent he behind in. I have finalised to exchange a faulty unit with Amazon. A new mClassic has done adds for roughly 3 weeks, but has has finalised to have a subject same after this point. While it likes in of that has it plugged in when it operates, this flickering @subjects incredibly is annoying. Quell'Having On two unit in the row is concerning.
5 / 5
Can confirm that these laws with both versions of PSVR headset but would not owe that use some ports of USB of the front in a PS4 is quite scaly and probably will take subject. It covers he to an USB in yours television or to the USB powered hub for better results. This device applies anti aliasing, reduces effect of door of the screen in VR headsets and improves quality of picture by means of past of estaca. I add has a PC a calm old plus also can run your games further of low animal, 720P for example then upscale with east to the yours 4K TV. I have tried also he with a Lenovo Browser WMR headset and has had the very odd glitch where had the big blue blockade permanent of the pixels have stuck in a screen. Bummer To the equal that thinks a WMR headset could really profit of of the this. It has seen the massive improvement with Playstation TV, (television life). Included useful for Xbox to a X likes a bit the games choose among big framerate 1080p or go down framerate 4K, with east can you lterally have a better of both worlds, dipped a game to 1080p then upscale the to 4K :)
5 / 5
has bought this to upscale mine Wii and GameCube games in mine Wii Or and am blown is gone in likes to add work! With my start dipped to 480p (native resolution of Wii and GameCube games) he upscales a game fantastically. The majority of jagged the pixels are softened was and the colours look more brilliant. Mina N64 the games also have the improvement adds with some polygons but some icons of pixels in the games do not improve at all.
The majority of Wii Or start of games in 720p and has the moderate upgrade to my games there also but would not recommend it so only for that considering a prize.

Am using the 1080p TV btw.
4 / 5
Recommends that any one chooses on the mClassic. It is it adds for these picky monitors (I has one this hates resolutions another it 1080p) which is reason I has bought mine. Calm recommend you dipped the in a green light. It is to add has it PS3 like the majority of only is exited play 720p (I likes to think that like the hardware was difficult to program for) or any of this mini comfort which also exited so only 720p. This in spite of mine PS2 has seen conversor of the component no with him (still with a Xbox but like that I ) any one imports that I (stupid 480i a lot that maintains ) which was the ENORMOUS letdown for me like this really wants to touch PS2 games in big quality in mine monitor. The supposition will have to buy it RetroTink 2X Pro or a upcoming Fine (that it could be it a definite RetroTink) partorisca east. The no really cured in a graphic impulse or has added prime (does not relieve any latency at all), all have has wanted to was more material that do with my portable monitor. I recommend it.
5 / 5
Use paired with mine N64, GameCube and Transmission. A retro the way is well to force 4:3 and softening flanges, has has had to that mod mine GameCube to force 480p, but now one looks of the picture adds with a upscaling without adding any delay of entrance to my controls and improves some colours of Transmission and so only overalls done a picture feels smoother especially with motion.

Top Customer Reviews: Gamecube HDMI ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
Glorious product. Now I can touch my gamecube in my big screen in glorious 480p without breaking a bank that paid partorisca bosses of component. A must buys partorisca any owner of cube.
5 / 5
The device does really well. An only question has had, and is that the import with one, is that it is caused some burn of screen in mine television with which in an hour of use (using incumplimiento settings of image). I go partorisca try using with reduced brightness. Ossia So only the note to another partorisca be careful.
4 / 5
So only could not take the decent image of a device and there was gamma subject of tower.
4 / 5
Amazing quality! I have required he partorisca my gamecube before I have bought this has taken an alternative wii digital to hdmi conversor that didnt work with my gamecube to the equal that has thinks that would exit and take this adapter done perfecf first time and never of then. Now I can touch NHL Hitz 2003 perfectly.
5 / 5
Does exactly that is to be require the now can touch my gamecube in mine 4k samsung and looks vetter that never after trying the plot of the most economic options that has done a look of picture in saturated and that shines ossia the perfect picture is crisp and the product adds acute
4 / 5
has not thought this would be any better that other discharges and units of game oh the boy has been bad
An absolutely breaking has bitten of boxes that reads directly out of a box
Perfects partorisca my video of Youtube
5 / 5
Half a prize of a rest and do really well am very happy punctual be able to do was with upscaler
5 / 5
This product has had the habit of updates a map of mine Nintendo GameCube to 540p hd in planting to use the rgb/scart like rule & take quality of poor image in modern TVs.
Liked was of easy to dip up with a lot has advanced options also.
4 / 5
Does exactly that says. It covers he to the your GameCube and his compatible with any HD TV. Absolutely essential bit of boxes.
5 / 5
Good product that to the left connect me to modern TV doesnt a terrible plot of difference to a quality of picture but cant complain partorisca a prize

Top Customer Reviews: Mayflash GameCube ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Measure: 1 Band has Bought this adapter partorisca breathe some life my GameCube controllers partorisca a Transmission. It comes with the and boss of USB of the fashion (seen in some pictures). A black an east partorisca entrance of controller and an ash an east partorisca noise.

Transmissions of Nintendo
This adaptadora the work adds partorisca a Transmission of Nintendo. Precise turn he the Wii Or way and pair he in some settings of controllers. Some controllers are read like Controllers of generic USB. Able to use it quite each game, but no each game is playable because of a number of keys in a GameCube controller (For example, does not have quite a lot of triggers partorisca Breathes of a Wild). Some games left you to you remap keys, enabling compatibilities with GameCube controllers, but Mario Kart 8 Deluxe law perfectly out of a box.

Wii Or
Work like this expected for Incident Bros. Nothing special here. Ossia Probably a reason because more the people are buying this adapter.

PC - Emulator of Dolphin
the emulator of Dolphin has support for this adapter. Work well. When being able of touch Melee and another GameCube games with the GameCube the controller is much better it smile and keyboard, and personally prefer it on a Xbox and Dualshock controllers.

PC - CEMU Emulator
CEMU is where this adapter disappoints. It is not fault of an adapter this in spite of, CEMU so only does not offer official native support for a GameCube adapters so many of me writing this description.

With some engine, an analog clave accident is was centre. The first example of this subject is like a cursor the diagonal movement is faster that sinister and right in an Accident Bros the character selects screen. Resisting a clave in an upper-dipped well, a cursor goes more vertically that horizontally (any one a perfect 45 terracings is supposition to go ).
5 / 5
Measure: 1 Band has received in mint condition, the leaves of adapter like planned of the sud Wii Or, but only of the sud Sper Incident Bros. Partorisca Wii Or like the Nintendo of original sold pair, PC of the sud this leaves a lot well to the sud the mulateur Dolphin, after this leaves to the sud another game, does not know , think that PC of the game sure there would be probably need of a mulateur of manette XBOX 360, and finally Transmissions of the sud, to the console relieves the manette to the equal that joins manette pro like these a lot of all his games that will walk good with the manette, especially yes lucido the games uses a lot his touches ZR and ZL, but of the sud of example of the pair Mario Kart 8 Deluxe this leaves nickel ! It touches partorisca finalise I consultor partorisca take this adapter before the official of Nintendo reason 1. I think that slope less expensive 2. Diverse compatibility (Wii Or, Transmission and PC) while the original does not leave THAT of the sud Sper Incident Bros. Partorisca Wii Or and AT ALL ANOTHER (Definite in long also).
5 / 5
Measure: 1 Vendar has purchased this element partorisca touch Sper Incident Bros. 4 In a WiiU, with a Gamecube controller. It has a lot of hours of experience in Sper Incident Bros. Melee, Like appearances improve my SSB4 game with the controller familiarised. When Considering manoeuvres very detailed in SSB4, this adapter is quite pertinent. It sustains a controller quite amiably and is easy the setup. There is the light delay among a controller and a system, that heads to an inability for a level a big plus of game. In general, it is the decent element for a daily player, this in spite of, would not recommend this for any in a tall level of game.
5 / 5
Measure: 1 it Sells These works of adapter well out of a box.
Spent and Game, any hassle, any setup required (at least in my experience).
Now am using one same GameCube the controllers have used partorisca touch with when it was the boy !
Crazy world-wide alive in.

The accessory adds partorisca SSBU or Mario Kart in a transmission, although it can not think of a lot of others play was useful stops .
Many of an use of mark of games of the transmission of some extra keys would find on joy gilipollas or a pro controller, or has included a wireless GameCube controller remake partorisca a transmission.

Has purchased in fact a wireless GameCube controller, and use it frequently partorisca SSBU. This in spite of, there is any characteristic of noise in a wireless GameCube controller, as it thinks that that I will take my old GC controllers with this adapter that goes forward.

You will not be disappointed.
5 / 5
Measure: 1 Bandage As I have bought this when sper the accident is exited, has paid 5 partorisca take this and I will be sincere, was the bad investment . Some first time have opened a box, I plugged all a cube of controller of game in him and 2 of has done properly. One of them has done a R key not doing (?? A hell lol??) To the equal that have tried in the working sloth and a controller was 100 well. Some time, during the game some controllers disconnects (and of course wants to when this spends in a half of an intense fight). Also of only I has two 100 working sloths and two unreliable some, force of the people to use a splitted joycons. As to conclude, would have to look for something the causes of plot looks more than confidence that he pode any his operate (that is to be the gamecube adapter). I gave it two cause to star at least, 2 of a gamecube sloths is doing... Better that at all... Right?
5 / 5
Measure: 1 Band Wow is really be impressed of a Mayflash frames like this of lately. All the work perfectly and little dipped up is required. Bought this with a intent partorisca use he with a Transmission of Nintendo but a paper does not say those spend of boss he in this in spite of of the work adds! Any controller setup covers so only n game without entrance lag. If I have had the recommendation partorisca the characteristic was the key combo partorisca access a key partorisca house so it does not have to me create to press house in a joy with controller.
4 / 5
Measure: 1 Bandage Again, as expected of Mayflash some adapters of solid hardware partorisca controllers of old game. This does perfectly with Dolphin and my GC the controllers that comprises mine 2 WaveBirds. This in spite of requires the bit of the special installation that is very detailed on-line, but once some engine is installed his discharge and game of there that on!
4 / 5
Measure: 1 Bandage A mayflash gc the adapter is not so only a better alternative the nintendo 1st adapter of party, but further of zones: it is in fact better. Partorisca In a same price like nintendo adapter, a mayflash the adapter a lot so only give you full wii or compatibility (and with pc the software has related to a wii or adapter like a wii dolphin of emulator) but also pc the compatibility has built well to a hardware. With a literal flick of a transmission in a backside of a unit leaves an adapter to neither be the gamecube adapter partorisca use with a wii or or regulate it usb the device that leave partorisca use your gamecube controllers in any games that natively sustains gamepad configuration.

My only main flus with a device is some generic 'GameCube Adapter of Controllers partorisca Wii Or and USB of PC' PRINTED in an upper and a slightly tilted ports of adapter. While an adapter has done perfectly in a past few weeks of me possessing it and repeatably plugging and take controllers of some ports still will remark that light tilt, adding to an idea of this so only when being the economic clone. Trying an adapter in both wii or way and pc the way has aimed any noticable delay in entrance of player (atleast no more than an official nintendo adapter).

If it do not concern you partorisca visual aesthetics and so only love the gamecube adapter (and then some) does not have any reason any partorisca buy this. If or calm will not be partorisca use this partorisca your wii or or pc a mayflash the the adapter is upper to both some officials nintendo adapter because of the availability of this clone, price and functions but also better that any gamecube usb the conversor can buy for your pc (better closing that another mayflash gamecube-to-pc conversores) reason this adapter there is virtually any delay of the entrance when compared to some another.
5 / 5
Measure: 1 Band that has surprised. Always buy this and never buy a nintendo the mark craps. His overpriced and an exact same product. It excepts In fact the adapter of transmission is inferior because he doesnt work with my PC. Mayflash Works with everything.

Also am quite sure has taken mine before it was branded with a escompatibilidad of witch' in the and he 100 works with my roommates transmission in all the chance.

Thank you mayflash You mvps
4 / 5
Measure: 1 Very better Bandage that an adapter of Nintendo official because easily it connects to a computer also. Works well in Mac and Pc, while it uses with compatible software, likes steam (with x360ce he precise) and emulator of Dolphin. Has any latency with a Wii Or. You try it on Melee Netplay, Project of Dolphin M, Incident partorisca Wii Or, and Rival of Aether.

Has the transmission in a product partorisca change among PC and Wii Or way. A quality of build is like this very like this expected and is durable.

Has used a Nintendo official adapter for some same purposes and this one wins every time.

Top Customer Reviews: Animal Crossing: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 34 ratings
4 / 5
I am giving this a same star tho does not have to that take any star because it is was it of total tears !
The Supposition partorisca come with 2 scarce amiibo and three amiibo papers! But instead all has taken was a game!!!!! They are extremely disappointed and crazy, has not bought this just partorisca a game!! Have has wanted a amiibo and papers!!! Cause otherwise is not partorisca value he!! In all the chance that am trying to say is, no shabby is at all that says!
4 / 5
This game is bad, likes brutally bad. It likes him the game he once and trade he in bad. I can not believe the one who the occasion has lost ossia of Nintendo. It is it likes they have taken the cast of a better gameplay maquinal of Animal Intersection and decided partorisca take each one which so only one and instead do the alcohol numbing the board game with the interaction of zero prójimo has required partorisca touch. Calm literally fall your amiibo in a gamepad partorisca go some data(which does not ask or anything another a circle in the tax closely, Mario Celebrates Or has had at least some transmission in animation there partorisca take a boredom), shows your character moves a number gone of spaces, then read the box of text with the fast blurb on reason has lost or has obtained signals, exactly like papers of Casualidades of the Monopoly in a board game. Ossia... Literally the, calm that on and on and on again partorisca An HOUR the game. As Any one could have the game has tried this and has thought was amused is further me. Mina 6 old year the one who usually wants to it cross Animal has been done with this game with which a playthrough so only has any quality partorisca redeem. There have it roughly 6 mini games that can you unlock, but take this... Calm can any the touch in a way of board game. They are unlocked using Happy Points or something and you have to that grind by means of a board game at least two times to unlock some of them, and some of them have ridiculous Amiibo requirements of paper, has a precise east 6 papers(the game comes with 3)! There are some additional decorations for some board games and Amiibo the characters of Animal Intersection can unlock but to be sincere was on loan to shoot I with which one 2 game throughs prpers force to spend peel unlock some mini games, so only to discover that the averages of one 6 minigames was player so only so only(The one who is buying this for alone player?!) , And another little was gated for behind Amiibo requirements of paper, and a pair that the rests are not amused with which a prime minister little calm time his tones. It is it is like this state drawn of the committee has directed in that ensures that have take any potential entertainment of a game. Perhaps a dev the crew has been notified in some initial phases of a project that was the place is gone in an end of a dev the cycle and this was his revenge? Really it would like to know like this is to spend. If you are trying to do your video games of hate of the boys this is a one for the do.

Sad for a rant, his just that has surprised that the games like this are done when Nintendo typically dips out of the titles of qualities, and is not fearful to postpone them he feels is not until sado. For a $ the price of compraventa purchased it at the same time his only value was collecting Cross Animal Amiibos to the equal that comes with two. But there is no other games that in fact use for anything like this unless calm so only are dipping on shelf I same steer clear of that.
5 / 5
Well... It take this thing for economic. It avenges with two amiibo, 4 amiibo papers (Two of them are scarce) and the a lot of enticing seal of prize. Still, I seat it likes him to me he has squandered my money. I have bought this with a mindset that this will be the board game glorified in mine Wii Or for more economic that real board games. I really tried for the pleasure but in an end, found me forcing I to the touch is going some data is complicated more than has to that be and a whole game the only starts to the equal that has his charm, of course, but is not enough for the save. It instruments of sad Animal Intersection, am giving these the thumbs down.
4 / 5
Any only is this bad game (at least a lot quite bad to take the few laughs out of him), but a difference of prize is entirely ridiculous. A game is the tear out of mario party and a lot almost like this fun. I have paid $ 90 with tax thus flop when in the first place salts like the presents and now is $ 20. To the amazon or The Nintendo would have to that be reimbursing clients those who is spent almost $ 100 on something that has admitted is not to value the averages concealed.
5 / 5
These starts of game out of slooooow.
A board game is almost unbearable to take by means of a first time around.

But has found of with which take an extra little Amiibo (Kicks, reason cuuute) and some papers, this has not been the bad little time waster.

Especially a game of evasion of the island. As that satisfies when you are boring and looking for something simple this in spite of adictiva.
5 / 5
Is well. To good sure a lot that expected partorisca in a game of Animal Intersection for a Wii Or. It was the little more amused with friends. Perhaps. A amiibo is adorable, this in spite of. Also it avenges punctually, two sail rids expected in fact.
5 / 5
Totally underrated or so only has feigned the smallest audience? It is súper relaxing but not boring . It can have had the variac. Better of chance during a board game but another that that it is adds. You can touch another mini-games out of a board game and calm can customise your joint. Have enjoyed both a lot of mini-games and a board game to plot. It is fun more with to plot of amiibo papers, but additional amiibos (figures) is not necessary still although they are all súper pleasant and well has done. It is to good sure himself have to that prpers have collected to plot of papers and enjoy a world of animal intersection. /!\ It Is not A GAME of PARTY of MARIO /!\ I think that that it is where a 'hated to this game has caused. The people have expected it mario game of party.
4 / 5
Lucido The game is very bad but relajante, master relaxer and does not want to read a book, amiibo the festival is games in fact . Of another side... ISABELLE to BREAK
4 / 5
bought it thinking it was like a game of original of animal intersection... Instead his classes like the boring version of mario the party goes arounds advise it and win or lookse money and points of the happiness and you take small clips of a game that is long and boring. No like this happy.
4 / 5
Has received commands It well for advanced and in good state. I owe that the One has Chosen it say: thank you! Thank you It touches the excellent service and now plant to the game. It is a good compraventa that knows that he and comes 1 game, 2 amiibo, 3 interior of maps of the box. Also in Lucido game, touch to him glorious fashionable plateau with giving dés. But he The small game also varied that it can and game with his 3 maps. Service and compraventas excellent

Top Customer Reviews: Razer Huntsman ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
4 / 5
Colour: Crazy BlackSize: KeyboardStyle Name: Huntsman Elite Ossia mine a lot before description of product, and with all honesty an only thing that motivate partorisca do are so that it can listen a sound of this keyboard.
Feels, sounds and looks partorisca surprise. Some tones look solid and does not move any very when moving your hands around a keyboard. A new opt them the transmissions maquinales are definitly faster that your half cherry MX. Already I can feel it likes him I am doing better in Osu!, The rythm game.
Like this is the cup of a line, big-keyboard of final although it have expected the little more the quality with a material has chosen partorisca a hand-embezzle. Has the feeling it any last very long sadly, although it can be wrong.

In general, ossia an amazing keyboard ; a better a have never own, really, and has very possessed. You recommend a Razer Huntsman Elite to any enthusiast gamer or write. Well a price.
5 / 5
Colour: Crazy BlackSize: KeyboardStyle Name: Huntsman the elite has very bought, a lot of keyboards maquinales, and wholeheartedly, a Razer Huntsman the elite is a better keyboard has not possessed never, of a perspective of one a thing that subjects one the majority of -- a writing and keypress experience. A feeling of the each tone is extremely compatible, and a quality and construction of a Huntsman the elite is point and averts, included among first keyboards maquinales.

A Razer the transmissions have lived to require the tiny has bitten fewer forces that a Razer change Green, but is quite partorisca remark, and in the positive way. Also, having to that a fence of metal for each balances keys out of a keypress, so that literally I can press in any course of any key and achieve a result has wished.

Also really appreciate a dial of volume and transmission of key in an upper legislation, and I like a muted, creation of a Huntsman elite which does not have it zillion other tones.

In comparison to a very alike BlackWidow Elite, a Huntsman the elite is $ 50 more expensive. But in my opinion, calm once is that it pays that a lot for the keyboard, calm also could take some the better tones can take, and a Huntsman the elite so only has the best feels. I also like a spatial bar feels in a Huntsman the better elite.

One to to a thing did not like on a Huntsman of the elite is a rest of wrist . Although it is a lot enough with a FOCUSED halo, and a foam by heart that the cushions are add, has the flange of metal, which is both hard, cold, and acute against my wrists. It is also significantly tall (to leave a halo to be seen), the creation that finds uncomfortable. But ossia quite smaller, how is quite easy to exchange in some another rest of wrist.

Two other smaller critiques: In the first place, partorisca accomodate a halo around a together tone, a Huntsman the elite is slightly domestic and has the advance of acute flange. Generally it prefers a sloping flanges forward besides Razer keyboards, and frankly , does not concern me very a lot of ab out of a down glow of keyboard any ways. And as, a Razer Huntsman the elite takes 2 put you of USB (the second resupplies to light for a halo), but the does not offer raisin he of USB-by means of. Cela Would have been adds, as they like him partorisca of readers of impression of the toe.
4 / 5
Colour: Crazy BlackSize: KeyboardStyle Name: Huntsman the quality of Elite is a lot well, the tones of means comunicacionales is awesome but can glitch was yes or the use too much. sturdy Has done out of metal. Lighting is fresh but some tones have used really of those who sinister a Rgb resplandor by means of so that it was necessary the to me substitutes. Any macros is really sad on any usb passthrough.. It likes for real ? A keyboard is on 300 Canadian of dollars and fails all concealed ? Anyways A rest of wrist is good but is not the durable cushion itll create dents over time how is sad... In general I of the that knows like this partorisca feel roughly that. A new opts the material has dipped is fences in tactile feeling isnt this creates but some stabilizers are worth it partorisca to some to long tones likes him to him the tower and spatial bar but concealed is litterally the...
5 / 5
Colour: Crazy BlackSize: KeyboardStyle Name: Huntsman Elite Ossia to good sure a better gaming the keyboard has has not used never. Before this has used a Logitech G Pro and was and still am a lot enamoured with him but this so only checks all some boxes that has partorisca the gaming keyboard. It is a lot a lot of responsive, a rest of the wrist besides is astounding, a software partorisca a rgb is easy to use and like this variety and customization available, a keyboard is lustrous and can say that some material has used is big quality. It is noticeably more clicky (the wise noise) has compared to the mine g pro and taste but can be of annoying and too strong partorisca some people. This, in my humble opinion, is a better gaming keyboard in a phase right now. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
5 / 5
Colour: Crazy BlackSize: KeyboardStyle Name: Huntsman Quality of Elite of Solid Build - Nizza feels, Easy to write on, Comfortable and attentive! Excellent partorisca Gaming!

Braided bosses abonos, and big-propiciado by USB of the quality. The looks that surprised in a darkness with a RGB has DIRECTED backlights. Also, a software is easy to use. A rest of Palmera feels like the very soft skin! In general really enjoying this Keyboard.
4 / 5
Colour: Crazy BlackSize: KeyboardStyle Name: Huntsman Elite A Good:
- the transmissions good celery.
- The configuration and the quality FOCUSED is that it expect. Razer The software is not that it surprises but takes a work done.

A Bad:
was very skeptical in his new 'the light interrupts' implementation of transmission, and correctly so much. The tones often will fail partorisca register, or so only will register a down-shot and no an on-has shot. This especially is that annoying when gaming and precise communicates quickly. This also can cause unexpected material partorisca spend with key combos like alt-tab, where a 'tab' taking stuck down same when a tone was clearly state has released.

In general:
Averts this keyboard and another 'opt -maquinal' keyboards. They are flashy and the sound adds but his action does not match his seal of price.
5 / 5
Colour: Crazy BlackSize: KeyboardStyle Name: Huntsman Elite This keyboard is surprising, his clicky and calm, responsive, has wide customization and durable. Value an investment partorisca the keyboard of long term.

The subject only is no passthru port of USB... It looks a forget.
4 / 5
Colour: Crazy BlackSize: KeyboardStyle Name: Huntsman Elite Im the toe to write like this big im access and half build. Some look of tones partorisca be narrower then normal and so only another draw has retreated the find is some act secondary tones whose light like $ %^&(?,;:' These tones only papers and numbers another then then that surprises the fast comfortable tone near very built amd appealing to an eye. Ive Has had forward razer and remarks them the fastest speed with this keybaord without lag or latency.
5 / 5
Colour: Crazy BlackSize: KeyboardStyle Name: Huntsman Elite Easily a better keyboard there is never has used. A quality is unmatched and an action of him together with a beautiful look is also unmatched
4 / 5
Colour: Crazy BlackSize: KeyboardStyle Name: Huntsman Elite These lights of keyboard like the rainbow!!! Some tones are súper responsive. Mina 13yr the old edges have said his to add for gaming

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech G560 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
4 / 5
I have been gaming in pc partorisca on 25 years. I have had all the classes of speakers and headphones partorisca games. These speakers are absolutely unreal. A quality of his this 11/10 and some bass has very deep and cleaned. If it likes him to you he touches the games and having his of upper final partorisca go with them, these are some only
Option partorisca consider.

A rgb the effects are much more that so only quite lights and do this system so only that very better. Any attentive. Buy these speakers now
5 / 5
For incumplimientos some bass and midrange is cranked on so much that the sounds like the people are speaking under the coverage by means of the subwoofer. It is all muffled and way too deep for the voice of the real person. For music, a 'too much tomb' the configuration gives the good punchy the bass have beaten, but of a midrange is too big all some voices touch too deep, the instruments like an electrical guitar of basses is way too strong, and calm can not listen a melody properly. You can fuss roughly with some settings of bow for 30 minutes and take it a bit acceptable, but in a calm end so only can compensate like this for a creation. In general they are quite disappointed with these speakers; some effects the light any up for a crappy quality of sound.
5 / 5
Looking for you the together of speaker of quality very big, does not buy this. I have spent this simply because of a quota that lights. But his action does not fulfil my expectation. So only it augments my volume for 1, and has it hhhuuugggeee difference. ANY JOKING, is really like concealed. And some bass is really lound and heavy when you can bearly listen another sound. But, takings to the equal that pay for legislations? It is the good quota looking speaker, I still amour he because of this
5 / 5
Some speakers his, a hardware, is very good. Big quality, touched (the tense past note) adds, and easy to setup.

But a man of software, the almighty god that to the shit is like this bad. Has update a firmware to fix a subject of curve of the volume, and like the result killed any potential of basses this unit has, and with like this big of the sub has, is so only astonishingly poor now. And also a RGB the lights will turn was for absolutely any reason, although actively I am using a computer. You know, a course that paid to good sure this class of money for these stops of speakers. These are both very known subjects concealed has been spoken roughly in a subreddit and logitech forums, but those who know when a software will be updated to fix these subjects.

Now, am giving these speakers 3 stars to the equal that think that to have to that it weaves of potential to be well, and Logitech the support in some forums of web of place has been and me it big favour that the enormous surprises, and was very impressed with that has done for me like this risarcimento for a poor experience, without me still asking a lot. So much among these two, does not love so only take the dump in an indication, thinks that that these can result amazing speakers, but a crew of software really need to take the good look in taking these subjects have dipped commanded.

I really loves these to be amazing, and expect that they can go on down half of.
5 / 5
Modified for one 2nd time: Hopefully my last modify

If you are not in the haste to have these speakers in your house, then be careful first to do the compraventa....

Be sure to bend control if a costruttore still his door in stock and ask on some options to guarantee that there is before and after a window of turn of the amazon in firm. The mine has come with to the leg has broken, this has to them that tape of container of the use to resist he in place and he still flops on in his side. Costruttore wont Substitutes some legs as they do not have those separates available. They will give you 30 credit to the new a when his available like his still current has sold is gone in both EUA/of Canada. To the amazon neither will give you full repayment is returned or has discounted that it is roughly 20-$30 calm the maintenances how is. Still any guarantee that will have something of any one the amazon or the costruttore will be based in casualidades of regime to the equal that have expected to the long of the first year to find the vendor for him.

Any I need to take the together of speaker of the substitution or to missing leg or am sending this backside. (Considering this interior of option a moment, to the amazon does not price left or transmission for a ossia in stock for another vendor neither.)

---- This finalises a headache has had in a past few weeks or like this, to a part to try of the quality of this description ----

While a leg is still duct taped beside a speaker, (thought Logitech was to ship to leg of substitution when they have opened the entrance for me) - has not spent or will spend.

Quality of his = incumplimiento touch it are add, will require to maintain an USB of a speaker to a PC to use GHUB software to settings and light effects of sound. This in spite of once that usb is to take looks to store those changes like this ur the light settings continue and a sound also, calm only cant transmissions or change any settings while a usb is disconnected. I have used one 3.5 audio jack of a sub he to mine 3D PS3 monitor of exposure and a quality of his this really good and fully dynamic as it has them a headsets in my ears (a good substitution for having a headsets in your boss).

An only interesting thing there is remarked is that a sound that the levels sometimes can be slightly retarded if yours quickly pressing a key of volume in a right speaker. Some quite sensitive keys, so only when being that they rest a palmera of your hand that regulates yours that goes to take the strong awake. EQ The utmost settings, warns them so only while regulating a volume in my PC and then toggle a volume in a right speaker ive remarked his the delay in a sound that level or raisin for the big margin (im that goes to take the shot is and say his partially because of me using a 3.5 jack of a monitor as well as a PC a same time, this in spite of unsure in this) A Sound EQ ways or facts to commission EQ the settings are easy to regulate so only like like mine G933 Artemis Headset EQ the settings are are sure beats them retorted some effects of his same.

A Sub is powerful and likes them that a sub expensive a paving, the difference of mine another concealed is trace in a side, a coverage of sound sends of his well. It does not listen a sound of a sub because of a placing directly in a paving but you can choose on grave of some 2 speakers of satellite. It would say to touch the soft balance but access. A sound equally fill my quite good paving and the whose the precise to be half way to enjoy it.

Rids his reasonably good considering so only 2 speakers of satellite. This active has substituted easily my old 7.1 micro speakers of laboratory has them has bought years.

Some Effects to Light is any odder mine of ive has used GHUB with mine G910 and G Pro keyboards, G933 Headset, G900 has smiled. A turn of G in these speakers goes to take some time to take used his so much there is so only 1 key to use which is for light brightness, as I am curious to know like this to use such thing with only 1 key to control.

Has not explored a Bluetooth functionality still but will do like this some coming days, so only has to that me attractive out of Ghosts of Tsushima the game of game for the try was.

Another that a disappointment of packaging a global experience like this far has not been a chance. I can see reason these things are always out of stock, has been that tries to take my hands in the together of these for too much long now. When threes the time that ails Sticks it pic of one lighting effect to the equal that has both the front and for behind light customization settings to enjoy, once are able to dip commanded a @@subject at present with a leg broken and a sub falling on while utilisation of course. Another then my experience like this far the prices these speakers in general 5 for his action but a rest is questionable still.
5 / 5
I strongly produced of first on-line description to do compraventa.
A quality of build is well, well of look (nothing special this in spite of)
Some agreements are good and long and one lighting is 'decent' - sufficiently brilliant but at all this impressive

A sound..

The on-line descriptions describe like this touching 'AMAZING'

really does not touch amazing.
A subwoofer has strong base, but is basic soft and muddy - not even remotely attentive

That really ruin a sound this in spite of is some satellites .

You honradamente to his pleasure the boxes of map - any substance, any phase of the his - just paving, inert and empty

has abundance to be able to, but quality very small (and am looking for to be like this forgiving like this possible). It is very powerful still unremarkable his
4 / 5
is amour with these speakers. A sound are to add and can feel a quality of a product. I have had this in spite of subjects with some speakers of satellite. Some discharge for them is DB9 and DB25 spent. One spatial to discharges is the little tight. A first time cover them in, nails bended and has had the sound has issued. I took the moment to discover that a bended the pin was a coulprit. I straightend the more could but of the discharges is still feeble. For me a hasstle of the turn was also adds. It has ensured some discharge and never his will unplug. It will be question to move some May of speakers... A boss is attached the spaker and can not be changed, the supposition would be necessary transmission he all so only for that a pin... Any impressed with this creation.
5 / 5
Adds An a lot of Way of mine of beau setup
lucidos the edges give the speakers is my flavour .

Subwoofer Physically too imponente Touches this that can issue like him the basses.
Lucidos I edges give the speakers is too many powerful when it uses to the minimum.
5 / 5
Really loves these, is clearly some better gaming speakers there! It does not listen to all another haters, has not had never any questions with him. So only the buy!
5 / 5
The utmost speakers want a rgb described, the software could be bit it better but do quite decent for all intents and purpose. Quality of his east orders this in spite of, no of the best in a phase of course but calm mostly takes for some lights. The nave in a container was certainly terrible and late but the ones of the that thinks it was one the fault of vendors, was neither ups of purolator the one who messed the up. Everything during a process some vendors were upfront and transparent in that is gone in when it contacted him to them

Top Customer Reviews: Orzly Gaming ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
An only good thing can say in of the this is that a sound was decent and a quality of microphone was passable. Sadly Ossia an only good thing can say in of the this.
All in of the this is horrible, a earphones only movement on and down his no wiggle together side like each only headset like this has to that, and of then does not cover your ears there is any noise that annuls partorisca speak of.

One in general feels is light and economic and partorisca $ 45 can take you the much better headset. Originally I have bought this on April 1, 2021, and is lasted until May 12, 2021, so only the small to the long of the month, has treated he with a better cure could.

PLEASE to any one reading this does not buy this looks for something more.
5 / 5
Has not been has twisted a boss or I can' sees there is spilt water on the does not think has the fact excepts to all the cost a mic there is prendido partorisca do roughly 2-3 month in but still use them even although a mic no reason has the sound really well quality.
4 / 5
Has been excited at the beginning of then looked awesome and a sound was partorisca add and was comfy,but a mic has not done was like this a lot of
4 / 5
am very disturbed partorisca discover that this headset is at all compatible with the ps4. If you are that it wants to have the mic that in fact this is not a product for you. Now I owe that spend for a question to return a damn sew when rightfully so only would owe that be taking my money behind been due to a fact that is DUD ANNOUNCING
4 / 5
Love a way feels his taken really a lot almost likes eskin' in a cuffs, and the material plastic well concealed the easy fact to use on and on again and does not brake easily when spending you the, taken to say that ossia a better any like this far is these, and am quite happy with quell'I has taken ;)
4 / 5
has purchased this for my edges and door a headset with him all day a lot the time yes is xboxing or that looks the video of Youtube headset the work adds ....Thank you Orzly
4 / 5
Headset Is quite big, and can be the little warm. But quality of his add, mic the work adds, and an adapter to leave the use in any PC is or the consoles is very convenient.
4 / 5
My husband has said that I am a lot well has had another stealth 700 but has died before 2 years expect this last
4 / 5
These headphones are utmost. They block out of the external sound and some effects of sound are utmost
5 / 5
the product is gone in quickly, this in spite of a box was kinda mangled the bit, how has been meant to be the present that was the little disappointing, but any harm to a real product so thats the plus, havent taken an update in the well reads, if the ailing update here